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bangali aunty

This is a true story and the names have been changed to maintain privacy, happened last week, after a party, but a little history first. She, lets keep her name Avanti, came to Mumbai from Kolkata to study in my college, we knew each other and were casual friends in the first year, and I had a reputation for being a badass debaucher, and did little to conceal the fact that I was debonair, so most of the morally conscious girls like Avanti keep a yard away, I didn’t mind and had a **** of a good time. In the third year I opted for the same six papers as Avanti and things started to change, Avanti gradually got to know more about me, and I about her.
She was the typical Indian girl please-thank you, pardon me Namaste type, her manners were impeccable, she wore conservative clothes too, exclusively jeans and very modest tees, but yet her curves looked delicious, back then I could only imagine her soft ***** body. Her ass was fantastic round as a ripe peach, while her **** were small yet very exciting she had inverted ******s I guess not a (**** doc ) instead of the ****** there was a tiny fold in dark circle. After my first night with her I discovered that this conservative girl was a bengoli tiger in bed, I gifted her some **** lingeri to better suit her personality, I remember measuring her her ****** were a 32C her waist a tiny 24 and her ass a lovely 34 and half.
Avanti was short only 5’1 and had a petite frame, she was a little chubby not a size zero babe, more like the horney girls next door type. She had a perfectly round bengoli face with rossgulla sweet cheeks, she had black hair that covered half of her back, and was always tied in a open ponytail. A lil about me for the ladies, im 6ft tall lanky, not very muscular, im built more for flexibility, im fair but most of my body is tanned, short hair, and never keep any facial hair. My little friend is 6and a half inches long and just about a inch in girth wish it was thicker. Ok back to the story we were celebrating the end of our ty exams and I had a party at my pad since my parents had gone to our native place and had taken my brother and sis. Avanti who was staying with her elder sister, was worried that she would not be able to make it, but I managed to convince her sister saying that Avanti could stay with my sister and return home the next morning, her sister consented.
The party was fun most of the ty group showed and the booze flowed like water, we danced on some crazy songs and all the girls were high enough to shake on some item songs too, me and the guys enjoyed the show, by about 2am most of us were drunk out of our senses, I was still keeping sober puffing on my e-cigarette, only a few of my close friends were left two couples to be precise, and my tantalizing Avanti, she was tipsy and asked me to help her to the washroom, she was not stable on her feet and I held her close as she stumbled to the washroom. the other four of my friends told me that they were heading home, I asked them to stay over but they declined. A few mins later I heard Avanti open the washroom door, I told her that the rest left.
She was surprised I told her that I thought that they would stay over but they didn’t, she said it was good in a way as she was not comfortable with them, I just smiled. I went into the bar and pulled out one of my dads whisky’s a jonny walker double black I poured out two glasses Avanti gave me a sly look I said last one for the night, I shut off the lights and let some easy calm music play. We drank in silence not talking, she moved her body towards me, my hand in the most casual manner went around her, we sat like that for some time, I unknowingly began to play with her hair, my finger slowly reached her ears, then her neck, I could see her smile in the dark, then I moved on to her shoulders, she was so tiny and her skin was burning as if she had a fever.
I made contact with her bra strap, and slipped my finger underneath it. Her back straightened up and she looked me in my eyes, her face was witout expression, then she whispered in her doe like voice “not here” and looked down. I got up and put my hand out to her, she tenderly put her hand in mine, I led her to my bedroom. She sat on my bed, she looked so cute and innocent n her velvety black top and skinny jeans. I went next to her and told her to relax, and put my arms round her, she whispered softly that she was not a virgin, I laughed and said “neither am i” I told her I didn’t care about that and took her cute face in my hands and kissed her soft lips, she returned the kiss, her small tongue gingerly playing with mine.
We made out for some time and I got her to lay on my bed and continued to kiss her. I pulled away gently and admired her cute round face, I traced my finger over her moist lips to her chin and over her neck and down her chest and tickled her ******ge she opened her eyes and looked at me in fright, and in her cute voice said ”please..turn off the light..” I switched off the light but left my desk lamp on, the soft yellow light made her wheatish skin look like gold. I went and lay next to her I kissed her softly again and started to unbutton her top, she did not resist and began to blush. She had a simple black cotton bra on which I removed without any trouble, and kissed and licked her soft boobs, they tasted great I rubbed my face in her ****** and could hear her heart beat fast, I kissed them and massaged them, she began to breathe heavily, I removed her top and moved my hands to her back tickling her and massaging her, as my hands crept towards her bottom. I grabbed her ass over her jeans and at the same time kissed her belly ans started to lick her belly button.
She suddenly came alive, and grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her and kissed me viciously running her small hands over my back. I felt her hand going under my shirt and feeling up my back, she pulled off my shirt saying something in bengoli I didn’t understand it but it sounded hot. She pinched my ******s hard and hugged me tight, I could feel her soft ****** against my skin. I rolled over making her come on top of me and slid my hand in her jeans grabbing her ass and rocking her back and forth, I told her to remove her jeans, she hunched over me and unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped the fly, just as she was about to remove her jeans I stopped her and told her to turn around saying “ I really wanna get a look at ur bengoli booty” She looked at me in shock, I told her that she had an amazing ass and I wanted to watch her peel away her jeans, she giggled and did turn around and slowly pulled of her jeans, her ass looked cute as ever, and her black panty fit so snug, I couldn’t resist pinching her butt, and then I spanked her a lightly.
I put my roving fingers under her panty from the side and cupped each cheek, my fingers were deep in her crack, getting closer to her centre, she moved abruptly just as I felt a slight wetness. She stood up on the bed and removed her jeans completely, she covered her ****** with her hands and started to look at me, examining every inch of my body, she paused at my crotch, I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, she was staring curiously anticipating when I would slide them off, I looked at her and said, “Avanti, I know u want to see more, why don’t you give me a hand?!” she blushed red and turned away, I then said, “come on, it will be fun I promise!” she kneeled down next to me still not making eye contact, I took her hands in mine and placed them on the waist of my jeans, I raised my ass off the bed so she could remove them more easily, began to pull them down and her eyes were glued to the bulge in my underwear, after she removed my jeans she sat next to me still too shy to look at me, I moved behind her and started kissing her back and neck from behind, I played with her ****** and rand my hands all over her soft body. I made her lay down and got on top of her, she did not resist and responded pleasurably to my every touch and kiss. I started to rub her mound over her panty and my fingers went nearer to her ***** I massaged her over her panty, which was getting wet with her juice.
I took her hand and placed it on my ****, she took the hint and started to massage it, stroking it lightly, and then getting bold started to tug on it. I slide my finger in to her panty and started playing with her wet *****, I was really surprised to find that she had shaved; her ***** was not smooth but felt great, I pushed my finger into her, her wet slippery hole she moaned lightly, as I went deeper. She was so tight, I did not believe that she was not a virgin, and was worried that my member would not fit in, I started to finger her a bit harder and she started squirming under me, thrusting her pelvis against my hand, she came to an ****** and begged to stop in bengoli, I didn’t understand so she finally giggled in English, “stop stop please”.
I said that’s not fair I have not started yet, I got of the bed and went to my cupboard and got to my secret stash of condoms, I removed one, then paused and pulled out two more. I went back on the bed and got on top of her, she looked at me with her doe like eyes and asked me to wait, she told me that she was shy and wanted a covering, I was surprised, I told her that I had already seen her ***** and see seen me so what was the matter, she replied in her deep bengoli voice,”trust me na…” so I got a quilt and covered her and got into it with her, she then said, “one more request please.” I looked into her eyes and asked her what, she told me to turn the ac up, I asked her if she was feeling hot she just smiled.
So I did make the temp 18c, she then got on top of me quite slowly and threw the covering over the both of us like a tent, I could hardly see her in the low light, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw her smile, in the mean time she had removed her black panties and was sitting on top of my crotch in the cowgirl position, I moved my hands along her thighs she opened her legs a little wider and opened the quilt a little letting in more light and the cold too, goose bumps formed on my skin and hers too I looked between her legs, and I saw the pretest ***** I have seen to date, it was like a pink orchid bloom surrounded by slightly darker skin.
I licked my finger and tickled her clit, her eyes closed and she gyrated on top of me, I wanted her more than ever and groped around for the condoms I threw on the bed, she removed my **** from my underpants and started stroking it spreading my pre-cum over the shaft. I gave her the condom, she took it but started to unroll it, I stopped her and showed her how to put a condom on, and jokingly I told her she could practice on me whenever she wanted. With the condom on and my **** rigid she took it in her hands and moved her ***** over the tip, I slid the head into her juicy hole, she was so soft and yet so tight, she let more of me enter, inch by inch my **** disappeared into her tight hole, until I was all into her.
She remained motionless but then slowly started to rock back and forth, she then began to thrust faster and more wild. I had to stop her. She paused I told her I needed to see her beautiful ass again, she was about to get off me but I stopped her and made her to spin on my ****, damn it felt so good and now I had a great view of her behind I started to pump her and she soon got into rhythm, I played with her lovely round ass. She was getting wetter n I could feel her ***** juice flow on my thigh. She was nearing a second ****** and I was not far off she started thrusting very hard and threw off the quilt. I could now see clearly her ass bounce as I ****ed her, the cold was again causing me get goose bumps and my sweat felt so very close, it distracted me from cumming, she began to moan loud and her thrust became gentile, I grabbed her sides and forced myself deep inside her and came it was hard keeping her still as her ****** shook her entire body, and she was shaking as if someone was tickling her uncontrollably. She got of me slowly letting out a low moan and threw herself at me we kissed deeply again tasting each other.
I whispered in her ear next round I want to be on top; she smiled and said some thing in her bengoli, I asked her to translate she told me she said “my god, ur not done yet!” I said “no not even close, we have 4hrs left and so many positions left” … It was a hot night to say the least we ****ed three more times that night, in the morning we had a bath together and ****ed under the shower. Me and Avanti now enjoy a secret open relationship, exploring our sexuality.

