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Old 29th October 2013
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My Horny Bhabhi

My bhabhi name was Sudha, aged 36 slim whitish complexion, slim figure and tight ass and medium size breast and a flat stomach. Well! Most of the readers would have got an erection by now by thinking of the sexy figure.She lived with her family at a distant place where I used to call her husband on phone on week ends and once

I invited them to my home during there visit to my town where they came for two hours only I went to pick them up from the bus stop and we took a rickshaw puller and me her husband and she sat on the same seat of the rickshaw. I grabbed the seat near to bhabhi to balance all, the time rubbing her half naked back. She was dressed in saree and a blouse.

Constant rubbing gave me an instant hard on but I did not say any thing to her. Finally the rickshaw stopped I was the first one to get down and she was the last and Ohhhhhh when she put her one leg down from the rickshaw I was able to see her hair less legs till her knees, my jaws opened due to excitement which she also saw and smiled back. We served them tea and snacks and chatted on various things .

After two hours they took permission to leave for there home but I insisted them to stay for a night but my cousin said sorry as he had to attend his night shifts, however he told her wife to stay back and asked me to drop her the next day to which I said ok.After he left I tried my best to be beside my bhabhi.

Any way we all had dinner and slept and all these time I was trying to touch her ass but was afraid as she may revolt so I waited for the right time. Next day I came at noon so that I can accompany her to her house I dressed my self and did not put my under wear so that it can stand and sit on its own wish.We came to bus stand but all the bus were crowded and we left three bus in the process.

Finally bhabhi said in the next bus we will board by any means I said ok and thought it will be good if the next bus is also fully crowded. The next bus came and wowo it was also full. We boarded the bus and made ourselves behind the last seat where there was place to stand. I told bhabhiji you stand in front of me and hold the rod of the seat or else you may fall she said thanks and stood in front of me.

It was 3.3 pm when the bus moved and it was a two hours journey to her home.As the bus moved with a jerk it made my hips move forward and I touched her ass with my semi erected cock, but I moved back as she may scold me. By now I was totally hard, I kept on staring on her ass and naked hips and Yes it was giving me a hard on yaar. On couple of next stops the bus got more crowded which reduced the gap between me and my bhabhi, now

I was almost cling ed to her body but I pushed my ass back so that my cock doesn’t touch her ass as I was still afraid .But my chest was clinched on her back tightly. The crowd behind me was pushing me hardly so I holding the seat rod/ bar beside her hands and I whimpered as I pushed the crowd to which bhabhi said what happened? I said the crowd is pushing me hard and I unable to stand properly.

To which she said Ok you come a little forward to make your self comfortable. Whew!!! I was more than happy to obey her and came near to her ass from behind and now my whole body was glued to her back including my cock. My cock was bent towards left inside my pants so it touched her left ass. Bhabhi shuddered the moment she felt my cock but kept quiet.

But I was in I was enjoying the jerks of the bus but was not sure about bhabhi. At one moment I removed my right hand from the bar and placed it on her waist and she looked back at me to which I said bhabhi haat thak gaya hai. She smiled and turned away and pushed her ass back towards me. I could not believe it Was my bhabhi enjoying my rubs and again she did wowo.

I moved back a little and adjusted my cock by pulling it from left side to the center, the cock head was hitting my belt from inside so I pulled my belt well above its normal position so as to give more room to my cock. Ahhhhh now it was almost free Inside my pants as it was a loose one. After adjusting it I holding the bar again with both the hands and Touched her ass and grinding it between the crack of her ass.

Bhabhi whimpered and pushed back.My cock was at its full hardness. Bhabhi suddenly pulled herself on her toes and wowo I was at her ass hole level I under stood what she wants and I pushed my cock in her ass hole above her thin saree I wasn’t able to enter her but my tip of cock could feel her ass hole and bhabhi also felt it. The moment it felt the hole I also lifted my self on my toes and wow half an inch was inside her and

Loo all of a sudden I felt I was gonna cum and it was the first time when I did not have the slightest idea that I am gonna cum as on other occasion my cock was always faithful to me to tell me that its going to spurt out. Any way friends I hold bhabhi tightly and my cock throbbed and throbbed and cum like a hose pipe I had to close my eyes to feel the pleasure. I cum for a minute.

After two minutes I felt my cock go limp and all the sperm left a wet patch on the trousers and balance trailed down to my thighs knees and legs. It was a nice cum experience.By the time we had reached her stoppage I pulled my shirt out to hide the wet patch. I called a rickshaw and told bhabhi, you take this rickshaw from here and I will go back to my home from this stand.

She said dimag kharab hai kiya ghar nahin chalana hai kiya aur han aaj raat yahin rukna kal janna. Miane kaha bhabi nahin aap next week phir aana. Bhabhi achha tum nahin aa rahe ho to main bhi nahi aungi. I said thik hai bhabhi chalo.In all this conversation she did not utter a word about the bus incident, which made me think does she knows that I had cum while rubbing her ass.

We were greeted by her child’s and her husband when we reached her home. We had tea and at 6 pm Cousin told me that he is going for his night shift and be comfortable at his house. I said thanks and he need not to worry. At 7 pm bhabhi cam to me and said will you like to drink whiskey I said bhabhi main nahin pita to she said nakhre maat karo main janti Hun. I smiled and she brought a bottle and kept it on the table. Her children were studying in their room.

I said bhabhi let us go to the roof .She said ok you go I will come with water and some eatables. She came in 10 minutes and was wearing a green color nighty; she also wore a petticoat and a bra inside her nighty. She was looking very happy and was smiling and said devarji…do not drink too much. I asked whether she wants to drink or not she said nahinji main kahan!!!

Maine kaha ek sip bhabi ji she said ok and took a sip and said huhh karwa hai. Hum hasne lage aur peg ke bateen karne lage. Bhabhi said Uff I am tiered by standing in the bus and there is a pain in my leg. I said koi baat nahin make some one message your legs. She said your brother has gone to his duty and I don’t know whom to ask for it. I smiled and said if you do not mind I can do that for you.

She also smiled and said Dhutt sharam nahin aati hai. Main bola sharam kyon? Wo boli how will you do that. I said I will press your legs on top of your petticoat. She smiled and said ok and we will do later on. I said let us do it now as later in the night the child’s will be in her room. She said ok and I asked her to sit on the mat near me and she came and pulled her legs in front of me I pressed her legs below her knees above her clothes.

I pulled her fingers of her legs tickled her legs she was squirming. I pulled her left leg and kept on my thighs she was smiling all the while. Slowly I lifted her petticoat till her right knee. She said nahin maat karo koi dekh lega main bola nahin kin nahin dekhega bhabhi. Saying so I rubbed her smooth and hair less legs and my penis started giving its response. During the message I pushed my hands till her thighs also to which she pushed my hand away and said nahin yahan maat karo koi aa jayega.

Main bolo bhabhi kiya aaapko acha nahin lag raha hai? Araam nahin mil raha hai? Bhabhi said achhaa kiya tumhe maaja nahin aa raha hai main sab janti hun kit um kitne bad mass ho.I said kyon Maine kiya kiya? Bhabi… Achha budhhu mat bano Bus main tumne I said Bus Main kiya bhabi.She smiled and slapped on my back and said chup….sharam nahin aati.I kept quiet. After a minute she said I am going down to cook dinner.

She stood and went near the wall of the roof it was dark there I also got up and went behind her hands were on the wall which was till her waist, I stood beside her and said Bhabhi are you angry with me. She said no no koi baat nahin yee sab hota hai. I said I am sorry for that but I was help less as people were pushing me from behind. She said Huuh did people pushed or you did that deliberately with me.

I said bhabhi both I was help less as you are so beautiful. On hearing her praise she smiled and said...Sachh.Mian kahan sundar Hun. I went behind her and grabbed her waist and said han bhabhi you are so sexy and beautiful and touched my erected cock on her ass.She said Ummmm please leave and grabbed my hands tightly. I held her more tightly and kissed her neck from behind.

She said leave me leave me. I said nahin bhabhi bus ekk bar bhabhi I love you. She said nahin koi dekh lega. I said koin nahin hain yehan and pressed her boobs and woooh they were so tight, by now her protest was going down and I pulled my cock out of my zip and pulled her petticoat till her waist and rubbed my naked cock on her naked ass. Wow what feel of a naked ass. I could feel the pre cum coming out of my cock.

Bhabhi said are kiya kar rahe ho and what is this wet thing on my back. I kept quiet and she brought her right hand behind her to find out and she grabbed my throbbing erection in her fist. A sound of Hiiii came out and she turned towards me and said devarji to yeh baat hai. And looked down at her fist and said yeh to bahut bada aur tagda hai. Mian bola aapki khatir hi aisa hua hai.

She dropped her clothes and covered her ass and said chaloo bhagoo bahut hoo gaya. I said bhabhi I will go but please shake my cock with your hands so that I will calm down.She smiled and said ch ch ch ch bechara.And started to leave I grabbed her again and requested her and she said achha chup ho ja, abhi nahi, raat ko main roof wasel room main aungi tab kar doongi.I said bhabhi aap kitni achhi ho.

At 8.3 we took our dinner and started watching TV. I was not interested in watching as I was waiting for the night to progress fast so that I will. Any way at 10 pm all went to their rooms and I went to my roof’s room. I was wearing a lungi only. My heart was pounding too fast and was waiting for her. At 11 I heard the sound of her payal coming towards my room. She pushed the door and came inside and said kiya tum abhi tak soye nahin.

I said nahin bhabhi main aapka wait kar raha tha. Wo boli achha jaldi karo mujhe jaana hai. I went near her and pulled her towards me and kissed on her cheeks to which she said nahin no kissing I will do what I had said then I will go. I thought I will have to arouse her if I had to bang her. Any way stepped beside her and pulled my lungi down ti the floor and placed her hands on my cock.

She gripped it and started to measure it she said bahut lamba aur mota hai. I said bhabhi pura 9 inch ka hai aur han agar hilane ke alawa aur bhi kuch karengi to maja aa jayega.She said chup badmas and started shaking it. She was in the mood of ejaculating me soon. But I have the art of holding my ejaculation.

