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incest stories

hi friends....

here i am going to share incest stories that are not mine its all taken from net....if u have any objection i can remove that story....so please guys encourage me with your valuable reply's and rep's.....thank you.....

here i start.....

brother fucks sister....

This is story about Rahul & Sonam who were brother & sister. Rahul was 19 & Sonam was 22, they were quite close and were like best friends, sharing all secrets & computer in their house. Gradually Rahul was attaracted sexually towards her elder sister when once he saw Sonam having sex with her boss in their house when no one was there, fortunately or unfortunately Rahul came back & had seen the complete act and had captured the video of it in his mobile. He used to notice her private parts and used to think about having sex with his sister Sonam after seeing the video. Now the story is narrated by Rahul himself.
One day my parents were out of the town leaving back me & Sonam alone in the house. After some time Sonam left me and went to her friend's house nearby. Even I told that I'll go out for a movie but actually I stayed back after Sonam left the house. Being alone at home made me crazy. I was thinking nothing except, Sonam. I prepared myself, I was very nervous, but I desperately wanted to teach her a lesson. Time was around 5 when door bell rang, it was none other than my didi. When she came, I was sitting in hall and TV was on, she sat on sofa.
“did you had the lunch,” I said yes, “ how was your Sunday didi?” “It was good, but I am bit tired, and would like to take bath.” I said OK. She stood up to go to her room, “didi I have one lovely video, you will definitely like it, activate bluetooth in your handset so that I send it to you.” she turned back and handed over her mobile to me, and walked into her room,and from there she asked me how was your movie? “We did not get tickets of that movie, but luckily I saw another hardcore action movie, which was any day better than that.” “Don’t know what you guys like in action movies?” “No didi it was a wonderful movie you must see that movie, it was action movie with lot of romance in it, kind of romance you like.”
“OK” with that she walked in the bathroom with a towel, and asked me, “What was the name of the movie”. “I am copying clip of that movie to your mobile, first you tell me whether you liked the clip or not.” “OK” she replied from the bathroom. I copied that clip in her mobile through bluetooth. After some time Sonam completed her bath and came out of the bathroom.
Oh god….I opened my mouth. Sonam came out with just a towel wrapped around her body…..with water sweating hairs…..she was looking hot. The dark orange color towel on her sandal color body was giving really a hot appearance to her.
As the towel was tightly covered around her assets…her structure was making me mad. She used to give this kind of view once in a while and at those times I used to tempt to have sex with her, and now for me it was the time to do it. I handed over her mobile and she played that video in her mobile and I saw her facial expressions changing.
She was in shock and looked at me. “didi I have seen every second you have spent in your room with your boss.” She was shocked, She was ground looking now….I didn’t know whether it’s Because of shyness or shame. She didn’t meet my eye and calmly walked into the room. I followed her and when she was about to close the door, I stopped her and entered in the room and switched on the light.
She looked at me and could not speak even a word..“ Didi Today is the important date in your life…….the inaugural day of your secret….…..I mean….your boss has opened… cracked… and inaugurated…your body today…and your promotion is all depending on that…” Sonam was dying while listening my dirty comments she felt utter shame for being there….because….
She had been watched by her younger brother while she was having sex with her boss. She felt of standing there nude in front of me because her brother has already seen her in all worst conditions like showing her secret body parts & having sex with her boss. I was staring at without any hesitation. Her eyes were filled with tears and her cheeks were in red color.
“Rahul….Sorry Rahul….” She cried. “Hey….don’t cry……it’s ok…..Didi…..” I held her bare shoulders and consoled her. “Please don’t tell to parents…..please……”Sonam begged me with tear filled eyes. I saw my beautiful didi who is crying in front of me with the fear…. I hugged her and told, “Don’t worry Didi……I won’t…. now don’t cry na…” I calmed her down.
“Please forgive me Rahul…. If our parents come to know….I will lose my face…” she deplored. I strengthened my grip and hugged her tightly and I allowed her body squeezes at my chest. I held her hips in my hand and softly pressed them. Oh god…what a fantastic feeling. She was depressed that is why she did not realize that my hands are on her hips.
“Didi…don’t worry now…be..cool….” I kissed on her fore head….then her tear filled eyes…and then on her cheeks. My hands were still on her hips. Sonam was convinced now, and stopped crying and looked at me. “Thanks Rahul….many thanks…” I never saw Sonam that much closer in my life…..I pleasantly planted a deep kiss on her rosy lips.
Sonam resisted a moment and slowly understood that her hips are in my control and this time I squeezed her ass cheeks together nicely. Her mind gave an alarm. “Rahul…what are you doing….” She screamed. “I am hugging you Didi….if you want to know exactly….I am massaging your ass.”
“And not only that I am going to have sex with you didi, even I am going to loose my virginity today.” “Rahul…what are you saying….” Sonam expanded her eyes. “I dreamt for this for long years Didi…..” I told her with lust. Didi was not able to speak anything and remained silent. “You made me mad…Sonam….I want to see you nude…..”
I kissed her on her lips and opened tied towel from her body, in a moment towel was on the floor and didi was again completely nude in front of her brother. I held her breast and squeezed them with maximum power 3-4 times. She resisted. Sonam was trying to get away from me but unfortunately she did not had any choice. I held her ass cheeks and pulled her.
“Rahul….what are you doing….” she murmured. Please don’t do this to me. “Didi I have seen you doing sex with your boss Keshav, now feel, your brother making love with you” holding her tightly I started pushing her towards the bed, and in a second she was standing near the bed. “Rahul tum mere bhai ho” please Rahul matt karo….
She was standing naked and looking at me, now I was taking off my cloths. “Rahul Tu pagal ho gaya hai, main teri bahan hoon.” She tried to dominate me. “Didi agar aap chahti ho ki parents ko kuch na pata chale, to chup chap karwa lo, nahi to as you said, you will lose your face.” by this time I was totally nude in front of my sister .
As I tried to touch her, she saw me in requesting gesture and stopped my hand. “No Rahul” “Let me do this to you…..Didi” I strongly looked into her eyes. She slowly released her grip on my hand…..and I took that as her consent, rather she didn’t have any option except to give consent.
She sat on the bed slowly with closed eyes. I kissed on her lips again and touched her private body parts. I was sitting beside her, holding her waist in one hand and sucking her lips. My other hand was busy down there, playing with her body.
After a little foreplay I found her leaving her body loose…. I understood that she is turning on . I tickled her private parts for sometime and slowly she started reacting.
“Aaaaaah ssssssssh” Sonam moaned with opened mouth and closed eyes. She was not been able to control and started moaning and murmured “ Bhai please matt karo, main tumhari bahan hoon.”. She was still biased, whether to enjoy it or do it as a task and reflect that, she is not enjoying. I kissed on her neck and carried on fondling with her body.
Now I started kissing her from head to toe. Seeing this…..Sonam became hot and hotter….and moaned like hmm…... She moaned heavily & fell down on bed….showing her nude body to me..“Leave me Rahul….leave me” She was in dilemma of whether to give herself to her brother or not. I was not in a position to listen her……she was laying almost on the end of the bed, with her legs making a big M,
I was sitting on floor, I started kissing her hot shivering private parts. Sonam was in heaven and shook her legs. I loved her smell and taste and increased the speed of licking her body.
How many years I was waiting for this……thanks god….. I licked her like a hungry dog. Due to continuous licking…I struggled to breathe there….. I took my tongue and lips from her body and saw her. Sonam closed her eyes and moaned “Enough Rahul…..enough…. please now stop”
“No didi, I am going to enjoy your whole body, but not in that way as your boss did, after all I am your brother” What she thought I don’t know and she ran from there. ….I saw her curvy body from behind and I ran behind her. But she reached to the bathroom and bolted the door from inside.
I shouted from outside “I’m waiting for you….didi” “no Rahul please don’t do this, please…..” “didi this is the only way to keep your secret up to me, and you know didi, MMS has done many disasters. “ didi I promise you will enjoy every moment spent with me on bed.” “No Rahul lets do this in the night….” “No I want it right now.” “Mom and dad will be here any moment.” “No, at least not for next three hours.”
After few minutes Sonam came out of the bathroom, and went to her room…..I followed her. After reaching there… I locked the door, and looked into her eyes, she was looking on the ground, I took her face in my hands, “Didi I love you, why don’t you understand, and in any case I am not going to leave you why are you wasting time”. “No Rahul I really don’t like this act, please.” “didi if you can do this with your boss for a promotion, then why can’t with me to avoid a big trouble.” She understood that I am not going to listen anything, and she kneeled down; and obeyed me
I tickled with her long silky hairs and played with it. “Didi give me pleasure, tumne aaj apne boss ko itnaa mazza diya hai, main to tumhara bhai hoon.” “Shutup Rahul it’s a sin” she replied
