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Old 29th March 2012
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Wife screwed by 4 in the farmhouse

I (Ravi) and my wife Kavita attended one of our relative’s marriage and driving back to our city by car. It is about 6 hour’s journey, so after the marriage we started around 4 PM and planned to reach our home by 10 PM. Our journey was nice on this single road and hardly any traffic on the road. On the way we crossed so many villages and paddy fields and was enjoying our drive on this scenic route. My wife is in a lovely light green saree and a matching blouse; she is 25 yrs old with a height of 5’6” height and 65 Kg weight with a 36-32-38 shape body, fair and lovely girl with a nice silky hair. It is getting dark and that day it was full moon and it was so beautiful atmosphere but to our unlucky by around 8 PM in that night suddenly I heard a blasting sound from my car tyre and it got punctured. I cursed on my luck and pulled the car to the side of the road and took the torch light from dash board and started replacing the tyre.
It was a nice night with moonlight around and there is no vehicle movement at all on the road. My wife is helping me out by holding the torch and I am trying to change tyre. While changing the tyre we seen some light coming behind and one SUV stopped with lights on and one guy got down and asked us that any help is required. I said no but he offered some help and in a 15 minutes time we were able to replace the tyre. After changing now I see another 3 guys got down from the SUV and they all came to us and one guy commented on my wife wow! What a beauty and I objected to them, one guy immediately took a gun out and asked us to sit in the SUV keeping quite. With no choice we entered into their car and one of them started driving our car. After 15 mins of drive both the cars deviated from the main road and entered into a mud road and reached a farm house.
They took both of us into that house, it is 2 bed room house with a sofa in the hall, they asked me to sit in one corner of the sofa and three people seated with me in the hall. The leader of gang took my wife Kavita to inside the bed room. One of the Guys went to kitchen and bought a whiskey bottle, chips and glasses. He served drinks to everyone and also served a glass to me. I said I don’t drink and they said its fine and they told me also that they don’t want to harm us and they would like to enjoy with my wife that night and asked me to cooperate and cheer for them. I became silent and cursing on my fate and listening to the conversation inside the bedroom as the leader didn’t close the door.
Bed Room is right next to the hall and the leader of the gang is talking to my wife with a soft voice, asking her name, she replied as Kavita!, he told her look Kavita you are looking beautiful and lovely and when I see you on the road there itself we all decided to fuck you tonight so we are going to fuck you now on any case; the only question is how the fuck is going to be? Forced one or a smooth one, you have to decide, which way you would like to have? So my suggestion is to behave like a good girl and get fucked nicely. If you resist we have to use force and fuck you, so think for 5 mins I will be back to this room and he came out.
He joined with his friends in the hall and asked them to give him a large whiskey. He asked my name and said hey Ravi you got a pretty nice wife man, we are going enjoy her tonight so don’t try to be stupid, we will not do anything to you people, just relax here while we fuck here there. He also said thanks to me for giving an opportunity to fuck her that night. He said today’s night is in your wife’s name and they all shouted “cheers to Kavita’s Pussy” and started taking their drinks. Khan quickly finished his first drink and he asked me with a smile ‘can I fuck your wife tonight? And winked at me, I just kept quite are they are making full fun of me and started laughing. Everyone finished their first round of drinks and leader taken a 2nd peg and finished with a one gulp and told his friends, Guys I am in a little hurry to enjoy that beautiful bitch inside, can’t waste any more time here, my darling is waiting inside for my dick, you guys enjoy the drinks and be ready for your chance after mine and went inside the room.
Inside he is talking to my wife and asked her whether she is ready to cooperate or not. I heard my wife begging him to leave us and she doesn’t want to be spoiled and saying till now no one touched her apart her hubby. He laughed loudly and said wow! That’s really nice to hear baby, then let another dick also taste your sweet pussy hole, you too enjoy another guy in your life bitch. Don’t be shy; here in the home there are 3 more guys ready to give something remarkable and unforgivable experience to you tonight baby. Let us not waste our time, just obey what I say and enjoy the night, I promise I will give your good pleasure. If you don’t listen I have to become an animal and fuck you like a daemon.
