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Old 21st August 2011
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Shy South Indian House Wife Turns Slutty

I am Deepak belonging to Mumbai. I have a sexy housewife Sarika. I married almost twenty years back. When we got married, she was so ignorant about sex and thought kissing would make her pregnant. Now after lot of discussions, sharing fantasies, arousals and watching porno movies made her suck and fuck nine cocks and enjoy the sort of fucking and turned her into a slutty from a shy south indian house.

Are you interested in knowing about how all this happened ? I am happy to share it with all of you readers and bulls especially and let me post my first episode today

Sarika is taken by her first lover Akash

Eight years back, it happened. Sarika is fond of kissing much. That too deep kissing tasting saliva. Akash was very good kisser and she succumbed to him easily. Let me describe Sarika first. She is now 40. Mature, well grown body structure. She has fair look, whitish complexion with height commensurate with her body weight albeit she is plump now. Her plumpness makes her look more seductive.

Sarika has broad shoulders and black hairs up to her shoulders. Her boos have grown over a period carefully nurtured by me and her lovers too. The fully grown white tits are being squeezed mauled and kneaded by us all .Her boobs are 36D in size and she loves black bras. She loves to be braless many times. Especially at nights at home. Sarika usually wears sarees at home and when goes outside. At home she prefers nighties with just petticoat inside.

She never wears panties. She requires extra large panties for her ass is big enough.

She has soft white boobs with her light brown nipples looking supple for sucking. Men love to suck her tits and one mallu guy smeared ice cream over the nipples and sucked them while I watched closely.

She has nice navel area with a sexy belly button and big thighs. her hairy pussy is a gem etched in between her white thighs shining like a pink jewel. She never shaves her pussy. Her hairs are not dense but like a black over her mound. She loves licking very much. I end up licking her mostly and cum without even fucking her, No doubt its delicious pussy

It all started when we gave an ad in a sex mag called Bombayite

We got a response from single men and some couples too. One such wonderful friend is Akash

He is a professional at Bangalore but responded to us as couple but later confided he is only single. Sarika felt afraid first but then agreed eager to taste a new cock.

We went to Bangalore and stayed in Hotel Woodlands

The scene opens for you readers

The time 4.30 pm the calling bell rings

Sarika is afraid and says No Sri I am afraid let us say no to him

No Sarika don’t worry I will be with you be comfortable

I went to the door and opened it

Saying Hello Akash enters

Sarika tries to smile at him. Akash holds out his hand to her she shook

He sits is sofa and says how Bangalore is?

she smiles and blushes again. She is afraid and does not speak

Akash speaks with me generally and looks at her voluptuous body Sarika is wearing blue saree.

Sarika is wearing matching blue blouse and her favorite black bra and black petticoat. As you know by now, she never wears panties.

I want to give them privacy and told Sarika dear Iam going out for ten minutes and feel comfortable with Akash I went out After ten minutes I enter the room I find and sitting in the double bed near Sarika and her face red. I lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. Sarika what happened?

Are you happy or not? she simply blushed and bowed her head again

Akash looks at her face as if ready to kiss her again

I understood they kissed each other

I know now Sarika has fallen for Akash

I told her dear come on he is our Akash we have come to have this fun come on

Akash came near lifted her chin and looked into her eyes and thrust his tongue deep in to her mouth and kissed her. Sarika allowed his tongue inside fully and closed her eyes and enjoyed his kissing her slowly her tongue also probed into his mouth.

Akash now put his hands on her boobs over her blouse removed her pallu and showed him her cleavage

she does not mind a slutty indication isn’t it

I kissed Sarika on her cheeks and fondled her boobs along with Akash and Sarika closed her eyes enjoyed our hands on her boobs albeit over her blouse.

I unbuttoned her blouse and showed her white sexy cleavage to Akash and he stared at them for a while stopping kissing her mouth and Sarika sees his eyes and the lust filled sight. Akash mauls her boobs over blouse and puts his inside trying bring out the titties outside. Sarikas hands are now fondling his hairs allowing him free access to her well grown white boobs.

Akash kissing her deeply in the mouth continues to massage her tits while I got down and rubbed her thighs over her blue saree. She slowly widened her thighs and moaned heavily. I slowly raised her saree upwards revealing her white thighs to Akash. Sarika resisted my act not whole heartedly and pushed my hands gently.

