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Old 21st June 2007
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SexyHousewife fucked by a salesman(Tailor)

My name is Akshay 26 yrs, 5'9" tall and I am based in Mumbai.this is a real story which happended 3 months back,originally I am from ahmad nagar near to Pune , I work at planet M in Mumbai hiranandani gardens, also I have a buddy(Deepak) from Nagar he came 2 yers back and struggle for a job but he is not graduate so couldn't got a job since his father is a tailor he had some knowledgeabout tailoring so somehow he got into tailoring,this tailoring shop is located near Hiranandani garden in powai, since planet M is close to this shop I used to visit Deepak , he had become master in Ladies dressess , he did training course in singapore , For the measurement her ladies tailor Kiran used to do it , so Deepak alsways fantasie about taking meausremnts and used to tell me about a panjabi lady harjas who comes for meaurement and ask Kiran to massge her as well, Kiran also become our friend , once Deepak had gone to Nagar to attend his brother marriage,I was at home and planning to go for a movie since I got a comp off since I worked late for couple of days , It was about 11 Am ,I got up late since I have bozze up last night ,got freshen myself and was about to start my bike to head on for a movie , Kiran called and asked if I can sit on her shop for couple of hrs since she had to take her cousin sister(she was pregnent) for doc appointment , I told Kiran that what the hell I will do if some customers come ..she said just sit there since one of her cusotmer had to come to picup her dressess and if someone new comes just kindly applologies and tell them that kiran will be back by 5 Pm and help them if I can in any manner.

I accepted it and drove back to her shop, Kiran was ready to head out she told me that mrs bhiani will come to collect this packaet ,give it to her and said good luck and left, I turn on the radio mirchi ...and was reading one of the magzine , after an hour mrs Bihini came as ask me if Kiran is there , I told her that she has gone out for some work and ur packet is ready , here it is , she said Thanks ..I said havea good day madam. then around 2 PM , a good looking women looks in her 30's walked into the shop.
she was wearing a low cut top and a skirt ,had slim legs,high heel sandals was making her hight to be around 5'7",with sun glasses,red listick, and a small hand bag on her shoulder,with huge boobs, i couldn't got a glance of her back,she looks to me a panjabi kudi ..

she asked where is Kiran , I wanted a special dress to be stiched , I told her that Kiran is out for some work , I got an idea to act as a tailor ...so I added and I have joined her recently to work with her ...I recently came back from singapore with training on party dressess for women. is there something I could help with ..she paused for a minute ..and then with her frustration coming out ..oh no Kiran had to go out today only , she again asked me if Kiran could be available for 30 min so that I can give measurements to her and then you can work on this dress , because for sure I need this dress for tomorrows party ..then she murmured ..things never happened as i wanted ...

I broke my silence and said , please dont worry , everything will be ok, I can take the measurement and prepare the dress by late tonight and you can pickup tomorrow morning ..what's a big deal "aap paresan maat ho " ...she said ..ohh commom you will take the measurements ?...I said yes what's wrong in it ..in my training I used to take the measurements and it's not a big deal ...I mean it's just like you happnen to go for a check up with a male doctor ...she said since this is not a simple measurement , see this design , you just cannot get the right measurement having my top on ..earlier Kiran have taken the measurement by taking top off .. madam I am saying that nowdays it's common where male tailor infact a designer takes the measurements,I promise you would like the dress I will prepare and feel comfortable giving the measurements, and immidiately I snatched my notebook and asked what is ur good name madam ..she said Harjas ...I was soooo excited to hear that name as I recall about Deepak telling me about this lady for massage ...with excitement after writing the name I asked to go to the room inside where i can take the measurement ..

