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Old 3rd October 2005
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raju lukka has many secret admirersraju lukka has many secret admirers
At five minutes to eight Lisa reluctantly pulled her white cotton panties off and stood before the full length mirror in her bedroom. She wasn't half bad looking, she thought. No doubt that little creep thought he had struck gold when he blackmailed her and now here she was about to hand over this body to him. She had firm breasts and her pussy was perfectly shaven, she brushed back her silky blonde hair and reached for her silk dressing gown cursing that she only seemed to attract creeps. Just as she pulled on the gown and reached for the silk bell her door bell sounded and she froze. The bell rang again impatiently and she snapped out of it and firmly tied the belt and descended to her fate.

She opened the door onto a falling dusk and was confronted by four tall, young black men led by Tony and he just burst in past his teacher, his friends following and ogling the older babe who admitted them. Tony led them through to the sitting room and he busied himself pushing the seats right back against the wall and each of the boys took up a position on each wall, like points of the compass and took out drawing pads while Lisa stood nervously at the centre of the room. Tony smiled at her and rose to pull the curtains and blinds that Lisa had so carefully shut earlier and spoke to her condescendingly

"You ain't getting off so easy Bitch, I wonder if your neighbours will see you being a stripper for four young dudes? Nah, their staying open so don't bother, you just take that gown off and let the boys see that killer body I been telling them about, be perfect for their pictures."

She looked so vulnerable stood up there in the harsh light of her sitting room, if anyone was watching from the gloom out there they were about to get a real eyeful! She closed her eyes and took a big gulp and fumbled for her belt and struggled getting it untied before dropping the ends and allowing it to slowly part right up her front. It took all her will power to use her hands to part the gown and allow it to drop to the floor and suddenly she found herself standing stark naked in front of four young men she barely knew and with the knowledge that anyone could be outside watching. Her audience in the room was not slow in voicing their opinion of her.

""Yeah, that's what I am talking about bitch, you look mighty fine!"

"Shake those titties slut!"

"Nice ass ho!"

"Told you the bitch was hot didn't I?" ,

This last comment from Tony as he walked over to Lisa and pushed her shoulders down so she was kneeling on the floor. Down there she was more than aware of the hard ridge at Tony's crotch. He leaned in close to Lisa's ear and whispered.

"Guess what bitch? We ain't got no project, we just wanna fuck your mouth, got a problem with that?"

She may very well have done but got no chance to voice it as Tony quickly unzipped his thick black cock and jammed it in her mouth to cheers of encouragement from the other three, who were actually college students but were media students as evidenced by the handheld video camera one of them produced from their backpack and began recording with Miss Duncan's cherry red lips spread around her pupils hard cock.

If Tony had been rough before that was nothing compared to now as he pumped his cock back and forth with a vengeance into his teacher's mouth. His dick was soon slicked up and he wasted little time pushing it forward and as far down her gagging mouth as he could manage. He held her there, his strong hands on the back of her blonde head, holding her mouth tight to his crotch, revelling in her gagging noises and pathetic attempts to withdraw her head. Then he released her head and laughed out loud as she puked slightly over his cock and a long line of sticky drool fell humiliatingly from her lips. He slapped his messy dick again on her face before plunging it into her mouth again, again making her deep throat him and this time pinching her nostrils together to make things more uncomfortable for her this time.

Though she was hating every second of this Lisa had decided to service him like this and hope that would satisfy his lust and be an end of the whole thing. Of course if she had known she was being recorded she would not have been at all confident of that likelihood. She would have been equally worried if she could see the other men in her room with their equally big dicks in their hands jerking off in anticipation of their shot at the pretty blondes mouth.

But that was to come, right now her mouth was struggling badly to cope with the slick, thick meat sliding hard in and out of her mouth so fast. She hadn't liked oral sex in her marriage and this amounted to her worst nightmare being face fucked so impersonally.

She tried to block out what she was doing and what was happening to her but it wasn't easy with a thick cock buried in her mouth. She had had quite a reserved childhood and had only discovered the joys of sex at eighteen with Frank and besides her dalliance with Tony last week had never been with anyone else. How had she been reduced to this? Had she wanted or deserved to be treated like this? Was it her own fault? Her mind raced as Tony fucked her face and she tried to rationalise what she was doing. But she was brought right out of that when she felt him tense up inside her mouth and realised with horror that he was ready to cum.

He pulled his dick clear from her lips and pushed her forehead back a bit and then directed a thick stream of cum all over her face, splattering messily on her head, eyes, nose and lips and trailed down to her quivering chin. With cum all over her eyes she had to screw them tightly shut and was unaware as the boy with the camera came up for an extreme close up of her cum covered pretty face.

And then Tony uttered the words she had been dreading.

"Who's next boys, she's a hell of a cocksucker and cum dump!"

There was no shortage of takers and indeed her lips soon felt the touch of two dicks as the two guys not with the camera took their places before the degraded teacher and forced her to go from one cock to the other, sucking their big, black cocks into huge erections in the process. Tony, meanwhile, was stood behind her and wiping his spent dick in her lovely, blonde hair.

"Should never tried to ditch me Bitch, should ya?"

She got no chance to reply as one of the cocks at her lips was rammed deep down her gullet and again she gagged on the musky odour of male sweat and sex. This penis was longer than Tony's and her overworked mouth was faced with a new challenge. She was aware of feeling like a cheap and nasty slut, little better than a whore and she did not like it. Worse the other guy was slapping his hard dick on her cheek and probing her ear with his hard cock and Tony was busy opening cans of beer for each of the guys and they swigged from their cans as they fucked her face one by one. By the end her face was covered in four thick loads of cum, her face sore and abused at it's treatment from the big cocks she had been forced to accommodate. By this point Tony had the video camera recording his Art teachers messy state and as the other guys left thanking him for the fun he was left to show Lisa the camera and leave her in no doubt that he would use the tape in furtherance of his blackmail unless she did as he told her in the future. And as she knelt there, naked on her own living room carpet, her face obliterated with drying cum and her breasts glazed with it's trails she was horrified to hear his latest demands of her.

"You know Miss Duncan, I get real horny in classes, listening and watching sexy ass bitches like you tell all us guys what to do. So horny in fact, that I want to bend you over and fuck that sweet ass right there in class, so tomorrow that's just what I'm gonna do. I want you to wear the shortest skirt you got and no bra and no panties, come lunch break I'm gonna pay your room a visit and we can spend some quality time in your book cupboard. Know what I mean Bitch?"

Lisa tried to argue but it was useless and pathetic and she knew immediately that she would do what this arrogant bastard wanted. She needed her job and status too much and she was starting to feel dangerously submissive to him. She was already mentally choosing the skirt and blouse she would wear the next day as he left the house…..


That morning was hell for Lisa, she had some younger aged classes that morning and could get by without too much concentration but at morning break time she was burning with embarrassment as the other teachers watched her and some obviously made whispered comments about her attire. She was blushing with embarrassment and a little shame and was more than glad to get back to her class and back teaching. She knew she was dressed like a whore and knew it would attract all kinds of thoughts and comments from her colleagues but she felt helpless to say anything.

It was a weird feeling and a real strain on her being dressed in nothing more than her sheer blouse and short black skirt, knowing that she had to keep her legs tightly together under her desk otherwise the kids would see right up to her shaven pussy. She found it difficult to concentrate on teaching and could not stop her mind racing forward to lunchtime and Tony's promised visit. She was dreading it. This young man seemed to pervade her thoughts now and she hated giving up control to him yet despite the blackmail she was mentally finding herself more and more submissive to him. And that could not be a good thing.

