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Old 5th September 2013
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Making Mom Mine

I am Gopal, 17 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall, very fair. I go to gym and have a muscular body with thick black hairs on my broad chest. I study in college where many girls chase me but my girlfriend is Ritu who is 5 feet 7 inches tall and very beautiful, large tits and fine ass. I have forgotten to tell me about my famous muscle. It is between my thighs. Yes you have understood correctly, my 9 inch long cock which has a good thickness. I love my cock as it is my most precuious treasure which I shall present the first woman I shall fuck. Yes, I am a virgin yet.

Arjun Singh, aged 42, over six feet tall died in an accident one year ago. He was very handsome, like me. He was my father whom I had loved very much. His last will raed"After my death, my son Gopal will own whatever I own at my death." He left a large fortune and Radha Singh, his wife, my mother. Radha is petite, 5 feet 1 inch tall, very fair, medium size boobs capped with brown nipples, slim flat tummy, well rounded asscheeks, shapely legs. Her brown hair reaches her shoulders, and her small round face is like a child's with large brown eyes and a flat nose. I love my mom. She is a doll. I pity her on losing her handsome husband who loved her greatly. What is there that I can do which may make my mother happy? I would do anything for my Radha.

Recentlly mom became very sad and quiet and did not talk to anyone. Amonth ago, I began to see change in my mom. One day she did not wear her white widow's sari. She was wearing a black skirt and an orange Tshirt with buttons at the front. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. My mother looked ravishing. Her skirt was so short that her white thighs were visible to my young eyes. Her skin was flawless and creamy. My hands itched to touch and feel her thighs and my cock raised itself in my pants, making a sizeable bulge which mom must have seen but she gave no indication of seeing it. The bombshell fell when she bent to pick up a spoon that she had dropped in the kitches. I saw a quick heavenly glimpse of her ass clad in black silk panty that barely covered her small asscheeks. My cock leaked a drop of pre cum at the sexy sight.

Was Radha showing her nice sexy body to her own son on purpose? Was my own mother trying to seduce her own son into incest? Was she missing dad too much? Was my Radha mom dying without a cock? These question rose in my mind like a storm and upset me. then she would find excuse to touch me. She would brush her hands on mine when she gave me a cup of tea or would delibrately pat my chest when I exercised. She would delibrately bend to show her cleavage. Now she began to move bra less in the house and her tits would jiggle and bouce freely. My cock was in a permanent turmoil when my mom was around.

One sunday, she was washing clothes and I was helping her dry them. Mom's blouse was all wet and clung to her beautiful boobs, her nipples stuck out of the wet fabric of her blouse. My mother was not wearing a bra as usual and it became very difficult to hide my hardon. How could you make your cock rest when a hot doll like mom was showing her beautifully sexy body to a young man like me?

Then something happened that shook me from head to foot. Radha seemed to slip her foot and fell on me, wrapping her arms round me. I put my arms round her without thinking. Her wet tits crushed against my chest and I hugged her tight. I ran my hand in her hair and my finger felt her trembling lips as I lifted her face to face me. She lowered her eyes and my hands touched her pert ass. We stood like that for a moment. Then she must have felt my hard cock poking at her stomach as she disengaged herself from me abruptly." I am sorry, son, we should not do this." She said in a trembling voice.

"Ohhh its ok mom. It was all by accident. Everything is OK, mom" I muttered but I knew that everything was not ok between us. A horrible virus of forbidden attraction had crept into our blood. My blood raced in my veins. Mom went into her room upstairs. That night I heard her cry in her room. She was sobbing and my heart wept for my mother. I went to her and held her in my arms to console her and she sobbed on my shoulders.

It was 19th of April and it was dad's death anniversary. My house was in darkness. Mother did not even speak to me. She was so sad. She lighted a candle for my dad and wept silently, shedding tears of pain and sorrow. She wore a black night gown. I stood in the doorway and felt sad for mom. I could not let her ruin her life like that. I took her in a hug and wiped her tears from her eyes. She rested her face on my chest and cried. I kissed her tears from her eyes and drank those salty drops of motherly love. Mother was touched. She looked at me and I smiled at her." Mom, dont dwell on sorrows of life. Dad was a great guy and he left me everything belonging to him. in his will. You are his most precious part of his life and as such you belong to me now after dad. I can waste such a precious thing like my beautiful mother. Mom you are mine now. Be mine. Forget dad. He is gone but you always say that I resemble Dad. Let me take his place in your life. Mom, you will have to promise to be happy and I will try my best to keep you happy. That will keep Dad's soul happy. I dont want my beautiful mother to be sad."

Her tears stopped as she leaned on my chest. My hand patted her back and my hand felt the softness of her asscheeks as she clung to me for support. A woman always needs support of a man and I had just promised mom that I will be her MAN. Radha smiled half heartedly at me but that was more than enough for me. Then she kissed me on my shoulder and then her lips moved to my mouth. We kissed. It was a mother son kiss at start but we progressed into a hot kiss, a lovers kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she took it, sucked on it. I moved my tongue deeper into mom's mouth. My saliva mixed with hers. My hands roamed on her body which was trembling. Mom's hands were everywhere on my body. It seemed that she wanted me to consume her in my being. I wanted to be in her. I held her head and we kissed like that for a long time. Her breasts were sending their heat into my chest.

It was Mom who broke the loving kiss." Ohhhh my God.....its not right....its a sin.... Gopal....my son......I am your mother......its evil...we should not do it.....What will your dad's soul think.......I am a widow and you are my son...its evil....its forbidden" Radha tried to get away from me. Her words were like knife stabs in my heart. What she said was true but I could not let her back away from me now. Mom had kindled a new love in my heart and body and now she was going away from me. My heart broke. But I did not let her go." Mom, dont be aso cruel to your son. Respect the wish of your husband. Dad gave me everything he had. His house, his money, everything is mine now and so are you. Dad loved you and you loved him. You always say I resemble Dad. Take me as alive. He wanted to see you happy. Mom be happy with me.Dont live in the ghost of past. I am your Arjun, my Radha, I am your man now. Radha be my woman."

"How can it be son? I am your mother. I bore you from my loins. You have sucked on my breasts, son. What you are saying is a sin, a horrible sin. We shall rot in hell. We shall be damned if we do it." mom cried painfully. I would not let her go so easily. I hugged her again, kissing her full on the lips, rubbing my rough lips on her soft lips. I sucked on her lips as we locked in an incestuous kiss and my hands fondled her tits. Her nipples hardened under my fingers as I cupped her breasts. "Love is never a sin mother. Let me rot in hell if it is a sin. I am ready to suffer damnation if I can save you from earthly hell of widowhood. Radha, you are a beautiful woman of flesh and blood. You need love, to be loved and I am going to give you that love. I am going to make love to you with my body on your body. Radha, we have not seen future life. We have this life for now for sure. Lets be united in this life. We will worry about next life later, Radha, be
mine forever!"

Radha did not try to get away from me. I wanted mom to laugh and smile."Mom, lets go out. Shed your sorrow. We are eating out. Today we are going to bury the ghost of past and start our lives again. I want my Radha to dress well for me and then we will have a rocking night. Mom go and take a shower, get ready, your new love will be waiting for you." Radha blushed but went into the bathroom. I too got ready and wore a blue suit with a blue silk tie. I had not shaved for a few days and that made me look a little older than my actual age. Radha came out in a pink silk sari. Her hair was combed and she looked a small angel. She had tied her sari a little lower and I could see her lovely navel. I was tempted to take mom in a tight hug but stopped from doing so. I had plans for a long evening.

First of all I took mom to a temple where I had the priest say prayers for dad's soul. There were people all around and they were staring at mom. She was so beautiful in her pink sari. I encircled an arm roung her slender waist and escorted mom out. Then we went to a bar where we drank a couple of drinks each. Mom does not drink normally but drink made her feel at ease and her face glowed in intoxication and she looked even more sexy to me. There was a dance floor and I took her hand in mine and we danced to a romantic tune. I pulled Radha close to my body as we danced and the people stared at us. My hand was tight round mom's waist and I kissed her on lips. Mother was breathing heavily. Her nipples were erect.

We moved back to our seat and I ordered fresh drinks. I sipped my drink and touched mom on her face,' Radha, you are beautiful and I love you with all my heart and soul, darling." I whispered into her ears." Dont you love with your handsome body, son? To me, your body is like Adonais, son, you are my God, my Lord, my Love" Radha was smilimg at me and I was getting hot and horny for my mom. I extended my hand under the table and touched mom's thighs. They were soft to my hand and my hand searched for mom's cunt." What are you doing, son. We are siting in public,' She chided me lightly. "I am inspecting the playground for my cock for tonight, mom. I am going to play lots of sexy games with you my Radha. My cock is hard for you. I cant wait any more," I was getting the effect of drinks on me and my fingers were feeling mom's pussy lips."Then who is stopping you my lover. Your Radha is also wet for you, Gopal. Your fingers are making me cum, my lover!"

I decided that if I drove home, it would be at least an hour. I could not wait that long."Radha, let me bok us in this hotel for tonight. It will be our first night as lovers. Why not make it memorable. They have a honeymoon suite here. How would my darling Radha like to have her honeymoon in hotel? You will be having you MAN, all for yourself, RADHA" Mom smiled at me," Whatever my Gopal says. Radha has always belonged to Gopal." We finished our drinks and got up and moved to the reception."I am Gopal Singh, and I want a double room for tonight. Honeymoon suite if you have available. I would like a bottle of red wine served in the room" The clerk smiled at us and said" OK, anything special for Mrs Singh? Sir, you have a beautiful wife and I hope she will keep you busy right through the night, sir. Have a nice honeymoon, sir."

So, they were already taking me and mom as husband and wife. I put my arm around mom's waist and we swayed to our room." How does my wife like the room? Lets toast to our marriage, Mrs Singh." I said smiling at mom who threw herself at tha king size bed." But, son, Your wife has no night garments to wear. What will I wear for my night robe." Mom asked innocently. I cupped her tits and pulled her sari off her body. She lay before me in her petticoat and blouse." When do wives start wearing night clothes on their honeymoon? Radha, did dad let you wear anything on his honeymoon night? I would like my wife to be naked completely to me. I dont want anything to be between us tonight Radha, not even clothes."

I poured two more glasses of wine and sipped and opened mom's blouse slowly, teasing her with my fingers. Her boobs felt soft in my palms and she sighed." Gopal, this is how your dad touched my boobs, just like you son. I want you to make love to me getly like your dad did. Ohhhh God, mom is all wet for her son. Gopal, make me naked, son, be my MAN, be my Gopal, be Gopal for her RADHA, make me yours. Let me bury the apst and lets forget about your dad. I want to forget him. Only you are mine now, my son" Radha was right, dad had no business when I was going to enjoy my honeymoon with his beautiful wife, MY WIFE. I unclasped her bra too and her tits sprang free. Mom let out a moan of pleasure as I cupped them and bent down to kiss the twin forbidden globes.

Our bodies were on fire. Radha had her hands on my clothes and was feeling my body. My cock was in a fury to fuck. Mom held it in her hands as it throbbed like a wild beast." Radha, its yours now. Take it in your hands, touch it, love it, feel its life, mom. Its your husband now mom. Dont you think its a beautiful beast that needs to be imprisoned in a hole, your grotto between your legs. It is dying to enter that cave mom through which it came out 17 years ago. It wants to enter the same cunt, mom." Radha fisted my cock slowly and I was getting more and more excited every minute. I might cum anytime. I pulled mom by her hair and kissed her lips. If she had not stopped playing with my cock, I would have cum in her hands. I was fully naked now.

I untied the knot of mom's pettioat chord and there she was in her pink panties. I slapped her buttocks lightly and pulled them down. Ohhhh my God, my own mother was completely naked before my eyes. My eyes drank in the pure naked beauty of my mother. I dare not touch her fearing her beauty might not suffer." Ohhh God, you are gorgeous, mom. Dad must have been lucky to get a woman like you. And I am lucky to have you, mom. Tell me mom, did he ever eat your pussy? Did dad, lick the cunt you bore me from? You are absolutely ravishing mom. I am going to lick you, eat you, savour every inch of your gorgeous body," I said touching that holy cunt which was mine now. Radha had closed her eyes as she replied," No son, your dad was ignorant of new ways of loving and fucking. He did not kiss my cunt and I did not dare ask him to do a favour like this. But I think my new husband knows all these tricks now, my Gopal can do all the kinky things to his Radha. You
can treat mein any manner that suits your fancy."

I kissed mom's lips, her chin and then going down to her neck and her boobs," Ahhhh, son, you are taking me to new heights of pleasure, into depths of depravity and wickedness. Your tongue is filling me with sensations I had never experienced. You are arousing the fires on incestuous lust in my cunt, my nipples....ohhhhh son your tomgue is burning me....if your tongue can do this to me, then what will your cock do to me? Your fat cock is going to take me to heaven. Your mother's pussy is dying to clamp itself on your shaft, son." Mom was opening up due to rising lust and as a result of drinking. I intended to use the effect of drink to make her more open and vulgar.

" Mom eat my cock, suck my cock, take it in your mouth and then I am going to lick your cunt"

Mom opened her eyes and took my cock in her trembling hands. I moaned as my mother took my cock into her mouth and began to suck. I watched as her face showed the pleasure she was getting from sucking my cock. Then she kissed the swollen head lovingly as I bucked my ass to push my cock deep into her hungry mouth.

