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Only BDSM Stories. Complete stories in 1 - 5 posts.

I am starting this new thread where all the stories would be related to BDSM. All the stories are collected and none are mine own. Most of all the complete story will be posted within 1 to 5 posts.

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Old 11th January 2013
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So are you ready?

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I almost got bucked off last night. I rode the electric pony until I donít remember getting offófiguratively and literally.

My friend Q is very good with his hands. He also can build and make some very imaginative toys and Ďfurnitureí. Last night we debuted his latest creationóa wooden pony with an electric mane.

Iíve ridden the pony many times before so I know the dread, and secret anticipation, that swell in the pit of my stomach from the time, usually a couple days in advance, he tells me that our next meeting will begin with a pony ride and continue from there.

Over the years I have learned to ride for hours primarily because, from the hips down, I either become numb or my mind is off somewhere in lala-land. I have, like most experienced riders I imagine, found the trick is to settle down into one position and not let myself move or squirm trying to find a comfortable seatóas we all know, if built right, there is no comfortable seat when riding the wooden pony.

There probably isnít a �standard� wooden pony/horse, but his is like most that Iím familiar with--a sawhorse as the base and various interchangeable tops or �saddles� designed to cause anywhere from discomfort to excruciating pain.

The difference last night was that the saddle area now included a butt plug and two pieces of metal along the sides of the horse coming up to the top edge of the two pieces of wood but not touching each other. The butt plug and a lose wire were connected to an Eros E-312 power box.

Of course I was naked head-to-toe so that every inch of my body was available to Qís ministrations and imagination.

He began the session by attaching clamps to my nipples. In the past we usually used clover clamps or the ones that can be screwed down as tight as you want. This time, however, Q used metal clamps that he squeezed in the middle to open so the jagged edges could be closed down onto my nipples behind my stainless steel metal piercings. I have seen similar, but larger, clamps like the ones he was using in the battery cable sections of auto and boat parts stores. He used a smaller metal clip off to the side of each nipple. All four clips were then hooked up to a power box.

With his help, I climbed the step stool, then as gently and slowly as I could, lowered myself onto the lubricated metal butt plug, eventually settling down on the sharp upper edge of the horse. From behind, Q spread my ass cheeks to be sure the plug was in as far as it would go and that the area between my asshole and pussy was in contact with the ragged wooden edge of the pony.

Moving to the front, he pulled my pussy lips apart so they were lying against the metal strips on each side of the pony. Next, he ran a thin cord from one of my labia rings under the cross piece of the sawhorse and then tied it onto the ring through my labia on the other side of the horse. In effect, I was tied to the pony by my pussy lipsófor sure, I wasnít getting off by myself.

So far there was really no difference sitting on this new set up than when I sat on the wooden pony before. Because of the various electric connections to, through and in my body, that would soon change.

I was wearing a head harness with a built-in steel O-ring gag, but without the attachable eye covering pieces. I like the harness gag without the eye coverings because I can see myself in the mirror to watch what he was doing and was going to do to me.

Finally, my arms, bound behind my back, were raised enough to make me lean forward putting more pressure on my pussy and clit. The rope tied to the ring on top of my head harness was connected to an eyehook on the back of the sawhorse and pulled taunt until I was looking up at the ceilingóso much for watching myself in the mirror.

The next bit of entertainment for him but pain for me was a piece of cord from the clamps on my nipples to an eyehook at the front of the sawhorse. The cord was elastic like a bungee cord so I could straighten my back somewhat before the cord was stretched enough to pull on the nipple clamps biting and tearing into the tender, sensitive flesh--flesh meant for a baby's suckle or a lover's gentle kiss, not the searing crushing bite of jagged metal teeth. The eyehook in the front of the sawhorse was lower than my breasts which meant the only way to relieve all the tension on my nipples was to lean as far forward as my strappado arms and tethered head would allow.

I have always had a special place in my heart for predicament bondage, where if I try to relieve pain in one part of my body it causes pain in another. My partner is very imaginative and I thought he had outdone himself this time. I would soon learn that Q was about to outdo even this.

Again, to this point there was nothing especially different than other pony rides Iíve taken. There was, however, one good thing about this position, and almost all positions that have me very tightly bound especially if my clit contacts something rough or hard. I enjoyed a quiet secret orgasm.

I am not a slave or submissive so I don't have to ask permission to cum, but I kept it secret because I didn't want Qís head to swell thinking that just putting me into an intensely restrictive and uncomfortable position was enough to make me release.

The difference between this ride and earlier jaunts became very apparent when Q started turning up the power on the butt plug. At first there was just a tickle-like sensation which increased until I felt a thumping like a slow ass fuck. It was when a sudden hot jolt hit me that I could have sworn I jumped three inches off the horse.

Almost immediately, Q turned the power down somewhat so now it just felt like my ass was being fucked really hardóI could have easily gotten into the feeling. I love a long, slow, hard ass fuck, especially when it feels like the tip of his cock is coming up through my throat.

Satisfied that he had my asshole sufficently occupied, Q next turned to the power box hooked to the metal clamps on my nipples. There was never a tickling sensation like the plug up my asshole because he went from no power to a point where it felt like someone was biting off my nipples. He reduced the power, but never to the point where it felt like anything less than hot wax from a candle almost touching my breast was dripping onto each now painfully distended captive nipple.

There was no escape from the molten wax-like burning sensation. I couldnít even jump or squirm away from the pain like I have when it was just hot wax dripping onto my breasts. This time the pain was attached to my nipples, there was no relief. I agonized and reveled in the pain.

At this point I was pretty uncomfortable but I had almost forgotten about the two pieces of metal on each side of the horse that went up between my ass cheeks and pussy lips. Almost forgotten, that is, until Q turned on the power.

I donít know how he did it, but the thumping between my legs was timed to be almost exactly opposite the butt plug. When the electricity paused in my ass, the electricity went on between my legs. The timing wasnít exact; there was maybe a fraction of a second or so when there was no electricity thumping me. That was the times when I tried to relax my tightened muscles. Just a second or two, I think it would have been better if the electricity was on all the timeóI donít know because that never happened.

I was still pretty much in control of my body; I mean I could sit on the horse without moving about. The butt plug made me involuntarily squeeze and release the sphincter muscles in my asshole, as the metal against the insides of my pussy lips caused involuntary contractions. The nipple clamps were more like continuous hot, hot wax dripping on my nipples which burned like hell but did not make me move my lower body. But then�

Using a hand-held pump, Q pulled my as yet restricted clit into a clear plastic tube. Once satisfied by my moaning that it would stretch no further, he tightly wrapped a thin piece of wire around my clit were it protrudes from my body. Releasing the vacuum the tube soon pooped off, but my clit remained a swollen reddened hunk of flesh that was incredibly sensitive to the slightest touchóeven to the air from his mouth when he blew onto it.

Something told me things were going to change for me fairly quickly when he took the second wire from the E-312 power box which was shooting fire into my asshole, and connected it to the end of the wire wound around my clitoris. Soon, that number one rule of mine which says to sit still when riding the pony would became an ungrantable wish rather than even the most remote possibility.

The twisting, biting, burning pain in, on and through my clit was not something I could just endure. The electricity was on and off in some sort of random pattern and intensity. I could not time the pain or its
intensity so I had no way to prepare, if that was even possible, for the next pain sensation that would shatter the most sensitive part of me. In mere seconds the woman who no man could tame nor control was becoming a moaning, babbling, drooling, withering mass of electrified muscle, tendon and flesh.

Qís playroom is in his garage which is just off the kitchen. While I was trying to sit still, sweating with my own fluids dripping down my things and the sides of the pony, salivating, screaming, and calling him everything but nice, he was cooking what would be our late evening dinner.

My legs were raised off the floor and buckled to the ring at the back of the sawhorse, making me sit like a jockey rides during a race. I had a bit of leverage to take some weight off my pussy by using my thigh muscles to push up on my ankles, but it was hard to maintain that relief position for very long. The result was almost continuous pressure on the butt plug, and my pussy, which was becoming numb quickly.

My clit, however, could not go numb--the relentless jolts of electrical current were like an ammonia capsule snapped under the nose when somebody faints. There was never a moment during my ordeal when the gnawing pain in my clit subsided. Q had been savage before, but this time he found and pushed all the right buttons to send me to a place I had never been.

I remember him coming out of the kitchen and giving me a couple sips from his glass of red wine. I don't know just how much wine I swallowed, most, I think, dribbled out the sides of my now aching mouth because of the O-ring gag and the backward unnatural tilt of my neck and head.

It was then that Q told me I had been riding a little more than an hour, which I thought meant he would start undoing me, or at least turn off the power to my asshole, pussy, clit and nipples.

Q and I have played together so many times that Iím positive he knew what I was thinking. Offering me another sip of wine, he told me that I had just passed the half-way point of my ride. He went on to say that when my second hour was up, he would release me so we could have dinner before resuming playtime.

Probably because of how I was raised to be strongly independent and confident, my present career, and my ability to withstand a tremendous amount and variety of pain, Iím not afraid of any sane man (I emphasize SANE) because I know his common sense, decency and my trust in him with prevail. However at the instant Q said, �before resuming playtime� I felt the first pangs of panic. Resume what? Coming back to this torturous ride or, hopefully, some equally entertaining but less intense way for me to find pleasure in my pain?

I made a big mistake taking those three or four sips of wine. Combined with my sweating, difficulty breathing and choking down my saliva because my head was pulled back so far, and the jolts of electricity, I started losing control of me.

I have absolutely no idea how long after the one hour mark that I stayed on that damnable horse. Iím almost positive that I did not faint because I have foggy recollections of the pain in my nipples exploding once when I pulled back one time trying to relief the stress on my neck and lower back. I also recollect the thumping in my asshole getting stronger as, I learned later, he changed the rhythm and intensity of the electricity in the butt plug.

The next thing I know for sure was trying to stand while he had his arms around me, telling me what a brave and strong girl I was. I didnít think I was a bit brave or strong at that moment. Had someone offered me a million dollars to get back up on the pony with the electric mane Q would have seen and I would have realized just how scared and weak I really was.

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Chastity for whole life

"I'm sending you a package " Steven said...

"Promise me, you'll put it on when you get it and wear it till I get home?"

Young 25 year old Lisa promised and the recently married couple hung up. Steven was the CEO of several overseas companies and would be away for several months. After being single most of her adult life, Lisa was ok with that as long as the gifts and checks kept coming in. In less then two weeks, Steven had sent her jewelery, clothing, even new appliances and the big TV delivered only yesterday. She couldn't imagine what else she could get, but she was sure it would be expensive.

Two days later the large box arrived by special courrier. Lisa signed for it and immedietly ripped it open in the living room. She just stared at it for a moment, yes, it was surely expensive but it wasn't anything like she had ever seen before. As she picked it up and examined it, she started getting excited, not like the diamond bracelet or fancy clothes excited. This was different.

