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Old 13th November 2011
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Bhavana fucking

Bhavana is beautiful south actress. She holds milky boobs and butts. One day she acting tamil movie shooting from pollachi. One song shooting and bhavana was wet and hot movements. The film producer was so horney from bhavana's wet body. So after shooting he invited his room. She go to room and said "what matter sir" he said "you are more beautiful today, i am tempting with your wet body.so i want your body" she is scared and said "please don't do this sir" but he is close to bhavana. She wearing green colour tshirt and brown colour long skirt. His hands touch her soliders and she turn around. His hands are run over her body and her waist massaging. She beg him "please leave me sir" but he don't leave her and starting kiss her neck and lips. His hands are rubbing her butts. He removed bhavana's tshirt and watching pink colour bra. He pressing boobs and bhavana does responce him. Bhavana opened his shirt and pant. He said "do some blowjob for me" she kneel and kiss to coak and his coak is tempting from 6 inch size. She removed his underwear and licked his coak. Later her mouth was sucking dick he moaning "come on bhavana, do it faster" after 5 mins he removed her skirt and massage her white panty, his mouth sucking her boobs. Bhavana start moaning mmmmmmmmmha sssssssssssssh
He remove her bra and panty. Bhavana lyeing to bed and he does sucking her pussy. Bhavana moaning heavy ssssssssssh aaaaaaaaaaaha his dick is enter to bhavana's pussy and he move faster. After 5 mins he release his cum to bhavana's pussy. After 10 mins bhavana cleaning her and took the dress to go her room. After 20 mins director and hero come to bhavana room. Bhavana was now showering so she look wet and hot. Hero removed her dress and kiss her lips. Director press her boobs. After 5 mins both are naked body. Hero was lying to bed and bhavana top on hero's dick. Bhavana butts take hero's dick. Director's coak is enter her mouth. Bhavana was fucking and blowjob. After 20 mins director was below and hero was bhavana's mouth. They wild fucked bhavana for 1 hour and both leaved her. Bhavana was so tired. So she take riverbath from refresh. Time is 10.30pm. River is no mens here. So bhavana doing to naked bath in river, but after 15 mins 4 guys are come to river. each guys are 20 years old. Bhavana was shocked. She have no time to wearing dress. That day is full moon, so bhavana was clear visible for guys. They are don't miss this chance. Bhavana beg to guys but they are start doing. Bhavana was fully naked wet body so they are removed dress and jump to river. Two guys lifted to bhavana and laydown to gross. She shouting "help me" but no one here. One guy playing bhavana's boobs, one guy fuck her butts, one guy fuck her pussy and another guy force her do blowjob. Bhavana feel heavy pain "no,no, ssssssssssssh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shssssssss. All guys are very happy to fucking bhavana, so they are fucking 2.30 hours. Every guy fucking two or 3 times. After they are leave to bhavana. Bhavana was heavy pain. So she bath river and wearing dress to go her room.

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Old 13th November 2011
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gud syory man

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Old 12th January 2012
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Old 18th June 2012
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Fuckable story...

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Old 19th June 2012
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OMG, the story is like slam bam thank you ma'am
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