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Old 8th May 2013
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Old 9th May 2013
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Sailaja lifted the cell phone and asked ‘who is this?’, as it is a new number. After a moment of silence, that person replied to her, ‘baby, it is me your mom’.

Sailaja: mom is it you, I am very happy that you called me. How are you mom?

Sulochana: (in depressing voice) I am fine dear.

Sailaja: how is munna? Is he speaking words? How is divya? How did you celebrate her birthday?

Sulochana: munna is uttering few words. Divya birthday celebrated very grand. Kahdir too blessed her.

Sailaja wept uncontrollably, for not being able to see them. After a while, both controlled themselves. Then,

Sulochana: dear shall I ask you something, do you reveal the fact?

Sailaja: why are you asking me like that mom, i won’t lie this time to you, whatever it may be. I promise.

Sulochana: (after a long pause) sailaja ……WHO IS THE FATHER OF DIVYA?

Sailaja shocked) wh….why…..why…..whuy…………. are you ……..asking like that mom, don’t you know ………..it is………. Ku….ma...r, kumar is divya’s father.

Sulochana: sailaja, you promised me to reveal the fact. I am asking about divya’s biological father.

Sailaja: but…………but……………why are you asking me like this mom.

Sulochana: baby, I have seen everything, I just want to hear it from you.

Sailaja: seen……….you have seen…………….it…………..but …………..but ……..he…….he……….. said that………….. it is…………..already

Sulochana: No……….dear……………..he ………….didn’t......he lied to you.

Then, Sailaja burst into tears and wept heavily for some time. Later in between her whimpering, she tried to repeat the same, in inconvincible manner.

Sulochana: I know everything sailaja. Just I want hear it from your mouth. Please reveal the truth.

Sailaja: yes mom I will reveal the fact. Its…….it is……DA….D………., mom, your………your………. husband…………….yers…………. Dad is the real father of my first child divya.

Sulochana: I know ……………….iknow it sailaja, but………….how was this happened sailaja?

Sailaja: No mom, it’s not my fault, he seduced me and what can I do mom, I was a child then. Before I
could realize what is going on, everything is over mom. I remained helpless.

Sulochana: I can understand you sailaja, that bastard has recorded everything with his video camera.

I found that memory card. I have seen everything in video. So, this is the reason why divya born mentally retarded, because she was a incestuous child. Sailaja, me and my husband has betrayed you so much, could you please forgive me.

Sailaja: No mom, what can you possibly do anything, because, I didn’t inform to you anything about it. I am really scared mom. He lied to me that he destroyed the memory card. Mom, please take care of divya, she is innocent girl(burst into tears).

Sulochana: No sailaja, I have done an unforgivable mistake. Every mom should be so careful and vigilant on their children, especially with daughters , so that no evil eye falls on them. Don’t worry about divya, now she is more of my responsibility than yours. (Heavily sighed) …………….So, sailaja we are living as co-wives from the begining.

Sailaja layed on bed with hard feeling and started recollecting everything happened before 18 years, when she is just entered into teen age………

….FLASH BACK ------------------------FLASH BACK------------------------FLASH BACK-------------

Mohan is a handsome man, a small employee in the Bombay dockyard. Sulochana is his beautiful wife and a yoga instructor. Their one and only daughter, her name is sailaja.

Once, a foreigner gifted Mohan with a video camera, which is still not entered into Indian markets by that time.

Sailaja turned into a beautiful girl; she is in 10th standard now. Her mother, Sulochana’s new friends used to get confused that sailaja as her sister. They used to get surprised knowing that she is her daughter.

It is all started one day when another foreigner gifted him some European incest x movies cd’s package. He secretly watched a Spanish movie cd, in which a father seduces his own daughter and enjoys her without going to notice of his wife. That is the first time when he known that (incest) type of movies. At first, he hated the movie, but later he watched one after the other all the 20 movies, which are completely incest themed. Slowly, he started liking those movies and watched those again and again like a pervert. His mind is completely filled with those love making scenes between dad and daughter.