In the 3 years they were married, there were no secrets between Lisa and her husband. Lisa even revealed her deepest, most intimate fantasy to him.....her interest in chastity. It was Lisas most intense fantasy to be locked into a chastity device and controlled by a lover, willingly of course to be his slave, to serve and service him, and locked up at the same time. Steven was naturally dominant and Lisa loved submitting to him. When Steven announced he would be gone for a long time, Lisa even searched on line for a device to wear, but she still hadn't found one before he left.

Now she was in fantasy heaven. She tore thru the box and removed the accessories and found the instruction book. She was so excited to get into the device she raced thru what she thought she already knew in the instructions and started putting her new toy together.

First was a vaginal plug. Three of them were included, and Lisa tried them all on for size. The longest was almost 10 inches long, using the included lube, she slipped it into her pussy and grunted loudly. The thing was huge and almost 2 inches too long to fit it all inside her. When she pulled it out, she licked her own juices off of it and picked up another one.

The second one, about 5 inches long was way too short. She felt like Goldylocks, trying the beds of the 3 bears. She finally added a special stimulation sleeve over it and slid the nice 7 inch dildo into her pussy and purred as her body closed around it. Along its length were rows of soft tiny little rubber bristles that moved around inside her as she moved. Certainly any length of time with this inside her woud drive her crazy! There was still room inside her, in fact, the instructions suggested that as she wore the device for a while, different positions would change the way she was filled with the device on. Lisa pulled the heavy dildo out and into the belt then twisted it in place. It locked with a loud click and she even felt a vibration for a second as the dildo became part of the chastity belt.

The anal plug was already attached. Lisa wasn't too sure about the size...it was awful big with about a 1 inch hole thru it. No doubt for bowel movements she thought but she never really explored the details, she really wanted to get the device on! Lisa pulled the protective plastic strips off the inside of the waist belt and noticed the little silver dots all around the inside of the belt. She looked hastily in the instructions and discovered that these were body temperature sensors designed to keep the belt at the same temperature as the wearers body.

She took a quick recommended shower, powdered herself, lubed up her pussy, and her asshole with the included lube and stood there admiring herself in the mirror a moment. She was beautifull, just under 5'10", a strong athletic 110 pounds with long legs and small but pert breasts. Lisa especially admired her pussy. She had a baby smooth mound that protruded outwards from her tight body, with a clean neat slit . She rubbed herself, taking a moment to touch her clit bringing her level of arrousal even higher. She considered giving herself a quick orgasm, it wouldn't take much, but she decided to keep that arrousal until she was locked up. Surely the dildo and that thing in her ass would give her more than enough to cum later.

Back in the living room. Lisa was trembling with excitement. She couldn't wait to get that dildo into her pussy but she was a little unsure about the butt plug!! Lisa stepped into the soft rubber and shiny chrome steel device and slid it up onto her body. She paused then aligned a small rubber tube up to and into her urethera so she could pee and continued. When the dildo touched her pussy, she gasped, and raised it more until the tip of the butt plug was at her asshole. The lube for her ass was actually a slight numbing lube, designed to make it easier to get the bulk of the plug past her tight hole. She took a deep breath, and pulled the belt upwards.

It was a good thing she was alone she thought, she grunted and growled as the massive plug entered her asshole. Only halfway in, she couldn't take anynore. Lisa grunted and tried to relax, but the plug was too big. Finally she looked around, waddled halfway impaled across the living room and dropped her weight onto the low coffee table! She screamed and fell to the floor in pain! She was horribly stuffed. The plug was inside her now but her tiny asshole was still stretched around its fat base.

"OH NO!.....OH......NO!" she grunted aloud.

She tried to push the plug out, she couldn't stand her asshole stretched open, she had to get the plug out! Lisa pushed, and grunted and cried, but it wouldn't budge. She crawled in pain to the instructions and tore to the pages describing initial fit/anal.

"Please allow up to 15 minutes after initial insertion" the book read...

"A special water base dissolvable coating on the plug will be absorbed by your body and the coarse surface of the plug will assure a permanant placement."

"PERMANANT!!?" Lisa screamed.....

She rolled back onto the floor, and slowly pulled the belt up to her waist. The pain inside her was subsiding but it would take a long time for her to accept something the size of a football permantly inside her ass! Taking a deep breath, Lisa sucked in her tummy and clicked the belt closed around herself. She slowly started to breath again and realized that around her waist anyway, the device was actually quite comfortable. She wiggled a little adjusting to the dildo in her pussy, She could feel a raised area inside the belt right at her clit. It was round, like a soft "U", and it was perfectly located right at the top of her slit.

Lisa laid there a moment as the pain inside her ass subsided, but the presence of the plug inside her was still very constant. She sat up a moment and actually managed to stand up. She was so full inside....front and back. she walked like a duck, but her normal stride returned after about 5 minutes and some adjusting. She tried to reach for her pussy, she wanted to touch herself, find her clit and retrieve the orgasm she denied herself in the bathroom earlier. She couldn't even get a finger into the belt. She sucked in her belly again but it didn't help, the rubber lining seemed to expand and stay snug around her. Inside her pussy, those tiny little bristles seemed alive, every move she made, every time she squeezed her pussy around the dildo, they wiggled and tickled.

Suddenly the belt......clicked. It scared her, then it clicked again and actually began to vibrate for a second. As soon as Lisa thought she could cum to the vibration, it stopped. Lisa moved to a large mirror in the hallway and looked down. On the front of the belt, a tiny orange light was blinking. Seconds later a blue light was blinking beside it. She reached down to examine them to discover they were built in and covered, she couldn't feel anything but the smooth surface of the belt. As she watched, both lights stopped and a third, green light came on and stayed on.

Lisa really jumped when a soft female voice filled the room. She turned in shock but no one was there, she was alone. The TV was off, the stereo was off too, but the voice continued.


Looking down, Lisa discovered that the voice...was coming from the chastity belt! A fresh wave of cramps tore thru her backside and Lisa bent over in pain. She grunted and pushed against the huge plug in her ass but it didn't help. Every 30 seconds the voice between her legs kept asking for the command code. Lisa returned to the instructions and looked up command code in the index. The book instructed her...to call a toll free number.

"Uh...hello?" she grunted into the phone.

"This is operator 33, how can I help you?"

The voice was female, at least she didn't have to talk to a man! She could only imagine telling a man she was at home with a butt plug in her ass and she didn't know what to do!!

"My name is Lisa" she started.....

"I....uh.....have this .......thing..on......and...uh...."

"Are you wearing a device?"

"A device....yeah" Lisa stammered.

Lisa gave her all the info she asked for, model and serial numbers including her name and adress and even phone number then when she asked for the purchasers name and Lisa gave her Stevens name...things went sour.

"We have no record of that purchaser" the operator said.

"Then" Lisa grunted angrily.

"Who...DID buy it?!"

"I'm sorry...we cannot reveal that information"

"Well somebody bought it, because I'm wearing it right now!" Lisa barked.

"You....have it..on?"

"YES!...and it keeps asking for a command code...why is this thing talking to me?"

Lisa explained that the device clicked and the orange and blue lights were blinking and then the green light came on. The operator was silent for a moment and Lisa could hear other people on the line as well.

"Are you going to help me or not?" Lisa demended.

"I have this....thing on.....theres a dildo in my belly and a plug the size of a fucking basketball in my ass....and its talking to me.......and you can't tell me who it even came from?"

Lisa was sure she heard laughing in the background then the operator was silent for a moment, and she returned to the line.

"According to the serial number you gave me" the operator said.

"You are wearing a Secure-All 6000, its the top of the line fully electronic chastity system, its the best we make"

"Well good for you..." Lisa grunted.

"Where did it come from? I thought my husband sent it. I mean...I...we...kinda share this....FUCK!....if he didn't buy it. who did, and why was it sent to me?"

"Our records are quite confidential, the buyers information cannot be revealed unless you have their account password"

"I don't even know who...HE..is!"

"I'm sorry. I cannot give you that information, however we can help you program the device"

The operator was typing something on her computer and the device was clicking and recieving the information electronically. After about 5 minutes, the operator returned to Lisa.

"The comand code has been entered" she explained.

"So now what?" Lisa asked

"You must give the device a name.....you can communicate with it verbally"

"What?......you mean talk to it?.....does it do?" Lisa asked.

"You have limited functions.....as far as...well.....feeedback, as to how you are feeling or reacting to the device....you will have to inform the device as to your needs for bodily functions, and discomfot or pain you are experiencing, the device will also alert you to any programs activated. There are adjustments and some functions you can request but they are rather limited "

"What about the ...unlimited functions?" Lisa asked.

"Does someone else...have more control than I do?"

"The administrator, that is, whoever purchased the device has authority control. Its programmed by him, or her and all functions are controlled by a simple cell phone or computer. It can be done anywhere in the world, however the controller is usually someone near you, perhaps someone you know, who can monitor and observe you."

"This is insane!" Lisa growled.

"OK. so how do I take this .....off?"

"Take it...off?.....Uh......you don't" the operator said almost giggling.

"The 6000 is a permanant device, didn't you read the red warning book in the instructions before you put it on? There are approximately 40 built in batteries built into the waist band, those are the little silver spots you might have noticed around the waistband, thats enough to keep it powered for around 30 years, your own body heat actually recharges them as you wear it and the plug in your rectum has a special coarse covering that by now has already bonded to the tissies inside you and can only be surgically removed."

Lisa was silent for a long moment.....then she had to ask.

"What about.....sex?"

"Well I shouldn't tell you this but I will" the operator said.

"The device is programmable by the controller to give you or deny you sexual pleasure. Its currently set to allow you....lets see.....3 orgasms every 24 hours, any more than that will be denied, blocked, however the controller can over ride that and give as many as he, or she wants you to have. The controller can actually block you from cumming, or you can be forced to have an orgasm you don't want. Be very carefull about being out in public if you know what I mean"

And how am I supposed to cum if I can't even get to my myself"

"You must give the device a name" the operator repeated.

"Then you merely talk to it, tell it what you want. A regional supervisor will be contacting you with more, uh, details, soon. Good Luck my dear, have a nice chastity life and welcome to the Secure-all family"

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Part - II

Lisa sat back in total shock for almost an hour. A hundred questions raced thru her panicked mind. Who sent this? Who controls this? What is she going to tell Steven? Finally she verbally entered a numerical code the operator gave her to the device and waited. It beeped a couple times , then the soft female voice spoke to her.

"Please tell me your name" it asked

"I'm Lisa" she whispered.

"Hello Lisa, and what is my name?"

"Pussy" Lisa responded after thinking a few moments.

"If I'm going to talk to it, I might as well call it what it is" Lisa whispered to herself.

"I like that name" she whispered.