I can only hear from the hall what’s happening inside the bedroom and can imagine the things. I heard a complete silence inside for a while and confused about what’s going inside. Then I heard khan talking again with a smiley voice to her, look at this Kavita, this is the Dick is going to fuck you tonight. My wife started crying and he is laughing inside. He didn’t bother about her cries and commanded my wife to remove her sari, I heard complete silence for some time and after a pause I heard khan’s harsh tone asking her to remove the saree. After a few seconds of gap she is begging him not to remove her saree and requesting him to leave her and some weird sounds of strangling. Then I heard two strong slapping sounds of Phat Phat and a big cry from her and the crying continue for a minute. Khan saying, you girls only listen after some slaps, if we tell nicely why don’t you listen and obey, after a pause of few seconds Khan saying why you girls wear such a tight blouse, see this last hook is not coming properly. After a small gap I heard look now this bra hook is also giving trouble and I heard the bra strap removal sound and her sobbing sounds and he commenting with an excitement Wow! Babe nice boobs u got must be 36 sizes, nice and firm. I guess he is pressing them and she is crying loudly now.
He is saying to her! Now is time to remove your petticoat bitch and you know removing petticoat knot is easy and I like to removes petty coats. Wow! Nice pink panty girl and I guess he removed it also. He shouted from inside, hey Abdul this babe got a nice pussy and is nicely trimmed man. The guys outside are laughing and shouting back to him enjoy the bitch Bhai! And give her a nice fuck with your monster dick. The guys told me! Look man, Bhai got a very big dick and girls love to get fucked with that dick, your wife is lucky tonight to get that monster dick and get thunder strokes from the dick tonight and everyone laughed.
One guy in our hall become curious and said he wants to see what’s happening inside and went inside. New guy is talking to Khan, wow! Lovely babe Bhai! This bitch is looking pretty and shining like gold, let me take her clothes and show it to our group, Khan said take them and don’t disturb him there. He came out with kavita’s clothes lot; I saw her light green saree, blouse, petticoat, bra and panty and felt very bad for her for some time. They started playing with her clothes by throwing them on to each other one guy took her bra and wore it and acted like a Kavita, please don’t take this out please leave, another guy went and remove the bra from her and saying You Bitch tonight you are ours, are all these stray dogs are going to fuck you bitch, you cry or beg we are not going to leave to tonight and started laughing loudly. Later they took her panty and started sniffing it one by one and finally thrown her clothes on to me. I simple kept all one aside and listening to the sounds inside the room.
Inside Khan is saying, ok babe time to mount you and fuck you nicely. Now like a good girl spread your legs and take my massive dick inside. For the first time I heard my wife talking normally and saying softly requesting him to insert it slowly saying, yours is a very big one and will not fit easily into mine plz. Khan is asking her what is big babe? She was silent, he asked her again to tell him what’s big? She answered finally as your penis. He laughed and said it is not penis babe, it is called as Dick and said don’t worry it goes easily inside your pussy and give you a good entertainment. It’s already fucked more than 100 pussies till now and it knows how to enter and crush your pussy. Then I heard another request from her to him asking to wear a condom, for that he laughed and said, I like to fuck bitches like you without a condom babe! Let me enjoy your juicy pussy and release my seed deep inside your womb. If you get a baby! Name the baby with my name and he laughed and continuing his job.
I think he is pushing inside and she is telling him it is painful and she is requesting him enter slowly and telling it was painful and begging him plz… plz…it is painful push it slowly!! but that animal khan is didn’t listen and pushed hardly I guess we heard a big scream ‘ammmaaaa’ from her indicating to everyone outside that he entered successfully into her. They guys here started making comments among themselves that Bhai! Entered the bitch and now he is going to kill her with his thunder strokes and everyone laughed loudly. One guy told me your wife is lucky today to get bhai’s dick in her pussy, he is going to give her some nice thunder shots and make her happy. Once a girl gets the fucking shots from him she will never forget and lifelong remembers those heavy strokes.