I kissed her navel area and continued to lift her saree upwards. Anand watched her sturdy white thighs and getting excited kissed her feverishly and made her totally horny. Sarika is virtually a slut craving for his deep kisses and foundlings.

I have succeeded in lifting her saree to her hips and Akash is eager to see her black triangle. His hands have fallen on her hip area and he is now kneading her navel area.

I am on my knees rolling g her saree along with her black petticoat up to her waist and planting kisses on her creamy thighs. Akash could not hold any more his desire to see her heavenly gate of pleasure

Akash pushed me aside and knelt down and buried his face in between her white thighs she moaned heavily and parted her thighs giving way to him to her hitherto forbidden pussy to a stranger shamelessly and what a slut she has become from a shy wife she was earlier

Akash lost no chance and started licking her wet cunt and started tongue lapping her juicy pussy. Sarika presses his head in between her thighs and does not care about my presence and craves for his expert cunt lapping.

Akash does full justice to his licking job and makes her come and moan heavily he is holding her ass cheeks while seriously licking her pussy she never cared for her dresses he takes out his head out and smiles at her and reaches for her boobs again and squeezes them

I help Sarika remove her blouse and black bra and made her topless with heaving boobs giving full feast to Akash she is fondling his hairs with lusty look in her eyes pleading him to lick her more deeply

Akash is tasting Sarika's pussy as if it is his own and she is accommodating fully to have her pussy tasted

I got up and seated in a chair and watch with excitement and rubbing my cock

Akash licks her pussy and also fingering her hole and rubbing her asshole too she shamelessly allowed HIM FULL access where once she did not even allow me to have a look leave alone touch he has easily lifted her buttocks and pulled her pussy close to his mouth and licked as if his life depended on it

After thoroughly licking her pussy, he pushes her into the bed and widens her thighs and comes on top of her and positions himself in between her thighs and removes his trousers and briefs

Sarika eagerly looks down and sees his white thick cock and it is fully erect and seven inches cock the cock is not circumcised and looked sexy

Akash puts her hand on his cock and makes her feel his dick my wife Sarika for the first time has a stranger’s cock lovingly and lustily looking it

Akash allows her to feel and fondle his cock for a while and both are eager to fuck and he makes her recline and puts her legs over his shoulders and guides his cock inside her pussy unprotected yes Akash is fucking my wife before me and Sarika does not care for me either and s keen on getting fucked by his cock he has slowly sent his cock inside her tight pussy

Yes friends my wife is getting her first fuck (real fuck) in her life as mine is small and cannot fill her fully she is lifting her ass and invites his cock lovingly inside her she holds his small ass and pushes him inside her and hugs him closely and letting out her tongue to meet his and they kiss and fuck now

I love to watch the love and lust in her eyes and she smiles at me and closes her eyes again to receive his strokes both slow and steady

Akash enjoys fucking Sarika and increases his speed and fucks her heartily after some heavenly fucking he removes his cock ad turns her and fucks her doggie now fondling her boobs and holding her ass tightly her dress is removed totally and she is naked in the hands of her first lover and I can see Akash fucking her doggie from the big mirror adjoining the bed what a sight it is

I could see the slutty face of my darling Sarika and loved it

Akash fucked her dutifully I the doggie and then made her for the first time in her life to ride a cock never did she ride my cock she did it for first and shamelessly came on top and sat on his cocks and fucked him again Again they shifted to missionary position and Akash fucked her coming on top and finally after some deft and fine strokes unloaded his thick cum deep inside her pussy fortunately he did not impregnate for they were her safe days they kissed again deeply and hugged each other and came out of bed with full satisfaction

Me and Sarika took rest for a while and had dinner at room itself and slept again as Sarika has to be fucked by two cocks next day. next day started for us at almost nine am and after cleaning ourselves we had our breakfast and waited for our friends. soon Akash came with a couple Mahesh and Bhavya. Akash came in a t shirt and jeans and the couple looked like film stars. so fair and glammy

Akash introduced them to us and I went near Bhavya and kissed her cheeks.

she cupped my small ass and rubbed my cock over my shorts

Akash looked at Sarika and went near and grabbed her hips and kissed her deeply

Sarika melted again

Sarika was wearing pink saree with matching blouse and with black bra and black petticoat as usual.

