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Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers - part 3

Hello everyone, this is Poorvika here.

I am new to exbii but read most of the stories here. One of the best ones that I read was the story titled, "Indian wife plays with construction workers". It was written by an author named Aurelius1982. It was one of the most erotic stories I have ever read, but it ended abruptly. Luckily, one of the writers, slamdunk6662003 picked up the story from where he left and wrote a continuation to it, which was equally erotic.

You can find the original story, "Indian wife plays with construction workers" here - http://www.xossip.com/showthread.php?t=891423&page=1
and the continuation story, "Indian Wife Plays With Construction Workers part 2" here - http://www.xossip.com/showthread.php?t=1273477

I too wanted to write a story that I had in mind, but it was on the same lines. So, I tried to write a continuation to slamdunk6662003's story. Please note that this story is just another branch to the last post of slamdunk6662003's story. He would be continuing his version of the story in his thread in the link mentioned above. This is just my version of the story and should be treated likewise.

So, I urge readers to go ahead and read this part after reading part 1 completely and part 2 till the post in this link- http://www.xossip.com/showthread.php?t=1273477&page=8

Please feel free to make comments and any suggestions as you like

Here's the first update -

I had Savitri in my mind while I was driving to work. I liked her innocent face, but god was she busty. Having such a sexy wife like Purva, I almost always thought about her and her voluptuous body whenever I was aroused. But now, the thought of savaging a woman like Savitri didn't skip my mind.

Due to Purva's exciting 'interactions' with the construction guys and her sluttiness, I could not really get the time to work at my usual pace in office. I was either too excited about what was going to happen to Purva on that particular day or get too aroused about how slutty my wife had become.

Since the prospect of Sajid and his entourage coming to our place to have fun with Purva was not bright today, I finally had some peace. I decided to catch up with my work, lest I get sacked.

My hands toyed with my mobile to ring up Purva and ask her about her situation. Somehow, I was sure that Sajid and his crew had made a move on her. Just when I was about to call her, I got a call from an unknown number. I answered the call and suprisingly it was Purva on the line.

Me: "Hello"

Purva: "Hey darling, it's me. How's it going?"

Her breath was fast. I knew something was happening.

Me: "Purva! Where are you, and whose number is this?"

Purva: "This is Kamran's number. Remember Kamran?"
I could sense the urgency in her voice.

Me: "No, who the heck is Kamran?"

Purva: "Arey, he was one of the guys who tattooed me in my asshole."
I could hear several giggles and murmurs when Purva said that. I could sense there were many guys around her.

Me: "Oh, ok. Now I remember. What are you upto? Why didn't you call me from our landline?"

Purva: "I will tell you all that later. I wanted to ask you something. You like me having hair in my pussy and armpits right?"

Me: "Of course, I love your pubic hair!"

Purva: "Well, too bad you will have to live without it for a few days. I will be removing all of it now. Hope you don't mind."
Those words hit me with a sudden realization that something really naughty was indeed happening with Purva.

Me: "Ok, that's fine. But hope you are not doing it unwillingly."

Purva: "No, not at all. I am sure I will enjoy what's going to happen. See you tonight. Bye!" and she abruptly cut the phone.

Wow, now that was something. Why was Purva removing hair from her pussy and other private parts? I was not sure at all. But, the image of Purva's clean pussy aroused me once again. Getting horny and aroused in the office had now become a daily occurence since Purva started her journey as a slut with the construction workers. It was close to 2 pm then, and I had to put up with the thoughts of my sexy wife's clean pussy and fleshy shaved armpits up for grabs, for atleast some more time. I stuck to my seat as I could not even walk around given my perpetual boner thinking about how Purva was being used by those cheap construction guys.

At around 5 pm, I called home just to check on Purva. There was no reply. So, I though of calling on Kamran's number, but somehow thought the better of it. I didn't want to disturb Purva or Kamran for that matter, who would probably be savaging on my sexy wife.

At 6:30 pm when I was still in office, I got a call from home. I answered the phone, and Purva was gasping with excitement. "Darling, plese come fast. I cannot wait any longer. Pleaseee!". That's all she could say, and she cut the phone. It was clear she was fingering herself at home vigourously, and I understood Sajid and company would have given her many memories for her to do that. I was darned because I had a meeting at 7; it was just one of those bad days at work. Somehow, after what seemed like hours, I left office at 7:30 PM.

As soon as I reached home and knocked on the door, I was surprised at the sight of my wife. Purva, stood there completely naked, without as much as a string of clothing on her body. Her beautiful pussy was completely shaved and wet, glistening in the light. Her face was glowing, thanks to what Sajid and company had done with her, whatever that was. She was beaming with excitement and pleasure. Her entire body was red, with hand marks all over. I could even see violent bite marks on her stomach, thighs, boobs and tits and that was just the frontal of her.

Frankly, I was concerned if she was subjugated and fucked like a whore the whole day by all those horny construction men. Whatever be it, if Purva enjoyed it, as is clearly evident in her face, I am the first one to get a raging hardon thinking about all the nasty things that were done to my lovely and sexy wife. I just stood there staring at my wife's beautiful naked body.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare at your whore wife, or are you going to come inside and fuck her too?". Her words suddenly brought me back to my senses. I immediately gave a smile that only she could understand, came inside and closed the door. She immediately kissed me, and by that I understood she was really horny. I asked her about Apu, and she said that she had asked her sister to pick him up for the day as she was with Sajid and team during that time.

Me: "Purva, your body tells me the entire story of what has been done to you today. I am sure you have enjoyed it like never before."

Purva: "Oh Tarun, don't even ask about it! Today is the best day of my life. I want you to fuck me right now, in all my holes without a second delay."

Immediately after saying that she started to unzip me.

Me: "Hey Purva, stop. That's not how it works. For me to fuck you, you will first have to tell me about what happened today. That's our deal!"

"Oh, you want to hear how your wife was roughed up by those mean horny bastards? It turns you on unlike anything right?", said Purva in a naughty voice.

Me: "Of course. I want to hear about how my slutty wife was treated like a whore. Please tell me what all they did to you."

"Fine, here goes. Don't try to stop me if I try to finger myself in between", she said with a wink.

Me: "Sure, but please give me all the details, right from when I left". I was just controlling myself from jumping on Purva and fucking her ferociously.

"After you left, I just went back to bed. I was very disappointed that Sajid and Rasul would not be coming to visit me today. Infact, I was so disappointed that I decided to have lunch somewhere outside not feeling like cooking at all."

"Just when I went into a sleep and started dreaming, the sound of the bell woke me up suddenly. I looked at the clock and it was only 9 AM. I was hoping against hope that it would be Sajid and Rasul. I was wearing just the nightgown that I was wearing yesterday night."

I immediately interrupted her, "You weren't wearing anything underneath right?"

"No, I was just wearing the nightgown without a bra or a panty. As you know, the nightgown just managed to cover my ass and part of my thighs. Since I was asleep, the front robe almost pulled out and was quite loose, which I only realized later. I was half asleep when I opened the door."

