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Old 23rd December 2006
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Originally Posted by mukeshparab View Post
My math teacher
By: Mukesh

Hi, this happened when I was studying 10th standard with my neighborhood math teacher who was teaching me math where I was poor in only this subject.

It was mid of august, we had got new neighbor, they were middle aged couple with no kids, after sometime my mommy and aunt became friends, and on one fine Easter holidays my mommy was scolding me for taking less mark in math I was sober that time, and same time aunty came and came to know about my problem in math. Aunty convinced my mom that I will be good in math also as she gets enough time to teach me as her husband will remain out of station most of the time. My mom accepted her invitation and asked me to go for tuition daily.

Let me tell about my teacher, her name is meena, I guess she was in middle of her thirties and looks like typical south Indian house wife with added weights at appropriate proportion to make her to seem most sexy and beautiful, she was fair, I was that not sure about her measurements but I guess she had measurements of 34/29/36. She was very attractive in our colony. Her character was of homely, speaking nice to all and behave socially, with me she was all happy to spend time as she had no kids. She was good in her teaching also I had gained improvement in math. This made my mom to bond with her more.

It is until the day I never thought of sex to anyone including her. That day my mom and dad had to attend some marriage in our native and since I was in middle of my tests in school they were not willing to take me along with them. After consulting my teacher, they said me to stay in teacherís house; they were going for 3 days.

Next morning my parents left home to our native. I too moved to school, evening when I came back ashok uncle was in home, he asked about my studies and all I told, later after sometime my teacher took class for a hour, later she asked me to finish home work, and prepare for next day study. It was 9 when teacher called me to have dinner; we all together had dinner, watching TV. After dinner, teacher told to sleep soon and get up soon so I can make last minute preparations for tomorrowís test. I told good night to both and left to guest room, which was on first floor. Soon I went into my room I got into sleep as I was bit tired of studies.

It was around 11 I woke up, I was feeling very thirsty, so I got up and went to kitchen, and I had and was going back, that time I was getting some hiss sound of my teacher from the ventilator which was very much attached to the stairs. Curious to see whatís that, when I peeped in I saw my teacher was laying on bed, ashok uncle was sitting in between her legs both were nude, my teachers legs were up and uncle was making forward and backward both were fully sweat and teacher was pressing her chochi herself and they were all making hiss and haís, I was so amused to see them in that way. Later after sometime my teacher left a big voice and then ashok uncle put-off lights, so I went back to bed and couldnít sleep.

Next day my view to my teacher was very different and was searching for her physical beauty, as time got out I moved to school, by the time came back uncle was not home, I asked where about, she said me uncle gone to outstation on work and told to fresh up fast and comeback and she will ask questions to solve todayís question paper. I freshen up and came back, teacher was sitting right in hall, she asked to pull a chair sit opposite to her, she gave question paper to me and went to her work in kitchen, I was writing answers to the paper and also was observing her moves, her butt were big and was swinging like pendulum as she walks and her breasts were also big and straight, I was admiring her beauty thinking her nude in my mind as she a very fair women I was guess she might look as goddess if she is nude. I finished answering all, and called her, she came and was checking my answers, she caught my 4 answers are wrong, I was sad to know, but she smiled back and said its ok, you can learn now and do well next time. Then she took my pen and was solving the problem, but I couldnít see how she is solving the problem coz my eyes were struck to see her cleavage from her nighty. Later solving problems which I made them wrong she asked, do I have any homework, I said no, and she asked so you can play or study as you wish, I was not so kind to play or study now so I choose to help her in her home works. So I followed, went to kitchen, she saw me and asked why donít you play I said I donít have anyone to play she smiled then you can study right, I said I have no mood to study, she smiled, how dare you say that you need mood for studies? Let your mom to come I will tell her, I said I am sorry please donít tell my tests are over so I want to take break from studies. Then she told its ok anyway I am not going to tell your mom. I smiled her back and asked shall I help you?

