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Hottest Incest Stories on the web

Guys n Gals..... Here I post some hottest incest stories that I have come across..........

No need of repping much just enjoy and jerk off well

A Family Pact

It was one of those fantastically languid moments. The intensity of the orgasm left my mind blank, spent. My whole body was weak as I lay on the couch, afraid that I might just flow off it into a puddle on the floor. I open my eyes and see Nina's back, lightly tanned, and the twin, creamy firm orbs of her paler buttocks, mechanically, automatically, rising and falling over my softening cock. My wife is still milking the last out of her intensely powerful orgasm, but I am spent.

I hear a noise, and there in the doorway is Sue, our youngest daughter. Only thirteen, but so grown-up looking and womanly-wise.. She has been watching us make love... watching my long, thick cock pound up into her mother's bouncing cunt until finally we both achieved the delicious release we were striving for. Sue stares at us through passion-glazed eyes, her own voyeuristic arousal patently obvious. The crotch of her white leotard has bunched between the lips of her young pussy, and her wetness has stained through to darken the thin strip of fabric pulled into her slit . She is such a gorgeous-looking girl, her long, blonde hair cascading down her back, her long legs muscular and tanned. I feel the need to say something to my wife, warn her that our daughter is watching us make love... but I'm so spent that I cannot speak. Somehow it doesn't seem wrong to let her watch. It all seems so... so natural.

My cock softens so that the head drops out of the grasp of my wife's tight clinging cunt and thuds against my stomach. It is oiled with our fluids, gleaming in the light of the fire that burns next to us. Nina's rhythmic motion is so subtle now I can only discern it from the contractions of her shoulders, I cannot detect the small rise and fall of her body. She still straddles me, and beneath the cleft of her buttocks I can see the stringy droplets resulting from our friction spilling from her and sticking to the dewy hair on my upper thighs. Her right hand reaches behind her, between her parted thighs, and I feel Nina's fingers curl around my limp prick. I can feel her finger-tips adhere to the goo that coats my cock, and the tightness of the sticky bond when she pulls her hand away.

Nina lifts herself off me, swinging her leg over my chest. I can see her thighs gleam from our spill. She walks over to the chair were the towel lies spread, our pubic hair scattered and stuck to the threads by the shaving lubricant we used earlier. From her silhouette projected on the wall I watch as Nina wipes herself clean. I look around the shadowy room with the flicking flames casting a varied depth of light, but cannot see Sue. Nina leaves, after finding the towel was soiled, to wash herself. I lie naked on my back and close my eyes.

I remember our love-making.

I can feel the walls of Nina's cunt engulf me, slipping over my erection like a soft suede glove flexes and grips my fingers. And the way her vaginal muscles rippled over the length of cock once it was fully embedded in her. At that moment I was lost, clenching and unclenching my scrotum and feeling the vibrations pulse along my length. My eyes closed. Nina pulsing my cock. I don't know where I was, somewhere in the agony before the ecstasy. Another universe. Then I feel one of Nina's fingers joining my cock in her cunt. Tonight she feels the not infrequent need to really have her cunt really stretched. It felt good.

Nina's cunt massaged me, her finger massaged me, the nail at its end scratching against the underside of my cock head, its hardness muted by the wetness of Nina's secretions. It was so weird. I just lay there, trying to control my eruption. Then Nina spasmodically rose and dropped hard onto my prick. I knew she was coming. Her finger pressed against my cock and her palm ground against her clit with the rhythm of our fucking, and I came too.

I return to the present. Reliving that orgasm, each sensation is some catharsis to reenter the real world. My brain is here. The room is dark, and only red embers glow from the fire place. The wood is damp and the room smoky, it reminds me of the wet Appalachian apple orchards of the harvest times of my youth. Naked I throw some more logs on the coals and stoke the fire. The little light from the fireplace emits a gauzy reflection off the window panes, but I see a slender figure beyond them on the screen porch. The flames behind me warm my back and backside, but my chest feels cold. I can almost feel the damp coldness wash over from the lake through the close door.

Sue does not turn when I come out to the porch, but stares at the ice dark lake water, or perhaps the fast-moving cumulus clouds that are the silver lining of a starry sky. For the first time I hear the wind whistling. I feel I must talk to my daughter, say something to her... explain... anything. I sense that she is troubled by what she saw, but I don't know it is embarrassment, guilt or even jealousy. I put my hands on her shoulders, in a fatherly gesture. She does not flinch, she knows I am there. I want to press my body against her, but she is obviously upset... there should be space here now. It is hard for both of us to come to terms with the intimacy she has witnessed. I suddenly have an uncontrollable urge to share it with her.

Sue has shared our parental love for her, but never actually witnessed our physical love until now. It's as if she's been in our lives, loving us both, but in a cameo role. I can understand the indignant flexing of her back, and the way her shoulders melt into my palms. I ask Sue if she would like to come back inside, now that the fire is roaring. It is cold out here.

She turns, and for the first time realises that I am still naked. Her eyes seem to sparkle mischievously in the firelight and I seem to detect a tiny smile lift the corners of her mouth as my cock brushes inadvertently against her thigh. I shiver at the momentary contact, but not because of the cold. Come on inside, I tell her with a grin, before your poor old Dad catches pneumonia. I sit her on the couch in front of the fire and go in search of my wife.

Nina is in the kitchen. I tell her everything, except the fact that the idea of our own daughter watching us have sex actually turned me on. But Nina is no fool. She nuzzles my neck and whispers; "You want to fuck her, don't you?" What can I say. I shrug my shoulders non-committally and just stare at her stupidly. I could never successfully lie to Nina. "It's okay, leave everything to me," she whispers, "Now go keep her company while I get us some drinks" I shake my head in disbelief, but do as Nina says. I always have.

Sue is still on the couch where I left her, fidgeting uneasily. We sit beside one another, separated by a palm width of propriety, she in her gleaming leotard while I am still naked. I watch as the light from the burning logs flickers over her beautiful face. She has her mother's fair looks, serene yet with a tantalizing hint of devilment about her. There are freckles on her cheeks that almost glow as the tongues of flame lick outward in the fireplace. I can feel my daughter's flush rise from the warmth of the blaze before us. I long to savour that young animal heat rising from her tender flesh with my hands, but to feel it is inappropriate. We stare at the depth of the fire, apart, together.

Nina comes into the room. She bears a tray with a bottle of wine and three glasses and sets it down on the table in front of the overstuffed couch catty corner to the Ottoman where I sit beside Sue. Nina is wearing a silk wrap around gown that barely reaches to the top of her thighs and that is translucent in the roar of the fire. Nina's light brown hair drops over this fine material and seems to be organic, pulsing in the light of the flames. She tells me to clean myself, and I realize that our outpourings have gelled on my lower body. I leave, as instructed and wash my genitals in the sink of our white tiled bathroom. The warm water from the faucet flows over my nether parts, the bar of soap cleaning the evidence our strenuous coupling away with its bubbling lather. In the bedroom I find a pair of grey cotton drawstring pants and a black T-shirt and put them on.

Five minutes have passed when I return to the room. From the top of the varnished stairs I can see the fire has ebbed, and that Nina and Sue sit close together on the couch. Their bodies are white, but the luminance of Nina's gown glares over the whiteness of Sue's body suit. Their arms and heads are dull shadows, Sue's blonde head a nightlight, Nina's light brown hair a texture in the penumbra of her radiance. I walk down the stairs behind the couch. For a moment I think that Sue is crying. Her head is almost buried into the crotch of her mother's armpit, and Nina is caressing Sue's back. My bare feet let me move silently across the hardwood floor but Nina looks up as I approach. I catch her glance and its message.

Slowly Nina's caresses pull the straps of Sue's leotard off her shoulders. I place my hands on Sue's neck, my fingers dwelling over its nape, tracing over the shape of the vertebrae. I help push the straps down my daughter's upper arms and palm the corner of each shoulder with each hand, as I held her earlier on the porch. Again I want to press my body against her back. Nina nuzzles Sue's cheek and neck. I watch as Nina slowly works the top of Sue's leotard down. I can see from my vantage point, behind the couch, the creamy swell of her firm young breasts emerge to the light. Sue's nipples are distended, almost like grub worms, in their erectness. I long to pinch them, or at least cup her breasts like I do her shoulders, but instead I watch as Nina's nose and mouth trace a line of kisses and pressure to the cleavage between Sue's breasts.

For a moment I am entranced. Watching my wife in an intimate embrace with our daughter is hard to believe, but the sight is an incredible turn-on. I watch as my daughter's young breasts are revealed in all their glory. She is so young and perfect. I feel drawn to her, compelled to worship her gorgeous young body as my wife is doing, so I kneel on the floor. I press my face under her hair and kiss the space against her neck that Nina just recently vacated. I can feel Sue's breath expelling downwards on to my face, with its aromas of Shiraz, apple and Nina. I close my eyes and bury my face behind Sue's left ear, drowning in the sea of my daughter's silky blonde hair.

Blinded, my left hand explores on its own. I sense it tracing down Sue's forearm and can see in my mind's eye it forays over Sue's speckled tanned skin. Instinctively I know that Nina has moved on. As I kiss Sue's hair line behind her ear, my hand bridges that gap between her ulna and ribs and my fingers feel the crease where her left breast meets her chest. My fingers reach upwards over the spherical incline until I feel her knotty nipple between the cleft of my middle and index finger. I squeeze my digits, clasping her breast and pinching Sue's nipple warmly, not tightly. God, I am feeling up my own daughter! Pure heaven.

To check on Nina I remove my face from the nest of Sue's hair. Nina is almost kneeling on the couch. Sue's leotard has been pulled down to below her waist and rests tightly over her tips. My right hand slips from Sue's shoulder to mirror-image my left. It holds her breast, and I gently pinch my fingers together and feel the stiff nubbins of my daughter's nipples enveloped in the soft web of flesh between my longest fingers. Emboldened by her moans of arousal, my mouth finds hers, and we kiss. Sue's eyes close when our lips entwine, but I look down and watch as Nina's tongue swirls around and into Sue's navel. A part of me can't believe this is happening, as I watch my own wife pay homage to our 13-year-old daughter with her mouth.

I can see Nina pulling down the bunched leotard with her left hand, trying to bring it over Sue's jutting pelvis, while her right hand strokes the tops of Sue's thighs. Almost imperceptibly Sue's legs begin to widen. I kiss her harder, and think I see the damp spot over the crotch of her leotard expand. The sight is incredibly arousing.

Nina lifts her head from Sue's stomach and kneels on the floor. Swiftly she lifts Sue's legs over her head and lays them lengthwise on the couch. This movement breaks my kiss with Sue, whose head falls onto the seat of the sofa. I kneel in a vacuum behind the couch. Nina pulls at the leotard bunched at Sue's waist, and I watch as Sue lifts her hips so as to allow her mother to fully undress her. I watch as the white clothing is stripped down Sue's legs and hoops through the final hurdle of her ankles. My eyes travel up my daughter's legs to her naked crotch. Her cunt-hair is almost non-existent and in the dull fire-light, the blonde fuzz covering her plump mound is completely transparent.

My cock leaps to attention at the sight of my little daughter's sweet sex, so lewdly exposed. Nina rests her head on the tops of Sue's thighs, and I gasp as my wife's tongue extends and licks tentatively at the girl's naked cuntslit. Sue's legs widen, almost reluctantly, and Nina's tongue slides over the pebble-like clitoris and darts between Sue's outer labia. My fingers touch Sue's temples, and trace downwards over the outline over her cheekbone to her chin. She turns her face so that her mouth can entrap my right index finger to the second knuckle and sucks its length hard. She gazes up at me as she does so, and the look of pure lust on her pretty little face tells me that she'd rather be sucking her Daddy's cock.

I escape Sue's mouth. My fingers trace over the sharp outline of her collar bone, and down the ridge between her breasts. Her skin is soft but somehow my fingertips can feel the dimple of every pore. My hands are instinctively drawn to and dance over the incredibly firm mounds of my daughter's breasts. I lean over the back of the couch and grasp a nipple in my mouth. I let my teeth clench it while my tongue washes it with my saliva. I pull my face away, still gripping the erect flesh, almost trying to strip it of its skin, and then give the same attention to its twin. My tongue then plies its trade around the swollen aureoles at the base of each nipple. Sucking my daughter's nipples like this has my cock as hard as a rock. I can feel it trying to escape through the waistband of my pants.

Suddenly, Sue moans loudly and I feel her whole body shudder. When I look down, I can see Nina's reddening cheeks. Nina's whole mouth is locked around the opening of our daughter's pussy and she is sucking like she sucked my cock earlier, drawing the blood to Sue's tissue surface and sucking Sue's aroused young clit. While I can't see it I know that as she sucks, Nina's tongue is working. I have seen my wife with other women before and I imagine her stiff, wriggling tongue probing the tasty recesses of Sue's hairless young pussy, darting deeply into our daughter's tight little fuckhole, flicking maddeningly at her engorged clit. I watch Sue's stomach convulse, knowing what Nina is doing to the young girl with her tongue. Knowing that she is making her own daughter... our daughter.. climax into her mouth.

As Sue relaxes, Nina release her cuntal kiss, and looks up at me, her lips and chin glistening with our daughter's secretions. I stand and step out of my pants. I walk to the front of the couch after moving the coffee table to give us some more room. I kneel next to Nina, who is kissing and licking the area between Sue's navel and slit, and kiss Sue. She is shaking, and it is hard for our lips to press together, but I feel her hand instinctively run up my thigh, gently touch my balls, and then ring her thumb and fingers around the base of my cock. I feel her tiny fist follow my length, stopping beneath the flared head, gently squeezing. I can't believe the feeling. I have had many women fondle my erect prick before, but this is my own sweet, sexy little girl... my daughter... my baby! It feels like I am having my cock touched for the very first time....

Sue's digits massage my foreskin, attempting to pull it over the stretching head of my prick. I can feel Sue pull me toward her. Nina moves aside to let me at our daughter and I crawl on the couch. All this time Sue's fingers are locked around me, pulling, coaxing, squeezing. I look down into my daughter's eyes and see my own animal lust reflected there. There is no need for me to ask. She wants this even more than I do! As I lower myself, Sue guides the head of my cock against the glistening folds of her young cunt, rubbing the head once or twice through the slit before popping it eagerly into the tight ring of her juvenile fuckhole.

Pushing my hips forward, I enter her easily. Like any father, I am somewhat disappointed. My little girl is not a virgin, and I silently curse the boy (or man) who took that ultimate pleasure away from me. However the feeling of loss lasts but a moment as my cock is gripped by my daughter's little-used cunt-muscles. The walls of her little pussy clasp my prick tightly but allow me to slide easily into her. This is not like the snug familiar confines of her mother. My baby's pussy is hot, and wet and very, VERY tight!

Slowly, so as not to hurt her tiny hole too much, I begin to thrust in and out. I enjoy every fold of Sue's hot young flesh rippling over my length. Her upper thighs grip my hips, and then slowly move up my body, clenching my waist, then the lower reaches of my ribcage. I keep my thrusting slow, but then withdraw to swing her legs over my shoulders, enter her again and feel the backs of her knees clenching my shoulders. I will not speed up this slow deliberate rhythm, though I sense my daughter wants me to push harder and faster.

Nina has lifted Sue's head and now sits on the couch, cradling Sue's head in her crotch. Nina's robe has opened, and I can see the erectness of her pink nipples. I look at Nina's face as she watches me fuck our daughter. She is extremely excited and whispers encouragement as I begin to plow Sue's hot, slippery little slit with more and more force.

"Fuck her!" snarls Nina. "Fuck her horny little cunt!" My wife's words are incredibly exciting. And I stare into her wild, lust-filled eyes as I fuck our gorgeous willing daughter.

In a motherly gesture, Nina wipes the sweat from Sue's brow and her body jerks slightly with each thrust of my cock into Sue. I can almost taste the smell emanating from my daughter's pussy as I fuck her, the moaning little girl seems to emanate sex from every pore of her body, but I'm locked in my stare with Nina. I am about to cum in Sue's tight, sucking cunt but Nina whispers; No, not yet, and shakes her head. Reluctantly I withdraw my cock from Sue, and stare down into her wide young disappointed eyes apologetically.

Nina instructs me to lie down and helps our daughter to climb on top of me. I lean back against the arm of the couch and watch as my wife maneuvers our daughter over my cock. Sue squats on my glistening cock, I can feel her middle finger against the underside of my shaft as she directs its length into her tiny cunt once more. The soft folds of her adolescent pussy-lips engulf my cockhead as Sue lowers herself onto me. The finger pressing against my prick enters with me and Sue cups my balls with the palm of her hand. Sue lifts and drops in a slow rhythm that matches the slothful pace I took fucking her mother earlier.

Sue's eyes are closed, her cute little mouth open and panting. I feel her pubic bone crush against my own as she grinds her slender young hips over my pumping pelvis. I can feel her adolescent cunt-walls gripping and ungripping me powerfully, much more tightly than her mother, yet at the same time very familiar. Her tiny breasts are crushed against my chest, sweaty from our exertions. Sue's elongated nipples rubbed against my own. I close my own eyes and start to fuck my cock up into her belly strongly. Just knowing that it is my own, sweet, sexy little daughter who is bouncing her cunt down onto my raging prick is enough to make me come on the spot, but I try to hold back, wanting to make our first incestuous fuck truly memorable.

Nina's hands intervene. She is behind our daughter, and cups Sue breasts. At first I thought it was to aid our sensuality, but Nina tries to pull Sue's back down to the couch. Sue does this, pulling my cock down to an obtuse angle that makes it hard to fuck her. In a frenzy of lust, Nina tries to aim her shaven crotch onto our daughter face, but I can see this makes Sue uncomfortable. I take Nina's hand as I slide down the couch so that I now lie flat on my back, away from resting on the sofa's armrest. Sue grabs my cock and straddles me again, reinserting my long, sticky shaft back into her tight young cunt where it belongs. Soon she begins to rise and fall over the length of my cock once more, throwing her head back and moaning with pleasure at the deep penetration. Her slippery cunt almost loses grip at the apex of her rhythm, but the strong downward force of her body holds me in place. I am surprised at her technique. And absently wonder how many other cock's she has fucked like this. It can't be many because she's only 13 and she's as tight as a virgin, but still I envy each and every one of them with a father's jealousy.