she inssisted that she wont take her top in front of me , i told her that it is ok to take of ur top in front of me also kiran got this new massge cream which is very relaxing it takes of any stresss and makes more energetic and she told me that u used to ask her to massage as well , also I can do the massage and u know i have a firm grip and it wld be more exciting for you by my hand , she asked did Kiran told you about the massage , I said yes she had told me requirement about all clients ..no I feel shy in front of you as I married ,i would say you should do it ,she said no I am afraid, ok i have a plan ,i will tie a cloth to ur eyes so that you do not see anything and u will not feel embrassed , I will take the mesaurement and promise that I will not do anything without your permission ,stop me anytime when you cannot control, I will just stop right there , becuse this is for sure that we both will get orgasm ,becuse you have such a beutiful body and assets, are you sure you can control it , see earlier when I have taken mesauement , i got get aroused but then i satisfy myself with masutrbation.what do you say ..koi aa to nahi jayega ...nahi dont worry ...
..but aap paresan maat ho ..nahi theek hai ...jaisa aap chaho ..your built is good , workout kart ho ..yes madam mard ke pass yahi to asset hai ...1-2 hrs se pahle wife satisfy he nahi hote ..atleast she get 4-5 orgasm ...choo ke dekho ....sorry i got carried away...
lets start then ...i will tie this pink ribbon to ur eyes ...if you feel uncomfortable then let me know immidiately so I will stop right there ..ok ..
so which type of party is this....tieing up the ribbon ...is that ok, can u see it ..no that ok ...this is all married women party , everyone wants to have fun , so that is the reason i do not care how much i expose in this dress ..ohh i got it ..
now I am taking ur top ...by touching her body i lifted her top she was getting so excited i can hear her breath getting faster ...
i had some resistance when the top reach her boobs ...and rubbing my fingers over the boobs i removed her top ...i notcie the sound ahhh ..ohh ..oh you you saved my effort of taking off the bra ...lot of women started not wearing the bra now days ..how does it feel ..see this is summer so not waearing it i feel bit relax and cool air gets circulate ...ahh got it ...you have great shaply b ...nothing to worry ,,,i hope u feel comfortable ..yes ..let me get my tape and notebook , i have to draw a line across ur b so that I get the exact measuement with that said I took the pen and started drawing line surrounding her b ..dont worry this will go away once you take shower ..while doing this i intensonally touched her nipples which were getting hard and hard ...my 7.5 inch rod was too hard now ..I can feel the aroma of sweat ..

I was looking at tight boobs with nipples erect and hard , i watched for sometime and then said lets start with the measurement ..i put the tape around her boobs to see how much is the cup size ,by brushing my fingers over the nipples , i could feel her breath going faster , she was stunn and not saying a word ..i continue then went back lifted her arms then put the tape around her chest from the back over the boobs in front and hold the tape between her boobs , by tightening the tape i asked is that tight ok, she said yeah ..came back in front of her and said now lets measure the strip which will hold the dress cups with that said I put the tape just above her nipples and strechted to het shoulder , then I asked her how much boobs you want to expose in this dress , she said doesn't matter becuse it's womens party ..i said ok i will keep it just above the nipples then ..now let me put a sample cup to see which will fit best, seems like you guys will have fun in this party , would you mind telling me more about the party ..oh yes will gather at one of the friend's place , she is alone for few days as her husbandwent to states for business trip, everyone will put up these sexy dressess at her place only ,then we have a hireda male dancer who will perform in her brief and we will have fun with him, drinks arrangement has been made , there are some ladyies who love lesbian stuff we will get a chance to watch that as well and will play a blue film and will use banaanas,doodhi,carrot,cucumber masturbate ...she didn't realised she spoke that much ..realising that she said ohhhh ...I am sorry i got carried away and told you so much about the party , I said I promise it's just between you and me , I won't tell anyone ....then I tried couple of cups on her beautiful boobs, size would be around 34 D, each time I was putting the cups i was holding her boobs in my hand just to see it fits well...I was about to cum ...was too excited and just want to hold and sqeeqze her boobs .. i paused for a moment then asked her in surprize that should my wife also be thinking about such parties .. she quickly asked you are married , I said yes my wife is in Nagar , she went to see her mother who is sick for 10 days..she said do you know her friend circle ..she might be having fun which you dont know ..I confidently said , I can guarentee she won't be thinking atleast of sex and stuff behind me , becuase she usually have around 5-6 orgasm during our 2 hrs of sex ...becuse I am a good pussy eater and she likes pussy licking also I am now expert in tantric sex ..

she exclaimed wow!!! 2 hrs ..I mean you last for hiurs ..thats great ...why you are so surprised ..she said no ...I mean ..2 hrs ...and 5-6 orgasms ...thats good ...now she was more friendly talking to me like this ...I asked her if she wants a glass of water , she immidiately said yes yes ..I approched for a glass of water and gave it her , then went back to her and came close to her with my bare chest went real close and put my hands on her boobs , she said hey what are doing ..you were done with the measurement right ...I said yes I am done with the measurement ..but just wanted to show how would the massage will relax you ...with said I squeeze boobs with both hands ..she made the sound ahhhh ...wowww... she said no I am getting excited , please untie this ribbon and let me put my top and I should head out ....I said sure , let me take off the ribon and and I untie the ribbon .....she opened her eyes ..and watched me with bare chest standing in front of her ...she said thanks to me for taking the measurement , i don't know how I did this ...never had the courage to stand in front of any other man ...she was making direct eye contact with me and was relax ..

