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Old 6th May 2013
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Hot mother - son

The following is a completely true story and happen a 1 year ago now I an 19 and my mom is 38. As I can remember, I have always wanted to make love to my mother. These thoughts probably started because of an incident that took place

when I was only *** years old. I was in my bedroom doing homework and my mother was in the next room taking a bath. She called for me and asked if I would fetch her razor from the hall closet and then bring it to her. I agreed.

I figured that I would simply open up the bathroom door, mom would cover herself, and I would hand the razor to her. No big deal, right? Wrong! When I opened the door into the bathroom, mom was in the tub (while completely naked) and took the razor from my hand.

What I saw made me stop in my tracks. At the time, mom was twenty-nine, 4'9, 120lbs, had firm medium sized breasts with large nipples, and a VERY dark, thick bush. I believe mom must have thought that I was embarrassed by what I saw. I wasn't.

I was simply amazed. After what seemed like minutes, I turned, walked out of the bathroom, and returned to my bedroom. Just like any other young man, I masturbated quite frequently during my teens.

However, instead of thinking about the Playmate of the Month or some porno star, the object of my masturbation sessions was always my mom. Years later, when I was eighteen old, my girlfriend and I were having marital problems.

We had been for one years and our sex life was simply a bore. I tried everything with my girlfriend to make things more interesting. I bought books on how to better satisfy your spouse, tried to seduce her in other ways, bought her presents.

None of my attempts at spicing up our sex life worked. One Saturday afternoon while our toddler was napping, I lured my girlfriend into her bedroom and tried to seduce her. She simply made some comment that she had too much housework

to do and the last thing on her mind was "having sex." Hearing that, I got in my car and left the house, totally pissed off. I ended up driving around for over an hour thinking about what had just taken place. Without planning to do so,

I realized that I was near the exit to my parent's home so I decided to stop by and talk to my dad. When I knocked on the door no one answered. Just as I was about to get back into my car, mom opened the front door and yelled for me to come back.

It was obvious that she had been in the shower because her hair was wet and she was wearing a robe. Upon entering the house, mom said that it was a nice surprise I had stopped by. I told her that I had stopped to talk to dad and she told me that he was working.

Hearing that, I decided to go on home and let mom get back to getting dressed. Mom then asked if something was wrong. I told her yes, but said that I would rather talk about the issue with dad. She asked why I couldn't talk to her about what was going on.

I hesitantly told her it was a sexual issue. Mom then said, "well maybe I could help." For the next half an hour I proceeded to tell mom about the problems with my sex life. Although it was a bit uncomfortable at first, I soon loosened up and was telling her everything.

I told her that everything else in my marriage was okay, but that our sex life just totally sucked. All the time I was uncomfortable, What mom said next really surprised me. Under her breath she said, "Join the club."

When I asked her to repeat what she had said, she told me that I had heard her the first time. I admitted I had, but that I just wanted to hear her say it again to make sure I wasn't hearing things. Mom then went on to tell me that

she had been unsatisfied sexually since her second year of marriage to my father (over twenty years prior). I then asked mom how she dealt with the problem. I could tell that she was a little embarrassed by my question.

However, with some further prodding, she answered me by saying that she took care of the problem by masturbating. This just totally blew me away! The thought of my mom masturbating turned me and within seconds I had the biggest hard-on imaginable.

I soon realized that mom had taken notice of the rise in my shorts, so I adjusted my cock (and my seating position) so my hard-on wouldn't be so noticeable. I should have changed the subject, but I continued to ask her questions about what she liked in a man sexually.

Mom told me that she loved everything and was willing to experiment, but that dad wasn't. In a low voice I muttered, "Dad doesn't know how good he has it." She asked me what I meant, and I told her that dad is nuts if he doesn't know how lucky he is.

I then went one step further and said that he is nuts for not wanting her because she is so beautiful and obviously liked to have sex. After saying that, mom got this look in her eyes and I thought for sure I had stepped over the line.

Instead, mom looked down at the ground and asked if I would like to find out what dad was missing out on. It took a minute for me to realize that she was NOT kidding. I immediately got out of my seat and followed her upstairs.

I got behind her and put my hands on her waist. As I looked in the mirror at her, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on my shoulders. I then proceeded to kiss moms neck. Minutes later, I moved my hands from her waist and proceeded to untie the front of her robe.

Looking in the mirror again, I pulled the sides of her robe open. Underneath of the robe, mom was completely naked. This was the first time in seven years that I had seen her like this. While still looking at her body in the mirror, I began to touch her.

I began with her belly, and then moved on to her nipples. Mom was moaning softly and whispered that my touch felt good. When I started to move my hands down towards her pussy, she moved away and turned towards me.

I then took her face in my hands and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Feeling my mothers tongue in my mouth was truly the most erotic feeling that I had even experienced in my life. Minutes later, mom broke our kiss and proceeded to undress me.

When I was completely naked, mom stood in front of me and let her robe fall to the floor. I pulled her to me and we began to kiss again. After a few more minutes of some intense kissing, mom began kissing her way down my chest.

She then got on her knees and began stroking my cock with her hand. As I looked down at her, she lightly licked the head of my cock while rubbing my balls with her free hand. Within minutes, she was bobbing up and down on my dick

with a fury that I had never experienced before. My girlfriend would sometimes give me a blowjob, but I could always tell that she really wasn't in to it. Mom truly was! When I was on the brink of cumming, I pulled back and told mom that she had better stop.

She looked up at me and asked why. When I told her that I was going to cum, she pushed me back onto the bed, got between my legs, and continued to suck my cock and stroke the base with her hand. Within minutes, I screamed that I was cumming.

Instead of taking it out of her mouth, she simply sucked harder and it seemed to turn her on. When I had finished cumming, I looked down at mom and she let my cock drop from her mouth. Unbelievable! I had never experienced

the feeling of cumming in someone's mouth before and I knew I was hooked. I got up from the bed and motioned for mom to stand up. I put her hands on the edge of the bed, and leaned her over. I immediately got on my knees behind her and began eating her pussy.