Sue has quickened her pace, bouncing up and down on me now, like she saw her mother doing in this very spot, less than an hour ago. Nina sits on the arm of the couch and slowly lower her hips. I reach out to touch her with my tongue. I can see her dew condensing on the inner opening between her puffy red cuntlips. My wife is very aroused, so I see, from the swelling and darkening of her labia. She lowers her crotch on my face, so that my nose pushes against the tight orchid of her anus and my mouth and tongue dwell over her cunt. I work my lips and tongue on her, tasting every drop that emanates from her tantalizingly wet hole.

I can't believe it. Here I am lying on my living-room sofa, with my daughter's tight cunt impaled on my cock and my wife's gooey cunt sliding around on my face... Jesus, I'm fucking them both! Sue is working my cock, ever faster. I feel her cup my balls and squeeze them, while her other hand holds the base of shaft with two fingers and a thumb and rubs it in a beat totally different from the hips that pound around me. I feel like I have two cocks, fucking or be fucked at different paces. And they are both about to come.

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Nina leans forward and kisses Sue. One of Nina's hands caresses the point of union between me and our daughter as I fuck her, her fingers forming a ring above Sue's and matching Sue's crazy hand jive; another finger strokes Sue's clitoris in that same rhythm. Nina's other hand floats over Sue's tiny breasts squeezing and massaging them. Soon I feel one of Sue's hands passing through the shaven crotch above my face, and my tongue laps the index finger that finds it way into my mouth. I can feel Sue's pubescent lust mount as she pounds me urgently. Nina starts to rub her cunt across my face. My left hand joins Nina's rubbing the outer reaches of our daughter's hairless cock-filled little crotch. Nina is gushing into my mouth. I think my pelvis will shatter from Sue's pounding. I fell my prick being sucked by my daughter's powerful orgasm, and as it is released momentarily my welling come gushes into her, filling her heaving, little womb with my sperm, the same sperm that had gushed into Nina thirteen years ago to give her life. Sue rises again gripping, almost sucking, and thrusts down again as another spurt escapes me. Nina is literally grinding into my face. Then, with a loud scream, my wife comes too, filling my mouth with her juices as I fuck the last few spurts of fatherly jism into our writhing, squealing and very satisfied daughter.

Later, as we lay entangled in front of the fire in the after-glow of our first familial fuck, we made a decision... a family pact if you like... no secrecy, no locked doors, no false modesty, and above all, where sex was concerned... no holds barred!

Sue is 20 now and married to a very nice young guy named Dave. Luckily Dave comes from an equally broad-minded family. Otherwise he would have stormed out of the house on Sue's wedding day when he found Nina and I giving Sue a little 'bon voyage' fuck right there on the very couch where it all started, seven wonderful years ago. Instead, Dave just grinned, took off his clothes and shoved his huge cock into my more-than-willing wife. As Dave fucked Nina to orgasm after orgasm, on the floor, I did for same for my beautiful, newly-wed daughter. Kissing the bride was never so much fun!

Sue and Dave are regular visitors here now and the same 'family pact' we agreed on all those years ago still applies. Sometimes Dave brings some of his equally broad-minded family with him... All I can say is that Christmas reunions at our house these days are a real BALL!

The End.

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Loving Family

It was a pleasure to get away from the business world for a well-earned holiday, I'd left my husband in charge and had booked a holiday apartment in Spain for myself and our two children, Thomas and Hilary. They were in need of a break as much as I was and both jumped at the chance to accompany me, Thomas at seventeen was the eldest and Hilary was almost sixteen. Our holiday apartment was near a small village just outside Cadiz and in a small complex with its own private beach. We were going to enjoy out holiday, but not quite as we thought.

We arrived late at night so after a drink of coffee, the only thing we were fit for was a good night's rest. The following morning, we sorted ourselves out and we went into the village to buy some provisions. The local shop was very helpful and was in fact owned by a couple from Bristol who had retired early and decided to live in a more pleasing climate.

In the afternoon we decided to start our suntans, I had already got my bikini on and had been taking the sun for some time when Thomas joined me. He's a tall good-looking young man and filling out nicely, I couldn't fail to notice that his trunks were also quite well filled.

A little later, Hilary came out and I was surprised to see that she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

"Why aren't you wearing your swimsuit?" I asked.

She replied, in an angry voice, "Because I've forgotten to pack it and I'll have to buy another."

Later that evening, we went shopping for some swimwear and managed to find a shop that sold some. They were much too modern for me, though Hilary thought them alright, the tops were very brief and the bottoms were like G-strings and nearly non-existent ones at that, I'd seen some girls wearing them and they looked almost naked. However, she insisted they were alright so I bought her one as an early birthday present.

When we got back she immediately went to her room to try it on, a few minutes later she reappeared, dressed as before.

"What's the matter? Where's your new bikini?" I said.

Hilary replied, "I don't think that it's really me."

I wasn't satisfied with that and told her to go and put it on and come back. A few minutes later she came into the lounge looking very sheepish, now I realised what she was on about. My daughter had altered a great deal recently, she was no longer a girl but a young woman and her body had matured accordingly. The bikini top in no way covered her breasts but I must admit it made them more attractive by enhancing their size and shape. I asked her to turn round, the briefs were cut away to almost nothing, just a thin piece of material appearing from between her buttocks to join the one around her waist. Her buttocks were very shapely and attractive with a just a trace of a dimple on each. She really was a very attractive girl.

Facing me again, she had her hands clasped together in front of her so I asked her to move them and stand more easily. She blushed deeply and when she moved her hands I saw why. Her briefs were so brief that pubic hair sprouted out all around the triangle of cloth covering her mound.

For a moment, I couldn't say anything.

"I'm very sorry," I eventually said, "I should have realised earlier and told you what to do. But if you're going to wear it, you'll have to trim your bush."

She came up to me almost in tears and said, "I've got nothing to use and anyway, I've never done anything like that before."
Poor girl, it was my fault really, I should have realised what might happen.

I calmed her down and said that the bikini looked really good on her, and suited her gorgeous figure. It looked better than good really, she had physically matured into a stunner and it showed her off a treat. I was on the point of offering to lend her my toilette bag when I said something totally different.

"I'll do it for you if you like."

I could hardly believe my own ears, my daughter couldn't either, she just gaped at me.

I could feel colley-wobbles in my tummy as I staggered on, "It's easy really, once you know what to do you'll be able to do it yourself. I shave and trim my own bush but I've been doing it for years, you've yet to start so it might as well be now."

I was surprised at myself, but I took her hand and led her to my bedroom.

"Take your briefs off and get on the bed."

She was too surprised to protest and I left to get my things and a bowl of hot water. When I returned, I looked at my daughter, it's now or never I thought. I put a towel on the bed and said, "Come on young lady," I said, "sit down here."

Hilary looked uncertain as she sat down and I thought she was going to back out, but she did as she was told. I told her to lift her knees and open up so that I could 'do her'. She hadn't taken her briefs off so as she raised legs, I took hold of them and said, "Do you want to carry on? There's no need to go on if you don't want to."

She nodded and I pulled her briefs off, I held her legs and slowly parted them until they were wide open. Her pubic hair was lush and her split was barely visible. I made sure she was comfortable and told her to hold her legs and I would start on her bush. I sat in front of her and looked at my daughters pubes, it had been a long time since I had seen her so naked and now I was about to start a most intimate task.

I'd decided that it would be easier to shave her if her pubes were given a wash first, I soaked a small towel in warm water and rubbed some soap onto it, I looked at her and thought, here goes, and started to wash her genitals and pubic hair. I quickly built up a lather and washed her thoroughly, at first I felt nervous when I felt her genitals with my fingers but soon got over it.

After a few minutes washing and soaping, I rinsed her clean and dried her, then I sprayed on some shaving cream and started to shave her. I started below her vagina and working upwards, her labia gradually came into view, too late I realised that I had shaved her more than I intended. I had intended to shave her enough so that she could decently wear her bikini but I was actually exposing her labia, oh well I thought, I might as well finish it properly.

I stopped her when I reached the top of her labia and then did the sides to leave a strip of hair about four centimetres wide. I did the top then so that it wouldn't show above her briefs and after brushing and combing her, I trimmed the hair quite short and the job was done. I cleaned her up and looked at my handiwork, 'Not bad' I thought, 'just like a Mohican'. For the first time, I looked at my daughter as I would another woman, and one that was sexually attractive.

Her labia was open and her inner lips were very prominent and even her vagina was gaping open. I looked at her face and was surprised to see that she was just lying back looking at the ceiling, "Wakey-wakey! All done," I said.

She gave a little start and turned to look at me. Smiling at her, I got from the bed and went to the dressing table to get a hand mirror, I gave it to her and said, "Have a look at yourself, I hope you like it."

She put the mirror between her legs and her hand shot to her mouth, she looked at me and then back at her reflection, she reached down with her fingers and touched herself, tracing the outline of her labia, as she did so her puckered anus twitched. I felt a lump in my chest, I shouldn't be feeling like this, after all she is my daughter, I looked at her closer as her fingers moved back and forth along her now wide open labia.

I don't know why but I had to do it, I reached out and touched her, she took her fingers away as I mine came into contact with her genitals. I felt elation as I ran my fingertips up and down her pussy, her chest was heaving as I grew firmer in touching her. Her vagina was wide open and before I could stop myself, I had wet my finger and plunged it up to the knuckle into my daughter's cunt.

I pushed it in and out and then in went a second finger, we were both quite agitated, her clitoris now received my attention, I rubbed at it vigorously with my other hand and Hilary began to writhe around as her passion grew. I knew how wrong it was to indulge in masturbation with my daughter but I couldn't stop, in seconds she was having her climax and groaning in delight as waves of pleasure swept through her body.

She flopped back as if exhausted and I reluctantly took my hands from her, she slowly recovered and after realising what we had done, tried to say something but left quickly without saying a word. I was still in a state of excitement as I lay back on my bed but I knew what I was going to do. I pulled off my shorts and legs wide apart, I watched myself in the wall mirror and masturbated like fury until I came in a flurry of arms and legs. My fingers were covered in my juices and as I had always liked the taste of myself, I licked them clean.

When we met later we hardly spoke, it was only late at night when we were washing up that we managed to break the silence. Thomas had already gone to bed so we were able to talk quite freely, after finishing our chores we went into the lounge and sat together on the sofa. As we talked, our conversation became more intimate and we finally talked about what we had done earlier in the day. I admitted that I had enjoyed what I did, as she also appeared to do, and that after she had gone I had needed to masturbate. During this time I realised how much my daughter had grown up, she was far more mature and level headed than any other fifteen-year old that I knew and much more sensible.

Gradually our conversation dried up, and we just looked at each other, my feelings were all mixed up as I looked at her and the lump in my chest grew heavier. I moved closer to her and put my hand to her face, she looked at me and licked her lips, that did it for me, I moved closer and kissed her on her mouth.

She didn't protest but I broke free after a few seconds and waited for some reaction, there was none so I kissed her again and this time I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She reacted this time, putting an arm round me and pulling me closer to her, I put my hand up her T-shirt and held her left breast, I felt her nipple become erect so I held it between thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently.

A minute or so later, she pushed me away, I thought that she'd had enough but she started to unfasten my shirt and when the buttons were all undone, she pushed it from my shoulders. I leaned forward so that she could take it off me, naked to the waist, I leaned back so that she could properly see my breasts. I closed my eyes and waited, but not for long, her hands felt warm on me as they wandered over my heaving chest, I then felt her breath as her mouth closed over my right nipple and for the first time in years she sucked at my teat.

First one, then the other and back again, my daughter made love to my breasts with her mouth, by now I didn't care, we wanted each other and we went at it like wildcats. Before I knew it, she had pulled off my shorts and had pushed me down and with no hesitation planted her mouth right on my juicy cunt. I writhed about shouting and thrashing my limbs as she licked and lapped at my pussy, my clitoris was on fire as she sucked at it, then at my love lips. My climax came crashing on and with a yell I jerked and thrashed to a standstill.

As I recovered, I felt my daughter's hands on my breasts, my stomach started churning again, but I had to return her love. I knelt in front of her and pulled her shorts of, she raised her hips to help me and when she was naked she leaned back in the sofa and opened her legs and pulled open her pussy lips. I didn't need any more invitation, I leaned forward and flicked my tongue up and down her crack. I sucked and nibbled at her juicy twat and before long she was wriggling in delight and then grabbed me at the back of my held and held me to her as she climaxed.

By now we both felt exhausted an we decided that it was time for bed, still naked we held each close as we kissed good night, it wouldn't do for Thomas to find us in bed together. I lay in bed, unable get the thought of my daughter out of my mind, I'd made love to a woman before, just once many years ago but it was nothing like tonight. Finally I fell asleep, but my dreams were of nothing but Hilary.

I was making breakfast the following morning when Hilary walked into the kitchen, she looked at me nervously and then turned to leave. I called her back and she slowly came to me, I lifted her chin so that we looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you," I whispered.

"I love you too," she replied very quietly.

I kissed her lips and her tongue slid out to meet mine, we toyed with each other and we would have gone further had we had not heard Thomas coming down. He didn't stay long before dashing off to the beach. As we watched him go, my hand slid down the back of my daughters shorts and cupped her buttocks, my fingers probed her crack and I was soon stroking her anus. Her eyes widened as I pushed my finger into her arse and diddled her hole, I didn't want to tire her out so after a few minutes I took my finger from her and then we got changed for the beach.

Hilary decided to wear her new bikini and she certainly got a lot of looks as we went on to the beach, she seemed comfortable with it but it wouldn't have made much difference if she'd been stark naked. Being a private attachment to the apartment complex, the beach wasn't as crowded as a public one and so we selected a nice spot for the day. Some time later, Thomas found us and at first didn't recognise his sister, she was laying face down and was giving herself a few minutes sun before returning to the shade.

I watched his face with interest as he looked up and down the near naked form before him, he was about to say something when she turned over and looked up. Again his eyes were captivated by the beauty before him, he looked her over, lingering to take in the form of her breasts and then at the fork between her thighs. He couldn't help but see that she must have shaven her pubes in order to wear her bikini, the minx noticed this and slyly opened her legs a little more to tease him. He was clearly disturbed by this previously unseen feast before him and mumbling something about wanting a swim, he dashed off to the waters edge, but not before we both noticed that his agitation was centred in his obvious erection.

Turning to Hilary, I asked, "Are you a virgin?"

"Yes," she replied, and blushed slightly.

I continued, "Well you might not be too far away from you first fuck, how would you like Thomas to have sex with you, I know I would. Shall we take our tops off and give him something to think about?"

I didn't wait for Hilary to reply and took my bikini top off. My breasts are pretty good for my age so I knew Thomas would be interested in them, they're not big but are nicely shaped and have good nipples.

At first, I was shocked at what I'd said about fucking with Thomas, but the little trembles in my tummy told me otherwise. I looked over at Hilary, she was gazing out into the distance, a smile on her lips. 'Yes, young lady,' I thought, 'you're on your back with your brother banging away at your box. Well, me too.'

When my son returned, his eyes nearly left his head as he saw our naked breasts, he was almost lost for words as he sat down with us.

A few minutes later, Hilary got up, came to me and asked me to rub some sun tan lotion on her, she stood in front of me and I poured some lotion into my hand and started to rub it on her back. I progressed downwards and covered her buttocks, working between her cheeks and down between her legs, she turned to face me and I did her breasts. As I moved down to her briefs, she pulled the front away from her body, I took her cue and slipped my fingers under the material and cupped her young pussy.

It was too much for Thomas, he shot into the apartment, it was too much for me as well, I pushed further and curled my middle finger deep into her vagina. I probed her for a few moments and realising we were in a rather public place, let her go.

"One of two things probably made Thomas go off like he did," I said to Hilary as she lay on her sun bed, "he's come in his pants or, he's gone for a wank, either way, I think we got to him."

The rest of the day went quickly and by the time evening came and we went out for a meal, we had returned to something like a normal state.

The following day, when Thomas was in town, Hilary and I made love again. Most of the time we just lay in each other's arms and then we'd have a frenzied session of licking, sucking or fingering and then quiet again. Although we enjoyed our lesbian actions, we were both in need of some cock and again we talked about Thomas. Finally we agreed that Hilary would attempt to seduce him and I would hopefully 'catch' them in the act, we would then have to play it by ear.

Nothing much happened during the next few days and I was beginning to wonder when Hilary was going to make her play for her brother. However, a day or so later, I got back to the apartment after spending a few hours in the village and decided to spend some time on the beach.

I almost walked into Thomas before I saw him, he was watching Hilary on the patio, sunbathing in the nude. She was lying on a sunbed with her feet pointing to the apartment, her legs were slightly parted which gave Thomas a tantalising view of her more interesting parts. His only clothing was a pair of shorts that were more off than as they were round his ankles. He was slowly wanking himself so I thought that I'd leave him to it before saying anything. I'd already changed into my bikini so I slipped the top off and waited for Thomas to bring himself off.

I only had to wait a couple of minutes before Thomas's knees started wobbling and he started to come, as I approached him I saw that he was shooting his sperm into a towel which I thought a nice touch.

He'd just about finished when I put my hand on his shoulder and said, "Did you enjoy that, I certainly enjoyed watching you."

He was so surprised he'd no idea what to do first, finish wanking, pull up his shorts or try to make a run for it, so he just stood there holding his penis as it finished spurting and rapidly shrank. He recovered quickly and would have run off if it hadn't been for his shorts round his ankles.

"I think that you'd better wipe yourself clean," I said.

He looked down and quickly wiped the last of his ejaculation from his penis, as he did so I bent down and pulled up his shorts, I also got a good look at his penis and was tempted to take it in hand straight away. I thought I'd wait though, I pulled his shorts up and he looked at me and then back down, I noticed him linger at my pert breast, then mumbling a sort of apology he dashed upstairs.

I smiled to myself and looked out of the window at Hilary, she hadn't noticed a thing, probably fast asleep I thought. I went outside and looked down at her, she looked so beautiful I couldn't resist it. I put my hand on her pussy, running my middle finger up and down between her cunt lips, she slowly awakened as she felt my presence and smiled as tingles of pleasure coursed through her body.

My finger found her vagina and I plunged its depths as she wriggled on my hand, my finger was covered in love juice when I pulled it from her so I rubbed her clit and she was soon having a gorgeous come. She wanted to please me but I was saving myself for the pleasures I knew were coming later so we went inside to get ready for the evening.

