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Old 28th January 2007
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The initiation of a Sex Slave Mommy

I kneed meekly in front of my 18-year-old(**Edited**) son with hands behind my back in a submissive posture. I was visibly trembling with nervous anticipation. Ashok looked down at my scantily clad sexy body with both love and lust in his eyes.

"Mom, you were a vision when you walked up to me, so graceful yet sinfully erotic, a sex goddess and a sluttish whore roll into one! I just love you in this outfit. I think from now on you're going to dress like this or in a sexy French maid uniform without the underwear, otherwise you'll be totally naked while in the house. We will get you a whole new sexy wardrobe and I'll pick and choose everything you wear from now on! And by the way, Mother, I don't want you to wear any underwear when we go out anymore! I would find you infinitely more alluring when I knew that you're totally naked under you clothes in public places." Ashok declared firmly.

"Whatever you say Ashok" I agreed readily with elation and felt my cunt getting moist.

Ashok picked up my dog collar then looked directly into my blue eyes intensely and said solemnly.

"Mom, is this really what you want? There is no going back once I put this around your neck."

"Oh yes! I want to be your slut slave more than anything in in the world, my daring son!" I said tremblingly with raw emotion.

I even felt a little dampness in my eyes. I knew this was the defining moment for both of us-mother and son. Life will never be the same from now on, only better! Just after my son tightened the dog collar around my neck and attached the dog leash to it, I was over come by a particular strong orgasm. I screamed out loud and my whole body was shaking by uncontrollable spasms. Profuse amount of cunt juices was sprouting out of my vagina and running down my shapely inner thighs. Even after my orgasm subsided for a while, my vaginal entrance was still filled with creamy juices slowly trickling out continuously down my inner thighs. Large pearly drops of my cum cream were dripping off the ends of my totally matted and pussy juice soaked brunette pubic hairs.

"Wow, mother, I see that you really love to be collared and dog leashed, like a doggy bitch don't you?" Ashok asked me while looked down on my cum dripping pussy.

My face turned beet-red, and I bowed my head in deep shame. The amazement in my young son's voice made me even more embarrassed for cumming like a bitch in heat. But deep down in my heart, I knew this was to be my destiny-to serve my own ** (**Edited**) -years-old son, to be his sex slave.

"Lift you head Mom, I want to see how you look with the dog collar!" Ashok pulled on my dog leash and commanded,

I complied immediately. After a lengthy inspection from different angles, Ashok pronounced his assessments.

"Mother, the dog collar is very becoming on you. You have a long and graceful neck; it's made to wear a dog collar. Mom, from this moment on, I proclaim that you're my sex slave! I'm you're master, and I own you now!" After a poignant pause, Ashok stated,

"As your master, I command you to wear a dog collar at all times! I'll have to replace this old leather dog collar with a new one that could go under a shower so there will be no need for you ever to take it off. I think it would be a little wider and of course a much more fashionable and stylish than this one.

Yes, a custom-design one that's made out of dazzling silvery platinum. It could be closed with a lock, and fashion to resemble a choker so that when we go out, you won't attract too much outraged and unwarranted attentions. I might as well get you a dog tag to go with the new dog collar. On second thought, not quite a dog tag, but something refined for a beautiful classy slut like you Mom. Yes, a gold pendant in the shape of a dog tags to hang from the front of the dog collar and down to the lovely hollow of your slender neck, mom." Ashok declared with satisfaction.

While Ashok was talking, I got more and more excited and turned on, and more cunt juice was leaking out of my pussy.

"I'll engrave your name on one side of the pendant and my name on the other side. Wait, to be more specific, since the pendant symbolizes a dog tag and will be hanging from your dog collar, mother don't you think it would be more appropriate to add in smaller letters, the words: 'pet's name' in front of your name and 'owner's name' in front of mine?" Without waiting for a confirmation answer from me, Ashok jokingly added,

"Hey, I might even want to have our phone number put on your dog tag in case you got lost!" Ashok laughed at his own humor and then said seriously, "I only wish it's possible for me to take you to a public place like the mall or a restaurant on a dog leash, Mother, so that everybody will know that you're my pet, my sex slave!" Ashok pulled on my dog leash slightly as if to lead me to somewhere public.

I knew all this talk of gold pendant and custom-designed dog-collar made out of platinum was just all part of my son's pretenses, where were we going to get the money anyway? However, the inscriptions that my son wanted to engraved onto the new pendant that I'll wear dangling from my brand new sparkling dog collar will leave no doubt on anyone's mind after they read it, that my young son was my master, my owner. If there were no grave consequences, I too wish my son could parade me in public places by leading me on a leash attached to my dog collar thus proclaiming his ownership of me to the whole world! The very thought that my young son intended to turn his own mother at least symbolically into his pet dog put me over the edge! Before Ashok even finished what he was saying, I screamed out in rapture and ecstasy as waves of orgasms hit my extreme emotionally stimulated body. Large amount of sticky aromatic feminine cum juices were oozing out of my pussy.

"Oh, my God, yes, yessss. . . " I cried out in the throttle of orgasmic high.

"Mom, you just cum likes a sluttish whore! I see that you loved my ideas about your dog tag. Now, look me in the eyes, mother." Ashok commanded while pulling on my dog leash with a strong tug to bring my head up.

I looked at my son worshipfully with both motherly love and lust.

"Mom, you're my sex slave! You belong to me, and I own your lovely sexy body! So, from now on I want you to address me as your master." Ashok stated vehemently.

I was shaking uncontrollably once again by multiple orgasms. My crotch area was soaking wet with pussy juices as more and more of my feminine cum juices secreted from my inner most vaginal walls. Just like me, the experience with the gang has changed my son from a sweet boy to a strong boy-man, my man! I believed his was a latent dominant and he wanted to dominate his own mother! Oh yes, I wanted to submit and owned by my ** (**Edited**) -year-old son too! My heart was bursting with joy. I looked up at my handsome son with submissive blue eyes and answered him eagerly and respectfully.

"Yes, my master, I'm you're sex slave, you're my owner. You own me, body and soul. I'll call you 'my master' every time I address you, my darling son, and my master." I declared proudly.

"Mom, you're also my pet now, my very own doggy bitch aren't you my dear mother?" Ashok asked possessively while tugging on my dog leash strongly as if to stress the point and to demonstrate that I was indeed a collared and leashed doggy, and he, the owner of the doggy.