After 5 minutes of ahagging me hard she got tired ann sadi offffff kiya hai yee itne main bhi kuch nahin hua to which I said bhabhi ye kuch aur mang raha hai. Wo boli kiya then I pulled her towards me a planted a kiss on lips and pushed my tongue inside her mouth she tried to push me away but I was strong enough to hold her and in the mean time my long cock with a big fore head was hitting her cunt lips above her clothes.

I pressed her boobs and in three minutes of kissing and smooching she scummed to my reactions I opened the hooks of her nighty and pulled it out of her slim body and she was not. Wearing any panty and a petticoat and she was naked before me. I sucked her nipples and moved my hands below her navel to find out that she had shaven her pubic. I said bhabhi nakhre kyon kiya aapne jab aapko karma hi tha to wo boli saach bataun to main ye sab

Nahi karti par jab tumhara itna mota, lamba, gora aur itne bade forehead wala lund dekha to mere muhn main aur niche pani aa gaya nahin to main yeh nahin karti. I said thank you bahbhi and pulled her,she rubbed her pussy on my thighs and I felt her juices on my thighs. I bent down and kissed her chut and licked her clit. I pushed her on the bed and made her spread her legs

And got with her in a 69 position she was not able to gulp my cock in her throat so she kissed the tip only and licked along the trunk of my cock.I made her cum by my tongue and said bhabhi aab aoo na mera lund tadap raha hai. She said han suru karo. I spread her legs wide and placed my cock on her cunt. She said bhaiya dherre karma bahut mota hai aur han mere andar maat girana.

Mian bola koi baat nahin aap jaisa bolengi. I started pushing slowly inside her ripping her cunt lips apart,my forehead could feel the ripping of her cunt muscles. Her eyes and lips were tightly shut so as not to scream and to concentrate on my fucking. In 5 pushes I was completely inside her and I laid on top of her motion less only used my hands and lips to kiss her and fondle with her breast.

I licked her earlobes she gripped my waist with her legs and squeezed my cock with her cunt lips and at the same time I also started flexing my cock’s muscle without moving my hips (friends try this method once if you have not done so far I bet you will enjoy this).The throbs from my cock was pleasuring her as her cunt was so tight for my cock and each throb/flex was stretching her cunt lips and muscles apart.

Bhabi was getting mad with this she said abhi tak kyan nahin chada mujhe tum bahuut achha karte ho Umm Ahhhhh and she lifted her body so as to take every inch of my cock in her. Aree dakhaa maroo na please main girne wali hunt u which I pulled the cock till her opening and rammed slowly in her again and looo she screamed Hai Marr Diya Tune and clenched her legs on my waist and she reached her orgasm.

I felt the wetness in side her she was exhausted due to the violent orgasm she was breathing heavily. Her cunt muscles flexed for 2 minutes I was also about to cum but I pulled out of her and controlled my orgasm. After controlling her breath she got up and sat on the covered her self with a bed sheet. She was till looking at my wet cock we could see the mixture of our juices dripping forms it.

She said...tumne to aaj had kar di hai.Bus aaj ke baad nahin karma aur dubara maat bolna nahin to main tumhe nahin chorungi.I said bhabi thik hai par mujhe bhi to karne do aapka to kaam ho gaya par mera nahin hua hai.She said why did you not finish along with me then I said aree you only told me not come inside you that is why I did not do it there so now you again let me do or shag me till I cum.

She said ok and wiped my cock dry with the bed sheet and started pumping it,I pulled her bed sheet and started rubbing her back and breast and in 5 minutes I could feel that she was ready again.I spread her legs and pushed two fingers in her cunt she tried to push away my hands but I pulled her and kissed on her lips and pushed her on the bed and said bhabi ek baar ghusane do naa.

She said haiiiii kiya jadoo kar diya tumne,tumhara ye aadmi ka lund hai ya gadhee ka abhi tak khara hai kash mujhe roj ye mil jata.My cock jerked when it heard the praise.Any way I mounted on her and pushed my cock in one go.She did not move and I started giving her small jerks,after 10 jerks I increased my tempo,then again after 10 I increased and so on and again reduced my speed step wise step.

When I had slowed down bhabi pulled me closer with her legs on my waist and said jor see but I did not and she lifted her body up and reached her second orgasm.But I was still to come so was upon her she told me to get up but pushed her on the bed harder she was breathing harder now and our body was wet with sweat I kissed on her lips again and began fucking her again and now the sounds like

Puchh. Puchhh, Pachak, Pachakk was coming due to the friction of cock and cunt. After 1 minute bhabi was charged up again and kissed me on my lips and began to lift her ass from below and believe me friends our rhythms were matching. Slowly her orgasm started to build up and looo again she spurted and cummed violently, ahh aaa, umm, please... Were the words she was uttering.

Finally she said please finish off i said hann and began pounding her again and to remind you readers she had cummed three time so far.I grabbed her ass and squeezed them and drilled my cock deep into her cunt I was really enjoying the fuck after 15 strokes I stopped to which she asked me what happen I said bhabi you had told me not to cum inside you that is why.

She said aree idiot then how will we finish of this fucking session aur haaan mere chut main apna pani dal do abb toh main ready hun .I smiled and sucked her breast and started fucking her hun hun hun han han bhabi meri jaan tere chut main lund,sali nakhre karti hai,main aapki gaand bhi maroonga par abhi toh chut hi kafi hai,kiya mast chut hai aapka,ahh ahh ahh uumph ummph jor se pakar sali,

Mian girne wala hun,main girne wala hun bhabi sambhaloooo mujhe.She gripped me tighter as she was also cumming fourth time and lloo I blew my sperm like a hose pipe in her the first 5 drops with full speed the next with more great speed and I thought that’s all but bhabi gripped my cock with her cunt lips again and wowowowo my cock kept on spewing sperm drops after sperm and believe me

I cummed for nearly a minute and wowo I dropped my head on her shoulders to rest we were breathing heavily and our body were drenched with sweat where as our private parts were drenched by sweat and cum.I pulled my still hard cock out of her and lied on the bed beside her bhabhi stood up and climbed down the bed I could see our sperm dripping from her vagina.

She cleaned her chut and hands with bed sheet and kissed me and said good night I pulled her and said kahan jaa rahi ho meri Jaan I have done only once and you did it four times so this is not fair so you sleep here and I will fuck after two hours again. She was surprised on hearing this and sadi lagta hai garmi nahin gayi thik hai main yahin soti hum aur jo marji karma aur agar phir bbhi maan nahi bharta hai to pados ki ladki ko chodna.

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Love With Bhabhi

I'm 26 years of age and workin in mnc as accountant.This is story of me and my Bhabhi. We were living as family in gujarat with my Father (Who is a businessman), Mother (Housewife), an elder brother Vijay (28 yrs of age and Engineer), his wife Sujata (My dear Bhabhi, 27 yrs of age and housewife) and myself. We were very happy family. I was like younger brother to my Bhabhi. This incident happened four year ago when i am doing my graduation.I had always respected my Bhabhi as my elder sister and we had very healthy and friendly relationship. I used to discuss my girlfriends with her and used to tell her how I proposed one and flirted with other and all that. Finally I fell in love with Puja who was also studying with me. Puja was nice girl with perfect figure, look and good sense of humor but her one draw back was that she is short tempered and used to get angry on many small, small things. Bhabhi helped me a lot in this relationship. She also gave me money to buy gifts or other things for her and also advised in events of strains in our relationship. My Bhabhi is very soft hearted and emotional person and I like this characteristic of her very much. And in look she will certainly compete with any typical Bhabhi of Ekata Kaoor's serial and easily win over them. She is 5'5" tall, fair, slim with perfect curves and figure. She is really beautiful. In this way our life was going smooth even on bumpy road of life. But one car accident took life of my brother and our life changed forever. We completely broke down after this incidence and Bhabhi was one who was affected most by it. She used to cry whole day and in night also one could hear sobbing sound from her room. She took nearly 4 months to come out of those sad feelings and to live as normal life. I tried a lot to make her happy and feel comfortable in that house in which she had entered with her husband to live for whole life but destiny took her companion in middle of their journey living her all alone. But as days passed she recovered and our bond was getting more and more stronger. I started to take her to shopping and all that. I used take care of her a lot.

I was spending more and more time with my Bhabhi and I was enjoying it. I was so happy in her company. I never felt same when I used to with Puja. And so I was loosing interest in Puja. I always used to compare her with Bhabhi and in each case Bhabhi was in winning side. And finally we broke up. But I was not feeling bad. I don't know why but now I was feeling that I don't need girlfriend. At this point of time I was not ready to accept that I love my Bhahi but ya I know that I Cares a lot for her..Then after nearly two year of that incidence Bhabhi's sister delivered a baby and so she planned to visit her in Nagpur. On that day morning when she had to leave we all were feeling so sad and specially me.Because I was so used to with Bhabhi in house that I was on the verge of crying. She noticed that and came near to me. She caressed my hairs and said that "What happened Vicky. It's just a matter of couple of weeks. I will be back soon. Don't feel bad ok. And take care of Puja. She is little stupid but ignore her mistakes and don't fight with her. And hurry up. I will get late. Are you coming to drop me on the Station or not? Hurry up." I unwillingly took her suitcase in my hand and sat in the car. She took blessings from my parents and came down and sat in the front seat. I knew she was also feeling sad while leaving but was trying to hide it behind that false smile.We were heading to station but our fortune had something other in its mind. On that day it was raining from early in the morning. Many roads were jammed due to water. And rain was not even slowing down. Bhabhi was getting tense but was trying to calm down. After driving for nearly half an hour we got struck in the traffic. We were moving inch by inch and finally

At one place we had to stop. Rain was pouring heavily and water started rising on streets. Peoples started leaving their cars and were walking on flooding roads. So it was clear that we will not be able to catch the train. But now it was impossible even to go back. Bhabhi was now really scared. She looked at me and said, "Vicky lets go back home". "Leave the car here only and we will go by taxi." I was also thinking same so when I tried to open the door, I could not open it.It was jammed due to pressure of water from out side. Now we were in real trouble. We tried all possible ways but could not succeed. Water was rising and it reached till window. We even tried to break the glass but we could not. It was too tough to break by hand. We thought that we will not able to go out of car and so will die here only. Bhabhi now really broke down and started crying. So I went near her and while consoling took her in my arms and told her "don't worry we will be all right. Don't afraid." Then she said, "Vicky I am not afraid of my life. I am a widow and have no one to cry behind me. It doesn't matter that I die today or after 50 years, it is one and the same. I am afraid for you. You have future waiting for you. You have to take care of Mummy and Daddy. And you got unnecessarily in trouble due to me. I am so sorry. Please forgive me." Just imagining her death I realized that how much I cares for her and I said "Bhabhi don't ever say that. You are not alone. I care a lot for you. I can't even think to live without you. And if any thing bad happened to you, then that day will also be last day of my life. Don't worry, trust me. I will take us out." She was looking in my eyes. She had no word to say. She may have felt my feelings. We hugged each other. Her body melted in me. We remained like that for nearly 15 minutes.