Thomas was quiet for most of the evening, he thought his secret was safe, which was true, but for only a short while longer. The evening was almost over and we had finished our supper, Thomas was just about to put the TV on when I turned to Hilary and said, "Did you know that you have an admirer?"

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Thomas went bright red as she replied, "No I didn't, but who is it? I want to know."

Thomas looked at me with a pained expression but he wasn't going to escape, "It's your brother," I said, "he was watching you sunbathing this afternoon, and what's more, he was masturbating as well."

Thomas could stay quiet no longer, "Oh mother, did you have to say that." He seemed a bit upset.

"Never mind," I said, "there's no need to worry about it, or get embarrassed, you know everybody does it, Hilary does and so do I."

He didn't seem convinced, I leaned closer to him and putting my hand on his knee said, "Shall I do it for you now, then we'll be even."

His mouth gaped open as he heard what I'd said, Hilary though jumped straight in, "Go on mum, he'd love to see you, I would too."

"Alright," I said, "I will."

I stood up and my two children watched me unzip my skirt and let it drop to the floor, I stood in front of Thomas and asked him to take pull my panties down. He seemed unsure but then I felt Hillary's hands from behind, she pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them. Thomas couldn't take his eyes from my well-trimmed pubes.

"Now I've gone this far, I might as well finish it," I said, and pulled off my T-shirt.

Now I had only my bra to take off. I took hold of Thomas' hands and pulled him to his feet, turning my back to him I asked him to unfasten my bra, I waited for what seemed like ages until I felt him undo the catch. I turned to face him and told him to take the bra from my breasts, he seemed very unsure so I took his hand and placed it on my breast, he quickly took my bra off and sat down.

For the next few minutes I paraded in front of Hilary and Thomas, showing off my body as best I could. I jiggled my breasts, bent down showing my arse and pussy from behind, and pulling my labia open to show the hole from which they had emerged into the world. By now I was feeling horny and needed an orgasm so I sat on the sofa next to Thomas and threw a leg over the sofa back.

My hands went quickly to my pussy and while with one hand I plunged two fingers in and out of my vagina, the other played a merry tune on my clit. In seconds my hips were writhing as my orgasm rushed on me, my back arched as I yelled out my release and then I slowly relaxed as the passion in me faded away.

I looked at Hilary and said, "Your turn now, I'm sure Thomas would like to see how you wank."

Hilary stood and slowly took her clothes off, they didn't amount to much and in a few seconds she was totally naked. She sat back in the chair and spreading her legs wide, showed us her pussy, I pointed out to Thomas that like me, she had prominent inner pussy lips. He could only nod as his sister started to masturbate, she had a good technique and was soon oblivious of our presence as excitement grew. When she came, she wasn't as noisy as me but she had a really good orgasm. While Hilary was wanking, I moved closer to Thomas, he hardly noticed me place a hand on his leg as he watched his sister, I had a quick look at his shorts and was pleased to see a good looking bulge caused by his very erect penis.

After she'd finished, I turned to Thomas saying, "Did you enjoy that, I did. Now you've seen us masturbate, it's your turn."

He didn't struggle as I pulled his T-shirt up and off, then unzipped his shorts and pulled them off as well. His penis sprang in the air and Hilary was quickly over to have a look at it, sitting on the floor in front of her brother. His penis twitched as he gently fondled it, he was quite close to ejaculating and I for one didn't want that to happen too soon.

I asked Hilary if she'd ever seen an erect penis before, she replied, "I've seen one or two at school, but I've never touched one."

I looked at her and then said to Thomas, "You'll let her hold yours won't you?"

I didn't wait for him to reply and took his hands from his penis, "Go on Hilary darling, it won't bite."

"Open your legs Thomas, let her get nearer," I said as Hilary reached for his penis.

He opened his legs wide and Hilary moved between them and finally grasped his penis. She held it lightly in her hands, looking at me and then at her brother. Thomas slid down the seat, his breathing quickening as his passion rose.

"Rub him Hilary, I'm sure Thomas would like you to toss him off," I said.

She slid her hands up and down his prick, soon getting the hang of it, pushing Thomas nearer to his orgasm. A few seconds later, his hips started jerking and he sent his sperm high in the air. Hilary eyes widened at the sight of her brother's ejaculation, watching closely as gobbets of spunk landed on us all. I was going to wipe up Thomas' sperm with a tissue but then I thought I might as well do the right thing.

I took Hilary's hand from Thomas's still rigid cock and licked his sperm from her, then I lapped up what had landed on me and finally, I licked Thomas clean. They both looked astonished as I did this, but more was to come, I helped Hilary to her feet and got her to stand in front of me with her legs apart. I cupped her mound and probed her vagina with my middle finger, she was as excited as Thomas was and would have fallen over if she hadn't put her hands on my shoulders.

I now had two fingers in her pussy and she was going to come any second.

"Here Thomas," I said, "you do it, put a couple of fingers in her vagina and rub her clit."

I got up and stood behind Hilary as Thomas moved into my place and jammed his fingers into his sister's fanny, I grasped one of Hilary's breasts from behind and tweaked her erect nipple. My other hand now slid down her back and between her buttocks, I quickly found her anus and pushed a finger deep into her rectum. It was too much for her and she had a terrific orgasm, collapsing to the floor and taking Thomas and me with her.

As we lay on the floor, I thought the time right for some fucking, I didn't know whether to let Thomas fuck Hilary or me first, so I asked her what she preferred. She hesitated a little, but having never had sex before, asked that I be first, as she would like to watch. I lay back and opened my legs, taking hold of Thomas's prick, I guided him between my legs.

He looked down at my pussy and I could tell that he had that feeling of embarking on a new adventure. I pulled his penis and he lowered himself to my body, I groaned as his tool found the entrance to my hole and with a jerk of his hips, he thrust deep into my cunt. He was soon fucking me with gusto and I was amazed that he made me come before he lost his spunk up my cunt. I stopped him fucking me and we parted, I got Hilary to lie down and I opened her legs for Thomas, he was quickly between them and I guided my son's penis to his sisters waiting vagina.

In seconds he was up to his balls in her and they started to fuck like only the young can. I lay back to watch them as they made love, it was wonderful to watch two young people making love, but all too soon Thomas was sending his seed deep into Hilary's pussy, as he squirted into her, she came with an almighty shout and waving of arms and legs. Thomas pulled his prick from his sister's cunt, it was covered in Hilary's juice and come, I went to him and kissed his prick. It tasted lovely so I sucked him into my mouth, in seconds, it was as hard as ever and I knew that he had at least another good fuck in him.

I pushed him onto his back and straddled him, impaling myself on his dick, I rode his prick a few times and then taking him from my vagina, guided him to my anus. I lowered myself onto him and his dick slid easily through my anus and into my rectum, I pushed down until he was in as deep as he could go. Hilary joined us and kneeling across Thomas' face, lowered herself so that he could tongue her cunt, I fondled her breasts and she returned the compliment.

I started riding my sons prick and soon I felt his tool twitching, his hips started bucking under me and then I felt his prick discharge its load of sperm into my bowels. I burned for another fuck but instead I took Hilary into my arms, she submitted to my kisses and we were soon sucking at each other's fannies. After we brought each other off, we decided to call it a night as we didn't want to completely exhaust our new found enjoyment, after all, we had only been on holiday for three days, I just hoped that Thomas's balls would be up to it.

The rest of the holiday was spent in a sexual frenzy, towards the end, Thomas was getting very tired so that on a number of occasions Hilary and I had to seek our pleasure between us. Before we came home though, I persuaded Hilary to let Thomas fuck her in the arse, she wasn't too keen at first, but finally agreed. I made it easier for her by spending some time lubricating and fingering her anus to stretch and relax it for Thomas.

When she was ready, I held her arse cheeks apart and Thomas put the tip of his prick to her anus, he pushed gently and slid into his sisters rectum and was soon as deep as he could go. Hilary groaned in delight as she felt her brother's prick throbbing in her arse, slowly he started to fuck her and was quickly into rhythm as he plunged his tool in and out. Hilary was beside herself with pleasure as her arse was violated in such a delightful way and it wasn't long before Thomas poured his seed into the arse that grasped his tool so tightly.

On our return home, my husband Mike met us at the airport, remarking on how tired we all looked. That night, as we lay in bed, his hands toying with my body, I told him what we had been up to while on holiday. He grew excited as he listened to my erotic narrative, it had been our plan to awaken our children to the delights of sex, but we never realised how easy, and pleasurable it would be.

I lay back and parted my legs slightly, it was all the invitation he needed, he was on to me in a flash, opening my legs and pressing his enormous penis into my dripping cunt. He gave me a thorough fucking and I had one of my all too rare multiple orgasms, going on long after he had filled me with his sperm.

Afterwards, we talked about how soon he would be able to get his dick into Hilary, we decided that she would receive that treat when she had her sixteenth birthday, which was only a few weeks away. In the meantime, Thomas would be introduced to a threesome with us and with a bit of luck, that would be tomorrow.

The following day, Hilary went off with one of her friends and wouldn't be home till late. After lunch, Mike said he was going to the garden centre and would be out for a couple of hours. As soon as he left, I grabbed Thomas by the hand and we went up to my bedroom, immediately I started stripping and I told Thomas to do the same. We were soon naked, I lay on the bed and asked Thomas to give me a good fucking, he was quickly into me and pumping hard when I noticed the bedroom door slowly open.

Mike slowly came in, he was naked and his penis hugely erect, I knew what he wanted, I pulled Thomas to me and told him, "Roll over, I want to ride you."

We rolled over and luckily he didn't see his father, I started to rock on his dick and he reached up to fondle my breasts, twisting and tweaking my sensitive nipples. Thomas was busy with my breasts as I felt Mike's hands on my buttocks, his fingers crept down my crevice until they reached my anus, I sighed deeply as he forced a digit into my arse.

Imagine Thomas's shock when his father came round to our side, I almost lost his dick from my pussy as he tried to get away, but I managed to hold on to him. He looked terrified at first, but then realised he wasn't in trouble when I took Mike's prick into my mouth. I sucked at him for a couple of minutes and then he withdrew from my lips, he got on the bed behind me and once again I felt his hands on my buttocks.

I felt joy as his penis pressed against my anus, my arse opened up to him as he pushed harder and slowly his tool speared my ever eager rectum. It was the first time I'd had two pricks in me at the same time and it was divine, Thomas soon picked up the rhythm and plunged into my cunt as his father did my arsehole. Thomas came first, his spunk pouring into me and then I came, quickly followed by Mike who shot his seed into my bowels.

We lay together, my husband on one side and my son on the other, I had their stiff cocks in my hands and I wanted them to use them again. I turned and took Thomas's prick into my mouth, sucking at the bulbous head, then I did the same for Mike. In a few moments they were both almost ready for spurting so I lay back and told Thomas and Mike to kneel at my side and point their pricks at my mouth.

Mike came first, I pointed his dick at my mouth but the first squirt just missed but the rest went into my throat, as he ceased, I sucked the last drops from his wilting tool. Thomas then started and I was amazed at the torrent of sperm he let loose, jet after jet went into my mouth, I could hardly swallow fast enough, but I did.

After that session, we showered, dressed and then had a talk about how we were going to bring Hilary in with us. It should be easy enough as she was already fucking with her brother and mother and she only had her father left to fuck, so we decided to play it by ear.

The time came sooner than we expected, it was late evening on the same day, we had just supper and were watching TV when I had an idea.

"Hilary," I said, "your father hasn't seen you in your new swimwear yet, why don't you put it on and show him how nice you look."

She looked at me for a moment, said OK and left to change, a couple of minutes later, we heard her coming back so I told Mike to close his eyes. When she came in and I saw her I felt my twat twitch at the thought of making love to her again, Thomas's eyes told the same story, Hilary saw us leering at her, so she put her tongue out at us!

She stood in front of her father and took up a typical models pose showing her nearly naked figure to good effect. When Mike opened his eyes, they nearly left his head, he could only gaze open mouthed at the delectable form in front of him. Hilary slowly turned round and his eyes fixed on the gorgeous curves of her buttocks, he looked at me and wagged his tongue up and down, he was going to enjoy using it later.

When she face him again, she move closer, Mike's eyes were all over her and she was enjoying every second of it. I went to her and before she could stop me I'd unfastened her top and took it from her. I was glad to see that she made no attempt to cover herself, far from it, she jiggled her tits and they wobbled delightfully.

By now, Mike was on the edge of his seat, his almost naked daughter just a metre in front of him, her heavy breasts swaying to and fro.

"Why don't you show your father your new haircut as well?" I said, hoping that she realised what I referred to.

She did, and after turning her back to her father again, slowly pulled down her briefs. She kicked them away and turned to face Mike, her hands covering her mound, she took a step nearer him and stood with her legs wide apart and slowly revealed herself.

A gurgle of delight escaped from his lips as her shaven mound came into view, her inner pussy lips curled into view and glistening wetly. I also saw that she had shaved off the last of her pubic hair and she was now completely hairless.

Hilary went up to her father and said, "Can I sit on your knee? It's been a long time since I did that."

He sat back in the chair and Hilary sat in his lap and put an arm around his neck. As Hilary sat in his lap, his eyes wandered over the curves of her body and his hands rested on her waist and knees. She cupped one of her breasts, squeezing it gently and then raised it so that she was able to suck the teat, after a few moments she stopped and offered her breast to her father.

He didn't hesitate and sucked greedily at his daughters breast, pulling at the nipple with his lips and teeth, meanwhile he had grasped her other tit ant was toying at the nipple with his fingers. Hilary was groaning in delight, her legs were apart and her fingers playing with her pussy. Mike moved his hand from her breast to between her thighs and brushed his fingertips along his daughter's pussy lips. She gave him better access by swinging her leg over Mike's neck, her cunt was now wide open to his gaze, he was quick to find her clitoris, plunge a finger into her vagina and in seconds had his daughter writhing, coming a few seconds later.

When Hilary recovered, she looked at Mike and said, "Now that you've seen it and felt it, would you like to fuck it?"

Mike's answer was obvious, he helped Hilary to her feet and started to strip, in seconds he was as naked as she, his erection splitting the air. She grabbed it eagerly, fondling its length and girth, she was like a kid with a new toy. Kneeling, she brought his penis to her lips, kissed the tip, its length and eventually taking its length into her mouth.

She sucked at it for a few moments and then lay on the floor and spread her legs wide saying, "Come on daddy, I want that big prick of yours in my cunt."

Mike got between her legs and lowered himself to his daughter, they kissed tenderly and then Mike put his prick to Hilary's cunt and pushed. Hilary lay back groaning as her father's penis stretched her young cunt wide, Mike paused when he had fully penetrated her, and then he started to fuck her. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster Mike's prick flew in and out of Hilary's cunt, his balls slapping against her arse as her tits rolled around her chest.

While Hilary and Mike fucked on the floor, Thomas and I weren't idle, our hands roamed around our bodies until they found our respective genitals. We slowly masturbated each other as we watched Hilary and Mike making love, as they neared orgasm Mike slowed down, occasionally withdrawing from Hilary's pussy to rub his prick over her clitoris.

When orgasm was inevitable, he thrust harder and harder and then poured his sperm into Hilary's young cunt. She too came and grasped her father tightly as she accepted his seed. As their orgasm subsided, I felt Thomas's dick twitch, he was close to coming so I knelt in front just in time to receive his sperm into my mouth. After I had sucked the last drops from his tool, he too used his mouth on me and gave me a wonderful orgasm.

Later that night, as Mike and I lay in bed, his hand resting between my legs and his thumb deep in my pussy, we talked about the day's events. We were delighted that our children had enjoyed their sexual initiation and that they would have a full and varied sex life. During the next few weeks we would broaden their outlook, enhance their experience and smooth away any inhibitions they may have.

The following day was a Saturday so we had a lie in, We were just about to get up when Hilary and Thomas came into our room, both were naked.

She sat on the bed next to me and asked, "Mum, would it be alright if daddy fucked my arse while Thomas was in my pussy?"

I replied, "Of course it is dear, there's nothing like getting filled in both fuck holes at the same time."

Mike and I made room on our bed so that Thomas could lie down, then Hilary straddled her brother, easing herself onto his rampant penis. I told her to arch her back as her father knelt behind her placing a hand on her buttock. I held the other and together we parted our daughter's buttock's to reveal her lightly tinted sphincter puckering to receive her father's prick.

Hilary's anus would need some preparing and she turned to look at me as I gently pushed a finger into her rectum. She obviously liked her bum being invaded and soon I was working my finger in and out, I tried a second finger and that too went in easily. Twisting my fingers as I plunged them in and out, I knew she would have no trouble in taking Mike's prick into her arse.

Mike spat into his hand and applied it to his prick and then placed the head to his daughter's anus. After a little resistance, her sphincter opened up and his tool slid through her anus and into her rectum. Hilary sighed deeply as she was penetrated and it was obvious that she was anally receptive, taking her fathers prick right to the root.

Thomas was breathing quickly and it was obvious by the way that he agitated his hips Hilary that he was close to coming.

"Lean forward a little Hilary, and let your father have a bit of room to fuck you properly," I said.

She leaned forward, hands and knees either side of Thomas and her father was able thrust eagerly in and out of her rectum. Seconds later, he was rooting his dick as deep as he could and shooting his sperm deep into her arse.

It was over too quickly, but practice would make perfect.

Mike withdrew from his daughter's arse and stood at her side, his erection swaying threateningly, it was obvious what he wanted. Hilary obliged by leaning forward and sucking her fathers prick into her mouth, and for several minutes both enjoyed this wonderful intimacy.

We spent the next few months in a sexual frenzy and then as Hilary and Thomas gradually returned to a normal relationship with their friends and us, our incest almost stopped. Only between Hilary and Thomas did sex continue, and then only infrequently, though when Hilary was eighteen, we had a two-day orgy when we fucked each other stupid.

Time has now passed and both children have gone their way and have family's of their own, I wonder if our grandchildren will have the same experience as their parents did, I hope so.

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Heavy Burden

Brenda Sinscome, "Fat" Brenda, whom nobody wanted to fuck in school or since she'd dropped out in the seventh grade, squatted over her thirteen-year-old son's mouth. The heel of her right hand propped up her spare tire of a belly while her chunky fingers spread her fat labia, exposing a short but thick clitoris to Buddy's tongue and lips. Her huge tits hung down and flopped over her tummy where they jiggled and shook. All four fingers of her left hand plowed into the rotund girl's fleshy cunt who stood beside her "fat" mamma and watched her younger brother lick and suck his mother's pussy.