"Ohhhhhh!mmmmmmm!" I moaned as the warm mouth enveloped and sucked my cock. I watched in excitement as she began to suck it in her mouth. I knew that I wasn't going to last very long. This was just too wild. My hips began to move quickly, forcing my penis into her lips.

"Oh God Radha... I'm going to... ohhhhhhh... cummmmm!!!" Suddenly, my cock throbbed and shot juice into mother's mouth spilling it on her chin which ran down her chest. "Ohhhh God, that was awesome..... Mom you know how to suck a cock!" was all I could muster

"Son... mmmmm...your cock is sooooo nice and fat.....I love your taste...your cock juice is sooo sweet" Mom moaned as my juice dribbled down her chin. Then I made mom lie on the bed on her back and spread her legs apart. She lifted her legs up showing me her swolllen, "Mom, now its my turn. Now your son is going to eat your cunt, drink your juice. I hope I prove better lover than dad. I love you so much, mom, I want to have you for life. She felt my hands sliding down her bare buttocks as I lifted her ass to make her pink cunt lips accesible to my mouth. I sniffed at her pussy like a dog sniffing a bitch. Radha lifted her ass to push her soft cunt meat to my face. I rubbed my nose into her swollen mound. Radha smelt nice and hot as I dipped my tongue into her hot and salty wetness.

She moaned as I licked her hot pussy "God, I have always dreamt your dad to lick me like this.....oooooo.....you make me so hot with your mouth, son.....kiss my pussy...lick mom's cunt....mmmmmm mom is dripping her juice, son, kiss meee," Radha groaned as I parted her cuntlips and pushed my tongue into the folds of her pussy.

I could feel the swollen and wet lips of her cunt press on my mouth as she pushed her twat on my face. My fingers entered her dripping hole and a stream of pussy juice flowed on my face as I slurped her cunt.

I moved my finger in and out of her warm hole, loving the feeling of her slick inner flesh as I continued to suck her wet flesh. I heard her moan again and her hips pressed down, taking my tongue and fingers all the way inside.

Radha had lost control. Her hips began to work up and down on my tongue and fingers and her head was spinning wildly. It took only a few more thrusts before she began to tremble.

Suddenly, I realized that she was climaxing on my toungue and fingers. I sucked harder, creating a loud sucking sound in the hotel room. She came and came on my mouth and then she stopped shuddering.

"Mom, its time your pussy tasted my cock......ohhhh mom, my cock is dying to enter your cunt.....Look at it, its hard and set for my mom" I whispered and began to kiss her full lips and then her neck and the swells of her breasts. My mouth reached her nipples and then sucked one and then the other into my mouth.

I spread her legs as wide as possible and rubbed my swolen cock head on her cunt "Oh God, son......do it to me.....my cunt is burning for your cock, oh Gopal. Enter me, fuck me....dont tease mom,you bastard....fuck me now," Radha was beyond all limits. My mother needed my cock badly as her cunt was on a fire.

"Oh God give it to me, son.... please," She begged.

I pushed her legs up to her beautiful boobs. I could see her tiny brown ass hole almost winking at me. I bent my head and kissed the little puckered asshole.

"Oh my God Gopal.....," Radha almost screamed as she felt my tongue on her ass. " what are you doing son? You are killing me!" she gasped.

My tongue licked around the hole, teasing the sensitive skin and felt it quiver. I pushed the tip of my tongue deep inside mom's ass.

"Gopaaaaaaaaaaal!" She cried. It was so nasty but oh so exciting. "Oh God, dont son.....stop it.....eat my ass...lick it, kiss it....Ohhh god."

Radha, my mother was totally mad with passion and desperate for my cock as I said," Its time for real fuck Radha...Is my Radha ready for her son's cock? Should I fuck you now, mom?"

"Oh Gopal, I... I... oh God, please, oh I neeed your cock now.....What are you waiting for? I can't wait son.....fuck meeeee," she responded, almost incoherent.

I moved to kneel between my mother's legs. Leaning forward I pushed the swollen head of my cock down to touch mom's dripping pussy lips. I moved my cock head up and down between the swollen cunt lips, teasing mom even more.

"Ahhhhhh!.....dont tease son, fuck me!" Mom moaned.

I pushed my cock further in her cunt. I felt the head of my cock expand and throb inside mom's twitching pussy. In reaction, mom's hole quivered and squeezed my cock.

"Oh Gopal....my son, ram your cock all the way in mom's cunt...ohhh fuck me....love me....love my pussy with your cock, please," she begged me in a whisper, her eyes closed.

"What do you want Mom?" I teased her.

"I... I... oh God Gopaaaal! I want... oh son... I want you to FUCK ME!" she said.

Radha moaned as I slid deep into her cunt and my balls touched the soft skin of her buttocks. Her hips began to buck up in spasm as her arms went around my neck. Her mouth bit down on my shoulder. It had been so long since she had felt a man inside her. I was fucking my own mom, my mind screamed.

I had never felt anything so wonderful. I pushed my cock deep in her cunt and looked at her beautiful face. Then I kissed her lips. My tongue went in her mouth as my shaft went deep into her cunt. Mother's soft breasts pressed into my chest as we fucked. "I am fucking you now, Mom. I have my cock deep in your beautiful motherly cunt. I feel your tight pussy squeezing my cock. Are you enjoying your son's cock?"

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard. I need it! I need your cock deep in me! Fuck meeeee you bastard, fuck me my lover! Make me cum all over that wonderful cock of yours!" Radha had lost control over her body and mind.

I pulled my cock back slowly and then rapidly plunged into her cunt with a great force making her gasp for breath. Radha was rapidly humping her ass. We were now real lovers. The wet slapping sounds of our bodies echoed in the hotel room.

Time and again, I plunged deep into her, her juice filled cunt. My balls were now making a loud slapping sound as they hit the cheeks of her buttocks.

"I love you mom....ohhh darling Radha I am cumming.... cant hold any longer mom," I muttered as I fucked mom furiously and as my juice came to my cock, rising from my balls and shoot into mom's cunt. Load after load of cream shot into her cunt as she shot har cunt juices on my cock. Her legs were locked around my back holding me tight and my cock deep within her cunt. My life giving sperm continued to enter into the depths of her womb.

Finally I collapsed onto mom and then rolled to the side, my shrunken cock slipped out of her pussy

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Renu - My Darling Mami

Hi, at first I introduce myself. I am Ajay, late 24and 5’-7”. I born in a middle class Indian family and serving in a public organization I spent a lustful life indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. So I want to share the stories of those incidents with others. I assure u that every tale will give u a full satisfaction. It was 1971, I was then 9 years and just completed the primary education. We lived in a village named Sagorkandi which was 10 km far from the town. My Renu mami (maternal uncle’s wife) who’s husband served in Army came to visit our house for a month.

Mama (maternal uncle) got married with Renu mami 2 years ago and as far as I know mama came home once after his marriage for 5 days and that was 6 months ago. Renu mami lived alone in her father-in-law’s house. She was very cheerful and always laughing attitude in her face. So everybody liked him, particularly I was a great fan to her. She had fair complexion and very cute to look.

There was no electricity or water supply in our village home. We collected water from an earth well. For collecting water everybody had to use a bucket with a rope and pulled water from the well. So I couldn’t bath alone, mom used to collected water from the well for me and I bathed. I had another problem that I couldn’t apply soap in my body at the bath time. Because the soap went into my eyes and I couldn’t able to see anything and cried.

So whenever I needed a soap-bath my mom applied soap in my head and face, I only keep my eyes shut. When she finished washing the eye area, I could open my eyes and she left the bathroom. I finished the rest of bath then. One day I wanted to have a soap-bath and called my mom to collect water and apply the soap. But my mom was so busy in her household works as many guests were in our house, she only collected water for me and told me to complete bath without soaping.

But I began to cried out and shouted as I got huge dirt in my body. I shouted and forced her to apply soap me. Renu mami also present there. Suddenly she said, “let me apply soap in your body”. Holding my arm she drag me to the bathroom. At that time everybody were busy either their household works or took rest. My father was in his workplace and no other male person was in our house.

The bathroom was in a lonely place and nobody came near it without emergency. Renu mami entered into the bathroom with me and locked the door. At first she removed her saree and kept on the cloth holder as it would be wet. I couldn’t but stare her things located on her chest. The hill like breasts wanted to free from her red blouse’s confinement. Her turmeric colored abdomen was looked so beautiful that

I couldn’t spare my eyes from there and the deep naval area attracted me affectionately that my penis grew hotter without my knowledge. But as I wore underwear it wasn’t visible from the top of my attire. You all know about my first experience with Komola and then Sonia and other some girls, after that my penis gradually grew and it became 5” long and so thick though I didn’t reach the age of puberty.

Mami soaked my bare upper body with water from the bucket. Then she applied soap on my head (in that period shampoo was not familiar to the village dwellers, the used soap, mud or ash to wash their heads though we usually use soap) and face. After rubbing my hair she washed it with water, the whole time I kept my eyes closed whether I felt burning sensation in my eyes by soap foam.

Then she applied soap on my upper body and cleaned it properly by rubbing with the scrubber. When she was washing my body by bending towards me I easily could stare the whitish cleavage of her boobs, they looked so supple that without any reason my penis hardened as an iron rod but couldn’t remove it’s confinement.

She sat on the floor and said “now remove your shorts”. She inserted her index fingers of two hands through the shorts at my waist but I hold it tightly and warned her to pull down it. But she didn’t bother my deny and by a sudden pull she removed my shorts. Now i was in only my underwear and my hardened penis’s size was visible over that. Staring my penis size from the outer shape she shouted, “wow what is this?”. I felt shy to show her my penis, I covered it with my two palms.

She said “why do you cover it”. I said “I am feeling shy”. Renu mami said, “why are you shying from me” and grabbed my hands and forcefully removed my underwear and released my penis bare, it stiffed upward, staring that she said “dear, how your dick grew so bigger and hard?” Surprising me, she held my penis with her right hand and began to rub my circumsize penis tip with her soft cheek.

Renu mami was so excited that she caressed my penis with her soft cheek and moaned aaaaahhhhh, she kissed on the head of my penis. Her warm breath came out from her nostrils and my penis grew more harder. Suddenly she inserted my penis into her mouth and began to suck it. An electric shock jerked me as she sucked my penis and it began tingle. In the meantime she unhooked he blouse and removed that from her body. I stare her cleavage through her bra.

I couldn’t do anything but only saw. She pulled out my penis from her mouth and holding it with hand bend forward and told “oh dear, please unhook my bra”. I obeyed. She bend her two shoulder and removed the bra from her body and lifted her head. How nice the scenery was! I saw two soft rose-colored round firm boobs with black nipples stiffed on her chest. They were fully round in shape and the nipples were stood in the middle of the tits with a wider black circle.

They looked like the head of onion. I stared with the wonder eyes.
Renu mami kept his left hand to the back of my head and pulled it to her left boob and said “now dear, suck it”. She inserted the nipple of her left boob inside my mouth for suckling. Nothing understood I began to suck her boob, it was so soft and tasty. She grabbed my left hand and placed it on her right boob and said “squeeze it” as she suckled me another.

I squeezed the puffy soft boob, it was over-soft but some hard muscle inside the boob which slept by the press of my finger. Reni mami was moaning like uuuhhh ssssonnnnaaa aaaaamaaarrrrr kkiiiii moooojjjjjaaa.
She suckled me her two boobs simultaneously and after 15 minutes or so she lain me on my back on the floor. My penis was so hard that it was straightly stiffed at the roof. Soon she took off her petticoat, i saw some blackish hair-covered pussy between her two legs.

She placed her two legs at the both side of my body and sat on her knees and grabbed my penis with her right hand. She set my penis head with her pussy hole under the clitoris and sat downward. With a vigorous press she thrust my penis in full length inside her warm pussy. Then she began to swing her waist up and down. She bent down on my body and place her boob in my mouth to suckled it.

I sucked and pinched on her nipple. She moaned like the sounds aaaahhh kkiiiiiiii mmoojjjaa rrreeeee ssonnaaa uuuu eeeee aaaaa and why not. After a while she lifted and pressed her waist madly. A thap thap thap sound was made. At last she trembled as the earthquake and moaning vigorously aaaaaaa eeeee ooooo aah and she jerked her pussy 3/4 times squeezing my penis with her pussy’s inner wall. Then a warm stream of some jelly like thick juice oozed out from her pussy and drank my penis.

I then didn’t get the puberty and didn’t have any sperm and I also obscured about that, but I enjoyed the whole session and felt pressure of pissing. She took off her pussy from my penis and whispered “dear, don’t reveal anyone about this” and caressed me by kissing on my cheek. Then she washed my whole body with the soap, dried with towel and hugged me eagerly.

One the next day when I backed from school at noon, I asked my mom to collect water for my bath. Renu mami willingly denied my mom and she came to collect water for me. She filled the buckets with water and took me in the bathroom. I understood her desire that she wanted a fucking session again today. I closed the door and mami brought out a bottle of liquid from her breast’s cleavage.

I read out and that was the hair removing lotion. I wanted to know what she would do with that, she caressed my cheek in answer. She took off her all cloths and be staked. I stared her beautiful body structure and the belongings she had and my penis soon erected and became an iron rod. Her pussy was covered with curly black pubic hair.

