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Old 24th July 2005
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Story....Reema's - Wedding Night

This is 3 part story....

Part 1 - Reema’s Suhaag-raat
Part 2 - Reema's Reception night
Part 3 - Reema's Honeymoon

Part 1 - Reema’s Suhaag-raat

This is Reema from Hyderabad. I am 26 years old young lady with good looks and hot assets, 36-29-36. I am fair in color and have silky black shoulder length hairs. My father works for a cell-phone company and lives with second lady, now my step-mom. It was 4 years ago. I just finished my college and started working in a boutique. I plan to open my own one-day pretty soon. In my college I had a boyfriend named Sriniwas. I used to call him Srinu. He is a nice boy, sweetie, simple and very caring person. We used to like each other’s company.

Srinu and I had gone out couple of times on date for movies, dinner and dance sometimes. I love to dance a lot. Though he was not a very outgoing person but I used to drag him to dance floor sometimes and he would shake his legs with the music. He wouldn’t mind it because he loved my company all the time and while dancing he would get a chance to come even closer to me and touch me at my back and my butts. I also loved his hands over me, so never complained. I loved slow numbers, because it gave us opportunity to come closer, hold us close. I would wrap my hands around his neck and he would put them on my waist. But he would keep on moving them over my back and would rest them over my ass. I could feel heat of his palms over my pants and it would arouse me. I could also feel hardness against my groin and I would push myself more towards him. He was a shy person and would never take more advantage than this.

One day I had gone out for shopping. My step-mom had to buy a sari for her own. I was wearing a baby blue color, sleeveless punjabi salwar kurta. This kurta has a low cut neck and was hugging my body and I kind of was feeling sexy from inside. Whenever I dress a little provocatively, I feel sexy and flaunt myself a little bit. While we were busy looking sarees, I noticed stared on myself. Girls generally have this instinct; they can make out when someone stares at them with lust, even though they might not even look at the person. So I looked on my right and found a tall young man who had also come to buy saree, but instead of looking at saree, he was looking at me with lust and appreciation. It gave me a tingling feeling, but I ignored it and got myself busy with saree. Finally we got one and when we got up, I just looked over my shoulder and he was gone.

The coming weekend, it was my friend Tara’s birthday. She had organized a small party at his house and invited me as well. I was wondering what to wear for the occasion and then my step-mom suggested wearing that black chiffon sari that she bought other day. I was delighted to hear her suggestion, because I never expected that she would lend her brand new sari to me. My mom and myself are almost similar in size, so it will be easier for me to wear her blouse as well. I quickly take a shower and came out to my room, wrapped in my towel. I wanted to feel myself special so picked up my black color matching bra and panty. I sprayed some body perfume on me and then wore my bra and panty. Then wrapped my bathrobe and went to my mom’s room.

My mom had already taken out sari, matching blouse and petticoat. I opened my robe and pulled up the petticoat over my legs and tied the string around my navel. Then I removed the robe completely and wore the blouse. While I was doing it, my mother complemented me on my beautiful and shapely body. I blushed a little, thanked her and quickly wore her blouse to get rid of more blushing. It fitted me pretty well, a little tight though; I liked the tight feel of it around my boobs. I also noticed that blouse had real deep neck and since it was tight around my boobs, it was making a deep cleavage. Looking myself in the mirror gave me tingly feeling between my legs. My mom came near me and without even asking me, loosened my petticoat and tied it again, but this time around 2 inches below my navel. She said young and beautiful girl like me should wear her sari little below her navel. Now looking myself in the mirror with my tight boobs and low tied petticoat and navel showing up, I felt proud of my body. Though I know how to tie a sari, but not that expert like my mom. She helped me in wearing the sari and I applied dark color cola lipstick. I knew that since it was chiffon, my cleavage was showing up below my sari pallu, but I liked it giving hot looks to rest of the world.

