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Rape - Forced Sex Stories.... Enjoy.

guys posting some rape/forced sex stories... pls note that i dont condone/support rape or forced sex... just read and enjoy dont ever try it...

one more thing.. i dont claim to b the original author of these stories.

Indian Story Added On Page 10.

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Smita looked at her reflection in the glass door while waiting for the elevator. The 25-year old law student looked good tonight. Her long dark hair hung freely over her shoulders. She was wearing a short black skirt with sheer thigh-high stockings no more than a few inches higher than the hem of her skirt. She preferred wearing garter belts and stockings opposed to pantyhose. Her sexy slip-on heals did little to increase her 5'2" height. Her white blouse was comfortably snug, and she noticed in her reflection that the thin material of her blouse and bra did little to hide her erect nipples on her perky 34 C breast. "Damn air-conditioning." She mumbled, feeling the chill air from the vent above her blowing down, causing the 'alert' status of her nipples.

Smita looked from her perky tits to her face in the glass reflection. She was very pretty; Her family came from India, and Smita had inherited all the right features from her parents to provide her with an attractive and exotic appearance. Her dark brown, almost black, eyes captured the attention of most men at once. In fact, she had rejected a handful of invitations to go out with some of the men here during the past several days. It wasn't that Smita wasn't interested; she found many of the men very attractive. But she was a law student who had lucked into an opportunity to work as an intern for a local law firm during this weeklong legal convention near her home. So she didn't want to take a chance of messing things up by dating someone here. Plus, she wasn't interested in having a one-night stand.

Smita had dated several times but had only had two serious boyfriends. It had been a while since she had slept with someone and she had to admit that the temptation was there, seeing all of the attractive men in the hotel. With this being the last night of the convention she had decided to stay afterwards to attend one of the many parties going on at either the lobby or second floor levels.

But Smita had forgotten about a brief that she was assigned to take care of. She had left it in the conference room before going downstairs and it absolutely had to be postmarked before midnight or else Smita would be in serious trouble both at her internship and with her professor. So after enjoying the evening she had raced back upstairs to find the brief, and was now impatiently waiting for the elevator to take her back downstairs. Smita had thought about taking the stairs. This elevator had broken down several times during the week and was notoriously slow. But it was a little used glass elevator that provided a full view of the lobby and lounges of the hotel. It matched one on the opposite that went to rooms. This one only went half as high since it covered only that portion of the hotel where the conference and banquet rooms were located. So at night it was hardly ever used. Smita could take the steps or the other elevator in the back, but this would probably be her last time looking over the splendor of this lobby so she decided to wait and enjoy it.

Finally the elevator arrived. Smita was surprised to find two men riding the elevator down. She had thought herself to be the only person on this side of the building. Both men were tall; the first was well dressed in blue slacks, shirt and tie. He had well groomed brown hair and glasses, looked to be in his early thirties and stood, Smita guessed about 6'2". The second was about two inches taller and was dressed in khaki pants and a blue polo shirt. His hair was a little longer and he wore a mustache. Both were well built with average faces. Smita guessed that they might be brothers from the strong resemblance in their features. She stepped onto the elevator, seeing both pair of eyes looking her over, stopping long enough to take in the view of her protruding nipples. She ignored their glares and entered beside them. She could tell at once that both men had been drinking, the taller of the two still held a near empty plastic cup of beer in his hand, but they looked and acted professional enough that she had no concern and greeted them with a friendly smile and a "Hello."

Jay and Jeet enjoyed the sight of the pretty woman getting on the elevator. Jeet, the taller and three years younger of the two would have been aroused by her even if her nipples weren't on display. But when she spoke, her sexy voice started the blood flowing to his cock right away. Both Jay and Jeet worked in the legal field and had spent the week at the convention. Jay had even seen Smita two or three times and, like his younger brother, found her rather attractive. Neither man had difficulty getting women. They looked good, made good money, and word easily got around about the large dicks the two of them had. But recently they both had begun pushing the envelope when it came to sex. The two of them had been drinking and were wandering around the hotel just hoping to find someone to satisfy their urges tonight.

The elevator began to move. Smita looked out over the lobby, seeing the people across the way and in the lobby below. She smiled to herself thinking of the number of stories she had heard about this very elevator. It had gained a reputation at one time for being a place for people to have daring public sex. That was one of the reasons the hotel began shutting it down at nights, so they wouldn't have to keep monitoring it. But when conventions came to town they left it on to accommodate those using the conference rooms.

The elevator jerked to a halt, nearly causing her to stumble into the glass wall.

"Looks like this thing is stuck again." Jay said.

Smita turned to face them, "Not again. I hope it gets working soon, I really have to get to the post office before it closes."

"You gotta go? I need to find a restroom soon." Jeet said before finishing his beer.

"Maybe you'll just have to go in that cup." His brother said.

"Not a bad idea." Jeet said, and he began unzipping his fly. "You don't mind, do you?" He said to Smita.

Smita did mind; she had no desire to see this man take a piss in front of her. But before she could object his hand began pulling out the biggest penis she had seen in her life. It was semi-erect and was already over six inches. The few she had experienced before averaged about five. As he began pissing in the cup before her she found it impossible to take her eyes away from it. Not out of arousal, but shock that this man would dare to do this in front of her. As she watched the sight before her she failed to notice Jay throwing the hold switch, securing the elevator in place even if it came back on.

"Damn, Jay, look how hard her nipples are now." Jeet said, shaking his cock softly as he shook the last of his urine into the cup. Smita blushed and held the envelope containing the legal brief up in front of her chest. "Which one of us do you think has the bigger dick?" Jeet asked her.

Smita's jaw dropped. "You're a sick bastard." She said. She looked out the window to see if there was anyone across the way or down below that she could wave to for help. But no one was looking this way, and shouting would do no good. The noise from the clubs around the lobby would drown out anything that might make it through the thick glass wall of the elevator.

"Let's see what those titties look like." Jeet said to his older brother as he sat his cup, half full or piss, by the door.

"No, please." Smita begged as the two men approached her. The sight of Jeet's growing dick protruding out of his pants filled her with fear. She backed against the glass wall, holding the envelope before her as if it would shield her from their advance. Jeet grabbed her first. Smita struggled but he managed to get behind her and pull her arms behind her back. He locked one leg around her right leg and held tight while Jay began fumbling with the buttons on her blouse. Most came undone easily, but the bottom two were ripped off in his haste. He pulled her shirt open revealing her white lacy demi-cut bra. Jeet pulled her shirt back over her arms as she struggled and the two men worked together to unfasten the bra, then pull her arms up and yanked both the shirt and bra off over her head. Smita looked out at the distant people; unable to believe that this was happening with such a crowd of people so nearby to see if they would only look. Then she thought that, given the reputation of this elevator, would anyone even do more than watch, thinking that this was just another consensual encounter on the now legendary lift.

"Both men began fondling her tits. Jay toyed with the small black mole near her left areola before leaning forward to take suckle her hardened nipple.

"Please stop!" She begged. But neither man planned to let up now.

They unzipped her skirt and pulled it down over her sexy legs. "Damn." Jay said as the sight of her in just a white t-string thong with matching garter belt and hose came into view. He quickly grabbed the thong and jerked it down her legs, leaving her dressed in nothing but her garter and hose; her shoes were already off after kicking and struggling.

Her back was thrust against the wall as both men began sucking her hardened nipples while their hands struggled against each other to caress and poke at her trimmed, black-haired pussy. She gasped as a finger poked between her lips invading her tight pussy.

"Let me go!" She demanded.

"Stick something in her mouth and shut her up." Jeet said. Jay promptly stood up and unfastened his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. As he dropped his boxer shorts Smita's eyes went wide at the sight of his fully erect 9-inch cock. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her forward, shoving his thick cock into her face. "Suck it." He demanded.

Smita tried to resist, but eventually gave in, opening her mouth and allowing his to ram his rod into her mouth. She loved giving head, but her mouth strained to take Jay's cock. He held her head tightly and fucked her face, driving his cock deep into her throat.

While Jay was fucking her face, Jeet crawled between her legs, sitting beneath her in such a way that he could easily bury his face in her pussy. He held her legs tightly and began licking her twat. Smita blushed furiously as she felt her juices begin to flow as his tongue massaged her clit. She tried to ignore the stimulation as he continued licking her. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the people across the way and wondered if any of them were watching her being taken by these two men.

