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Indian incest: Mom son raw sex

Mother (আম্মু) in Rains

It was a rather cool Sunday for mid June, and the rain was falling
gently but steadily outside. I was lying on the narrow bed in my
tiny room, with the window open beside me. This was an odd little
room, never intended as a bedroom. When we had first moved into
the house several years before, I had noted this room and wanted
it for mine. It actually was just a large walk-in closet, but it
had a square window, which opened on hinges and was protected by
the overhanging roof on the east side of the house. Finally I had
persuaded my parents to let me sleep there in a single bed which
was just right for the tight space. I used to spend a lot of time
there, reading, doing my homework and--yes, I might as well admit

I had just turned ***edited*** a few weeks before, and my junior year in high
school had just ended. I was still a virgin, a shy bookish sort of
kid, not bad looking and fairly popular. I was not a nerd, and nobody
ever called me that or treated me that way. But I was too bashful to
have dated much at all. I was horny as hell most of the time, and the
only means I had for assuaging the itch was to jack off, which I had
been doing a lot for a long time. I had quite a strong imagination,
which allowed me to create elaborate fantasies of sexual delight.

I was fairly promiscuous in my choice of fantasy subjects--everyone
from movie stars to classmates. But I tended to favor older women,
even some of my teachers--and especially my big beautiful
fact, about two thirds of the time, my orgasmic load of cum would
be in honor of

I called her my "beautiful"
আম্মু, but I suppose I'd better qualify
that. She wasn't exactly a classic beauty, not the kind that would
make a person immediately exclaim, "What a beauty!" But to me she
was (and still is) the most desirable woman in the world. At this
time she was 40, and she was decidedly on the plump side, about
145 pounds on a five foot six frame. But God, she was curvy and
sexy, with good-sized (not huge)
স্তন, long full legs, broadhips,
and a perky outthrust ass. I had noticed how some other men looked
at her, so it wasn't just my idea that she was sexy. She had dark
brown hair, with a few strands of gray in it, and deep dark brown
eyes, a classic sort of face with a short, straight nose, and full
lips. Her complexion was clear and beautiful, a delectable peachy
tan. I loved to look at her.

On this quiet rainy day, I had just finished reading a book and
was lying there in just my undershorts. Since it was a bit cool,
I had a sheet over me. I was about ready for a nap, but my thoughts
strayed to
আম্মু,and my cock began to stir. I stroked it a few times,
beginning to concoct yet another scenario in which I could fuck
my mother.

Just then I heard a sound in the next room. I could tell from the
sound of the footsteps that it was the object of my nascent fantasy,
আম্মু.She came on through her bedroom and tapped lightly at my
door. "Yeah,
আম্মু?" I responded.

She opened the door and looked in. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Well, I could have said, "I'm just starting to think up a story
about fucking the hell out of your pussy while I beat my meat." But
naturally I did not say that. What I did say was, "Just lying here
listening to the rain."

"That sounds a lot more interesting than what I'm doing. Everyone
else is gone for the afternoon, and I'm feeling sort of sad and
lonely." She paused a moment and then asked, "Would you mind if I
joined you?"

Huh? Joined me how? But what the hell! I didn't care how. "Uh--sure,
আম্মু,"I managed to say.

She took the two steps necessary to reach my bed and paused there
uncertainly. "Do you think there's room for both of us?" she said.

Oh, God! "Oh--uh--sure,
আম্মু. I'll make room."

My bed was right against the wall under the window. I scooted over
until I was lying tightly against the wall and turned back the
আম্মুsat down on the edge of the bed, then lay back and swung
her legs up. She lay with her back to me and pulled the sheet across
her body. "My, this is a cozy fit, isn't it?" she laughed. "Have
you got enough room?"

Well, I didn't have enough room, and I was rapidly needing more room
for my stiffening cock. I pressed myself hard against the wall, and
still I was right against my
আম্মু's big soft body, spoonfashion,
her big ass actually touching the tip of my prick in spite of all
I could do. "Sh--sure,
আম্মু, I--I'm OK," I mumbled.

We lay there silently for several minutes.
আম্মু seemed to be relaxed,
but I was stiff as a board, my heart racing, and my cock on the
verge of throbbing and jerking against her. God, she surely must
be able to feel it. What would she think? Would she be disgusted
and get up and leave?

আম্মুsaid softly, "This is nice. The rain sounds so gentle,
almost like a lullaby."

"Uh--yeah," I muttered eloquently. I had even forgotten that it
was raining. Some lullaby, with my
আম্মু's sexy body right against
mine in the same bed! God, how many times had I imagined a scene
like this? Now here it was, and I was petrified.

"It's been a long time since you and I were in bed together,"
আম্মুsaid. "Not since you were just a little guy."

আম্মু,"I remarked. "I remember when I was 11 years old and I
read that scary story and couldn't sleep. You came and lay down with
me until I could go to sleep." Ah, yes, I remembered that incident
very well. It was during the beginnings of my sexual awakening,
and the feel of my
আম্মু's big soft ass against meon that earlier
occasion had stimulated feelings that had quickly erased the dread
images brought on by the story.

"Oh, yes, I had forgotten that,"
আম্মু said.
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Old 27th March 2012
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We lay silent for several more minutes. I wasrelaxing a little bit,
but my cock was still as hard as a steel bar, and it insisted on
twitching from time to time, and damn it, I just couldn't keep it
away from contact with
আম্মু's ass. If she didn't feelit, there was
something wrong with her nervous system. I was expecting any second
that she would get embarrassed and leave me alone, probably never to
return to my bed. I just couldn't believe that she might be pleased
to realize that she was having an erotic effect upon her little boy.

I had my hand upon
আম্মু's upper arm, and all atonce I noticed that
I was starting to rub up and down her arm. I stopped abruptly. But
আম্মুslowly moved her hand back and laid it on my bare thigh. She
gently squeezed. Oh, my God! This scene is so firmly etched in my
memory that the following conversation is almost exactly, word for
word, what we said on that epochal afternoon in my young life.

"Honey," she said softly, "I haven't really told you for a while
how proud I am of you--of how well you're doing in school. And of
what a very nice young man you've become."

"Oh, gee,
আম্মু! Thanks."

"And I guess I haven't told you for a long time how much I love
you. I do love you--very, very much."

Now I was really rubbing her arm, and she was rubbing my thigh. "And
I love you,
আম্মু,"I blurted. "You're the best আম্মু a guy could
ever have."

আম্মুlaughed. "Oh, wow! Thanks, honey." After a few moments of silent
caressing, she asked softly, "Are you sure that you're not a little
ashamed of your old fat mother?"

"God, no!" I insisted. "You're not fat. I like the way you look.I
think you look great."

"Well, that's good to hear." After a few moments, she went on,
"But I'll bet you'll find a much prettier woman to marry someday."

I hugged
আম্মুand said, "No way, আম্মু. I would want any woman I
married to look just as much like you as possible." I now began
gently stroking the front of her body, just below her

"You mean like the song: 'I want a girl just like the girl that
married dear old Dad'?"

আম্মু.Exactly like that."

আম্মুsort of giggled. "Well, that's awfully sweet of you, honey. But
I know you're just saying that to make me feel good."

আম্মু,that's not true. In fact, if you weren't my আম্মু and
weren't married, I'd want to marry you."

আম্মুgiggled. "Ooh!...Of course, you mean if we were the
same age."

My caressing had touched the bottoms of
আম্মু's স্তন now, and I was
really warming up. "No,
আম্মু. I mean that if you were not my আম্মু,
and we were the ages that we actually are, I would want to marry
you right now--if I had the means to support you, of course."

"Oh, my goodness, honey!"
আম্মু laughed. Her hand had just brushed
against my balls, and my cock jerked sharply against her ass. Then
she said in a teasing tone, "Now would you really want to marry
me--or just..." She broke off, laughing.

"Just what,

"Oh, you know--just have--er--just do...what married people do,
shall we say?"

I knew what she meant all right, but I was loving this teasing
conversation. "Uh--what do you mean,
আম্মু?" I asked, playing dumb. My
hand was now on one of her full, soft breasts, and she did not
stop me.

"You know what I mean," she said, giggling again. "Marital

"Oh, do you mean--uh--sex, by any chance,

আম্মু giggled. She waited awhile and then said, "But you
didn't answer my question."

"What question?" I knew perfectly well what the question had been,
but I wanted to keep her talking.

"You know, damn it, honey! Would you really want to marry me or
just--uh--have sex?"

আম্মু,I'd want to do both if I only had the chance. God, I'd
want that more than anything else in the world!"

"Oh, wow!"
আম্মু said. She was quiet for a moment as we continued
to caress each other. Then she said, "Well, you are my son, so
obviously you can't marry me." After a long pause she added very
softly, "Unfortunately."

God! Was I feeling good! Things were really heating up. I knew that
my mother was becoming more and more aroused. I gently inserted my
hand inside her housedress (she seldom wore a bra around the house)
and cupped a big soft breast, squeezing and fondling. She made no
effort to stop me. It actually seemed that she didn't even notice.

