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Old 8th April 2007
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A massage for Mom - Reena's story

I am 19 years old and I live with my mom and brother. My mom is 38 years old and my younger brother dear is 18 years old. We live alone in New Delhi as my mom separated from my dad and he stayed back in Mumbai while we moved to Delhi. I am reasonably attractive, slim with a very smooth skin.

My mom is a very attractive woman at 38 and she looks almost like a college girl. That may seem to be an exaggeration but in fact, she does look very young. She manages a large size travel agency and he always remained fit. He is 5’8”, very fair and has shoulder length hair. She is slim and maintains a very nice ‘hourglass’ figure. She loves wearing very high heels and wears all kinds of outfits…backless dresses, low cut sarees, very tight kurta suits etc.

We have been a close knit family and have always been open with each other. When I was younger, I remember mom used to wear all the skimpiest outfits when going to parties. When there were parties at home, mom and dad used to lock us up in our room upstairs and we could hear a lot of laughing and things…although we never really made out what was happening. I guess what happened next made me think what really might have had happened…..

It was a warm March day and I had just come back from college. When I came home, Ajay, my brother was sitting on his computer ( as usual ) and I went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Just then, I heard mom come back. We were surprised and she said that she had a back sprain and she could not work at all. Ajay and I helped her to her room and she lay down on the bed. After a while, I asked if she wanted me to apply some balm on her back and she said yes. Mom got up and changed into a night dress and I got the balm and started applying the same on her back. The night dress was a two piece flowing gown and a cover. Since it was a hot day, she just wore the gown.

Since the pain was in the back, she pulled up her gown over he legs and lay down in her panties and I applied the balm. Now I am a slim and soft skinned girl with a tender touch and very soon mom was moaning in frustration. She asked me to apply it with greater force and I tried my best …but to no avail.

“Mom….I am trying my best…”

‘Its not use...I am not feeling the soothing touch…it just feels to mild to me…’

“Should I ask Ajay…?” I blurted.

‘..Yes…ask Ajay to massage me...’

“Ok…I will call him.” I started to get up but stopped. “…Er..you are in your panties…do you want to cover up..?”

She said “ yes…just let me put the bedsheet over my legs”. Saying this she pulled a sheet up her legs and lay down while I went to call Ajay.

Ajay was very anxious to help and readily agreed to come and help massage her. He had massaged her feet a few times and sometimes her arms…but back was a new thing.

“I am here mom…let me help you” Ajay said…taking the balm from my hands. He sat down besides her and started massaging her exposed back. However, while massaging, his hands were continuously touching the sheet and the white sheet was getting stains. I asked mom if it was okay to lower the sheet a bit…

Mom hesitated a bit and said ok. I slowly pulled the sheet off to half her hips and her black lace panties were now clearly visible to Ajay. At first Ajay was a bit uncomfortable and did not know what to do and tried hard to look everywhere else except her hips. But slowly…he realized that if he has to massage her lower back, hips were going to be seen.

After about 5 minutes, I realized Ajay was looking at her hips very intently and almost staring at them. Mom was moaning with pleasure and I had this very strange and horny feeling looking at this simple act. I don’t know what came over me and I blurted…

“Mom…your panties are really nice…Can I have one like yours ?” I realized what I had said and became tense – what would mom react like ? Ajay also looked perplexed and revisited the ‘did not know where to look’ chapter.

Mom did not say anything for a minute and then said..

“Sure…you can have some. You want lace or embroidered silk ?” It was a relief for both me and Ajay and I could see he was smiling and massaging with more vigor and enthusiasm.

“What size do you wear ?” she asked.

“The panties or the bra” I asked.

“both?...I am going to Shoppers stop on Saturday and can get some for you or you can come along if you want”

Saturdays were always busy for me at Tennis practice so I said she could go and buy for me…

“34b and small size for panties”

“I think you should go for a set” she said. “A good panty without a good bra is no good”

In the meanwhile, with Ajay’s constant massaging, the sheet had slipped quite down and her panties were now very clearly visible. Suddenly, she just turned and removed the sheet !

“This is too uncomfortable and hot. And Ajay has seen most of it anyway…so let me remove it.” With one stroke, she was lying on the bed with her gown pulled up to her chest and only her black lace panties !

I just acted casual and sat while Ajay had started massaging her back again.

“Ajay, now that you are doing the massage, can you also massage my legs ?” she asked.

“You mean the lower legs or the feet?” Ajay asked.

“ I mean the whole legs…starting with thighs and calf and then feet” she said.