Gloria, with her hands on her mother's shoulders for support, stood spread-legged and open for her mother's invading fingers. The girl's fifteen-year-old pubes showed plainly through the thin covering of brown cunt hair. Her teenage titties, not even as big as her belly, bounced up and down in sync with the tremors of her flabby gut, as she hunched and fucked her mother's hand. The thick glasses Gloria wore bounced farther down her stubby nose each time Brenda rammed her heavy fingers up Gloria's juicy pussy.

"Oh fuck," she groaned. "You're gonna make me come off, Mamma! And soon too, if you don't slow down!"

"Yeah?" Brenda grunted, slamming all four fingers up her daughter's cunt. The woman's bottom lip folded under her buck teeth in a hideous smile, as she bumped her hand against Gloria's cunt like a jackhammer. Her thumb found and rubbed the girl's hard clitty. "Do it then, you fat whore! Come all over my fucking hand!"

Brenda shifted her large ass and rocked forward, shoving her clit down onto Buddy's lips. "Come on, Buddy. Suck it there! Yeah. That's it. You know what to do. Suck it. Suck my fat clit. Suck it. Bite it. Get your mama off, Buddy!"

Buddy was quick to obey. Knowing the severe penalty for not obliging his mother, he wrapped his lips around the engorged nubbin and sucking hard. His tongue battled the tip of her clitoris, as he sought to bring his mother to her climax.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" she chanted. "You're fucking me good, Buddy, with that sweet mouth of yours! You're going to do it! Buddy! Just like that! Suck me right off, Baby!"

Her eyes stayed glued to Gloria's pussy where her fingers rocked in and out.

"Come on, you fat fucking bitch whore! Do it right there on my hand!"

"Oh god, Mama!" Gloria gasped. Her eyes clenched shut. "Right there! Oh shit, I'm so close!"

The girl's hips froze; her meaty thighs quivered and shook; her hands dug into the older woman's shoulders.

"Oh god, Mama, I'm--"

The rest was lost in a wail of release, as her pussy spasmed and contracted around Brenda's fingers.

The first wave of Gloria's orgasm, washed over her, drenching her mother's fingers in girl juice. Brenda didn't quit. She battered Gloria's pussy with her hand, loving the wet, squishy smacks her hand made on Gloria's fat labia.

"Oh, that's it, you fat little whore," Brenda gurgled, as the force of Gloria's climax abated.

Finally, Gloria slipped off Brenda's fingers and down to the floor where she lay panting for breath. Brenda sucked her fingers clean then rolled even further forward and balanced with her left hand on the floor. The roll of belly fat rested on top of Buddy's head. Brenda began bouncing her hips up and down.

"Now me, you skinny little mother-fucker. My god, why did you have to be the skinny one? Now, make me come all over your face."

Brenda let her slimy labia flop down around Buddy's chin and put both hands on the floor in preparation of her approaching orgasm; it felt like it was going to be a huge one.

"Come on, goddammit!" she snarled through clenched teeth. Spittle oozed out the wide separation between her two front teeth. "Eat that fucking cunt out, boy! Make me--"

Her elbows dropped to the floor and her head dropped between her upper arms where she froze for long seconds. Those mammoth titties with areolas the size of softballs hung to the floor where her rubbery nipples dragged across on the cold linoleum. Then her head popped up with a grimace on her face like a bitch hound getting ripped from behind by a huge cock. She rose back up to her hands, her head lolling farther and farther back, her eyes rolling back in her head, and emitted a long, rumbling grunt from the pit of her gut. She finished off the guttural grunt with a loud, "Oh fuck! Oh goddamn yes!"

Every ounce of fat on her ample body shook like an earthquake rumbled under her knees. Brenda gasped--a wheeze from too many cigarettes--and rocked her pelvis back and forth.

Finally spent and fighting to catch her wind, Brenda rolled off her son's mouth and crawled to the sofa where she sat on the floor and propped her back against it. Her bent knees fell apart, opening her meaty thighs and displaying her hairy cunt. She eyed her two offspring--Gloria, the fat girl, like mother like daughter, and Buddy, the beanpole odd fish--were the products of the only two men she'd ever coerced into fucking her; both men had been slobbering drunk and Buddy's father had been stoned out of his mind. But who cared if there were drunk or high when she'd got them to fuck her?

"Now beat off, Buddy," Brenda said.

She'd never let his cock inside her silky cunt. ("You have to draw the line somewhere" was her motto.) One hand slipped between her thighs, the fingers gliding through the matted pubic hair that spilled down onto her inner thighs; it was soaked with her juices and Buddy's spit.

Buddy wrapped his fingers around his cock (Brenda had known since day one that he was going to be a hung horse) and peeled back the foreskin. He stroked it slowly.

"Get over there and help your brother, Gloria," Brenda said, catching a hand full of her pussy hair and tugging on it. Each time she tugged on her black cunt hair, her fat mound swelled up like a hillock between her thighs.

"It's okay, Mamma," Buddy said. "I'll do it myself."

"Oh shit, Ma!" Gloria whined from her prone position on the floor. "Do I have to?"

"Go on," Brenda insisted, working three fingers into her sloppy cunt. "Get over there and jerk him off, so I can watch him come."

Gloria rolled her fat over and found her knees. She crawled to her brother, whose eyes were closed as he slowly built himself to a climax. The fat teenager straddled Buddy's head and dropped her pimple-covered buttocks down around Buddy's face. She reached for his cock. As soon as her fingers touched the tip of his dick, Buddy let his hand fall to the floor and let his sister take over.

Gloria's hand worked until Buddy's balls swam upward to the root of his prick.

"Make him come off between your fucking titties, Gloria!"

Brenda never tired of seeing her daughter's tits covered in thick cum. If she could just get a real man to spray Gloria's tits instead of Buddy . . . goddamn, that would be hot!

"Mamma?" Buddy squealed. "I'm going to--"

"Get those fucking tits down there, Gloria!" Brenda yelled. "Bend over, you fucking fat whore, and spray that hot cum on those nipples for me!"

Gloria looked at her mother, saw her panting and wriggling on the floor like some blob of flesh-colored jelly, saw the lust- crazed look in her eyes, watched the woman cruelly twist and stretch her own huge nipples. She complied with her mother's wish and leaned forward. Her hand aimed Buddy's prick right at her pointed tit and hard nipple. His first blast arched upward and landed just above her areola; it ran down her tit flesh and around the nipple where it dropped off onto Buddy's tummy. "Oh fuck, that shit's hot, Mamma! Gloria yelped. Then she twisted his cock and pulled his foreskin completely over her other nipple. Her mouth twisted into a lewd snarl of pleasure, as she stared at her mamma. "Oh goddamn that feels good! You like that, Mamma? Watch him shoot the rest between my tits." With both nipples coated in sperm, Gloria let Buddy finish in the valley between her breasts.

"Now come here, Gloria," Brenda said. "Get your fat ass over here and let me lick his cum."

Gloria crawled to her mother on all fours, her tits and tummy swaying like those of an overfed cow. Brenda slid down and forward on the floor. Gloria rose to her knees beside Brenda and rubbed one titty across her lips. Brenda sucked hard, stretching the girl's tit into even more of a cone shape than it already was.

Brenda smacked her lips, letting Gloria's tit fell out of her mouth. She watched Buddy's semen running down Gloria's cleavage and fat tummy.

"Finger me," she ordered the girl.

Her tongue lolled out to lick the sperm from Gloria's tummy just as Gloria's four fingers disappeared inside her wanton cunt.

"More," Brenda gasped after cleaning both Gloria's titties of cum. "Give it to me. I need it. Need your whole fucking fist up my cunt." Gloria smirked, wrapped her thumb into her palm and shoved.

Buddy curled up into a fetal position, facing away from his mother and sister. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to drowned out his nasty mother's voice. Why oh why did his cock always have to rise to the occasion? He hated it, hated the way they treated him.

"Oh FUCK!" Brenda groaned, thrusting her hips upward to meet Gloria's invading hand. The teenager's hand disappeared into Brenda's gaping pussy. Brenda froze with her head threw back onto the sofa, her eyes open and staring at the ceiling, her mouth panting for air. She fought to relax her cunt. "Oh goddamn! Oh shit, Gloria! Stay there! Hold it still a minute! Let me . . .

"Yeah, god yeah, that's better," Brenda moaned after a few moments. She rolled her head forward and looked down. "Fuck! I wish I could see over my fucking fat gut. That's got to look hotter'n hell!"

"It does, Mamma," Gloria tittered. "Next time I'll get you a mirror."

Brenda smiled. "You're too kind," she said, "you nasty fucker."

She reached up to clasp Gloria's other wrist and urged it downward. "Now jerk me off, kiddo. Jerk your mamma's nasty cunt off, so she can come on your hand."

As his sister's fingers found their mother's fat clit, Buddy crawled to the front door with his cut off jeans in his hand. Neither female seemed to notice, as he opened the screen door and crawled out like an escaping animal.

The End

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Grandpa's Cock Needs Milking

Her grandpa was a wizened old man of 67. Tanned, with leathery skin after years of living a farmer's life. He'd been a widower for six years and was too isolated on the farm to do much about it. At first he'd told them no when asked to provide a home for his young granddaughter. What did he know about raising a girl? She had been living with a foster family and he hadn't seen her in 8 years. Social Services thought she would do well in a rural environment with her blood kin. The old man thought she would be more trouble than she'd be worth, but he consented to trying it out for the summer. By this time, he was glad that he did.

The first time he laid eyes on her, something stirred inside him. Something he hadn't felt in a long time. She had turned out to be a beauty, this 12-year old child. He found himself thinking about her when he was in his bed at night, his hand automatically reaching for his cock. He would generally work himself into a frenzy every night thinking about her. Oftentimes, he even went so far as to stand by her bed and watch her sleep, stroking his dick all the while. That night, while looking down at her, he made a decision. If he was going to support her and provide her with a home, he was going to make it worth his while. He decided right then and there what he was going to do the next day, and there wasn't a soul around who could stop him.

The next day came and he smiled to himself as he watched her finish eating her breakfast and head out to do her chores. She was good about doing work around the farm. Little things that helped out her grandfather. Janet would do anything to make her grandfather happy. Grandpa found her in the barn and sat on a bench and watched her finish filling the hay bin for the horse.

"Janet, why don't we take a little break for a while. Come sit on grandpa's lap so we can talk."

Janet did as she was told and snuggled up against her grandpa. It felt good sitting on his lap. They talked for a bit about the animals and grandpa told her some silly jokes. As they laughed together, grandpa slipped his hand on her left breast, squeezing it.

"These sure have gotten bigger since the last time I saw you! It helps them grow if someone squeezes them, so do you want me to squeeze them for you, honey?"

"OK, grandpa," the little girl said, enjoying the attention. Grandpa took both of her tiny breasts in his large hands and began squeezing them.

"That's it! We'll make these titties grow," he said, as he kneaded them, pinching her nipples from time to time. Janet was surprised at how good it felt to have grandpa touch her like that.

"Honey, why don't you take off your shirt 'cause it's just getting in the way?"

The little girl said nothing as she slipped off her shirt. Her grandpa's dick hardened when he saw her small tits with their pink nipples, but she didn't notice this.

"That's better. Now grandpa can see what he's doing." Saying this, he squeezed both nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. The little girl let out a soft moan.

"That feels good, doesn't it, Janet?"

"How did you know that, grandpa," she giggled.

"Grandpa's know these things. I'll bet it made you tingle right down here, didn't it," he said as he moved one hand down between her legs, slowly rubbing her crotch. Again, she giggled and asked how he knew that would feel good. He laughed with her as he applied more pressure to her crotch.

"How would you like to be grandpa's special girl?"

"I'd like that, grandpa! Can I?" she asked excitedly.

"You sure can, but only if you can keep a secret. You have to promise not to tell anyone that you are my special girl. No one can know but the two of us. It's like a secret club."

"I promise I won't tell, grandpa," said the innocent little girl.

"To be my special girl means we get to do things to make each other feel good, like what I am doing right now. It feels good when grandpa rubs you down there, doesn't it?"

"Yes, grandpa, it feels real good." He could feel her moving her hips, pressing back against his hand.

"Why don't you take off those jeans so grandpa can see your pretty pussy he is petting?"

Janet slid out of her jeans. Sitting there admiring her, the old man told her to take off her panties as well, which she did.

"Now come back here and let me have a look at you."

She returned to her warm spot on his lap, never noticing the huge bulge in his pants. He thought he was going to shoot his load when he first saw her little bald pussy. His hand sought out that pussy once she was back in place, her ass unknowingly pressing against his dick.

"There, now I can really touch my special girl! You are so pretty. Grandpa can't stop looking at you!" The little girl blushed, but was very stimulated, even though she didn't understand why it felt so good. Grandpa worked his middle finger up inside her tight cunt.

"Has anyone ever touched you here, Janet?"

"No, grandpa, just you."

"That's good. Don't let anyone else touch you here unless I say so! You are MY special girl, so right now I am the only one who can put my finger inside you."

"OK, grandpa," she said, as he spread her legs apart more. It felt so good with grandpa's finger in her. After inserting another finger, he began moving them in and out of her little cunt while squeezing her nipple.

"Grandpa thinks your titties are so cute, I just have to kiss one. Is that ok, Janet?"

"Yes, grandpa," she said, her body tingling at his touch.

He leaned over and gently kissed her nipple, which was surprisingly erect for someone her age. He took the nipple in his mouth and started sucking it. She reacted immediately and said, "Grandpa, that feels good!" He said nothing, but continued sucking even harder, still fucking her pussy with his finger, the ball of his hand rubbing against her clit. There was no mistaking the dampness around his fingers.

"Grandpa is going to teach you a new way to kiss. It's how grandpas kiss their special girls. Now I want you to open your mouth a little when I kiss you." His mouth covered hers as he stuck his tongue in, gently exploring her mouth. She giggled when he broke the kiss and said, "That's a funny way to kiss, grandpa!" He laughed and asked if she thought she could kiss him the same way.

"I think so, " she said eagerly, thrusting her sweet tongue into the old man's open mouth. His cock was hurting in his jeans, so he said, "Honey, you are making grandpa's dick hard, so I need to take it out. Would you like to see it?"

"Yes, grandpa," she said. He unzipped his jeans and felt relieved to finally have his cock out in the open. The little girl's eyes widened when she saw the old man's 10" cock sticking straight up in his lap.

"Grandpa, does it hurt, " she asked anxiously. "It's so big!"

Grandpa laughed and said, "No, baby, it doesn't hurt. And the reason it's so big is because you make grandpa feel so good."

"I do? How?"

"It feels good when you let me look at you, and touch you. It makes me feel good when you kiss me that special way with your tongue. When I feel good, my cock gets hard. When you feel good, you get wet down here," he said as he patted her damp pussy. "Would you like to touch grandpa's cock," praying all the while that she would say yes. The child reached out gingerly and touched his rock hard cock. He took her hand and showed her how to squeeze it. "It's ok, you won't hurt me. Rub your hand up and down like this," he said, as she pumped her hand on his cock. He closed his eyes and said, "Oh, baby, you make grandpa feel so good!" Janet beamed proudly, fascinated that she could make her grandpa so happy just by squeezing his pee pee.

He stood up and pushed his jeans down around his ankles. His massive cock was dwarfed only by the huge sack hanging down between his legs. Janet hadn't noticed this before and was eyeing his balls. "Now, Janet, I want you to sit right here," he said as he lifted her and placed her between his legs, enabling him to slide his cock between her legs from behind. She could see the tip of it sticking out from between her legs when she looked down. It was a wonderful feeling having grandpa's cock pressing against her wet pussy.

"Now, honey, I am going to slide my cock across your sweet pussy. This will make grandpa feel so good! I'll show you how to milk grandpa's cock. You keep watching for the milk to squirt out, ok, honey?" He knew he wouldn't last long now.

"I'll tell you when I see it, grandpa," she said, enjoying riding grandpa's cock. It made her pussy feel so good in a strange way. All she knew was that she didn't want grandpa to stop.

The old man was building up steam now, thrusting his cock back and forth across her pussy. He couldn't believe how good the child felt! "Here it comes, honey, watch for the milk!" he cried as he shot his load in front of her, cum squirting everywhere.

"I see it! I see the milk, grandpa!" she said excitedly, just as spasms shot off between her own legs, causing her to squeeze the old man cock between her thighs.

"That's it, baby! You milked grandpa's dick! Such a good girl!" he said, pulling her back against him, taking in the scent of her hair. He then turned the girl around to face him, his cock still stiff.

"Tonight grandpa is going to teach you another way to milk his cock. Grandpa is going to squirt his milk inside your belly. Would you like that, honey?"

Smiling, Janet said, "Yes, grandpa. I like milking you! It feels good!"

Laughing, he told her to give him a kiss, which she did, happily thrusting her tongue into his mouth without him even having to tell her to do so. Yes, he knew it was going to be nice having her around from now on. He also knew he was going to give his granddaughter a proper fucking tonight. He started to get hard again just thinking about filling her belly with his seed. He will teach her all about being a brood mare and he will be the stud. It wouldn't be too long before she was old enough to breed. Every girl needs to learn about fucking and who better to teach her than her own grandpa?

Grandpa entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Janet, are you asleep?"

"No, grandpa."

"Did you have fun today in the barn with your ol' grandpa?" he asked with a grin. Giggling at the memory of milking grandpa's cock, the little girl said, "Yes."

"Remember what grandpa said he was going to do tonight?"

The little girl answered, "Yes. You said you were going to teach me another way to milk you."

"That's right, Janet. I said I was going to shoot my milk into your belly tonight."

"But how can you do that, grandpa?" the little girl asked.

"Well, honey, there are two ways grandpa can do that, and I am going to show you both ways if you are a good girl. But first, I'd like another one of those kisses!"

Laughing, the little girl sat up and threw her arms around the old man's neck. Pressing her lips to his, she kissed him with her tongue, just like an adult. The old man held her in his arms and twirled his tongue around hers.

"That's it, honey. Say, do you think grandpa could see your little titties again?"

"Yes, sir," she said as she raised her white cotton nightgown. The moonlight shined on her tiny breasts as he reached out to stroke them.

"That's my special girl! How about slipping off that nightgown so we can get started?" It wasn't really a question. The horny old man had already pulled the gown over her head before he finished his statement. Now the 12-year-old girl lay naked before him in the soft moonlight. The house was empty except for the two of them. The doors were locked and they were miles away from anyone. Her sweet young pussy was within reach and he had a hard-on.

