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Old 20th December 2011
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'Good morning, sweetheart! Are you awake yet? Uhh I hope so. You aren't in any discomfort are you? I just called to let you know I'm at the mall to get some special groceries for today. I will be home in a while so enjoy yourself. Love you.'

Ravindra sighed after his mother hung up.

'Shit, I hope I can hold on that long!'

The pain in his bladder was extreme but not yet unbearable. To kill time and get his thoughts off his urge to pee, he started to plan his revenge.

Meanwhile his mother was walking through the shop just looking around. She already bought what she needed and was only killing some time. She wanted her son to be in more agony before she went home. With her husband gone, she thought it was safe to leave her son on the bed tied up and naked.

'I can't wait to see the video of his face later on.'

Kavita had placed a camera in the closet out of sight for Ravindra. She had planned everything into detail...or so she thought.

Little did she know that Ravindra's grandmother was on her way to her daughter's house. Now that Ravindra was a student, Shanti Devi didn't get to see him anymore. The last time was almost a year ago and now she knew that her grandson and daughter were home and she wanted to surprise them both. As she drove into the driveway she noticed the car was gone.

'Oh no. Well I hope they are not gone away for the day. Thank God I have the key to the house.'

She removed her 66?year?old body from the car and walked towards the door. For her age, Shanti Devi looked much younger. She was as big as her daughter was but her body was filled out more.

Ravindra had heard the car pulling into the driveway and was glad to be finally released. But to his dismay, his mother didn't walk directly towards the living room. Only after he called out for her he heard footsteps nearing the bedroom.

'Hurry mom! I can't hold it much....'


To Ravindra's shock it was his grandmother standing in the doorway with wide eyes and screaming. As his brain tried to cope with this situation he forgot to control his bladder. At first he didn't even realize that his pee was flowing freely over his stomach onto the bed. When he did feel it on his body, he tried to stop the flow but it was useless. The urge to release was too strong and Ravindra even let out a small sigh.

Shanti Devi was even more shocked to see her grandson tied up naked in her daughter's bed. And when she noticed him pissing himself, it was too much for her. With tears in her eyes she ran outside and drove off, all the while trying to calm herself. Ravindra didn't even try to stop her. His mother herself couldn't come up with anything as humiliating as what just happened.

'Oh God! How can I ever face her again? How can we explain it to her?' As the questions ran through his mind he closed his eyes and waited for his mom to arrive.

Only ten minutes after Shanti Devi left, Kavita arrived home. The thought of her son lying in a bed drenched with urine had made her very horny. She opened the door and practically ran to the bedroom. As she didn't know what happened just a few minutes ago, she was determined to continue with her plan. She took off her wet panties and before Ravindra could say anything more than 'Mom...I,' she stuffed them in his mouth.

Ravindra shook his head "no" and tried to finish his sentence but the only sounds that came through the panties were grunts. If Kavita hadn't been so horny, she might have noticed that her son tried to say something important.

'Hello my dirty little son. I see you had a little accident! Shall mommy clean that up for you?'

Ravindra rolled his eyes and again shook his head "no." At this moment he wished that his mother wasn't such a horny slut.

'No? I guess you like the feeling of your pee on your body!'

She moved her hands over his wet stomach and spread it over Ravindra's chest. Then she went further down and covered his dick and balls with the now cold fluid.

'Oh, clumsy me! I better clean that! You know it's not good for your cock to be dirty!'

Kavita lowered her head and started to lick around Ravindra's limp cock. The taste was much stronger this time but she liked it anyway. Slowly she lowered her tongue towards Ravindra's balls and sucked on them.

As soon as Ravindra felt his mother's tongue on his body, he forgot all about his grandma. His cock started to stir and rise slowly. By the time he felt Kavita's hot mouth around his balls, it stood at full attention.

'You like it when mommy licks your dick, don't you? Oh, I forgot. You can't speak.'

Kavita moved her mouth higher until she reached the rigid, purple dick?head. She flicked her tongue over his pisshole and closed her lips around the shaft. Then she sucked hard on it and with her hand massaged Ravindra's nipples. She lowered her mouth and swallowed the shaft down her throat only to rise slowly again. She repeated this several times till she felt that Ravindra was nearing his orgasm.

'Would you like to cum, sweetheart? I think you want to shoot your load into my mouth don't you? Well not this time! But before I continue today's exercise I think you need to release the worst pressure.'

With that Kavita climbed over him and impaled herself on her son's cock.

'Uhhh.....this feels so good, son! Your long hard cock in my pussy.'

She moved up and down, getting faster with every stroke.

'Ohhh yes. I'm fucking my son, my own flesh and blood and I love every second of it! You like that too, son? Tell mommy!'

Ravindra was like his mother...near cumming. Her hot throbbing cunt was milking his cock to get its award. Kavita removed her panties from Ravindra's mouth just before they erupted into orgasm.

'Ohhh mom. I'm gonna cum. I'm going to shoot my cum up your hot sluttish pussy. Ahh yes, take it mom, take it!'

Ravindra's cock emptied his balls deep in Kavita's pussy. Load after load shot against her cervix and she felt every one of them. This sent her over the edge and Ravindra felt her cunt walls contract around his shaft.

'Yes, yes yeeessss...I'm cummmmmingggg...ohhh fuck yes!'

Kavita's cunt juices squirted from her pussy and ran down Ravindra's cock and balls. She slowed her movements and took a moment to get her breath back. But as soon as she heard Ravindra speak she felt more out of air than during her orgasm.

'Mom, grandmother was here! She saw me tied to the bed and pissing myself!'

Kavita felt as if she was hit by a truck. She didn't dare to open her eyes or say anything in the hope she hadn't heard correctly.

'Mom, are you alright?'

'W..what did you say?'

'Grams was here! And she saw me.'

'No, no! That can't be!'

Kavita felt as if she was going to faint.

'Oh God. Now what? I'm fucking my son since yesterday and already we are caught!'

To her own surprise, that was what bothered her most.

'Mom? Are you alright?'

'What do you think!', she snapped back at her son. 'Of course I'm not alright!'

She moved away from her son and stood next to the bed. While she was thinking what to do she felt her son's sperm run out of her pussy and down her legs. She couldn't help that a shiver of excitement ran through her body.

"I tried to tell it sooner but you didn't let me!'

'I was wondering why you were acting so strange but I wished it was for another reason!'

'Can I ask you something, mom?'

'Yes, sure.'

'Could you maybe untie me? It's not easy thinking with your hands and feet suspended!'

To Ravindra's relief, he heard a little giggle from his mom before she loosened his restraints. The rest of the morning and a part of the afternoon they thought about what to do. There were only two solutions they came up with. One was to talk to Shanti Devi and explain everything, hoping she would understand. If that wouldn't work, there was just one more possibility: Make her join them. They started to gather all their courage and left to visit her.

While mother and son were planning their next move, Shanti Devi was also thinking about what to do. After she drove off that morning she just drove around, gathering her thoughts. In the beginning she was shocked and angry with her daughter.

'How could she do such a thing with her son? I raised her differently. How could they?'

However, as she calmed down she found herself thinking about Ravindra. How he lay there helpless and naked. She had to admit to herself that it was an exciting view. Even when he started to pee. But she dismissed these thoughts as nothing more than lack of sex. Her husband had died six years ago and since then she never had sex again. This was difficult for her because she could never get enough of the feeling of a thick hard cock in her cunt.

'Jeeez, woman. Stop thinking like that. You're to old for that!'

But she couldn't ignore that her fluids started to flow.

'Well, maybe I should go home and look for my toys. In this state of mind I can't think straight!'

She drove home and entered her bedroom. She went straight to her closet and retrieved a small brown box from the back. As she opened it, her eyes fell on the 6?inch vibrator and 9 inch dildo. She grabbed them both and walked over to the bed and took off her clothes. Her hands wandered all over her body, kneading her breasts and massaging her pubic area. Shanti Devi felt her dripping cunt and stroked her clit.

'Uhhh!!!!!!....that's it! Ohhh how I missed this feeling!'

She was alone in the house and so, talked out loud; every word adding to her arousal. Shanti Devi turned on the vibrator. She moved it over her nipples, which were hard, protruding out an inch. The other hand took the dildo and started to push it into her hot pussy.

'Ahhh, yes! Push that cock inside this old cunt! Ohhh, it's so hard! Come on, fuck me, fuck me hard!'

She fell back on the bed with her legs spread wide, plunging her dildo deep inside her pussy. As she was fucking herself, her thoughts went back to the morning and her naked grandson.

'Mmmmmm....how I wish I just had jumped you, Ravindra!" Fucking my own grandson! Sucking on your beautiful dick!'

Shanti Devi lowered the vibrator onto her clit and, at the first touch she started to cum....

'Aaargghhh...yesssss I'm cumminggg! Shoot your hot cream inside your granny! Cum with meeeeeaaahhh!'

A powerful orgasm shot through her body as she thought about her grandson shooting inside her. Even though she hadn't felt like this in years, she felt a bit sad about what she did. Exausted, she closed her eyes and drifted off into a fantasy?filled dream.

Kavita and Ravindra arrived at Shanti Devi's house not too long after. Both had shaking legs as they neared the door and their hearts were beating fast when they rang the bell. They looked at each other nervously as they waited for Shanti Devi to answer the door.

'What's taking her so long? Her car is here so she must be home. Ravindra, would you ring again?'

Again they waited for an answer but nothing happened. A little concerned, Kavita grabbed the keys and let themselves in. They looked around but couldn't find her downstairs. So they walked up the stairs towards the bedroom. When Kavita entered she froze in her tracks and Ravindra bumped into her.

'What's wrong mom?'

Kavita stepped aside and answered:

'Nothing, I guess. Look for yourself.'

Ravindra immediately saw his nude grandmother on the bed. As both stepped closer they could smell Shanti Devi's pussy juices.

'Look mom!'

Kavita followed Ravindra's gaze between her mother's legs and recognized a dildo still buried inside her cunt.

'Well, well. Maybe we aren't in much trouble after all, son! Apparently I'm not the only one you turn on!'

'You think so? What if it's just coincidence?'

'No way that she would have stuck that thing up her cunt if she was disgusted by what she saw earlier! Do you want to continue the game from this morning but with another player?'

'Well she looks hot to me but what about you? It's your mother. Ever done it with another woman?'

As soon as Ravindra asked that question, he knew it was a stupid, knowing his mother.

'Of course I have!'

'What's your plan mom?'

Instead of answering right away, Kavita started to take off her clothes. Ravindra followed her example and soon both were naked.

'You stick your cock in her while I suck on her clit and push my pussy in her face!'

Ravindra climbed on the bed between Shanti Devi's legs and removed the dildo from her cunt. Kavita quickly sat over her mother's face and lowered her pussy till just above it. She was so excited that some of her fluids dripped on Shanti Devi's mouth. Then Kavita bent forward and started to lick her mother's clit. As soon as Ravindra saw his mother lapping at Shanti Devi's cunt he pushed his cock inside his grandmother's cave. She wasn't as tight as her daughter but made up for it in heat and wetness.

'Man she is hot. How does she taste mom?'

Kavita scooped some juices on her finger and held it in front of her son's mouth. Ravindra licked it off and stated:

'Mmmmhh, just like you, mom!'

As Ravindra started to stroke in and out of his granny, Shanti Devi's breath became shallow and she started to moan slightly. Kavita could feel her mothers breath on her engorged clit and got even hornier.

'Come on, son! Give it to her! Fuck her good!'

Immediately Ravindra doubled his speed and Kavita sucked hard on Shanti Devi's clit while stroking it with her tongue. From all this, Shanti Devi finally woke up in a very aroused state. Her pussy hadn't had this much attention in years and the feeling was incredible. So when she opened her eyes and saw a dripping cunt above her she didn't think straight and started to lap at it furiously.

'Ohhh Ravindra, she awake and licking my cunt! Uhhh!!!!! My own mother lapping my pussy!'

Hearing her daughter speak startled Shanti Devi for a second, but that passed quickly. At this point she didn't care who was fucking her or whose cunt she was licking as long as the orgasm that built inside her would come quickly. Her grandson's cock was taking care of that and soon she was on the edge. She stopped licking and instead pushed three fingers up her daughter's pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb.

'Ohh!! fuck! I'm almost there! Fuck me harder, Ravindra! Suck your mother's clit, child! Uhhhhhh, yes!!! Here it comes! Yes...yes.yyyeeeeeesssssssssssss!'

Ravindra felt his grandmother's cunt walls contracting around his shaft and when his mother pushed a finger up his ass he started to shoot deep inside his granny. This feeling of being filled by her own grandchild triggered another but small orgasm within Shanti Devi who still was fingering Kavita.

