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Indian Wife And Young Frenchmen

Anita was left alone as her husband went off on business and with a full day in front of her the thought of lying on the beach in fine weather in the south of France was tempting. She accessed the hotel's internet connection and was drawn towards the sites that indicated the presence of nude beaches in the area. She found one that was rather isolated and attracted her but she was not sure if she had the courage to go there all alone. With her husband she would have gone..………in fact he would have insisted, she thought with a smile.....but alone?She wondered whether that was a good idea. The thought sent a little frisson of fear, excitement and anticipation through her shapely body.

She had a rented car....a map....why not go and see the place? If there were a lot of people or something she didn't like it she could always go somewhere else.

Still undecided she stripped and took a bath. Emerging from the bathroom she admired her nude self. The slender neck, the flawless satin skin, the shapely breasts capped by chocolatish brown nipples with small aerola, the sparse hair in the shaped pussy which did not do much to hide the lips of the labia, the long and lovely legs and her nail polished bare feet. A light golden chain in the neck with appropriately designed bangles on her wrists and a cute pair of anklets to adorn the bare feet. This would be what she would be offering to the voyeurs on the beach. Would it be too irresistible for them? She dismissed the thought! There are any number of gorgeous females coming from all over the world. This is nothing but silly vanity! And the beach is, in any case deserted. Who would be there to watch? How wrong Anita would be proved shortly?

She picked up a towel, suncream and a book.....a moments hesitation....yes...she would go....the decision made, she set off.

The beach was quite hard to find and when she saw the rough road down to it and then the walk through the trees to reach it , she almost had second thoughts , but this morning she was in a determined and adventurous mood so she carried on. The journey was worth it. A little cove at the bottom of an incline backed by the forest with white warm sand protected by rocks on either side giving the appearance of one’s own private beach.

Anita was delighted and found a lovely spot close to one of the rocks so that if anyone else came she would have her privacy. She lay back down in her bikini; the one that had been presented to her by her husband on their last wedding anniversary. She enjoyed the hot sun on her body until she needed a swim to cool off, the perspiration like little pearls on her stomach ,gleaming in the sunlight. The water was cooling and then she wondered to herself if she should swim naked. After all , no one was there and the opportunity was too good to miss. Undoing her top she stood there for a moment her nipples
dark and erect from the cool water and the light breeze. Perhaps only topless! But then she thought why hold back from something one had always wanted to do? Why indeed! Why not fully nude? She then slid the bottom over her buttocks and stepped out of it , carefully picking them up in the waist high water. She drank in the scenery , the blue sky, clear water and the backdrop of sand and forest and felt so free...almost back to nature. With her bikini clutched in her hand she started to swim.....the first thing she felt was the water over her body and sliding sensuously between her legs....what a delicious sensation... how the absence of a few bits of clothing could turn a swim into such an erotic experience was a mystery...but it was true...she moaned gently to herself as she twisted and turned in the water , wanting to feel the caress of the gentle tide over her body.

She slid a hand down her body and touched herself and was not surprised to feel that her pussy was wet , but as if waking her from a trance , the sudden jolt of desire that passed through her body as her fingers ran over her hooded clitoris made her slightly afraid. Just for a moment but enough to make her return to the towel laid out on the sand.

The beach was still empty and to walk naked back to her towel as the warm breeze caressed her body was a pleasure to be savoured. She lay down on her back facing the sun and oiled her body to protect it against the rays and liked the look of the oil giving her skin a sheen in the hot sun adding to the sensuality she felt. Once in a while the rays of the hot sun reflected in the shine of her anklets which was one of the few things that still adorned her body. As she applied the oil on her inner thighs and over her outer lips she felt a liberated feeling that made her wish that perhaps it would be nice to have someone watching her , even if , or especially as, she was nude. The thought made her wet and the way she caressed the oil into her was making her even wetter. Half expecting to see someone watching her she looked over her shoulder. She did not know whether she was relieved or disappointed to find nobody.She lay back and luxuriated in the heat parting her thighs as if offering herself to the
sun whose presence could be felt.

Daydreaming of the sungod coming down and ravishing her , it was difficult to stay still and her fingers langourously stroked her smooth skin inevitably arriving at her mound as if following the sungod's instructions as her other hand stroked her breast , the delicate fingers playing with her thick nipples now erect with anticipation almost waiting to be sucked. Her arousal was getting stronger as her fingers were coated
with the juice from her desire and in a moment of lust she brought them to her lips and tasted herself in the fresh air. Mmmmmm , she thought , nice...and as she licked her finger clean it was as if it was a little cock that she had placed between her lips and the thought added to her arousal.

Getting too hot now, she stood up and stretched. It really was wonderful to have this place to yourself, she thought. Leaving her bikini behind, she re-entered the water and it calmed her a little although the swirling water still gave a gentler stimulation to her sensitive skin. She swam out further this time almost to the end of the rocks and felt the tide was stronger as she was more exposed to the sea. Suddenly she was moved out beyond the rocks and she started struggling to get back. It seemed as if the water was dragging her out to sea and she tried but failed to reach even the rocks. She tried to shout for help but there was nobody there and her voice echoed off the rocks that she couldn't reach.

Trying to stay calm she trod water and attempted to at least not go further out to sea when she heard a noise. It sounded like an outboard motor....it was indeed an outboard motor.

She screamed out and eventually she saw it come into view. She waved and shouted and they saw her. They headed towards her at speed and as they pulled up along side Anita clutched feverishly at the strong young arm that reached for her. He lifted her into the boat,his strong arms pulling her on board as
his friend kept the boat steady. She sat down shaking and as they put a towel around her she was able to look at them for the first time. They were both about 25 years old....one blond the other dark ...both strongly built young men.....and both naked.


They were French, Anita discovered, as they fussed around her discussing her condition in their native language with that charming accent. When she didn't respond they changed to English and it was clear that they spoke very little. No matter, she was safe and her rescuers headed towards the shore with her pointing out the cove and white sand that she had left a while ago.

They all arrived and the blond jumped into the water at the edge of the beach as the darker of the two picked her up and cradling her in his arms , handed her to his friend. As he did so the towel fell into the sea and as she waved aside their apologies she felt the hard muscles of the blond lift her onto the sand as if she were weightless and for the first time Anita found herself aware of her nudity. The thought crossed her mind that if her husband could see her now, being carried naked by a well built younger naked man he would be....she wondered....angry or excited....maybe both....but certainly excited; very excited was her firm

He carried her to her belongings and gently laid her back on the towel. Feeling slightly uncomfortable due to the presence of the two nude males who had done her a favour, Anita hunched up , her arms around her knees as she attempted, unsuccessfully, to cover the swell of her breasts with her knees as the darker one joined them. They introduced themselves....the blond was Pierre and the darker one was Serge....how to remember which was which, she thought....then as they stood in front of Anita the answer came to her....…….one was circumcised ..Pierre..with a healthy,thick cock that was slightly larger than your husbands.....the other was not circumcised.. Serge.. and his cock was very large,bigger and thicker than you had seen,even on nudist beaches she been to....it was almost scary in it's dimensions....but fascinating in its way.

Anita smiled at them courteously but with goosebumps in her stomach. She repeated the names turning from one to the other repeating.."Serge".."Pierre".. to them as her eyes now behind the sunglasses moved from one cock to the other. They laughed and repeated "Anita".."Anita".. with their accents even more charming in English.
She thought that she couldn't wish to meet a more handsome couple of rescuers and her mood gradually lifted from fear to flirtation. Gingerly she brought her legs down exposing her breasts so that her French rescuers could see her full breasts in all their majestic glory. Proud and erect! After all they had already seen her naked and squeamishness would not help. Moreover had they wanted they could have ravaged her right away. Such decent folk deserved a treat for their eyes.

Serge went to the boat and returned with an ice box which he set down on her large towel and they sat in front of her on their smaller towels while their wet towel dried on the rocks behind her. The box contained a picnic, in the french style, with champagne and little canapes to tempt the palate.

These were not fishermen, more like educated young men who had the means to live well and the inclination to enjoy life.

The champagne rather went to Anita’s head and the small but tasty snacks didn't do a lot to soak it up so after a short while she started to totally relax.

They were charming in their faltering English and their presence made her feel warm, sensual and desired. The fact that they were strangers and she was all naked under the hot sun gave the moment a piquant eroticism. She felt more and more relaxed and lay on her back to take the sun as the conversation died down in the heat. Slightly uncomfortable on the towel she sat up and as
they were both on their backs with their eyes closed and their semi erect cocks resting on their thighs, she mustered up courage and spread her legs slightly, drawing one up towards her. The partial exposure sent a frisson of excitement through her and she sat back and admired their bodies.

Lazily, Serge stroked his stomach the ridges of muscle gleaming in the
sun, then almost absentmindedly, he started to stroke his cock. Her mouth fell open as he pulled back the skin and the head was visible, a purply pink colour against the brown foreskin that sheathed it. She felt a slight trembling in her stomach as he stroked it, his eyes still closed seemingly unworried by the presence of the young Indian housewife or his friend. Anita felt her pussy moisten as his cock hardened before her gaze.....it was intoxicating.....the heat, the wine and this large cock rising to it's full length.....she felt her wetness.....so sensitive was she that she almost orgasmed at the first few touches. She stopped, trembling as his eyes opened.....he smiled and said that it was too hot....holding out his hand he led her to the sea. Pierre
got up and joined them. With both of them holding her hands they approached the water, Serge's member now in a more relaxed state, but still a fascination as she looked out of the corner of her eye. It was a moment Anita wished could have been preserved in a photograph. She, as nude as could be in the company of two nude young men from a different nationality leading her with care, love and respect into the sea.

The first warm caress of the water against her legs was delicious and they stood there holding her hands, just at a depth where the small waves reached their peak and broke on her sensitive mound.....if it was deliberate it was genius...in any case it was effective as the forces of nature conspired with her new friends to excite her...gently but firmly lapping at her mound, the perfectly cut black pubic hair no defence against these waves as the foam broke over her.

They saw her weaken and felt her tremble. Thinking she was nervous of the sea they led her out a bit further smiling and laughing to relax her. She swam, feeling so at one with nature and your sexuality. She swam freely, the events leading to her rescue forgotten as her new friends showed off a little, swimming around her like dolphins in the water,trying to impress her with their moves....she smiled...they were good people and Anita felt flattered by their attention.

Treading water as she watched them, she suddenly felt one of the 'dolphins' swim between her legs; it was Pierre whose body brushed against her thighs as he passed between them. The feeling of young hard muscle sliding between her legs was a shock to the system and she moved closer to the shore where
she could stand up, the water just covering her breasts not fully but lapping against them as if they too did not want to miss out on their share of fun of licking at her succulent nipples. Pierre did it
again, his white teeth shining as he smiled and dove under the water and you felt him spread her legs as he passed between them. Then Serge....he flipped on his back in front of her and as he passed underneath her his semi
hard cock grazed against the lips of her pussy, slightly parting the lips thereof. Anita felt as if some demon from the sea was tormenting her as he did it again.....this time he was noticeably harder and she was noticeably wetter and open as his cock traced the inside of her labia, opening her slightly as he passed underneath.

Then Pierre was next to her ..... she leaned on his shoulder for
support, eyes glazed as Serge dove under again...this time more slowly....his cock almost entering her as it opened her almost fully. Anita moaned and bit Pierre's shoulder ,the pleasure intensifying with each pass. Then it stopped.

Helping her to the shore, Pierre picked her up and carried her to the
towel, gently laying her down on her back. This time she just lay there, legs parted, breathing heavily as they sat down, one on each side of her. The
sun, the teasing games and the champagne were to much to take and she wanted them...badly and now.

First Pierre nuzzled up to her neck and placed little kisses on her neck and ears, making her squirm with pleasure. Then Serge on the other side. The same gentle approach. She moaned softly as their lips moved down to her breasts.....her hard chocolate nipples .... so sensitive....two tongues....licking .... sucking. Her legs parted, heels digging into the sand as the two young men caressed her breasts with their tongues....the pleasure was unbelievable as they lifted their tongues off, letting her wet nipples cool in the breeze...then taking them in their warm mouths again.....each time they lifted off she arched her body upwards, seeking, needing their lips. She was in fact thanking her stars that she had actually started drowning. Then moaning with pleasure as they took her nipples again. The
combination of two accomplished young lovers treating her breasts to such lavish attention made her squirm with pleasure and her legs parted, one drawn up and splayed open as any thought of resistance faded away under their skilful caresses.

Two hands slid down her body, stroking her quivering flat stomach on their journey towards her mound. Pierre was first and the touch of his fingers on her wet lips made her give out a long moan as he opened her up. Her lips parted like little petals covered in dew and as his first finger slid into her, Serge's fingers lifted the hood, her last protection, away from her clitoris. Now she was totally exposed and defenceless and Pierre took full advantage. Removing his fingers he smiled, waited a moment to savour the sight
of her open, wet pussy that seemed to be pouting at him as if offering
itself for a kiss. Then his head bent down and kissed her.

Anita felt his breath ...then his lips....aching for him to do more....he
licked around her labia...then little kisses followed by firmer use of his tongue until she was thrusting her lower body up to meet his lips. His lips closed over her clit and it was as if an electric shock ran through her body as he sucked it into his mouth, the tongue swirling over it releasing all the pent up desire that had been generated as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body. He held her firm as her orgasm shuddered its way through her body and left her whimpering in submission to their sexual talents that had reduced her to an animal like state. A very beautiful and sophisticated animal....but an animal all the same. They had unleashed such strong desires that the veneer of civilisation was stripped away .....she wanted.....needed....more. Through the corner of her eyes, she could see their cocks erect as stiff poles. She was excited and apprehensive wrestling with her own thoughts and her own traditional upbringing. What did she, a young married Indian housewife who always dressed demurely at home, actually want from these cultured young French men?

As she stabilized her thoughts she reached for Serge.....kissed him feverishly.....her excitement soon returning as she felt his hard cock against her. He lay down on his back and instructed her to squat over him. It took her a little while to decide. Now was the moment! Pierre was there to support her and she looked down at the lovely monster that would take her to ecstasy....if you could permit herself to take it. She found herself bending down and while stroking the shaft she marvelled at the softness of the skin encasing the hardness that her body desired or rather craved. Pierre stroked her neck as she got up and kept her bare feet one in each of his armpits. As she was placing her feet she saw her toe rings; a symbol that married women usually wear. Even before she could think she saw that Pierre did not miss a chance to tinkle with her anklets. Gradually she started sitting down, sank till the head of his cock was now against her labia with all the pressure on her leg muscles. Her pussy lips spread by his girth, they rested on the head, open as if to kiss it and then she lowered herself , inch by inch, taking up and down movements to ease him into her pussy. His foreskin rolled back to reveal the glistening shaft which she could see by peering down. It was so spontaneous and beautiful, as if the scene had been choreographed many times before. Almost there and the feeling of being so full and stretched was making her a little uneasy.....
Pierre kissed her as Anita made herself comfortable on Serge's cock and his caresses and his skilful tongue on her nipples, that he made use of by making her bend made her forget the shaft inside her until she had to move and as her legs gave way, her body slid the last few inches to reach the bottom of Serge's cock. Pierre continued to kiss and stroke her and she started to rock to and fro on the rigid member inside her. The look on Serge's face of pure pleasure as she rode him encouraged her and she got into a rhythm that suited both of them. She had the impression that she was riding a wild stallion as he bucked up at her and now she felt comfortable that she could handle him. A surge of pride went through her as she realized what her body was capable of and she hugged Pierre close to her as her second orgasm of the day coursed through her body.

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Indian Wife Taken

I have always fantasized about seeing my wife with someone else. I' m Aravind, from Chennai working as a software consultant. I am married to Shalini who is also in the software field. We have been married for 2 years. I have always wondered what it would be to see my wife making out with another guy right before me.