Saying this she turned around and lay on her back. He panties were sheer and we could see glimpses of her pussy. I realized she was clean shaven. Suddenly, I felt a strange wetness in my panties….I was getting turned on. And when I turned around, I was amazed to see the unbelievable….

Ajay had a hard on and was desperately posturing to avoid it becoming obvious. From his position, mom was not able to see but I could see clearly. He nervously looked at me and our eyes met. He saw that I had looked at it ! As he nervously looked at me…I just smiled and raised my eyebrow….as if asking…’brother dear…whats this ?????’

Ajay tried to hide a smile and looked away…and went on massaging her legs.

By now, mom had relaxed a lot and Ajay was also enjoying himself thoroughly. I was feeling strange…looking at my brother massage our moms legs and the fact that he had a hard on looking at her in panties. The whole idea was making me spin and I just sat there wondering what would happen next.

Suddenly I heard myself saying “ These panties are really nice..please do buy one like these for me from shopper’s stop!”

Mom smiled and said “Yes I will. Do you want the same color or something else ?”

“No…black is good” I said. “you said you will get me a good bra also?”

“Yes”…she said. “without a good bra, the panties don’t look any good”. By now, I wanted her to reveal more and I gathered courage to ask her “what are you wearing now”
For some reason, I was almost sure she will do what she did. She stopped Ajay and pulled up the rest of her gown up and showed her bra to me….but obviously Ajay could also see it !

Her 36C breasts were tight and hot and were aching to come out of the bra. The material was quite sheer and I could see her nipples clearly…and I saw that they appeared erect.

“See this is a Victoria’s secret set…I got it very luckily”

By now Ajay was staring at her …and continuing her massage. The way she had got up was that Ajay was sitting directly behind her hips and the position meant that this hands were massaging her hips and thighs. While she was talking to me, Ajay did not stop and continued. It was Ajay’s turn to speak

“Yes…mom, it looks nice” he said. Mom was a bit surprised and smiled and turned towards him…almost as if to show him her body. Ajay gulped and stood still and I started feeling dizzy.

“Mom…can you take off the gown?” was my next blurt. I realized I was speaking without thinking…with most of the thoughts coming from my deeply wet pussy. Somehow, I liked this crazy situation and it was making me hot. I just wanted to say and do more and I was feeling less inhibited by the moment….

Ajay and mom did not look shocked – although mom did pause for a few moments. She sighed and took off her gown.

“I think its ok…Ajay has seen me already so I think its no harm”. Now she sat in a pair of sheer underwear – a tight bra and a sexy cut bikini type panties.

“Reena…you know what ? I think I have something that you will like”. Saying this mom got up and walked to the cupboard.

Mom’s ass looked gorgeous when she was walking and I could see Ajay staring at her. When she was at the cupboard, with her back towards us, I looked at Ajay and our eyes met again. This time, he just stared at me and unashamedly re-positioned and rubbed his erection…which was very clearly visible. He kept looking at her ass, stealing glances at me and openly fondling his cock.

I was embarrassed but I just kept looking at him. No smiles, no words….just eyes full of lust looking at each other and shouting.

Mom came back and Ajay hid the erection. “Here…try these” she said and handed me a pair of red panties and bra. “Your uncle got these for me but I think they are too tight for me – but I think they will fit you perfectly”.

Suddenly, I saw that the whole thing had turned to me and both of them were looking at me.

“…oh these…wow they are nice” I blushed and smiled. They were a pair of silky lace panties and a lovely bra. “I will try them and right away” saying this I went out of the room.

I quickly took off my jeans and t shirt and wore them. They fit perfectly and were gorgeous. The front of the panty was sheer and very small. The back was like a thong and the bra was semi full cup…which meant most of my boobs hung out. The color was deep and striking against my fair skin. I felt a shiver and a wetness in my pussy. My mom had given me the sluttiest of panties I could think of !!

I wore my T shirt and jeans and returned to the room. But for some reason…I kept the jeans unzipped and unbuttoned. My panties were visible if the person looked carefully. I went to the room and Ajay was sitting with mom. He had stopped massaging and was just sitting on the bed with his hands casually caressing her thighs.

“They fit perfectly” I smiled and walked in.

“That’s great…I knew they would be right for you” mom chuckled. I blushed at her comment – it had a lot of hidden meanings in it !

“Show how they fit” mom asked me.

I think I was almost expecting this – I had kept the jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. Still, I hesitated for a few seconds and got up.