"Yes my master, I'm your pet, you're my owner. I'm your doggy bitch slut from this moment on. You can do whatever you want to me and whatever you want with me." I declared whole heartily and a surge of joy tingling throughout my body.

"Anything I want, Mom?" Ashok arched his eyebrow and asked me in a teasing voice.

"Of course, my master I'm yours to command. You can tie my up and beat me till I bleed. You can make me into prostitute or even sell me if you really wanted to!"

I kneed in front of my son with head bowed low and answered in a soft voice like any other true submissive slave girl of bygone era. Not that I wanted to be sold or even become a prostitute, but it sounded so good and humble, like a truly devoted slave would say. However, the beating and bleeding part was all true. I have this strong desire to be tied up and beaten, I even craved pain now! I didn't know this was resulting from the experience I have just gone through in addition to the mind alternating drugs, or may be this masochist trait and submissive personality was always there laid dormant within me, just waiting to be brought out in the open. It must have been providence, and I was so grateful to the fact that it was my own beloved son who made it all happen!

"Mother, you belong to me and no one else, you are mine forever! Understood Mom well, may be I will sell you when you're old and ugly. . . Just kidding my darling Mom, you'll always be beautiful to me! You have turned into such a slutty bitch, you probably really want you own son to be your pimp, aren't you Mom?"

I was shaking my head from side to side emphatically in repudiation.

"Honey, I don't want to have sex with other men. I only want you, my son, and my master." And to emphasize my point I added, "Only you satisfy me completely my love, you're better than Aslam and his gang combined, my master!"

Addressing my own son as my master came so natural to me; it just seemed I was born to be his slave! And every time I said the words 'my master' to my son, I felt a tingling thrill down my spine!

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"That's reassuring mother, however you have such strong sex drive now, I'm afraid you may not be able to help yourself. Just to be on the save side, I will just have to think of something to prevent you from going astray short of locking you up and throw away the keys!"

Before I tried to say something in defense of my fidelity and loyalty to him in spite of my wantonness and sluttish behavior, Ashok continued.

"Mom, I love you very much, especially after what you went through for me with Aslam and his gang. I could never repaid you enough for what you did, but I promise you I'll try my very best to make you happy. I'm going to take real good care of you for the rest of our lives." Ashok promised me earnestly.

Even though I was so overwhelmed with emotion and love for my beloved son, and tears of joy were brimming over my eyes and falling down my cheeks, I couldn't help but concerned that my son would treat me too gently in the future. That was not what I wanted at all, I wanted to be treated like shit-yes, beaten like a slut slave!

"I love you too sweetheart, with all my heart. I hope that doesn't meant you don't want to beat you slave mother up anymore, my son, my master?" I asked in a worried tone. Ashok laughed out loud and said,

"Mother, I do believe you are not only a slut but also become a perverted pain slave now! Oh yes, you're going to get what you asked for! I'll enjoy immensely whipping your luscious creamy soft ass cheeks, shapely white thighs and smooth backside, or even you’re large but deliciously squeezable firm breasts and your succulent pussy lips with a whip or a cane until they're crisp cross with whip marks and pink welts. How would you like that Mom?" Ashok asked me sardonically with a wicked grin on his angelic face.

I couldn't wait any longer; I needed my son to beat me up harshly. My perverted mind and body desired pain and torture now!

"Oh God Yes, my son, my master, please whip your slave mother now!" I implored my son urgently.

"Patience Mother! Patience, it will all be in good time. I still have lots of things to tell you. Mom, you were a loving but a very strict parent, now our role has been reversed and I'll be equally if not more strict with you, my sweet gorgeous mother, my sex slave! Even though I love you very much, I'll be a strong disciplinarian, and you'll be punished no matter you deserved or not. It will be entirely depended on my whim. I want you to know that although I'll beat you often and some times quite severely, I think just the way you like it, however, I'll never cause any permanent damage to your body. Furthermore, I'll never go beyond your pain tolerance! Mother, you're my property, my sex toy. I own your voluptuous sexy body from the top of your blonde head to the bottom of your pretty little feet. So you see, my darling Mom, there's not a chance that I would dare risk even a little scaring on your perfect alabaster silky smooth skin! However, I do think your luscious creamy derriere will be even sexier and more adorable when turn all pink and red after a thoroughly spanking! Yes, I would like to keep your creamy ass cheeks in a constant state of rosy-red color. Well, mother, how would you like to be spanked by your own son every day from now on?" Ashok was grinning wickedly at me.

"Oh yes, my son, please spank you're slave mother now. Pretty please, my master." I was pleading with my son to spank me with puppy dog eyes. My breathing becoming a bit more labored and my senses were heightened with anticipation.

I knew my son was tormenting me with promises of beating and spanking on purpose, he had seen that I was in a constant state of sexual arousal. But I was so desperate in need of a genuine physically induced orgasm. I only hoped my son would take pity on me by punishing and hurting me!

"Later Mom, but don't worry, before the day's out I promise your unblemished lily white ass will become furiously red with half a dozen or more whip marks that will turn into painful welts and lacerations, so that you won't be able to sit on your ass for days! Right now, Mom I'm more interest in your soft, and oh so squeezable creamy breasts. "

My whole body quivering and tingling with delight when I heard my son was going to whip my ass later. I leaned my chest forward proudly for my son's appraisal. I had to admit that my 36 D-cup breasts were one of my best features. Each tit of my creamy white mounds was caped with a large hard dusky-pink nipple surround by a sliver dollar size puffy delicately hued, pink-colored aureole. In spite of their sizes, my breasts were quite firm and thrust way out from my chest without a hint of sagging!