My wife Shalini looks typical South Indian girl. She is 5'2" height and 57 kg in weight. She looks fair and good looking. Her beautiful 36C breasts are a crowd puller. Whenever we go out people stare at her boobs. She never wore dresses which will project her boobs. She always tried to wear loose fitting clothes to escape the prying eyes. Many times I had suggested her to wear tight fitting clothes but she always said she felt shy to wear such clothes. She is neither conservative nor very modern. She's a mix of both. She tries Jean and T-shirt sometimes, those times she will be eaten by men through their eyes. I enjoy all the attention she gets and I used to get instant hard on thinking about those men literally raping her in their minds.

I was afraid to raise the topic to her as she did not have a open view about sex. So I was waiting for some opportunity when she would fall for another man. The opportunity came through a chat room.

That day I was feeling bored being at home and was browsing some porn sites and then moved into a chat room. There I was discussing with some people about my interest in seeing my wife with another guy. That's when I met Rajesh. Rajesh was also from Chennai. He was working as a manager in a Bank. He was 40 and was married and he had two kids. I discussed with him about my wish to see my wife in the arms of another guy. He advised me on how tricky that is. I felt nice talking to him and we were discussing about various ways of making Shalini accept for doing it with another man.

We discussed lot of ideas but I didn't get the courage to implement them. We became good chat friends and one day I agreed to help Rajesh seduce my wife. As the first step I decided to meet him in some common place. He suggested a bar and I agreed for it. Though I took alcohol my wife Shalini never knew about that.

It was a Friday night and I was waiting at the reception of a star hotel where we decided to meet. I was very tense though I had agreed to meet him I was suddenly not sure what if Rajesh is not a good guy and what if he goes against me. I was very confused with all these thoughts when I heard the voice.

"Excuse me"

I saw a middle aged man standing before me. He was well dressed looked very decent. He had lost some hair on the front but still looked young for his 40 years.

"Are you Aravind?" the man asked me.

"Yes and are you Rajesh?"

We shook hands and walked towards the bar.

We ordered our drinks and I was still feeling uncomfortable. Imagining in the mind was harmless but here I m sitting before another man to plan the seduction of my wife.

"Aravind I think you are still not comfortable with me" Rajesh asked me as if he read my mind.

"Sorry Rajesh, I still feel a little shaky inside. I don't know if we will be able to do what we are planning to do. If something goes wrong then my entire life will be spoiled"

"Oh Aravind we have discussed this so many times in chat. Trust me I will not do anything which will spoil your family. If you don't want to do it we will stop here" he said sipping his drink.

The moment he said we will stop this, a part of my mind felt happy but the other part wanted to try it.

"I want to try it Rajesh but I m afraid of how Shalini would react"

"Don't worry we will plan it carefully. Did you bring your wife's photo?"

I had never shared my Shalini's photo with him in chat. He was very eager to see how she looks. I took out my digital camera and showed him her pictures. His eyes widened when he saw the snaps.

"Aravind she looks beautiful. She looks very nice" he browsed through the snaps.

I had selected few snaps of her in different costumes like Jean - T-shirt, Saree and Chudithar.

I was sipping my drink as he saw the snaps.

"So what do you think? Do you think she will agree?" I asked him.

"Well as I said just by looking at the snaps it is difficult to judge but I like her a lot. She has a nice innocent face with a good body"

"I don't know how to proceed Rajesh"

"Aravind as we discussed let me visit your home as a friend. You can introduce me to her. We will not discuss anything sexual. Let me study her and see how to proceed" Rajesh said sipping his drink.

Just the thought of Rajesh observing my wife in front of me made my dick to stand up erect.

"Aravind, I m looking forward to the day that I will be in bed with your wife and make love to her"

The way Rajesh was talking and the drinks I was taking were doing wonders inside me.

I finally informed him that I will fix a day and he can pay a casual visit to me. Still we hadn't exchanged our numbers as I didn't wanted to share personal information and felt that way I can back out anytime I want.


After I met Rajesh I was feeling guilty that I was actually helping another man to seduce my wife. But as days went by I was again drawn back to the idea of watching my wife having fun with another guy. I was in touch with Rajesh and he had told me to take my own time to decide. Rajesh sounded like the perfect fit as he looked very decent and friendly. So I decided to move the next step.

I was waiting eagerly for Rajesh to log in for chat. Once he logged in I informed him my decision.

"Hi Rajesh"

"Hi Aravind"

"Rajesh, I have decided to invite you to my home"

"Wow that's good news Aravind. Again if you are not comfortable we don't have to do it"

"I feel I have waited enough time"

"I have been eagerly waiting for the day to meet Shalini"

"Let's meet his Sunday if you are free"

"Sure I will make myself free to meet lovely Shalini"

"But let's not make any move which will give away our plan. I don't want to spoil my name"

"You can count on me Aravind don't worry about that"

So we decided to meet that Sunday. We closed the chat after I gave him directions to reach my house.

We lived in an apartment in Adyar. We decided that Rajesh will come for dinner on Sunday.


It was Sunday and I had informed Shalini that one of my friends would be visiting me. As I had discussed with Rajesh, I informed Shalini that the friend coming is someone whom I met during software training. Though I tried to act everything was normal I was still afraid of the result if something goes wrong. At the same time my penis was hard with the thought of Rajesh meeting Shalini.

Shalini was busy preparing the lunch and she was dressed in a nighty. The night covered her sexy figure but still her proud 36C breasts were standing proud. I was thinking how Rajesh would feel when he looked at my wife.

Sharp at 11:00 AM our door bell rang as I was scanning through the day's newspaper. Suddenly my mouth went dry and I wanted everything to be reversed. But there I was at a point where nothing could be reversed.

"Aren't you going to check who it is at the door?" Shalini asked me.

I suddenly felt as if I couldn't get up.

The bell rang again.

"Aravind can you answer the door?" Shalini called me.

"Can you check Shalini?" I entered the restroom. I wanted to hide myself from this situation. My heart was beating faster. I could hear outside Shalini murmuring and walking towards the main door. My mouth was fully dry and I heard the locks being removed and I heard Rajesh voice.

I heard Shalini welcoming him and asking him to have a seat.

I opened the door and came out and saw Rajesh sitting in the sofa and a gift pack in his hand.

"Hi Rajesh"

"Hi Aravind, this is for you" he handed me the gift packet.

"Thanks Rajesh and this is my wife Shalini" I introduced my wife to him.

"We got introduced before you introduced us" Rajesh laughed.

"Would like coffee or tea?" Shalini asked.

"Coffee please" Rajesh was behaving in a nice manner. He was not showing any signs of our plans in his actions. I was glad about that.

Shalini went to make coffee and Rajesh turned to me and said "It was a sweet surprise when she opened the door"

I just smiled at him and said "I m feeling little nervous"

"Don't worry Aravind we won't do anything today"

Slowly I started to relax "Do you like her?"

"She looks awesome. I would really like to play with her"

Shalini returned back with coffee.

I could see Rajesh observing her. The way he looked at her changed.

"The coffee is good Shalini" he said looking at her.

Shalini started asking him about general details of his family and then excused herself to make food.

"She looks lovely. I think she will be a treat in bed. I would like to see her naked soon"

"I don't know if all we chatted will happen Rajesh. Fantasy is different from reality"

"Nothing is impossible Aravind, just leave it to me"

Rajesh got up and went inside the kitchen and started conversing with Shalini. Shalini was shocked first but soon they two were chatting freely.

"Let me help you. Cooking is my favorite hobby" he joined her.

I also joined them and Rajesh was looking at Shalini's ass whenever she turned away from him. All this was turning me on. By the time the food was ready Rajesh and Shalini had become very comfortable with each other. I was amazed at the way Rajesh had taken this.

We were at the dining table when Rajesh started talking.

"Shalini, what's you favorite dress?"

"I like all types of dresses"

"I agree all dresses will suit you. Do you wear western dresses?"

"Ya sometimes"

"I feel that will suit you very well. I have a friend who is into all these fashion stuffs"

"Oh that's good Rajesh, Aravind is not interested in all these stuffs" Shalini made fun of me.

"If you two are free for afternoon shall we go to a movie?" Rajesh asked.

"No Rajesh I dont .." I started.

"Aravind please can we go?" Shalini asked in a pleasing voice.

"Ok so let's go for a movie this afternoon"

So it was decided to go for a movie and after lunch we got ready. Shalini locked herself inside the bedroom to get dressed when I and Rajesh got time to ourselves.

"Why did you invite for movie?" I asked him.

"The more time I spend with her, it's better for us. Did you notice she has become very free with me?"

"Yes I noticed. You charmed her with your talks. I'm feeling little relaxed now"

"Is there a way to see your wife getting dressed?"

"No Rajesh there is no way you can see"

The bedroom door opened and there my wife was standing like an angel. She looked very beautiful in a simple and elegant Chudithar.

"Wow you look beautiful Shalini" Rajesh commented "All the guys out there are going to look at you only"

Shalini blushed and we started for the movie.

Throughout the movie Rajesh was praising Shalini. When sitting he sat beside me instead of making her sitting in the middle. He told me that he doesn't want to given an image of over indulging.

By the time the day was over Shalini fell heads over heels for Rajesh.

When he left for the day she asked him to come with his wife once and Rajesh invited us to his home one day.

Shalini kept talking about him and said that he is the only friend of mine who is very nice to talk to.

That night I dreamed of Rajesh fucking my wife Shalini right on our bed.


Few days later Rajesh called me (I shared my number with him when he visited our home) and asked me to hand over the phone to Shalini.

I couldn't hear what Rajesh was telling at the other end but from her face expressions she was giggling a lot and finally she kept the phone and informed me that Rajesh has bought a dress for her and has sent it through courier.

The next day the dress arrived and it was a very fashionable jean and a designer tops. She was excited about it. When she tried it, it fit her to the T.

"How did he know my size? Can you call him; I would like to thank him. This dress looks very costly"

I dialed Rajesh's number and gave it to her.

They talked for few minutes.

"Rajesh has invited us to his home this weekend"

"This weekend I might be a little busy" I replied.

"Please Aravind I told him we will come"

I was feeling very glad that she has naturally become close with Rajesh. I acted as if I was reluctantly agreeing.

I called Rajesh later.

"Rajesh, Shalini says you have invited us to your home? Wouldn't your wife and children be there?"

"Don't worry about that Aravind. They are not in town and I think I will have your wife when I meet her at my home"

"How is it possible? She just thinks of you as a friend. The moment she knows your intention she may not like you"

"Don't worry about that. I will give it a try and if it works then you will see what you wanted to see all these days"


My wife was dressed in the new dress. The jeans she was wearing hugged her tightly like second skin. I was seeing her first time in such a dress. The round firm ass of hers was very inviting. Though the tops didn't show much of her it made her look very beautiful.

"I think Rajesh made a good selection" I couldn't control my comments.

We arrived at Rajesh apartment around 11:30 AM. Rajesh opened the door and he was dressed casually in a shorts and t-shirt.

"Welcome Shalini and Aravind"

We went inside as Shalini asked "Where is your wife and kids?"

"I have to apologies to you two. Today morning she had to leave to see her parents as there was something important. She said she will definitely make it up next time"

"Oh that's bad I was very eager to meet them" Shalini said.

We took our seat and Rajesh commented "You look awesome in this dress. I felt this dress will look good on you so immediately bought and sent it to you. The fit is fine?"

"Thanks a lot for the dress. You shouldn't have done it. It fits perfectly I was wondering how you got it like that"

Rajesh was eating my wife with his eyes.

"So what would you like to have Pepsi or Fanta? For lunch we will order something for home delivery."

Rajesh gave us Pepsi and as we were having it Rajesh commented "Shalini would you like to try some more dresses?"

"No Rajesh it's ok"

"I talked to my friend and got some selected dresses from his collection just for you. You will sure like it"

"It's ok Rajesh. I don't feel like trying out" I could see Shalini's voice was not steady.

"Please Shalini I brought all these just for you at least to appreciate my efforts you try them. At least try one of them"

Shalini looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders. She got up from the chair and I could see she was not steady. That's when it hit me that Rajesh must have mixed something in the drink she had.

"I m kind of feeling .." Shalini couldn't complete the sentence.

I took hold of her and looked at Rajesh quizzically.

"Don't worry I will explain you later"

Rajesh led us to the bedroom and there were lot of dresses laid on the bed.

"Shalini,why don't you try one that you like from this collection?"

We both came out leaving Shalini inside.

"Did you mix anything in the drink?"

"Don't worry Aravind it's a very mild sleeping pill"

"I'm feeling very nervous. I was not thinking of giving pills. What if something happens?"

"Trust me Aravind, now also I will stop it whenever you say."

As we were talking the bedroom door opened and Shalini was standing there in a sleeveless top and a skirt. This was the first time I saw her in such a dress. I could see that she was feeling uncomfortable in that dress. For a person who is used to wearing dresses which doesn't reveal anything, this dress was revealing a lot.

Rajesh whistled "Nice selection Shalini"

Shalini was still not steady but she was aware of what was going on.

"This was the only thing I could wear all others were not my type" she answered in shaky voice.

"You don't like these dresses?" Rajesh asked in a disappointed tone.

"Not like that Rajesh these dresses cannot be worn here. I get uncomfortable when people stare"

"Why do you worry about people? You look very beautiful in this dress. Just your hair is struck here" Rajesh walked towards her and corrected the hair. She tried to move away but remained still as he corrected.

"Aravind you should buy dresses like this to Shalini. It's only your fault" Rajesh laughed at me.

As I went near her I could see that the sleeveless tops was struggling to cover her boobs. For the first time I saw my wife standing before a third person with a bit of her cleavage on display. The tops length was short and it stopped right at her stomach. She had pulled the skirt way above to hide her belly button.

Rajesh looked at her and told her the skirt should not be worn like how she has worn it.

"Ya but the tops is too short" Shalini complained.

"That's how you are supposed to wear. Let me adjust it for you"

Rajesh placed both his hands on her hips. A man was touching my wife right before me. Shalini tried to move away but struggled.

Rajesh slowly pulled her skirt down and her ivory belly slowly became visible. Finally he pulled it below her deep fleshy belly button. I could see Rajesh's breath become heavy. He was just inches away from her stomach.

"Can you walk and show for us?" Rajesh told her.

She looked at us.

Rajesh again told her to walk like fashion shows. She blushed and said she can't do it. Rajesh encouraged her and finally she accepted.

She walked carefully and I could see she was not steady.

We both enjoyed her look from the back.

"Aravind, I'm going to have her today. Her stomach felt so smooth"

Here is a man commenting about the smoothness wife's belly to me and it made me hot. My rod was very hard inside.

She walked few times and got tired "I can't stand I have to sit".

She supported herself by placing her hands on her knees and bent forward. This gave a clear view of her boobs struggling inside the black bra. She was not aware that she was showing so much of herself to us.

"Shalini I have another dress which you should try. Before that finish your Cola" Rajesh handed the half finished cola.

"No Rajesh, all other dresses are very short not my type" She said.

"Let us check"

We three entered the bedroom and Shalini sat on the bed immediately.

Rajesh rummaged through the dresses and picked a bra which was very transparent and had small cups.

"I don't think she will wear that Rajesh" I whispered to him.

"Let's try" he said to me.

"Shalini, it seems this is the latest fashion. Don't you want to try out?"

"No no I can't try that" her voice was weak and we saw she had finished the cola.

"Hey this is going to go inside your dress so what's the problem. Aravind what do you say?"

"Nothing wrong in this Shalini, I feel it will suit you well" I encouraged her

Reluctantly she agreed. We acted like we will wait outside. While going out Rajesh left a small gap in the door. We both were waiting outside to see what's happening inside. Though there was nothing new for me to see it was hot because Rajesh was watching my wife with me. We saw Shalini remove her sleeveless tops. She was still dizzy and she took her time to change the dress. She was standing there in black bra and her skirt.

"She is going to remove the bra."

She struggled for some time and slowly freed her boobs from the bra. There she was standing topless and we both were getting hot. She wore the new bra and was struggling to put the hook. That's when Rajesh did the unthinkable. He opened the door asking "Are you done Shalini?".

Shalini was shocked and she took the tops and put it before her boobs. "No Rajesh Can you please wait outside?"

"I saw you struggling with the hook. Let me help you" Rajesh went behind my wife and pulled the hooks.