"Of course," she said musingly after a while, "the other couldbe
done. You hear of it now and then--you know the--uh--MF word." Her
hand brushed against my hard cock.

"You mean motherfucker?" I said boldly, giving her
স্তন a harder
squeeze. "Are you saying that that's a possibility?"

আম্মু squealed. "That is, I was just saying that--uh--it's
apparently sometimes done."

আম্মু," I breathed into herear fervently as I rubbed her nipple,
"I'd give anything to be one."

"Oh! I--uh--one what, honey?"

I slid down a bit, positioned my cock between her legs and gave
a thrust up between them. Of course her dress was in the way. "A
আম্মু. With a mother like you, there is nothing in this
world that I'd rather be than a motherfucker!"

"Oh, honey!"
আম্মু moaned. "Oh, you naughty boy, you! How can you
say such a thing?" She pushed me away from her.

Damn! Just when I thought that my dream was going to come true!
seemed very upset. I expected her to get up and walk out. I had
ruined our relationship forever...But she did not get up. She lay
there, on her back now, breathing heavily.

"I'm sorry,
আম্মু," I finally said abjectly, with tears in my eyes. "I
just got carried away."

We lay there without speaking, and the sound of the rain came back
into my consciousness. All of nature was weeping with me. Oh, God,
what a mess I had made of it! Suddenly a sob shook my body.

"Oh, honey!"
আম্মু said, turning toward me. "It's all right. I forgive
you. I know that you're going through a difficult time in your
development. It's OK." She hugged me, and I really burst into tears.

আম্মু,"I sobbed, "I really meant all I was saying about how
much I love you and--and how much I want you...Don't despise me,
আম্মু. Ijust couldn't help it."

"Oh, honey, honey,"
আম্মু cooed. "It's all right. I'm really
flattered." She held me tightly, now face to face with me. We lay
there clinging together for several minutes while the steady rain
fell outside the open window.

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Then আম্মু kissed me gently on the forehead. I raised my head to kiss
back, and her lips were there. I kissed them softly.
আম্মুdid not pull
away. I kissed her again, and she responded with a long kiss. "Oh,
honey!" she murmured and kissed me again, this time with opened
lips. "Oh, honey!"

She continued to kiss me fervently. Now I felt her tongue licking
at my lips, and I opened my mouth. Her tongue plunged inside, and
I met it with my own. Her body was squirming against mine, and my
hard-on, which had collapsed a bit, sprang back into full erection.

আম্মুabruptly drew back and stared straight into my eyes with
the deepest intensity that I had ever seen there. "It's really me,
isn't it?" she asked. "It isn't just sex? It's really me youwant?"

"Oh, God, yes,
আম্মু! Oh, আম্মু,I've been so hungry for you--just
you--for so long! Oh, God, I love you,

"All right, then,"
আম্মু said. "God help me, for I can't help myself."

With that she swept back the sheet. She grasped my shorts and tugged
them down, with some difficulty because of my huge erection. "Oh,
God!" she said. "You're enormous!"
আম্মু rose up and pulled herdress up over her head. She cast it onto
the floor and reached down to her sheer panties,
through which her
dark pussy hair showed clearly.
Shequickly shucked them off. I
reached for her, but she pushed me onto my back. Then she climbed
astraddle my body, pausing a moment to look me in the eyes and then
taking my huge cock into her hands and staring down at it. My eyes
devoured her gorgeous big body as she towered above me. Her big
স্তন were firm, sagging only very slightly with their weight. Her
smooth, slightly rounded belly curved down to the vee of abundant
crispy dark hair at her crotch, through which her swollen pussy
lips peeped. Her full white thighs were straddling my own as she
held my cock with both hands.

"All right, honey," she said in a fierce tone, almost hissing,
"you want to be a motherfucker--Damn it, you're going to be a

She moved one hand to her mound and fingered her cunt for
a moment. Then she held the lips open as she lowered her crotch
toward my cock. She guided my hard rod between the puffy lips
of her pussy and rubbed it several times, using me almost like a
dildo to pleasure her clit. Then she slowly sank down upon me, and
I watched her cunt swallow up my big prick inch by inch until her
dark pussy hair was meshed with my lighter brown hair. God! What a
sight! And what a sensation as I felt my sensitive love tool slide
all the way into her warm, wet, slippery sheath!

আম্মুlay forward on my body and brought her face down to
mine. For a moment she stared intently into my eyes again. Then
she murmured, "Oh, honey, honey!"
again and placed heropen mouth
on mine.

For a long time we just lay like that without moving, my cock
throbbing inside her tightly gripping cunt. I got my hands on her ass
and began rubbing and squeezing her firm, smooth ass cheeks. God! She
felt good!
Our tongues were playing together again, and আম্মু's warm
breath was coming faster.
Her body was heavy on mine,but God,
it was a wonderful burden to bear!
Then আম্মু began to slowlyraise and lower her hips. My hands could
feel the flexing of her rump muscles as she raised her ass way
up until my cock was almost out, then lowered it again, sliding
down my tingling fuckpole delightfully. I was just letting
do everything at this point. I knew that if I tried to thrust,
I would shoot almost immediately, and I was glad that she was
taking it slow. God! What a sheer pleasure to feel that coveted
cunt sliding up and down my happy rod! I could feel every inch of
her love passage moving against every inch of my cock. It was just
enough to keep me right on the verge of cumming without making me
cut loose. I wanted it to go on forever and ever!
I worked one hand in between us and started playing with আম্মু's
smooth, spongy
স্তন while I continued tofondle her ass with the
other hand. Our continuous kiss was a sloppy wet one, as we chewed
at each other's lips and tongue passionately.
আম্মু was really into
it now, and I knew that she wasn't doing this for just me alone
any longer. She was breathing more heavily and more rapidly as she
continued to fuck slowly. Now, however, she was coming down harder
on the down strokes and grinding against me before she raised her
ass up again.

(Continued...) (Part 2)

Then all at once, আম্মু blurted, "Oh, God! Oh, God!" into my mouthand
began to fuck with abandon, jerking her hips up and slamming down
rapidly and fiercely, bouncing us up and down on the little bed. I
began to buck under her now, humping up to meet her descending
belly and having my ass slammed back into the mattress by her
almost savage assault. My cock was being rammed in and out of her
with tremendous force and speed now, and it was on fire with the
strongest sensations I had ever felt. I could feel the heat inside
আম্মু increase too, alongwith the wetness. I had dreamed of fucking
the hell out of
আম্মু, but here was my ladylike আম্মু fucking the hell
out of me. God, could she fuck!

আম্মু was panting into my
mouth, whining a high-pitched whine now, completely out of control
in her passion. And the sensations in my cock spread out through
my groin, and I knew that I couldn't hold back any longer. The
heat inside me just boiled over, and I gave a muffled roar as my
cock began to jerk and spit out its load deep inside my mother's
plunging cunt.
আম্মুfelt me start toshoot into her, and she gave a little scream
as her ass leaped and jumped even faster in a frantic stretch
drive into her own climax. Then all at once she stiffened up,
with my spurting cock buried to the depths inside her. She was
shaking and moaning, and I could feel her cunt muscles spasming
and grasping at my emptying babymaker. For a long time we hung
there together, trembling violently as our mutual orgasm swept our
bodies, lifting us up to the heights of sexual ecstasy.
Mother and
son cumming together for the first time in a glorious incestuous
God! All my fantasies and all my masturbatory climaxes were
such a pale prelude to the fantastic pleasure of the real thing!
At last, আম্মু heaved a great sigh and just collapsed upon me. A
tremendous release came over me as well, leaving me drained but
gloriously happy. Oh, God! My mother had fucked me! My own dear,
precious, wonderful, gorgeous mother had fucked me--her own son, her
adoring, worshiping son. A wave of sheer love swept through me. Oh,
God, how I loved this wonderful woman! More now than ever! She
had given me everything now. She was a warm, loving mother in the
conventional way, and now she had proved to be a passionately hot
lover, giving all of herself to me without any reserve. What greater
joy could anybody possibly experience?
After my mother recovered her breath and came back down to earth a
bit, she began to murmur, "Oh, my God! What a fuck! Oh, God, did that
ever feel good! Ooohh!" She was lying fully upon me, and her weight
was rather uncomfortable, but I would have died before I would ask
her to move. It was a glorious discomfort.
Mycock was still buried
deep inside her overflowing cunt.
I could feel our mixed fluids
seeping down from our crotches, over my ass and onto the bed sheet. I
didn't care about that. The whole experience had been so stimulating
that my cock lost hardly any of its rigidity. I could feel little
ripples running through
আম্মু's vaginal muscles fromtime to time,
and they helped my dick to begin to return to maximum erection.

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Then apparently the gravity of the situationstruck my mother,
and she raised her head and looked at me. "My, God, honey, what
have we done? How could I have let such a thing happen?" I had
no answer to her question, but I hugged her tight, and she laid
her head back down on my shoulder. Then she asked softly, "Honey,
was this your first time?"

আম্মু,"I replied. "I'm glad that my first time was with you."