In this condition, he started eyeing sailaja. One fine morning, sailaja is still sleeping in her room. Her dress is untangled exposing her cleavage and her smooth, milky calves. Her round ass reminded him the girl’s ass in the movie. He felt guilty for watching her like that. Then he got video camera, gifted by foreigner. He found sailaja too hot. Mohan started fantasizing him and sailaja, in the movie he watched.

Next day, he shot sailaja while sleeping in different angles, later he watched it again and again like a pervert.

Sulochana, who remains in kitchen by that time, is unaware of all this happening. Then he secretly arranged the video camera in her bedroom focusing the dressing table, where she usually changes her cloths after taking bath. Sailaja came from bathroom started removing cloths. She didn’t show much of her skin while changing.

Next day, he arranged camera cell in a shelf of bathroom and concealed it with cloths, focusing the camera. Later he took the video camera from bathroom, when she left the bathroom. He opened videos and wondered at her beauty. She is 5.4 ft in height, with fair body complexion. She is having perfect shapes and sizes. Her melons are fully grown; her navel is narrow, with deep belly button. Her ass cheeks are so sexy. Her boobs are shaking to her movements, while taking bath. That night, he fkd sulochana ferociously, fantasizing sailaja.

Next day morning, while sailaja is still sleeping, he touched her calves, shoulders and cheeks. He kept his hands on her bum and squeezed her ass cheeks. Another time, while she is studying alone in her room, mohan sat beside her and wrapped his hand around her shoulder. He tried to watch her tits through her blouse gap.

One day sulochana left to her mother’s house, leaving sailaja alone in house, due to her exams. Mohan in his bedroom is watching incest movie, which is full of fkg scenes. He left movie running intentionally, gone outside and started chatting with his neighbor. Sailaja went into the room to switch off the tv and stunned to see fkg scene. By that time, she only heard about fkg from their friends. After a while, mohan returned knowing that sailaja is watching the movie. He approached her silently and kept his hand on her shoulders. Sailaja got startled and left the place with a mixed feeling of disgust and nervousness. That night she slept in her room closing windows and bolting the door, she got afraid of her dad. Next day, she hardly spoke to her dad and soon left to school. But she got disturbed - with the scenes she watched, she is not able to forget. Her lips are shivering due to anxiety. In the school too, she is not able to behave normally with her friends like before.

She returned home, prepared dinner and arranged it on dining table, passively. She is very nervous before mohan. She spoke a very few words with mohan and dined separately in the kitchen. Sailaja got confused due to her anxiety and strange inside feelings of her. She dropped vessels many times with anxiety. She is wishing that her mom could return soon. Mohan noticed that she is in very vulnerable condition and that is the right time to fulfill his desire. Mohan is thinking about sailaja, he is not able to sleep with her thoughts. Her naked body that he seen on video making him very horny. He came out and looked at her room curiously. He found that the bulb is still on, in her room. He approached the door and tried to knock it, but to his surprise it is unbolted. Sailaja got exhausted and gone asleep, while reading and forgot to bolt the door, which she should not have done.

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Old 10th May 2013
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Old 10th May 2013
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we dont like that part of sex with mentaly retarded child.u can show shailajas sis and her daughter who is not retarded.show religious clashes between hubby and wife and then wife submitting calmly.its good.but dnt show it wth retarded child.plzzz...plzzz.i m great fan of urs plz dnt get itrong.thnxx

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Old 10th May 2013
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They have a daughter (8 yrs) who is studying in the school for mentally retarded children
Mention of age of u/a characters is strict no no, so please edit that part suitably.

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Old 11th May 2013
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Mohan entered her room and bolted the door and closed all the windows. She is sleeping with her night dress, with books in her hand and on bed. Mohan removed all her books from bed. He fixed video camera focusing the bed and switched it on. Then he approached her, touched her feet. Sailaja is in deep sleep.

Mohan slowly raised her night dress from below. He found her panty; he brushed her thigh lightly and touched her navel. Suddenly, Sailaja opened her eyes, she found her dad very close to her face. She got scared very much. Sailaja turned her face to other side. Mohan touched her neck and moved his hand to her chin and lips. He brushed her lips with his index finger. Sailaja body shivered with a strange feeling. Her body wants to get pacified.