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Homemade Pussy Device

The plantain vagina in my opinion has to be the best homemade male masturbation device that I have ever used. Forget about buying expensive artificial vaginas that are out on the market. Most of them hardly work at all, they don't satisfy, and they will lighten your wallet! Unfortunately, men don't have the sensual luxury women have in that they can use a myriad amount of vibrators, dildoes, double dongs, and even cucumbers to get off on. Sure, men can stick a dildo or butt plug up their asses, but if they are not inclined towards the anal arts, then what's the use?

The plantain vagina is not only natural, but it's inexpensive! The plantains go for about 3 or 4 per U.S. dollar. Plantains can be found in the United States in Hispanic (Latin American) bodegas (a Spanish store) or markets, and if you live near either a Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, Dominican community you will always find tons of plantains so cheap that you would think they're giving them away!

For our randy British wanker cousins, you chaps can go into any West Indian market in your UK towns to find plantains. All West Indian people like Jamaicans, Barbarians, Bahamians, and even Brazilians eat and love plantains. Similarly in the US, and Canada plantains can also be found in West Indian / Jamaican markets if you have them in your towns. Many regular super markets also carry plantains, and I have even seen them at a "Lucky's" super market in Orange County, California when I was visiting that part of the country.

To start,7 let's get some things straight.

According to the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, plantains are classified thusly:

"Plantains are hybrid bananas in which the male flowering axis is either degenerated, lacking, or possesses relicts of male flowers. Plantains are always cooked before consumption and are higher in starch than bananas."

The fruit you want to get for the plantain vagina is not the common banana that is eaten as is. Common bananas are too small and would break if you put your cock in them. You want to use the fruit that is usually cooked – but in our case, we are not going to cook it, but instead we are going to look for one that is at the right stage of ripeness to make your vagina. The following list underneath can give you an idea of the right plantain to pick at the perfect stage.

Green Plantain: Not the one to use! Starchy with a taste more comparable to a potato. Use in recipes that require a starchy vegetable taste. Pulp is ivory color and firm and too hard for a vagina like feel.

Yellow Plantain: This is the one to use for the plantain vagina! Yellow skin may be freckled with black spots. The pulp inside is semi soft to soft and it can be easily pushed out.

Black: Not the one to use! Too soft and yucky looking. The black stage ranges from heavy black spotting to a fully black plantain.

So, as a reminder we want to use the yellow plantain with freckled black spots. This plantain has the right amount of ripeness to fool your cock into believing that it's in a real pussy!

Ok, so now we know which plantain to get! Follow these instructions to create the ultimate in natural masturbation technology!

1. Go to the market and look for plantain that is fairly large in size. Pick a plantain that you can visualize your erect cock fitting snuggly inside. Make sure the plantain is somewhat ripe. If not too ripe, take it home and put it in a brown paper bag so that it could ripen for about a couple of days. Wash the outside of the plantain with some mild soap if you want. Dry it with paper towels.

2. The plantain should be ready to use when the outside skin is not too green or not too black. It should be somewhat yellow with a little black spots here and there. It should also be somewhat soft to the touch.

3. The banana leaf consists of a long, tube-like structure called a sheath. Your cock will go inside the sheath. To accomplish this, you cut the end tip of the plantain that is large enough for your cock to fit into. Not too loose, and not too tight that your cock won't fit into it. When you have cut the end to a size that you think will fit your cock, you then squeeze out the plantain pulp. Gently squeeze the pulp starting at the front and work your way towards the top. It's a good idea to squeeze the pulp out in sections using a soft squeezing motion. We don't want to break the plantain skin.

4. When all the pulp has been squeezed out, your plantain vagina is ready to use. Since you are going to be pumping it furiously we recommend that you punch a few little holes towards the top of the plantain. The reason we do this is for some of the air inside the plantain to escape when you are thrusting in and out. If the holes are not punched, there will be air pockets, and the plantain will have a tendency to break.

5. How do you use the plantain vagina? First, lube your cock. The walls of the plantain contain a deliciously slippery natural substance that feels like the inside of a real vagina. All you have to do is wet your cock with a little water or spit. Saliva is the best lubricant to use, although one can use KY or Astroglide mixed with a little spit. Believe it when we say it – this will be one of the best orgasms you will ever have. It's simple, you lube your hard cock, then you insert it into the opening of the plantain. At this moment, you slide your cock into the sheath as if you had a condom on. After this you will use both your hands to move the sheath up and down your cock until you feel like your are going to climax. The orgasm is unbelievable!

One can also run the plantain skin under hot water to emulate the temperature of a real vagina. This is optional. In addition, one can place the plantain skin between a mattress or anything that will hold it in place. By doing this, your hands can be free, and you can pump it in the usual way you fuck a pussy.

Don't be alarmed if your cock is covered in some of the plantain pulp. The pulp contains natural enzymes and proteins that will only lubricate and nourish your cock.

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Little Indian Oyster

For as long as he'd been visiting India, almost his entire adult life, Richard had admired Indian women and been fortunate to have had loving and intimate relationships with a number of them. He liked their secretive but highly developed sensuality and sexuality. He found they liked to be touched and held, caressed and cared for; and also to be penetrated, plunged, filled and satisfied. His special liking was for young adult women, not girls, who had maintained their figures and not "run to fat" which was a tendency among the class he'd often meet. Apart from their dark doe-eyed beauty, he admired the way many Indian women in the villages and jungle-communities moved, and the suppleness of their limbs and joints. You can see this whenever they squat to clean a floor, or grind corn, or separate grains, or do the laundry. It is as if their arms, shoulders, waists, hips and legs are trained to be supple and bendable from an early age, as part of their home domestic training. It seems not to be true of boys and men.

Richard would say that he was a journalist. In fact, no one ever saw any copy under his name, and he didn't mention any journals or magazines in his correspondence or in conversation. His source of income was a mystery, as was his daily, weekly or annual activity schedule. All his friends knew was that he spent three or four months every year in India. He was unmarried, had no children that anyone knew about, and had led a mainly solitary life in Europe with occasional female companions but never anyone with whom he became "an item." At the age of almost 50, Richard was an entertaining and amiable fellow, whom many liked but no one really understood. He said that he was English but most people could detect a slight and soft mainland European accent; Flemish perhaps or Swiss German.

In October 1994, Richard was in Kerala, South India. He'd told friends in UK that he was researching the backwaters of various rivers, where new holiday destinations and resorts were being planned by big tourist companies. He checked in at the newly-opened Residence Hotel in Cochin City, as it was then still called. In his mind, he knew the sexual adventures he was seeking at this visit; he'd two special experiences in mind. He'd developed them in his imagination over a period of weeks and months.

Earlier, in July 1993, Richard had visited the area and had noticed more than one pretty woman whom he hoped to meet again if possible. On his third day, Richard left Cochin for the Trivandrum district, not yet called by its unpronounceable politically-correct name of Thiruvananthapuram. He travelled in an 4WD with its attached hired driver. Whenever he'd driven in India he'd found it to be a stressful but exciting adventure at best and a maniacal nightmare at worst. Now he let others to do the driving.

In Trivandrum, he'd rented in advance a little bungalow for a month, in a secluded compound, near a big village or small town of perhaps 1000 dwellings [mostly shacks really] and their 8000 inhabitants. The township was newly-registered as a panchayat [self administering community] named Vengalapuram. After emptying his baggage, he paid off the driver and made sure there was a return booking for one month hence.

On the second day in his bungalow, having recovered from the travel, he spoke with the nearest village shopkeeper in his rudimentary Malayalam, the local language or dialect. It was arranged that a number of the young village women would appear at the bungalow that evening for selection as cook-cum-housekeeper for the duration of Richard's stay. At the appointed hour, four appeared; all very suitable as domestic staff but one caught his eye and his imagination immediately for her attractiveness and match to his plans. She was called Pinkie and was the eldest daughter of a farmer, left on the shelf after her three younger sisters had got married. In her community, this represented a serious disadvantage to her own eventual marriage and she'd had a love affair with some man or other, which further damaged her credit in the nuptials game.

He thought to himself, "Pinkie? What kind of name is that? Is it a nickname, a child-name that's stuck to her, or just an affectionate name that people give her for some reason I can't see?" Whatever the reason, Pinkie she was and Pinkie was his choice for housekeeper. A daily rate of pay was agreed, and the list of jobs to be completed each day. Arrive to make breakfast and enough food for the day, clean the floors and dust the surfaces, wash any clothing he left out and peg it on a line in the garden, and tidy his bedroom and bathroom. So she would arrive about 8.30am and leave well before it went dark, normally about 4.30pm.

For a week, Richard watched Pinkie and they became friendly in his simplified conversations, and they smiled at each other whenever their eyes met during each day. His scrutiny of Pinkie's figure and movements confirmed his initial observation and his plan. She was short, not above 5 feet in height, with straight limbs, beautiful unblemished olive coloured skin, her breasts were still girlish and her figure not really womanly but pleasing; he judged her to be about 28. She could squat and move around the floors easily as she cleaned them; sweeping ans swabbing as it was called. It was almost as if she was designed to ambulate in that way, just as easily as other people move around standing up or kneeling.

On the seventh day, she made his lunch and handed him a glass of water from the 20-litre "Bisleri" bottle he'd brought with him. It slipped between their hands, and his lap was drenched. She recoiled with frightened eyes, muttering her apologies. He stood, letting the water drain down his cream trousers and to his feet but, instead of showing anger, he reached out and placed his right arm around her shoulder. He squeezed gently and she knew there was no problem. She also liked to feel the strength of his arm, the firmness of his chest against her left breast, and the quiet confidential way he'd given her comfort. She smiled, at first to herself with eyes down, but then with upraised face and directly into his eyes

He let his arm unwind from her shoulders but did not take it away. Instead he placed both hands on her shoulders at arm's length and smiled at her; down at her because of her height. For a moment, she looked disconcerted and did not make any facial or body gesture, but then she smiled broadly back into his eyes. Continuing to look into hers, he slowly nodded with raised eyebrows as if to signify, "Yes? Maybe? Yes?" She slowly nodded back at him but with the sideways nod, popping her head to one side, used in India to indicate agreement or having been convinced or willing to try something or asking for more explanation. He knew the gesture very well and bent his elbows so that he took a step closer to her, and pressed her to him, her breasts now straight against his chest through the thin shirt. The ice was broken. He knew that he could start planning some pleasure for Pinkie and himself.

The next day, they touched each other a little each time they passed or came close in their movements about the bungalow. Richard was writing away on his electronic typewriter, and she was cleaning and cooking. Each time she passed him or he passed her they would reach out and touch fingertips. Or she'd place a little stroking movement on his shoulder. By the end of the day, he'd be free to lay his palm gently on her waist, or the back of his hand against the side of her face. And she, by then, would be pressing her fingers into his forearm whenever she brought his food or drink; feeling the hairs on his arms and the firmness of the muscles.

At the very end of the day, as she was preparing to leave for her father's house, they held each other close. Richard ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her forehead, then her lips; gently with affection rather than passion at this stage but holding her head in his hands so that she couldn't pull away. And Pinkie, for her part, pulled him towards her, and wrapped her arms about his waist, tugging him against her breasts and her abdomen inside the wrappings of her South Indian style of sari. Then they both knew that sexuality had appeared in their friendship but only he knew what form it would be taking over the next few days and maybe weeks.

The next day, he told her to go home at midday and tell her father that she'd work a little late that evening, because there were to be visitors at the bungalow. Of course, she knew exactly what this meant and she complied without comment but with alacrity. In the afternoon, when she'd finished her housework in the rooms, he made his preparation for their first evening together. He placed cushions on the firm-mattressed big double bed, some lengths of soft rope under the pillows, a tube of surgical gel also under the pillow with the top pierced and ready to squeeze. Then he went to the bathroom and made sure the water supply was switched on, and that a bowl of soft soap was ready near the shower-bucket.

As the sun was setting, around 6.30 in the evening, Richard filled the bucket with warm water and called her. Pinkie went to him in the hallway between the living quarters and bedrooms. He reached out both hands and she took them. He led her into his bedroom; a room she had come to know very well from her daily cleaning and smoothing of the sheets, and fluffing the pillows. She noticed quickly as she entered that there were extra pillows on the bed and was happy that he had made provision for her greater comfort. She didn't realise that comfort may come at the start of the evening and at the end, but there could be a period of considerable discomfort for her at some point between. But ignorance is bliss in many aspects of human experience and that was the case here, for Pinkie. She felt happy at his preparations, as she saw them.

Richard quickly undressed himself, down to his dark blue briefs, and turned to undo her clothes. She helped him and within a minute she was naked but for her cream coloured shorts. Her smallbreasts stood firmly from her chest and he reached out to hold one and then the other with his right hand. She made a soft mewing sound as he held and pressed each breast upwards ever so slightly. They held each other and she could feel his erection pressing against her abdomen, even as he could feel her breast against his lower chest and her pubic bone against his thigh. They went together to the bathroom and stood in the shower area. He kneeled to remove her shorts and washed all of her body from shoulders to feet. As she stood to one side, draped in a big towel, he washed himself in the same way with the scoop and the soft soap. Then they were both spotless and both were excited as well.

He led her to the bedside and she lay down with her head on a pillow, near the headboard. He took hold of her under her thighs and shifted her down the bed so that she was lying flat without head support, and away from the headboard. This was unexpected for her, but not a worry, so she lay there awaiting his advances. She did not need to wait long and he kissed her all over her body from her forehead and face, to her legs, feet and toes; lingering over her breasts and over her pubic hair and pushing his lips between her legs to feel her labia. She was wet and ready for his erection. They both knew it would be soon.

From the bottom of the bed, having kissed her toes, he raised her knees and lay between her legs, supporting his own weight on his forearms either side of her waist. As he kissed her breast again and towards her face, he allowed his erection to slide gently up the insides of her legs until it was positioned against the waiting labia. She raised her arms and held his shoulders, and then wrapped them about his neck. As he slid himself into her, she pulled his head towards her face and they kissed at the exact moment that his glans parted her lips and entered her. Gently and smoothly. She was tight and they were one; and she felt part of a different world with this seemingly-wealthy, extremely fair-skinned European inside her and exciting her. He moved back and forth a few times to make sure her own lubrication was adequate for her tightness, and then shifted his position so that he was higher than before against her abdomen and his erection was pressing against the front edge of her lips and her clitoris. She felt the pressure and responded almost involuntarily, as her orgasm began to build up in her chest and then her groin. After a minute, it seemed like only seconds, she exploded into her first orgasm for many months. Her face tensed and her breath came raggedly for a few moments. Then she subsided and looked into his eyes, smiling the same smile as at their first embrace. Was it less than two days ago? She allowed her feelings to subside as her body collapsed onto the mattress, with no muscular tensions whatsoever.

Richard kept his upward movement so that her knees were then in the air, locked behind his advancing thighs, and her ankles followed. After only a few seconds, her feet were pointing to the ceiling, her knees were bent, and her thighs were flat against her torso. Balancing himself carefully so that his weight was shared between his knees and his lying against the back of her thighs, he reached down for her hands and pulled them gently through her knees and towards his face. He pressed her hands against his face and nodded as if to say, "Keep them here."

Now she was ready for his serious assault on her suppleness and on her free jointedness. He took one ankle in each hand, took his erection out of her and leaned forward so that her feet began to go past either shoulder. With his weight and strength, her feet touched the bed behind her ears, and her shoulders were in front of her knees. Her hands were still wrapped around his neck as he leaned on her contorted body with his full weight. All this had been accomplished without either of them making any sound. She did not whimper with discomfort, nor display any sensation other than interest and surprise. Richard was slightly out of breath. While holding her in this position, he reached under a pillow and gathered the three lengths of the soft rope. One he quickly and adeptly used to tie her ankles together behind her head. After a moment, he took her hands and spread out her arms either side of her body, inside her upturned and stretched thighs. With the other two lengths of rope, he tied each of her elbows to each of her thighs. Within a few seconds she was tied into this most extreme position and there was no way she could unwind herself. Her hands touched the bed on either side of her body; her feet touched the bed behind her head; her head was resting on her feet.

Richard looked into her eyes and chanced a smile. Amazingly, and to his extreme pleasure, she smiled back. Not the massive beam of earlier smiles but a definite toothy grin all the same.

