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Old 29th January 2012
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Thumbs up Prem and Maari(wife)Headshave in Sex

Hi reader this story is happened in life its a true incident and some fiction i never like to hurt anyone think it just a story..Am not like to hurt anyone in the story..its not related to anyone me and wife.. Am strong hair fetish person when i reached 18 age am very insane in hair fetish and i love long hair womens and when women long hair is in bun my penis get more erotic,But i didnt get opportunity to fuck a women like that..So i decided if i get marry a women that women should have a long dark black hair with thick atleast across her butt..

After two year passed in these days i get very mad in hair fetish and my hair fetish turns to shave a ong hair womens when am doing sex with her..But in that time i didnt get anything women i just search in websites about my desires.. I found many videos like hairjob,hairbun fuck..I watched these kind of videos and masturbate in night times..I didnt find Headshave video in sex..So i learn how to shave a head not practically..I searched in websites and i learn theoritically.When am doing college i did part time jobs and i earn some more money.In semester leave i decide to go for mysore.. Am staying in bangalore..I hear about mysore there are many call girls will be there..So I arranged a room in mysore and the auto driver knows the call girls.. So i went to an auto driver and start with hesitation..Auto driver understand and ask me sir you want call girls..After i said yes i want a women with long thick hair upto her butt..Auto driver asked me you love long hair womens but its difficult to arrange more cost you have to pay for that.. I asked how much..Auto driver said some cost..I paid to that Auto driver.. He called and arrange what i said that type of women..Auto driver and me went in auto pick up that women and reached to my arranged room.. The auto driver leaved us and went.. After i open that room its seperate room and asked her to sit inside i'll be back within 10 minutes..

She went inside i locked the door and went to market and purchase a barber razor,sharp scissor and shaving gels and buy some foods for dinner..I Return to the room in that time that women get bath and refresh her waiting for me.. I enter into the room.. She sitting in bed and her structure is well figured her hair in bun its look so huge..Here i attached renuka image in top of this paragraph her hairbun is so huge na..My cock get erotic..I asked her name she said renuka..I said sweet name and your hair is very beautiful can you give it to me..renuka asked me you like long hair.. I said yes am admire in your long hair please give your hairs..renuka said i never seen this kind of hair love person..I started play with her hair.. She knows i like her hair very much and said you take my hair.. I asked sure.. Renuka said hmmm yes after my work finished when am leaving from here..we will go to sallon and shave my head give it to you..I said we dont want to for a barber shop i have the shaving kit i'll shave your head.. Renuka asked you came with plan ah..I said yes..I show you sex in different way..

I need your cooperation renuka.She said sure..Am act like going to rape you and you have to react like that..I forcely pushed in bed and remove her dresses and she acting no dont do that..first i removed her saree next blouse and one by one i removed all her dresses..she was totally nude.. And i removed my dress and jumped on her i hold her two hands in my hands..i kissed in her mouth she acting like try to refuse after i sucked her boobs and slowly insert my cock into her pussy.. She screaming and shouting dont do that..am fucking her hardly she screaming ah ah avch avch..And i press her boobs and squeeze through my hands..she have lovely curve boobs after i take my cock out and i moved to her face my legs spread and kneel in centre of my legs renuka boobs i insert my into her mouth and grab her head and hold her hair in my hands i moved forth and back she sucking my cock..After i came near to her boobs i took her long silky hair and roll around in my cock i placed my cock in centre of her curved boobs and i hold her two boobs in my hand tightly i fucked her boobs by moving front and back we both moaning ah ah isah ah avch ah avch isah.. I sperm into her face...

After i turned her back and i took her long hair back tied in my cock i insert my cock into her butt and fucked like a doggy style.. She moaning isah ah ah avch avch fuck me harder ah ah isah ah her hair was tied in my cock her head get tight i kept my shaving kit item in bed near by i took the scissor i placed in mid of her back she didnt know her thick silky hair by fucking harder i started cutting snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip.. Half of her hair in my cock and her head get loose she turned back and seen her half hair is tied in my cock.. I got up and said to renuka come kneel down i grab her hairs make a bun but now her hairbun is little small and told her to suck my cock.. Renuka sucking my cock i took the scissor placed in her hairbun cutting it snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip she moaning umm um ah umm um ah ah.. Half of her bun is cutted and i still cutting snrip snrip snrip snrip snrip her hairbun is in my hand.. I took the razor and pour little water in her head she fucking me hard am moaning ah ah ah ahh ah ah ah i place the razor in her middle of her head and start shaving snrich snrich snrich snrip snrich snrip snrich snrich her hair fall down on her shoulder,floor and in my cock she was now half bald..And other half of her head in four five strokes.. She was totally bald.. I rub her head in my cock..she love that.. I thank her and took her hair in my bag.. Renuka said i never enjoyed like this kind of sex and headshave.. I leaved from mysore..