"Was it Sajid and Rasul?", I interrupted excitedly.

"No, it was the watchman. He got with him a plumber to fix the water issue that we were having."

[Purva narration starts]

"Good morning madam. I heard from sir that the water issue hasn't been fixed. That's why I brought plumber to see if he can fix it."

The whole time both the watchman and the plumber were taking a good dirty look at my body. The watchman in particular could not conceal his greed at watching a ripe mature housewife standing with nothing but a flimsy piece of cloth barely covering her assets. All though he got to touch my boobs and press my tits to his will the other day, I was sure he wanted to do it a thousand times more.

Seeing how shamelessly they were looking at me, the horny slut in me sprang to life, and I planned to enjoy this moment to the fullest. So, I made no effort to hide my exposed body. I was even hoping that the rope would untie itself and come off exposing my completely nude body to the dirty perverts.

I said, "Oh, thank you for your concern Ramu. Please come inside and have a look."

I could see the delight in their eyes, as I led them to the bathroom. I could literally feel that they were fucking my ass with their eyes. It was a silk gown, and you know my ass right, it was just jumping up and down while I was walking and the gown just accentuated the movement.

I said, "Please have a look. Call me if you need anything, I will be in the kitchen". Saying that I went to the kitchen. I could hear noises of the pipes being hit from the bathroom and then suddenly, the power went off. I was damn irritated by that. It was so hot as it is and I did not take a bath yesterday as well due to the unavailability of water. Whatever little water we had stored earlier, was used by Apu and you.

After I prepared coffee for myself, I went to the bathroom and called out to Ramu, "How's it going? Any luck?"

"No madam, but we seemed to have discovered the problem. The pipes leading to the house have been filled with dirt which is blocking the flow of water. We need to replace the pipes. Unless we do that, the water won't come", the watchman said, eyeing my entire body lecherously.

I was completely enjoying the attention I was getting.

"Oh, how long will it take to fix it then?"

"It cannot be fixed atleast until tomorrow madam, because these pipes are an old model. The plumber would have to go out of the city to get them."

He confirmed with the plumber once again in hindi, and he nodded to that.

"Oh, that's really bad Ramu. As I told you I haven't taken bath yesterday also. And now the power is also gone. I am really swetty and I don't have a drop of water stored at home".

I could see the glow in his eyes. I knew he was wishing that I disrobe myself from the nightgown and show my nude and ripe body to him, just like I did the last time. Though my pussy was already soaking wet and I wanted to get nude for these two cheap men to devour my breasts, pussy and ass, I saved it for the best, which I was sure would come later.

I asked Ramu, "If it's fine with you, can I come over to your place to have a bath? You said you have a well right?".

You should have seen the joy on Ramu's face. Even the plumber was startled and seemed to go mad with joy with the idea of a rich housewife bathing at a watchman's house. Ramu didn't try much to conceal his excitement though.

"Of course madam. Please come over right now. You can take bath for as long as you want. I will keep the water ready for you."

"Thanks a lot Ramu. Let me get my soap, towel and a saree to wear after taking bath, we will go right away".

As I was walking to the bedroom to get my things Ramu said, "Actually madam, forget about the soap and towel, I will give you mine"

"Thanks Ramu, that would be great"

"Also madam, I don't think it's a good idea to carry a saree with you. If neighbours see, they will get suspicious. Savitri just left for her hometown, so I can give you her saree. I shall take it back from you later"

"Ok Ramu, that's a good idea. But let me just wear something more in addition to the nightgown"

Ramu and the plumber looked at each other and shared a laugh when I said, 'something more'. I too passed a smile.

Tarun again interjected, "Oh my god, this is so hot! So you were asked to use the watchman's towel and soap and his wife's clothes. I cannot imagine, what all things he has done with the towel and where all he must have wiped it. And you would be using the same towel to wipe your ripe sexy body? This is almost making me cum."

Haha, that's true. But it's too early for you to cum, I haven't even finished half of the story yet. The best is yet to come.

At this moment, I was so turned on that I desperately wanted to finger myself to an orgasm. I immediately went to the bedroom and fucked myself to an orgasm, covered myself with a duppatta and came out. "Chalo Ramu, lets go".

Tarun said, "Please give me a break. I cannot take all of this at once! I am so horny right now..."

Haha, I am glad you like it. These last few days have been really adventurous Tarun. I never knew there was such a big slut in me.

Tarun came forward and kissed me deeply fondling my boobs. It was all like a dream come true day for a whore wife like me.

Tarun said, "Please continue with your story Purva, I want more details. How did the watchman and the plumber enjoy you?"

So, all three of us - me, Ramu and the plumber proceeded to Ramu's house across the road. I qucikly entered the house and asked Ramu to close the door quickly so that no one sees me. As soon as I entered, I got the feeling that calling it a house was an overstatement. It was just a small hut set up on the mud itself that had a tiny cot on one side and some cooking utensils and a small stove on the other. It reeked of pan masala, and there were pan stains on the ground. Then, I realized that Ramu was a heavy pan user. The cheap surroundings of the place made me hornier.

Ramu pointed to the cot and said, "Please sit here madam. Feel free to take a bath whenever you want". Saying that, he brought a stool for himself and the plumber and both of them sat on them.

Since, there was no fan and it was really humid, I asked Ramu if I could remove my duppatta that I was still wearing. Naturally, he or the plumber did not have any concerns with that. So, acting casually I just got up and removed the duppatta and placed it on the cot beside me. Then, I just undid the robe and removed it as well, exhibiting my completely naked body to the hungry eyes of the watchman and the plumber.

You should have seen them right there. They were literally speechless. I mean, both of them could not even say a word for what seemed like eternity to them. I on the other hand, just sat on the cot, with my legs crossed. Ramu had already seen me nude, but the plumber was clearly startled. He just could not believe his luck. He just kept staring at my tits even while I was looking at him. Now, he too made no effort to hide his greed and lust looking at a mature housewife completely naked in front of him. But yeah, I promised myself that I would be their object of desire today, so be it. I was enjoying the stares more than before now, given the cheap surroundings.

I let both of them have their fun, when Ramu said something I could not believe!

"Madam, your boobs are so big. I am sure sahib would be enjoying them everyday".

"He sure does", said Tarun, pinching my tits in delight.

"Haha", I smiled and continued.

I could see that he was literally poking his eyes into my tits, while licking his lips in lust. It felt like I was being eaten then and there. The plumber though startled, was slowly getting used to the boldness of the watchman, talking about his memsahib's tits, and his hubby destroying them and stuff like that.

I blushed. "Of course. wouldn't you do such things if these boobs belonged to you?", I said looking at my own boobs.

"Of course madam, if you were my wife, I would have pressed, sucked, pinched and beaten your boobs every single day until they became red".

I loved the way he was talking so cheaply about an upper class housewife like me. I was so turned on by the boldness he was showing in talking about my boobs and other private parts. I could clearly see them looking at me completely naked and enjoying talking to me like this, as was evident by looking at the tents in their pants. I blushed at how I became an object of lust to both these old perverted men.