He was amazed as well as excited to see Pinkie's lissom body bent and trussed in this highly-exposed position, and she unable to move hardly a muscle. His mind raced ahead with his pleasures to come, but he suppressed the urge to speed forward in his planned penetration and exploration of Pinkie's delightful insides. Richard had only two previous experiences of the oyster, in all his many years as a lover and aficionado of women. The first had been a real discovery with a professional contortionist, from a travelling troupe of acrobats. She was Juliette and had put herself into the oyster position. She'd invited him into her, and led him through the intricacies of sex with an immobilised and contorted female body. From that moment, he had sought the opportunity again.

The second experience was not a success although it should have been. Maria was a competition gymnast who had won medals for her contortions on the beam and in the hanging rings. But as he had pressed her limbs into the oyster position she had started to complain. Before he had made any progress with her feet near her head, she was crying with discomfort and becoming more tense with every second. Both soon lost their expectations or enthusiasm for any form of sexual encounter, and she left complaining about his brutish behaviour. She threatened to inform the police of his assault on her, although nothing came of that and he didn't see her again. Since then, he had planned another oyster-moment and worked out in his mind the problems and solutions to achieving it with a novice who was, nonetheless, very supple and willing to undergo his persuasion, as he called it to himself.

But now, everything was different. Quite different. Pinkie was pliant in body and compliant with his wishes. He looked at her again in erotic amazement and shifted his attention to her pubic region. Because of the positioning of her legs and lower abdomen, her labia were wide open and he could see the wet slickness of her earlier orgasm. In fact, so widely spread were her labia that he could look into her vagina; the vestibule was open and he could just see the ridges inside her passageway. This was the origin of the term "Viennese Oyster," he felt sure. Her whole vulva region was exposed to him, just like an oyster shell that had been opened to display the luscious meat within. Her body was inviting him in, and he accepted her invitation. He reached under the pillow and squeezed some lubricant onto his middle finger, before gently and slowly spread it into the crack of her vagina.

Raising himself to a good alignment, Richard positioned his erection close to her opening and slowly eased himself down until he was sliding into her. Then he reached out above her head and took her ankles in his hands again; this time they were tied together and he rested his palms on the rope as well as on soles of her feet. He pressed down on her feet and she contorted even further, now with her head in line with her calves rather than behind them. His full weight was on her and he lifted his feet off the bed, rocking forward onto and into her body. Pinkie was supporting him by her vagina and her feet above her head. She grunted and breathed out. He glanced at her face and saw that her eyes were staring wide open and her mouth was gasping for air. Now the gentle and comfortable lover had brought his woman to a level of discomfort and apprehension. He knew it and she realised it for the first time. He also knew that she couldn't be kept in that position for long so he determined to bring himself to climax as soon as he could. He removed some of the weight from her; plunged and plunged his erection, thrust and thrust his body, arched and arched his spine into an athletic spring, until he felt his orgasm growing through his torso and into his groin. Then his testicles and prostate emptied themselves into her and he cried out softly but clearly, "Aaarrrgh." Then he offered a little prayer in praise of this beautiful and pliant woman, "Delightful. Lovely. Wonderful Pinkie."

He lifted himself out of her and off her body. She relaxed a little and looked into his eyes for the first time since the nervous smile nearly one hour ago. Quickly, he reached to her thighs and untied her arms, and above her head and pulled the bow that held her ankles in position. He was careful not to allow her body to spring back into its normal position, but he eased her feet and legs down until she was lying flat again. She breathed easily again but also put her hands down to rub her hip joints that had been stretched even further than the most extreme or prolonged daily squat had ever required. He took over the massage of each of her joints, and kissed her everywhere that had been tied. The rope marks were clearly visible and he spent extra time kissing and gently rubbing them. She lay beside him, with her eyes closed, and making little sounds in her throat and her nose. He couldn't tell if they were the noises of complaint or the sounds of appreciation. He hoped it was the latter.

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Sex With My Bhabhi

We are a middle class family living jointly in one flat. Parents have their own room, whereas I share the same room with my elder brother and bhabhi (sister in law). He occasionally goes on tours for uncertain periods. I have always had great respect for my bhaiya (brother) & bhabhi. Bhabhi has also always been loving to me, but at times she would give me naughty looks as if I'm too innocent or simple. Once as usual bhaiya had to go for a tour, this time for almost a month or two.

Ever since he left, my bhabhi seemed to be feeling restless for the first time. I asked her if anything was bothering her but she denied. So I left the matter there. I did observe that her behaviour in the nights were different from earlier. She always used to wear a nighty with an overcoat. And while bhaiya was here she would still wear the overcoat throughout the night. But recently I saw that she disposed the overcoat before going to bed. Even during sleep her moves were very irresistible for me. Like since it was a hot summer night she would let loose her chaddar, after which her legs were exposed upto the knees. The skin of her legs is very smooth and tempting. She would raise her knees occasionally allowing her nighty alongwith her petticoat to rise further up. I almost could not resist this sight, but was also confused as to what to do about it. She and bhaiya used to sleep on the bed above and I slept on the ground. One night in one such position, her left bare leg lowered down to reach my thigh. I was not sure if this was an accidental or deliberate move. So again I tried overlooking the matter.

Finally I could not bear it any longer. She had a doubtlessly sexy body. Perfect dips and curves in the right places. Fresh medium size breasts, slim waist, and well rounded ass. I decided to make the first big move now. I started pretending to fall asleep by 11:30pm and then wake up by 1:30am by the time which she would be fast asleep, or so was my judgement. Getting up at 1:30am, I approached her body for the first time, terribly tensed. I lightly run my fingers through her sexy hair just to find out if she was awake. She wasn't, so advanced towards her neck following to her breasts. She was yet softly snoring, assuring that she is asleep. My fingers finally landed on her nipples expecting the texture of her bra. To my surprise there was no bra. This got me more excited. The top of her nighty was with two strings hanging on the shoulders, leaving the shoulders and upper chest bare. So I took the opportunity to slip my fingers under the nighty to get a feel of her nipples. But felt nervous about her waking up with such a sensation. And so withdrew from that step. Later I headed for her legs.

The chaddar was only half over her, i.e. the opposite side, allowing me to have a full view of her bare legs upto the knees. Now I knew I had quite an effort to make to uncover her legs fully without her knowledge. I gently discarded the chaddar completely. Now there was only her nighty and petticoat to be worked upon. Inch by inch I kept raising them till I could see her panties. What an accomplishment, I thought to myself. She did seem to be softly snoring still, though by now I saw a little smile of pleasure on her face. Whether she was aware and enjoying it or not, it was not going to stop me. I could even see the elastic of her panty now. Almost felt like ripping the panty out of desperation, but that could wake her up. I ran my fingers to get a feel of her navel which was deep.

Descending them down towards her lower lips, still over the panty. Finally took pleasure of feeling her swell pussy. From the edge of the panty I slowly pushed my middle finger to the centre of her pussy. Another great accomplishment I believed to myself. I saw her smile on the face was increasingly blissful. Now for the ultimate secret move. I slowly inserted the finger deep into the juicy pussy. That's when she expressed extreme orgasm, throwing her arms over her head. This made it easier for me to slip the whole nighty off her body. That's when she fully woke up, confused of what is happening. But she was enjoying it so much that she gave in to me voluntarily. Upper body totally bare, she decided to undo the petticoat strings, slipping it all down alongwith the panty. Now here she was, a rare delicacy all for me to relish. She landed into my chest throwing herself fully over my body. That's when she got the feel of my thoroughly hardened dick. She on her own took the pleasure of undoing my pyjamas and throwing them away.

Also hastily pulled off my t-shirt and started rubbing her face against my hairy chest. All this was very encouraging for me. I too freely squeezed her ass, spreading it with wide with all the vigour of my hands. She groaned, suddenly attacking on my dick with her mouth so wet and dripping. She gave me the most shockingly ecstatic blow job. Sucking it hard or almost chewing it off. Now I too attacked her violently, grabbing her by the armpits and throwing her into her own bed. Once again she flung her arms over her head, as an invitation for the final act. I squeezed her balls and entered her pussy in one vital thrust till she begged for more. Kept knocking into the depths of it which seemed infinite. Thanks to bhaiya for the preset preparations for such a blissful moment, ha ha. By now our both bodies were burning furiously, drenched in boiling sweat. I dominantly turned her body over to the other side and fucked her numerously in the rear. I almost had to cover her mouth to silence her screams asking for more. She was a total slave then, yet enjoying it.

Similarly we carried on for all the following nights each time progressing in our skills until bhaiya arrived, who has till date not known anything about it. Bhabhi and I still enjoy such explorations whenever bhaiya is away.

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Perverted Indian Mother & Son

engineer in a reputed firm at Bangalore, India. Ramachandra,Vinu's father is a very rich and busy businessman. His wife Anandam Devi is the headmistress of a junior college. Anandam or Anandi as she is often called is 46 and is an active leader of some religious organisations. Anandi always likes to dress very conservatively, never revealing. She always wraps herself in sarees and when going for Ashrams etc she used to wear Kavi or White sarees. Since Ramachandra and Anandi were very busy, Vinu's studied staying at Boarding schools. Ramachandra and Anandi had high status in society and Vinu is also a obedient character and is very athletic. Both Anandi and Ramachandra used to affectionately called him "Cheenu".

Beneath all this, there was a big secret. Nobody even remotely imagined the most dirty perverted thoughts Vinay's mind had about his own mother Anandam Devi Ramachandra. Vinay was very friendly with Anandi at daytimes, discussing about politics, happenings at the company etc, once he is alone in his room at night, he used to think the most dirtiest and perverted thoughts

about his own mother. Vinu had spent litres of cum

thinking about his own deeply religious beloved mother Anandam Devi. It all started while he was studying.

During his engineering course at Delhi, Vinu used to read many sex stories and a hot mother-son story which he read during his final year really fascinated him. On that night, while jacking off to that hot incest story, Anandam Devi called up Vinu at his hostel number. Vinu was so angry to be disturbed during the peak of his masterbation. Anandam Devi talked to Vinu

as usual. Vinu just managed to node as he was in the heat of passion. Once the call ended, Vinu ran back to his room. He jerked off thinking about the hot story in which son is raping his sexy mother and when he reached the climax, suddenly a sexy lady's body came into his mind. It wasn't of any actresses or girls, but of Vinu's beloved mother Anandam's. He just couldn't stop and thick semen came off from his penis

tip like a missile!! Vinu's semen splashed all over the bed after the best orgasm he ever had. He felt like going mad. It was a mix of emotions and feelings. Vinu felt very guilty and decided not to think such dirty thoughts. But at night, again the sexy body of his beloved Mother Anandi came into his mind. Vinay's Mother Anandam ia a fair plump woman, with shapely boobs, large thighs and huge sexy buttocks. She has very long hair and big sexy lips. Although his mind was saying its 'perverted', 'sin' and 'dirty', the

very thought of his mother Anandi was driving him mad. Vinu opened his suitcase and pulled out a family photo of his mother and father. Vinu's cock was throbbing and he had a huge hardon just looking at his mother in a dark yellow saree smiling at him. Vinu had never thought about his mother in such a way. But, now he just couldn't control seeing his plum ripe sexbomb mother. Vinay folded the photo to see his mother's photo alone. He just couldn't stop kissing his Mother's photo. Soon, he started kissing and licking his mother's photo and soon Vinu spurted loads of cum in a heavenly orgasm crying out "Anandeee". From that day, Anandam Devi was the sole object for all his jack off fantasies. Vinay waited for his mother's call every week and next time he went home, Vinay couldn't help noticing his plum mother with hungry eyes. Vinay licked his lips watching his mother's wildly swaying asscheeks. He masterbated so many times just looking at his mother's humoungous ass and big boobs. He innocently took many photos of his sexy Mother. At nights, Vinay had immensely satisfying masterbation sessions kissing and licking the

various photos of his Mother Anandi's.

After finishing studies, Vinu secured a job in his hometown itself. Vinu had a big collection of sex pics. He also scanned his Mother Anandam's pictures and pasted his mother's face on all the sexy pics. Vinu also had a huge collection of downloaded Mother-son stories. In all stories , Vinu changed the mother's name to Anandam Devi and son's name to Vinay while changing the father's name to Ramachandra. Vinay also started to enter Incest chat rooms and chat about his own mother. He met many likeminded people there. Vinay and his friends got heavenly pleasure while discussing about their mothers in the filthiest language possible. The dirty vulgar words about his mother gave Vinu the maximum pleasure in the anonymous voice chat sessions. Every night, Vinu used to utter the utmost obsceneties about Anandi over voice chat masterbating like crazy.

Everynight he chatted and jacked off with his Mother's dirty panties in his mouth and her bra raped over his throbbing cock.He was particularly mad over his mother's huge dancing buttocks. Vinu always dreamt about licking and sucking his mother's huge ass. Come morning, Vinu again transformed himself to the obedient loveable son of his beloved mother Anandam Devi.


One night at around 11 O'clock, one of Vinu's

friends called up and told Anandam to tell Vinu to

bring an urgent floppy to Office tomorrow. Although angry, Anandam went upstairs to inform Vinu. She knew that Vinu is connected to Internet and thats why his friend called up at the other number. Reaching Vinu's room ,she found that the room is not locked from inside but there were some big sounds from inside. Anandam slowly opened the door and she was dumbstuck at what she saw. Vinu was sitting nude infront of the

system with a Bra raped over his throbbing dick. He was sucking one of Anandam's panties and was fully involved in a voice chat sometimes kissing the computer screen and typing some message. On the computer screen was a lady's photo with her big ass completely opened up. Anandam's mouth opened in shock when she saw that the lady had her face. She realized that her picture has been manipulated by her own dear son. The words he uttered made Anandam completely crazy "Aaahhh!!, haan yaaaaar, licking, unngghhh!!!, my sexbomb mother, aahh!!,my mother is opening her big

ass...aahh, aaaahhhh!!!..my dirty mother.. ahhh..what an ass..oooh!!!". Anandam just couldn't believe herself.

Her own beloved son!!!..Looking at Vinu uttering those vulgar words, Anandam suddenly felt lusty. The concealed perverted dirty woman in her was waking up. She never enjoyed her sex life with Ramachandra because deep inside Anandam was having wild sexual desires who always

fantasised talking real dirty during sex. Also, Anandam had a deep craving for anal sex, maybe because of her bumper ass.Anandam couldn't control herself looking at her son's huge dick although she was really angry at her son for such filthy words. All her inhibitions were gone as she knew that Ramachandra is on a business tour and that she is alone with her hungry perverted son. As a Teacher, she also wanted to scold her son for doing such perverted things as she never even imagined her Vinay to be such a dirty boy. But,Anandam Devi's hungry cunt and her plum buttocks were itching as she suddenly got hold of Vinu's ears with a feeling of anger and sexual thirst.

"Oh My god!!!!!!... What are you doing?!?!?"

"Oh Shit... Mothe...r!!!"

"Oh my Ganesha!!... Why are you naked?.. WHAT THE

HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PANTIES?!?!.. Siva shiva!!! my picture as a whore!!!... That is so disgusting... You sick boy...Is this what turns you on? ... Huh?... Is it?...you bastard..dirty pervert ... Seeing your mother's...ohh.. licking your mother's ...ohh God!!

"Mother, please forgive me, I will never again do such a thing".

"But you were talking about having sex with your own mother? Me?.. Is this what you want to do?...Good Lord..Fantasizing about your mother.. My God....Your own mother... How disgusting... Well I'll teach you, you little bastard... I am going to inform your Father about this. Let

him come, he will skin you alive..mm..Let me see what you've written in Chat.."

""Mother..noooo.I'm ..but..pleassee...don't" Mom...Please forgive me... Please forgive me... I promise that I'll never do this again...Please don't tell father..don't see that..

"oh my God!!!I'm a sexbomb???..Analqueen?... your own mother?.. My God....And you want to lick inside my..dirty..my Son..such a pervert.You know about my status in society??.

Tears flowed freely from Vinu's eyes. Crying hot tears, he begged,"Oh mom please... Please don't tell dad...Please forgive me mom... Please... lease forgive me...But mother you are so..... ohhh..I just cannot control.."