Lisa started with every question she could imagine trying to find out who the device came from but was told every time that Pussy did not have that information. Pussy explained some of her abilities...like vibrations from mild to wild, how to assist with bodily functions and even a wake up alarm programmable by Lisa herself. Pussy explained that Lisa merely had to inform "her" when she had to treleve herself, so pussy could open or close the hole in the butt plug to allow bowel movements, or open the outlet of her urethera insert so she could pee. Finally Lisa cleanrd up the packing material and sat back on the couch to relax.

"Pussy" she said.

"I want to cum"

"You have 3 orgasms available" Pussy whispered

"Well I fucking WANT one NOW!" she grunted.

"I am authorized to allow you an introductary orgasm" Pussy then announced.

"There is no need for profanity. Try to remember who and where I am"

"This wil be an initial demonstration of my functions including the blocking function. This program is set to 30 minutes......please stand by"

"Pussy?" Lisa asked

"Explain the blocking function"

"The blocking function is a slow stimulation process designed to increase your sexual arrousal over a 30 minute period, you will be brought to the point of orgasm but denied for the full 30 minutes. After your orgasm has been denied, you will be electronically blocked for approximately 4 hours."

"What if I REALLY need to cum....you won't let me?, you keep me on the fucking brink for half an hour and then just quit?!"

"The blocking function is controlled by the administrator" Pussy repeated.

"After a blocked session you must wait 4 hours to attempt an orgasm again"

"OK" Lisa groaned.

"Make me cum ...NOW.......please"

"Initiating orgasm sequence, please stand by."

In less than a few seconds the dildo in Lisas pussy began to vibrate. She purred like a kitten as her insides became wet and slimy. The vibrations increased then decreased as her arrousal grew. It was a delicious tease and was very stimulating! After 5 minutes Lisa grunted as the dildo inside her actuall began to expand. It got longer, even a litle fatter. This pushed her mound outwards and the soft O around her clit went to work. Lisa found the smaller dildo she didn't use and started sucking on it, pretending it was Steven.

The dildo still inside her started to fuck her, only about 2 inches or so. All those little bristles were really working now, tickling and teasing, it was almost more than she could stand! She grunted as she was completely filled, then evacuated just a little and fucked again. Lisa arched her back like she was pushing against someone fucking her and she grunted at the pain her plugged ass gave her. She relaxed again and enjoyed the limited fucking working on a desperatey needed orgasm.

"OH!.....PLEASE!....FASTER!" Pussy" Lisa groaned.

"I cannot perform that function" Pussy whispered quite mechanically.

"OH FUCK YOU..I need to CUM!" Lisa grunted.

"Re calibrating program" Pussy then announced.

Suddenly a sharp electric jolt hit the inside of Lisas pussy! She shot up and screamed.....even as the dildo continued to fuck her.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!!!" Lisa screamed.

"Your program has been upgraded to include a short electric shock every time you adress me with profanity" Pussy said.

"PUSSY.... that fucking HURT! END PROGRAM!" Lisa grunted!

"The current program cannot be cancelled for 19 minutes" she replied.

"STOP THE FUCKING PROGRAM!...you can keep your damn orgasm....STOP IT!!" Lisa screamed.

Again she was shocked for almost 3 seconds and she fell into a ball on the floor screaming. The vibrations inside her increased now and the humming against her clit was having an incredible effect. Lisa rolled onto her back and automatically grabbed her crotch only to find it covered with softly vibrating steel. The dildo inside her was moving again and now it was even rotating! Just once or twice it paused and changed direction, moved in and out and even paused when Lisa needed it to continue. The vibrations grew stronger. Lisa never could resist a vibrator. Lisa rolled onto her knees and grunted loudly.

"Increasing arrousal level" Pussy whispered.

"Possible orgasm in 11 minutes"

Now a very faint series of electric impulses filled Lisas pussy. It wasn't enough to cause pain but it certainly doubled her need to cum! The dildo started and stopped and started again!

"OH YESSS!.....FUCK ME!!" Lisa screamed.

Way down inside, Lisa felt it, growing like a small huricane, it was swirling inside her, her belly grumbled, and her muscles tightened. Her pussy was dripping now and she could feel her juices running out of the device and down her legs. Again she reched for her clit. A single touch would get her off but all she felt was cold steel. The dildo inside her was moving again, this time it had actually expanded in thickness to adjust to her sopping hole.

"PUSSY!......FUCK ME.....MAKE...ME...CUM!" Lisa cried.

"Possible orgasm in 4 minutes"


The dildo picked up speed and Lisa was screaming as her orgasm built like an out of control fire. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, this was going to be the best orgasm of her life! The dildo suddenly stopped and the vibrations at her clit increased. Lisa was on her knees screaming. She was going out of her mond, panting like a mother giving birth. She tried to speak, to beg, to cry out but she couldn't even talk.

"Orgasm imminent" Pussy announced.

"In 5...4....3....2........."

Then it stopped. It was there, ripping out of her like a bomb, Lisas legs wouldn't even hold her up, she collapsed in a ball with her hands digging at her crotch. The dildo stopped, the vibrations stopped, Even with 7 inches inside her Lisa felt empty.


"Orgasm blocked" Pussy said calmly.

"Program complete"

Lisa laid there for 15 minutes, softly sobbing, the ache inside her lingered on and on, she was so horny! She bucked her hips trying to fuck the dildo inside her but it didn't help.

"Please.....please.....let me cum" she kept repeating.

When she finally made it to the bathroom she thought a second. Maybe she could short this thing out, it would short circuit and fall off.

"The 6000 series is completely waterproof to a depth of 1000 feet" Pussy announced.

Lisa switched the shower to a bath and sank into a hot bubble filled tub. She fell into bed before the 4 hour waiting period for another chance to cum was up. It was 3:14 by her clock next to the bed, when Lisa awoke to fresh vibrating inside her pussy. She thought it was a dream but the vibrations increased then she was being fucked again.

"PUSSY!.....uh...uh...what are you doing?!" Lisa grunted!

"Remote activation in progress" she replied.

"Remote...what?.....who is.....what remote activation?"

I have been activated by the controller" Pussy explained.

"By....HOW!?" Lisa grunted.

"The program has been activated by cell phone from an undisclosed location" Pussy said.

Lisa laid back and moaned as things started moving and vibrating inside her. She was instantly arroused and it was growing stronger by the second.

"OH!.....YESSS!....PUSSY.....I'm finally GONNA....CUM!"

"Program initiated.....orgasm.......blocked" Pussy said.


"Orgasm blocked" Pussy repeated.

"Potential orgasm...in 6 minutes"


Lisa screamed as the punishment for cursing delivered sharp horrible shocks to her pussy and clit. The dildo inside her nearly doubled in size and Lisa thought she would split open. It fucked her slowly, letting her feel every inch of its movements. Lisas clit was nearly exploding now, she knew it was hard and the vibrations were driving her insane. As her orgasm hit her it stopped. It was like being shot, like someone had ripped every nerve in her body away and she was left blubbering and convulsing. Several minutes later she fell back sobbing with horrible frustration. Like every man, the cock inside her had gotten what it wanted from her and left her dying inside.

"Program complete" Pussy said

"Orgasm denied"

The next morning in the kitchen the vibrations inside her began again. Lisa dropped a full cup of coffee as her pussy began to respond.

"Remote activation in progress" Pussy announced again.

"Pussy...PLEASE let me cum" Lisa begged.

"Program activated" the belt responded.

"Orgasm blocked"

Thirty minutes later, Lisa lay on the cold kitchen floor a nervous wreck. Her whole body trembled and every nerve and muscle in her body ached. Again she was within a second of an incredible orgasm, that didn't happen.

"Program complete" Pussy announced.

"Orgasm denied"

"What....what about my....3 orgasms a day" Lisa sobbed .

"You are authorized 3 orgasms within a 24 hour period" Pussy explained

"However following a blocked orgasm, you must wait 4 hours before requesting another attempt"

Three hours later Lisa was still on the kitchen floor. She crawled to the couch in the living room and started counting the minutes to asking for her first pleasure in days. She hadn't cum since before Steven left, she remembered her chance in the bathroom before she put the belt on and cursed herself for not taking it. The only thing in her life that mattered now was an orgasm, just one, a single fucking orgasm after almost 24 hours of being cruelly teased and denied.

Eleven minutes until her four hours expired she spread her legs over the arms of the recliner and rubbed the shiny steel covering her crotch. She had the biggest dildo in her hands again and was already trembling at just the thought of wringing it to shreds just like she was going to do to whoever was ruining her life!. With only 4 minutes to go Pussy came alive again.

"Remote activation in progress" She announced.

"PUSSY!...NO!...YOU CAN"T...PLEASE!!!" Lisa cried.

"Program activated" Pussy said.


Lisa fell to the floor sobbing and grabbing her crotch as the vibrations began again.

The rest of the day was more of the same. Every 3 1/2 hours, a new program was initiated. Pussy explained that the programs were remote activated but didn't know from where. She also told Lisa that the programs were already loaded, that is, they were not called in one by one but they were pre programmed.

"Is there....a time..I mean...how many....how long does this last?" Lisa whinned

I have 16 more active programs waiting" She said.

"16?!" Lisa gasped.

"Thats....two days???"

"And they're all...blocked?.

"All programs carry an orgasm block" Pussy replied.

"Every 3 hours and 55 minutes you will experience a 30 minute orgasm cycle however you will not be allowed to cum"

"I'm gonna....die" Lisa sobbed

By the next morning, Lisa looked and felt like she was dying. Dark circles formed under her eyes from lack of sleep. She was a nervous wreck..dreading every next cycle, but waiting for it as well. To make thing worse, she developed a horrible itch inside the belt. When she asked Pussy about it she had only one explanation.

"Did you shave yourself before putting on the device?" Pussy asked.

"I've always been shaved" Lisa answered.

"The directions are quite clear" Pussy said..

"What you are feeling is your hair growing back, you can no longer shave there, you will have to endure the sensation until your hair grows out"

Mid afternoon Lisa attempted to make a rush trip to the store in between torture sessions. Her new device fit easily under a skirt and no one couild tell she was chastized. She rushed to the store and upon pulling into the parking lot, her pussy exploded with unbelievable pain!!!


"You have been programmed with a location limiting program" Pussy said.

"You cannot travel more than 1/2 mile from your home. The result is an electrical discharge inside you."

"I can temporarily pause the program however you must return home immedietly, your next scheduled orgasm program will commence in 23 minutes"

"Store security detained her for almost 15 minutes for crashing into shopping carts, but let her go with a warning not to return there. On the way home, she came across a police roadblock, apparently a water main had broken and she would have to back track and take a longer route home. Four blocks away, she passed thru two school zones and got stuck behind a stopped school bus.

"Orgasm program will start in one minute" Pussy announced.

