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Old 27th December 2013
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First Time With my Mother

First Time With my Mother

I had always noticed that my tall 38 year-old mother Renu looked incredible, but as time went on she looked even more irresistible. Her incredible blue eyes matched both my sister’s eyes and mine and she had the prettiest face framed by her natural blonde hair that flowed down to her upper back. She had my sister and me when she was in college and met our dad who was a few years older than her so she was surprisingly young for having an 18 year old son.

Sitting in the house I always felt an attraction to my family members, my mom and sister would always hang out and tan by the pool in the sexiest bikinis. It also seemed like my mom in particular was wearing less clothing around the house the last year or two. She also began touching me more. It started with just harmless touches on my leg or chest, but her touch seemed to linger just a little bit too long, and more recently, be just a little too close to my ass or crotch. It seems impossible, but sometimes it seemed like she was flirting with me. The other day she ironed her blouse in just her bra and panties giving me a sexy smile when I checked her out. Of course, last night she walked around the house in just her underwear after work. I blushed when she caught me looking and asked me if I liked what I saw. This was a sharp contrast to her traditionally overly modest attitude.

It was early in the morning that fateful day I got up to use the bathroom; I could hear the shower running as my mom got ready for work. I had just put on some gym shorts before leaving my room and I walked into my mom’s room to ask if I could borrow some floss. As I opened the door I could see Renu humming to herself as she brushed her teeth, the bathroom door in the master bedroom was wide open. I paused as I looked through the doorway at her, my eyes drifted to the outline of her ass as she swayed her hips. Without thinking I started to rub my hard cock through my gym shorts. She was only wearing a small towel so when she leaned forward to spit out the toothpaste, it gave me an excellent view of her long and shapely legs. As she began to brush her hair, I started openly stroking myself… her tanned legs were enthralling.

“Morning hunny… I take it you like my legs?” she asked after taking a few tentative brushes, and staring at me in the mirror with a devious grin.

“Uh I yeah… I mean they are pretty nice but you have always been pretty.” I said.

“Awwwww” Renu said with a smile at my compliment. “Well… then what do you think of all this…” Renu continued as she quickly undid the towel and let it drop to the floor. She twirled her hair sexily and giggled with devious grin at my reaction.

I was stunned at the sight of my mom in front of me completely naked. She had the wide hips of a woman who had children, but with all the triathlons she competed in, her thin waist and shapely butt rivaled some of the hottest teen girls I knew. As my eyes looked up in the mirror, I could see she had a flat stomach and incredible D cup breasts. My eyes feasted on her perfectly shaped and supple tits, topped with small cute pink nipples.

I just stood there, still not realizing that I had started rubbing myself through my shorts, completely oblivious to everything but the sight of her incredible body. All I could think about was her shapely butt, the sight of her incredible breasts that were hanging free, and the sudden thought of bending her over the counter and thrusting my cock inside her. As our eyes met all I could feel was a burning desire to take this incredible woman, and the seductive smile on her face combined with how sexy she looked with her wet blonde hair only encouraged me. Without even thinking about it I dropped my shorts and stroked my rock hard cock.

“Are ya getting a good look hunny..? Uhh what are you doing?” She said nervously. She saw right away what had happened as she was watching for my reaction to her body. She loved teasing me but she didn’t expect me drop my shorts. “Hunny now is not the time… put it away before your sister gets up and sees us like this. Hunny… we can’t…” she trailed off as her eyes looked down at my hard cock, still making no effort to cover herself. As she looked over my dick through the mirror, she felt herself get wet and her nipples harden. She bit her lip as she realized it had been a long time since she had sex and she thought of what it would be like to have me inside her as she gazed upon it.

I noticed her lingering look, and as if under a trance I stepped towards her. Before we could even think about what we were about to do, I grasped Renu’s hips, and began slowly grinding my cock up and down her naked and exposed crack… and boy did she love that…. She gasped with a mixture of shock and pleasure every time I ground into her, her body shaking with desire. As I thrust against her I moved my hands up her sides until I felt the incredible swell of her tits. I cupped them, teasing her rock hard nipples as I continued to push my cock against her butt.

“Mmmm your… father…. would kill us if she saw us like this…” she whispered as she felt my strokes get longer and lower. She loved my hands against her breasts as I teased her sensitive nipples. Normally it took a lot more to get her going but the taboo of the situation was having incredible effects on her mind and body. Her nipples were rock hard, her hot pussy was suddenly soaked, and she couldn’t help but cry out when my hands went down to grasp her hips and I suddenly slipped my cock up into her dripping wet pussy. “Oh my god… oh my baby…” she gasped as I slowly thrust into her again and again, satisfying our carnal urges for each other.

“Oh god… Oh Fucku we have to be quiet… or your sister could hear us…” she cried almost silently and out of breath as she tried to hold in her screams. I was thrusting into her from behind as I bent her over the bathroom sink with the door open to anyone who should pass it. As I pushed her down farther she grabbed the sides of the sink to support herself. She could feel my strong hands gripping hips pulling her back into me. She moaned as she wished that they were back up on her tits, pinching her nipples again.

I was in absolute heaven as I pumped my dick into my mom’s pussy. All I could think about was how hot it was to be Fucking my own mother over her bathroom counter. Her incredibly warm, soft, tight, and juicy pussy wrapped perfectly around my cock, it was amazing! After my encounter with Kaitlin a few weeks ago it felt incredible to be back inside of a hot, wet pussy again. As I slammed deep inside my mom’s pussy I felt like I was doing something that I had never done before as I repeatedly thrust into her slick opening. I slid my hands up her stomach and cupped her soft breasts. I gently pinched her nipples as I and leaned over her to kiss and bite the side of her neck.