I was caressing her back and took hold of her face and wiped her tears. She was looking so beautiful, I felt to kiss her then and there on her lips but I restrained my self. I kissed her on forehead. Till that time water had reached just few inches below the roof of car and was stared to enter inside from don't know where.Then I remembered that there is tool kit in the drawer of dashboard. I took out spanner from that and broke the front glass. Suddenly streams of water entered in car and we both got fully drenched in that. Then first I got out of car and then helped Bhabhi to come out. Then I also took suitcase from car and we started walking in that water which was now above our waist. My hand was on her waist and she was also holding me same way. We were not talking anything. She was so confused after hearing that intense statement from me. She was not able to decide that how actually I feel for her. Did I only cares her as Dever (Brother-in-law) or it is something else? I was also fighting with my own feelings. Then I looked around and the scene around us was so scary. Couples of dead bodies were floating on water. In one car there were four people who were died due to drowning. After seeing them I thanked god for saving us.Then there was another problem. We had to take some shelter because it was no point to walk in that much water. We searched for room in couple of hotels but no luck. Then we found that some people were going in one building. We also entered it. On first floor there was big hall (like used for marriage ceremony). Lot of peoples was sitting there for shelter. We also decided to sit in one corner till the rain stop and water go down. There were bathrooms in one side where we got cleaned ourselves little bit. Then we eat some food which I had brought from near by grocery shop. It was now nearly 8.00PM. Rain was still pouring heavily. We both were so quite and no one was willing to talk. But then I realized that even though we were not talking we were sitting so close to each other that no Dever and Bhabhi used to sit like that. We both were resting on wall and She had rested her head on my shoulder. Her one hand was on my chest. Her eyes were closed. Then I caressed her hairs for some time and kissed her forehead. She didn't move even an inch. I thought she was sleeping. So I called her lightly and to my surprise she moved her head and looked in my eyes and said "What?” I said, "Nothing".She smiled at me and again kept her head on my shoulder. The time was passing, all people around us were panicked and were cursing rain but we were so calm because this rain had shown us the reality we were denying. I was loving my Bhabhi more than anything but still I was afraid to tell it even to myself. Same way Bhabhi realized that she is not alone in this world. In that panicking situation also she was feeling so safe and pampered.Then I looked in the watch and it was 11.30PM. Many people around us were sleeping. Lights were made deem. I told Bhabhi that we should also sleep now. Bhabhi took out one saree from suitcase and we took it on our bodies to protect us from cold.She was lying on her back and I was facing towards her. I kept my one leg on her legs and one hand on her tummy. Then after some time she turned and faced me. Our eyes met. We both were awake. This time she came closer and kissed me on my lips. I replied and our intensity increased. It was feeling so natural that no one felt that it is something like sin. Finally the ice was broken. We had come closer not only by only mind but also physically. After long time we got apart. We looked at each other. Then she looked down. Now she was feeling shy. She buried her face in my chest. I was so aroused that my dick was at its full length. It was poking her near her stomach. But I know that she is not going to mind it. I pressed her more close to me. Her grip was also tightening on me. This time while caressing her back I didn't stop at middle but by proceeding further I reached till her ass and pressed her both chicks. And repeated this act, don't how many times. Then I pressed my one knee further. So she parted her legs little apart and I kept my leg between hers. I was so happy that my lovely

Bhabhi was in my arms allowing me to love her and even responding positively. But I had to stop proceeding further because around us there were nearly 100 to 200 people sleeping and if they came to know what we were doing then it would have caused problem. So I calmed my self down and we slept in that position only.In the morning when we woke up I was feeling so fresh and joyful and Bhabhi also had smile on her face. I gave her quick peck on her lips and went to get fresh. After coming back I asked her also to get fresh up and left to arrange for some breakfast. Rain had stopped till now but there were hundreds and thousands of cars on road which people had left, so it was going to take may be a day or two to come situation normal. But now I was not caring for it. My problem was that I needed some privacy with my Bhabhi. Then I would have stayed here till last day of earth. So I went to a near by shopkeeper and asked him that where I could get a room. He told me that he has one room on roof of the near by building where he leaves, but asked for Rs 2000. I said, "Ok but show me the room."He took me there. After having look at the room I paid for him. The room was nothing but just four walls and nothing else and cheap carpet on the floor. Only good thing it had was that it was with attached bathroom. I went back and told her that "it will take some more time to get normal so I have rented a room so let's go there". She didn't say a word. May be she was knowing my plan or may be she also wanting the same. While going we had breakfast and also took some parcel for lunch. After entering she had one look at the room. I thought that she might not like the room but she said nothing. She removed

Some clothes from bag and went to take bath. When she came out, she was wearing blouse and petticoat. I was looking at her. First time she was standing in front of me in that much less cloths. Her breasts were looking prominent and round like two large sized apples. Her slim tummy and a navel on it and below it those curves of ass were looking so sexy that she was looking like goddess of love and kama. She was looking down and was wearing saree. Then she slowly looked up and asked me to take bath. I said, “I have no clean clothes to wear." Then she smiled and said that there is one clean saree in bag, take it and tie around your waist. I got aroused just by thinking of tying her saree around me. I took it and went to bathroom. Then I took bath and after drying myself I tied that precious saree around me. My dick was making tent in front side. I came out and looked for Bhabhi. She was standing in door looking out side. I went slowly behind her hugged her from behind. She startled due to my sudden attack but recovered from surprise and rested her head on my chest backward. My dick was pressed in her ass. I said, "Bhabhi...."She said, "huh". "May I ...."She turned back and smiled at me and said, "Stupid. You are so cute". And caressed my face. We came closer and kissed on lips. Then I pressed my tongue on her lips. She parted them. I entered her mouth and our tongues met. Its warm touch felt so good.We smooched for long time. I roamed my hands freely all over her back from her head, then neck, then shoulder, then waist(I stayed there little longer),then her beautiful ass. I slightly squeezed it and then build the pressure till she said, "ouch..., you naughty."Then I closed the door and took her in my both hand and led her to the center of the room.Then I started slowly removing her cloths one by one. First I took hold of her loose end of saree and pulled it. She rolled around herself and it all the way came into my hands.Then I slowly removed buttons of her blouse.

Her eyes were closed. I stopped after opening two buttons. She opened her eyes. There was question in her eyes that why you stopped. I said, "Don't close your eyes. I want you to watch me while I remove your cloths. Got me" A slight smile waved on her face and she gave nod. Then I opened her third button, then next and finally last one and the blouse opened. I removed it. Now she was standing in bra and petticoat in front of me. Her marble like white globes were clad in that tight bra. Her boobs were shouting at me to set them free. Then I turned her around and opened the hook of her bra and removed it. Her bare back was looking so beautiful. I caressed it slowly and kissed her on shoulder. She shivered and stepped back to rest on me. But I also moved back a little not allowing her to do so. Then I turned her again. Now she was facing me with bare boobs. I went near and had a closer look at it. I gave a slight jerk to it and squeezed them. I took both nipples in my fingers and played with it. Her breathings were heavy and her chest was moving up and down rapidly. She tried to hug me but I stopped and made her stand still. She had become restless. Then in one swift I pulled the string of her petticoat and it fell down making circle around her feet. Now she was complete naked. I was not able to believe my eyes. She was so beautiful. My caring and loving Bhabhi, whom I had respected so much and about whom I had not even dreamed any sexual act was standing complete nude in front of me and was looking so vulnerable. She was trembling. I had a complete look at her from top to bottom. There was a dark patch of bush on her cunt. She might had stopped taking care of herself after being widow. But I like woman's cunt with dark bush and it was like my desire. Then I went closer and asked her to open saree tied around my Waist. She tried to open the knot of that saree but her hands were shaking. Finally she succeeds and that saree fell down. Now I was also standing nude in front of her. She had a quick look at my dick. Then she looked in my eye. She was feeling shy. I asked her "Take it in your hand. It won't bite." A trembling hand came forward and touched my dick. Oh..... It felt so good. A current went thro' me and I grabbed her and pulled towards me. I showered hundreds of kisses on her face, neck and boobs and my hands were playing on her back. I kept both my palms on her ass chicks. They fitted on them perfectly. I pressed both ass chicks towards me and in the process she got lifted up little and so that my dick got trapped in junction of her legs. She was pulled up and was bit uncomfortable but she was trying her best to balance on her tow and taking my support to stay in that position. She also felt pressure on mouth of her cunt and was moaning slightly. We played like that with each other for some time. Then I made her to lie down. Then I parted her legs and adjusted myself in between them and kept my mouth near her cunt. I smelled there and slowly licked places around it. She was wet there and her juices were flowing like flood. She was not touched there by a man for last 2 years. She was moaning heavily. Then I played with her bush for some time. Then I parted her cunt lips and I slightly licked her clit. She shivered and took hold of my head and pressed it downward. And said,"Please... Vicky. Don't tease me. Please lick me deep. Please....” Then I buried my tongue further started fucking her with my tongue. Initially I was slow but slowly and steadily I increase my speed. Finally I was licking very rapidly and furiously. She also started pushing her hips up and was pushing my head down with her hands. My head was locked completely between her legs and hands. Finally she was moving so fast that I came to know that she is near her orgasm. She was literally shouting and with one last push on my face she stopped. All my face got wet due to her juices. She lied there with her legs wide open and eyes closed. She was still breathing heavily.