Before she knew it the lunch bell sounded shrilly and her class filed out of the room leaving the blonde sitting frozen at her desk waiting and taking quick glances at the room's spacious cupboard.

Then the door burst open and in sauntered Tony, his schoolbag over his shoulder and as cocky and arrogant as normal. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet and dragged her towards the cupboard door taking time only to feel under the high hem of her skirt to make sure she had obeyed him and worn no panties. She squirmed and stifled a complaint as his fingers groped their way inside her pussy lips.

"Good Bitch, bet you been enjoying flashing your gash to everybody ho!"

Lisa held back a sob and pleaded with him.

"Please Tony, please wear protection, it's my time of the month. Please wear a condom."

"I ain't wearing a condom Bitch. But don't you worry none 'cos I'm fixing to fuck that tight asshole of yours not your pussy, I already had that!"

"But I've never done that.! No! please you can't! I can't take it in my ass. Please!"

But there was no arguing with him and she could hardly raise her voice further without drawing curious people abroad in the school over lunch time. Seconds later she was unceremoniously bent over the small table in the cupboard and feeling his hand pull up the fabric of her skirt and revealing her smooth ass cheeks to a whistle of compliment. She felt his hands roam over her ass and then, with a sharp smack he spanked her. She just managed to bite her lip and prevent herself crying out, it was so quiet in the school just then she was sure she would be heard and discovered. Tony was getting off on the situation big time. He prised apart her virgin asshole and invaded it with two fingers that had been well spat on, giving her dry ass hole some badly needed moisture. His cock was rock hard and some pre-cum was dribbling from the tip and he wiped that at the entrance of Lisa's tight ass before gripping a shelf by his side and squeezing his big cock slowly into his teachers waiting anus.

Lisa could barely believe the sensation as she was ass fucked for the first time, it was too tight and felt like she was constipated but trying to take a huge shit. Again, she was biting her lip, trying to make as little noise as possible but it was difficult, she couldn't prevent herself from grunting and moaning as his big dick slowly burrowed it's way deeper inside her and she felt herself filling up more and more. And then he pulled back and she felt a moments relief only to be replaced, when he thrust forward again and then he established a rhythm. She wanted to groan, to release some of her feelings but fear of discovery was too high and she gritted her teeth and felt her whole body shunted forward with each thrust and prayed for this ordeal to be over, that this was all he would want from her, but she knew that was unlikely.

Tony had plenty of stamina and fucked her ass for nearly half an hour until he came deep inside her and pulled his cock from her and as she turned around jammed it straight in her open mouth. It was in before it registered where it had been and she made to gag and pull away but his firm hand kept her mouth around it and she had little choice to suck it clean. Then, as she endured this newest humiliation she heard a voice outside in her class room, it was the head of the Art Dept!

Tony just smiled and gave her angry face one more fuck before allowing her mouth escape and she hurried to her feet to reach the door, Tony hanging back, a big smile on his face. He listened as she stuttered and stammered, looking a fool in front of her boss as she prayed Tony would not suddenly pop out of the cupboard with his cock hanging out. Of course the slimy feel of his cum slowly running down the back of her thigh also tended to put her off a bit as well. She eventually saw off her boss and Tony told her that he was taking a few days off but that he'd be back on Monday and unless she wanted the tapes made public to be ready to do exactly as he told her.


The week and weekend seemed to fly in. She had not heard anything from Tony and while his threat still remained Lisa harboured hopes that he had had his fun and had maybe moved onto something (or someone) else. She should be so lucky! That day as she taught a class before lunch she spotted a movement at her door and turned to see him waving at the window in the door. Her heart lurched and sunk and when the class left at the bell he came in and demanded she come with him. By now she wasn't even arguing with him.

"Come on Bitch, gotta job for you today. A blow job that is!"

It was known as 'Smokers corner' and was tightly located behind the old style, granite walled, bike sheds. All the schools reprobates and desirables hung out there and chatted, smoked and worse. There was an unwritten rule that none of the teachers or more studious pupils even went near it. That way everybody was happy. Tony directed Lisa up the grassy hill and behind the structure that held the kids bikes and in that shadowy place it seemed to her like another world to the cloudless, sunny day she had been in seconds earlier.

What a motley collection of misfits they appeared to be. Although Lisa tried to keep her eyes as far away from them as possible, it was difficult not to look up and stare at them. She did not recognise any of them as kids from the school, but they must have been, probably they spent most of their time hidden away back here rather than in class. And, thought Lisa, the teachers were probably more than happy for them to be here, they certainly didn't look as if they would add much academically to the classroom.

There were nine of them in total, sat in a semi-circle as Tony led Lisa into the centre of them. Six guys and three girls and without exception they all scowled at Tony and Lisa as they stepped into the shadowy group.

"Man, what you doin' bringin' her here?"

"I recognise her, she's that new Art teacher, what the fuck you doin' Tone?"

"Hey guys, chill. This here is my Bitch, and believe me she ain't gonna say anything about what goes on round here. Fact is I brought her here to give you some entertainment. Make it worthwhile coming to school, you dig me?"

From the blank and quizzical looks that met him the obviously didn't, so he decided to demonstrate.

"What is she gonna do? Teach us how to smoke right?"

This last comment from Latasha, renowned as the biggest troublemaker in the school and she almost never went to class. Pretty much the whole school, teachers and pupils alike, were counting down the days until she left at the end of term.

Tony leered up as he pulled Lisa level with him and addressed Latasha (a former girlfriend, no less).

"Damn right she's gonna show you how to smoke! How to smoke cock!"

And with that bold statement he unzipped himself and thrust his cock down her throat. The others sat stunned and almost in awe of Tony, particularly the guys, though the girls were no less impressed. Jesus, he was being sucked off by a teacher! And a hot teacher, at that! In front of them! After a few seconds they started cheering him on and offering all kinds of congratulations and praise. All except Latasha who just glowered at the white bitch on her knees like a cheap tart.

Lisa just knelt there and sucked on Tony's familiar big cock, she was getting well used to this now and becoming desensitised to the humiliation. Mind you she was shocked to be doing this before students and was worried news of her role would reach more and more students and eventually parents and teachers. Perhaps she would be glad if it did, that way at least it would be over. But still she wanted this job and did not feel strong enough to face the consequences of the news being broken.

"Come on then, lets get a look at this sluts body."

She heard the harsh male voice behind her and felt her blouse being tugged off and her skirt, bra and panties following in short order. So there she was, naked, on school ground being face fucked by a randy student and with an audience of other pupils. Could it get any worse? Well yeah, at that point Tony came with a flourish, spreading his sticky cum all over her face, it was a feeling she was becoming used to. But she had little respite, a new cock replacing him to further cheers as she felt hands groping at her tits and pussy simultaneously. Suffice to say more than one of the guys shot their load on Lisa's face that break and when they had finished Latasha strolled over and scrapped all the loose cum into Lisa's mouth before spitting on her and ordering her to lick her black pussy. It was a final humiliation that cemented in Lisa's mind that this was her. This was her role for the rest of term. To be the cum dump for Tony and whoever he chose to let use her. It was going to be a long year indeed…….