She looked at me, asked what you will help me I want someone to cook for me can you do it? I was quite then said, I cant cook but can help you cooking, then she gave me some vegetables to cut, I was cutting them and she asked how you know you cut them properly, I said sometime I help my mom, she said nice of you and asked in what else you help your mom, I said I help her in cleaning house and washing cloths. She said good boy. I said thanks, then she moved to toilet, I also followed her, she stopped at door asked where you coming? I said to help you. In what you help me now and laughed loud saying I am going take bath? I thought you washcloths. She smiled, well I take your help, but not now, wait I will come back later we wash cloths I said ok and gone back to hall.

Whole of the evening I spent with my teacher in helping her and watching TV (watching her curves too) and talking to her. She was so sweet in caring me, later we had dinner, I said good night and was moving to guest room; she said uncle is not home you can sleep in our room if you want. (I felt with effort jam fell in my bread) I agreed and went to her room and slept. Now I was not getting sleep. When I close my eyes, my teacher and her husbands act was coming in my eyes. Then after sometime after watching TV aunty came she took off lights put on bed lamp I was acting slept keeping my eyes quarter left to see my teacher. She called anil, I gave no voice then she inserted her hand inside her nighty from legs pulled down her panty and kept it in wash bag, came to me and slept beside me and facing me. Now I got rush in my blood. I was all thinking how I can manage to see my teacher nude? I was not daring to act as slept so I turned other side. She brushed my hair and was trying to sleep, soon I felt her hands I got up and she said hey you feared? I said no, she then asked why you got up so hurry. I said I never had experience of this kind of things so got unusual and got up. She said, how strange? Your mom never brushes you? I said she does. Then whatís wrong with me? I said you are not my mom know? And I lay facing her. She smiled brushing my hairs and saying funny guy, then what you think about me, your girl friend? I giggled a bit. She laughed now. What guys you are? Then she asked so anil do you have girlfriends? I said yes. She was amazed now and asked me who is she? I said she is my classmate rajani. She asked so she doesnít brushes you? I said no she asked why? I run away from me whenever I approach. She laughed louder and loud, and saying funny you guys and asked so you never tried to convince her? I said she didnít give chance. So are you eyeing other girls also? I was quite giggling myself. She said no shy we are friends now common tell me do you eye other girls? I said yes. She smiled, what happens to you when you see a girl? I said nothing? She smiled and asked, what makes you to eye girls? I said donít know. She asked does it matter her face or anything else. I said first face and then I stopped there. She said I caught the rog inside you? Common tell me out what else you eye apart from eyes? I was nervous now and I said, I wonít tell coz you make fun by telling this to my mom. She said, common dear we are friends now not teacher or not your aunty tell now what you eye? I said, I see breasts and legs.

She whispered something and said fine you are growing well. So have you seen any nude breasts? I said yes she was so excited with that answer and asked oh god! True? Where you see and whose did you touched ever? I said donít know in some magazine which my friend had bought. She left some breath and asked what happens you when you see those? I said I get some unusual sense. She asked what those are. I said I donít know to tell. Then she said ok you find any change in your body? I said ya I find changes, my heart beat speeds, I get some rush in my mind. She then asked no other changes? I was quite later she came near to me and touched my crotch smiled naughtily and asked you find any change here? I was shy and feeling unusual and drawing back my self she grabbed me to her then I said it would grow long. She smiled really? It grows? Then she said lets see how it will grow and suddenly pulled my shorts, I was not wearing anything under and I covered my member with both hands she was laughing and saying shame then she said ok anil we do something you donít tell this to anyone and not even your friends for this I show you real breast and asked will you promise me? I nodded my head saying yes but she asked common open your mouth and promises me. I promised her. Then she took my hands off from my crotch and saying good you have she paused and was smiling and she catch my dick one hand and lightly kissed my lips, I was getting my beats to hit the top, then she unzipped her nighty top, she adjusted her nighty her both breast falls off, I was amazingly looking at them long waited for it, she brushed my head said do you saw any boobs like this? I said, no, never seen breasts directly like this. She then said me common never say has breasts called it momma or boobs.