But I didn't stop. I once again started licking her juices from her wet cunt.I pushed her legs and asked her to fold them with her knee near her chest. Now her cunt as well as her cute butt hole was clearly in my view. I slightly licked on her ass hole with that she got tensed and tried to close her ass hole. I told her, "Relax don't worry. Relax..." and caressed her inner thy. With that she eased down and relaxed her ass muscles. Then I started licking her cunt and ass hole in one go. After some time she got aroused again. Then I lied flat on her and adjusted myself so that tip of my dick was just above her cunt. Then in one go I pushed down and got buried completely. She moaned loudly, "ahhh......".As I had thought she was too tight there but as she was well lubricated and it was not her first time it didn't hurt her. Then I started moving up and down with slow speed and each time I gave full thrust and so she moaned with each thrusts. She had wrapped her legs on my ass. I went on increasing speed and finally we reached orgasm nearly same time.I lied on her like that only for some more time. She released her grip of legs but her hands were still around me. When I was moving away she holds me tight and said, "Don't take it out. It feels so good." And kissed me. So I just rolled side way without loosing contact and pulled her ass more close to me. Till now my dick had gone limp but it couldn't slide out due pressure from both of us. In that position only we both slept and don't know when my limp cock came out of her love hole. But when I woke up, she was in deep sleep and I was hard again. I mounted on her again and stared our love Act once more.....We fucked sixth time before leaving next morning.

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My Sweet Bhabhi

I was 18 years old. I am the only son in my family and my father is working as mechanical engineer in a private company, my mother is a housewife. We have our own house and my cousin brother also lives nearby my house .He are working as a purchase manager in a private company .My parents treat him as their elder son. I use to call him bhaiya .I was in my class 10 that time. In the month of April when my final exam were about to start and suddenly there was a marriage proposal for my bhaiya.Every one in my house was happy and even I was very happy. My bhaiya started applying for his leaves and after lots of effort the leaves was sanctioned for fifteen days only. My parents and my bhaiya started packing their luggage as my cousin brother's family is settled in Rajesthan.My aunty and uncle had already chosen the girl for my cousin brother and the date was also finalized but unfortunately due to my exams I was not able to be a part of my bhaiyas marriage and due to date problem marriage was not postponed .Therefore had to stay alone in my house. It was 24th of April my bhayia got married and I was giving my second last exam. My exams got over on 27th April and my bhaiyas leaves were also about to over. My parents came back to Bangalore on 27th April as I was alone and my father was assigned only leave of only one week. My mother told me about the marriage and my bhabi as well.

Mom told me that bhabi is very beautiful and her name is Amrita. My mom said that she is going to get a bahu for her which resembles as my newly wedded bhabi .I was feeling great at that moment. I was very excited and I was dying to see her photo but as the photographs was not developed so my mom was not able to bring the snaps of my bhaiyas marriage .There were only two days for my bhaiya leaves to get over and it was decided by my parents and uncle and aunty that bhabi is going to come with bhaiya and she will stay with us for few months. On listening this mind was in seventh heaven because I have read many sex stories of bhabis and devars in iss. I thought that I will certainly get a chance to have sex with my beautiful bhabhi. I started making castles in air .I was eagerly waiting for the day to come when bhabi will come to my house. One day when I was coming from my Computer classes ,I rang the doorbell and my mom opened the gate .I parked my bike and as I entered the door I saw 2 suitcase and a bag which was lying aside the wall. I saw my bhaiya coming out of the room with a great smile .I bent down and touched his feet .He lifted me and hugged me .I started enquiring about my newly wedded bhabi and while I was enquiring I saw a very fair lady in a blue saree was approaching towards me. It was no one but my bhabi.I lost my senses on seeing her. She was about 5.5feet tall. She had big blue eyes with rosy cheeks. Her lips were very soft like rose petals. She was giving a very cute smile. It seemed that flowers are falling from her mouth. She came to me and I even forgot to touch her feet .She hugged me tightly .I started feeling hotness on my chest as her assests were crushing on chest. She told me that she heard a lot about me from my bhaiyas parents, from my bhaiyas sister and from my mom as well that I am very smart and funny and I make others life very joyful. She said that I was same as she has expected. I dint utter a word that time. I quickly went in and freshed up and my mom served us lunch and while eating I was continuously seeing my Bhabi escaping myself from my mom

And especially bhaiya.The way she was smiling and talking to my mom and to my brother was really amazing. Around 8pm my father came back from his office and he was very glad to see bhaiya and bhabi. At about 11pm we went to sleep. I used to sleep with my bhaiya so went to the room my mom said me to come out as he will sleep with bhabi but my bhaiya said that from tomorrow he will sleep with bhabi and today he wants to talk to me .We came to our room and my bhabi slept with my mom. My bhaiya said sorry to me as I was not the part of the marriage .I told him not to feel guilty as their was date problem and moreover he has gifted me a very beautiful bhabi so I have no issues of not being a part of marriage . After that I started enquiring about his marriage .He said every was perfect and suddenly I interrupted him and said that I was not asking about the marriage as I knew every thing from my mom that the marriage was perfect. I want to know about the first night of his marriage. I told him that I want to know how he proceeded with bhabi in his suhagraat. He felt shy and didn’t say anything. Next day I made myself prepared that I have to sleep and bhaiya has to sleep with bhabi.The room given to bhaiya and bhabi was just beside my room. It was around 11pm and after taking our dinner we all retired to our bedroom. I was feeling very restless as bhaiya was going to sleep with bhabi. All the lights were switched off and my eyes were still open. I was thinking about what bhaiya would be doing with bhabi, suddenly I heard the voice of my bhabi saying bhaiya"kya kar rahe hai sabra rakhiye, are mera blouse phat jayega badmashi thodi der baad kariyega"and after listening this I got up and sided my ear to the wall. There was a small ventilator due to which the voice of my bhabi was clearly audible. Suddenly the night bulb was switched on. It was of red color.

After that I heard lots of kissing and moaning sound of bhabi which was continued till 3am.This made me very restless. After that the light was switched off and everything was silent. I didn’t sleep the whole night. I was thinking of bhabi and masturbated thrice on bed. The next day my mom was preparing breakfast as my father and bhaiya had to go to their office, I came out of my room my father and bhaiya had already left for their office and my mom was doing pooja.I saw bhabi coming out of bathroom .She had tied a towel on her head as she had washed her hair. She was wearing a light thin pink saree and was carrying her wet clothes in her left hand. She was looking gorgeous without any makeup. She saw me and gave me a warm smile and I was looking at her big black eyes .It was very red and anyone can make out from her face that she did not sleep well last night. I also responded in the same manner. She went to floor to spread her wet clothes. When she was moving on stairs, she lifted her saree bindings with her right hand which was till her knees and on seeing her smooth milky legs i was amazed. After that she came down and untied her towel from her head and her long silky and thick hair fall down kissing her lower hips. It was a stunning scene for me. After that she sat next to my mom in pooja.Without wasting any I rushed to the floor and went near to her wet clothes. Her blue saree, blouse and blue color petticoat was spread on the string but the stuffs which I was looking for was not there. I lifted her petticoat and I saw a blue lacy color silky bra and panty under it. I saw the number tag on the bra .It was 43(c); I lost my mental peace on seeing it. I put my face in the cups of my bhabis bra and my entire face was blurred in the cups of her bra. I then smelled her bra and panty .The smell coming out of it was

Really awesome which was making me conscious .From that day onwards I used to give very keen look on my bhabi.But she Use to carry herself in such a manner that none of her assets were uncovered. I tried lot to see her belly button but she never use to wear the saree below her navel. Somehow ten days were over and every night I use to get the kissing and moaning sounds from my bhaiyas room. One day due to some urgent work my parents had to go out of station for 2weeks so I thought it is a nice time to get closer to my bhabi.My bhaiya was doing extended shifts those days which starts from 3pm to 6am so I and bhabi used to stay alone in night. It was near about 10days when I have not heard any sounds from my bhaiyas room so I probably assumed that bhabi would be hungry for sex.I planned to seduce her. One day when my bhaiya was sleeping in his room, it was about 8am and my bhabi was preparing breakfast. I was standing at the door of the kitchen and suddenly she raised her hand for turmeric powder which was kept on the rack. Suddenly my eyes went to her milky waist. The side views of my bhabi was really mind blowing .Her boobs were huge than I expected and the saree which she normally wears above her navel was slipped from its original position which gave me a partial glance of her belly button. I quickly rushed to toilet and masturbated thinking of her. That night about 9pm, I switched on the TV to see a horror film on cable. As it was a horror week so for the entire week one horror film was supposed to come. I knew that in horror film there are some adult’s scenes and for me it was the right time to seduce my bhabi.the film which was coming on Monday was "100 saal bad".