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you killed your story by using *******

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then fr u my frnd
here is a new one

fucking my sali ass
A few weeks ago, my wife Nayana and I had a business trip out of town. Well actually it was her trip I just tagged along. The planning all happened fairly quickly, I took a week holidays from work and on the following Monday we were off. We planned it so that after her meetings we could be tourists and sight see, have dinners and spend the evenings together. Hopefully fucking the evenings away. But, that’s not how it turned out.
The first two nights Nayana had to stay late at work. The third day I decided maybe it would be better if I went back home and catch up with my own pending work.
So the next morning I caught a cab back to my place.
Turning the last corner to our house, I parked on the street. It was nearly 7.30 PM when I reached and was surprised to see lights. I slowly opened the door without making much noise and stepped inside. I pulled a iron rod for help just in case I needed it. The living room and the veranda were empty, so I made my way to the bottom of the stairs to go up to our bedroom. Our upstairs bedroom was kind of a den/ movie room/ bedroom all in one. When I got to the bottom I could hear voices or sounds from up there. I slowly stepped onward and upward on the carpeted stairs. The voices turned to moans. I froze, thinking who could possibly be in my house?
One more step and I got my answer. It was Netra, My wife’s sister. She was spread out in the middle of our bed. Furiously rubbing her clit while watching a video from our collection. This little nymph of 26 is a beauty. Long dark hair caps her light frame of about 5′3.” Her lovely face contorted by her handjob she was giving herself, which when looking down I noticed her pussy hair had been well trimmed. Her other hand was roughly pinching the nipples of her 34C breasts, which were perky and had the roundest nipples. Almost a perfect little strawberry on top of each tit.
I looked to the TV to see what she was so excited about. Two well endowed men had their cocks in the asses of a blonde and a long dark-haired women with very large tits. Both women had their asses high in the air and their shoulders pinned to the bed they were all on. This was a particular video that Nayana and I had cum to many times.
Mmmmm,” was all my dry throat could summon as I fixed my gaze back on Netra. She slowly turned and looked over her shoulder cautiously.
Oops!” she giggled and shrieked at once.
Not moving very quickly to cover herself she brushed the hair off her face and offered, “Hi KC, you’re home early. Is Nayana here?”
Uh no,” I stammered. “She had a few more meetings yet.”
Oh!…well how was your drive?” She kept the conversation going as I watched her go from covering her slick quim to now rubbing it once again. Her brown eyes fixed on mine as she did this as though it were some sort of challenge for me to not look away and watch her fingers do their little dance on her clit.
Good…uh…yes it was good ,” I weakly retorted.
That’s good…are ya tired?” She continued.
No…” my voice trailed as she dipped a finger inside her wet hole.
Good!” as she seemed happy with my reply. “You have a good collection of videos,” as she changed the subject. I nodded as she glanced momentarily at the screen. “Do you both watch these hardcore videos?” her question catching me off guard.
Yes Netra!”
Does Nayana like the ass fucking?” she stressed the word ass.
Yes, Netra.”
Do you fuck her…ass… KC?”
Yes Netra.”
Does she get off and cum from your cock in her ass…KC?” cocking one eyebrow with the last question.
Yes Netra…she does.”
Do you fuck her like that?…with her pretty ass high in the air?…do you KC?”
Yes Netra”
Do you like my pretty little pussy KC?” she cooed.
Yes Netra.”
She slipped two fingers inside and pulled them out to lick them then continued to play with her wet clitty. “Did you like that KC?…Do you like watching me play with my clit?”
Yes Netra.”
She turned over slowly and got into position like the two women onscreen. “Do you like my…ass…KC?…Would you like to…fuck it?” she gulped.
Yes Netra!”…my voice strained…as did my cock against the denim I had on.
Can I see your cock?” she asked.
Yes Netra.” As I struggled to get out of my clothes quickly she used both hands on her pussy and rubbed her ass and her butthole as well.
Can I suck your cock? ” she cooed again.
Yes Netra.” I moved to the bed to now smell her musky pussy. She tugged at my cock and hummed. “Hhhhmmmmm.” She drew my cock in giving me a little nibble first. As she withdrew each time she kept up the conversation.
Would you like to suck the love juice from my pussy?” I nodded. “Would you like lick and fuck my ass with your tongue?” I grunted a yes. At this she withdrew from my cock leaving me without her warm mouth. Her attention returned to the screen. As the two men both pulled their cocks from the two women…they moved to both catch the cum from the others partner. Netra let out a purring sound. “What else do you have to watch?” she cried as the scene came to an end.
One sec,” I said, reaching under the VCR I took out another tape which I’d been saving for the next time Nayana wanted some assplay. The flick opened with a young woman with much the same body as Netra’s, only smaller breasts. The title flashed across the screen ‘Anal Virgin’. With that Netra’s eyes grew wider. Now it was turn for the questions, as I could tell talking dirty was a big part of her foreplay.
Have you been fucked in the ass before?” I bluntly said.
Yes,” she muttered.
How many times?”
Four times in total…once with one guy and three with Anil” her husband
“Was it because they were too big?”
No,” she answered, reaching for my cock. “Yours will be the biggest,” as she tugged on my meat. “But…you know how to use it…Nayana told me once one night when we were drinking that you have become quite an expert on fucking her ass… I figure that it will change my mind about it.”
I gulped. “No pressure huh?…” I giggled.
The girl on screen was just finishing giving the cock in her face a good spit job and had rolled over to expose her quivering pussy. “I need you to eat me please!” Netra looked at me and stood up. I guided her onto the bed and propped her up on her knees and had her shoulders down on the bed. Giving me a wide open view of her ass and cunt, I knelt down to give her pussy some teasing licks. Swirling my tongue around her little rosebud. She moved with the rhythm my tongue and I were giving her.
I pulled back for a moment and reached under the bed for the lubricant we kept handy. Squirting a bit from the pump I applied a little to her pussy…even though she really did not need it. Her moans were enough to make me dive in and give her more. I kept at her clit and went from there to her ass with one long lick. After doing this a few times my tongue came to rest on her ass. I started slow just circling around the rim of her warm little pink and brown hole. Giving her more and more tongue…poking in her ass gently.
The intrusion went deeper as I now had my tongue buried in her asshole as far as I could go. My two longest fingers found their way to her cunt and slipped in quite easily, as I kept up the pace on her ass. After maybe 12 strokes of my fingers in her hotbox…she let go. Tossing her head back and forth she had an intense orgasm, her freest hand looking for my head to keep plunging her butthole with my tongue. I pulled back when it seemed to drain her body, She looked back wearily at me and squeaked. “It’s not over yet…baby…I can cum more yet.” She looked at the screen and muttered, “fuck my like that…” At which I looked up to see the stud drilling the young girls’s tight ass.
Yes…” I hissed out. With that I grabbed the pump and squeezed out more lube directly on Netra’s body. Most of it just on the small of her back. Using both hands I caressed her backside and inner thighs, just dragging one finger over her outer lips and butthole, causing her to jump a little. I kneaded her butt cheeks, pulling them apart and pushing them together. She responded by moving her hips in a gyrating motion to keep the massage going. Her breathing quickened as my caress got rougher and faster, building up her excitement as she waited for my cock to bury itself in her ass hole.
Watch the screen “…I whispered as I leaned down closer to the sweaty face below me. The ‘virgin’ onscreen now had the stud behind her with his cockhead pressed to her tight hole. I did the same. Simultaneously “we” both slipped the head of our cocks into our respective women. Netra grunted as I put more than the head in and kept it going in steady, her awaiting ass taking it all. About halfway I stopped and leaned slightly forward.
Does it feel good baby?…do you want more?…can you take it all?…” I rambled on.
Yes! yes!…Yes!” she shrieked, “give me all of it…fill my ass KC!” I obliged sinking into her further…waiting for her to ask me to stop…but she didn’t, and took it all in! “Fuck my ass now KC…let me feel what Nayana was telling me about!” Her command made me delve into my work I had cut out and I started to pump. Deeply. Grabbing her asscheeks tightly…I rode her hard…not showing any mercy. I fucked her ass hard…recklessly. She buried her face deeper into the comforter on the bed. Only turning once in a while to let out little sighs and shrieks and moans.
Ooooooooowwwwwww,” she howled loudly. “OOoooooohhhhh.” Then she let go with another orgasm…much more violent than the last. Bucking wildly she screamed out loud..” keep fucking!!” Not having a woman as lusty as this before with my cock in her ass…I held tightly and fucked her. Her orgasm seemed to last…as she kept convulsing…while I tried to hold on tight to this little anal loving whore.
After what seemed like another series of smaller orgasms she turned her attention to me and pushed back onto my prick fiercely. She turned around looking back up at me with her hair sweaty and matted on her forehead she clenched her teeth. “Come in my ass…cum in my ass KC…put your cum deep in me. Deeper…I want your cock deeper…cum in me.”..She talked dirtier and dirtier.
AAaaarrrgh,” my balls tightened up and I arched back and time stood still for a second. Then…boom…I let loose cumming and cumming in her as Netra’s ass gripped onto my cock even more with my cum spilling forth. I stayed in her as my cock slowly softened. The cum starting to foam and leak out of her well lubed anal opening. She reached back and felt my cock in her ass…rubbing any semen around my cock and her ass. I pulled out and she stayed there with her ass pointed at the ceiling. Cum oozed out as her ass tightened. She rubbed it all around her cunt, playfully using it to cover her whole hand.
I laid back on the bed and took a deep breath. “Your one helluva house sitter,” I chided. “Do you always come like that?”
Only when I’m really really horny ” she giggled. “Can we do that again?” she asked.
Whenever you would like to,” I responded quickly. The whole time wishing that Nayana had been here, even if only as a spectator. She would have gotten off herself just seeing her beautiful little sister getting ass fucked.
We had a bit more fun that week before Nayana got home. Netra left telling me not to tell her sis about what happened.

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Thumbs up bhaiya ka office part 1