In a panic, Lisa pulled into an empty warehouse lot and grabbed the wheel with both hands. As the vibrations started, Lisa began to grunt and writhe in her car seat. A homeless guy stopped to watch her for several minutes then left. When it was over, Lisa was a soaking wet, totally drained wreck. She made it to the garage and had to crawl into the house. Back in her bed at last, she cried herself to sleep. She dreamed of men and of cocks, fucking her over and over, her orgasms wracked her non stop, she couldn't stop cumming and the men kept on fucking her. She woke up again when the vibrations started again, fuck!, it was all a dream!

Steven called that afternoon and asked of she had recieved the shawl he sent her from Saudi Arabia.

"You....sent me a shawl?......that was the package?"

They chatted briefly and he explained he should be home in another month or two. She asked him about the chastity belt. He seemed amused at her condition but denied any knowledge of it. He was lying lisa thought, she could hear it in his voice. As fresh vibrations started between her legs Lisa hung up. The torture went on and on. Lisa was naked all the time Every time a car passed or a plane flew overhead she jumped thinking it was another cycle. On the morning of day three a fresh cycle began when the phone rang.

"Hello" a friendly sounding female voice said.

"OH!...no thanx....I'm not buying anything" Lisa grunted.

"You don't have to" she giggled.

"It's already paid for, and you're already wearing it"

Lisa almost passed out, the cycle was just starting inside her and her pussy was on fire.

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Part - III

"How did you...I mean...who....are you?!" Lisa growled angrily.

"I'm the one who sent you the device you're wearing. I didn't think you would really put it on so easily"


The device, already fucking Lisas pussy...suddenly stopped.

Lisa was panting like she'd just run a marathon. Her pussy still quivered and tingled inside.

"Please...who...I mean...why are you doing this?!" Lisa moaned.

"Because.....I can" The woman said.

"Do I know you?" lisa asked

"Not yet"

"Where are you?"

"Closer than you think....." she said.

"WHAT?.....do you want?!"

"I want you" she laughed.

"Remember what a real orgasm feels like?.....I can give you as many as you want...or keep you from ever cumming again.....I can keep you on the brink for hours, the 30 minute cycle is just a tease....I want you to be my slave"

"I'm married!" Lisa screamed.

"You cant do this.....you can't make me do anything.....you BITCH!.....you can't even make me cum!"

The woman on the phone was laughing again. Lisa could hear her typing on a keyboard, and then she spoke again"

"You want to cum?...my love?.....you want an orgasm?...or two?......how about 30 or 40?...I've just reprogrammed your little toy, whats her name?...Pussy?....you want to cum?.....crawl out....into the middle of your front yard.....naked....when you've had enough...I have you on satellite image....when I see you outside begging me....we'll talk again."

The phone went dead then and Lisa slammed the reciever down. She went into the living room and dropped into the recliner.

"Remote program initiated" Pussy announced.

"What NOW?" Lisa growled.

Orgasm over ride has been initiated" Pussy said....

"What?....have I been blocked...again?"

"Orgasm blocking has been discontinued" Pussy said.

"Orgasm program activated...starting in 5 seconds"

This time the 30 minute progran was reduced to 15 minutes. The vibrations were faster and stronger, the dildo inside her was slamming her. Lisa felt the familiar sensations of an orgasm growing faster and stronger than ever. She twistes and grunted, her legs curled up to her chest and this time, the orgasm didn't stop!

"HOLY.....SHIT!" Lisa screamed!!!

Her orgasm hit her and she curled up into a ball and fell grunting onto the floor. The vibrations didn't stop this time. It continued and so did her release. After several days, this was the definition of a climax!! Lisa screamed, she cried, she howled as her body cramped up, the orgasm hit her and didn't stop. The pleasure of actually cumming again turned to pain!

Lisas whole body hurt. She couldn't relax or even move. Every muscle inside her was cramping up. The vicious explosive effects of an orgasm just went on and on and on. Lisa was on her knees when the fourth explosion inside her subsided but she collapsed screaming as the next one hit her. she had never cum twice.....or three times as a third and now number 5 body wracking climax ripped thru her. It just went on and on and on.

"PUSSY!.....PLEASE...OH FUCK!...PUSSY....STOP...STOP THIS!...PLEASE!" Lisa begged.

"Program over ride has been initiated" Pussy purred.

"Orgasm protocal is active....you have achieved 9 orgasms....orgasm protocal is active....you must achieve 100 orgasms to complete program. Program will end in......91 orgasms"

The next hour was a blur for Lisa. She was lying on the living room floor convulsing like she was being electrocuted. Thick drool was running from her mouth, her eyes had rolled back into her head and speech, even screaming was impossible. A large puddle was under her ass, she had cum so many times her pussy had formed a lake, mixed with her pee which she lost half an hour ago.

The phone had rung several times but Lisa was in no condition to answer it. She had no idea how long the non stop orgasms went on, Lisa guessed it had been hours At the moment, the program was on pause.

"The current program will continue in 3 minutes" Pussy announced.

"OH!.....PLEASE!...NO!" Lisa sobbed.

"NO MORE!......I can't take any more!"

Again the phone rang and it was Pussy who instructed her to answer it.

"Well, hows my little cum slut?" the voice chuckled.

"According to your device...Pussy is it?.....monitoring system, you've only had 49 orgasms....thats surely a record...shall we continue?"

"NO!.....PLEASE!....NO!....I'll do...anything...PLEASE!...NO MORE!"

"WHO.....who are you?" Lisa cried.

"Since were going to be working together" the lady said.

"You can call me MOTHER!"

"But.....you're not.....my...mother died years ago" Lisa said rather angrily.

"I...can't call you..my."

Suddenly the device clicked and the dildo started moving inside Lisas pussy again. She grunted and fell to the floor as the vibrations started as well.

"OK....OK....MOTHER!....what do you want?.....please...no more!"

"YOU" she giggled.

"I want to see you in the front yard on your hands and knees If you're not naked, you better be.....I want to see you eating grass, I have a perfect satellite image of your house so don't fuck with me...you have one minute"

Lisa looked outside and then at the clock. It was 11:30AM.....it was broad daylight on a Saturday....people would be home.

"OH..PLEASE...I have neighbors" Lisa whinned.

"You have 45 seconds or I resume your orgasm program" Mother said, and the phone went dead.

Lisa was in tears now. She opened the front door and stared outside. A quick glance up and down the street showed no one else outdoors. She had never been outdoors in public...naked.....other than sunbathing in the private back yard, this was different. Her naked feet on the front steps was so strange, she tiptoed a few feet and fell to her hands and knees on the cold wet grass.

"Current program will resume in 29 seconds" Pussy announced.

"PLEASE Pussy, SSHHHHH!" Lisa whispered.

A guy across the street backed out of his garage and drove away but he didn't see her. Lisa crawled to the center of the lawn and dropped her head. The sun was already hot, it felt so strange on her naked body. Down the street a dog was barking...surely someone would look outside to investigate. Down the street a garbage truck was working its way to her house. She could hear voices next door, she didn't even know her neighbors, they seemed to be in the back yard and at least where they couldn't see her.

"PLEASE...look.....see me.....look!" Lisa prayed.

"Current program will resume in 11 seconds" Pussy said.

"NO!....I'm here...please!.....look...I'm here!" Lisa said aloud.

Pussy began a countdown then......

"Current program will resume in 8,7,6,5,4,3.......program terminated"

Inside the house the phone was ringing again. Lisa stood up and glanced around....especially across the street. There was two girls there, probably 15 or 16.....staring at her! Lisa froze for a second, standing naked in her front yard wearing nothing but a silver chastity belt around her crotch. The girls were in as much shock as Lisa was.....they just stared then one whispered something to the other and both girls giggled.

Lisa raced inside and double locked the door, then grabbed the phone. It was mother of course.

"That was very rude of you" she said

"Not to say good morning to your neighbors across the street"

"PLEASE...what do you want?" Lisa begged.

"To begin with......do you have a cell phone?"

Lisa raced to get it, and as Mother instructed, she removed the battery and the tiny sim card inside. Mother directed her to a tiny slot on the right side of the belt and told her to insert the phones sim card...and wait.

"Thats better" Mother then said.

Lisa was shocked to discover that Mothers voice was now coming from her chastity belt!

"Isn't that better?" Mother joked.

"From now on, you'll have ME right here with you....feel me?....inside your pussy? I'm that devilish dildo inside you, you did add the tickler insert didn't you? I designed it mysef but went practically crazy after wearing it for only an hour! Lucky you, you're going to feel it inside your pussy for the rest of your life. Certainly that plug in your ass has become quite annoying by too"

Mother activated the vibrator for about 30 seconds, but turned it off again just to remind Lisa that she had total control 24/7. Lisa collapsed on the couch and wiped her tears away. Her whole lower body was covered with dried pussy juice and her own pee....and there was still a huge wet spot on the carpet from last night. She tugged again on the belt she was wearing but it would never pass her hips. She tugged on it, then angrily pounded on it.

Lisa screamed as sharp electric shocks then hit her everywhere around her waist. The pain was excruciatting....and she screamed over and over!

"Thats just a reminder" Mothers voice said.

"Any attempt to remove the belt, or damage it, tampering with the locks or electronic components will activate the security systems...this will result in the shocks you just felt...all those little silver contacts inside the waistband are not only sensors to monitor your bodys condition, its also an electric shock system"

"PLEASE....I want to take it off!.....this thing in my pussy is driving me crazy, it feels like something is crawling around inside me, it feels like its alive! You can't really expect to keep me plugged...forever!"

"I'm afraid I do" Mother explained.

"After all, you put it on voluntarily, isn't this really what you wanted?"

"You're part of the Secure-All family now. I've increased your allowed orgasms to 5 a day, I expect you to initiate them yourself, until you work off the rest of the 100 you owe me. If you don't, I'll take then from you 10 or 12 at a time. Be home tomorrow morning, Have a nice day"

The next morning Lisa recieved another special delivery. She wasn't really surprised when it was not only the same courrier company but the same driver that had delivered her chastity device. She was dressed of course when she answered the door but the driver seemed to know what she was wearing under her dress. He smiled at her and even asked if her last delivery was recieved on good condition. The look on Lisas face was priceless, and before he left, the driver winked at her, welcomed her to the family, and even promised she would see her again...soon.

Inside the delivery packet was a book of sorts. It was actually a welcome packet from Secure-All and about a dozen faceless photos of other women wearing the same device she was in. What really surprised her was that some of these women were in their 10th or 12th year!! Lastly Lisa found the membership benefits packet and sat back to read it.

"Secure-All Corporation is a multi million dollar orginization devoted exclusively to the chastity lifestyle and those who live by it."

"While the majority of our wearers are women" it continued.

