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Old 24th February 2007
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Sujatha on having both her breasts fondled, sucked and ravished was feeling her juices to build up inside her and when Rai Bahadur's hands reached her buttocks and when she felt him squeezing them, she started to whimper. Rai Bahadur seeing her getting excited, spread her buttocks a little and holding them in his hands pressed them down making her belly and her hot mound to come into contact with his midriff, then he dug his hand deep into the crevice of her buttocks and felt the heat rising from the inner parts of her body. Sujatha started to moan on contact of his hand on her crevice of her buttocks and as Rai Bahadur putting his hands down started lifting her sari and petticoat up her body, she was getting heated more and more and at last when the sari and petticoat were pushed over her buttocks, exposing them to his eyes, she started grating her body on his, and as he brought his hand on her naked buttocks and left the soft flesh in his hand and squeezed, she opened her mouth and bit him on his shoulder and as he burrowed his hand deeper and felt her hot wet cunt, Sujatha unable to control herself released her gates and came for the second time. She came so strong that it dampened Rai Bahadur's hand and he feeling the warm fluid on his hand, lifted it to her face and creamed it all over it.

Sujatha had cum so strong that it took her a few minutes for her body's spasms to subside and as she regained her posture, Rai Bahadur had finished setting her sari free from her body and was trying to pull her petticoat's strings. Sujatha realizing that she had not cared for his pleasure, put her hand on his and helping him pulled the strings of her petticoat and made way for him to ease it down her body. As she was fully naked and as she felt his hand caressing her inner thighs and buttocks, Sujatha brought her own down and moving it inside his pajamas, feeling the heat generated inside, touched his solid hot cock. The sudden change in her attitude made Rai Bahadur to squirm and as he held her inner thighs strongly for support, Sujatha holding his cock, pushed his pajamas down and with the help of her leg yanked it from his body. Now as his cock was free, Sujatha shifted herself a little and holding his cock in her hand and bringing it on to her vision was aroused again by the look and feel of it. Her joy knew no bounds to hold the red hot cock in her hand and as she desired to kiss it she curved her body a little and bringing her face closer to it, she kissed the tip of his cock. Rai Bahadur's whole body shuddered at the contact of her lips on his cock and as Sujatha started to glide his hot cock on her face sometimes brushing it on her lips, it was difficult for him to hold back his juices and the moment when Sujatha opened her mouth to draw it inside, he ejaculated in such a force that Sujatha felt his cum hit her right inside her throat. Sujatha was so pleased in making him come that she took the whole cock in her mouth and lapping it by her tongue cleaned it.

Finally when Rai Bahadur's throbbing subsided; Sujatha fondling his soft cock lovingly in her hand and pointing it to him said 'Is he not cute'.

Rai Bahadur smilingly replied back, 'If he is so cute then you can keep it for yourself'.

'Where', quipped Sujatha jokingly?

Deep inside your wet cave, he replied.

'Now you need my wet cave is it'; where you not satisfied with my hot tunnel, she asked opening her mouth a little?

After feeling the hot tunnel, it is the turn of the wet cave, replied Rai Bahadur.

'Do you think you can'? Saying this as Sujatha tried to wriggle away, Rai Bahadur catching her pulled her over to him and said, and 'I am yet to see it?

This made Sujatha blush and hiding her face on his chest asked, 'do you want to'?

'Yes' he replied.

'Then what's stopping you', quipped Sujatha.

The moment Rai Bahadur heard her say that, he got up pushing Sujatha down on the bed and pulling her by his feet dragged her body close to his. Sujatha on being pulled by him locked her legs tightly, hiding her wet cunt from his gaze and laughed at him. Seeing Sujatha's jovial face, and having her naked body in his hold, Rai Bahadur started to get aroused again. Then sitting straight on the bed and holding both her feet in each hand, he spread them to the maximum and exposing her lovely cunt, he lifted Sujatha up till her hot moist cunt came right in front of his eyes and staring at her beautiful cuntlips covered slightly with wet black hair he felt his cock pulsate and his juices stir up. This sight was so enthralling that he brought his face down and separating her black hair with it, he pushed his tongue deep inside her cunt. Her cunt was so wet and slippery that his tongue slid deep into it at once and as his lips met her cunt lips, he chewed them up which made Sujatha's body to convulse again. Sensing that she was ready again and before she could come, Rai Bahadur pushed Sujatha down a little and positioning himself up on her opening he let his hot cock touch her moist cunt. The feel of her wet moist cunt lips on his hot hard cock was so thrilling that Rai Bahadur holding Sujatha in his arms tightly, pushed his cock inside her and as he felt it difficult to enter, he positioned himself right over her and having some leverage, he trust his thick hot cock deep into her hole. His hard hot cock penetrating her soft inner flesh was devastating her body and as Rai Bahadur felt her getting excited, rammed himself deeper into her she screamed with joy and she erupted juices out of her for the third time that day and as Rai Bahadur saw her child like face, filled with stimulation he could no longer sustain himself and he forcing inside her with all his might erupted his seed deep inside her hot hole and did not let her go till every drop of his cum was out of his cock.

As some time elapsed and they looked upon, their faces conveyed pure love and care for each other and this made them embrace and lock their bodies in each others arms.
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Old 26th February 2007
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Awsome story... Thanks for sharing..

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Old 26th February 2007
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Continue the story.

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Old 26th February 2007
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a good long story. Repped U.

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Old 26th February 2007
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plz continue story

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Old 27th February 2007
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Excellent story. Please keep the tempo

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Old 27th February 2007
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nice story ..
thanks ..

plz continue

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Old 27th February 2007
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cont pls

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Old 5th March 2007
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this is the best story i have read in a while.. please continue..

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Old 6th March 2007
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