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Old 24th July 2005
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At around 08:00 one of my other friend Rajni, picked my up for the party. She was driving, so offered me ride to Tara’s place. After looking at me, she said I was looking hot and it made me even more proud of me. She kissed me on my cheek as appreciation. We reached Tara’s place and there were some guests already there for the celebrations. In few more minutes she cut the cake and party began. I met couple of my friends there as well. And then Tara came over to Rajni and myself. She wanted to introduce us to his brother. And you know what I was a bit surprised, because when I saw his brother, Sanjay, it was the same guy that I saw other day at sari shop. He was looking handsome. We shook our hands and he sort of squeezed my hand more than it was intended. It looked like he didn’t want to leave my hand. I looked at him and caught him staring at my cleavage. I blushed a little bit and then excused myself to get me some drink. Within no time, Rajni also followed me and there came Sanjay right behind Rajni. He complimented me and said that I was looking stunningly beautiful. I thanked his compliment and started some small talk.

Srinu was not there in this party, so Rajni and myself hooked with him in the party. Lots of food and drinks were flowing in. then around 10:00 after food, Tara switched to slow numbers and some of couples started dancing slowly in the middle of the room. Sanjay took the opportunity and asked me to dance. Before I could reply to him, he hold my hand and sort of pulled me to my feet. I just followed him to one corner of the room and started dancing with him. He put her hands on my waist and I put mine at her shoulders. We were dancing slowly to the music. After some time, I felt that his hands started moving towards my back. I could feel his warm fingers around my waist and I kind of liked it. Frankly speaking this time I was thinking of Srinu and dance with him in the past. I realized that his hands were advancing further to my back. I didn’t object too much to it. And then he started taking too much of liberty and he moved his hands further down to my ass cheeks and rested them there. And to my surprise he started feeling my ass cheeks over my sari and I wasn’t prepared for this and started feeling a bit uncomfortable, because I didn’t expect this and moreover it was a room full of people. I guess my friend Rajni noticed this and she came to my rescue. She came over to me and reminded me to come with her as I am supposed to reach home by 11:00 PM. I was delighted to hear this form Rajni and excused myself from Sanjay. I could see reluctance on his face and eyes, but I quickly bid good bye to him and then to Tara and hurried to Rajni’s car. Then I also thanked her for coming and interrupting just on time. As usual she was glad to help me out.

Sanjay and their family are rich and affluent. They had a huge house. It was more of a castle rather than a house. His family had 4 cars in their house. My family had just an old second hand scooter. There was no comparison between out families. Ours is a middles class family and Sanjay’s is rich higher-class family. They had couple of industries in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Sanjay started eyeing me on every occasion. And one fine day they sent proposal to my family that they wanted me to be their daughter-in-law. My parents were so delighted to get this proposal; they got influenced by their money. They didn’t bother to ask me and agreed to my marriage with this rich hunk Sanjay. I have to admit he is a hunk. When my mom told me about my marriage, I opposed and told them about Srinu, but they didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. They didn’t listen to me.

She was my step-mom, so she wanted to get rid of the big responsibility of getting me married early and then enjoy her life later on. And in this marriage, proposal had come from Sanjay’s family so they don’t need to spend too much money also in the family. Sanjay’s family also agreed to bear most of the expenses of marriage. What else will my step-mom would ask for. Whenever there is a chance to save some money, she would be the first person. She didn’t care, whether I like this marriage or not. She didn’t care about my opinion. She didn’t care that I like Srinu and would like to be married to Srinu. In turn she told me that Srinu is a useless guy good for nothing. She never liked Srinu so much because he was also from middle class family. Now after looking at Sanjay and his family they didn’t want to listen to anybody else and was eager to get me married soon. Moreover Srinu was not doing any job yet. He was looking for one though. So in-spite of all my reluctance, my marriage date was also decided and it was due 2 weeks from now. Finally I was forced to get married to Sanjay. Till the last moment, I was against it but nobody listened to me. Later I came to know from Tara that Sanjay pressurized for early marriage, because he wants me so desperately and in love with my body and me. I was sure it was his lust for me. I still remember his lusty glazes over my cleavage and his hands over my ass cheeks. He was ogling at me all the time.