Bhaiya Ka Office part :1

“Oh Bhaiya, phad dalo ge kia? Meri chut par taras khayo mere bhai. Aapka lund kitna bada hai, kitna mota hai, behnchod ho tum bhaiya, jo apni behan ko chod rahe ho,” Main apne bhai ke office mein aaj pehli baar aa kar chut kI chudayi ka maza de rahi thee. Bahar baish tez ho rahi thee or idhar mera bhai, Ganesh mujeh chod chod kar nihal kar raha tha. Ganesh ke hallavi lund se meri chut dhanya ho rahi thee aur main randi ki tarah ussko chodne ko bol rahi thee. Main chilla rahi thee lekin mera bhai tabad tod mujhe chod raha tha. Main Seema hoon, aur meri figure 36-25-38 hai. Ganesh mera bhai abhi kunwara hai.
Main bhi kayi mahino se ek achhey tandrust lund ki talash mein thee, jo kahin aaj mila tha mujhe. Mera pati sala 4 inch ka lund le kar mujhe chodne lagata hai to main santusht nahin ho pati. Kai mardon ke saath sambandh bana chuki hoon, lekin meri choot hamesha bhookhi reh jati hai. Mere pati ke boss ne mujhe ek bar apne partner ke saath mil kar do do lund ke saath choda tha, lekin kuchh wakt se pati ke boss ka bhi tabadla ho gaya aur ab mujhE lund ki kami mehsoos hoti hai.” Seema, meri pyari didi, tu bhi hamari mummy jaisi chudakad ho. Mummy ka bhi ek mard se guzara nahin hota. Aaj subah jab vo rasoi mein khana bana rahi thee to usski chuchi blouse se bahar jhank rahi thee. Ussi wakt phone aaya to mummy ne uthaya. Dusri taraf se Manohar uncle ne kaha” Rani, aaj apni chut ko shave kar lo, tujhe main aur Dilbagh dono chodne wale hain. Dilbagh tujhe na jane kab se chodne ke liye minat kar raha hai. Tum theek 5 baje Hotel Sangam pahunch jana, meri rani, aaj teri diwali manayenge.” Main uss wakt un dono kei baaten sun raha tha. Mera to dil kar raha tha ki Mummy ko wahin chod dalun, par main iss baat par khush tha ki aaj sham ko apni Seema didi ke saath maze karunga. Sach Seema, maine aaj tak tere jaisi aurat nahin chodee.”
Meri rookhi sexlife ke bare mein mere bhai ko kuchh din pehle hi pata chala tha. Mera Bhai mujh se milne aaya tha. Mera pati apni dukan partha aur meri saas bazar gayi hui thee. Mujhe yahi mauka tha aur main apne jawan naukar se chudwane lagi. Mera naukar Ramu bhi janta tha ki main lund ki pyasi hoon kion ki vo mere pati ki namardangi ke bare mein janta tha. Ramu uss wakt dinning table saaf kar raha tha jab meri saas bazar gayi. Maine Ramy ko peechhe se pakad liya aur usske mastane lund se khelne lagi, ” Kia baat hai, malkin, aaj badi masti mein ho, kahin mera kela khane ka irada to nahin hai?” Maine usske pajame ko neechey sarkate huye usska lund muh mein dal liya. Ramu meri adat janta tha ki mujhe kela khane ki adat hai.
Ramu bola,” Seema malkin kion na aaj tujhe teri saas ke bistar par choda jaye. Ussko bhi mera kela bahut pasand hai, ab to saas bahu dono ko ek hi lund se guzara karna padega. Sali budhiya bhi lund ki shaukeen hai, aapki tarah”
Ramu mujhe utha kar saasu maa ke bistar par le gaya aur mujhe nnanga karne laga. Mere chutad par haath pher kar bola,” Seema aaj na jane kion tujhe kuttia banane ka man kar raha hai. Tum malkin bhi ho aur meri raand bhi. Agar maine apni malkin ki sawari nahin ki to duniya kia kahegi? Aapki saas to mere lund ki sawar karne ka shauk rakhti hai. Aapke chutad mujhe bahut akarshit karte hai, agar etraz na ho to jaldi ghodi ban jayo. Budhiya ka koi pata nahin kab aa tapke”
Main jhat se ghodi ban gayi. Vaise to main har asan mein chudayi ka anand le chuki hoon, lekin ghodi ban ke mard ke samen jhukna mujeh mard ke aage smarpan karne ke barabar lagta hai. Main naukar ke aage jhuki to usske chehre par jeet bhari muskan thee. Ussne ek hi dhakke mein apna lund meri chut mein pel diya. Usske hathon ne mujhe chutad se kas ke pakad rakha tha. Lund meri chut chod raha tha aur meri choot sawan ke geet ga rahi thee. Ramu ne mujeh balon se kheench kar chudayi shuru kar dee. Vo mere balon ko esse kheench raha tha jaise sawar ghodi ki lagam kheench raha ho.
Hum dono ko pata hi nahin chala ki kab se mera bhai Ganesh hum dono ko dekh raha tha. Hum jaldi mein door band karna bhul gaye. Maine utejna vash ankhen band kar rakhi thee aur ek kuttia ki tarah haanf rahi thee. Ramu ka lund kissi piston ki tarah mujhe chod raha tha,” Ahhhhhh…..jor se chod….Ramu….chod mujhe maderchod….meri chut ki aag bujha sale Ramu, chod jor se meri chut….hai main mari ja rahi hoon…behnchod jor se pel,” main cheekh rahi thee aur Ramu lagatar tez dhakke mar raha tha. Usska lund bhi ab jhadne ko tha aur vo bol raha tha,” Seema…sali raand…kia mast maal hai tu….achha hai tera pati namard hai verna essi makhan jaisi chut meri kismat mein kahan hoti….wah malkin…meri randi malkin…..chudwa Ramu ke mast lund se,”
Hum dono thodi der mein jhad gaye aur Ramu kam karne lag gaya. Ganesh shayad hamari besharmi dekh kar darwaze se hat gaya aur bahar chala gaya tha kion ke vo thodi der mein ghar mein dakhil hua. Main apne kapde badal chuki thee aur jab apne chhote bhai ko dekha to sir per dupata le kar usska sawagat karne pahunchi. Maine apne bhai ke charan sparsh kiye jaise ki hamara riwaz hai. Kamre mein koi nahin tha. Ganesh mujhe ajib nazron se dekh raha tha. Ussne mujhe alingan mein lete huye seene se laga liya.
Meri chuchi, jo ke bahut badi hai, mere bhai ke seene mein dhans gayi. Ussne mere chehre ko apne haathon mein lete huye puchha,” Didi, kia naukar ab pati se badh kar hai tere liye? Jab maine aapko usske samne maderjaat nangi ho kar ghodi bane huye dekha to mujhe bahut sharam aayi. Kia ab Ramu ka darza mere jijja ka ho chuka hai? Kia ab mere ghar ki izzat naukar ke lund ki mohtaz ho chuki hai? Kia ab iss ghar mein mardon ki kami hai? Agar Jijja ji mein dum nahin tha to kam se kam apne bhai to apna liya hota. Ganesh sala, randi ke kothe par paise de kar chut mangta firta hai aur usski behan naukaron ko free mein baant rahi hai. Seema, tujhe nangi dekh kar main pagal ho chuka hoon. Ab se Ramu ki chhuti kar do aur mujhe apna pati bana lo. Mere lund ko dekh lo, pura 9 inch ka hai,” kehte hi ussne pani pant ki zip khol dali.
Usska mota lund bahut pyara laga. Lekin ek baat mujhe sata rahi thee,” Ganesh, behnchod sale apni hi behn ko chodoge tum? Agar essa hi karna tha to meri shadi uss napunsak se kion ki thee, jiss ki kami main naukar se puri kar rahi hoon. Bhai, behn ko bhai nahin choda karte. Bhai ke liye to Bhabi hoti hai.”
Ganesh meri baat par hans kar bola,”Seema, agar Ramu tujhe chod sakta hai to Ganesh mein kia kami hai? Jijja ji ki kamzori ka dukh tujhe hi kion uthana pade? Bhai ka farz banta hai ki apni behan ko har mushkil se nikale, ussko har khushi de jiss par usska hak banta hai. Aur didi, tujh jaisi sunder aur sexy aurat ki sewa karna to khushkismat bhai ko hi milta hai. Mera bas chalta to main teri shadi kabhi na hone deta. Tujhe apna bana kar rakhta. Lekin fikar mat karna. Ab tum meri ho. Aaj se tujhe choot thandi karwane ke liye kissi ke pass jane ki zarurat nahin hai. Main teri saas ko bol doonga ki mere pass apni didi ke liye apne office mein kaam hai jiss ko kar ke didi ke paise bhi ban jayenge aur time bhi pass ho jaye ga. Budhiya lalchi hai, shak nahin karegi aur maan jaye gi. Tum roz mere office chali aana aur hum mere kamre mein khub mauj karege. Maine wahan bistar pehle hi laga rakha hai.” Ganesh ne apni puri scheme mujhe bata dali.
“Lekin Ganesh, log kia kahen ge? Kissi ko shak nahin hoga?” maine apne man ki ashanka batayi.” Didi, shak kaisa? Tum meri behan ho. Kia behan apne bhai ke office mein job nahin kar sakti? Ab soch vichar ka wakt nahin hai, tum haan kar do. Baki main khud dekh loonga.” Meri choot ne mujhe sochne ka mauka hi nahin diya. Sali apne bhaiya ke lund ki khushbu soongh kar masti se bhar gayi aur maine bhaiya ki offer maan li. Saasu ma ne Ganesh ki baat jhat se sawikar kar li. Shayad usske liye ab Ramu se chudwane ka khula mauka tha. Khair agle din main Ganesh ke office ja pahunchi.
Office kafi bada tha. Office ke peechhey bhaiya ka room tha jiss mein vo kam bhi karta tha aur araam bhi. Kamra kafi bada tha jiss mein Ganesh ne ek fridge, TV, kuchh CDs, ek drinking Bar aur ek double bed rakha hua tha. Double bed par safed reshmi chadar bichhi hui bahut sexy lag rahi thee. “Kion kaisa laga, suhagdin ka bistar, didi? Saath mein bathroom bhi hai, jissme meri pyari didi bath le sakti hai. Office ka koi adami iss kamre mein nahin aa sakta. Yahan hum pati patni ban kar raha karenge,”Kehta hi Ganesh ne mujhe peechhey se jakad liya aur meri chuchi ko dabane laga. Meri utejna badhne lagi aur chuchi kadi hone lagi. Ganesh ke garam saansen mere gale se takrane lagi aur vo zor zor se meri chuchian bheenchne laga.”Uhhhh Ganesh, kia kar rahe ho, mujhe abhi saans to lene do. Kia mujhe bas codne ke liye hi bulaya hai. Tu to kissi choot ke bhookhe ladke lag rahe ho. Uiiiii dheere se dabayo na, ye teri behan ki chuchi hai, kissi randi ki nahin. Ohhh bhai, tera lund mere nitambhon mein ghus raha hai, issko sambhalo zara!”