I nodded and she asked do you like my boobs? I said yes she asked do you like to touch and feel. I said yes, she said common then what you are waiting for touch and feel my boobies, I gently started to press her boobs, and she was playing with my dick. Close look at her breasts and her touch on my dick made my dick to grow bigger, once it became bigger she blushed saying so young and have so big dick? And she hugged me and started to kiss me all over. While she was undoing her nighty she had removed her nighty and made to lye on my back she went down, saying its hot anil you have such big at this young age and she went down till my dick took my dick in mouth and started to suck my dick, as she went on to suck my dick I was get a break on breath at last I was getting so stimulated and let my cum to hit her mouth and face, now I was feared said sorry to her, she laughed common for what you say sorry its so natural anil, well do you want to go further she asked, I said what further? She said donít act innocent and hugged me, planted kisses on my face and lips she rolled on me she gone down me and I was up on her I too kissed her face and lips, she said now get down between my legs anil, I did and she spread her leg, it was my first time in life to be with a naked women, I was looking at her bare thighs and pussy itís a shaved one looking so cute as she is very fair women, it was making me even wild and wilder, then she whispered common kiss it not a wrong to kiss me there please. I started to kiss her, she held my head and was forcing against her pussy, and I was feeling warmth of her pussy and was enjoying it. Then she said common now give me strokes, I understood but was not sure how to put my dick inside and where to put as it was practically first time, she smiled cunningly and said let me help you and took my dick in hand asked me to come straight near, I did, then she put my dick in her pussy, she said me to press you dick deep in me I pressed she said good you are, then she said move back and forth, I was doing it but lack of experience was bugging me since I was getting my dick out from her pussy again she used to help me to put it in.

Finally she took my dick and put my dick in her pussy, then she asked me to push it in I did, then she locked me by crossing her legs behind my ass and said me now you give in and out strokes, this time my dick was not coming out and she was controlling my movements, then she said do it fast anil, I was doing fast and she was asking more and more fast I was doing to the best of myself, at last I was getting same sensation where I cum on her mouth and face, I told I want to take out, she said why? Donít take it out? Fuck me more? I said, I am getting that shit out. She said oh common anil please donít take it out, I needed you do cum in me, I was looking for you to cum in me, you are not shitting in me you are helping me with this way please fuck me till you cum inside me please, and was fucking harder and harder at a time I was so tired and my dick was shooting loads of cum in aunts pussy. She was also feeling great and once she pressed me deep in her with her legs.

Later both were relaxing, later she said, anil I was not supposed to let you for this, but I was selfish so I had done it you almost helped me what I needed please keep it secret and donít tell anyone. I said I wonít tell anything, what help I have done? She smiled at me, let you know when everything is ok. And we slept.

Next night also she asked anil would you please help me again. I was willing for it and I did. After this I have done sex with her many times. And after 3 months I came to know what help I have done. One evening, as usual I was doing some math work after I finish, I said good night she smiled and said thanks, I asked thanks for what? She said to help me. I said donít bug me saying help; I donít know what you mean. Then she said I am going to become mommy in another 6 months and its coz of you. Uncle also does but his medical reports say he canít make me mom, I have taken your help. I asked what if uncle knows that you are going to become mom. She smiled he donít know about those reports on him, only I know, and the issue between us we both only know and no one else knows so donít worry, go home have dinner and sleep. I was bit happy with that, and went off.

Anybody girl, married women wants to have sex with me then email me: mukeshparab@indiatimes.com.
thanks buddy

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Old 26th December 2006
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Namskar Mandali,
Mi Navin Mitra.
Tumchya Postschi Wat Bhagtoy

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Old 26th December 2006
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waa kay zakas marathi ???aahe

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Old 28th December 2006
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[quote=supervin;3951267]Mitra membership pending aahe Kai karu re?

Alternate way mala mail kar timepass4vinay@gmail.com[/QU
u need to have valid yahoo id with yahoo profile showing age above 21. There was some problem in between with group as Modertor had accident. Beacause of which may guys got problem. Again do add group, this time it will work.

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Old 14th January 2007
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Cute Masala

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thanks ! chaan kam kele rao

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Old 15th January 2007
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pudhe post kara rao

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Old 20th January 2007
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are new links bhejo jaldi

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Old 22nd January 2007
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plz post new jaldi

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Old 23rd January 2007
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