I called bhabi to see the film but she said she that she is afraid of such films as she strongly believes in the presence of ghost. I made her understand that I am with him and ghost is only imagination. Finally she was agreed to see the film with me. There were some really horror scenes and we had to see the scenes holding our breath. But once the horror scene was over there was an adult scene in which the hero lifted the heroine in her hands and took her to the bedroom. Hero opened the zip of heroines top saying her that he wants to count the moles at her back. It was really excited scene as heroine was wearing black bra. I was seeing my bhabi from the corners of my eyes and I realized that she is getting hot. She took the remote and tried to change the channel but I said that it is a part of film and it will break the fun of the movie and my bhabi gave the remote to me and try to leave the room .She went to the door and again come back. The really horror scene restricted bhabi to move out of the room I smiled silently and congrats myself that my plan is succeeding. I knew that if my bhabi will sit for few more minutes then surely she will be seduced more. I was in my shorts and i knew that there is some more adult scene in this film. As the movie progressed hero got married to heroine and it was there suhagraat.It was a very bold scene in which hero undresses heroine slowly. It was xx movie. On seeing this scene there was a huge bulge in my shorts and my bhabi noticed it. Even she was not able to control her feelings and she put her hand on my thigh and the other hand was under saree.I am sure she must be pressing her boobs.It was 11pm suddenly the power supply was cut off. She hugged me tightly and requested not to leave her alone. Her boobs were crushing on my chest and a strange current was flowing from my head to foot.i told her that I will be always with her till my last breath. I told her to sit there for a minute so that I can light a candle and fortunately cande was not there .I told her to wait for five minutes so that I can bring some candles but she continuously denied. I made her understand that it will not take more

Than 5min and at last she agreed .I told her to close the gate and went for candles. Sit was 11pm so almost all the shops were closed .I was very happy as everything was going according to my wish. After about 20minutes I Went back to home and knock the main gate.Bhabi opened the door and hugged me tightly. She was crying. She was really very afraid. I consoled her and said sorry. Then I reminded her words that I will be with her till my last breath. Suddenly the power supply was on and we went inside the room. She said thanks to me and said that whenever I will need her help just feel free to come to her. I thought that it was the right time to take the chance and I stopped bhabi.I said her that I need her help very badly. She questioned me what help I need from her. I told her to promise me that she will not say no to me. She readily agreed and asked me again that what help I want from her. I took her hands in my hands and said that from the day one when I saw her I was suffering of sleepless nights. I had lost my mental peace .I used to love her in my thoughts and I want to have physical relationship with her. On hearing this she strongly disagreed and got angry. She said that this is not possible .I went to her with folded hands and requested like a baby. I told that everything in this world is possible and if she don’t wants the sexual relationship then at least come nude before me .She was continuously saying no to it . I again requested to give one chance and after that I will not ask anything from her. After lots of request she agreed and I promised that I will not tell anything about us. I requested her to wear red saree and blouse and get makeup like a bride. I gave her silky lacy red bra and panty which I had seen in her almirah.When she use to go for a bath I used to look for her undergarments in her almirah.I told bhabi to sit in bhaiyas room after she is dressed up. It was 12.30am when I entered the room.Bhabi was sitting in bridal dress with long veil in front of her.I went to her and lifted her veil. She closed her eyes.

She was looking very pretty. I turned her around and pushed here a little against mirror wall and came closer to her. I started feeling his breath over my face now. I took her face with both my hands and kissed her on her lips. I kissed her lips hard and started sucking like a candy.Bhabi also started responding. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth. I opened her hair bun and allowed her long and thick hair to touch her hips. After few minutes I put my right hand on her left shoulder and remove the saree pin. She kept her eyes closed then I slipped her pallo down .The pallo fall down. First time I saw my bhabis 43(c) sized boobs which was covered by her red blouse. It was very tight and just fighting to come out of the blouse. Then I hold her hand and made her sit on the stool in front of dressing table. I stood behind her admiring her in the mirror.i looked down and feasted my eyes under her deep cleavage. I was kissing her body that was holding jewellery.First I removed the gold chain from her head arranged along the hair partition and kissed her forehead. Then I removed the earrings and fondled her earlobes with my lips and gave a gentle bite. Bhabi could not control herself and bit her own lips. I removed the nose ring and gave her nose a nudge with my nose. I then bent down and removed her necklace and kissed her on her neck. I left the bangles as I love the sound of the bangles. I followed my mouth from her hands over to her fingers. I wrapped my arms around her back and started exploring her exposed back and waist. I untied her waistband and put it on the dressing table. And then the last piece of jewelry left on her was her ankles. So I just sat down and took her left leg in my lap and very lovingly removed her payal and then did the same to her right hand. I was kissing every part of her body from where the jeweler was

Removed. Then I made and stood behind her brought my hands around her and untied the bindings of her saree .I then totally removed her saree and put it over sofa. I realized that bhabi was also enjoying the way I was undressing her. I sat down at the edge of the bed and made her stand in front Of me .I did not even switched off the light because I wanted to visualize every part of her body very closely. She had tied her petticoat over her navel so it was really hard for me to locate the belly button and belly button is one of the favorite part of a woman which I like more .So, I slipped her petticoat 2 inch below and saw her very deep ,round and big navel. On seeing her navel I assumed her as the goddess of beautiful navel. I hugged her and put my face deep in her belly. I was licking her stomach and my hands were caressing and squeezing her ass over her petticoat. Bhabi was also getting excited and she put her hands on my head and started caressing my hair. I put my tongue inside her deep navel and circled around it .While I was doing so my bhabi hold my head more tightly against her. Then after 12min of licking I removed my head from her belly and moved my hands to her boobs.My bhabis boobs were so huge that one hand was insufficient to hold it .I started pressing and squeezing the huge boobs hardly. My bhabhi started moaning slowly. I Then buried my face in the deep valley and with the help of my mouth I started to open the button, my both the hands were on her boobs and I can felt that her nipples were getting errected.The blouse was very tight so I moved my hands to the blouse button and started opening them one by one. I kissed and licked whatever skin showed up.

It was very difficult for my bhabi to stand straight as I have made my bhabi hot and excited. I partially opened the blouse button and taken her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it over the blouse. I was just biting her nipples in my teeth. After sometime I opened her blouse completely from the front and let it like that .I was looking at her silky sexy red lacy bra that was covering just half of her boobs.I quickly put my mouth to one of her boob over her bra and started squeezing her other boob with one hand and I also helped her in removing her blouse from her hands with my other free hand. I was sitting with my legs spread and bhabi was standing in between my legs. I had not touched her pussy yet. I then moved my teeth on her left shoulder in order to remove her bra stripe. I found really hard to do so, so I put my hand on her shoulder so that I can slip the bra stripes from her shoulder .I slipped the left stripe first and then the right stripe .The bra was really very tight so without wasting time I opened the hooks of her bra one by one and took out her bra from behind. She instinctively brought her hands to cover her breasts and closed her eyes in shy. I smiled and put his palms on her palms. Slowly I pushed her hands down along her breasts. She did not resist me.Bhabi could feel a tingle in her body as my hand lightly along with her hands over her breasts.Bhabi sensed her nipples getting hard and her thighs getting tense.Hertight hooters were in front of my eyes and near my mouth. My mouth remained wide open for a while on looking at her tight boobs.It was full in size, 40(c) inches, but her boobs were tight, as a teenager would have. My squeezing and licking had made them harder and her nipples were erected. I gasped and said these are the best boobs I had seen in my life. And then with my mouth, lips, tongue and hands I attacked both her boobs, as if there was no tomorrow. I made so many love bites on her boobs all over. I was just chewing her nipple very hardly and my bhabi kept on saying "Aram se, Dard ho raha hai".Now my right hand moved to her ass and started squeezing her full buttocks. Then I

Removed my shirt and pant and I was standing in my underwear before my bhabi.I then hugged her tight and her boobs was crushing against my chest. She wrapped her hands around my neck tightly and I was caressing her back and her buttocks. She could feel my hardness against her thighs .Then I pushed my pelvis against her pussy and pulled her closer to me from her ass. She could feel my penis heat against her pussy and then I pushed her over the bed. I followed the same, lying on top of her. Her tits were standing erect. I started licking her whole body, every inch of it. I kissed her and lick her flesh. I was licking her face; I ate her lips, kissed her neck and moved down. I spent plenty of time in licking and squeezing her boobs and then moved downwards to her stomach and belly. She was moaning like anything. I kept licking and keep moving down and down and stopped just above her pussy. I was avoiding her pussy more and more. Then I moved to her feet and started kissing and licking her legs. I started my journey upwards, licking it slowly and spending time at every inch of flesh. I was keeping on pushing her petticoat upwards; as I kept moving upwards I was kissing her. Now I realize that she is all wet and it was difficult to control for her. She was squirming left and right on the bed and moving her ass upwards. I moved upwards towards her knees and then to thighs. I was also caressing her inner thighs while and kissing them. I smell her erotic aroma of her cunt juices and I like it, I finally opened the string of her petticoat and pulled it down. She raised her ass to remove it. I just liked what I was seeing. Who wouldn’t like a sexy pussy covered in sexy red silk panty? In lust I just bent down quickly and kissed her pussy over her panty. I took out my tongue and licked her entire panty and in-turn her pussy under it. I saw that her cunt started pouring more juices that had come over her panty as well. I moved my hands under her ass and my fingers under the elastic band and in one quick jerk I pulled them down.

Then I saw her pubic hair which made more delighted her cunt lips had swollen a bit .I started licking her juicy cunt... She was moaning loudly. She started jerking her ass in upward motion in order to meet more of my tongue. I kept on licking and eating her. Now I couldn’t control any further and quickly removed my underwear Bhabi requested me to go slow. I smiled, didn’t bother much, but asked her to relax. With my hands I started spreading her legs farther I spread her legs and asked bhabi to spread them further and lift them as well. She followed my commands. I hold her legs and put them on my shoulders. I brought my penis near to her pussy, adjusted the tip over her pussy and started to push it inside. It was still tight, and I thought that my dick is bigger than bhaiyas.I spread her cunt lips with one hand and hold my penis with other hand and pushed it harder the next time and a loud scream came out of bhabis mouth. I quickly kept his mouth over her and I thought it pained her lot my entire penis was inside her but didn’t stop at bhabi kept on screaming of pain, but I pushed little more and more. I was full of lust and thought about satisfying my sex desire. I kept my mouth over her and kept on pushing it more inside. Then after a few strokes, her cunt opened up a little and it got adjusted to my penis. Bhabi closed her eyes and was now enjoying it. I was now kneading her breasts. She was moaning loudly and she started moving her ass with my rhythm. Now bhabis breathing started moving faster and looked as if she was about to cum. My cum filled in her pussy and I jerked and jerked inside her and then I calmed down over her. We layed there like this for some more time. Though I was tired but lust had overpowered sleep and I was fresh as ever.Bhabi was between my legs and I was squeezing and kissing