Ganesh kahan rukne wala tha. Bhai ne mere kapde uttarne shuru kar diye. Khidki ke sheeshe mein se barish hoti dikh rahi thee aur udhar behan nangi ho rahi thee. Mera gora badan matar panty aur bra mein khada mere bhai ke liye hazir tha. Ganesh meri sudol janghon ko ghoor raha tha, mere ubharey nitambh sparsh kar raha tha, meri gudaz cghuchi se khel raha tha aur mere mansal jism ke nashe mein jhoom raha tha. Meri white panty ke neechey meri chut kissi double roti jaisi phuli hui thee. Meri bhuri ankhen madhoshi se band ho rahi thee. Choot mein cheentian daud rahi thee. Mera sara badan gangana chuka tha. Mere bhai ne apna haath badha kar meri phuli hui chut ko zor se masal diya. Meri chut se ras ki dhara behne lagi aur maine apni janghen bheench lee. Maine apna nanga jism jab mirror mein dekha to andar ki aag aur bhi bhadak uthi. Maine bhaiya ki pants ke upper se usska khada lund pakad liya.. Lund kissi saamp ki tarah funkar raha tha. Meri choot ab kamukta ki aag main jal rahi thee.
“Bhaiya, ab der mat karo, meri chut ko tum ne garam kar diya hai, ab jaldi se pel dalo apna lund issme, please, bhaiya,” Kehte hi maine bhaiya ki pants uttar dali aur usske kali jhanton mein uth rahe lund ko dekh kar meri harami chut khushi ke aansu bahane lagi. Aaj mera saga bhai, apne lund se mujeh pelne wala tha. Ganesh ne meri kachhi neechey sarka dee aur mere bra ko kholne laga. Bra ke khulte hi meri gori chuchi ke upper brown rang ke chuchak bhaiya ke haathon mein aa gaye. Ganesh ne mere chuchak mu mein le ,liye aur chus liya,” Aaaaaahhhhhhh….Bhaiyaaaaaaaa,,,,,chuso bhaiya….mere nipples chusooooo….apni behan ka doodh peeeyo….aaaaa….ooooooohhhh…..meri fuddi maro bhaiya,” mere mukh se barbas hi nikal gaya. Main aap ko bata dena chahti hoon ki chudayi ke wakt main gandi gandi galian bakti hoon.
Ganesh kissi bache ki tarah mera doodh chusne laga. Mere chuchak usske thook se bheeg gaye aur main masti se jhoomne lagi. Ganesh ka ek haath meri chut par reng raha tha. Maine chut ko bilkul saaf kia hua tha aur meri chut ras tapka rahi thee. Ganesh ne ek ungli meri chut mein dhakel dee to main siskari bharne lagi. Maine bhi haath neechey kar ke bhaiya ke lund ko muthiana shuru kar dia aur usske andkosh se khelne lagi.Ganesh mere nipples se apne honth hatata hua bola,” Seema, aaj tak essa jism nahin dekha maine. Agar ijazat ho to teri chut ka bhi swad chakh loon. Teri makhan jaisi chut mere liye aaj tak ek sapna hi thee, issko chat lene do mujhe, didi” Main bhi yahi chahti thee. Mera pati meri chut bahut chatata tha, lekin vo behnchod chodne ke layak nahin tha aur Ramu chod to leta tha, main ussko kabhi chut chatne ka mauka nahin deti thee. Aaj Ganesh mujeh chatne aur chodne wala tha. Maine kamre ki khidki khol dee aur barish ki bochhar mere nange chutad par girne lagi,” Bhaiya, jab laaj sharam chhod hi dee hai to jo dil main aaye sab kar lo, Sema didi par ab tere hak ki koi seema nahin hai. Mujhe bhia pna lund chuswayo. Maine aaj tak apne pati ka lund nahin chusa, tera chus loongi, tujhe hi apne teh dil se apna pati maan lia hai maine, laoyo mujhe bhi apna kela khila do”
Ganesh bistar per side le kar let gaya aur main usske pairon ki taraf muh kar ke let gayi jiss karan mera muh bhaiya ke lund ke samne aa gaya aur meri choot Ganesh ke muh ke samen aa gayi. Hum ne 69 bana kar chusna shuru kar diya. Ganesh jhuth nahin bol raha tha jab ussne kaha tha ki usska lund 9 inch ka hai. Usska gulabi supada mere muh mein fit nahin ho raha tha. Udhar Ganesh meri chut ko faila kar apni zuban andar ghused raha tha. Ganesh ne mere chutad tham rakhey thay aur main bhaiya ke andkosh sehla rahi thee. Kamra kamukta se bhara hua tha aur chumne chatne ki awazen saaf sunayi pad rahi thee. Ganesh ka lund ek lohe ke dande ki tarah khada tha. Maine achanak usske andkosh muh mein le liye aur chusne lagi.
Koi 15 minute ke baad Ganesh ne apna muh meri chut se hata liya aur bola,” Seema agar tumne aur adhik lund chusa to main jhad jaun ga. Ab tum ek bar ghodi ban jayo. Maine jab se tujhe uss kamine naukar ke samne ghodi bane dekha hai, tujhe ghodi bana kar sawari karne ka sapna dekh raha hoon. Chalo didi, ab ghodi bano apne bhai ke liye,” Main apne bhai ki baat kaise taal sakti thee. Main palang head-rest ko pakad kar ghutno ke bal ghodi ban gayi.. Ganesh ne meri gaand ko pyar se sehlaya aur fir apne lund ko mere chutad ki darar se meri choot mein dhakel dia. Meri chut se ras beh raha tha lekin bhaiya ka lund itna bada tha ki meri chut gangana uthi. Essa laga ki meri choot mein ek jalta hua shola pel dia ho.
“Haaaaaaiiii…..bhaiya….dheere…pleaseeee….bahut bada hai aapka bhaiya…Abe Ganesh sale tera lund kissi gadhey ke lund se kam nahin hai,,,,,,mujhe bahut maza de raha hai……chodo bhaiya par dheere dheere….main teri behan hoon sale koi bazaru aurat nahin…..ohhhhh bhaiya chodo…” mere muh se cheekh nikali. Ganesh nahin ruka. Ussne apna lund pelna jari rakha. Meri gaand ko pakad kar vo dhake marne laga aur 9 inch ke lund ne bhi ab meri chut mein jagah bana li thee. Meri chuchi jhul rahi thee jissko bhaiya ne pakad liya aur zor zxor se masalne laga. Bhaiya ke andkosh meri gaand se takrane lage. Main pasine se bheeg chuki thee. Bhaiya haanf rahe thay leik mujhe chod rahe thay.
“Seema, tum meri patni banane layak ho…kash essa ho sakta….ohhhhhhhh meri behna…meri patni ban jayo…..kitni sexy aur chudakad ho tum meri behna,” Ganesh bol raha tha aur main apne chutad peechhey dhakel kar usska pura lund apni chut mein le rahi thee.” Bhaiya, mujhe apni patni hi samjho…..agar tum kaho to main talak le sakti hoon…tere jaise mard ke liye talak to kia main katal bhi kar sakti hoo…..hum adalat se keh denge ki mera pati namard hai…sala khud hi talak de dega apni izzat ki khatir….Fir hum iss shahr ko chhod denge aur tum mujhe biwi bana lena, theek hai na?” Ganesh meri baat sun kar bola,
‘ Main ek office Bhopal mein khol raha hoon, tujhe vahan apni patni bana ke le ja sakta hoon, lekin hum maa ko kia kahenge? Kia maa maan jaye gi?” Ganesh bola.
Maine kaha,” Bhaiya maa ko bhi to chudwane ki adat hai, hum ussko blackmail karenge to ussko hamari shadi ke liye manana hi padega. Aur ho sakta hai ki Maa bhi tujh se chudwane ko taiyar ho jaye. Bas fir teri to do do patnian ho jayengi. maa bhi aur beti bhi!” Ganesh meri baat sun kar bahut khush hua. Ussne apna lund meri choot se bahar nikal liya aur bola”Pehle tujhe to puri tarah apna bana loon, fir maa ko chod loongs. Pehle pura behnchod to ban jayun, fir maachod bhi ban jayunga. Kehte hai ki jab tak lund gaand mein na dala jaye, aurat puri tarah apnayi nahin jati, ab mein teri gaand chodne wala hoon, didi. Aurat ke jissm ke teen chhed hote hai, muh, chut aur gaand. Main tere sabhi chhed par apna kabza karna chahta hoon. Mujhe apni gaand samarpit karne ko taiyar ho behna?”
“Ganesh, tumne hi to kaha tha ki hum suhag-din mana rahe hain, agar tum mere suhag hi ho to fir swal kaise? Teri behan ne apni gaand kunwari rakhi hai tere mast lund ke liye. Ab isski seal tod dalo mera bhai. Lekin dhyan rahe mujhe dard na ho,” maine sun rakha tha ki gaand marwane mein bahut dard hota hai. Ganesh utha aur fridge se makhan le aaya aur ussne makhan meri gaand par lagaya aur ungli se mujhe gaand mein choda aur fir dher sara makhan apne lund par laga kar mere peechhey khada ho gaya aur meri gaand par apna topa ragane laga. Meri gaand chahti thee ki lund ussme ghus jaye. Main haath peechhey le gayi aur usske lund ko apni gaand ki atarf kheeenchti hui boli,” Bhaiya, ab kion tadpa rahe ho apni raand behan ko, ab chod lo usski gaand bhi…jama lo didi par kabza…apna lo apni Seema ko!”
Ganesh ne dheere se lund andar pel diya. Utejna adhik hone se mujhe dard kam hua. Maine gaand ko dheela chhod diya tha. Pehle to mera man ghabra raha tha lekin fir mujhe maza aaney laga. Mera bhai mujhe chod raha tha aur main kuttia ki tarah maze se gaand marwa rahi thee,’ Ohhhhhhh….seema meri raand wah teri gaand,,,,,main ab adhik der tik na payunga…meri randi Seema,,,,mera lund ab pichkari chhodne ko hai….oooooohhhhh didi bahut mazedar hai teri gaaaaaand….main jhadne ko hoon…oooooooohhhhhh Seema man jharaaaa” Ganesh ka haath neechey se meri fuddi sehla raha tha. Meri chut mein pani chhod rahi thee. Main bhi chahti thee ki ab bhaiya kam khatam kar de. Maine jor jor se apni gaand peechhey dhakelni shuru kar dee aur mewri chut ka ras bhaiya ke haath par ja gira,” Ahhhhhh..Bhaiyaaaa…main bhi jhadeeee…pelo zor se bhai….meri chut gayeeeeee…oooooohhhhh ufffffff…haiyeeeeeeee…meri maaaaaa”
To be continued