I had eaten out quite a few women in my time, but this was definitely the best tasting pussy I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I tongued and licked her pussy like there was no tomorrow. To her surprise, I then began to lightly lick her asshole.

I could tell by her reaction that it startled her at first, but within minutes she was begging me not to stop. Once her pussy and ass were completely soaking wet from the combination of my saliva and her pussy juices,

I took one finger and inserted it into her pussy and took another and put it into her ass. Mom began pushing against my hand in an effort to get deeper penetration. As she moaned loudly, I could tell that this was indeed a woman who truly enjoyed sex.

Next, I stood behind her and gently inserted my hard cock into her pussy. Up until that moment, kissing mom was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced in my life. Feeling my cock inside of her completed the picture.

I fucked her from behind until I felt my balls swell with cum. When I started moaning, she looked back at me and asked if I was going to cum. When I said yes, she immediately got on her knees again and started sucking my cock.

With a fury I had never experienced before, I came in her mouth for a second time. This time when I had finished cumming, mom looked up at me and opened her mouth. My entire load was laying on her tongue. She then closed her mouth and swallowed.

Wow! As we laid on the bed and I recovered from cumming a second time, I asked her why she had decided to have me cum in her mouth. She said that it tasted so good the first time she just had to have more.

For the next two hours we continued our fuck and suck session. I even had anal sex for the first time. This event took place three years ago. Since then, mom and I have continued to meet at least once a week and have incredible sex. We both feel that as long as we can

continue to have sex without it messing up our relations, we should continue. To be honest, it has actually helped me and my girlfriend. Neither of us is no longer pissed off at our partner for not being interested in sex since we are getting laid somewhere else.

Do not post and request ANY Underage materials (especially of children) on Xossip that show minor in sexual / non - sexual act either nude or non-nude. That includes Videos, Full length movies, Pics, Stories, porn etc. Doing so will result in infractions and life bans. See this for more information.

If you have any questions regarding this, please open a new thread in HELP FORUM.

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updating stories every day

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After Four Years [Mom-Son]

My name is Rohan and I am from India. I am happily married with my wife for last ten years. We have two beautiful children. We live in a Mumbai suburb. I work for a big engineering company. My parents live in Nasik, a place not far away from Mumbai.

I had a great time when I used to live in Nasik as a kid and then as a young man. Both my parents are very loving and caring also I am their only son. My father used to work for a small company as a clerk. He is
retired now and my mom was always a housewife. She is a very good mother and I always was very close to her. My mom was married to my father when she was only nineteen and my father was then twenty nine. I was born when my mom was twenty. My parents did not go for another child due to financial constrains. But I always wished that I had a brother or a sister.

My father was not health conscious his food habits were not good and he used to drink on a regular basis. But my mom always avoided oily food and the daily chores kept her fit. I was a happy go lucky guy. I was
good in studies and also on the play ground. Much of my time was devoted towards cricket and cycling.

As I grew up I often used to fantasize about making love to my mom. She was the only woman in my life who was present all the time around me. I did have a huge crush on a girl who was my classmate. Her name was Anuradha, I could never propose to her till I left the school. But she was friendly to me and we used to talk and exchange notes sometime. I did not see her for a long time after she left the school.

I passed my secondary school (SSC) and opted science for higher secondary school. I was determined to become an engineer.

Everything went on as normal till I was in my third year of engineering I was 20 and my father was 50. My father suffered a stroke and was paralysed. He was in the hospital for a week. Fortunately because of
his relatively young age he regained some control over his limbs. His right side of the body was affected. He could no longer use his right hand and walked with some difficulty. He would (and still) limp and
drag his right foot while walking. His speech is slurred. But otherwise he is ok. I spent a year massaging his legs, hands and back to stimulate the muscles and encourage the recovery. But despite of best
of my efforts and extensive physiotherapy he could not recover completely. But anyway he doesn't have any other problems as he has given up drinking and eating oily food. He also goes for a walk everyday to keep fit.

This story is of those turbulent days when my father was brought home from the hospital.

Back To Home

I opened the door of the taxi to help my father move out of it. I pulled him out and supported him while walking towards the door of our house. Mom was walking next to him. I helped him get into his bed so that he could rest.

"That's it dad. You rest till evening then I will give you a massage."

My father did not say anything he was too shocked because of what had happened to him.

He was about to cry.

"Don't worry dad you will be alright."

I put up a brave face but I was also worried. There was always a danger of another stroke. I walked out of the bedroom and signalled my mom to follow me. We went in our living room.

"Look ma this is a serious situation and we must do our best to help him come out of this."

"I know Rohan."

"Follow the strict diet which doctor has prescribed and try to keep him happy."

"Ok" She said in a low voice.

The emotional trauma had drained our energy.

A few weeks after my father started some physiotherapy and I continued to massage him daily. There was some improvement in his leg but not in his right hand. This continued for months. My father took a retirement as he could no longer perform his duties. He was now getting some pension which was not enough for us to survive. This was because he did not complete his full service period. We were surviving because of some savings which my father had. Now I was totally devoted to my parents. I had to help my father do household work, go to market for grocery, vegetables shopping etc. I also helped my mom for cooking and cleaning.

My life was totally changed. I was cut off from my friends. I mostly stayed indoors after attending my collage. My mom knew this and she felt very sorry for me.

One day my mom asked me

"Rohan why don't you go and play cricket with your friends?"

"I can't do that ma"

"Why not? Your father is now ok you can go out now."

"But I want to stay with you ma, who knows when I am needed here"

"That's true but the playground is not far away from our home. I can call you if we need your help Rohan."

"No ma I don't want to get into it."

"Oh Rohan you are such a good boy I wish you had some brothers and sisters. Now everything is on your shoulders."

"It's ok ma I will take care of everything."