Am returned to bangalore in few days my family known the matter what i did.. After my family decide about my marriage soon..They found the girl for me in tamilnadu one village side as per my desire long hair girl.. And my marriage arranged soon..I get married within a month..and my wife name is maari..she is little young than me her age is 20 and not fair her skin tone is brownish and well structured girl.. shy type she studied upto 12th.. main thing is her hair.. Maari have long thick dark black hair its below her knee.. Its so thick same thick upto the end..That thing only i like her..Our First night is arranged two days later..Am sitting in my room..the room is well decorated with flowers and food items placed in the table.. Maari enter with milk in her hand..And get assirvatham from me.. She is village person so shy.. I said sit in bed..she sat in bed.. I move near to her..she get nervous and i said dont get nervous i didnt going to eat you..After i chat with her about school friend,like and dislike all.. After maari little bit ok with me..In time mari hair is in braid and flower fully rolled around her braid hair.. I wont like.. I said remove the flower from your hair.. She looked at me and said do not remove the flower and my mom said to me.. I said in soft tone you hidding your beautifull hair in this flowers i like your hair very much remove the flower.. Maari as my word she removed the flower in her hair..I slowly close to her kissed in chin she get scared but like that.. I took her long hair in hand..And asked her for how long you didnt cut your hair.. Maari replied i didnt cut even a single time also when i was child we gone to the temple whole family shave the head and i lastly shaved my head in fifth standard after i didnt shaved and cut my hair..After i slowly enter into sex concept.. I asked what you thinking about sex.. Maari didnt speak anything she com i asked again didnt you know about sex anything you know dont shy please tell.. Maari said men and women getting together..I said your answer is partially correct..Maari said am feel sleepy.. I said ok you sleep well good night.. Maari fastly went to deep sleep.. I took her long hair and i take my cock out from the underwear..maari hair is so thick i roll around her hair in my cock started stroke silky hair touch is wow awesome maari was in deep sleep..I stroke harder and sperm come out spread in her hair.. I leave it she has to know what i did in her hair so i didnt clean it.. Sperm melted in her hair and i slept..Here I attached mari photo how long and thick dark black hair she have it..

Next morning maari woke up went to bathroom to take bath.. When she washing her hair.. she notice something sticking in her hair and wash it many time after her hair is look ok.. Maari know it could be my work.. She didnt ask me anything..In night maari went to sleep early but she didnt sleep acting like in deep sleep and she want to know what am doing..I took her hair and roll around my cock start stroke my cock with silky hair..she suddenly turn around and acting like in deep sleep..I though she is in deep sleep i stroke again harder.. She watched whole thing..I sperm in her hair she note that at end of her hair only i stroke and sperm.. Next day she went to bathroom to take bath inside bathroom i have shaving kit scissor and razor etc.. Maari having hair below her knee took the scissor and cut her hair below her butt length and she washed her hair and came out.. I didnt notice that time.. When i going to take bath..i saw her hair in shelf.. Then i known she cut her hair and i went out asked her did you cut your hair..she said yes and i watched what you did yesterday night with my hair so i cut my hair.. I didnt said anything at time.. Here you can see maari hair upto butt length.she trimmed her knee length hair to butt length..