Smita felt her body betraying her as her pussy began responding to Jeet's tongue. She fought the urge to enjoy what was happening. Smita had often fantasized about being raped, but now that it was happening she wanted nothing to do with such fantasies.

Jay moaned as he banged his cock into her mouth. Smita could taste the salty pre-cum dribble onto her tongue and tried to pull her head away. Then Jay's cock began to spasm. He thrust once and she felt the first blast of his cum launch into her mouth. She gagged instantly, and then felt his cock withdraw from between her lips. She immediately spat the contents of her mouth to the floor, and then felt her face splattered as Jay jerked his cock, shooting his cum directly into her face. His left hand was wound tightly in her hair preventing her from pulling back or turning to avoid the sticky fluid bathing her pretty face.

When Jay pulled away Jeet shoved her back against the glass wall once again. He quickly rose to his feet and Smita wondered when he had removed his pants. She was shocked at the size of Jeet's cock. She had thought Jay to be big at 9-inches. But Jeet was at least 10-inches and his circumference equaled her wrist.

Jay grabbed her right leg and raised it high, forcing her to stand on her left foot and lean against the glass wall. Her wet cunt was fully exposed as he stepped between her legs and placed his cock against her hole. What was intended to be a cry of protest turned into a gasp as his cock slammed into her pussy. Smita couldn't believe that he could fit completely inside of her. Worse, with his height and her shorter legs there was little she could do but rest completely on his rod, her belly firmly against his as his cock banged against her insides. As he began thrusting his full shaft in and out of her Smita became fully aware of the fact that not only could anyone across the way see her getting fucked. But anyone standing below would be able to look up and have a perfect view of Jeet's cock fucking her pussy with her legs spread as they were.

With her back against the wall and Jeet pounding her cunt, all Smita could do was look over his shoulder at Jay, who was stroking his cock in satisfaction watching his brother fucking her. Seeing his cock beginning to grow again reminded her of the drying cum that still clung to her face.

Jeet was driving his pole straight up into Smita's pussy, lifting her to her tiptoes of her left foot with each and every thrust. In this position, every time he drove inside her caused her clit to rub up against his shaft and crotch over and over again. Smita could feel the stimulation growing inside her. Her back and ass banged against the glass wall reminding her of the nearby people, and she could not take her eyes off of Jay who was still stroking his cock watching her rape. But with each thrust everything around her began to fade and the unwanted desire growing between her legs was taking over. She found her body responding many times by trying to fuck back against Jeet's massive cock. She would make herself stop only to catch herself responding again. Smita clenched her teeth trying to fight off the growing climax, but it was no use. She had never experienced a cock this size and Jeet was giving her one hell of a good fucking whether she liked it or not. And despite her unwillingness, her body was liking it. Then Smita lost control. She gasped loudly and her body began jerking about on the cock impaling her as her orgasm began.

"Oh yes, she's cuming!" Jeet said, increasing the pace of his fucking, which only drove Smita farther over the edge. Her climax was powerful; making it all the more difficult to try to stop herself once it had died down. Then she heard Jeet grunting and felt his cock swelling inside her.

"No, don't cum inside me." She said, but Jeet just snickered before announcing his own climax with a soft moan. As he slammed his cock even harder into her she could feel his cum launching deep inside her. Jeet leaned harder against her, pounding her hole until he felt the last drop of his cum release inside her.

He pulled out of her cunt, pushing her down onto her knees before him. Smita was relieved to take the pressure off of her left leg, then realized what he had in mind. Being too humiliated to resist any more she opened her mouth and accepted his giant pecker into her mouth. She could taste the mixture of her own pussy with the remnants of his own cum as she sucked his cock. As she sucked it began to stiffen once more.

"Let me have her pussy." Jay said.

Jeet pulled Smita back to her feet. He stood behind her and held her as Jay stepped between her legs and shoved his cock into her already used pussy. Then she cried out in alarm as she felt Jeet's cock pressing between her butt cheeks.

"No, please, not there." She begged.

Smita had never allowed anyone to fuck her ass. She once let her boyfriend try to stick his finger up there. But after making it to the first knuckle she insisted that he pull out. There was no way that she could take Jeet's cock up there.

Jay and Jeet pinned her between them as Jeet pressed hardened against her tiny puckered hole. She screamed out as his cock began breaking through. The pain became more intense as both cocks pressed inside of her. She could feel the two huge cocks rubbing on either side of the flesh inside her. Her toes could barely touch the floor as the two thick poles held her aloft as the brothers began fucking her from both sides. Smita's head rolled from side to side as the twin fucking increased. The pain diminished, only to be replaced by another growing orgasm. Smita jerked about on their cocks as her body betrayed her a second time. Smita climaxed as the two men ravaged her. The fucking continued for several more minutes, and Smita found herself orgasming again, then Jay groaned as he thrust his seed into her pussy. He held her still, with his cock remaining inside her as Jeet pounded her ass for a few minutes more before he came, shooting his load deep into her asshole. Then both men gradually pulled out of her. Smita dropped to the floor, her body too tired to do anything else after such a fucking; her three orgasms had exhausted her as well. She remained silent, watching as the two men dressed.

Then Jay threw the switch into the on position and the elevator jerked to life. Smita quickly grabbed her skirt and blouse and dressed herself, not wasting her time on the thong and bra. As the door opened on the first floor she grabbed her undergarments, along with the envelope that had caused her to be here in the first place, and rushed out of the elevator behind them. She headed for the exit thinking that she still had time to make the post office before it closed, and tried her best to ignore the satisfied tingling afterglow of her orgasms as she left the building.

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Originally Posted by raju lukka
guys posting some rape/forced sex stories... pls note that i dont condone/support rape or forced sex... just read and enjoy dont ever try it...

one more thing.. i dont claim to b the original author of these stories.
what to read, friend?

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nice story let some more come here

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reading it

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coming up next story... again i dont claim to b the author of this story... received it in mail.. posting it so that u ppl can also enjoy

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this story is a bit tooo rough... do let me know if these kinda stuff arnt welcome here..

Lucy turned to her new husband and asked, "Joe, doesn't the engine sound a little funny to you?"

"It'll be fine," he replied.

She knew Joe was eager to get to their destination. She was eager too. They had only been married a few hours and being good and proper Mormons neither to them had engaged in pre-marital sex. But, she also knew that San Diego was a long way from Salt Lake City and the Arizona sun was beating down relentlessly on Joe's old Chevette.

"Maybe we should pull over and check the oil," she said, meekly.

"It'll be fine," Joe repeated.

"Last services for 48 miles," Lucy said, reading the passing sign aloud.

Joe didn't reply. But from the slight scowl on his face, Lucy knew she had overstepped her bounds. The house and kids they would someday have would be her responsibility. Everything else was Joe's responsibility. Sitting back and pretending not to notice as they drove past the exit, she promised herself she would be the perfect wife and never question her husband's judgement again.

Exactly 24 miles later, with smoke coming from under the hood, the car rolled to a stop on the shoulder of the highway. Thanks to Joe's decision to take a shortcut, they were on a stretch of road no one else seemed to use and it was almost a half-hour before another vehicle came along. Much to Lucy's surprise, it was a tow truck. A big, burly man got out and ambled up to the Lucy's window.

"Name's Harley. Ya'll needing a tow?"

Lucy sat back in her seat as far as she could and remained silent, letting her husband do all the talking.

"I'm Joe and this is my wife, Lucy," he said. "We're pleased to meet you, and glad you happened along. Yes, we do in fact need a tow."

Harley answered Joe, but his eyes were on Lucy's breasts as he said, "I didn't just happen along. I patrol this stretch looking for broke down cars. There's a lot of damn fools on the road who ain't smart enough to check their oil when they should."

Lucy didn't say a word. She remained silent during the entire ride back to Harley's garage. Sitting alone in the office, she watched through the glass door as Harley and his partner Umberto repaired the old Chevette, with Joe fetching wrenches and pretending to know more about cars than he did. She wanted to give Joe a piece of her mind, but she knew she didn't dare. She just sat waiting patiently, buffing her nails and brushing her long, blonde hair.