"Sahib is a very lucky man, madam. Now I understand why the lights in your bedroom are always on till late night everyday".

I could not believe how direct he was. I blushed at his observation. I wanted to tease him further, so I continued provoking him...

"So, does that mean after the lights are off, my hubby does not play with my parts?", I asked temptingly.

The watchman's eyes lit up when I said that. It was like I was encouraging him to continue speaking to me dirtily.

"Haha, that is true madam. But if you were my wife, I would not switch off the lights anytime. I would love to see all your parts while I destroyed them".

I was so turned on by the way Ramu was speaking to me. The fact that he had no inhibitions in expressing his carnal desire to fuck my brains out was so erotic. I was horny and wanted to see how this conversation would go, so I played along.

"Even my hubby says the same thing. But since Apu was born, we cannot do that frequently"

"Oh, but I have a solution for that madam. Give Apu some toys to play, while your hubby plays with his toys".

I was surprized by how perverted the watchman was. Looking at him everyday, I would never have thought, he was so horny for me. But I loved the way he was making me an object of lust right there.

"Haha, thanks for the suggestion. We will try that out", I said with a wink.

The plumber, though silent, was enjoying every bit of the conversation, and Ramu - I don't think there's any need to say. He was on cloud nine talking to me so dirtily and enjoying my naked look.

"Madam, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure Ramu"

"Does sahib fuck you in your asshole madam?"

I was shocked when he asked me that. It was clear that it was going to be very 'personal', given the lust he already expressed in his words. But this was clearly on another level. I was so turned on. Here I was, a rich housewife, sitting naked in a watchman's hut, with a plumber aside him discussing whether I get screwed in my asshole. I blushed and answered, "Yes Ramu. We tried it a couple of times, but it pained me a lot. So we don't do it anymore".

"Oh, I can understand that madam. But you need to train yourself if you want to get yourself fucked in your asshole".

"Oh, but how can I get trained for that?"

"Simple madam, just take anything that you can easily insert in your back hole. Just make sure you insert it deep into your asshole till the point that it cannot go any deeper. Leave it in your asshole for the rest of the day and remove it while sleeping. Everyday, keep inserting more of those items. Then, I am sure, after a week you can then take more than one hubby at the same time in your asshole", said Ramu and started laughing.

At that point, I was shocked with the extent of liberty he had taken in addressing how to make my asshole loose. I was so turned on. I just blushed, and said "Ok, Ramu!".

I continued, "Ramu, if you don't mind, can I lay down for a while before taking a bath Ramu. I am feeling kinda sleepy", to which he replied, "Of course madam, take your time. Please lie down as long as you want. Infact, I would not mind if you wanted to sleep here naked all day". All of us laughed out to that.

"Madam, I was going to make some chai for all of us. But since, you wanted to sleep for a while, I will save it for you later".

"Sure Ramu, thank you".

While Ramu got on to making chai, sleep was really falling on me and so I lied down on my belly. It was such an erotic pose that I purposely made. The plumber just couldnt't contain his eyes in his sockets. My ass was entirely on display as I turned around and looked at the plumber staring at my nudity hungrily. I was feeling so sad for the poor innocent man. He had not said a word since we had met, and so I planned to strike a conversation with the plumber.

"Hey, what's your name?"

"My name is Pushkar Singh madam".

"Ok, where are you from?"

"I am from Bihar madam".

Not a second did he stop looking at my exposed tits and ass while talking to me. I was so turned on considering that he was not trying to hide his lust for me at all.

I let him stare at my parts and while the watchman was preparing tea, I dozed off into a slumber with all my body exposed naked to those two hungry men.

Have you seen the announcement yet?
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Second update -

I then dozed off for an unknown period of time. I woke up feeling a ticklish feeling and a little pain on one of my tits. I opened my eyes to see Pushkar Singh seated on the stool at the edge of the cot and sucking my exposed tits and occassionally biting them and pinching them as he wanted. He was so engrossed in working on my boobs that he did not realize I had opened my eyes. After letting him do it for some more time, though I did not know when he started, I nudged him to let me at least sit up. He suddenly got up and hung his head down. I could see he was nervous as hell.

To soothe him down, I said, "Okay, you can continue what you were doing". It was like he just needed some encouragement. He immediately sat on the cot beside me and grabbed both my boobs and started licking and biting them like a dog. It was so cute, though I asked him to go easy on the biting as he was literally trying to chew them off. I could not see Ramu anywhere around, so I asked Pushkar where he was.

"He went out for some urgent work Madam, said he will be back very soon", said Pushkar and went back to chewing my nipples.

"Oh ok", I replied.

I nudged Pushkar who was busy eating my tits, how long I slept. He said I had slept for more than two hours.

Then I asked him since how long he had been enjoying my body.

"Madam, I am really sorry madam. I saw such a nice figure without any clothes infront of me, so I could not control".

He was clearly nervous and started apologizing profusely. I said it was Ok for him to enjoy my parts, and I didn't really mind it. He seemed to back to his comfort state again, and again lunged forward to eat my tits. Man, wasn't he having fun!

So then, I asked him, "It's ok, you can tell me since how long have you been playing with my boobs? Is it just my boobs, or my ass and pussy also? And did Ramu also do anything to me while I was asleep?"

"Madam, you had slept just before our tea was ready. Ramu thought it's better to let you rest for sometime and so we both drank tea while looking at your nude body. After completing the tea, Ramu said he wanted to play with your pussy, so he made you sleep on your back and licked your pussy while pinching your tits. He kept eating your hole continuously for atleast half an hour"

"Ok, that's all? And when did you start eating my tits?", I asked with fake anger in my voice.

"No madam. After eating your pussy, Ramu also licked your tits and played with them for a long time. Then, he made you sleep on your stomach and inserted Madam".

I was shocked Ramu had the guts to do so much while I was asleep.

"Oh ok", I said. "What did he insert, his finger?"

"Yes madam, but not just finger madam. He inserted many things also".

Pushkar was hesitating quite a bit to answer me. To comfort him, I said, "it's ok Pushkar, please tell me what all he inserted in my asshole. I won't tell him you told me".

"Madam, he inserted spoon and a pen also madam".

"Oh, that's the point. I was wondering why my asshole is paining so much. Did both go inside properly?", I asked, surprised slightly by my own boldness, though I was getting severly turned on.

"Yes madam, the pen almost went inside completely. Ramu even played in-out with the pen in your asshole for a long time, but the spoon did not go at all. Ramu tried a lot by spitting repeatedly in your asshole but it did not go easily. He tried inserting it with force, but you shouted from pain in your sleep, so Ramu stopped trying and immediately withdrew the spoon from your asshole".

"Oh ok, thank God. Otherwise, my asshole would have been torn had he tried to insert it forcefully".

Both of us looked at each other and laughed out to what I said. Frankly, I was enjoying this discussion with Pushkar. Ramu and Pushkar exploiting me while I was asleep, Pushkar recounting all of that. It was just the best day of my life, really!

"Then, when did you start eating my tits?", I asked Pushkar.