"You dirty pervert..talking to others about having sex with your mother..saying things so dirty..like..smelling my ass!! My own son.. our own Mother,you should think your Mother as the most revered one in the whole world.. here.. masturbating himself and what were you telling.. Open my ass and ...oh God!!...

Anandam's description about the chat made Vinu more horny. ALthough he was trembling, his dick was still rocking in presence of his bombshell mother. Vinu looked at Anandam. The sight he saw made his mouth fall open when he raised his head. There was his own mother Anandi,standing with her saree off her blowse and her huge jutting boobs exposed mere inches from his face. Anandam was continuing her lecture.

"Wanting to fuck your own mother... My God...Kissing your own mother's ass...Who taught you all this? Aren't you ashamed boy?

Vinay couldn't control more and suddenly he pulled Anandi to him and started kissing his mother's boobs, squeezing her asscheeks over the saree. Vinay, like a hungry animal sucked

and bite his motherAnandi's huge boobs over the blowse.

".... Oh God...What are you doing?...Oh Cheenu, no... Stop. Stop it this instant... You!!!!.. I'm your mother... Oh Siva!!... .. This is incest... It's a sin...you dirty dog. You're my son... aaahhh... No Cheenu no... mmmmm... Is

this really want to do Cheenu?"

"Ohhh Yes mother, yes...I want our hot body.. mmm ...chumma...mmaaa.....You are mine my Anandeee.. aaaahh"

Vinay mouthed Anandi's boobs vigorously. Anandam Devi just couldn't control any more. She was mad with passion as Vinu violently squuezed her round plum ass and kissed her deep navel. Vinu threw away his headphone and quickly raised Anandam's saree and started kissing his mother's

exposed hairy cunt.

"Oh Noo..My own son wanting to do such dirty things to me...His very own mother... Well I don't care anymore... Suck Cheenu... Suck... Keep sucking Mother's vagina... Yes Cheenu, yes... Bite my clit...Lick it with your tongue... Yessss... Lick me Cheenu... Lick me... Lick Mother..."

"Oh mom...how long I've wanted to do this mom... How many times I've masturbated at thoughts of doing this to you...To taste your juices in my mouth... Around my cock... Around my cock mom...your son's hard cock... To feel my hard cock plunging into your ass...Your huge ass mom... Your round ass... Your tight,plum ass..."

"Oh God yesssss... Yes son, yes... That's it... Suck Mother's pussy Cheenu... Bite my clit... Eat me son... Eat your mother's pussy... Make your horny mother cum... Oh God... Yes son, yes... . Oooh God... Oooh my God..."Sucking your own Mother's cunt, aren't you ashamed you bad boy? Don't you have any family values? Aahh!! Suck harder. you bad boy, you Mother Fucker, aaahhhh!!! Suck my clit, harder, harder. Yes... Yes... Yes... Suck my pussy Cheenu... Suck your mother's cunt... Oh Cheenu,Mother is going to cum... I am going to cum son... Oh Cheenu, I'm cumming... Oh God, Oh God, Oh... My... God... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH...Mother is cumming...

Vinay sucked his dream lady his own mother Anandam's sexy cunt as if ther's no tomorrow. His hands were squezing Anandam's mountain ass. He put his finger in her tight ass. Anandam cried out in approval and urged him to fuck it in and out of her asshole. Vinay was sucking his own Mother's cunt and finger fucking his Mother's steaming asshole. It was too much for Anandam Devi Ramachandra.

"Mommmmiiiiieeee is cuuummmiiinnng... Suck Cheenu, suck... Eat me... take my ass... Drink your mother's cum...finger my asshole deeeep.. faster... AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE...AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH... UUUNNNGGGHHH... UUNNNGGGHHH...AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!"

Shouting unthinkable filthy words, his Mother came in Vinu's mouth. When he felt his Mother cumming and her cunt juices flowing into his mouth, Vinu intensified his sucking and made his Mother's cum a body wracking one. His Mother's body jerked and trembled for quite some time. Vinu cried "Oh my Mother, what a sexbomb you are..ahhh"

"Please fuck me honey... Fuck Mother's tight, wet cunt...Push it in son... Fuck your mommy like mad"

Vinay raised up and kissed his mother. The first kiss on Anandam's sexy lips was a mouthwatering one. Vinay sucked his mommy's lips and pushed his cock in his Mother's pussy.

... That's it Cheenu... Yes .. Come on Cheenu, fuck Mother harder.... I can't believe we are doing this...This is so wrong... This is so, so wrong... But it feels so good... So good This is what you've been dreaming about...To fuck your very own mother... Well let me feel your cum

shoot in my pussy Cheenu... Fill Mother's burning pussy with your cum...Yes, yes, harder you dirty boy... This is what you want to do isn't it Cheenu?... To cum in your own mother... ooo.. fingering my ass.. You are a very nasty boy... Aaahhh...Deeper son,d eeper... Yes, yes,that's it Cheenu... Ram that cock into your mother... Oooh... Oooh... Yes... Talk dirty... please talk dirty my son..... Nobody will hear talk dirty please..!!!"

All the while Vinu was hungrily licking his mother's face sucking her lips, ears and toungue.

"Yes, my sexbomb..comeon spit in my mouth.. aaah.. spit more you anal queen. Where do you want my cock now you horny bitch?...Where else Mother?...Where else do you want to feel your son's cock?"

"Anywhere darling, anywhere... I'm yours... I'm yours alone... Just please spank me... Make me your whore...Make Mother your cock fucking whore..Slap my ass ahhhh..Punish me for this sin...for not loving my son for this


"Oh my slut... I am going to slap your mountain ass, and fuck you hard, you hot bitch. Your son is going to slap your ass. its my dream..oh my mother..come show your ass.."

Anandam Devi turned around with her saree raised over her hips. Vinay immediately raised his hand in the air and brought it down on her now exposed ass.


"AAHHHH!!!" she screamed.


"OWWW... Yes Cheenu, not so slow..spank me harder...Spank Mother harder!!!"


"OWWW... Yes son, spank my ass again... Your mother is a slut who should be punished for not giving my body to you!!!


"AAAAHHHH.... Your Mother is a whore Cheenu... Mother is a dirty whore who wants you to fuck her!!!"


"AAAHHH... Spank your slutty mother before you fuck her again Cheenu... Slap my dirty ass again!!! and talk dirty..ahhhh"


"You sexbomb Anandam Devi, you're going to get it

now...Just look at you, Mrs. Ramchandra..... Letting your son do your big ass..."


"Cheenu,.. again... Please son, I'm begging you... I need to feel your cock...I want it everywhere, just give it to me again dammit... Give me your fucking cock you bastard!!!"

SLAP!!! "Tell me my assqueen. what am I going to do to my bitch? my slut mother..if the answer is wrong I'll punish you"

"AAAAHHH... In my mouth Cheenu... Mother wants your cock in her mouth... I want to suck your cock and drink your cum like those sluts in sex movies!!!"



"Mom, since you've lied to me, I'm going to punish you by making you naked and fuck you in your ass!"

"Oh God Cheenu yessss..Headmistress is accepting the punishment. just do that honey... Please Cheenu, please... I've never been fucked in my ass before...Your cock is too big, ahhh... Please honey, put in my asshole, tear your Mother's ass...cum in your mother's boiling asshole!!!"

Anandam tore off her Saree and blowse and went to

Vinay's king-size bed standing on her knees on all

fours exposing her plum watermelon ass. Vinu immediately jumped to the bed again and kissed his own Anandam's plum ass slowly spreading it.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... Oh my God... That feels so

good...smell it you dirty pervert... Smell it... Stick your nose in your mother's ass and smell it... Lick my ass you dirty little bastard... Lick it... Yes... Like that..Oh honey, you're sucking Mother's butt... You're sticking

your tongue in Mother's butt... Oh God... Suck it... Ream me...Ohhhhhhh... Oh my god...Open my ass..spit there..mmm. Just like that... Suck you bastard...your mother's ass...Oh God... Mmmmmmm....talk dirty..Yes...Yes...Yesssssssss... Oh my.. Your tongue feels so good in my ass.....oooooooh"

"Yes Mother, I'm sticking a finger in your hot ass..Licking this finger..and ahhh..mother what a smell..yes..please open your ass.. yeeees ..ya..opening your ass cheeks...likcing your asshole... Oh Goddddddddd... Mmmmmmm.... wowww..what an ass..sticking another one in... Sticking another finger in my Mother's tight ass..oooh. oh Mrs.Ramchandra..what an ass!!"

"Put that toungue deep in my ass Cheenu... Yes...Yes...Oh god!!! what a pleasure.....Your Teacher Mother's asshole... Oh God yessss... Yes Cheenu yes... Spread your Mother's spanked ass... Your mother is a slut... Your Mother

is a dirty bitch. Yessss...ahhhh. Yes... Yes... Lick my big ass you bastard..."

"Oohh. Shake your round ass mother..ahhh. I love licking your ass..more..yes..Open your ass more..wowwwwww...Open your big ass...Yessss..oh mother you don't know how many times I've jacked off thinking about your plum ass...mmm..shh..."

"Lick my asshole deep and hard until you're satisfied my boy.. Your mother's ass is yours..eat it..Fuck your mother Cheenu...Talk real dirty... Make me cumm...Make my asscheeks red ...Make Mother's asshole yours only!!! Cheenu... Please take your mother's ass ..Oh honey, nobody has ever fucked me there before, again... Please fuck me Cheenu, please quench your mother's thirst...

Spit inside your mother's ass son...then fuck me in my ass like those whores in the movies.Put it in my ass and fuck it hard... I want you to shoot your cum in my virgin asshole!!!"

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" she cried out as Vinay anally

penetrated her after spitting a load of sailva in his mother's hot ass.

"Oh my God... It's huge... It's so huge... Mmmmmm...You're so deep inside me, honey... Your dick is in my asshole Cheenu...Oh honey,Fuck Mother's asshole... split my asshole in two... Fuck me you horny bastard... You dirty mother fucker... Give it to me harder... talk dirty you fucking pervert!!!"

"Your boy is fucking you in the ass where you always wanted it, didn't you, you fucking whore? Oh mother wriggle your ass.. aahhhh..what an ass..my mother..my sexbomb...oohhh..I'm your slave Anandi..Are you my whore Anandam? Are you my dirty whore, you nasty bitch? my Ass queen??"

"Yes... Yes... Mother is your whore son... I'm your nasty bitch... Mother is yours only.. always.....Mother is your dirty, slutty, incestuous whore... AHHHHHH... Come on my

slave... Split Mother's asshole in two...ahhh... Rip my asshole apart... Tear your mother's slutty ass apart.....I'm a bitch Vinu, you are my dirty dog... Your mother dog is a dirty bitch...Fuck your bitch... Fuck your hungry mother bitch!!""

"OH Anandam..yes I'm your dog son my bitch mother..aaah. you want me to fuck your ass harder huh bitch..Now I'll call you my Anandam only..Ok? aaahhh..my wife..aaahhh!!!Unghhh!!!, how is it feeling to fuck your own son's cock, aaaahhhh!!!!, I'll tear my Mother's big ass with my cock my Mother.. Anandi bitchh.., ohhh!!!, I love you Anandiii.."

"Yes I'm your Anandi..yess... only yours.... Make me your wife.. Talk dirty..s;ap my ass,..Make my big ass feel it deep and hard you dirty bastard... Come on, Give it to your slutty mother... Give it to me... Fuck my tight ass... Fuck me harder you son of a bitch...Fuck my asshole harder... Uh huh... Fuck me harder... Fuck your whore harder you dirty mother fucker... OWWWW... Yesss...Make mother yours... Uh huh..."

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Indian - Housemaid Lakshmi

Hi friends, I am Mohan and I grew up in a small town just north of Cannanore in Kerala. I welcome comments.

This happened while I was in high school. I was eighteen, and came from a well-to-do family. I lived in a large 2-story house and had a full complement of servants, who did most of the house chores, cooking, and gardening. My main activities involved school, soccer in the evening and some socializing with friends. I knew something about sex, but not much. The only knowledge that I had came from discussions with classmates and from looking at some mild porn magazines with partial nudity.

I had my share of caressing the neighbor's eighteen-year-old daughter Kamala's boobs once in a while whenever she came over to play. She had nice, rounded boobs and strange new sensations came over me whenever I touched them. I used to get aroused, but nothing more. She always enjoyed the initial touching and external caressing for a few minutes, and her nipples hardened. Sometimes, I got my hand inside her blouse, undid her bra, and caressed her boobs and played with her hardened nipples. I tried to place her hand on my cock, but she quickly withdrew it. She enjoyed my hand inside her skirt touching and caressing her thighs, but when I tried to put my fingers inside her panties, she quickly ran away to her home and I never knew why.

My story revolves around our housemaid, Lakshmi. Lakshmi was twenty-two years old, with a medium complexion, slim, and had a taut, athletic body. She was a high school graduate, very attractive, and had some very cultured ways about her. She did not fit the stereotypical image of a housemaid. Later on I found out that she came from a well to do family that lost their wealth due to her uncle's foolish gambling habits. So now she worked as a housemaid. Her hair was thick, luxurious and curly, and her boobs were medium sized, firm and quite perky.

Sometimes, on hot summer days, she wore a skirt along with a thin blouse and her dark areolas and the outline of her semi-erect nipples could be seen through her blouse. Since I was quite young and inexperienced in any kind of real sexual activity, I did not see Lakshmi as a sex symbol. I knew that my neighbor Kamala's boobs were nice and firm to my touch, and I was curious and imagined what Lakshmi's boobs would feel like. However, Kamala was a young girl compared to Lakshmi who was a full-grown woman. I was too afraid to venture into any such sexual activity with Lakshmi, and just went along playing, reading, doing my homework and other normal activities around the house.

One evening, while playing soccer, I took a fall and sprained my knee. I thought nothing of it and continued playing. Big mistake! By the time I got back home, my knee was clearly swollen and I walked with a limp because of the pain. I could not go to school the next day and my knee hurt even more. I was a little worried by all this and stayed in my upstairs bedroom. Lakshmi brought me my breakfast and lunch. She was also worried about my knee and suggested a massage with herbal oil from the local vaidyer (ayurvedic doctor). To me, one day at home, away from my friends and play seemed like an eternity. Therefore, I agreed to this, and Lakshmi prepared the oil and came to my bedroom.

I was dressed in my soccer shorts. Lakshmi started to apply the herbal oil, and in true ayurvedic tradition massaged both my legs, instead of just one. The massage felt great. Lakshmi was sitting on my bed facing me and bent over me; I had a clear view of her bosom and could see the dark areolas and her nipples as she moved forwards and backwards, during the massage. I could even see a slight nipple-erection as she massaged my thighs and stopped just short of my crotch and penis, which by this time was stirring. Lakshmi could also see what was happening to me and smiled a little bit. This made me feel embarrassed. Then she changed her position, facing away from me, in order to facilitate her massaging my thighs. In doing so, she sat closer to me and her hips were touching my upper arms. I found myself in a slightly awkward position, and brought my arm around her, encircling her. Then I got bolder and started tracing patterns on her back. Lakshmi was tickled at first, but then, enjoyed the attention of my playful fingers on her back, and occasionally giggled.

Lakshmi instinctively knew that I was enjoying this; she asked me, "Mohan, can I straddle you, so that I can massage both your legs at the same time?"

"Sure, Lakshmi, go ahead."

She moved over, faced me, sat with my feet almost touching her pelvis (and pussy), and stretched her entire body in long massaging strokes from my shins to almost my crotch. I could no longer control myself and she saw my erection. Now her massage strokes went even farther, and the tips of her fingers would go slightly inside my shorts and lightly brush past the base of my cock.

I requested for her to lie down beside me and massage me. She did. As soon as she was beside me, I summoned up all the courage that I needed and placed my palm on her breasts. I cupped one breast and gave her boobs a gentle squeeze.

Lakshmi giggled and twisted her body a little, in modesty.

Her boobs were very firm to my touch and they felt good. I noticed that Lakshmi liked it too. Lakshmi's boobs felt firmer, fuller, and much bigger than Kamala's boobs.