'Ahh mom! Your fingers feel sooo gooood! You make me cum. My own mother makes me cummmmmm!!!!!"

Kavita squirted a load of pussy juice over her mother's face and Shanti Devi tried to swallow every drop of that sweet nectar. But as her lust subsided she stopped immediately and pushed her daughter from her.

'What the hell did you just do to me!', she screamed. 'You raped me, your own family!'

Ravindra and Kavita were taken back by this sudden outburst of anger.

'What are you talking about? You liked every second of it!' Kavita answered.

'That doesn't mean shit. You don't have the right to fuck me while I sleep. Moreover, if I had known from the beginning that it was my daughter and grandson, I never would have liked it. That's sick, it's incest!'

Now Kavita got mad.

'That's bullshit! If you think it's sick why did you fuck yourself with your toys after you saw Ravindra?'

'Get out of my house! I don't want to see either of you anymore!'

'Fine mom! Then this great cock will all be mine. But you will come back. Now that you've done it, you'll want it again! And I can't wait to see you beg for it!'

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Old 20th December 2011
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Kavita grabbed her clothes and walked out of the room, followed by a stunned Ravindra. He hadn't expected this sudden outburst of anger and was glad to leave. They drove home mostly in silence only interrupted by comments from Kavita like:

'That bitch! That fucking slut! Oh, she will come to us beggin for it. Just wait. You'll see.'

When they got home they didn't feel like doing much so just watched TV and went to bed early.

Shanti Devi on the other hand couldn't sleep. After her family left she started to cry. First, because of what they did to her. But then, because she got mad and kicked them out. Her daughter was right although it was hard for her to admit. She loved what had happened and wanted it again. However, she really dreaded to face her daughter again. Deep in her mind, though, she knew she would, sooner or later...probably a lot sooner than later.

But after lying awake for hours she decided to swallow her pride and see them in the morning. With this decision made, she finally fell asleep.

When she woke in the morning she quickly showered and put on some make up and nice clothes. She was very nervous about what would happen at her daughter's house but couldn't help feeling excitement as well. After she ate she stepped into her car and drove off. Luckily for her, Ravindra and Kavita were up early so when she rang the doorbell Kavita opened in her bathrobe.

'What do you want mother?'

'I...I...may I speak to you both?'

'I think you said enough yesterday!'

Kavita started to close the door. She and Ravindra had decided that they would make it hard on her and would treat her like a shit before forgiving....

'Please wait. Let me make it up to you. I'll do anything!'

'The servants entrance is around the back, slut!'

With that Kavita slammed the door. A smile crept on her face and she whispered to Ravindra who had stayed behind the door.

'We have her where we want her. Now let the fun begin!'

Although Shanti Devi was a little surprised that her dauthter would speak to her like that, she did what was told her. She had expected something like this after seeing Ravindra naked on the bed, but had hoped that their anger wouldn't become reality. But beyond all this, she couldn't help being excited.

'Well, lets see what will happen!'

As she entered the garden she saw her two siblings standing there already. As she walked towards them, Kavita stopped her.

'Before we continue I have one thing to say. We will do whatever we want with you and you have to obey every command. If you want to stop it, do it now. This is your last chance. Do you understand, mother?'

After thinking it over, Shanti Devi nodded yes.

'Tell us mom!'

'Yes I understand.'

'All right then. Get undressed slut!'

Slowly she removed her clothes, feeling embarrassed to do so in front of Ravindra even though he had seen her the day before. As she removed her underwear she started to blush and couldn't look them in their eyes. Finally she stood naked and waited for what would come next. Kavita and Ravindra walked towards her and inspected her body. Her breasts were sagging but her nipples stood erect. Between her legs she had a thick bush of hair and her cunt lips were hanging slightly. As with her daughter she still had beautiful legs and her ass was round but not as firm as it used to be.

'Go into the bathroom. There you will find a razor and shaving cream. Don't you dare come back before every hair between your legs is gone! My son likes his pussy bald! Now hurry.'

Although Shanti Devi was always very sexual and had some kinky thoughts over the years, she never before shaved her cunt. So it took quite some time before she was done, inspecting very carefully that every hair was gone. When she arrived back in the garden she saw that her relatives had brought out some toys. Some even bigger than her own dildo.

'Lay on the grass and spread your legs!'

Again she blushed but did what she was told. The feeling of the cold wind over her bald pussy was a new sensation to her. One she quite liked, actually.

'Now show us what you did yesterday when you came back home.'

'Please, not in front of you.'

'Shut up bitch. If you're already complaining we can better forget about the whole thing!'

'No, no! I'll do it', Shanti Devi answered with a whimper.

Ravindra handed her an 8?inch dildo and Shanti Devi began to play with her cunt and breast. At first she was still embarrassed but soon the thought of having an audience turned her on and she spread her legs wider to give them a better view. By now her pussy was getting wet and she started to moan.

'Suck on that dildo before you fuck yourself with it. If you're lucky you might taste your daughter on it.'

Shanti Devi licked around the head before putting it in her mouth. Ravindra was right; she could taste Kavita on it. That added only to her excitement. After a few minutes the dildo was wet and slippery and she lowered it towards her cunt. Slowly she entered inch after inch into her sopping tunnel until she could barely hold onto it.

Watching Shanti Devi pleasuring herself was a great turn on for the two others. While watching her, they disrobed and kneeled beside her to get a better view. They could hear the sopping noises coming from her pussy and smell her excitement.

'Look at us, mom! Tell us what you want!'

Shanti Devi opened her eyes and looked at her daughter and grandson. By now she was too far?gone to care anymore.

'I..I want you to fuck me!'

'That's not enough. Talk like the slut you are!'

'I want Ravindra to stick that cock up my pussy and fill me with his seed. I want your pussy on my face and taste your juices. Please take me, do with me what you want. I'm your slut!'

'Now, that sounded much better!'

Ravindra removed the dildo and positioned his cock in front of his granny's cunt. Kavita kneeled over her face and lowered herself until she could feel her mothers nose against her cunt.

'Beg for it mom!'

'Please Ravindra, stick in your hard, sweet cock! Fuck me hard. I beg youuuhhhh!'

Ravindra had pushed his shaft in one stroke deep within her. After keeping still for a minute to enjoy the hot wet feeling of Shanti Devi's cunt walls, he started to thrust hard and fast, taking out half of his cock every time.

'Where is your tongue, mother? Lick me, lick your daughter's cunt good...and swallow my juices!'

Immediately Shanti Devi lapped at her daughter's cunt lips and entered two fingers into her now dripping pussy. She moved them in and out fast while sucking her engorged clit.

'Oh that feels good mother! But you're forgetting my other hole!'

Kavita moved her mound further down and grabbed behind her to pull her asscheeks apart.

'Now give me a good rimming! Uhh that's it!'

Shanti Devi saw her daughter's puckered hole above her and after a short hesitation flicked her tongue over it. Without being told, she pushed harder and her tongue slipped inside Kavita's ass.

'Ohh yes mother. That's the way to do it. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Ahhh!!!!!!!!! I'm going to cum soon if you keep that up!'

Kavita wasn't the only one. Ravindra, watching his grandmother licking his mother's ass was almost too much for him.

'Oh shit! You sluts make me cum!'

'Yes, shoot your cum in your granny's cunt. Ohh!!! God I'm almost there!'

Kavita pinched her nipples hard and when her mother suddenly shoved the dildo into her cunt, she exploded into orgasm. Her body shivered, cunt juice was flowing in huge amounts over Shanti Devi's face. She wanted to lap them up but her tongue was stuck deep in Kavita's tight asshole. This feeling triggered her own raging cum, and she was blown away by an earth?shattering orgasm. Her screams of pleasure would have been heard in the whole neighborhood if her daughter's ass didn't stop them. As Kavita moved away from her mother she saw that Ravindra was almost ready to cum.

'Cream on her face, son! Cover her with your sticky cum!'

Ravindra did just that. He quickly pulled out, grabbed Shanti Devi's hair and shot his load all over her face and tits. After he was done Shanti Devi was drenched with it. They all took some time to gain their strength back. When they did, Ravindra and Kavita stood up. Shanti Devi wanted to do the same but was stopped by them.

'You're not done yet! Look at you. You're covered with both of our cum. It's best if we clean you up first...so kneel!'

Shanti Devi followed her orders and expected one of them to go inside to get a washcloth or something. However, they stood in front of her and didn't move. Then she realized how they would clean her and was shocked. She never had thought about golden showers and now she would get it from her daughter and grandson together. But she trusted them and was ready for this humiliation.

Both started to pee at the same time. First they aimed at her tits then moving up slowly until the urine sprayed her face and hair.

'Open up mom!'

Slowly she opened her mouth and Kavita and Ravindra directed their stream towards it, filling her at the same time.

'Swallow it granny!'

It took Shanti Devi a few seconds to gather her courage to do so but when the first mouthful of the golden mix ran down her throat she experienced a small but very welcome orgasm. As the streams slowly subsided and finally stopped, Shanti Devi was wet all over her body.

'Well, mom. The only thing you have to do now is to make us a nice breakfast and you are done. But you have to stay as you are and are not aloud to clean yourself, understand?'

'Yes I understand! And thank you for letting me join you. It was great!'

She went inside and prepared the food inside the kitchen. While she was moving around she found a business card. As she was reading, Kavita entered and saw her mother.

'Anything interesting mom?'

'Who is Emmy? You never mentioned her.'

'Well, she's someone we would like to get to know a little better. And if you behave, you will too!'

And she did.

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Old 20th December 2011
rautsanjay47 rautsanjay47 is offline
Join Date: 29th August 2011
Posts: 948
Rep Power: 15 Points: 686
rautsanjay47 has received several accoladesrautsanjay47 has received several accoladesrautsanjay47 has received several accolades
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It Wasn’t My Fault

I'm going to tell you right up front: it wasn't my fault. It wasn't like I planned on being kicked out of the house at eighteen, and then allowed back, only to do my super sexy mom. If that's the way it turned out, well, it wasn't my fault.

I remember my senior year in high school. Every weekend, my parents would go to friends' cocktail parties. When they left, my parents were all formal, button-down, and conservative. My father would always drive the Lincoln Town Car. He wore the exact same three piece suit, the one he inherited from his pop.

My mother, on the other hand, would wear the latest fashion from Macy's. Whereas I was 18, my mom was 37, he was 48, going on 68. Bald and pasty, he looked just like Uncle Fester (from 'Addams' Family' fame.)

My mother, on the other hand, looked like a Hollywood starlet who'd been poured into her dress. No, actually, it looked like she had on nothing, the 'dress' just spray-painted on. Mom was a petite Clairol blonde, almost five foot two, with big tits and fantastic legs.

I'm ashamed to admit that when I left home at eighteen, I stole some old pictures of her in her Catalina swimsuit and at a few weddings. To be honest, those pictures helped me on those nights that I didn't, ahem, have any dates...

So just to get you caught up, I was forced by the old man to move out of the house at 18, though they had no grand designs for my room and I had nowhere to go. My 'old man' laughed when he heard I had to 'crash' at the men's mission for a while. Things looked grim.

Then fortunes changed. Leaving yet another one of those cocktail parties, the 'old man' insisted on driving. My mom struggled with the keys but in his drunken rage, he slapped her really hard. She had to let him drive. One tree later, mom was only shaken up, but he was much worse off. He had to walk with a cane and was far too weak to take care of the big home. At that point, I was asked to temporarily move back home. I did, with no questions asked.

From that moment on, you could literally feel the balance of power in that home shift. I admitted to myself that I wanted mom, badly. I would do what I could to achieve that goal of bedding my gorgeous mother. There was just something primal of wanting to possess her and breed her. My dream of having my MILF mom bouncing into things in our house with a swollen belly, carrying my child, was about to become reality.

It was the 20th anniversary of my mom's high school graduation. She didn't want to go there with her real husband, but had to ask. He waved her off, brandishing his cane, saying that she should take her 'worthless, no account, son' instead. So, she asked me. I had no intention of being bored to death at some high school 'fake prom' and said no.

Mom: "Jim, is there ANYTHING I can do to talk you into it?"

Me: "Yes, show me what you were planning to wear and I'll tell you."

Well, you never saw someone rush like she did. As her 'old man' was stretched out on the bed, as always, watching PBS re-runs of 'Lawrence Welk', she frantically tore thru her dresser and laid out an outfit.