Akash cupped her big ass and pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly.

Sarika loved his touch and craved for his thick cock.

Sarika also pressed his back allowing one hand to reach to his bums.

Mahesh also came near Sarika and felt her mature boobs

Sarika was delighted to have two men other than her husband touch her private parts

while I was busy fondling Bhavya's white boobs, Sarika was manhandled by two sturdy men and Akash has disrobed her and made her nude again and Sarika shamelessly showed her hairy pussy to Mahesh also now Mahesh was fingering her wet pussy while Akash kissed her deeply again and filled her mouth with his saliva and made her massage his erect cock Sarika pulled him to king-size bed and spread her legs wide and begged Akash to lick her wet pussy

Akash dived into the bed and buried his head inside her big thighs and started cunt lapping her

Mahesh now sucked her boobs one by one and kissed her and tasted Akash there

Sarika was fully horny and slutty and pulled Akash on top and opened her pussy lips for his cock

Akash entered my wife again for the second time and fucked her for more than half an hour with slurping sounds with all three of us watching them fuck each other like honeymoon couple not caring about anyone

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Old 21st August 2011
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I was so excited to see my darling wife with mangalsutra tied around her neck and born in an orthodox family fucking Akash before me like a slutty bitch she moaned heavily and begged him to give her hard strokes and made sounds when he went inside her fully they fucked like animals and Akash fucked Sarika in doggie again and then on top and finally ejected his thick cum inside her pussy and Bhavya waited for this and started licking his cum from Sarika's pussy

Mahesh gave his white thick cock to Sarika to suck and she sucked him like typical slut and made him emit his cum inside her mouth

Akash became erect again and inserted his cock inside Bhavya’s pussy from back when she was licking Sarika he fucked Bhavya also for fifteen minutes and came inside her gaping pussy

I watched both the fucks with pleasure and kissed my wife and asked her how she felt

Sarika thanked me for allowing her to fuck Akash again and told me frankly she loved him and his cock and love to get fucked by him as often as possible after his second fuck Akash got up went to toilet and cleaned himself while the two bithces got dressed Akash told Sarika I will come again for you in the evening she kissed him before me and said thanks dear he tapped her ass and sais you are my slut dear she nodded her head pls wait for evening fuck by Akash and another guy called Suresh who fucked with his black cock and that was her black cock

After Akash and the Kannada cpl left, I and Sarika went for lunch and came to room again and took full rest and we got up at four pm

Sarika went to toilet and took a bath and dressed in a rose saree with matching with her usual black bra and petticoat inside.

She applied some perfume also to her body and was looking through window waiting for Akash.

Around 4.45, Akash arrived this time with a Tamil cpl Suresh and Rukku

Suresh is well built and hairy while Rukku is quite tall and rusty

Suresh was in jeans and shirt while Akash was in yellow t shirt and jeans

Rukku was wearing churidar a green one that fitted her and showed her curves too clearly she had a sturdy ass and mature boobs as could be made out from her tight dress we all sat together and Akash arranged drinks for all and while me and Rukku took beer the other three took rum after some normal talks, Akash broke the ice and came near Rukku and kissed her deep .This aroused my darling Sarika and she wanted Suresh to kiss her

Suresh took the hint and hugged her tightly and pushed her to bed and came on top of her and kissed her on the lips he was not an expert kisser like Akash and hence Sarika wanted him to fuck her instead Suresh felt her all over and removed her pallu and mauled her boobs over her blouse she put her hands on his back and brought him closer and pressed his back

Suresh started kissing her cheeks and removed her blouse and pressed his head in between her cleavage

Sarika fondled his hairs and made him remove her bra too and freed her boobs from the clutches of cloth and handed them over to Suresh to suck and chew

Suresh after playing with her white boobs kissed her belly button and removed her saree and untied her petticoat also

Sarika asked him to switch off the lights as she felt shy getting naked before all of us

Akash got up and switched off lights and put on night bulb and came in between me and Suresh and gave his cock to Sarika to suck and fondled her boobs while Suresh got ready to fuck her with his black cock