I shivered pleasurably the minute my son cupped my sensitive breasts in both of his hands. My large breasts were generously overflowing in his hands. At first Ashok was just caressing my creamy soft breasts tenderly, he massaged and kneaded them softly. It felt so good I started to moan and groan with desire. Then Ashok started to squeeze my firm globes gently at first, slowly but surely Ashok increased the strength and squeezing my tender mounds harder and harder. The soft pliant fleshy tissues of my breasts were squashed like sponges almost to the point of being ruptured, and I realized that both of my flawless creamy breasts would be bruised for days. I cried out with pain and pleasure as my body rocked by non-stop orgasms. Ashok released one of my breasts and use both of his hands to encircle the base of the other breast and started to constrict and tighten his grip more and more. The encircled breast seemed to inflate into a small reddish balloon in grave danger of being burst into million pieces anytime! My erect pinkish enlarged blood-fill nipple popped up from the top of my tormented breast like a sore thumb! Blood circulation to the breast was drastically reduced and my poor breast mound and my large and elongated nipple turned from deep red to purplish color. The breast started to go tingly and numb but my son continued to torture my breast this way until I squealed out and my body was convulsing by waves of orgasm induced by the sharp needle-like stabbing pain in my breast.

"More please, my master." I begged audaciously, I was insatiable, I wanted my son to squeeze and hurt this breast even more, and tit torture for my other breast too. Yes, I craved more pain!

"Enough for your breasts now mother, next time I'll use ropes to bind both of your breasts tightly, and you will suffer more and a lot longer too. I might even hang you up by your breasts! And if that's not enough pain for you, Mom, my pain slut slave, I could even stick needles deep into your breasts and make pin cushions out of them. Right now, let's focus on your delectable pink nipples. I have great plans for these pair of perky little darlings, and I think you'll love them too, Mom." Ashok promised.

With thumb and forefinger of each hand Ashok griped each of my erect pink nipples and pinched them real hard. I cried out with pain and pleasure; my cunt leaked out more juices of my climax. When my son started to squeeze and crush my blood-fill rock hard nipples to the point of almost flattens them, I screamed out loudly in more pain and pleasure. I only got a momentary reprieve when Ashok relaxed his grip on my abused nipples, but almost immediately Ashok started to pull hard on my painfully tender nipples. My elongated pink erect nipples stretch longer and longer to an impossible length, almost to the point that I felt my poor nipples were about to be ripped from my breasts by the roots. The excruciating pain was almost to the point of unbearable when suddenly Ashok released them. My poor torturous nipples became half an inch long blood engorged erect nodules after snapped back on top of my undulating breasts. My eyes were brimming with tears and I shrieked in pain and pleasure; I lost count the numbers of orgasm I experienced, and it almost seemed that my pussy juices were pouring out of my vaginal opening by the gallon.

My loving son has turned into a very strict disciplinarian just like he said he would; he was fast becoming a real sadist, and I loved it!

"Mom, just as you elegant long neck is made for a dog collar; the size and length of your nipples are perfect for piercing and ring! A couple of gold rings in each of your nipples will be perfect compliment for your dog collar and dog leash. They are symbols of your enslavement." Ashok commented while stroking my throbbing tender enlarged nipples as if to soothe the pain from over stretching.

"You want to pierce my nipples, my master?" I asked in amazement.

I was really surprised that my son wanted to pierce and ring my nipples. However, I didn't feel any revulsion or distaste to be pierced and ringed, instead I wondered how my nipples would look pierced and sporting gold rings. Where did he get such ideas? I felt a weird sensation shivering down my spine followed by spasms that were centered on my loins resulting in a strong orgasm.

"Not just your nipples Mom, I want to pierce and ring your pussy lips too." Ashok said calmly then casually reach between my soaking wet thighs.

"Oh my God, It's like a lake down here!" Ashok exclaimed.

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I was so embarrassed it seemed my entire body was flushing with color. When Ashok started to caresses my puffy outer pussy lips, my groin began to undulate and spill out more juices from my vaginal opening right onto my son's hand. In the midst of my orgasms, I had totally overlooked that my teenaged son just told me that he wanted to pierce and ring his own mother's pussy.

"Wow, you're such a slutty bitch Mom! I see that you not only cum in a drop of the hat but also cum in bucket too."

Ashok brought his cum covered hand by his nose; after he took a deep breath to take in the heady aroma into his nostrils, he began to lick his hand clean of my pussy juice.

"Not only smells divine but taste delicious too! Nectar for the Gods." Ashok praised.

I was both embarrassed and proud at the same time that my son found my vaginal secretions so appetizing. Ashok stuck at first two fingers and then added another into my dripping vaginal tunnel and scooped out a generous amount of my cunt cream. He brought his cum laden fingers over his wide open mouth and let my aromatic feminine juices dripped down his throat. Once the juice was gone, he scooped out more from the source. After a few more times of this back and forth actions, temperately satisfied, he smacked his lips in appreciation.

"Mmm. . . Mmmm. . . Good! Here Mom, have a taste of your own yummy pussy juice."

Ashok scooped out more juice from my vagina and let it dripped into my mouth. Oh yes, it's really was quite delicious no wonder my son loved it so much.

"Thank you my master." After I licked his fingers clean, I thanked my son for feeding me my own scrumptious pussy cream.

Watching my own son drinking my pussy juices and the sweet aromatic taste of my own cunt juice in my mouth really turned me on. The stimulation of his fingers in my sensitive vaginal tunnel put me in a state of constant excitation. My pussy kept producing more and more juices. At first it was just a trickle and quickly turned into a steady stream pouring out of my vaginal opening.

When Ashok noticed the mass I was making, he quickly stuck his whole face between my thighs. He practically glued his mouth onto my pussy opening and started sucking and swallowing. I saw the way his throat worked, and I knew his must have ingesting great quantities of my pussy juices! But more juices my son sucked out from my cunt, the more juices were being produced deep inside my vaginal cavities. It's like an unrelenting circle. Finally my son had his fill and couldn't gulp down any more; he lifted his cunt juice covered face with a sight of relief. He snatched his discarded brief from the couch; first he mopped his face clean of my juices and then dried my groin area and my drenched thighs of pussy juices as much as possible. By the time he's done, his cotton under-pants was quite damp, and then he wedged it completely inside my vaginal entrance.

"This will do for now to block the flow of your juices. Hopefully the carpet is not ruined." Ashok said with a smirk while looking down between my thighs.

I was embarrassed and my face turned red when I saw there was a small puddle of my pussy juice right underneath my previously dripping cunt surrounded by a large circular area of soaking wet carpet.

"Mom, you're a one-woman pussy juice production factory! It must have been the side effects of the drugs Aslam and Rehana gave you. But what an unexpected good fortune though, and I hate to see a single drop of your mouth-watering pussy juice go to waste. I must think of some way to capture and save this most precious liquid. I might just want to drink your pussy juices for breakfast, lunch and dinner!" Ashok declared judiciously while licking his lips with his tongue as if still savoring my delicious pussy juices.