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raju lukka has many secret admirersraju lukka has many secret admirers
Meeta was a lawyer by trade, not the best in the business but she was still young, and had worked hard to get her job. Recently the long hours and 7 day weeks had taken their toll and she had become increasingly snappy. Finally her boss Arjun Parekh had called her in to his office and suggested this break. She decided to drive to ranchi and visit the various buddhist stupas. It had been a solid week since then but she couldn’t remember feeling so alive. With a chuckle she pressed down on the accelerator and let her car speed pick up speed.

Suddenly her peace was shattered as she heard the wail of a siren; she glanced in the rear view and saw the flashing lights of a motorcycle policeman behind her.

“Dammit” she cursed. Trust her luck to have her speed past the only policeman in 30 Km radius.

The policeman pulled up alongside her and motioned to the side of the road. Meeta complied and pulled up on the shoulder of the secluded road.

“Good morning, Miss”. “Were you aware that you were doing 40 over the limit?”

“Sorry sir”, Meeta replied. “I didn’t see any restriction signs”.

“None the less your were speeding, may I see your license please”

Meeta took the License from her glove box and handed it to the RTO officer.

Although the policeman had mirror shades on Meeta was sure he was getting an eyeful of her impressive cleavage. She self-consciously did up the top buttons of her shirt.

“I will have to ask you to come down to the police station” the policeman instructed her.

Couldn’t you just issue me with a ticket, officer?”

“In the city you people may have so many law-breakers that you can afford to wave people on, but down here we do things differently” the policeman said.

Meeta wanted to bang her fists on the dash in frustration, but there was no sense in upsetting the local police. “Ok officer, lead on”

The policeman started his Motorcycle and Meeta obediently followed on, being careful not to break any other traffic laws on the way.

After 10 minutes they came to a small pleasant little dusty town. The streets seemed strangely empty as they drove past the small hutment of the typical Bhayya - land villagers. Eventually they pulled up outside a white brick building with Police painted in gold on the windows. The policeman motioned for her to turn off the engine and follow him.

The police station was really just one open room with a couple of offices in one corner, and stairs which she assumed led to the cells. A large desk was placed at one end of this room at which sat an obese, sweaty man she assumed was the Inspector.

“This is the speeder I reported Sir”, the motorcycle policeman reported, as he removed his helmet and sunglasses.

“Thanks Sanjoy, you can go fetch the others now”

Sanjoy went to the main door and carefully closed in behind him.

The Inspector was a middle-aged man with an expanding waistline and receding hair. The look he gave Meeta was one of pure contempt.

“May I see your documents?”, he said with no trace of emotion in his voice.

Meeta handed over her license and documents. “I am really sorry about all this”, she said. “I didn’t know I was speeding”

With speed surprised for a man of his size the inspector shot out of his seat and slapped Meeta across the face. “In my area you speak when I ask you to, and not before, he spat. “Do you understand?”

Tears started to well in Meeta’s eyes. “I understand”

Again the Inspector slapped her. “I understand, Sir”, he barked.

The tears now started to roll down Meeta’s cheeks. What had she got herself into?

“I understand, Sir”, she sobbed.

The main door opened and Sanjoy came back in along with another 12 men. They were of varying ages ranging from 13 to 70 by the look of them. A couple of them were in police uniforms. Each took a chair and placed them in a rough semi-circle around the Inspector and Meeta.

The Inspector looked at each of them in turn and smiled.

“Now the panchayat members are here we can begin.” The Inspector said with a hint of a smile.

The Inspector sat back into his chair and began to leaf through the documents. “Seems we have ourselves a lawyer”. “Isn’t that right Miss Meeta?”

“Yes” sobbed Meeta.

“Well round here we make our own laws, and we don’t like big city types endangering our kids with their cars”. “I think a night in the prison might teach you a lesson.” he said smugly. “Do the panch's agree?” He asked the assembled townsmen.

The panch's nodded their agreement.

“The prison", gasped Meeta. “For a simple speeding offence!”

The Inspector stood and slapped her again. “No talking until told to”, he snapped. “Here in Jharkhand we feel that fines don’t teach people a lesson, so you will spend a night in our prison”.

“Now I will document your belongings so that no-one can claim anything of yours went missing”.

Meeta heard a stifled snicker from behind her and she felt fear begin to build in her stomach.

“Place the contents of your pockets on the desk”. The Inspector motioned to a spot on the desk before him.

Meeta took her car keys and pocketbook from the pockets of her blue denim @jeans and placed them on the desk.

The Inspector tipped the contents of the pocket book onto the desk and began to note the contents on a form he attached to his clipboard.

“Now place your hands three feet apart on my desk hands down and part your legs”

Meeta made to protest put she saw the Inspector begin to rise from his chair again and knew she had no choice.

Meeta placed her hands on the desk and spread her legs open. The motorcycle policeman moved behind her and began to pat her down.

“Make sure you check her thoroughly Sanjoy”, a voice from behind called out. The snickers from the audience were cut short as the Inspector glared at them.

Sanjoy moved his hands slowly up each leg squeezing her flesh gently as he did. As he reached her buttocks Sanjoy spread out his fingers and began to massage her buttocks, then with a deliberate slowness he moved his right hand down and between her legs.

She went to protest to the Inspector, but when she looked into his eyes she could see that he was perfectly aware of what Sanjoy was doing.

Although the denim removed much of the sensation Meeta realised with horror that her body was responding and she was starting to get moist. Quickly

she tried to think of anything that would stop her getting aroused while Sanjoy massage her chut through her @jeans.

“Stand up straight and put your hands behind your head”, the Inspector ordered. Meeta complied with relief, as Sanjoys hand was removed from her chut.

Sanjoy began to run his hands over her back and stomach, then with a smirk on his face he cupped her full breasts from behind and began to squeeze them gently. As he pressed up against her she realised with horror that Sanjoy had got a super hard dick, and was pressing it into her.

“Okay that’s enough Sanjoy”, the Inspector said.

Meeta’s stood trembling, dreading the next words the Inspector was going to say. The horror of the situation hit her with his next sentence.

“Okay Miss Meeta remove your shirt”

This couldn’t be happening she thought, but she knew she had no choice but to obey and hope that tomorrow she would be far away from this hell hole.

Hands trembling she pulled her denim shirt from out of her @jeans and began to slowly undo her buttons. When all were undone she dropped her hands to her side and began to sob.

“I told you to remove your shirt not unbutton it!” screamed the Inspector. “Do you understand that you have no choice here?”

“I understand”, sobbed Meeta. Tears began to drip from her eyes onto her shirt, leaving dark stains.

The Inspector stood and slapped her. “I understand, Sir”, he bellowed at her.

“I understand, Sir”, Meeta said through sobs.

She brought her shaking hands up to the front of her blouse and slowly opened it up. When her shirt was off her shoulders, she dropped her arms to her sides and it fall to the floor.

Meeta had chosen a thin cotton bra, this morning, to make her feel sexier. Her dark pink nipples were clearly visible through the lace cups.

“Turn around and pick up your shirt”

Meeta obediently turned around and saw the open lust in the eyes of the dozen observers. Quickly she picked up the shirt and handed it to the Inspector.

“Now remove your shoes and socks”

Without pause Meeta did so and handed them to the Inspector. He made a show of inspecting them then made a note on his paperwork.

“Now step out of your @jeans and this time hand them to me”

With her hands shaking visibly now, Meeta slowly undid each button. She then moved her hands round to her side and began to ease her @jeans down. As her @jeans cleared her butt she heard several wolf-whistles from behind her, then someone murmured a comment that started a round of unsavoury laughter.