My mom looked in my eyes proudly.

As months passed my father's bank account was almost exhausted and we were now feeling the pinch. We had to ration everything, food, water, electricity everything. I realized this rationing is not going to help
us for long. I decided to do some part time job. Luckily the owner of the company where my father worked offered me a part time job as a token of gratitude towards my father's service. I used to work five hours everyday between 7 pm to 12 am. He gave me a job of keeping records of the goods transported from the warehouse during that period.

It was very difficult for me. I was attending collage, doing home work, doing a part time job and also attending my father everyday. Those were the most painful days in my life. I often used to come home very tired and sleep as soon as I lay in my bed. During this period I went even closer to my mother. She was so proud of me and would often kiss my forehead. She would often come in my bedroom in the morning and move her fingers through my hair to wake me up. Sometimes I would even get a
kiss on my cheek in the morning.

I passed my engineering and got a job as an apprentice in a company. This company produces spare parts for automobiles. I was appointed as a trainee supervisor on the shop floor. The salary was not very good but now I was much relaxed as I need not study anymore. I was more interested in doing a job in Mumbai. But I decided to get some experience before moving to Mumbai.

Now I had more time for myself. I again started to have fantasies of making love to my mom. Sometimes I used to feel guilty but those
fantasies would come again and again.

My mom was really beautiful. She was strongly built with broad shoulders. Her black eyes and dense black hair were really defying her age. Her breasts were quite big and the roundness of her bottom made
her look more desirable.

As years went by my sexual frustration also increased. I was now twenty four and still virgin. My parents did not talk about my marriage because they were worried if I moved out they will be left to fend

I am disciplined

One Saturday my father had gone out for a walk. I was sitting in the
living room watching morning news. My mom came with two cups of tea and
offered me one and sat besides me sipping her own cup. I always felt
good when she sat beside me like this. On the news channel they were
showing some murder case because of some sexual reasons.

"This guy should be hanged" said my mother.

"That's not fair ma. He is just a suspect, not yet guilty"

"I know I know but he must be the one"

"Ma but he could have also done this because of some frustration"

One thing led to another and our discussion went on and on and finally it took a dramatic turn when I asked her

"Ma can I ask you one thing?"

"Anything dear, go on"

"Ma it is very personal"

"Ok no problem ask me"

"Ma how is father?"

"What is so personal in this? You know he is good now"

"Not that" I said.

"Then what?" she asked

"I mean how is he in ... in the bed?" I chew my tongue as I asked her.

She did not reply and seemed crestfallen.

"Ma don't misunderstand me ma."

She looked at me confused what her son wants to know.

"I just want to know if dad can perform after his stroke that's all ma, and I am sorry if I have offended you."

Her tension eased as she realized what my concern was.

"Its nothing beta(son)"

"Means?" I asked

"I don't know how to talk about it with you."

"Its ok ma I am sorry."

"No Rohan why you should be sorry? You are grown up and as my son you
have the right to ask. But I don't know what to tell you. I always
wanted to talk about this with someone." Her vice cracked.

"Tell me ma may be you will feel relieved." I said.

"Rohan your father can not do anything after the stroke"

"Oh no ma."

"Yes Rohan , few months after his stroke I tried, but could not get him going. He can not get "it" up."

"So how do you.. I mean uh I mean" I wanted to ask her how she satisfies herself.

"When it becomes unbearable I do it myself." she knew what I wanted to ask.

I was getting turned on by all this talk.

"It must be very hard on you ma. It has been four years now."

"Yeah but what can be done" she finished her tea and kept the cup on the table.

"Ma it has been four years for you, but for me it has been ages"

I was turned on by the nature of talk between us. I kept my cup on the
table and moved near her and put my arms around her. I pulled her
towards me and I tried to kiss her lips. She immediately got up pushing
me away.

"What you are doing Rohan?" She was furious.

"I just.."

She slapped on my cheek. She had never slapped me that hard ever before.

"Ma I just"

"Shut up Rohan. I always thought you are my good boy. I talked about
your father's disability and my frustration because there is nobody
with whom I can talk on this issue."

"I am sorry ma, please forgive me." I hung my face in shame and walked towards my bedroom.

I was devastated by the insult and shame. I did not go out of the room
as I did not have courage to face my mom again. I did not even go out
to have lunch. My father asked me to come out for lunch but I told him
that I was not hungry he did not ask me again and left. I was praying
that mom should not tell anything to my dad.

In the evening my father went out for a walk. My mother came in my
room. I was lying head down on the bed. She came and sat on the edge of
the bed and moved her hand over my back.

"Get up Rohan. You must be hungry. I have brought some thing for you to eat"

"I am not hungry" I said keeping my head down. I had no courage to look at her.

"Don't be silly. Forget what happened and get up now," she said affectionately.

She was moving her hand over my back and that touch was very assuring.
Eventually I mustered enough courage and turned around. I was still
avoiding an eye contact with her.

"Forget everything Rohan. Have this"

She offered me a cup of tea and a piece of cake. I took the cake and finished it in a flash as I was too hungry. My mom laughed.

"See I told you. You are hungry you can't hide anything from me. Wait I
will bring some more cake for you," she said and went into the kitchen.

She came back with a few more pieces of cake. She was now smiling. This
gave me enough encouragement to finally face her. I looked in her eyes.

"Ma I.."

"Shhhhh" she kept her finger on my lips.

"Its ok Rohan. Actually I am feeling sorry that I slapped you. You are now grown up"

"I am sorry ma. You are so beautiful you always turn me on"

On hearing this she blushed.

"Rohan don't talk like that."

"Ma just as you I am also frustrated. What happened today was because
of this frustration. I will not let it happen again ma. May be it's
time to look for a bride for me. I wish I have a wife like you"

She looked at me. I saw she looked worried.

"Ok have these," she gave the cake to me.

"Rohan I am sorry dear I slapped you."