Yes, it must have been the drugs, my son thought so too. I believed that the drugs must have somehow heightens the perception of pleasure in brain and lower my orgasmic threshold permanently! I didn't know it's a blessing or a curse!

"Where were we, oh yes, I want to pierce both your inner and outer pussy lips." Ashok declared.

My son grabbed hold of both sides of my puffy pink outer pussy lips with his fingers. He was lifting, pulling and stretching my nether lips as if to test their resiliency. Then he was doing the same thing to my thinner and pinker inner pussy lips. During all this time while my son was manipulating my most feminine private parts, I was in a constant state of arousal, more cunt juice dripped into my son's underpants.

"Mom, you have very meaty outer pussy lips, I want to pierce and insert at least three rings on each side so that I can pull your pussy open by the rings. However, your inner pussy lips are little thin, and I don't want to cause any damage to such pretty delicate lips. I might just put one or two small rings, may be a couple of diamond studs in them so your inner lips will look ever more luscious."

Ashok grasped a handful of my cunt juice matted soft blonde pubic hair and pulling really hard as if trying to yank them all out by the roots. I cried out in great pain.

"Mother, I hate to shave all of your lovely blonde pussy hairs off, but it has to go. I want a smooth and bald pussy to show off the rings. Mom, I bet you will look even younger and more beautiful with pigtails and a hairless pussy! You like what I planed for your pussy Mom?" Ashok commented.

Instead of embarrassed and humiliated or may be even outraged, the thought that my own son wanted to shave, pierce and ring his own mother's pussy lips made me more excited than ever. I came again and again.

"Oh yes, my love, my master, I'll love to wear your rings in my nipples and pussy lips. The rings are sure to make me look and feel more like your sex slave, my owner, and my darling son." I declared joyfully.

"Well-said my slave mother, but wait till you hear what I planed to do to your crown jewel, your joy button, Mom!"

I knew we'll come to my clitoris sooner or later, it must be something really special since Ashok had avoided touching my crown jewel (as he put it) so far. My large blood engorged pink clitoris was protruding from its protective hood ever since my son put the dog collar around my neck. Since then, it was just getting ever larger and longer, and projecting out from the top of my almost enclose puffy pussy lips like a sore thumb! My son has no trouble locating and then clutching my distended love button with his thumb and forefinger.

"Mom, you have an exceptionally large beautiful clit already, but I intend to make it much bigger!" Ashok promised.

He squeezed and pinched my ultra sensitive love button harder and harder and kept asking me if I want more. Of course, I'm a pain slut now. However, when my son pulled on my clit forcefully, stretching and twisting it into a thick intertwine painfully throbbing rubber band like bundle. I screamed out in almost unbearably agonizing pain and for the first time my eyes were fill with tears of suffering that was streaking down my cheeks. My entire body was shaking violently with multiple orgasm and my loins was bucking violently like a bronco!

When my son finally released my abused love button, my poor tormented clitoris was stretched almost to the point of snapping off from my pussy completely! It sprung back with such force that my clitoris turned into a painful flaming torch at the top of my pussy slit. The pain in my severely tortured clitoris was like an excruciation series of stabbing, searing sensations. The pain was so overwhelming and I shrieked out loudly and they pass out on my son's lap.

When I regained consciousness a minute or two later, I felt my son was soothingly stroking and caressing my painfully tormented clitoris just liked he did to my tortured nipples.

"Are you okay Mom?" Ashok asked me tenderly with great concern.

I nodded my head slowly despite the fact that I felt as if my loins were aflame. I looked down at my crotch to see what my son was doing. To my total amazement I found a large reddish-purple protrusion about the size and length of the last section of my pinky sticking way out from the very top of my slightly opened puffy pussy slit. It couldn't be my clitoris, this visibly pulsating and vibrating painfully throbbing bundle of giant nerve endings! I knew I have a larger than normal size clit but it had never even remotely got to be this big before. This is just incredible and how did my son do it?

And he was only 15 years old! My son was grinning at me proudly for turning my pleasure button into such a monster. When Ashok started to manipulating my huge blood engorged ultra-sensitized clitoris by rubbing it and jerking it up and down faster and faster like it was a miniature penis, it seem totally impossible, but I saw and felt my clitoris actually grew even bigger! I was afraid that if my extremely bulging clitoris got any larger it might have split wide open! At first my grossly abused clitoris was so torturously painful to be handled than gradually the agonizing pain turned into great pleasure. I felt like my whole being was centered on and around my love button, and then I was totally consumed by tidal waves of orgasms. Copious amounts of feminine cum juices were flooding my vaginal tunnel continuously and beginning to seep through the saturated cotton briefs. I was on fire, in my sex crazed mind it felt like my own highly sexual stimulated clitoris, my feminine penis was really responsible for spraying out all the cum juices.

After I calmed down a little from my mind shattering orgasms, Ashok pointed to my enormous clitoris and declared forcefully, "Mom, I'm going to make and maintain you’re little ha ha ha..... Crown jewel permanently just about the size and shape of this one for the rest of your life!" Ashok paused to get my reaction.

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I was shocked and speechless for a moment; he had to be kidding right. The whole idea was just too preposterous!

"You got to be joking right, Ashok!" I was still in a bewildered mood I even forgot to address my son properly and called him by his given name! When I saw the seriousness in his eyes I added,
"But. . . But how my master?" I stuttered with uncertainty and stupefaction.