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Her ass. Then I moved my hands under her stomach and pulled her upward from her waist. She was now on her knees and her hands. I made her in doggy style. Now this was a surprise for her. She had never imagined to be fucked in a doggy style .I asked her whether she is fucked in this style. She said no .Her pussy was still soaring from the heavy fucking I just did few minutes ago, but I didn’t care and was ready for the next round with full force. I pointed my penis over her pussy from behind and within split of second I pushed it so hard that she was out of breath. It was hurting her and paining like anything because her tears were coming out Of her eyes. But her pussy was still so tight and I just rammed into her mercilessly. I didn’t give her a chance to recover from the pain and started moving my penis in and out of her pussy. I was holding her from her waist and pulling her towards me while I was really giving huge jerks towards her pussy. I bent a little bit over her and started playing with her tits. I was twitching her tits between my thumb and fingers. I knew that I was hurting her, but I didn’t care. She moaning but more because of pain in her pussy and her tits. I didn’t care for her groans and kept on fucking her hard. Then I picked up some tissues from side table and handed over to her to clean herself. She cleaned her boobs and her face. Then I brought my penis near her mouth. She understood my intentions. I wanted her to lick my dick and clean. She took my half-erect penis in her right hand and brought out her long tongue and licked it from bottom to its tip. She repeated it couple of times and cleaned it then I removed my dick from her mouth when I was satisfied. She told me that I have got a big penis. I smiled approvingly and proudly. It was around 5.00am and was time of arrival of my bhaiya so we had to separate from each other. We both got up and quickly washed up and went to sleep in our room .It was the second time when I fucked a lady who has beautiful figure of 40-28-32.Next day when bhaiya went to office my bhabi came to me and said that I am a real player and she liked the way I fucked her. She enjoyed and came to know what complete satisfaction is and after that I fucked my bhabi regularly whenever I get chance.

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Woow. man. ! Cummed like 3 times while reading ! superb combination of pics + texts. :-) repped you . keep it up.
If people can post their naked pics, how hard it is to comment for their effort if you like it.

My threads :

My hot chats : http://xossip.com/showthread.php?t=1173628 ||

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Bhabhis X Boyfriend Help Me Fuck

I am 20 years of age and I stay in Hyderabad. This story of mine is all about how I fucked my bhabhi. Friends my bhabhi is too hot and white in complexion. Her actual name is Pooja. She married my cousin brother 1 year back. My cousin brother and Pooja bhabhi stayed in Bangalore. They are staying in a rented flat. My brother works in a software company. He goes to job at 8 am in the morning and returns back at 9 in the evening.

Now at present I am staying in Bangalore in my cousin brothers (gaurav) home for my higher studies. Pooja bhabhi is just 23 years of age and she is too hot and sexy. Her figure is perfect and most of the times in home she wears salwar(chudidar). Both bhiya and bhabhi are staying lovingly together. Usually bhabhi used to be somewhat nervous. I used to go to college at 8:30 am and Bhiya used to go to office at 8:00 am. No one except bhabhi used to be at home. I used to return back home at 3 ‘o’ clock in the afternoon.

I observed my neighbor named raj who used to stare at my bhabhi a lot. He used to see her in sexual way. Bhabhi was very friendly and understanding to me. Day by day I was growing close with my bhabhi. As every person has a desire to fuck a beautiful lady even I had desire to fuck my pooja bhabhi it was secondary that she was my bhabhi. Primarily she was a beautiful lady. I used to masturbate thinking of her a lot. I usually smelled her panty in the bathroom. I used to stare at her body parts without her knowledge and usually when bhiya was not there at home.

I used to stare at her ass and boobs, many times I have seen her boobs cleavage. My room was adjacent to bhiyas room so I could hear them fucking in the nights near to 3 ‘o’ clock in the mid-night. It would make me horny, listening to Pooja bhabhis screaming voice I used to get hard on imagining me in place of bhiya. Pooja bhabhi would make sexy noise like ahhhhh, slowly jan I am your only, ufffffffffffff, ummm, haaaaannnn. One day I asked bhabhi directly

Me: “why does that neighbor raj stare at you like that? Did you ever observe”.
Bhabhi: “yes I have seen him but leave him na. Why to speak about such persons”.
Bhabhi was very much irritated when I asked her this question. After few days I saw bhabhi speaking to raj in very tensed manner. I saw her from balcony. She was standing close to raj and she was sweating a lot. I thought that raj was teasing my bhabhi but suddenly bhabhi gave him something and she returned back. I knew that something is wrong between raj and bhabhi.

I dint ask anything to bhabhi that day because I wanted to find it out..A month passed away and I dint notice anything in between them. One day I asked bhiya the duplicate keys of the flat because I told him that I will be bunking classes as I am fed up of it. He said it’s ok and he gave me the keys. I asked him the keys because sometimes bhabhi wold have gone to shopping locking the flat. The very next day when I came home at 11 ‘o’ clock in the morning. I found that the flat was locked and I thought that bhabhi might have gone for shopping.

I entered the flat and I heard shower sound from bhabhis bathroom, I went there to close the shower. The bathroom door was open, when I opened it I was shocked to see that both raj and pooja bhabhi were nude and raj was fucking bhabhi. Raj was holding bhabhis both hands on the top and bhabhi was keeping her legs wide open. Bhabhi was leaning towards wall. Bhabhi was enjoying it completely.

And even I was so happy to see bhabhi in that position. both of them were shocked to see me and bhabhi was very silent she suddenly closed her boobs with her hand and then raj went outside the bathroom to wear clothes and then he went away. But bhabhi was not able to have eye contact with me. she covered herself with towel and covered her boobs with her hand. I closed the home door. And bhabhi also wore clothes and she was sitting in her bedroom crying. She came to me and started crying. She was still wet. And her nipples were easily visible.

Bhabhi: “Sandeep please don’t tell anything regarded to today’s matter in front of your bhiya. Please I beg you. I can do anything for you but pease don’t tell bhiya”.
Me: “but bhabhi why were you interested to fuck with raj. Dint bhiya satisfy you”
Bhabhi: “it’s a long story sandeep”.

Me: “how can you cheat bhiya?.he trust you so much but you enjoy with strangers”.
Bhabhi started crying more loudly. Then I asked her to tell the reason why she was fucking with raj.
Me: “bhabhi I won’t tell it to bhiya but you should tell me all the truth”

Bhabhi:”ok sandeep. Actually raj was my boyfriend in the college days and we were very close to each other. During my college days raj proposed me and he used to do anything for me. seeing that even I agreed to fuck with him during my college days. He has fucked me several times. We went to many hotels and we stayed there whole night. He even made me drink and took all my nude photos and video clips.

And my father did not agree for the marriage so he is blackmailing me. I told him several times but he did not listen to me. he himself took the neighbor flat for rent just to fuck me. He told me that if I satisfy him time to time only then he will not leak those videos and clips”.
Me: “from how many days all such things are going on?”

Bhabhi: “from 6 months. Usually I would go to his home. But today he dint listen to me and directly came to my home. I told that bastard so many times not to do it in our home but today he forcefully came inside and started opening my dress. Sandeep you only tell me what to do?”
Me:” I can understand you bhabhi but how many days will this continue?. How many days will you satisfy him? “Bhabhi was looking very beautiful in wet dress. And many of the ideas were striking my mind, I thought that I will ask her for sex with me and she would not reject now.

But I was not able to ask her then.
Bhabhi: “sandeep what else can I do. He will fuck me until he marries another lady”.
me:” please be careful bhabhi. I won’t tell it to bhiya but please don’t continue”.
The next day i wanted to see whether bhabhi once again goes to raj to have sex so I acted as if I would go to college, but I was hiding near rajs flat.

I waited till 11 am no one came, I was about to leave but later I was shocked to see bhabhi coming to raj once again. She went inside his flat and then later the door was closed. Bhabhi dint come out even after 2 hours. So I decided to go to bhiyas flat and wait for her. I was very much angry on her she returned back home at 3 pm, and she was shocked to see me home.
Me:” bhabhi where did you go?”
Bhabhi: “shopping Sandeep”.

Then she changed her dress and went to sleep. She was wearing a pink night dress and she was looking very sexy in that dress. I thought a lot whether to have sexual intercourse with bhabhi or no, after a long thought I came to a decision. When a x stranger is enjoying so nicely with bhabhi and fucking her daily then why not me. what’s wrong if I fuck such a randi bhabhi. That bastard raj was fucking my bhabhi to his fullest then why not me. so I went to her bed room. Bhabhi was sleeping and her cleavage was visible,

I was going uncontrollable. Her dress had moved slightly up and her legs were visible. All these things made me mad. I slowly slept beside her and tried to pull up her dress slowly. When I was pulling it up, bhabhi got up and she asked
Bhabhi: “what is this Sandeep, I dint expect this from you”.
Me: “even I dint expect this from you bhabhi. Today even after warning you, you went to raj and got fucked, than why not me? even I will fuck you.

Even I will suck these boobs, even I will enter my penis in your vagina, what’s wrong in that when you are cheating bhiya then even I will take advantage of it.
Bhabhi: “no Sandeep I am your bhabhi”.
Me: “ok then I will tell all the matters to bhiya”.
Then bhabhi told me no Sandeep don’t do that. if you want then you sleep with me but don’t do sexual intercourse. Please

Me: “that day you were enjoying in bathroom when raj was fucking you like a bitch. I saw your face you were enjoying it completely. And what’s wrong if I fuck you ha”.
Bhabhi: “ok but fuck only once”.
Bhabhis mouth was totally shut and she agreed to have sex with me. I put my hands on her boobs directly and she was closing her eyes and she was fearing a lot. I than started squeezing her boobs on her night dress. I started kissing her lips.

She didn’t respond properly, she was making wacky faces. So I held her face tightly and started kissing her. She was looking very beautiful. I inserted my finger inside her mouth, and from my other hand I was squeezing her boobs. I opened her backside zip and started rubbing her back. I was pulling her towards my side I was hugging her I was trying to get her body warmth. Then I started opening her dress. I pulled her clothes up to her stomach, and then I was biting her shoulders. Her body was fully white. She was not uttering anything. When I started opening her bra she was resisting me but I told her

Me: “nothing will happen bhabhi. Be calm I will fuck you better than raj”.
Then I opened her bra and I pinched her nipples. She was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhh then I started sucking her boobs. Slowly her nipples were getting hard. I was sucking it like a child.
i moved her dress upside. I was touching her legs and thighs.