“Oh Fuck! Oh my god baby this feels so good!” she moaned as we Fucked each other in the bathroom. We struggled to remain quiet, but we only got louder the longer we had sex. I knew my sister was asleep on the other side of the house so I kicked the bathroom door shut and Ashley was soon forgotten as I rammed my cock deeper inside my mom’s pussy. We slapped together audibly as my hips slammed into her incredible ass cheeks. Renu moaned in ecstasy at the incredible sensations she was feeling combined with the sinfully delicious taboo they were indulging in.

“Grab my hair and pull it hunny.” she moaned as she looked into my eyes through the mirror. “Come on hunny… pull it!… pull my hair…”

I quickly let go of her breast and grabbed her wet blonde hair as I thrust into her even harder. My thrusts suddenly got harder, my hips slamming harder into her ass. I was Fucking her as hard as I could… completely overwhelmed by the sight of my mother being dominated beneath me. I quickly smacked her ass, which elicited a drawn out moan from my mother as she bit her lip. The bitch likes it! I thought and after a few more thrusts into her wet pussy I smacked her again. “Oh Fuck!” She cried out as I quickly picked up the pace. Every other thrust into her I smacked her ass.

“Oh my god I Fucking love this…” she cried out she Fucked back at me. Her ass had gotten red and swollen, but it felt soooo good as I laid my hand into her.

“Oooo again…! AGAIN!” she called out to me.


“Mmmm oh my god yes baby… do it harder!”


“Mmmm Fuck! Again! Harder!!…” she cried out.

“Mmmm you’re such a dirty Rand mom!” I moaned as I smacked her ass hard three more times as I thrust deep inside her gripping pussy.

“Ahhhh HARDER baby!! Fuck your Rand harder!!” she yelled as she clutched the counter hard.

I happily complied by pulling out to the head of my cock before ramming back into my mother’s womb over and over again. I started thrusting deeper and deeper inside her, and with each and every thrust we could feel our mutual pleasure multiply.

I kept slapping her ass every time as I thrust into her from behind with my cock, I knew I wouldn’t last long… Fucking her was just too hot! I could feel my balls tightening as if my sperm were fighting to get inside my mother. I moaned at the thought of spilling my seed inside her, there was no way I could pull out… it was just too hot not to. Her soft, wet pussy wrapped tightly around my cock as I thrust inside. I loved how her muscles sucked on my cock as I continued to Fuck her, milking me, squeezing me as I Fucked her pussy, quivering as I thrust my cock even deeper inside the very place I came from. We were quickly approaching our orgasms and Renu was being more and more vocal about it. We were intent on finishing what we had started, and finishing each other off.

“Oh yeah… oh Fuck… oh yeah…” she cried out as she reached her peak. ”Oooo… Fuck! I‘m gonna cum baby! Mmmm you really shouldn’t cum inside me hunny… ahhh god…!” She moaned before tossing her hair back. Hearing me moan painfully, she looked at me through the mirror and smiled deviously before she winked and said, “But… you can if you want to baby! Oh shit! Ohhhhh gawd… I’m cumming! Cum with me! Shoot your cum inside me baby!”

“Oh god mom! I’m gonna cum!” I cried out as I grasped her perfect breasts. I let out a groan as I squirted my seed deep inside my mother’s womb. “Fuck I’m cumming! Take it mom!” I moaned as I shot rope after rope of my cum inside her. It was incredible to cum while surrounded by my mom’s warm, wet pussy that fluttered around my cock, milking me of my hot cum. “Ohhh god! Oh Fuck!” I moaned as I leaned back in intense pleasure… it felt amazing and I could just NOT stop cumming!

“Ahhhh Fuck baby!” My mom groaned as my cock swelled inside her and it suddenly felt like something hot and wet had exploded inside of her pussy and spread within her womb. She shivered as she realized I was cumming deep within her. “Mmmm so naughty baby…I can feel your cum inside me!” My mother moaned as she felt my cock pulsing and my hot cum spilling inside her pussy, filling her deeply. We waited a few seconds to catch our breath before I slipped out of her. Renu wrapped the towel around her as I pushed my sopping wet dick back into my shorts.

My mom giggled as she felt my warm cum dripping down her thighs, one stream wrapping down behind her knee. She smiled as she cupped her pussy and said, “Damn hunny you came a lot! I‘m gonna need another shower… or two!” she said laughing as I started to leave the bathroom.

Stopping me she looked in my eyes and smiled lovingly before she said softly, “It’s a good thing I woke up early today, or I would be late for work!”. Placing her hand on my chest she kissed me passionately on the mouth, her tongue playing with mine before she broke the kiss and said sexily, “We definitely have to do this again sometime…” With a wicked grin she continued, “When I’m a little more prepared it will be amazing for us…” With that she turned on the shower and closed the door, leaving me hungry for more.

As I headed back to my room, my mom smiled deviously under the warm jets of water in the shower, one hand was on her breast as the other cupped her pussy. As she thrust a finger into her wet, dripping pussy she could feel that she was full of warm cum. Her other hand caressed her stomach as she felt the warmth inside her… her son’s seed was in her womb! “Mmmmm so Fucking hot…” She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt my warm, sticky cum running out of her pussy. Her pussy swollen and well Fucked, my cum running down her legs, and her hair a mess, she smiled as her fantasy of finally Fucking her own son had come true and all she wanted was more…

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Old 27th December 2013
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good story
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

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Nice dude...

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first time with aunt

good post

reps added

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First Time With my Mother

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