After a few hours, Lucy noticed there was some sort of argument going on. Through the glass doors she could see Joe waving his arms. Unable to mind her own business any more, she entered the garage.

"I told you I don't have any cash," Joe shouted.

"And I told you we don't take Traveler's Cheques," Harley shouted back.

Umberto blatantly looked Lucy up and down, saying to Joe, "It looks like we have what they call a predicament. I am sure glad you brought your pretty little wife with you."

Lucy got an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach as Umberto approached her. His gold-toothed grin implied far more than just the lecherous looks he and Harley had been giving her all along. Clamping her long legs together and nervously smoothing her skirt, she attempted to not look like the prey she felt she had become. Umberto's words caused Joe to pause too. He quit waving his arms and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Ya'll ain't the first to owe us money and not have the cash," Harley said with a suggestive smile. "Happens all the time. Now we ain't opposed to taking turns fucking a man in the ass and making him suck us off, but we really do prefer girls. ...shaved legs are better than hairy legs any day. In fact, we like a pretty girl spreading even better than cash. I'm sure we can come to some arrangement. You owe us for parts and a couple hours of labor. The little lady stripping and spreading for the next hour or so ought to make us close to even."

Joe's face turned bright red. He was on the verge of exploding and Lucy knew it.

"That is not an option," he said, trying to remain calm. "You can take the Traveler's Cheques or you can just keep the damn car. Those are the only two choices."

Umberto shook his head and told Lucy, "He is wrong. He can give us cash, or you can give us gash. Those are the only two choices."

Lucy covered her gasping mouth with both hands. Having her privates referred to in such a crude fashion was almost as shocking as what these men were suggesting. Joe attempted to move between his new bride and Umberto, but was pulled back by Harley's strong hand on his shoulder. Umberto grinned.

"I think that if your husband does not want to get hurt, he should go for a little walk," he said, grabbing Lucy by one of her thin wrists. "He does not look like the type who would like to watch while we give you a screwing. And we are going to give you a screwing whether he likes it, or not."

As Lucy tried in vain to break free, Harley smiled at her and nodded. Then, doing a bad impression of Ricky Ricardo, he said, "Lucy, you've got spreading to do."

Joe spun around, punching Harley on the jaw as hard as he could. The big man barely seemed to notice. Countering with a punch of his own, Harley hit Joe in the stomach, literally lifting him off of his feet. As Lucy screamed, Umberto asked her, "Do you want to go in the back where we can have some privacy or do you want to do the spreading right here on the floor or bent over the car so you can watch the fight?"

"Just take her in the back," Harley said, punching Joe again. "And don't slop her box. I don't to go galloping through Gooey Gulch when I take my turn."

"You heard him," Umberto said, dragging Lucy by her wrist. "The boss doesn't want a messy gash. After your screwing, you are going to have to finish me with your mouth and eat the salsa of sex."

As she was dragged to the rear of the garage, Lucy struggled to no avail, calling out her husband's name in one long, mournful, cry.


He, however, was obviously in no position to rescue her. He had been knocked to the floor and Harley had wrapped a shop rag around his neck. Joe was then dragged to his knees and his beating continued with Harley punching his face. Umberto opened a door at the rear of the garage and shoved Lucy inside, telling her, "Your husband is going to wish he had gone for a walk when I told him to."

In the dim light, Lucy tripped and fell onto something soft. The light came on and she found herself in the center of a stained mattress in the middle of a storeroom. A collection of torn panties covered one wall. Umberto pointed and said, "Yours will go right there."

Lucy tried to scramble to her feet, but Umberto was too quick. Grabbing one of her ankles he yanked and she fell hard onto her back.

"This is a good place for spreading, is it not?" he asked. "It has a nice soft bed for you and there is plenty of room to move around. If your husband was not such a jealous man, he could have joined us for your screwing."

From the next room Lucy could still hear Joe being beat. The sounds of punching stopped for moment and Harley asked, "Do you want me to stop hitting ya? You know what to do if you want me to stop."

There was the sound of two more punches and then Harley laughed and said, "That's it, sissy boy. Put it in your pretty mouth. Suck it. Suck my fucking dick, you sweet little faggot."

Lucy heard a loud moan followed by the sound of Joe choking on something. She would have been stunned, but she was too busy defending her own honor. Umberto was all over her. His tall, thin frame lay across her diagonally, pinning her to the mattress. His mouth and tongue were sucking and licking her neck. One of his strong, dirty hands was down her blouse feeling her breasts through her bra. The other was under her, attempting to unzip her skirt.

"You are prettier than the last woman," Umberto told her. "She also did not want to get a screwing, but she and her husband knew better than to make Harley mad. He and the kids sat quietly in their car while she was in her doing her spreading. Those big white bloomers on the end are hers. She was a little fat, but was still good for screwing."

Lucy summoned all of her strength and twisted to one side, throwing Umberto off of her. As fast as she could, she scooted down the mattress and got her feet on the floor. As Umberto tried to right himself, she jumped up and leapt at the door.

Suddenly, she found herself moving backwards instead of forwards as the buttons down her front popped and flew. Umberto had a hold of the back of her blouse. A heartbeat later, she was again on her back with him lying across her. Her heart skipped its next beat in response to him jerking her bra up and exposing her small breasts. She had landed in a much more compromising position than before and one of Umberto's legs was between her own. One of his hands had found its way up her skirt and his knuckles were stroking her through the thin fabric that made up the crotch of her panties.

"You don't want to go out there," Umberto said, stopping for a second to kiss each of her nipples. "You would just be embarrassed."

From the other side of door Lucy heard her husband screaming, "Take it out! Take it out!"

Harley responded by saying, "It ain't half in yet, faggot, and you're squealing like a pig. I guess I'm going to have to stuff something else in that sweet mouth of yours. Stuff you from both ends, so to speak."

As Joe's cries turned to muffled whimpers, Umberto's lips closed over Lucy's nipple. Tears began to fill her eyes. How could this be happening to them? They were good Christians and had led pure, decent lives. What had they done to deserve this?

"I have a big one," Umberto said, lifting his slobbering mouth from Lucy's breast. "You will like how it feels in you. I know I am much bigger than your husband."

Lucy violently threw her weight to one side again, but this time failed in freeing herself. It was looking more and more as if her fate was sealed. Umberto's legs had forced her own wider apart. Her skirt was tight across her thighs. His fingers were clawing at the leg hole of her panties in an attempt to get in and touch where even Joe hadn't.

Throwing herself in the opposite direction, Lucy inadvertently gave Umberto the access he had failed in achieving on his open. His hand slid up her thigh and under the elastic that formed the leg hole of her white cotton panties. His index and middle fingers hooked and pulled and then dropped into her crotch. As he continued sucking her tits, his rough knuckles moved up and down, brushing lightly against her soft pussy lips and the curly hair that covered them. His touch filled her with fear and dread. Was he really going to be the one to take her virginity?

As she began to pray, Lucy felt Umberto's middle finger straighten. Poking and prodding, he searched for her vagina amongst the wrinkled flesh of her vulva.

"Do you want a fingering before your screwing?" he asked. "It will make you wetter and make it easier for my big one to go in you."

Umberto's finger has just found its target and was about to enter Lucy when the door to the storeroom opened. Harley stepped in and said, "I can't believe she ain't spreading yet. We're going to have to trade places, amigo. I'm ready to take my turn."

"She is a real fighter," Umberto said as he climbed off of Lucy.

Covering her small breasts with one arm, Lucy immediately sat up. She clamped her legs together and tucked her feet under her butt, telling Harley, "Don't you dare touch me."

It did no good. Seconds later she was stretched out on the mattress with her arms over her head. Umberto sat on her wrists, fondling her breasts. Harley sat on her legs. As he tugged her skirt up her thighs he said, "This is how it is, little lady. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way, but we are going to do this. Your husband put up a fight. ...earned himself a broken nose. It didn't make no difference."

Harley unzipped his @jeans and took out his long, thick hardon. He wagged it at Lucy and told her, "This here is my dipstick. I checked your husband's oil and I'm going to check yours too. It'd be a shame to have to punch your pretty little face, but I will. If that don't take the fight out of you, we got everything we need to tie you up. We'll do it if we have to. Like I said before, we're going to do this. There ain't no two ways about it; you're spreading. You're pussy is going to eat my sausage. I'm going to screw you."

