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Old 2nd July 2011
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Sneha , Asin and Jyothika Sex Threesome

Sneha explained the route and jyothika started to move. Asin played the demo and noted that the two girls set the time for each side and put some lubricant and then inserted in their pussies. The dildo automatically fucked both girls in and out, in and out and after completing the time the dildo shooted out some white hot liquid same as sperm. One special thing in that dildo is that it sticks to the part where it is inserted and can not be taken out untill the time fixed is finished. Sneha said wow its marvelous gift bebe. Lets try this with the black one first for your wish. Then they kissed each other and undressed each others dress. Sneha started sucking Asin's boobs and Asin inserted her middle finger in Sneha's Juicy cunt in and out. They kissed and sucked each others boobs, crushed like anything. Then Asin spread the legs of Sneha wide and inserted her head in between, started kissing and licking her cunt. She drank the sweet nectar flowing from Sneha's cunt. Then Sneha also started licking Asin's bulgy cunt.

They were both suckin each other in 69 position making sounds of moans ummmm...annhhhhhhh.....chapppppp.....chaappp....uu nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... Slowly Sneha moved her mouth to Asins asshole. Asin got a current shock in her body. Asin asked Sneha what r u doing dear . Sneha replied today i want to have ur ass ****ed with 20 inch. Asin said, Sneha i have never expereinced such a big one before in my ass. Sneha said " i know but i want that today". Asin said bebe " its urs, u can put your head if u want, carry on.

After licking and sucking for half an hour. Sneha took the new dildo and set the timeon the side of Asin to 30 minutes and length 20 inches and her side to 20 minutes and length 15 inches. She made Asin on all her fours and spread her legs wide, put the head of the dildo in her lubricated asshole entrance. Slowly pushed in, Asin was enjoying the entry upto 15 inches length but after that she started screaming aaahh...... Sneha no please enough i cant its paining very much.

Sneha grabbed her left breast with her left hand and massaged it while pushing the dildo in more and more. Asin was shouting with pain and making horny expressions. Seeing her expressions in the mirror before Sneha was fully aroused. She put the other side in her pussy crying aahh... its nice Asin lets start and she inserted the 15 inch completely in her pussy. Sneha pressed the start button and the dildo fucked both of them in a jet speed. Sneha kept massaging Asinís boobs. The room was filled with lots of screams and moans. Sneha was enjoying the pain in Asinís face in the mirror. After 20 minutes the dildo splashed a load of hot liquid in Snehaís cunt. she moaned and kept crushing Asinís milky boobs. Asin was enjoying the biggest size ever for the first time fucking her tight asshole. This continued still her asshole was filled with the splashing hot liquid from the dildo.

On the other side in jyothika's room...... enough Mac( white man), leave me Irfaan(black man) i have to go. They got doubt and if they tell to my hubby then it will be a big problem for me and we can not have fun again. Ufff.... u r tasty then before after giving birth to a baby, u r leaving us in hunger, please be with us for whole night today. No Iraan aahh..ouch..... dont bite it, my baby has to drink milk from those ones. Ok then give us both a nice blow up with your mouth and drink our juices. Then jyothika gave a nice blow to both the big cocks one by one and drank the thick load of cum completely. After finishing they all washed and got ready to move.

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Old 2nd July 2011
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Suddenly Mac asked jyothika, where u r going, who called u? jyothika said they are my friends from this state and my costars. Irfaan spoke in happiness, means they are actress like u, r they beautiful like u? jyothika asked hey guys what do u want, they are very beautiful and no.1 stars now in the industry. Mac started again, they dont like big cocks like u, we can give them complete satisfaction of sex life with our big tools, i am sure they will love that. jyothika smiled and said , u ****ers ur cocks can **** any holes i know but they are not like that and if they are very close to my hubby. If they knows about our relationship they will surely tell him and my life will be spoiled. Mac made some signs to Irfaan and said, ok jyothika can we see them once from distance, atleast we can fantasize about them as you know we love south indian women. They have got everything huge at right place and shape with beautiful face. jyothika said ok we will go there but u will not come with me in. You can just watch those beauties from away and go back. Irfaan said sure! we are not going to **** them. They all moved in the car towards the outhouse of Asin.

They reached their and jyothika pressed the horn. Both Mac and Irfaan hide themself at the back seat watching at the main door of the outshouse. Asin and Sneha came out in a beautiful silk night gown with strips on shoulders without undergarments. Asin's white skin glittering in a black night gown and Sneha's chocolate skin shinning in white night gown. jyothika was aroused seeing those beauty statues in awesome dress. The tools of both the guys were on its full length, trying to tear their pants. jyothika got off the car and went towards the door where they were waiting for her. They all went inside locked the door. Mac and Irfaan got off the cars and said wow! they were sexiest things in the world. Mac said i will **** that choco babe in all her holes. Irfaan like the milky Asin's flesh and said i will not leave her untill my sperms are finished. They went towards the house.

They managed to enter into the house from the unlocked window and hide themself in the hall, where the three angels were having their drinks and fun. Conversations were going in between them and the way Sneha and Asin were sitting, the guys can clearly have the view of unshaved wet pussy of those sexy bitches.

jyothika - Hey! this is nice place Asin. You often come here.
Asin - Yah ! whenever i get free time, i come here and stay. If Sneha is free, she comes with me and we have fun.
Sneha - jyothika, tell me seriously who was with u when we called u?
jyothika - Sneha, No one was there. (Asin got up and played the lesbian X rated movie)
jyothika - Asin what is this, u like this movies.
Sneha - Why jyothika u dont like this?
Asin - Every actress like this type of movies. Some love with men and some with women like me. While saying this Asin moved her hands to the milky big melons of jyothika.
jyothika - Ummh.... Asin what do u have in your mind.
Sneha - (cupped jyothika's another melon) we want to taste u r beautiful body, first we will start with your milky boobs and drink some.
jyothika - Ufff... Sneha, Asinaa.... i too luv your bodies but was scared of what u will say. come on lets have fun tonight.

They started kissing each other and removed the jeans and tops of jyothika. They kissed her fleshy tummy of jyothika one by one. Then they removed the bra and Panty of jyothika. Sneha said look Asin, I told u that she was enjyothikaying with some men, look at her swelled wet cunt recently ****ed by some huge cock. They took one of each breast , chewed and sucked it. Milk splashed from those big melons, they drank some. jyothika was making noise unhh......annhhh...... as.......i.nnnnnnn ahhhhhhh.......naa.........yyyan.... lovely drink ittt.......ummmm....

Sneha - jyothika who was with u when i called u.
jyothika - Sneha, please dont tell this to my hubby. I was having fun with some foriegners.
Asin - Some foriegners means, how many?
jyothika - Ush... Asin just two, one black and one white. I love to get ****ed by black and white at the same time. Look now also i want to be ****ed by u ladies black and white.

Then started licking each others pussy in a triangle manner. jyothika's pussy in Asin's mouth, Asin's in Sneha's mouth and Sneha's in jyothika's mouth. After some time jyothika's pussy was interchanged by Sneha's mouth. Both the South indian girls tasted the north girls pussy and then they took the new dildos.

Comment on this i would continue the story further....

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Old 2nd July 2011
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post de story in tamil

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Old 26th November 2011
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Wink hi

veryyyyyyy hot story continue. jyothikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, horny on herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Old 23rd January 2012
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Thumbs up

Good one boss

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Old 23rd January 2012
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very nice work

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