She gave me the bottle and lain on the floor and told me to apply the liquid from the bottle on her pussy jungle and armpit. I poured some lotion on my left palm and rubbed her pussy hair frequently. I touched her clitoris and the slit of her pussy she folded her leg upwards. Again I applied more lotion there and completely soaked the hair. Then I applied the lotion in her two armpits she giggled when I did that.

She raised her body and knelt down on the floor and told me to suck her boobs. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked her boobs as babies drink milk from their mother’s bosom.After five minutes or so she took some water and washed her pussy and armpits. Wow, all the hairs are washed out and the pussy was shining like the pearl. I wondered to see the beauty of an adult pussy and caressed it with my hand.

How beautiful the creamy pussy lips and the blackish clitoris which was lifted between the crack. I parted her pussy lips at the clitoris and found a narrow puce colored hole. She grabbed my head and descended upon her pussy and told to lick it. For the first time of my life I tasted a pussy with my tongue. Firstly I licked on the upper side and the inserted the tongue through the crack.

Her pre cum went out and I got slight salty taste there but that was very enjoyable to me. I inserted my tongue through her pussy hole to get more saliva from her pussy and I licked it clean. I bite the fatty pussy lips and chewed it with my teeth. She held my head by my hair and crashed it with her pussy and moaning loudly. After a while she spurted her semen into my mouth, it was so tasty that I licked it clean without wasting a drop.

My penis was tingling by its hardness so I pushed her to lay on floor on her back and folded her leg from knees. I sat between her legs and thrust my penis through her pussy canal. I fucked her about 25 minutes or so till her next ejection. After that day Mami went to collect water from the well for me regularly and I fucked her in the bathroom before bath.

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Sasur - Bahu, A Steamy Affair

My son Kapil married his college sweetheart Sandhya last year and then her got transferred to J&K where he could not take his wife. Sandhya stayed with me at my ancestral village. Sandhya is a gorgeous lady. She is fair, tall, curvy and sexy. She has nice medium size tits and her ass has often made my cock hard. I confess that secretly I lusted for my Bahu. I would stare at her wriggling asscheeks when I am sure, she cant see me ogle at her. After all she is my son’s wife.

But something happened that changed everything. Yesterday our family friends came and gave us biscuits to eat. They did not tell they were Bhang(an intoxicant) biscuits. I and my Bahu ate them with tea and soon Bhang had its effect on us both. Sandhya took off her dupatta and said” Babuji, it is so hot. I cant even breathe. I think I must take a bath” I was not listening to her, my eyes were glued to her breasts, her milk white boobs were more than half bare. I was filled with lust. Bahu went into the bathroom and I heard water fall. Then I rose and peeped into the bathroom through a hole in the wall.

Sandhya was naked, her milk white body shone with water drops. Her boobs were big and white and nipples were almost erect. She had her hand rubbing her hairless mound. She was masturbating. She had every right to rub her choot as my son was miles way from this beautiful woman who was starved for a real cock. I was hard in no time. I rubbed my cock in my pajama. My Bahu entered her finger in her pussy and muttered,”Kapil, maderchod mujhe akela chhod kar kaha ja baithey ho? Meri choot jiss tarah jal rahi hai, main to kissi kutte se bhi chudwa sakti hoon. Ohhhhhh Kapil!!!” (Kaipl, you motherfucker, where have you gone, leaving me all alone. I could fuck a dog the way my cunt is burning).

I had my cock out and began to fist it. I was loving the movements of my son’s wife. I wanted to go in and rape her. If she could fuck a dog, then why not me? I was a man at least! I returned to the drawing room and undressed myself. I had my cock in my hand and was beating it furiously when my beautiful Bahu returned. She gave a start as she saw me. My cock which is about 7 inches and very thick, saluted my Bahu.” Babuji, what is this? Have you no shame left? I will tell Kapil. Ufffff…you are a beast!! Chhheee!”

” Sandhya dont you like this cock? You were willing to get fucked by a dog, a short while ago. So I thought, I would show you my cock, may be it is better than a dog’s. If my Bahu can fuck a dog, then why not her Sasur? Come and take my cock in your hands. I have not fucked a woman since Kapil’s mother dies ten years back” She looked at me in disbelief and turned to go out. She was wearing petticoat and blouse and her garments clung to her sexy body which I knew was naked under her clothes. I jumped from the sofa and held her by her wrists.” Leave me alone Babuji, please…I am your Bahu, your Beti, pleaseee!”

But I had been blinded by lust. I pulled her back into the drawing room. “God, you are beautiful,” I ran my hands up her thighs to her hips and cupped her ass. She resisted and tried to slap me. I caught herhand in the mid air and rubbed her pussy mound, feeling the heat. “Don’t, You bastard!” she says. “You’re touching your Bahu, Babuji!”

Without a word, I began to feel her pussy lips. “Oh my god, what are you doing to me Babuji?” she said. “What are you doing to me?”

‘I’m making you want my cock in your starved cunt,” I said. “I can feel your choot is wet for your Babuji’s lund!” I said as I gave my cock in her hand.
Oh, God,” she said. “I can’t believe I’m doing this – ”

“Touch my cock, fist it up and down. Is it not throbbing in your hand?” I asked her, and she obeyed me. Perhaps her cunt was ready for my cock. May be Bhang had made her ready, “Please dont make me do it!”

“Shut up and play with it. Hold it tight. Rub it on your thighs, on your cunt. Take off your clothes. I want my Bahu naked and begging for my lund!” “”Oh, god, yes, I want to come, please, I want to come.”

My cock was in her hands and she moved her hands quickly and herself began to shudder. I undid her petticoat and then removed her blouse. I cupped her boobs as she sighed loudly”Uhhh, god!” “You are a hot bitch, Sandhya?”

She was hot and horny by now. She nodded.” I am going to fuck my hot bitch now. Are you ready, Bahu?” She spoke in a hoarse voice” Yes Babuji. I am a bitch…Your bitch….Fuck your bitch, if you want to fuck your own daughter!” I put my lips on hers and kissed her hard pulling at her wet hair. I shoved my tongue in her mouth while I fondled her boobs.

“You fucking dog, what are you waiting for now? Fuck me, fuck me with your cock,”

We moved to the sofa and she bent before me like a bitch that she was. I went behind her raised ass and placed my cock head at her pussy and moved forward. My cock went in. She was wet and her cunt gripped my cock. “Look at you, you bitch, you’re getting fucked by your Babuji now, did you dream that you were going to get fucked by my cock? Did you?”

She shook her head. I grabbed her wet hair and pulled her. I was watching my cock go into my bitch’s cunt from behind.

Sandhya began to moan. “You’re a hot, young whore Bahu!”

She did not say anything. Her moaning, became louder. I slapped her soundly, on the buttocks and she groaned sexily,”Yes Babuji, fuck me….Yes, make me your whore..fuck me like a bitch!”

Sandhya was flushed, with excitement. “I’ll see that you have your cunt fulled by my cock and you dont have to use your fingers in your horny pussy.”

“Yes Babuji, I need it…I cant live without a cock…Your son has gone away and left me alone….I love your cock…I feel so happy…Thank you Babuji!!!” I was fucking my Bahu furiously and my balls slapped on her buttocks. My balls were about to shoot my cum through my cock into her wet pussy.

With my cock burried to the hilt in my Bahu’s cunt, I began to cum,” Bahu, ohhhhh….Beti….I am cumming…I am cumming in your choot…aaaahh….oooooo……Bahu….” I moaned as my cock began to shoot in the pussy of my darling bahu. She was pushing her ass on my cock and I knew she was on the verge of cumming too.”Yessssss…Papa…Babuji…I am cumming too…fuck me hard…make me cum with your cock….fuck me..fuck me….FUCK ME…FUCK ME!”

Her cunt milked my cock as her juices flowed on my cock. I kept my cock in her cunt for some time after we had cum and then it slipped out if her pussy with a plop. That night I had another fuck session with my son’s wife and we slept in each other’s arms. Sandhya woke in my arms and we were naked. She was socked to find me in bed with her. When I tried to take her in my arms and kiss her she said” Babuji, stop it. I cant do it again…It was under the effect of Bhang that I did what we did but please promise that we dont repeat it. You are like a father to me and I am your son’s wife…I hope you will keep in mind…What will the society say if our acts were found out/ What will Kapil say? No Babuji, it has to stop!”

I did not want to stop my steamy fuck affair with my Bahu but what she said made sense to and I promised not to repeat our fuck affair. The day passed with difficulty. I was sad and sorry and horny. The sight of my naked bahu came before my eye time and again. I missed her. To avoid my Bahu, I went out to friends but my mind was with her. In the evening, I returned home. The maid was working in the kitchen and she told my that Sandhya was in her room.” Bahu has not come out the whole day, I dont know what the matter is with her. She is sad”

He went to her room and the door was closed from inside. I tried to open it. It wouldn’t would not open. Locked.

He have a duplicate key to all rooms. I put the key into the hole and turned it and pushed the door open.

The room was dark. A candle burnt on the table beside Bahu’s bed.

Sandhya was sitting on the side of the bed. She wore her red Kurta and her hair was undone whichcovered her face. She stood up as I entered.

“Babuji, what are you doing here? I told you … We decided that this had to end.”

I went close to her. I could smell her body perfume. “Please, Sandhya..I have thought about what happened yesterday..I cant get you out of my mind and heart….I ahve been dreaming about you the whole day…You also must miss me..Please don’t make things more difficult than they have to be.”

I touched her gently on shoulder.

“No!” She pulled away.

The top of her kurta opened slightly with her movement, exposing her generous cleavage. I tried to gather her in my arms but she slipped away.

“You agreed in the morning Babuji. This can’t go on.” She clutched at the bed sheets.

I touched her tits. She slapped at my hand away.

“I’m your Bahu, your Beti, Babuji. You know it was not right. You agreed we had to stop …”

“… No, Sandhya… I thought I could live without you..I cant…I love you too much.”

“You’re my husband’s father, my Sasur. We can’t love in that way. It is wrong..Kapil will find out. This is sick.”

I knew I was losing her. If I did not make her feel horny again, she will never be mine. ”You need to be strong Babuji, not weak. Please leave my room. Be strong in your resolve.” Her eyes were in tears.

“Nothing is wrong Sandhya. We shared this bed. I enjoed it…You loved it…You need love…You need a cock….My cock…You must admit it,” I grabbed her by the shoulders.

She tried to twist away but I was too strong.

“Get out now, please, Babuji.”

I pushed her onto the bed. I was on top of her my hands cupped her breasts.

She slapped my face hard. “Now get out!”

The anger in her eyes made me scared but I kissed her mouth.

“We can’t, do it Babuji, get out.” she said in a hoarse whisper.

I pulled the kurta, tearing it away and making her naked. She wore no bra. May be she was waiting for me to take the first step. Her heavy breasts looked delicious and I touched her nipples. Her nipples were hard. I bent down and my tongue traced her soft boobs. I sucked greedily at her tit. She squirmed under me. My knee slid between her thighs. She opened for me and moaned.

I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth and opened the chord of her pajama. I slipped my hand between her thighs and touched her warm mound. Oh God, she was wet and hot. I kissed her mouth and she cradled my head.

I could hear a low moan. I continued to suck her breast. I sucked and licked her nipple.

She pulled my head closer to her nipple. She seemed to like it and I began to enjoy getting her as my fuck buddy but then she did an unexpected thing. She slapped me on the face.”Smack” I felt a burning in my face.

“Get out of here. NOW!” She tried to push me away but I held her in my arms. With one hand I touched her pussy.

“Don’t act like a bitch, Bahu, or I will fuck you against your will!.” I threatened.

Oh, my God. I shouldn’t have let things go this far.” She lowered her voice. “This is all my fault. I got carried away under the wicked effect of Bahng..Of God, stop it!.”

“You think I can go back to normal, now?” my hand slid under her ass.
“Yes please leave me!!!”
“You fucking bitch. You have been cock teasing me. We are finally together. And YOU think now you can just push me out of your life?”

“Ouch! …” she exclaimed as I pinched her butt hard.

My hand wandered on her ass. She squirmed as I rubbed my knee on her pusyy. She was shaved. My finger slid into her warm cunt. Her wetness showed she wanted to be fucked. She gasped as I touched her clit.

“I know you need my cock…You want my cock…Come on the bed….Lets fuck!” “Babuji? …” she was pleading.

“Come on Bitch Bahu!.”

She looked at me and then averted her eyes and moved to the bed. She stepped out of her pajams and sat on the bed.

I opened my pajamas and my cock sprang out. ‘ Sandhya, now suck me…suck my cock…You will love it…suck my cock Bahu!” I commanded and she bent her mouth on my hard cock. She knew what to do. I felt her moist lips on my cock. Her tongue went to work, licking playfully at my cock head.

“Oh, God … Bahu, you know how to suck a cock!! Did you suck my son’s cock? You seem to be a cocksucking bitch.” My hand reached for the back of her head.

She sucked greedily as I pushed her head roughly into my groin. “Do it like you sucked Kapil.” I was pushing my cockhead into her throat. “Suck it Bitch.” I said. “Suck it down, … bitch. Suck it like you suck my son’s cock” I was enjoying her mouth on my cock.