"No ma it is your right. But please don't tell dad"

"Off course I won't let him know anything." She assured me.

"Ok dear we will talk later on this."

She smiled and turned around to leave the room. I could not but watch
her beautiful bottom sway as she moved out. I was aching to make love
to her but the taboo of incest was coming in the way. I brushed off the
thoughts and moved my attention towards the cake. I was much relieved
now and after eating I moved in the living room to watch TV.

That night I had dinner with my parents and retired to my bedroom early.

And it happened

I was not able to sleep because of the events accrued during the day. I
was also thinking of ways to seduce my beloved ma. But slowly I drifted
towards sleep. I woke up when I heard the noise at my door. Somebody
was trying to open it. I got up from my bed and walked towards the door
and stood there a few feet away. Finally the door opened and my mom
walked in!

"Ugghh" she kept her palm over her mouth as she saw me standing there. She was stunned.

She then moved inside and pushed the door and without turning around
slid the latch to lock it from inside. My heart began to pound as I
could imagine what she was up to. We both were standing where we were,
confused and not sure what to do. I was confused because she slapped me
for my advances, but the same woman has now herself come to me. She was
confused because she did not know how to react.

"Ma" I whispered.

"Shhh slowly your father may wake up." And she walked towards me.

I also walked towards her. We were now very close to each other face to
face. Not knowing what to do, I tentatively put my hands around her
waist and again dropped them down. I was totally confused. She also
placed her hands over my chest and pulled them back. We were riding in
the same boat. We wanted it to happen but we were not sure how to start
it. Finally I gathered enough courage and placed my hands around her
waist and pulled her towards me. I broke the ice and the result was
very sweet because my mom also put her hands around my back and hugged
me tightly.

"Ohhh Rohan" she whispered.

"Ma I can't believe this" I whispered.

"Rohan in the evening you said I turn you on" she whispered.

"Yes ma yes"

We were both moving our hands over each others back. She was rubbing
her face against my chest planting small kisses. My breathing had
increased and my dick was rock hard. My mom was also breathing heavily.
Her breasts were pressed hard against my body. I lifted her chin. It
was dark and I was not able to see the expressions on her face. I
slowly placed my lips on her lips and kissed her. She moaned and
increased her grip around my back even further. Her soft beautiful body
was pressing hard against me. It was dark and only the moonlight coming
through the semi transparent windows provided some visibility. She
looked towards me, her beautiful big eyes were shining in the moon
light. She pulled me towards her by grabbing my hair and placed her
lips on my lips and kissed me once twice thrice and then slipped her
tongue inside my mouth. I had never been with a woman before and this
was an attack on me which I had never expected. My mom was filled with
lust and she was frantically sucking my tongue. She was moaning with
pleasure and rubbing her body against mine. Her soft body and her sweet
smell was driving me mad. My heart was pounding and my dick was aching.

"Shhhh ahhhh Rohan I want you Rohan" she whispered.

"Ma it's feeling so good"

"Shhh Rohan don't raise your voice your dad will wake up"

"Ok" I said in a low voice and we moved towards my bed.

My mom lay there on her back. I was on top of her on all my four. She was now in between my limbs.

"What if dad wakes up ma?" I asked.

"Don't worry he won't wake up so easily. I have given him an extra pill today. But keep your voice low." She whispered.

She was breathing heavily and her breasts were rising and falling with
her each breath. I moved down and kissed her. Then I placed my face in
between her breasts and started rubbing it against them. She began to
moan with pleasure. She grabbed my hair and pressed my face hard
against her breasts. I was now kissing her breasts frantically. I
slowly moved my hands behind her back to unhook her blouse. Suddenly
she pushed me away.

"Don't Rohan, don't remove it. We don't have time. It takes time to dress up again" she whispered.

She then pulled me towards her and kissed me and pulled my shorts below
my waist. I quickly got rid of those along with my underwear. I pulled
my T-shirt over my head and totally bared myself. She again pulled me
towards her and moved her palms over my shoulders my chest and my

"Wow Rohan you are so strong" she whispered and pulled me over her. She
put her arms around my back and pressed me hard against her.

"Shhhhhh aaaaahhhh Rohaaaaannnn" she moaned in a low voice.

My dick was paining now as it had gathered blood from all parts of my
body. My mom was holding me tight against her, moaning, twisting and
turning in the bed. Suddenly she released her hands and bend her legs
in the knee. She then raised her bottom and pulled her sari and
petticoat above her waist.

My heart began to pound frantically as my mom was now asking me to
enter her. The very thought of entering her was driving me crazy. She
was filled with lust and was breathing heavily. I lowered myself over
her. She quickly put her arms around my back and pulled me tightly over

"Do it Rohan" she whispered and spread her legs.

I wanted to remove her panty so I lay my hands over her waist trying to locate it. She was not wearing any panty.

"I have already removed it before coming here." She whispered in my ear.

So my mom was determined to do this. This somewhat eased my hesitation.
I placed my dick in between her legs. She quickly placed it on the
entrance of her pussy by holding it in one hand and parting her pussy
lips by the fingers of other hand.

"Come Rohan get inside your ma's body" she whispered in my ear.

I slowly pushed my dick inside her moist pussy.

"Ohh maaa" I moaned with pleasure.

"Ssssss Aaaaaahhhhhh" My mom moaned as I went in.

I began to move in and out of her pussy. She would raise her waist with
my every forward movement. She was moaning with pleasure and I was too
excited to see my mom moaning with my dick inside her. We were both
breathing heavily and our hearts were pounding as never before. Her
pussy was now wet and soapy and yet is was giving my dick a tight and
cosy embrace. Our churned love juices were flowing out of her pussy
wetting my balls.

"Rohan faster Rohan" she said in a hoarse voice.

I increased my rhythm. She seemed to enjoy that. I could see the
pleasure on her face. Her eyes were closed and she was clasping the bed
sheet in her hands.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh Ssssssssshhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhh"she moaned.