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Thumbs up Bhaiya Ka Office part : 2

Originally Posted by mk1975 View Post
Bhaiya Ka Office part : 2

Hi main Huma aap sab logon ka shukriya karti hoon ki aap ne meri kahani Bhaiya Ka Office bahut pasand ki hai. Hazir hoon isska 2ra bhag lekar.
Maine bhaiya ke office mein kam shuru kar diya. Meri saasu maa bahut khush thee. Kionki bhaiya ka office kuchh duri par tha, main kabhi kabhi apne bhaiya ke ghar raat guzar leti. Mere pati ko koi etraz nahin tha. Akhir main apne bhai ke ghar rehti thee. Udhar Ramu ko bhi meri saasu maa ki chudayi ki puri azadi mil chuki thee aur meri to chandi ho gayi. Main din mein office aur raat ko Ganesh bhaiya ke bistar mein khub maze leti. Ek din humari chori pakadi gayi. Maa ne uss raat bahar jane ka program banaya hua tha aur hum behan bhai apne ko akela pa kar khub maze se chudayi karne mein lage huye thay. Ganesh ne mujhe drawing room mein hi ghodi bana rakha tha aur peechhey se mast chudayi kar raha tha. Galti se hum darwaza band karna bhul gaye aur Maa ka program cancle ho gaya aur vo ghar vapis aa gayi.
Hum ko maa ke aaney ka pata koi 15 minute baad chala. Vo humko chodte huye dekhti rahi aur fir tez awaz mein boli,” Ganesh, tum mere kamre mein aayo, kuchh baat karni hai. Seema tum iss kadar gir jayogi, mujhe pata na tha. Tere saural wale na jane kia kahenge.” Ganesh chup chap Maa ke kamre mein chala gaya. Ussne jaldi se pajama pehan liya tha. Mera dil dhak dhak kar raha tha. Lekin Ganesh bilkul shant tha. Main chup chap maa ke kamre mein jhankne lagi. Maa ne uss wakt neeli sari pehni hui thee aur uska mansal jism usske kapdon se bahar aaney ke liye atur ho raha tha. Maine bhagwan se prarthna ki,” Hey Bhagwan, Ganesh kissi tarah maa ko mana le, verna hum bhai behan to doob gaye!”
“Ganesh, tujhe apni behan ke ilwawa koi aur ladki nahin milli iss kam ke liye? Tum jante ho behan ke saath ye sab karne wale ko kia kehte hain? Tumne Seema ke saath ye kion kia?” Maa bol rahi thee aur utejna se usski bharpur chuchi upper neechey ho rahi thee. Ganesh bilkul na ghabraya. Vo Maa ki taraf badha aur besharmi se bola,” Mummy, aurat ki chut ki pyas kia hoti hai, ye tum se behatar kaun janta hai? Ab Manohar uncle ke saath aur unke doston se tum kia karti ho mujeh pata hai. Main janta hoon ki teri jawani ko mard ki zarurat hai. Mujhe ye bhi pata hai ki tum do do mardon se chudwati ho. Tujhe dekh kar mera lund bhi khada hota hai, jab tum apne kulhe matakati hui chalti ho. Main janta hoon ki lund tere liye waise hai, jaise muh ke liye khana. Meri Mummy, tu muh se roti khati hai aur chut se lund. Seema bhi to teri hi beti hai,” Ganesh ne apna ek haath Mummy ki chuchi par rakh diya,” Seema ko bhi usska pati theek se chod nahin pata. Main agar chod deta hoon to kam se kam vo bahar lund ki talash nahin karti jaise tu karti ho.”
Mummy hairani se Ganesh ko dekh rahi thee aur Ganesh ek harami ki tarah maa ki chuchi masal raha tha,” Mummy, Seema mujhe pasand hai, kion ki vo teri tarah sexy hai. Kai bar man kia ke tujhe chod dalun, par himmat na kar saka. Papa ke dost tere saath maze karte hain aur main ghar mein muth marta raha. Sach kahun, Mummy, tum Seema se bhi adhik sexy ho. Ab tum kaho to tujhe bhi chudayi ka bharpur maza de sakta hoon. Seema ko to apni patni bana kar rakhne ka irada hai. Tum chaho to mera lund share kar sakti ho. Issko sparsh kar ke dekh lo,” Bhaiya ne Mummy ka haath apne lund par rakh diya. Mera dil dhak dhak kar raha tha. Kissi bhi wakt Ganesh ko thapad pad sakta tha. Lekin Mummy ne chup chap bhaiya ka lund pakad liya aur Bhaiya ne pajame ka nada khol diya. Maa ne usske nange lund ki muth marni shuru kar dali,” Beta, mujhe maaf kar dena, main tum logon ki jawani ko na samajh saki. Chudayi to jawani ki khurak hai. Main ab tak lund ke bina nahin reh sakti to Seema ko kia dosh dena.”
Mummy bhaiya ke lund ko sehlati hui baat kar rahi thee. Idhar mere man mein khushi ki lehar daud rahi thee.” Kia bhaiya Mummy ko bhi chodne wale hain? Mummy ne bhaiya ka lund ab zor zor se sehalana shuru kar diya aut Bhaiya ne mummy ko chumna shuru kar dia. Bhaiya ne Mumy ki chuchi masalni shuru kar dee aur Mummy ka dudhiya jism Ganesh ki bahon mein machalne laga.’ Ganesh, tera lund to bahut dumdar hai. Apni behan ki chut ko khush karta hoga, ye mast lund. Itna bada to tere baap ka bhi nahin tha.” Bhaiya besharmi se muskurate hue bola,” Fikar mat karo Mummy, ab behan ke baad tumko bhi iss lund ka maza chakhata hoon. Seema ko bhi andar bula lo. Vo bhi to apne bhai ke lund ko apni maa ki chudayi karte dekh le aur dekh le ki usski maa bhi kissi chhinal se kam nahin hai. Manohar uncle ka lund mere lund se bada hai, Mummy?” Ganesh bola aur Mummy ki sari uttarne laga. Kuchhh hi der mein maa maderjaat nangi ho chuki thee. Maa ke chutad mansal thay jinko bhaiya masti se masal rahe thay.
Mummy ki chut phuli hui thee aur uss par tazi shave ki hui thee. Ganesh ne apna muh neechey le ja kar Mummy ki chut ko soongha aur chut ke honthon par apna naak ragad diya. Usske haathon ne Maa ke chutad jakad rakhey thay.” Ufffff beta, tum kia kuttey ki tarah maa ki chut soongh rahe ho. Mujhe ajib lagta hai.” Maa kasmasayi. Ganesh ne mujhe awaz lagayi aur andar aaney ko kaha. Jab main kamre mein dakhil hui to main aur maa dodno maderzaat nangi thee. Meri maa beshak 44 saal ki thee, bahut mast aurat lag rahi thee. Usski chuchi abhi tak kadi thee aur upper uthi hui thee, Gori chuchi par kale nipples bahut sexy dikh rahe thay.Mera bhi dil kar raha tha ki maa ki chuchi ko kiss karun.
“Seema, ab se Mummy bhi hamare khel mein shamil hai. Aaj se hum do nahin bal ki teen ki chudayi hogi. Mummy, main aapki chut iss liye soongh raha hoon ki mujhe iss se bahut madak sugandh aa rahi hai. Mummy tum bhi to ek kuttia ki tarah masti hui ho, jo uncle se chudawane jati ho roz roz. Aagar maine teri chut ko kuttey ki tarah soongh liya to kia badi baat hai. Mujhe to abhi teri gaand bhi soonghni hai. Main aur Seema mil kar tujhe vo maza denge jo tumne kabhi na dekha hoga. Seema tum Mummy ki chuchi ka sawad to dekho, bahut mast hai. Issko chuso to sahi ek baar. Main Mummy ko apni zuban ka kamal dikhata hoon.” Maine mummy ki chuchi ko honthon mein daba liya aur kiss kar liya. Mummy utejit swar mein boli,” Ganesh, maderchod, pehle Mummy ko bistar par to litayo, fir dikhana apni zuban aur lund ke kamal. Aur Seema, mujhe maaf kar dena, maine aap logon ko chudayi karte huye disturb kar diya tha. Aayo beti, chus lo Mummy ki chuchi. Bachpan mein tujhe meri chuchu chusna bahut achha lagta tha.”
Hum teeno palang ki taraf badh gaye. Mummy bistar par peeth ke bal let gayi aur main ussske barabar let kar Mummy ki mast chuchi chusna lagi aur Mummy bhi mere jism par haath firane lagi. Jab Mummy ka haath meri janghon ke beech pahuncha to meri chut se ras beh raha tha,’ Ohhhhh Mummy, meri chut to bheegi hui hai, Bhaiya ke lund ki mast chudayi se. Tumko bhi janat ki sair kara dega isska lund jab Ganesh pelega teri chut mein apna loda. Ganesh Bhaiya, behnchod to tum ban gaye thay mujhe chod kar, ab Mummy ko chod kar maderchod bhi ban jayo. Bhaiya aaj se hum teeno mein koi parda nahin rahe ga. Ab der mat karo, Mummy ko bhi chod dalo, mere samne, mere bhai!”
Ganesh Mummy ki janghon ko khol kar chut chatne main mast tha. Mummy ne apni tangon ko ghutno par mod rakha tha aur usski chut aur bhi phul chuki thee. Ganesh apni zuban se Mummy ki chut ko neechey se upper tak chat raha tha aur main Mummy ke nipples ko chusne lagi thee.” Ahhhhhhh……ooooooooohhhhaaaaggggggaaarrrr….mere bacho, mujh par masti chadh rahi hai….beta chat lo meri chut….aaaaaarrrrrgggg beti chum lo meri chuchi….ohhhhh maderchod main garam ho chuki hoon……..meri chut mein aag jalne lagi hai, mere bacho….Ganesh……..mujhe apna lund pakda do…tera lund apni behan ko chod chuka hai….ab maa ko bhi chod le,…”
Mummy ne haath neechey kar ke Ganesh ka lund masalna shuru kar diya. Mummy ek kuttia ki tarah haanf rahi thee. Ganesh Mummy ki chut se apna muh alag kar ke utha aur apna lund ussne maa ke honthon par rakh diya aur Mummy ke balon se pakad kar usska muh apne lund ki taraf kheench kar bola,” Chudayi se pehle zara chusayi ho jaye, Mummy. Ganesh ka kela to chakh lo zara iss se pehle ke ye kela teri chut mein hulchul macha de. Mummy, lund chusne ka maza le lo thodi der” Mummy ne bina bole lund muh mein le liya. Bhaiya Mummy ke mukh ka chodan karne laga aur maine usske andkosh sehlane shuru kar diya. Mummy ab masti se lund chus rahi thee. Kamre ka vata varan aag ki tarah dehak raha tha. Maine ek haath se mummy ki chut sehala dali. Chut puri tarah bheeg chuki thee.
” Ab der mat karo, bhaiya, Mummy chudne ke liye taiyar hai, jaldi se Mummy ki garam chut mein apna lund pel do Ganesh. Mummy tum par bhaiya abhi sawari karenge aur tum meri chut chatogi, theek hai?” Ganesh Mummy ka badan kheench kar bistar ke kinare tak le gaya aur usski janghon ko failate huye apna supada Mummy ki chut ke muhane par tika kar bola,” Mummy, ye lo apne ladle bete ka fauladi loda! Ahhhhh Mummy, mera lund apni maa ki chut mein ghuss raha hai! Mera lund apni maa ki chut mein ja chuka hai. Jiss chut se maine janam liya tha, ab chod raha hoon. Ohhhhh Seema, isski chut to abhi tak kissi jawan aurat jaisi hi hai, aaaaaaahhhhh..Mummy sali tu bahut mast hai..”Mummy apni gaand uthane lagi aur bhaiya ka mast lund piston ki tarah maa ki chut chod ne laga.
Main uthi aur dono tangon ko khol kar Mummy ke mukh par baith gayi. Meri chut bilkul Mummy ke honthon ke upper thee. Maa samajh gayi ki ussko kia karna hai. Maa ne apne muh se apni zuban bahar nikal kar meri chut par ferni shuru kar dee. Mujhe bahut maza aaney laga. Meri chut bhi ras tapkane lagi. Main reh reh kar apni chut ko Mummy ke mukh par girane lagi. Mummy ne meri gaand ko jakad kar meri chut ko apne muh par daba liya. Meri chut puri tarah se paniya chuki thee aur Mummy meri chut ka ras pee rahi thee. Udhar Ganesh Mummy ko jor jor se chod raha tha. Bhaiya ke haath jab Mummy ki chuchi masalte to meri gaand ko bhi chhoo jate. Hum teeno sex ka anand le rahe thay.
Achanak Bhaiya ne chudayi tez kar dee. Maa ka jism bhi akdne laga. Lag raha tha ki dono jhadne ko taiyar hain,” Ahhhhh beta, chod dal mujhe, jor se beta, jor se dal meri chut mein apna lund…….aaaaaa….main jhad rahi hoon beta…ohhhh maderchod tezi se chod…..” Maa ne meri chut chatna band kar diya lekin mein chut ko haath se ragadna shuru kar diya, meri chut bahut bheeg chuki thee. Mujhe lag raha tha ki meri chut bhi ras ki fohar karne wali hai. Maine bhi zor zor se apni chut ko Mummy ke haath par ragadna shuru akr diya. Bhaiya ke lund ki awazen phachak phachak ki kamre mein goonjne lagi. Ganesh achank lambi cheekh mar kar maa ki chut mein khalas ho gaya.

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Sex With Horny Shivani Bhabhi

This story is about how I made her like me and have sex with me….here the story starts. I am a 25 years in age 5.10 man with 8.25 of manhood and my gorgeous bhabhi Shivani around 29 age has a decent figure of 38-29-36, she is very sexy and typical Guju gal……after reading all the stories I made a plan to have sex with my bhabhi for that I thought of talking and pass as much time possible with her alone.
One day there was a function at my uncle’s place he use to leave 30 km from our town and I thought of going with her and start chatting to get success in my plan….we went on bike and I tried to ride it at very gentle speed so that I can get more to talk to her….on that ride first we had a normal chat after that I asked her whether she had a BF before marriage to which she replied yes I got excited and started talking to her about him, once she replied that her BF use to look like me only.
I got excited and asked whether she had told this bhaiyya to which she denied and we continued talking on the same chat I asked her whether she had enjoyed with his BF before marriage she replied yes…. by the time we reached home after that I started to have this type of small chat with her regarding girls after few days I got the opportunity and that was the day of first fuck for me….my parents had went to attend a function for two days to Mumbai and my brother had to go on business trip as my dad was out at that eve.
I asked her to cook food that she liked so that we can have dinner of her liking and while she was cooking I had talked to her after that we had dinner at around 8 pm and after that we sat on the sofa to watch television while watching TV I piped into her big boobs as she was wearing a nice white colored nighty from where her lines were open for me to see I got encouraged as she never use to wear it outside her bedroom while watching television. I slowly moved my hands on back and started touching her back to which she didn’t minded by that there was a big erection in my pants
To which she did noticed but kept silent after some time a thought of masturbate so slowly went to the wash room and did my hand job after I came back my sexy bhabhi was lying on the sofa instead of seating after I came we again set their slowly my bhabhi asked me whether I have a GF or not to which I said yes, she further asked I had went out with her I said no. She started laughing and suddenly had a wild smile on her face she straight away asked me so you don’t have any experience of using a gal for sex.
I replied no, silent went in the room after some time she asked me whether I would like to have that heavenly experience. I got stunned and was speechless she got of the sofa and went in the bedroom I thought. I had missed the opportunity after some time a loud voice came from her room I went in and saw that my Gorgeous bhabhi had turned horny and was laughing at me as I enters….she closed the door and said raj mere devar I know you are attracted to me and want to fuck me…
I also want you devarji you are so good I have seen you many time masturbate in your room
from the windows above the door. I feel shameless then she asked me to be relaxed and think of me as a call girl for you to fuck. We sat on the bed and slowly I started to rub her honey skin body she was great her boobs were very big while having sex we went in different position and talked to each other…me: habhi that’s true I want to fuck you.
Bhabhi: raj my dear you can go ahead have your dream come true. after that I pressed her boobs and by that time was playing with my erected cock from my jeans only. I inserted my fingers and then hand inside her nighty to enjoy her boobs after that I opened up and said bhabhi my one night stand your clothes are disturbing me she replied you can take them off and I removed her nighty for the first time I had seen a gal in just bra and panties she was looking like goddess of sex at that time to me she unhooked my jeans and took it off after that we were their only in boxer, bra and panty.
I started to suck her boobs and removed her bra her boobs were very juicy wet and nipples were hard like rock I sucked her for 10 min and then slowly went down to enjoy the heaven and removed her panty by the time she had removed my boxer and was moaning with my every bite on her boobs she then told me that she will now teach me how to enjoy a gal during sex to which I said yes and she ordered me to get into position 69 and then she sucked my tool and I was chewing and biting on her cunt
And pussy she gave me a blow with her mouth I said bhabhi I am going to blow by the time said I blow all my cum went into her mouth she started to enjoy it and said your cum is too good to taste and after that she told to me to fuck that was my first time and gave her a fucking job she said your cock is very fresh and big it seems you are masturbating every day 2 to 3 times and ordered me not to masturbate now onwards whenever I felt like that ask her me to get fuck or to masturbate.
I fucked her from cunt she moaned like anything her pussy was very tight and hot I cum into her cunt and after that we went on the bed side by side after some time she begged me to have anal sex and after I fucked from her anal which was new as my brother had never fucked her from anal we enjoyed for the whole night and slept together..in the morning we had bath together and again enjoyed sex……since then we have been having this experience every now and then and try to arrange in such a manner to enjoy each other’s body…