I said it was my pleasure, you have a great body and asset ..but if you don't mind can i say something ..she said sure go ahead ...I told her that let me do the massage as Kiran used to it ..again promise that I will stop at any point when you does not feel comfortable ..defienetly by massging we both will get excite since it's a natural phenomenon , but i promise will stop anytime ..also you will love it ...
she said thanks but I got to go ..where is ur restroom, with that said she approched for her top , I said, you want to go to restrooom to release ...right ..she said no ..I mean ..and was silent trying to put her top ...I stopped her ,went close to her ..lets do the massage ..she thought for a moment and said ok,lets do it ...I asked to lay down on a table which was meant for ironing ..I said let me take off ur sandals ..and sat on the ground hold her left leg from the thing she put her hand on my shoulder then she lifted her leg put on knee ..I unhocked the sandal ..while rolling my hand over her sexy , nicely shaved leg ..I lifted her leg and somewhat got the idea that she was not waering anything underneath ..removed both her sandals ..

I went to the front room to see if there is any customer ..then put close lock the door and put the board "closed" , which can been seen from the glass outside ..now I was getting more and more excited with the image of massaging her body ..I didn't realised I am doing this ..everything was going good and I was on 7 th heaven to see a sexy lady laying and I will be massaging her ....

I came back and told her that I have closed the door so that noone can disturb us while massaging with that I removed my shirt and told her I am removing my shirt so that massage creame does not spoil my shirt ...and went close to her and said let me give you a hug ...as I i wrap my hands around her back she got so excited and said told me tight ..hold me tight..she was holding me very tight ..her nails were almost getting into my flesh ... realised that she is having orgasm, in a minute or so , I feel a drop of cum on my foot ..so you are just had an orgasm ..and you cummm ...she said I am sorry ..i am sorry ..but couldn't control it ...and she again hold me tight ...I said relax it's absoluetly ok ...I am happy that you had fun...she said let me go to bathroom to wash it ..I said don't worry , let me take your skirt and you can relax at the table, I will wash it and bring it back , and i Opened the chain and slipped it down , as I expected she was not waering panties ....she closed her eyes ...I exclaimed ..wowww!!!!she had nicely shaved her pussy ..i guess for the party ..you have sexy legs and pink pussy ...you look great ....then I said let me get to the table so that you can relax and i lifted her in my arms and went to table and laid her ...and said I will be right back ...I went to bathroom to wash cum spot from the skirt ..i tasted the cum , it was good and made me mad ...i wanted to fuck this lady ..and I knew it i am doing so far ..and was waiting for her call to ask for hard fuck ...I took 2-3 minutes and came back with a paper towel, and said let me wipe the cum for you ...and I took the paper and put it on her pussy ...there was a loud sound from her ahhh ..ahhh ..and with very slow movement i was wiping the cum ...and she was totally made ..and closed her eyes and making the sound ahhh ..yeahhhh... I said you feel good ...she yeah ...then I said let me get the massge cream and i ask her to filp her position so that first I can massge her back ..she turn back ..I applied the cream on her back ...she had sexy buttocks ..around 38 ...i started applying the cream and going with both hands from her shoulder,neck,to buttocks and legs , she said I am in heaven , I feel so good and getting more and more excited ...she was not saying any word and enjoying my every move ..occasionally making ahhhh sound ...I was imagining how the fuck would be with this sexy babe ...who laying naked in front of me ...I reached her hair and did little massge with fingers and then asked her to flip , then I applied cream near chest and neck and asked do I have the permission to apply cream to your beautifull boobs ...she said go ahead ..I applied the cream and started massaging ..she mouned and mounded..and I am feeling so good..this is so good ..please keep on doing...more ...hard ...squeeze it hard ..wow ...do it ..do it ...I was sqezzing it hard and hard ...then said looks like you are having more cum mmm..let me check ...and I put my index finger on her pink pussy ..yeah see you have this second orgasm ....you are doing good ...can I taste this cum please ...she said please squeeze me ...she was moaning like anything ..then she said let me masturbate ...with my fingers ...or if you have any object please bring it ..I said oh yes I have a banana ..I have never seen this ..I would love to watch this ...and quickly I grab one banana and said here you go ...do you want me to put this ..she said put it inside me and shake it hard ...i was just waiting for this immidiately I inserted this banana 5 inch into her pussy she was mad now ...insert it deep ...please do it fast .fast fast ...fast please ...I stopped after doing for 30 seconds ...she asked what happnded ,why you stopped I am having orgasm again , please do it ...then I said madam I couldn't control now ...see I am fucking you with this banana ..how about I put a condom on real banana ..which is thicker then this , longer then this ...with that said I unhocked my pants and pull it down ,dropped my boxer and took her hand and placed on my erect ,hard, pennis ..tell how you feel it ...she was quiet and slowing getting the feel of my hard dick ..then said it's huge and thick ...I said please mam give me the permission ...I promise that you never had this much fun...as I told you I am a good pussy eater ..so please give mee the poourtunity ..everything is open between us and i promise it will be between us only ..and I am using the condom so don't worry ...she thought for a moment and said lets do it ....fuck me hard ...with her teeth scribing ..I pulled her legs apart and started tasting the cum she already had in her pussy ..then inserted my tounge in her cunt ...she was bitting me with her nails and screaing ...fast fast fast ....this is so good ..fast ...insert fully ...and searcing for my hard rock dick ..and then started shaking my pennis ...I was eating her pussy ...then I put one hadn on her right boob and squezed it ..she was moaning and screaming ...this is amazing ..I am in heaven ..get me in ...then I lifted her in my arms and said lets do it doggy ..and I laid her on florr in doggy style then took my rod and inserted from back she was screaing screaing ...wowwwwwww....even after 3 cumms her pussy was tight and I enjoyed putting pressure to insert my dick inside her ...and then started inserted in and out with the spped of gun machine ...continue to 10 minutes with my hands on her boobs ..and paused for a moment ..and asked how it feel ...she said I have never had this excitement and climax,orgams in my life ..you are so good ...please do it ..I contiue for another 10 minutes , we both were swaeting ..