"I have contemplated long and hard for two months now, I have come up with a plan. After I make your clitoris to the thickness and length I desired Mom, the base of your clit will be pierced first widthwise and a large size barbell inserted to prevent your clit from ever sheltered by your clitoral hood, and will forever be exposed in the open! The barbell also provides anchor for the rod to come; I will get to that later. Next, your clit will be pierced at the mid-point also widthwise mom, and a large thick gold ring will be inserted inside your clit. And then very close to the tip of your clit will also be pierced widthwise and a smaller but equally thick gold ring with a silver bell
will be inserted into your clit. I save the best for last mother; your clit will be pierced lengthwise this time. The entire length of your clit will be pierced from the center of the tip all the way to the base. A very thick stainless steel rod exactly the same length of your now elongated clit will be inserted slowly straight down from the tip of your clit. Each gold ring has a hole and the barbell has a receptacle slot for the rod in the middle. The holes of the rings and the locking slot of the barbell are to be in alignment inside your clitoris for the rod to pass thought and lock into place. Mother, once the rod fitted into the receptacle of the barbell, both gold rings, steel rod and the barbell will all be a permanent fixture inside your clit! Your clit will be practically filled with metal. The rod will maintain the length and size of your clit. That means my dear mother, my sex slave, your crown jewel will always be about the same size as your clit is now. On second thought, I think I can make your clit even bigger. I believe your clit still has a lot of potential to grow much larger after I stimulate it with electrical charges. Maybe even up to half an inch in length and about the thickness of my thumb. Yes, it will indeed be a sight to see when I make it happen! To top it off Mom, I'm going to cement a large diamond on top of the rod, when the rod is completely buried inside your elongated clit; the diamond will then be sited right at the tip of your love button. Mom, from then on your feminine crown jewel will not be just in name only, it will forever sparkle and draw all eyes like a beacon! Mom, tell me how do you feel about the fact that your most precious supreme sexual organ will be irreversibly modified, pierced and ringed by your own son! You will be walking around with a forever tremendously enlarged and greatly lengthened erect clitoris protruding way out from your pussy. Your enormous clitoris will be exposed utterly and on display prominently for all to see!"

I was too astounded and dazed to respond. To be pierced and ringed was one thing, but what my son wanted to do to his own mother's clitoris with seemed more like mutilations rather than modifications! One question kept going thought my befuddled mind was where my sweet and studious son got such outlandish ideas! Instead of horrify or furiously mad, the thought that my own son wanted to do this to my clitoris was so outrageously erotic that sent waves of orgasms
through my highly aroused body. When I visualized myself sporting such an enormous permanently modified clitoris between my loins it just blew my mind; my body was just trembling uncontrollably by non-stop orgasms. Ashok seem to satisfy by my non-verbal responds and he asked me,

"Mom, do you know what I going to use your middle clit ring for?" Without waiting for an answer this time he continues,

"Mom, this ring is design for me to clip a dog leash to so that I can lead you around by your soon to be modified love button! Of cause, I will still lead you by the dog collar permanently locked around your neck too. And the smaller ring in the tip of your clit, it will be fitted with a silver bell. Any time when you walk or even move a little, the silver bell inside will be tinkering and ringing. I might even put a bell in each of your nipple, I hope you wouldn't attract too much pesky curiosity when you go out in the public, for the bells will surely be ringing every step you take! But the main purpose for this ring is to fasten you with my sweet sex slave mother! How do you like my plans for you crown jewel, my dear Mom?"

The idea that my young son wanted to make and keep his own mother's clit exposed and modified permanently into such an enormous size and shape was just too bizarre for words. However, in my perverted mind I not only think it was perfectly alright for my son to do this to me, I even look forward to the day my sex organ was to be permanently modified. My son is my owner, my master now, that means my pussy belongs to him and besides that, I have already promised my young son that he could do anything he wanted to me. I joyfully accepting my fate, my son's will, and he has more plans for me! I wondered again where Ashok got such ideas. But as I listened to all the things he wanted to do to me, I still believed that it was just my sweet young son's fantasy, and he would never have actually carry them out, even though he seemed to give his plans lots of serious thoughts. However, I got more and more excited as I pictured myself fastened to furniture or other fixtures in the house by a dog leash clipped on to my enormous clitoris like a sex slave bitch, I cum again and again. My son's briefs stuffed in my vagina were so saturated with my vaginal secretions it no longer effectively able to block the abundant amounts of my freshly produced feminine sex fluids. Pussy juices were seeping through and pearly drops of gelatinous feminine cum cream started to drip down my inner thighs again.

"I'll love everything you're going to do to my body! My son, my master." When my orgasms subsided a little, I looked at my young son with lust glazed eyes and answered truthfully and ecstatically. When Ashok noticed my soaking wet crotch, he said with a smirk.

"Look's like we have a problem again."

"Go get me a tall glass, slave Mom!" He ordered

I immediately got up and brought a tall glass from the kitchen and handed it to my son. When I was about to knee down again, Ashok stopped me, and directed me to stand in front of him and spread my legs. He placed the glass directly underneath my pussy lips and proceeded to pull out his under-pants from my vagina slowly. When the briefs was barely just out of my hole, great globs of creamy thick feminine cum juices were oozing out and dripping into the glass, then follow by a torrent of my vaginal secretions pouring into the glass below. By the time the flow of juices was down to a trickle, the tall glass was almost overflowing with my sweet aromatic cunt cream. My son took a big slurp of his own mother's sex fluid from the glass with pure delight and declared,

"So. . . Yummy! This glass of juice is all for me."

After Ashok took couple of mouthfuls of my cunt juices, he set the glass down, and picked up the cunt juice sodden briefs and said, "Knee, slut mother, lift you face and open your mouth wide and here comes yours!" Ashok started to wrench and twist the cunt juice laden cotton briefs inches above my upturn face. Some droplets got into my mouth but most of the juices just fall onto my face. By the time the briefs almost wrenched dry, my face was completely drenched with my own pussy juices. Just as I was about to lift my hand to wipe the juice off my face, My attempt was stopped dead as my son slapped one of my breast real hard causing it to undulation and bounce on my chest painfully.

"Don't you dare bitch? You're my slave now, mother, always wait for your master's order or ask permission before you do anything, understood, my slave mother!" My son ordered,

"Yes my son, my master." I replied submissively.

"Mother, stay as you are, my slut slave with your mouth remains wide open!" My master ordered.

A moment later, all I could see was Ashok masturbating his huge penis inches above my face. Almost in an instant my face was splattered by big globs of my own son's creamy sperm. I desperately wanted to catch my son's precious cum with my open mouth, unfortunately only a few ropy strands of his sperm landed inside my mouth. By the time Ashok finish Cumming, my entire face was drenched and covered by my own son's thick creamy sperm from forehead to chin! When it started to drip down from my chin, I badly wanted to bring it to my mouth with my fingers. With great effort I suppressed this urge to taste my son's delicious sperm that was coating my face. I waited for my master's order patiently, for I wanted to be a perfect slave for my son, my master.