"Me too," Umberto said, taking his own hardon out of his pants.

Lucy lay speechless. She knew everything Harley said was true. She might have been able to escape Umberto, but there was no way she was getting past both of them. Struggling would only get her hurt, but she couldn't just give up. Harley already had her skirt up around her waist and was hungrily eyeing the bulge her pubic hair made in her panties. She could do nothing to prevent her rape. She knew that. But could she just let it happen without any resistance?

"You're going to pick your butt up so I can pull your underwear down," Harley said, lifting his weight from Lucy's legs. "If you don't, I'm going to punch your face."

Lucy waited for as long as she dared and then spit at him, screaming, "Get your hands off of me!"

"Congratulations on calling my bluff, little lady," Harley said, grinning at Lucy. "I ain't never hit a woman and I ain't about to start now. But it don't make no difference. You still got some screwing coming your way. I done told you: you're spreading. If you ain't going to do it yourself, we'll do it for you.

"We going to hook her up?" Umberto asked.

Harley nodded. Then, picking up a roll of duct tape from a nearby shelf, he tore off a strip and applied it to Lucy's mouth. As he smoothed the tape gag around her lips he smiled and said, "The only spitting from here on out is when I spit on my peter to make it wet enough to go in you."

Setting the tape aside, Harley leaned forward and pinned Lucy's elbows to the mattress. Umberto raised up off of her arms. A few seconds later Lucy felt Umberto closing handcuffs around her wrists. When Harley released her she yanked as hard as she could. She heard the jangle of a chain. Her hands were able to move a few inches, but no further.

"Now comes the spreading part of spreading," Harley told her.

He scooted down Lucy's legs, handing off one of her ankles to Umberto. As Lucy twisted and turned, screaming into her gag, her feet were forcefully pulled to opposite corners of the mattress and a length of pipe was laid between her open legs. As she continued to cry and flail, her ankles where fastened to it with leather cuffs.

Tears poured from Lucy's eyes. Her situation was now more helpless than ever. Her legs were spread wide and there was nothing she could do about it. They would stay that way for as long as Harley and Umberto wanted. Only the thin fabric of her panties remained between her virginity and the men who wanted to take it from her.

Harley lowered a rope from a pulley attached to the ceiling. When it came into reach, Umberto took hold of the clip on its end and fastened it to a ring at the center of the pipe between Lucy's open legs.

"Go tie up her husband," Harley said, hoisting Lucy's feet into the air. "He'll be waking up soon. It'd be a shame for him to walk in on us. Think how embarrassed the little lady would be for her husband to see her like this. Of course, it would be even more embarrassing in a couple of minutes when she's got my peter in her box and I'm going at her good and hard. Either way, she'd be shamed and he'd get hurt some more. Tying him up while we screw his wife is just the gentlemanly thing to do."

Umberto grinned and winked at Lucy.

"Me and my big one will back later, little lady," he said, and then disappeared out the door.

With her hands cuffed and chained over her head, her ankles a full three feet apart and raised to the point her butt barely touched the mattress, Lucy couldn't move at all. She could only lie there, wide-eyed and terrified as Harley took a pair of scissors, snipped the taut elastic on either side of her hips and removed her panties, setting them aside with mock daintiness. She could do nothing that would change the fact that he was between her open legs, inching closer on his knees, stroking his stiff, drooling cock, moving closer and closer to her virgin pussy. She was totally helpless.

Looking Lucy directly in the eyes, Harley pursed his lips and made kissing sounds. Then, spitting into his hand, he crudely lubricated the tip of his penis. He inched in a little closer and Lucy cringed as his wet glans made contact with her vulva. The kicked her legs and attempted to twist and turn away. The chains holding her rattled, but remained secure.

"Didn't I say struggling wouldn't make no difference?" Harley asked, sliding the slippery head of his cock up and down between Lucy's wrinkled labia. "Didn't I say you were spreading? You're spread, ain't ya? Didn't I say I was gonna screw ya?"

The moment Lucy had been dreading arrived. With one sudden, stabbing thrust, Harley ripped through her hymen and the head of his cock entered her vagina. In the blink of an eye her status had changed from virgin to victim.

"Well, baby, I'm screwing you, ain't I?" Harley asked, pulling back and shoving in deeper.

Tears gushed from Lucy's eyes. Her virginity was gone, stolen by a brute rather than given lovingly to her husband. Her despair grew deeper and deeper as Harley's penis stroked in and out, in and out, sinking further with each thrust. The fact that he had taken what was supposed to have been Joe's, compounded her sense of violation. She had lost what she considered the ultimate gift.

Harley laid down over her, nuzzling her neck and smelling her hair has he worked his hips, fucking her harder and harder. His cock surged in and out of her. Lucy's vagina stretched and opened, swallowing his penetrating length. She fell limp, allowing the suspended spreader bar to support her legs. Harley was right; struggling made no difference. Her only choice was to lie there as her body was used and endure as best she could.

On and on her torment went. Harley licked and sucked her neck, coating her flesh with his slobber. His hands groped and squeezed her breasts. His moans and groans filled her ears as he pushed and pulled his rock hard penis in and out of her pussy. Faster and faster he plunged, his hot breath coming quicker and quicker.

"You're a good screw, Lucy," he said, grinning at her. "I'd like to slop you good, but you got more spreading to do. No one likes a messy hole. Ain't no goo going up your cunt just yet. That means it's going in your mouth."

Lucy threw her head violently from side to side. She had sucked Joe's cock on several occasions. Once, he had accidentally ejaculated too soon. She still remembered the taste and oily texture. It was something she never wanted to experience again. It was more than six months before she sucked Joe again, and then only after he swore to God he would never lose control again. The very thought of Harley's semen in her mouth sickened her.

Harley began stroking slower and with a more deliberate back and forth motion. As he continued fucking Lucy, he pulled his knees up until he was in a semi-kneeling position. He placed his hands on her breasts, pinching gently and tugging lightly on her nipples. One hand slid down her body and he ran his rough-skinned fingers through her pubic hair. His penis slid slower and slower within her as he got closer and closer to orgasm.

"Ain't you learned nothing, girl?" he asked. "It don't matter what you want. If I say it goes in your mouth, it goes in your mouth. We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. Either way, I'm creaming in your mouth. Now you going to be a good little knob gobbler and blow my horn, or not?

Lucy continued shaking her head. Harley pushed his cock deep into her and froze. His teeth clenched and his eyes shut tightly. She had seen Joe make the same face and knew he was holding back. As awful as it would be to let him finish in her mouth, the thought of him ejaculating in her unprotected, fertile vagina scared her even more. What if she got pregnant with his child? She wanted to nod her head to indicate her willingness to cooperate, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

A calm came over Harley. His eyes opened and he began thrusting into Lucy again. As he fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster, he took her head into his hands and smiled.

"Guess we're doing this hard way, little lady," he told her. "Sweet dreams."

Suddenly, he grabbed her nose, pinching off her air supply. Lucy tried desperately to suck her breath in through her mouth, but the tape sealing her lips made it impossible. She tried to break free of his grasp, but failed. Slowly, her face began to tingle and there was a buzzing in her ears. She felt as if her oxygen-deprived lungs would implode. With Harley's stiff cock still moving deep within her, jamming into her pussy further and further with more and more urgency, Lucy blacked out.

When she regained consciousness, Harley was gone. Lucy's lips and tongue were coated with his semen. The foul taste made her face twist with disgust. The entire inside of her mouth felt slimy. She wanted to puke. But being on her back, she had to fight the urge with all her strength. Umberto was in the storage room with her now. Ducking under the spreader bar and climbing over her, he picked up her discarded panties.

"Harley is such a messy fucker," he said, wiping her chin and cheek. "He hardly ever washes. He thinks I don't know he is making my wife spread for him. But when he is done giving her a screwing, I can smell gasoline in her hair. He's a pig. She does not like him screwing her, but she thinks she is protecting our daughter."