“No didi, I have been waiting for this moment from a very long time.” “Now you quickly get into bed, and feel my way to love, aur bhool jaao ki hum bhai bahen hain, aur iss moment ko enjoy karo.” She was laying on bed and I was sitting between her spread legs, I lifted her legs completely and took them on my shoulders and had sex with her. Apart from the fact that I am her brother, and again and again she was trying to convince me this fact, that I should not do, she was fully enjoying this. She was moaning and puffing in pleasure and moving her body in a pleasure and many times she lifted her body to give more access of her private parts , so that I can do it harder.
When I tried a bit more harder ripping her virginity I heard a painful scream of my didi, she looked at me with anger “You Asshole” she abused me, for my deed She felt
I started giving the hard strokes. “didi I wanted to hear you in the way you screamed when your boss did this for the first time to you.” And then I continued pumping her like a slut. For me it was a most wonderful feeling of the world. Having sex with my own sister like this, it was dream come true. I knew that I will not last for long, that is why I did it in a very high speed, I wanted to listen her painful cries, and she screamed twice. Soon she was adjusted with a pain and now She was behaving like a bitch in heat and she started enjoying her brother’s love making with her
“Oh…Rahul….yes, harder , more harder….” Sonam moaned with pleasure. She pulled me and hugged me….kissed me. In the next moment….I splashed my cum inside her cave and just in second or two she met her orgasm and started shivering in pleasure. It was a wonderful view, watching her trembling while cumming. Both of us remained there on the bed, and took rest for some time. Then we got up and cleaned our self and came back to bedroom.
She tried to wear clothes, but I stopped her and took her to bed, and kissed her, she gave response to my kiss. Then I got up, and looked into her eyes, “now what.?” “Once again.” “OK.” In a moment we were turned on again & were kissing each other love organs, and it was extremely pleasurable moments, for both of us.
We were trying to give maximum pleasure to each other, and that is why we both were enjoying.” Then I got up and came on her again and kissed her again “ didi tum meri jaan ho, kabse main tumhe pana chahta tha, tumhe sabse pahle mujhse hi pyaar karna chahiye but you needed a promotion.” She was listening and looking in my lusty eyes.
Till then and I was fully erect. She was lying on her back, and I was partially on her “didi oolti hoker let jaao.” “What?” she could not understand what I am saying, so I turned her on her stomach and squeezed her ass cheeks. “didi lets do it one more time alaag posture main“
“No Rahul….its painful…no….” She refused. “ Didi jad tum apne boss ka pura khayal rakh sakti ho, to mera kyun nahi.” “Bhai please mujhe pain hai, fir kabhi kar lena, abhi pehle wale posture main kar le…plz nahi to dard se main maar jaungi….plz bhai aaj nahi.” she was begging me to leave her , but I was not in my senses. I needed her desperately.
“didi main bahut dheere dheere karunga, I know tumhare boss ne tumhe bahut buri tarah ragda tha, I will do it slowly.” she didn't had any choice, so she started co-operating and lifted her lower body, I placed two pillows under her stomach to rest her back in air and streached her legs.
After some time I started kissing & licking her body & then after 5 odd minutes we started having sex in a different posture. Didi was enjoying the unlimited pleasure she was getting from her brother and her body was completely in my control. “I was waiting for this for years….Didi….” I moaned and licked her from down to upward.. “Oh…yess…. “My Didi spoke in pleasure. I increased the speed of squeezing and licking her. She hissed in pleasure. I was going crazy, I buried my face inside her body.“
“Oh….mmmaaaaaaaa……aaaaaaa……oooohssh Rahul……..Stupid…… kya kar raha hai apni bahen ke sath” Sonam heavily moaned with pleasure and shook her body violently. She was moaning continuously. “Bhai….aaaaaah……maaaaaaa…” she moaned again with the pleasurable pain. I got up and I started kissing her lips very hard. Didi requested again “bhai please dheere se karna, bahut dard hota hai,nahi toh mujhe baardasht nahi hoga main zor se chillah dungi.” “don’t worry didi, I will try not to hurt you.”
But as predicted after 5-7 mins of the act she screamed. “Rahul…what are you doing…no!!!!!….Bhai Please mujhe dard ho raha hai.” “bhai please dheere.... dheere... please dheere...AAAAHHHH” she was almost crying.
“didi bas ho gaya, yes..... yes..... yessss.....didi ahhhhh” with few more very powerful strokes I cummed in her. We were again breathing very heavy, and lying there for some time. I talked to my parents; they were less than an hour away from home. We got up and took bath and dressed up.
We both were hungry and we did not had any preparations for dinner, so we ordered pizza and by the time pizza came parents were home. We had dinner and my parents slept around 11:00 as they were tired because of same day up and down journey. I knocked didi’s door, she opened the door, and got back to the bed. I bolted the door from inside and took her in my arms.
Although she enjoyed having sex with me, but she was angry with me, “sorry didi…” “Rahul you are an ass hole. You have pained me a lot. Baas ab tum mujh se kabhi baat mat karna” “But didi you enjoyed na…” I asked her with a smile. She smiled but then continued her anger. “didi actually I saw your boss with you like, I was really very angry on you, and you know anybody would have gone mad, after watching, his sister’s love making session like that….. I am really sorry didi.” “I was not able to control myself when I got the chance of have sex with my dream lady today.” Finally she smiled and hugged me; I was forgiven by her. I tried to kiss her, initially she resisted but in few seconds she responded to my kiss and we kissed each other like true lovers.
Then I became a bit emotional and said “I love you didi. Main tumhare bina maar jaunga, jaanta hun yeh paap hai par main majboor hoon”. She said “Naughty boy I am your sister.” She slapped me with love on my cheek. And said “Rahul you were really good in the bed, pehle toh mujhe bura laaga tha par now I think I’ll think about you”. To which I said “Sachi Didi you are an absolute sweetheart “. Sonam said teasingly “Rahul tune apni behan ki izzat lut li hai” and laughed, to which I smiled and suddenly she gave me a French kiss on my lips and said “Tum bahoot sweet ho bhai……..I think I’m falling in love with you” and she quickly covered her face with a pillow. Then I pulled the pillow and said “Thank you didi, kya main aap ko kuch aur bula saakta hun didi ke siwa”
She smiled and hugged me and kissed me on my lips. “Rahul , tum mujhe akele me Sonam bula saakte ho, ya phir darling sweetheart kuch bhi.” Now Sonam became a bit serious and said “Actually I am worried about my boss, he is an animal and I am confused, I have to go to his place on next Sunday, or whatever I have done for my promotion will go waste.” I knew that she has this problem, and I had a solution of this problem too.
I showed her one video which was clipped from the main video, in which her boss was visible and didi’s face and features were clipped. I gave her that video and told her to blackmail him. She seemed nervous but I convinced her that nothing will happen. Then I said “Sonam kya aaj jo humne kiya who hum hamesha kar saakte hain, with your consent, main aap ko black mail nahi karunga”, to which she replied “Gaanda Baccha, lagta hai tu mujhe maa bana ke chodega……..Actually I loved it Rahul par pata nahi main nahi jaanti”. She took my proposal and after some time I took a leave from her room.
I remember time was between 2 and 2:30, I was just slept and I realized that somebody is sitting beside me. It was didi; she was moving her hand on my forehead with love and care. I got up, “didi aap yahan, at this time, I looked at my mobile. “Your didi is here with her consent”, I was pleasantly surprised. I took her in my arms and we kissed each other like true lovers.
It was beautiful feeling, I realized that making love to a girl with her consent is mush more pleasurable. We were on the bed…..she was on me and kissing my lips. Her precious body was resting on my chest. The heat was on in both of our bodies….and we were hugging…. Rolling and kissing each other.
I lifted her nighty till her naval. Her navel was looking gorgeous, deep and round. I became mad in that moment itself…. I licked her navel with lust. I completely took her navel in my mouth and sucked it. Her deep navel can hold a big lemon….. It was looking so sexy because of the fat surrounded her navel. Sonam enjoyed the pleasure when her navel got teased by me.
I inserted my tongue inside her navel and mad fully licked. I cannot forget that night. I took off her clothes one by one and licked her body inch by inch…..her hair to toes….
We were rolling on the bed, hugging each other tightly. I spent most of the time in fondling with her body. Then suddenly she was turned on & said “Kya hua Taarzan thak gaya kya”. I said “Haan mujhe actually guilty feel ho raha hai”. Sonam said “Kaas tum mere bhai nahi hote , pata nahi tum ne aisa kya kar diya hai mujhe main akele room main reh nahi paayi” and kissed me as if she is my girlfriend. Then she started crying and said “Rahul I love you baachpan se paar main kya karun” I said “Don’t cry Sonam”. She said “Kya tum aisa kuch nahi kar saakte ki main hamesha ke liye tumhari ho jaaun”. I was touched by these words. Then we cursed our destiny to be brother & sister, Sonam told all about her sensual points and I was caring her like her husband. We don’t know how the time went…. She left my room around 4:30 because our mom usually wakes up at 5:00.
Next day when she came from office, she told me that my idea clicked, and now her boss is in her control. Thereafter we fucked many times, initially our relation started because of my lust, jealousy and anger, but after around six months of physical relation we are deeply in love with each other, and She became the precious to me and we are in heaven and found the new world of love and lust together.
Sometimes when a question of her marriage comes, we get depressed because we love each other and cannot think of anybody. Unless Life is wonderful…..for the person like me who is in love with his sister and when his sister loves him equally, life is paradise.