A Cuddle For Mommy

It was strange that he had never noticed his mother in a sexual way before given the good figure that she still possessed, yes she was now 55 but as she walked past him in a figure hugging dress he could not help but think how pretty she still was. At 20 years old himself Paul had no shortage of offers from girls his own age but he had always been attracted to older women.
His mother stood up against the window gazing outside into the dull dreary rain that had been pouring all day as Paul walked up behind her and gave her a hug, his chin gently resting on her shoulder and his arms around her stomach.
“To what do I owe this pleasure?” She asked.
“You just looked like you were in need of a hug,” he replied innocently.
He released his hands from her stomach and ran them down over her thighs, noticing the line of her knickers as he went over it.
“Must be years since the last time you hugged me — probably when you became a teenager and decided it was un-cool to be seen out with your mum,” she told him.
“Well it’s not un-cool now mum, I am 20 and you can have a hug anytime you want, well whenever I visit anyway.”
“Good, then let’s put a film on and then chill out on the sofa for the afternoon.”
Paul let his mother pick out a film as he relaxed on the sofa and watched her bend over to put the DVD in the player, letting his eyes roam up the black tights to the bottom of the dress that ended about two inches or so above her knee and then up to that lovely bottom that he had been so tempted to grope just now.
As the DVD started she grabbed a cushion and threw it onto his chest before lying on the sofa with her head on the cushion. He dropped an arm onto her side bringing it to rest on the side of her thigh.
After about 30 minutes his mother moved causing his hand to slip more onto her bottom but she did not say anything as he kept his hand there. Shortly after he found himself almost unconsciously tracing his fingers around the outline of his mothers knickers noting the he thought she had French knickers on underneath her dress and tights.
“What exactly do you think you are doing young man?” She asked without looking up from the movie.
“Oops sorry mum I forgot it was you lying here.”
“Well I am pretty sure that my body does not feel like one of your girlfriends.”
“Can’t say I noticed any difference and anyway you still have a good figure” he told her hoping to earn a few brownie points.
“Well I do my best,” she told him “but time is starting to catch up with me now.”
“Anyway I have arm ache from lying here with my arm under me so you can swap positions with me Paul.”
Paul got up and swapped around and ended up lying into his mothers back with an arm draped over her waist..
“Hope that’s not too uncomfortable for you?” she asked.
“No, its fine,” was his reply as he again dropped a hand onto her side.
Paul decided to see if she would say anything if he explored a little more and so he slowly ran a hand down over her thigh all the way down to the bottom of her dress and let it rest there just separated from her skin by the smoothness of her tights.
“That tickles,” she giggled as his finger ran along soft skin at the back of her knee.
He brought his hand back up again causing her dress to raise with it a couple of inches and revealing that she was actually wearing hold up stockings and not tights.
Paul quickly stopped thinking he may have gone to far as he gasped slightly at the surprise.
“Get more than you bargained for Paul?”
“Just a little, sorry mum I didn’t mean to offend you or anything.”
“It’s okay it’s quite nice having some attention on a quiet afternoon.”
“I guess I did not expect you to be wearing stockings that’s all,” he said almost in a whisper.
“Your father likes me to wear sexy underwear, after all we are not dead and gone yet and anyway judging by that pressing I can feel on my bottom you like me that way too.”
Paul felt himself going bright red and could not believe how relaxed his mother seemed about feeling her sons cock pressing against her.
His mother lifted herself up slightly. “Pull my dress up darling.”
Paul hesitated but she told him it was okay and so he pulled her dress up to her waist, Mary raising herself slightly to allow the dress to rise before she settled back onto the sofa again. He had been right about the French knickers as she was wearing a pair in dark blue.
He propped himself up with one hand and ran a hand over her stocking tops with the other enjoying the soft skin as she again pushed herself backwards grinding her ass slightly against his hardening cock.
His mother turned to lie on her front and let her legs fall apart granting her son full access to let his hand graze over her ass and then down onto her material covered pussy.
“That feels really nice.”
Paul needed no more encouragement and moved down his mother’s body until he could kiss his way over the soft skin above her stockings and easing his way upwards until he was licking at her panties and slowly easing them down over her bottom, his lips barely leaving her skin as his tongue dipped down into her ass running around her tight little hole causing a gasp to escape his mothers lips.
He stood up and pulled her knickers all the way off, she quickly followed and helped him drop his jeans as he stood before her. She felt his cock through his boxers before pulling them down and allowing him to step out of them.
“Glad we had your circumcised now,” she told him before she took his cock into her mouth and started to skillfully suck and play as well as any of his girlfriends had done before.
Paul leaned into his mother which allowed his to start playing with her small but pert tits and wishing he had take her dress off fully to allow him to play with her nipples.
“Better not cum just yet darling, I would rather feel you inside me if you want to fuck your mother.”
His mother stood up and he helped her off with her dress and bra, stopping to suck on each nipple before they both led back onto the sofa.
Almost shaking with nervousness he lowered himself onto her and she helped guide him into her, both of them moaning as they joined together. Paul slowly thrust into her as she grabbed his ass with nails digging in while he sucked and teased her nipples with his teeth.
It did not take Paul long before he felt himself climaxing and thrust into her harder each time as she grabbed his head and pulled him down to kiss her fully and deeply for the first time. Both of them came together moaning into each other as Paul released spurts of cum into his mother, finally stopping when spent and pulling out of her to relax and lay beside her.
“Wow, I never thought that would happen,” she told him.
“I agree there,” he replied panting from their fun
She played with his cum covered cock as he played with her breasts and sucked them like he did many years ago.
“You had better go and have a shower as your dad will be home in an hour.”
Paul stood up and looked at his mother lying there naked on the sofa one more time before he went upstairs to the shower.
When he came back down his mother was already dressed again and pottering about in the kitchen and so he went up behind to hug her again, earning a giggle as his hands ran up over her breasts noticing she had not put her bra back on.
“Behave you, well for now anyway,” she said as she turned to kiss him, both of them savoring the feeling of being so close.
An hour or so later Paul’s father had come home and was upstairs with his mother, it was obvious they were having sex from the noises coming down the stairs and so Paul decided to creep up the stairs and to see if he could get a good view.
Luckily their door was partially open and even after today’s events it shocked him slightly to find his dad licking out his mothers pussy with her saying “That’s it lick yours sons come of out me.”
As Paul routed to his spot a stair creaked causing his mother to look up. “Hi baby,” she said to him “Why don’t you come in?”