"Mom, your face look so deliciously beautiful and wickedly debauched, I think we ought to make this cum juice facial a routine event. The cum juices is very good for your complexion, it would make a great facemask, so that your beautiful face will be always smooth and youth looking. I want your face to remain upturn so that our combined cum juices will not drip too much until it’s dry. You're going to wear my crusty dry sperm and your own dry pussy juice on your face for the rest of the day! You have any problems with that slave mother!"

"Oh no, my son, my master. It's an honor to wear your sperm on my face!" I responded joyously.

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My senses was so overwhelm by such nasty wickedness of my own son and the sensation of the slipperiness of our cum juices on my face, my body quivered by another wave of orgasms resulting in more pussy juices spilling out of my vagina.

When Ashok noticed my vaginal secretions running down my thighs again, he cursed well naturally then pick up his damp briefs and stuffed into my dripping hole once again.

"I must come up with a way to save your pussy juices fast. Mom, it's quite astonishing the amount of juices coming out of your little pussy hole, you sloppy slutty bitch!" Ashok slapped my ass cheek couple of times playfully; I think both to reprimand and praised me at the some time.

I turned pink with pleased embarrassment. After a short pause, my son asked me seriously.

"I want to ask you something, it's very important to me. Mom, how come you and dad never have any more children?"

"Sweetheart, I have always wanted to have more kids, so that you could have brothers and sister for playmates, but your father didn't want any more at least not for awhile after you come along unexpectedly. And than he . . . he had the accident, master" I said regrettably.

"I'm sorry about dad, I knew you loved him Mom, but I'm glad you wanted more kids. So, who took precaution to prevent pregnancy?"

"Honey, it was I, master."

"Birth control pills?"

"I'm allergic to the pills master, so I had an intra-uterine device put in, it’s save and last for years."

"So it needs to be replaced then, you still have it in you, Mom?"

"My master, IDU's only effective for about three years. I replace it routinely even after your father passed away five years ago."

"No wonder you didn't got pregnant even though Aslam and his gang, me included dump tons of potent sperm into your womb."

"Fortunately I just replace my IDU only recently, master."

"Mom, I'm really glad you're not carrying any bastard for those sons of bitches!"

"Me too my darling son, my master, thank God!"

"Mother, I want you go to the doctor and have your IDU taken out first thing in the morning." Ashok commanded.

I was taken aback a bit, and seeing the perplexing look on my face, Ashok explained,

"Mom, do you know why I asked you all these questions?" Without wait for a reply, he continued, "I want to find out you have any problem getting pregnant. I'm so glad that you're fertile, do you know why, my beautiful mother?" He asked me with a big grin on his boyish face.

I looked at him incomprehensibly while shaking my head slowly. I had a queasy felling in my stomach.

"My darling Mom, I want brothers and sisters. And I certainly don't mean for you to go get married and providing me with a step-daddy in the process, or go shack up with some guy and have a bunch of bastards. What I really want to is to impregnate you myself! I want to watch your adorable tummy swelling up with our baby inside! “Ashok declared.

"You want to have a baby with your own mother, master!" I was so stunned I almost shriek. Even though I was in shock, I still addressed my son 'Master'. It has become second nature to me to call my own son master!

"Not just a baby Mom, I want to have lots of babies with you! You're very young and you still have many childbearing years ahead of you. I want you pregnant all the time with my babies, one every year unless you have twins or triplets. Oh yes, I'll breed you like the doggy bitch that you are, and you will be popping out litters of our babies literately!" Ashok declared self-assuredly while jerking on my dog leash to emphasis the fact that I'm indeed his doggy bitch and primed for breeding now.

I was render speechless for a moment regarding to my son's depraved and decadent desire to impregnate his own mother repeatedly. Although I was a little disturbed and anxious about having incestuous babies with my own flesh and blood, but I was also thrilled beyond believed for some perverted reason. Instead repugnant to me, strangely the ideas of being breed like a doggy bitch by my own son seem very appealing to me. I was trembling with a strong orgasm.

"Honey, it's dangerous to make incestuous babies, my son, my master."

After my orgasm subsided I managed to say apprehensively.

"I see that you love the idea of having my babies, Mom." Ashok acknowledged my orgasm happily and then continued,

"Even though I have never thought of dominating you let alone making you my sex slave Mom, but since I started to masturbate around age 11, you were my fantasy woman, and all my wet dreams. I was very possessive about you; I wanted you to belong only to me than and I was glad that I was an only child. I hated any man you ever dated since dad died, I was so jealous, remember Mom. I even dreamed of marrying you myself and live as husband and wife. After that, I fantasize about getting you pregnant so that you'll be mine forever. This fantasy turned into an obsession, I became fixated on wanting to breed you and to fuck my own brothers and sisters into your belly Mom! That was when I started to read up everything about incest and incestuous pregnancies and birth defects. Don't worry Mom, I found out the birth defects of incestuous babies are mostly overstated, they are about the same as any other so call normal pregnancies."

"Oh Ashok sweetheart my love if it's really true, I would love to make babies with you my son, my master!" I reach another sexual climax just by thinking that I'd be carrying my own son's off-springs; I'd be giving birth to my own grand children!

"I can assure you mother, there will be no problem, and our children will be all healthy!" Ashok said confidently.

"Honey, I'll go to my gynecologist first thing in the morning to have my contraceptive device taking care of, my son, my master." I said keenly.

"Excellent, my dear mother, and we can start your breeding right away, my little doggy bitch!" Ashok declared joyously.

"Mom, I have a confession to make, I have a faddish boarding on fanatical about pregnant women, and I found their swelling tummies extremely sexy! I guessed that is one of the reasons why I want to keep you pregnant all the time. I'll be twice as obsessive in view of the fact that it will be my very own dear mother's swelling pregnant belly, with our baby inside, and the other reason is that I want your breasts to produce milk continuously. I'm looking forward to suck sweet 'mother's milk' out of your ringed and pierced nipples! You know Mom, the only downside I could think of about getting you pregnant is that your hourglass figure will be sacrificed for the next ten to fifteen years for my obsessions!"

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"I don't care about my figure as long as you found me sexy while I'm pregnant with a big belly! Oh Ashok my love, I'm so happy that I'm going to have your children, my son, you're not only my master but my man. You said you dream of married to me, I now looked upon you as my husband and I only wish that we can be legally marry so that I could really be your lawfully wedded wife!" I declared passionately to my beloved son and master with all the love expressed in my shinning eyes.