"Madam, while Ramu was eating your pussy, I told Ramu that I also wanted to touch you and feel you. But Ramu said, I was not allowed to do that, and that I should just watch. But I could not just keep looking while Ramu was enjoying all your parts".

I blushed at what Pushkar said. "Then, what happened?", I asked.

"Madam, after about an hour Ramu had started enjoying you, he got a phone call asking him to come somewhere for some urgent work. So, he commanded me not to touch you while he was away and that he would be back in some time. He told me tell you that if you woke up".

"Oh ok, but then you could not control yourself and so when Ramu left you started chewing my tits. Right?".

"Yes madam, but I am really sorry. Please don't tell Ramu madam, he will not allow me to work for your apartment anymore".

Somehow, Pushkar, though an old man, looked so cute while he was feeling apologetic. I decided to ease him from his pressure, and asked him, "did you just eat my tits or something else also?".

He still hung his head low and said, "No madam, just your tits madam".

"Oh, so you have been chewing my tits since one hour. Ok, so that means you don't like my pussy and asshole and only my tits. May I know why is that?", I said again in a playful angry voice.

He raised his head and look at me cheerfully while I gave him a seductive smile. He understood what I meant obviously. He again lunged towards me repeating that I should not complain to Ramu about his acts. Man, was he horny for me.

He made me sleep on my back and he crouched forward on the edge of the bed and started eating pussy. It was already so wet, maybe from all the licking and eating that Ramu had already done and all the talking with Pushkar. He was really slurping on my pussy, when Ramu just entered into the room.

"Hey Ramu", I said with all the strength I could muster, while Pushkar was literally biting my pussy. Ramu did not even respond to me and started walking towards Pushkar in an effort to rebuke his actions against Ramu's words. Pushkar, did not even look at Ramu, he was just busy slurping my pussy.

As Ramu walked towards Pushkar, I signalled him to stop in his tracks. He could guess from my expressions that I was enjoying what Pushkar was doing to my pussy. So he just stood there feasting on my nude body while Pushkar had his time with my pussy.

After a few seconds, I had a massive orgasm. I twisted and twirled so much that I would have fallen off from the cot had Ramu and Pushkar not held me in position. After orgasming, I just lay there on the cot, hardly possessing any energy. It was already my second orgasm of the day and boy was it explosive.

After a while, I got up to see Ramu and Pushkar sit on their cots leering at my exposed and stretched pussy. This often happens to me after an orgasm, I would just lie down with my legs wide apart offering a treat to anyone sitting infront of me. Not that I minded, it infact made me more wanted by these two horny men.

I got the feeling that I came to know entirely what Ramu had done to me while I was asleep. I loved it that he was feeling shy looking at my face guessing that I had known.

"Ramu, do you still have the chai you made for me?"

Yes madam". Saying that, he handed me the chai by warming it again on the stove. I drank the chai while still having my legs parted so that the guys could enjoy the view of my pussy.

The time had already been 11:30 AM by then, so I finally decided to take a bath. Even after the orgasms, I was as horny as before and still wanted to explore my sexuality. As such I was ready to do anything and everything. I told Ramu and Pushkar, "I need to take a bath guys. Could you show me where the bathroom is?"

As soon as I asked the question, I saw Ramu nudging Pushkar to ask me something. It was more of a signal like, "go ahead, ask her" type.

I understood they had something in mind, so I took the lead, and said, "It's ok guys you can tell me what you want!"

Pushkar came up to me saying, "Purva madam, it's our wish that you take your bath out in the open infront of us, instead of in the toilet. It's just a request, please don't feel bad for asking you this madam. It's just that we want to see you completely wet applying soap all over your body and rubbing your private parts".

After all the things they had done to me while I was sleeping, this rather seemed like a normal request. I said smiling to them, "Of course guys, I will do that. What's there to be so apprehensive in asking that?".

I could see the joy on their faces escalate again. Not that they were any less joyful earlier, but that's these guys. They just want to have as much of me as they can. Pushkar immediately came forward and hugged me tightly feeling my tits on his chest. I could literally feel his hardon on my pussy. His hands roamed around my bare back and stopped at my ass. Just when I was wondering what he was going to do, he spanked my ass really hard multiple times and grabbed it tightly with his hands.

Since he was an old man, he had very big nails. When he grabbed my ass tightly, some of the nails rooted inside my ass. I let out a slight moan of pain and pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed how emboldened he became given that he was so reserved initially.

He immediately understood what he had done to my ass, and stepped backward. I looked at him in mock anger and turned around to show what he had done to my ass. Both Ramu and Pushkar exclaimed on seeing the red nail marks on my ass. Ramu hit Pushkar on his head lightly, though I am sure he was proud of what he had done to my ass. I then turned to him again, intently but playfully looking at him as if I was seeking an explanation. "Sorry madam, control nhi ho paya". I burst out into a laughter looking at his lust for me, and so did both of them too. Oh, it was such a good day for all of us, I thought.

Since there was no mirror anywhere, I just could assess the damage to my ass through the pain. However, I wanted to see what Pushkar had done to it with my own eyes too.

"Ramu, can you click a picture of my ass in your phone and show the damage that Pushkar caused to my ass?", I said, mockingly looking at Pushkar as if I was distrubed with his actions. Ramu immediately took out his phone and clicked about 5 pictures of my ass from various angles and showed me each one of them. Wow, his nails did go deep inside my ass. I thoroughly enjoyed amusing the two guys, allowing them to do whatever they wanted to do to my body. I playfully slapped Pushkar lightly on his cheek as a sign of punishing him for his condescending action and once again, we all laughed it out heartily. Clearly, they were having the best time of their lives feeling me up, sucking my tits and pussy, roughing up my ass and inserting all kinds of things in my asshole. It was such a great turn on for me, and words cannot express the feeling, I thought.

"Tarun, I think you should go to sleep now. Your eyes are red and you look really tired. I can continue the story later".

"What? are you kidding me? Do you think I can fucking go to sleep after all that these guys did to you? Even if it takes the entire night, I am going to listen to you about what all was done to you today. How can I miss my wife being a slut that she is?", I said, pinching her already swollen, red tits once again.

"Haha, ok then. You're wife's a whore and there's no denying that!", I said and winked my eye and continued the story.

So then, all of us proceeded to the outdoor space that was present behind the hut. It was just a two meter broad passageway parallel to the hut, and it ended in a bunch of trees at the other end of its breadth. As soon as I entered it, I was overwhelmed by a pungent smell of urine. The passageway, I realized was essentially a shortcut to go to the fish market from the main road and thus there was bound to be some traffic even though there was no one walking across it at that moment. That also made sense as to why the place was so stinking of urine. People just used this area as a urine dumpster.

It was truly out in the open. All the 6 apartments that were surrounding the area could easily get a clear look of the space. I was really get wetter and wetter thinking about taking a bath on the road, where I was visible to, atleast in theory, to about 500 people. It really turned me on. I did not give a fuck even if someone was going to pass by and ogle at my parts while I was bathing. I infact checked around hoping if someone from any of the apartments, was looking at my naked body already. Unfortunately, I found no one doing so.