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faad diya bhai tumne toh.... bahut bahut acha likha tum iss kahani ko.... the chemistry u showed between Rahul and Sonam was very lively.. just like a brother would care for her sister even though he is lustfully attracted towads her.... the emotion included with love for eachother was the main strength for the story...

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nice start keep it up

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Threesome With My Brother And Female Cousin

Hi everyone! I am Priya from Mumbai and this is cliche to say this, but I will say it anyway. I love ISS! It's so awesome how everyone can come together in a small community and share their most intimate private thoughts experiences.

We don't belong to a high-upper class family, but we are an above-average family. My father is in banking and my mother is a doctor.

Let me introduce ourselves: I am 18 years old with a very fair complexion but I keep myself tanned(it wears off though), My body type is an athletic type from gym and diet with a flat tummy, my breasts are 32C's which sit proudly and tightly on my chest, not a hint of saggyness in them.

My height is 5'7, I am a brunette and my eye color is brown. My cousin's name is Nadia and she's the same as my age with a fair glowing complexion she doesn't tan her body is more of the curvy type and she has bigger breasts than mine which according to her are DD's

And they are like firm and soft at the same time her butt is what femininity is all about, it's round and big. She's 5'8 in height with black hair and brown eyes in one word, simply gorgeous.

Now for my brother, his name is Murtaza it's Arabic and his 19 years old, a year older than us; he too has a fair glowing complexion. He was quite chubby when he was younger and we use to tease him a lot but now he's more of the muscular type.

He has great arms and a chest, his stomach is flat but he doesn't have any abs or anything. He's 5'11 in height; he has dark spike hair and dark eyes. He prefers to keep his face shaved at all times anyway my brother is pretty spicy himself from childhood.

We three are pretty close and share everything with one another. We don't have a lot of friends as we're not interested in other people blood is thicker than water any day and this event happened during my other cousin Sushmita's wedding.

It's a tradition in my family to hold our wedding ceremonies privately at our family's farmhouse and it's a property owned by my father, uncles and aunt etc outside Mumbai and we packed and made a trip there with our families and the adventure began.

It was the first day of our trip there, the farmhouse was pretty big; I don't know how many acres but it was able to accommodate all of us completely with family members flown in from all parts of the country and abroad.

Nadia Murtaza and I were having lots of fun together and decided to share the same room. At night, we didn't want to sleep so we were gossiping and talking about all sorts of things. I stirred up sex in the conversation; we were pretty open; the three of us were all virgins.

Nadia talked about her fantasy of always wanting to watch a guy jack off in real life, I made a suggestion that maybe Murtaza could fulfil her dream. Nadia replied that no way! He's too shy, we both laughed but then suddenly my brother being the crazy type that he is got up.

Murtaza was like not at all and he stuck his tongue out and slide his shorts and underwear. His dick was just wow it was thick and huge. I had never seen my brother’s this side before. Nadia watched in excitement and I have to admit.

I was a little shocked Murtaza started stroking his dick making it harder, we got closer to him and sat beside him. We eagerly watched what was happening, my brother was rubbing the head of his cock and then giving his length heavy jerks.

Nadia told him to stop, and both of us looked at her. She went to her drawer, and picked up a long ruler. Murtaza smiled at her, I held my brother's warm hard dick while Nadia measured him it turned out he was 7.1" which was like huge for us.

Nadia threw away the ruler and started jerking his dick. My brother moaned loudly and I couldn't resist either, I started squeezing and rubbing his big balls. I was so horny that I started to kiss my brother and he kissed me back.

I was in complete ecstasy and Nadia was sure enjoying the show, after a few minutes he exploded a huge load in our hands. Murtaza panted and his dick went a little limp, I was rubbing his thighs while Nadia took her turn making out with his sexy mouth.

We wanted to continue but my brother was like let’s save some of the action for later, don't want us getting too bored with a smile. Nadia agreed with him, I wanted more but eh what the hell. I agreed. We all slept and two days went by with wedding preparations and arrangements.

We were busy and had no time and energy for each other. Now, let me skip all the boring stuff and get to the wedding day ever since our little escapade in the bedroom, I had been horny. Sometimes I would feel my breasts through my top or just fantasize about my brother's huge dick.

I hadn't felt like this before. I got ready at about 6 pm, I don't wear a lot of make-up as I believe in natural beauty except for my red lipstick on my luscious lips. I wore a dark red backless saree with high heels and a black purse. I looked so delicious; my long nipples were already erect.

Nadia wore a blue backless saree and our hair was both straightened out and we looked damn sexy and we took a whole lot of pictures before heading out of our room.

The scene around us was so decorative and seemed festive and we had surely done a brilliant job. It was like the perfect wedding, the wedding I want someday after twenty minutes or so, we finally ran into my big brother. Murtaza looked absolutely sexy!

Like Damon Salvatore perfection and he wore a dark suit with a blue silk tie, his outfit complimented him so well and the three of us greeted each other and the wedding finally started. So the bride and groom made their entrances, we threw flowers at them, the wedding band etc.

It all happened, Nadia and I were talking to different people but then Murtaza came and whisked us away. He took both our hands and we hurriedly made our way upstairs to our room. The door was locked and we first neatly removed our clothes and placed them on the big chair.

I want you both ladies so bad and I have never wanted anything so badly.' said Murtaza in heat, I started kissing and biting his ears and neck while Nadia slid her tongue in his mouth. I could hear wild slurping sounds my brother's hands were on my breasts; slowly pinching my long erect nipples and feeling my tits out.

Nadia was kissing his chest all over and stroked his Olympic sized storm you want a blowjob, hun?' said Nadia to my brother let's try it together and I said. My brother was up for it, Murtaza first grabbed Nadia and sucked on her beautiful puffy pink nipples and then we both bent down.

This was my first blowjob but I had always seen things, I slowly licked the head while massaging his balls. I slowly moaned, Nadia was slurping and sucking on his shaft, running her tongue up and down. Murtaza was pulling my hair rust.

I then started tickling his balls with my tongue and then gave them each a good one minute suck. My brother roared in ecstasy, Nadia meanwhile rubbed her large clit while sucking wildly on the head of his dick. Murtaza couldn't take it anymore and gave us a heads up that he was about to explode.

We threw our hair back to keep it clean and opened our mouths while sitting on our knees together, He stroked his dick and exploded in our mouths. The taste was kind of gooey and salty, Nadia managed to swallow the explosion but I kind a spit it out, I couldn't take it.

Murtaza helped us both up and it was now time he returned the favour. He made us lie down on that beautiful silk sheet. My body was tingling all over but Nadia was more relaxed, she hadn't even had sex but she was so calm and excited; It was amazing to watch.

When he felt my thighs, I shivered in a good way. He softly bit my clit which made me moan loudly, he started to chew on it which was the most amazing feeling ever. His tongue started to make its way after that, I was a little tight so he struggled a bit. After a few minutes, his tongue felt incredible.

It was twisting around in my delicate pussy, and then sliding back and forth. Nadia was getting restless, so Murtaza withdrew his tongue and started going down on her and I watched and rubbed my pussy, my brother put both of legs on his shoulders and first tickled her vagina walls.

Nadia pushed his head in, he started eating her out in minutes and she was moaning loudly. I wanted to know why guys liked eating girls so much, I tasted my fingers and it tasted like heaven. I started to bite and pinch Nadia's breasts all over.

I then licked all the way to her lips and kissed her precious mouth. My brother sucked on her pussy for about 5 minutes and slapped my tight ass roughly which made me purr are we going to take it all the way now or are we?

I said, lovingly but what about your virginities? Besides if we do this one time, and not do it again. I think I'll be dying soon Murtaza told us but we're dying already bro! Nadia remarked yeah we're only going to give ourselves to you dude and we totally love you like crazy!

I encouraged my brother and he smiled and was like who's first? My brother grabbed Nadia's big round ass and slapped it hard and she grunted a little and couldn't wait. She was on the doggy style position on the bed and my brother got behind her.

My heart was racing as I watched closely both of them were going to lose their virginities. Murtaza licked his fingers and rubbed them all over her tight pussy, she was panting a little. He then held his dick and pushed it in slow and that's right baby, no condoms which made Nadia cringe a little.

His dick was only a little in and these were my brother's words: 'Nadia your wrapping yourself around my dick. He managed to thrust into her more wildly now by pushing more of his dick in, Nadia was breathing heavily and I could tell it kinda hurt for her.

I got in front of her and kissed her deeply while playing with her large breasts, my brother couldn't take it anymore and he pulled himself out of her to come after 12 seconds. I broke my kiss with her, but she grabbed my waist and kissed me even more.

I then asked her how was it? She said it was a little excruciating at first, but pain was just passing and going. Murtaza was like where's the blood? lol She didn't bleed, I guess not all virgins bleed. It was finally my turn to have a little fun with my bro's huge dick.

I had no intentions of bleeding either, my hymen kinda ruptured when I was young then due to heavy exercise. I cried but my Mom told me it was okay haha. I lied down on my back and spread my pussy lips for Murtaza his steele like dick slowly penetrated me.

It was like an electrical surge going through my mind, it was hurting a little but I just wanted to fuck like a little slut and there I said it! I was moaning and encouraging him to go further in. He pushed it in deeper and I was being pierced by his manhood at a medium thrust pace while he also sucked on my breasts.

Nadia was watching in lust and she fingered herself and I made my cousin come a little closer to me and I started to squeeze her ass while I made love to my brother; He had gotten a little better and our love lasted like a minute plus. Murtaza removed his dick and exploded on my breasts.

Nadia cleaned my perky tits with her tongue and my brother kissed me passionately about an hour had passed through and it was time to go. We cleaned and dressed ourselves again with lots of sprinters of perfume and deo.

want more stories reply me and rep me guyssss.....

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Seducing Mom With Kisses

I'd really like to give you something extra special for your 18th birthday," said Mom, as we stood in the kitchen in the early evening, "but I don't know what. Well, I could think of something extra special that I would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn't foolish enough to say it. For years, ever since.

I had begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I had had a tremendous craving for Mom's big luscious body. Thousands of times I had fucked her and licked her and fondled and kissed every part of her anatomy in my fantasies, spilling gallons of cum through ardent masturbation.