Setting the semen-soaked panties aside, Umberto let his eyes wander over Lucy's naked and bound body. She shuddered. She had never thought of herself as a racist, but she was loathing sex with Umberto even more than she had with Harley. She knew it was because he was Mexican. Being forced to face her prejudice somehow made the moment even worse.

"Our daughter is not yet eighteen and she has been spreading for Harley for more than a year," Umberto said, and then laughed. "She hates him even more, but thinks she is protecting her mother. Women are so stupid."

Umberto opened the front of his pants and pulled his erect penis from his underwear. The sight of it, with its dribbling, dark purple head and heavily veined shaft, made Lucy cringe. As he smiled at her, he started fisting it. Nodding to his cock, he raised his eyebrows and grinned at her. Then, as if they were chatting on a street corner, he continued, saying, "It is okay though. Harley does not have a wife, but he has two daughters. The older one is fat like him. The other one is not so bad. They both like getting a screwing from me. Sometimes, when one is spreading, the other watches. And sometimes..."

Lying over Lucy, Umberto reached between their close pressed bodies and grasped his stiff penis. Lucy recoiled when it's moist head brushed her thigh. As he lowered himself further, its shaft lay across her pubic mound and pressed against her clitoris, sending shivers up her spine. He eased his hips back and it slowly dragged through her bush until finally dropping down and between her wet labia.

"Do you have a sister?" Umberto asked. "If you did, and she spread for you, would you lick her? Harley's daughters... I have seen them lick each other."

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Lucy wished he would shut up. The moment was bad enough without having to listen to him. His thick brown cock entered her and fresh tears spilled from her eyes. As he slid in and out of her pussy, shoving his Mexican cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, she remembered a hateful slur she had heard in high school. Over and over, she heard it repeating in beat with Umberto's rhythmic thrusting. She was being banged by a beaner. ...banged by a beaner. ...banged by a beaner.

Suddenly, the voice in her mind was interrupted by a voice in her ear.

"Do you know what?" Umberto asked. "Sometimes I smell gasoline on their hair. Not just the hair on their heads, either. Sometimes Harley gives his own daughters a screwing. They don't mind, though. They like spreading for him."

Umberto had said his penis was larger than Harley's, and it was. Lucy's vagina had easily stretched to accept his girth. His extra length was another matter. As he fucked her harder and deeper, he began to slam into her cervix. She winced with each stroke. Umberto smiled. He seemed to be mistaking her pain for pleasure. Holding her tightly in his arms, he began punching into her, ramming his cock as far as it would go.

"Do you know what else?" he asked, moving his head to the other side of hers and whispering in her ear. "I have never seen them do it, but I bet they also like getting a screwing from the dog."

Lucy tried not to listen to him. She tried not to think about his big, hard, Mexican dick pumping in and out, in and out of her pussy. His sweat was dripping on her breasts and she attempted to ignore it. Just as she had managed to shut the terrible thoughts from her mind, a far more horrible one burst in. He would be climaxing soon.

She didn't want to eat his so-called salsa of sex. ...Mexican semen. The very thought made her stomach churn. The alternative, however, was even worse. She didn't use any form of birth control; there had never been any need for it. She and Joe had wanted her to become pregnant on their honeymoon. They had planned everything around it. She was at her most fertile. She had no choice; she had to beg Umberto to finish in her mouth. She might have been able to pass off Harley's baby as belonging to Joe, but not Umberto's. ...not a Mexican baby.

As she lie there beneath Umberto, rolling forward and back uncontrollably in concert with his movement, she tried to find the words. She knew he wouldn't agree to finishing on her belly or even her breasts. She knew it had to be in her pussy or her mouth. Either would be awful, but one far more so than the other. She could still taste Harley's semen. Could the flavor of Umberto's be any worse? His cock was sliding in and out of her, faster and faster. He was breathing harder and harder. He was groaning louder and louder. Abject terror jumped up her throat and forced the words out.

"Oh, God, please," she cried. "In my mouth. In my mouth!"

The unthinkable happened. Umberto's dick erupted deep within her belly. As he continued to fuck her, spurt after spurt of thick, slippery semen shot into her.

"Oh, God, no! No!" she screamed.

Umberto kept pushing and shoving his cock into her, filling her fuller and fuller with his sperm. Her pussy overflowed. She felt a rivulet run down her crotch and across her asshole. Still he kept fucking and cumming, fucking and cumming.

When he eventually stopped, Lucy was too stunned to say of do anything. Umberto said nothing either. He was about to get up when there was a sharp rap at the door followed by two more. It sounded like a signal. Grabbing Lucy's moist, semen-soaked panties, Umberto balled them up and stuffed them into her mouth. Lucy felt the bile rise in her throat. She would have puked if it had been possible.

"Someone is here," Umberto said, quickly reapplying the duct tape.

Hurriedly, he got to his feet, closed the front of his pants and left the storeroom. A moment later, the door opened. His hand reached in and switched off the light. Lucy heard voices. Barely a minute went by and the door opened again. Silhouetted in the light from outside she saw a female police officer. Lucy was as filled with relief as she was with sperm. She was thanking God for rescuing her when the woman knelt down and began kissing the insides of Lucy's thighs. As she slid two long fingers into Lucy's gooey vagina, she looked at the bound bride from behind mirrored sunglasses and said, "Looks like my baby brother got himself a pretty one."

From behind the woman, Lucy heard Harley ask, "Didn't I tell you, Becca?"

The storeroom door closed. Dim light leaked in through a painted-over window and Lucy saw Becca smile. She was a large woman, not fat but over-sized and well proportioned. Her shoulders were broad like a man's, but everything else about here was unquestionably female. Pulling her semen-coated fingers from Lucy's vagina, she sucked them clean, and said, "I hope for your sake this ain't Umberto's wad. He probably has the highest sperm count in the county. He did me once. I got a little too drunk and passed out in his truck. When I come to, I was here rigged up just like you are."

She pointed to a pair of red satin panties on the wall and said, "Those are mine. He didn't even pop his wad in my twat and I got knocked up. He must have dribbled a little while he was hosing me. Nine months later I was in the maternity ward with my feet up again, this time in stirrups. I had two of the fattest little bambinos you ever saw. ...hurt like hell. Felt like I was shitting a couple of watermelons."

Becca moved her face closer to Lucy's wet vulva. Grinning, she said, "Pay attention, doll face."

Her mouth closed over Lucy's pussy. As the flat of Becca's tongue dragged across Lucy's clit, Lucy arched her back. She had never felt anything so sensual. She didn't masturbate and Joe had never performed oral sex on her. To be touched that way by another woman was more humiliating than anything she could imagine, but she couldn't ignore how wonderful the sensations were. She shuddered with undeniable pleasure.

Becca's mouth sucked lightly. She took each of Lucy's labia between her lips, pulling and tonguing gently. Up and down she slid. Occasionally, the tip of her tongue slipped under the little hood of protective flesh and flicked Lucy's clitoris directly, sending jolts of electricity through the bound girl. Reaching up, Becca caressed Lucy's small breasts. For the first time, the young bride noticed her chest was heaving, she was breathing hard through her flared nostrils.

Sex with the men had in a fashion served as foreplay. She had hated every second, but her body had responded to their stimulus. It was aching for release. Something was building within her, and it couldn't be stopped. The policewoman's lips nipped and kissed, her tongue painted and petted. Then, as it snaked deep inside Lucy's sloppy vagina, it trigger the young woman's first orgasm. Lucy moaned.

"Holy mackerel," Becca said, shaking her head. "You've got a serious twatful of wad. Did both of them pop off in there?"

Lucy barely understood Becca. Wonderful waves of joy were flowing through her. It was all she could do to keep from throwing her head from side to side. She fought to stifle herself. Her wet vagina was getting wetter and wetter. Her own juices were surging. As hard as she tried to hide what was happening, she couldn't prevent her legs from trembling wildly.

"You creamin', doll face?" Becca asked with a smile.

She pressed the heel of her hand firmly against Lucy's clit and made a quick circular motion. Lucy's back arched even further. Her ears were filled with her own muffled squeals and moans. She bucked uncontrollably within the limits of the chains holding her. Becca's hand action was like throwing gasoline on a bonfire. Lucy felt like she would explode.