Carefully she stepped out of her @jeans and handed them over. Her was wearing a conservative VIP feelings but it was a old panty and had small holes on it. even though she hated body hair and waxed regularly, she had tried to keep a good natural growth between her legs. Through the thin material and holes her dark bush was clearly visible.

“Now remove the bra”.

Meeta would not strip in front of these men, she decided, she had to try and enforce her rights.

“I insist on being searched by a female officer”, she demanded. “I will not submit to this any further till then”.

The Inspectors face grew red with anger and he slowly rose from his seat. Fists clenched he made his way round to the front of the desk and roughly spun Meeta around to face him.

“You have no rights in this town, no woman does. This isnt ur Mumbai or Delhi. The males decide the rules here and we have decided to search u ourself.

Now take off your bra”. Flecks of spittle hit her face as the Inspector forced his words from between clenched teeth.

“I will not co-operate any further”, Meeta insisted.

“Sanjoy, Manish, take her arms.”

The two burly policemen grabbed her, each one taking her by the wrist then looping his free arms under her armpits. With a motion they lifted her onto tip-toe.

“Note in your report panch's that the prisoner refused to co-operate, and I was forced to remove her undergarments myself”, the Inspector said to the panchs. Laughter greeted this statement, and Meeta saw the anticipation on every face.

With deliberate slowness the Inspector removed his hunting knife from its sheath. Meeta’s heart started to pound faster as the Inspector brought the blade up to her throat. He then moved the blade up her neck, forcing her to lift her chin up high.

“Now you will be very still Miss Meeta, I wouldn’t want to cut you”.

Trembling, Meeta nodded her agreement.

He ran the knife down to her right shoulder and hooked the point under the strap, with a flick of his wrist, he cut the strap. He then moved the blade across her body and repeated the motion on the other side.

Meeta suppressed a shudder as the cold metal of the blade was slipped between her breasts. The Inspector turned the blade outward and cut the bra loose. There were cheers from the seated men as her breasts were exposed, revealing her stiff nipples.

“Looks like she’s pleased to see you”, joked Sanjoy.

The Inspector smiled then drew the knife down Meeta’s body to her panties. With two quick movements he cut the sides and ripped the panties off.

“Well, well”, the Inspector said rubbing the material of her damp panties between his fingers. “Lagta Hai Humko Dekh ke iski chut khush hogayi, randi saali nakhre karti hai.” He said with a smile. He brought the panties to his face and took a long sniff.

“Hamare liye kapde utarna kaisa lag raha hai?? Kapde utare, abhi chodne ki bari hai."

“No”, said Meeta “no, please”.

“I think you want something special from us missy,” the Inspector sneered. Without warning he put his fat hand between her legs and slid two fingers between the swollen lips of her chut. With an audible squelching sound he began to stroke her clit.

“Yeh randi ki chut to pukaar pukaar ke kar rahi hai "CHODO MUJHE"”, he said as he withdrew his fingers. Meeta lifted her head as the Inspector placed his wet fingers under her nose. “Now that’s the smell of a willing chut Miss Meeta. With a chuckle the Inspector wiped his wingers over her lips smearing them with her own juices.

“Bastard”, Meeta snarled. The Inspector’s laugh was cut short as she spat in his eye.

"Randi, Kuttiya Saali" screamed the Inspector “seems to me that you need a lesson in good manners”. He undid his belt, took the buckle in his hand and wrapped the strap around his fist 3 times.

“Table par Letavo Isko. Bohot garmi hai na tere mein, abhi teri garmi na utari to dekhna, saali. Yahaan se randi banaake hi chodunga tujhe”

The two policemen turned Meeta round and forced her face down on the table. They then stretched her lengthways across the desk, one holding her wrists, the other her ankles. She tried to struggle but they had her pinned.

Meeta winced as the Inspector placed the belt lengthways on her back and slowly began to draw it down.

Suddenly he whipped the belt back and brought it down across her naked buttocks. The Inspector was hitting just hard enough to be painful, but not hard enough to leave a permanent mark.

Meeta screamed in pain as the blows rained down on her back, buttocks and thighs. After several minutes the whipping finally stopped.

“You going to obey now miss clever-mouth”, snarled the Inspector

“Yes, Jo bologe Woh Karungi, Please Aur mat maarna, please” she sobbed.

“Turn her around boys”

Meeta was turned face up and turned so she lay across the width of the desk. Her legs were spread open and held by Manish and Sanjoy.

The Inspector leaned over her lowered his mouth onto her right breast.

Meeta suppressed the feeling of revulsion as he began to suck on her soft breasts with his vile, sweaty mouth.

“Tell us what her chut tastes like Inspector!” a voice from the semi-circle shouted.

“Ok boys, but only because it’s my duty to obey the panch's orders”, the Inspector joked.

With his fat fingers he roughly spread her chut open and began to lap at her clit.

“Mmmmm, that sure is some fine tasting chut”, now to see if it’s nice and tight.

Meeta tried to struggle as the Inspector removed his clothes, but there was no escape for her.

The Inspector stood there naked his fat hung down in folds and his erect cock pressed against his stomach. His thick chest and shoulder hair was stuck to him with sweat. The smell of his body odour rolled over her and threatened to make her retch.

He then placed his left hand on her thigh and with his right hand he guided his cock into her wet chut.

Without warning the Inspector rammed his cock into her and began to slam his member into her. Meeta could not help but moan in pain.

“See boys, the bitch loves it”

The Inspector continued to pound into her, each thrust making a loud wet slap as his body-fat smacked against her wet crotch.

As suddenly as he began, the Inspector pulled out his still stiff cock.

“Turn her over boys, and secure her properly”.

Meeta was turned onto her stomach, her legs were then opened and each ankle was handcuffed to a separate leg of the table. Her arms were then hung over the other side of the desk and her wrists were cuffed to the handles on the desk drawers.

“Manish open that drawer and bring me the contents”, the Inspector ordered.

Meeta watched with ever growing apprehension as Manish removed a tube of vaseline from the drawer and handed it behind her.

The Inspector squirted some lubricant onto his fingers and eased them into her gand, moving them deep in to make sure she was well lubricated. Then he placed on hand on each buttock and pulled them apart.

“Noooooooo”, Meeta screamed as his fat cock was driven into her. Her ass was red raw from the whipping and waves of agony ripped through her with each thrust.

“Sounds like bitch here is an anal virgin” the Inspector laughed. “Don’t worry honey, you’ll be used to it by the time we’ve finished with you.”

He thrust deep into her and Meeta was sure that he was going to tear her open with the force he was using. After a few minutes of this agony the Inspector removed his cock from her, and walked around to the front of the desk.

“Randi, muh khol. Use that mouth for something other than answering back.”

Tears running down her face Meeta opened her mouth and began to lick the head of his cock.

“That’s a good girl, see how easy life is for those who obey?”

The Inspector grabbed her hair with his left hand and placed the other under her chin, forcing her mouth wide. He placed his cock in her mouth and began to fuck her mouth.

“Lets feel some sucking down there u whore”, he demanded. “Ohhh yeah”, he moaned as Meeta complied.

Meeta felt someone slip his cock into her wet slit from behind. She didn’t know who it was and she was past caring now.

The minutes dragged on as she was fucked in the mouth and chut. Suddenly she was choking as the Inspector blew his load into her mouth.

“Swallow every last drop, if any goes on the floor or you will get another whipping”.

While the unknown figure was still fucking her chut she swallowed, and began to lick the Inspectors cock clean of cum.