Suresh cock is black with hairs and thick one too

Suresh separated her pussy lips and pushed his cock inside

Sarika had the experience of being handled by two guys other than me at the same time this was her first black cock and Suresh embedded his cock deep inside her cunt and Akash kissed her deep in her mouth after several hard stroked Suresh unloaded his thick cum inside Sarika' s pussy now it is Akash's turn to fuck his slut again for the third time and she gladly invited him inside and in no time Akash plunged inside my darling wife and started fucking her with slow strokes initially and then with solid strokes they fucked like husband and wife on their first night and never cared about anyone and after fifteen minutes of solid fuck Akash emitted his love juice inside my wife's pussy and she was in extreme pleasure.

Akash got down from the bed and proceeded to lick Rukku's pussy who had become fully nude and she just pressed his face into her pussy area

Sarika just lying in the bed after two solid fucks with cum leaking from her pussy and flowing through her ass crack. I went near her and kissed her cheeks and she smiled at me and thanked me again for this wonderful fuck sessions and kissed me back and felt my small pecker and squeezed me gently

Akash busy with Rukku’s pussy now got up and asked Rukku to be on her knees like a bitch(she is a bitch) and guide his rod inside her pussy from behind and fucked her

Sarika excited by this wanted me to lick her pussy and I obliged her wish and licked her wet cunt and tasting the juices of Suresh and Akash

Akash finished his fucking of Rukku and unloaded his cum outside her pussy on her tummy

Suresh and myself lost our erections and just watched the fucks of Akash then all got up and dressed up and went to hotel for dinner and Akash and the cpl bid good bye and left Sarika is fully exhausted and asked me not to disturb her and slept like anything till nine am the next day

I did not disturb her and slept after masturbation our next episode will be about a mallu couple whom we met near our native place in a hotel and Sarika was so impressed with the mallu cock she wanted me to invite him to our house for a threesome subsequently.

Sarika's marathon fuck with mallu guy Vijay almost a year after her fuck sessions at Bangalore, we happened to meet a mallu cpl in a chat mostly I do the chat and she prefers personal interaction Vijay chat with me and told me about his wife and his solid cock he boasted of his eight inches cock and I found it true also and his cock was also damn thick what else needed for a slutty wife like Sarika I decided that Vijay would surely give Sarika a fuck of her life true indeed she could not walk the next day when he fucked her without cumming during the entire night without losing his erection too

I was wondering at his stamina virtually he enslaved Sarika with his manly cock well after a few chats I told him that we are ready to meet Vijay and his wife Sumita we decided to meet at a nearby place in a hotel I made Sarika to talk to him before our meeting twice or thrice one night we were nude and playing with each other and Vijay rang up and I was talking to him ignoring her Sarika knelt before me and sucked my cock while fondling my balls and played with my anus too after some time she became impatient and snatched the receiver and started talking to Vijay keeping one leg on the sofa hand rest so that her legs were widened and signaled me to be on my knees and lick her pussy while she talked to him she simply pushed my head in between her thunder thighs and talked to Vijay very freely as if talking-to her lover poor husband I was licking her honey box without even lifting my head and she did not even allow me to move any side and kept her hand on my head and made me lick her like a dog she told Vijay that I am licking her pussy and I have a small cock she however appreciated my licking she agreed to meet him and Sumita on Sunday as scheduled we took a bus to that nearby place and checked in to that small calm hotel and awaited Vijay and Sumita after 35 minutes they came by car and booked a room next to ours they entered our room and we ordered coffee and chat for sometime generally all the while Vijay was devouring my wife and Sarika was also eager to be touched by him a slutty indication isn't it

Then Vijay asked her to come with him to next room and she hesitated a bit first and then went with him and they locked the door after three hours only their door was opened and that too at my instance as it was time for lunch when she came out she was damn exhausted as she later told me that he fucked nonstop for three hours Vijay made my wife fully nude immediately after entering the room and did not allow her to wear anything at all

it was a room covered with life size mirror and he enjoyed seeing her nudity and fucking her fast and slow wild and mild small and big right and left and she never had such a fuck in her life so far may be not in future too

after lunch we left and after reaching home I asked hr slowly to narrate what happened inside in detail.

I asked Sarika " Dear what you two did inside?"