"We do have over 20 young men, some voluntarily, some not, currently in chastity and serving our exclusive clients worldwide. The information within this attached file is confidential, as is yours as well. Please be advised that any sort of sharing of this information can and will result in the release of your personal data as well and extensive measures have been taken to protect our clients and wearers."

Lisa opened another packet and her eyes just stared at the files within it. While there were no photos, there was a list, of over a hundred men and women, names, adresses, even contact numbers all within about 30 miles of her home. An attached information sheet explained the true details of the Secure-All clients.

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Part - IV

"The attached files" it began

"Are not of device wearers, they are in fact, contact information for our very exclusive financial sponsors. Every major corporation has investors, who recieve dividends based on the companys performance, dividends and benefits based on the investors financial contribution to the success of our company."

" You are a non financial investment in our company and one of the exclusive benefits offered to our true investors is the personal service you will be required to provide these individuals. Included is a list of investors within your area. Your responsibility is to make periodical visits to these persons and provide them with what Secure-All likes to call divident benefits."

Lisa dropped the letter like it was on fire! Her mind was exploding with the mere thought of what she just read. There was over a hundred names on the list, men and women. The words Mother said to her raced through her mind.

"I want YOU" she remembered mother saying.

"I want you...to be my SLAVE"

"THIS IS INSANE!" Lisa screamed to an empty house.

"She expects me...to be a sex slave.....her corporate fucking whore?!"

Suddenly the vibrator inside her started and seconds later it stopped.

"Good morning my pet" Mother voice said.

"Did you get my delivery?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Lisa screamed.

She was rewarded with several seconds of horrible electric shocks deep with in her pussy. Lisa howled and fell to the floor curled into a ball.

"You are not to take that tone with me sweetie" Mother said....

"And you will not speak to me with profanity!"

"FUCK YOU!" Lisa screamed.

Again the electric shocks hit her and she screamed again. This time the shocks lasted about 15 seconds and stopped. Five seconds later they started again. Lisa couldn't even speak, she buried her face into a pillow and rode out the pain. The cycle repeated itself over and over and over. The vibrations began and stopped. The dildo enlarged and fucked in and out, then stopped. The electric shocks hit her at various intervals. Thirty minutes later, Lisa was beyond sore from her toes to her throbbing head. She peed all over the carpet, and was now no more than a convulsing sweat covered body writhing on the floor.

"Do we have an understanding young lady?" Mother asked.

"I can leave this program on for another 30 minutes..... I can activate it at night when you're asleep, I can leave it and make you walk naked around the block or just leave it on indefinately but it might actually kill you, slowly and quite painfully"

"NO!.....PLEASE!....OK!.....PLEASE!......I'm sorry.....Please...no more!" Lisa begged.

"So you've read the files, your name and information has been forwarded to everyone on the list, everyone is very anxious to meet a fresh young member of our team"

"What?....what do I have to do?" Lisa moaned, still quivering from the shocks.

"It's quite simple" Mother explained.

"Our members have invested a substantial amount into our company in order to research and develop such devices as you are wearing right now. You're a very lucky girl to have been fitted with such an incredibly advanced design, it took years to perfect the 6000 series and it should last for years and years without and maintenance or repairs"

"I don't feel lucky" Lisa groaned.

"If you look at the list again" Mother said,

"Every member has a code number next to his or her name. Every morning you will be contacted and given you the code numbers of the individuals you are to visit. The names are ficticious of course, and the secretaries, receptionists or screeners, even security will recognize you by the name you give them and know why you are there."

"Everyone is going to know why I'm there?!" Lisa growled....

"But how am I supposed to have sex with these people if I'm locked in this thing for the next 30 or 40 years?!"

"We have different individuals wearing different devices...designed for different activities" Mother explained.

"Your particular device , well, you really only have one option."

"NO!....PLEASE OH!...NO!....you expect me to travel all over town...giving blow jobs?!"

"I'm afraid that term will be unacceptable to our clients" Mother said...

"You'll be required to use ORAL INTERVIEWS"

"But there are women on the list......what am I supposed to do for women?"

"I do have a file on you somewhere here" Mother said.

" Apparently you have a history...of lesbian tendencies.....I'm sure you'll know what to do with a nice pussy shoved into your face!!"

"It's insane...it's just crazy...you can't make me your traveling sex slave...you can't really expect me to go around sucking cock for people I don't even know..I can't...I won't!!

"Tell me" mother asked...

"Which did you like more?.....two days of teasing and denial or 49 non stop orgasms? By the way, you still owe me 51 more"

The vibrator in Lisas pussy fired up then and she grabbed at her already sore crotch.

"Remote program initiated" Pussys voice said.

"Stimulation sequence set at 15 minutes, level 5, intense,orgasm denied"

"We'll talk again in a couple of hours" Mother said.....and she hung up!

After the first four cycles, Lisa was ready to tear her hair out. She was pacing around when she could stand up.... between dropping to the floor and screaming every time a fresh orgasm was denied....after hour two when Mothers voice greeted her again...Lisa was defeated.

"OK!....YES!..I'll do it...PLEASE!....anything you want!.....PLEASE!.....let me cum!!"

"Well, you do still owe me 51.....I'll give you one......every hour......until say...midnite....thats 12 hours from now. I'll expect you to be ready for your first day by 10AM.....the list wil be delivered to you in the morning. Have a nice day my pet!"

Pussys voice then startled her.

"Remote programm initiated"

"Orgasm allowed"

"First cycle to begin in 58 minutes"

"Please stand by"

"OH SHUT UP!" Lisa growled.

She dropped back onto the couch and wiped the tears from her eyes. As she studied the list she was given, something haunting bugged her. Why, how, was she selected for the chastity program? Why hadn't she heard from Steven in 2 days? How did she know he wasn't with her right there, right now? How did Mother know that she loved sucking cock more than anything in the world, and that she had a history of sex with women?

Lisa jumped up with a start. It was him, it was Steven The chastity device WAS the package he sent and he told her to put it on Everything he did he used a password on, so he used another name and she recalled the stocks investment he made months ago!

"This investment will bring me dividends for life" he said.

"ME?...not US!...HIM....dividends for life!!"

Lisa didn't know wether to be heartbroken or furious. She felt so betrayed, so used, how could he do this to her, she was his wife, he said he loved her, he knew everything about her and used it against her. Later that afternoon, after her second orgasm and half a bottle of tequilla, she recieved a telegram. She was drunk and opened the door completely naked.

"I suppose you want a fucking blowjob too!" she growled at the delivery guy.

Lisa signed for the telegram and left the young guy standing there withhis mouth hanging open. She ripped the telegram open expecting to find her first assignments the next day, instead it was from her husband.

"Welcome to the family. Living in London now. Your house, expenses and allowance paid for for life. Enjoy the SA6000 it's the best. Say hello to Mother. Love you. Steven."

The next morning Lisa was startled by a knock on the door. She had just finished a shower after very little sleep last night, not to mention the tequila hangover. She struggled thru 12 hourly orgasms and evil dreams about what she would do if she ever saw Steven again.

At the door was the same driver, a young 22 year old kid who introduced himself as Troy. Lisa reluctantly let him and end even offered him coffee, since there was obviously no secrets between them.

"Oh, I want more than coffee" He said with a big grin.

"This package is C.O.D.......they all will be from now on." he said.

Lisa reached for her purse, and Troy chuckled. He moved closer to her and grabbed his crotch.

"You don't pay me......like that" he whispered.

"I bring you your assignments for the day......and every day you suck my cock!"

"Lose the dress" he said as he guided her into the living room.

"I want you to be naked, I want to see. YOU, and most of your clients will too so don't bother wearing panties when you go out. Your first one of the day will probably keep them anyway."

Troy pushed his pants to his ankles and dropped onto the couch. He wasn't even hard yet but he was still a good 6 or 7 inches soft. He just leaned back and smiled at Lisa who stood there terrified. She'd sucked cock before, but never like this, to someone she didn't even know, ordered to against her will, and it was only 8:30 in the morning.

"Do you do alot of deliveries every day?" Lisa asked.

"Sometimes, yes" Troy said.

"The pay is good but the benefits are great. You're my third this morning. So this might take a while. I recharge quickly so don't worry, I promise you a nice big load!!"

Lisa dropped to her knees and took Troys slowly rising cock between her lips. He tasted of soap, but also of saliva and even cum. Almost immedietly he had her head in her hair and was pushing her head down. His thick sweaty pubic hair covered her nose and she struggled to get air thru her already full throat.

"I like it nice and slow" he moaned.

"All the way down. I want to feel my balls on your chin .Hold it in your throat till I tell you, and keep it wet, no teeth, and I expect you to swallow every drop. I'll let you know when I'm cumming"

Despite the resentment of having to do this rather than wanting to, and being told how to, Lisas pussy was getting wet. Sucking cock always did turn her on and this a nice cock, thick and solid with a nice fat head, and he had great balls! Lisa sucked him softly, and slowly. She barely choked when he was balls deep in her throat. Steven was almost 9 inches and she could take him easily, this guy was about 8.

It took him nearly half an hour to cum. It was his third time since 6AM. Lisa wondered about the others, were there more like her nearby?.....did this guy really spend his whole day getting free blowjobs?. Troy started panting, and wiggling around. Lisa prepared herself to swallow.

"I...I'm.......CUMMING!!" Troy grunted.

Although she loved sucking cock, Steven always came on her face....she was NOT a big fan of having a guy cum in her mouth, it was disgusting to her, the taste was awfull, and she couldn't stand actually swallowing the stuff. Troy slammed her head into his crotch and exploded into her throat! She started gagging, but gulping. There was alot of it for his thirtd time, it took several big spurts to drain him. Afterwards he held her there until she licked him clean.

"Not bad" Troy said once he released her.

"Not...BAD?" Lisa grunted.

"You came in my mouth......and I swallowed it....and I'm NOT BAD?"

"Don't panic" Troy laughed.

"I'll give you an 6....."

"What does that mean?" Lisa asked.

"Well everyone you service will rate you, to Mother....1 to 10.....10 being the best....this is your first time...a 6 is good....I did kinda feel your teeth, you need to open your mouth a little more, and use your tongue more.....and you did kinda choke when I came."

"It's disgusting!" Lisa growled....

"You use my mouth like it's a toilet, I got your cock down my throat, and I swallow your cum like its something I'm supposed to do......and I get a "not bad"?"

"Look" Troy whispered.....

"You were....well...ok.....you still have a little on your lips. I'll see you tomorrow and I'll try to make you my first so you get the biggest and freshest load. You'll get some practice today. Remember what I told you, open up, more tongue, and swallow a ittle faster, this was my third load, some of these guys are gonna give you their first and it'll be alot more than what you just got."

Lisa wiped her lips, and watched Troy leave, happy and whistling. She rushed in and brushed her teeth, but she couldn't do anything about the cum she was sure she could feel in her belly. She hurried out and opened the envelope Troy had brought, then sat down to read.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" she screamed into the empty house.