I was going to cum but I stopped at once and pulled out from her sucking mouth. She looked dazed. Her mouth hung open.

I threw her back on the bed. She opened her legs. Her bare pussy was glistening. “On your hands and knees…like a bitch” She turned around with her rounded bottom facing me. I mounted my Bahu like a dog mounts a bitch.

I placed my cock on her opening and pushed forward and my cock buried itself inside her hot cunt. I cupped her tits in my hands ans I fucked her from behind.

I increased the speed and fucked harder. She moaned loudly. Her butt shook under my assault. “I love you, Sandhya, my bitch Bahu. You’re such a fucking bitch.” I twisted her nipples.

I let go of one breast, and slapped her butt hard.

“Ohhhh …BASTARD..” I slapped again and again.

Her pussy tightened on my cock as she trembled under the force of my spanking. I knew she was close to cumming.

I wanted it to prolong and so I pulled out. She looked behind at me, questioning.

I pressed my cock against the crack of her ass.

“Bastard…Noooooo….Not my ass!!! What are you doing?” I smiled at her.

“No ….” she protested. She tried to escape but I reached under her, and held her tight against my cock.

“Bahu, let me show you waht a bastard is!” My finger found her clit.

I guided my cock against her asshole.

“Babuji … please. not that way. I have never let anyone do it…not even your son..Pleaseeeee!”

I pushed against her sphincter. She gasped and tried to squirm away but I held her underneath by her abdomen.

I patted her rump. “It will go so much easier if you relax.”

I pushed harder at her tight ring. “It will hurt if you fight me. I don’t want that. I’m going to have your ass either way.”

“Please … please … Babuji.” she said frantically while still trying to pull away. “Not this way. You can fuck me the regular way.”

I pushed again at her ass and felt it open slightly. She was beginning to relax.

My finger massaged her clit; and I could feel her body start to relax.

Mycockhead entered her sphincter. It was just the head but the sensation was overwhelming. Her anal sphincter throbbed and succeeded in gripping my cock tighter.

I wanted to prolong this moment of penetrating my bahu’s ass. She was my son’s wife, but now my lover, my bitch and so much more. She was breathing hard. She was in pain but she had begun to relax and enjoy the new sensation. I kissed her back and shoulders. I kissed her neck and my tongue traced the inside of her ear.

“I love you, Sandhya,” I whispered as I pushed hard into her butt. My cock slid past her anal sphincter. It was in now. “Oooh…” she moaned loudly. She began to move her hips on my cock.

“You are filling my ass …” She pushed her hips again on my cock. “Shut up… bitch. You know I have to fuck your ass. The worse is over…Enjoy my cock.”

“Be gentle … please.” I fingered her cunt and slowly buried my cock in her ass.

My balls hit against the cheeks of her bottom. She was tight. I felt her body start to loosen as she enjoyed my cock in her ass.

Soon we picked up the rhythm. Fucking for real now.

“Ooooooh”, she moaned. I couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure or both.

“I’m fucking your ass, Sandhya.”

“You …Bastard….fucking your Bahu…Bastard! ” he said on a downward stroke.

“Bitch …My Bitch Bahu loves her first assfuck..Doesnt she?” I slammed into her rectum with full force. She made a high-pitched cry.

“I am fucking your beautiful butt, Sandhya. I fucking it now.”

I could hear her grunt hoarsely at each stroke into her butt. Her asshole gripped my burning cock.

Her butt quivered as I continued to pound her.

I was almost about to cum. Almost there. I touched her clit, and her body shook violently.

I screamed as my cock spasmed into her ass. I filled her bowels with his seed.

She trembled as she rubbed her cunt furiously.” Fuck me motherfucker…fuck me..I am cumming..fuck me…harder…deeper…harder.

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thanks for the repped bro

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With Father In Law

My name is Suganya, a house-wife aged 30. I reside with my husband and our four children, at Chennai in India. We are a middle class South Indian family. My husband is a nice man and takes good care of my children and myself. Though I have four children with him, yet somehow, my private relations with my husband is not so fulfilling. That is because, unfortunately, my husband is a physically weak man. He is short, thin and very timid in nature. Though at least once a week, I do satisfy his husband needs, I get quite frustrated during those times. That is because, neither does he have the proper sized apparatus, nor does he have the stamina as a husband, to keep me happy. But since he is a decent man, I did not mind this. Our lives went on normally, until a rather shameful incident occurred recently.

My husband's family resides in a village called, Pappapatti, in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu in South India. In November 2008, the wedding of my sister-in-law was fixed. We went for the wedding. My in-law's house, was full of relatives and their families. The house was noisy and crowded. My Father-in-law, Mr. Veerapandi Thangavelan, was the Sarpanch (head man) of the village. He is a very conservative and strict man. He was 62 years of age. Physically he was dark and very tall. More than that, he was heavily built and had a huge mustache. He was a short tempered man and all of us were scared of him. I usually kept myself at a distance from him, as he never spoke to me -- except when needed. My mother-in-law, Prema, was a kind lady. We settled in the festive atmosphere of the house and the day passed quickly. At night, with so many guests in the house, there was a bit of a problem in the sleeping arrangements, due to lack of space.

My Father-in-law decided that all the men would sleep in two large rooms and all the women and children would sleep in the other two smaller rooms. But the space for women was still too limited. So, my Father-in-law ordered my mother-in-law, to sleep in the tiny space, which they used as a store room in the house. The room could hardly accommodate one person. My mother-in-law obediently took her mattress and spread it in that room to sleep there. But one of her cousins requested her, to sleep along with the other women, so that they could chat in the night. My mother-in-law, asked me to go and sleep in the store room. As instructed by her, when all the guests went to bed, I went to the store room to sleep. There was hardly any ventilation there and it was quite warm and humid. I removed my saree and panty. Keeping my blouse, bra and petticoat on, I closed the door - without latching it, switched off the light and lay down on the mattress in the darkness. Gradually I drifted off to sleep.

Around mid-night, I awoke in the pitch darkness. I was lying on my left side and found myself being hugged from behind! In my half-sleepy state, I thought that my husband had come to me, to satisfy his lust. As I felt too sleepy, I decided to simply lie there and let him do whatever he wanted. He pushed his left arm under me to encircle me. I slightly lifted myself off the mattress to allow his arm to encircle me. His arm encircled me and cupped my left breast. His right arm cupped my other breast. He kept caressing my breasts for some time. He put his leg over me and pushed his groin in between my buttocks. He loosened my plaited hair to let it fall free. He hugged me passionately. I was a bit surprised at his passion. With his encircled arm he un-hooked my blouse and spread it open. He began pumping my breasts over my bra. He then pushed up my bra, over my breasts and began fondling my bare breasts and tweaking my nipples. His hairy chest was rubbing against my back. Despite my sleepiness, his fondling of my breasts and nipples, made me edgy. He started licking me on my back and again biting the back of my neck.

Gradually, he began pulling up my petticoat. Obviously he wanted to fondle my private parts. As I was now twitchy, I too wanted that. I slightly raised myself off the mattress, to make it easier for him to pull up my petticoat. He pushed it up to my tummy. He put his hands between my thighs and clasped my vagina! As I do not shave my pubic area, I have a very thick growth of hair over my vaginal area. He twirled and pulled at my pubic hair and pushed his finger into my vagina. I spread my legs to give his fingers better access to my vagina. He pushed one more finger into me and began massaging my vagina. Suddenly, he put his face close to my ears and whispered in our Tamil language,

" Prema, you are feeling so different today. Your breasts seem so much more firmer and your vagina feels so much more tighter! "

I was shocked at hearing this whisper! That too referring to my mother-in-law's name! This man next to me was not my husband! It was his father. My father-in-law! I panicked. I guessed that, as my mother-in-law was supposed to have slept in the store room, he had come here to be with her. Since it was pitch dark, he did not seem to know that it was me sleeping there, instead of her. And thinking that it was his own wife, he had even begun fondling me! Lord! Here I was -- sleeping beside my own father-in-law, who was roughly pumping my breast with one hand and had his other hand between my legs with his fingers pushed into my vagina! I was horrified! I did not know what to do. I was too frightened to talk. I decided to lie there silently, until he himself realized his mistake. My Father-in-law kept thrusting his fingers in and out of my vagina, making me sexually excited. His fingers were rougher and manlier than my husband's and I was actually enjoying them -- despite my fear. My vagina became wet. With his fingers still in my vagina, he suddenly pushed another finger into my anus. I was stunned. Involuntarily, my anus closed itself and he was unable to insert his finger further.

He said, " Prema, what is wrong with you today? Why are you closing your anus? Relax it. You know that I love to play with it! You too love having my finger inside there! "

Lord! My father-in-law wanted to play with my anus. Silently, I tried to relax. Gradually my anus relaxed and he thrust his full finger into my anus. My father-in-law now started massaging my anus and vagina simultaneously with his fingers. His action was so crude and vulgar, that I was mortified. But, I was getting more excited. He kept moving both his fingers in and out of my vagina and anus for a long time. He squeezed my buttocks roughly with his other hand. My Father-in-law then pushed up his own dhoti (A kind of cloth worn around the hips by Indian men) and began rubbing his swollen penis over my bare buttocks. I was astonished! I could feel that his penis was simply mammoth. I felt that it was maybe eleven inches in length and perhaps three inches thick! I got more excited as a woman, to be feeling such a massive organ on my body. He kept marauding my body, while rubbing his penis on me. After rubbing his huge organ on my buttocks for some time, my Father-in-law caught hold of my thigh and raised it. I grew more panicky, as I realized that he was going to push his monster penis into me, from behind.

I wondered whether to tell him, that he was fondling me and not his wife. But I was too scared. My father-in-law was a hot-tempered man. Maybe he would shout at me, for not pointing out his mistake earlier itself. I did not wish to provoke his anger. My own sexual excitement was running high, due to his fondling and the feel of his amazing organ on my buttocks. I wanted to take that lovely organ in me, to experience its pleasure. I decided to pretend. When he realized his mistake, I would tell him that as I was asleep, I thought it was my husband who was having sex with me. I kept silent and raised my leg further, to give him better access to my vagina.

I shut my eyes and anxiously awaited to receive his huge organ. My father-in-law positioned the thick head of his organ against my vaginal opening. He rubbed it in between my slits and began pushing the huge bulbous head, into my vagina. I gasped! He pressed it forward into me. The bulbous head slowly parted my vaginal lips and drove itself into my vagina. He plunged his organ into me a little more. My vaginal lips closed around the crown of his organ head. He tried to force his organ further into me. Though he pushed, he was not able to proceed further! That was because my vagina was simply too small for his gigantic size. As his lust grew, my father-in-law began talking vulgarly in our language.

He exclaimed, " Prema, what is this? Why is your cunt feeling so different and so tight today? My cock is not even able to go inside smoothly! "

Now, obviously I could not be silent any longer. I looked backwards and quietly whispered to him, " Appa (Father-in-law), you are making a mistake. I am not your wife - Prema Amma. I am Suganya. Your son's wife. Your daughter-in-law "

He was shocked! He quickly withdrew his penis from me. He turned me on my back to face him. He positioned himself between my thighs over me and said, " Suganya??? How did you come here to this room? Oh God! I seem to have made a terrible mistake. I am so sorry -- I could not see in this darkness. I thought that you were my wife. But Suganya, it was my wife, who was supposed to be sleeping here in this room. How come you have come and slept here? "

In whispers, I explained to him how my mother-in-law and myself, had interchanged our sleeping places. My Father-in-law listened to me. Though he now knew that I was his daughter-in-law, yet, he did not try to move away from me. As a matter of fact, I could feel that while talking to me, he was rubbing his throbbing penis, on my vagina! I too wanted to experience his powerful penis. So, discreetly, I began spreading my thighs further apart. Our situation was quite awkward. He was hesitant as he did not know how I would react. So in his confusion, he simply knelt in between my thighs, his erect penis simply throbbing and touching my vaginal lips. Suddenly we heard a noise, outside the store room. Apparently, someone was going to the wash room. Both of us panicked as we could not afford to let anyone see my father-in-law and me semi-nude, on the mattress, in the tiny store room and that too in pitch darkness!

My Father-in-law whispered, " Suganya, did you hear that? Someone has come to the washroom. Lie still and don't make a noise "

I whispered back, " Yes Appa, we cannot t let anyone see us semi-naked together, like this "

My Father-in-law whispered again, " Suganya, if I kneel like this I may make a noise and the person will come to know I am here. I am going to lie down on you -- to avoid that"

I whispered, "Yes Appa. That may be better"

He bent over to lie down on me. As if by accident, he clenched my breasts and lay down on me. As my father-in-law is a tall man, my face was crushed against his hairy chest. His hands now started kneading my breasts slowly. His erect organ was again brushing against the folds of my vaginal lips. I could feel him trying to rub his penis into my vagina. We again heard the person leaving the wash-room and go back to his room. I was simply sexually too excited now.

My father-in-law said, " Suganya, I think the person has gone back now. Should I leave? "

I quickly pretended and said, "No Appa. Not yet. That person may not be asleep now and may hear you, if you leave. It may be better for you to stay here for some more time"

He said, "You are right Suganya. Maybe I should remain here for some more time"

He simply lay on me like this for a few seconds and cautiously once again began rubbing his huge organ head on my vagina.