She was making faces as if she Is not interested but I dint bother I was busy exploring her. When I took my hands near her pussy she stopped me and dint let me touch it. So I took her to the drawing room and asked her to sit on the sofa. I opened my dick. It was already on its top. I hold it in my hand and asked bhabhi to suck it.

Bhabhi: “no”
Me: “dint you suck rajs penis?”
Then I took it closer to her. She resisted in the starting but later she put it in her mouth and slowly she was enjoying it. She was showing her bitchy behavior. I never expected that my dick in bhabhis mouth. She was sucking it like a wore. Then I sat down. And asked her to widen her legs.

She dint object. I kissed both her thighs. I made her stand up and pulled her dress upside, I was standing on her backside. i put my hands inside her panty and started fingering her ass hole. Later I took her to bed room. She herself laid on the bed. I requested her nicely to show her pussy, she agreed . I opened her panty and I started licking her pussy.

Her pussy was smelling very good. I slowly inserted my one finger inside her cunt, I dint wanted to waste much time in sucking her pussy, because she could stop me at any time. Once if I enter her pussy with my penis then the next time she would not object. I came on her top.
Bhabhi:” do you have condom?”

Me: “no bhabhi but its ok. I will cum outside. Don’t worry nothing will happen. I will bring the contraceptive pills later if you are not sure’”.
Bhabhi: “ok. Is this your first time?”
Me: ‘”no bhabhi I have done this with my girl friends using condom, I was not sure whether they are safe or no, but I believe on you completely”.

She was looking at my face, I went on her top and sucked her boobs a bit. Earlier I used to find opportunities to touch my bhabhi but now i was on top of her, friends it was a great pleasure to go on top of your bhabhis. I was adjusting my penis to fuck her. She was desperately looking to me. when I inserted my half penis she opened her mouth spelling ooooo. I started kissing her wildly.

After 2-3 strokes my penis went completely inside. Premature ejaculation was not a problem for me because I had fucked many other earlier. I fucked her for 5 min. and during the time of climax I stopped a while because I wanted to fuck her still more.
In the mean while I asked her
Me: “how are you feeling bhabhi?’”

Bhabhi: “good but we should not have done this”.
Me: “bhabhi you are so beautiful, what can I do. I wanted to fuck you long before but I controlled myself. i struggled so much for you. I used to stare at these boobs and your naughty ass”.
Bhabhi: “I knew it long before. I observed you a lot of times. And sometimes I wan tingly should you my cleavage. Even I had an idea to give you my pussy earlier but raj filled up my desires”.
Me: “how does raj fucks you?”

Bhabhi: “raj is very wild, he fuck me as if he is raping me. he tells me that he get more excited when he remembers that he is fucking some others wife. That makes him hard on. He has many kamasutra books and videos. We have tried most of it. Its very much pleasing to your soul”.
Me: “what about bhiya?”
Bhabhi: ‘”sorry to say but your bhiya doesn’t know to fuck properly.”
Me: “oh bhabhi. Your figure is too good. I want to fuck you in the same way as raj was fucking you in the bathroom”.

Later I took her to bathroom. I pushed her towards wall and then started fucking her once again. She was moaning a lot. And that was driving me crazy. I wanted to cum inside bhabhis cunt so I dint remove my penis from her pussy, I ejaculated all of my cum inside her pussy.
Later bhabhi took a towel and she was wiping her body. And she went outside to dress up. And even I put up some clothes. The time was 7 ‘o’ clock. And there was hardly 2 hours for bhiya to return.

We both sat on sofa and we were watching TV. Bhabhi was really looking very beautiful in her wet hair , I wanted to fuck her once again so I went closer to her and started kissing her.
Me: “bhabhi i want to fuck you once again’”.
Bhabhi: “not today Sandeep because only 2 hours is left for your bhiya to come”.
Me: “no problem bhabhi just give me only one hour”.
Bhabhi was resisting me but I dint leave her during our conversation I lifted her up. And opened her kameez. I made her bend a bit and then stared fingering her ass.

Bhabhi: what is this are you fucking in my ass?
Me: “ya. But I will do it slowly”.
Bhabhi was not at all ready. She was not bending at all. But I forcefully put my three fingers in her ass. She was closing her ass hole, but I applied some cooking oil and then slowly inserted my penis.
Bhabhi: “Sandeep what is this? You are not listening to me”
Me: “bhabhi you are so beautiful that I can’t resist you fucking. I have applied oil. And I will do it slowly”.

Bhabhi: “even raj requested me for anal sex but I dint agree”,
I slowly started inserting my penis inside her ass hole.
Me: “bhabhi please don’t close your ass hole. Leave it free”.
She then stopped closing her hole. Bhabhis ass hole was very tight. She was screaming a lot when I was inserting. After 8-9 hard strokes my penis went completely inside. i fucked her a lot. I fucked her for almost 10 min. then later she dressed up and she behaved normally in front of bhiya.

After that incident bhabhi was like my wife in the day time and in the night she was bhiyas wife. Bhabhi had to manage 3 persons me, raj and bhiya. I used to fuck her daily for one month. Whenever I am interested I don’t ask bhabhi anything I just grab her and start opening her clothes and start my work. My bhabhi is very beautiful and I enjoyed her beauty. Sometimes bhabhi also thought me various kamasutra positions.

Usually I used to take her to movies without my bhiyas knowledge and over there I used to touch her boobs she told me that she enjoys naughty thing in public places.

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post more , Thank u . Hot stories & super hot pictures

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Pimped By Brother-In-Law

Hi everyone, this is Anahita, 25 yr old housewife, and I would like to tell you how I got was pimped during a marriage by a cousin of my husband. It happened about 6 months ago, when Rohan (the brother in law) was visiting town for the marriage. Being a 2nd year IITian, he had maintained himself quite well and was a 5ft10in muscular smart guy, who could have got anyone with his looks itself.

It started in the pre marriage party, which involved some drinking and dancing. My husband being a very shy man, was sitting at a corner holding the drink, while I was dancing around on the floor. Rohan and his friends kept my company most of the time, and he kept on passing me diluted vodka as time passed by. We got pretty close like this and there was a lot of touching while dancing, which I thought was accidental.

On the marriage day, I was wearing a pink saree with golden borders, short sleeved blouse, with minimal coverage at my back, and the low petticoat provided a good view of my back as well. Of course, I love it when I get the stares, but I never expected how the day turned out to be. Rohan being the brother of the groom was also suited up and his looks complemented the beauty of his black suit. I saw him looking at me, with a thirst in his eyes, and he never missed any opportunity to come close to me and brush his hands against my bare waist. I enjoyed these subtle gestures, but couldn’t take it a step ahead.

We were all standing in a circle and talking when Rohan accidentally dropped his drink on my pallu, and the mark was very prominent. Immediately, he suggested that I go to the hotel nearby where they had booked a room for guests and clean it up. I went to the place to clean up the mess. As, I took off the saree, I realized that the soft touches of Rohan had made me horny, and I badly needed some sex in the beautiful five star hotel room.

In order to get a quickie, I called up the water ordering some fresh water, and got naked, wrapping a towel around myself. When he knocked the door, I let him in, and asked him to keep the tray by bedside, as I went to the door, locked it, and dropped the towel.

The waiter, a cute guy in his mid 20s, knew exactly what I wanted, and picked me up and kissing my tits, threw me on the bed, pouncing upon me, messing my hair as he explored my body. He held me tight as he kissed me all over, before taking off his uniform, and pointing his 5 inch cock at my pussy. All, I wanted was a casual fuck, and that’s what the waiter was giving me. I was sweating and I just started moaning in pleasure when I heard a knock on the door, with Rohan asking, “Bhabhi, are you done yet, I gotta take Bhaiya ka shoes from the room, the ceremony is over.”

I knew I was in trouble. I had a penis in my vagina, and it was so frustrating to feel it shrink inside me. There was complete silence. I got up, wrapped a towel around my sweaty naked body, slid my innerwears under the bed and pushed the waiter inside the bathroom with his clothes telling Rohan, “Bhaiya, wait a minute, I got drenched while washing clothes.”

I opened the door in towel only, and Rohan was surprised to see me like that. He walked inside asking, “What happened to your hair bhabhi?” I had no answer to his question that why my hair was so disheveled, I tried to divert the topic asking him where are the groom’s shoes. “Bhaiya, I don’t think I will be able to make it to the marriage for another hour, will wait for my clothes to dry off under this fan.” Rohan looked at the fan and asked back, “Why are you sweating so much in the AC and the fan?” He smiled as if he knew what was going on.

I stumbled for words, and said, “Hurry up, bhaiya must be waiting.” He peeped under the bed where he had kept the shoes, and picked up my brassiere and panties. He asked me again, “Bhabhi, why did you take your inner garments off, they are not wet? Are you hiding something?” He leaped towards the cupboard, not finding anyone. I was pale, and didn’t know what to do. Then, he rushed for the bathroom door only to find it locked. He now knew it, and asked aloud “Who is inside?” I was so embarrassed when he picked up the bow of the waiter, and said, “Ohh, looks like you were using some room service” and winked at me.

I dropped my towel now, and replied with a wicked smile, “Rohan, maybe I won’t need it anymore.” He moved up to me, and started kissing my neck ,biting my earlobe. “Oh bhabhi, you are so fucking tasty.” Running his hands through my hair, he started sucking my lip, and I reciprocated with equal passion. He was rubbing my back kissing me hard, our tongues licking each others’. I took off his coat, and shirt, getting him topless. He broke the kiss, and moved down, burying his mouth in my cleavage, as I felt his cock inside his pants. It was big and throbbing inside. I mumbled, “Wow Rohan, you are so big inside” He started biting my nipples, as I moaned louder in pain. He unzipped his fly and lowered his pants. “Why don’t you find out what’s in store for you bhabhi?”, he said.