"Grandpa is ready to show you the first new way to milk his cock," he said as he opened his robe to reveal his naked body. The little girl's eyes immediately fell to his erect penis.

"Remember how grandpa showed you how to squeeze his cock? Why don't you do that again?"

"OK, grandpa," the little girl said as she wrapped her hand around his shaft, squeezing and pumping it the way she'd been taught.

"That's it, baby. You do that so good!" he said as he closed his eyes and he tried to maintain control.

"Now grandpa is going to stretch out here so I can show you what to do." With that, the old man laid on his back so that his 10" cock stuck straight up in the air. He took her by the arm and pulled her up to her knees.

"Grandpa wants you to kiss the end of his prick. Just put your mouth right there," he said as he guided her head to his penis. She kissed the end of it.

"Now lick it with your tongue. Lick it all over." he said as he watched her tongue flicker all over his cock.

"That's it, honey. Now I want you to pretend it's a lollipop and get as much of it as you can in your mouth. I want you to suck my cock, but be very careful of your teeth. You can make grandpa feel so good by sucking my cock, but it will hurt if I feel your teeth."

"OK, grandpa," she said as she took the head of his cock into her warm mouth, sucking it like to told her to do.

"Oh, baby! You are the best! That feels so good to grandpa! Now put your hand around my cock down here and try to get more of it in your mouth. That's it. Suck it, Janet, and rub your hand up and down."

He knew he would not last long before he came in her mouth. The little girl was a quick learner! Before the summer was over, he planned to make her an expert at giving grandpa head.

"OK, Janet, grandpa is getting ready to cum in your mouth! I want you to swallow all the milk, ok, honey? Don't let any of it spill! Suck it all out then swallow grandpa's milk!"

With these words, grandpa shot his load of hot cum into the little girl's mouth. Even though it tasted funny, Janet managed to swallow all of the milk because she wanted to make her grandpa happy! After he came, he pulled his dick out of her mouth and reached out to cup her face with his hand, raising her head so that he could look into her eyes.

"See, Janet. Grandpa shot his milk into your belly just like he said he would! You are such a big girl to swallow it all!" he said proudly.

"It tasted funny, grandpa," she said, wrinkling her nose.

"I know it did, but you will get used to it, honey. The more of grandpa's milk you drink, the better it will taste."

He pulled her up to him so he could feel her naked body against his own. They talked for a while, just enjoying each others' company. An hour passed before the old man felt he could muster the strength to pop her cherry. He knew he'd have to get her juiced up before he entered her the first time, so he reached around to squeeze her nipple.

"Grandpa is about ready to show you the other way to milk his cock. Are you ready, baby?"

"Yes, grandpa, what do I do?" she asked enthusiastically.

"Just spread your legs a little so grandpa can touch you."

As she spread her legs, he slid his rough hand between them. Slowly, he rubbed her pussy, stroking it with great care.

"Did you like how it felt when I sucked your titty this morning?"

Blushing, the little girl answered, "Yes." So he leaned over and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard. He could tell from her reaction this morning that this was the best way to get her lubed up. She was already rotating her hips when he started finger fucking her again.

"Janet, the other way for me to shoot my milk into your belly is to put my cock in here, where my finger is now."

"Grandpa, it's too big! You will hurt me!" she said, her voice sounding scared.

"No honey. See how wet you get? That God's way of making it easy for grandpa to slide his dick into your pussy. It gets slippery so I can put it in a little at a time. Tonight, it might hurt a little bit because grandpa is going to pop your cherry."

"What does that mean, grandpa?" she asked curiously.

"It just means that grandpa hasn't had his dick in you before. It will hurt for a second when grandpa pops your cherry. But once I am all the way in, it shouldn't hurt anymore. Are you ready to try?"

"OK, but will you stop if it hurts too much?"

"Of course I will, honey!" he said, knowing full well that by that time he would not be able to stop.

"Now spread your legs a little more and lift your knees a bit so grandpa can slide his cock into that pretty pussy of yours!" She did as she was told, a little scared. But grandpa seemed so happy and wanted her cherry so bad, she didn't want him to get mad at her.

"That's it. Now grandpa will go nice and slow," he said as he pressed the head of his cock against the moist entrance of her pussy. The head slid in easily. He slowly eased his cock in and out in order to lubricate it. With each gentle thrust of his hips, his dick went in further until it was stopped by her virginity.

"Ow! Grandpa, that hurts! I want to stop!" the little girl cried.

"It's ok, honey. It will stop hurting soon. Grandpa has to push it in real quick to pop your cherry. Then it won't hurt, I promise."

"No, grandpa!" she whimpered, trying to twist out of his grip.

The old man held her arms tightly to her sides as he gave a final thrust of his hips, forcing his cock all the way in. Janet let out a scream and began to cry.

"It's ok, baby! It's over! Grandpa popped your cherry, so it will stop hurting! You're such a big girl! And it makes grandpa feel so good to be inside you!"

Her cunt was the tightest he'd ever felt and he began moving his cock in and out, building up a nice rhythm.

"See, honey, grandpa is fucking you now. This is what grandpas do to their special girls. You are making grandpa feel so good!"

The little girl stopped crying because it did stop hurting just like he said. It was still sore, but in a way, it felt good to have grandpa's cock inside her. It felt good, just like it did in the barn when he rubbed it against her.

Grandpa fucked the little girl for several minutes, enjoying a feeling he hadn't known in years...pussy surrounding his dick! And it was young pussy at that! Janet was moving her hips and meeting his thrusts. She let out a loud moan and he felt her pussy twitch. Smiling to himself, he knew the little girl came. With that pleasant thought, the old man shot his load into her virgin belly. The first of many loads he planned to put there. There was just something about the thought of depositing his seed in his own granddaughter's womb that set him on fire! With a final thrust, he was spent. He leaned over to force his tongue into her mouth one last time.

"See, honey. You milked grandpa's cock again. Now that milk is in your belly. Do you like it when grandpa fucks you?"

Smiling, she said, "Yes, grandpa. It felt so good! I think that is my favorite way to milk you!"

He laughed and said, "I'm glad you like it because grandpa is going to start fucking you every night. You might as well start sleeping in my bed with me."

She fell asleep lying on top of him with his strong arms around her. That night, grandpa decided he would call Social Services and tell them that she was such a good girl, he would be happy to take full custody of her.

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Family Fun Revisited #1

Part 1.

Tina opened the door to find her older brother standing on the front doorstep, surrounded by a pile of suitcases.

"Ray!" she beamed affectionately, "Hi! How are you?"

"Fine, Tina! Real fine!" smiled Ray, giving his sister a big friendly hug.

He lifted her bodily off the ground, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her strongly against his powerful, muscular body. Tina marvelled at the strength of her brother's grip. He had always been the athletic type, and the way he held her fragile body tightly against his muscular frame, sent familiar little shivers up and down her spine.

Tina threw her arms around her brother's neck and returned his embrace, pressing her tits and thighs firmly against him, moulding her body instinctively around his masculinity. As he held her, Ray found that even though he had always thought of her as his baby sister, Tina had matured into one hell of a gorgeous woman, and being a red-blooded male he was not immune to her abundant charms. In fact, to his utter dismay, his cock began to swell uncomfortably in his pants until it began to press firmly into his sister's crotch. Tina smiled as she felt her brother's cock pressing against her cunt through their clothes. 'You horny devil, Ray.' she thought to herself, trying to act as though she hadn't felt it. But it wasn't easy to ignore, and before she knew what she was doing, began to rub her pussy gently back and forth over his swollen organ. Ray wavered like he was trying to pull back, but couldn't get his body to resist the mounting temptation.

Finally, with great effort, Ray pulled away from his sister, and held her at arm's length, running his gaze up and down her slim body with unashamed admiration. She was wearing a thin cotton top and the briefest, tightest pair of shorts that Ray had ever seen. He couldn't remember his sister wearing such a sexy, revealing outfit before.

"You look like a pin-up girl in those shorts, Sis!" he remarked.

"I look even better out of them..." giggled Tina, "... or so I'm told"

"You sure have changed in the past six months, Tina!" blurted Ray, trying unsuccessfully to hide his swollen cock.

'More than you can ever imagine brother dear!' thought Tina, eyeing off the bulge in her brother's tight pants. Suddenly, Tina realized that they were still standing on the front doorstep, in full view of the neighbours.

"Where's Pam and the kids?" she said, absently looking up and down the empty street.

"She dropped me off with the luggage while they went up to visit her mother," grimaced Ray. "And you know how I hate Pamela's mother. They'll be about three or four hours for sure." Tina smiled at the look on her brother's handsome face.

"Well, don't stand there like a big dope," she laughed, helping him with the bags, "Come on in and make yourself at home."

Tina walked ahead of him, straining a little under the weight of the suitcases, and as Ray followed her inside, his eyes were drawn to her tight, wiggling butt. God what I wouldn't do to that ass if she wasn't my sister. Ray's cock twitched involuntarily as he watched Tina's gorgeous asscheeks bob seductively up and down inside her skimpy shorts. The brief garment seemed to expose more of her lightly tanned ass-cheeks than it concealed, and the sight did nothing to relieve the swelling in his cock.

Part 2.

"Where is everybody?" he asked, trying to sound as casual as possible.

"Well, Dave's at work, and Julie's at a friend's house. Dave's going to pick her up on the way home," said Tina, "And Johnny's in the pool trying to cool off."

"Yeah, I sure has been hot lately," replied Ray, watching his sister's sexy little butt wiggle down the hallway. 'And getting hotter!' he thought.

"Why don't you go and join him, Ray?" suggested Tina, "I'm sure a nice cool dip is just what you need after your long drive!"

"No thanks, Sis. Not just now," said Ray, looking nervously down at the large bulge still evident in his pants, "Maybe later, after we all get settled in... I'm pooped!" he lied.

"That's ok!" replied Tina, "Well, here we are... this is Pam's and your room... Billy's is in the one across the hall, and I've put the girl's in the one next to that."

"Great! Thanks Sis," said Ray, tossing his bags on the bed.

"If you want to freshen up a little, the bathroom's at the end of the hall," smiled Tina, "When you've got yourself organized, come down into the kitchen for coffee. I want to hear all the gossip from back home."

Tina gave her brother a quick kiss on the lips before quickly disappearing back down hallway. Ray was confused. His sister had definitely changed, but he didn't know if it was for the better or worse. The way she flaunted her lovely body was not like the Tina he knew and loved. He had to admit though, it was very exciting. 'Yeah! I could get used to that!', he decided as he began to unpack.

John pulled his muscular young frame out of the pool and headed towards the house, drying himself off as he went. He was looking forward to his aunt and uncle's visit. It had been at least a year since he had seen them but John still remembered his two pretty young cousins. Jenny was the same age as his sister Julie, and little Lisa was just a year younger. He remembered how he used to tease Jenny about not having any tits, and wondered if the little bumps on her chest had grown any. Lisa, on the other hand, had more than her share of boobs for a girl of thirteen, and John remembered with excitement how he often used to peek into her room, just to get a peek of his cousin's ample tits.

She didn't mind him looking at them either, he remembered. On one occasion, Lisa had noticed him watching her through the doorway while she was getting dressed, and instead of screaming, she had turned towards him, holding her tits up with both hands so he could get a better look. John had ducked quickly out of sight, but not before he had glimpsed her big, pink nipples and the mischievous smile of delight on her pretty little face. His aunt wasn't any slouch in the looks department either, he recalled. She was slim, well proportioned, and exceedingly well tanned... all over, he imagined with a sudden surge of lust. 'Yes', he thought, 'This could be a very, very enjoyable couple of weeks.'

As John entered the kitchen, he spotted his mother bending over the table with her back to him, wiping it down with a cloth. Her legs were spread apart as she reached across the table, giving her son a good view of her crotch. Her compact little ass jiggled deliciously under her shorts as she moved back and forth. John smiled and walked up behind his mother, casually slipping a hand up between her thighs. Before she could say or do anything, he began squeezing her cunt through the thin material of her shorts.

"Feel like a fuck, Mom?" he asked, rubbing his fingers into the narrow groove of her cunt. He could feel the wet heat of his mother's pussy begin to spread almost immediately. His cock pressed against her thigh.

"Johnny, don't!" gasped Tina, spinning quickly around to face him.

"What's wrong, Mom?" asked her startled son, "Don't you want me to touch you anymore?"

"No, baby. It's not that," whispered Tina, "Your Uncle Ray's here! He arrived about fifteen minutes ago, and unless you want him to catch us, we're going to have to behave ourselves for a little while, ok?"

Johnny as standing so close to his mother, her tits were pressed into his chest. With a grin he looked up into her eyes, and returned his hand to her crotch.

Part 3.

"You mean I can't do this anymore, Mom?" he smiled, cupping her cuntmound again, kneading her hot snatch with his long fingers.

Tina fell against her son's broad chest with a low moan, hunching her pussy onto his hand with uncontrollable lust. Johnny's fingers felt so good between her legs.

"Ohhhh, Jesus! Johnny! I want you, baby!" whimpered Tina, rubbing her son's hard cock through his wet swimming trunks. "But we can't right now! Your uncle is right down the fuckin' hall!!! He could walk out and catch us any second!"

"Shit, he's probably asleep, Mom... Come on, let's fuck!" said her son bluntly, knowing it turned his mother on to hear him talk to her that way.

His other hand went to her tits, squeezing and fondling her braless boobs through her blouse. He could be very persuasive when he put his mind to it, and soon had Tina feeling so horny she almost gave in to him. But when began to undo her shorts, Tina came to her senses and tore herself reluctantly away from him.

"No, Johnny! We can't! Ray will catch us," breathed Tina, removing her son's hands from her trembling flesh. "Later, baby! I promise! We'll fuck later, when everyone else is asleep, okay?"

"Ok, Mom!" he smiled.

John, suddenly realized that she was right. All hell would break loose if anybody found out, and he sure didn't want to jeopardize the unique sexual freedom that he shared with his mother, father and horny little sister. It was too good to mess up just for the sake of a quick fuck with his mother, no matter how good her hot, juicy, twat felt under his hand. John kissed her on the lips, long and hard before pulling away.

"I think I definitely need another swim to cool off, Mom!" grinned John, looking down at the large lump in his trunks.

"Don't exhaust yourself baby, remember tonight!" Tina gave her son's cock one last loving squeeze.

"Don't worry, Mom!" he winked, "When have I ever let you down?"

Tina smiled as she watched her son head out to the pool. Her cunt twitched with desire as she followed his hard, young body with her eyes. Jesus, she needed a fuck! If Ray wasn't here, she'd have let Johnny tear all her clothes off, fill her itchy cunt with his eager, young cock and then fuck him to within an inch of his life! Or maybe vice versa, she smiled to herself. Suddenly, Tina felt a warm wetness between her legs, and realized that the crotch of her shorts was saturated. She could even smell the unmistakable odour of hotly aroused pussy emanating from between her thighs. God, she must be wet!

Not wanting her brother to catch her like this, Tina quickly raced off to her room to change. She needn't have bothered. It was too late! Ray had heard their voices as soon as John entered the house, and arrived in time to see and hear almost everything.

He was still stunned! He couldn't believe it. His prim little sister was fucking her teenaged son! It staggered the imagination. Ray thought of his own son, Billy, and pictured him fucking his wife. 'Pam would probably love it!', Ray thought, knowing how much his wife enjoyed all kinds of sex. He remembered the way she sometimes drooled over the older boys on Billy's basketball team.

Ray was in a dilemma. His sister was obviously feeling very horny right now, and his cock told him to follow her to her room, but his brain said no, conditioned by the taboos instilled from birth. As he played and replayed the scene he had just witnessed in his mind's eye, he made a decision. Moving quickly after his sister, Ray stopped outside her bedroom door. It was slightly ajar, and inside, Tina was stepping out of her tiny shorts. She dropped them onto the bed and then took off her top. Ray gasped as his sister's firm, jiggling breasts sprang free. His hand dropped to his crotch, and began to rub the length of his cock through his jeans, his eyes glued to her bobbing mounds. Tina stepped out of her wet panties, and when she bent over to pull them off her ankles, Ray got a good look at her cunt.

'God, she's fuckin' wet!' he thought, staring in total disbelief at his sister's naked pussy. The outer lips of Tina's cunt were red and swollen with arousal and when she sat on the end of the bed, they gaped open to reveal the dark pink, slit of her pussy, glistening with moisture. "Oh, fuck! Will ya look at that gorgeous little cunt," he whispered to himself. Ray stared at his sister's bare flesh like a starving man eyeing off a side of prime beef, and in no time at all, his cock sprang to full erection. The swollen shaft throbbed painfully in the tight confines of his jeans. As Ray watched, Tina reached into her closet and began to put on a light, summer dress. She rarely wore underwear these days, not since the family had gotten to know each other in a much closer and intimate way.

Part 4.

Ray's breathing was heavy and rapid, his pulse throbbing in his ears as he watched his sister try to wriggle into the tight dress. "Damn!" muttered Tina under her breath. She was having trouble because the dress was a little too small. So, moving her feet further apart and bending forward at the waist, she lifted her arms higher and wriggled some more, trying unsuccessfully to get the stubborn garment down over her shoulders. Tina's taut little behind was poked straight at Ray, and it was a sight that would have broken any man's self-control. Ray could see his sister's tiny, pink anus winking at him from between the cheeks of her ass, and below that, the narrow, gleaming slit of her furry little twat, running up between her open thighs.

Ray moaned deep in his throat. 'I don't care if she is my sister,' he thought, 'I've gotta have some of that!' Tina's brother had lost all control. Once more the taboo of incest was broken by the strongest emotion on earth... pure, animal lust! Silently, Ray pushed open the door of his sister's room, and walked boldly inside, still rubbing at his cock. Tina was so busy trying to pull the dress over her head, she didn't even know that anyone else was in the room until her brother stepped quietly up behind her and ran his hands down over her naked belly. Tina jumped at his touch, but didn't turn round, she was still struggling with the dress.

"Johnny! Don't, honey!" she said, thinking it was her son again. "I told you, we can fuck later! Ray is bound to catch us if you don't stop it!"

"Too late, baby!" breathed Ray, running his hands eagerly over his sister's warm, naked flesh.