This was all the encouragement that Lakshmi needed. She put her hand inside my shorts and firmly held my cock, which was fully erect by now. I didn't know what she was going to do; but then she squeezed my cock with her oily hand and the feeling was great! She stroked my cock up and down a few times. At this point, she said that she wanted to make sure that no one would disturb us (rather, catch us in the act).

"Mohan, let me check and see what Amma (mother) is doing – I'll be right back"

She hastily left the room, but was back quickly, and proceeded to take off my shorts and underwear, and she took off her blouse, but kept her bra and skirt on.

By now, I was bolder and had all the courage that I needed – besides, my cock was erect. Throwing caution to the winds, I reached over, unhooked her bra and freed her boobs.

Her magnificent boobs shot straight out, like twin peaks, defying gravity along with her fully erect dark nipples. Lakshmi hugged me, leaned over, and placed one nipple in my mouth. I played with her boobs while sucking her nipples, first one, then the other, and she enjoyed it.

Her one hand encircled me while the other hand held my erect cock. She was surprised to see my six-inch cock. She told me that when she was in school, she had a boyfriend and he had a smaller cock, but she liked my size better. Lakshmi pulled down my foreskin and exposed the glans, which looked like a mushroom, and ran her fingers over the tip of my cock using the massage oil. I caressed her boobs, sucked her nipples and was feeling good. Her skirt had moved up to her mid thighs and she made no attempt to move it down.

Then, Lakshmi did something that shocked me. She guided my hand to her thighs, under her skirt, and then over to her bush and pussy.

She had already removed her underwear while she had gone downstairs!

Lakshmi had anticipated and planned a pleasant sequence of events. Even though I had heard a lot from my friends, this was the first time that I had ever felt a woman's bush and pussy! Her pussy hair felt soft and curly and can only be described as luxuriant. Yes, Lakshmi had a luxurious bush!

Her pussy lips were wet and all the while Lakshmi provided me with guidance and instructions. It felt good to learn from a girl who had some experience. My fingers found her vagina and soon I was doing a pussy massage on Lakshmi. She started moaning, "Uuuuuuuuuummmmm...!"

Meanwhile, her fingers on my cock felt great.

Lakshmi moaned, "Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh...! Endah deyvehmeah...! Nalla rasam undu (My God! It feels great)."

Lakshmi's pussy was very wet and her vaginal muscles tightly gripped my fingers, which were sliding in and out of her tight pussy. This activity went on for a good ten minutes.

My finger thrusts were punctuated by her soft moans.

"Faster Mohan ettah, faster! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...! Faster moaneh! Yes! Yes! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Then I felt her body quiver and shudder, and her upward thrusting movements became harder and more rapid. I was extremely fascinated, very excited and my cock was very rigid. For the first time in my life, I was seeing a beautiful woman orgasm!

She screamed, "Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh...! Endah deyvehmeah...! (My God) Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh...! Oooooooowwwwwww...!"

Lakshmi had a great orgasm and all the while, she continued to stroke my cock.

She stroked my cock faster and faster, and a strange sensation started coming all over me. My body stiffened and I felt extreme pleasure. I had no idea that this was going to happen, as my cock stiffened and enlarged.

I screamed, "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...! Lakshmiiiiiiiiiiiii...! Lakshmiiiiiiiiiiiii ...!"

My body jerked and my semen shot out from my stiff enlarged cock in several spurts.

Lakshmi smiled and cried out, "Endah deyvehmeah...! Va endah moaneh! Va!" and stroked my cock faster as I ejaculated.

I had wet dreams before, but this was my very first real ejaculation, and it felt great. My semen had sprayed all over the bed, the railing and the floor. Lakshmi had a conqueror's smile on her face. She giggled and continued to gently stroke my cock. Then she lay down beside me for a while, kissed me, and left my room calmly as if nothing had happened.


The next day, my knee was still not fully O.K. and I stayed home from school. Lakshmi brought my breakfast along with a glass of hot milk to my room and giggled as she walked past me. As soon as she was alone with me, she leaned over, kissed me tenderly, and left my room.

Later in the day, Lakshmi brought me my lunch while I sat at my desk doing my homework. She had her hair tied into a bun. She then took me by the hand to the bed and lay down beside me. She embraced me and unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing a bra and her magnificent globes popped out. Her boobs were full, firm and her nipples were very erect. She held my head, guided it and buried it in her bosom. She placed an erect nipple into my mouth.

"Suck it moaneh! I love your lips and tongue on my nipples!"

I sucked her nipples and gently squeezed her firm breasts.

She had on a short skirt, and as she moved about on the bed, I could see that she was not wearing any panties either. I moved my fingers from her breasts to her pussy. My cock was erect and she soon grabbed it and started stroking it, while I played with her bush and wet pussy. Lakshmi took her skirt off and straddled me; I had a full view of her luxuriant bush and pussy. She reached over and let down her hair.

Her clean, washed, curly hair fell over her shoulders and Lakshmi looked like a goddess! That was when I noticed her dark tinted pussy lips that had parted by now and went all the way up to her tiny pink clitoris that was peeping out from under her hood. Her labia were quite plump and fleshy to my touch. I decide to tease her and traced the outline of her pussy lips with my fingers.

My cock was rock hard and Lakshmi pulled the foreskin down and admired the glans. There was a drop of precum that she quickly spread over the glans with her finger. She stroked my cock, and leaned over and again let me suck her nipples and caress her boobs.

She whispered, "Moaneh (term of endearment, literally means 'son'), lick my neck and nibble at my earlobes – I like that – it feels good"

I kissed her neck, licked it and then gently nibbled at her earlobes. Lakshmi loved it.

She moaned, "Aaaaaahhhhhh...! Endah moaneh!"

My fingers concentrated on her pussy and Lakshmi's moaning grew louder. As I fingered her, I wondered whether my cock would go inside her small, tight pussy.

I did not have to wonder for long; Lakshmi straddled me, got on top of me, and guided my stiff cock into her hot, wet, dripping pussy. She guided my cock head into her tight pussy and cried out as the head went right inside.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...! Endah mollah piddikku moaneh! (Squeeze my breasts)."

Lakshmi was riding me cowgirl style, and I felt like I died and went to heaven.

Her pussy had a vise-like grip on my cock and I realized that Lakshmi's pussy was slippery and tight. It felt like she had strong muscles inside her pussy. Lakshmi grabbed my hips and coordinated our movements all the while moaning. Soon she had my full six inches inside her and she pumped me with long and hard strokes. I was delirious with pleasure. I reached over and caressed her clitoris, first up and down, and then from side to side.

She screamed, "Endah deyvehmeah...! (My God)." I could feel her desire get stronger and stronger as she fucked me harder and faster.

After about eight minutes of hard pumping, Lakshmi leaned towards me, grabbed me by my shoulders, and fucked me furiously. Then our movements reached a feverish pitch, and I felt her pussy muscles tighten even further, and spasm.

She screamed, "Oh my God! I'm cummmming...! Vedhi vekku endah ponnu moaneh! (Fuck me) Vehgam addikku moaneh! Vehgam! (Faster) Aaaaayyyyyyoooohhhhh...!"

I felt her juices squirt and run down my cock. That's when I stiffened, my body spasmmed and jerked from under her. My cock enlarged and got even stiffer. Once again I felt the strange, great pleasurable sensation like an explosion.

I screamed, "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...! Lakshmiiiiiiiiiiiii...! Lakshmiiiiiiiiiiiii...!" as my cock spurted its hot semen in several contractions deep inside her pussy. Lakshmi continued her movements well after we had both cum. Our juices started to drip down her pussy and down my cock. It was a glorious way to be introduced to the pleasures of sexual intercourse, by having my hard cock inside the tight pussy of a beautiful and sensitive woman.

Over the next several months, Lakshmi and I would fuck every chance we got. She took some type of ayurvedic medicine to keep from getting pregnant, and we both got more and more skilled at fucking. We tried out various positions and Lakshmi's favorites were to ride me cowgirl, or to fuck me doggy style while I stimulated her clitoris.

Housemaid Lakshmi Part 2– Introduction to oral sex.

Some boys in school had obtained a copy of the sex book "Kama Sutra." We all took clandestine turns reading it and the chapters on oral sex were very intriguing to all of us. I was curious and scared. I could not ask my girlfriend Margaret or her friend Jeanette to perform this for fear of getting my face slapped, or even worse, rejection. The Kama Sutra depicted oral sex as very normal and enjoyable. How could I learn more? Then suddenly, I thought of my housemaid, Lakshmi. She was very caring and had taught me how to masturbate, and how to fuck. Maybe she would teach me this also.

So, I borrowed the Kama Sutra book, and one day when Lakshmi was alone with me in my bedroom, showed her the book.

"Lakshmi, do you know about oral sex?"

Lakshmi laughed, "Of course; my high school boyfriend taught me how to do it – it's a lot of fun – do you want me to teach you that too?"

"Yes Lakshmi, please – Thank you. When do we start?"

"First, you take a bath Mohan; then I'll bathe, and meet you back here"

I almost ran to the bathroom and started to take a bath. Then Lakshmi went to the downstairs bathroom and bathed. (We couldn't bathe together because my parents were downstairs). Then she came back to my bedroom.

My cock was already hard and erect in anticipation. Lakshmi did not waste any time, quickly undressed, and went directly to my rigid cock that appeared to be paying homage to her, and her magnificent body. Here was my goddess Lakshmi next to me, in all her glory. She looked ravishing with her curly flowing hair, firm perky breasts, erect nipples, and luxurious bush with the most beautiful pussy lips nestled within, and the bud of her pink clitoris trying to peep from under its hood.

Lakshmi held my firm hard cock, pulled the foreskin down, exposed the bulbous mushroom glans of my penis, and stroked it. She then gave it a kiss, ran her tongue over the dewdrop of precum at the tip, and licked the head with a few strokes. She put the entire head inside her mouth, and caressed it with her tongue and lips carefully avoiding any contact with her teeth.

I cried, "Oh my God! Lakshmi! Lakshmiiiii...!"

Lakshmi then moved her mouth up and down, stroking my penis with her luscious lips and her mouth. It felt heavenly! It was a new kind of pleasure. She did this for about five minutes, which is when I stopped her.

"Lakshmi, this is absolutely terrific! I want to do the same for you."

Lakshmi was reluctant at first, but gave in to my request. She lay on her back, bent her legs, and spread them a little bit, just wide enough for me to get my head in between them. Then she told me to gently kiss her inner thighs starting from her knees all the way to her pussy, but to stop short. She explained that this would get the woman all warmed up and after about fifteen minutes of kissing her thighs, tummy, breasts, nipples, neck, toes, back of the knees, the woman would be hot and ready for her pussy, and later her clitoris, to be licked. Lakshmi was a great teacher. I did exactly as Lakshmi told me and proceeded to kiss and lick her everywhere except her pussy. Lakshmi's breathing got deeper and her moaning grew louder. Her hand was on my head, and she slowly guided my head to her warm and wet pussy. I licked her plump labia that were engorged with blood at this point. I licked her left labia all around and then her right labia and started all over again.

Gradually I moved my tongue closer to her pussy lips and ran my tongue between her inner pussy lips up and down. I felt Lakshmi's body shudder and she was moaning louder.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh...! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh...! Endah ponnu moaneh! (My golden boy)."

After a few minutes of licking her cunt lips and running my tongue at the opening of her vagina, Lakshmi reached over, pulled the hood of her clitoris with her fingers, and exposed her tiny, but hard, pink love button to my full view.

"Lakshmi, what is this called?" I asked her, and touched it with the tip of my tongue.

"We say 'kandhu' in Malayalam, but I like the word 'clit' – it sounds better."

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A Friend Explored Her

My wife Malavika was a typical Indian wife who remained a virgin until after marriage. But I did learn later from someone that she may have had close physical contact with a couple of guys who were friends at college. As it became a habit for us to fantasise during erotic moments I had no problems in asking her directly if these rumors were true. During sex we regularly discussed my wife having sex with a stranger in all its detail and this usually leads both of us to our climax.

So when I put this question to her she told me that the sexual encounters were true but the various details were different. I begged her to describe the story and promised that I will not mind it. In fact she realized that I was very stimulated already. These 2 events happened when Malavika was 19 years old. The first one was during a college festival day when she was backstage helping some friends to rehearse for their drama on stage. During that time she got an urge to urinate but had a 3 minute walk to the loo which was in the adjacent building. Being late in the evening she asked a guy called Raju if he could just spare a few minutes and accompany her to the next building and back.

He promptly agreed but she was disappointed to find the toilets in use. Being in a desperate situation she asked the guy for a suggestion. Raju told her bluntly that if she cannot hold on any longer the only option will be to piss at the rear side of the building at the corner. Malavika was shocked to do things which were sometimes done by males. Having no choice she asked Raju to take her to that secluded area but requested him to keep a watchout when she is doing the act. As Malavika was wearing a Salwar suit all she had to do was to undo her bottoms and pull it down along with her panty and then squat on the ground to urinate. Raju stood at a distance and kept guard(apparently). Malavika had to urgently pull her salwar bottoms and her panty down before sitting and letting go.

he still remembers how pleasant it felt to empty her bladder even though the place was not appropriate. Soon after finishing the job she turned to look for Raju and was shocked to see him less than couple of meters away. Then before she said anything he mumbled something like " Malavika I am really horny after seeing your panty & buttocks. I could also smell your urine from where I was standing and now the wet ground is making me mad". Malavika recalled that although she was stunned by these comments she involuntarily started to feel horny and her breasts had become heavy with her nipples becoming erect also. She thinks she also became very moist between her thighs. Not knowing what to do Malavika leaned against the wall and asked him if he really meant what he said.

Raju in a an impulse unzipped his pants and pulled his erect cock out and told her this is how he felt and went very close to her. Having no immediate response from her Raju held her hand and pushed his cock into it. Although quite shocked and shaky Malavika started to cooperate and had started to rub his hard and huge cock. She was just thinking about kneeling down to get a closer look when he lost his tempo and ejaculated vigorously, some of it on Malavika's hand. She put her hand to her nose to sniff it before licking a bit of it. Raju slumped to the ground feeling tired. Now being very aroused Malavika had no option but to sit beside him and to touch herself. Raju helped by getting his hands under her salwar to feel her breasts. She helped him remove the bra and felt him massage both her breasts rhythmically. He gave attention to her erect nipples and before long was sucking on her nipples. By then by Malavika's recollection, they both were making a lot of moans and hisses.

Before long he recovered his composure and asked he if he could have a look at her panty and buttocks again. Malavika kneeled on the ground on all fours and asked Raju to help himself. He pulled her kameez down first and went on to look at her panty and butt. He put his face against her bum and started to feel and sniff at her backside. He was already telling her how strong and nice she was smelling there. Very soon she felt his fingers gently drag her panty down. Malavika was so wet that her panty was very stuck to her bushy bottom before being peeled of. She recalls Raju lamenting about not getting a good look at her bum cleft and her bushy genitals because of the darkness of the night. But he got a good smell and taste of it to compensate that. He had made her to hold her bum cheeks apart while he dipped his nose and tongue on her anus first. After licking and sucking her back hole for sometime he made her stay on all fours and asked her to spread her thighs well.

He first run his fingers into her bushy cunt and gave her labia and clit a good rubbing before putting his nose and tongue there. Again Malavika had to use one hand to separate her bush so that he could lick the flesh of her cunt. She was already oozing a lot of fluid from her vagina and Raju was licking it with a lot of wet noises. She told me that she climaxed in less that 2 minutes because of so much stimulation, but Raju and continued to lick her labia and suck her clitoris and ended up giving her a continuous orgasm. Then without a warning he placed his cock tip between her buttocks and tried to insert it into her. Malavika refused to let him do that. He did not force her, surprisingly.

She again had another small encounter with Raju and only let him touch her but refused to let him fuck her. The poor guy was so desperate he had asked her if he could at least fuck her bum hole which again Malavika refused.

This incident is regularly on the menu during our fantasy sessions in the bed and Malavika confesses that she could have let the poor guy fuck her once. In fact she yearns for it now. More to come about our exciting times so far...