Eventually, however, the inferno diminished to the burning embers of afterglow. Lucy again lay limp, her spread legs dangling like a tangled puppet from the spreader bar. Becca crawled up and over her. Standing, the amazon-like policewoman straddled Lucy's waist, towering over her.

"Now you know how to do what you're going to do," she said, pulling up the dark blue skirt of her uniform and yanking the crotch of her black satin panties to one side.

Lucy looked at Becca's thick auburn bush and cringed. Having a woman lick her pussy was one thing. The thought of licking a woman's pussy was something she found totally revolting. She was horrified. Somehow is seemed worst than being raped by a man. How could a woman force another to do such a thing?

Becca placed one foot over Lucy's head. Lowering herself to a semi-kneeling position, with the knee of her other leg in Lucy's armpit, she moved her hairy crotch closer and closer to Lucy's face. She peeled back the duct tape covering the young woman's mouth and found Lucy's drenched panties.

"Nice touch," she said, removing them. "Umberto is getting more creative. I might have to let him hose me again. I'd have to make him wear two rubbers, though. I don't need no more kids. It's going to be hard enough to keep Harley from hosing the ones I got."

Finally being able to speak, Lucy began begging, "Please don't do this. Please let me go. Please!"

"Go to it, lover," Becca said, pressing herself to Lucy's mouth. "Cleaning the carpet ain't no worse than knob gobbling and I know you've done that."

Lucy turned her lips inward and pulled her head back into the mattress as far as she could. She couldn't prevent the large policewoman from rubbing against her face, but she refused to actively participate. Becca's curly pubic hair surrounded Lucy's nose and her strong feminine aroma filled Lucy's nostrils.

"Do it right, doll face," Becca said, grinding herself against Lucy's mouth. "Do it like I showed you. You give my twat a good going over with your pretty mouth, or I'll give yours a good going over with my baton. I'll whup on it good. ...beat your twat black and blue. The last girl I done it to, some lady lawyer from Phoenix... She couldn't even drive when I was finished with her. We had to booze her up and arrested her for drunk driving. It's been three days and she's still so sore she can't walk. Half a dozen times a day you can hear her screaming to high heaven, and you know someone is in her cell hosing her. The boys down at the jail have been pimping her for fifty bucks a pop. Her tricks don't care how bruised her twat it. They seem to like hearing her holler. You really want to make me cream, doll face. ...for your sake. You understand what I'm telling you?"

Lucy shivered with fear. Her tongue shot out from between her lips and she began kissing, sucking and licking as fast and as furious as she could. She didn't want to tempt fate anymore. Resistance had only brought defeat. Bound as she was, with her legs spread and her ankles suspended, she was helpless. The vision of having her crotch beat with a nightstick was too real and the resulting pain was too unimaginable.

As Lucy lapped and mouthed, she felt Becca stroking her hair and heard her say, "Ain't no one come looking for that woman yet. That means the snooty bitch ain't going home. Her car has already been scrapped. Umberto called his cousin in Hermosillo. He works at the prison and has helped us work out a little deal. She's getting her twat beat again, just because it seems good for business. ...maybe her boobs too. Then, we're raising her price to a hundred bucks. We want to get top dollar for her before the pair of pretty little senoritas we traded her for arrive. You better work hard and fast at paying Harley's bill. Some of the boys got a problem with hosing girls as young as these two, but the boys would love to get their hands on you."

With all her heart, Lucy set to the task of pleasing Becca. As bad as things were, she knew they could get much, much worse. She frantically thrust and probed with her tongue. She nuzzled and sucked with her mouth. Her lips caressed, pulled and teased. Becca worked her hips faster and faster, moaning louder and louder, rubbing her slick pussy back and forth on Lucy's face.

"That's it, lover," Becca groaned. "Go to it, doll face. Go to it! Work your nose on my love button and push your tongue deep. That's it. That's it! Oh yes. Oh yes! Oh God. Oh God! I'm creaming. I'm creaming!"

Becca shuddered and shook, but Lucy didn't let up. She mashed her nose against the policewoman's clit. Her tongue flicked in every direction lashing at the moist labia pressed to her mouth. It extended to its limit and plunged deep into the climaxing woman's warm, wet vagina. Her lips clamped over Becca's vulva and she sucked and sucked and sucked.

When Becca finally lowered Lucy's head back to the mattress, she smiled and said, "That was great. You did good, doll face. ...better than most."

As the big policewoman staggered to her feet, Lucy saw the storeroom door was open. Two teenage boys were standing just outside it. Their eyes were open wide in excitement and there were obvious bulges in their pants. Harley was behind them.

"Now wasn't that the best ten dollars you ever spent?" he asked. "Another fifty bucks apiece and you can go all the way. How about it? You boys want to screw her?"

Both boys expressions turned to disappointment and they shook their heads.

"If you ain't got the money, maybe we can work out a deal," Harley said, placing a hand on each boy's shoulder. "You can screw her today. You come back tomorrow and let me check your oil."

He slid his hands off the boy's shoulders and they both jumped as their butts were grabbed. Shaking their heads adamantly, they hurried off followed by a grinning Harley.

Becca righted her panties and straightened her skirt. As she left the storeroom, she grinned at someone and said, "She's all yours, partner."

A policeman stepped into the doorway. He was naked from the waist down and his penis was erected and wet with saliva. As he moved past Becca, she looked at his long, thick cock and asked, "How come you never hosed me, Jack?"

Jack smiled and said, "I promised my wife. I don't fuck any woman in the county except her. Harley's girls don't live here, neither does that one at the jail or the two new ones we swapped her for, but you do."

Jack ducked under the spreader bar suspending Lucy's ankles and Becca closed the stockroom door. Unceremoniously, he shoved his hardon into Lucy and began fucking her. For nearly five minutes he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her sopping pussy without saying a word or even looking at her face.

"Hurry it, partner," Becca called from the garage. "We got a call. We got to roll."

"She's too wet," Jack replied. "I'm not getting enough feeling."

Becca yelled back, "Switch holes. Frankie is out here hosing her hubby. There ain't no reason she shouldn't take it up the butt too."

Lucy was panic-stricken. She wanted to suggest that Jack pull out and wipe his penis and her pussy dry. She was sure that would make the difference. But, the moment she opened her mouth to speak, she again found it stuffed with her own damp panties.

"You're probably going to want to holler," Jack said, slipping out of Lucy's pussy and nudging her wrinkled anus with the big, spongy head of his fat cock. "My ears are still ringing from the woman screaming this morning."

He pushed and Lucy's asshole stretched. He pushed again and it stretched further. Lucy prayed for strength and tightened, bracing herself. He shoved and the head of his cock popped into her. Blinding white light filled Lucy's eyes and a muffled scream filled her throat. She felt faint. As she teetered on the edge of consciousness, she let go. She welcomed the prospect of passing out. As she surrendered, however, her sphincter relaxed and the hurt subsided. The buzzing in her ears and the tingling in her face faded too.

Jack seemed totally oblivious to her distress. He plowed into Lucy's rectum as hard and as fast as he could. In and out, in and out he stroked. He gripped her breasts as if they were handles. Her chains jangled louder than they had at any other time. His pelvis smashed into her crotch, smacking her pussy as his cock brutalized her anus and distended the walls of her colon. Over and over again he buried himself deep in her bowels, pulled out and plunged back in.

Lucy felt her rectum grow wetter and wetter, looser and looser. Finally, Jack slowed to a stop and withdrew. A slimy mixture of semen and feces dripped from his cock. Without a word, he climbed off of Lucy and left the storeroom. From the garage Lucy heard howls of laughter and Harley saying, "You're wife made the mess; you can clean it up. You want that billy club out of your ass, your better open your pretty mouth, faggot. You sucked Frankie clean; you can suck Jack clean too."

There was more laughter. Lucy lay still and quiet for several minutes. She was too exhausted to cry anymore. I waited, watching to see who would come through the door next. It was Umberto. He lowered her aching legs and removed her cuffs. Pulling her panties from her mouth, he added them to the trophy collection, pinning them to the wall alongside those of their other victims.

"If you are a smart lady, you will tell no one about this," he said in a serious tone. "Harley has many friends and relatives. You should leave as quickly as you can and not speak of today to anyone -- ever."