Sarika countered me asking " What you did to Sumita?"

I confessed " As usual played with her small boobs and kissed her cheeks while she tried her best to make me hard but in vain"

Sarika laughed" Sri you are useless fellow. Vijay has drained me out with his untiring cock"

I looked at her wicked smile and asked her “tell me please what happened?"

Sarika has started telling and I listened to her with rapt attention and a terrible hard on

Sri, he literally pushed inside the room and got it locked first. I was a bit afraid. Seeing his passion and rough hands I felt frightened first. He hugged me tightly and deep kissed me. You know how deep kissing makes me slutty. When his snaky tongue went inside my mouth and played with mine, I melted and became his slut from being your shy wife.

Yes true sri he literally made me his slut for solid three hours

I forgot myself once he kissed me deep in my mouth and rotating his tongue inside with my tongue.

his hands were all over my body squeezing my shoulders, hips and then my buttocks sri

sri I did not mind that and loved his saliva mixing with mine and his deep kissing

he knew I melted in his hands and removed all my clothes one by one even while holding me tight and kissing me

he threw them all at a distance and held me tightly in his rough hands and sucked my lips strongly

sri he pushed me to bed and removed his pants and briefs

wow sri he had a thick eight inch cock

it was brown and it had an attractive bulb head

he stroked it and asked me boldly" Sarika darling come on feel this monster cock and fondle it"

Sri I felt shy initially but then the itch in me to touch and feel it made your shy wife a slut

I touched the tip gently and caressed his cock

Sri Vijay has a nice cock and he filled me fully and then I felt yours filled me just half way inside my pussy

sorry sri it is true I have never felt your cock fully inside and Vijay made me feel so

you are a lovely person and a loving husband but not good at fucking dear

Vijay came on top of me and started kissing again and played with my upper lips and darted his tongue inside and searched for my tongue and played with it

I felt his broad hairless chest pressing my soft boobs and his cock rubbing my pussy mound

sri I was wet very much down there and that bastard squeezed my soft boobs firmly and it pained me much and he cared less

sri he turned me to his side and cupped my ass and kneaded them too roughly saying dirty words sri which you never say to me

I felt aroused and asked Sarika" Pls tell me what Vijay said dirty"

Sarika pretended to be shy and hesitated

I begged her simply to tell freely

after some persuasion Sarika continued

Sri, he called me a slut

I said " WOW"

Yes sri Vijay called me frequently " Slut do you enjoy my cock"

sri to tell you the truth, hearing the word SLUT from his mouth thrilled me

Vijay took my boobs in to his and sucked them by turns

he squeezed them both and looked at my face and smiled mischievously

I asked him why

he said " Slut, Does your pussy want my thick cock?"

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Old 21st August 2011
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Join Date: 29th July 2009
Posts: 896
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milind41707 has many secret admirersmilind41707 has many secret admirers
See your lusty eyes eager to get fucked

I can understand your craving for a real cock

Sri he made me feel shy and I closed my eyes

he compelled me to open my eyes and look at his and say something

I hesitated but he understood my itch

he insisted and at last he succeeded sri

I felt hard again and asked Sarika" What did you say my shy wife?"

She gently tapped my ass and said

Sri I smiled back at him and said I love you and your cock

he laughed heartily and squeezed my boobs again and kissed me deeply again and got up and pulled me to the edge of bed and lifted my thighs up and put on his broad shoulders and tapped my pussy with his sturdy cock

the size of his dick terrified me

he slapped my pussy lips with his cock and with his hands separated my wet lips and pushed his cock inside fully at one stroke sri

I shouted sri and he closed my mouth lest someone may hear

sri to tell you the truth he kept me dump for the next two and half hours by just fucking fucking slow and fast my slender pussy and I writhed in pleasure

never I experienced such pleasure in getting fucked like that sri

sorry to state this he was better than you in fucking department

he kept o fucking me nonstop and whenever I felt tired he would kiss me and arouse me and talk to me all the while keeping thick cock embedded in my pussy

sri he stretched me fully and I could not walk freely when we got up and it continued for two days

still I have never been fucked in my life like thanks to your initiatives Sri

if every girl gets husband like you she will get full pleasure

really sri I love you

I did not know whether I should feel happy or jealous of Vijay

pls tell readers

I will meet you soon with her fuck with a guy much younger to her on our bed.