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Indian Couple Congratulates Friends

Sameera and Rehan had been married for six years and as happens with most marriages the spark seemed to have died down. They did have sex but it lacked the thrill that it gave a couple of years back. It was not as if they were not fond of one another. They were still madly in love with one another and life without one another was unthinkable. They had lots of discussions and finally decided that what the marriage required was some change to shake it out of its reverie. They themselves did not know what sort of a change they had in mind.

Rehan and Amit were old friends right from their university days. Both of them were acclaimed athletes winning medals for their teams in almost all the events that they participated in. Amit had tied the knot with Sunita much before Rehan had married Sameera. Sunita was Sameera’s cousin, elder than her by two years and was strikingly fair something which had won her many admirers. She had a healthy attitude towards sex and such thoughts coupled with a stunning body were enough to drive any man insane. Lest Amit not take his admiration for Sunita in the right spirit, Rehan was not too vocal about it especially because Rehan and Sunita had been classmates. Now that Amit and Sunita themselves had invited both of them the opportunity appeared to be too good to miss. Especially when the invitation had been extended by them during their visit to the town.

“It is our anniversary.We will have a small get together;just the four of us.The change will be nice for the both of you.”Amit had said to Rehan and Sameera who were in no position to decline the offer.

Rehan had first seen Sameera on a beach and had been astonished to see her topless. She was in her early twenties, fair enough though not as fair as Sunita but she still had that attraction and body confidence that was very very rare. It was virtually unthinkable for a young girl to flaunt her breasts and still be comfortable about it. This had had a tremendous impact on Rehan. He had found out all about her and though this particular aspect of her personality was not known to his parents, they were quite happy with their daughter in law. She too took good care to ensure that their sensibilities were not hurt. However the fact remained that Sameera worked hard towards maintaining her body and showed it off with pride.

Sameera knew that Rehan was very fond of his friend’s wife( his classmate and her cousin) and she wasted no opportunity in pulling his leg.

“You know what I have been thinking, or rather imagining?” She asked Rehan with a twinkle in her eyes..

“What?” he asked absent mindedly brushing his hair.

“You and Sunita having sex.” Sameera replied looking in Rehan’s eyes.

“Come on. Give me a break.” he replied. “She is your cousin, dammit. Of course, she is good but sex………..and that too when it is her anniversary. You have too fertile an imagination. That is all.”

“Now, don’t be coy. She is my cousin but she is your class fellow too on whom you had such a crush.I know it so why act snooty and believe me your fondness for her gives me a thrill. Had I been in your place even I would be wanting to make love to her.And does a person stop being himself/herself on their anniversary?,” Sameera said. “There is no harm in thinking, but what does Amit think about this? That is something that should be taken care of.”

“Come on. We will take the things as they come.” Rehan replied good-humouredly. And there the matter ended. Both the girls appeared to be quite free with their sexuality. Sameera could fantasize about Sunita having sex with Rehan, but never seriously consider doing it herself. Not because of any particular preconceived notions but because she tremendously enjoyed teasing men. That was why she was far more willing to expose her body but extremely reticent when it came to actual intercourse.

So when Amit and Sunita invited Rehan and Sameera over for an afternoon of swimming, sunning and barbequeing, Sameera initially felt a little unsure.All that she and Rehan wanted was something to inject a little bit of spark. She did not know Amit too well and did not really know whether the trip would be an answer to what they were seeking. Although she was quite fond of displaying her body, she had never done it before Sunita and certainly not before Amit and though in her heart of hearts she knew that the outing of sunning and swimming would go well with her, she felt a trifle unsure. She had asked Sunita if anyone else was coming over, and what time things would wrap up and felt satisfied when she learned that she and Rehan were the only guests and that this was being done just for the sake of change. And no, they need not bother about returning;they would have to spend the night there. What sort of a change did they have in mind was something Sameera couldn’t fathom.

Nevertheless Sameera did shave her legs and bikini line. To this she always paid a lot of attention; just a little vertical line of hair above the pussy lips.nature had been kind to her and except for the pussy which required occasional shaping and the underarms, Sameera was virtually hairless all over the body in sharp contrast to the thick mane of hair on her head.The advantage in getting rid of all the hair in additional to looking elegant was that she could decide even when nude whether to show the pussy lips or not. If she wanted to tease she would open the legs a bit and watch the other person squirming and if she did not she would keep the legs together. Though she was still not sure whether the occasion would require her to strip but she did not want to be caught on the wrong foot. Picking up some beer and chips enroute, they were on their way.

They visited Amit and Sunita who had a beautiful secluded villa by the sea side in downtown Goa. The excellent foliage all around coupled with the swaying coconut trees gave the place the privacy that is so much at a premium at sea side resorts.To say that the house was secluded would be an understatement. It was separated by tall coconut and oak trees from neighbouring houses.

As their car entered the driveway, Amit greeted them at the door already in his swimming trunk, and invited them to the back yard where he had just finished vacuuming the pool.

“Hi! You two. Welcome. It is really a pleasure to have you guys over.” He said planting a kiss on Sameera’s cheek. ” Sameera, you are looking gorgeous.”

The whole back yard looked like something out of a magazine, with the large free-form pool fed by a rock waterfall surrounded by beautiful flowers and shrubs. At the edge of the yard was a tall hedge, and beyond that nothing but trees as far as the eye could see. Sunita was lying on a lounge chair already sipping a beer in a swimming costume.

“Thanks.And wish you a very very happy anniversary.” She said briefly and hurried towards Sunita. Both Rehan and Sameera couldn't help but notice the very attractive swimming costume that Sunita was wearing. It had a plunging neckline that accentuated her breasts and was cut high over the waist.

“Hi Sunita! Here is wishing the both of you a very happy anniversary.”Sameera said embracing Sunita.

Although she was hesitant, Sameera had brought her two-piece bathing suit as opposed to her favourite string bikini. Sameera was always very confident of her body and rightly so because her weight was almost exactly right for her 5'6" height. Sameera and Rehan wasted no time in changing into their suits and opening the first of the several cans of beers that they had brought.

The afternoon passed pleasantly with plenty of good conversation and relaxing in the pool and on the patio. The water was warm and the day very sunny.

“It happens to the best of us.”Amit said knowingly.”After a while one does need friends with whom one can discuss intimate things. And I thought that there would be no better day than our anniversary to, well, have a nice time with someone likeminded.”

“It sure does. And it is real nice of you to have us over as your guests.” Rehan agreed.

“Don’t be formal. We are old pals.Remember?I believe you and Sunita were classmates and there were lots of fireworks between the two of you.” Amit carried on in the teasing tone.

“Well…….”Rehan squirmed.

“Relax, yaar. In fact I feel a sense of pride that I have a sexy wife. You should be feeling even more proud because Sameera is even more sexy.” Amit winked at Rehan who looked at Sameera to find her blushing.

“Come on, open up.You guys lose out on a lot of fun this way. Sameera don’t you think you are overdressed?” Amit asked her and then proceeded to ask Rehan,” You don’t mind if I ask her to get rid of surplus clothes?”

“No, she is not.They stay in a town and if she remains the way you want her to be, she will have to deal with dozens of men daily.I am going to the kitchen to get some more ice.”Sunita replied.

As Sunita walked into the kitchen, Rehan remarked quietly to Sameera how he wished she had brought her string bikini along. Sameera chided him saying that if that was what he had wanted he should have said so.It would have been very brazen of her to dress so seductively in front of relatives. How was she to know that things would be as cool here and that Amit would be so warm and effusive? Perhaps Sunita had a spare thong bikini that she could borrow to see how she would like it. Sunita overheard them as she came out with the drinks and remarked that she did have an extra suit that she never wore because it did not fit her but would fit Sameera perfectly.

“But beware Sameera.It is very sexy. Something that Amit would give a lot to see you in.”Sunita said with a laugh.

Sameera initially declined for the sake of formality but eventually she agreed after everyone pestered her to at least try it.

Both women went into the house to get the suit. Amit pulled Rehan aside and told him that normally he and Sunita didn't wear suits in their pool since it was so secluded, and that this whole topic might get Sunita heading into a sensual mood.Again. Sure enough, a few minutes later Sameera and Sunita returned, Sameera wearing a white string bikini and blushing a beetroot red and Sunita now wearing a red one that was comparatively far more conservative than the one Sameera was wearing. The string bikini just about covered Sameera’s breasts and the pubic mound. Sameera was secretly thankful that she was not the hairy types and also that she had taken good care to give the pussy hair a proper shape otherwise the hair would be visible from the sides and that would be very very embarassing. However the dark silhouette of her chocolate brown nipples was evident under the light fabric of the white bikini top even though she had not entered the water. Sunita modeled her bikini for the gentlemen, but Sameera kept her back facing away from them, afraid to show off the thong back and her exposed shapely buttocks.

"Wait until it gets wet," was all Amit said. Obviously Amit knew that Sameera’s bikini when wet wouldn’t be able to hide much. Although so many men would have seen his wife nude but Rehan had mixed feelings especially since he could see an erection in his friend’s swimming trunks with the anticipation that soon he would get to see Sameera virtually nude.

The drinking and sunning continued unabated when Sunita remarked that she was getting awfully hot on the patio, and pulling Sameera by the hand, went to the pool. Amit had been waiting impatiently for this and with Sunita pulling her arm, the men finally got a good look at Sameera's backside. Both whistled and clapped. Sameera was a good sport but after the beer her inhibitions had faded away.She wriggled her gorgeous bums for the guys before jumping in. As they emerged from the water through the thin transparent suit they could see the vertical line of hair just above the slit that Sameera kept. Rehan was speechless. Amit just smiled but when Sunita saw how much the suit now revealed she squealed, "Sameera! The transparency is lovely!"

Sameera was perhaps surprised and pretended to cover her breasts with a sheepish grin on her face.

"Since we've seen them already, why cover them up?", Sunita said with an understanding smile. With that, she proceeded to untie Sameera’s top and pulled it off.Rehan was not really surprised that Sameera made no serious attempt to prevent her. "I hate tan lines on young shapely breasts, and being topless is okay here, technically, even at a public beach." Sunita continued.

Sameera’s breasts were beautiful, full with just the slightest hint of sag, her chocolate brown nipples pointing slightly up. Just perfect. Rehan at that moment felt proud at his wife’s lovely body and thanked her silently for all the work that had gone into making it the way it was.

"You should try it too, Sunita." Sameera urged now relishing her semi nudity but Sunita was just getting used to the red suit and wasn't quite ready to be topless. The drinking, sunning and talking continued for a while and within a few minutes everyone had pretty well grown accustomed to Sameera's exposed breasts and virtual nudity except for the thong panty. After a while Sunita too untied her top and placed it on the table. By the speed that she did it it was obvious that she would lose her nerve if she hesitated.

"That is the spirit!" Sameera said. Amit just smiled. He felt excited looking at his wife's pale breasts and knowing that Rehan and his wife were looking at them too. Sameera's face was a little pink, probably more from excitement than the sun, but she was quite comfortable. It was almost like Rehan was looking at her chest for the first time, seeing them with the others also looking and he found the feeling to be incredibly erotic. Her breasts were maybe a little smaller than Sunita's, but had the same nice weight to them and despite the warmth of the day her chocolate brown nipples were erect.

"Come on, now this is getting boring. Sunita, You should let Rehan put some suntan lotion on them since they don't have any base tan. After all he is your old pal." Sameera urged. Amit was flabbergasted. Initially he was the one making bold remarks but now Sameera had taken over from him. Here she was asking her husband to take the initiative of putting suntan oil on his( Amit’s) wife. If he objected, he would seem to be a spoilsport. Sameera handed Rehan the bottle of sunscreen.

Rehan was thankful to Sameera for having broken the ice so far as he and Sunita were concerned. He knew that Amit and Sameera were watching, so he took the squeeze bottle and aimed it squarely at Sunita's generous breasts.Amit and Sameera both laughed and clapped. Sunita blushed and she playfully slapped Rehan as he rubbed the lotion over her tits, squeezing her nipples until they stood at attention.

“Well, Sameera may I have the pleasure of doing the same to you?” Amit asked obviously assuming that Sameera would acquicise.

“Thank you.” She replied naughtily.“I can put the lotion on my breasts myself.” She laughed heartily when she saw the crestfallen expression on Amit’s face.

“You really want to touch my breasts?” she asked pointedly.

Amit felt embarrassed. Naturally he did but nobody had ever put such a direct question to him.

“Come on. Be frank, Amit. Why blush?” she teased him.

While this conversation was going between them Rehan had massaged the lotion well into Sunita’s breasts. She had started squirming and had made no attempt to stop Rehan when he started pulling down her bikini bottom. Rehan glanced over his shoulder and saw that Sameera and Amit were engrossed in conversation.He knew that Sameera was a tease and Amit would have a hard time in persuading her to have sex with him.Yet another reason for looking over the shoulder was to ensure that there were no disapproving glances either from his wife or from that of Sunita’s husband.

“What the hell!” he thought.” I have not come here to make friends between two adults. If they get along, fine. If they don’t well, why should I spoil my fun?”

Amit nodded in answer to Sameera’s question.

“While you were talking to me, my naughty hubby is being very naughty with Sunita. Surely you too should help me get rid of this thong or will I have to do it myself? Although it is your anniversary and you are entitled to do as you wish, but still I would like you to do what is essentially a male prerogative.” Sameera said saucily.

“Oh sorry.” Amit said and tucking his fingers in the string over her waist, started pulling it down. As the lycra fabric came off her swollen mound, Amit couldn’t but feel that Sameera’s pussy was one of the sexiest he had ever seen and he had seen many. She fully cooperated by lifting her hips and as it came off her bare feet, she was fully nude.

“That’s a nice tattoo that you have got done there.”Amit said in an admiring tone.

“Thank you.” Sameera replied. It was a tattoo of cupid shooting an arrow and was placed just at her pubic mound with the arrow was pointing towards the lips of her pussy.

“I am sure it is quite tasty there as well.” Amit said raunchily.

“Come on. You men say that to flatter all the girls.” Sameera did not sound very flattered.

“I mean it and I can prove it.” Amit still did not give up.

“Prove it. How?” Sameera asked her eyes round. She had pulled one knee close to her chest so that one breast was partially covered and she was playing with her anklet. The flip side was that the partly visible pussy lips were driving Amit insane.

“Look, I will close my eyes. You can put a finger in your pussy and another in Sunita’s and let me taste both of them. I will be able to tell you which is which.” The alcohol had taken a firm control over Amit and he made this statement with all sincerity.

Sameera looked at him for what seemed an eternity as if analysing his words and then finally said okay.

“But there is a catch to it.” Rehan spoke from where he and Sunita were listening to this conversation.

“What?” Amit was too glad to accept all the stipulations that Rehan would offer.

“We will be two teams. You and Sunita. Sameera and I. The men will do the tasting. The male of the winning team will have sex with the female of the losing team.”

“What rubbish!” Sameera said. “ Where does the question of having sex come in? This is just for fun.”

“Don’t be a spoilsport, Sameera.You know it would excite me and probably you too, but I don't want to pressure you to do anything you're not comfortable with." Rehan said. The other two were also nodding their heads in unison and this made Sameera laugh.

“Okay, Agreed. But close your eyes now and go and stand on a corner.” Sameera said.

"I'll take my index finger, rub it inside me, then put the second finger inside you. You can do the same. Then you offer your fingers to Amit while I will offer them to Rehan. Remember my index finger will go in my pussy and your index finger too will go in my pussy.Then these smarties will have to decide whose pussy is which." Sunita said.


“Okay” Sameera replied as she watched her cousin well manicured finger find its way into the folds of her pussy. Sameera gasped with pleasure as Sunita felt a bit of moisture and withdrew. Sameera swooning with pleasure repeated the same act.Sunita’s pussy felt warm and cushioned to Sameera’s finger.Her nails were cut short and taking advantage of this she thrust her finger nicely inside Sunita. Sameera couldn’t help thinking that this was the very pussy her husband had at one time longed for. Now the fingers were offered to Amit and Rehan. After tasting both of Sunita’s fingers Amit said that it was Sunita’s juice only on both. Rehan however came up with the correct responses.