Her unknown assailant pumped faster and harder. In spite of herself she was going to cum, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her whole body went taut as the orgasm surged through her. Only dimly aware now, she felt warm liquid spattering onto her back as the unknown figure shot his load over her ass and back.

“Should have saved it for her mouth Sanjoy”, the Inspector joked.

“Don’t worry I have plenty left” said Sanjoy as he eased her buttocks apart and slid his now re-stiffening member into her anus.

Bleary eyed, Meeta looked up to see an elderly man standing in front of her, his erection in his hand. She knew then that all fourteen men would rape her before the night was out. With resignation she opened her mouth and began to suck on the old mans cock.

Hours later, after each man had fucked her chut, ass, and mouth, Meeta lay quietly on the table. Her hair was matted with semen and her body was covered in bites, scratches, and glistening trails of cum.

“Now you’ve learned to behave yourself, I think you can be un-cuffed”. “You will be good won’t you?”

Meeta nodded her head feebly, “yes sir” she whispered.

After she was free the Inspector handed her a bucket and cloth.

“I want every drop of cum cleaned off this desk and floor”. “Once you have done that you can go to the prison and shower, I want you to look your best for tomorrow”

“I don’t understand”, she sobbed.

“You refused the instructions of a law officer Meeta, and that has to be punished”. “Tomorrow you go before the judge to decide your fate” said the Inspector. “Looks like you will be staying in our little town for the foreseeable future”.

As Meeta broke down in tears the Inspector turned his back and walked away, his laughter echoing in her ears.

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Now that was an indian story. i hope u ppls liked it. reps and replies always welcome.

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Added reps for the desi story...please add more
Check out my threads

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next one coming up in another half an hour

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I’ve been married to my wife, Linda for 5 years. She’s
in her early 40s but looks younger. She has medium
length blonde hair, stands about 5’ 6” tall and weighs
about 125 lbs. She has long slender legs and small but
perky tits.

Linda is a very sexual woman and loves to show it.

She stays out of the sun so her skin is white and
velvety smooth. She always wears short skirts and heels
but also has several button-up sun dresses that fit
loosely around her chest so that when she bends over
you can see her nipples exposed under her braless

She needs no permission from me since I always
encourage her to dress sexy to tease.

One of the games we play is for me to take her, by bus,
to a grocery store in the not-so-nice part of town and
let her shop and tease the Mexican and black men that
are there.

On the bus, I sit across from her pretending not to
know her.

She sits on the seat with her legs crossed and her
dress or skirt riding high on her thighs so her panties
are visible.

I watch as men sit by her and stare at her or tell her
how hot she looks. Sometimes, when the bus is crowded,
she'll stand and let men rub up against her. On some
occasions, I've noticed semen on the back of her dress
meaning some man has ejaculated against her ass.

Once at the store, I’ll stand at a distance and watch
as men brush up against her, touch her ass, or say
something dirty to her. Then, we'll go back home and
have hot sex while she and I both talk about it. But
nothing would prepare us for what was to going to
happen this last summer.

It was a hot Saturday with the temperature reaching a
high of 95 degrees. Hot weather always makes me horny
and I knew the temperature that evening would be in the
mid-80s, perfect for a night with my pretty wife
dressed to tease. I told Linda I wanted to take her out
teasing again, only this time at night. She agreed and
I told her to wear something really sexy.

I waited anxiously downstairs with a hard-on thinking
about our night ahead. When Linda finally emerged from
the bedroom, she looked like sweet slut. She had on a
white terry cloth halter top that molded to her like a
second skin. It tied in the back and the ties dangled
sexily down the center of her sexy back.

She was braless, so the outline from her nipples was
plainly visible. She had on a matching pair of skin
tight white terry cloth short shorts with draw strings
on each side. She had cinched them up to pull up her
shorts as high as possible so as to show as much leg
and ass that she could.

It was clear she was not wearing panties underneath
because the cheeks of her ass and the outline of her
pussy lips were clearly visible. The drawstrings were
done in a knot and the strings dangled sexily at the
sides of her long legs.

Finally, she had chosen a pair of pretty pink heels
with ankle straps. As for the way she had made up her
face, the only way I could describe it was like a live
fuck-doll. She had on bright red lipstick, shiny lip
gloss and had put bright pink blush on her cheeks so
they looked rosy red.

She had done her hair up in a way that exposed her
dainty neck and small ears, and she wore large silver
hoop earrings. She had also painted her fingernails and
toenails crimson red and had a silver slave bracelet
around her upper arm. She had topped it off with the
sexiest smelling perfume I have ever smelled.

"Oh yeah!" I managed to grunt. My cock was now rock
hard and I was ready to go. We left the house and
walked to the bus stop.

As we boarded the bus, the driver leered at Linda's
long legs and sexy outfit as she climbed the steps. We
sat down in our usual spots across from one another in
the seats just in front of the back row. When Linda sat
down, she sat in the window seat so that men could sit
next to her. She crossed her sexy legs and pretended
not to know me.

I sat in the aisle seat across from her so I could
watch her. The bus was almost deserted. Stop after stop
and no men were getting on board. I was feeling a
little disappointed at the lack of men on the bus when
we stopped at the next bus stop. We were far away from
our home and in the "project" area of town, when 5
black and Mexican youths boarded.

They had obviously been drinking and were rowdy as they
got on board. It was also clear from the bandanas and
colors they wore that they were members of a street
gang. As they walked toward the back of the bus, the
apparent gang leader stopped right next to where Linda
was sitting. "Yeah.... real nice lady!," he said.
"Fuckin nice!" said another.

I was beginning to feel a twitch in my cock as the boys
leered at my wife. One of the boys turned toward her
and rubbed his crotch, only inches from her face. He
kept rubbing his crotch as he leered at her. "Real nice
lady," he said.

I could tell Linda was getting aroused. She uncrossed
and re-crossed her long white legs in front of the boys
as she licked her red lips, but did not look at them.
"Hey honey, you're givin us boners," said the boy as he
continued to rub his now bulging cock which was now
quite evident pressing against the thin material of his
loose fitting pants.

Then he reached out and lightly brushed his hand
against her rosy red cheek. "She's real sweet boys."

"Yeah," said another.

By now, all the boys had gathered around Linda. Two
were standing in the back row behind her, two were
standing in front of her and facing her, and the boy
rubbing his crotch stood to her side. One of the boys
behind her reached over her shoulder and put his hand
inside the front of her top. Then, he pulled out his
cock and started to rub it against her dainty neck as
he fondled her breasts. Linda made no attempt to stop
him and just sat still.

From the look on her face, I don't think she was
prepared for this and to be honest, neither was I. "I
think she likes it," said the boy behind her. His cock
had grown to full size and was huge. The boy who was
standing at her side pulled his cock out and rubbed it
against her face. "Those hoops look like big cock-
rings," he said.

With that, he inserted his cock inside the hoop of my
wife's earring and then rubbed it against her neck. The
black boy in the back had been pumping his cock slowly
as he felt her tits. His cock was huge, at least 11 or
12 inches long and very thick. Then he blurted, "I
think this pretty white cock tease needs a hard
fucking." He happened to look at me and caught my
expression. Then he saw the ring on my finger. He
looked at Linda and saw a wedding band as well.

"Oh, I get it," he said. "You're her old man and want
to watch your pretty white wife take some black and
brown cock, right?" At that point I became genuinely

I protested saying, "Please, don't. We were just having
fun." "Hey man," said the youth. "This cuckold white
boy lets his little white wife show off her legs and
tits on a bus at night, and then doesn't want to play.
Let me tell you something white boy. In the Hood, when
a white slut teases, she'd better be willing to go all
the way."

