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Old 28th August 2012
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I am 38 years old and I love to make unimaginable love to aunties and matures in my area, actually I am kind of a specialist and have quite a few aunties who call me for some amazing sex. I live in an area in Chandigarh which has a dense population of semi retired people away from my house, approximately one block away lives a lady around 49 years of age, whose husband had died while he was working in Canada. She would daily go for a walk along with her dog dollar’ a golden Pomeranian and at times while going to office, I would eye her and wish her by just bowing my head a little.

A little nod from her was all that I received and then I would move on and one day she just came alone for a walk and she was without her dog as I was walking to catch the auto I stopped her for a moment and asked her as to where was her dog. She said that Dollar is not feeling well and I need to take to take him and the vet and I do not know how to drive. I said No worries and told her that I will run back home and bring my car so that the doggy can be taken to the vet.

She murmured Thanks and off we went to the Vet for the doggy’s treatment. Meanwhile she started sobbing saying that what will happen if Dollar does not get well. I comforted her by putting my arm around her and as my hands brushed the sides of her boobs and she got startled a bit but did not say anything. Meanwhile my dick was in a standing position and could easily be made out from my cotton linen trousers. I said what to do now and I started fidgeting while driving trying hard to hide my erection.

I was not being successful and I could see the mischievous smile on her lips. The Doctor saw the dog gave him an injection and told us to give him certain medicines. My phone rang and it was from my office and I told them I will get late and they should mark me absent for half a day after the doggy’s check-up we sat in the car and she heaved a sigh of relief. It was hot and the AC of my car was not working so I turned down the windows.

Meanwhile she had let her duppata’ slip form hr boobs and started fanning herself with the doctor’s prescription. The sweat from her underarms had made a big stain and the sweat had also come close to the bra again my dick started to swell as I could imagine myself licking her boobs and under arms. She saw that again and purposely bent down to pick up the doctor’s prescription which had fallen down on the floor she later told me that she had done it on purpose.

My dick was now standing like a pole and the pre cum had already stained the trousers which were now clearly visible. I was feeling so embarrassed suddenly she softly hit my dick with her hand naughty boy’ she remarked and started laughing. I just could not believe my ears and a thrill ran down my body as I knew I now had a chance of fucking this yummy mature aunty and her home cam and she invited me inside and we gave the liquid medicine to the doggy then she said what you would like to have.

A soft drink, juice or milk and she had put an extra stress on milk. I knew what she was up to. I said milk and she said from the packet or fresh. I said fresh she said come and take it. I got the signal that I was waiting for and she opened her arms for me. I came and embraced her and started kissing her neck wildly running my fingers all over her ears and the back of her neck. She had pure lust shining in her eyes. I was running her finer through her hair.

I pulled off her top and lo and behold she was wearing a Turquoise colour bra with a lace trimming from the look of it I could make it that this was surely an expensive one (later from the tag I came to know it was Victoria’s Secret). I started licking her back and running my fingers over her bums. She was going wild with pleasure and then with a quick flick of my hand, I unclipped her bra and saw her boob’s fallout what a scene it was.

Her big boobs were there to be milked you wanted milk now take it straight from here and she said pushing my face to her boobs. I was having a gala time licking her boobs and giving full attention to Aunty’s nipples and her areolas were pretty big too and she looked kind of sexy for her age. I was lapping up her boobs like a child eating the nipples and rubbing her back then she took of my shirt and our bodies met it was nothing short of magic as my chest met her boobs.

The heat of the bodies added to the magic then I turned her around and lowered her onto the bed and told her to lie down with face down and lift up her ass. She did so and the sight was worth having a look and her asshole was there ready to we devoured by me. I first started by licking the lower part of her bums in circular motion then the upper part and then slowly n slowly in concentric circles I came close to the actual point and her asshole was contracting like crazy.

I saw her thigh go wet and I knew that she had cum once. Yippie time to do her more. I then licked the rim of her asshole slowly yummy it felt so nice and then I dived in to her love hole and she went wild with ecstasy her whoops and whimpers were filling the room but I did not stop she tried using her hands to stop me but I would not the ass needed my attention after around 7 to 8 minutes and I let her ass go. She fell in a heap. I waited to catch her breath and saw that she had cum a couple of times while I was alienating her ass.

I asked her and she said yeah I had a multiple orgasm. Good I remarked and opened up her legs and dove into her waiting pussy. She had some hair there and they brushed against my face. I loved the feel, smell and texture of the same. The pussy was very wet and my whole mouth was splattered with her cum but then I started to explore her pussy with my mouth. My erect tongue was digging in finding all the crevices and filling them up nicely.

Then I found her clitoris which was pretty big as compared to other women that I have been with before. I started sucking it after encircling it without even her realising it. Aaahhhhh and she screamed. Her clit was in my mouth and she was slamming her legs against my back then she locked my back with her legs and pushed her pelvis forward and my nose also was now in her pussy. I tickled her clit with my nose the soft sensation was so nice that she started puffing and panting.

Then she cum again in my face and her juices were all over my face. She had taken out my dick and wanted to suck it then we did a 69 position. She ate my dick as if she had been hungry for years and hungry she was with no man to satisfy her sexual urges, needs and expectations then I released my dick from her mouth and fucked her boobs by placing my dick in the centre and she holding the boobs tightly for the dick to pass thru after a few minutes of tits fucking and I drenched my hand with lots of coconut oil.

I inserted my two fingers into her asshole then the third one went in and finally the whole hand was in her ass. Aunty bobbed up like a cork hit by a tsunami. This time her love-sounds was even more intense as I moved my hand inside her asshole and she whimpered, moved and cried all at the same time and her asshole was full with my hands and as I moved the whole hand in and out of her asshole she cried you are too good, honey fuck me hard fuck me as if there is no tomorrow.

The cotton bed sheet on the bed was gleaming with her juices, as I brought my hand out of her asshole and licked it her insides tasted good then I mounted her inserting my dick in her pussy and pumped hard. My dick was hitting the pussy back wall and her pussy had taken in all of it till the end. My dick hairs were tickling her too. The pumping of the pussy with my dick continued rhythmically for quiet sometime.

She said are you ready to cum and I said yes. She said fill up my asshole with your cum and make me your sex-slave. I did as she said my dick was throbbing like mad and she licked it all quickly and took position with her asshole raised up towards the ceiling making the right moves and I moved in towards her asshole it was already lubricated with my ‘hand’s effort and her asshole swallowed my dick and in it went like a piston phew. I mumbled as her ass hole muscles held it like a vice.

Now she started moving her butt like the hip hop girls wow! I shouted and her ass was taking me to heaven the pumping continued and I knew I had to cum now. I slapped her ass a number of times, riding her like a bull. She knew I was about to cum she was overtaken with so much lust and pleasure that was unable to speak and with the motion of her arm she waved a go ahead. I then slammed hard and my juices flowed like crazy in her asshole.

This was one of my longest climaxes and the juices were not stopping and she could feel the liquid filling in quickly all the crevices that she wanted complete. The assignation of aunty ass was complete. I then fell in a heap and it took me a good 15 minutes to gather my senses. Aunty was fast asleep with her nakedness and had made my upper inner thigh her pillow what a sight it was? I slowly moved and she woke gave a nice slurp kiss.

Thank you she gushed, you made me feel so special. I smiled and kissed her too and said that this was for sure one of my best sex adventures. We do meet on regular basis and she even took me on a paid vacation to Goa for three nights and four days. As expected it was amazing.

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