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Indian Wife & Photographer

After spending the afternoon with her good friend Anjali, Anita couldn't help envying her. The recent sexual encounter that Anjali had had with a friend of her husband's while she was under the impression that it was her husband was very erotic.

Somehow this had a beneficial spin off for Anita as well and she became even more uninhibited. Their relationship also improved drastically and they actually discussed the subtle nuances of sexual orgasms, what excited them in the other sex etc. Perhaps taking advantage of this Shekhar decided to tell her what had been on his mind for a while.

"Love, If you don't mind I would like to say something. " he said playing with her nipples. They were lying in bed. Anita was naked and Shekhar's body language distinctly showed that he was aroused..

"Sure, go ahead. "Anita was forthcoming.

"Don't allow anyone who have sex with to discharge inside you. "he managed to say.

"Why, you are jealous?"she teased.

"No, I am not jealous. In fact I care for you. In these uncertain times, it is not clear as to who is carrying which disease. I have a suggestion. Segregate the people who find sexually attractive into two groups:one with whom you can go the whole way and one with whom you should restrict yourself to oral sex and not allow penetration in the pussy. "Anita nodded and kissed him.

"You are such a darling who cares so much form me. Sure, I will bear it in mind. Of course you will always know but if ever you don't I shall certainly take care. "She assured him.

Shekhar had once worked with a guy named Dave who was into photography. Their desks were next to each other and they got to know each other quite well. Sometimes they would walk to the bus together after work and have long philosophical discussion about anything in the world. This was told to Anita by Shekhar himself. Though she found it unusual for someone like Shekhar at 35 to have much in common with a 50-year-old guy but they simply had good communication.

One day, Shekhat ran into Dave near the elevator.

"Hey, Shekhar, you going to lunch? He said.

"Yeah. I going to try to run over to Connaught Place to buy some equipment. "

" I didn't know you were into photography. Mind some company?" He asked.

They walked briskly under the newly laid train tracks to the camera store of all camera stores. Anita and Shekhar had decided to see if photography would be a fun hobby and Shekhar was going to price some equipment. Dave was a lifelong photographic hobbyist and at times he did some professional work on the side, such as weddings and portraits. He had done some product shots for a learning project they had been working on last year.

"So, what kind of equipment are you looking for, Shekhar?" Dave asked.

"I dunno. I guess some lights and filters and stuff. I already have a nice Canon camera and a bunch of lenses. Anita told me to spend some money on some good equipment, kind of a birthday present for me. "

Dave looked at Shekhar and said, "Do you want me to show you what kind of stuff I would buy? Maybe I could help you throw together some stuff. What kind of photography are you interested in?"

"I was thinking of some portrait work, some shots of Anita and maybe some of the spontaneous stuff you see on the streets... " Shekhar answered.

They got to the store and it was packed with great equipment. Dave really knew what he was doing and before long, they had a pile of stuff, including some beginning darkroom equipment, lights and other stuff. It took both of them to carry it out of the store and back to the office.

"Anita is going to blow her top when she sees how much I spent. Now I need a way to get it home. I'll take half of it home each night. "

"No need. I have my car today. I'll drive you home after work. You still live around Green Park?" Dave said.

"Yup and thanks, I'd appreciate it. Don't you have to go in the opposite direction?"

"No problem. Kiran is visiting our daughter who just moved to Kolkata. I'm batching it tonight. That's why I brought the car. "

After work, they lugged the stuff down to the parking garage and into Dave's car. Anita already knew to expect them and she was glad to hear that Shekhar bought some equipment for their new hobby. She was however not so very happy to hear about the money that Shekhar had spent. She told him to invite Dave for dinner, she was going to get some takeout Chinese for all of them.

Dave was glad to have something to do. He and his wife had an empty nest situation going. Their only daughter had married and moved to nearby Gurgaon. They were settled into their hobbies, not much excitement but they seemed happy. Dave perhaps got a kick out of some of Shekhar's stories and milder escapades. He would probably have a stroke if he knew about the other escapades like the candour with which both of them had visited the resort at St. Tropez. He was an open-minded person, he and his wife were actually quite liberal about life and lifestyles, as they had been English teachers before they retired and moved to New Delhi.

When Shekhar and Dave got to the apartment, Anita was back with the food and they chowed down on it with gusto. Shekhar and Anita were now living in a 2-bedroom apartment and it was roomy compared to the last one.

"You guys look like there is a lot of room for two people, Anita. " Dave said.

"Yes, this is so we don't keep tripping on each other. Besides, the second bathroom may serve as a darkroom. Did Shekhar tell you that I have a minor in fine arts and photography?" She said.

"No, he did not. How much experience have you had?"

"Very little. I was a lot shyer in those days and did not try to assert my artistic potential. All people tried to do was get me to pose for oil painting and photography classes... but I was too shy in those days. "

"Now thinks she controls the world. " Shekhar said with a touch of sarcasm.

Anita gave him a dirty look.

"What I mean is that I was just a nineteen year old girl and I thought people were trying to take advantage of me. " She said.

"How about now, Anita. " Shekhar said, "What if they asked you now?"

"I think I would look at it differently. I'm older now. "

"Yeah, thirty. That's really old. " Shekhar chided her.

Dave stepped into the family feud and said,

"You might consider posing Anita. You are a very pretty girl and you look like you have a nice slim figure... "

"Yeah, hon. We could use you for a subject and try out this new equipment. " Shekhar added. She gave him a strange look.

"He's right Anita. Not for racy pictures but as a chance to try out lighting and other effects. If you like, I can show you guys some basics of lighting as I do it. Anita, you may have other ideas since you studied it at school... " Dave offered.

"Okay, that might be okay but I want to take pictures too, not just stand there like a ninny. I'll let Shekhar learn on me if I can take shots of him too. Deal?"

"Deal. " Shekhar said, "What is your favorite kind of photo, Dave?"

"You know, Shekhar, I was going to go to my camera club meeting tonight until you invited me here. I have a couple of my sample books in the car. Want to see them?"

They politely said yes and he was back in a flash with 2 large photo albums. He handed them the first one. Shekhar had expected some shots of his grandchildren or a vacation but was surprised to see the wide variety of photographs he had taken. There were different sections in the albums, with pictures of beautiful flowers and trees in full color and some black and whites of start winter scenes. There were other sections dedicated to weddings, baby pictures and other subjects. They were beautiful.

"This is nice stuff, Dave. You are really a pro. What's in the other book?" Shekhar asked.

"I wasn't sure if I should bring this one in. These are a bit more "artistic" and I don't want to offend Anita... "

"Oh, come on. I'm pretty tough, you know. Now you have me curious. Can we take a peek?" She said.

He handed them the book and was studying their expressions as they turned the pages. These were also very beautiful pictures, mainly figure studies of nudes. Some were sexier than the others were but they were all very well done. There was lots of detail in the nudes; skin texture and color were handled masterfully.

"These are beautiful, Dave. " Shekhar said, "Who is this one nude model that seems to be in a lot of the pictures?"

"Can you keep a secret?" He asked and they nodded. "That is my wife, Kiran, about 25 years ago. Don't tell her I showed them to you, she would be furious. "

"You sly dog you. " Shekhar said with a grin.

"No. I think these are beautiful and very romantic. " Anita said. "It is a way to remember her when she was younger... "...

"And well-built. " Shekhar added.

Dave was getting visibly embarrassed as his face was reddening.

"I'm sorry Dave. I didn't mean to pull your leg. " Shekhar said.

"No, its okay. It's just that it was so long ago and I can't believe how fast time has gone. It seems that Kiran was Anita's age just yesterday. " Dave responded.

He put down the albums and walked over to the pile of equipment they had lugged in. They all started opening the boxes and then brought out some of the equipment from the closet, including some of the stuff Anita used in college.

"What we need is a good studio area. " Dave said. "How about this room. We could set up lights and bounce from the nice white ceiling onto our lovely subject. "

"Thank you, sir. " Anita responded. It was obvious that she liked Dave by the way she talked to him. "Well, let's get cracking. "

Before long they had set up lights in the living room and pulled all the furniture from one side of the room except for a kitchen stool. Dave motioned Anita to the stool.

"Now boys, there is one little detail. I was not planning on doing a Playboy spread here, got it?" She said.

"That is not the intention, Anita, we like you just the way you are. Are you comfortable with some close-ups of your face?" Dave asked.

"Sure, why not. Should I change or something?" She asked.

She was barefooted, wearing short denim shorts and a short plain silk shirt that buttoned down the front, untucked and no bra. Her cute belly button was fully visible and with a bit of effort her nipples could also be seen through the thin material. She was perhaps interested in something more than just a passport picture, Shekhar mused.

"You look great like that, babe. " He said while Dave was running around the room, adjusting spotlights and looking at his light meter.

They began shooting film, since tons of it had been bought that day. Shekhar spent lots of time through the viewfinder peering at Anita. She was young and pretty and he wanted to capture the moment.

She sat with her legs crossed and uncrossed, they were long and tan and he was getting turned on. When they pulled the camera back to get some full body and three-quarter shots; she unbuttoned her top button.

"Hey, it is getting very hot under these lights. " She said.

Shekhar walked over and undid a few more buttons. She just smiled at this gesture of her husband but did nothing to stop him either. She just positioned herself forward to show a little cleavage. Dave was snapping away.

"Are we keeping you from anything, Dave. We appreciate your help but we don't want to monopolize your evening... " Anita said.

Dave looked up from the camera.

"Are you kidding? This is the most fun I've had in years. I love taking pictures. " He said. "... unless you two want to be alone. "

"We want you to be here with us, man. This is fun and you seem like a guy who understands art. " Shekhar said.

"In that case, Anita if you don't mind, please lean forward so your breasts sort of come down a bit.... Uh, is it okay if I pose you like this? You guys don't mind do you?Pardon me, but as a photographer I feel that whosoever has a pretty pair of breasts shold be encouraged to show it;or else it is nature's bounty that is wasted. " He stammered.

Anita answered by leaning forward with a very sexy smile and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt. The inner surface of both breasts was quite clearly seen.

"How's this, Dave?" She said.

He kept snapping shots and changing film.

"Dave, is it okay if I keep moving Anita into different positions and you shoot them?" Shekhar asked.

He agreed so Shekhar went over to Anita and pulled back her blouse fully, exposing both breasts to him. She looked right at the camera.

"That's good, Anita, now turn more to the right and lean forward a little more. Try crossing your arms below your breasts to accentuate them... there, perfect. " Dave mumbled as he clicked the camera. Then he stopped to change the roll of film.

"By the way, Dave, how are we going to get this film developed with any privacy?"

"We bought the stuff to do it ourselves, remember?" Dave countered as he clicked the camera shut with the new roll of film.

Shekhar went back to Anita and brought her shirt back over her shoulders. He brought the shirt down lower until it was off her completely. She was topless and obviously excited since those nipples were erect. She did not mind.

Dave did not mind and Shekhar certainly did not mind. Anita obviously was in two minds or perhaps three. She was getting caught up in the whole scene.

"Anita, please. Those shorts!You understand. This is the age when you should be bold. Not when you are in your fifties and sixties. "Dave's tone was clear that he wanted her to get rid of her shorts. She looked at her husband for any sign but Shekhar offered no advice. She stood up from the stool and began her own strip tease albeit a bit hesitantly, turning her back to the camera and pulling off her shorts and she turned around, facing the camera in her panties alone.

After a couple more clicks, Dave was back again insisting on a few nude shots if she was not squeemish.

"I just hope you are not embarassed. Please don't be. " Dave said

Suitably encouraged, Anita sat and took her panties off her bare feet. Her pussy was well manicured. The pubic hair was trimmed with a triangle covering the mound and the silhoutte of the actual lips of the pussy clearly visible.

She stood nude, her face red with excitement facing Dave and Shekhar. It was a very sexy moment but Dave never lost his professionalism.

"This is not embarrassing you, is it Anita?" Dave asked.

"Not really, just a bit odd. "she replied.

" This is a photographer's fantasy and in this setting, nothing is out of bounds. I shall remain the faceless eye of the camera. Continue with whatever you would like to do. Also, feel free to kick me out whenever you like. " He said as he stopped to change his films again.

Anita got away from the hot lights and walked over to the fridge for a coke.

"Anyone want a cold one?" She asked, as she came back into the room.

She was amazing, parading around fully nude in the house wearing nothing except a light chain in the ankles, a couple of bangles, necklace and some intoxicating perfume. Their guest was standing there and talking with her as if she were fully clothed. Shekhar could see that she had some ice in a glass. It reminded him of an incident when she had to take off her clothes to entertain certain clients and his boss was present all throughout.

"Hey, Anita. I don't really know how to say this to you. However do you know that if you rub the ice cube over the nipples they stand out beautifully. All photographers use this. Would you please?"Dave asked.

Anita did not reply. She picked one and looked at Dave as if asking him for further instructions.

"Just run them around the edges and they will stand out. Looks like they are already out. " He said as if he were discussing her shoes or something.

It was true, they were quite excited looking already. She was beautiful in the naked state. She walked up to her husband and said,

"You look like your tongue is going to fall out. Do you have anything to say?" She asked Shekhar.

Shekhar shook his head. Dave was ready again and he asked her if she would be offended by anything.

"Come on, Dave. I am already nude. I can't take off anything more. What do you have in mind?" Anita asked.

"Just a few erotic poses. Nothing more. I repeat, if at all you feel uncomfortable, I will leave right away. "Dave said.

"OK. Tell me. "she said.

"Look, Anita. A girl can be nude but the lips of her pussy can remain hidden if she does not open her legs because nature has covered it beautifully with the pubic hair. So, I would just like you to open the legs slightly so that the eye of the camera can see the lovely labia. Which only shekhar has been seeing till now. "Dave said, winking at Shekhar.

With that, she kneeled on the floor in front of the camera and spread out her knees and bent backwards, exposing delicate pink labia and black pubic hair to the camera. Dave remained passive and kept shooting.

As time passed, Shekhar could see that she was a natural for anything exhibitionistic and modeling was for indeed for her. He just watched her and got more turned on.

"Now just a minute. " Shekhar said after a few more poses. "You didn't think you would get away Scot free did you? Dave, you said that you were the unjudging eye of the camera. Would you be offended if we got a bit more romantic?"

Dave said no and began to reload again. Shekhar undressed quickly to Anita's consternation. This was very weird and she was quite uncomfortable about seeing her husband naked with his friend from work. Dave must have read her mind because he said,

"Anita, don't be shy or nervous. Just be you. I am only an instrument and I will not be taking any of this film with me tonight. Just do what you do and we will see what develops. Pardon the pun... "

Both Anita and Shekhar laughed at the shop worn pun but it broke the tension. They were to consider Dave only as an entity connected to the camera and not as another human being in the room.

Shekhar lay back on the floor and asked Anita to rub his penis back to full awakening. She was feeling uncomfortable but only a little bit. The excitement of playing with Shekhar's cock replaced the discomfiture. She then took his cock into her mouth and began a slow sucking that started to drive him crazy. Dave's heavy breathing could be heard but he was remaining professional as two nude people were interacting in front of him.

As things got hotter, Shekhar remained on his back and on his prodding she mounted him. It was a very special moment for her. She was totally nude and while a stranger watched her she directed her husband's cock into the luscious folds of her pussy all the while maintaining eye contact with Dave who despite the bulge in his pants remained a professional to the core and kept on clicking. She could feel the firm grip in which her vaginal lips held her husband and they made wild love, seemingly oblivious to the older man with the camera that was recording their lives. Her braests moved freely with the strokes but she just them. They both finished in a splendid simultaneous orgasm and he caught the whole thing on film.

When they caught our breath they noted that Dave had put the camera down.

"That was beautiful and spontaneous. " He said. "You said you wanted romance, that was the essence of romance and I got great close-ups of both your faces during the moment of truth. These shots will need to be touched up and processed in your new darkroom and I'll be glad to show you how when you want me to... if you want me to. " He said.

"Dave, we really appreciate what you did. It was quite a trick for you to get us relax without knowing that you were trying to get us to relax. We need to reciprocate in some way. " Shekhar said.

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