With that, he walked around to where my wife was
sitting, grabbed her legs and pulled them around so she
was sitting sideways with her legs in the aisle.
"Spread her smooth white thighs," said the black boy,
and with the help of two other boys, they pulled her
long slender legs apart.

At that point, Linda was clearly afraid and actually
began to fight them, but they were too strong for my
sweet 125 lb wife. When they had spread her legs apart,
the black boy pulled her terrycloth shorts aside and
rubbed his cock along the slit of her pussy.

"Oh fuck, nice! he exclaimed. "Oh yeahhhh," one of the
boys exclaimed as he watched his friend rub his cock
against her pussy slit. "Okay boys, I think it's time
to fuck this slut's married pussy," said the black boy.
That’s when they laid her down and surrounded her from
the front, back and sides of the row of seats, and
began feeling her up. Ten hands were now roaming all
over my wife's delicate body.

I was terrified but also becoming somewhat aroused at
what I was seeing. Here I was, watching my pretty wife
being molested by many large brown and black hands. The
contrast of her creamy white body against their large
dark hands, coupled with the knowledge that a street
gang was about to rape my wife, was getting me hard.
Then the gang leader said, "Now we're gonna show you
what happens to pretty little white wives when they
cock tease."

He took his now fully erect cock, pulled my wife's
shorts aside, and inserted it into my Linda's sweet
pussy. He began pumping obscenely as he fondled her
breasts. Another boy held her head up so she was forced
to watch what was happening to her.

"Oh fuck! This bitch has a tight hot pussy!" said the
black boy as he fucked my wife. "Yeah cuckold. You're
little white slut wife is getting fucked by a black
boy. And let me tell you man, she's one hot fuck," said
the boy as he plunged his enormous cock in and out of

"So you like to tease bitch? Do you also like this?"
the boy asked as he continued to fuck her obscenely.
Then he began taunting me. "What's the matter man?
Can't you satisfy this fuck-doll's needs? I'm givin her
what she's been asking for all along and I'm gonna
plant my seed in your wife's sweet white pussy while
you watch."

By now, I had my cock out and I was masturbating. The
sight of his cock disappearing in and out of the sides
of my wife's shorts was about the sexiest thing I had
ever seen. Not only was the sight of a woman in short
shorts getting fucked very exciting, but that woman was
my very own sweet wife!

It was also very nasty because it insinuated that her
outfit was a sex outfit that allowed men the right to
fuck her at will, not even bothering to undress her to
do it. Finally, the boy's eyes began to cross and glaze
over. He looked in my direction and grunted, "Now, I'm
gonna cum inside your wife." With that, he grunted to
Linda, "Take... my.... hot... jizz... fuck-doll!" and
began ejaculating inside her.

By now, I was stroking myself rapidly as I watched him
cumming in my wife. Apparently, he hadn't had sex in a
while because he continued to tense and buck which gave
me a pretty good indication that he was spraying load
after load of cum deep inside her womb. "UHHHHHHHH!" he
exclaimed as he pumped her full of semen. Finally, he
was done and pulled out his huge cock.

I could see that the bottom part of my wife's shorts
were sopping wet from her own wetness as well as the
boy's cum, and some of his cum had run down the side of
her leg. But they weren't done with her yet. The boy
who had been rubbing his cock on her face said
lustfully, "I'm gonna fuck her up her ass."

"Please don't," I said. "Not there... Please." Now I
was genuinely scared.

Linda had never let me do her anally and told me she
was very small back there. However, I noticed Linda had
gone limp. Was she getting turned on, or had she given
up and was submitting to what amounted to a gang rape?
The boys turned her around roughly so that the upper
part of her body was laying face down on the seat and
she was kneeling down with her ass over the edge of the
aisle seat. He knelt down behind her, pulled her shorts
down below her ass, and started to rub his cock as he
watched her.

"I think this white wife needs an ass-fucking!!" said
the boy who was about to sodomize her. I could hear the
muffled sound of "Yeahhhh!" and groans as the boys
reveled in lust as they watched my wife squirm. The boy
who was behind her was huge and rock hard as he put the
head of his cock up against my wife's soft white ass,
rubbing against it.

"Oh yeah, she has a fuckin' sweet ass," said the boy
with lust written all over his face. "And look, the
cuckold is jackin' off watching while we get ready to
ass-fuck his wife." He looked at me with a perverted
smile and said, "Now watch, cuckold, while I fuck your
wife up her sweet ass."

He pushed his cock slowly inside my wife's anus. Linda
grimaced and cried out in pain as he penetrated her
virgin asshole. "YEAH! OH FUCK YEAH!" he exclaimed as
he held her hips and slowly pumped his cock in and out
of her hole.

Linda's head was turned to one side and another boy had
taken advantage of her moaning by inserting his cock
into her open mouth. He began fucking her mouth as she
lay there submissively. "Oh fuck. Oh yeah!" said the
boy who was mouth fucking her. Then he began talking
dirty to her. "Hey honey, your pretty red lips look
real hot around my big brown cock. I'm gonna cum in
your mouth and make you drink it down. You'd like that,
wouldn't you?"

"Mmmmfff..." was all Linda could say as her face was
stuffed with big Mexican cock shoving in and out of her
pretty mouth.

"You sure do have a pretty face honey. Maybe I'll cum
in your mouth and all over that pretty white face of
yours," said the Mexican boy nastily.

Meanwhile, the black boy who was now fucking her up her
ass was panting and grunting. "Uhhhhhhggg... nice ass
fuck," he said. "Yeah! Sodomize her!" yelled another
boy who was standing over her jacking off.

The other boys were continuing to feel her up as they
jacked off over her. They especially seemed to like her
inner thighs and ass and squeezed and fondled those
areas with lust written all over their faces. Finally,
the boy who was fucking her up her ass grunted,
"MUTHAFUCKAH!! I'm gonna cum up her ass!" and then
began thrashing his head back and forth.

Linda cried out indicating he was actually spraying his
hot semen up her ass. The boy unloaded deep inside her
which set the boy off who was fucking her face.
"Yeahhhh, I'm cummin in her sweet mouth," he said as
his cock tensed and his face twisted with perverted

Both boys were now dumping loads of cum in my wife's
ass and mouth. The boy receiving the blow job, then
pulled his cock out of her mouth and began squirting
cum on her face.

My wife's face and hair quickly became criss-crossed
with sticky white jizz. Then, one by one, each boy
mounted her from behind and sodomized her with their
huge cocks. Then, they would grunt like pigs as they
deposited their hot loads deep into my loving wife's

Watching my wife being gang raped along with more and
more cum deposited up her sweet ass sent me over the
edge. "Oh Linda!" was all I managed to say as I shot my
load all over the floor of the bus. When it was finally
over, Linda hair was tousled and her face covered in
cum. Her ass was full of cum and much of it was
dripping down the inside of her thighs.

The gang leader looked at me and said, "Bring your
little whore wife back anytime and we'll give her some
more action." Then they got off at the next bus stop.

I just looked at Linda and she looked back as the boys
got off the bus. We decided to ride it back home and on
the way, Linda looked confused. Finally, I couldn't
wait any longer and so I laid her down on the back row
of seats and fucked her like a wild man as I looked at
her cum stained hair and face. I came inside her
sopping wet pussy added my cum to her already full

Afterward, I felt guilty at what I had allowed to
happen. I said, "Linda I'm sorry. I hope you're okay."
Linda looked at me and just smiled back. Then, she
moved to the middle seat at the back of the bus so she
was looking down the aisle, spread her legs wide and
began fingering her pussy.

