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Coming to the story this took place between the ollywood siren Archita sahu and young sensation Babushaan during the shooting of the odiya film chocolate. As babushan entered into his vanity van after a shot he found that archita was going inside the dressing quarter wearing sort of a black colored gown ..

The Dressing quarters were rectangular glass cabins inside all the bedrooms for actressess to change clothes , dressing up etc .

“You look amazing in this outfut of yours “ , babushan complimented archita ..
“Thanks but this attire is way too tight and pinching all over my body “ , archita replied ..

“So you are going to change “…

“Not exactly … This is the only dress I have with me right now …i forgot my suitcase

“Hey … there might be my red shirt lying inside the dressing room .. You can remove this dress and use my shirt to cover up for the night “ , Babushan advised .

“Well that’s sounds perfect , thanks for offering your shirt …. I will be back in a moment “ , archita answered .

“If you need any help , you can call me inside “ , babushan joked …

“Ya sure , Why not ? “ , architaa just laughed it off ..

“Babushan can you come up and help me out a little please “ , her voice echoed .

As babushan slid off the glass door and entered inside he was greeted by a wonderful sight .

While trying to take her gown off , it had got stuck in Archita's necklace … It got stuck half way up her neck and she wasn’t being able to pull it off …

AaRCHITA had been blinded by the dress covering her face off , revealing her sexy ass to Abhishek in that skimpy thong she was wearing …

“Help me get this off “ ,she shouted ….

“Just a second “ , babushan replied as he hurried to help her out ..

But as soon as he got to archita to disentangle her gown , his hands brushed against archita ’s spankable butt ..

Babushan got lost In his thoughts and forgot completely what he was supposed to be doing …

He start to swirl his hands on archita’s ass like a leaf falling down the tree in autumn season .

“Hey what are you doing “ , Aarchita shouted again which brought babushan back to his senses …

He immediately improvised and helped taking that attire of her body …

Now archita stood in front of babushan In a see-through black lace bra and a skimpy thong . This image made him weak in the knees.

He wished he had worn a brief today, because his erect penis was so engorged that the tip was poking out of the top of his underwear and it was rubbing against the rough surface of his trousers. Not to mention, making an embarrassing spectacle of himself that he had to hide by strategically arranging his shirt around his body.

"How do I look?" she asked him.

"Well, I can't tell if from this angle," he said weakly.

Aarchita adjusted her position so that she was standing straight at his face .

“Beautiful “ , he gasped .

Her bra was completely transparent. Her ivory neck and shoulders were bare. Through the material, he could see her full, ripe breasts, and the erect round nipples that poked through the material.

Her white skin glistened beneath the thong

But his eyes kept returning to her beautiful pussy, outlined behind the gauze. He could see the delicately shaped silhouette of her well-tended mound.

He was mesmerized by her pussy. It seemed like the centre of her being, where the eyes that soulfully gazed at him found the source of the lust that was staring him in the face.

“I guess its bed time so it would be better if I leave “ , babushan answered with hesitation as he cursed himself for what he was saying ..

As babushan turned around to move the glass door and step outside archita caught up his right hand …

“Where are you going ? , Don’t you want to finish what you were doing some time back “ ..

“What … did … I … do … ? “ , babushan asked guilty of his actions .

“I know that you were trying to feel my ass with your bare hands “ , she replied back .

“But …..”

“I am just going to ask you a simple question …. Do you want to take advantage of my loneliness or not ? “ , Archita questioned Babushan .

In his answer he immediately nodded ..

“Lets do it then “ , archita answered giving him a green signal .

He reached up behind her, put his hands on her luscious buttocks, and pulled her to his face. He buried his face between her legs, feeling the thong against his face. She started when she felt the pressure of his lips against her mound. His hands pulled the material out of the way. He could smell her skin. It was wonderful, sinful.

She moaned softly when his tongue found the entrance through the folds of her lips. His hands gently pulled her lips open. He licked her crack, moving upwards with his tongue, searching.

When he found what he was looking for, he gently rubbed the tip of his tongue against her engorged clitoris. She was getting wetter and wetter.

Her juices were hot and and sexy. He could feel her wetness flowing into his mouth.

He held her arms and pushed her back, so that she sat on the bench at the end of the changing room.

She draped her legs around his shoulders and pulled his face deeper into her.