Ramu immediately got two buckets of water for me from the well and gave me his soap to use. I was so hot from realizing that this is the same soap that Ramu uses to clean himself. The cheapness of the situation made my pussy drip with juices again.

Pushkar and Ramu got themselves two chairs each, placed it on the passageway just a little away from me, sat on them waiting for the show to begin. Wow, it was like I was a whore and I was being paid by these two men to do a nude dance and please them. It felt so so hot!

I started taking bath in broad daylight, in a public outdoor area, completely naked exposed to all the people of our colony, while two low class cheap men enjoyed the sight of that rich busty housewife doing whatever they wanted. If someone told me 2 weeks back that such a thing was going to happen to me, I would have probably committed suicide. But here I go, doing exactly that with utmost wetness in my pussy.

Ramu even took out his cell phone, to shoot a video of mine while I was bathing infront of them. I didn't mind it at all, as I trusted him now. Infact, I wanted him to show the video to all his friends. The idea of people who are unknown to me, knowing my name and where I lived and masturbating to my bathing video itself brought shivers to my body adding to the effect of the cold water that was running through my body, making my nipples hard.

As they had wished, I started rubbing soap all over my body. I rubbed my pussy with the soap in various postures, so that the viewers could get a good glimpse of it. Pushkar even urged Ramu, "thoda aur zoom in kar le, chut dikhegi Purva ki (Zoom in a little man, you can shoot a close up of her pussy)".

I proceeded further showing them every inch of my body. I rubbed the soap on my tits repeatedly, pinching them occassionally, while Ramu and Pushkar licked their lips in complete lust. I turned around and showed them my asshole and started rubbing soap inside it. Oh, it was so much fun doing things that guys of such cheapness want.

In between Ramu said, "Purva, please sit on the ground and spread your legs. Then, rub the soap in your pussy". I did what they wanted. I was literally sitting on the muddy ground and rubbing my pussy infront of these perverts. It was an experience I will cherish for a lifetime.

Then unexpectedly, I could hear voices of two men, who seemed to be walking into the passageway. However, in my extreme sexual desire at that moment, I decided to continue what I was doing acting as if I did not hear the voices. I wanted as many men as possible to devour my naked and ripe body while I took bath like a shameless slut out in the open. The two guys, as Ramu told me later, were shocked at what they could see from a distance. Upon coming closer, they stood still unable to believe what they were seeing.

I then heard Ramu call out to them, "Kapil aur Sunil, bhai kaise ho tum log? Bhut din baad yahan aaye? (Hey Kapil and Sunil, brothers, how are you? You've come here after a long time?)". And both of them, whose names were apparently Kapil and Sunil were the cousin brothers of Ramu went to hug Ramu. Ramu told me later that they lived nearby the fish market and they worked as drivers for a millionairre who was living nearby.

Clearly, as seen on their faces, they were highly excited about a mature woman bathing completely naked in public on the roadway infront of two men. Ramu suggested his cousin brothers that they get stools from inside and accompany them to enjoy the 'show'. He did not even ask me if I was okay with it, and I really loved it. It was like I was a public whore, who could be enjoyed by anyone.

Of course, Kapil and Sunil readily agreed to their brother's 'demands' and immediately got stools for themselves and started looking at my parts. I was still sitting on the ground with my legs parted and pussy completely exposed without a trace of dignity. Ramu said, "Please continue bathing Purva".

I loved the command he exerted over me, making me hornier than ever. The feeling that whoever wanted could come and join in the fun, while I was exhibited as a whore seemed so beautiful to me. I continued rubbing soap over my pussy.

Of course, Kapil and Sunil had questions about how this situation came about, about how his brother could catch hold of such a beautiful 'randi (whore)'. Ramu just said, "abey jab dikha rahi hai to enjoy karo, sawaal baad me... (dude, when she is showing, just see and enjoy. Leave your stupid questions for later)".

In particular I heard Kapil asking, "yeh randi kaha se mili bhayya aap ko. Ek dum maal hai? (from where did you catch this whore brother, she's a bomb)" and "bhayya randi ne toh kamaal kar diya. puri nangi aur sadak pe naha rahi hai (Bro, the whore is amazing. She's completely naked and on top of that taking bath on the road)", to which Ramu replied, "baad me bataunga, pehle dekh to le (I will give you all the details later, just enjoy the show man)".

Of course, they hardly talked face-to-face as their eyes were glued to whatever part of my body they wanted to explore at that very moment.

Soon after what seemed like an hour of bathing with intentional rubbing on all my private parts, I finished talking bath. I heard Sunil asking Ramu, "bhayya yeh video bluetooth me bhejo na bhayya, please bhayya...please! (Brother, please give me the video via bluetooth. Please!)". Surprisingly though, Ramu this time looked at me for my permission. I nodded immediately, not wanting to waste an opportunity for all these cheap guys to see my bathing video.

Kapil and Sunil looked at me in a way to express their gratitude for putting up a free show for them, even though I did not know who they were. As soon as the video was transferred to their mobiles, they said, "shukriya Ramu bhayya. Aaj to hum ko khajana mil gaya (Thank you Ramu brother, today we have struck gold)". Ramu was also very happy with the fact that he could give my nudity as a gift to his younger brothers.

I looked at Pushkar Singh, who was staring at my pussy, and asked him, "Don't you want the video?". He said, "Purva madam, I don't have a phone, but I will definitely buy one now". All the 5 of us laughed to that, as Kapil and Sunil kept staring repeatedly at my parts even as they left. Ramu reassured them that he will tell them the entire story next time when they are here. I was so turned on, thinking about how he was going to describe about all that happened and about me in my absence.

After they left, Ramu handed me his towel. I wiped the wetness out of my body using the towel that he used daily. It was clear that he had been using it since he was born, it was half torn, and filthy and I literally felt like puking when I smelled it. That made my pussy wetter.

As I tied the towel around my waist leaving my boobs free, I asked Ramu, "Ramu, should I throw the soap? It's almost over".

"No no Purva, how can you throw it? The soap has ventured into the most heavenly places on this earth, your pussy and asshole and it has had the privelege to be rubbed into its face, your beautiful tits. Give it to me, I will keep it with me forever and forver". All the three of us started laughing to that. I gave him the soap, and he immediately smelt it deep and said, "The smell of your wonderful pussy and asshole has defeated the fragrance of the soap itself. Now, it only smells of your pussy". I slapped him playfully, while we all went inside.

Inside, I removed the towel and sat naked on the cot for some more time chatting with Ramu and Pushkar. I again parted my legs so that they could see my fresh pussy. I checked the clock and it was 12:30 already. I wanted to ask Ramu to give me one of Savitri's saree, but before that, for the sake of completeness, I wanted to do one last thing.

"Ok guys, that was superb fun. But one thing is, you guys sucked me like you wanted to...Oh Ramu don't make that face, I know what you did with my tits, pussy and asshole when I was asleep". Ramu looked at Pushkar in mock anger, and we all laughed out to it.