Finally, she let out a low moan and had a huge orgasm
which told me that not only was she okay, she had
enjoyed it. When we got off at our bus stop I noticed
the driver had fresh cum stains on his pants.

Apparently, he had been watching her masturbate from
his big rearview mirror and had jacked himself off.
"Here's your money back," he said with a smile. "You
can ride with me for free anytime.... as long as your
pretty wife is nice to me." Needless to say, we took
full advantage of his offer.

It turned out that instead of us depositing change in
the bus' toll box, the driver pulled over and deposit
his cum in my wife's mouth. Then he took us on his
evening route where she got fucked in the back of the
bus while I watched and jacked off some more. What a

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I’m re- posting a nice story download some time back. The first part was crafted by an unknown author and second by mine. The credits go to the invincible author of part 1. If U like this, lemme know.

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Originally Posted by biosys
I’m re- posting a nice story download some time back. The first part was crafted by an unknown author and second by mine. The credits go to the invincible author of part 1. If U like this, lemme know.
A Sadhu


Ravi and his wife Sarada were silent as they walked home from the
temple. Sarada no longer took note of the passers-by secretly ogling
at her beauty. Before she got married, it used to excite her to see
those youngsters sneering at her with lusty eyes. Her beauty had not
declined a bit, even now. She had been so proud of her perfect body.
The men in the neighborhood would come out and wait to see that face
of hers which spelt sensuality. They knew her timings, when she would
come out to water the plants or go to the temple or market. She, too,
relished the attention, secretly though, as modesty is the code for
women here. But her present mental disposition was one of despair for
her fate. Two years after the marriage, she hadn't conceived. She had
been to the temple to offer flowers to the goddess as she celebrated
her twenty-fourth birthday today. Or was it celebration? In this part
of Southern India, the culture has not changed much, in spite of the
smell of technology that emanates from every household. The wife is
invariably blamed for not conceiving, as it meant she was devoid of
fertility. This could only denote a curse from the gods. Sarada could
see the change in the attitudes of her in-laws, though her husband
showed no despite. The shame was killing her mind. This was a stigma
every woman would pray not to be afflicted with.

She found some solace whenever she visited her friend Devi who lived
in the other end of town. These were the only times she could indulge
in light-hearted exchanges, forgetting her burden. During one of her
visits, she met Kamala, an old friend of Devi's. Soon they became
close friends, maybe due to their minds being tuned to the same
wavelength. Kamala shared her grief when she confided in her about her
'curse'. Kamala also told her about Maharishi Swami (a god-man) who
had divine powers. He could 'cure' the barren-ness of one of her
relatives who had not conceived for over four years! He is truly a
spiritual who took no money for his services. Sarada saw a streak of
hope now, and inquired more about the Swami. Kamala offered to take
her to the Swami the subsequent week. Sarada did not want her husband
or his family to know about this, so they planned to go secretly.

When they reached his ashram situated in the outskirts, a middle-aged
woman in saffron-colored sari, who told them to wait while the Swami
finished his pooja, ushered them in. The Swami gave them dharshan
after about half an hour. He looked a bit younger than the woman they
had just met. Shoulder-length hair and a long beard framed his face,
but he was of a sturdy build. After welcoming them with a pleasant
smile, he inquired their purpose. He listened silently while Sarada
timidly described her history and her present fate. She hesitantly
looked at Kamala when he asked her some intimate details, so he
requested Kamala to wait in the other room. Without Kamala's presence,
Sarada felt it easier to answer his questions that included how many
times she copulated with her husband in a week, how much sperm did he
ejaculate, how long he took for ejaculation, her menstrual dates and
so on. He went on to ask her other details like her place, date and
time of birth and then explained to her some particulars of the
special pooja he would have to perform. He referred to an astrological
chart and fixed the dates. Once he starts the pooja, she must not stop
in the middle. He would have to perform certain rituals on specified
dates spread over eight to twelve weeks. He gave her an amulet that
must be worn touching her body. First, she must come for performing
'anusthan' on the seventh day from that day, after sunset and after
taking a bath. She must not consume meat during that day.

Sarada was excited to think she would soon conceive. She had no doubt
about it. After the six long days elapsed, she informed her husband
that she had to go and stay with Kamala who was not keeping well, and
left for the ashram. She got down from
the autorikshaw a few furlongs away and walked to the ashram, as she
didn't want to take chances. The same lady opened the door and led her
through a maze of corridors to a medium sized room. Initially though she was little hesitant for the proceedings, but the bath made her feel fresh. The fragrance of sandalwood was strong as incense sticks smoked away in a corner, in front of an idol. An electric lamp with a cylindrical shade hung from
the ceiling, creating a bright spot over a small wooden platform at
the center of the room. The rest of the room was relatively dark. She
was shocked when the lady asked her to remove all her clothing. She
had never exposed her body to anyone save her husband. But now she was
driven by an urge, and would do anything to reach her goal. Moreover,
she was exposing her body only to the god of creation in the form of
the Swami. Yet, the culture she belonged to had taught her that
nakedness in front of a man other than her lawful 'owner' is a shame.
With great reluctance she unfurled her sari and handed it to the
woman. She felt almost like in a dream as she peeled the sleeves of
her blouse down her arms and slipped off her brassiere. Removing the
petticoat (a long inner-skirt worn inside the sari) was much more
difficult, but she did it. The other woman left the room, taking the
clothes with her.

Sarada stood completely naked when the Swami made his appearance. She
touched his feet with reverence and then was seated on the wooden
platform, cross-legged facing the idol. After his bath, Sadhu wore only his dhoti and came into the room bare bodied. It was a thin cotton dhoti! He was wearing a langoti! she could make out his pendulous huge penis thru' the dhoti! Thankfully it was not erect! His body was huge! He motioned to her to keep her
hands on her knees and close her eyes. In a low voice he instructed
her to focus her mind on the deity iconised by the idol before her. He
studied her body, now bathed in the spotlight. He changed his sitting
posture slightly, to conceal the bulge in his loin-cloth (which was
the only clothing he had on). The beauty of her face had no comparison
to any woman he had hitherto encountered. Her breasts were sumptuous,
sporting one half inch areolas with nipples that were beginning to stiffen,
for the fact that in spite of her closed eyelids, she was aware of his
gaze. But the globes were firm and strong, hardly affected by gravity.
He saw no flabbiness anywhere, but she had just a bit of extra fat
distributed at just the right places, which had that seductive effect
on him. Yet, he was in total control of himself.

His techniques were refined, and he knew precisely when to strike. He
eyed the lotus, her womanhood. It was enshrined in a forest of medium thick
black curls, but the cross-legged posture made the petals open just
enough to reveal the pinkness of the core. He savored the perfection
and symmetry of the lotus, that no master craftsman could dream of
re-creating. He had seen several dozen lotuses in this 'career' of
his, but had never chanced across something like this before. Her
buttocks were ample with chubby cheeks that evolved into exquisite
thighs, the texture of which added greatly to the effect on the
Swami's manhood. He stood up and walked around to study this splendid
specimen from other viewpoints. There was a hint of the shoulder
blade, which extended to where her upper-arms united. Her back curved
slightly inward, bisected by the thumb-wide channel that flowed from
just below her neck almost to the cleavage between the buttocks, a
view intermittently obstructed by her soft long hair that flowed
graciously in the mild breeze from the natural air conditioner. The
woman had a body that would have broken a sanyasi's vows!