"I doubted we could ever be able to marry legally anywhere Mom; however I could invite few of my buddies over and have a wedding ceremony of our own. Wait till I show you to the guys totally naked with a dog collar around your neck and lead by a dog leash! I'm very doubtful that only looking at your sexy body would satisfy them. We'll just have to cerebrate with an orgy afterwards!"

Ashok noticed the perturbing frown on my face and inquired, "I thought you'd be delighted. You don't like my idea Mom?"

"I love the ceremony part tremendously of course, but I don't know about the orgy though."

"You don't want other guys to fuck you anymore Mom, is that it?” Ashok asked unbelievingly. When I shake my head negatively, he continued.

"You're such a sex-craving slut now I doubted that would be it. I'm aching to show you off to my friends and watch they gangbang you in all of your horny holes at the same time, so tell me you won't want that too, slut Mom!" Ashok said confidently.

"Honey, it's not that at all. I'll be unprotected after tomorrow, my son, my master, if I'm not pregnant by than. . ." I said miserably.

I looked at my son with such love and passion on my face there was even a hint of teary moisture in my glistering blue eyes and pleaded imploringly for my son, my master to understand my dilemmas.

"Sweetheart, I only want to bear your children, yours and mind Ashok, my only beloved son and master" I declared passionately.

"Me too, my beautiful sexy mother, I'm going to be the father of all of your children, so I'll do all the impregnations myself. I might wanted to be an only child when I was growing up, but I certainly want lots of brothers and sisters now, particularly since they will also be my own sons and daughters as well! I'll enjoy seeing others fuck you, men as well as women; I might even loan you out to my buddies from time to time. However, I don't want anyone else's baby ever growing in your tummy, not even my best friends! I guess I just have to lock you up in-between pregnancies my sex slave, my slutty Mom!"

"You want to lock me up in the house, my son, my master!" I asked tentatively.

It seemed a very drastic measure; I was a bit uneasy about being locked up and lose my freedom for long periods of time, not that a slut slave should entitled to any freedom at all!

Ashok noticed the concern in my voice and explained.

"Don't worry Mom, I don't mean to lock you in the house at all, I just want to lock up your pussy! Slave Mother, you don't need me to tell you, you know you're a slut and a sex nymphomaniac now. I may be your owner, your master, but I doubted that I could totally satisfy and control your ferocious sexual appetites. I can't guard you 24 hours a day, may be I should just put you in a cage . . . just kidding Mom. This idea of putting locks in your pussy just comes to me in a flash a few moments ago! It's full proof; I just have to insert more rings in your outer pussy lip that's all. This way I'll have total control of you pussy and that means no one fucks you in the cunt without my permission. Hay, I might as well put couple of rings in your adorable rosebud of an asshole and lock it up too for good measure, my dear slave mother!" Ashok exclaimed excitedly.

My son pried the half moon of my creamy ass cheek apart with one hand exposing my rosy anus. He touched my tiny opening lightly with his fingertips caused me to shiver with anticipation. Ashok carefully examined my most private delicate orifice for few minutes, and then he stuck his forefinger into my vagina. After coated his finger with generous amount of my thick pussy cream, he plunged his entire digit into my rectum. My anal ring clasped the invading digit tightly. After my son finger fucked my back passage a few times, he insert two more fingers into my tiny bun hole and then proceeded to enlarge my extreme pliable anal ring as if to test the resiliency and expandability of my anal muscle. I was sexually stimulated to new heights and groaning endlessly. A series of orgasms one after the other rocked my body, I twisted with obscene passion yelling and crying out shamelessly. A tremendous amount of pussy juices was gushing out of my vagina! My son withdrew his fingers from my asshole and brought them to my mouth.

"Clean them up with your tongue, you slutty bitch!" Ashok ordered.

My son's fingers were entirely coated with my fresh ass juice. I could smell the nauseating fume emanating from his soiled fingers. Any thought of refusal had never entered my mind. I'm a slave, I was giving a task by my master and therefore it was my duty to perform it well no matter how disgusting it was to me. Without hesitation I stuck my tongue out immediately and proceeded to lick my own ass juice from my son's fingers. Although I had tasted my own ass flavor on Rehana's dildo under duress before, but I found that my own ass juices seemed to be more tolerant this time around. May be it was from my own son's fingers. I only wished my son had fuck me in the ass with his monster cock, and I'd definitely lick my ass juices off his gorgeous penis with more gratification! I engulfed all three fingers in my mouth and then proceeded to suck my sons' fingers liked it was his magnificent penis. Even though all traces of my own shit and ass favor were completely gone from the digits now, I still wouldn't relinquish it until Ashok forcefully pulled them out of my mouth.

"That's enough, good job doggy bitch!" Ashok petted me on the head like praising a pet. And then he added,

"Mom, you asshole is just too adorable for words. The good news is that I found your tiny asshole fit to be pierced and ringed. And the bad news is once I inserted the rings and install the locks in your adorable rosebud, you won't be able to sit down on your ass anymore Mom, my slut slave!"

Ashok declared with obvious delight and amusement and then added.

"Wow, what a terrific idea this is, this way your pussy and asshole will both be totally under my control. Besides the obvious of course that nobody or anything fucks you in your pussy or your asshole without my permission. And Do you have any idea what other significant consequences once I have the only keys to open your locked up pussy and asshole, my dear sex slave Mom?"

I was stunned and taken aback to hear that my son really determined to put locks in my pussy lips and even in my asshole! The whole thing was just too ridiculous to be believed. He couldn't be serious; all of it just had to be make believes, wasn't it? My mind was in turmoil to realize the full implications of it at all yet. However, when I envisioned that my most private and secretive openings, my pussy and my asshole pierced and ringed, and under locks and keys my body once again besieged by incessant waves of orgasms.

My son looked at my in the eyes with a most wicked lecherous grin and said very slowly,

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"Once I locked up your pussy lips and your asshole, you'll have to ask for my permission to piss and even shit. How would you like that my sweet slave mother!"