It was easily 7 inches long, and I couldn’t wait to hold it tight. It could have easily torn my pussy. It was throbbing hard in my grip. “Show me how good you are bhabhi”, he said. I went down on my knees, and started working on his tool for the perfect blow job. Licking the entire shaft, sucking the precum out, biting his balls sac, I looked up to find him pointing his mobile phone at me. I asked, “Why do you need to photograph me Rohan, you can get this whenever you ask for.” I went back to sucking his cock as he didn’t reply. I sucked his cock for atleast ten minutes, when he made me lie on the bed, and started playing with my thirsty wet pussy.

He thumbed my clitoris, while his finger kept on exploring me inside. It made me moan, but whenever, I used to come close to an orgasm, he used to withdraw, making me more and more desperate for a fuck. I was begging him to fuck me now, as my pussy was totally wet, and I wanted to throw up an orgasm. When he was not working on my pussy, he was busy with his phone, and I didn’t mind him taking photographs.

I badly wanted a nice fuck, and I placed myself in the doggie style position, when I heard another knock on the door. I thought it was the waiter in the bathroom, and I told Rohan, “Let that guy walk out, he’s knocking the bathroom door.” Rohan spanked my butt saying, “Bhabhi, its not the waiter, he’s been peeping through the open door all this while, there is one more guest for you.” I was terrified when he said that. “But Rohan, it is only your cock that I want inside me.”

He started dressing up and replied laughing, “We shall see that later, right now you are my bitch, and you will do whatever I say, because I have all the photos.” I was speechless and scared when he said these words. He continued, “Now go and open the door, your first customer has been waiting for quite some time.” On one hand, I needed a bad fuck, and on the other hand, I was being blackmailed by my brother-in-law.

I reached for the towel to cover my body when Rohan interrupted, “My whore bhabhi is still feeling shy, give him a naked welcome. Trust me, when we are done with this, you will thank your stars for this day.” I went to the door naked, and opened to find a friend of Rohan waiting. I didn’t even know his name.

I had just seen him in the marriage. He pushed me inside locking the door yelling at me, “How much time does it take to open a fucking door?”, turning to Rohan he continued, “Wow, I never thought that you will be able to convince her to do it.” He took his wallet put, handing Rohan 3 thousand rupees, when I finally realized that Rohan was pimping me. I started weeping silently, when Rohan told me laughing, “Don’t worry bhabhi, you will get one thousand from this.” His friend continued to insult me saying, “and the tips too, if you are good.”

Without wasting any more time, he started rubbing his hands over my body, scratching my back with his nails. I was in pain as he kept on pinching me, esp my tits and butts. As he continued playing with me, my groans turned into moans. He was kissing me all over, and I started to strip him down. He was very busy with my tits, kissing them hard, and very soon we were lying naked on the bed, his body over mine.

He moved down licking my pussy, as I continued to moan louder, reaching orgasm for the first time. He was pretty quick with his tongue. Then, he stood up on the floor, pulling me down saying, “Suck it hard, u whore.” I enjoyed being addressed like that. I licked it clean first. He had a hairy cock, and I could literally smell his sweat in it.

I was loving the taste even when I was expected to hate it. After gentle handling, I pushed his 6 inch tool deep in my throat, and kept on sucking. He told Rohan, “Your bhabhi is a really great sucker, she looks to be thirsty for my cum.”

I looked at Rohan, he was busy on his phone while he watched us having fun. His friend pulled my hair tight, and said, “Lemme fuck you now, you will get all the cum you want.” He picked me up, pushing me flat on the bed, when Rohan interrupted, “Amit, you didn’t pay me for the fuck, it will cost 2 thousand more.” Amit accepted, and pushed his cock in my pussy.

It was so wet that it went in very smoothly. He fucked me hard, showing no gentleness, and I was moaning out loud not worrying about Rohan and the waiter enjoying the scene. I was transformed into a whore. When he was about to cum, he withdrew, and turned me around, emptying his load on my face. The warm fluid was such a great feeling, that I laid there on the bed, with Amit on top of me.

Amit got up to wear his clothes back, and I also started to look for mine, when Rohan interrupted, “Bhabhi, what’s the point in wearing it, you will only waste time taking it off for the next guy.” He turned to the the waiter, “Clean up the bitch for the next guy, you can also have fun while you are at it.”

I knew that I was about to have a long night. When Amit was done wearing his suit, he paid Rohan the remaining 2 grands. The waiter came with a towel soaked in warm water, cleaning and feeling me up at the same time. It was so soothing. Amit was about to leave when I said the most unexpected thin, “What about my tip Amit?” Amit turned back, and all the guys burst into laughter. He asked me to turn around and bend over. He came and pushed a five hundred in my butt cleavage, spanking it hard, as if in anger. He turned back to leave the room, when Rohan offered him to stay back and enjoy since he was such a generous tipper, and he happily agreed.

Soon enough, there was another knock at the door, and I was made to go through the same thing again and again, with 3 more guys. I was totally tired and was lying flat after everyone had left. Rohan came to me with my clothes and said, “Bhabhi, lets go to the marriage, otherwise they may find out.” I got up and left for the marriage. The guys who nailed me were also there, constantly smiling at me, as if planning for the next day.

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Meri Padhai Ke Liye Bhabhi Ki Kurbani

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First aya hu wo wo bahout khush huwe.aur meri bhabhi ko mere bhaiya bole ke asmita tune kya jadu kiya ki raju exam me first aya.to bhabhi hasne lagi aur boli maine raju ko pyarse se samjaya to wo samaj gaya. aur sab ristedaro ko sam ki party di.mai kal subah ki rah dekhne laga ki kab bhiya office jaye aur kab mai bhabhi ko fuck karu.next day morning me mai jaga to bhaiya office chale gaye the aur bhabhi nasta bana rahi thi to maine bhabhi kichan me jake piche se pakda to bhahi boli raj abhi nahi muje bahot sara kam hai mai bola ok.aur nahne chala gaya badme mine nasta kiya aur bhabhi ke kamome madad karne laga to wo bhi khush huwi.hum dono ne 12 baje

Lunch leke bhabhi ke bedroom me gaye aur aaj mai itna jaldbajine tha ki turant hi mai bhabhi ke kapdo ko utarne laga to bhabhi boli plz sab kapde mat nikalo koi ayega to takleef hogi to aaj maine uski nahi suni aur bhabhi ko puri nangi kar diya aur maine bhi mere sare kapde utardiye aur bhabhi ke chut ko chatne laga aur boobs ko maslne laga aur ajj mai lund dalne ki jaldi me tha kyuki mai ajj pehli pehli bar chuth me lund dalne ja raha tha.aur ajj maine bhabhi ko bhi pehli bar puri nangi dekhi thi to waise bhi mai bahout hi uttejit tha

Aur mai ne bhabhi ki chooth pe lund rakha aur andar dalne hi wala tha ki bhabhi boli raju plz condom pahen lo mai tumse pregnent nahi hona chahti aur bhabhi ne bed ki nichese condom ka paket nikala aur muje diya to mai bola bhabhi aap hi pehna do na to muskurai aur muje pehna diya aur maine ab mera lund bhabhi ki chut me dala aur meri koi anand ki koi sima nahi lekin bhabhi muje sath nahi de rahi thi lekin maine abhi use puchna munasinb na mana aur maine meri speed badha di aur mera pehli bar tha to mai 5 minutes mi hi zar gaya aur bhabhi ke uppar hi let gaya aur sochne laga ki ab roj muje chooth milegi.

Tabhi thodi der bad bhabhi ne muje kaha ki raju mai tere bhaiya se puri santust hu.aur muje ye nazayaz sabandh me bhi interest nahi hai maine ye sirf tere bhiya ke liye hi sab kuch kiya he.aur mai tere bhaiya ko bahout hi pyar karti hu.mai use mere bagvan manti hu.wo tere bare me bahout hi chinta karte the isliye maine ye sabkuch kiya.muje maloom tha ki tu dat se nahi sudharnewala to maine ye plan banaya aur tum acha result laye.aur tere bhaiya bhi bahot khush hai.maine ye sabkuch mere pati yani ke tere bhaiya ke liye kiya hai.aur mai ye chahti hu ki aaj se
ye hamare sabandh khatam aur aaj se hum dono ek ache bhabhi or devar ki

Tarha es ghar me rahenge aur muje viswash hai ki ab tu muje touch nahi karega.aaj bhi mai ye nahi karna chahti thi lekin maine tuje bola thaki final exam ke bad mai tumhe dalne doongi to maine dalne diya ab muje samaj me aya ki bhabhi muje sex me kyu sath nahi de rahi thi,aur bhabhi ne mere aur bhaiya ki khusi ke liye kitna bada balidan diya.aur na chahte huwe bhi mee sath sex kiya.ab mai bhabhi ki uparse uth gaya aur jaldi kapda pahnke bhabhi ki upar blanket dal diya aur mai bed ke pas khad hoke bhabhi ko bola ki bhabhi apne jo bhi kiya hai wo duniya ki

Koi aurat nahi kar shakti .apne jo mere bhiya ke liya aur mere liye kiya hai uske liye ajjse mai apko vacchan deta hu ki bhabhi apko ab kbhi bhi touch nahi karunga aur na to kabhi bhi apke sath sex ke bare sochunga bhi nahi. ye mera vacchan hai.aur bhabhi aaj se apke prati mera adadr bahout badh gaya hai,aur aap naraz ho aisi mai koi harkat nahi karunga. aur bhabhi mera hath pakda aur muje jukne ko kaha mai juka aur bhabhi ne mere sar pe chuban liya aur boli mere

Pyare devar muje tumse yahi ummed thi.aur maine bhi bhabhi ke sar pe chumban liya aur kamre se bahar nikal gaya.thodi der bad bhabhi bahar ayi aur kam karne lagi to mai uska hath batane laga,pahle mai mere swarth ke liye usko kamme madaad karta lekin ajj muje koi swarth nahi tha aur mai meri bhabhi ko bahout khush rakhna chahta tha.ab hamare dono ke bich ekdam normal reletion the.

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