“Yes…just pull the jeans down a bit” mom said.

I looked at Ajay and his mouth was wide open. If I had placed a bucket under him, it would have filled pretty quickly with the dripping saliva….

For some reason I was still hesitating and mom just rolled over and said

“I think they should fit nicely” she was saying casually while lowering my jeans. …yes..see I told you, they look nice”

I was standing will my jeans dropped to my upper thighs and the small sheer panties clearly visible. I felt the wetness gusghing and I could almost feel myself dripping. I was sure that the panties were stained with my moistness….

“Turn around” mom asked. I obeyed and turned around. Now they were both looking at my hips and I could hear Ajay’s hand shuffling in his trousers.

“They look nice….” mom said “ Don’t you think Ajay?” she looked at Ajay.

“Yes…didi has the best bums in town!” Ajay said, his hand still in his pocket.

Ajay’s comment took me and mom by surprise. Mom smiled and I almost died blushing. Even as he said that, I did not pull up my jeans….signaling that I was waiting for the next move. And mom obliged.

“Show us the bra?” she said. She has emphasized ‘us’ this time and I felt like a sex crazy girl who was seeing that something sexual is going to happen and walking towards it – unashamed and like a slut.

I turned around and took off the T-shirt. While I was taking it off, I was getting a bit dis-balanced because my jeans were obstructing my legs movement. At this my mom came over and said

“ Take these off, you can fall if you are not carefull” saying this, she lowered the jeans completely and by this time, I had taken off my t-shirt.

Now my mom and I were standing in our underwear in front of our brother.

There was so much tension in the room. I was standing in the panties and bra that mom had given and mom was sitting next to me…also in her underwear. Sitting opposite us…on the bed was Ajay….his eyes wide and staring…not saying a word, and yet screaming with lust. He just stared at me and kept looking at me up and down.

I noticed mom was looking at Ajay and smiling. She looked at me and said “Turn around..and walk a few steps. This way you can model correctly..”

I quietly turned around and walked the length of the room.

Suddenly, mom said…”you know, what will go with this ? Some very high heels ! wait let me get them for you”

Saying this, she got up and walked towards her shoe closet. I sat down and started wearing my T-shirt.

“No…don’t wear that yet” mom said. “wait till I get the sandals”

She came back and gave the sandals to me. They were really high heeled ones. I started wearing the sandals and mom came and sat close to me and started stroking my hair. “you look good in these underwear…do you have any like these already?” she asked

“no…not yet “ I replied.

“Well, you are growing up. You need to have good underwear” she said, still gently stroking my hair. “when you wear your jeans make sure you wear lace panties…otherwise if they peek, the ordinary ones will look cheap” she said

I just smiled and after wearing the sandals, I just stood up. By now, Ajay had taken a comfortable position near the bed, on an arm chair and had held a cushion on his front to hide his erection.

“Ok…now walk slowly and confidently…” mom said. “make sure your hips move and try to push your breasts forward”

Both Ajay and I were a little taken aback on her openly using such words as ‘hips’ and ‘breasts’ and Ajay’s mouth was open and his eyes glazed with a lustful stare. I could see Ajay’s hand move below the cushion….He was masterbating!

Seeing all this tension, I realized my panties were now wet and there was a distinct patch on them…like a wetness stain. I tried to hide it but mom saw it. I was not sure how she would react but she just smiled and said…

“its ok…I know you are feeling a bit….” She trailed off

“Ajay…how does she look” mom suddenly asked Ajay. Ajay was lost in a trance and did not answer.

“Ajay” she said loudly “I asked how she looks?” Ajay shook up, cleared his throat and and mumbled something.

“Come here and sit here on the bed. I am asking you and you are sleeping” mom said.

Ajay was visibly embarrassed and trying best to hide his erection he walked towards us, still holding the pillow over his erection.

“Now…tell me how she looks” mom looked at Ajay and smiled. By now I was standing close to mom and her hands were on my bums. Ajay was looking at me from close range and I was dripping from my panties.

“She looks fabulous” Ajay said.

“Only fabulous?” mom asked enquiringly. “not sexy?”

Ajay again cleared his throat and said “Yes….ss..sexy…”

Mom made me walk around a bit more…commenting on my posture and regularly asking me to move hips, adjusting my panties and pushing my breasts up in bra. Sometimes, she would walk herself and tell me to sway my hips in the same manner as she was doing. All this while, Ajay was just sitting and watching us both…our sexy bodies in skimpy underwear and mom instructing me to walk in a ‘sexy’ manner.