My father-in-law whispered, "Suganya, it will be a scandal in the family, if people come to know what happened in this room tonight"

I replied, " Yes, Appa. I understand. I am the daughter-in-law of this house. It is my duty to keep the family honor. Please do not worry. I will not tell anyone about what happened here in this room, tonight"

He asked, " Are you sure that you will not tell? Not even to your mother-in-law and your husband? "

I said, "No Appa, Please do not worry. I shall not tell anybody"

He said, "I am happy Suganya. Now I am relaxed. I think instead of leaving now, I shall spend some more time here, so that everyone in the house is fast asleep and no one can hear me leaving "

I encouraged him discreetly, "Yes Appa. It is better"

He said, " Suganya, this space is not enough even for one person. Let us try and change our positions in the opposite direction to each other and see if we are comfortable"

So saying, he turned himself and adjusted his legs over me in such a way, that his head was between my thighs and my head was between his thighs! My face was close to my father-in-law's wonderful organ and his face was on my hairy vagina! Due to the humidity in the room, both of us were sweating. I could get the manly pungent scent of his huge penis and could also feel his warm breath against my pubic hair. I was getting more excited. My vagina became very moist. Pretending to adjust himself, he clutched my vagina again. His finger was on my vaginal folds giving me a unique thrill. I too pretended to adjust myself and brushed my hands against his incredible organ.

Gradually, I could feel my father-in-law's finger pushing itself into my vagina. I spread my thighs more to give him access. After a few seconds, he inserted more fingers into my vagina and began touching my clitoris. I could not control my excitement. I slowly touched my father-in-law's mighty organ and began stroking it. I used my other hand to feel his massive testicles. They were the size of coconuts! He groaned at my touch and pushed his organ close to my mouth. I took the hint and opened my mouth. He then pushed his organ into my mouth. The taste of his sweaty organ was almost heavenly and my vagina began watering! His huge organ inched its way through my mouth almost into my throat, choking me. My father-in-law could not control himself. He put his mouth into my vagina and began sucking it. He pushed his tongue into me and flicked at my clitoris. I shivered with excitement. He kept thrusting his penis deep into my throat. We kept sucking each other for a long time. Suddenly to my disappointment, my father-in-law abruptly withdrew his organ from my throat and also his tongue from my vagina.

He said, "Suganya, I think that our earlier position was better. Let me lie down between your legs silently. Separate your thighs, so that I can get more space to lie in between your thighs"

Now since it was clear that both of us were pretending to one another, to justify to ourselves ways to have sex, I became bolder. I pushed my thighs up over my breasts and spread them wide apart to encourage my father-in-law. To make it easier for him, I too positioned my hips in such a way, that my vaginal opening was directly at the tip of his organ head. My father-in-law now laid down on me. His huge penis head was touching my vaginal opening.

My father-in-law said vulgarly, " Suganya, you can see that my erect cock is a creating a problem for both of us, as I am unable to lie down properly on you. I think if I push it in your tight cunt and keep it there, then both of us can relax on the mattress properly"

Though I wanted that very much, yet I pretended and shyly whispered, "Yes Appa, that would be more comfortable. I understand. But Appa, is it right? I mean, you are my father-in-law after all. How can I take your penis into my vagina? Being your daughter-in-law, I will feel very shy to take that. Only your son has a right to do that to me, is it not? "

He replied crudely, "Yes Suganya, you are my son's wife and he has the right to fuck you. But if you don't tell anyone, no one will know. Now come on. Do as I say. Just lift your thighs higher and push them wider apart"

I lifted my thighs higher and spread them more wider for my father-in-law. He positioned the swollen head of his organ at the opening of my vagina and firmly pushed it into me. I gasped as the huge head slipped into me. He began to thrust his organ, into my vagina with slow, gentle jabs. I was loosening up slowly now. My father-in-law's bulbous head was stretching the walls of my vagina, wider with every stroke. With a huge forward thrust, his organ head slammed up against the back of my vagina, right up against my cervix. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets as I stared at him with my mouth open, at his power. He put his mouth against mine, sucked my lips and roughly thrust his tongue into my mouth. I too kissed him lustfully.

My father-in-law gradually increased the speed and power of his strokes into my vagina. He became violent in his thrusts. My body was being flung about, up and down on the mattress. I groaned at the onslaught of his penis in my vagina. I hugged him tightly to keep rhythm with his strokes. He pushed up both my arms and licked my arm-pits. He kissed me deeply again and this time bit my lips. My vagina was stretched to its limit and was being pounded again and again by his gargantuan penis. My father-in-law roughly grabbed my breasts and bit them. He bit my neck in lust. He began to chew upon my nipples. I was feeling proud that my body was exciting him so much and was happy to have him fiercely bite me.

There was mad lust in my father-in-law's eyes. The speed of his strokes increased more. He was thrusting his penis deeper and deeper into me. I moaned whenever my father-in-law's bloated penis bumped against my delicate cervix. Gradually his organ head, began piercing through my deepest openings and spreading my cervical ring apart. I was panting. Both our bodies were covered in sweat. My father-in-law was relentless in propelling his organ into me. My body was swinging up and down with his thrusts. I gritted my teeth, as I felt my cervix surrender to his manly organ. He thrust his tongue into my mouth. As his engorged organ head forcefully drove itself through my cervix, there was a slight sound, as my cervical sphincter was forced apart. I stared at him with shock and gasped, as his mighty organ went through my cervix! I closed my eyes tightly, as it drove past my cervix, inching its way deep into my womb. With one forcefully violent shove, my father-in-law slammed the rest of his eleven inch penis into me, until his testicles slammed up against my swollen vaginal lips.


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With Father In Law part 2

I stared at my father-in-law with wonder, on his astonishing manliness and kissed him. What an amazing lover! He had managed to push his organ right through my vagina, and through my cervix into my womb itself! I knew that very few men could ever do such a thing to a woman. He began pumping his penis deep in and out of my womb. It was rubbing against my sensitive nerve endings there! I closed my eyes closed and dug my hands into his muscular shoulders. Locking his mouth into mine, he kept brutally thrusting his majestic penis in and out of my womb. I braced my hands on his shoulders and grunted as his penis repeatedly ravaged my womb. I was in ecstasy and could feel my orgasm building up. I too started propelling my vagina upwards onto his penis, to meet his brutal thrusts into me. He noted that I was getting into my peak. He began to drive his penis all the more violently into my womb. My excitement was climbing rapidly. Sweat was pouring out from both of us and we were gasping with our lips locked on each other and his tongue deep in my mouth. My climax was building up faster and I could not control myself any longer. Finally my orgasm burst out of my vagina.

I yelped, " Appa, Appa, I am releasing - Aaaaah, Aaaaah! "

I let myself go completely and went on releasing my vaginal secretions. He went on viciously pumping in and out of my womb, when I was having my orgasm, making it more intense for me. My secretions began bubbling out of my vagina. I was completely out of breath. I threw my arms around his neck and thrust my tongue into his mouth. My whole body was quivering and shaking. My father-in-law stopped thrusting. He stroked my hair and tenderly kissed me. We lay still, until my orgasm subsided and we could recover our breath. My father-in-law put his hands into my vagina to feel my secretions and juices. I shyly parted my thighs to allow him to feel me. Now that he made me get my orgasm, I could see that he wanted his. I caught his arm and pulled him to me.

Without another word, my father-in-law slammed his organ into my womb again. He again locked his mouth into mine and began riding me. He began cruelly thrusting his magnificent organ in and out of my womb. Gradually his speed increased. I put my hands on his shoulders and hugged him tightly. I grunted as his penis repeatedly ravaged my womb. I thrust my vagina upwards onto his penis, to meet his brutal thrusts into me. He began to impale his penis all the more violently into my womb. I wanted to feel his hot semen in my womb. He was sweating and gasping. I began squeezing my vagina as tight as possible, to give him more friction, as I thrust against him. I could guess that he was about to ejaculate his virile seeds directly onto my eggs. I could feel the head of his penis swell, all the more. I moaned deeply as it spread me even wider apart. And then at last, my father-in-law's mammoth organ began shaking with incredible force, and he murmured from his throat,

"Suganya, I am going to ejaculate into your womb now - aaaaaah - aaaaaah"

The first gush of his boiling hot semen tore right through into my womb. I felt his semen directly shoot into my eggs, deep in my womb. The sensitive linings of my womb were bathed in a shower hot sperms. My father-in-law must have blasted at least a quarter liter of hot sperms into my womb. I could feel their heat right through my vagina. He was breathless. After emptying himself into my womb, he collapsed on top of me. I hugged the amazing man to my breasts. My Father-in-law lay on me breathlessly for a long time. He then got up and stood.

I too got up and stood in the darkness. My father-in-law used his dhoti to wipe all the sweat from my body. Now that he has used me so thoroughly, I was proud to stand naked before my father-in-law displaying my body. I stood shamelessly before him, with my thighs apart, as his semen was still oozing in huge globs, out from my vagina over my thighs. He pushed his dhoti into my vagina to sponge out the leaking semen and cleaned my thighs. I used my saree to wipe all the sweat from his manly body. I then caught hold of his penis lovingly. I cuddled and caressed the magnificent organ like a pet. My father-in-law groaned in pleasure at my caressing. I knelt before him and lovingly licked and sucked off all the semen from his penis. I then licked his testicles and his pubic hair, to make him clean. My father-in-law helped me to wear my bra and lovingly hooked it up for me. He then helped me wear my petticoat and saree. He then ran his fingers through my hair to smoothen them out. I tied my hair in a bun. My father-in-law wore his dhoti and kurta.

He looked at me admiringly in the darkness, for a long time. I bashfully stood before him. Both of us were feeling shy at what had happened between us. I understood that he was feeling guilty now on what he had done to me. After all I was his daughter-in-law! His own son's wife. I wanted him to be happy. Not to feel guilty. We stood in silence looking at each other, not knowing what to do, or say. Though he was ready to leave, he was very reluctant to do so. I too did not want him to leave. I wanted to remain with this incredible hunk of a man. He was like a magnet to me. Though he had completely satisfied me, yet, I wanted more of him. There was a kind of electric current passing between us. I felt like hugging him and kissing him. I felt like once again taking his mind-boggling organ and kissing it all over again. As he was so hesitant, I went and stood close to him. He still did not move. So, I encircled his neck with my arms and hugged him tightly. I pressed my face against his barrel chest. He lifted my face and tenderly kissed me. We stood in the pitch darkness, hugging and kissing each other silently.

I shyly whispered, " Appa, I shall not latch the door from inside - just in case you feel lonely at night and wish to see me "

He stared at me and quietly said, "You want me to come and visit you in the night, Suganya?"

I replied, "Yes Appa, after what has happened tonight, I shall be waiting for you each night, that your son and I are here"

He smiled at me and walked back to his room. I lay down on the mattress, fully contented, thinking of what happened between us. I was happy that my father-in-law was going to come back to me the next night. I thought about what he would do to me with anticipation.

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My Sweet Bhabhi

I was 18 years old. I am the only son in my family and my father is working as mechanical engineer in a private company, my mother is a housewife. We have our own house and my cousin brother also lives nearby my house .He are working as a purchase manager in a private company .My parents treat him as their elder son. I use to call him bhaiya .I was in my class 10 that time. In the month of April when my final exam were about to start and suddenly there was a marriage proposal for my bhaiya.Every one in my house was happy and even I was very happy. My bhaiya started applying for his leaves and after lots of effort the leaves was sanctioned for fifteen days only. My parents and my bhaiya started packing their luggage as my cousin brother's family is settled in Rajesthan.My aunty and uncle had already chosen the girl for my cousin brother and the date was also finalized but unfortunately due to my exams I was not able to be a part of my bhaiyas marriage and due to date problem marriage was not postponed .Therefore had to stay alone in my house. It was 24th of April my bhayia got married and I was giving my second last exam. My exams got over on 27th April and my bhaiyas leaves were also about to over. My parents came back to Bangalore on 27th April as I was alone and my father was assigned only leave of only one week. My mother told me about the marriage and my bhabi as well.