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Continue from PART I

He was standing in front of her as he began to undress. He took off his and exposing his 8 inches long 21/2 inches thick cock. As soon as he was naked he got on his knees in front of Sarada. She gathered all of her energy as she tried to get up. Sadhu made her sit again. She thought, “Should I stop this before those goes to far”?
she looked down at his rock hard cock. Sadhu started to ran his hands up and down Sarada’s legs and started spreading her legs.. Slowly moving his hands up her muscular thighs he exposed her vagina. A matter of fact like most Indian ladies she had a medium thick mesh of black pubic hair and was a large cotton ball shaped like a heart. Sadhu placed a hands on her smooth legs from either side of her body. She just let out a grunt as she was tight pink slit was exposed. “Please stop”, she said in her drugged out voice. He leaned back so he could take a good look at her sexy ass body and the thin narrow strip running down her waist. Sadhu laugh as he said, “A heart huh, you are a princess”. He made her lie down over the mat little forcefully. He told her to get ready then he spit in his hand. He did the same to her cunt. Swamy lined his shaft up to her opening. Sarada gave on last plea, “Please don’t Sadhu, I’ve never anticipated it before. Please not like this”. It seemed to her so manly. Sadhu was manliness in the flesh. But Sadhu was showing power--raw, physical power--that could easy put her husband’s to shame. She had never been so affected. He was close to her, and with every breath, unknowingly, she was inhaling his pheromones. Invisible hormones that slipped beneath her consciousness, and caused electricity to flow out from her cunt and her tits to her whole body. "Spread your legs," he said, "Spread them wide." He was being very gentle with her, he had not hurt her from the beginning. The fear started to ebb from her brain and was replaced by desire, desire for him to continue caressing her body so gently. She had her legs clamped tightly together; he spread her pubic hairs and the top of her cunt lips that covered her clitoris. sadhu caught hold of her silk smooth thighs
and parted them with his muscular legs. With that, he lined up the head of his dick against the fleecy exterior of Sarada's beautiful cunt. Without much thinking she spread her legs as wide as she could and lifted her knees. sarada felt something happening, it started somewhere deep in her belly and focused on the walls of her vagina. When the first contraction hit her she couldn't keep still, she drove her pussy up.It seemed like an oak log lined up against a key hole. But he pushed forward. Thanks to the overflowing liquids in sarada's vagina, he was able to get the head in. Then, with slow, easy strokes, he gradually went in an inch at a time.

At first, sarada panicked, as she felt herself being stretched beyond imagination. But her cunt quickly accustomed itself to a stimulation she had never known. Never her husband had ever been able to turn her on with his penises. She had thought she had just been born frigid. At best she had experienced a few mild orgasms from her husband. But what she was experiencing now was bringing her into a new world. Pleasure nerves she never knew existed were being stimulated as her cunt was stretched for the first time. Only a couple of strokes after sadhu inserted the head of his cock, when only about four inches were in, sarada experienced an orgasm far more intense than anything she had ever known. But swami was going deeper.
For swami the feel of her tight pussy engulfed erect cock was simply delightful. He kept letting out little grunts as he forced his dick up her inch by inch. It took a couple of minutes but he finally had all of his cock in her. He took a couple deep pumps forcing his dick all the ways in till his balls were resting outside of her asshole. Sarada kept turning her head back and forth. He grabbed a handful of her long black hair and made her look at him as he kept pumping her tight cunt. He bent over her and started forcing his tongue down her throat as her body bounced with his steady pumps. All of a sudden he pulled back. He bent over and started sucking her pink nipples. Her large bouncing breast stood out against her skin. He kept sucking her breast moving from one nipple then to the other. He kept doing this till her nipples were as hard as rocks. Her arms flung about wildly. She was too drugged to really do anything. So what little resistance that she could put up was strictly for show. Sadhu finally had enough of it. Finally, one more plunge, and Sadhu's hot iron penis was fully lodged inside Sarada's stretched vagina. At 8 inches, Sadhu had felt his tip touch her cervix. The next several strokes had stretched it back. Finally, he had penetrated the last barrier. His shaft filled her love canal to its stretched out capacity. The head of his cock was in her womb itself.

Her breast jiggled as her body bounced back and forth with his steady pumps. He pumps slowed down. Instead of pumping her fast he pumped her slow and deep. The sweet sound of his ball sack slapping her body filled the room. He was in pure ecstasy. “Huh, huh, ohhhhhhhhh”, he kept letting out grunts. He let go of her hands and placed both of his on her breast. He squeezed her tits while his pumps were building up to the big moment. Then he moved over her and took her mounds in his hands and covered her mouth with his. He pulled his tongue from her sucking mouth. Her hands were clutching the wooden platform as sadhu picked upspeed and rhythm. sadhu bent down to her breasts and caught one of her brown nipples between his teeth and bit it hard. She screamed in painand pleasure. Then sadhu gave the same treatment to her other nipple. Her
face was red and her eyes were watering. He bent over and sucked her brown nipples while she was in ecstasy. She kept saying, “no more, no more please”. But she had never had one before and didn't know if she could. As the man sucked And licked his way down her body she realized that sadhu was not hurting her.
The man never let up until she had another very strong orgasm. Her huge breasts were jiggling up and down She was in a state of delirium by now.
The result was the scream announcing Sarada's second orgasm with the stud in her vagina. Her body jerked over and over until the wave of orgasm washed over her writhing body. She jerked violently and started emitting her secretions in spasms from her hairy, wet vagina! All she could manage before she was rocked by an orgasm. As they descended, sarada was in a new state. After the fierceness of her innumerable orgasms, she now felt a tranquility and contentment that she had never known. She held tightly to Sadhu. She would do absolutely anything for him. He was her master. He was her man. He and only he could give her what she now knew she needed as a woman. No love for her husband, no moral beliefs, no belief in her own self meant a thing compared to-- well, she might as well be truthful with herself. Compared to his penis. She lived for this man's phallus. No love for her husband, no moral beliefs, no belief in her own self meant a thing compared to-- well, she might as well be truthful with herself. Compared to his penis. She lived for this man's phallus. She would do anything for it, and for what it could do to her. Sadhu used both of his hands to pin her hands against the block. He kept saying, “Your sweet pink cunt is mine now . I’m going to pump you full of my warm cum. Get ready. The sight of Sarada's fierce passion as this most beautiful of women was utterly overcome his own sexual power, finally became too intense. Sadhu felt his climax coming on. He thrust faster and harder, and brought Sarada to an even higher pitch. She was screaming now, a piercing scream that knifed right into roof.
"Now I am going to give you baby", Slamming and banging her in a frenzy.
Then the moment came. Sadhu's mammoth engine began bucking with incredible force. Sarada's pelvis was whipped violently around by the first bursts. Then she felt the red-hot pellets, fired directly into her womb. He kept pumping her making sure that she got every last drop. Sadhu and Sarada held each other closely, lips locked and tongues entwined in a passionate kiss, each simply overcome by the force of what they were feeling. Sarada’s cum soaked the entire mat and lay motionless as her chestheaved with heavy breathing.
Days passed by and all the family were happy to learn that she got conceived and all of them thought that she was conceived because of the medicines given by sadhu. The little secret was always with sarada after 9 ½ months she given birth to a beautiful girl child.

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Nice story.... It's always nice come across Indian stories... there are so few.... please post some more Indian stories....

Repped you biosys...

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