"Ohhh maaa it feels so good Ssssshhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhhh"

I was now moving frantically between her legs. Her breasts were swaying
up and down trying to get out of her blouse. My bed was cracking
creating small sounds. Her glass bangles were colliding against each
other creating a sound 'cling-cling-cling' All these things were
advertising what we were doing. But fortunately the door was closed and
the noise generated was also not too loud.

"Aaaahhhhh Rohan Sssshhhh Aaaahhhh" she spread her legs wide apart while moaning.

"Ma I can't hold ma Sssshhhh Aaaahhhh."

"Rohaaaaan I am Coming Rohan Ssssssshhhh Aaaahhhhhh"

"Ohhh maaaaa ssssssssshhhh Agghhhhhhhhhhh"

I came shooting my semen inside her.

"Aaaiiiighhhhhhh Ssssssshhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" she screamed in a very low voice.

She arched her back, raised her waist forcing her pussy towards my
dick. Waves after waves of ecstasy ran through our bodies. She champed
her legs against my bottom pressing me deep inside her. Her pussy was
pulsating and so was my dick. I was still spraying inside her pussy and
her pussy was happily accepting the filling. I lay on top of her. Her
eyes were closed and face clearly showed the pleasure. We were in that
position for some time. After a while she opened her eyes and kissed me

"Wow Rohan that was mind blowing"

"For me too ma. In fact this is my first time."

"Oh dear you have to wait for this so long" she giggled.

"Ma you are fantastic"

"You are a good lover honey" she said.

"You too ma."

"Wow Rohan after four long years I finally got what I wanted" and she kissed me. She looked satisfied and relaxed.

"I never had such an orgasm before" she said

"Ma this is not the first and last time?" I asked her.

"No honey I will sneak in whenever I can." She smiled

"Wow ma that's great." I whispered and kissed her.

"Ok honey I should go now before your father wakes up and finds out"

"Ok ma." And I pulled out of her.

She immediately went out of my bedroom and rushed towards the bathroom.
I watched her beautiful bottom sway as she walked out. I was in heaven,
still lying naked on the bed. My fantasy had become a reality. Till it
happened I have never imagined it will happen.
white wolf

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nice story, repped you. keep coming back with new stories

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Originally Posted by pkmar View Post
thank u
white wolf

