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Old 24th February 2012
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Actress Priyamani got gangraped

Priyamani (Priya Vasudev Mani Iyer) is a popular south Indian actress. She has starred in several Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada movies. She was born in Palakkad, Kerala and was brought up in Bangalore.

I had read recent article in xxxx about her gangbang sex after the party of winning CCL (Celebrity cricket league) finals team in a bar.
Reference: xxxxxx

So i am writing a story about this incident – what might have happened that time – it’s a lengthy story – need your response.
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Old 24th February 2012
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Two men pulled Priyamani kicking and screaming body out of the booth. They said she could fight and scream all she wanted but she was still going to give that blow-job one way or the other! She went white from fear and begged the men to let her go. Priyamani said she didn't have a lot of money, but they could have it all if they would leave her alone and let her go. The guy pulled his zipper down and laughed.

"We don't give a shit about your money! You can keep that! But, we ain't going to let you keep that pussy to yourself!", he told her.

Priyamani was about to be gang raped. She had only two choices. Fight and hope to escape, or try to relax and hope they didn't seriously hurt her. When she saw the ten men gathered around her, she knew she'd better try to relax.Suddenly, she was forced to kneel. The bartender got behind and grabbed her head so she couldn't move it. The man who made the bet stepped closer. When he pulled his cock out, he told her to start sucking and if she bit him, he'd knock her teeth out and then fuck her face anyway! The bartender shoved her forward. The man in front ground his soft dick against Priyamani's face. When he was hardening, he pinched her nose to make her open her mouth.

Priyamani finally gasped for air and he pushed his semi-hard dick into her mouth. He stopped moving once her lips encircled his cock and let the man behind take over. The bartender yanked her head back and forth over the prick. Priyamani was shoved and pulled, again and again, over and over. Her red lipstick smeared and coated the shaft of the dick that was between her lips. When the head of the cock hit the entrance to her throat, she gagged. The bartender kept pushing her head harder until the dick gouged past her tonsils. She was then forced to keep still, the cock buried in her throat, while the men talked to each other.

"Not bad! Warm and juicy! She needs more practice, though." said the man raping her mouth.

"Maybe, she has never sucked a cock before. How about it? You ever have a cock fuck your throat before? Sure she has! Look how her lips squeeze around your dick!" The bartender said, then leaned over Priyamani's shoulder to look.

Priyamani was forced to suck then pushed the bartender away. Roughly grabbing her by the back of her head, he began to violently fuck her face. Everyone could hear the slapping noise of her forehead hitting his belly and her grunts each time his cock fucked down her throat. Using her mouth the same way he would use her pussy later, he fucked it with quick deep stabs. Priyamani was already gagging and choking, but it worsened. Her nose was mashed tightly against his belly when he finally came. His cum bubbled from the corners of her mouth and ran from her nose. Thick strands of it dangled from her lips and chin. The guy kept fucking her face and seemed as though he'd never stop. The cum dribbled down her neck and spilled down the front of her new red dress and in between her tits. Priyamanis' exposed cleavage glistened as the wet cum cascaded down her chest. When he pulled his dick out of her mouth, she fought for air and coughed up yet more cum that had been lodged deep in her throat.

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Old 24th February 2012
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Two men made sure she didn't get away while everyone else got undressed. Priyamani wasn't about to go anywhere after being almost drowned in cum, but they held her anyway.

When the men were ready, Priyamani was placed on the pool table and held down immediately by four men, each grabbing an arm and leg. She was spread-eagled and face up, the light above blinding her. The bartender was the first to climb on the table.

He slowly rubbed his huge dick on Priyamanis' legs. The other men were jealous of his larger cock and he was always the first. The bartender yelled at her as another man pulled her head up. He ordered Priyamani to watch while he fucked her pussy. The men spread her legs wider pushing her dress up. The bartender reached down, fumbled a bit, and pulled the bottom of the dress up to her waist.

The men gawked at what Priyamani had on, or what little she had on, under the dress. Priyamani was wearing ultra sheer black nylon stockings with lace tops. These were attached to a thin black satin garter belt. Her panties were sheer black nylon and did nothing except sexily display her shaved pussy behind the transparent material. The men holding her arms tore the top of her dress down. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard, jutting out on top of her firm titties.

"Shit! You're dressed like this and you have to be forced to suck his cock?" said one of the men.

After ripping off her panties, the bartender told the men to let her go. Priyamani tried to squirm and kick but he was quick. Grabbing her tiny wrists, he pulled her arms over her head and held them in place with one hand while he wedged his legs between hers. He then forced her thighs apart with his knees and put his long hard dick against the opening of her pussy with his free hand. In one downward push, he brutally shoved his cock into her. Priyamani let out a blood-curdling scream and fought harder, trying futilely to stop him from raping her. He enjoyed all the screaming and fighting and mockingly screamed each time she did.

While the bartender raped her, the other men made it worse by pinching, squeezing, rubbing, poking, kissing, licking and sucking Priyamani's entire body. The men began to play with and suck her titties, their rough hands squeezing and pinching her erect nipples. Someone covered her mouth with his hand so he wouldn't have to listen to her high pitched yells. Her feet were held high off the pool table as hands and dicks rubbed her all over. They were enjoying the silky feel of her legs and breasts. Somebody spread her ass cheeks apart and Priyamani felt something wet being shoved into her asshole. Two dicks were slapping her face, hitting her cheeks and eyes.

Some minutes later, Priyamanis' muffled screams and cries turned to whimpers and sobs but the bartender wouldn't let up, fucking with the same intensity he started with. After what seemed like an eternity to Priyamani, he pulled back for one last push. Almost pulling out of her, he grunted and rammed forward with all his strength. Her head snapped back and a long muffled scream could be heard from behind the hand still covering her mouth. He tightened his ass and shoved several times, his cock squirted deep inside her each time. Sperm began to pour from her raped pussy. He filled Priyamani with so much cum that it formed a white puddle on the pool table. The other men let her go and then argued who would rape her next.

Lying passively beneath the bartender, arms and legs still spread out wide, Priyamani cried uncontrollably.

The bartender looked down and she was still crying.

"Come on baby, Lighten up! No sense in crying over spilled milk. You should be proud your pussy is so tight! They're the best kind! Besides, we're just getting started!" he told her.

He then withdrew his dick. Everyone watched Priyamanis' bright pink pussy cling to his cock as he pulled out. Another man quickly jumped on the table when the bartender got off.

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Old 25th February 2012
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Old 26th February 2012
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good start...continue

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Old 26th February 2012
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post some of priyamani's pics...

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Old 26th February 2012
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Old 13th March 2012
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super mama please countinue

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Old 9th May 2012
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Old 1st June 2013
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I love it so much. Even that cunt priyamani not famous actress I love this story very much. more like this if you have

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