Now I will narrate the fuck session Sarika had with Albert her youngest lover so far.

Albert is 27 years old and we met him through chat in the net. Right from the beginning he is bold and blunt. He won the lottery of entering Sarika’s tight pussy easily with his direct approach.

I chat with him two times and discussed with Sarika about him and she agreed readily unusually. I invited Albert on one Saturday night. He came around 8 pm and we waited till our child slept.

Sarika as usual was in hesitation mood and sitting alone in our bed while me and Albert chatting in the drawing room. He asked me where is the sexy bomb

As soon as he came he had seen her and her assets too. That day Sarika was wearing blue chiffon saree with same color blouse revealing much of her white back and her favorite black bra which was quite visible inside her blue blouse. He also saw her white midriff area with its nice folds and the wild dance of her big bums when she walked inside. He was composed that day though young waiting for his time to have his slut and my wife.

I went inside and persuaded her to come out and talk with Albert. With lot of reluctance and hesitation Sarika came with me and looked at Albert with shyness like a new bride looking at her husband and sat by my side. Albert looked at Sarika straight into the eyes and smiled mischievously. She blushed and lowered her head and looked at me .I looked at Albert and then at Sarika and told her to go and sit by the side of Albert as he is our friend. Sarika as usual hesitated and Albert called her by name and asked to sit by his side. The slut in her awakened and Sarika left me and sat by the side of Albert. Albert has put his hand on her thunder thighs and with one hand pulled her face towards him and planted a firm kiss on her lips and pressed his tongue against her pink lips. the slut wife of mine opened her mouth and gave him access to taste her insides. He kissed her so passionately and made Sarika forget my presence and also made her openly pushing her tongue inside his mouth and tasting his saliva. He placed his hands on her boobs over her saree and blouse and mauled them roughly which she liked as she told me later. She loved his young and rough touch. He kissed for nearly ten minutes and cupped her big ass by pressing her boobs towards his chest. She put her hands around his shoulders and even fondled his hairs. When aroused she is a shameless slut. She is displaying that whenever she gets a lover of her liking and Albert was one such.

Albert did not waste much time .Even while kissing Sarika, he started disrobing her. He dropped her pallu and pressed her white boobs over her blouse and felt her remarkable cleavage. He unbuttoned her blouse without disturbing her kissing act and he black bra was also deftly removed and he could see her hairy armpits while removing her blouse and bra. She did not mind Albert seeing the armpits which was never shown to me. She was busy kissing her young lover. Albert pulled her saree from her hips and untied her black petticoat. He was surprised to find her not wearing panties which most women do wear inside the petticoat. He removed her saree and petticoat also even she was feverishly kissing him deeply. The young boy made her easily nude and pushed her head back gently and lifted her up and put an arm over her ass and made her put her hand over his shoulders and proceeded to our bedroom without caring for me. She followed him meekly and proceeded to our bed. I followed them after removing my dress too. Albert removed his jeans shirt and briefs and showed her his thick black cock. Both reached bedroom and Albert kissed her again near bed for some time and then made her sit on the bed and asked her to feel his cock. Shamelessly my wife took it in both her hands and rubbed he foreskin and touched the knob and cupped his balls and also cupped his ass and sought his kiss again. Albert did not disappoint my wife and bent down and kissed her again as they did in the drawing room and let her kiss him deeply again .Sarika fondled his hairs and felt his back and made him sit by her side so that she can comfortably kiss him for long time. she loved kissing him and he did respond to her demands and offered his mouth for her tongue invasion. However she continued to massage his thick black cock making it ready for her oozing wet pussy. Responding to her fondling his cock, Albert fingered her wet pussy and she widened her thighs offering him free access. After some passionate kissing, Albert asked her to lie down with her legs lifted and put on his shoulders and he started licking her wet pussy.

Albert cunt lapped my wife expertly and Sarika closed her eyes and put both her hands on his hairs and pressing his head deep into triangle area for better licking. He put his hands on her buttocks and lifted the ass upwards and thrust into his face for deeper licking of Sarika’s pussy. Sarika was moaning heavily writhing in heavenly pleasure and I surmised that Albert had tickled her clitty. Sarika wanted him to continue to lick her pussy for more time but Albert had different plans.