Now I won't lie to you - Mom was not the kind of woman who would immediately cause any man's cock to give a jump. Her hair had begun to turn gray prematurely, and now at 45 she was quite gray haired. Her skin, however, was still quite smooth, and her complexion was a creamy peach.

She had big brown eyes that I loved to look into. She was rather tall, about 5 foot 7, and she was definitely on the plump side. She did not have sensational tits or trim ankles or a sexily outthrust derriere. She did certainly have adequate breasts, and her ass was pleasingly broad

And her legs were shapely, even if they were generously full, especially in the thighs. She wore rather short house dresses, in the mode of the day, and tended to be rather careless in the way she sat. She always crossed her legs, and her skirt would ride up, giving an exciting view of her thighs and ass.

She was well-proportioned in a large, comfortable way, though with a bit of a belly. But to me - ah, to me, she was the ultimate object of beauty and desire eighteen is such a special birthday. You should have something that you really want a lot Mom continued.

Well, Mom, what I really want a lot is a big hug and kiss from my favourite Mom." Mom laughed. "Oh, you can have that anytime," she said. "Yes, but now that I will become a man, I want a real adult kiss. You know, not just a mommy kiss, but a woman kiss."

Well, most mommies do tend to be women," Mom said playfully. "Yes, and my Mommy is a woman I would sure love to get a real woman kiss from. You know what I mean hhhmm. I'm not too sure about that idea. Well, OK, but I thought you said you wanted to give me something I really wanted a lot.

I guess you didn't actually mean it and now wait a minute!" Mom protested. "Of course I meant it. Uh - you are just joking, aren't you - about the kiss, I mean." "No, Mom, I definitely am not joking. What I would really like most is a big honest-to-goodness adult kiss from my beautiful mother.

Of course, that was only the minimum sexual favor that I really wanted from my beautiful mother, but hey, you got to start somewhere.
Mom sort of giggled in an embarrassed way aaww, come on, honey. Stop teasing.

I'm not teasing, Mom, but I see that you really don't care enough to go that far, so just forget it. Get me some socks and underwear or something, something that just costs money. Honey, you are really being hard on me. Really, I do want to make this birthday special.

She touched my cheek now do you honestly mean all this stuff about an adult kiss?" All this stuff! Mom, I consider a real kiss from my Mom as more than just stuff! She laughed again, obviously at a loss where to go from here.

We did kid around a lot, and I knew that she still wasn't sure whether I was serious. "Look, Mom," I said, taking her hand, "I'm just coming into manhood. In another few weeks I'll be out of high school, and God knows where I'll be in a couple more years is it asking too much to want just one real heartfelt kiss from the woman

Who has always meant more to me than anyone else in the world?" Mom turned serious and looked at me tenderly. "And that's what you really want? Honestly? I couldn't be more sincere, Mom. That's what I want."

Mom's embarrassment returned and well, when did you want this uh gift? My birthday was less than a week away. I smiled at Mom. "Well, we could practice up a little bit right now – just so you'll know exactly how I want it, you know." "Oho!" Mom laughed, blushing prettily.

I think maybe you're trying to get more than just one aaw, Mom, I wouldn't pull a trick like that. It's just that I haven't had any experience myself in this way, and probably it will take you a while to get used to the idea of kissing me in an adult way.

You do want to do it just the way I really want it, don't you?" Mom laughed again. She was being a really good sport about the whole thing. I didn't know whether anything at all would come of this, but I was having fun talking to her in this surprising new way.

Pretty slick," Mom said, "but I guess I let myself in for it." She looked at me for a moment and then said, "All right, big boy. Let's do it." She stepped up close to me and I wrapped my arms around her. She put her warm, soft arms around my neck. She lifted her face to me and closed her eyes as I brought my lips down to meet hers. The kiss was warm and sweet, but Mom kept her lips tightly closed and a little stiff.

Well, how was that?" She started to step back, but I held her close. "It was really sweet, Mom, but I think it was still more of a mommy kiss. I think that you could do a lot better if you just relaxed and made it softer and longer. Could we try another one?

How did I get myself into this?" Mom muttered. Then she sort of shrugged as if to say "Oh well, what the hell?" and raised her mouth to mine again.
This time Mom's lips were much softer and more relaxed, slightly parted. Her warm, soft body was pressed tightly against mine, and my cock, which had been rising for some time, pushed against her lower belly. God, she must feel it!

I certainly felt the swell of her tits against my chest. This time the kiss went on and on. Mom seemed to be determined to prove that she was really trying and wanted to make me break the kiss before she would. Well, I wasn't about to break it! My heart was pounding, and my head felt feverish with excitement and pleasure. I had kissed a few girls, but God! those kisses were nothing like this! Finally

Mom pulled back slowly, almost reluctantly, it seemed to me. She was breathing hard, as was I. Whew! Now that had to be adult enough for you, wasn't it?" Oh God, yes, Mom! One more should really do it. I pulled her back tight against me, though she struggled feebly and protested laughingly, moving her head around to keep me from consummating the kiss.

No fair! Cheat! Cheat!" she cried, but she was laughing gaily as she said it. Then she relaxed again, pushed her delectable body against mine once more, and replaced her soft arms around my neck. Oh all right, greedy Gus."

And she gave me another nice soft kiss. She pulled away sooner this time, however, but it seemed that she didn't really want to. She was blushing and laughing in an embarrassed way.

Later that evening I caught her alone in the kitchen, grabbed her a bit roughly and planted another big kiss on her mouth. She struggled a bit at first, but then relaxed and kissed me back with soft, parted lips.

She wouldn't prolong it as long as I wanted to, but she looked at me tenderly and said, "Good night, lover boy. The next afternoon as I came in from school I approached her more politely just one more practice kiss?

I asked. "I'm not sure I can trust you when you say 'just one,'" Mom said, smiling, but she came into my arms for a nice soft kiss that lasted a long time. The feel of her warm arms around my neck, her tits against my chest, and her belly against my hard cock was overwhelming. Finally Mom pulled her head back, but kept her arms around my neck. These kisses are getting pretty serious," she said. "Serious? I think they're a lot of fun.

Don't you? Mom looked at me for a long moment, then answered, "Yes, honey, they are a lot of fun. I haven't been kissed like this since my honeymoon." Then she put her lips back on mine. This kiss actually turned into a series of kisses, getting softer and wetter and more passionate as we progressed. I think that it must have been a full five minutes that

We smooched and nuzzled in a very warm, loving way, in a very adult-style indeed, really real woman kisses. I began to be afraid that my engorged cock was going to go off in my pants. God! How could she not feel it so hard against her and actually twitching and throbbing?

I was in sheer heaven except for that one fear. I don't know what I would have done if I had orgasm but then I noticed that Mom was sort of trembling too now and almost panting. Finally Mom pushed me very decisively back. "I think that's enough practice for one day she said.

We don't want to wear out our lips before your birthday even gets here. Thanks a lot, Mom. I don't know if I can wait until then for some more, though." Mom just laughed in that embraces way and began to start preparations for supper. Soon the rest of the family was around, and there was no more chance for play that evening.

The next day I came in at about the same time and found Mom working alone in the kitchen. I came up behind her and put my arms around her waist, my hips against her big broad ass. I began kissing her neck and cheek. She sort of giggled and shook her head.

Here's that wild kisser again!" she exclaimed. She kept working as I continued to hold her, stealing a kiss on the cheek or neck from time to time. She didn't try to stop me at all. Again my telltale cock was standing at fervent attention, now poking into her ass crack.

Finally I started nibbling on one of her ears. "Ooh! That tickles!" Mom cried. She turned in my arms and put her arms around my neck. She lifted her lips willingly to mine. "I guess you need more practice," she murmured and practice we did, very warmly, very lovingly for several minutes.

Then we heard someone else coming and had to break apart hurriedly. I quickly sat down to hide my erection from my sister, who entered the room. The rest of the evening was too busy again for any further contact. My father, younger sister and younger brother were too much in evidence.

The next day offered no real opportunities at all, except for a quick kiss good-bye and hello. Feeling very frustrated and horny, I hung around hoping that somehow we would get a little time alone. At first I thought that Mom was completely oblivious to my desires, but once she looked at me with a sort of amused expression and winked.

I knew then that she commiserated with me at least, and I hoped that she felt a bit of longing herself. The next evening the rest of the family all went to bed at the regular time and Mom stayed up reading a book that she said she wanted to finish.

I always stayed up later than anyone else, so this gave me a golden opportunity. After I was sure that the others were all settled down for the night, I approached Mom where she was sitting on the end of the sofa. I sat down on the arm, twisted around to face Mom, and leaned forward to kiss her.

This time we didn't say a word. Mom leaned her head against the back of the sofa and let me go ahead with the kisses. She had her eyes closed, but looking down, I could see, down inside her blouse, the tops of her nice soft breasts. I put my arm down around her, brushing across one tit as I did so.

Mom jumped a bit at this, but we continued to kiss warmly as the necking continued, getting more and more fervent, I wound up practically sitting on her lap. Our mouths were opened farther and farther. Finally I actually felt Mom's tongue and was quick to respond.

Soon our tongues were happily playing together, and the saliva was flowing freely. Our mouths and chins were getting very wet. I began feeling a bit too bold at this point, gradually working a hand closer and closer to Mom's tit. I thought that she was aware of what I was doing

And maybe she was, but I made the mistake of acting too soon, deliberately grasping a generous handful of soft breast. Mom immediately reacted by shoving me off, struggling to her feet and saying that she had to get to bed. I stammered an apology, but she ignored it and headed upstairs, leaving me to curse my unwise impulsiveness and wondering whether.