Khan saying to her inside to adjust the thighs and I heard a strong kissing sound, as a token of symbol that he got her, After a few secs of pause I heard a slow rhythmic fucking sound along with her weeping sounds. She is taking those thundering strokes and gasping and sobbing. I guess he is fucking her hard and the sound increased and she is crying. He is commenting Bitch! What a nice tight pussy you got babe, long time I fucked a tight pussy like this, Must say thanks to your husband for giving me this opportunity and I hear continuous thundering fucking sound from inside. I felt sorry for her as she is receiving a heavy and lustful thunder strokes from him and my sweet innocent wife has to bear all that and giving pleasure to a monster like Khan inside. After a few minutes of continuous fucking, slowly the Sound subdued! Seems he got tired and taking rest on her and hears a heavy gasping sound by khan. He must be really tired after fucking her continuously for 3 minutes without a break.
He took some gap to get some breath and conversation started inside again. He is asking her now “Bitch how many dicks have entered into this sweet hole?” she answered only my husband’s one. He replied, Wow! Then mine is the second dick in your pussy? Wow I am happy to hear that babe and I heard a couple of thundering jerking sounds! Probably he got excited and gave her couple of strong strokes as an appreciation to her to become a second dick inside her. He is asking her how the second dick is. He said why you are still crying babe! Enjoy the dick inside, don’t cry and see your pussy is already responding by oozing juices to accommodate mine and it is fucking freely now. Let me make you arouse and I heard some strong kissing sounds and then some sucking sounds inside. I guess he is sucking her nipples and trying to make her comfortable. After a couple of minutes of sucking and kissing sounds, I heard his voice again, look your nipples are hard now and you will enjoy the bottom show now and again the fucking sound started. I am hearing that Thap Thap sounds of his body hitting her thighs from the room and suddenly to my surprise I heard my wife’s moaning sounds now. She got excited I guess and started moaning now instead of crying and weeping, He got excited with her moaning inside and saying! Good now the baby started enjoying the khan’s monster dick and I heard that fucking speed increased and hearing Kavita moaning continuously now. Now for every jerk she is moaning heavily and the show is continuing inside without a gap.
The guys sitting with me are saying, Look man! Your wife is started enjoying the fuck from Bhai now and she is getting a proper fuck after long time it seems. She is moaning like a bitch now and her stray dogs are waiting outside here to please her more. Inside the rhythmic fucking speed increased and also the moaning from Kavita. This continued for about 5 minutes and it stopped and khan asking saying to her Kavita, now bend like a real bitch and let me fuck your pussy from back, after a pause I heard Khan saying wow! Bitch what an ass you got babe they are like globes and I heard couple of slapping on her ass and again started the fucking sound. The fucking sound continued for couple of minutes.
Now Khan saying to her Bitch time to fill your pussy, I generally like to fill girls pussy while I was on top and after a gap (I think they changed the position) again the sound started and continued for a while and after a couple of minutes Khan is asking her, Are you ready to take the second seed of your life inside your pussy baby and increased the fucking speed and I can hear now the increased rapid fucking sound, Kavita saying to him Yes she is ready to take his load and asking him to fuck hard, she is also excited with the continuous fuck of the last 10 minutes might have enjoyed and reached her climax too so moaning now loudly and asking him to fuck her hardly. After a minute of rapid and vibrating fucking sounds, I heard a big grunt from Khan and he is shouting, take my seed Kavita and released his seed I guess, now the sounds are stopped completely from the room and I can only hear a heavy gasping and breathing sound from Khan and my wife for a minute. After that there was a complete silence for a moment then Khan is saying! Thank you bitch for giving me great pleasure and making my dick happy tonight, I heard a big kissing sound and he came out nude with clothes on his shoulder.