When she was finished, she re-considered. Knowing where my mind might be headed, she lovingly put the undies away. The bra stayed in the drawer; then she reached in the back for some open front thong bottoms from a gag party she attended.

While her 'old man' lay glassy-eyed on the bed, mom wiggled into the small size undies, then the dress. The dress was tiny too, the same one she wore at the actual high school prom. It was short, about mid-thigh, and tight. Mom was a lot 'bigger' up top now. The material was stretched to the limits. If she so much as coughed, two big Playboy-foldout quality boobs would be in her cocktail.

From that same party where her friends sold each other gag sexual toys, mom had a pair of slutty stripper platform shows in Lucite. Talk about clear, they were 100% see-thru so that you could see the fire-engine red toes and slender ankles of my mom's gorgeous feet top AND bottom thru the clear soles.

Taking a deep breath so that nothing tore a seam, my hot mom wiggled out to let her son review her outfit. As she walked, her heavy breasts bounced and bounced. She stood before me, posing front, side and back. That dress hugged mom's still pert bum, accentuated her slim waist, and thus emphasized her oversized jugs. When she'd worn it out with the 'old man' he made her wear a bra but also band-aids over her large pouting nipples.

Well, here she was, braless and beautiful, and those angry nipples were about to poke right thru the material. God, she was a walking 'wet dream'. I hoped that she didn't see that I'd gotten rock hard. Somehow, I controlled myself and nodded blankly that the outfit was 'okay, I guess'.

Mom couldn't wait to see her old friends but was concerned about introducing her own son as her escort. She asked me if I would join her the night before we left for the re-union, so that she could tint my hair too. In my case, it would be a 'touch of grey'. For the chance to bed mom, you better believe I went along with her plan.

The drive to her old home town would take several hours. She curled up on the reclining passenger front seat. Wearing only shorts and a wispy thin T-top for the trip, I could see mom's beautiful face, jutting tits, tanned shapely legs, and soft, demure perfect feet. She slept for two hours and I spent two hours just taking her all in.

By the time we got to the hotel, I had a mental map of every square inch of her incredible figure. I warmed up my right hand against the hot car window, and then gingerly placed it on her slender ankle. To my relief, it worked and she didn't stir. Gently, oh-so-very-gently, I caressed her shapely legs and gorgeous smooth feet. Everything was so baby soft. I had to stop or I was going to lose it. As it was, there was an 'extra gear shift' in the car for the whole trip.

I was delighted that we had one room, albeit with two double beds. As we settled in for the night, I worked out with the light dumbbells I'd packed. Mom came out of the dressing area of the hotel room, just wearing a peignoir. It was conservative, as she'd worn it 1,000 times at home. However, as the bright bathroom light illuminated that nightgown in an otherwise darkened room, I could see right thru it like 'x-ray vision'.

Damn, mom had an hour-glass figure that was only 'marred' by the presence of two of the most perfect breasts ever bestowed upon womankind. It wasn't her fault that they were large, much too large, for a petite little soccer mom like her.

When mom saw me working out in front of the mirror, occasionally taking stock of my progress with a little 'pumpitude' muscle pose here and there, she actually moaned in surprise and delight.

Me: "Mom, is there something wrong?"

Mom: "No, honey, it's just that I hadn't seen you like this since you were a bit of a boy. You...you've kinda grown since then. My God, what muscles! You make a mother proud and even a little...oh, jeez, what am I saying?"

Me: [Sensing an opportunity, I flexed my big guns. Right on time, another 'guest' showed himself as my pride and joy burst out thru the opening in my boxer shorts.] "I guess the 'old man' doesn't have the muscle he used to, let alone this other thing. Say hello to my 'little friend', mom."

Mom: "You're sweet honey, but just remember, I AM your mother and I AM married, even if it is to an ogre. God, I have to admit you're not only a hunk but much better equipped than that old fool. So big, so very big! My baby's all grown up! One day, that thing could make a lot of beautiful babies."

Me: "Mom, this might be the last time we're ever together, alone. Remember when you used to tuck me in, even let me sleep with you? Can I, just this one last time, get in bed with you?"

Mom thought a while, then with a naughty smile nodded.

I eschewed PJ's and just wore boxer shorts with no T-shirt. I'd pounded iron at home for just this moment and I looked really buff. Once under the covers, I had to do it, just had to...My cock was about to burst the boxers at the seam, so I let it out the front. It now was like a pole going well above my navel, rock hard and throbbing. Would I get a chance to put it where it belonged, inside a warm, welcoming place?

We spoke on our side for a long time, with the lights out. Finally I told mom to give me my promised good-night kiss. She wiggled forward until her big tits were against my chest. Her nipples were like thumbs, fully erect after they silently popped as she approached. I felt the soft silk of the nightie as we embraced and I was immersed in her Joy perfume. She gave me only a peck on the lips and backed off.

Me: "God, excuse me! I think I got better kisses from grandma, your dear sainted mother. There's no scandal in giving me just a normal kiss, you know."

Mom giggled like a school girl and scooted over, closer this time. With eyes closed, she kissed me. I pulled her to me and gave her pretty mouth a visit by my tongue. She pushed me away.

Mom: "Jim, don't! I'm your mother. Please don't take advantage of me. I only let you in here because you begged me."

Any decent son would've jumped out of that bed, apologizing to his mom for being a 'bad boy'. In the event, I preferred the scandalous 'bad boy' label if it got me my gorgeous mother. As she struggled mildly in my arms, I bent forward and put my big cock against the slavering lips of her pussy.

Mom: "Please, I beg you Jimmy. I have no hopes of fighting you off, but I'm your married mother. Also, ummm, my calendar! I am very fertile right now, and I haven't bothered to use protection since your toy-equipped father went from a few pathetic drops to bone dry in bed. So we can't do anything, even if I wanted to."

Me: "Mom, I'm not going to force you to do anything against your will. I love you so much. Can I at least rub that wonderful place of yours down there with my rod, ON THE OUTSIDE? You'd never get pregnant from that. Would that be okay?"

Mom: "God, Jimmy, I can't believe we're having this conversation. You want to rub it till it pops down there; that big bone, that huge powerful cock of yours? I guess that would be safe, though from the looks of these, [she cupped my balls, now swollen with seed and the size of small grapefruit] you are carrying a BIG load. Well, if we're caught, I'll just say that I noticed you had a swelling down there and I was just trying to help."

Finally, a breakthrough! I was going to mount my gorgeous mother! As she lay flat on her back, I got between her shapely legs, her silky thighs holding me in place. It was surreal, especially as I had to rub her raw with my heavy rod, being careful NOT to enter.

As I bent forward to kiss her, she did a strange thing. She tugged on my full head of hair, and then caressed my bulging biceps. She murmured:

Mom: "So much more man, so virile. God, what a gift a child would be from you! If only we could..."

We kissed as I dropped my manly hammer into the soft, warm pouch of her pouting pussy lips. Going back and forth, I was careful to 'miss my aim' and go off-course, bouncing against her clit or just the top of her entrance. She quickly would squirm, popping my oversized cockhead out.

As I sawed away, I could hear her moan, sob, and then cry out. God, I'd gotten mom off with just a rubdown by my lumbering ten inch pride and joy. She got off again. When I felt that same rumbling for a third one, I joined her.

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We could both hear in the silent room in the dead of night my cock erupting. Like a child's squirt-gun, a quiet sound accompanied shot after shot, string after string, of pasty white liquid.

When I was thru, mom put on the bedside lamp. She was shocked to see that there was a new 'inland sea' on her tummy, extending to just below her big boobs. It looked like someone had spilled a small glass of milk there.

She begged me for a towel, fearful she'd make a mess of the carpet. After cleaning up, she thanked me for only doing what I promised to do. We kissed, making out for four minutes or so. I got hard again. She lovingly stroked it, which was a good portent for the future.

The high school re-union was anti-climactic, as it always is. She was surprised that all of her friends were divorced.

Clarisse: "Oh Sue, you look fabulous. Why are you surprised that we're all divorced? We just got the money from the old fools that we married, then dumped them, got our maiden names back, and found that young lover that we all deserved. There's no substitute for a young, lengthy, uh, thingy..." [The clutch of women all laughed.] "That's not aimed at your husband there. I'm sure he was great during his time..."

I felt like telling her off, and then got the real joke. She KNEW my 'old man' and knew I wasn't him. She also could tell a hasty grey hair dye job if ever there was one. Fortunately, she didn't live in our little burgh and was not about to call up mom's old man just to cause trouble.

Well, it wasn't a total loss. There was some fine dancing with a live band. When they did a Chicago slow-dancing number, I thought I was going to burst. Mom was so petite, slender and sexy she just was a perfect fit for me. Our bodies aligned perfectly, with her hips grinding against mine. If we were alone, I would've ripped off her clothes and did a heavy number on her, mother or not. I pulled her into an empty alcove totally blocked off by a door I now locked.

Me: "Mom, I can't take it anymore. You've seen my equipment. I am just about to pop. I can't go into the bathroom as it's got no stalls and no lock. I just have to dump my seed in the natural place to dispose it."

Mom: "But sweetheart, the natural place to dispose it is in a woman, in her womb. You can't walk up to strangers and ask them if you can use them as a receptacle or something. The only womb that I could see you using is...mine. But your married mom is not going to do that."

Me: "Please mom, I have to go. I don't want to embarrass us using a trashcan in the hall or one of those bathrooms with no privacy. I'm not going to just leave a mess on the floor. It's you or nothing. I promise it will be quick, with no emotions. And, umm, just to make you feel 100% secure, we'll buy that new 'morning after' pill. Okay mom...please??"

What a line of BS! There was no way that was going to fly. Yet, it did. Mom stood up and reached to the side, opening her skirt. To my amazement, she'd worn no panties to her 20th re-union! She just grabbed my now available ten inch cock, rubbed it a few times against the instantly drooling lips of her pussy, and then prodded my bum. I inserted it with one motion.

Grabbing her soft behind in my two powerful hands, I proceeded to use my mother shamelessly as a means of unloading a pent-up ejaculation. All of those years of frustration; all of those dances tonight; then there was the matter of that night in the hotel, when I expended a quart of baby-making crème across the flat tummy of my gorgeous mom.

It was ironic. My mother was so concerned that we'd be caught; she used everything in her repertoire to get me off. Her muscles in there grabbed and released my cock in a pulsating rhythm that was overwhelming my senses. Every time I pulled out, with only my cockhead at her slavering lips, she moaned. Every time I plunged all the way in till I bounced against her cervix, she moaned.

Her big smile reassured me: I was giving her pleasure to the max. When I felt that little eruption she always had just before the big 'O', I pushed all the way in, extending my ten inch babymaker until it was inside this cavity with a rubbery gripping doorway. Finally, as she kissed me to muffle her explosive climax, I came at the exact same instant.

Like a small earthquake, our simultaneous orgasm shook us for the two minutes it took me to empty my hugely swollen testes inside of her deepest reaches. It was supposed to be a simple, loveless, transfer of fluids, from my own big reservoirs into her womb. I didn't know that she was unbelievably fertile at the time. This was not merely her best DAY, but her best HOUR to ensure conception.

With no place nor any time to 'clean up', mom had to zip up and carry my seed inside of her like a souvenir of the night's activity. As she talked with her friends in the dwindling twilight of the evening, my sperm were inside of her, working and fighting their way thru the barriers and dead-ends on the road to her precious ovum.

Finally, that boring re-union was over. Everyone had shared their lies, making up great careers, handsome and beautiful spouses, and wonderful children: all the things that they'd wanted but, in the event, had not gotten. Oh well, everyone enjoys a good story.

Back in the hotel, we had the exact same discussion about sleeping arrangements. I was flabbergasted.

Me: "Mom, I commend you for your loyalty. I DO have to point out that you carried my seed throughout most of that six hour soiree. I'm no doctor, but I have to imagine that there's the chance that you might already be in trouble."

Now that was a gamble. She could've slapped me and kicked me out of the bed. Instead:

Mom: "Sweetheart, we WILL get that 'morning after' pill tomorrow, won't we. I mean, you don't want your own mother knocked up by you, do you?!"

Me: "Oh, absolutely not. I dread the thought that you could be pregnant by me. I mean, just the idea of your belly swelling with life, with life that I put there! Horrible! Just thinking about your breasts getting even bigger, the nipples constantly erect...heaven forbid. And don't even mention the prospect of me drinking your milk, your warm, sweet mother's milk...so silky smooth, warm, and delicious. That would be dreadful. NO!! I have no interest in getting you pregnant, not this one time or any future time. I don't want you to have this baby, nor another two, four or eight more. I mean, think what that would do to the 'old man', seeing his wife that he's neglected for so long heavy with child! And your high school re-union hags! Why, you'd have to tell them that YOU actually did what they lied about: that you'd dumped your rich old man for a young man with a great physique and a huge cock. That would be so embarrassing and humbling...for them!"