His fingers were all over her, as he squeezed her tits and pressed his big, sweaty palm into the steamy canyon between his sister's slender thighs. Tina gave a startled cry, as she recognized her brother's voice and spun around as if she'd been slapped, pulling the dress off her head in one swift motion. He was standing so close to her that, Tina's boobs brushed firmly against his chest as she turned to face him.

"Ray!" she gasped, "I thought it was... Erhh, I mean... What are you doing?"

"I'm doing something I obviously should have done a long time ago, Sis!" he breathed pulling her to him.

Tina's naked body was crushed against his, and Ray could felt the heat of his sister's firm body through his clothes. He couldn't wait to feel it against his bare skin.

"Ooooh, nooooooo! Ray, I'm your sister for christ's sake!"

Tina struggled weakly in his arms, but it was purely a token resistance. Her brother's cock was pressing against her cunt, and it was hard! very, VERY hard!

"Don't get all moral with me, little sister!" growled Ray, "I might be your brother, but what about Johnny? isn't he your SON?"

Tina gave him a guilty look and said, "You saw us, didn't you? You saw Johnny feeling me up!" Ray cupped her tight little behind, and began to squeeze the soft flesh of his sister's asscheeks with both hands.

"I sure did, Sis! And I heard what you said too! God, did it ever turn me on something fierce!" he replied, pressing the massive bulge in his pants against his sister's crotch.

"I can see that! Or rather, I can feel it!" smiled Tina, grinding her slim hips back against her brother's growing hardness.

She also began to feel the same electric, excitement she experienced every time she fucked her son. It was the forbidden thrill of incest that really got her juices flowing. With a guttural moan, she pulled Ray's mouth down hard onto hers, kissing her big, handsome hunk of a brother like she had never done before... hard and hot! His tongue slithered deep into her wet mouth as Ray returned his sister's passionate kiss with equal fervour.

"I want to fuck you, Tina!" gasped Ray, as their lips parted, "I want to fuck you more than I've ever wanted to fuck anybody in my whole damn life!"

Tina wrapped her arms around her brother's neck and rubbed her body against him, standing on tiptoes to position his cock firmly against her drooling cuntslit.

Part 5.

"Ooooh, and I want you to, Ray! But what about your wife?" she said, looking deeply into his smouldering eyes, "What about Pam and the kids?"

"Fuck Pam and the kids!" he moaned, "I want to get inside of THIS!"

As he spoke, Ray dropped a hand to Tina's pubes and deftly inserted a finger into his sister's tight, slippery cunt. Tina melted into his arms as her strong, handsome brother fingered her pussy.

"That sounds like a good idea, Ray!" grunted his sister. "Fucking Pam and the kids, I mean!" she gasped. Ray's big finger felt like a short, fat cock inside her clinging cuntslit.

"Do you mean what I think you mean, Sis?" asked Ray, rubbing his sister's cunt with long, slow, deliberate strokes

"I hope so, Ray!" replied Tina, "Don't tell me you've never considered fucking those cute little daughters of yours?" Her smile was positively devilish. Ray thought about it for a second, and had to admit that despite their tender ages, if Jenny and Lisa were in the room right now, he'd fuck them too!

"Yes! Oh, God help me, yesss!" he groaned, alternately picturing both of his daughters' hot, wet little cunts wrapped tightly around the length of his dick. Tina felt her brother's body shudder with delight at the very thought!

"That really turns you on, doesn't it Ray?" asked Tina, pulling him towards the bed, "You'd love to fuck and suck them both at the same time, wouldn't you?

Tina could see the powerful effect her wanton suggestions were having on him. It was exciting her too, saying such lewd things to her own brother!

"And Billy..," she continued, rubbing Ray's cock through his pants, "...cute lovable little Billy. I bet he peeks at Pam's tit's and cunt every chance he gets... Oh, Ray! Johnny's got such a big cock for his age, I bet Billy has too! Wouldn't you like to watch him shoving it into Pam's cunt. I bet she'd love it! Jesus, I would! He's so damn cute, I'd let him fuck me in a minute..."

Ray gave a loud groan and threw his sister down onto the bed. Her tits wobbled and her legs flew apart as her brother leant over her wantonly sprawled body. A crazed look of pure lust was on his face as his hands explored every inch of her naked flesh, concentrating mainly though, on her tits and cunt.

It was finally going to happen! She realized instantly that deep down, she had always wanted her big, strong brother to fuck her, it was just that the opportunity had never arisen before. She wished he would hurry up and put his big, fat prick inside her cunt and fuck her, just like her son, and husband fucked her... long and deep and very, very hard! "Ohhhhh, Ray!" moaned Tina, spreading her legs as his fingers probed deeply into her juicy cuntflesh. "I can't stand it any more! I'm so fucking hot! Feel me, Ray! Feel how fuckin' wet your hot little sister is, baby!"

"Christ, You're wet alright, Sis!" grunted Ray, wriggling his middle finger round and round in Tina's juicy gash, ramming it in, as far as he could manage. "You're hot to fuck, aren't you... you horny little slut!" growled her brother in mock anger. "Yeahhh, you want me to ram my big fat prick up there and fuck the shit out of you, don't you, girl?"

Tina could only manage a whimper as Ray stabbed his fingers deeply into her hot, juicy cunt.

"Spread your legs!" ordered Ray, taking off his clothes, "Spread 'em wide, honey! 'Cause your big brother's gonna fill that hot wet little cunt of yours with 10 inches of prime cockmeat!"

Tina did as she was told, pulling her knees up either side of her body, exposing her pussy to his lustful gaze. Ray looked down at her as he removed his shorts, noting the gleam of excitement in his sister's eyes as his long, hard cock sprang into view.

"You like my prick, don't you, Sis?" he asked, stroking the huge shaft gently in his hands.

Part 6.

Tina nodded, pulling back the lips of her cunt. Tina didn't just like it, she loved it... every hard, fuckin' inch of it! Her cunt and inner thighs were shiny with leaking juices.

"Put it in me, Ray!" groaned Tina, "Oooohh God, pleeeease! Fuck my cunt with your big, fat cock, and come all over me!"

Undisguised passion showed plainly in Tina's lust-glazed eyes, and Ray marvelled at her shameless enthusiasm, but he had other things in mind first!

"Sure, Sis! I'll fuck you! I'll fuck you alright!" grinned Ray, staring hungrily at her delicious-looking twat. "But first I'm gonna have me a little snack!"

Tina shuddered with incestuous delight as she realized her brother was going to suck her pussy. Ray knelt between her open thighs and lowered his face towards his sister's ripe, musky cunt slit.

"You smell good, Sis! Real good!" he moaned, "Does Johnny lick your hot, juicy little cunt too, baby?"

"Y...yesss! And I suck his cock!" blurted Tina, anxious for her brother to fuck her... or suck her pussy... do anything he wanted to her, as long as he did it quick!

Ray ran his tongue lightly up between the gaping lips of his sister's twat, teasing her hot, seething flesh with just the tip.

"Uhhhhggggh! Deeper, Ray you teasing bastard! Lick deeper! Suck my cunt!"

"Okay, Sis!" he grinned, slipping his hands under her naked, squirming ass, "... you asked for it!"

Ray forced Tina's satiny thighs as wide apart as he possibly could and inserted his tongue into her tender pussy, licking and sucking at her tortured slit like man possessed!

"Ohhhhh! Fuck! Jesus, Ray! That's fantastic!" screamed Tina, as her brother snuggled his face into her succulent gash. Ray nibbled at his sister's cuntlips and sucked her clit into his mouth.

"Oooooooow! Yessss! Ooooh, Ray, darling! Suck me! Pretend it's Lisa's or Jenny's tasty little slit you're eating! Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck! Yesssssssss!!"

Ray visualized his lips plastered firmly over each of his daughters' hot little cunts, his mouth sucking up their, fresh, adolescent juices just as hungrily as he was sucking up his sister's.

"Mmmmm! Jesus, yes! I'll do it! I'll suck them off the first chance I get!" moaned Ray, returning his mouth to his sister's flavoursome cunt.

"You'll love the taste of their cunts, Ray!" gasped Tina, trying to excite her brother even further. "...and the best thing is they're all yours, to fuck and suck as often as you want. Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, fuck!"

Tina was almost incoherent, babbling obscenities at her brother as Ray licked her slick, gaping slit. "You can fuck Julie too, if you want. I'm sure she'll let you. She likes men with big, fat cocks... especially if they run in the family, if you know what I mean." Ray moaned a muffled reply into her pussy, too busy lapping at his sister's tasty cunt to answer properly. "Uhhhnnhhgg! Yes, suck my clit! Suck it hard!" squealed Tina, shoving her cunt repeatedly up against his face. Ray's mouth made loud, wet slurping sounds as he ate out his sister's quivering pussy.

Ray was an expert at sucking cunt, as Tina soon found out. From vast experience, he knew exactly when to lick, when to nibble, and when to suck real hard! Tina's climax peaked rapidly as her brother tongued her pulsing little clitoris, grinding his chin into her hot hole. Suddenly her mouth opened in a silent scream as wave after wave of intense pleasure spread outwards from her spasming cunt. She began to buck wildly but Ray held on tightly to her ass and kept his mouth plastered to her cunt as he rode out her orgasm. "Ohhhhh! Fuck, Ray! Uhhhhh! Oh, God! I'm cummmmming!" screeched Tina.

"Jeez, Mom! Christ, you're noisy when you fuck! I could hear you from the kitchen!"

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Tina turned her head towards the new voice and saw her son standing at the door, still wearing his swimming trunks. He was smiling, and by the size of the bulge in the front of his trunks, he'd been watching his uncle suck his mother's cunt, for quite some time. Ray stood up with a startled look on his juice-smeared face.

Part 7.

"Jesus, Johnny! Don't you ever knock? You scared the shit out of us!" scolded his mother, but her eyes were on the big lump in his trunks.

"I'd say I scared the cum out of you, Mom," laughed John, as he moved towards the bed.

"Hi, Uncle Ray! Mom's got a nice, tasty little cunt, hasn't she?"

Ray and Tina stared at the boy, speechless. Finally his mother recovered enough to reply.

"Johnny! You don't have to be so vulgar about it!"

"Why not, Mom? You like it when I talk to you like that!"

John sat down on the bed near his mother, staring hungrily at her gaping cuntslit.

"Besides, it's true! Isn't it?" He turned to his uncle. "Well, it's true isn't it, Uncle Ray, my mom has got a nice, tasty pussy, hasn't she?"

"Uh, Well... um yes, I must admit she has!" said Ray lamely. He wasn't used to this much sexual freedom yet, and he felt more than a little uncomfortable about the whole situation.

"Have you fucked Mom yet, Uncle Ray?" asked his nephew, bluntly.

Tina sat up and jabbed her son hard in the ribs.

"Johnny! Don't talk about me like I'm the local slut!" she said with a smile.

"I'm sorry, Mom!" grinned John, "I was wrong... you're MUCH better than the local slut."

They all burst out laughing. The ice had been broken, and Tina threw her arms around his shoulders, hugging her son to her breast with more than a mother's love. Then she noticed the patch of spreading moisture on the bed, caused by John's wet swimming trunks.

"I think you better get out of those trunks, baby! You're making the bed all wet."

"Now you're talking, Mom!" said John as he stood up and slid them quickly down over his thighs. As his stiff young cock sprang free, Tina gave a tiny gasp of delight. It was one of her fantasies to make it with two men, and the fact that one was her son and the other was her brother, only increased the excitement she felt. Tina reached out and grabbed both their cocks, one in each hand.

"My, what two lovely specimens," she breathed, "I really don't know which one to suck first."

"First in, wins the prize, I always say, Mom!" grinned her son, "So it's Uncle Ray, I guess. Besides, he's our guest, and guests always get first serving in our house, don't they, Mom!"

"This is fuckin' unbelievable!" breathed Ray.

He was still a little out of his depth here. The complete, sexual freedom that his sister's family had obviously embraced was new to him, but the barriers were dropping fast!

"You better get used to it, Ray my dear!" said Tina, pulling her brother down onto the bed next to her, "'Cause for the next couple of days, honey, we're all gonna get to know each other intimately... and I do mean intimately!" Ray lay beside his sister, his cock sticking straight up from his hairy crotch, like a solid steel bar. Tina got above him on hands and knees, her head directly above her brother's magnificently erect organ.

As she did so, Johnny knelt behind her and ran his hands over her firm round ass, reaching forwards under his mother's body to squeeze her full tits. He ran his fingers through her cuntslit, feeling the moisture fill his palm as he cupped her juicy sex. Tina parted her legs for him, and Johnny took a good, long look at his mother's twat... It looked a little different from behind, more sexy he thought to himself, more wickedly exciting, just suspended there between her legs, framed by the globes of her ass and the damp, matted fur of her pubes, just begging for a cock. It looked open and wet and swollen... just waiting to be fucked.

Tina looked over her shoulder at her son, and saw the look in his eyes. It was a look she knew only too well by now. As much as she liked to fuck her son, Tina wanted so much for Ray to fuck her next. It was the thrill of sex with her own brother for the first time that drove her.

Part 8.

"Play with my cunt Johnny, while I suck on your uncle's cock for a while!" she said, as she felt her son nudge her ass with the tip of his eager cock.

"Awwww, Mom! I'd much rather fuck it! You're ready aren't you? You're wet enough!" said Johnny, sounding very disappointed.

"Remember what you said, Johnny! Uncle Ray is our guest, and it's his first time with me. Don't be greedy, young man!"

Ray smiled, thinking that the whole thing sounded like a scolding over who was going to eat the last serving of ice cream, rather than who was going to fuck her next. When her son gave no reply, Tina reached back and pulled his hand between her legs, rubbing his fingers into her fiery pussy.

"Play with me, baby! Get your mother in the mood for some hot cock, and after Ray fucks me, I'll let you do anything you want... I promise!"

"Ok, Mom! It's a deal!" said Johnny as he deftly inserted two stiff fingers into his mother's shamelessly offered snatch, stroking her heated gash with practiced ease.

Tina returned her attention to her brother's cock, and Ray groaned aloud as her, wet mouth enveloped his thick, vertical shaft, sliding easily down the long pole until her lips crushed against his pubic hair.

"Jesus, Sis! Ohhhhh! Christ Almighty! That's fuckin' nice!"

Ray groaned and jerked his hips up off the bed, his hands holding tightly onto his sister's bobbing head. His own head was thrown back in absolute pleasure as Tina's tight lips slid up and down his hot cockshaft. His hips rolled and thrust into her sucking mouth as he fucked his sister's pretty face. She took it all, the whole length of her brother's massive prick, right down her gulping throat, spurred on by her son's long, squirming fingers deep in her cunt.

Johnny reached under his mother's jerking body with his other hand and began to squeeze and fondle her wobbling tits as she sucked noisily on Ray's saliva-covered cock. It wasn't long before Johnny's hands on her tit's and cunt, and Ray's cock in her mouth became too much for her. Tina desperately needed a cock between her legs. It didn't really matter whose it was either, but she had promised her brother, and his cock did feel so big in her mouth. Tina made a quick decision, and fell back onto the bed, spreading her legs.

"Oooooh, I can't stand it any longer, one of you fuck me!" she moaned, "Ray! Hurry! Ram your big, hard cock up my cunt, and fuck me hard!"

"What about me, Mom!" whined her son, suddenly feeling left out.

"You, my baby, can lie down here beside me and stick that fat cock of yours in my mouth!" said Tina, patting the bed next to her head.

"You bet, Mom! Yeahhhh, suck me till I come right down your hot, fuckin' throat!"

Ray looked down at his sister's gorgeous body, finally spread out before him the way he knew he always wanted her. The look in her eyes made his cock swell and throb even more.

"God, yes! Oh! Fuck, yessss Tina! I'm gonna fuck you, Sis! I can't believe I'm really gonna fuck my own sister's hot little cunt! Ohhhhhhhh, Baby!"

Tina pressed the tip of Ray's cock into the mouth of her cunt. She used the fingers of one hand to spread her pussy-lips, holding them wide open, while using the other to position the big, flared head of her brother's prick directly into the tiny opening of her cunthole. When Ray felt the lips of her cunt close tightly about his cock, he hunched downwards, and just as he did, Tina's hips lurched upwards...the result was devastating! Ray's cock plunged into his sister's pussy like a hot knife through butter, plowing so deeply into her open cunt, that his balls slapped resoundingly against her puckered asshole.

"Ooooooooh, Jesus!" wailed Tina, as her brother's cock slammed into her cunt. "God, you're in so deep, Ray! Jesus! Give it to me! uhhh, yes... yes... fuck hard... fuck the shit out of me!"

"Stop moaning, and suck my dick, Mom!" complained John as he grabbed her head, impatiently pressing his cockhead against her open lips.

Part 9.

"Mmmmmpppfffff!" was all she could reply as her son shoved it hard into her mouth. Ray looked down at his cock buried deeply in his sister's snatch. His shaft filled her, spreading her swollen cuntlips wide. He flexed his prick inside her, getting used to the wonderfully tight sheath before starting to pull out for the first time. As he withdrew, the lips of her cunt pulled out around his cock, gripping it like vice.

"Fuck, you're tight, Sis!" panted Ray, staring at the way her cuntlips slid off his cock like a tight, wet ring of muscle. It was almost like fucking her in the asshole, she was so damn tight! Johnny smiled at the look of surprise on his uncle's face, he knew exactly what Ray was feeling right now.

"Mom's as tight as a teenager, isn't she Uncle Ray?" grinned John.

"God, yes! It feels like my cock is stuck in a vacuum cleaner!" Tina grabbed her brother by the ass and pulled him into her again, eager to get this show on the road.

"Aw, come on you guys! Cut the running commentary and let's fuck!" complained Tina, wrenching her mouth from around son's wet cock just long enough to let them know she was desperate for action.

"Give it to her Uncle Ray!" moaned Johnny as Tina returned her mouth to his saliva-covered cock. "Fuck the piss out of my mom! Make her come real good!"

Ray needed no encouragement to do that at all. The pleading look on Tina's pretty face was all it took. "I'll give it to her alright!" he gasped, slipping both hands under the cheeks of his sister's wiggling ass. He dug his fingers into her soft, firm butt and looked down into her glittering eyes. "Hold on tight, Sis! 'Cause this is one fuck you're gonna remember for the rest of your life!"