She realized what he is going to do. In a helpless condition, like a goat which trusts butcher, she hugged him ducking her face on his chest. Mohan felt relief that his work has became much easier than he thought.

Mohan slowly lifted her head, holding her chin; she is closing her eyes tightly. Mohan looked at her beautiful face and lips for a moment. Then he kissed her lips passionately and slowly got opened her mouth and started French ksg. While ksg, he started fondling her navel, ass cheeks, back, shoulders and neck. After 2 minutes, he stopped ksg and watched her beautiful face. She is shivering with anxiety and her teenage body is seeking something more.

Mohan steadily started unhooking her night dress. Sailaja kept simply whimpering, which could not change the mind of her dad. Mohan slid her dress from her shoulders; it dropped around her feet like a heap. She is in bra and panty. Mohan kisd her once again passionately while fondling her back, navel and ass cheeks. His fingers unhooked her bra and removed from her body.

Sailaja tried to cover her boobs with both hands. Mohan removed her hands, cupped her boobs, hugged and kisd her mouth once again sucking all her saliva. Then he dropped his head, licking to her chin, neck and finally reached her boobs of 30” size. He is sucking her boobs making sounds like a hungry dog. Sailaja started moaning sweetly. Soon her boobs became wet with his saliva.

Then he lifted her into his arms and placed on bed. Then hurriedly he removed his shirt, banian and lungi. Now he is with underwear only. He laid close besides sailaja. She covered her face with his hands. Mohan moved to her feet and started ksg her toes, calves, knees, thighs and finally reached her groin. He pressed his face to her puy, it was already wet. Then he ksd her abdomen, liked her navel, belly button and rose to her boobs. Then he mounted himself on her, removed her hands from her face and started ksg her nose, eyes, ears, cheeks and dropped to her beautiful lips. Sailaja is sobbing feebly. After a while, he rose on his knees and moved to her feet. He held the edges of her panty and in one pull; he dragged her panty up to her feet, removed from her body and tossed it.

Sailaja quickly closed her groin with her hands. Mohan removed her both hands and saw her virgin puy, whose seal he is going to be opened by him. Her puy is with thin brown hair. Her puy lips are intact, as she is virgin. She is tightly closing her thighs. Mohan held her both feet and widened her thighs. Then he moved in between her thighs. He kept his finger into her puy and found it is wet. When he withdrew his finger, he found it sticky, stretching into strings. He kept her puy lips open, with his both hands and dipped his head keeping his mouth into her puy. Sailaja moaned bigger and arched her body like a bow. Mohan closed her mouth with his right hand and remained busy in eating her puy. He is licking and sucking her puy like a hungry dog. Sailaja is convoluting, holding her head with both hands. Now and then she is trying to push his head away. Then mohan folded her thighs, raising her buttocks, so that her puy faces the ceiling. He continued in licking her puy deeper and tongue fkg her puy. Then he also licked her ass hole too.

Mohan stood on the bed and quickly removed his underwear. Sailaja for the first time saw the man’s cock. Her eyes got widen, looking at his strong and healthy cock. Mohan mounted himself on sailaja’s body, he passionately ksd all over her body once again. His cock is touching her thighs, it is warm. He once again sucked her boobs with lust. Then he held his cock with his right hand and kept its tip at the entrance of her puy hole. He rubbed vertical cleavage with his cocks tip many times. Then holding his breath, he pushed his cock into her puy hole. He is not succeeded and tried once again. Sailaja is weeping loud and pushing him by his chest. Then he spat in to his hands and applied saliva to his cock, and widened her puy lips and spat into her puy hole. Mohan held her both wrists with his left hand and pinned above her head. He widened her thighs and lifted her left leg and kept on his shoulder. Then he kept his penis at her puy entrance and plunged forward with force, half of his cock entered her puy. She cried with pain. He closed her mouth with his and thrust his pelvis into her again and again. Sailaja cried with pain, now his cock got fully accommodated in her vagina. Mohan showered kss allover her face and bitten her cheeks, shoulders and nipples with lust. Then he started moving in and out. Sailaja is tilting her head to right and left due to pain. Mohan got on his knees and wraped her both legs around his waist and on support of his hands, he started fkg her.