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Fucking Priti bhabhi

I am john ( my pet name ). Born in a village of Gujarat. Living now in Ahmadabad. Having good job. Age 26. Married. My height 5.8 and my chote miya is 5.8 also when not in sleep mode. Well let’s get to the real story. I was a good boy. Doing my job, treating family with respect, and all. But my life changed after my marriage. My wife is beautiful but a fool. Rather than sharing life with me she shares with her brother and bhabhi (priti). We had lots of problems with them.
And at last I decided to leave my parents house and now I leave with my wife alone in a 3 bedroom flat in Ahmadabad. Now let’s start with the horny part. Priti isn’t getting real fuck I thought, that’s why she always interested in our life. Meanwhile my brother in law had to go to Chennai to company work for 20 days, he left his beautiful and fertile wife in our house. As my wife is beautiful but fool, and I got her latest phone nokia n97 mini. And as I thought Pritibhabhi got jealous of her. I can see it in her eyes.
She started trying to impress me, making me good food and all; she was hoping I would also buy something expensive for her also. As I knew she got jealous and she will try to do something between me and my wife, she started telling her not to let me fuck every night because if she fucks every night her figure will destroy in a year or so. My wife got afraid and I started having problem at night. As I was a good husband I did not wanted to fuck any girls, so I came with a plan.
One of my best friends was a doctor and I told him my problem and I asked him for something for my wife that will make her horny and sleepy. He gave me some tablets that have to be taking with milk. One for getting horny and other for sleep. I was happy. Finally I will start fucking in my bed! After dinner I saw my wife making milk for her, I made some filmy drama and was able to put both tablets in the milk.
Now I wait. At 10.30 she came to bed, we started talking and stuff, suddenly she said she is hungry, I said why are u still hungry, u just had a glass full of milk? Then she opened the curtain saying that oh that milk was for Pritibhabhi, I got shocked. Never thought of that, now what, fuck, well at last I thought she will sleep horny tonight, and smiled. I offered my wife to make juice or milk for her, she said milk is ok. I again mixed the tablets in it then the show started.
We fucked like hell, she was hot and horny, and I was like a horny bull. After fucking her twice I was in peace my Lund was telling me thank you. My wife was in sleep. It was still 11.45 and I got up to have something to drink and also it was Sunday tomorrow so I usually watch TV late night. When I going to kitchen I saw Pritibhabhi in TV room watching some stupid serial. Then I notice she wasn’t watching TV but talking to someone on phone
I knew it was my brother in law. I then got in kitchen and opened the fridge, saw nothing nice to drink, no Pepsi, at last only thing I like there was a can of red bull. That I like. I took the can and go to balcony, sit there for a 30 mins, thinking about what just happened and sipping red bull, what just happened was I had to drug my wife to fuck her. Sick. And who was responsible for that. Priti. I hate her. I was angry, full of rage and anger, and decided to make her pay for this one day. I started for my room now and when I was passing by hall I saw Priti was in deep sleep on sofa, TV was on, her one hand was at her ear
I thought there is mobile also and her other hand was inside her night. From upside, meaning she was talking to her husband, feeling horny, hot, sleepy, massaging her left breast and she finally slept. Haha. I just laughed. Then he came. The Devil little john. He put a thought in my mind, for a second I was thinking then the other came. The Angle little john, who just wanted to put priti in her bed. And goto my room.
I agreed to angle john. Also never fucked any other girl before and after marriage. So I first called, me: bhabhi, me: pritibhabhi priti : hmmmm me : bhabhi go to your room, u will have neckpain sleeping in sofa. Priti : hmmm okkk me: goodnight priti : raju, take me to bed! Me : *#?!@ rajesh was my brother in law. Priti : take me na, jaldi. Me : ok I supported her in my arms, she got up. I just paused to switch off the TV and accidently I pressed some buttens , and luckily it was adult porn channel.
It just started with a guy fucking a gal in doggy style and the girl was saying ’ ahhh ohhh ohhh give me more aahhh fuck me ohhhh ohhhh more more ‘ at this Priti said: look your sister and john are fucking and noise is getting out of the room. let’s see from the key hole how they fuck, sure john has a big one that makes her cry like this. (her eyes were still closed) not small like yours, she added this last words with disappointment. Meanwhile I turned off TV and got her to her room. I really don’t remember what was I thinking.
But when I was in her room I just remembered that she is the same bitch who has nearly destroyed my life, I got angry again and remember my oath of taking revenge some day in future, then I thought why wait for future when I got chance now. Priti was horny and sleepy thinking me of her husband, my wife was tired and sound sleep with ac on and door closed in room, I got bolder and grabbed her ass and squeeze it, with anger, she liked it and kiss my chest.
I was very confused what to do and then she did it. She looked up to my face and she rose her pink lips to mine and she closed her eyes indicating that she is mine. There I go. I grabbed her hairs from behind and planted my lips on hers. Her lips were soft like roses. I kissed her like never, a passion grew inside me, all time I hated her was gone only love remained. Her eyes were closed mine became close too, my left hand was behind her head, my other hand was now at her back. Our kiss was strong and was not breaking.
My tongue was searching for hers and found, our tongue met and excitement went through my body, it was passionate, never felt before like that, after 8 or 10 mins our kiss broke, her eyes were still closed and I was looking at her lips and lips which changed colors, now were red and shiny, lips were shining with saliva, trembling, but still felted dry, dry for love. I made her sit on bed, closed the room, and removed my shirt, set beside her, she was looking at me, I was wondering if she still thinks me as her hubby, but the silence broke, she said john you are a great kisser, I love you.
And we kissed again, but this time my hands were moving behind her back and were massaging her back, I moved ahead, and took her right breast in my hand it was soft even she was wearing night. I broke the kiss and placed my lips on her neck kissing her neck all over, her hands were on my back she was holding me tight like she do not want me to lose. In one push I made her sleep on bed and tear off the night from middle, wow, she was naked now, I just looked at those breasts now and keeps looking, never thought those were so cute n beauty.
I just thought toot padooo and I started sucking those beauty. Her nipples were like grapes. When you put one in mouth you want to put another too. I just sucked and sucked. She started moaning now but her voice was so low, she was keeping her all excitement inside, now I was rock hard and I wanted to get inside her. I removed her panty and took out me Lund, just put on her and with a big push I wanted to be inside her but, but hers was so tight, her vagina was tight, guess my brother in law has very small Lund, as
I pushed my with all my force and she screamed like a virgin, like my wife did on our suhag raat, I put my lips on hers and bite her lips, her eyes were wide open now, tears were falling down words, in both eyes, they were wet, I stopped now, still my Lund in her vagina, I lift up and looked deep in her eyes, our eyes met and there was flow of love between us, my Lund was half in, now I moved further in, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, pushed my head towards her, but I wanted to see her face when she scream so I did not kiss her and let her lips scream with pain, seeing her face in pain and eyes crying my
Lund became more tight and I was getting my revenge from her. She tried to stop me but guess what, I grabbed her hands , both hands and with me legs I came more near to her, spread more of her legs and a mighty push, came sound fffuuccchhh and my Lund was completely inside her and she screamed, like hell she screamed, very loud, I wasn’t afraid about my wife to getting off the sleep but my upper flat couple might heard that(that’s a different story). I put my hand on her mouth now, I was laughing and she was crying now.
To tease her more I put my mouth on her breast and bit the nipple very hard, it was hot wished had some milk in it. She was now trying to get up, from love bed, I stopped her by kissing her all over lips and face. She was still crying but looking deep in my eyes, I said : bhabhi u are very sweet and sexy. I love you. She : it hurts a lot. It’s really big as your wife said. She is very lucky. John. Please make me a complete women today. I love you.
I said: Priti I hate you. With that I took out my Lund and again with force put it. She scream again. Ooooiiiii mmmmaaaaaa, marrriiiii gaaaaiiiiii. I again put my hand on her mouth and now I was not able to control myself. And started fucking slowly. It was very nice her hot and tight skin was making my Lund more fertile, hot and bigger. Fuuucccch fuccchhhh sound was coming from fucking and the room was smelling lovely. As I wanted to take my revenge slowly. I fucked Priti slow very slow. Every time taking out my Lund completely out and then in. She was not crying now.
Just smiling with lust. And I just fucked and fucked, she was wetter every minute. We were sweating, I increased my speed just a little and we were making love, like no one had done before. After 30 mins I was wondering why I am not cumming then I remembered I am doing 3rd time today. She already came three times. Now I thought of real fun and took a pillow and put below her ass, and started to fuck her faster, like faster, she just started to cry again as it was painful fucking for her.
I was fucking really faster , her boobs were bouncing up and down, her face was all red and her thighs area was also red. She was breathing heavily and me too breathing heavily. After fucking faster and faster my balls started to build pressure and I wanted to control more time but was out of control after fucking 45 mins. I came. I came heavily. I loaded all my love cum inside her, she screamed. I shot all in her, with all hate I had, with all love had. Then I fell on her without any thoughts. She also hugged me.
My semi erect Lund still inside her. After five mins I took out my Lund and she said aaaaaahhhhhh. I went to bathroom to wash my Lund and when I came back I saw she was a sleep. But with smile on her face. I went out and locked the door from outside as she was naked I didn’t want my wife getting up early and see her like that. My wife got up at 8 in the morning with smile on face. She hugged me kissed me and took my Lund in hands. She kissed it. I Woke up.
She said : my best friend Reena called and due some marriage problems with her hubby she wanted to talk, I had to go to her. I will only come only at evening. I will talk to bhabhi to cook for you. Is it ok with you or you want to join me, it’s ok for me if u join me. I said : I would like to join you, but bhabhi will be alone at home and she will feel bad we leaving her alone at home. My wife : I will wake her up and tell her that I have to go. I said : ok my love but I think it’s too early on Sunday to wake her up.
You go. I will tell her when she wakes up. My wife : ok my love. After an hour my wife was gone. I made her forgot other set of house just to be more secure, because I had plan. Plan of fucking the beauty bhabhi again and again. As my wife was gone, I took shower and got fresh. Went to kitchen to make some breakfast for me but I thought I am late so I just drank some juice and went go bhabhiz room. Unlocked it.
Went inside without making any noise. She was still sleeping, naked, smell of last night’s love was still in the air. She was looking like an angle. I had an idea. Ek idea jo badalde apki zindagi. I went out to my room, opened my cupboard, and took out a pack box of nokia n97 mini that I bought for my younger sister birthday next week. I went to bhabhiz room again and got naked. Put the phone under the bed and sleep next to her. My Lund was rock hard again. I hugged her, she woke up and looked at me.
She shocked to see me and said what are you doing here and how… She realized what happened last night and said I thought it was a dream. And I said it was a beautiful dream then. She said : wow, it was, where is ur wife and what u doing here like this, she will catch us. I said : she is gone out of house and we are alone for loving each other. She blushed and covered herself with bed sheet.
And said let me go and freshen up. She went to bathroom and I took out the phone from under the bed and put on my Lund then covered with pillow. After 10 mins she came out. Naked. Beautiful. Sexy. Came and kiss me. We started kissing I took her hand and place on my Lund, she grabbed it, then I took it further down where the phone was, she broke the kiss and looked at the phone. I said : I gift of love for you Priti,
she : thanks, but how, when, u got it, is it ur wife’s? I said : no my love I bought it just for you. She took out she phone from the box and said thanx john I love you. I said : just thanx, I was hoping a kiss, she said : anything for you. She kissed the phone instead and then looked at me then she drove her head between my legs and took my Lund in her mouth. Wow. I was stunned. But I felt her lips on my Lund. My wife never did that. It was my first blowjob. And I was enjoying it, she started sucking it and I closed my eyes, she sucked my
Lund for about 5 mins and then she said I want this n97 inside me. I took control and came on top of her and in one push I was inside her. Ooouuuuccchhhhhhh we fucked like hell that day. All her bed sheet was wet and I am sure next day it will become yellow. But I wasn’t worried about it. Fucking Pritibhabhi was so fun. I told bhabhi to give the bed sheet to maid next day to wash before my wife see it.
And also give maid some money. In evening my wife came. We order some food and had home delivery. I told my wife that bhabhi has old phone and we should give a present of new phone to her and she happily agreed and gave Pritibhabhi new phone which I put back in my cupboard. Now it was a official present to Pritibhabhi from my wife. Haha. That night I saw my wife was very tired, I was wondering what she did at her friend Reena’s house that made her so tired? I will find it one day.
But then I started thinking of bhabhi and went to sleep, Why I didn’t do this before, why I was a virgin before marriage? Well friends there is no answer to this question. But from my monster Lund, a monter heart was born which only love making love. Thus a was reborn as a fucker.