By the end of that speech, mom had lowered herself on top of me. My oversized cockhead dragged itself against her sensitive walls, making her moan and look up to the ceiling. I gripped her behind in an industrial firm grip. I just lay there, letting her build up to her own big 'O'. I only provided a steel-hard ten inch maypole for her pleasure.

I closed my eyes and felt the warmth and tightness slither up and down that pole as she cried softly. Without warning, she just fell abruptly, swooned down to me, and made our lips meet. I pulled myself to the side of her head and nuzzled her ear as she came. Mom told me that she could feel my warm cum fill her up, the heat spreading in a soothing way. I joined her at the exact instant again; a simultaneous expression of our love. After she fell over, her still tingling sperm-filled pussy started oozing excess baby batter that just couldn't fit inside. It was a torrent of thick globs. Even with the small ocean of sperm-laden cum that cascaded out of her that moment, a lot more was still inside seeking to make new life. The power of our mutual orgasm was like a vacuum that sucked all that sperm deep inside her. The simultaneity led my beautiful mother to conceive that very night. Of course, we could not know that. Instead, something darker occurred:

We got quite a shock. Her old man HAD heard from mom's old high school enemy, the one at the re-union who spotted a ringer (i.e. me). She also followed us to that alcove. She didn't get past the locked door, but she snooped well enough to figure out two and two. That was prime gossip and she wasn't about to sit on it.

He was going to do a quickie divorce the next day, getting a sweetheart deal in that little town controlled by his judge and lawyer friends.

Mom was panicked. I told her to cool down and think. I then broke into a big smile.

All of their assets were in a joint home and joint accounts. This re-union was at the state capital, so all banks were nearby. I had mom get there at 9am, sharp. So, while HE was at the attorney's office, spending half a day getting the documents in order, WE were emptying all accounts. Possession IS 9/10ths of the law: ask any attorney.

In the end, mom returned 40% for the settlement, which was fair. She also got her maiden name back. After I left for college, she quietly sold the old home and moved to the capital near her friends. Then, she quietly moved even further west. Just by coincidence, this was in the same state, in fact the same town, where I was matriculating in college.

Within five years, we had our own little home by a mountain lake, our own Nevada marriage license, and five wonderful children. It was a happy ending and, unlike the tales of success at that high school re-union, 100% true...

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Foursome Coach

We arrived along with the other couple. We were pleased to see them as they parked their car and wandered along to the house where our game was to be played.

My wife and I had never actually taken the step to swap in a foursome although we're often fantasized about it in our lovemaking. What interested us about this set-up was that it was to be done under instruction by a 'swap coach' and where the other couple were selected for us by our hosts, based on a resume we'd sent in to them.

Dolly and Shailesh were about the same age us, were similarly attired and in good physical shape.

We entered the house and were met by our 'coach', Lata, a stunning looking woman dressed in a bulky white bath robe. She suggested we all get out of our clothes - each couple being given their own room to do so - and to then put on the robes provided for us.

Within about 5 minutes we gathered in a large bedroom with a tub chair, occupied by our coach. She stood and asked Meena (my wife) and I to stand on one side of a 3 foot circular rug at the foot of the bed and Dolly in Shailesh did likewise immediately opposite us.

Lata asked us men to stand behind our wives with all of us facing the centre of the rug. Some gentle music played in the background and we men were asked to run our fingers through our partners' hair and gently massage and caress their necks. Our wives were invited to turn around and kiss their men and they did so. The girls then had to face forward again and we guys were asked to gently run our hands over the outside of our wives robes touching their shoulders and moving our hands down over their chests to the bulge of their breasts under their robes. 'Erotic' hardly describes this as each couple could plainly watch what the other was doing.

I could feel Meena pushing her butt backwards into me, rubbing herself against the front of my robe; and she could have had no doubt as to my pleasure in her doing so. We could see that Dolly was doing likewise with Shailesh whilst watching the two of us as she did so.

After a short while, our coach asked Meena and Dolly to swap places and for us men to continue what we were doing previously, but now with our new partners. My nervousness at touching Dolly soon evaporated as I saw Shailesh's hands moving over the outside of my Meena's robe opposite and knew her nipples were probably hard underneath. I could feel Dolly's were. Dolly gyrated her hips against my crotch as I was attending to her and Meena did likewise so that I knew she must be as aware of Shailesh's erection behind her as Dolly was of mine.

'Coach' then suggested we guys move our hands inside the robe and so that we could touch what lay beneath. I was now, for the first time, seeing another man touch my wife's breasts, even as I was touching his wife's. The word 'arousing' hardly did it justice. Meena, facing me, was no less enthralled see what I was doing to Dolly as we smiled at each other, acknowledging the intensity of our respective pleasures at what was happening.

The girls were then asked to swap places again but this time to stand facing their husbands, open the men's robes and use their hands in any way they wanted on their men folk. Meena moved across and wasted little time in tracing the outline of my aroused nipples, my stomach, teasing me by touching just the top of my pubes and eventually the shaft of my very erect dick.

Our coach, Lata, then suggested the girls notice whether there was any pre-cum on the tips of their men. No surprise there! Pre-cum? In my case it was almost an environmental disaster there was so much. She instructed the girls to get a sample on their fingertips, turn around and, facing the other couple, sample it with the tip of their tongues and then to kiss the other woman so that their spouses' pre-cum could be tasted by her. Doing as they were asked, their hands moved to and touched each others bodies and their kiss, tentative at first, became ever more intimate and passionate. Lata interrupted them with "girls! There's more to come".

We were then all asked to remove our partners' robes. With our wives still with their back to us, we were invited to explore the front of our wives bodies in full view of the couple opposite. Looking directly at the other couple, my hands moved over Meena's shoulders, down the side of her hips and up over her pudenda to her stomach to her breasts. All the time looking at what Shailesh was doing to Dolly, whose eyes were fixed on Meena and me. Shailesh's fingers were clearly busy on Dolly's clit as she squirmed with delight at what he was doing to her in full view of another couple.

Before we all got too carried away, Lata again invited the ladies to swap places so that the other man could do as their husbands had. I cannot adequately describe the intensity of the arousal at seeing Shailesh touching Meena's hard nipples and then seeing his hands move down over her body, as I was doing with Dolly.

Our own fingertips found their way to the moisture that awaited them just inside the labia of the women in front of us. The girls gyrated their hips against the guy behind them, taunting us since we knew that another man's cock was rubbing up against the lower back and butt cleft of our wives. My own grew even harder, if that were possible!

Lata asked Shailesh and me to sample the moisture we'd accumulated on our fingertips from touching the woman in front of us. I could see Meena's eyes widen as she saw me taste Dolly's cum and, looking into her eyes as I did so, was something not to be forgotten.

The girls were then told to reach back with their hands and feel the cocks of the guys behind them. Dolly needed no second instruction and I shuddered with anticipation of what was to come as I felt her light but firm touch on me. Over her shoulder I could see Meena do likewise with Shailesh and, although I couldn't actually see her hands on his cock, I knew it was happening and she looked provocatively at me and Dolly as she did so, showing her pleasure and excitement at stroking him.

She then moved to one side so her handling of him could be seen by Dolly and me. We were rooted to the spot as we saw Meena squeeze some pre-cum from him, touch it with her fingertips and transfer it, first to her mouth before she offered it to Dolly to taste.

Dolly licked Meena's fingertips and then squeezed me to produce some pre-cum which she likewise tasted and then offered to Meena who, having sampled me on another woman, reached forward to kiss a very willing Dolly on the mouth so they could share their men's essences. Had Shailesh and I not pressed against their backs, our cocks would have been left hanging there as the girls became ever more heated in their embrace.

Meena now whispered something to Dolly and both girls sank to their knees at the side of their respective men and, first Meena then Dolly offered their husbands' cocks to the other woman's mouth.

I felt Dolly's lips brush against me before parting and taking me completely into her mouth. Meena was watching this and then leaned forward to accept Shailesh's cock which was being held and offered to her by Dolly.

I knew I wouldn't be able to last long, not only from the ministrations of Dolly's mouth but also from watching Meena. I couldn't say which was the most stimulating but I was about to be overwhelmed. Remember, each girl was still holding her husbands cock as the other was sucking or licking it. I came. Partly in Dolly's mouth but more so over her face, hair and chest. All the while Meena was holding me and feeling my cum surge through me as it happened, gasping with delight at what she was seeing and feeling. She squeezed the last drop of cum out of me, licked it off and turned her attentions back to Shailesh.

Meena's, now free of me, plunged his cock deeper into her mouth as she and Dolly held him and he was soon sent over the edge and coming into Meena's mouth and everywhere with the girls squeezing him, his butt and holding his balls.

Dolly now led Meena to the bed, laid her down and, kneeling beside her, started spreading Shailesh's cum over her breasts as though rubbing in sun cream. It glistened on Meena's erect nipples and Dolly purposefully leaned forward and licked it there, all the while looking exchanging glances with Meena. Dolly then licked a particularly large droplet of Shailesh's cum and moved down between Meena's thighs and transferred it to her swollen clit.

As this intensified, Meena's own orgasm built and as she exploded, pushing Dolly's head further into her pudenda, she reached out and grabbed the nearest cock, which happened to be mine and sucked it voraciously.

As her pleasure eventually became satiated, turned around and did to Dolly what had been done to her until she'd come likewise.

We were all now spent and Coach Lata, whose own hands I'd noticed had been moving around inside her robe registering her pleasure at what she was seeing, said "I think you folks have done really well for your first outing"

We thanked her for her 'hard work' and retired to our respective dressing rooms, showered and dressed. Meena and I looking somewhat sheepishly at each other because of our, as yet, unfamiliar appreciation of each other. We exchanged phone numbers with Dolly and Shailesh as I suspect we'll be seeing more of them.

As for Meena and I, we've not stopped recalling all that we did that night and have been in a semi-permanent state of arousal ever since.

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Spreading My Jeans

It was my 18th birthday and we hadn't moved south yet. I was a sickly youth with a lot of problems inherited from my old man. For his part, he had the same problems including poor vision and a lousy build. He also was under-equipped. Mom had stayed with him because he was from a rich family.

Anyway, I could hear them arguing about his bad performance in matters of love. When we got south, he begged mom for one more year; he'd spend a fortune and workout to become the man she deserved. She said 'one year'.

Well soon enough he had this blue zip folder. He told her what was in it was expensive but almost magical. One night when they were out, I looked. It had Viagra, other similar things; it also had HGH (human growth factor) and steroids that promised strength, growth, etc. Some were even experimental. There also was a gift coupon for laser eye surgery, since he (and I) had problems there too.

Well, it was the worst thing I'd ever done, but payback for a long list of things he'd done to me over the years. I quietly pushed out the window panel in the sun room. Next I took the blue folder, helped myself to some of his cash in a metal tackle box and messed up both their and my bedrooms to cover my tracks. Then I left a phone message on their machine that I was staying with friends.

They got back and called me on my cellphone. I said I was still at my friend's place, when actually I was at the beach, just waiting for their call. I rushed home and was 'shocked' at the burglary. My 'old man' went into a funk about the blue folder theft; items in that bag were either irreplaceable or too expensive to repurchase. He was SOL and had to accept the fact that my gorgeous mother was history in twelve months.

After cleaning up, they figured out the net loss was that blue folder and $5,000 from his crude home safe. My mom asked her 'old man' what he was going to do to try and change before the year was out. Dejected, he said nothing. Shaking her head, mom then looked at me, .

At that moment I chose to say that I was going to get a small weight set for myself, speaking of self-improvement. My mother smiled, motioned me to come over, and gave me a light buss on the cheek, happy that at least I was trying to move forward.

As the next year progressed, my mother occasionally noticed that I was developing amazingly fast. Of course, just maturing would do that--especially buoyed up by serious weightlifting (I did it hours per day.)

Unknown to her, I also had those prohibitively expensive supplements that her 'old man' had lavished upon himself—the ones 'stolen' by that 'intruder'. By the halfway point of that year, I had changed from 'dork' to stud. Formerly five foot five and one ten, I had become five ten and one eighty, a lot of it chiseled muscle.

When I worked out by the pool, I often glanced sideways without turning my head. Sure enough, more times than not, my gorgeous mother would be at the window. With the onset of summer, when I got tanned and really buff, my mom's nipples would pout, slowly erect, and then POP when she saw me in my Speedos. More importantly, she got sopping wet, wet enough to enter, if I so much as entered the same room.