After a while, sailaja stopped crying as she started feeling pleasure instead of pain. Sailaja felt that though she doesn’t like it, her body need is getting fulfilled. Sailaja is now receiving mohan’s every thrust with her back thrust. She hugged him very tight; her nails are stinging into mohan’s back. But he is not caring for that pain, it is nothing compare to the pleasure he is having, by nailing her. She understood that it was that pleasure, what she needed. Mohan pounded her almost 20 minutes by holding himself from cumming early. Later mohan groaned heavily and started releasing streaks of his thick, hot cum into sailaja’s vagina. Sailaja too came by the same time. Mohan collapsed on her completely and laid on her for sometime. Later sailaja felt that he is heavy, so she tried to push him. Then mohan rolled over her and both slept relaxingly for 30 minutes. Then mohan pulled her closure and started caressing her body, saying

Mohan: “oh, dear it was wonderful isn’t it?”

Sailaja: “But what if mom knows about this”.

Mohan: “how can she possibly know? Who will inform her?”

Sailaja: “but I am scared”.
Mohan took her into his embrace.

Mohan: trust me dear, nothing can separate us. I can take care of everything. Be happy. (ksd)

Sailaja: but isn’t it sin? What we have done?

Mohan: oh don’t talk about that now and ever.

Later she walked into bathroom, while mohan watching her naked body lecherously. Mohan looked at his penis and found blood stains on it. That is the virginal blood of sailaja. He felt very satisfactory, that he took her cherry. Sailaja found blood mixed with cum from her puy. She passed a jet of water into her puy and washed with soap. But she couldn’t walk properly, because of pain as mohan’s cock ripped her puy. That night mohan almost forced her to fuck her once again. At early morning, mohan left to bazaar and brought some pills, which are contraceptive. Sailaja voluntarily gulped it.

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I agree... Nice story. Just read,enjoy...that's it

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Loved ur story very much,want more inter religious sex,it adds spice to the story

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Next day, sulochana returned to home. She is not able to suspect anything.Things again became normal; sailaja is going her college and mohan to his duty. Mohan took his both women (wife and daughter) and bought gold necklaces to both.

One day mohan ordered sailaja to keep her room doors unbolt. He wants to meet her at midnight, when sulochana is in deep sleep. But sailaja strongly refused him and said that, ‘she is not going to allow him to do her again’. But mohan bluntly ordered her, that indeed she is going to keep the door unbolt.

That night sailaja is very anxious once again. On one side she doesn’t like getting fkd with his papa, on the other side her body is seeking some bodily pleasure with him. She bolted the door before going to sleep, but she didn’t able to keep stick on to her decision. The thought of secual pleasure going to have with him is making her tempt. Finally she unbolted the door, at 11.30 pm, then she gone to sleep, leaving her body as per mohan’s wish. At midnight, mohan silently entered her room and bolted the door. He found sailaja so gorgeous. He didn’t fkd sulochana that night as he wants to save his hot juice for sailaja. He quickly fixed the video camera, focusing on the bed and got undressed. His cock is already at 900. He sneaked into her blanket and ksd her passionately. Sailaja smiled at him and wrapped her hands around his neck. Soon he removed her clothes. Both ksd and sucked each other. This time mohan made sailaja to suck his cock. Then he fucked her with joy, until 4 o clock. Mohan discharged on her belly, as he knows that she is in unsafe period. Both got very tired. Mohan returned to sulochana and slept normal. That night sailaja unintentionally became a real slave to mohan’s manliness.

Next morning, sailaja is walking to college as usual. She felt that she is been followed. He is the same person, who is following her for 1 week. When she is returning to home from college, the same man came in front of her.

Kumar: Hello! My name is Kumar. Since I saw you, I am in love with you, if you are willing; I am ready to marry you.