There were 9 names on her first list, times and directions. Most of them were downtown, office buildings and businesses, the last two in residential homes. The last home was less than 6 blocks from her own!

"NINE fucking blowjobs?" she mumbled!!

At 11:30 that morning Lisa was standing in the elevator going to the 10th floor of a downtown office building. She was nearly in tears, wearing a short black dress, 3 inch heels and no panties, she looked very professional although she was way out of her environment. When she introduced herself as there for an ORAL INTRVIEW, the young blonde receptionist just smiled.

"You're....new" she said rather than asked.

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Part - V

"Yes" Lisa nervously replied.

"Thats why I'm here for an interview"

"OH!....OH my gosh...YES!....an interview!" the receptionist exclaimed. She blushed and fumbled with the phone, suddenly realizing "who" Lisa was!

"Mr. Wiliams will come.....uh...I mean...uh....be...right out to get you" the nervous young girl explained.

Her first time was so humiliating. Mr. Wilson, not his real name because it wasn't on the building directory.....was a neat sharp dressed young man about 30. He hurried her into his office and ordered the receptionist NOT to disturb him. Lisa was standing in front of ceiling to floor glass windows. Right across the street was another building and she could actually see people in there, probably as easy as they could see where she was.

"Remove the dress" the guy said.

"If you're wearing panties, lose them, and the shoes too"

Once she was naked, in a downtown office building, Mr. Wilson took his time examining her. He tried to get a finger to her pussy but couldn't...then tried her ass.

"Are you plugged?" he asked

"Yes sir" Lisa moaned back in total embarassment.

"In front...and back sir"

"Thats a 6000 isn't it?" he asked.

"Yes I hate those......I was expecting to get some ass today. I wanted to fuck you, so, what else is there, what do you do?"

"I'm here for an oral interview" Lisa mumbled.

"A blowjob! You're here to suck my cock?" he asked. He was obviously irritated with her, it wasn't her fault but she wasn't what he wanted and he was upset.

"Yes sir" Lisa replied.

"Well " he grumbled

"I got that this morning from my wife. Well...ok....do it....get on your knees.....over here, at my chair"

As Lisa dropped and crawled around his desk, she froze for a second. She was right in front of the huge windows, everyone across the street could see her, there were no curtains. Mr. Williams, in his chair, pushed his pants down, no one could see him, and he sat there waiting.

"Well, get busy, get it in your mouth, and I want a good suck too, nothing sloppy. Don't drip anything on my pants. You swallow don't you? I expect you to swallow. DAMN girl get busy!"

There was lipstick on his cock from his wife this morning. Lisa wondered if she knew her husband was getting sucked off in his office. He leaned uncomfortably back and pushed hip up and closed his eyes. From across the street, there was a woman watching, and then another and then a guy all watching her suck cock!! She took him easily balls deep but choked a second on the smell and sight of yellow piss stains on his white underwear.

Lisa sucked him softly but quickly to a small dribbly finish. It was horrible and wattery, but easy to swallow down. When he was done, he wanted his balls licked and Lisa almost lost it. After no more than 10 minutes he pushed her away and pulled up his pants still sitting down. Lisa crawled back around the desk but had to stand up to get dressed again. Across the street there were half a dozen people watching.

"Go, get out, you're done here" He ordered her.

"Yes sir, thank you" she replied as ordered to say by Mother.

Lisa left almost in tears. She just sucked him off and SHE thanked HIM?! The taste in her mouth was terrible, she was angry for not thinking to bring some gum or mints. In the lobby she bought a package of pep-o-mint life savers and chewed most of the pack down. Her next meeting was in an hour, so she found the building and waited outside.

Client number two was an old fat guy with a tiny little cock. She sucked him off in his private bathroom and he tried to kiss her but she pulled away. She left and headed for another hi rise and her 1PM appointment with the" XO group" of attorneys.

The receptionist seemed to be expecting her, Lisa told herself this was going to be normal, but it was very difficult to accept, women knowing who she was and why she was there.

"WOW...you're like.... really...young" The even younger, probably 19 or 20 year old receptioinist giggled.

"I'm 23" Lisa said.

"I'm here for an oral interview"

"OH yeah, I know" she giggled.

"I've done that interview myself" she said with a cute wink.

"They're waiting for you in the meeting room, down the hall, first door on the right."

"They?" Lisa asked.

"OH yeah, they've cleared their whole afternoon for you. I'll be in shortly with coffee."

Inside Lisa was greeted by 6 young, cute, very well dressed executives all smiling at her when she entered. None of them was over 30 or so and a couple of them had already started undressing. The meeting room was huge, with a large table in the middle and a dozen chairs around it, however she was led to an adjoining room with two couches, a small table in the center and a full bar off to one side. There was no need for names they told her and introduced themselves as merely 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Lisa was ordered to strip and stood there scared and shivering .

"We usually have a more...accessible girl for our meetings" #1 said.

"Mother said you were new and asked us to...well...sort of break you in.....considering your current condition. You are....plugged front and back aren't you?"

"Yes......sir" Lisa replied.

"Its a....6000 sir."

"Yes...of course" he continued.

"Well.....you'll be here approximately 2 hours......you'll be required to suck each of us, to completion, we certainly don't want stains on a $10,000 rug so you will be expected to swallow everything of course, my wife doesn't like cum stains on my suit. I expect each of us will want to cum at least twice, maybe more depending on time constraints, so gentlemen.....whose first?"

Lisa dropped to her knees and was directed to the first of 3 guys waiting on a couch to her right. She barely opened her mouth and her face was slammed onto a fat 6 or 7 inch cock. He came quickly, a thick nasty load but promised he'd be back for more. Lisa was moved to her left and immedietly swallowed a second waiting cock. This one lasted longer, he was short and easy to suck but he erupted like a volcano. Lisa was still gulping when she was moved to the next guy. She sucked him off slowly, trying to catch her breath from the first two. He was in no hurry and spent 30 or 40 seconds between every stroke buried deep in her throat, loving her cruel gagging and choking on almost 9 inches of hard cock.

He erupted directly down her throat, she couldn't even swallow it, it just stuck there halfway to her belly and it burned like fire. She gasped and begged for a drink after her third blow job but they just laughed.

"You'll get more than enough to drink today" someone remarked.

"You've barely started your first round. Someone give this poor slut a cock!!"

Lisa was on #4 when the receptioinist entered with coffee. Lisa was gagging and sweating terribly, the sounds coming from her were practically inhuman. The young blonde stayed and watched a while. Lisa choked down another massive load of cum and was directed to still another erection.

"Please!.....I...need..a......mmmffffffffff!" she begged as her pleas were ignored and fresh cock stuffed down her throat. Her throat was on fire. Cum was like acid to her, she couldn't get it all down no matter how much she gulped and swallowed, it coated her mouth and throat like glue, thick and nasty, and constantly flowing. After her first 6 loads, a pool of fresh man juice in her belly, grumbling and stewing, she was lead back to her first client.

"Six blowjobs in 45 minutes" he laughed.

"Looks like were gonna have time for thirds today!!"

Lisa was exhausted after #7.....her lips were sore and her jaws hurt. She was tired and it showed in her efforts. Someone behind her made a phone call, and all she heard was his conversation.


"Hey, your new girl is great....yes, shes still sucking, but listen.... she's just started round two, lets see....her seventh, with alot more to go. Maybe a little you know...motivational stimulation?.....You got a program that'll give her a little inspiration?......yeah?......great!"

#7 came like a hose turned on in her mouth, Lisa choked and swallowed but his cum still flowed out of her nose. She couldn't believe anyone could cum that much! On her way to #8, Lisa saw the blonde receptionist sitting with two hard cocks in her hands, keeping them hard and ready for her to suck! With 7 loads of cum in her belly, not to mention the two from earlier Lisa was turning green!! Her belly ached, it felt like lead inside her, her body was trying to figure out what it was, and how to digest it as fast as it was coming in!

Suddenly from behind her, Lisa heard Pussys voice and everyone cheered!

"Remote program activated"

"Arousal level.........high"

"Stimulation intervals...5 minutes"


The vibrator inside Lisa kicked in, and so did the sensations against her clit. Lisa was immedietly grunting and groaning. The dildo began to move and she tried to raise her head to howl, but hands in her hair slammed her face onto the cock in her throat. At this intensity, Lisa felt an orgasm building rapidly in her belly. She sucked harder, deeper, grunting and groaning, and just as her orgasm hit her, the guy in her mouth flooded her mouth with his cum. Lisa screamed, she choked and gulped frantically. Her orgasm was there, seconds away, she could feel it almost there, so close, so intense, then it stopped!!

"OH YESSSS!"The guy in her mouth grunted....laughing and cumming and cumming and cumming!

"Swallow Daddy down. Take all that nice hot cum in your belly....suck!......suck it!......yessssss.....good little cum slut!"

Lisa was passed around like a rag doll. Three times her orgasm was denied, 9 times, she had sucked and swallowed and the young receptionist was there watching all of it! it was all she could smell, all she could taste, it was in her nose and her eyes. Someone even came all over her belly and held her belt open just enough to let it trickle down her body to her pussy. Lisa groaned in disgust knowing she would be wearing cum inside her belt for the rest of the day! To finish things up, Lisas mouth was held open by someone, her eyes were glazed over, her mind was in a daze, her belly was full and bloated, and two of the guys stood above her and jacked off into her mouth, watching her throat open and close as she swallowed it with her mouth open.

She was cleaned up finally and escorted to the front doors by the first guy she met. There was 15 loads of cum inside her. She felt like she'd swallowed a watermelon. Her body refused to digest it, and she burped cum for the next hour. As she staggered out the doors, the receptionist called her back. She was handed an envelope and the young blonde mentioned that she would see her again soon!

Alone in the elevator, it was all Lisa could do not to cry. She opened the envelope, and she did cry. Inside was 10 $100 bills and a hand scrawled note, a rating of 10+! Lisa completed the rest of her assignments on schedule sucking cock all afternoon, and headed home. There was only two more clients to meet, both residential. The first was an elderly gent who gave her a tequila cocktail and half an hour in a hot tub. She sucked him dry under water and almost drowned doing it! The last one, four blocks from her house, was a female!

She inroduced herself as Ginger....a 50 year old absolute BITCH.....who wanted nothing less than absolute obedience.

"ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES!" she demanded.


"After sucking cock all day, this should be easy" Lisa thought.

Ginger was vicious....she came like a string of firecrackers, and everytime she came, she peed! Lisa licked and sucked, gulped and swallowed, she gagged and choked on pussy juice and piss. for an hour All she wanted to do was puke but she knew she'd pay dearly for that!! Another hour later, her tongue was in Gingers asshole. This was absolutely the most disgusting thing she had ever done. Later Ginger sat on her face and literally threatened to rip her nipples off!! Lisa was screaming and choking on the flood of slime flowing from the womans pussy like a river! When she couldn't take anymore, Ginger pushed Lisa aside and left her saturated in her slime, teased, tortured, horny and frustrated.