Ray was true to his word, and began to fuck his sister with long, deep, powerful thrusts, slamming his cock into her upthrust cunt with a savage vigour that Tina cry out with pleasure, and young Johnny stare in surprise. The boy watched in awe as his uncle pummeled his mother's juice-filled cunt to a creamy froth. It turned him on so much that he too began to fuck his young prick into her mouth with jackhammer force. Tina was moaning incessantly with the dual penetration of mouth and cunt, her hands were around her son's hips, hauling his cock deep into her mouth as her brother fucked her jerking cunt like a demon.

This was the sight that greeted Dave and Julie as they pushed open the door a couple of minutes later. Dave had picked his daughter up from school half and hour ago and headed straight home. As soon as she got into the car, Julie had offered to suck him off as he drove, and of course Dave had agreed, on the condition she took off her panties so he could finger-fuck her wet little slit at the same time. Consequently, by the time they arrived home, they were both as horny as hell, and hurried into the nearest bedroom to fuck. When they opened the door, Julie's eyes lit up like roman candles at the sight of her handsome, well-hung uncle reaming out her mother's cunt while Johnny fucked her in the mouth.

"Ooooh, Daddy!" squealed Julie, "I think this room's occupied!"

Her hand dropped to the front of her father's pants and grabbed hold of his cock.

"It sure as hell is, baby!" breathed Dave. His eyes were fixed on his wife's crotch as he watched Ray's huge cock plunging rapidly in and out of Tina's wide-spread cunt.

"Should we look for another one, Daddy?" asked Julie as she unzipped her father's pants. "Or stay here and join in the fun?" She had a look of pure evil on her pretty little face as she took out Dave's cock and rubbed it against her leg. He eyes were still glued to her uncle's long, hard cock.

Dave reached under her short skirt from behind and slipped a finger under the cheeks of her ass, wriggling it forwards and upwards until it slipped easily into the moist, wet heat of her young slit.

"Do you want to stay, honey?" asked Dave, fucking his finger slowly back and forth into her pussy, just as he had done in the car on the way home. Julie increased her grip on her father's penis as she felt his fingertip rub deliciously up over her stiffening clit.

"Oh! Yes, Daddy! Let's!" Julie turned to her father and undid his belt, letting his pants fall to the floor. She removed his underpants as quickly as she could, and wrapped her fingers around his erect cock. It twitched in her hand as she lifted up the front of her skirt and began to rub the hard tip up and down the length of her juicy little crack. Julie had to stand on tiptoes, and Dave had to spread and bend his knees so that his cock would fit into the entrance of her tight, wet little cunt.

Part 10.

"Look, everybody! Dad and Sis have decided to join us!" said Johnny, when he suddenly realized they were not alone. Ray turned to look, and almost stopped dead in his tracks, much to Tina's intense disappointment. His cute young niece was rubbing her body against her father, wiggling her ass like mad, trying to get his massive cock into her frantic little cunt. Ray's cock plowed to hitherto unfathomed depths inside Tina's pussy as he watched Julie impale herself on her father's erect penis. She was still dressed in her school uniform, her skirt was pulled up over her waist exposing her tight, round butt and prominent pussy-mound to the lustful gaze of the watching males.

"Nice ass, Sis!" joked Johnny. Julie turned to her brother and smiled, sticking out her little pink tongue in mock disdain. Dave's cock was imbedded halfway up his daughter's squirming cunt as they stood near the bed, but the difference in their heights prevented complete penetration, frustrating them both. With sudden inspiration born out of desperation, Dave put his hands under her thighs and lifted Julie up onto his cock. She was light as a feather in his arms, and as her legs wrapped around his waist, his cock slid balls-deep inside her eager young pussy. "Ohhhhhh, Daddy! I like it this way!" she squealed, as Dave's cock stretched and filled her tight little cunthole. "God! Why haven't we tried this before?"

"I don't know, baby!" replied Dave biting his lip, "But, uhhhh... Jesus! I can promise you one thing. We're gonna do it again, as often as you want!" Julie hugged her father's neck and pressed her parted lips to his, as he began to fuck his cock into her. Ray's cock began to twitch and throb with incestuous lust as he watched his horny young niece fuck herself into a frenzy on her father's horizontal pleasure stick. The girl's knees were almost under his armpits as Dave heaved and fucked his cock into her tightly stretched little cunt. Her ass bobbed back and forth in Ray's direction, and he was low enough to see right up between her adolescent thighs, and watched with growing passion as Dave's huge prick slid easily in and out of the girl's tiny pussy. It reminded Ray of a stallion fucking a pony!

The fact that Dave's cock seemed to be stretching Julie's tight, little cunt to mammoth proportions didn't seem to worry her at all. In fact, quite the opposite, the youngster seemed to be enjoying the size of her father's cock immensely, judging by the loud moans of pleasure which escaped her partly open lips. Tina knew by the way Ray's cock began to throb that he was very close to orgasm. Johnny too was showing the unmistakable signs of imminent climax as he fucked her mouth like a madman. They were both watching Dave and Julie's wanton exhibition of father-daughter lust, and Tina knew that at any moment she was going to receive a huge torrent of hot sperm in both her fucking orifices, her brother's incestuous load deep within her womb and her son's equally incestuous cream right down her throat. The very thought made her cunt pulsate with wild anticipation.

Johnny was watching his sister's naked little butt dance about as his father hunched up into her straining cunt. She was wet, real wet! He could see her pussy cream collect between the crack of her gyrating little ass and drip slowly onto the carpet. That was one of the things Johnny loved about his sister, the way her pussy always seemed to be so fuckin' wet. She was always ready to take on a big, hard cock, anytime anywhere... especially if it was her father's or her brother's! Just thinking about her tight, horny cunt squirming on the end of his cock started the cum churning in his balls!

"Put me down on the bed, Daddy!" whispered Julie into her father's ear, "I'm real close, lover, and I want to feel you on top of me when I come!"

"Ok, baby!" panted Dave. He shuffled towards the edge of the bed and lowered his daughter onto her back, falling on top of her as she hit the mattress, his swollen cock never leaving her tight little snatch for even an instant. "Now! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my little cunt with all your might! I wanna cum!" Ray looked over at Julie as she writhed under her father's massive frame. She seemed so small and fragile, just like Jenny or Lisa. Ray's fevered mind pictured each of his daughters in Julie's place, their cute little faces twisted into a mask of intolerable pleasure as Dave fucked their tight, virginal cunts into a pink, frothy mess.

Then suddenly, in his mind's eye, it wasn't Dave who was fucking them, it was him! It was their own loving father who was filling their hot, willing little cunts with the hard cock they craved. Hot sperm raced from his large, swollen balls as Ray climaxed on the spot, his unseeing eyes still fixed on Julie's face. He threw back his head and growled out his orgasm as jet after scalding jet filled Tina's overheated pussy. It was all she needed to send her over the top too. Her brother's cock seemed to grow bigger inside her, rubbing against her clit until, she thought the pleasure would never stop. She came hard, writhing her hips and sucking madly on her son's pulsating cock.

Johnny felt his mother's mouth tighten and strengthen around his cock. He knew she was coming, and realized his own ejaculation was still a long way off. Hearing a stifled scream he glanced over at his sister, who looked for all the world like she was writhing in pain. But it wasn't pain she was feeling, it was unbridled lust. She was almost there... he could tell. Johnny watched them, stroking his cock back and forth in his mother's slack mouth. Dave was ramming his cock into his daughter's hot little cunt like a man possessed, fucking her like he always did... hard and fast. That was the way she liked it, as he had soon discovered... and so did he!

Part 11.

"Uuuuhhhhnnnggg! I'm coming! Fuck me as hard as you can!" squealed Julie, as her cunt rippled with orgasm, "Fuck me! Oooooh, Daddy, give it to me!"

Ray, Tina and Johnny all watched as Julie's ass lifted clear of the bed and bucked wildly against her father's plunging prick. Ray couldn't understand why Dave's massive cock didn't split the girl's tiny, adolescent cunt, clear in two. It was a highly stimulating sight, watching his cute young niece take every inch of thick, hard cock her father could give her. Best of all, the horny little cunt was loving every fuckin' second of it! Dave tensed as he lost control of the rapidly rising tide of jism boiling in his balls. As always, it felt like Julie's tight, quivering pussy was sucking the cum out of his prick.

"Oh! God, Daddy! You're coming too! I feel it! Mmmmmmm! Come in me, Daddy! Fill my cunt with your hot cum!" whimpered Julie. "Jesus Christ," Ray gasped under his breath, "what a fuckin' little nympho!" His cock began to swell again as he watched Dave spend his load deep up inside the youngster's squirming belly. "Arrrghhhh, Julie, honey! Here it comes, baby! Here it fuckin' comes!" Dave strained with all his strength as hot gushes of thick come-juice, spurted from the end of his prick, injecting deeply into his daughter's spasming cunt as she came... over and over again.

Once everyone had recovered enough, Ray suggested a change of partners. Johnny, who hadn't even come yet was all for it, and couldn't hide his obvious excitement. Tina and Julie were just like two peas in a pod as far as sex was concerned and, as always, were just getting warmed up. In fact everyone was in agreement with Ray's proposal except Dave. "You guys go ahead and have a ball," he laughed, "I'm not as young as I used to be. I'll join you later after I take a little nap, ok?" Tina and Julie protested, but Dave was adamant. Julie had sucked him to a ball crunching orgasm on the way home in the car, and after their rousing fuck just now, he had come twice in less than an hour. His balls needed a rest.

Dave left the room, leaving the other two couples to their own devices. Ray still looked nervous even though it was he who had suggested they continue with their little family orgy. Julie eyed off her uncle's cock as it lay semi-erect, between his hairy thighs. Then she glanced at her brother's prick, and noticed that, without the stimulation of Tina's mouth, it had also lost most of its former glory. "How 'bout we put on a show for these fellas, Mom!" she whispered, nodding towards their limp pricks, "Just to get them back in the mood, if you know what I mean?" Julie winked suggestively at her mother and sat on the bed with her legs spread wide, exposing her juice-filled cunt to everybody.

Tina did the same, and Ray and Johnny stared with open mouths at the smorgasbord of juicy, pink cunt laid out before them. As if on cue, both mother and daughter spread the lips of their pussies with one hand and began to openly masturbate. Each had their own method. Julie used her whole hand, rubbing all four fingers slowly and sensuously up and down the length of her moist groove, spreading glistening juices from asshole to clit. Tina on the other hand preferred to use her stiffened middle finger, which she dipped frequently into the liquid heat of her cunthole, rubbing her swollen clit with the heel of her hand.

Ray gasped and grabbed for his lengthening cock as he watched Julie play with her pussy so shamelessly in front of him. The excitement of their wanton display wasn't lost on Johnny either. His young cock was as hard as a rock as he moved towards them, desperate by now to get his rocks off. The boy's eyes were fixed on his mother's tempting cunt, and he was determined to fuck her, one way or the other. But Tina smiled and pushed him back, flattered by her son's youthful eagerness. "Not yet, baby!" she whispered, "We want you guys to watch for a while. It'll make it all the more exciting when you fuck us"

Johnny sat back and stared, as his mother and sister juice-coated fingers sliding back and forth in her gaping slit. Suddenly an idea formed in his inventive mind. "Hey, Mom! Why don't you and Julie play with each other!" he suggested. "That'd be a real fuckin' turn on, wouldn't it Uncle Ray?" Ray could only nod his head in agreement. His eyes were still glued to his niece's horny little cunt. He had never seen anything so perfect in all his life and he could hardly wait to fuck it with the throbbing shaft he held in his hands. Tina and Julie looked at each other with mounting excitement.

"How 'bout it, Julie?" Tina asked her daughter, giving the young girl a sexy wink. "I'm game if you are, honey."

"You bet, Mom! Let's give these horny pricks a real good show!" replied Julie, smiling bravely at her pretty, young mother. "You're so grown up, baby!" Tina said, moving closer to her daughter. She shivering slightly as Julie's naked thigh pressed up against her own. Julie trembled as she waited for her mother to make the first move. Although she had eagerly enjoyed all the avenues of male/female sex with her father and brother. But this was new to her, and she was more than a trifle unsure of herself. Tina sensed her daughter's apprehension and draped a comforting arm over her soft shoulders, letting the tips of her fingers brush a firm, pink nipple. Julie moaned softly, deep in her throat.

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Part 12.

This wasn't the first time Tina had touched another girl. At high school, she had played with another girl in the shower room, when they were alone. She didn't recall how it happened, or who started it, but she could clearly remember how good it had felt. They had started by fondling each other's firm little titties, and before long, Tina found herself caressing the other girl's almost hairless cunt. She had pushed her finger into her friend's tight wetness and finger-fucked the girl to orgasm. But the other girl didn't return the favor. Instead, she had knelt in front of Tina and buried her face in Tina's crotch, licking at her virginal slit, fucking her tongue in and out, making Tina come time and time again in squealing, wriggling ecstasy.

Lowering her hand, Tina cupped her daughter's tit, squeezing the hard little mound very gently. "Ohh, Mom, that feels nice!" Julie moaned, bringing her own hands up to cup her mother's pendulous breasts. Ray and Johnny watched with interest as the two girls pressed closer and closer together rubbing each other's tits with obvious delight. Tina's other hand slid down over Julie's taut belly, slipping lower and lower until her fingertips found the light blonde down of her cunt mound. Tina stroked the soft curly fuzz, looking into her daughter's slitted eyes as if for permission.

"Oooooh, Mom! Yessss! Touch my pussy!" whimpered Julie. Tina's fingers slipped between her daughter's tight, wet cuntlips and immediately searched for the hard little nub of her clitoris. The teenager quivered at her mother's firm, expert touch. "You're drenched, baby!" Tina moaned as she felt her daughter's warm, slippery cunt-cream gush out over her delving fingers. "I'm hot, Mom!" breathed Julie, watching her uncle jerk his fist rapidly up and down the length of his thick, hard prick. "I'm hot for Uncle Ray's big, fat cock! Jesus! Look at the size of it, Mom!"

Tina was too busy staring at Johnny's huge erection. It always thrilled her that a boy as young as her son could have such a long, thick manly cock! Johnny saw his mother's eyes devouring his stiff prick and licked his lips with excitement. He knew only too well the effect his erect cock was having on his highly aroused mother, her pussy would be itching for prick by now. 'By the time I'm ready to throw my cock into her, she'll be hot enough to come on the spot!', he thought, smiling at the look of pure lust which masked her pretty features. Tina had worked two fingers inside Julie's hot little pussy, and was finger-fucking her daughter's squirming hole while her thumb stroked the girl's clit.

"Feel up my cunt, sweetheart!" said Tina, pressing one of Julie's tiny hands into her fiery cunt, "Play with mommy's pussy too!!" With a soft moan of pleasure, Julie slid her fingers up the inside of Tina's soft, damp thigh and tentatively cupped her mother's pussy mound with her little hand. Julie stroked her mother's fat cuntlips, spreading them wide apart so that she could get her trembling fingers inside Tina's wet pussy gash. "Ohhhhh! Julie, that feels so fuckin' nice, baby!" whimpered her mother, as the young girl's slender fingers twisted and wriggled in the tight folds of Tina's cunt. "It feels good to me too, Mom," breathed Julie, resting her head on Tina's shoulder.

Ray and Johnny were beating their stiff cocks like crazy as they watched the highly provocative scene unfold in front of their very eyer- 'Just like some buck's night porno film.', thought Johnny, except the actors were real! Not only were they real... they were his own mother and sister! As they watched, the two girls began to thrust their hands into each other's cunt's like crazy, and the slurping sound of moist finger-fucking filled the room. Suddenly, Julie gave a loud moan and nuzzled at her mother's throat, her little cunt clamping strongly around the older woman's stabbing fingers as she came. Tina kissed her daughter's forehead, relishing the salty taste of perspiration which had gathered in small beads on the girl's damp skin.

"Was it a nice one, baby!" gasped Tina, still humping her own pussy onto Julie's hand. "Mmmmmmhhhhhh! Oh, yes! God, yessss! You made me come real hard, Mom!" Julie couldn't resist the urge to kiss her wonderful, gorgeous mother. She had given her so much pleasure and Julie's love for her had just increased a thousand-fold. Lifting her head, Julie impulsively kissed Tina full on the lips, covering her mother's hot, wet mouth with her own. Tina returned her daughter's passionate kiss with a fury that surprised and delighted them both. Julie responded by adding her darting tongue to the kiss, forcing it deep into her mother's hot, wet mouth.

"Oh, Mom! Mom!" Julie moaned, when they broke for air. "I love you so much!" Tina felt exactly the same about her lovely young daughter. "I love you too, baby!" she replied. "More than you'll ever know." By this time Johnny was getting very impatient. His cock was so stiff from watching his mother and sister, it actually began to ache with the pressure. "Come on, Mom!" he wined, "If you don't let me fuck you soon, my prick's gonna burst!" Tina looked at Johnny's throbbing erection and knew that he was right, he wouldn't hold out much longer. She turned back to Julie and noticed the young girl had her eyes on her uncle's equally large cock.

Part 13.

"What do you think, honey!" asked Tina with wink, "Think we should let these two horny pricks fuck us?"

"Oh, yes, Mommy!" squealed Julie, "I want Uncle Ray's cock inside me, now!" Tina looked at Ray. "Well! You heard the girl, brother dear! She's dying for it! Fuck her!" ordered Tina and turned towards her eager young son, "...and as for you young man, get your ass over here and shove that big, fat cock of yours into momma's hot cunt, before you cum all over the place!" Johnny nearly knocked his mother down in a mad scramble to get between her legs. Tina fell backwards on the bed and spread her legs wide, trembling, immensely excited by her son's urgent desire.

Ray knelt between Julie's creamy thighs, letting his gaze wander for a moment over her young pussy. Her knees were drawn up either side, giving him a good clear view of her tightly-stretched cuntslit. It was bright pink, and glistened wetly as tiny droplets of cum-juice leaked out and trickled down into the tiny crack of her ass. As much as he wanted to fuck his horny, young niece, Ray had other delight's in mind first. He wanted to savour her youthful freshness before he ruined it by filling her cunt with more cum. Giving her a steamy look, Ray lowered his head over Julie's crotch and sniffed at her gaping snatch. It smelled wonderful... aromatic, feminine and ripe! He couldn't help himself.. he had to taste his niece's juicy cunt.