With Umberto's help, Lucy staggered out the rear door of the garage and to the car. Semen ran from her pussy down the insides of her thighs. Joe was lying in a crumbled heap in the passenger seat. Literally falling into the driver's seat, Lucy pulled her legs inside. Umberto closed the door and handed her the keys. Righting herself and starting the engine, Lucy drove slowly toward the highway.

Twenty minutes later, as she crossed the county line, she looked into her rearview mirror. No one was following. Her bra was still pushed up over her breasts. Steering with one hand, she tugged it back into place with the other and closed her now buttonless blouse was well as she could. Her legs, pussy and asshole ached. Her skirt and the car seat were wet with the semen oozing from her raped holes. The cold stickiness prevented her from shutting out what she had been through.

She looked at Joe. The seat of his pants were wet too. He had been beaten savagely. A trickle of blood ran from the corner of his mouth. His left eye was swollen shut, and his nose was obviously broken. He was, however, still conscious. He seemed too sore to move, but his good eye was surveying her ravaged body. Fighting back tears, Lucy said, "Promise me something, Joe. The next time we take a trip..."

She stopped, unable to go on. The hand holding her blouse shut fell to her lap. Slowly, it clenched into a fist. He arm swung and she punched Joe square in the face as hard as she could, screaming, "Check the oil!"

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It was a quiet Saturday morning Pat was enjoying a long hot shower. She enjoyed Saturday mornings when she had time to relax while taking her shower. She lathered up with conditioner before taking her final rinse. She didn't abuse or punish her fine body.

Pat was a 28-year-old college grad still living at home. She was somewhat of a snob; she didn't offer a friendly smile to anyone. Her focus for the four years after graduation was on her career. She wasn't romantically involved. Her personal accomplishments were more important in climbing the corporate ladder.

Pat enjoyed living at home, the only glitch was her kid brother Frank. There was 10 years difference in their ages. She felt more like a mother then a sister, and she treated him accordingly. Frank and his friends constantly disturbed her orderly life style.

Frank had a mother and could do without Pat acting like she was his mother. His friends teased him calling Pat the evil Witch, and the old maid. There were eight boys living in the neighborhood that were Frank's age. The most vocal was Paul, who thought she was hot. He didn't get along with Pat any better then the rest of them. On several occasions she had scolded him and sent him home.

Paul was horny all the time, and often fantasized about Pat. It didn't take much for him to talk about Pat's pussy. He saw Pat one day on her way to her room after her shower. She had a towel wrapped around her hair, and a body wrap towel covering her body. Paul instantly thought about her unprotected pussy hiding under the towel wrap. His cock became rock hard, and he knew he had to find out what was under that towel. He told the guys about the towel, and now all of them fantasized about what was under the towel.

The desire to see what was under the towel became an obsession. Sometimes different guys stayed over on Friday nights just to watch her leave the bathroom on Saturday mornings. Paul even tried peeking in her bedroom window. Nobody ever got to see the goodies under the towel.

Paul liked to videotape his skate boarding skills, and he became quiet good with the video camera. Finally after weeks of trying to see something, Paul came up with an idea, use the video camera to catch her removing the wrap. He designed a small box to hide the camera. When she started her shower Frank was to place the box in a corner of her room, put it on record and leave it there. They would do it next week during spring break

Through out the weekend they constantly talked about how smart Paul was, and excitedly talked about what they would see and do. They saw her as a sexy woman who needed to be fucked. They all knew she didn't have a boy friend, and joked about how tight and hot her cunt must be. Some said they were going to put it to her, others wanted to face fuck her. The real truth was they wanted to use all of her orifices.

Monday morning Paul and Frank activated their plan. Once they heard the shower start Frank went into her room and placed the camera box on a shelf. Frank looked through the viewfinder and was satisfied most of the room was within the field of vision. Frank went back to his room, and he and Paul nervously waited for her to finish. The shower stopped, and they heard her go into her room. Finally after what seamed like hours Pat left her room and went into the kitchen. Frank rushed into her room and grabbed the camera box, and hurriedly took it back to his room.

The moment of truth was at hand. Paul took the camera out of the box and hit rewind. Holding the viewfinder tight against his eye Paul started to watch the tape. For a long time he looked at her empty room. Finally the videotape shows Pat enter the room, and walk over to her dresser. Paul's heart was pounding, Pat's back was to the camera, and she reached into a drawer, and without removing the wrap pulled on her panties. Paul was pissed, but watched as she pulled a bra out of the drawer. Paul knew this was it, he watched as she put it on without removing the wrap. Paul was destroyed. She walked to her closet. She faced into her closet and removed the wrap. Pat pulled her bra straps over her shoulders, then pulled on a pair of @jeans and a knit top. She walked out of the room.

Paul was really pissed. All of them were still determined to get under that towel. The week went by, and Friday found all eight guys in Frank's yard playing baseball and talking about Pat.

Pat came out and told them they were making to much noise, and either they quiet down or she would send them home. She then went back into the house.

That turned the conversation directly to her. Paul said he had to fuck her. His Dick got hard just thinking about her. David, Kevin, Danny, Ben, Matt, and Jason agreed. But how to do it was the big question? Paul told them about the tape. He suggested that tomorrow morning when she takes her shower, they go into her room and wait for her to finish.

Frank was apprehensive about being part of this. After all she was his sister, and he hadn't thought of her in a sexual way before. However the timing presented a perfect opportunity Mom and Dad would be at the beach house. He was definitely having problems with it, but if he didn't go along, the guys would think he was a pussy. So!

Pat enjoyed a leisurely rinse as the warm needle thick streams of water cascaded down her body. Pat was proud of her firm body. Her relationships in college had been very conservative. She did let her guard down once and had a short affair when she first entered the labor force. One of the men in the office talked her into dropping her pants. She was quick to realize her mistake when other male coworkers started hitting on her. Pat finally had to find a new job, and would not make the same mistake again.

Pat stepped out of the shower her body was youthful, firm breasts, flat stomach, and shapely legs were proof that she took care of her body. Pat patted her stomach satisfied that she still looked good. She continued to dry herself off, then put on her terry bath wrap. After wrapping her hair with a towel, she took one last look in the mirror; enough reflecting it was time to get dressed.

Pat entered her room looking at the floor as she secured the towel around her head. She reached out to close her door. Instead of her door she touched someone, panic set in her eyes widened at the sight of Frank and his friends in her room.

"What the fucks going on here?" she screamed. "What are you doing in my room?"

"We want to watch you take off your towel." Paul said. Several guys began cheering and urging her to take it off.

Pat was shocked at their boldness. They wish! She thought.

She defiantly looked at the guys. "Not a chance! Now get out." She said. She looked to Frank for help.

In an instant Pat was roughly grabbed and tossed onto her bed. Hands grabbed her arms and legs and held her in place. Her eyes opened wide with fear. She saw lust on their faces as every one of them anxiously waited for the towel to come off.

Pat couldn't believe what was happening. She felt hands jerking at the Velcro fastener holding her bath wrap closed. Her wrap was jerked from her body. She lay on her bed naked. She could see them starring wide-eyed at her naked body. Hands cupped her cunt. She jerked as a finger entered her tight pussy, then a second finger. Her tits were incredible D cups that were firm, perfectly shaped, and topped off with pert nipples. Her pussy was untrimmed and formed a hairy triangle that ran down over her plump pussy lips. She was humiliated, she realized Frank was also gazing at her nakedness.

"Man! Look at the cunt on her." Paul ran his fingers over her 36d tits. "Man, she's got fantastic titties and a tight meaty cunt just right for cock."

Paul chuckled, " Her cunt needs some cock, and we're going to give it to her."

Danny said, "Tell you what, let Frank go first, and we'll call this a done deal."

Paul said, "It's a deal."


"Do it to her."

Frank looked at her spread eagle body fully exposed and vulnerable. Her luscious body mesmerized him. The meaty pussy lips surrounding her glistening pink slit held his gaze. Frank quickly forgot his reservations. He knew that his friends were watching him. He had no other choice; he had to ride her.

Frank was suddenly atop her. He said, "Man, we've thought about doing you for a long time." Pat bucked and jerked, and stared up at the ceiling as he fingered her tight pussy. "It's going to be a tight fit." He said. His hand cupped her pussy. "Fine pussy," He said, "I'm going to enjoy fucking you, you're pussy's made for my cock Pat."