Llater, Lisa was lying in the living room exhausted and totally drained. She hadn't cum all day, and really, only wanted a good shower and a night alone, to sleep. Ginger told her to get out.....when the front door opened and in entered Gingers 40 year old husband.

"You want some of this?........take it" Ginger said.

The guy looked down and grinned then dropped his pants! Lisa gave her last "oral interview" of the day. He was a greasy, smelly, disgusting slob, and his cum was as nasty as anything she'd ever tasted. He wiped his slimy cock in her hair and shoved her out the front door naked, holding her dress in her hands. Lisa was sobbing, naked and sore everywhere.....her mouth tasted like a sewer, her lips and face smeared with the latest cum dumped onto her. She didn't even try to dress. Lisa was so tired and sore and angry. Naked. she walked to her car and drove home. In the garage, she sat and cried. The image of every cock that had used her flashed thru her mind. She remembered the tase of every one, the floods of cum that was forced into her, the laughter and the humiliation, her need to cum, denied to her all day long.

Lisa showered, and crawled into bed and fell into a deep, dead sleep. An hour later she was awake again.

"Pussy" she whispered......

"I want....to...cum"

"Program initiated" Pussy whispered.....

"Arousal level medium...."


As the vibrations began, and the dildo started to move.....Lisa closed her eyes and moaned....in the dark, she was alone, there was tranquility, a sense of peace. Her orgasm built slowly and ripped thru her.....as expected.

Lisa sobbed softly, and fell asleep. In the morning, she was awakened by Troy.....and a new day began. A new day...like every day. A SA6000 day.

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Last Story for today in next post. Indian Stuff.
Will post a lot afterwards only after i get good response.

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An Indian Slut

Hi, My name is Aarti. I am a 34-year-old housewife with 1 kid. I have a very attractive figure of 34-28-34. My hair is black. I am 4í11� tall. I live in New Delhi, India with my husband. His name is Aakash. He is a software programmer in a large multinational company. Our married life was happy till a little while ago.

Our problems started with the recession in the US. My husband was in the danger of losing his job. One day, we had gone to a party where his boss, Mr. Murthy saw me.

That day I was wearing a sexy sari with a sleeveless blouse. It was low cut in the front as well as back, showing a lot of cleavage as well as my bare back.

The party was in full flow. I saw Mr. Murthy looking at me many times. Whenever, I looked at him, he turned away. But, I could not say anything to him or my hubby. Then came the time to dance. Mr. Murthy walked over to me and asked me to dance with him.

I agreed. We went on the floor. The music was slow. As we started dancing together, I felt his hand touching my bare back, my bare navel and sometimes even my hips. I did not say or do anything.

He got bolder and started touching my boobs as well as if it was happening accidentally,

not intentionally. I was scared to say anything to him. Fortunately, the music stopped and we had to return from the floor. When we came home, I told my hubby about this. He said that it might have happened accidentally.

A few days later, I got a call from my hubby from his office. He seemed very troubled.

I asked him the reason. He said he would explain it when he comes home. He came from the office in the evening. After our dinner, when we went to sleep, he said to me, �Aarti, I am in deep trouble. I have been asked to leave the job. I have been caught selling some sensitive information to our competitor!!� I yelled, �How could you do this?� He said that he was sorry. He said now only I could save his job and also stop his going to prison.

I was very confused. How could I do that for him? On this he said that his boss could stop this entire thing happening but he had a condition. When I asked him the condition, he said that his boss wants to have sex with me. Not only that I will have to be his sex slave for an entire weekend. I was aghast at this suggestion, that too from my hubby. I wanted to break his face and also that of his boss. How dare he think of such a thing? I shouted back at him, � I donít care if you go to jail, I am not doing this�

He pleaded, �Please, this is just for once�. Please save me �. I still did not relent. Then he said, �Ok! But think, what would it do to our child, if I were in the prison? She will not be able to get into good schools. People would look down upon her�. This got me thinking. What he was saying had merit. It would ruin the life of our child if he went to jail. Still I was not ready to do this. He convinced me some more and I relented. I said to him that it would be for once only. Little did I know at that time that what was I getting into.

I was thinking about it for the whole week and did not even realize that it was Friday evening. My hubby came back from office and asked me to get ready. I did not have much to do as I was asked not to carry any clothes or makeup with me. However, there were specific instructions about other things. I had to shave my pubic hair completely. No hair was to be there in the underarms as well.

I had to wear the same sari, which I had worn on the night of the party. My hubby took me in the car and drove me to the place. It was slightly away from the city. It was an old farmhouse on the border of the city. It was very secluded and I was frightened by not seeing any other buildings for miles. My hubby dropped me at the gate of the building and turned around the car and left.

I started walking towards the main entrance of the building, which was slightly far from the road. As soon as I reached the gate, it automatically opened inwards. I walked in with a lot of fear. My heartbeat was racing and I was terrified. When, I reached the house, there too, the gate opened and I entered the house. Just on the entrance, it was a very large hall. Old paintings and animal hides were hanging on the walls. But, what disturbed me most were the paintings on the walls showing nude women being tortured.

I walked into the hall. Just then, Mr. Murthy appeared from nowhere and said, �Welcome, my dear!! I have been waiting for you for long.� I was terrified to say anything. He moved towards me and took me in his arms. I tried to resist but he was too strong. Then his voice echoed in the hall, � Now, you need to strip. You will not be wearing any clothes till the time you are here�

I was taken aback, but had to comply as I was afraid that if he tore my clothes what would I wear back to home. I started by removing my sari. He put on some seductive music and I had to sway to it while removing my sari. His eyes were fixed on my body as I did so. He then ordered me to remove my blouse slowly. I had to do it. I started opening the buttons one by one. When all of them were open, I slid down one sleeve of the blouse. Slowly, I slid the other sleeve along my arm and took off the blouse.

Now I was in my bra and petticoat. He asked me to remove my petticoat too. I was dying of shame but did it. Now he was devouring my form with his lust filled eyes. He came close to me and asked me to keep dancing. He came behind me and unclasped the hook of my bra. I tried to keep it on by latching on to it but he tore it away from my body.

Now, my 34 b boobs were there in front of him in all their glory.

He took hold of me at this point and started kissing my lips forcefully. Suddenly, he left me and asked me to remove my panty. I was thinking that why am I doing this, but I complied, and slid down my panty along my thighs and down to my ankles. Then I stepped out of them. Now I was completely naked in front of him. He had that evil shine in his eyes. Just as I thought, he would pounce on me any moment, the doorbell rang.

I was surprised and thought that my hubby has come back to save me. Just then, I looked at Mr. Murthy. He had an evil grin on his face. All my hope vanished. He asked me to go and open the door. I moved towards my clothes but he stopped me and asked me to go to the door naked. I was shocked but had no option. So, I went to open the door. I tried to hide myself behind the door as much as possible and opened the latch.

As soon as I did that, the door flew open inwards and two more men entered the room.

I was thrown down on the floor but was not hurt. I saw Mr. Murthy laughing and shaking hands with the other two guys. Then I saw them and realized, they were his partners at the office. I was shocked and ran towards my clothes. I saw that they had disappeared. I was in tears now and tried to cover myself with my hands.

Just then, Mr. Murthy walked behind me and held my hands with a lot of force behind my back. My breasts were thrust forward in an obscene manner. I was still crying and pleading with them to let me go. Now, Mr. Murthy took a nylon rope and tied my hands. Slowly, he pulled them above my head. He threw the rope towards a pulley attached to the roof. After passing it over the pulley, pulled it tighter and tied it with a pillar in the hall. Now I was strung naked, with my hands above my head in the center of the hall.

As I was thinking about it, to my horror Mr. Murthy took out a camera from behind a curtain. He told me that he had been recording everything right from my entry. I was shocked to hear that. Then all of them started undressing. I was very afraid. They stopped with only their underwear on. I could see the bulges in their crotches already. Mr. Murthy placed the camera on a tripod and then all of them wore masks so that their faces might not be recognized.

Mr. Murthy said, �Donít worry darling, we will sell this video at a very high price, but will give your husband a free copy of it!� All of them found it very funny and laughed a lot. Then Mr. Murthy brought forward a large trolley. I was terrified to see that there were various kinds of dildos, clamps and some other instruments on the trolley.

Now Mr. Murthy and his friends took out 3 whips. All of them were different in shape and size but they all were very scary. They took positions all around me and cracked their whips. The loud sound of them made me jump nervously. I was shivering with fear. Suddenly there was a whistling sound from behind and the first blow landed on my back.

I screamed in agony, �Aiieeeeee!!!!� but the scream fell on deaf ears, as there was a second lash that landed on my breasts. I screamed again, �Aaaahhhhhhh!!� The pain was so intense that I thought that I would faint. But that did not happen. Now, the third lash landed on my buttocks. My scream �Auuuughhhhhhh� echoed through the hall. I thought that my ass would split into two.

Now all of them got into a rhythm, they were not allowing me to think and whipping me like a piece of meat. Some of the lashes landed on my nipples and my screams were so loud that if somebody was living in the vicinity, they might have thought that there was some demon screaming in this house.

My body was drenched in sweat. Mr. Murthy walked up to me. He had a metal bar in his hand. It was about 2 feet wide. He knelt down and tied first my one foot to it and then the other one too. So now my feet were spread apart by about 2 feet. Now, the whipping continued. I was about to faint from the exertion of this all, when suddenly I screamed at the top of my voice. Mr. Murthy had delivered a stroke right on my pussy. I screamed �AAAAAAHHHH!� He said, �Well, that got your real attention. That is for being such a haughty bitch!�

My head was swimming and I was not able to concentrate. Now they released my hands and feet. I fell on the floor and did not have any energy left to move. I saw all of them took some medicine along with water. I later got to know that they all had viagra so that they can stay hard longer. I was thirsty too, but dare not ask for water. Mr. Murthy walked up to me and dragged me by my hair. Now, I was thrown onto a large bed. All of them got naked and climbed onto the bed.

Mr. Murthy moved first and got behind me. He inserted his large 9 inches cock into my ass. It was very painful, as I had never had anal sex before even with my husband. I started howling in pain. He did not care and kept on applying the pressure. I was totally helpless. I kept on crying in pain but slowly and gradually he was able to insert it into my asshole. Now, the other guys (I didnít even know their names) took their positions. One of them fucked me in the pussy and the other one entered his cock in my mouth.