"Oh, God, God!"
আম্মু moaned. "What have I done to you? It was all
my fault, honey. Oh, God, I'm so sorry!" And now she was the one
who was crying.

I caressed her gently as I said, "But, আম্মু, this was thegreatest
thing that has ever happened to me. It was just wonderful beyond
words. Don't be sorry about it." She kept on weeping silently, her
tears wetting my neck and shoulder. "
আম্মু," I murmured in her ear,
"I love you so very, very much. I love you more than ever now. I
think you're a wonderful, wonderful mother. I am so grateful for
what you have given me today."
My cock was now at super erection, filling আম্মু's cunt to the maximum
again. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her tightly
against me, forcing myself even farther up her tight love channel.
আম্মুbegan to talk again. "All I wanted to do was just to be with
you because I felt lonely. I just wanted to be close to you. Then
I felt your--er--I felt that you were--er--aroused, and I knew that
I should get up and go away. But I just couldn't. It's been so long
since I've had any really... good sex. Oh, I still love your father,
but it's just...just not the same now. And he usually isn't much
interested any more. When he is, it's just so quick and--and just
for him. This is the first time in years that I have really felt
good in that way."

আম্মুlifted her head and gazed into my eyes again. Even after she had
been crying, she still looked so very beautiful. "What we have just
done is a grave sin--at least, that is what most people think. It
is also against the law. I could go to prison for it. We should
never do this again."

Even as she was saying this, she raised her hips and lowered them,
creating an electrifying friction as her pussy slid up my cock
and back down
. "But, আম্মু..." I began, my heart again filling with

"But, oh, God, honey!"
আম্মু breathed ardently. "Now that we have done
it, I--I just don't think I can stop...wanting it! It--it didn't feel
wrong. It felt so warm and loving, so wonderfully warm and loving!"

"Yes, Yes,
আম্মু! Oh, yes! How could there be anything wrong with
loving each other? I know now that you really love me totally and
completely, and I feel the same way about you."

All at once
আম্মুlaughed. Her laughter made her belly shake and thus
stimulated my excited prick even more. "Well, honey, was your old
আম্মু agood piece of ass?"

Her bold vulgarity really jolted me, and I laughed as well. "You
sure as hell were,
আম্মু!" I exclaimed enthusiastically. "A damned
good piece of ass!"

আম্মুkissed me and murmured, "And that big dick of yours is the
answer to a woman's prayers. God, it felt good in me! It's a good
bit bigger than your father's...And it seems to be as hard as before
we started."

"Just thinking about you make it hard every time,
আম্মু.So actually
having it in you really does it."

"Mmmm!" আম্মু hummed into my mouth as she placed her open lips onmine
again. She began to hump her ass again, fucking me gently. Then
she raised her head again. "OK, wicked motherfucker, are we going
to just go ahead and go to hell together?"

আম্মু.Wherever you are, I want to be there with you--in you
if possible."

আম্মু laughed and kissedme again. Then she began to roll us
over. "Come on, honey. You get on top and do it to me this time. Fuck
your mother, honey!"
We awkwardly managed to get rolled over in the narrow bed without
uncoupling, and now I was between her thighs in the classic
missionary position, looking down upon my beautiful mother, with
my cock buried to my balls in her furry-fringed fuckhole. I began
the long, slow fucking that she had already taught me in our first
fuck. I pulled my cock out until it was just barely between her
juicy cunt lips. Then I slowly pushed it back in, sliding down that
slippery passage to paradise. Going to hell? Hell, no! This was
the closest thing to heaven that I could imagine. I raised myself
up so that I could look down between us and watch my slimy rod
slide in and out of
আম্মু's well lubricated cunt. Asit came out,
it pulled her swollen, puffy cunt lips out, and as it sank back
inside, it pushed them in with it.

I noticed that
আম্মু was also looking down at our fucking genitals,
a smile on her face. "Oooh, you feel so good in me, honey!" she
cooed. "So damned fucking good!"

I leaned forward and began to kiss her big firm
স্তন, licking and
nibbling at the hardened rosy pink nipples, standing up stiffly
from her pinkish-brown areolas. Then I lowered my face to
again and we began our deep kissing, getting sloppier and sloppier
as our emotions began to soar out of control.
আম্মু had her hands
on my ass now and pulled me harder against her as I thrust into
her soft, wet femininity. I began to fuck her gradually harder and
faster, which she obviously wanted me to do. She began to hum and
mumble into my mouth as our continuous wet kisses went on and on. At
times I could make out words: "Mmmm! I love your...unh!...mmm!...big
hard...unh!...dick!...Oooohh, honey!...that feels so...unh!...damned

I began to mumble too, saying over and over in words muffled by our
kissing and interrupted by grunts as we fucked harder and harder,
আম্মু!...আম্মু!...unh!...unh!...I love you!...unh!...I love you,
আম্মু!...I loveyou!..."

আম্মু pulled her mouthfree long enough to practically scream
at me, "Now, honey! Give it to me, honey! Fuck me as hard as you
can!" At the same time she was humping frantically up at me, her
ass bouncing up and down on the bed and her hands yanking on my ass.

I didn't need any urging. I was ready. I began to slam into
আম্মু with
all my energy, my big stiff cock plowing into her juicy cunt in a
furious assault. Our bellies were actually smacking together, and the
copious fluids in her cunt were causing "squish! squish!" sounds
as we fucked lustily. Just at that point, the rain suddenly
began to come down in torrents, and thunder began to roll noisily
overhead. Again nature seemed to be sharing our emotions. I was
আম্মু's ass deep into themattress with each savage thrust,
and she was bucking her cunt right back up for another plunge. She
was moaning and whining continuously now, and I knew that she was
right on the brink of a giant orgasm. The heat and the insistent
itch in my cock was building rapidly to the point of no return.

The passion of my mother's fucking, her delightfully dirty words, the
wet deep kissing, the heat inside her churning pussy, the softness
of her ass and
স্তন in my hands, theincredibly stimulating friction
of her cunt walls rubbing against my pistoning cock--all combined
to overwhelm me, and I soared up and up into a fantastic climax,
my cock jerking and spewing its hot juices deep into my mother's
uncontrollably humping belly, just as a tremendous clap of thunder
shook the house. At this,
আম্মু gave a piercing scream and I could
feel her pussy muscles just going wild inside, spasming and grasping
at my cock. "OHHHHHHH, FUUUUCCKKK!" she moaned as she twisted and
screwed her hips against mine.

Again our mutual orgasm held us both in its torrid grip as we
panted and moaned and groaned, as my cum was filling her already
soaked cunt again to overflowing. Our bodies again were shuddering
violently as body, mind and soul were swept by the overwhelming
physical ecstasy, made even more intense by the tremendous love
that we shared and the surrender to the overpowering allurement of
the forbidden fruit of mother/son incest.This second fuck was,
for me, even more exciting than the first, partly because of the
way my mother had spoken of all the risks and then decided to
dare whatever might happen, and partly because this time I was the
dominant fuck partner and had succeeded in bringing my mother to
another shattering orgasm. Now I was a real motherfucker! And God,
with a mother like mine, that was a title of supreme pride!

After what seemed a long time, I finally collapsed on my mother's
sexy big body, and she heaved a sigh and seemed to relax at
the same time. We lay there with our mouths still just loosely
together, panting into each other, my cock still tingling in
her juicy pussy. Gradually our breathing slowed to normal, and
our hearts stopped racing. Outside the rain again subsided into a
gentle patter. God, it actually seemed that nature was reflecting
everything that we were doing. Somehow this reassured me. Nature
must approve of what we were doing. Maybe mother/son sex really was
a natural thing. I had read that practically every normal adolescent
boy has fantasies of fucking his mother. Could it be that this is
what we were really intended to do?

Now that I had been fucked by my mother and had fucked her in return,
my spirits were soaring beyond this earthly plain, and my tongue was
inspired to finally tell my mother just what I felt about her--that
is, as much as such an overwhelming emotion can be expressed in
words. "Ah, my wonderful, wonderful mother, my beloved goddess of
love, most gorgeous creature on this earth--I love you with every
atom of my mind and body. I am the most fortunate of all men because
the most desirable of all women has given me her love!" I know that
this sounds corny as hell, but I was really into love poetry, and
I was very good in English composition. Never would I have uttered
such flowery phrases without exactly the stimulation that I had
received on this glorious afternoon.

আম্মুsmiled a beautiful big smile, the smile of a fully satisfied
woman who has been freshly and very well fucked. "Oh, my God,
honey! When you talk like that, you just turn me to mush. I could
just melt right into you. Oh, I love you with all of my being too,
my handsome, loving son with the delightful big dick."

We turned on our sides and lay there, still joined at our satisfied
genitals, clinging to each other rapturously and continuing to
speak words of the deepest love between our open-mouthed kisses.

Then we were suddenly shaken by the sound of the front door being
closed. One of the family had returned. "Oh, my God!"
jerking her cunt free from my semi-rigid prick. She leaped out
of the bed and grabbed her panties, pulling them on despite her
leaking pussy.
She scooped up her dress and struggled to pullit
on over her head.