Johnny was past caring as he dropped between his mother's parted thighs. He shoved her knees even further apart, grabbed his cock, aimed it downward, and made two misguided lunges. He wasn't interested in foreplay, he simply had an urgent load of hot cum, and it had his mother's name on it! On the third try he slammed his prick viciously into her, up to the hilt. Normally, such a powerful thrust would have ruined Tina, but the lesbian fling with her daughter had juiced her up so much, she was open enough to strap on a horse. She met her son's next thrust with all her strength. Their pubic bones collided painfully, but Tina loved it. She hunched her hips up at him, grinding her cunt up against his plunging cock with equal force.

Ray grabbed hold of Julie's hard, upthrust tits, making the youngster cry out with pleasure. His mouth was directly over her cunt, and Julie knew exactly what her uncle was planning... and she wanted it to! "Lick my pussy, Uncle Ray! Ooooohhh, fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

"God, Julie!" moaned Ray, inhaling the sweet, fresh scent of his niece's succulent little cunt. "I had no idea... you're wonderful baby! Ooohhhh, such a sweet, smooth, soft little cunt!" With a moan, Ray buried his face into his niece's pussy, his mouth wide open, sucking at her wet cuntflesh like a starving man. "Unnnnggghh! Suck me! Mmmmmmmm, Uncle Ray! Jesus, that's nice!" gasped Julie, as her uncle's tongue darted deeply into her tight, wet little hole.

Tina heard her daughter's delighted cry and looked over just as her brother's long, stiff tongue disappeared between the girl's open cuntlips. "Oh, Ray, suck her cunt!" she gasped, bucking up and down on her son's deeply imbedded cock. "Lick her sweet little pussy, Ray! Uhhh! Tongue fuck her gooooood! Julie loves to have her hot little cunt sucked... and Johnny loves blow-jobs... Jesus, let's fuck and suck till we drop!"

"I'm with you, Mom!" replied Johnny, grinding his cock into his mother's cuntmound, "I don't know about Uncle Ray, but I could fuck you and Sis all friggin' night!" Tina trembled at the delightful thought until she suddenly remembered Pam and the kids.

"We can't, baby! The others will be arriving soon, we'll have to cool it for a while!" A lewd grin crossed Johnny's handsome young face as he flexed his hips and rammed his cock into his mother's well-lubricated snatch. "Why don't we get them to join us, Mom!" he smiled, knowing how much his mother enjoyed hard, young cock. "Wouldn't you like to have cousin Billy's big cock fucking you, just like mine is fucking you right now?" Tina couldn't reply, she simply moaned with pleasure as her son rammed his enormous cock repeatedly into her gyrating cunt, filling her to the brim. "I bet you would, wouldn't you, Mom?" Johnny continued, punctuating each word with a powerful stabs of his prick into his mother's eager cunt.

"Ohhhh, Jesus Christ, yesssss! I'd love it, baby!" panted Tina, trying to catch her breath, "I'd lov...uhhhh! God, that's nice! I'd love to fuck Billy... Oooooh! especially if he's hung like you, son!"

"He is, Mom!" replied Johnny, "Maybe even bigger!" Tina let out a loud moan and thrust her pussy up at him, clasping her son's thick cock with her cunt muscles, holding him deep up inside her rippling vagina. "Ahhggghh, Mom, baby! You're so fuckin' tight down there when you do that!" Tina smiled to herself. She might be his mother, but let's see his little girl friends do that!

Johnny liked it, she could tell. He began to throw his cock into her cunt like there was no tomorrow. Tina clung to her son's muscular shoulders, returning as good as she got, fucking him back, stroke for stroke. They made savage love, spurred on by the forbidden excitement that always took over their incestuous coupling. Next to them on the bed, Ray had his tongue firmly planted inside Julie's delicious young cunt. Her smooth, tanned back was arched, pressing her open cunt firmly onto her uncle's mouth. Ray sucked Julie's tender young cuntflesh into his mouth and licked deep into her juicy hole, causing the youngster's hips to twist and writhe in time with his delving tongue. He used his tongue like a cock, fucking it in and out of his niece's clinging cunt, swirling it around her small clit, only to dip down and lap hungrily at her leaking pussy juices once more.

Part 14.

"Oooh, lick it, lick it all up! Mmm, lover, suck my cunt! Suck me off.. suck my cunt off and make me come! I wanna come in your mouth, Uncle Ray!" Julie grabbed the back of her uncle's head, pulling him hard into her gash, squeezing her hot thighs against his cheeks. Ray gasped as his tongue wallowed in her wet, deliciously tight cunt. His little niece's juices tasted like honey on his tongue, and he slurped them up hungrily. Beside them, Johnny was fucking his mother with a passion he'd never known before, his thick young cock almost a blur as it slammed in and out of her upthrust cunt, the force of each blow making her tits jiggle like jelly on a plate.

Tina couldn't believe it, her virile young son was giving her the fuck of her life! She'd thought for sure that Johnny would come as soon as he slid his cock into the tight, wet sheath of her pussy, but he had surprised her. The boy's huge, bloated prick felt like it was splitting her in two as he slammed into her cunt, screwing her long and hard, not even pausing to catch his breath. Tina loved it, she loved every cunt-pounding second of it! It wasn't just the way he used his cock either... what turned her on so powerfully, was that the cock fucking her cunt so wonderfully, belonged to her own son!

"Oooh, yes! Uhhh! Fuck me hard, baby! Huhhhhh! Fuck your momma's hot cunt as hard as you can! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, give it to me good, Johnny!"

Ray heard his sister's wanton cry and it drove him crazy with excitement. He clutched at the twisting cheeks of Julie's hot little ass and slithered his tongue as deeply as possible into the youngster's quivering cunthole. The way her eager, adolescent pussy grabbed and squeezed at his tongue was like nothing he'd experienced before. She felt so good, Ray couldn't wait to ram his cock into her tight, squirming little cunt. The fact that she was his own niece made it far more exciting, and shivers of uncontrollable lust coursed through his body as he ate her tiny, juice-filled twat. "Ooooooowww, Uncle Ray! I want your cock!" moaned Julie, pulling at him. "I can't wait! I want you to fuck me, Uncle Ray...fuck me like Johnny's fucking my Mom!"

Ray's cock was like hard steel by this time, just aching for his sexy little niece's tight, hot pussy. Rolling over on his back, he hauled her supple young body on top of him. Julie knelt astride her uncle, positioning her dripping cunt over his throbbing pinnacle of flesh. She leaned forward, reaching down between her open thighs to place the head of his cock into her flooded gash, rubbing it once or twice through the juicy, pink flesh of her slit. As she did so, the youngster's conical tits brushed against her uncle's bare chest, her hard little nipples burning his flesh like twin firebrands. Ray's enormous prick twitched strongly in her tiny hand as Julie attempted to stuff the huge fleshy pole into her heated pussy.

The large, purple cockhead slipped inside the youngster's cunt with an audible 'plop', as Julie lowered her pussy down onto her uncle's prick. "Ohhhh, that's fantastic!" whimpered Julie, "Is my pussy tight on your cock Uncle Ray? Ummm! I bet it's the hottest, tightest little cunt ever!"

"Oh, yeah!" Ray groaned as he felt the teenager's tight, hot pussylips stretch and slide down over his thick prick. His hands grasped and spread the cheeks of her firm little ass, pulling her cunt savagely onto his upthrust cock. Once the delicious penetration was complete, Julie began to move her hips up and down with increasing tempo. Ray was beside himself. "Fuck me, Julie! Ahhhhh, baby, bounce that sweet little pussy up and down on your uncle's big hairy cock!"

"I will, Uncle Ray!" Julie squealed, "Ohhhh, Jesus! Look at it going into my tight little cunt! It's so biiiig! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhh! Fuck me!" Tina glanced over at her daughter just in time to see Julie begin to fuck herself up and down on Ray's glistening cock in earnest. "Ram it to him, honey!" squealed Tina, as she thrust her own horny cunt up onto her son's cock with wild wicked lunges. "We'll show these two guys! Let's show them what hot cunts we've got... what hungry mouths we have!"

"And assholes, Mom!" Julie gurgled, bouncing and wiggling as wildly as her mother. Julie grabbed one of her mother's jiggling tits. "Don't forget our hot little assholes, Mom!"

"Never!" Tina cried out, grinding her pussy on her son's cock. "Ohhhhh, I'm going to come... I can't wait!" Ray watched Tina's juicing cunt swallow Johnny's cock to the hilt as she ground her clit savagely against the base of her son's cock. He was coming too! The sight of his sister being well and truly fucked by her own son, combined with the incredible tightness of his niece's cunt on his cock, was just too much for him. He gripped Julie's thrashing hips and fucked his prick deeply into her pussy. "Take it all, Julie!" he shouted, "I'm cumming in your hot little cunt, baby!"

"Yes, yes, Ray! It's so hot! I'm... ohhhh, feel me coming, Uncle Ray!"

Johnny felt Tina's contractions clasp his cock and arched his back, gushing cum into his mother's gripping cunt... Ray filled Julie's bouncing pussy as the young teenager came too, screaming with ecstasy. The room was filled with loud satisfied moans as the four, family fuckers collapsed onto the bed in a tangled heap of naked, sweaty bodies. After they had time to catch their breaths, Ray looked over at his sister. "Did you mean what you said before, Sis?" he asked. Tina looked puzzled. "What was it I said, Ray?" she replied rolling over onto her back. "You know... about wanting to fuck Billy. Did you really mean it?"

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Part 15.

Tina knew she often said a lot of crazy things while she was being fucked, mostly in the heat of the moment. But, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she really did want her brother's handsome young son to fuck her, especially if what Johnny had said about his cock was true! But the thing was, would he be comfortable fucking his own aunt. "Do you think he would, Ray?" breathed Tina, stroking her brother's thigh. "Sure!" Ray replied, "He's a horny young colt... always looking at women's legs and tits. I even caught him looking at his mother's ass one day, and he tried to hide the bulge in his pants when he realized I'd seen him."

"What about Aunt Pam and Jenny and Lisa?" piped up Johnny. He had slid a hand up between Julie's partly open thighs and was gently stroking her gaping slit. "Are they going to join in too?" he asked. Julie pressed her brother's fingers into her cunt-mound and pretended to scold him. A faint smile crinkled the corners of her pretty young mouth, hiding the twinge of jealousy in her voice. "Gee, Johnny! Don't be so greedy! Aren't Mom and I already enough for you to handle, brother dear?"

"Don't be silly, Sis!" said Johnny, slipping a finger into her tight slit. "I've got more than enough cock for both of you," he boasted. "It's just that with all the first class pussy that'll be wandering around the house for the next few weeks, I'll go crazy if I can't even touch it!"

"You want to fuck them all, don't you? You horny little devil!" laughed his mother. She wrapped her hand around his half-hard cock and it sprang to attention almost immediately under the pressure of her long, slim fingers. "You keep that up Mom, and I'll show you just how much!" groaned Johnny. Tina smiled as she realized that her son hadn't been boasting at all! The way his hard young cock was throbbing powerfully in her hand, convinced her that he could indeed take on all the pussy they could offer him, and still be ready for more. She kissed him as a sudden wave of desire spread over her trembling body.

Julie grabbed her uncle's cock. Unlike Johnny's, it had wilted almost completely, and Julie began to massage it gently with her fingers, eager for him to get it up again. She looked into his eyes. "You didn't give Johnny an answer, Uncle Ray!" she whispered, playing with his limp prick. "Are we going to let Aunt Pam and the girl's join in our family fuck sessions?" Ray thought about it for a second. He loved his wife and daughters with all his heart, and the thought of Johnny or Dave fucking any of them, was a little hard to take at first. Then he realized that he had just fucked his sister and niece, what right did he have not to return the favour to Johnny and Dave!

He also had to admit that girls grew up fast these days and his daughters were no exception. Both had bodies full enough to make grown men sit up and take notice. Jenny was Julie's age, and Lisa, only a year younger, had the body of a sixteen year-old. It wasn't surprising that their developing charms had not escaped their father's lustful gaze. Besides, it would be much better for them to learn all about sex right here at home, rather than with some of the sleazy boyfriends that came sniffing around sometimes. "I don't have any objections as long as they're willing," said Ray finally. "Great!" said Johnny, bubbling with boyish enthusiasm. "Once they get a look at this..," he said, indicating the huge pole of cockflesh between his mother's fingers. "...they'll be willing alright!"

Julie looked at her brother's monstrous erection and swore under her breath. "I'm fucking sure they will!" she gasped, eyeing off Johnny's prick with a hungry look in her eyes. She began to move her fist harder up and down on Ray's lengthening cock, and ran her other hand up between her mother's thighs. Tina smiled as her daughter's fingers entered her slimy, cum-filled cunt. But Julie had more in mind than pleasing her mother, she wanted what her mother was holding in her hands... her brother's stiff, throbbing prick! "Wanna swap cocks, Mom?" asked the young girl, hopefully. Tina looked at Ray's dick, growing slowly but surely under Julie's tiny fingers. She suddenly realized that she hadn't had her brother's cock inside her mouth yet, and it sure looked like it needed a good suck right about now.

"Ok, sweetheart!" Tina readily agreed. The two women quickly exchanged places... pouncing on their respective brother's cock like starving animals. Tina quickly had Ray's prick covered in saliva and rock hard. Johnny grabbed his sister and positioned her in front of him, on all fours, his huge cock nudging against her heated crotch. "Oh, Jesus, Johnny! Fuck me! Put that big fat prick in my cunt and screw me till I come all over it, lover!"

"This what you want, Sis!" teased Johnny, rubbing his rock-hard erection back and forth through his sister's drooling cuntslit. Julie rocked her slim young hips backwards and forwards, squirming against him with mounting frustration. "Ohh! Christ, Johnny! Just put it in and fuck me! Don't play around... I can't wait any longer... pleeeeease!"

Johnny enjoyed it when his hot little sister begged for his cock. It made him feel so superior, and he played it out for as long as possible, knowing it turned Julie on too, whether she admitted it or not. "That's it, you little cunt... beg for it!" whispered Johnny as he bent over her back to nuzzle at her soft, creamy neck. "Tell us how much you want it, Sis! Tell Mom and Uncle Ray how much you love your brother's big cock!"

"Uhhhhh! Oh, God! Johnnny! I can't stand it! Please fuck me! Please, fuck my hot little cunt with your prick, big brother! Ohh, Fuck!" Johnny thrust his cock into Julie's sopping slit from behind, burying the entire length in his sister's cunthole with one sudden, powerful jab.

Part 16.

"Uhhhhhhh! Fuck, Johnny, it's so big! You're splitting me wide open!" screamed the young girl as her brother's cock plowed into her tight little pussyslit. John ignored her screams and grasped her ass with both hands, ramming his prick into her, fucking his hot little sister with the long, hard strokes he knew she liked. Julie's frantic cries turned quickly into moans of pleasure as her experienced brother began to grind his cockshaft against her tiny clitoris, rubbing deliciously over the hard, pulsating, little nub, with every stroke. Julie's firm young tits jiggled beneath her, and her slender body bounced back and forth with every thrust of her brother's powerful hips. Tina lifted her mouth from Ray's erect cock.

"Jesus, Ray! Will you look at that! He's fucking her like a goddamn bull!" gasped Tina, watching her son's gleaming shaft plunge in and out of her daughter's tightly-stretched little cunt.

Ray stared at John and Julie with a look of amazement. Julie had her slim young body arched like a bow, and she was hunching her girlish hips backwards against her brother's massive thrusts, taking everything he could throw at her, yet eager for more!

"Oh, to be young again!" muttered Ray, reaching out to fondle one of Julie's hanging breasts. Tina returned her mouth to her brother's cock and sucked it deep into her throat, determined to get him hard enough to fuck her again.

With Tina's mouth on his prick and Julie's firm, round tit in his hand, it wasn't long before Ray was more than ready to fuck his cock-hungry sister.

"Roll over and spread your legs, Sis!" he growled, "I've gotta fuck you, nowwwwww!"

Tina moaned with excitement and let go of Ray's rampant cock. With a small cry, she dropped onto her back, spread her long creamy legs and pulled her knees up until her cunt gaped obscenely before him, wide open and ready for some serious fucking, wanton invitation flashing deep within her smouldering blue eyes. Ray fell on top of her. Wasting no time whatsoever on preliminaries, he simply ramming his cock into Tina's cunt with a single mighty lunge and began fucking his sister as fast and as hard as he could.

This was the scene that greeted Dave's eyes as he returned to the bedroom. His son and daughter were screwing like two dogs in heat and, next them, his beautiful, naked wife was on her back with her legs in the air, being well and truly fucked by her brother. Dave's prick began to rise as he watched them, and he almost forgot why he had came back. He moved towards the bed, his stiffening cock grasped tightly in his hand.

"I hate to break this up, you guys, but Pam just rang and said she'd be home in about ten minutes," said Dave, sitting down on the bed next to John and Julie.

Ray and Tina were so engrossed in their wild incestuous sibling-fuck, that they hardly heard him. Julie looked up and saw her father's thick prick only inches from her face.

"Ten minutes is plenty of time for me to suck you off, Daddy!" moaned the horny teen, staring expectantly at her father's throbbing cock.

Dave knelt in front of her and shoved his dick into his daughter's open mouth.

"Ok, you horny little bitch!" he growled, getting into the mood of things. "Suck my cock while your brother fucks your hot little cunt!"

Julie sucked her father like a demon, taking him deep into her throat until his swollen balls smacked against her chin. Dave reached under and squeezed his daughter's hard little tits with both hands, fucking his cock into her hot, wet mouth with long, rapid strokes.

"Ohhhh, Julie! Suck it! Suck Daddy's cock, honey!" moaned Dave, his hand pressing at the back of his daughter's head."

Julie was on `cloud nine', for the first time in her young life, she had two cocks to give her pleasure. But the pleasure wasn't just doubled, it was multiplied a thousand times over. She was fucking the two men she loved the most, at the same time! And the fact that the two cock's belonged to her very own father and brother, excited Julie beyond belief. She couldn't wait to feel the double dose of hot incestuous seed fill both her mouth, and her cunt! Julie had been right, ten minutes was plenty of time for her to suck her father off! He came just as Johnny dumped his thick, creamy load up her spasming, quivering cunt... and Julie got her secret wish... two hot loads at once! Ray and Tina were only seconds behind the others, and as Tina locked her legs around his heaving hips, Ray came violently, pumping jet after scalding jet of creamy, incestuous sperm into his sister's wildly bucking snatch.

They had a good three minutes to get cleaned up and dressed, before they heard the sound of Pam's car in the driveway.

The End

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