When I tried to resist the one entering my mouth, Mr. Murthy pinched my nipples so hard from behind. I shrieked and opened my mouth. As soon as I did that, he entered my mouth. The camera was capturing my defilement all along. Now, all of them started fucking me violently. I was not even able to breathe. They were fucking me so hard, I was about to faint. But suddenly, they stopped. I thought my ordeal was over. But, far from it, it became worse. They now interchanged their positions. Mr. Murthy was in my mouth now, the guy fucking my pussy was fucking me in the ass and the one fucking my mouth was fucking my pussy.

This time they went on for about 10 minutes and then again changed their positions. They again kept on fucking me for 10-12 more minutes. Mr. Murthy was the first to cum in my pussy. As soon as he shot his load, the guy fucking my mouth also came. The last one deposited his load of cum in my ass. All of them then made me lick their cocks clean.

I was dying of humiliation but had no option. I got on my knees and cleaned their cocks with my mouth.

This was just the beginning of my ordeal as I had two days ahead of me as their sex slave. I had nowhere to go and they were fully aware of that. They had their evil designs laid out very well. Whenever I thought that they were finished, they would come up with something more devilish. The next day began with some more new trauma for me but fun for them.

I woke up in the morning and found that I was still naked. My whole body was aching. My ass and pussy were on fire. I could not even walk properly. My breasts were swollen and I had large red welts all over my tits, back and ass. Suddenly the door opened and all of them walked in. To my horror, they all were naked too. Mr. Murthy said, �Well, look friends, our slut has got up.� They started laughing. I was humiliated. I needed to go to the bathroom. They asked me to go and pee but they would be watching. I was so ashamed but had to do it.

Now, they asked me to take a shower. I did it. The only thought on my mind was that they were recording even all of this. My body felt a little better after a shower. Now, they asked me to go to the kitchen and make food for them. I went in the kitchen and prepared food. I served the food on the dining table. They ate and I was asked to stand in a corner with my hands above my head.

Once, they had finished eating, they asked me if I was also hungry. I nodded. They asked me to come over to the table. I thought that they would offer me the leftover food. But Mr. Murthy asked me to get on my knees under the table and suck their cocks one by one.

He said, �I think there would be enough protein in our cum to keep you going till lunch�

I was humiliated beyond my imagination. But, I knelt down and went under the table. I sucked their cocks one by one. All of them asked me to swallow their cum as that would be my only breakfast.

Now, they took me to the hall again. Once again, I was tied like the night before. I was very scared. Now, Mr. Murthy brought an injection. He inserted the needle right below my nipple. I yelped in agony, � Noooooooo!!� He pressed the plunger and injected the liquid into my breast. Now, the other guy did the same to my other breast. In almost five minutes, my breasts swelled up. My nipples became hard and elongated. They had injected some liquid to make my breasts larger and more sensitive. Mr. Murthy came and flicked my left nipple with his tongue. �Uffffff� was all I could utter.

Then he brought the trolley from the last night forward. He picked two vicious looking clamps from it and came forward. I was very afraid and started pleading, � Please no, sir, please donít do that!!� He smiled his evil grin and attached one of those to my left nipple. My scream of agony, �Aiiiiieeeeeee� was so loud that they had to cover their ears. Tears were running freely down my cheeks. They were laughing and then he repeated it on my right nipple. The result was the same.

Next, he took a metal chain and looped it through the clamps. He took the other end of the chain and forced it into my mouth. Now, my breasts were stretched upwards in a conical shape. He said, � Donít you dare drop this chain, or you will regret it very much�

Now, he took out a small whip but it had knotted ends. He took aim and hit the underside of my breasts with full force. I tried to open my mouth to scream but remembered his threat. He laughed as he realized that. He passed the whip to his friends and moved behind me.

As they started whipping my tits, he opened my ass wide and with few powerful strokes entered my asshole. I did not know which pain was worse. The one in my ass or the one in my tits. My ass was feeling as if it would split into two, while my breasts felt as if they were being stung by hundreds of bees. Somehow, I managed to keep the chain in my mouth. After a while, the pain became unbearable and I was semi conscious. Just then, the other guy landed a blow on my pussy. My eyes flew wide open in horror, I shrieked and the chain slipped out of my mouth. Mr. Murthy came in my ass just then. He removed his cock and came in front of me. I could feel his cum oozing out of my ass and slipping down my thighs.

He said, � You have failed the test, bitch!! So you will be punished now. With that he smiled and nodded towards his friends. One of them went to the trolley and brought some weights. He took the weights and at first removed the chain attached to the clamps. He then attached the weights to the other end of the clamp on my right nipple. I shrieked and tried to free myself from my bounds. This made them laugh. Now, he repeated it on my left nipple. My shrieks were echoing through the hall

The pain was so intense that I again fainted. They waited till I came to my senses again. Now, I was begging them to have mercy and release me. But all my pleas fell on deaf ears. They now brought more clamps. Now, the third guy came forward, he took a clamp and put it on my pussy lip. I yelled, �Aiiieeeeeee�, but there was no one to hear my screams except them. Now, he put the second clamp on my other pussy lip. I was in agony and wanted to die. I was shivering with fear when the second one of them went behind me and began fucking my asshole

With each thrust, the clamps attached to my tits and pussy were moving and causing immense pain. I was again screaming with the double attack on my ass and tits. After fucking my ass for about 10 minutes, he too came in my ass. Mr. Murthy moved forward and now removed the clamps from my nipples. I screamed aloud, because as the blood rushed back to my abused nipple, it caused a white light of pain. He did the same to the ones attached to my pussy lips and I almost fainted with the pain.

Just, as I thought that my torture for the day was over, the third one came forward with an evil grin on his face. He had two burning candles in his hands. He handed one each to Mr. Murthy and the other guy. He moved back to fuck my ass. Now, as soon as he pushed his thick cock in my asshole, Mr. Murthy and his friend tilted the candles on my tits. Large drops of hot wax dropped on my tits. My screams were loud enough to wake the neighbors (if we had any). They kept on doing this and I kept on screaming. Suddenly, they dropped the hot wax on my nipples. I thrashed wildly in my bounds and screamed at the top of my voice. Just then, the third guy came in my ass and I fainted.

An Indian Slut (Part 2)

As I woke up from my deep slumber, I realized that it was evening time. The house was unusually quiet. It seemed there was no one in the house. I was now lying on a soft, clean bed in a bedroom instead of being tied in the centre of the drawing room. I was now feeling the effects of the torment my body had gone through. Every single pore in my body ached with any sort of movement. My shoulders were the worst from being tied with my hands above my head for so long. I thought that now my ordeal was over and I was free to go home. This thought reminded me that I was still totally naked and badly bruised all over.

I tried to get up from the bed and to look for my clothes. As soon as I set my foot down, the door of the room opened and Mr. Murthy entered. There was a wicked smile on his face. He said, �So, our fucktoy has awakened after all. Good, now we can proceed with the rest of the games we have planned for you�. On hearing this, I was filled with dread. I said, �Please, you all have already had enough. Please let me go home now!! On this he laughed like a devil and said, �Sorry Darling, your contract is still not over. You still have to stay here for tonight. You can go home only tomorrow morning.� On hearing his cruel words, I started crying. He said, �Save these for later, as tonight will be a night that you will remember for long.�

With that he closed the door on me and went out. I fell on the bed again and tried to sleep so that some of the pain I was feeling could go away. I slept in fits for about half an hour. It was then that I heard the sound of a carís engine outside the house. I wanted to know that who might have come. Perhaps, I could shout and draw their attention so that they could save me from the evil designs of these people. But, then my mind suggested that I better be quiet otherwise my torment could be more as promised by Mr. Murthy.

I was lost in these thoughts when suddenly the door opened and Mr. Murthy entered again. This time he had a packet in his hand. He threw the packet on my naked breasts and said, �Come on bitch, get dressed. Itís time for the next show.� I was terrified. But, I picked up the packet and opened it. In there were all my clothes which I had worn on the first night when I came to this house. I started wearing the clothes. Mr. Murthy was still standing there, staring at me. This made me feel even more uncomfortable than being naked in front of him.

As soon as I got dressed, he handed me over a makeup kit and asked me to apply makeup to my face. I did that and looked at myself in the mirror. Since, there were no injuries on my face, I looked pretty much ok with my clothes on. In fact, I looked pretty with the makeup on. No one could guess what I had gone through in the last two days by just looking at my face. This thought was somewhat comforting but equally unnerving was the thought that why was I being made to do all this.

It only meant that someone very important had arrived in the car whose sound I had heard sometime ago. I was about to find that out. Mr. Murthy led me by my arm to the drawing room once again. The only difference I noticed was that now there were three other men in the drawing room. Two of them were Mr. Murthyís friends, but the third one had a mask on his face. Only his eyes, nostrils and lips were visible through the mask. I was very intrigued by this mystery man. I wanted to see who is behind the mask. As if reading my thoughts, Mr. Murthy said, �You want to know who is behind this mask?� I nodded in agreement. He said, �That will have to wait, dear. First, you need to welcome our new guest�

With this he pushed me to the ground and asked me to crawl over to the masked man. I did that. Mr. Murthy then said, �Come on slut, now get up and kiss our guest as if you are kissing your husband�. I got up from the floor and moved my body up close to the masked manís body. As I tried to move my lips to kiss him, he bent forward and kissed me passionately. His tongue forced my mouth open and went right into my mouth. I was lost in the kiss when he suddenly yanked my hair and pulled my face away. I screamed in pain. Mr. Murthy and friends laughed at this. Mr. Murthy said, �Time to reveal the identity of our new guest�

With this the masked man started to pull away his mask. My heart was beating very fast as I wanted to end this suspense. As soon as the mask was off, I was dumbstruck. There in front of me stood my hubby! I was too shocked to do or say anything. Mr. Murthyís voice broke the silence in the room. �Donít worry darling, he is not here of his own free will. Just like you, he is also following our orders. Now, letís start the real game�

He moved towards the chairs in the room and his friends followed him. When all of them were comfortably seated, he said to my husband, �Come on, now remove all the clothes of this bitch and get her naked�. My eyes were full of tears. My hubby moved towards me and took the corner of my sari in his hands. With one swift motion he tugged at it, so that I twirled and fell on the floor. He kept on pulling and soon my sari was off. He then came to me and picked me up from the floor. I was now facing Mr. Murthy and his friends. My hubby went towards my back and started opening the buttons of my blouse from behind. He then took off my blouse completely by sliding first one arm and then the other.

Now, I was in my bra and just my petticoat. I felt even more embarrassed as I was being undressed by my own hubby. He just then pulled the string of my petticoat and it slipped over my thighs and legs and fell to the ground. He put his arms around my waist from the back and hoisted me in the air. He kicked away the petticoat lying on the floor. Now I was only in my underwear. Then he unclasped the hook of my bra and pulled it away from my body. My boobs were again naked for all to see. He slipped his hands in the waistband of my panty and slid it all the way down to my ankles. He lifted first one leg and then the other one to take it off completely. Now I was completely nude in front of all the men in the room.

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