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By this time we could hear voices, feminine voices. It must be my
sister with one of her friends. We could hear them ascending the
stairs as
আম্মু frantically tugged herdress down and stepped into
her shoes. Then we relaxed a bit as we heard the voices disappear
into Sis's bedroom. "Whew!"
আম্মু sighed. "That was close! I'd better
slip down to the bathroom. See you later, honey." One quick kiss
and she was gone.

I cleaned myself off the best I could and put my shorts back on. It
was only about five minutes later that my father and his brother
arrived at the house. But by this time
আম্মু was undoubtedly locked in
the bathroom, washing away the evidence of our sin. I was so worn
out that I just lay back in my sex-soiled bed and went to sleep,
not waking up until it was dark.

I dressed and went downstairs, very nervous about facing the family
after my earthshaking experience, which I was sure had transformed
me into an entirely different person. How could I behave normally
so soon after my rapturous initiation into real sex? I needn't
have worried. Dad was in the living room watching TV, and Sis was
nowhere around. I went into the kitchen and found my mother just
finishing the dishes. My heart jumped into my throat as I stared at
that gorgeous woman, her short housedress plumped out fantastically
in all the right places by that adorable body that I had now seen
in all its naked majesty.

She smiled at me as I entered. "Ah, here's the sleepyhead. I thought
that you probably needed some rest after your--uh--hardworking
afternoon. I've kept some supper warm for you."

আম্মু,"I said, just staring at her, still in awe of her
amazingly explosive sexuality. I sat down at the table, and
filled a plate with some of her deliciously cooked food.

She brought it over to me and leaned forward to place it before me,
her breast touching my shoulder as she did so. Then she put her
arm around my neck and kissed me on the ear,
sending goosebumps
all over my body. She whispered softly, "Love you, baby."

I turned to wrap my arms around her, but she restrained me and moved
away. "Take it easy, lover. There's a time for everything. Go ahead
and eat."

I did so, but kept watching every move she made as she went on with
her work. After I had finished, I took my plate over to the sink. Now
I hugged
আম্মু from the back, pressingmy aroused cock into the crack
in her ass. "Oh,
আম্মু, I love you so much!" I breathed into her ear.

We heard footsteps in the next room, and I quickly moved back
to the table and sat down to hide my hard-on. It was my sister,
who apparently had just come down from her room. She asked me for
some help with her math homework, and I reluctantly agreed. She
was taking an advance course in summer school. She had her book
with her and sat down at the table, where I was able to clear up
her difficulties pretty easily. The rest of the evening, however,
there wasn't any real opportunity to be alone safely with
আম্মু. I
lay awake a long time that night, thinking of the marvelous events
of the day and wondering what tomorrow would be like.

I awoke the next morning to a gentle prodding and looked up to
আম্মু bending over me, her robe gaping wide open, showing her
beautiful big
স্তন."Move over," she said. "I've got to be with my
new lover boy. Your father just left for work, and your sister has
gone to school. We have the whole house to ourselves for a while."

I moved over and আম্মু stripped off her robe, standing before me
completely nude. I noticed that she had a bath towel with her. "We
can keep this under your mattress," she said, "...for emergency
use." She laughed softly. "And you know, I feel an emergency
coming on."

She started to climb onto the bed with me, but to her surprise,
I gently pushed her back. "আম্মু," I pleaded, "just stand there and
let me look at you a minute. I want to get a really good look at
your magnificent body."

আম্মুlaughed blushingly and moved her hands to cover a স্তনand her crotch. "Aw, come on, আম্মু! Let me see you."

"Well, OK, but you're embarrassing me." She struck a pose, model
style, then pirouetted slowly.

Ah, God! What a woman!
আম্মু had taken time to put on her makeup already, and her alreadybeautiful complexion had a skillfully enhanced glow which made her look radiant.Her deep brown eyes were made even more beautiful by a delicate eyeshadow and ahint of eyeliner. There was a touch of a bright red lipstick on her perfectlyshaped full lips.

Her skin, all over her body, was a beautiful warm peachy tan,
absolutely uniform in every part and without blemish.
Her bigfull
breasts swelled out so provocatively, standing out firmly with
perhaps a very slight sag, the pink nipples hardened and sticking
outstiffly from their brownish-pink areolae. Herwaist nipped in
nicely, but her hips flared out in a true hourglass form, and her
belly, with its cute little navel, was slightly rounded, curving
down excitingly to the hairy crotch.

Her ankles were very trim, but her calves swelled out beautifully,
her knees were dimpled perfections, both front and rear, and her
lovely full thighs tapered outward to meet her broad hips. Her ass
was a sculptor's perfect model, deliciously curved, plump but firm,
thrusting out in an irresistibly tempting manner, with delectable
little creases where the precious cheeks met her thighs. Yes,
there was just a very slight hint of marbling in the back of her
upper thighs, just that slight imperfection which is even better
than perfection. And maybe her curves were very generous-sized ones,
but damn, she was well proportioned. As she turned back to face me,
I stared at her inviting mons veneris, her prominent mound, covered
with thick, crispy dark brown hair. When she spread her legs apart, I
could see her plump, swollen pussy lips peeping through the foliage.

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I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at heruntil she blushed and
giggled again and put her hands over her face.
Then I reached out
and pulled her to me, burying my face in her billowing breasts. I
massaged her ass cheeks eagerly as I kissed and nuzzled her
স্তন. She had her hands on the back of my head, holding me lovingly
and letting me have my way with her body. I turned her around and
stared at her ass, holding her with a hand on each hip. I lowered
my face to that fantastic derriere in loving adoration, kissing,
licking and nibbling lightly.

Then I turned her back around and nuzzled into her hairy bush. She
spread her legs for me as wide as she could and I was able to get
my face right into her crotch, rubbing my nose, cheeks and chin all
over her damp pussy, kissing and licking at the swollen lips.
began to moan and writhe as I stimulated her most secret place with
my loving mouth.

আম্মুwas cooperating so well that I knew that she was in the mood
to let me do anything to her. I laid her down on her back on the
bed and knelt beside her. Then I began a complete tour of her body
with my hands and my mouth. I kissed her from her forehead to her
toes, licking and nipping at her beautiful warm, smooth, satiny
flesh. I really didn't know anything about oral sex, but
I was just
instinctively drawn to that coveted love opening in my mother's
crotch. I began to pet it and kiss it. I probed delicately inside
with my fingers and opened the lips so that I could kiss inside
them, then thrust my tongue into the fragrant, tangy softness of
her womanhood.

আম্মু was breathing heavily now, twisting and writhing with
her hips. She held my head tightly now, sort of directing my
eagerly searching mouth. All at once she jerked violently and
groaned, "There! That's it!...Right there!...Oh, honey!...Oh, my
baby!...Ooooohhh!...Oh, you're making your Mommy feel soooo goooddd!"

I licked feverishly at
আম্মু's juicy cunt as she moanedand thrashed
about. I had to hold on tightly to her hips, but her hands on my head
helped to keep my face buried firmly in her crotch. Then she groaned,

She clamped down on my head very tightly now with both her hands
and her thighs to keep me from moving any more. She was shuddering
violently as she soared through an intense orgasm, moaning and
whining. I could tell that it was all she could do to keep from
screaming. I was being stifled by her firm hold on my head, mashing
my nose and mouth against her hot, wet pussy, but it felt great
to realize what a tremendous thrill I was giving to my beloved
mother--not to mention the tremendous thrill that it was to me to
have such willingly allowed intimate contact with this love organ
that I had been only able to fantasize about through years of horny
adolescent yearning.

আম্মুgave her characteristic big sigh and relaxed, freeing
my head just before I passed out of asphyxiation. She lay back,
all sprawled out, her legs wide open. I crawled up on top of her
and lay there with my knees between her thighs, and my upper body
weight on my elbows, just lightly lying on her soft, panting body,
now hot and sweaty. I stared at her lovely face until she finally
opened her eyes, having some trouble focusing them at first. Then
I kissed her tenderly and asked, "Did you like that,

"Did I like it!" she exclaimed. "My God, honey! If I had diedright
at the peak of that, I would have died a happy woman! Oh, God,
that was the best orgasm I've ever had in my life! Oooohhh! I'm
still thrilling through and through!"

"Does Dad do that to you sometimes?" I asked.

আম্মুlaughed. "Are you kidding? I can hardly get him to touch me
there, let alone put his mouth on my--my pussy."

"I'll do it to you every day if you'll let me," I offered eagerly.

আম্মুgiggled. "God, honey, I don't know if I could stand it every
day...But I'd sure like to try."

We lay there kissing for a while, as I rubbed my cock up and down
her sopping cunt lips.
আম্মু started stroking my ass lovingly. "Mmmm,
honey!" she exclaimed. "Have you ever opened up my life for me! I
have never been happier or felt better--or loved anyone nearly
so much."

"I'm so glad,
আম্মু," I said. "I want to do everything I can to
make you happy. If there is anything at all that I can do for you,
just let me know."

"You've already done so much, baby, that I feel that I should be
doing more for you." She thought for a moment and then said, "Hey,
that's the idea. Get off me, honey."