Oh my god! Yes, I wanted to be totally dominated by my own son, its true indeed once my pussy and asshole were under locks and keys my son would have total control over even my most basic bodily functions, pissing and shitting! I'll become his absolute sex slave! The thought that I would be asking my own son for permission to piss and shit was just too mind-boggling. It was so depraved and perverted but stimulating my senses to the extreme at the same time.

"Oh my God! I'm Cummmming. . ." I yelled out as my body wracked by a series of strong orgasm.

"Mom, it sure looks like you loved my plans to install locks in your pussy lips and even in your tiny asshole! You must have wondered where and how I got such depraved ideas to pierce and ring your nipples and sex organs! You know Mom; it must have been fate. A couple months ago, I accidentally came across a web site about body piecing and tattoos. I have never interested or gave any thought to the subject before, but just out of curiosity, I started to read the content and study the pictures posted on the web pages. I got more and more interested and from then on I was hooked and surfed the net for more related sites. There was a local shop advertised on the web showcasing their latest high tech laser branding equipment that scorch the most detailed letterings into the flesh without scaring and heals quickly too. I went to the shop last month just to check it out, and it turns out the owner is the father of one of my friends. He showed me around and let me look at the laser. It was awesome! They also carried the latest rings that were made with the hardest alloy, one end of the ring can insert into the spring fitted end thus become a permanently enclosed seamless circle, virtually impossible to ever be reopened again! Ever since that day I
have fantasist about finding a submissive girl to do all the things I told you I would do it to you earlier, Mom. Mostly of the things I wanted to do to my submissive dream girl was just pure harmless fantasy, and just may be a little wishful thinking too. I never ever really intent to actually carry it out, and in my wildest imaginations I never dreamed this could ever become a reality. Mother, I suppose I really do owe Aslam and his gang a debt of gratitude for turning you into what you're now, an insatiable sex addict and a pain slut slave! It's my great fortune to be the sole beneficiary of your transformation!

Be warn, my dear slave mother, I intent to take full advantage of your current circumstances and exploit them to the max! You're everything that I have ever dreamed and fantasized about and more, much more! The fact that my little fantasy submissive little girl turned out to be my own beautiful mother was really icing on the cake so to speak. I still can't believe that every thing is starting to come true, that my own gorgeous sexy young mother is now my very own sex slave!"

Now I knew where my young bookish son got the idea to pierce and ring his own mother, and he actually would do all the things he talked about to me too! I have no doubted now my son is definitely going to permanently ring my nipples and pussy as well as modify my clitoris into a huge half inches long protrusion forever display prominently between my thighs. And I would let him do it all without regret too! The thought sent alternating hot and cold shivers down my spine.

"Mom, I see that you're beginning to understand what all this is leading to now. No more make believes, you are going to make all my fantasies come true, my sexy slave mother! Oh yea mother dearest, I intent to insert those permanent rings into your nipples, pussy lips and clitoris! Once they are inserted into your fresh they could never be taken out again short of slice your nipples or
clitoris open, Oh yes, don't forget the stainless steel rod that will be totally imbedded in your enlarged and elongated clit forever. You know Mom; originally I plan to do the same to your nipples too. Don't you think they will look nice pierced and ringed and then permanently enlarged and lengthened just like your crown jewel will be and prominently on displace on top of your large breasts! Well, I couldn't risk the damage to your nipples so that it could interfere with the flow of your breast-milk. Later, oh say about fifteen years from now, when you have stopped milk production all together, and then may be I would reconsider to permanently modify your nipples. One more thing, Aslam had put his mark on your thigh; fortunately the brand didn't scar your sexy white thigh too much. I also want to put my own marks on you, the marks of my ownership of your sexy body in addition to the piercing, Mother! I'm going to brand the words 'PRIVATE PROPERTY OF ASHOK' in large block letters with the laser deep into the flesh of your creamy ass cheeks slave Mom, and your breasts and pussy lips are also going to be branded with my name as well!"

"Yes, yes, my son, my master, does everything to me, pierce me, ring me and brand meeeeee." I screamed out as one orgasm after another rocked my body.

"Tomorrow I will take you to the tattoo and body piercing shop and have them start working on your piercing and body modifications right away, Mom." Ashok promised.

I couldn't wait either, but I was worry about the expenses now that I knew my son was actually going to carry out all of his plans for me into reality.

"Honey, you spoke of gold rings, diamonds, platinum collar and gold dog tag, and all the piercing, branding and other body modifications, isn't all of this stuff very costly, my son, my master?" I asked with concern.

"Yes, it will be quite expensive, however nothing but the very best for you my lovely sexy slave Mom. Let me tell you a secret, you don't have to worry about money ever with that pretty head of yours anymore! By chance I found a large pile of Aslam and his gang's money from selling drugs and pornographic videotapes. Mom, you can quit you job now and become my full-time sex slave!" Ashok declared.

"Oh yes, sweetheart, that's just wonderful. It's what I ever wanted and from now on my only job is to serve and satisfy your every need and desire, my darling son. I will be the perfect sex slave for you, my owner, my master." I pledged joyously.

"I love you very much my beautiful Mommy, my sex slave!" Ashok said tenderly.

I burst into tears, my heart overwhelmed with love for my fifteen-year-old son. My beloved boy-man hadn't called me Mommy since he was seven years old! And I told him so tearfully.

"Shh. . .Be a good girl and don't cry anymore now, Mommy. I'll start calling you 'Mommy' again from now on if it would make you happy." Ashok told me tenderly and kissed my tear stained cheeks softly and lovingly.

"Yes please sweetheart, I love to be called Mommy by you again, my darling son, my master." I whisper emotionally and looked at my young son worshipfully with all the love in my heart and in my tear filled eyes.

"My beautiful sexy Mother, you're going to be my sex slave Mommy for the rest of your life." Ashok whispered lovingly into my ear with certainty.

Fresh tears of joy rolling down my cheeks and I vowed to myself that I'll be the best sex slave Mommy that I could be for my beloved son, my owner, my master!

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nikhi4funn is a pillar of our communitynikhi4funn is a pillar of our communitynikhi4funn is a pillar of our communitynikhi4funn is a pillar of our communitynikhi4funn is a pillar of our communitynikhi4funn is a pillar of our communitynikhi4funn is a pillar of our communitynikhi4funn is a pillar of our community
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keep posting

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Very nice

oh my GOD .... I Salute your IMAGINATIONS ....

plzz keep it up

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