He thrown the pant onto soft and wore the t-shirt and sat next to me showing his dick. I saw his massive dick and God! It’s still erect, it is huge, black in color, no skin at the front and with a golf ball sized red color knob, must be 9 to 10 inches in length and very thick, nerves are seen on the outside skin. It is wet completely shining with my wife’s pussy juices and swinging viciously like an angry king cobra waiting for its target. He turned towards me pointing his finger towards his dick and saying, hey ravi, this is the dick man fucked your wife there in the room enjoyed and now taking rest man, how is it and man that bitch is awesome! What a tight hole, I had to work more to pump that tight hole man, After a long time I enjoyed a chick like that, and her boobs are wonderful, so firm and so good they are, becoming more firm after every time I press them. His friends are laughing and saying Bhai! she is lucky to get fucked by you tonight. He asked one of his men to give him a large whiskey, Drinking that he is saying to me, beginning she was crying and resisting but after 2 slaps she become alright and kept quiet. After a couple of strokes she becomes hot on bed and enjoyed the fuck and in fact she is giving opposite strokes when I stopped to take some breathe. Good thing of this while fucking inside is fuck her in doggy style and her ass is awesome man! And he is commenting more on Kavita body and all everyone is enjoying the conversation.
They all started their 3rd round of drinks and started drinking, Now Khan’s dick become soft and he went inside the toilet and came out and wearing his pants and joined the group. One of the Guy asked him! Bhai shall I go now, Khan said, Abdul take permission from her hubby man, not from me, Guy said you are her recent hubby Bhai! So permit me to fuck the bitch. Bhai said he is fine and take permission from me also. He stands up and came to me and asked me with a funny tone Sir! Can I fuck your wife? She is waiting for me inside, can I go? And laughed loudly and everyone started laughing. Abdul is saying to me thank you for giving permission to fuck your wife and went inside.
The guys around me started discussing on their day to day activities taking their drinks, they started discussing about how they fucked a girl last time while her father is watching helplessly and discussing about their various other sex adventures. Inside I see a complete silence for a moment; I think Abdul is removing his clothes, Abdul is talking to her, hey Kavita how was the fuck from Khan bhai! She replied that it is nice. Abdul asking her! Are you ready to take my dick inside; she laughed and said if I say no are you going to leave me? He said, Bitch! How can I leave you, you are so sexy and I will not leave you without tasting your sweet pussy. Look at my dick how hard it is and how much eager it is to go inside your sweet hole and taste it and release its load into that. Then I heard some kissing sounds for some time and hear some licking sounds also and Kavita shouting with pain in between ( I guess he is biting her nipples). Then I heard Abdul asking her to guide his dick to entrance of her hole so that he can push easily inside. After that the fucking sound inside and now Abdul is fucking my innocent wife in a gap of 15 minutes. The fucking sound with couple of on and offs in between continued for about 10 minutes. He is asking her in between how is the 3rd dick and asking how he is fucking her and most of the time Kavita was silent with this guy, there were no moaning sounds. He finished with a grunting sound and after few minutes he came out with only pant on him and with bear chest.
After that The remaining 2 guys also fucked her one by one; I have been listening to the sounds from the room and after everyone finishes, Khan told me go inside the room and talk to my wife I took the petticoat and blouse from the hall and went inside, there on the bed my dear sweet wife is lying naked tired fully and after looking at me she started crying, I consoled her for a while and asked her to wear clothes. She wore the petticoat and blouse. Now Abdul came into the room and hold Kavita and took her to hall. I also came out and Abdul pushed Kavita onto Khan, he made her to sit next to him and one guy also joined next to her. I was against sitting in single sofa and Abdul in one another sofa seat.
Khan asked her how was the fuck till now, she said its good and she is tired, then he is saying, are you tired?? Still more rounds to come how can you be tired, get some energy bitch, whole night is there for us baby, take some whiskey you get energy and he started giving her the drink, she said she never took drinks and pleased him to leave her. He said fine and asked one of the men to get her a cool drink, he bought a coke and she started drinking and Kahn started drinking his whiskey. I asked khan when can we leave, Khan replied I will tell you when you guys can go till then cheer up and let us have some nice time.