For me, this was going great. I had the weight set as a 'cover' to explain my extraordinary development and change from boy to superman. It was harder to explain my ditching of those coke-bottle lens glasses that I (and my 'old man') had to wear. I had the laser eye surgery, but I told them that I just found contacts that actually worked.

Now we come to the end of that year. My MILF mother was going to give the boot to my father. He just didn't cut it in bed and she was sick of squandering her 'good years' waiting for some inheritance or divorce settlement.

He was desperate--about to give up and move out. Then he noticed that as I came in from cleaning the pool, sweaty, buff, looking like a greased-up body builder on stage, his gorgeous wife briefly stared at me. She went back to her Kindle book, but he noted that her nipples were now poking out thru the tissue thin material. Then he noticed there was a big damp spot down below also. He was all set to lose his temper when he realized he'd found a solution.

He called us together for a family confab. We thought it was about my eighteenth birthday plans, as I'd just become 'an adult' that very day. Well, no, it was something totally unexpected: What he said would create total shock and awe.

The old man: "This is going to sound weird, but hear me out. Within a few days, Varsha here has vowed to file for divorce. She said that she can do a lot better, and I'm not questioning that. I noticed that she looks at you with not just pride but more than a little lust. My thinking...and just hold on...is that we could solve her 'needs' and Anand's 'needs' if the two of you 'got together'. We could at least try it; nothing would be lost if it didn't work out and we had to part our ways."

It was the strangest proposition in history. It also was brilliant. Mom's insatiable needs for loving could be filled by me, whereas my unspoken lust for her would also be satisfied. We both controlled ourselves and somehow came up with objections. He actually 'bought it' and thought he'd have to convince us to come together.

Old man: "Damn it, I thought this was a perfect solution; well, I'm not going to give up easily. Somehow, I'll just have to convince you two that you can be lovers. Let's test that once and for all."

To that end, he had me sit in the big oak chair in the family room. He dragged a 'reluctant' wife (my mom) over to me and literally forced her to her knees. He barked for her to reach into the gap of my athletic shorts and pull it out. She did, but when my huge cock appeared, her eyes grew as big as saucers.

He couldn't see her lick her lips, look up at me in appreciation and abject submission, then go down to worship it. Soon enough, her head was moving at an incredible rate. I wanted to control myself, but the utter shock of having the object of my dreams 'going down on me' was just too much. With a gasp and a sigh, I let loose a tidal wave into her warm, welcoming mouth.

All of a sudden, dead silence hit the room. Mom got up and looked at me and then him. Finally, slowly at first, from all corners of her mouth, warm white liquid starting oozing out. The incredible volume of my spend made her cheeks puff out. He was a little shocked, and I secretly pleased, when she noisily swallowed that warm ocean of love that remained in her mouth. Everyone was stunned by the sheer erotic scene we had just witnessed.

He didn't have to ask us if we were willing to go through with it now; he knew. He left the room for an hour to do his income tax. He returned to the family room where mom and I were still trying to recover from the unbelievable pleasure we'd both experienced from our first sexual encounter. Her 'old man' for his part figured I'd had enough time to recover.

He 'ordered' us to get on with it. In the spirit of the moment, I swept mom up in my arms and carried her to her room. Within seconds we were making out like a pair of longtime lovers. Within a few more seconds, I had her stripped nude and flat on her back. The odds weren't great but it happened: as I closed in on her, my ten inch manhood somehow found the slot and entered her in one seamless motion. I slid in balls deep. She moaned in pleasure as did I.

I pulled all the way out before plunging in with all the force I could muster. She winced in pain as my oversized cockhead rammed her deepest part like a gentle punch of a child. Thereafter, I was in cervical territory with each deep penetration.

It was driving her wild, between the taps at her deepest parts and the action of my heavy, ribbed with veins, ten inch cock remorselessly dragging itself in and out, in and out. Her vaginal walls, unused to this kind of attention, were oh-so-very-sensitive. She felt every vein, every bump on that invader, my pride and joy as it was dragged slowly against the tingling tissues of her love tunnel. The ending on that deep probe was so large that it dragged itself against all sides of her chamber as it slowly made its way in, then out, again and again.

I was inexperienced in matters of love. I didn't know that her periodic tensing up and moaning were signposts of the big 'O'. As clumsy as I was as a virgin lover, I had somehow elicited eight orgasms from my beautiful mother.

About halfway into our forty minute love session, I noticed that the old man was a voyeur, silently watching us. That was cool; the idea of me 'sticking it' to his wife while he watched was an ultimate fantasy of mine anyway. I got up on all fours, only connected to mom by that long tube, my ten inch babymaker.

In all my formative years, I'd never seen my beautiful mother in anything revealing. Now, there she was! Plump breasts, shapely legs, soft feet massaging me as I serviced her; it was all so overwhelming. Between her beauty and that Viagra I had 'borrowed' from that blue bag, it was no wonder we could carry on for a solid forty minutes.

From the intensity of our breathing, anyone could tell we were about to get off together. Sure enough, to our mutual shock and amusement, we heard a voice at the doorway.

Old man: "I wasn't spying on you, just walking by. Varsha, remember that calendar hanging on the door of your closet: you'd better use precautions or have him dump his load into the trash. Well, I'll leave you two lovebirds alone now." [He threw us a pack of condoms. He had purchased them years before.]

To be honest, I hadn't considered anything past satisfying Mr. Deepak. I looked at mom, wondering if she was going to send me packing or, worse, make me wear a condom.

Mom: "I don't know what to say. I didn't even think in those terms...about the risk of pregnancy. Well, he's right. I hate to do this to you, but you're going to have to put one on."

I was frustrated; you'd be too if you had yourself in the warmest, tightest, most welcoming place and were ordered to put on a full-size 'raincoat'.

Grumbling all the way, I opened the package and put it on. I noticed, though, that he had had these condoms for a LONG time; the latex was incredibly brittle. I didn't tell mom this, though. That poor condom, stretched to the max to encompass my big mushroom shaped cockhead, could only cover the crown at the very end. I was too much man for those rubbers.

We went back to our lovemaking as if we hadn't stopped. Determined to enter parts of my gorgeous mother that no one ever had, I pushed her forward, rolling her up, with her legs now draped over my shoulders, her perfect smooth feet dangling in the air. Her eyes were closed but opened all the way in shock as I quietly but determinedly entered her womb. She was totally unprotected and at maximum fertility.

We French-kissed, making out as I gently pushed her until she was angled upward as I sat on my heels on the bed. We were now two people literally connected as one. My testes were huge, swollen with potent seed. Each globe was the size of a large apple and stored enough vibrant spermatozoa to knock up all the women in a small nation.

With a final manly grunt of satisfaction, I pressed downward with all the strength and force I could muster. With my mouth on her warm pliant lips, our tongues playing, my cockhead swelled with power. At first I could feel...even hear...the jets of love splashing against the latex condom. Then, after a few copious jets of my love liquid, what I hoped would happen...did happen. That old condom, brittle and stressed to the max by the size of my manhood, just gave way.

Almost instantly, I could feel a change. My cockhead once again was in a warm, welcoming place. This time it was returning the favor, bathing mom's rubbed red and raw inner passage with a soothing bath of warm, love liquid. On and on the firehose-like deluge continued.

My beautiful mother's eyes popped open again; she could sense the warmth flowing into her. Instead of kicking me off her and running to clean out my genetic material, she locked her ankles around me. She whispered for me to stay inside of her after I was finished. It was just something that men were supposed to do...after they tried to impregnate their woman.

Mom: "That's it, Anand, fill me up. Give mommy all of your precious seed. Make mommy pregnant with your baby. Oh God, so much cum, so much sperm, you must really want me to have a baby. I promise you...if you knock me up, I will give birth..."

I was stunned that she accepted my seed and even encouraged me. Sure enough, I stayed inside of her, still hard, still shooting. We kissed before we both fell into a gentle sleep.

One hour after we had fallen asleep, her old man came back and looked in on us. He saw the open condom package and congratulated himself. Now mom would let him stay, there'd be no costly divorce, and those condoms ensured that nothing 'unseemly' would happen. It was all so neat and perfect; if he only knew that as he looked down upon us, basking in his genius, my gorgeous mother conceived.

Yes, four of my little guys had found the prize of prizes: my beautiful mom's precious ovum. So, as her 'old man' stood above us as we slept on his marital bed, those four little guys steered that thing against her inner walls, achieving the pinnacle: I had made my beautiful mother pregnant.

Our lovemaking continued without pause. To his anger, we sometimes spent all day in bed, with food delivered for us. He was comforted that we used those condoms; he was unaware (as were we) that mom was already pregnant. He also didn't know that I carefully opened the condoms and put them in my pocket. Later I threw them out, unused, into the kitchen trash bin.

About six weeks after our first lovemaking, mom sensed something was amiss. She went to her doctor who confirmed it: mom was pregnant. I was ecstatic as was she. She took great delight in informing him of the 'new reality'. He would now have to sleep in my room while I slept in the master bedroom with mom. Condoms were a thing of the past. We had a lot of time to catch up on so we'd go bareback riding.

This wasn't the ending that he had planned for, but at least he wasn't out on his ear. It all worked out in the end: he would tend to the growing army of toddlers we produced. First it was quadruplets, then two boys and finally twin girls. We had matched 'Kate Plus Eight' and had more fun reaching that goal than anyone in history.

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Wife Swappin

She had to admit that their marriage was dull and that they were having problems. She knew her husband, Praveen, was getting frustrated with her and was afraid that he was seeing somebody else.

But she felt that his needs were different from hers and despite a few attempts to liven up their marriage they inevitably fell back into the same old routine.

Sometimes she blamed her upbringing for the way she was. At times she felt very conservative and inexperienced. Her preference was for gentle romantic lovemaking with lots of foreplay and loving - she wondered often if this was just a fantasy and not a possibility.

It wasn't that she didn't enjoy sex, because she did - very much at times. But it seemed that those times were few and far between and she very often went through the motions of having sex with Praveen, just to satisfy him and relieve his needs. She rarely felt that Praveen knew what she needed but he was always quick to tell her what he needed. On the times she had given in to his suggestions she had ended up feeling used and hurt.

Manya had been a late starter. She had attended an all girls school and until she left school had little contact with men. She had then trained as a nurse, again living in an all female environment.

It wasn't until she was 19 that she first kissed a boy - a brief encounter outside a disco before her parents collected her, that left her lips bruised and her wondering what all the fuss was about.

Her first boyfriend was a medical student whom she met on the night of her 20th birthday and dated for six months. She was never comfortable with him though and while she enjoyed their kissing it was a big step for her, after 3 months, to let him open her bra and fondle her breasts for the first time. Despite occasional attempts by him to go further, during the rest of the relationship, she always resisted. She had relaxed enough to enjoy his hands caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples but despite the sensations it caused in her panties she was not ready to let him touch her there. She was amused by the reaction that her body caused him though while at the same time conscious that she was different from many of her friends who had no problem having full sex, even on a first date.

After that relationship she dated a few other guys but not for any length of time and again physical activity was restricted to frantic fumbling under top and the sensation of a hard cock pressing against her through layers of clothing.

She did relax her standards somewhat and not all her dates had to wait three months to get their hands on her ample breasts. She still remembered with pleasure the night of a Christmas party when one of the doctors at the hospital persuaded her to come to his office with him - where after a lot of very passionate kissing she let him pull up her top and suck on her breasts. She often wondered how much further she would have let him go if they hadn't been interrupted by one of his colleagues.

At 22 she met Praveen and from the start she felt comfortable with him. Their relationship strengthened and when he proposed to her on her 23rd birthday she accepted at once. She was totally in love with him and when he parked his car in their usual spot that night, before dropping her home she felt so good in his arms.

She let him open her blouse as usual, and her bra, and welcomed the feel of his firm hands on her soft full breasts. When his hand moved to her leg, instead of stopping him as she always had before, she opened her legs slightly and let him be the first man to explore and touch her. He moved quickly, fingering and exploring her and she was starting to enjoy it a little, when he moaned and had to tell her he had come in his pants.

This admission and her realisation of the effect her body had on him scared her a bit and until their wedding day he had to content himself with an occasional fumble under her top.

Eleven months later they married and in their wedding bed he took her virginity. It was quick and passionate. She had no time to dress in the lacy lingerie she had bought for the occasion. Praveen didn't last long and as he slept beside her she felt a glow of satisfaction after a wonderful day but also a sense of being unfulfilled by their hurried lovemaking.