I had screwed up the whole relationship. I didn't sleep very much that night. The next day was the day before my birthday, and Mom greeted me warmly in the morning, even giving me a kiss. This certainly made me feel a lot better.

I tried to apologize again about the night before, but she put her fingers on my lips and then kissed me lightly again. I went off to school with a much lighter heart, and even managed to stay awake through all my classes. That night after supper, however, I was so sleepy that.

I fell asleep on the sofa, and when I woke up, everyone else was in bed - except Mom. Mom was sitting beside the dining room table, where she apparently had been writing letters. Now she was turned aside from the table and her legs were crossed, her skirt hiked well up

And one delightful full thigh could be seen all the way to her ass. I lay there on the sofa gazing through the double doors at the entrancing sight. Finally I got up and approached Mom. She smiled at me warmly. "I've been waiting for you to wake up, sleepy head.

I knelt beside her chair and tentatively leaned forward for a kiss. Mom responded as warmly as ever, and I moved closer as kiss followed kiss. I was actually leaning against the thigh that she had up across her other leg. Now I swear that I did not deliberately push her skirt higher, but our movements.

I put my arms around her waist had that effect. There was an awful lot of bare leg there, very smooth and very soft. The kisses quickly moved on to the deep variety as on the previous night, and Mom seemed especially passionate in the way she nibbled at my lips and licked and traded saliva with me.

Finally we paused for breath, and she laughingly wiped both our mouths with her handkerchief. She had made no move to pull down her skirt, which was now at a shockingly risqué level. I guess I hadn't learned my lesson from the night before, because I impulsively bent my head to kiss Mom's bare knee.

She put one hand on the top of my head, but she made no effort to push me away. Rather it seemed like encouragement. Thrilled to the core, I began to kiss her thigh, gradually moving higher. The skin was so delightfully smooth, soft but firm.

I moved my right hand down to her thigh and continued to kiss it. Soon my hand was well up her leg - in fact, grasping her ass cheek. By this time my mouth was kissing and almost licking right up to her very high hemline, and in fact pushing that hemline even higher.

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I was in heaven! Those thighs had been the source of many hours of fantasy. I loved the way she showed them off, and I could have stared forever at the glorious beauty. To kiss them had seemed an incredible dream and now Honey

Mom said softly, taking my face in both hands and lifting it up, "Tomorrow is your birthday, the big day. I think we'd better stop for now. Somehow I'll see that you get that gift you want so much. But right now it's bedtime. I reluctantly let her go, just giving her another warm kiss good night.

I went to sleep with the feel of those soft thighs in my head, and I had the most delightful wet dream I ever had at last the big day came. It was Saturday, and of course the whole family was home. We never made a very big deal about birthdays in my family.

We had a cake for me at lunch time, and I got a couple minor gifts. But I was a bit depressed, because I couldn't figure out how I would ever get Mom alone. I needn't have worried. I found out that Mom had talked Dad into taking the family to a movie that afternoon.

I don't remember what the movie was, but it was a big one that everyone wanted to see. Actually I had already seen it, and owing to my status as the oldest boy still at home and I have three older brothers and I seldom went places with the family anyway.

Mom was supposed to go, however but at the last minute she told Dad that she didn't really feel very well, and she thought she had better stay home. She urged him to go ahead, though, and to take my brother and sister.

I saw her give Dad some extra money mom usually controlled the finances and told him to take the kids out for supper afterward, since she didn't feel up to cooking a meal. Mom stood at the window and watched the car disappear. She turned to me and gave me a kiss and said that she would be back down in a little while. Then she went upstairs. I didn't know what to do. I thought that Mom had set up the whole thing for us to be alone together, but I wasn't sure.

Maybe she was really feeling bad. On the other hand, maybe she was expecting me to come upstairs and join her in her bedroom. I thought - God! I thought all kinds of things. I thought that Mom was actually ready to be fucked, but what if I guessed wrong?

I sure as hell didn't want to lose what I had gained. I got a Coke and sat down at the kitchen table, trying to figure out what to do. I was so wrapped up in my dilemma that I didn't hear her coming, but suddenly I looked up and there she was.

Mom was wearing a knee-length cotton robe of a fairly thin fabric, the kind that used to be called for some reason a duster. As she passed in front of the window, I thought that I could see through it enough to tell that there was no other garment underneath.

Mom was standing close before me as I still sat stupidly in the kitchen chair. She bent over and kissed me tenderly, very gently, and murmured, "Happy birthday, my darling boy. Your gift is all ready for you still sitting and I put my arms around her just below her hips.

She stuck her tongue out and gently and deliberately licked my lips. I responded in kind. "Mmm, you taste good," Mom murmured softly. We went on kissing and tonguing. I moved my hands down to caress Mom's bare knees and then gradually moved them up her bare thighs under the duster.

She made no attempt to stop my progress toward her hips instead the kisses became more insistent. Finally I reached my goal and discovered, as I had hoped, that she was wearing no panties. I gently squeezed and caressed her smooth ass cheeks, then gradually worked one hand around to the front and brushed the crispy hair at her crotch.

Then she was fumbling at the front of her duster, and in a moment it fell open completely. She took my head and pulled it against her soft, full breasts. I nuzzled into them, enthralled by the soft, firm smoothness then she directed me to one breast and thrust a hard nipple into my mouth.

Meanwhile my hands were working more vigorously at her ass and pussy. She spread her legs wider, presenting her mound freely to me. I rubbed the moist swollen lips of her cunt, then thrust a finger tentatively inside. Mom pushed her hips forward, forcing my finger farther inside.

I began finger fucking her, as she responded with her belly, humping her pussy against my hand. More and more frantically she jerked and pushed, bucking her hips to get more and more friction on her clit. Then she was moaning and gasping as she came beautifully, murmuring,

Oh God, honey ooohhh! Her cunt had become very wet and I felt the vaginal muscles twitching and grasping. After a few minutes of hard breathing, Mom finally said in a sort of thick voice, "But I'm supposed to be giving you the gift. Come on, honey. Take your dear old mother up to your room and fuck her. Isn't that the gift you really want?"

You bet that's what I want! That's the greatest gift anyone could possibly get!" I exclaimed. We hurried up the stairs. I lifted up the tail of Mom's duster so that I could watch her ass as we went, and she giggled delightedly in my room.

I wasted no time yanking that duster offs her body, even tearing it a little bit, I'm afraid. Then Mom was just as eagerly helping me to strip off my shirt and pants wait!" she cried when I was all undressed except for my jockey shorts and let me do it.

She knelt before me and slowly pulled the shorts down, watching as they stretched to the limit to slide over the end of my hard cock. As my inspired rod leaped free, Mom laughed out loud and cried whee! There it is at last oohh! What a beauty!

Now I can do more than just feel it poking into me when we're kissing." She laughed delightedly as she took my cock in her hands and kissed the tip of it, nibbling a bit at the head. Then she jumped onto my bed and spread her legs wide. Here I am, honey!" she cried gaily. "Come and get it while it's hot and it sure is hot for you, honey!"

Well, I sure didn't need any more invitation than that! But I did stand there just a moment to let my eyes rejoice at that fantastic sight. There was my big beautiful Mom, her nice big tits with their dark nipples standing up hard and long, her full legs with those smooth white thighs spread far apart

Her swelling belly curving into her delectable mound, covered with an abundance of dark brown hair, through which the swollen lips of her gaping pussy were peeping, welcoming my cock to come inside then I was upon her. My mother's eager fingers took hold of my cock and guided it to the hairy portal of her wet love passage.

Come on, honey," Mom urged push that beautiful big dick into your Mommy's hungry pussy! Push it all the way in!" I slowly pushed, and my cock sank down that slippery way inch by inch until my balls were right against Mom's ass. Her cunt was amazingly hot inside. God, it felt good! For a moment I just lay there savouring the situation.

I actually had my dick as Mom always called it deep in my own mother's juicy pussy. The impossible dream of all my adolescent years had somehow miraculously come true. "Oh God, Mom and I whispered hoarsely. I love you! Oh God, how I love you!

I was just overwhelmed by an enormous feeling of gratitude and love for this dear, dear woman who was now giving me the ultimate gift that any mother could give to her son oohhh, honey, I love you too! Go ahead and show me how much you love me! Fuck me, honey!

Fuck your Mommy! I knew that I wouldn't last long if I just turned loose, but my wet dream of the night before helped me to hold back a bit. I began to fuck Mom slowly, pulling way out very slowly, then pushing all the way back in and I could feel every inch of Mom's sweet love canal as I moved in and out of her.

I put my mouth on hers, and we kissed passionately like the lovers we had become, not mommy kisses - and yet I never felt more like her son than then, when I was fucking her for the first time. This was my lover, my sweetheart, but most of all - my Mom!

Mom moved her hips in exact response to my slow fucking, pulling back as I pulled out and lifting her cunt to meet me as I shoved my cock in. She began to make strange noises with her mouth, sort of a humming and murmuring into my mouth, almost like purring.

I found myself replying to this with repeated sounds of pleasure mmm!" It just felt so damned good to be inside this wonderful big woman! Gradually we began to pick up the tempo and the forcefulness. When I pushed back in, I would do it a little harder and sort of bore my cock in harder at the bottom.

Mom's hips and ass reciprocated in perfect unison. I don't know how I held out so long. My cock felt on fire the whole time, with a tremendous prickly sensation. One of my hands now had a big handful of her big firm ass, while the other was squeezing on a soft tit.