Sailaja: (got scared) please, give me way. I don’t know who you are.

Kumar: please, think over, I will be waiting here tomorrow at 9’o clock.

Sailaja started thinking about him. He is an average looking guy, may be 2 or 3 years elder to her. But she felt nothing interested with him. Later she laughed in herself, thinking that he is proposing a girl, who already got torn her hymen with a strong cock and got fkd many times. He felt pity on him.

Next day, Kumar is waiting for her when she is passing by the same place. He started following her just besides her.

Kumar: sailaja, what is your opinion. Don’t think I am a pauper or a road side romeo. My father is a millionaire. I promise that I will keep you happy forever. I am in deep love with you.

Sailaja: in that case, please, talk to my parents. Just leave me alone.

On the same day, evening, Kumar visited Mohan’s house. He introduced himself and about his family properties to Mohan. He asked Mohan, that he wants to marry sailaja. Sailaja thought that her dad blow Kumar left and right. But strangely, he started talking with him. After some conversation, Mohan advised him to get his parents to talk about.

Sulochana with love on her daughter said,”my darling is still a small girl, isn’t it too early to get her married?” Then Mohan quickly glanced at sailaja’s tits and her face hornily, sailaja too observed him looking suddenly at her boobs. His taunting and lecherous looks are like, as if he is saying that, ‘what?!!! Small girl?!!!, is she a small girl? who got sey pair of tits not less than 32” size and who tantalizes a man with her sexy body, and can tolerate a strong man in bed all the night getting fkd, is she a small girl? No way…’ Sailaja understood his thoughts and pretending angry, she quickly covered her boobs with her dupatta.

That night, both Mohan and sulochana discussed about Kumar. Sulochana expressed her willing for their marriage. They asked opinion of sailaja. Sailaja got confused and replied that she doesn’t like Kumar. Sulochana tried to convince her.
Next day, It is Sunday, sulochana left to yoga instruction class, at early morning. Soon after, Mohan tapped the door of sailaja’s room. Sailaja opened the door with sleepy eyes. Mohan sneaked in and bolted the door. Then Mohan pulled her into his embrace and started fondling and ksg her. He moved her to cot and both fell on the bed. Then he arranged his camera near the cot. Soon mohan raised her night dress above her waist and removed her panty. Then quickly, he just lowered his pyjama just below his buttocks, he didn’t wear any underwear. He rubbed his cock, on the puy crack of sailaja and finally his cock entered wildly, splitting her puy lips apart. He started fkg her ferociously and unhooked her top to feel and enjoy her boobs. He kept sucking and fkg her for half- an-hour and cummed inside her vagina.

Later, mohan made sailaja to lay with her head on his hairy chest. Both are completely naked. Sailaja kept caressing his chest and fondling his cock. Her juicy boobs are clinching to his belly.

Mohan: honey, what did you think of Kumar?

Sailaja: I am not interested in him.

“Why not dear? He is ok and much wealthier; you can have luxury life, if you marry him”

“No, I don’t like him”

“I am asking you to just marry him. To make you happy, I am always there with you”

“What…..! You want to continue our illegal contact even after my marriage?”

“What do you think? Am I a fool to leave such a sexy, gorgeous young chick like you to that moron?”

“Is it possible, what if he knows about us?”

“He couldn’t be, trust me honey. I will fuck you until I lose my capacity, I will make you pregnant, I want to see you walking pregnant with my baby and I want to see my baby suckling your tits”

“I can’t understand you, papa”

“Look honey, I want an innocent fool who fathers our baby, so that we can enjoy fooling him and also enjoy his wealth happily”

“Papa, I am scared, do as you like”

These words of her made him so horny and with enhanced joy, he fucked sailaja in doggy style and flooded her vagina with his cum. He is recording their every sexual union on his camera.

Next day, Kumar came alone sadly, saying that their parents were refusing for their marriage. Mohan heard everything patiently and asked him to come tomorrow, to know their opinion. Sailaja waved her hand saying, bye bye to Kumar, which made Kumar very happy.

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