16 years later Praveen remained the only man to have had sex with her and while there were times when the sex was good, generally it was routine and not very fulfilling for her.

In recent months they had discussed their problems and Praveen, with her agreement, had tried to spice things up by buying her a vibrator, massage oils and even some blue movies on DVD. They had had some fun nights and some good and passionate sex but before long the usual routine had returned. Manya wasn't very adventurous and never had been and despite Praveen's promptings the actual act of intercourse was invariably the same - foreplay was minimal, and Praveen would mount her quickly and pump into her until he came. She often felt if he could give her more attention in the build-up she might learn to enjoy the oral sex and new positions he wanted her to do.

Now she felt their marriage was in crisis. She didn't want to lose Praveen so maybe that is why she entertained his suggestion.

He had suggested it about a month ago. They were in bed after very unsatisfactory sex, he was frustrated and even angry. He was discussing other people, wondering was their sex life the same. Their chat developed into an argument and culminated in her telling him to go off and do it with somebody else if that's what he wanted.

After a couple of days of silence he broke the ice and asked if she had meant what she said. There followed a long tearful chat where she admitted that she felt she couldn't satisfy him but that she loved him and didn't want to lose him. He admitted that he needed more from her and that he often longed for the opportunity to have sex with other women.

The conversation developed - with the help of some wine - to the point where they agreed that maybe things were so stale between them that they both needed the experience of being with somebody else.

2 weeks later Praveen excitedly told her he had found a solution to their needs. One of his colleagues in work had confided to Praveen that his marriage was in similar difficulties. Between them they had discussed experimenting with wife swapping - it just needed Manya's consent to put things in motion.

She thought about it a lot over the next day - the thought of another man both scared and excited her. What made her mind up was Praveen's enthusiasm. He was so excited about the idea that she realised saying no to him would jeopardise their marriage.

So here she was finishing getting dressed to go out and meet this other couple.

She was very nervous, of meeting these people, of being with this man and of letting him down.

Praveen had suggested what she wear and she pulled her short black dress down over her matching black lace bra and black thong. Her long black hair was tied up and with the help of make-up her 39 years didn't all show in her face or her deep brown eyes.

A spray of perfume on her 36c cleavage completed her preparation and one last glance in the mirror satisfied her that her swimming and tennis still had her in good shape and that her dress didn't emphasise the curves of her bum, one feature she always wished was smaller.

The drive in the taxi passed in silence - both Praveen and her engrossed in their own thoughts.

They kissed briefly outside the restaurant before heading in to meet their 'friends'.

The arrangement was that they meet for a meal, chat, and at the end of the meal if they were all comfortable they would then proceed to swap partners for the night.

The other couple were there before them and stood to greet them. Geeta was a stunning blonde, younger than Manya and slimmer and immediately she felt jealous and threatened. Sandeep on the other hand was about 40, tall and a little overweight but well dressed and reasonably good looking.

The meal passed quickly with lots of chat and Manya could see that Praveen was absolutely smitten by Geeta.

Before she knew it, the bill had been ordered and it was decision time. Sandeep and Geeta were both keen to proceed. Manya knew that Praveen had his mind made up as soon as they walked in so despite her reservations she heard herself agreeing also.

They decided to go to a nearby club together and when they left the restaurant Sandeep walked with her behind Praveen and Geeta. Praveen had his arm around her and Manya felt jealous seeing them and hearing them laugh and giggle as they walked.

Sandeep seemed OK and in the club Manya chatted with him and relaxed a bit. They sat drinking and watched Praveen and Geeta dancing together.

Praveen was holding her close, occasionally kissing her and very obviously moving his body against hers. Soon they came over hand-in-hand and announced that they were heading off together. Praveen kissed Manya, thanked her and told her he would see her at noon the next day as arranged.

That left Sandeep and Manya to return to Sandeeps house for the night. Before they left Sandeep suggested a dance and he held her close on the floor as they moved to the music. He was kissing her bare shoulders and she felt his hands move over her bum pulling her against the swelling in his pants.

When the song finished he kissed her on the lips and suggested heading home.

In the taxi Manya sat rigid in his arms - her mind racing as he stroked her hair and shoulders. Sandeep seemed more relaxed and to her horror she felt his hand moving over her legs and up under her dress. She sat without moving as she felt him explore under her dress, probing under her thong, tugging gently at her pubic hair and trying to slip a finger into her pussy. Her state of mind ensured that there was no trace of wetness to ease his probings.

Thankfully the taxi pulled up at his house before he went any further and to her embarrassment the driver gave her a knowing wink as she got out.

At the house he gave her the choice of going straight to the bedroom or having a drink first. Manya was definitely not ready for this so she sat on the sofa while he mixed a cocktail for her.

She felt so nervous and unsure - very afraid to go through with this but equally afraid to let herself down by leaving. She was angry with Praveen and also intensely jealous imagining him in their bed feasting himself on Geeta's perfect body.

Sandeep returned with the drinks and sat beside her. He could tell she was nervous and suggested she relax and that they would take things slowly.

After a little conversation he moved closer to her, took her drink and put it down and took her into his arms.

Manya tensed, and felt his mouth on hers, gently kissing at first. As she relaxed the pressure got a little firmer and she felt his tongue moving over her lips and then probing between them.

She opened her mouth and let his tongue begin to explore her. As she did his hand moved to her breasts and squeezed them gently through dress.

The kiss deepened and she felt him take her hand and put it on the front of his trousers. She could feel him pressing against the fabric, already erect and urgent.

Her mind was still racing, unsure, but his hands on her breasts were gentle, rubbing her erect nipples through the layer of clothing. In a haze she felt her zip being opened her dress pulled down over her arms and then she heard him gasping as he took off her bra and her heavy breasts fell forward.

He moaned and buried his face between them and then to her surprise slid both hands under her dress to pull off her thong.

Manya panicked. Things were moving too fast. Something inside her was telling her this was wrong and that she didn't want it.

She moved, pushed his hands away and pulled away from him to flee crying to the bathroom.

She composed herself and dressed then returned tentatively to him. She explained she wasn't ready, that it was a mistake. He was very understanding and was concerned that she was alright and that he hadn't hurt her.

AS Praveen and Geeta were using her house she had no choice but to stay the night and Sandeep assured her she could use the guest room. They sat and chatted for a full hour before they made their way upstairs.

In the bedroom Manya undressed to her thong and slid into bed. She could hear Sandeep clearing up downstairs then coming up to his own room.

She lay thinking. In one way she was annoyed with herself - here she was at 39 years of age behaving like a teenage virgin. She wondered what Praveen was doing now and how good his night was - wondered was he enjoying discovering if Geeta was a natural blonde and would she suck his cock for him the way he so crudely demanded that she do sometimes.

She also thought of Sandeep, wondered what he must think of her and how frustrated he must be feeling. She realised that she had let him down badly because of her own hang-ups and appreciated how considerate and caring he had been. She guessed that he too must be picturing his beautiful wife in bed with Praveen.

She got angry with herself, told herself to grow up and came to a compromise decision. She got out of bed and put on a dressing gown which was on the back of the door.

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Sandeep was still awake, sitting up in bed, revealing his bare chest and his plump stomach. He was surprised to see her.

She sat on the bed, apologised to him again and thanked him for his understanding. She told him she realised how frustrated he must be and that if it helped she would be willing to relieve him. But he had to understand she wasn't ready for any more than that.

He smiled, kissed her, assured her that she didn't have to but if it made her feel better of course he would enjoy it. But he didn't want her to feel obliged in any way or to do anything she didn't want to.

She stood up to let him pull back the covers then sat down again as he slipped off his shorts. His cock hung limp between his legs.

It had been ages since she had done this for Praveen - usually as soon as he was hard he moved inside her - so she was a little unsure of herself.

Sandeep made himself comfortable and stretched himself out. Manya moved over on to the bed, sitting facing him and moved her right hand to stroke his limp cock.

She ran her hand gently over it, feeling it, stroking it and gradually it began to respond to her touch.

She felt it swelling, getting wider at first and then longer, pushing up into her hand. She moved her hand up and down and was surprised as it continued to expand. She had no one else to compare it with but she could see that Sandeep was substantially bigger than her husband.

When it was fully erect she could fit both hands around it and she started to pump it in long rhythmic strokes. Sandeeps breathing told her she was doing well as did his occasional words of encouragement. She was fascinated by the size and width of his cock. She felt surprisingly relaxed - giggled to herself at how she must look, pleasuring this strangers big cock.

She moved a little faster and as she did was aware that the robe had loosened and that Sandeep was staring lustfully at the exposed cleavage as she stroked him.

Her hands were tiring and she told him she had to take a break. She sat gently caressing him with one hand. He spoke to her, told her she was beautiful. He sat up and reached out, stroked her face.

She blushed, enjoyed the sensation of his touch. As she resumed the long strokes on his erection his hand brushed over her face, her throat and gently between her exposed breasts.

He asked could he see her breasts, told her they were beautiful, so much bigger and beautiful than Geeta's.

Manya felt a rush of pride - it felt so good to be compared favourably to the beautiful Geeta. She wondered how Praveen liked her skinny figure and small breasts and would he be able to make love to her tits the way he sometimes did with her.

She wanted to show them off ,she felt, so she opened the robe and let it fall away.

Sandeep moaned again and his cock twitched in her hand as he saw her breasts again.

She was surprised at his reaction. She had never really come to understand the effect her body could have on a man. It made her feel good, feminine and powerful. She was wearing only her thong and she noticed Sandeep glancing down at it.

She continued to stroke him as he lay gazing at her breasts. His breathing was quickening and gasps and moans came from his mouth.

She moved her hand faster then felt him tensing. He leaned forward, pulled her down towards him. His hard cock pushed against her soft breasts and then suddenly he cried out and Manya sat back as his hot cum sprayed on to her breasts.

She collapsed beside him and they lay in silence.

He spoke first, thanking her, telling him how wonderful it had been for him. Her arms were aching but the nervousness she had felt earlier had gone.

Tentatively he let a finger touch her breast - running through his cum over her nipple. Her nipple sprang erect to his touch and he gently lubricated it white liquid. When she didn't object he got a little braver and massaged her breast fully with his hand, making it slick and wet. She moved slightly, rolling over, giving him access to the other breast and she lay there, eyes closed, as his hands massaged her heavy breasts.

It felt so good - getting this loving attention that Praveen never had time for. Sandeeps hands were wonderful but when he bent and took a nipple in his mouth she moaned out loud.

Her eyes still closed, she lay back as he took his time, caressing, sucking, nibbling and squeezing. She found herself switching off - her focus entirely on the sensations of her body, both her sensitive nipples and the heat building between her legs.

Sandeep was sucking harder, she was arching her back, pushing her breasts up to meet his lips.

It started slowly, a deep warm sensation and then as Sandeep bit hard on the soft skin between her wet breasts she screamed out as an intense orgasm rocked her body.

She shuddered as she came, writhing in his arms, then lay motionless.

When she opened her eyes he was staring down at her, smiling. She smiled back then pulled his face down to kiss him.

They kissed softly at first then more passionately. She moved into his arms, their bodies together and she was surprised to feel his erection had returned and was pushing against her belly.

She reached down to stroke it once more. In her head she paused, realised she had gone so much further than she had intended to. However she was also acutely aware of the intense heat and wetness between her legs - a sensation she had rarely experienced before.

She froze, excused herself to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom she composed herself. In the mirror she looked flushed, her breasts swollen and marked from his teeth. She ran her fingers over the front of her thong and found the material soaked. She slipped a finger under the material into her wet pussy and moaned involuntarily as she ran it over her hard clit. Most of all she felt like a woman, alive and in control of her own sensations. Sandeep had succeeded in generating a passion and desire in her that Praveen had never done.

She slipped off the thong and returned naked to the bedroom. In her mind she told herself that she could sort her head out tomorrow but right now it was her body controlling her actions.

She paused before she returned to his embrace, both enjoying the sight of each others bodies.

They didn't speak. He lay back, his cock looking even bigger and harder. She straddled him and ran his cock over her wet pussy lips. When he was wet she positioned it and then let her body slide down over his hardness.

He filled her completely, she could feel new sensations as it probed deep inside her.

She felt alive, wild. She licked a finger and started to rub her clit as her lover moved with her. As she did he squeezed hard on her breasts.

Although she had orgasmed minutes earlier she was surprised how quickly she came again, riding his rigid manhood as he pulled at her breasts.

She collapsed in ecstasy assuming he had come too but then surprised to feel him still rigid and moving inside her.