Mom had both her hands on my ass, sort of guiding my motions. Finally we both seemed to feel at the same time that it was time for the stretch drive. I began to thrust into her hard and fast, and Mom's belly leaped up to meet me. Suddenly she cried out in my ear

Oh fuck me, honey! Fuck me hard now! Give it to me, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Oooohh - Fuck! I began to ram into her furiously, slamming her ass down into the bed, but she bounced right back up for each new thrust, humping her ass for all she was worth.

I was really pounding it to her and she was taking everything I had and asking for more. The bed was really taking a beating. There was a "squish - squish" sound as my cock pistoned into her sopping wet pussy. My balls were slapping against her ass on each plunge.

She had her knees way up, opening herself to the fullest for my big prick. I felt the heat in my cock build even more, and I knew I was going to come. Mom," I panted, "I'm about to come! Mom sort of screamed at this and her ass just went crazy, leaping and bucking like mad.

God! I would never have believed that her beautiful big hips could move that fast! My cock finally just boiled over, and I began spurting my hot juice into Mom's hot cunt. Mom gave a long, sustained, muffled scream into my mouth, and suddenly she stiffened up.

Her whole big body, trembling violently, arched up off the bed, lifting us both into the air. For long moments she hung there shuddering, her pussy muscles churning and grasping at my emptying cock, as we climaxed gloriously together.

Then she collapsed under me and we both lay there exhausted, panting into each other's open mouth. Mom was just sprawled out wide open, her legs totally relaxed in a wide spread, her tits spread out on her chest, her lips very loosely open under mine.

I lay completely on top of her, just as thoroughly relaxed, my cock, still mostly hard, buried in her overflowing pussy. I knew that the bed had a growing pool of our cum under Mom's ass. From time to time a little ripple, sort of an aftershock, would run through Mom's pussy.

I slowly came back to my senses, I felt the overwhelming impact of what we had just done. Never would life be the same again. Never would our relationship be that sort of kidding friendship that we had enjoyed. No, something wonderfully new had replaced it.

My mother, my own beloved Mom, had given her body to me, had willingly taken my penis into her vagina, had fucked me with joyous abandon! My fantasies of such an event had been great, but to have them come true, true beyond my wildest imagination ah, God, what a stupendous miracle!

I began to stroke Mom's big beautiful body again, and she stirred under me. "Oh, honey!" she finally whispered. "Oh, honey! That was absolutely the best fuck I ever had in my whole life! Wow! Did I ever come! Oh, honey, you made your mother feel so - so goddamned good!

She shuddered again as she said this, and her cunt gripped my cock again. I had never heard my mother swear before, but I understood. This was something so totally different from everything in her life before that it just demanded a stronger means of expression.

Oh, Mom, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me! Oh, Mom, I just can't begin to tell you how much I love you! I'm just overflowing with love for my wonderful, wonderful Mom! Mom laughed happily beneath me, her body shaking.

I noticed that. We both overflowed all over your bed." Somehow this struck both of us as just being hilarious, since we were bubbling with happiness anyway. We laughed uproariously together. Our laughter shook her pussy and my cock, which began to get harder again.

Ah well, that's OK. We can clean it up and maybe plan for it next time - and the next time - and the next. We lay and talked for a while, trying to express our love, and wondering about how it had developed in this way. "I knew when we kissed that first time, that you really wanted to fuck me and Mom said and when I let those kisses continue.

I knew that I wanted to fuck you and you know, I don't feel guilty at all. I love you more than anyone else in the world, more than the other children, even more than your father, and I really wanted to show you my love in this way. You know, Mom, it's funny in a way, but I love you much more now as a mother than ever before.

Sure, you've got a great body, and if you don't mind my saying it, you're a tremendous piece of ass, but most of all I think of you as the most loving mother a guy could have." We were caressing and kissing as we talked, and soon we found ourselves back in action again. This time Mom rolled me over and got on top.

God, she was a gorgeous sight as she rose and fell on my cock! She gave me another magnificent fuck. We got up and ate a snack, then hurried back to bed for another quick fuck before the family returned from that time on, Mom was my constant lover.

She created all kinds of ways for us to have time alone so that we could fuck and suck and many times a day we would exchange pats and squeezes and fondles in secret. We did some pretty daring things at times when we got carried away by our emotions, but we never got caught.

I stayed in town to go to the local college, got a good job, and eventually even got married - to a girl who was as like Mom as possible. Through it all, we kept our love life going strong, until Mom was well into her 60’s. Gradually we ended the physical side of our relationship by mutual consent, but we were always the closest of lovers until she finally died.

I miss her a lot, but she left me with some wonderful memories. I have read some of the stories on the Net about sons who humiliate and degrade their mothers, and they make me very sad there cannot possibly be any bond stronger than that between a mother and her son and if that bond can develop into a deep sexual love as well, it is far

And away the sweetest and the most exciting kind of love possible and I love my wife very much, but there is no way that I can feel as deeply about her as I did about the woman who gave me life, and gave me love, and gave me her wonderful body so freely and so devotedly. I consider myself to be the most fortunate of men to have had that greatest love for so many years.

want more reply me and rep me guys....

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repped you!!

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very good post bro.. write more brother sister stories.. they're awesome from you..

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My Sexy Sister Shalini

Hello friends, mera naam Rohit hai, main ISS ki kafi story padh chuka hu,aur iska bohat bada fan hu, isliye aaj maine bhi socha ke apni bhi ek kahani aap sab logo se share karu. Ye story meri aur meri badi behan ki hai, jo ki aaj se kuch saal pehle ki hai, main aap sabko apni family ke bare mein batata hu, hamari family mein 4 member hain, mere mummy papa, meri ek badi behan aur main.

Mere papa ek business man hai aur hum delhi mein rehte hai, meri mummy ek govt bank mein job karti hai. Hamare ghar mein sabhi log kafi ache dekhte hai, mere papa, meri mummy jo ki ek bohat khubsurat aurat hai, wo apne aap ko kafi maintain rakhti hai, aur meri behan ke to kya kehna, wo ek bohat hi sexy ladki hai, aur uska figure bhi bada mast hai, meri behan ka naam shalini hai. Main bhi dekhne mein kafi smart hu.

Hamara delhi mein 3 bedroom ka ghar hai, jisme ek room mummy papa ka hai, ek shalini ka, aur ek mera. Shalini aur mere bedroom ka bathroom common hai mera sex mein bada interest hai, magar kabhi kisi ke sath mauka nahi mila, meri koi girlfriend bhi nahi thi jab tak. Jab ghar mein koi nahi hota tha, main hamesha computer on karke porn sites, ISS aur blue dekha karta tha. Magar mere mann mein abhi tak shalini ko leke koi galat intention nahi thi.

Magar pichle kuch dino se shalini mein kuch change aa raha tha, uske kapde pehan ne, wo aksar dhire dhire phone pe baat karti rehti thi. Mujhe shak tha ke uska koi boy friend hai. Uski body mein bhi kuch changes aa rahe the, uski breast ka size thoda badhne laga tha, mujhe pura yakeen tha, ke wo kahi maje le rahi hai. Fir main kuch din baad ISS pe incest story badhi jo ki real brither sister ki thi, aur wo usme sex ka maja ghar hi lete the.

Us din ke baad kabhi kabhi mere mann mein bhi aise khayal aane lage, aur main chup chup ke shalini ko aur uski body ko dhyan se dekhne laga. Wo ek behad sexy girl thi, wo jab chalti thi to piche se kya qayamat lagti thi. Main fir usko soch soch ke muth marne laga aur sochne laga ke kya kabhi story wali baat meri life mein bhi sach hogi kya. Main kabhi kabhi uske nahane ke baad jab nahane jata tha to uski bra aunty ko hath mein leke muth marta tha.

Mujhe us chiz ka ek nasha sa hone laga tha, magar use bolne ki meri kabhi himmat bhi nahi ho sakti thi. Fir main daily usko galat najar se dekhne laga, mujhe ye pata tha ke wo bra pehan ke nahi soti hai, to yahi soch ke main bina usko imagine kiye aur muth mare bina nahi sota tha. Mann karta tha ko piche se ja ke jakad lu aur rape kar dalu. Uske under garment ki talash mein rehne laga, unko sungh ke chat ke pagal hone laga. Mummy papa subah office chale jate the, aur shalini ne bhi koi extra language class.

Shuru kar di thi to subah 10 baje ke baad sham ke 4 baje tak main akela hi ghar mein rehta tha. Mere mann mein uske almirah ko check karne ka aaya. Magar wo almirah ko hamesh lock rakhti thi, aur keys hamesha apne paas rakhti thi. Magar hamare ghar mein har lock ki ek separate key mummy ki almirah mein rehti thi. To main eek din mauka pake wo fey ka bunch hi mummy ki almirah mein se nikal liye, aur fir subah ka wait karne laga.

Us raat mujhe puri raat nind nahi aayi, aisa lag raha tha, ke subah koi khajana milne wala hai. Us raat maine 3 baar muth mari aur fir jaise taise mari aakh lag gayi. Jab main subah utha to sab log ready ho rahe the jane ke liye, main bhi utha, fresh hoke breakfast karke sabke jane ka wait karne laga. Fir ek ek karke sab nikal gaye aur last mein meri sister bhi nikal gayi. Main jhat se door lock kiya aur meri dhadkane badne lagi, main apne sare kapde waho haal mein hi utar diye

Aur apne room se keys ko bunch leke shalini ke room mein jane laga, mera lund ek dam tight ho chuka tha, aur aisa lag raha tha ke main ek chor hu. Fir main shalini ki almirah kholi jisme aage uske kapde aur make up ka saman rakh hua tha. Fir main dekha ke niche wale jagah pe ek bag mein uske under garment rakhe hue the, meri dhadkane aur badhne lagi, maine us bag ko bahar nikal liye, aur ek ek karke sab bahar nikalne laga, aur bed pe fial diya.