she was cumming and cumming ..everything was wet ...she was almost dead ...but kept saying yeah yeah ..wow ...hard with her teetch squrting ...and bitting me with nails ...then I said let me give you a chance ..come on top ...I laid as I was tired ..she then came over me and inserted my dick in her pussy and started rolling with the movement but she was tired ,I played with her boobs pinch her nipples and sqeeze them she again started with enery ,,Yes I can do it and started with faster movement ...yeah yeah ..yeah ,,I can do it ...and I was yes you are doign good, faster faster ...then I flipped the position , I was on top and then I started the fasted movement of my life as i was so excited ...and contiue for 25 minutes she was getting hurt also but I didn't listned to her and kept on with the movement ...she was enjoying ,must be in the differnt world of "ANAND" .alsmost dead .....when I was about to cum ..I asked her do you want my cum , she yeah wanted to taste it put it all over me ..then I took my road and put it near her mouth and she was blssed with the cum ..enjoyed tasteing with tounge ...it is hot , salty ...and so good ...you the man ....I had never ever had this fun ....I think I am dead and have no enery to get up ....I was also tired and said thanks for givinh me the appoutunity ..I hope I was upto the expectation and made you feel good, she said yeah offcourse and gave me a kiss ...you the man ..then we both liid down for around 30 minutes , she then went to bathroom to clean up herself I turn on the iron and took her skirt to iron on the wet spoot , she came back and I handover the skirt to her and then went to wash myself ...then went to front room open the door looked at around and then asked her come to the front room, she took my number and said take care I owe you for this lovely time I have with you ...and gave a kiss and big smile ..and left the shop ....I made my day .....
guys what do you say ....check the how many drops you have got ...or you want to go for a jerk ...?
give me your honest feedback ..also I am curious that any girl read these stories or just the boys with the girl name read these stories and post ....I will love to hear from any girl ..

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Old 21st June 2007
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Old 21st June 2007
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i would term it as just an average story...some of the other tailor stories I have read here are really terrific

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Old 23rd June 2007
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good question for vote, repped u +14

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Old 23rd June 2007
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Good story!
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Old 24th June 2007
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Old 24th June 2007
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Old 24th June 2007
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repped ya mate.

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Old 26th June 2007
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nice one

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Old 27th June 2007
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