Mom told me that bhabi is very beautiful and her name is Amrita. My mom said that she is going to get a bahu for her which resembles as my newly wedded bhabi .I was feeling great at that moment. I was very excited and I was dying to see her photo but as the photographs was not developed so my mom was not able to bring the snaps of my bhaiyas marriage .There were only two days for my bhaiya leaves to get over and it was decided by my parents and uncle and aunty that bhabi is going to come with bhaiya and she will stay with us for few months. On listening this mind was in seventh heaven because I have read many sex stories of bhabis and devars in iss. I thought that I will certainly get a chance to have sex with my beautiful bhabhi. I started making castles in air .I was eagerly waiting for the day to come when bhabi will come to my house. One day when I was coming from my Computer classes ,I rang the doorbell and my mom opened the gate .I parked my bike and as I entered the door I saw 2 suitcase and a bag which was lying aside the wall. I saw my bhaiya coming out of the room with a great smile .I bent down and touched his feet .He lifted me and hugged me .I started enquiring about my newly wedded bhabi and while I was enquiring I saw a very fair lady in a blue saree was approaching towards me. It was no one but my bhabi.I lost my senses on seeing her. She was about 5.5feet tall. She had big blue eyes with rosy cheeks. Her lips were very soft like rose petals. She was giving a very cute smile. It seemed that flowers are falling from her mouth. She came to me and I even forgot to touch her feet .She hugged me tightly .I started feeling hotness on my chest as her assests were crushing on chest. She told me that she heard a lot about me from my bhaiyas parents, from my bhaiyas sister and from my mom as well that I am very smart and funny and I make others life very joyful. She said that I was same as she has expected. I dint utter a word that time. I quickly went in and freshed up and my mom served us lunch and while eating I was continuously seeing my Bhabi escaping myself from my mom

And especially bhaiya.The way she was smiling and talking to my mom and to my brother was really amazing. Around 8pm my father came back from his office and he was very glad to see bhaiya and bhabi. At about 11pm we went to sleep. I used to sleep with my bhaiya so went to the room my mom said me to come out as he will sleep with bhabi but my bhaiya said that from tomorrow he will sleep with bhabi and today he wants to talk to me .We came to our room and my bhabi slept with my mom. My bhaiya said sorry to me as I was not the part of the marriage .I told him not to feel guilty as their was date problem and moreover he has gifted me a very beautiful bhabi so I have no issues of not being a part of marriage . After that I started enquiring about his marriage .He said every was perfect and suddenly I interrupted him and said that I was not asking about the marriage as I knew every thing from my mom that the marriage was perfect. I want to know about the first night of his marriage. I told him that I want to know how he proceeded with bhabi in his suhagraat. He felt shy and didn’t say anything. Next day I made myself prepared that I have to sleep and bhaiya has to sleep with bhabi.The room given to bhaiya and bhabi was just beside my room. It was around 11pm and after taking our dinner we all retired to our bedroom. I was feeling very restless as bhaiya was going to sleep with bhabi. All the lights were switched off and my eyes were still open. I was thinking about what bhaiya would be doing with bhabi, suddenly I heard the voice of my bhabi saying bhaiya"kya kar rahe hai sabra rakhiye, are mera blouse phat jayega badmashi thodi der baad kariyega"and after listening this I got up and sided my ear to the wall. There was a small ventilator due to which the voice of my bhabi was clearly audible. Suddenly the night bulb was switched on. It was of red color.

After that I heard lots of kissing and moaning sound of bhabi which was continued till 3am.This made me very restless. After that the light was switched off and everything was silent. I didn’t sleep the whole night. I was thinking of bhabi and masturbated thrice on bed. The next day my mom was preparing breakfast as my father and bhaiya had to go to their office, I came out of my room my father and bhaiya had already left for their office and my mom was doing pooja.I saw bhabi coming out of bathroom .She had tied a towel on her head as she had washed her hair. She was wearing a light thin pink saree and was carrying her wet clothes in her left hand. She was looking gorgeous without any makeup. She saw me and gave me a warm smile and I was looking at her big black eyes .It was very red and anyone can make out from her face that she did not sleep well last night. I also responded in the same manner. She went to floor to spread her wet clothes. When she was moving on stairs, she lifted her saree bindings with her right hand which was till her knees and on seeing her smooth milky legs i was amazed. After that she came down and untied her towel from her head and her long silky and thick hair fall down kissing her lower hips. It was a stunning scene for me. After that she sat next to my mom in pooja.Without wasting any I rushed to the floor and went near to her wet clothes. Her blue saree, blouse and blue color petticoat was spread on the string but the stuffs which I was looking for was not there. I lifted her petticoat and I saw a blue lacy color silky bra and panty under it. I saw the number tag on the bra .It was 43(c); I lost my mental peace on seeing it. I put my face in the cups of my bhabis bra and my entire face was blurred in the cups of her bra. I then smelled her bra and panty .The smell coming out of it was

Really awesome which was making me conscious .From that day onwards I used to give very keen look on my bhabi.But she Use to carry herself in such a manner that none of her assets were uncovered. I tried lot to see her belly button but she never use to wear the saree below her navel. Somehow ten days were over and every night I use to get the kissing and moaning sounds from my bhaiyas room. One day due to some urgent work my parents had to go out of station for 2weeks so I thought it is a nice time to get closer to my bhabi.My bhaiya was doing extended shifts those days which starts from 3pm to 6am so I and bhabi used to stay alone in night. It was near about 10days when I have not heard any sounds from my bhaiyas room so I probably assumed that bhabi would be hungry for sex.I planned to seduce her. One day when my bhaiya was sleeping in his room, it was about 8am and my bhabi was preparing breakfast. I was standing at the door of the kitchen and suddenly she raised her hand for turmeric powder which was kept on the rack. Suddenly my eyes went to her milky waist. The side views of my bhabi was really mind blowing .Her boobs were huge than I expected and the saree which she normally wears above her navel was slipped from its original position which gave me a partial glance of her belly button. I quickly rushed to toilet and masturbated thinking of her. That night about 9pm, I switched on the TV to see a horror film on cable. As it was a horror week so for the entire week one horror film was supposed to come. I knew that in horror film there are some adult’s scenes and for me it was the right time to seduce my bhabi.the film which was coming on Monday was "100 saal bad".


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My Sweet Bhabhi part 2

I called bhabi to see the film but she said she that she is afraid of such films as she strongly believes in the presence of ghost. I made her understand that I am with him and ghost is only imagination. Finally she was agreed to see the film with me. There were some really horror scenes and we had to see the scenes holding our breath. But once the horror scene was over there was an adult scene in which the hero lifted the heroine in her hands and took her to the bedroom. Hero opened the zip of heroines top saying her that he wants to count the moles at her back. It was really excited scene as heroine was wearing black bra. I was seeing my bhabi from the corners of my eyes and I realized that she is getting hot. She took the remote and tried to change the channel but I said that it is a part of film and it will break the fun of the movie and my bhabi gave the remote to me and try to leave the room .She went to the door and again come back. The really horror scene restricted bhabi to move out of the room I smiled silently and congrats myself that my plan is succeeding. I knew that if my bhabi will sit for few more minutes then surely she will be seduced more. I was in my shorts and i knew that there is some more adult scene in this film. As the movie progressed hero got married to heroine and it was there suhagraat.It was a very bold scene in which hero undresses heroine slowly. It was xx movie. On seeing this scene there was a huge bulge in my shorts and my bhabi noticed it. Even she was not able to control her feelings and she put her hand on my thigh and the other hand was under saree.I am sure she must be pressing her boobs.It was 11pm suddenly the power supply was cut off. She hugged me tightly and requested not to leave her alone. Her boobs were crushing on my chest and a strange current was flowing from my head to foot.i told her that I will be always with her till my last breath. I told her to sit there for a minute so that I can light a candle and fortunately cande was not there .I told her to wait for five minutes so that I can bring some candles but she continuously denied. I made her understand that it will not take more

Than 5min and at last she agreed .I told her to close the gate and went for candles. Sit was 11pm so almost all the shops were closed .I was very happy as everything was going according to my wish. After about 20minutes I Went back to home and knock the main gate.Bhabi opened the door and hugged me tightly. She was crying. She was really very afraid. I consoled her and said sorry. Then I reminded her words that I will be with her till my last breath. Suddenly the power supply was on and we went inside the room. She said thanks to me and said that whenever I will need her help just feel free to come to her. I thought that it was the right time to take the chance and I stopped bhabi.I said her that I need her help very badly. She questioned me what help I need from her. I told her to promise me that she will not say no to me. She readily agreed and asked me again that what help I want from her. I took her hands in my hands and said that from the day one when I saw her I was suffering of sleepless nights. I had lost my mental peace .I used to love her in my thoughts and I want to have physical relationship with her. On hearing this she strongly disagreed and got angry. She said that this is not possible .I went to her with folded hands and requested like a baby. I told that everything in this world is possible and if she don’t wants the sexual relationship then at least come nude before me .She was continuously saying no to it . I again requested to give one chance and after that I will not ask anything from her. After lots of request she agreed and I promised that I will not tell anything about us. I requested her to wear red saree and blouse and get makeup like a bride. I gave her silky lacy red bra and panty which I had seen in her almirah.When she use to go for a bath I used to look for her undergarments in her almirah.I told bhabi to sit in bhaiyas room after she is dressed up. It was 12.30am when I entered the room.Bhabi was sitting in bridal dress with long veil in front of her.I went to her and lifted her veil. She closed her eyes.

She was looking very pretty. I turned her around and pushed here a little against mirror wall and came closer to her. I started feeling his breath over my face now. I took her face with both my hands and kissed her on her lips. I kissed her lips hard and started sucking like a candy.Bhabi also started responding. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth. I opened her hair bun and allowed her long and thick hair to touch her hips. After few minutes I put my right hand on her left shoulder and remove the saree pin. She kept her eyes closed then I slipped her pallo down .The pallo fall down. First time I saw my bhabis 43(c) sized boobs which was covered by her red blouse. It was very tight and just fighting to come out of the blouse. Then I hold her hand and made her sit on the stool in front of dressing table. I stood behind her admiring her in the mirror.i looked down and feasted my eyes under her deep cleavage. I was kissing her body that was holding jewellery.First I removed the gold chain from her head arranged along the hair partition and kissed her forehead. Then I removed the earrings and fondled her earlobes with my lips and gave a gentle bite. Bhabi could not control herself and bit her own lips. I removed the nose ring and gave her nose a nudge with my nose. I then bent down and removed her necklace and kissed her on her neck. I left the bangles as I love the sound of the bangles. I followed my mouth from her hands over to her fingers. I wrapped my arms around her back and started exploring her exposed back and waist. I untied her waistband and put it on the dressing table. And then the last piece of jewelry left on her was her ankles. So I just sat down and took her left leg in my lap and very lovingly removed her payal and then did the same to her right hand. I was kissing every part of her body from where the jeweler was

Removed. Then I made and stood behind her brought my hands around her and untied the bindings of her saree .I then totally removed her saree and put it over sofa. I realized that bhabi was also enjoying the way I was undressing her. I sat down at the edge of the bed and made her stand in front Of me .I did not even switched off the light because I wanted to visualize every part of her body very closely. She had tied her petticoat over her navel so it was really hard for me to locate the belly button and belly button is one of the favorite part of a woman which I like more .So, I slipped her petticoat 2 inch below and saw her very deep ,round and big navel. On seeing her navel I assumed her as the goddess of beautiful navel. I hugged her and put my face deep in her belly. I was licking her stomach and my hands were caressing and squeezing her ass over her petticoat. Bhabi was also getting excited and she put her hands on my head and started caressing my hair. I put my tongue inside her deep navel and circled around it .While I was doing so my bhabi hold my head more tightly against her. Then after 12min of licking I removed my head from her belly and moved my hands to her boobs.My bhabis boobs were so huge that one hand was insufficient to hold it .I started pressing and squeezing the huge boobs hardly. My bhabhi started moaning slowly. I Then buried my face in the deep valley and with the help of my mouth I started to open the button, my both the hands were on her boobs and I can felt that her nipples were getting errected.The blouse was very tight so I moved my hands to the blouse button and started opening them one by one. I kissed and licked whatever skin showed up.

It was very difficult for my bhabi to stand straight as I have made my bhabi hot and excited. I partially opened the blouse button and taken her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it over the blouse. I was just biting her nipples in my teeth. After sometime I opened her blouse completely from the front and let it like that .I was looking at her silky sexy red lacy bra that was covering just half of her boobs.I quickly put my mouth to one of her boob over her bra and started squeezing her other boob with one hand and I also helped her in removing her blouse from her hands with my other free hand. I was sitting with my legs spread and bhabi was standing in between my legs. I had not touched her pussy yet. I then moved my teeth on her left shoulder in order to remove her bra stripe. I found really hard to do so, so I put my hand on her shoulder so that I can slip the bra stripes from her shoulder .I slipped the left stripe first and then the right stripe .The bra was really very tight so without wasting time I opened the hooks of her bra one by one and took out her bra from behind. She instinctively brought her hands to cover her breasts and closed her eyes in shy. I smiled and put his palms on her palms. Slowly I pushed her hands down along her breasts. She did not resist me.Bhabi could feel a tingle in her body as my hand lightly along with her hands over her breasts.Bhabi sensed her nipples getting hard and her thighs getting tense.Hertight hooters were in front of my eyes and near my mouth. My mouth remained wide open for a while on looking at her tight boobs.It was full in size, 40(c) inches, but her boobs were tight, as a teenager would have. My squeezing and licking had made them harder and her nipples were erected. I gasped and said these are the best boobs I had seen in my life. And then with my mouth, lips, tongue and hands I attacked both her boobs, as if there was no tomorrow. I made so many love bites on her boobs all over. I was just chewing her nipple very hardly and my bhabi kept on saying "Aram se, Dard ho raha hai".Now my right hand moved to her ass and started squeezing her full buttocks. Then I

Removed my shirt and pant and I was standing in my underwear before my bhabi.I then hugged her tight and her boobs was crushing against my chest. She wrapped her hands around my neck tightly and I was caressing her back and her buttocks. She could feel my hardness against her thighs .Then I pushed my pelvis against her pussy and pulled her closer to me from her ass. She could feel my penis heat against her pussy and then I pushed her over the bed. I followed the same, lying on top of her. Her tits were standing erect. I started licking her whole body, every inch of it. I kissed her and lick her flesh. I was licking her face; I ate her lips, kissed her neck and moved down. I spent plenty of time in licking and squeezing her boobs and then moved downwards to her stomach and belly. She was moaning like anything. I kept licking and keep moving down and down and stopped just above her pussy. I was avoiding her pussy more and more. Then I moved to her feet and started kissing and licking her legs. I started my journey upwards, licking it slowly and spending time at every inch of flesh. I was keeping on pushing her petticoat upwards; as I kept moving upwards I was kissing her. Now I realize that she is all wet and it was difficult to control for her. She was squirming left and right on the bed and moving her ass upwards. I moved upwards towards her knees and then to thighs. I was also caressing her inner thighs while and kissing them. I smell her erotic aroma of her cunt juices and I like it, I finally opened the string of her petticoat and pulled it down. She raised her ass to remove it. I just liked what I was seeing. Who wouldn’t like a sexy pussy covered in sexy red silk panty? In lust I just bent down quickly and kissed her pussy over her panty. I took out my tongue and licked her entire panty and in-turn her pussy under it. I saw that her cunt started pouring more juices that had come over her panty as well. I moved my hands under her ass and my fingers under the elastic band and in one quick jerk I pulled them down.