Us bag mein alag alag color ki aur alag alag tarah ke bra panties thi, jise dekh ke main anpi badi behan ko imagine karne laga. Ek black color ki bra jisme ke aage ki taraf net tha, wo bohat hi revealing lag rahi thi, aur main apne aap ko rok nahi pa raha tha. Uske paas bohat alag alag tarah ke undergarments the. Main un bra aur panties ke upar hi late gaya aur ek hath se lund hilane laga, thodi der baad jab jhadne wala tha to maine bed ke kone pe baith ke bra panty ko hath mein leke discharge kar diya.

Mujhe bohat acha acha lag raha tha. Fir main bathroom mein jake fresh hua, aur thodi der un bra panties par hi leta raha, aur apne niche shalini ko imagine karne laga. Thodi der bad mera fir khada ho gaya, aur mainne fir un bra panty mein shalini ko imagine karke hilane laga mujhe us waqt bohat maja aa raha tha dosto main bata nahi sakta, ab mujhe badi satisfaction mil rahi thi. Thodi der baad latne ke baad main kuch aur uski almirah mein dhudhne laga. Magar ek packet mein sanitary napkin ke alawa mera liye kuch jada nahi tha.

Ab mera daily ka schedule ho gaya, aur sabke nikalne ke baad main roj aisa karne laga, aur wait karne laga ke kabhi ye sapna sach bhi ho skata hai ya nahi. Meri curiosity aur badhne lagi ke main shalini ke bare ke kuch aur kaise pata karu. Main kafi baar uske mobile ko check karne ki koshish kari magar alimirah ki tarah wo apne mobile ko bhi lock rakhti thi. Fir ek din shalini ko fever ho gaya, aur mummy ne mujhe uske room mein sone ko hi kaha, main bhi khushi khushi chala gaya ke shayad

Kuch karne ko mile, main tv dekhne laga wo so gayi, magar meri himmat nahi hui ke main usko kuch aur soch ke hath bhi lagau, fir thodi der baad mera dhyam uske mobile pe pada, jab maine check kiya to wo unlock tha, meri dhadkane fir badh gayi, main chori chipe uska mobile utha liya, aur messages check karne laga. Usme ek shekhar naam ke ladke ke bot msg the. Aur kuch normal bato ke sath non veg baato ke bhi msg the, un msg ke reply mein shalini ne bhi khub non veg baatien mein baat ki hui thi.

Pehle to mujhe acha nahi laga magar main kuch bol bhi nahi sakta tha, fir maine jab uski images mein pics dekhi to kafi pics ek ladke ke sath thi, main sure tha ke wahi shekhar hai. Kafi pics main unhone hug kiya hua tha, aur cheek pe fiss karte hue bhi pics thi. Mann mein khayal aaya ke ek baar usse puchu, magar ruk gaya. Fir ek alag folder mein check karne pe mere hosh udd gaye, usme unse hamari bathroom mein mirror ke samne khade hoke, apne topless pic khichi hui thi.

Mujhe samajhne mein time nahi laga ke wo pics shayad usne apne boyfriend ke liye khichi ho. Magar pick o dekh ke mera fir khada ho gaya, pehle to maine us pick o bluethooth ke thru apne mobile mein dala, aur fir, bathroom mein jake, us spic ko dekhte hue apne lund hilane laga, uske boobs bohat hi bade aur well shaped the. Mujhe fir uska nasha hone laga, mann kiya ke usi halat mein use dboch lu, aur kadone fad ke rape kar dalu. Magar fir himmat nahi hui.

Fir din aise hi nikalte gaye main kabhi uski bra panty ko dekh ke akbhi uski topless pic ko dekh ke muth maar ke satisfy hone laga. Fir ek din papa mummy ne ghumne ka plan banaya aur decide hua ke hum pehle rishikesh aur fir manali jayenge. Fir Sunday ki subah hi hum rishikesh ke liye nikal gaye, cab karke. Papa aage driver ke sath baithe the. Aur shalini main aur mummy piche. Kuch ghanto ki drive ke baad hum rishikesh pohach gaye.

Aur room leke rest karne lage waha rush hone ke karan hum sirf ek room hi arrange kar paye. Safar ke thake hue, fir hum dinner karke sone ki taiyyari karne lage. Hamara room kafi bade hone ke karan do bed lage hue the, jisme ek par main aur shalini aur dusre pe mummy aur papa lete hue the. Magar mera to sone ka mann hi nahi tha, main to wait kar raha tha, ke kab sab soye aur mujhe kuch mauka mil paye. Shalini thake hone ke karan jaldi so gayi magar main aakhe band karke

Mummy aur papa ke sone ka wait karne laga, magar kuch der baad kuch dhire dhire baat karne ki awaj aayi, shayad mummy papa bhi hamare sone ka wait kar rahe the. Magar shayad ek room mein sone ki wajah se kuch hesitation thi, aur fir wait karte karte meri hi aakh lag gayi. Subah mummy mein uthaya aur breakfast ke liye aane ke liye bola. Main hi sabse last mein utha tha. Sab log fresh hoke breakfast ke liye order kiya, aur din ka schedule banana lage.

Shalini ko bahar ghumna tha, magar papa shayad room mein hi rest karna chahte the, fir last mein ye hi decide hua ke main aur shailini ghumne jaynge aur mummy papa hotel mein hi rahenge, mujhe unke rukne ka reason ka idea tha. Fir hum ready hoke nikal gaye, kuch logo se pucha k eke yaha ghumne ke liye kaun si jagar hai, magar waha kuch khaas nahi tha. Fir shalini ne kaha shalo hotel hi chalte hai, to maine majak mein keh diya, ke unko bhi to thoda private time do sath rehne ke liye.

Aur wo thoda muskarai aur samajh gayi magar jada us bare mein discuss na karte hue kaha bolo kaha chalne hai, maine bola chalo dekhte hai, kuch aage chalke. Fir raste mein kisi ne bata ke aage hi ek water fall hai Garud Chitti ke naam se, waha kafi foreigner log aate hai. Humne socha ke cahlo wahi chalte hai, wo area thoda sa road se hat ke tha, bich mein thoda sa jungle bhi tha. Magar aage jake dekha to wakai mein ek bohat achi jagah thi, jaha water fall ho raha tha.

Mera to mann wahi nahane ka karne laga, magar shalini mana kar rahi thi, humne dhyan se dekah ke waha kuch under garments bhi pade hue the, aur kuch condom ke pack bhi dekhe. Un chijo pe meri aur shalini ke najar ek sath padi. Magar usne najar andaaz kar diyo, maine majak mein keh diya ke yaha ka to mahaul hi kuch aur hai. Fir shalini shayad jada interested nahi thi waha rukne mein, magar mera jane ka mann nahi tha.

Aur main kapde utar ke sirf underwear mein pannin mein kud pada, aur shailini wahi baith ke novel padhne lagi, wo mere samne is tarah se baithi hui thi, ke uski thighs tak mujhe najar aa rahi thi uski panty ke sath. Mera lund khada ho gaya, mann kiya ke use paani mein hi khich lu, aur apne lund ko hath se adjust karne laga, ye karte hue shayad shalini ne mujhe dekh liya, aur fir mujhe chori se meri harkatein dekhne lagi. Maine bhi socha ke isse acha mauka nahi hai, kuch baad aage badhane ka.

Main wahi paani mein thoda andar jake muth marne laga, aur shalini mujhe tedi najar se dekhne lagi, fir maine thoda aage jake shalini se mu fir ke pani se nikal k eek pathar ke piche jake muth marne laga. Mujhe pura yakeen tha ke shalini ko mere harkat ke bare mein 100% idea hai. Fir discharge hone ke baad main fir paani mein shalini ke paas aa gay, to shalini ne thode naughty se style mein pucha ke paani se nikal ke kaha gaya tha, mein bola toilet gaya tha, kyu?

To thoda mu niche karke muskarai aur chup ho gayi, fir maine chutki lene ke liye bola, kyu tujhe kya laga? To usne koi jawab nahi diya, bas halka sa muskarai. Mujhe thoda green signal laga. Fir humne chalne ka plan kiya, magar mere gile underwear ko dekh ke bola iske ke upar kaise kapde pehnega, maine bola fir kaise karu? To usne hass ke bola iske bina hi pehan le. Main bhi jhat se bola, good idea aur fir ek pathar ke piche jake, underwear utar ke sidhe shorts pehan liye.

