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Old 12th February 2013
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Cool my real story-masturbation before 2 girls

i was wondering how many others have this experience in real.

mine was not entirely fairytale.first time i got out control at age of 20,exposed to 2 chatting neighbouring girls right opposite my window, in my grandma's house.i visted that place during times like summer holidays. i only took a glance.they did notice me. after 10 mins, i was tense and nude on bed. Then her mom came and terrified me.she was standing there in a trance for atleast an hour.i was fearful that my reputation was totally gone and they wud come to house to fight. then things staretd faslling into place.i enquired a bit about them discreetly since i only knew their names and nothing else even after several years.i learnt the big lady was a mistress to a rich man and had a ill repute. now i was confident my denial would work.but it never came to that.

for the next one year during my trips, i noticed the girls occasionally and thought they were saying "there he is!".but somehow, things kept moving on.after my graduation, i stayed there before going to US for higher studies.then i noticed the girls were giving me frequent attention.i was a bit annoyed like " why can't they forget it and leave me alone". started blocking their view of my room with closet and table. my fears had not subsided 100%. wow it took me some time to strike that they actually began to like me. there were some girls who have fallen for me romantically before that in school and college.i also get looks from some totally stranger girls in buses and all that from time to time but i didn't put two and two together since the context was so different.my instincts were confirmed as i removed those barriers and the girls(there was a third girl who didn't see me in the first expose) on seeign their new view, were smiling and giggling in my direction. their ffriendly reception was encouraing me . i felt confident about proceeding further.

one day two of the girls were seated at evening as they usually do routinely.i came on bed wearing only a undie. one girl r noticed it and immediatelypointed it out, laughing loudly.other s shifted about nervously.then i slowly lowered my undiee. then r started getting excited and seemd to be pointing out "see!" to the other. i was totally naked by then.after a bit of interlude, i started masturbating with my ass as their view.r was totally engrossed,.whenevr i trid to turn my head to take a glance, she was looking sharply at my ass. i later heard she had been married to an nri guy .her husband wanted r to goto america with him but her mom asked the husband to get out saying "she is my only child.how can i be so fara way from her" and hence seperated.

the other girl didn't seem as excited. she looked briefly as i fondled my dick but for the most part tried to be indifferent.i came.

next morning, her mom was looking at my room thru her window.i don't know what was told to her and do not know what was her intention.

the next day, i tried to start, the two girls were looking away.the second girl looked for a few seconds at my privates but msotly they succeeded. i was confused and disappointed.

a few days later, the disinterested girl was not there.the girl who originally saw me naked along with r was there this time. before meeting her friend, she skept staring at me with expectation. this time, they were chatting.i started the same way with undie.but started sliding down my ass. then r pointed this out with a smile and the second girl also moved adjacent to r to get the same view. i gave them full entertainment.both were keen in getting view of my privates and r displayed the same fetish for my ass.

a few days alter, all three of them were there. again they pretended indifference.it took a little time to strike that the third girl was a problem. she wasttarcted to me in some way but clearly didn't approve my exhibitionism.the other two were absolute game.

this was again confirmed when there was only two of them and both started giving high fives as they saw me and sat expectantly for the show to begin. i removed my trouser and showed the dick this time. they were discussing with lot of smiles.i wish i could know what they said.

there were times when i was spent and not interested. whenevrt he third girl was there, there was no show. though it was clear they were not ignoring me for the most part as all three had something for me.

in few monthsm this was to end as i got the visa.i finally met them at a xerox shop. they seemed to be in a fright but as i spoke politely, they responded accordingly,. whenever i tried talking about openly aboutt he subject, they discourage me like "not here not now".they were sad to learn that i am going away and wished me good luck.i could not get emails as internet was in its infancy then and i registered in yahoo and hotmail only after arrival in US. that proved to be fatal. by the time i returned, r's house has been sold.idon't know where the other 2 stayed.

this is a tribute to those girls who gave me so much enjoyment. my intent was never to insult girls but for them to enjoy with me. that's something where the two girls were game with me.

ofcourse, there were anoynymous women on chat.but not willing to meet in rea life. in real life, its difficult to find these girls again. wish i could meet them again one day.'

whetehr i am encouraging other exhibitionists? i am aware my repuation cud have beeen easily ruined if the profile of the family was different.it took me one year and more before i started enjoying with the girls.the sort of factors i had were one in a million.not recommended is what i would say.even i haven't succeeded a second time.

don't give me credit for imagaintion.i am narrating exactly what happened in a metro int he 90's.

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