After some dutiful licking of hr pussy, Albert pushed in to the bed and fell on top of her and positioned his erect cock at the entrance of her wet slit. Albert kissed her again and gave a rough push to his cock inside her wet cunny. She shouted and gripped his ass cheeks and pinched them as he inserted his thick black rod fully inside her pussy. He slowly pulled it out and then pushed it inside again fully and giving her maximum pleasure after a long time and touched places not touched by others earlier.

The young boy fucked her with mild and deep strokes initially and then with solid pull and push strokes and made her scream with pleasure. After some sound fucking, he emptied himself deep inside my wife’s pussy and made her come several times in the mean time. They both enjoyed each other as a newlywed couple and their bodies intertwined with one another for some time and they slept like that till early morning.

Sarika had confessed that this was one of the best fucks she has had so far and fondly remembers Albert and his well endowed cock often.

Soon I will narrate how another young guy Kumar fucked her and how she literally requested him to fuck her again.

It is not long before Kumar entered Sarika's tasty and tight pussy. He is one of her favorites whom she will not hesitate much to get screwed.

Kumar is a Tamil guy and a soft and sincere lover. He is black complexioned and endowed with a robust black cock ( can I call it a black snake as it hisses when it enters a pussy)

I met him outside Churchgate Rly station and we discussed our views and feelings and also expectations. Came and back and discussed with Sarika about Kumar. With her consent I invited Kumar to our house. He came on one Saturday night and he brought with him two nice porn cds also. we chat for some time and I was very curious to see his black snake and he obliged readily and she was in bed room with the kid when we chat and watched a porn movie brought by him. he let ne remove his jeans and briefs and allowed me to fondle his proud cock and I did not miss any opportunity to touch it feel it, fondle it and then taste it. I sucked him and I fingered his anus too. He gave me free access. It lasted half an hour and she was restless inside. As kid has slept , she came out and sat by my side as usual. But soon she was on his lap kissing him feverishly as is her wont.

will come with full details of that pleasant night soon.

Kumar is the latest craze for Sarika. His temperament, thick sold cock and licking expertise has earned a special place for him in her heart for love making.

We are going to invite him soon to our place for fucking sessions. We may experiment new things with him.

That day when he came to our house, I persuaded Sarika to sit with him and soon she was on his lap and feeling his thick black snake from the bottom. they kissed like lovers of years and watched the sex movie now and then and never ever cared for me.

He kissed her very deeply by inserting his tongue deep in to her mouth and she too responded with letting out her tongue and inserting it like a cock in to his mouth. They hugged each other tightly and kissed for more than half an hour. Kumar pressed her back hard and fondled her black hairs. she too fondled his back and also his bums over his jeans

Kumar placed his hands on Sarika's ass and cupped them over her chiffon saree. He pressed them initially gently and then with her response gripped the ass cheeks strongly and squeezed them. Sarika dropped her pallu for her lover and invited him to her water melons. Kumar being adept at these things placed his hands on her blouse and deftly removed the blouse and looked keenly at her black bra which failed in covering her big white boobs. he buried his face in her big cleavage and she pushed his head down and fondled his hairs with affection while kissing his cheeks bending down. What a slutty behavior ?

he wanted desperately to see her nipples. So do I. The slutty Sarika darling wanted him to suck her tits and chew her soft buds. She herself unhooked her bra and let her breasts free for feast for her favorite lover Kumar. But before allowing his mouth on her boobs, she wanted to feel his bare chest. She pushed him back gently and attempted to unbutton his shirt. Kumar took the cue and removed his shirt and also jeans and sat close to Sarika with his black briefs on. It showed the outline of his thick cock. Albeit she touched his chest for a while and felt his black nipples, her hands were drawn to his bulge. Sarika felt his cock over briefs. Gave a gentle squeeze. Kumar wanted this

his cock is his trump card. Sarika lost track of his other parts/assets and concentrated on his cock and wanted to feel it bare. Kumar teased her without telling her by pretending to suck her tits and gently bite her soft supple nipples. Sarika could not access his cock easily with Kumar bending down and sucking her tits. she lost her patience and the slut inside overtook her. Sarika kissed him deep again and aroused him

Poor Kumar had to stop his job of tit sucking and yield to her. He got up and went near her. Sarika wanted his cock badly and pulled down his briefs

Kumar helped Sarika in getting rid of her obstruction for his cock

Kumar took her hand and led her to their bedroom sorry our

bed room

all the way to bedroom they held each other closely and kissed without even aware she is in a semi nude status

Sarika was wearing only her black petticoat.