He pushed, feeling his tongue force its way into her opening. His nose and cheeks and chin were dripping with her white cream. She resisted and then gave way, when he inserted his finger into her ass hole. The combined pressure from his face in her pussy and his finger from behind was compelling.

She clutched with her legs around her shoulders and gave way to a series of violent shudders that he felt ripple through his head. He wasn't sure, but he imagined that she was cuming, that she was coming against his face, into his mouth.

He thought he felt her juices gushing out out of her, drowning him in her sweet musk.

He felt her legs release around him. He stood up and pulled her up to him. They kissed for the first time, as sweetly and tenderly as if they were lovers . . . except for the taste of her salty juices in their open mouths.

Would it end there? Would there be no release for the pounding in his groin, for the aching desire in his painfully erect cock?

She pushed her hips into him, pressing her pubis into him. Relieved, he let his hands wanter down her back to her ass, which he pulled toward him, feeling her grind against him.

He reached under her thong to feel the smoothness and warmth of her derrière against his palms. He rubbed her luscious rump lasciviously, not believing that he was touching her there, where his gaze had always lingered whenever she walked away from him, her hips swaying lazily from side to side.

He felt her hand slide to th bulge of his cock from outside the trousers. She stroked, barely at first, but then firmer, feeling the delight .

Oh, but what sweet torture this was -- if she didn't show him some mercy, he would surely explode and die right there in the changing room.

She rescued him . . . her lovely long fingers found the top of the zipper of his trisers and pulled it down, they found the button of his trousers and undid them.

His cock, jumped out of his pants, already rendering the little thong briefs he was wearing useless.

Would she? Would she??? Yes, she wrapped her hand around his raging cock, and squeezed, gently moving her hand in an up-and-down motion.

It was incredible, unbelievable, feeling her hand rub him. He had never felt such pleasure.

There was no stopping him now. He stepped back, pulled off his jeans and briefs in one movement, barely pausing to kick off his shoes. His grateful cock, finally released from all the constraining material, sprang forward, hard and erect, but weighted down somewhat from all the blood that had rushed into it.

It gave the skin of his cock a reddish glow.

There could be no doubt in her mind, from his raging erection, from the way his eyes looked desperately into hers, that he was going to penetrate her.

He almost ran at her, in that tiny space, grabbing at her hips and lifting her. She felt her feet rise off the ground, and wrapped her legs around his hips.

Her back fell against the wall of the changing room, supporting her.

By now archita had taken off her lace bra revealing her breasts to babushan’s pleasure .

He felt the head of his cock against her sopping wet mound. It was electric, the way his cock brushed against her hairs, against her lips, sending goosebumps to his arms.

He buried his face in the wonderful mounds of her breasts, feeling her nipples against his lips.

With an insistent thrust of his hips, his cock broke through the slight resistance at the opening of her pussy, plunging deep into her silky wetness.

They paused. And looked at each other. Her face was so beautiful. How often had he seen that face in his dreams.

And now he was finally inside her. And looking into her eyes, as he felt the length of his erect shaft against the insides of her hot, tight, wet walls.

And then, like a madman, he was thrusting into her, savouring the feeling as the whole length of his hard prick plunged into her and then back out, with each thrust of his buttocks.

She urged him on, drawing him into her with her powerful legs, toned from endless sessions on the elliptical machine at the gym.

There was no way he could hold back. They say that it is harder for women to cum, that you should let the woman cum first, that once she is done, you could spend yourself inside her.

But there was no way.

He came inside her on an inward thrust. He felt his cock spewing his semen into her.

He felt the convulsions in his penis, in his groin, his stomach, up his spine, down his legs. With his whole being, he exploded into her, and kept coming for what seemed forever.

He felt like he had filled her with gallons of his semen.

Exhausted, he stopped his motion. She unwrapped her legs and let them fall to the floor.

She looked up at him, and again they kissed, their lips soft and sweet. When at last they pulled apart, he knew that this all was never going to be the same.

Archita immediately got up and after putting her bra back on , she covered herself with Babushan's red shirt and and got ready for the next shot and babushan really cherised that hot fuck session wid archita.......... .

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Good write more.

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Excellent writing bhaaii.very good english.Wonderfu. Can you please write on sexy snigdha mohanty .She is sexy ///You are gifted with language skill.

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