She gave me a push and I reluctantly climbed off her lovely
body. "Now, we have to be fair about this,"
আম্মুsaid, smiling. "Stand
back for a minute and let me look at you."

আম্মু,"I complained, "I'm not nearly so good to look at as you
are." For some stupid reason, I put both hands in front of my cock.

"Well, looking at it from a woman's viewpoint, I don't agree,
my dear. Now move those hands and turn around slowly."

Protesting mildly and blushing like crazy, I put on my little
show for
আম্মু.My cock was standing up at a sharp angle, as
hard as it could possibly be, and it bounced up and down as
I moved. "Mmmm! Verrrry nice!"
আম্মু purred as she gazed at my
nakedness. "Now turn back around here and let me have a close look
at that beautiful big pole sticking out in front there."

আম্মুreached out and took hold of my turgid rod and bent her head
over it, examining it closely. "Oooh, it's so lovely, honey!" She
petted and stroked my rigid prick and cupped my hairy balls. Then
she said slowly, hesitantly, "Back when we were first married,
your father forced me to suck his dick several times, and God,
I hated it! Maybe if he had been gentle about it, I might not have
minded so much, but finally I told him I'd bite it off if he ever
tried to stick it in my mouth again.

"Now, though, I have a lot more experience, and I'm more open
minded... And with a gentle lover who treats my body with such
tenderness...and has such a big cock that makes me feel so good...I
think that maybe I could learn to enjoy it. I--I'd like to try--if
you don't mind."

"Oh, God, that would be wonderful,
আম্মু--that is, if you're sure."

আম্মুstroked my cock lovingly. "Mmmm, I'm sure, honey. I just have
to have a taste of this beautiful big monster."

She had me lie down on the bed, and she straddled my legs on her
knees. I assured her that she could stop at any time if she wanted
to. Then she lowered her lovely head and gently kissed the tip of
my cock, where a bead of precum had formed. She licked her lips
and said with a grin, "Hmm, not bad tasting at all."

She began to tentatively lick the purplish-red head of my rod,
setting my sensations a-tingle right away. Then she slipped the
first inch or so inside her pursed lips and began to suck very
lightly. God, what a sight! And what a thrill! Bit by bit she
took more of me into her sucking mouth, and she began to apply
more pressure. Then I could feel her tongue swirling around the
supersensitive ring. I tightened up and held on for dear life to
keep from shooting my load too soon.

আম্মুwas sliding her mouth up and down my cock eagerly, holding
me firmly at the base, as if she were sucking on a popsicle. From
time to time she would stop and lick the head thoroughly, then go
back to her enthusiastic mouth fucking. I can still see clearly
in my mind my mother's beautiful head bobbing up and down over my
excited cock. I can still see my happy hard fuck pole appearing,
covered with her saliva, and disappearing into her delightful red
lips. And I can almost feel that hot, burning, itching sensation as
my climax began to spread out from the roots of my cock, through my
groin and stomach and thighs, curling my toes and making my whole
body one big ball of fire.

আম্মু! I'm gonna cum!" Ichoked, expecting her to pull away and let
me shoot.

আম্মুkept right on sucking, now squeezing my balls and jacking
my cock as well with her hands. I couldn't stop it now. Struggling
to keep from shouting out loud,I just had to let go and let all
that fiery cum boil out of me. And out it came, erupting like
a volcano, right into my mother's mouth. She didn't pause for a
moment. She just gulped and swallowed it down and kept sucking
and jacking. Spurt after spurt of my hot juices spewed into her
mouth and were swallowed right down. I thought I would never stop
cumming, and the waves of pleasure kept sweeping through my body. Oh,
God! Never had anything felt that good before, not even the fantastic
fucks with
আম্মুlast night.

At last I dribbled the final drops and
আম্মু stopped sucking. She just
held my cock in her mouth for some time, however, then licked it off
carefully from tip to balls. Then she let go of me and licked her
fingers, where some of the cum had dripped down from her lips. Then
she smiled at me as I lay there panting. "Yes, my darling boy,
that is much better than I remember it. Oh, yes, I could grow very
fond of doing this with my handsome young motherfucker."

Then she leaned forward and kissed me, sticking her tongue
immediately into my mouth. Her breath smelled like my cum, and I
got a slight taste of it too. Ah, a delicious kiss! I'll bet that
any young stud who has just been sucked off by his darling mother
wouldn't mind such a sexy kiss at all.

আম্মুjust sprawled out on top of me then, and we did some marathon
kissing. In no time at all my cock was rising again to full erection,
rearing its hard head up between her legs. She could feel it and
took hold of it again. Then she lifted up her hips and positioned
the tip of my straining dick against her soft pussy. Then she slowly
lowered herself again, sliding down on my iron rod, forcing it up,
up into that juicy cunt once more. Already I felt that that was
its home, just where my happy cock had always been intended to be.

We enjoyed a long, slow fuck for several minutes. Then
carried away again and rode me fiercely to another grand climax
for both of us. we had just barely got finished when we heard Sis
returning from her class, and we had to break up that morning's
fuck session.

Well, that set the pattern for our whole summer. We fucked almost
every morning after Dad and Sis had left. There were many other
occasions when my socially active (and, I suspected, sexually
active) sister was away from home during the day, giving us
other opportunities for sexual pleasure. Sometimes
আম্মুwould even
sneak into my room at night, with Dad asleep right in the next
bedroom. Those occasions were very nerve-racking, but wickedly

When school started again, it wasn't quite so easy to find good
opportunities, but we still managed to do a surprising amount of
fucking and sucking. When we did get a long period of time together,
we loved to lie in a 69 position and gently suck and lick each other
for up to an hour, just pleasuring each other and holding off the
orgasm until one of us couldn't stand it any longer, and then we
would both race to a climax together. We became amazingly good at
mutual orgasms.
আম্মু apparently is an unusual woman in that she can
be easily stimulated to orgasm in a relatively short period of time.

It is now 9 years after that glorious rainy day. I am 26 and
আম্মু is
49. I would have been quite content to remain entirely true to
alone sexually, but she made me start dating. With what I had learned
from her, I found that I could easily please just about any girl,
and I became quite popular. In fact, I fucked my way through college,
and graduated with honors in spite of that. I got a good job in town,
so that I could live at home and continue to fuck

However, the first day on the job I met a lady who was 11 years
older than I, a secretary with the firm and a divorcee. She was so
much like
আম্মু infigure and personality that in no time at all I
was in love with her. It took some time to convince her that our
age difference was no problem, but eventually she agreed to date
me, and I was such an ardent wooer that she soon surrendered her
body to me. She was not as good in bed as
আম্মু was (Who could be?),
but she was pretty good, and with plenty of practice she has gotten
better and better. We married two years ago and are very happy.

And what about
আম্মু? Well, I would never give up such a great lover,
so I visit her very frequently. We still fuck and suck like crazy,
আম্মু isstill the very best piece of ass that I have ever had--or
could ever imagine. And, seriously, I still love her more than all
the rest of the world combined. Mother/son love, when it is really
deep, and when it is sexual besides, is the very best that there
is. I am so very, very grateful to the wonderful lady who gave
me life and who made my life so completely happy on that lovely
rainy day.

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Horny Pregnant Mother (কামতপ্ত গর্ভবতী মা ...আম্মু)
Kasturi was 8 months pregnant. Her husband Narayana was a road truck driver andwas usually gone 6 days a week. Kasturi's hormones were in overdrive. She wasso horny, and she really needed to get laid.

Unfortunately that day she watched her son
মানব as hewalked out of the shower. It was an accident. She had been taking a load ofunclean clothes to the bath room to wash. As she entered the bathroom, shedidn't see her son মানব who had just turned off the shower and wascleaning himself. She tried not to look, but her eyes caught a glimpse of hislarge semi erect cock as he was drying his hair.

Her swollen pregnant pussy tingled as she watched her son's large cock bounceas he dried his hair with a towel. Kasturi couldn't take her eyes off of hismagnificent cock. When
মানব noticed his mother looking at his youngnaked body he first felt shy and covered it with his towel. It made himuncomfortable at first, but the look of wild lust in his pregnant mother'seyes, soon turned him on. His cock began to grow as he looked at his hornypregnant mother. She gasped as she watched his large cock become even larger.

'My God, he is huge!' she thought to herself. Her pregnant pussy was nowdripping as she stared at his erect 6.5 inch cock. Kasturi knew she shouldleave the bathroom and forget all about the lustful thoughts in her head,especially with her 18 yr old son around. But her horny pussy now controlledher mind.

Kasturi was not to blame. She was 36, still young, hot and aspiring while herhusband Narayana was 55, man who was loosing interest in sex day by day.Although Narayana knew he was getting old for his young horny wife he alwaystried his best when at home but it was becoming hard for him to quenchKasturi's burning desires even at time of making love. Kasturi was married toNarayana when she was only 12 yrs old. She gave birth to
মানব whenshe was 17 yrs old.

At 18,
মানব had grown into a man already. Unlike hisfather he was strong build, 6 feet 2 inches tall and handsome looking lad andabove all he was young. He had everything what Kasturi was desiring in her manand মানব was nowbig enough to understand this.