Then I saw her pubic hair which made more delighted her cunt lips had swollen a bit .I started licking her juicy cunt... She was moaning loudly. She started jerking her ass in upward motion in order to meet more of my tongue. I kept on licking and eating her. Now I couldn’t control any further and quickly removed my underwear Bhabi requested me to go slow. I smiled, didn’t bother much, but asked her to relax. With my hands I started spreading her legs farther I spread her legs and asked bhabi to spread them further and lift them as well. She followed my commands. I hold her legs and put them on my shoulders. I brought my penis near to her pussy, adjusted the tip over her pussy and started to push it inside. It was still tight, and I thought that my dick is bigger than bhaiyas.I spread her cunt lips with one hand and hold my penis with other hand and pushed it harder the next time and a loud scream came out of bhabis mouth. I quickly kept his mouth over her and I thought it pained her lot my entire penis was inside her but didn’t stop at bhabi kept on screaming of pain, but I pushed little more and more. I was full of lust and thought about satisfying my sex desire. I kept my mouth over her and kept on pushing it more inside. Then after a few strokes, her cunt opened up a little and it got adjusted to my penis. Bhabi closed her eyes and was now enjoying it. I was now kneading her breasts. She was moaning loudly and she started moving her ass with my rhythm. Now bhabis breathing started moving faster and looked as if she was about to cum. My cum filled in her pussy and I jerked and jerked inside her and then I calmed down over her. We layed there like this for some more time. Though I was tired but lust had overpowered sleep and I was fresh as ever.Bhabi was between my legs and I was squeezing and kissing

Her ass. Then I moved my hands under her stomach and pulled her upward from her waist. She was now on her knees and her hands. I made her in doggy style. Now this was a surprise for her. She had never imagined to be fucked in a doggy style .I asked her whether she is fucked in this style. She said no .Her pussy was still soaring from the heavy fucking I just did few minutes ago, but I didn’t care and was ready for the next round with full force. I pointed my penis over her pussy from behind and within split of second I pushed it so hard that she was out of breath. It was hurting her and paining like anything because her tears were coming out Of her eyes. But her pussy was still so tight and I just rammed into her mercilessly. I didn’t give her a chance to recover from the pain and started moving my penis in and out of her pussy. I was holding her from her waist and pulling her towards me while I was really giving huge jerks towards her pussy. I bent a little bit over her and started playing with her tits. I was twitching her tits between my thumb and fingers. I knew that I was hurting her, but I didn’t care. She moaning but more because of pain in her pussy and her tits. I didn’t care for her groans and kept on fucking her hard. Then I picked up some tissues from side table and handed over to her to clean herself. She cleaned her boobs and her face. Then I brought my penis near her mouth. She understood my intentions. I wanted her to lick my dick and clean. She took my half-erect penis in her right hand and brought out her long tongue and licked it from bottom to its tip. She repeated it couple of times and cleaned it then I removed my dick from her mouth when I was satisfied. She told me that I have got a big penis. I smiled approvingly and proudly. It was around 5.00am and was time of arrival of my bhaiya so we had to separate from each other. We both got up and quickly washed up and went to sleep in our room .It was the second time when I fucked a lady who has beautiful figure of 40-28-32.Next day when bhaiya went to office my bhabi came to me and said that I am a real player and she liked the way I fucked her. She enjoyed and came to know what complete satisfaction is and after that I fucked my bhabi regularly whenever I get chance.

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My Rani Bhabhi

One day my parents had to leave Mumbai to Vapi in connection with the sad demise of a relative. My brother had gone to Delhi and said he will return within few days. Bhabhi and I were staying in Mumbai in one of the North Mumbai luxury flats in the 9th floor. I was in the commerce college and had to my class’s everyday in the morning, but was free by evening.

I had lot of assignments to do with the help of computers. Since I had no computer of mine own I was using the one of my brother which was kept in their bedroom. But sitting in the bedroom of Bhabi I did not take any untoward liberties, just so my work and get out as soon as possible. My Bhabhi, Rani, very beautiful, a good figure, was very shy and was keeping distance from.

I too did not thrust myself on her. I was busy studying and when I was free I will go downstairs and gossip with my friends. Latest cricket match or the movie will be the subject. I was very much bored. When I come back to the flat, I will sit in the drawing room and watch TV. Bhabi had their own 14" TV in her bedroom and she did not come out to join the family for watching the TV.

It was three bedrooms flat with a spacious drawing room and all the rooms had balcony and it was fun to watch the city from the balcony. My Bhayya and Bhabi were newly married and they had their own plans to enjoy life. That day was unusually hot and clouds were gathering in the western sky and the wind was also very strong and severe.

I closed the balcony door for fear of the rain water entering the room and drenching the carpet. Bhabi with her head covered with her pallav came and asked me to have the supper. I said ok and came to the dining table. I asked Bhabiji why don’t you also come and have supper so that that work will be completed.

She said in a low tone that she has to serve me food and after my completing my food she will take. What Bhabi, No. Doesn’t give me so much importance. Please come and sit with me and we both will take food. She looked at me and smiled and came to take food. She was keeping her head always bowed and when I put questions she answered in mono syllables.

I did not want to embarrass her on the first instance. If you need any help from me please don’t hesitate to tell me I said. She said no, no, Devarji, please go and study, I will take care of the other work. It was raining heavily outside. Poor Bhabiji forgot to bolt her door and windows and water entered her floor and lot of water was accumulated.

She called me and asked me to help her to close the doors and windows since the wind power to great that she could not do it herself. I went in my shorts and vest and both of us became totally drenched. Somehow I managed to close three windows opening westwards and the balcony door. But there was lot of water on the floor which had to be mopped and drained.

We could not keep quite till next day morning when the servants will come. Bhabi brought a bucket and a mop and started to mop the water. I told her to stop and with the floor cleaner I made the water drain into the balcony and very little water was left to mop. Bhabi was totally wet and so was I.

My shorts was sticking to my thighs and my cock was imprinted in my brief that its shape was clearly visible. Bhabi was looking in the sly at my cock. Same was her condition, her saree was sticking to her thighs and her boobs were clearly seen on her blouse. There was some movement inside my brief and I was afraid my cock will wake and cause me embarrassment.

Bhabi was keeping staring at my cock and I looked busy mopping the water. She also came squatting on the floor mopping and squeezing the water into the bucket. She tucked her saree up and I could see her naked knee and some portions of her creamy thighs also. When I sat on the floor squatting my cock was standing like a gun. She looked at and was laughing.

I looked at her and asked her what the matter is. We move all along the floor and came near each other. Bhabi was looking at my gun and her hand was coming closer to me with the mop. As if by accident, she lifted the mop and touched my cock with the back of her hand. I turned and stretched my hand and touched be boob. We both laughed and took as a joke.

But we both knew that this is not a joke. Suddenly Bhabi left hand stretched and caught hold my cock when her right hand was mopping. I took my free left hand and squeezed her boobs. We both looked each other in the eyes. We left the mop and the bucket on the floor and she pushed me into my room.

I slowly undressed her, starting with the saree and then the blouse, while she was pulling the strings of my shorts and brought down. She pulled down my brief and there stood my cock fully erect in its full form. I removed her blouse, petticoat and there she was standing in her panty and bra with her left hand across the chest as if to protect it, while her right hand was on my cock.

I took a towel which was in the easy reach and wiped her of all the water and then pushed her into my bed. Bhabi was a real hot stuff. She was pulling at my cock and places it in her pussy. I said wait. We have to do lot of other things before I put my cock inside You. I asked her why you are so much in a hurry, don’t you get adequate sex from my brother.

She said your brother is always thinking of business and business and even while having sex with his wife his mind is not in making his wife happy. I don’t enjoy sex when your brother is busy thinking of next day's tour etc. I said don’t worry, we will enjoy today. Tell me what you want. She said just lick me and eat me. Ok.

I took her nipples in my mouth sucked it softly and licked it and again sucked it hard. My Rani Bhabi was hooting and cooing and was crying. I got afraid. I asked her what the matter is. Oh, please don’t stop, continue, she said. I kissed her on her abdomen and then in the lower abdomen and to her cunt.

There were small stubs of golden hair, but her cunt was flowing with cunt water. I just licked her cunt lips and probed my tongue in the crevice. She kept her knees wide open lifted her hips to help me reach her cunt. I took control of her clitoris and licked it with my tongue. Bhabi was delirious. She placed her hands on my head and pressed my face down into her cunt.

I was afraid that I may choke. But I gave her a nice sucking of her clit. Rani clenched her feet around me and kept her cunt lips open with her fingers and asked me to fuck with my tongue. Though I was not an expert on these things and my experience was almost nil, but she gave me guidance as to what to do from the way her muscles tensed, I knew she is undergoing an orgasm.

But her orgasm did not come down. It kept her the top of the cliff for some time and Bhabi was at the best of her enjoyment. The time was just 10.30 pm. We got up and bolted all the doors and windows and switched off all the lights and moved around the house in total nakedness. It was a pleasure to watch her moving totally naked.

With the frontal protrusion of her boobs and real protrusion of her ass was symmetrical and she was with a leaking cunt came running to me to take my cock in her mouth. She pushed me into my bed and sat near me to give me a nice blow job. She did it expertly with her tongue rolling around in her mouth. I shot my cum into her mouth and had my first orgasm.

She knew it was coming and kept on waiting for it. The shot was full of her mouth and she gulped the whole thing with pleasure. We got up cleaned ourselves and sat for a talk. It was 11 pm. She told me that it was the first time she had so much of sex in one go. My brother had a similar tool and he sometimes fucked her to her full satisfaction.

But he is not in the habit of wasting time in the fore play. He wanted to poke his tool and finish it off soon. Most of the times she would have just getting ready but by that time he would have finished and filled her cunt with semen. She kissed me in gratitude and asked me to give her similar pleasure more often. I said ok. I told her that to please my Bhabi I am ready to do anything.

Her body which was fully nude was a feast to the eyes. Her boobs were perfect and her naval was flat and her cunt was neatly done and there was no hair at all. Her thighs were ivory colored and just looking at her my cock was rising. She saw it and asked why not we have a leisurely fuck. She thrust her nipple in my mouth and asked me suck and lick it.

I opened my mouth to take the nipples, but said wait, went to the kitchen and brought a small plate full of honey. She smeared it all over her boobs and asked me to suck. While her hands were busy soaking my cock in the honey. I took more time to suck her nipples and it was really sweet. She then bent low and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking.

Her lips and tongue made my tool very stiff. Making me to lie flat on my back and she climbed on me and inserted my cock in her cunt. Keeping her hands on my shoulders she began to move forward and backwards making my cock to travel all over her cunt and clit and go deep inside. I kept my hands on her magnificent boobs and began squeezing them.

She opened her mouth and was breathing heavily. Her face was taking different shapes to indicate the depth of her pleasure. She was really crazy of sex and how she could control her selves for all these days was a wonder. She may be hardly 22 or 23 and her face was very charming.

She rotated her hip to make my cock travel through all the hidden folds in her cunt and make her pleasure increase many fold. We both were experimenting with sex. Suddenly her face became tense and muscles stiffened and she was getting a big orgasm. Poor thing it was the first time for her and for me too. Finally she collapsed on my chest.

I too had my orgasm and shot my cum into her cunt. We both got up, washed out selves up and came back to the bed. To walk around the flat naked was a great pleasure. There was no neighbor to watch, none to listen to our talk. We shouted all our sex words loudly.
She became hot and asked me to lick her clit. We started all over. I licked her clit which was already swollen. Bhabi was pressing my head down we both were like two crazy people sex starved for a long time and suddenly let loose in a flat.

We fucked and fucked the whole night. But Bhabi was clever to remove all dirty clothes and put them for washing. We slept nude hugging each other and promising to take the next opportunity for further sex. I had great sex with her for quite a long time until she got pregnant.