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In a bus with Mom & Sis
Dear Readers -- Thank you for your encouragement & support.
Please note that there are no minors or underage in this story -- All characters are adults. If felt otherwise, is purely mistaken.
Let me introduce my 4-member family beginning with my mom:
My mom had a voluptuous body. She carried it in such a way that it did notfeel so. It was when she ran that, the jiggling of her breast surprised all. The clashes of her boobs threatened to put her off balance. She always wore a tight bra and loose dress to discard her figure. She hated her voluptuous body and went to gym daily but that only made her figure more voluptuous as her waist trimmed. She could not trim her boobs and butt. She always wore jeans and top but on occasions like today, she would wear saree`s.
The second member of our family and the last woman -- my sister, on the other hand was a slim beauty. She had just celebrated her 24th birthday but still looked like a new entrant to college because of her perfect shape. Her eyes made her sexy. It was what you call 'The eyes of a deer'. Her slimness, sensual eyes and loose hair made her just luscious.She always wore skirts. Her favouritewas jeans skirt above her knees, flaunting her shapely thighs.
My father was an active person with an athlete body and handsome. Even now, women found him attractive. He always had a smile in his face, eager to give a helping hand. I had heard he was a great womanizer in his youthful days but I never saw himtake any advantage or flirt with any girls. This naturally put pressure on me to be like him but I was a shy person and tend to move away from parties and women. My father worked abroad and we saw him once in 6 months.
I was a contrast to my family of handsome and beauties. I was what you would call a plump man. I loved exercise but I loved food more. I had girlfriends thanks to my cute face butnot yet in a relation.
The bus was usually empty but todaysome kind of political procession wasjust over and all the buses were full. We got in with our loads of bag and the conductor protested. In the end, we had no choice but to haul all our bags on the rooftop of the bus. Mom moved to the women's seat and demanded the seat. There was a huge laughter as if mom had just saida joke. Even some of the women in the bus were smiling. After a lot of persuasion, no one minded or moved. Subsequently she became silent as the conductor asked her to travel standing or get out.
City rules and village rules are same but city is a city and village after all isa village. In a village, men are always powerful and women the silent victim. The silent victim of the city would turn bold automatically to survive but in the village, the womenhardly leave the four walls. Even if they do and any problem occurs, theyblame would be on them even if theydid not do anything. It would take many years for our village culture to change or maybe it never will.
We continued our trip with the women standing and the strong mensitting in luxury. There were around six women in all including my mom and sister. All of them were rag and bones. Compared to them my mom and sis looked like a queen and princess in between beggars. No, wonder because most of the women who attended the procession in villages were the poorest of poor. They attended because they would get Rs. 100 and a meal along with free transportation, which meant one women in between 25 men. No one troubled them for two reasons --
1) They were party members and would face the wrath of party leaders if they complained.
2) They were rags and bones -- you would not feel to touch them, even if they allowed.
It was no surprise therefore that the hands swayed near them. At first mom just ignored, but they kept on coming. Slowly she began to wade it off. It was practically impossible since the bus entwined in its own path. The road was full of holes and cracks. It was more like an amusement park ride -- sometimes moving up and down and other times steeply sideways. Mom was having a hard time trying to keep herbalance and hold on to the bar -- the flanking hand were more a nuisance than threat -- and above all the bus was full.
Slowly the men near her who flankedtheir hands began to place their hands on her boldly. With great difficulty, she pushed off their hands, giving a hard stare but all was in vain. As the bus moved through the difficult road of humps and perforation, she was tossed around. Wherever she moved, her body touched someone. The farther she moved from someone, the more nearshe came to someone else. It was only a matter of time; the resting hand began to squeeze her ass. One of them gripped her saree with his fingers and slowly crumpled it into his hand slowly in such a way that her saree was hoisted up slowly like the curtain screen of a theatre. He slowly pulled up her saree to show her thighs. I looked at sis. The rush had divided us into different directions. She was in the opposite direction of mom. She was cornered but none seemed to be troubling her.Mom seemed the one in deep trouble. I decided to rescue her and swam my way to her in midst of the angry exclamations. I stood behind her like a protector keeping the hands away from her. It seemed to have succeeded as the hands around her subsided. I looked at sis once again. She had a seat, thanks to an old man who got up for her. Everything seemed ok in this turmoil,but how long can you keep the wolves away from its prey. I got the answer soon.
The hands started sneaking back but this time it was for me. Someone was rubbing my pant and trying to open my zip. Taken aback, I tried to push away the hand but the zigzag movement of the bus was making it difficult for me to push it off. I understood and wondered how mom managed. I was busy wading off the hand on me that I did not notice the hand crumpling my mom'ssaree. He had lifted above her thighs and now her panties were visible. All were enjoying the sight. Moms discomfort added pleasure to the perverts. It was just a casual look to see if mom was all right that made me stare at her ass. The panties werenow very clear. The panties did not cover the whole of my mom's ass. Her as cheeks were out. A person sitting had his fingers on the band of her panties. I wanted to stop him butsomething held me back. I watched as if seeing the end of a suspense film. He was slowly tugging her panties down with every sudden move or jolt of the bus. I think that, since he did it on the movement of the bus, mom was unaware of the situation. I watched fascinated as thepanties were guided down slowly. The panties had reached the end of her ass cheek. Her ass was now out naked for all to see. Suddenly the bus stopped and all stomped forward. The show was over as they lost hold on her. I regained my concise and stood behind her staring at others.
Slowly the bus began to move again. The memory of my mom's ass cheeksout paraded in my mind and I felt myself aroused. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling on my dick. I looked horrified to see that someone had put my dick out. In the grope watch of my mom, I had not noticed the adventure on me. I quickly moved away and found my dick smash into something soft -- too soft. Quickly I turned and found that I had jammed on my mother's ass. I tried to move but I was jammed. To my embarrassment, I found my dick rising as it stayed there. I tried to control myself by not moving and thinking something else but the movement in the bus was making it worse.
I tried to look at sis. Sis was sitting inthe side. The old man who had moved for her to sit, was standing beside her. At first sight, it seemed harmless but on close look, I found the old man leaning on her. He had a hardon and was pushing it under her arms. She was holding her arm tightly and it seemed that the old man was trying to place his hard on in between her arm and boob. You could say he was arm fucking her.
Suddenly I felt a soft push on my dick. Someone had raised her saree again and now her naked ass was jammed on my dick. The naked dick of a son was touching the naked ass cheek of mother -- 'TABOO' - I thought in mind. The thought itself seemed to ignite my lust. The more I tried to avoid the situation the worseit was getting. My wriggling to escape ended in my dick rubbing on her ass. Mom was surprised, turned around to see the molester, and was astonished to see me. I smiled an awkward smile. It was when my naked dick touched her ass that she realized that her dress was hoisted up.
"Move to the other side Varun," she said adjusting her dress.
"I am trying," I said and tried to move but no one was giving me the way even though I tried hard.
The movement in the bus was making it worse. I felt my dick grow stronger and sterner. I could feel the pain of eroticism. Unknowingly I pushed my dick on her soft ass. Below many hands were roaming. She wriggled as someone squeezed her ass. Two guy`s came near her. She was holding the upper bar with both her hands. They started squeezing her hands as if to signal their interest to her but actually, that was not their motivation. Suddenly they held her hand tight making it impossible for her to withdraw her hands from their clutches. I did not understand at first and thought it was just their kinky or fetish behaviours to squeeze her hand. However, the person who had skilfully brought her panties down was getting busy. He was adroitly loosening her saree. The part that they fold it and put it on the string of the underskirt to get a grip, was slowly being pulled out as she struggled with her hands on the bar with the two guy`s. In her fight with them, she did not feel his pull. She was shouting to let go of her hands. They still held on until the artists work was done. It was incredibly cool if it had not been my mother. I have heard the villagers use to do such a tricks on virgin while deflowering her.