The sensations were wonderful and she didn't object when he pulled out and turned her onto her front. He lifted her on to her knees and she felt him move behind her and then the wonderful sensation of his full length sliding into her wet pussy once more.

This was passion like she had not experienced before. She could hear his balls banging and slapping against her big soft bum as he pumped into her.

She was always very conscious of her bum, aware that it was quite big but Sandeep seemed to like it as his hands moved over her white cheeks.

He was moaning, telling how beautiful her bum was compared to his wife's skinny figure. As he did Manya realised he was touching her, deep between her cheeks. His cock was driving inside her and to his amazement he slipped first one, then two fingers into her ass. To her surprise the sensation was exquisite and instantly she was orgasming again.

She was out of control, waves of pleasure sweeping across her body. His fingers were probing her, stretching her.

She felt him move, his wet cock slid out of her then she felt it nudging between her cheeks.

She couldn't stop him. Guiltily she thought of Praveen and the times she had refused to let him take her in the ass.

Now here she was, her body on fire, aching for this wonderful big cock to enter the deepest part of her. She moaned aloud telling him not to stop.

With one deep movement he thrust into her, filling her. She cried out, then felt him moving, sliding in and out. It felt like his cock was deep in her belly and after the initial pain she relaxed and then moaned as with one deep thrust he emptied his seed into her.

Exhausted they collapsed on the bed. Sandeep cleaned up in the bathroom and when he returned she was asleep.

She woke first. It was daylight, birds twittering outside.

She felt sore but incredibly fulfilled. She felt she was glowing and relived the previous night in her head.

Sandeep lay on his back beside her. He was naked, his big cock lying limply to one side.

Manya looked at clock. 8 a.m. 4 hours to go she smiled as she moved over and gently let her tongue run over the sleeping cock..................

Manya watched as Sandeep waved from the door of his house and then she sat back in the back of the taxi and relaxed.

Last night had been the wildest experience of her life. Although she had agreed to the swapping idea that her husband Praveen had proposed she had major doubts about it. However after she finally overcame her reservations she had enjoyed a night of utmost passion with Sandeep.

She had woken at 8 a.m., sore but satisfied, 4 hours before the time agreed for her to return home.

She had woken Sandeep by gently licking and sucking at his cock, watching it swell and harden. When he was fully awake she continued the motion of her mouth, sucking and pulling until she heard him moan and she felt his hot cum filling her mouth.

He returned the compliment, taking his time to bring her to a climax with his mouth buried between her legs.

They then had breakfast together followed by a long warm shower where they soaped each other and caressed each other. The shower finished with Sandeep lifting her on to his erection and them moving together until they both climaxed noisily.

She smiled as she remembered every detail and remained lost in her thoughts until the taxi delivered her to her home.

Her husband Praveen, of course, had spent the night with Sandeeps wife Geeta.

Praveen seemed glad to see her. They embraced a little awkwardly and both avoided the subject of the previous nights activity until they sat down together after lunch.

Jeffs night had been less successful. Geeta, a beautiful slim blonde, while on the surface very outgoing turned out to be quite restrained. Sex for Praveen had not been the wild adventure he anticipated and her slim model-like body didn't excite him the way Susans more ample curves did.

Manya didn't feel ready to tell him how much she had enjoyed her night so she kept the detail brief but did let him know that she had been pleasantly surprised by it all.

In the weeks that followed Manya thought a lot about her night with Sandeep and the passions and emotions it aroused in her. Her sexual experience she realised was very limited but she had felt that Sandeep had brought out a new side to her.

When Praveen suggested another swapping experience she pretended to be unsure - while inside she was screaming in consent - and after deliberating for a day or two she confirmed to him that she was willing to try again.

Praveen took on the job of finding a new couple to meet. Weeks passed without any news and Manya found herself becoming more and more anxious, longing for the touch of a new man again. She considered contacting Sandeep herself and offering to meet him alone but when she had suggested it to him that day before leaving his house, he reminded her that he loved his wife, and would not cheat behind her back.

Eventually Praveen told her he had set up a meeting with a couple - Sandeep had put him in touch with them. They were a similar age to Praveen and Manya, but lived quite a distance away. This would be their first swapping experience.

The arrangement this time was to meet in a hotel halfway between their homes and, all going well, to stay the night in the hotel.

The journey in the car to the hotel passed mostly in silence with both Praveen and Manya lost in their own thoughts. Manya felt a nervousness building again and doubts creeping in. She wondered how it would be with this man. But deep inside her she felt a growing urge and anticipation of the passion she hoped she would experience.

At the hotel they checked in and found a note waiting for them from the other couple suggesting they meet for a drink before dinner.

Praveen and Manya went to their room, unpacked, showered and dressed.

Manya had chosen her clothes carefully. It was summertime and the evening was warm.

She slid a lace white thong over her thighs and up on to her hips. The material buried itself between the large white globes of her ass and she pulled it up over the neatly trimmed bush of jet black hairs.

She slid on her new pink top. Thin straps over her shoulders supported the thin fabric which stretched to accomodate her 36c breasts, revealing a large amount of cleavage. A white cotton skirt stopping just above her knees completed the oufit.

A small pink bow tied her thick black hair back and she completed her preparations by touching up her lipstick and adding a few squirts of a new perfume.

At the door, Praveen kissed her, and they went downstairs to meet the new couple.

Nishant and Shilpa were different to what Manya had expected - but then she hadn't known what to expect!

Nishant was a little older, maybe 45, slim and starting to go bald. He seemed timid, unsure of himself.

Shilpa on the other hand seemed very confident and hugged them both. She was a heavy woman. Her curly brown hair framed a round smiling face and her loose clothing, Manya guessed, concealed a plump rounded body.

The atmosphere was strained at first as they got to know each other. Manya could tell Praveen was unsure about Shilpa and appeared to be drinking faster than the others. Nishant said little and Manya started to wonder was this a mistake.

As they had dinner the wine helped things loosen up a little and then the moment arrived where they had to decide if they were willing to go ahead.

Shilpa spoke first, saying she was keen to go through with things and Nishant followed suit immediately (Manya guessed that this whole idea was Shilpas) Praveen sat in silence so when Manya nodded her agreement she felt that he had no choice but to agree.

The decision made, they moved into the bar and sat with their new partners and chatted.

There was music coming from the night club in the basement so after a couple of drinks they made their way downstairs.

Shilpa pulled Praveen on to the dance floor and Manya and Nishant watched as they danced - Manya was glad to see that Praveen had warmed up, probably from the drink, and was beginning to enjoy himself.

The music slowed and Praveen held Shilpa in his arms and they started to kiss as they danced. Manya watched as he moved his hands over her broad back and occasionally let them wander to hold her bum through her dress.

Nishant showed no signs of moving so Manya took the initiative and asked him to dance. She held him close as they moved to the music, letting him breathe in her perfume.

One song blended into the next and Manya could see Shilpa and Praveen kissing deeply as they danced.

Again she realised the man in her arms was hesitant to move. She held him closer, kissed his neck, whispered to him to kiss her.

His kiss was awkward at first, tentative but the feeling of his tongue in her mouth encouraged Manya. However she did realise that while last time she had been the timid unsure partner, this time the onus was on her to take the initiative and to guide Nishant through the experience.

As they kissed she started moving her hips, grinding gently against his lower body. She felt him pulling away slightly but her hands moved to his waist and pulled him back against her. To her pleasure she felt his body respond and the gentle movement of her body resulted in a swelling in his trousers. She held herself against him, smiled, then smiled more as she realised he was blushing.

The music finished, but before they parted she ran her hand over the front of his trousers, enjoying the look on his face, but also the realisation that here too was a man with bigger equipment than her husband.

The music was finishing up and Shilpa suggested bringing some drinks up to one of the bedrooms for a nightcap, before they seperated. Nishant seemed obviously relieved at the suggestion - Manya guessed that he wasn't yet ready to take the next step.

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In the bedroom Praveen sat in an armchair and after organising a glass of wine for everybody Shilpa sat on his knee. Manya and Nishant sat side by side on the bed.

After a little conversation Shilpa and Praveen started kissing again and Manya and Nishant sat in silence.

Manya moved first again, closer to him, kissed his face then turned his face to meet hers and they began kissing softly, gently.

To her relief he adjusted his position, took her into his arms, and kissed her more forcefully.

They kissed, he stroked her hair while in the background she could hear the others whispering.

Manya turned her head after a while. Praveen was kissing Shilpa as his hand kneaded her large breasts through her top.

Manya smiled, returned to kissing Nishant, then took his hand, placed it on her breasts through her top. It lay there, unmoving for a short while, then slowly he began to let it roam over her cleavage. She encouraged him, pausing to check his state of arousal by running her hand over the front of his pants, tracing the outline of his swollen cock.

Her nipples were erect and as she beacame aroused she slipped a strap off her shoulder, freeing one bare breast to the touch of his hand.

More giggling came from the others. Manya turned to look and Nishant followed her gaze.

Shilpa had her dress open and her bra pulled to one side and Praveen was sucking on her huge heavy breasts. As they watched, his hand which had been roaming over her knees had moved right up over her fleshy thighs and by the look of pleasure on her face was now exploring between her legs.

Manya slid off the second strap letting both breasts fall forward. She cupped them, offering them to Nishants mouth.

Nishant stopped her, simply said "Not here"

Manya nodded, understanding, and slipped her top back in place.

They stood, moved quietly to the door. Manya glanced back, catching one last glimpse of her husband, his face lost in Shilpas cleavage as he slid her panties down over her knees.

Outside Nishant apologised, said things were going too fast. Manya suggested a walk to cool down and to let him settle himself.

They walked through the hotel gardens, dark paths between the trees, lit occasionally by the light of the moon.

After a short walk they stopped, sat together on a bench. They chatted and when Manya judged the moment right she kissed him again.

They kissed awhile then sat, her in his arms, talking.

As they talked Manya gently rubbed him, through his pants. To her relief, he didn't move to stop her and she soon felt him swelling once more.

They kept talking, Manya watching his face as she stroked him, then tentatively opened his pants.

He moaned softly as her cool hands touched him. She moaned too, delighted with his response and with the size of the cock she was stroking.

She kissed his lips and then he clumsily reached to move his hand under her skirt. She stopped him, told him to relax and kissed him again.

She felt him relaxing, increased the pace of her massaging. Then she moved slowly down his body, sliding down to the grass. She slid his pants to his knees then, on her knees, leant forward and kissed the head of his cock.

He moaned again as she started licking, sucking and kissing him. She moved her head in a steady rhythm feeling his big cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

His hands moved to her head, holding her there, as he pushed into her mouth and then without warning she felt him explode, his hot liquid spraying into her mouth.

Manya swallowed hard, then licked him gently as he relaxed.

He took her back into his arms, kissed her.

They walked back towards the hotel. Nishant paused, pointed towards the building. A light was on in one of the rooms and from their position in the shadows they could clearly see Shilpa standing naked at the window. She was heavier than Manya had imagined with huge globes topped by big brown nipples, sagging nearly to her waist. They could just see Praveen behind her, his arms around her waist, a hand moving through the thick bush of hair between her legs.

Manya and Nishant continued back to their room.

In the room they embraced and Manya let Nishant lead her to the bed. She could feel him taking control and offered no resistance as he undressed her. When her thong was removed he spread her legs wide and moved his face between them. Manya let it happen. Felt his tongue lapping at her clit, his teeth nibbling at her flesh, his fingers probing deep inside her.

Her inhibitions disappeared as she relaxed to the touch of her lover and as she encouraged him she felt a feeling of intense heat building inside her.

Her scream could be heard in the next room as she climaxed, her body rocking with pleasure.

She expected him to stop but instead he kept going, sucking, licking, probing. The pleasure was too much and minutes after her first orgasm a second washed over her, followed quickly by a third.

Another first she giggled as she enjoyed the multiple orgasm engulfing her.

Nishant rolled away and went into the bathroom. She heard water running and some minutes later he called her to join him.

She entered to find him naked in the bath, his erection breaking the surface of the water.

He held her hand as she climbed in, then moved under her, letting her sit right down on him and guiding his cock into her as she did.

They stayed joined together for what seemed like hours, kissing, caressing and moving together.

When his cock softened she would squeeze him with the muscles in her vagina back to full hardness. After some time the atmosphere changed his mouth sucking at her breasts more urgent, the gentle movement of his hips more intense.

She started to rub her clit, watching his face as he thrust up into her.

They talked, told each other when they were getting close, waited until the other was close to climax.

Then with rapid movements, water spilling over onto the floor, he literally lifted her up and down on his hardness, waiting until she cried out before he released himeslf inside her.

