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Old 19th January 2007
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Indian Incest Family I

Indian Incest Family I
By Jeevan
I am going to narrate the story of an Indian family who somehow got into incestuous relationship with each member. Isn’t it interesting? Well let me tell you how it started.
Let me introduce the family
Vasundhara the wife, age 40 yrs (now) 5'8"/ 40c/36/42 looks like Anuradha Poudwal.
Dr. Ravi the husband, age 42, 5'9" charming
Manoher(Rajendra), The son, 19 yr old, 5'6" good looking
Radhika, the daughter age 20 yr old, 5’7", 37/28/37
Kavita, Vasundhara’s sister very beautiful traditionl woman5'6" ht, round face, white color, 38d/35/41 wt. around 73kgs looks like Reema Lagoo
Raj, son of Kavita, 19 yr. Old, 5’ 7” handsome
Ravali, daughter of Kavita, 21 yr old. Sexy face, tall 5'7" and have a good
structure 37/28/36 she is a doctor now
Chapter I
The Brother and Sister do it!
Dr. Ravi is rich medico and is from high cast, chowdharies, in Andhra Pradesh. He lived in nice big apartment with his wife, Vasundhara, and two children, Manoher and Radhika. The family was normal Indian family and the thing started surprisingly about three years back. Vasundhara’s sister Kavita lived along with this family in the same apartment and she had two children Raj and Ravali.
In 1997 the thing started innocently. One day Raj arrived home and opened the door with his key. When he entered the house and approached his bedroom, he saw a girl sitting in there. She was wearing orange sari and matching blouse and was reading something. Raj had never seen this sari in his family and thought that his sisters friend, Sonu must have come to her and sitting there. There was some love game going on between Raj and Sonu for quite some time and Raj thought it the best opportunity to make love to his beloved. He quietly went into the bedroom looking at the figure and when he went near her he saw that she was reading Porn magazine and some incest story. She was ignorant of the intruder and continued to read so. Her breathing was heave and her hands were in-between her thighs and rubbing there. The figure looked as Sonu’s so Raj went behind her and caught both her boobs from behind. She gave a cry of surprise and turned her head to see who was that fellow holding her boobs in his hands.
As she turned backwards, Raj got hell of a shock! SHE was not Sonu BUT his own sister Ravali!!! Oh GOD! He removed his hands from the soft boobs that he had held, and stood away looking frightened. He said, “ Ohh Sis! I am sorry. I thought it was your friend, Sonu. Please don’t tell this to our Mom. Ohh I am ashamed of my self for doing this to you.”
Ravali, “ Ohhh Raj! Don’t be sorry! Did you enjoy touching my breasts?”
“Ohhh! How can I say? Aahh.. yes… I enjoyed that thinking it was Sonu.”
“So you did not enjoy touching my breasts? You did not like them?”
“Ohhh No Sis! They are really wonderful! So hard, so tough But you are my sister!”
“ Don’t be so backward. What’s there if I am your sister? Don’t I have any physical needs? Ohh how I was dying to feel the male hands on my body! And you are the first man to touch my breasts. Ohh Raj don’t be afraid. I am Doctor myself and there is nothing wrong if we just neck with each other for a change. Come on be a sport.”
“Ohhh Sis what are you talking? It’s a sin. Ohh but I loved the feel of your breasts and wish you were not my sister.”
“ Come on see what I was reading! Oh god! This had made me so hot and then your hands on my breasts. Ohh come on let’s play. Do you like my body?”
Ohh Sis! You have a wonderful body. And those boobs! GOD are they BIG! They are huge. And I would love to touch them again.”
“Ohh Raj I want you to.”
And Ravali boldly caught her brother in tight embrace. Her lips touching his in a passionate kiss. Her tongue searched his and then both the tongues searched the forbidden pleasure of incest. Raj was holding his sister tightly and moving his hands on her back, caressing the lithe figure. Ravali was not idle either; she was searching for her brother’s most precious tool and found it hard as she pressed her hand on his crotch. Ravali’s 37 inch bobs were rubbing on Raj’s chest and he was eager to se them naked. His tongue traveled from Ravali’s lips to her ears and he licked her earlobes one after the other. Ravali shivered with pleasure, “ Ohh Raj! What are you doing? Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhh1 my body is heating up. Ohh God! I did not know this would be so nice! Ahhh! What I have here? Ohh it’s your Lund! Ohh how tight it is! Soo hard for me, your sister! Ohh make love to me brother! Lets forget our relation. Just do it! Ohhhhhhhhh!”
“Yes sis you are so hot! Come on remove your blouse and free those big boobs of yours! I am dying to see them. Ohhh Yessssss! Ahhhhh my sister I love you!”
And Ravali unhooked her blouse and removed it. Raj smelled it and then as if he loved the smell of her armpits, sniffed the fabric there. The smell was intoxicating him and he pushed his nose in her armpits inhaling deeply the aroma of his sister’s sweat. Ravali had now removed her bra too and her twin melons sprang free for her brother. Ravali’s boobs were really big and whitish, with smooth skin and prominent veins running over the soft surface. She had nice big aureoles crowned by sharp brown nipples. The breasts did not sag but stood proudly over the body frame. Raj absorbed the beauty in his eyes and jumped to knead them. He caught each one in his hand and kneaded with all his might. Ravali moaned at her brothers playing and she unzipped his pant and removed his lund.