"Anyway, since you guys sucked me like you wanted to, it's only fair that I return the favor isn't it?"

Ramu and Pushkar looked at each others faces in utter confusion. They weren't sure if they were hearing it correctly.

"Yes guys, you heard it right. Let those monsters out and let me suck them", I said in excitement.

Perplexed but happier than ever, both of them immediately unzipped their pants and got their cocks out. Both of them were huge, comparable to that of Rasul and Sajid. Due to all the things that were happening since morning, both their cocks were moist with precum and smelled dirty. Maybe it's also because these guys hardly took bath. Of course, I loved it.

I took turns in sucking both of them while they played with my tits. Maybe it's because of the pressure on their cocks since morning, I hardly sucked for 2 mins. on each cock, both of them released their cum and it was loads of cum. I could hardly take all of it in my mouth. As a result, half of it ended up falling on my face and on my boobs and so on. I however managed to swallow the remaining. They seemed extremely pleased about that, and both of them fell on to the cot.

I told Ramu that I had no intention of washing the cum on my body, and that I would be wearing the saree and blouse as it is. I would also be leaving my nightgown and duppatta with Ramu, and it was up to him what he wanted to do with them!

Ramu advised me not to return the saree and keep it for myself. He even suggested me not to wash it ever, for some perverted reason which I seemed to enjoy as well. Finally after I put on the saree and gave both of them a big hug. Frankly, I enjoyed this episode more than anything else before, even more than those with Sajid and his guys. However, little did I know at the time that my day was certainly not over yet.

As I was walking out of the hut, Ramu called out to me and asked, "Purva, I saw a tattoo on your asshole when I playing with it while you were asleep. I guess it was written in Urdu, but I did not understand what it meant. Out of curiosity what does it mean and where did you get the tattoo?".

I smiled at him.

All I could say was, "That's another long story. I will tell you some time later", winked at him and said goodbye.

[Purva's narration ends]

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Hello everyone,

here's the third update. Please comment and suggest ideas.
Me: "Wow, that was amazing. You know the story has turned me on so much, my pant is wet till me knees".
Purva: "Haha, I hope you now understand how wet I was".
Me: "Yeah, I do. So what happened after that?"

[Purva narrates]

After I came back home from Ramu's place, I sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. I was still feeling extremely horny. Bathing infront of two horny and perverted working class labourers brought the exhibitionist in me back to life. It was 12:30 PM and I didn't prepare any lunch. I was thinking maybe I will take a small nap on the sofa itself for a while and then go outside to have catch some lunch. I was still fresh after the bath though I blowed both Ramu's and Pushkar's cocks and most of their cum fell on my face and boobs. My pussy was still dripping wet from all the erotic adventures I had since morning.

Just when I was about to go to sleep, I heard the phone ring. I probably wondered it was you and lifted the call. However, it was Sajid. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him on the line.

Sajid: "Hello, Purva?"
I was excited and wondered why he had called me after he told me that they weren't going to come over today.

Me: "Hi Sajid, where are you?"

Sajid: "Where the fuck were you? I have been calling you since 10 in the morning. Were you getting fucked by your husband or what?"

Me: "Oh, is it? Why? No, I was out to get some groceries, that's all", I lied, as Sajid claimed me that I was his sole property.

Sajid: "Ok, anyway listen. You still have the burqua that I gave you right?"

Me: "Of course", I said sensing something exciting was coming my way.

Sajid: "Good. Here's what I want you to do. Wear the burqua with nothing underneath, just like the other day. There will be a black taxi right across the road under your apartment. Just get into it quietly. Do what the taxi guy says without asking him any questions"

Me: "Fine. But I did not eat anything since morning. Can I just have some lunch outside and get into the taxi?"

Sajid: "No, get into the taxi first. We will take care of the lunch for you"
Frankly, that did sound very exciting. I could also hear a lot of male voices from behind. I wondered what Sajid planned for me.

Me: "Ok, I will get into the taxi now. Bye!"

I could not understand what Sajid was thinking. In the morning, Rasul called me and told me they won't be able to visit me and now, he hurriedly wanted me to wear just the burqua and get into the taxi. Did they have a change of plan, or was he just trying to surprize me? However, I didn't care much. I already was really sexual that day after all that was done to me in the watchman's house and I just wanted myself to be taken advantage of. I just wanted to be a real whore for every man at that point of time.

As Sajid told me, I stripped the saree that I was wearing, and put on my burqua. I looked myself in the mirror and it seemed like it was very transparent. Anyway, I didn't care much, as I was just supposed to escape the stares of the neighbours and in no time, I will be the taxi arranged by Sajid.

I locked the door and went downstairs. The taxi was across the road and I immediately got into it. The driver was obviously one of Sajid's friends who lived in the slums. I looked at him and smiled, but he didn't seemed to bother at all. I wondered if he knew about me and the burqua ride that Sajid had taken me on in his slums.

As soon as I got into the taxi, the driver simply drove off. He drove for a while until we reached their dirty bylanes. It kind of seemed familiar to me as I had been to this place, but it was quite confusing. The whole area almost seemed like a maze. The streets were so small and dirty with crap almost everywhere. Everywhere I saw, there were these working class Muslim guys on the road, not just one or two but groups of them. They were all heavily built and looked very rough.

The driver finally halted the taxi at a gully entrance. I could see that the roads were just a metre in width. There were groups of many guys everywhere smoking cigarettes and talking and laughing loudly. I got the impression that this locality was different from where I had earlier been with Sajid and Rasul. Those locations somehow seemed a little more, well, civilized.

The taxi driver turned to me and said, "Sajid bhai asked me to drop you here and told me to give you some instructions"

He continued, "You will get down here and you have to go to a place called Salim's garage. It's the biggest car shed in this area. However, you can only go to that place by asking directions from whoever you encounter. Sajid bhai has ordered me not to tell you the route to the garage".

I said, "Are you sure? I don't know anyone in this locality, will they help me out?"

The driver said, "I don't know and that's none of my business. I am just telling what Sajid bhai asked me to tell you".

I was getting the feeling the driver was getting pissed for no reason, and so I decided to be careful. I remember Sajid telling me not to ask him too many questions. I wondered if this guy was like one of the villians they showed in movies.

He continued, "Next, remove your burqua and give it to me".

As soon as the words crossed his mouth, I was shocked. I was sure there was some communication gap between the driver and Sajid. I said, "No, I can't do that. I am completely naked under the burqua".

"I know. Sajid bhai told me to take the burqua before dropping you. No more questions, just get naked fast".

As shocked I was, I quickly removed the burqua and gave it to the driver, lest he gets pissed off. So, there I was completely naked about to venture into a slum with hundreds of hungry eyes.

"Good. Now get out of the taxi"

Saying so, he also got out of the taxi and came over to my side. I could already feel the working class stares on my naked body. The taxi driver came over to my side and did what I least expected.

He kissed me publicly and grabbed my ass hardly with his rough hands. He then spanked me so hard that I literally fell over onto the taxi. All the cheap working class around started looking intently at what was happening. Then, he spat on my face with force two times and slapped me so hard that I feel on the ground. That was easily the roughest treatment I got till date.