Deflowering is a painful process for some as the membrane tears and blood flows. Some of the virgins are too tight or afraid. Therefore, even with use of Vaseline, the pain increases, automatically the reflex causes them to tighten the vaginal muscles making it hard for a dick to enter. At this moment, they slap her -- usually on the face or pinch them to distract them. This takes their attention away from the vagina and concentrates on the pained area giving ample chance to enter and deflower her.
The same process applied here. Mom fought for her release of hand. She was looking up, giving sufficient chance for the man below to do his work. Her saree was undone and they released her hand. She shouted at them saying they did not know how to behave towards a woman. The men just kept silent and smiled sheepishly. She stood there with her saree loosened and slowly toppling down. I watched the saree tumble down exposing the side of her underskirt. She had worn the old type of underskirt with knot on the side. Someone pulled the knot. I looked startled but nothing happened, then suddenly the whole set collapsed. Mom must have felt thelooseness as she brought her hand suddenly to her stomach but it was beyond her. She stood now in her blouse and panties. A 'yelp' sound escaped her lips as she frantically tried to get the dress. As she tried to grab under, her ass was pushing hardon my dick. Sometimes she would slide down to get her dress and that time her ass would slide on my dick, but whatever she tried, she couldn't get her dress, lying at her feet because of the rush and bus movement. She seemed worried and looked around but no one seemed to notice it. My dick was still hanging out. Even though I was tricked and blamed others for putting my dick out, no one was stopping me from putting it in -- yet I did not do anything. Mechanically I was beginning to enjoy. I knew this was the one time; I could jack my mom and get away with it. I may never get to fuck her but rubbing my dick on her naked ass was equivalent to fuck for me. I looked if my sister was looking and got stunned.
It was true that sister had a seat and she must have been thankful to the old man for giving her the seat but now she was bearing the burden of thanks. The old man was standing nearby. He was pushing his dick thru his dhoti pants on her shoulders but she could feel the image of the dick on her shoulder in her mind. She triedto lean forward but then the old manwould also move forward. Not wanting to create any scene, she sat there petrified. The old man was enjoying his unforeseen moment. He got bolder and now had gone lower trying to push himself on her side boobs. Seeing she was not making any movement, he slowly moved his dhoti aside and let his dick free. Like a wriggling snake, it thrust out. He was trying to push his dick under herarm. She held her arm tighter as he forced his dick between her boobs and hand. This view only made me hornier and I found my dick hardens.
I slowly put my hand on her panties and as if by magic, it lowered. At first, I thought mom had lowered it but when I looked sideways, the person sitting was smiling at me and raised a thumb for good luck. I wondered if he knew this was my mother but by the look of his face, incest would only make him happier. I smiled back as mom began to wriggle. She was trying to pull up herpanties but it was not coming up. Herpanties held at both sides, she was getting infuriated. Abruptly I was pushed to a side and a person stood behind her. He was around six feet and he had a matching dick to go along. I watched him take his dick, which hung out of his palm. He opened his legs and with one plunge had his dick in between mom`s thighs. She had not known the change of person behind her. As the dick wriggled between her thighs, she turned around angry to scold me and then saw this tall person. She shouted and tried to push him away. Until now the people around, shielded her from public view and she thought no one knew that her dress was down. The sudden changessuddenly found her in between a rape and gangbang. It was as if the same shade was attacking her. She began shouting loudly. Someone gagged her with a towel. Half of the towel still hung out of her mouth. Her hands held at two ends, the tall person guided his dick into her pussy.I could see that he had found the spotas I found mom go rigid.
I began to hear giggles and hooting from behind as the tall man began his thrust, and she was moving up and down. The way she bounced up and down made me smile. It certainly looked funny however; to all men it was lustful. The women knew there was something going behind them. Some of them giggled while others tried hard not to look back. Moms blouse was ripped off. Her bra was pulled up, reliving her large melons. The men began to grab at her boobs and squeeze her nipples.Her hand was led to the other men's dick. She clutched her hand but it was opened and forced to hold their dicks. The tall man withdrew giving entry to the next in line. The next in line was a fat man with a big tummy.He tried the tall man`s way of entering her pussy but was not having that much of success. He soon turned his attention to her ass. He squeezed them then opened her ass-cheeks and inserted his finger. She shook her ass awkwardly as he rotated his finger. He began to move his fingers in all sides as if he was expanding her asshole. Then he began to finger fuck her ass in great speed pushing her over to the front. Another person came in front. He undid his pants and inserted his dick quickly. He seemed like he would notbe able to hold longer. As expected his thrust was short lived. After quicksessions of some, came the conductor. He licked his lips and gleesat her.
Meanwhile I looked at sis. The old man was now openly poking his dickon her. Suddenly he held his dick on her shoulder and shivered as he came. Sis did not expect him to cum so openly. She jumped up as his cum hit on her face. The rest of cum spat on her dress and flowed to the seat. Some of the onlookers laughed aloud.She tried to move away but another person came up and made her forcibly to sit down. She was made to sit on the cum as he grabbed her boobs. He pulled opened her shirts to reveal her wonderful round boobs. Unlike mom`s her boobs looked like apples. The person squeezed them. Her boobs were sucked up in his hands. He opened his pants, took out his dick, and pressed it on her face. She moved her head. He turned her head towards him, forcibly led his dick to her lips, rubbed on them and then pushed his dick in. Her mouth opened to let in his cock. Holding her head he began fucking her mouth. I heard a gargle noise and saw cum splattering from her mouth. He released her and she soon got up, wiping her face. She moved away from the seat and another person sat there. He turned towards her and pulled down her jeans skirt. There were was a 'wow' expression from all including me. She had worn a thong today with silver and gold butterfly on the front. It looked like abutterfly on her pussy, sucking the nectar while its tail went into her asshole. Her ass cheeks were seen clearly. Except a string on her ass crack, her whole ass was naked. It really felt beautiful. He squeezed her ass as she tried to pull up her skirt. The strong hands on her naked virginass really made her uncomfortable.
I was sure she was a virgin. I had heard her boyfriend saying she would not let him touch her. She had a steady boyfriend -- Saju Joseph - other than him, I never saw her with anyone. Saju Joseph was well built and looked more like a thug than a college boy look.
The people behind her grabbed her ass without a shame. Some even grabbing the hand on her ass. Startled, she pushed off all the hands and bent to pull up her jeans skirt. It was a bad mistake -- especially whenyou are wearing a thong. The moment she bends, someone pulled aside the string of thong on her ass, inserting his dick into her pussy. She jumped up but of no use. They had seen her destination and reached the gates. She tried pushing him off and tried to hold her gate but the push was great. I found her rise up with an Ooh shout. With the dick in, the person was humping her like a stray dog. I had never seen anyone fuck a woman so fast. It looked like he was shaking her.
"No, noo, release ....."
"Yeah, I am releasing," he said as he steadied himself and pushed his dick fully until the hilt shooting a massive cumload. Her face froze as she felt thewarm liquid in her pussy. He gave two more quick repulsive thrust and pulled back. Another person jumped in and made her bend. The person sitting pulled his dick out as he saw her bending and pushed her head to his dick. Disgusted she tried to pull back but two persons wanted her head down -- one who was fingeringher ass and the other who wanted his dick in her mouth. As she protested, he moved his dick up to her mouth and held her dick. The person behind her had finished his finger fuck. He licked the finger he had inserted in her ass and then spit on his finger and pushed the spit intoher asshole for lubrication. Taking hisdick, he circled her asshole and pushed slowly. All three of them were working like machines -- when one ball hit her ass, she would fall on another ball. When one dick pressurised her ass, the other pressurised her mouth. She could not move forward or backward -- both held dick for her. She stood in middle but of no use as both dicks began to sneak forward. The ass fucker slowly got his dick in her ass. Her eyes were bulging as his monstrous dick penetrated her virgin ass. She could not scream as another dick invaded her mouth. Her mouth fucker was thoroughly enjoying. He pulled his foreskin down and let her suck, then again pulled it back and made her suck. Her ass fucker too was enjoyingher ass. His face was full of glee. He looked proudly at others showing hand signs that her ass was great to fuck. He slowly pushed it in then pulled back until his dick was almost out then again rammed in and again continued the process.
white wolf