He got up and removed his pants and his dick is semi erect, he asked Kavita to massage it, she took it into her hands and massaging slowly as it is gaining life and becoming hard, he told her to suck it and make it more hard so that it can give her a nice fuck again. She completed her cool drink and started sucking it carefully; khan is drinking and chit chatting with his group. The other 3 guys also taking their drinks and commenting on her wow! She is sucking like an expert Bhai! for that Bhai replied yea, the bitch is sucking nicely like a professional, must be a good sucker, am I right Ravi ? He asked me, I just kept silent. Abdul saying to all, this bitch is awesome man, I truly enjoyed her today, her boobs, her ass everything is good, perfect figure and other 2 guys are shared their experience of fuck in the group.
While she is sucking his cock, Khan slapped on her ass and removed her blouse exposing her boobs to everyone, she felt very shy and ashamed exposing them in front of all. She tried to cover with her hands, but khan said! What bitch are you feeling shy? All the dicks here have fucked your pussy and sucked your boobs already so don’t be shy and he removed her hands and pressed the boobs hardly and enjoyed the softness. She continued her sucking and Kahn is finished drinking his whisky and turned towards his friends and told them, I am ready again and let me fuck this bitch once again and give her some pleasure and talking to Kavita, hey bitch enough of sucking now get up let us go to the room and let me fuck your pussy once again. My wife stopped sucking and got up from the sofa and Khan also got up and untied her petticoat know, it silently dropped to the floor, she is completely nude in front of us and that monster Khan lifted her like a small baby with his 2 hands and walked towards the bedroom nakedly as I am watching. He stopped for a minute holding her and turned to me and saying, Ravi I thought of leaving you people after fucking this bitch one but she is damn sexy man I can’t resist myself fucking this bitch once again. Sorry for this trouble man, you have to wait for some time and went inside the room.
I started hearing the sounds again from the room, he was asking how his dick was, she was answering with a smile inside nice and she also enjoyed his fuck. He become happy hearing that from her I guess and after that comment and I heard some strong kissing sounds for some time. He is saying to Kavita, let me show some more fun by giving you a nice tongue job, I heard some licking sound and a moaning from Kavita for 5 mins, he is saying your pussy sweet and is hot bitch, it is oozing juices like an oasis so is the time to fuck her and make her cool. After that I heard the fucking sounds continued for 15 mins with some breaks in between. Abdul is saying to me, they work for a local politician and they are his goons and do every illegal works and take rest on the weekends, so they are coming from the city to this place to relax and enjoy. Generally every weekend they come to this farmhouse to chill out and this weekend is a special week end for them as they got a nice bitch. He also gave his number to me and saying if I need any help in city, they asked me to call and they will definitely help me in future.
Inside Khan finished with Kavita and came out naked and wearing pants he once again said lovely bitch she is, very much cooperating on the bed now. Then Abdul and other 2 guys went inside one by one and all the guys fucked her once again and finally around 3 PM they asked us to go home. They didn’t give her bra and panty; they said they keep it as a souvenir of Kavita. Khan gave her a strong kiss and accompanied her till the car and I drove our car to home with a great shame, humiliation and embarrassment that 4 guys fucked my wife in front of me only. My wife and I didn’t talk anything to each other until we reach home.
After reaching home I told her to forget everything and told her that I will also forget whatever has happened and let us live happily as if nothing happened, she was dam tired as 4 guys pumped for 5 to 6 hours and it took couple of days for her to become normal physically. Now we are leading a normal life and trying to erase those bad moments from the life.

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superb story dude....continue

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go on plz

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Guys, Hows the story. written personally, is it good or bad, any suggestions ? what makes this story more erotic ?

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Nice story. exciting....

are you going to continue with it..? if yess update soon...

good work... keep going....

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plz post similar stories on shy wives getting banged

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nice story

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super story... plz continue
Only Veg...Pure Desi

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nice one

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