He then said, "Sajid bhai did not ask me to do this. I did it out of my own lust for a slut like you". Saying that he spit on my face once more leaving me completely broken on the ground. He then got into his taxi and rode away. I was truly lying on the ground like a whore who has been used completely like a toy and left to die with her troubles.

I saw that there were literally hundreds of men in the slum around me. For the first time, I was literally scared that I would get gangraped by all these cheap working class men. I somehow got up and started walking towards a direction having no clue of how to go to Salim's garage.

I was afraid if I was going a little too far. What if Sajid and his gang were trying to sell me as a whore to some red light area? What if all these guys caught hold of me and made me their sex toy? I was really scared.

While walking, I could literally feel every guy fucking me with his eyes. They were so many guys all around in groups of 5 and 10, and they all seemed so cheap and vulgar. As I walked with my head hanging low, not having a clue of where to go, I was suddenly spanked on my ass by a flimsy looking guy. I turned back, and then he grabbed my boobs hard and started biting them. He bit them so hard that they literally left bite marks on my boobs. He then spit on my face and just pushed me and went back on his way. I was so startled about what was happening and felt something was wrong.

Anyway, I kept walking while slowly a strange sense of erotica developed inside me. I somehow felt that this was all a really perverted game that Sajid and his gang were trying on me. I continued walking, trying to avoid the stares of these men.

I passed through the current lane and entered the next, when I saw an old man sitting on the chair and smoking a cigarette. He must have been aroused at the sight of a fully ripe housewife walking around naked. He immediately got up from his chair and came towards me.

He said something in Urdu, which I did not understand at all. He then put his hands on my boobs and started pressing them hard. I was somehow beginning to enjoy this a lot more than at first.

I let him do what he was doing, and I asked him about Salim's garage. He again blabbered something in Urdu, which I could not decipher, but I understood that he knew nothing about Salim's garage. Then, I signalled him that I had to get going, and that he should stop fondling my boobs.

He seemed to have understood that. He let go my boobs but asked me to wait right there and went inside his house shouting something loudly. He came out of the house and 4 more old men followed him. They all seemed to be really turned on looking at my nudity. All of them together started feeling me up. One of them started spreading my ass cheeks and inserted his finger inside my asshole. The other was licking and eating my boobs while others took care of my pussy. All this was happening in public on the dirty bylane with hundreds of onlookers.

All the while they seemed to be muttering something in Urdu and kept laughing loudly. It seemed like they were calling me different names and enjoying themselves. They asked me if I was willing to come inside, as I understood by their actions. It seemed like they wanted to spend more time working on my parts.

Somehow, I felt very unsafe but turned on at the same time. I wanted to see what these horny old men had in store for me. So, when I agreed, they lifted me in their arms and took me inside. They made me sleep on a small table that was lying in the hallway. Then, all of them started feeling me up once again. I was so horny at that moment, that I wished they fucked my brains out. I wanted to communicate it to them to fuck me, but could not.

While I was there, these old perverted group of men did everything imaginable. They spit on my face, fingered my pussy, fingered my asshole, kissed me inside my mouth. I was so disgusted by their breath that I felt like puking.

Then, one of the guys who was biting on my tits, came up to me and unzipped his pants. What I saw was one of the most dirtiest dicks till now. It was so huge that it looked like a python. He pulled my head towards himself so that it was hanging from the table and just forced his dirty dick all at once into my mouth. He started face fucking so roughly, that I was gagging heavily. I even puked once during the process. He however seemed to love it and pushed his dick even deeper into my throat, all the way in.

I had already started enjoying the rough treatment they were giving me. Right then, one of the guys inserted his dicks into my pussy. He just pushed it all at once in one go, and I screamed loudly even with another dick in my mouth. What resulted was a roar of laughter from everyone. They were enjoying humiliating me. All the guys then took turns and alternated between face fucking, ramming my pussy, eating my nipples and biting on my stomach and thighs.

Slowly, each one of them started releasing their loads on me wherever they wished - on my boobs, inside my pussy and inside my mouth. After that all of them gathered as much spit as they could and started spitting on me. Just when I thought the ordeal was over, one of the guys pulled me over and started fingering me very roughly. I understood his objective was to make me cum. After about 20 seconds of continuously devastating my pussy with his fingers, I let out a huge fountain of cum. They all laughed heartily to that. Then they got me off the table and just pushed me out of their house and closed the door.

I was so weak by then that I could hardly walk. That was clearly the most intense fucking and orgasm I had ever had. It was my third orgasm of the day and I felt so weak that I had to sit for a while. People all around were looking at me with nothing but hungry eyes. They all seemed to know I was gangbanged like a professional whore.

And the worst thing was, I still had no clue where Salim's garage was.

[Purva's narration pauses]

Me: "Oh my god Purva! I know you went through some really intense pain and humiliation, but I love the way you were made to participate in this thing by Sajid. He is really the best. I am sorry to say this, but imagining you completely naked among so many perverted working class fellas and you being in the danger of being fucked by anybody anywhere is just too much for me . Really!"

Saying that I pinched Purva's tits very hardly. I could literally tell she went through a lot lot more from the condition of her body. She was simply ravaged like a street whore. Every part of her body, be it her boobs, tits, stomach, arms, thighs, ass, or face - all of them had cuts and bite marks. It was as if she was under make up. Truth be told, I was so turned looking at Purva like this.

Purva: "Haha. I am glad you are ok with all this Tarun. But I was more than just a street whore today".

Me: "I think I'll skip office tomorrow Purva. Please go slow and elaborately describe each detail as to how every one of those slum perverts savaged on your ripeness".

[Purva continues narrating]

I had not eaten anything since morning and on top of that I had 3 intense orgasms. I was feeling damn weak, and my legs started trembling too. Also, since I could not find a proper water source, I could neither drink water to satisfy my thirst or wash myself of all the spit and cum that was deposited in my body by these cheap slum guys.

I kept walking on and on and kept asking whichever guy I met about Salim's garage. However, all they cared was to exploit my ripe body parts. Being spit on and slapped roughly and getting my ass grabbed and slapped hard on my ass was now a common occurence with these perverts. I was happy if one did not bite my nipples, stomach or thighs or make insertions into my holes. By now, about 40 fingers had already savaged my holes. I started feeling sore in both my pussy as well as asshole now.

In one instance, a group of men fucked me like a whore on the road itself. It was like I was a street whore for all the residents of the slum. All sorts of perverts gathered around while I was being fucked. They all collaborated with each other so that all of them got the chance to fuck me in one way or the other. There was cum everywhere on my body and at one point I literally could not see due to amount of cum discharged by those perverts on my face. People who could not get the chance to fuck me just discharged their cum on me. Of course, all the spitting, slapping and biting went without saying in this locality. Once the fucking was over, they just threw me away on the road.