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Seeing all this was making me horny,I slowly pushed forward. It seemed everyone forgot that I was her son. As I tried to move forward, I was pushed back. I felt like I was in a queue in a theatre ticket counter. Even as I pushed to reach sis, I found myself near mom. Hurriedly I took out my dick and pushed it towards her ass. I thought it was an easy process but try as hard as I could, my dick would not enter my mom's ass. The more I tried, the more I was rejected. I licked her asshole with mytongue then slid my dick into her pussy. It went in smoothly. I felt a tingle pass thru my vein as I realized I was in my mom's pussy -- the same pussy I had widened to come out to this world and now the same pussy, Ihad widened to reach a new world. Holding her ass, I banged my dick to her pussy. My balls began to smack her. I grabbed her boobs and felt the softness -- the same boobs I had sucked when I was a child but now itwas a lustful object to me. I squeezedher nipples, hoping that some milk would flow off. Someone was already pulling me off from her but I held on until I felt my eyes swoon and I exploded in her -- my contribution to her pussy -- the same way my father had done. I waited until the last of the cum oozed off mydick, then pulled it out and rubbed it on her asshole. As soon as I pulled outmy dick, I was pulled from all sides for the next person to enter.
My body felt tired yet my mind dissuaded me to stop. I felt my dick rising again as I saw my sister surrounded by men grabbing her all over. One of the men was lying downand she was on him. He was fucking her pussy while another one was in her ass. She looked like a part of the clock machine. The thrust from the dick in her pussy, below would makeher rise little, then the person in her ass would thrust forward -- this would propel her mouth to the next dick and then she will sit down to continue the process -- tick tock -- tick tock. In between there were others grabbing her boobs, hair, thighs, calf and even her nose. All trying to get the woman effect on them. I watched the game making me horny again and lightning up for the next fuck.
After some time I moved to my sis. I reached her mouth and put my dick in. She did not realize at first whose dick was in her mouth but when she looked up, she realized and tried to move away. The person fucking her ass was holding her head by the hair and I was pushing my dick deeper, giving no chance for her to pull away.My dick in her mouth was energizing me and I felt my dick grow. I let her suck my dick for some time then moved behind her waiting to get a chance on her ass. I wanted to fuck an ass and who better than my younger sister! I waited patiently for the man fucking her ass to move and then climbed in. Squeezing butt, I widened her ass cheeks. Looking lovingly at her pink asshole, I fingered it. She began to squeak. I put my thumb in and rotated. Havingput my thumb in her anal, I was confident that I could put my dick in. I removed my thumb after some more pushes then slowly led my dick and pushed. Again, I found it tight. It was not as easy for a dick to enter as a thumb could. I tried widening her asshole and pushed yet it was tight. Ilet my dick dangle on her asshole andgrabbed her boobs. I squeezed her nipples and pulled them as if milking her boobs. I continued my push but still it averted.
Then suddenly the person in front of her changed. The new comer looked like a Malayalee Negro. He seemed gigantic with his head touching the roof even though he was bending. His dick was long and huge putting my dick to shame. He brought the tipof his dick to her lips then slowly pushed in. Half the way itself, her mouth was full. She began to push back as he moved forward choking her. In her urgency to avoid chocking she forgot all about her ass fucker -- that is me. I was still pushing my dickon her asshole with no hope of entry when this Negro started banging my sister's mouth. She suddenly jumped back the same moment I pushed forward. Surprising her and me, my dick slides in like a knife on butter. The sudden pain in her ass made her move forward making her take his dick fully in her mouth. I heard her gargling sound as I felt the dick enterher throat. Both of us together beganto push without caring of her discomfort. I felt my dick devour her ass. I pushed my dick deep and held it, then rotated my dick in her ass without moving my body. I felt my dick touch her clit and round. Her ass was tight and her asshole was clutching my dick and squeezing. It was like a piece of butter milking mydick. The pleasure of my sister's ass was much more than the pussy of mymother. She was choking in betweenas the Negro pushed his dick deeper in her throat and I rammed her ass. Soon the Negro erupted in her mouth. It was as if a tap opened and the cum overflowed from her mouth.She was all coughing as he moved and she was drowned in his cum. I held on her boobs while she was in her uncomfortable stage and chargedat her ass. She tried to stop my dick from ramming her ass by holding back my hip but I did not care. I kept on fucking her ass.
Many more came over her, some in her pussy some on her body and some on her face but I still kept humping her ass. The cum in my mom's pussy was delaying my cum into my sisters ass. After a long time, I felt the eruption come and exploded in her ass. Her ass hole had turned red and throbbing as I mercilessly fucked her ass. I held the skin of my dick and felt the foreskin in her ass pull back. I let my dick leap deeper with the foreskin pulled back feeling the softness of her ass as I sprayed my cum into my sisters ass. Ifelt the cum flow would never stop as it oozed out through the tiny hole of my dick. I enjoyed the torture of my cum oozing out of my dick slowlyinto her ass.
After some time I fell off her in a dizzy stage and moved aside giving space to the other people in line. I satthere with my dick still hanging out wondering when this wonderful journey would end or begin again????
white wolf

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more updates r coming plz give me feed back
white wolf

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