As my marriage date was approaching, my curiosity was increasing about my married life and especially my wedding night – my suhaag raat. I had been virgin so far, but had some idea about the night from our college girly discussions. Everyone at home was getting busier. Tara used to visit me every other day and we would talk and discuss all preparations at each other’s house. Then a day before my final marriage Tara had come to my house. She asked my mom to get my nose pierced. She said that Sanjay wanted me to pierce my nose and wear a nath during my wedding. I said no to it, because it will hurt me. But then Tara and my mom forced me to have it done because Sanjay wanted to get it done. I then had no choice but to get it pierced. Tara and my mom asked me to go and visit mom’s beauty parlor. She had already fixed an appointment for me. I told her, that I had visited mine, 2 weeks ago, but she didn’t get convinced and made me go there. Tara was all-eager to accompany with me. Looks like my mom had already updated parlor girls what all to do with me. Basically do every possible thing to make me look more beautiful and hot for my to-be-husband.

They started with waxing my legs and my arms. They stripped me in my bra and panty and waxed my entire legs and arms. It hurt me a lot, but felt smooth at the end. Tara felt her hands on my legs and hands and approved the good job done by the girls. And I wasn’t prepared for what to come next. They wanted to wax my back and stomach. They wanted to make sure even the tiniest of possible hair on my body are gone. It was Tara’s idea for back and stomach waxing. I had never done in my life and was a bit apprehensive. I just closed my eyes and let those girls finish the job. Tara was overlooking like a good supervisor. I guess she was sent by her brother to make sure that I look even more sexy and smooth for her brother. And then the final surprise came for me. Tara suggested shaving off my pubic hairs as well. She was determined not to leave a single hair on my body. I finally gave up and one of the girls pulled down my panty and asked me to lie down and relax. The other one applied some hair removing cream at my pubic hairs. She was applying cream all over and I was feeling aroused already. My vagina got swollen by this time. I was lying there and 2 girls were working on me.

Tara told me that her brother had asked her to make me beautiful and sexy and do whatever she can. So Tara checked my every part of body and approved it admiringly. She liked it had to admit that her brother would do anything to have this beautiful and sexy body for himself. She wanted to make sure that Sanjay would get best of my body on his first night. She told me that Sanjay was really eager to fuck her. He had liked her boobs and her ass. She now started to call me Reema Bhabhi. She said Sanjay Bhaiya had been dreaming about me every single moment, since the day he met her at Tara’s birthday party. She asked me take the pills on time. My mom had also reminded me to start taking pills. Tara picked my bra and after seeing the size 36B said, “Bhabhi yours boobs are really too big. Mine are only 32B. I am sure Bhaiya will over your boobs. He will play with them all night and suck them wildly. After so much of sucking and licking bhaiya will sure make them 36C size. Your boobs are so big that bhaiya can do boobs fucking with you as well. He can fuck into your cleavage”. She told me to forget about Srinu from now on. She told me that I must think about Sanjay only. Her body is not her anymore, but now belong to Sanjay. Now Sanjay has full rights on her and her body. She must be mentally prepared now to be fucked greatly by Sanjay. Her talks were making me blush. I didn’t say anything and parlor girls also started teasing me along with Tara.

Then after some time, first one cleaned the cream and there came out all the curly hairs. On my own, my hand moved down and it felt great to feel my clean and smooth pussy. Now they gave me a gown to wear while they wanted to continue with rest of the jobs. And then after manicure, pedicure, facial, eyebrows, hairs, back massage they were done with all instructions given to them by my mom. And finally they pierced my nose as well. That was the most essential task to be done by these girls. Tara and my mom had given them special instructions. I went into the changing room to get dressed. My silk salwar-kurta felt more silky on my smooth skin now.

It was almost evening when we reached home. Tara left immediately to her house. I could imagine Sanjay asking her how I looked, the first thing he would see Tara. Next day was the final day and it was kind of busy with so many ceremonies this evening. Our wedding was in the noon, but preparations were going on heavily since last day itself. Around 7 in the morning, my mom and some of my college friends wanted me to start getting ready. It was cool 4 hours before Sanjay and their family to arrive at our place. I was asked to take a perfumed warm water bath, so that my entire body smells fresh. I enjoyed the bath and came out in my dressing room. I came out of the bath in my bath robe itself. My room had only these two girls, Tanya and Richa, from parlor I went yesterday. They were professional for bride makeup. Later I came to know that they are the one along with my mom, who picked up all my wedding dresses, including my under garments.