Kumar and Sarika sat side by side in our bed and kissed each other like newlywed couple with me standing and watching. He drilled her mouth with his tongue and my slut wife also allowed him free access and reciprocated .I was fondling my wife’s tits when they were feverishly kissing.

Sarika wanted to feel his virile black cock and cupped his manhood and nice hairless balls. She is fondling his cock with lust and passion even while kissing him. After some gap she is getting the chance to touch and feel a sturdy cock and so she is touching and feeling Kumar’s cock like her life treasure.

Kumar gently pushed her to the bed and pressed her boobs and holding them in his hands. He gently mauled the mature boobs. Sarika’s boobs are white and well grown and was handled by Kumar with all freedom. his hands roamed all over her smooth white back and they were hugging each other tightly and it was exciting to watch my once shy wife in the arms of her lover. He was kissing her neck and earlobes feeling her flowing hairs. His cock was pressing against her belly. Sarika kissed his cheeks and her hands felt his robust body. Feeling her back sufficiently, Kumar brought down his hands on her ass and cupped her buttocks firmly and pressed them hard. She wanted Kumar to feel her naked ass. So brought his hands to her petticoat’s knots. Kumar lost no opportunity and untied her black petticoat and pulled it down making her nude. Kumar making my nude made excited, he cupped her bums again and felt her ass crack. She cupped his hairy ass and pressed him towards her closely. I was watching a live show.

Kumar gently turned her and bent himself down to suck her nipples by turn. While sucking her boobs, he probed her belly button and navel area. She pined for his touch on her pussy. Yes her pussy is on fire

She waited for him to reach for her crest jewel. Kumar found some taste in her boobs and so busily sucking them alternatively. His hands still playing with her navel portion. My slut wife could not wait anymore and pushed his hands to her pussy are spreading her legs shamelessly. What a lucky guy Kumar?

Here was a married pussy waiting for his touch with her husband in waiting and watching. His attention was diverted from her soft smooth boobs once his hands felt her hot pussy. Kumar was rubbing the pussy lips softly. Excited by her wetness there, his cock was getting hard. Before fucking royally in our bed, he wanted to taste her pussy. Kumar placed a pillow underneath her ass and lifted her pussy and buried his face there. My wife writhed in pleasure when she felt his tongue there. He seemed to be an expert in cunnilingus. The way he handled her hot pussy with his tongue made her moan heavily. I tried to get by her side to feel her boobs. She opened the eyes and told me " see sri, how nicely he is licking your wife’s pussy. Watch it and learn from him how to lick a pussy"

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She placed her hands on his hairs fondled the hairs and pushing his head deeper in between her thighs by spreading her legs wider still. Kumar lifted her ass and placed his hand on her big buttocks and licked her pussy as if first time tasting a pussy.

Sarika’s pussy now ached for his sturdy cock..She wanted him to take the lead however, his licking was driving her crazy. The itch for his succeeded by her pulling him towards her. Kumar took the cue and rose up and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed her lips. She became impatient and pressed his ass asking him to enter her.

Kumar inserted his cock inside her tight pussy and fucked like a bull. They forgot me totally and embraced each other and fucking in a rocking way. Kumar reached for inner depths and gave her pleasure. She lifted her ass and ensured entire cock was gulped by her pussy. My wife fav position is doggie. She kissed him and said " pls do from back".

Saying so she swiftly got up and turned her back like a bitch and offered him well lubricated pussy for fuck. Kumar also got up and gripped her buttocks and guided his cock fully inside her pussy. Their fucking created nice whenever his cock came out and entered inside fully.

After a marathon fucking, Kumar came in floods inside my wife’s pussy and they cuddled each other and slept.

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very nice story

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good one continue dude

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Nice stripping and fucking... Loved it.
Stay happy and lay happy
- Madhu

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