I started to get skeptical about the existence a Salim's garage anywhere near this locality. I remember the driver saying that it was the biggest garage in this area, but clearly no one knew about it. Either the people here were just looking for ways to humiliate me by saying they didn't about the garage or there wasn't actually a garage by the name of Salim. I again began to think if Sajid was trying to pull something really mean on me. I was not sure what was going to happen. One thing was sure, there was no going back. Giving up only meant I be a permanent whore for all these men here because there was no way these people would allow me to make a phone call atleast to you.

Just when I was losing hope, I heard a faint sound of someone speaking English. I rushed to that place from where the sound was coming and saw an old man. He still seemed the general working class muslim guy, but atleast he was speaking some English on his mobile, though it was the worst english I had ever heard. I figured he was better than most of the guys who made a living here.

He was chewing pan sitting in his small shop. I didn't really understand what his shop was set up for, though figuring that out was the least of my priorities. I seemed a little lucky as this lane was relatively deserted. There were other shops in the lane too, but all of them were closed for some reason.

By now, with spit and cum all over my body, bite marks everywhere, and sore holes and being famished and completely naked, I looked exactly like a tramp. It was like a typical materialistic world. No one wanted to help a naked beggar, all they wanted was to fuck her, rape her and humiliate her to the core. I felt that situation suited me perfectly.

As soon as I entered the shop of this broken English speaker, he stopped talking on his phone and savaged me with his eyes. He sharply got up and spoke something in Urdu, while at the same time, exploring my entire body. I could understand from the tone of his voice that he was asking me to get out. It's safe to say that I was officially a tramp now.

I was also sure that from the looks on his face, he definitely understood me as a tramp fucked all day. He was probing every part of my body and he understood that serious fun has been taken from my ripeness.

Even before saying anything, he came over and started shouting at me in Urdu. Somehow, in between I caught hold of his attention by blabbering something that he could understand.

"Sir, I am not a beggar. I need to know the route to Salim's garage".

He was still not satisfied with my explanation. "Who are you first? You are some prostitute who been fucked and not given your money. Get out quick. If I call my friends here, they will rape you like anything. Get out, bloody beggar prostitute".

I was seriously scared now. I wanted to get out of his sight then and there, but I had no other choice. This unknown guy, a stranger, a working class old man who was convinced that I was a tramp and prostitute seemed the only guy who could help me out. I was so helpless right now.

"Sir, please listen to me. I am not a prostitute or begger. I need to go to Salim's garage Sir, please..."

As soon as I said that, he started laughing. "You are saying you not prostitute and begger and you want to go to Salim's garage?"

Saying that, he continued laughing.

I did not understand his statement. Looking at my confusion, he said "Salim's garage is the most famous whore house in this slum. Every man from all slums go there for fucking. And you are saying you are not a prostitute?"

I was shocked at his words. I really could not believe Sajid had asked me to come to a whore house. Was I correct in fearing that he was going to make me a whore and sell me to a whore house?

I got scared, but at the same time, strangely though, wetness again started to develop in my pussy. I felt that I should take this risk. Anyway, it was not like I had a chance. Even if I wanted to go back, it is only possible after meeting Sajid at Salim's garage and request him to leave me and I was sure, he would not let me go that easily. I had to take a decision right there and I took it. I was going to Salim's garage.

"Sir, I am not a prostitute sir, but by turn of events, I have been made to strip naked and been fucked by many guys in the slum. I need to go to Salim's garage at any cost. Can you please take me there?"

I said that with all my heart and earnestness.

The man thought for a long time, and finally said, "Ok, I will take you".

I was delighted. It felt like atleast something was going right for me.

"However, only on one condition. I will first fuck you inside my shop and then take you to Salim's garage. See, if you are going to Salim's garage, you will become a prostitute anyway. Then, you charge money for fucking you. I will help you now, so you let me fuck you for free now. If that's fine with you come into my shop else get lost"

I really didn't think much frankly. I had already been fucked and roughed by atleast 30 men in these slums. One more guy wouldn't make much of a difference. So as soon as the man said that, I went inside the shop.

The man was delighted at the thought of getting a chance to savage me. He immediately came inside, closed the door and led me upstairs. There was no place for two people to, let alone have sex, but to sit in his shop. As such, he took me upstairs.

Until I completed walking up the stairs did I not understand where this man was planning to fuck me. He was going to fuck me in a small Indian bathroom that was stinking badly. I couldn't believe it.

I looked at him and said, "Sir, you will fuck me here?"

"Yes you whore. Lie down on the floor fast, I will sleep on you and fuck you like a slut. Do you think there will be big rooms in slums for fucking cheap whores like you?"

That pretty much summed up what I had been going through soon after I stepped inside this locality. As I had no option, I slept on the dirty bathroom floor, that I was sure hadn't been cleaned nor flushed in years, on my belly. The man immediately slept on me with his clothes on and started fucking me by unzipping his pants. He was so much heavier than me, that I felt my boobs being crushed completely under his weight. He fucked me for something like 20 mintutes before completely emptying his cum inside my pussy.

I was so tired by then that I did not have an ounce of energy in my body. The man got up and said, "Listen, I will go out and get a smoke for myself, and after that I will take you to the whorehouse". Saying that, he spit the pan that he was chewing right at my face and left downstairs. It was certainly the most degrading point in my life.

I turned around and slept on my back for a while trying to gather energy to get myself up. I seemed to go into a slumber for a while and the next thing I could feel was a strong pain on my face. I woke up from my sleep and realized the man was slapping me hard on my face to wake up. "Get up whore, I will drop you to Salim's garage. I just gave you a normal fucking and you want to sleep all day?. In that whore house, they will fuck you much worse day and night, what will you do then?".

I somehow gathered strength and did not even bother to wash my face. I went straight down with him. He seated me on his bicycle infront of him and started cycling.

I was going to Salim's garage - the whorehouse.

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Good going poorvika keep it up,waiting for more sexy updates

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glad u r back.. pls continue.. repped u.

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Originally Posted by longindian_axe View Post
glad u r back.. pls continue.. repped u.
please suggest more ideas of how you want to see Purva in the story...

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Originally Posted by mithali_joshi View Post
Good going poorvika keep it up,waiting for more sexy updates
sure, keep suggesting ideas...

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hi poorvika,i would like to see purvi getting more used & humiliated dominated by low class men who will abuse her badly & getting pregnant by some dick... even though it will b a taboo its quite arousing.This is my suggestion & as u are the author its up to u,any ways keep writing nasty stuff about purvi

Religious, politically biased and inflammatory posts are a strict NO on Xossip. Please restrain from doing so, and for more information, Please see THIS


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Originally Posted by mithali_joshi View Post
hi poorvika,i would like to see purvi getting more used & humiliated dominated by low class men who will abuse her badly & getting pregnant by some dick... even though it will b a taboo its quite arousing.This is my suggestion & as u are the author its up to u,any ways keep writing nasty stuff about purvi
will keep ur suggestions in mind. will update soon.

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Changed Posting style to whole story all at once!!! Readers no longer have to wait for updates and long delays. Happy Jacking Off!

First Such Story : The Completed Story | Second Such Story: Nan's Diaries | Third one: My Life
Fourth One: A means to an End

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