From the day Kasturi saw her son's massive organ, she was wildly gettingattracted to it. She had become so horny, so lusty for a
মানব'storso that she even fingered herself fantasizing about her son fucking her.Being an old cultured woman Kasturi realized that even fantasizing about herson fucking her was a sin so talking to him and making him fuck her was thegreatest sin on earth she would commit. Kasturi felt depressed with thesethoughts in mind.

Due to his mother's recent behavior especially after catching him naked in thebathroom,
মানব had started getting a feeling of being astranger to his mother. Whenever he would walk towards his mother, Kasturiwould shy around talking nonsense. When ever he would close on to his motherKasturi would heave or would gasp at his presence. And one morning when মানব likeany son tried to hug his mother from behind while she was working in kitchenand when Kasturi felt her son's cock pierce into her ass. The feeling wasamazing she slowly began to move her ass back and forth wanting to feel hiscock deeper in her ass.

মানব wasshocked by his mother's nasty approach but he didn't objected to what she wasdoing and infact he was enjoying the Horny feeling that his own mother wasseducing him. And that মানব's flat cock to grow in size. And thefeeling of his cock growing in her ass made Kasturi so much wild that she beganpressing her ass hard against মানবs cock.

মানব broughthis both hand from his mother's shoulders down to her massive স্তন whilehe gradually began to stroke his mother's ass. When he griped his mother'smilky স্তন and pressed them hard, her body stiffened.To her wonders মানব finally brought his lips down at her neckand brushed them softly over her exposed flesh at her neck. মানব had hiserection to the fullest. He departed from his mother and moving away to a fewfeets distance he looked at his mother. His mother turned around and the momentshe did he pulled his pants down and stood bottom nude with his massiveerection in front of the horny lady.

Kasturi wasn't looking at his son's face instead her eyes were stuck on hishuge erection that he was now stroking to keep it erect. "Do you like whatyou see, Mummy?" he asked her. "
মানব you arequite a man now, aren't you?" she stated. মানব grabbedhis mother's hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. Kasturi could feel herpussy quiver as she gripped his huge erection.
মানব slidhis hand inside of his mother's loose fitting শাড়ী top andbegan to stroke her swollen স্তন. Kasturi moaned. She wasfuriously stroking her son's hard cock with her soft hand. মানব moaned,and Kasturi slowly knelt to the floor. She took the head of her son's cock intoher warm, wet mouth. "Oh, Mummy, that feels incredible" he said. Heheld her by her silky brunette hair as she sucked him.

"Oh God, mummy, you suck so good" he moaned. "
মানব, let'sgo to the bedroom, it would be much more comfortable for me" she told herson. "Sure আম্মু, whatever you want" he said. She ledhim by his large hard-on towards her bedroom. মানব beganunbuttoning his mother's শাড়ী. He slid her শাড়ী outfrom her pregnant body. Her breasts were large and swollen. He unbuttoned her ব্লাউস, and tossed it to the floor. "God, you have excellent স্তন"he told her. মানব cupped each of the huge swollen white স্তন intohis hands. He stared at the large puffy dark colored nipples.মানব beganto suck on his mother's swollen nipples. He tasted her sweet mother's milk asit leaked from her erect brown nips. Kasturi moaned and held her son as hesuckled her breasts. His hand slid down over her huge pregnant belly. His youngcock throbbed with excitement as his hand slid beneath the waist. He slid hishand lower, until he felt her hairy mound. His finger quickly found hismother's swollen clit (যৌনাঙ্গ). She was so wet, that he easily slipped afinger inside of her. "Oh, God, you are making me feel so good, baby"Kasturi groaned ecstatically when she said this to her son.

মানব's cockwas pulsating wildly as he finger-fucked her pregnant pussy. "Mmm, yesbaaaby!!!" she grunted. She began to jerk her son's large cock with bothof her hands, as he fingered her. He watched as her pregnant belly jiggled asshe thrust against his hand. He pulled her পেটিকোট andpanties off. He began kissing below her large breasts, and she felt his tongueas it slowly licked across her swollen belly. "Oh, God" she moaned.He licked her pregnant belly softly kissing every inch as he worked his way betweenher spread legs.

Kasturi almost fainted when her son's tongue touched her wet clit (
যৌনাঙ্গ)."Oh, yes baby" she moaned. মানব thrust his tongue deepinside of her hot, wet pussy. Kasturi held her son's head firmly, grinding herpussy against his face. "Mmmmmmmmm, yes oh yes" she yelled. Kasturi'sorgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She thrashed wildly as her sweet pussyjuices gushed into her son's mouth. "Oh, eat me baby, eatmy যোনি, you're making mommie cum, aaaaaaaaaahhhh" she yelled. মানবhungrily lapped up his আম্মু's sweet pussy juices, fingering her deeplyas he licked her swollen clit (যৌনাঙ্গ).Kasturi pushed her son away from her aching pussy. "You haveto put your big cock in me, fuck me baby" she grunted. She got on herhands and knees, and raised her ass high in the air. "Put it in me, fuckmommie now" she screamed. মানব pressed his large cock headagainst his আম্মু's swollen pregnant pussy lips. Kasturiquivered as she felt him slowly slide inside of her. "Oh, yes deeper, givemommie all of it" she yelled. মানব thrust and deeply penetratedhis আম্মু's hotpussy. She screamed and climaxed as his large cock embedded all the way insideof her.
"God, it feels so tight, আম্মু" মানব moanedas he fucked his আম্মু's hot cunt. He began slamming his cock withgreat force inside of her hot tight cunt. মানব wasfuriously pounding away at his আম্মু's hot pussy from behind. Hisexcitement was intensified as he watched his আম্মু quiverwith ecstasy. Suddenly he felt like erupting. "God, I'm gonna cum" heyelled.

"Yes, shoot it for me baby" she moaned.
মানব's cumerupted inside of her like a cannon. She could feel his hot lava like cum as itsplashed against her tight pussy. "Oh, yes baby" she yelled as shecame too. মানব continued squirting his hot cum deep intohis mother's tight pussy. Both were climaxing together.

মানবwithdrew his cock from his আম্মু's pregnant pussy and rolledaway from her.
মানব sawhis mother heaving breasts. He moved towards them and taking one of her nipplesin between his lips he sucked her nipple and was also rewarded with a stream ofmother's milk. Kasturi moaned as her son sucked her breast. Her pussy tingledas she felt him suckle from her large breast. She slid her hand between herlegs and stroked her swollen clit (যৌনাঙ্গ). "Yes, suck them good forme" she told him. Her fingers quickly worked her pussy to anotherincredible orgasm.

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A Son's Love to his mother

I was always taught to revere my mother. Infact mothers are even held higherthan god in India! Hence we have a lot of respect and closeness towards ourmothers. Mothers also develop a very close relationship with their sons andeven after they become men! They even become very protective against theirson's wife.

I always thought it is a normal thing for every son to have a highly protectivemother. But after reading some psychoanalysis texts, I came to know that Indianmothers have a reversal of Oedipus complex. That is, the mothers areemotionally and sexually attracted to their sons. Indian mothers are evencompared with Italian and Japanese mothers who also have very close relationshipswith their son. In real life though, this may or may not be true as we don’tknow the real feelings of our mothers.

But it is a proven fact that mothers take sexual pleasure in breasting feedingtheir sons. Some mothers even confessed that they had orgasms while their sonswere sucking their milk filled breasts. So, to all the sons out there, we allmight have already had sex with your mothers and satisfied her even when wewere young!

I have to confess, reading psychoanalysis as changed the way I looked at mymother! Suddenly she became a woman to me. Now I respect her more but I alsoadmire her sexually. Since then I generated sexual desires for her. She hasbecome my object of lust even more than the sexy actresses we see on screen. Sowhenever I saw pictures of naked or scanty clad actresses, I replace them withmy mother in my mind.

To tell you the truth, my mother is no way a sexy bitch like the actresses. Sheis 45, and a housewife. Now I will let you imagine her body. If you know Indianmother-house-wives in their forties, you would have imagined fat, plumpy anddroopy, draped in a cotton saree. Thats exactly how my
আম্মু (Mother) is! But she has a great and attractive face though! But if you see herbody, she resembles a typical Indian mother; well fucked and used on bed, herbelly with plenty of birth marks, and a face that has learnt to suppress herevergrowing lust.

She may not sound sexy to you but she is a knockout for me. I am sure every sonwill feel the same as me once they make their mother a sexual object to desirefor! I am proud to say I have hots for my mother!

Time to get to my story! Needless to say my mother's name is Karpagam and mydad's name is Ramanathan! I am their only son and I am 23 yrs old and I havejust finished my degree and joined a company as a trainee. I lusted for mymother's body for more than two years now and I slept every night after masturbatingthinking of her. I was constantly looking for an opportunity to seduce her butnever had guts to do it. Mostly because of my Dad. I did not wanted to hurt himI suppose!