Few month passed and i didnt satisfy with her she didnt sex with me even single time also so i planned and decide to have with sex her and that sex she never forget in her life..I called maari and said we going to thirupathi i had vow and we both of them going to shave our head prepare for that next day we going..maari didnt said anything at that time.. In night maari ask me what is your vow.. I replied to shave your head..she is village women she know she has to obey..Next day she packed everything and get ready we are going in bike only so dont take much thing just take clothes..I went out and came in evening maari is waiting for me with little worry.. Maari worry is about her long hair she going to loose..we started going in bike and i said its late night i already booked one cottage.. we going to stay this night in that cottage.. Maari said hmmm ok.. I parked my bike in parking place and i said to maari wait here i'll go and take the key..maari waiting near the cottage..i get the key and return to cottage and we opened enter into the cottage.. I already came to this cottage and set the ropes,shaving equipment and all..Maari seen this thing asked me somebody already stayed in this cottage..I said urgently i booked this is last cottage available so dont think just for night only know adjust..we went to restaurant had our dinner and return to cottage..Maari said tomorrow morning we have get soon and go to temple..I said hmmm yes,But you not going to shave your head..maari asked me are sure am not going to shave my head..Ofcourse you going to your head not in temple here am going to shave your head.. Maari said what?I forcely push into the bed..dont shout you have to obey my words if you shout also no one come and help you..If you want me means you have to obey my words..maari shouted i slap her..maari fell in bed i tied her both hand in bed and i removed her dresses..am not like to behave like this to you, but you make me like this and removed my dresses and lay on her i softly press her boobs its well shape curve boobs and suck it.. Maari screaming and not cooperating with me.. I squeeze her boobs in my mouth she bite her lips and shouting..i insert my cock into her pussy am your husband de why you shouting and i have rights to fuck you..how long i have to wait.. I softly told you many time.. You didnt taken by fucking hardly am saying this words..maari is shouting in pain and slowly take out my cock and get my mouth into her pussy i tongue roll around her pussy she like that sense.. I enter my tongue into her pussy lick and licking she was moaning isah avch ish ah avch ah isss ah avch... I get up and spread my knee on near her boobs maari is centre between my legs i insert my cock into her mouth..i grab her head with hair i fuck into her mouth moving forth and back.. She screaming and i took her hair tied in my cock hold her boobs placed my cock in centre with silky thick hair and moving forth n back i hold her boobs tight.. Am moaning ah ah ah ah ahh ah ah ah ah what a feel of tit fuck with silky thick hair i loved..I untied her hand and said to maari you must obey my words.. She shouting i turned her and tie her hands and i sit on her back side shoulder i took all her and i place my cock in near her nape place roll around my cock and make a huge hair bun my cock is in tight huge hairbun i started fuck her huge hairbun its awesome feel no one tell in words.. Am moving back and forth her silky thick hair tight bun give me great fucking feel am moaning ah ah ah ah ah ah ahh ah ahah i sperm into her hair and asked maari what you going to do now? When i sperm on your hair you gone and cut your hair know.. But now i going to shave your head..i again fuck her hairbun with good moaning sound ahu ah ahu ah ah ah ah ah.. I took the scissor her hairbun is little loose i place the scissor in between the cock in bun and her head start cutting its massive bun the sound like snrich snrich snrich snrip snrip her thick silky hair cutting sound is good to hear..started cutting snrip snrip snrip snrip snrich snrich snrip snrich snrip snrich snrip snrip i cut her huge hairbun..maari hair bun is hanging in my cock..look to see her huge hairbun in my cock is awesome feel i hold my cock with hairbun in my two hands and start stroking wow...

After i untied her hands she cried by seeing her hair.. Touch her back head.. She crying lot i just hug her and dont cry am not rude person you only think me to do like this..I hug her tightly and kissed in her mouth.. Mouth to mouth kiss is gone for 2min.. Gently i kiss her lips..maari said am not refuse you i just scared about my hair what you did before.. I said why i behave like this your hair is important than me ah.. Maari replied not like that you only important i made a vow give my hair to god after marriage but when you did that i get angry on you..I said dont worry you satisfy me you give your hair to me.. God doesnt need that.. After i said maari to kneel down suck my cock she did like that i pour some water on her head.. She sucking my cock i place the razor on middle of her head and start shaving her head shrip shrip shripshrip shrip hairs fall down on the floor,shoulder and in my cock.. Maari now bald i make another stroke with shaving gel to make her head smooth.. We both had sex through that night..Here you can see maari bald head picture and she rubbing her head..

Next morning we both went to thirupati temple and i shave my head in temple and we both get dharishanam return home lived our life with joy and enjoying sex with different way..
Hair Fetish Lover

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Old 30th January 2012
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nice story

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Old 30th January 2012
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Nice Story....

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