Jab main shalini paas aaya to usne muskurate hue kaha kaisa laga raha hai, maine kaha kafi khula khula lag raha hai. To wo bas muskura di fir hum hotel aa gaye, mummy papa ne pucha kaha gaye the to humne bataya ke bas yahi aas pass hi ghum ke aa gaye. Maine dhyan diya ke shalini meri taraf kuch jada hi dhyan de rahi thi, shayad usen aaj pehle baar mera khada lund underwear mein dekha tha. Maine pucha kya dekh rahi hai to najar hata ke bolti ab to fresh ho ke change kar le/

Maine haste hue dhire se keh diya ke aise hi khula khula rehna mein jada maja aa raha hai, fir shalini ne kaha ha dekh rahi hu ke kuch jada hi maja aa raha hai, aur ab tu bada bhi ho gaya hai. Maine fir majak se keh diya fir to meri shaadi kara do.fir achanak mummy ke awaj aa gayi aur shalini mummy ke paas chali gayi, dhire dhire time bita, hum sab logo ne dinner kiya aur sone ki taiyyari karne lagi, ab maine bhi dhire se shalini ko bol diya ke tum bhi to raat ko bine uske soti ho tumhe bhi acha lagta hai

Kya wo thodi se gusse se dekhti hui boli shut up, sudhar ja. Main bhi haste hue mu fer liya. Aur fir hum sab lait gaye kal ki tarah, maine dhire se shalini ke kaano mein kaha, ke shayad hum mummy papa ke liye rukawat ban rahe hai, to usne kaha, bohat bigad gaya hai tu. Aur fir hum so gaye agle din subah mummy ne mujhe uthaya, aur sab breakfast karne lage. Aaj papa ne bola ke aaj humein yah ape kisi milne jana hai, to achanak shalini ne bol diya ke nahi papa

Hum waha bor ho jayenge maine aur rohit ne to kuch aur plan kar rakha hai, kyu rohit? Maine bhi uski ha main ha mila di. Fir mummy papa ne humien ok keh ke jane ki taiyyari karne lage aur humein kaha ke jaldi aa jana, aaj shailini ne ek bag hath mein liya hua tha, hum fir kal wale raaste pe nikal gaye, tu maine kaha kya irada hai, tu usne bola kal wali jagah pe hi chalte hai, aaj usne bola maine bhi paani mein enjoy karna hai, main mann hi mann khush hone laga.

Kuch hi der mein hum waha pohach gaye aur maine jhat se kapde utar ke paani ke mein aa gaya, aur shalini ko bhi aane ko kaha, fir ek pather ke piche jake change karke aayi aur ek bohat hi sexy black color ke costume mein aayi, main to use dekhta hi reh gaya, aur mere mu se nikal gaya sexy aur wo halke se mukurate hue paani mein aane lagi, uske gori gori tango kr upar black color ki panty gajab dha rahi thi

Aur uski sexy white boobs pe black color ki bra to aise lag rahi thi ke jaise koi model utar aayi ho, mere dimaag mein fir wahi uski pic saamen aa gayi, aur nasha chaane laga aur lund ek dam se khada ho gaya. Paani mein utar ke muskurat ehue usne bola,

Sahlini: itne dhayan se kya dekh raha hai, kabhi ladki nahi dekhi kya?

Me: dekhi to hai magar itni sexy nahi.

Shalini: behan to sexy bolta hai sharam nahi aati.

Me: kash mein tumhara boyfriend hota.

Sahlini: hota to kya hota?

Me: wo to jab hota to hi batata.

Fir ek dam se achank aake usne mujhe paani mein dacha de diya. Aur piche ki taraf bhagne lagi maine bhi sambhal ke use piche se pakadne lag aur mera lund uski gaand se sat gaya uske mu se ek siski nikal gayi. Maine bola kya hua, badi awaj mein bolti kuch nahi, maine bola kaise lag raha hai ye mausam, usne kaha, bohat acha, tab tak main use piche se ache se pakad chukka tha, aur pani ke andar se uske pet ke hatho se sehla raha tha. Mera lund ek dum se uski gand se chipka hua tha.

Usne apna sir piche ki taraf kar ke mere kandhe pe rakh diya, aur fir maine dhire se uski neck pe apne hoth rakh diya, aur usne ek dam se apna hath apne piche karte hue mere lund ko pakad liya, jo ki full tana hua tha, aut fir main apne dono hath uske milky white mummo pe le gaya ho dhire dhire dabane laga, hum do pagal hote ja rahe the hawas mein, hum sab bhul chuke the, aur bas khule hawa mein panin ke andar, ek dusre ki boday se lipte hue the.

Aise hi karte karte main uske ek kandhe se uski costume ko niche kar diya, aur uska ek dam white mumma, adhe se jada bahar aa gaya, aur usne mere lund ko aur teji se pakad liya. Maine uske ek mume ko ek hath mein liya aur dusra hath uski panty mein daal diya aur uski chut ko pehli baar touch kiya, touch karte hi wo pagal ho gayi aur palat ke mere underwear mein hath daal diya, aur mujhe lip kiss karne lagi, aur siskiya lene lagi.

Maine bhi piche hath daal ke uska upper costume nikal diya, aur wo mere samne uapr se ek dam nangi khadi thi, doston kya najara tha wo, gol gol white mumme jiske pink color ke cherry jaise nipple, main to apne hosh kho baitha tha, aur ek ek karke, uske nipple ko mu mein leke chesne laga, aur wo mere land ko aage piche karne lagi aur awaajein nikalne lagi fir usne dhire se mere kaan mein bahar chalne ke liye bola.

Aur hum aise hi bahar nikal ke ek pathar ke piche jane lage. Waha pohachte hi jaise wo ungli ho gayi ho, ek jhatke mein usne mera lund underwear se baha nikal ke, mu mein leke chusne lagi. Socho dosto, ek itni sexy ladki jiski itne pyare pink pink hotho ne tumhare lund ko jakad rakha ho aur tumhare lund kea age piche ho rahe ho, main to apne aap ko rok hi nahi pa raha tha fir maine usko towel bicha ke litaya, aur uski panty uteri.

Kya mast chut thi shalini ki, halke halke se baal and andar se ek dam gulabi, maine bhi jhat se uske chut pe apne honth rakh diye, aur usne mere sir ko apni dono thighs ke bich mein daba liya. Aur apne hips ko dhire dhire upar uthane lagi, aur thodi der mein discharge ho gayi. Aur muskarate hue badi satisfayi lagi magar main abhi thanda nahi hua tha, maine halka sa uske upar aake apna lund uske dono mummo ke bich

Mein daba liya au raage piche karne laga, jab lund aage jata to wo mu khol ke use andar le leti, khule asmaan mein ye mera pehla experience mere hosh uda raha tha, humein kisi ka dar nahi tha, na kisi ke dekhne ki chinta, hum to bas apne mein mast the, fir shalini ne bola main aur nahi reh sakti, please isse niche dalo, maine bhi apne lund ko hath mein liye aur shalini ki chut pe ragadne laga, wo fir se bina paani ke

Machhli ki tarah jhatpatane lagi, aur mujhse andar daalne ki bhik maangne lagi, maine fir halka se jor deke, apne lund ka supada uski ke andar dala to uski ek baar ko akhen fatt gayi, main thoda sa relax ho gaya, aur fir ek jahtke mein lund ko andar ki taraf puch kiya, uske mu se check nikal padi aur ankho se aansoo, main fir niche hoke uske lips ko chusne laga, aur uske mummo ko dabane laga aur mauka pake ek baar fir dhakha maar diya, aur ab lund kafi andar ja chukka tha, aur wo baar baar mujhse se

Use bahar nikalne ki request kar rahi thi magar main waha se wapass nahi laut sakta tha, thoda ruk ke maine fir ek last jhatke mein apna lund jad tak shalini ki chut mein daal diya. Aur wo jhatpatane lagi aur main fir se niche jhuk ke usko smooch karne laga aur mumme dabane laga. Fir thodi der baad usko bhi josh aa gaya, aur halki si hips ki movement karne lagi. Main samajh gaya ab use maja aane laga hai, aur fir maine bhi halke halke jhatke lagane laga.

Wo pleasure mein kabhi muskarati kabhi ek rand ki tarah lund ka maja lete hue look deti. Ab mere bhi dhako ki speed taj ho chuki thi. Aur lund piston ki tarah andar bahar ho raha tha, ab mujhe laga ke wo jhadne wali hai, maine dhakke aur tej kar diya, taki use aur pleasure mile aur fir shalini ki body akadne lagi, aur meri behan mere lund se discharge hui. Ab maine aur speed badha di aur gilapan feel hone ki waha se pach pach ki awaaje aane lagi, aur fir mujhe bhi lagne laga ke main aane wala hu, maine

Dhakke aur tej kar diya, 15-20 dhakke baad main aur shalini ek sath jhad gaye. Aur thodi der ek sath lete rahe, aur ek dusre ko dekh ke muskurate rahe, maine dhyan se dekha ke shalini ke boobs ek dam red ho chuke the, aur uspe mere hatho ke nishaan bhi saaf najar aa rahe the. Fir hum aise hi nange fir se ek baar paani mein aa gaye, aur ek dusre se saap ki tarah lipat gaye, mera lund ek baar fir uski tango ke bich dastak dene laga, aur meri behan muskura.

Aur mera lund pakad k eek baar fir bahar le aayi, aur mera lund ko mu mein lek chusne lagi, jab maine use letne ke liye kaha to usne kaha niche ke liye aaj itna hi kafi hai, baki baad mein, aur fir apne gulabi hooth mere lund pe jakad diye, aur chusne lagi, aur main uske balo ko pakad ke piche kar ke usko dekhen laga, wo bade maje se chus rahi thi, aur kabhi kabhi ek haath se apne mumme bhi dabati to balls ki tarah

Uchal rahe thi main madhhosh sa hoen laga ye scene dekh ko aur fir mujhe laga ke main jhadne wala hu, wo apne mummo pe discharge karana chahti thi, magar main uske mu mein karna chahta tha, mera request ke baad wo maan gayi, aur maine kuch jhatko ke sath sara load apni badi behan ke mu mein chod diya. Dosto wo din main kabhi nahi bhul sakta.

want more reply me and rep me guys....

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