But I did something which my Dad would never know. Stealing my mother's dirty laundry!Yes! My mother is tidy enough to change her undies every day and I enjoyed herfresh laundry everyday. I made a habit to steal her bra, panties and petticoatwhenever I wanted to fuck her. I used to spread her clothing on my bed andmasturbate on them. I used to deposit on her fresh used panties and bras andalso wipe off my cum with her petticoat. I use to replace them back in thelaundry the next morning.

Sometimes, I also used to steal her fresh bra, panties, and petticoat and usedthem to deposit my cum on them after masturbation. After they were dry enough Iused to replace them in her fresh clothing and enjoyed seeing her wear my cumfilled undies. I used to satisfy myself that way, that atleast my cum istouching my mother's breasts and her pussy.

My luck turned as I got transferred to Tirunelveli a town in southern
কোলকাতা and its is verymuch famous for Halwa. My dad and আম্মু (Mother) decided my mother will accompany me. I never rejected the decision as Iwas looking forward to get my mother alone. An year ago we moved there inApril. It is summer time and was very hot! We rented a single bedroom house. Wetook two single mattresses with us, which we slept on them in the same room.Needless to say, from the day one, I have been looking for an opportunity tofuck my mother.

The opportunity came when my mother wanted to watch a movie one evening. Icould not make it for the 6pmshow so we went to 9pmshow. It was supposed to be a family movie but suddenly in the middle of themovie they started showing a blue movie. Since we were new to this town, wedidn’t know about that theatre that shows adult bits during night shows. It wasa story about a cheating wife. They were showing all the sex scenes and me andmother felt a bit uneasy after five minutes. I asked
আম্মু (Mother) if she wants to go but she said if I want to! How can I miss my chanceof a blue movie on big screen and also a possible chance of getting my motherlustful? I sat back and we watched. I know she would like to watch sex stuff asI used to see her watching late night movies in the night on tv. Afterforty-five minutes of hot steamy sex scenes and the cheating wife being fuckedby more than five people, they resumed the normal movie.

When the movie finished, my mind was full of sex scenes I saw and I completelyforgot what the real movie was. It was then I noticed there were a lot ofcouples around us and they were all looking at us wierdly as we walked outtogether. As we came home, me and mother talked only for a minute or so. Wecame home, changed our clothes and
আম্মু (Mother) fixed our beds all in lostout mode. As I locked the doors and switched off the bedroom light, I could nothelp but to see আম্মু (Mother)'s naked midriff flesh asshe was already on the bed.

The room was dark with only some light coming from the window. As I lay on mybed, I was in a mood to fuck my mother but didnot have the guts to approachher. After ten minutes, I could not sleep and I had to masturbate. I was shamedto do it beside my mother but I could not help it. So my own mother who is sleepingbeside me became my dream girl as I masturbated beside her. I slowly dozed offafter I am finished.

Suddenly, after sometime, I was woken up by some moans. As I opened my eyes Icould clearly hear
আম্মু (Mother) moaning. I was shocked butat the sametime I was turned on too. I could not see if she is finger fuckingherself while moaning but I enjoyed her moans as they grew my cock. I heardthose for two to three minutes as my dick is throbbing by then and I could nothold myself. Out of impulse I quickly got up, grabbed her right hand with myleft hand, and moved on to the top of her and said "Let me take care ofyou আম্মা!"

আম্মু (Mother) was shocked and screamed as I quickly muffled her by kissing her lips. I quickly moved myright hand to grab some of my mother huge left blouse covered breast andcaressed it.আম্মু (Mother) struggled but cooled alittle as I let go her lips and she said "NO! Ravi!You are my son!"

"Forget I am you son for a while
আম্মা!"I added "You need me and I need you now!"

"No!" she said again "This is wrong!"

"I don't care
আম্মা! I want you!" Iinterrupted.

Before she could say anything "I know you need me too

I quickly moved my right hand to part her saree tangles and startedcaressing her mound and said "I know I can take care of this আম্মা! Please give me a chance!"

আম্মু (Mother) wanted to say something but kept quite as my fingers touched her clit (যৌনাঙ্গ) and gave out a small moan.

It was then I thought I got her by her horns.

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I let go her hand and I quickly took off her pallu from her chest withmy left hand as my right hand is still caressing her petticoat covered pussy.
আম্মু (Mother) is doing nothing except saying it is wrong and I am her son! I caressed her breast and pussy for sometimeuntil I thought its safe to undress my mother. As I stopped to remove herblouse hooks, she laid there and did nothing like a hypnotised woman.

I slowly opened her blouse as her naked breasts glistened in the lowlight as they became more visible. As I opened all the hooks and saw hernipples, I could not wait but to move to suck on them. May be a son's instinctsor may be a lover's I felt great as I took my mother's nipple into my mouth. Idon’t know how long I played with her স্তন as I could not getbored playing with them. আম্মু (Mother) though closed her eyes andpossibly enjoying my deeds.

After few minutes, I realised my cock is stiff for long time now and is painingme as if it wants to get access to my mother's cunt.
SoI sat up and held on to her tucked-in tangles of her saree to pull them out. Asthe saree tangles got loose and fell on to the side, I could see her petticoatwith one layer of saree still draping her.I wanted to takeoffher petticoat as I was desperate to see আম্মু (Mother)'s nakedness, but mydick is controlling me now. So I had to find an easy way to get to আম্মু (Mother)'s naked cunt quickly. So I started yanking her petticoat up. At schoolwe used to joke that the main advantage of a saree is to get easy access towoman's pussy as both saree and petticoat can be yanked up. If the woman is notwearing any panties (as most mothers don't) you have one plump and juicy cuntto fuck right away.

As I lifted my mother's petticoat and remembered that school talk, I wasassured that it is a fact. It was very easy to lift her clothing up to accessmy mother's nakedness as it was being revealed from her feet first to her haircovered fat plump pussy. I expected
আম্মু (Mother) to say something as I wasgetting close to seeing her mound but she remained silent with her eyes closed.
I took off my sarong, as I wanted to fuck her first and do everythinglater as my cock was throbbing to be massaged by a real cunt muscles. As Iplaced myself between আম্মু (Mother)'s legs, আম্মু (Mother) widened the legs apart in a bid to give me better access to her cunt.It was then I was assured that আম্মু (Mother) wanted my dick as bad as Iwanted her pussy.
I wasted no time as I took hold of my very frustrated erect dick with myright hand as I moved forward to get my dick inline with her cunt. As I felther cuntlips with my fingers, I had shivers through my spine as I realised mydream was coming true. As my dick touched her pussy lips আম্মু (Mother) moaned a bit and I could feel her lips splitting apart to accommodatemy dick into her vagina. I wanted to enjoy every bit of inserting my dick into আম্মু (Mother)'s cunt as I slowly pushed it inside her. There is no friction, as Icould feel her cunt being very wet, except for her cunt muscles giving way toand engulfing my dick as it reached the inner sanctum of my birthplace. As soonas I inserted my dick into her cunt, I stopped and looked at আম্মু (Mother)'s face. My scrotum is fully pressed against her womanhood. My dickwas fully inserted into her vagina. My balls are pressing against her lowercunt lips and my pubic hair has joined with hers.আম্মু (Mother) opened her eyes as I stopped and I could feel the enjoyment in hereyes. She looked radiant in that darkness and I wanted to say something to her.I whispered to her "I am finally fucking you আম্মা! I have just conquered my mother's vagina!" আম্মু (Mother) smiled as if she agreed.

I got full excited seeing her smile as I pulled out completely and thumped backagain into her womb. For every thrust of me fucking
আম্মু (Mother) I had a added excitement of violating my mother's cunt. I felt theecstasy as the thought of me committing incest with আম্মু (Mother) ran through my head. I thought I had the whole world's pleasure as Ienjoyed the forbidden fruit of my mother's chastity.

Every thrust into আম্মু (Mother)'s vagina told me that I amenjoying the sweetness of her plump cunt. Every ram into her hot pussy handedover more of her chastity to me. Those thoughts kept me going as I thrustedmore and more until I felt my hot cum was now ready to fill my mother's womb.And it did! My dick spasmed as it spewed my semen in আম্মু (Mother)'s cunt. It was a great thing to experience as my cum gushed out as Iclimaxed in আম্মু (Mother)'s hot oven and felt theshower spraying over all her inner sanctum where I took shape. The thrill ofusing mother's pussy to relieve my sexual desire pushed more of my semen outinto her womb. As I felt my balls being emptied, I collapsed on top of her as Igasped for breath and my dick emptied itself into আম্মু (Mother).

I laid limp on her for a while until
আম্মু (Mother)then kissed me on my lips, this time all by herself.I finally got আম্মু (Mother)'s response. A few kisseslater আম্মু (Mother) wanted to go to thebathroom so I moved from her. As I moved on to the floor by her mattress, Icould see আম্মু (Mother) sitting on the bed as sherehooked her blouse. It reminded me of scenes in the movies where a woman hooks her blousewhile a half naked man is by her bed. It was a scuttle uncensored way to saythey just had sex and I was thrilled to find it is my own mother who's portrayingthe scene with me in my real life. As she got up, she took off the left over saree aroundher and walked off in blouse and petticoat to the bathroom. AsI looked at her, I felt its unbelievable that until certain moments ago thatbody of my mother was a forbidden fruit for me. Now, that fruit was tasted andI enjoyed every bit of it.