"Stop it," she screamed. "Please…don't, I'm not on the pill!"

"This is indecent. Please don't do it!"

"Please, I haven't done it in a long time."

"Please stop it!"

He rubbed his hard cock up and down her slit forcing the lips open. Pat squealed as he slowly thrust his hard cock into her cunt. She twisted and turned. He felt her cunt walls squeeze against his invading cock trying to keep him out. He watched his cock slowly disappear into her incredibly tight cunt. Her pussy lips formed a seal around his hard shaft. She tossed her head from side to side in disbelief. She had a cock in her she was getting fucked!

Pat continued to plead, "please no!"

"My God…. No…Please don't."


"Look at him going at it." Paul shouted, "Fuck her good Frank!"

Frank thrust his cock into Pat's tight cunt as far as it would go.

She cringed in shame unable to believe that this terrible indignity was happening to her.

Franks cock was the first to penetrate her pussy in five years. She was devastated, her mind and body had been violated. Pat had sex with one other man five years ago. Now she saw the lust filled faces of eight young men 10 years her junior, crowding around her. Instinctively she knew her intimate encounters were about to dramatically increase.

Her cunt was spread wide, as Frank's cock pushed into her. She gasped each time he pushed his cock deeper into her. She was breathing hard her chest was heaving. She jerked and screamed as he rammed his cock all the way into her. She moaned and gasped for air, his cock was hilted his groin hit her mound. "You're so tight!" He shouted.

Frank fucked her slow with deep hard thrusts. Her tight cunt gripped his cock. He wanted to make it last, but the thrill was more then he could bear. Pat felt Franks cock expand, she pleaded with him to stop as she realized that he was about to shot his load in her. "Here it comes!" he shouted, and pumped her faster and faster until his cock exploded inside her fist tight cunt. Frank slowly pulled his softening cock out of her. Frank got off, and was quickly replaced by Paul, and the second Dick today, the third in her life penetrated her pussy. Pat was alarmed, she knew there were more to follow.

Paul smiled, "Let her go!" he said "We'll give her a reaming she won't forget."

Paul put his hands under her buttocks and pulled them upwards. He dug his fingers into her firm ass cheeks, he grunted in pleasure as he pushed his cock into her pussy. He pulled her against him, and pulled her onto his hard cock. His cock went in so deep it hurt. "Oh shit!" he said, "Her cunt is so tight!"

"Please stop!" She pleaded, "I don't want to."

Paul began to pound his fat cock into her tight cunt with brutal strokes. She could hardly breath; she was getting a solid reaming. His hands pulled her ass cheeks again sending his cock deeper into her belly. Paul suddenly held still, his cock buried in her cunt. Looking down at her he said, "All right Pat now move your ass on my cock, and ride it!"

"Ride my cock I want you to fuck me." Paul griped her hips and pulled her up and down his stiff cock.

"Yeah! That's it Pat! Fuck me."

"Come on, Pump your ass."

"Show us you're a good fuck."

Pat began to push her hips up and down for him. Her eyes opened wide as she slid her cunt up and down his hard cock. She was fucking! She was humping her ass up and down his hard cock The shock was gone now. The friction in her cunt as his cock pumped in and out was rather pleasant. She never felt this good before. She groaned in pleasure

His hips suddenly slammed into her. She tried to twist away. He held her tight. He was really putting it to her now pounding her as hard as he could. She gasped; his hands held her in position as he pounded his cock in and out of her tight cunt. She gave a cry, then groaned as her first orgasm tore through her body. She was shocked her body betrayed her. She was being pounded hard. She groaned as her body bounced and jerked from his furious jackhammering of her pussy. She didn't care.

"Man! She's getting it now." Kevin exclaimed, "Give it to her Paul."

"Fuck the hot bitch."

"Look at her tits shake."

Pat was pulled to the side of her bed while Paul was fucking her. Ben grabbed her head and shoved his cock to her mouth. "Suck me, bitch!" he said, "I want to fuck your mouth."

Pat protested, "I never did it before."

"I can't put it in my mouth, it's to revolting" she stated.

"Wow!" Ben said, "This is great, I'm her first throat fuck."

Ben was diplomatically insistent, he grabbed her by her hair. Pat opened her mouth to get away from the pain. She reluctantly put her lips around his cock. Ben held her hair and pulled her head up and down his hard cock fucking her face. She gagged as he rammed his cock into her throat to the balls, burying her face in his pubic hair. Pat was getting it at both ends.

"Oh Yeah, That's it, Pat. Suck my cock" Ben shouted, as he fucked her mouth. "Yeah! She thought she was too good."

"She really gives great head" Ben said, chuckling.

She had tears in her eyes as she unwillingly gave her first blowjob. Her mouth was full of cock; she had saliva bubbles forming around the corners of her lips. Ben yelled as his cock quickly exploded in her mouth. Pat choked and gagged as the first blast entered her throat. She had to swallow the disgusting fluid or choke.

Paul was thrilled, watching Pat struggle as Ben face fucked her was exciting. When Ben held her head and rammed his cock deep into her throat to shot his load. Paul couldn't hold back any longer, his cock shot wads of cum into her cunt. "Take it? Take my cum in your cunt." He hissed. He continued to fuck her, shooting two more loads in her hot wet cunt. He stopped at last and held himself inside her, letting his cock drain into her cunt.

"The nasty bitch likes it," Paul sniped. "I told you she was one hot bitch, she loves it."

Pats pussy had been abused and stretched by two fucks, and there were no indications it would stop soon. They were high on the excitement of participating in Pat's rape. After a short argument about whom was next, her rape continued. Danny pushed his hard cock into her. She screamed as his cock pushed into her sore cunt and began to forcefully pound her.

Pat's cunt wasn't stretched enough from her two previous fucks. She gasped and protested as his cock tore into her deeper then she thought was possible. She begged and pleaded with him to stop. She was grunting with each hard thrust. She was getting aroused it felt so good!

She was being soundly fucked. Danny's cock plunged in and out of her as he battered her sore cunt. He kept telling her how good she was. A few minutes into her pounding another cock was thrust into her mouth.

Pat found it repulsive that her mouth was being used as a repository for their cocks. She almost threw up, as the cock in her mouth slid into her throat. The pounding of her pussy picked up speed fucking her faster and faster as Danny unloaded his balls into her pussy. The cock in her throat began spewing thick vile tasting fluid into her mouth. She tried to swallow all of it, but a lot of it dripped from her mouth.

Pat was totally overwhelmed she was receiving the fucking of her life from eight hard cocks, and was starting to like it.

"Please no more!" she begged as she swallowed the last bits of cum.

Kevin straddled her body, his knees on each side of her chest. He placed his hard cock between her tits, then pushed her tits around his cock. Kevin grinned as he began to push his cock up and down between her tits. He steadily humped her tits.

Pat was amazed this was her first tit fuck. She watched the head of his glistening cock slide up and down between her tits. Kevin quickly came shooting his load on her neck, chin, and face.

"Now it's my turn" Jason stated, "I want some pussy too."

"Get her on her hands and knees." I want her ass sticking in the air.

Pat dropped onto her knees keeping her ass as high as she could. She felt him behind her. Jason spread her legs some more; now he said put my cock in your cunt. Pat reached behind her and grabbed his cock and pressed it against her cunt. Pat pushed backwards, and slid herself onto his hard cock. She pushed against him until his cock was buried in her tight cunt. Pat was being fucked doggie style, on all fours, her ass in the air getting drilled by Jason's huge cock.

Pat allowed herself a moment to rationalize. She was angry she wanted scream at Frank for what they were doing to her. How could he do this to her.

Jason pumped into her, his hands on her hips pulling and pushing her ass as she humped his hard shaft. She was hot; Jason could feel her cunt gripping his cock as he pumped his cock into her. His groin was slapping against her ass as he caresses her heart shaped ass cheeks. Pat was unable to ignore the steady pounding of his cock as it slid in and out of her long denied cunt channel. To be honest the sensations were pleasant. She was burning hot her pussy squeezed and gripped his cock as it plunged in and out of her. Pat was hot!

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