Suddenly mom looked at me and said “You are looking very very sexy Reena…but there is a problem”

“What problem ?” I asked startled. I was not sure what she was going to say next.

“You don’t shave your vagina…see your pubic hair are coming out from the sides” mom said…pointing to the hairy bush and the sprouting hair from the sides. “when you wear sexy underwear, you need to make sure you have clean shaved your vagina.....or cunt as you all say it”

Both Ajay and I were shocked. Mom using words like cunt and touching my pubic hair from the sides of the panties. Ajay was red in the face…but was staring in an unashamed and hideous manner. His body was tense, his manner awkward and his erection was almost pulsating the whole room. His hand was still under the pillow and even while sitting next to mom, he was moving it a bit.

“Have you ever shaved it ?” she asked me.

I was a bit embarrassed and not knowing what to say, I blurted “I did use the cream once or twice…but its so messy and it itches a lot for a lot of days” I said.

“Yes….it used to itch my cunt also…which is why I only shave it now” mom said.

I said “But I have heard that shaving makes it very hard ? I meant…there is a stubble like a man’s beard ?”

“No No….its very smooth if you know how to do it. See, I shave and my cunt is smooth”..saying this mom just stood up and lowered her panties in front of us.

By now, both Ajay and I were not completely shocked…but taken aback a lot. This was a whole new thing. Seeing mom in panties, bra and talking was different. She was now showing her clean shaven cunt…openly to both me and Ajay. Both of us just looked at each other and I could see Ajay had moved his position so that he could move his hand well inside the cushion and could see mom’s cunt clearly.

“Here…feel it and tell me if its hard” mom said…placing my hand on her cunt and moving it up and down. I realized she was telling the truth….it was indeed very soft and smooth.

“Nahi na ? Some people like creams better and some people are allergic to it. I guess we are from the latter group. Saying this she sat down but did not pull her panties up. Instead, she moved her hips up and bit and took them off completely. Then, spreading her legs apart, she said “Shaving is better as it does not harm the skin so much and you can do it regularly…see even the sides are well clean” she said…continuing to show us her cunt.

By now, Ajay had almost started peering into mom’s lap.

“How often do you shave mom?” he asked. “I mean, I shave daily and my beard is hard”

“Well I shave once a week or when I am going out for a party” She said. This was the statement which said that she shaved her cunt when she knew someone was going to see it.

“I have been shaving since I was 25 or so….and its still soft. I guess it has to do with the female skin…and especially the region of the vagina…I mean…cunt” She said “ Here, you feel it also” saying this mom took, Ajay’s hand and placed it on her cunt.

I was now on fire. Mom was holding Ajay’s hand and rubbing it up and down her cunt. Ajay was just saying ‘nice…very nice and smooth’ etc.

The way Ajay had been sitting, the hand which was holding the cushion was now touching and caressing mom’s cunt and the other hand was busy masterbating his cock…and the inevitable happened…the cushion fell to the ground. Both mom and I saw his erection, although still in his clothes. His hand was now removed from inside and he was using that to hide it.

I looked at mom and she seemed to Ignore it. Suddenly mom said,

“Reena, I think I will tell you how to shave…can you go and get me the pink Victoria;s secret’ package in my drawer on the left side.

I walked up and started to go when she said…”And please take off your panties as I don’t want them to get spoiled”

I was not sure what to do… I just walked up to the cupboard and saw the pink kit like purse and came back to mom. I could hear mom and Ajay talking and there was some rustling sound….

Mom had asked me to take off my panties....but surely not in front of Ajay. Or did she want that ? I was confused...but very very aroused. Trembling with excitement, I closed the cupboard and turned went back to the room...

I don’t know what had happened behind me but when I came back, mom’s legs were wide apart and Ajay was fingering her. She was just sitting normally – as is nothing is happening and Ajay was poking his fingers in and out of her cunt…

Suddenly I realized something….!!! Ajay’s cock was out of his clothes and mom was masterbating him..

Mom looked at me and smiled….

To be continued…..
( Sorry boys…but I get tired too !!)

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hey do finish it fast ....it is too good.

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good one continure

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Screw U, mother fucker. son of a cunt

Last edited by hardrock2552 : 16th July 2009 at 12:53 AM.

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cant wait

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Hey Reena pls post

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Hey what happened to the rest of the story?

Pls post


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Pl post rest of this nice story immediately

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Originally Posted by hardrock2552 View Post
where r the updates yar?
good one

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Really a good one u must complete it at the earliest.

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