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Step Mom

I was 24 years old when i started having an intimate relationship
With my step mom. We are a middle class bengali family. My step mom
Was married at the age of 21 to my dad 46. She had given birth to a
Boy just a few months before it started. It was the baby that
Started our affair. My beautiful mom, who was 22 years old at that
Time, used to breast-feed the baby. As a young boy of 18, i was
Attracted by her breasts, which were extremely big and shapely. At
Home, i realized that she used to cover her body fully when dad was
Around but when he used to go for work she used to be careless of
Her sari covering her body and blouse in particular, i found mom did
Not wear any bra and her big breasts would jiggle nicely inside her
Blouse as she walked her prominent nipples would be pushing the thin
Teri cotton material of her blouse and sometimes, her blouse will be
Slightly wet with milk from her breasts. I developed the habit of
Watching her breasts as the baby sucked on her breasts.
I could get only glimpses of her nipples and areola as the baby
Sucked. But those glimpses drove me crazy. Her areolas were rosy in
Color and her nipple was slightly reddish, because she was extremely
Fair in color. I knew the times she gave milk to the baby and i
Would position myself conveniently so that i can watch her breasts,
Even though pretending to read my books. I did not watch her when
She fed the baby, but i kept looking at her left breast visible from
Sides as her sari never used to cover her blouse, i was thrilled and
Enjoyed the nice movements her breasts made inside her blouse as she
Moved about her nipples were prominently projecting from inside the
Thin material of her blouse. When she realized me looking at her
Breast, she smiled gently and adjusted her sari. Then, one day i
Came 2 home early, and went near her to get some money she was
Feeding the baby at that time. Her sari's pallu was down and both
Her big breasts were exposed to my view. She immediately covered it.
Suddenly she came near to me and said, "look here, though you are
Pretty old but by relation you are my son. Do you want some milk? I
Do not mind to feed you from these breasts. You can suck my breasts
And satisfy your desire when your dad goes to office. But you must
Promise not to tell anybody about this. Ok?" "raja, come to the
Bedroom". My heart was pounding with anticipation as i followed her
To the bedroom. There she sat on bed and asked me to lie on her lap.
Then she unbuttoned her blouse and thrust her right nipple in my
Mouth. I eagerly took her nipple between my lips and started
Pressing it. But milk was not coming. Mom laughed and said "poor
Boy, you have forgotten how you had sucked your mother's breasts. It
Has been a long time. Here, take more of my breast in your mouth and
Suck on it. Then you will get milk." i did as she told me, and her
Sweet milk started flowing into my mouth. She drew me closer to her
And hugged me.

After few minutes, when milk stopped coming from her right breast,
She asked me to take her left breast in my mouth and i enjoyed milk
From that breasts until it was also empty. She said, "is that
Enough, baby? Come; let us go to the hall before housemaid comes.
But i said, "mama, please let me continue sucking your breast a
Little more. It is so warm and soft in my mouth." she said "ok, raja
Only a little while because she is likely to come soon." and i again
Took her warm breast in my mouth and gently pressed it with my lips
And tongue. Then i cupped her other breast in my hand and started
Caressing it. After a while, she said "you like my breasts. Don't
You raja?" and she hugged me closer to her. Her voice was unsteady a
Little bit and i became aware of her heavy breathing. I do not know
How long she let me suck her breasts, but i was disappointed when
She said, "come beta, let us get up enough for now." i also noticed
That her nipples were more prominent than usual and that made my
Mama look lovelier. After the housemaid had gone, mama
Whispered, "raja, let us do it. We lay down side by side and mama
Opened her blouse for me. I hugged her tight and took her right
Breast in my mouth and sucked her milk. There was lot more milk than
Morning in both of her breasts. After i emptied both her breasts,
Mama said, "did you have! Enough milk today, beta? I gave the baby
Cow's milk so that you can have more milk" i was thrilled and hugged
Her tight.

"thanks mama, your milk and your breasts are so sweet and thanks for
Showing me both your breasts", i said. Mama said, " i am happy to
Show them to you, raja. I was a little bit embarrassed because my
Nipples were erect the whole day and were pushing my blouse out
Yesterday" i said, "mama, those nipples have become more erect and
Make you look more beautiful today. But why have they become so
Erect mama?" she said, "all because of your sucking and fondling,
Raja". "mama, does my sucking and fondling hurt your breasts" "no,
Silly boy, i feel so nice about your sucking and fondling. That is
Why my nipples become erect. Now enough, suck this breast and fondle
The other one". I simply obeyed her. I continued my courtship with
My mama's breasts for along time until we heard the baby crying.
Mama said, "raja, let me go and feed the baby. Stay here. You can
Continue when i come back, ok?" after fifteen minutes she came back.
This time, i unbuttoned her blouse and instead of sucking her
Breasts, i kissed them fondly. She was excited. I sat against the
Wall and asked her to lean on me and cupped her breasts from behind
And gently fondled them. I caressed her nipples slowly and they
Became erect. I kissed her neck moving her mangal sutra aside. I
Could feel her trembling against me. After a little while she said,
I have some milk now in my breasts. Just suck it and let me finish
Housework before your dad comes. Ok?" and gave me her breasts. I
Sucked all the sweet warm milk out of them and then she went to
Finish her household chores. I was eagerly waiting for the next
Morning for dad to go to office. That day, after my dad had gone to
Office, she strictly limited our affair to one hour. But she
Continued to display her breasts for me during the day and also
Gradually stopped breast-feeding the baby and gave me all her milk
To suck. Since there was too much milk for her to hold the whole
Day, she asked me to come home at lunchtime from college, so that
She can feed me. In the evening, she asked me not to go for playing
And i had a feeding in the evening too. This went on for a week. Of
Course my dad never knew anything about our affair. But my
Grandmother, my stepmom's mother came on her regular visit to stay
For a week. My stepmom had warned me to keep away from her during
Grandma's visit. I was not going to get any milk. That was going to
Be a torture, but mama said it is better to suffer a week rather
Than lose our affair forever. However whenever she could she slid
Her sari to show her breasts to me. Taste and fondle.

When i returned from college, she had cooked a nice food for us and
We all ate heart, now with the additional precaution due to presence
Of my grandma. On the 3rd day afternoon i was at home mama and
Granny were sitting in drawing room, mama called me and said, "raja,
There is something else sweet waiting for you inside my blouse.
Don't you want it?" my grand maa was asonished and asked" shraddha
What are you telling"? Mama said" ya, maa,i know though he is old
And my step son, but he is my son and every son has right on her
Mom's milk" it was then that i noticed that her blouse was all wet
In the front with her milk. "i have been heavy with milk from the
Morning. The thought that we are going to be together in this nice
Room for the whole afternoon made lot of milk in my breasts today.
Please suck my breasts". I cursed myself for being so inconsiderate
And immediately unbuttoned her tight blouse. Her beautiful breasts
Jumped free showing me the lovely aureoles and the erect nipples. I
Cupped my mama's breasts in my hands lovingly and said, "mama, your
Breasts are so beautiful". Mama did not let me finish my sentence.
She drew my head to her right breast and thrust her nipple in my
Mouth. Immediately, her sweet milk started pouring into my mouth and
For the next half hour, i sucked and fondled my young mom's lovely
Breasts. She moaned with pleasure as i teased her sensitive nipples
With my tongue and when! I gently fondled her breasts cupping them
Nicely in my hands. "raja, your hands and lips feel so nice on my
Breasts. I wish i can have you do that all day". " i wish so
Too." "i think we can fulfill our wishes at least for a week, graja.
We can spend our time in this room all day, we are free to do what
We want next week when your dad goes to my hometown with my mother
For a week" i kissed her again on her lips and said, "i am so happy"
And then asked her "mama, can i take your blouse off?" she hesitated
Slightly and then said, "you want me to be without blouse?" "i
Eagerly said, "yes, please". "ok, take my blouse off with your own
Hands", she said and sat up. My hands trembled as i tore her blouse
Off her lovely breasts and took it off. Then i showered kisses on
Her breasts and shoulders and neck. She hugged me and moaned with
Excitement. Then she said, "beta, take your shirt off to. It is not
Fair if only i have to take off my blouse". I was only happy and
Immediately peeled off my shirt and threw it on the floor.
Immediately, she hugged me and kissed me. She felt my muscles and
Said, "raja, i am so happy to have such a youngster". We played with
Each other long that afternoon sucking her breast's delicious milk
For half hour or so. Then she got an idea that she wanted to give me
A bath. So i went with her to the bathroom where she poured water on
Me and started soaping me. I was only wearing underwear around my
Waist and when it became heavy with water, it slipped down. I
Hurriedly tried to wear it back on, but she snatched it! Away
Saying "it is as well, raja. Anyway i have to apply soap to your
Hidden parts too". Then she looked at my prick and exclaimed "oh,
Raja, i never imagined your cock would be so long. You know i enjoy
Fondling it when my child is sucking my breast". I said "mama you
Can do that to me even when i suck your breasts". "then let me clean
It up nicely", said mama and applied soap and with her soft hands
Cleaned the entire length of my prick.

Later, when we went up to bedroom, she gave me her breasts for
Sucking and as i lay beside her, she started fondling my prick. My
Prick grew large. But after she fondled it for several minutes, i
Had to ejaculate and let out several hot jets of my semen, pushing
Into her hand each time a jet came out. She directed my cock on to
The floor and hugged me and said "oh my darling, i forgot you are
Now a grown up young man with lot of semen in your balls." then i
Asked "mama you have been giving me milk for a month now. Do you
Want to taste my! Milk too"? She shyly shook her head to say yes. I
Was excited. "mama, just like i suck your nipples, you can take my
Cock in your mouth and suck it. Then, soon, you will get the thick
Milk". She did like i said and her soft lips encircled my prick and
Started massaging it. I held her head in position and slowly pumped
My prick inside into her mouth. Soon, i reached my second climax and
Pumped hot semen into her mouth. She did not let a drop of it go
Waste. She gulped all the thick milk as i ejected it. She said "oh,
Beta, it tastes so nice. I want to drink it whenever you can give
Me". I said, "sure mama, you can have all of it" and i drew her up
And we kissed passionately for a long time. After a while, she
Wanted to go to the bathroom. While she was going, i noticed the
Swiveling moments of her ass all these days i had been also noticing
That she used to scratch on her sari over her asshole. When she came
Back, i asked her, "mama, i want to rub you here, can i please?" c!
Upping her ass with my palm. She was taken aback, but she did not
Take my hand away. Her face was slightly red with shyness. I slowly
Pulled her petticoat up to her waist revealing to me little by
Little her gorgeous legs and smooth creamy thighs and finally her
Beautiful pudenda covered with soft hair.

She did not have too much hair on her lovely womanhood and i could
See the glistening petals of her love flower nestling sexily between
Her thighs. She spread her legs a little and i caressed her vulva
Gently and lovingly. She closed her eyes and started moaning a
Little. I got between her legs and kissed her things and all around
Her vulva. She smelled very nice between her thighs and there was a
Fragrant warm aroma rising from her vulva. Finally, i hugged her
Around her thighs and put my lips over her soft love fruit and
Kissed it. She jerked a little when my lips contacted her sensitive
Vulva and pressed my head down on her vulva. Then i started licking
Her juices that taste! D like honey to me. Then i put my tongue
Inside her vulva and touched her clit. She slightly raised her hips
As i did that and i pressed my mouth closer and took her clitoris
Between my lips and gently pressed it. She jerked her hips several
Times as i did that and pressed my head down harder into her vulva.
Soon, she let out a long moan and warm sweet juice poured from her
Pudenda. I sucked all of her juice as it poured and licked her vulva
Clean like a puppy. Then i moved up and aunty hugged me and kissed
Me passionately. We kissed for a long time with more intimacy than
Ever before.

When our lips parted, she said, "beta, you are showing me so many
Pleasures which i never new existed. Will you do this to me often
Please? I feel so nice when you are between my thighs kissing my
Pudenda". I said, "mama, i am willing to spend my entire life
Between your thighs, drinking the sweet honey from your vulva. I
Don't think i need anything else except your sweet breast milk and
Vulva ! Juice to live." mama said, "that reminds me, dear, my
Breasts are heavy now with milk. Suck my breasts", and pulled my
Head to her right breast. I took mom's lovely soft breast, in my
Mouth and started drinking her sweet milk, hugging her tightly.
After a while, mom said, "raja, play with my vulva, dear. I am
Having strange feelings there". I was only too glad and immediately
Slid down between aunt's thighs and started showering kisses on her
Wet and warm vulva. I made mama get climax two times that afternoon
By sucking her pudenda. This continued during the rest of the week
Whenever we got chance to be alone. Next week, my dad went to drop
Grandmom to her native place. That night, i saw my mom fully naked
For the first time. She removed her blouse, sari and petticoat and
Stood before me like a goddess. She looked gorgeous with nice legs
And thighs and wonderfully shaped breasts. I knelt before her and
Pushed my face into her vulva and kissed it passionately. Then we
Lay down on the bed and hugged each other tightly, with my penis
Pressing over her pudenda. After a while, she put one leg over me
And started making pushing motions pressing my prick more tightly
Over her pudenda. I was excited and said, "mama, let us copulate,
Please. I have wanted to do that with you for so long". Mama said, "
Raja, i have also been dreaming of that for the past three months. I
Was immensely excited to hear that mama and i are going to become a
Couple. Most of that night i played love games with my mom, sucking
Her breasts, kissing her vulva, licking her love juice from deep
Inside her vulva, teasing her clitoris with my lips and making her
Get climax and fucking her between her thighs. She sucked my cock
Several times, making me climax and drinking my love milk.

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