Raj had nice big tool, almost 7 inches. Now it stood at 90 degrees to greet his sister. It was uncircumcised and the cock head peeked through the skin covering the cock. It was shiny with his precome and Ravali admired it and caressed it in her tender and soft hands. Now the game was going to another destination and both could not control themselves.
“ Ohh Raj! I am so hot. Put that lund of yours in my choot and fuck me. Chodo muze! Aaj meri choot maro !Ohhhh RAJ! Mere mamme dabao aur chodo.”
“ Yes my darling I am going to fuck you! Lets get comfortable and remove all our clothes. I don’t want any hindrance. Come on lets do it.”
And within few minutes both were naked and Ravali lay on the bed spreading her thighs to welcome her brother. Raj climbed on her naked body and saw the choot of his sister. She had nice fleshy choot with well developed labis guarding her hole. Her choot had nice black pubic hair that had been trimmed recently into nice bush. Her love bud, the clit was visible and was now peeking out of the clitoral hood to welcome her brother’s manipulations. Being a medico Ravali had taken care of the hygiene of the choot and it really smelled fresh. Raj saw this and wanted to kiss it but Ravali said, “ Raj! Don’t wait put that lund in my choot and fuck me. Chodo muze! Meri choot tumhare lund ka betabi ke saath intajjar kar rahi hai! Chal jaldi dal aur chod.”
Raj listened to Ravili and spreading her thighs more widely, pushed his lund in her choot. Ravali moaned at the touch of the live cock in her choot and moved her ass to allow him easy entry. Raj felt some resistance from her choot but he was so exited that he did not stop and thrust hard trying to overcome the resistance. Ravali cried in pain but did not stop him but urged him to push, “ Ohh Raj push that cock in. Push it with force and break my hymen. Just in one stroke so that the pain will be short and pleasure will be more.”
Raj did as was told by his doctor sister and with all his might forced his cock through her obstruction. Ohhh ! Nooooo! That’s what Ravali just cried but she brought her ass up to take that cock deeper in her sisterly hole. Now Raj was half way in and was comfortably fucking his sister. Ravali held her two massive boobs and kneaded them with her own hands and then asked Raj to do it, “ ohh Raj! Knead my boobs. Press them hard. Rub the nipples. I know you are busy fucking my hungry choot but please do this too. I want to enjoy your fucking. Ohh GOD!”
Raj obliged and caught the twin melons and started to press the fleshy globes. They were really huge but slightly smaller than his mothers, he thought. So he asked Ravali, “ Hey you have nice boobs but I think they are smaller than our mom’s. are they? I did see mom’s boobs one day when she came out of the bathroom but I am not sure aabout the size.”
“ ohhh! So the young man wants to compare my boobs with mom’s! surely they are smaller than hers but I they are frm and hard than her’s. Let me see and I will tell yu later on. Now just fuck me. Ohhh god you have nice rod. OHH chod muze! Ohh ter khada lud bada mast hai re! Chal jaldi chod! Mai khalas hone aayee hai! Ohhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Yesssssss fuck meeeee!”
Raj started to push his lund in her choot and fuck her faster. As he fucked more and more of his cock entered her virgin choot and since raj was also new to this game he could not hold much longer. He fucked her fast and lay on her body, panting, and deposited the forbidden seed in his sisters choot. Ravali too felt the hot globs of come jerking from her brothers cock and falling inher choot. She too spasmed and came with this stimulation. Her body went stiff and then limp with the waves of ecstacy passing through her body.
Both the brother and sister lay still panting and catching their breath. As they relaxed Ravali asked her brother how he felt. He said, “ ohh sis! It was heaven. I never thought fucking you was possible and now it has.. I am really excited of this new relationship. What about our family? What if they find us? I am worried.”
“Ohh Raj don’t get upset. Do you want our mom’s body? Do you want to fuck her too? Tell me frankly. I will try to seduce her for you. Then there wont be any problem. Let us involve everybody in our family including our cousins and aunt and uncle. That will be fun!”
Raj’s cock jerked with the thought of fucking his mother and his aunts family too. His cock sprang to life again and Ravali took this opportunity to suck him off. She took his cock in her mouth and licked off her own come from it. Now the thought of fucking his own mother had made him very hot and he wanted his sister to know that he was indeed interested in that. So he asked her if she was realy going to invite their mom for the forbidden sex? Ravali smiled as she sucked and told him yes she will. Now she asked him to bring his mouth on her choot and lick it for her. So the brother and sister positioned themselves in classical 69 and begin their lust session.
Both of them enjoyed each others body for the first time in a forbidden love that ignited a new spark of incest in the whole family. Both Raj and Ravali enjoyed eachother secretely for some time i.e. just 4 days during which time the urge to enjoy the mothers body increased in their minds many folds and Now on 4 th day Ravali was determined to seduce her mother into this forbidden but that’s why erotic relationship.
Lets go to part II of this story for this.
You are all welcome to send feedback to me at Jeevan

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