As my mother walked away from me, I could not believe I just had hot sex withher. Her body now carries my sex juices. After
আম্মু (Mother) went to the bathroom, I followed her. I saw the light in the bathroomand the door was open and as I went close to the room, Icould hear আম্মু (Mother)'s pissing sound and it wasdefinitely louder than I ever heard. I have heard from someone that a woman'spissing sound reveals whether she has been fucked or not. The better the fuck,the louder the noise! Even hearing my mother's pissing sound became an eroticsound for me. I waited until আম্মু (Mother) came out to relievemyself. As I came back, I saw আম্মু (Mother) already on her bed.

Needless to say, Our first fucking experience opened up a whole new world forboth of us.
আম্মু (Mother) though, felt terribleguilt after our first fuck as she got to grips with loosing her chastity andmotherhood both at same time. She was unstable and wanted to go back to dad. Ihad to spend a lot of time trying to get over it. I started being more romanticand behaved as a more loving son than a lover. Finally she cooled down aftertwo days.

We had no sex all those two days. I could have probably lived my entire lifewith no sex if I did not get the taste of my mother's cunt. But after I hadher, I wanted more of her and all the time! Eventhough I felt sorry for
আম্মু (Mother), it was hard control my lust as I was seeing her hot body all the time.I could not help but gawk at her all the time and stroke my dick when shewasn't watching. But I was determined to get her to accept me as her lover andI didn't wanted to spoil my plans by acting stupid. So I resorted back to mymasturbation to relieve myself. On the third day, my luck changed! Motherfinally gave into my romantic side and accepted me as her lover. I didn't knewthat until that night when আম্মু (Mother) combined both our beds forthe first time! I was happy to see it and best of all, I will never forget theshy look আম্মু (Mother) had on her face. The lookof a bride approaching her groom on the first night! That night was morepassionate than our first one as আম্মু (Mother)'s reciprocation took me tonew heights of sexual ecstasy! The first night we slept together naked!

Since then, whenever we were alone, our beds were always together. And now I amproud to say I am her permanent lover.
We never missed a singlechance to union our genetalia.আম্মু (Mother) got so used to our sex that she refused to go back to dad. Infact dadhad to come to my place after two months. He arrived at our house unannouncedone night and you guessed it! We were in the middle ofour mother and son reunion. We took some time to openthe door as আম্মু (Mother) had to dressup as Iscrambled to bathroom to rid off my erection. আম্মু (Mother) opened the door and was shocked to see dad there but she quicklycoveredup the delay saying she was sleeping and thought Raviwould open the door. Dad asked where was I and said I am probably in thetoilet.

As I loosened my erection to come and greet dad, I could not help but noticeour room smelt of our sex. I felt a bit kinky by the smell as its hard toexplain its presence where a mother and son live together. And secondly whenthe visitor is
আম্মু (Mother)'s husband. I don’t know ifdad smelt it because he never asked anything about it. আম্মু (Mother) kept him busy asking questions as I felt I was a little disorientedwith unfinished sex and watching আম্মু (Mother) trying to coverup ourdeed. I really wanted to throw dad out and fuck mother then and there! But Icontrolled.

Since then, needless to say, no
আম্মু (Mother)'s cunt for me. I had toresort back to masturbation and that too in bathroom. After three days, Ibecame like a hungry dog missing his mother's sweet cunt. I was gettingdesperate for আম্মু (Mother)'s cunt and there was nevera window of opportunity to get her away from dad! Despite my masturbations, Istarted getting mad! Desperate situations call for desperate measures! Icouldn't help but to get some sleeping pills the next day to get dad some soundsleep. I persuaded আম্মু (Mother) to add them in his milk hedrinks everynight before going to bed. We all slept together by combining boththe beds with dad in the middle and we both on either side. But that night, asthe sleeping pills took control of him, we moved dad away to one corner and wefucked. আম্মু (Mother) was hesitant in thebeginning but became a real bitch as she learnt that dad is sound asleep.Probably she even got turned on being fucked beside her husband as he is deepasleep.

Since then, we used the sleeping pills every alternate day on dad just to besafe. After a week
আম্মু (Mother) had her periods so wenever got to use pills on dad for those six days. After her periods were overdad wanted to get back to the city and asked আম্মু (Mother) to go with him. আম্মু (Mother) refused saying shecouldn’t leave me alone atleast for another month. Dad did not accept it forsometime and me and আম্মু (Mother) had to act out to make himrealise I will be in shambles if আম্মু (Mother) is not around. Dad finallyaccepted and left us after two weeks with us.

I also have an anecdote to tell you while he left too. As he was leaving to thecity, we went and saw him off at the bus stand. The bus was late by 20 mins and
আম্মু (Mother) was getting restless. Probably because it was more than a week since আম্মু (Mother) had a good penetration. She could not wait and wanted to leave beforedad's bus left. She used the playcard of safety. Dad finally said its ok andbut I got আম্মু (Mother) to wait until his busleft. I wanted to make sure he's gone. As we got home আম্মু (Mother) did nothing but to strip herself as we had a hot steamy sex. That nightwe never had enough! We both were in a mood for reckless sex and we fucked fivetimes. We had to stop because our genetalia were completely bruised as we felta lot of pain. আম্মু (Mother) said she never had sexthat many times in a single night in her life and itseems she felt like showing her cunt to her husband and tell him thatswhat his son does to her in private.

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From that day, আম্মু (Mother) always told me that I can treat her as mywife when dad is not around. She said she will be my mother only when peopleare around. And I treated her that way too. আম্মু (Mother) left to dad after amonth after dad left but she always said she prefers to live with me. Sincethen we all travelled back and forth but the best time we always had was when আম্মু (Mother) came to visit me allalone or when dad goes away on tours.

It is more than a year now eversince I started my new relation with my mother.I have to say I am more satisfied son now and I love
আম্মু (Mother) even more than I usedto. I am not sure if I feel the same when I have a wife but I definitely feelmore for আম্মু (Mother) than in our regular আম্মু (Mother)-son relationship. আম্মু (Mother)'s pretty happy too andshe no more talks being guilty about our relationship. She says she is morehappy than ever and happy to sleep with both men in her life. She says her bodyhas adjusted to give pleasure to both her husband and son and her cunt haslearnt to accommodate the dicks of two men.

We prettymuch treat each
other as husband and wife whenwe are alone and when dad is around too! We molest each other as if we areplaying something and do intimate things when dad is in another room or intoilet.

I don’t know if dad had ever figured out that I am fucking
আম্মু (Mother). There were few obviousmoments that he caught us both on but never said a word on them. Neither did hetry to stop us being alone together. Either he didnot figured it out or hedidnot choose to believe that a mother and son can have a sexual relationship.It can also be that he probably guessed it and chose to overlook it. In anycase, its fine by me as long as he doesn't try to come between me and আম্মু (Mother).

আম্মু (Mother) has risen to the levelof saying no to dad and I always respected her decisions. So dad could not stopus even if he wanted to at some times. My sexual escapades were never stopped.

At one instance dad did raise the issue of getting me married.
আম্মু (Mother) and I rejected though! আম্মু (Mother) sometimes asked me if Iwant to get married and I always said no. Frankly, I don’t think I need a wife!I have my mother! I am happy eventhough I don’t get to fuck her everyday andevery time I wanted to. I love her and I love to fuck her! So why do I needanother wife? আম্মু (Mother)'s only 45 and I am 23 now. We both love to be with eachother andhave great time together! She is my আম্মু (Mother) but treats me like her husband when onbed. And I can love her as my dearest mother and can also make love to her. Idon't know about her but I plan to have that relationship with her until weboth live. Now she is still young and fertile too! So she can bare me children!She can be the আম্মু (Mother) of my children too!

I know
আম্মু (Mother) has her husband. Dad is 53 now and live in his own world of workand politics. He has little time for mother and probably will not care mucheven if he knows about our affair. আম্মু (Mother) cares for both of us and wants to keep ourrelationship going. For me, what ever my আম্মু (Mother) thinks is fine with me. Iwould not want to see her get hurt. I would not care about dad and I can takecare of আম্মু (Mother) if he does something. I would not mind to share আম্মু (Mother) with dad. But I don’tknow what আম্মু (Mother) would do if our relationship gets further. Like if she getspregnant by me. I was not interested in getting her pregnant as আম্মু (Mother) always carefully avoidedhaving sex with me during her fertile times. I am having sex with her for overan year now and my views on reproduction are changing. Lately, I am moreinclined to having a baby with আম্মু (Mother)! A baby that would carve mine andআম্মু (Mother)'s incestuous relationshipforever.

I would like to see my future with
আম্মু (Mother) as my wife and mother of my children. Imay not marry her literally. But that might change if she becomes a widow. ThenI would definitely marry her. In any case I will get her pregnant. And I wantto do it when dad is alive. Dad may overlook it and stay with us or move away.Either way, I will get to keep my mother and will bare my children with her.

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