Tanya came forward and handed me a pair of red color silk and lacy bra-panty set. It was a sexy pair of bra and panty. I am sure any guy will come in his pant after seeing a girl in such a hot undergarments. After yesterday’s encounter, I wasn’t shy in front of these girls, so just wore my bra and panty in front of them itself. I checked myself in the mirror and felt proud of my beautiful body. My big boobs were left half naked by the design of this bra. Richa told me they picked this bra to give enhanced cleavage. I liked it. And then nice cute panty fitted very well around my Venus mound and my ass cheeks. I just turned around and noticed most of my butts were coming out of panty line. It was definitely a hot choice by all standards and excellent choice for wedding night.

I was getting married today, not to my college love, Srinu, but to another man whom I hardly know and who is after my body more than me as a person. I was sad also at the same time. But now I have not much of choice and I have to get ready for my marriage. It was a red color wedding lehnga-choli that I am supposed to wear. It was richly embroidered and gave an elegant look. It was heavy as well at the same time. I wore a red color petticoat and my choli. Then Richa made me sit on a stool in front of the huge mirror and she wanted to do some makeup, before I wear my lehnga and chunni. I was afraid also a little bit because of unknown things and my mind was thinking of what will happen during my first night. How will my husband treat me? Whether he will love me or just use me? I would love to be loved by my husband and treated like an angel on my suhaag raat. I would love my husband to be nice and caring person. I didn’t realize, while Richa finished with my first round of makeup. She was done with my cheeks, eye shadows, eye lids and dark maroon lipstick.

Then Tanya took over the charge and she did my hairs and my jewelry. I never imagined that a girl can wear this much of jewelry at the same time and still look beautiful. They have done it very nicely. Richa brought the lehnga and asked me to step into it while she was holding it. I followed her commands and she slipped it over to my waist and tied it nicely and tightly around my waist. I suddenly started feeling really heavy. She gave me the matching sandals, silver in color with good 3 inches of heels. And then finally she brought the huge elaborate chunni and wrapped it elegantly around my shoulders and over my head. It was so heavy that Richa had to pin it up at least 10 different places. And now I was all ready for the show. And then finally they made me wear the nathni (nose ring) sent by Sanjay’s parents. I turned around and looked myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I was really looking gorgeous and beautiful. I thought to myself, any guy would be very lucky to have me as his wife. I didn’t realize how 4 hours gone by and Sanjay and his family had already arrived.

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We still have like good 1 hour, till the time guests were having snacks and drinks. Now Srinu had also arrived at my room along with some other college friends. His mouth was wide open to see me in bridal makeup. A low whistle came out of his mouth. He was awestruck at looking at me. He couldn’t say much but Wow!! and congratulated me. He said I was looking very beautiful and gorgeous. I know he wanted to say, ”You are looking extremely hot. I wish I could sleep with you right now”. From inside he was really hurt and sad. I knew him and can make it out from his eyes. Sanjay’s sister Tara also walked into the room and we all were chatting about my marriage and Sanjay. Tara was also trying to tease and flirt with Srinu. Poor boy couldn’t do anything, but just smiled. Tara had a loud mouth. She said to Srinu, “Do you know what’s going to happen tonight?” and laughed naughtily. I was embarrassed, but Srinu was teased like anything. She said, “My bhaiya is going to get the this hottest and sexy girl, wrapped in red dress. And then bhaiya will remove this dress one by one and will play with Reema all night.” I was feeling shy and asked Tara to stop it. But she didn’t and said, “Reema will no longer be virgin after tonight. Its my bhaiya who will get Reema’s virgin pussy”. Srinu was feeling very humiliated at this point of time. He was silent and looking downwards, cursing his fucked up fate. His love is going to be screwed by some hunk. Just because Sanjay was rich, he snatched his hove from him. Tara teased him that she is ready to marry with him. Srinu complemented me again that I was looking beautiful in that red dress. In his heart he must be thinking that it would have been much better if I would have got ready for him instead of Sanjay. Then he would have got the chance to undress me on my first night and get the whole hidden treasure for himself rather than Sanjay. He was silent for sometime. I guess he already started undressing me in his fantasies and feeling me all over. Tara teased him again saying that Tara would look even more beautiful and sexy in red dress for him. He didn’t say anything, but smiled faintly.