They held each other, then dried off and she climbed into bed.

He watched her as she slept..before he too succumbed to sleep.

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Sexual Nirvana

Manisha came back early from her part-time summer job on a Friday afternoon, thinking she would be alone for a while at home. But Nitin was already there watching some kind of Xtreme games in the living room in his short. As always she was happy to see him.

"You're home already."

Nitin grunted something implying that he was watching the game and did not want to be bothered.

Manisha went to the kitchen and open the refrigerator to get a drink. She glanced over at the ample choices of beverages neatly stacked in there. A naughty smile came over her pretty face as she closed the door without taking any beverages out. She knew what beverage she would like to have at that time. She began stripping.

Manisha was 18 and half and owner of a killer body. Her flat and taut belly sloped beautifully into her hairless crouch. A little gash parted and accentuated her pussy lips. Her breasts were fully developed for her age and stood proudly on her chest.

She walked completely naked into the living room. Her firm and perfectly rounded bottom swayed seductively as she moved. Her long luscious legs was an open invitation of never ending party. Her boobs jiggled slightly announcing how firm and perky they were. Nitin gave her a glance but continued watching the game.

Manisha realized he was in one of those moods but she could care less. She knew exactly what she wanted and she would get it even it might take some persuasion. She could never get enough of the man juice she was seeking at that time. Sometimes she wondered if she was becoming an over sexed person.

Manisha sat between his legs and tried to kiss him.

"Not now, I am watching the game." Nitin protested.

Manisha was not be denied. She lowered her mouth on his tiny nipples and began to lick his aureoles. Just like her nipples, they became rigid in no time. She continued her journey south, inching towards her ultimate destination. She marveled at his solid abdomen muscles, it was not yet as prominent as a six pack, but she knew he was working on it.

Nitin was thoroughly enjoying what she was doing to him. He would often act as being nonchalant and that would make Manisha more aggressive. He was delighted as his plan was working again. He raised his bottom up for Manisha to take his short off.

"Wow!" She exclaimed, "Someone is happy to see me." She said admiring his fully erect cock, which stood at nine inches last time she measured. Manisha placed one of her hands under his balls and lightly squeezed them. She lowered her mouth at the base of his massive dick and ran her sleek slippery tongue across his crinkled sac. Then she began her upward journey along the shaft of his cock. Her tongue was leaving a wet track of saliva as she was nearing the top of his manhood. When she reached the bulbous head she was greeted with clear but sticky pre-cum juice already oozing out of his narrow slit. She took his cock head into her mouth savoring the taste of his pre-cum. She started bobbing her head up and down and swallowed the entire length of his massive hard on. His dick head hit the back of her throat and wanted to slither inside more, like a snake. She knew it would not go any further down and began her upward motion.

Nitin looked down at her naked body between his legs and marveled at what he saw. Her back tapered into her narrow waist and then flared up proportionately into her rounded bottom. She was rocking her ass sideways as she was bobbing her head up and down on his cock. He could easily reach over and poke his fingers into one of her holes but checked his temptation as he was still playing the role of a reluctant lover.

By then her pussy was dripping wet and she needed immediate attention there. She got up and looked straight into his eyes. He was very familiar with that look, it meant only one thing; fuck me. He lowered his eyes towards her groin. He always liked to look at her beautiful pussy. There was only one other pussy in the world that he liked more than this one.

Manisha's pussy lips were swollen heavy and her little hole was gushing fluids, glistening and sending an invitation that she was ready for penetration.

She positioned herself with her legs wide on each side of his waist and slowly lowered her body. His cock head touched her dripping entrance and she pushed forward. With a plopped sound his bulbous head entered into her tight hole. She wiggled and pushed and adjusted her tunnel to accommodate his huge cock inside her pussy. Soon she was able to take the entire length of his shaft inside her.

Nitin was still pretending he was watching the game, although he could not tell who was winning anymore. He knew it was obvious he could not be oblivious anymore now that her pussy had sucked his dick inside her completely. He thought enough of this silly pretension. He grabbed her bottom and pulled her towards him for better penetration. Finally, she thought, she had gotten his attention. They both were ready now for some serious fucking.

At that very moment the door bell rang. They wondered who that could be. The clock on the wall said it was four, too early for other members of the family to return from works.

"Perhaps some salesman or next door kids. They will go away." Manisha whispered.

But the door bell rang again along with pounding on the door.

Neither one of them wanted to disengage from each other.

"I've an idea." Nitin told her, "Hold on tight. We are taking a walk and will yell the guy away, whoever it may be."

She liked the idea very much. She grabbed his neck tightly like a little baby. Her large boobs was totally smashed on his hard chest. Any tighter, she thought, would leave imprint of her nipples on his chest. Nitin placed his hands on the down slope of her ass and grabbed and pulled her up tightly against his waist. She cooed with excitement as his cock went deeper inside her pussy further. She wrapped her legs tightly around him as he started walking towards the door.

She had been picked up and carried on before by guys but this was totally a new experience for her. She never moved like this with a cock planted deep inside her. She liked the way his dick expanded her pussy in every directions with his motion. She did not know then but this was the beginning of a series of new experiences for them.

By the time they reached the door, the banging began again.

"Who ever it is, please leave." They shouted in unison without any prior planning.

"It is dad, open the door you two."

Their father returned home early. Manisha and Nitin looked at each other and a smile came over their faces. They opened the door.

"You two never quit, huh!" Their dad Sagar walked in and commented looking at his twin kids who were joined together. He slapped lightly at his son's ass and kissed his daughter passionately as his other hand began exploring her ass. He inserted one of his fingers into Manisha's anus. Manisha cringed with pain.

"That hurts, Dad. "

"Sorry honey. You look so sexy handing out from your brother's cock."

"Why don't you get some oil or lotion and fuck my ass." She suggested.

"Don't move, I'll be right back." Sagar did not need anymore coaxing.

He came back with a bottle of cooking oil from kitchen. He was already naked. His massive cock , which was same size as his son's, was proudly glistening with the oil that he had just rubbed on it. He knelt in front of his daughter's ass as she was struggling on not to slide down her brother's dick. Sagar spread her ass cheeks apart and exposed her tiny brownish and crinkled rose bud. He lowered his mouth and began to lick Manisha's ass hole. Manisha moaned with pleasure. Her dad now began to oil her anus with his fingers. He inserted one finger and rotated inside her tight tunnel. Then he inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck her anus. His action slowly loosened up her tight anal muscles. She was ready for double penetration, he thought.

Sagar placed his cock head at Manisha's ass hole and pushed it slowly. His dick head parted her ass as it very slowly entered his daughter from behind.

Manisha had been fucked by her dad and brother at the same time before but never like this standing by the door. She felt like a sandwich meat between them, but she was not complaining. She did not have to fight any longer about sliding down Nitin's pole. Her body became steady as two huge cocks penetrated her from both ends. She relaxed and began to enjoy 18 inches of hard meat inside her body. She was able to rock her body back and forth. Her whole body stiffened as she wrapped her legs tighter around her brother's waist. She turned her head around seeking her father's mouth. Sagar lowered her face and began to kiss her mouth deeply as she exploded into her first orgasm.

"Are you all right honey?" Sagar asked with all his 9 inches meat firmly inside her ass.

"Fine daddy. Just keep fucking me and make me cum again." She cooed.

"How are you doing Nitin?"

Nitin just raised his hand and high fived his dad.

All three of them began to enjoy the new fucking position they had just discovered. But right at that moment the door bell ranged again.

"It's like Central Station today." Nitin grunted, showing his displeasure.

"Who is it?" His dad shouted out.

"It's me honey, open the door." It was his wife Vidya, who, it appeared also returning home early.

All three looked at each other and smiled. Sagar was near the door and he was able to extend his hand without disengaging from Manisha's ass. He opened the door and let his wife in.

"It's not fair! You guys started the weekend without me, already?"

She hugged all her family members, who were attached to each other. .

"Join us quickly honey." Her husband suggested.

Vidya quickly went to her bedroom all the while taking her cloths off. By the time she reached her bedroom she was fully naked. She opened her bedside drawer and picked out a huge black strap-on.

Vidya was 38 years old and still very attractive woman. She had to be as she was competing against her own daughter, half of her age. She was almost a carbon copy her daughter with about 20 pound or so heavier. Her breasts were large with no sign of sagging. Both her kids and husband loved to play with her boobs all the time. Her stomach was flat and masculine, clear sign of the time she had been spending in the gym. Her navel was deep and never failed to attract looks from opposite sex. She would like to take few pounds off her rounded ass and thighs if she could, although her husband and specially her son thought she was perfect the way she was. Most beautiful part of her body was no doubt her pussy. She kept her pussy cleanly shaven and bald. Large prominent lips outlined her womanhood. A larger than usual clit was the center of attraction.

"Mom, I wished I had a pussy like yours." Manisha often commented while licking her pussy.

As Vidya started to fasten the strap-on to her waist, she began to reminisce how they had come to where they were now.

It started about six months ago. They were invited to a swinging party. But Vidya and Sagar did not find the gathering very attractive. Most of the participants were either overweight or too old for their taste. But since that party they wanted to be a swinging couple themselves. They began to explore the Internet but could not find any couple to their liking.

However, their wish materialized in a way they never thought would be possible.

It was one afternoon few days before their twin kids' 18th birthday. Manisha and Nitin were playing at the pool like always. Later Vidya and Sagar joined them. Manisha was wearing a tiny bathing suit and so was Vidya. Both of their suits were very revealing, leaving very little to any imaginations. There was definitely a sexual charge vibrating around the pool.

"You could not take your eyes off Manisha at the pool today." Vidya commented when they were alone in their bedroom later that night.

"She is all grown up, isn't she?"

"She is your daughter for crying out loud."

"She reminds me of you so much when you were her age."

"Are you saying I'm old now."

"You're more beautiful then ever. I'm the luckiest person to have you as my wife."

By saying that he lowered his face onto her pussy and began to eat her. He was so familiar with his wife's intimate body part that every curves and folds were known to him like back of his palm. Even though, every time he lowered his face onto this morsel he could not get enough. He took her large clit into his mouth and began to suck her sensitive button. Vidya began to moan and writhe with pleasure.

"Did you see what Nitin was doing honey?" He lifted his face to ask, "He could not take his eyes off you in the pool. He was drooling for you. Did you notice the hard-on on that kid. I bet he is hung like his dad."

"I did not see any such thing." Vidya lied, even though she noticed and wondered about it.

Sagar got up and lowered himself over his wife and slowly eased his cock into his wife's waiting pussy.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sagar asked, after he was fully implanted into his wife.

"I've no idea what you're thinking." She tried to dodge his question.

"Come on, honey. I saw the way you're looking at Nitin." He slowly began pumping his wife's pussy.

"I may have looked at him and admired how he has grown up. So what?" She replied with a question while wrapping her legs over his back.

"Do you want to fuck Nitin?" He whispered very slowly into her ears.

That question triggered something deep within her. Whole afternoon she wondered about the same question over and over again while she was looking at her almost naked son in the pool. She felt an itch in her pussy every time she stole glance at Nitin's crotch. Good thing she was in the pool, she thought, otherwise her wetness would had been definitely visible.

She was not at all unhappy with her sex life with Sagar. He was still a very good and caring lover. It was actually his idea to expand and explore more about sex. They were still looking for the right person or couples to share their sex lives. But until today she never thought of her son this way.

Instead of answering her husband verbally, she began fucking him furiously. She pushed her groin up and down faster. She flexed her pussy muscle tighter around his cock and began to milk him.

They both exploded into simultaneous orgasms.

"Honey, forget about finding swinging couples, let's fuck the kids." He told her after withdrawing from her and bringing his cum drenched cock to her face.

"You are kidding, right?" She asked as she engulfed his cock and began to taste the cocktail of their love juices..

"Not at all. Think about it. It will be the safest thing to do. We can teach the kids a thing or two and don't have to worry about secrecy or disease."

"What about the kids? Suppose they do not share your enthusiasm." She questioned taking her mouth of his cock for a moment.

"Are you kidding? Did you see the way Nitin was looking at you? If he could he would have fucked you right in the pool."

Her husband was making it sound like it was a foregone conclusion and she was beginning to believe him. She was getting excited at the thought fucking her son and she felt the familiar itch inside her dripping pussy again.

"What about Manisha?"

"I don't know if you noticed," Sagar informed his wife with a broad grin, "Manisha rubbed her ass on my dick few times in the pool today. I know the kids will be willing participants."

Sagar was very happy as he was easily able to persuade his wife.

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