Within no time, we had wedding formalities done, jai-mala, phere and other customs. And we were official husband and wife now. Now no one can stop Sanjay in having me anytime. I am sure he was very delighted in his heart at this moment and just cant wait for the night.

Sooner we had good-bye ceremony and feeling sad I sat in the car with Sanjay and we drove to his house. We had short talks in the car and he accepted that he is eager for the night. I blushed and my face turned red on top of my pink bridal makeup. We had an authentic welcome ceremony at his house. It was almost 06:00 PM by the time we reached Sanjay’s place. We freshen up a little, rested for a while. There were so many eager guests who wanted to look at me and meet me. I didn’t know most of them of course, but they were nice. Other day I had talked to Tara to invite Srinu at her place and make his arrangements in the room adjacent to Sanjay’s along with Tara and some of other friends. And Tara had behaved like an obedient friend and I saw Srinu at her place. Tara gave some false excuse that there will be some fun games in the evening so he should stay at their place itself. We had dinner together and since most of the people were tired, everyone wanted to go and rest. But he didn’t know that the only game that will happen is sex game that Sanjay is going to play with her.

Now there were very few members in the room, Tara, Srinu, Sanjay’s cousin bhabhi Soniya and her sister and me and Sanjay. Sanjay was sitting right next to me. He held my hand in his hand and was caressing it lightly while speaking with rest of the people. I was shy and not speaking much. I was listening all the conversation. Everyone in the room knew about Srinu’s situation. Even Soniya bhabhi joined Tara in teasing Srinu. Sanjay was not behind. He was talking to Srinu, but caressing my hand, indicating that he finally won me from him. He wanted to show to rest of the people that Reema is his property and he was holding her next to him. Srinu started looking in another direction. He wanted to avoid seeing my hand caressed by Sanjay. Then he put his right hand around my shoulder also. On seeing this Tara commented, “Not too soon bhaiya. Reema is all yours now. Whole night is there for you”. I blushed on her comment and Sanjay felt proud of it.

Tara and other family members sent me to Sanjay’s room few minutes ahead of him, so that I can go and settle. I said bye and goodnight to everyone and light squeeze on Srinu’s hand while saying bye to him. Now I was teasing him. I could see helplessness in his eyes. His love is going to be screwed by someone else in adjacent room. But poor guy can’t help himself. And Tara and group were making sure that they tease him the fullest. They were pulling his leg and flirting with him.

I noticed that it was a huge room and wonderfully decorated to welcome newly wed couple. It surely talked about richness of their family. It smelled of fresh roses and jasmine all over. It was really exciting to be in this room. This was the room where I am gonna start my married life and going to surrender myself to my husband. One wall of the room was whole mirror and I was admiring myself in it. Then I noticed that door opened and Sanjay walked in dressed in his silk churidar kurta. He was looking handsome too. He had typical victory smile on his face as if saying to himself – “O yeah now I am gonna have this hot babe”. He walked towards me and hugged me from behind. I had the tingling felling all over my body. My blood started to rush in every part of my body and I shivered a little with excitement. I closed my eyes. Then he whispered in my ears that he is so glad today and is on top of the world that he got married to me. I knew exactly why he was so happy. Finally his penis will get my pussy today. His lust will be satisfied today. This was a great night he had been so eagerly waiting for. He said he loved me and kissed me on my neck from behind. It sent shivers in my body.

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where is it continued??????????????? lovely one till now

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great story. pls continue it

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Very nice man
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we want more....we want more....we want more

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