My Mommy Is Great Whore

My sex life was started very long before while I don’t know anything about cock, pussy or sex plays.
In my family it was just me and my mom Sunitha. we don’t know about my father , we mean me and my mom cause, my mom used to have sex with lot of guys and in that hassle and fussle I was born to someone I am happy for that because I’m the few among those who have lot of father indeed ), and like you guys guess yes my mom was and is a prostitute. She is very experienced in her job and a sex bomb with great structure of 36dd, 26,34 with fair skin and I like her in that so from my childhood we live in a small individual house at mofsel Chennai.
The house consists of a small hall, a kitchen, a bed room with attached bathroom, and a room which I and my mom used to sleep. That extra bed room is used for my mom’s job purposes so as it is a very small compact house from my child hood accidentally or straightly see my mom with other guys. To my knowledge I’m watching it from my 3 years. At my child hood I really don’t get what these guys are doing with my mom.
While I ask her she used to smile and say “ it’s just a pleasure game , you find it after sometime ” but I was very curious to know about that . So I start to watch it keen. a man’s long stick [ cock ] is digging my mom holes [ ass and pussy] they make some funny noise, and at last he spray some jelly thing on her. trust me guys it was like a mystery a magic, a show like to me I don’t have any friends in school or I neighbor they all know my mom is a prostitute, so the guys or their parents won’t like me to be friend with them so I was always be alone.
My area elder guys used to call me give me some chocolate and ask what my mom is doing with the guys coming to my house as I was very young and don’t know anything about that I narrate them what all they do to that guys they laugh at me, I don’t find why they do so sometimes they tease me like hey what’s your mom rate”. And sometimes I find those guys playing the same thing with my mom. Usually ( till now ) my mom will be semi nude while she is in house, like she wears a shirt without any inner or mostly just with a panty .
So a woman’s body is very familiar for me and my mom don’t restrict me from my childhood when I touch or play with her body .I used to play with her boob while sleeping and after I start to notice the fucks I start to play with her pussy and ass too at first she used to scold me not to touch that, but when I start to cry she allows me when she sleep by wearing panty I remove that and sit between her legs and astonish how this little holes takes that big sticks so easily and put my fingers in and play and worry why my stick can’t get stiff.
Sometimes she used to make that same funny noise while i playing with her pussy and a jelly like juice cum. She see me, smile and say ‘ you’re one little devil Harsha’ then go back to sleep. Like that from my childhood we made relation more than a mom and son then slowly time passes and while I was 18 years old I start some change in my mind and body. Even though sex or my mom body is not new to me I start to feel something and start to get erection, I can able to get what is sex but was not very clear about that once while my mom was taking bath I gone for urgent urine [ we usually share same bathroom never mind other is there.....]
While I go pee my mom was applying soap to her body and suddenly her soap drop down, she lean down to take the soap, I saw suddenly, for the first time I feel some erotic in my mind when I saw her beautiful ass hole dripping with water, her fair skin glowing like a beautiful statue, her mountainous boobs hanging for the instant I feel aroused and I got the semi erection when I watch my own cock erected
I feel like could nine I shouted “ mom look at this my stick is hard “, she saw that and laugh out very loud she nearly brought tears in her eyes, I was confused I said “ stop it mom what’s funny in this” mom” noting dear …….you are a man now ……” saying this she laugh continuously, I can’t say anything got out of the bathroom angry, then gone to school. But I was very happy to get my erection but in school I find I can’t get erection again in evening I came to house, saw my mom was not in house may be she could have gone to shop or any client house.
I got undressed and start to tickle my cock but it was very hard to get it erect again. I felt so hungry so I gone to hotel to eat then came back to house and was watching TV. By 7 pm mom came with a guy [ her client ] she took him to the room and closed the door. I saw through my usual viewer our window when they got in he sat on the bed and grip mom to sit on his lap. They both were in dress not yet got nude,
He was pressing her boob hardly and both were kissing each other my mom while kissing him unbutton his shirt and removed it he then ask her to remove the saree, she stood up and removed then he unhook her blouse when the blouse is off the two melons got out he was just uncontrolled when he saw the boob. He squeezed it so hard and buried his face in the boob then he got up and removed his pants, my mom too removed her petticoat and stand nude.
He then lay on the bed and my mom climb up bed and start to kiss his whole body from forehead to his feet. while I was watching I got full erection and my cock was like to blow then she slowly start to pump his cock in up and down motion and lick , suck his cock , he was just laying on bed and enjoying all she do .I start to do the same motion like my mom do to that guy. When I do that I feel some pleasure in my body then she slowly climbs back to his chest and bite his nipple soft, then he grabbed her head
And start to kiss her little pink lips he is technically smooching her lips. He was pressing her boobs at the same time. Then he made her to lay on bed and he was on her [missionary position]. Then he put his long black cock into her and do the motion just like others while doing he was kissing her and they both making the same funny noise then he suddenly increased his speed and collapsed on her.
While I was watching I’m fastening my movement in my cock and I got my first cum in my hand . I was at sky that time. I kept it in my hand to show my mom, I was waiting for him to go out. he then gone to bathroom mom was on bed I gone inside mom “ how many times I told you when someone is inside don’t come into room….”
me “ sorry mom but I want to show you something “
Mom “ what’s that “
I show up my hand by the time my sperms got liquid
mom “ what’s that water?”
me “ no its my jelly for my juju [ cock]”
she laughed again mom” good bring it here “
I took my hand near her . She just saw it closer “ it’s quite goods amt” then laughed.
While we were speaking she was digging her pussy with her finger and took out some cum which that guy spray and was eating it[ she love to eat cum ] I told “ please lick my cum too mom” she smiled at me and licked my hand my each finger and cleaned it with her tongue. I was very happy mom “ now go back to your room ill come “then that guy came out gave her the money and gone.

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Mother In Law – Fantasy Fulfilled

Our car pulled into the cottage, one word to sum up what we were looking at – Chaos! A few dozen people running around and a few more dozen kids playing in the yard. Decorations still being fixed, lights were not up yet. I heard someone yell – The wedding planner is missing. I thought this weekend at Ooty for my sister in law’s wedding would be a nice getaway for us. I guess not.
I got out of the car with my wife Pinky and saw my mother in law Maria run towards us. I was seeing her after a year she gave me a big tight hug and squeezed her breasts onto my face. Maria was over 6 feet tall, very athletic and took very good care of herself. Pinky is quite the opposite, a little chubby, short and very homely looking but I love her to death for what she is. After the boobs left my face, I gave a sheepish grin and exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes.
I was told that there was a room that we could use and rest till we could come and help out but as soon as I put the luggage in the house I started hearing people scream – Sam come here, Sam do that, thank goodness you are here Sam, now help me with this., blah blah – I know I am supposed to help out but I was going bananas, oh and to mention – I had been holding my pee for such a long time and none of the washrooms in the cottage were available.
A few minutes later I ran out in the backyard, it was getting done up for the reception. I moved to behind the kitchen and saw a spot next to a wall that looked like they threw waste down there. I was brought up in Abu dhabi and don’t remember the last time I went out in the open. I pulled out my dick, aimed and closed my eyes and let the piss just flow, every second of it felt so good. I was almost done with it and to my horror noticed my mother in law Maria standing a few feet away along the wall and staring at my dick.
I said “shit, i am sorry” and she laughed and said – damn – you must be keeping Pinky pretty happy. Make sure you shake well before you put it in – and walked away. I was freaking out, that had to be the most embarrassing yet amazing situation ever. I always had a big crush on her since the days Pinky and me were dating. I should confess there were days when I fucked my wife fantasizing about her mother. I put my dick in my pants and walked back into the house. I stopped next to the kitchen and saw Maria from outside bossing the ladies in the kitchen. This was Maria’s ancestral home so she knew everyone around.
Let me tell you a little something about Maria, she divorced the father of her children a long time back and decided never to get married again but took very good care of the three girls on her own. She runs a very popular florist and a beauty store in Bangalore. She always maintained a classy nature about herself; I have never seen her be vulnerable for anything at all. But most important, she had the best ass I have ever seen on a middle aged woman – she would give most professional models and actresses a run for their money anytime. She always wore this really dark pink lipstick. I always fantasized about those lips circling around the head of my dick.
I started helping around the house and the decorators and that evening there was barbecue and all the relatives gathered around playing folk songs and some people dancing and having a great time. Tomorrow evening my wife’s little sister was getting married. Some relative started to make everyone get in groups to take pictures. All of were hopping around and getting into huddles, there was one where the girls and Maria along with the guys in the family got into one. Maria was right next to me, my arm went around to her waist and someone started pushing from the other side and everyone started to lose balance, to avoid
Maria to fall on me – i put both hands to catch her. I stayed on the waist the other cupped her right butt cheek. She just laughed and we all got back in position. My left hand left her waist but my right hand refused to leave her butt. The camera man took the picture and was walking away when I yelled, i think i closed my eye – take another one. we all squeezed back and this time I made it really clear that I was caressing her butt. She did not say a thing but gave out a big smile for the picture. Everyone dispersed.
I exchanged glances with Maria a few times over that night and later we all went to bed, even though my wife said she was tired and a little drunk I pushed her down on all fours and did her doggy style. I had to cover her mouth with a towel from waking up guests in the next room. I came into a tissue and we both crashed for the night. The next day went by real fast, my sister was one of the bridesmaids and the wedding went really well, the reception was fun too – the
DJ was spinning some nice tunes and everyone was shaking it. I was tired and went over to the chairs a little away from the crowd and lit up a cigarette. A few seconds later I heard someone close by and say – you got a smoke I can borrow? I looked over and saw Maria with a drink in her hand. She was wearing this dress that showed her cleavage a little bit and ended at her knees. I said oh yeah, and passed her a smoke and lit it for her.
I said – I never knew you smoked
She said – I do occasionally, I did not know you smoked
I said – I do occasionally.
She smiled
We looked away and I looked back at her after a few seconds and said – oh, you look gorgeous tonight!
She said – oh, thank you dear!
she took a drag and said – did you say I look good just tonight ?
there was a little naughty sarcasm in her tone
But I said – you know that you look gorgeous all the time.
She smiled and looked away again.
I asked her – so Maria, how do you do this ? as in are you in a relationship ?
She said – Since I left Pinky’s father, I did get into a few relationships but none of them ever worked out.
After a small pause she added – its different for a mother of 3 to have a steady relationship you know.,
I said – I can imagine, it must be so tough. I cannot imagine being away from your daughter for a week.
She said – I bet Pinky feels the same way too – and gave a naughty smile.
I asked her jokingly – what do you mean ?
She shot back – you know what i mean, big boy – i saw you yesterday remember ? and the whole house could hear you and pinky last night.
I said – what ? damn !!
she laughed and said – its fine, you guys are young and if I had a man with a dick like that – i would keep him at home all day.
I was getting a hard on right after I heard that.
I said – I don’t know why someone like you would have a problem finding well endowed men.
She said – you think so ?
I knew i had to take my chances but hopefully not screw this up.
I said – Oh yeah, everything about you is so mind blowing sexy. I could not get my hand away from you last night. remember?
She smiled and said – yeah, that was dumb of you. But, I am not sure if this is right. And started to look at the direction where the party was happening. My cigarette was over and Maria was almost done with hers, I had to do something quick.
I said – how about we give it a shot and see how it feels, if it does not feel right. We forget all about it.
as soon I said it, I realized this could mess up everything but my dick was aching to tear out of my pants already.
She gave it a long pause and said – ok, let’s do this, but not here. We have to go a little into the neighbors woods.
I said – ok, let me go get condoms
She was quick to say – that’s not needed, come on and held my hands and we walked into the darkness our eyes was getting used to the dark and we stopped just about where the light from our cottage stopped shining. If someone called us, we could quickly go and mingle in the crowd. All these plans were running in my mind. We stared at each other, I had worked out so many fantasies about fucking my mother in law but here she was standing in front of me to be taken but I could not move.
She bent towards me and kissed me on my lips, i kissed her back and put my arms around her waist, she put her arms around my neck – we stood there kissing each other for a little while – I could taste the alcohol from her and the cigarette smoke but above all I could taste the sweet lipstick she was wearing. I sucked her lips and bit them gently. She moaned while I ran my hands on her back and her ass and pulled her close to me, I started to kiss her neck as she rubbed my neck and ran her fingers through my hair. I reached out and pulled out one boob from her front of her gown and sucked on it real gently.
They were tasting of the perfume she wore that night. She felt the bulge in my pants on her legs and started to rub me over my pants. I knew I had a wet spot on my pants but soon she unzipped and freed my dick – it sprang out and she chuckled and said – my, my – what do you have here and bent down and took my dick in her mouth. I bent backwards to catch the moment – it was just as I imagined it – maybe better – it suddenly seemed like there was so much light around where we were standing but did I care – No!
I never cared to measure my penis but I’ve been told that it’s a big one – Maria sure was not complaining! She had her hand around my dick rubbing it up and down and sucking my head and with the other hand she cupped my balls and massaged them. She was a great cock-sucker, she deep throat me a few times and I was getting close to shoot a load.
I stopped her and pulled her up and kissed her again, she had water running from her eyes. I pulled the gown up and put my hand into her panties and felt no hair – but soaking wet! I took some of her juices and sucked my finger – they tasted so musky and of somebody cream she had on that night.
She parted her legs and I rubbed her clit a little bit and she said – do it Sam, fuck me now! I pulled down her panties and turned her around to see her ass – man! That was one fine ass. I dug my face into it and kissed her around. I heard her moan like her daughter, I stood up and put some spit on my dick and slowly slide it in her from behind. She was tight!
I heard her gasp every time I thrust in, she had her arms leaning on a tree and I held on to her ass and started to pick up the pace. My dick was heating up inside her oven – she soon said – yeah, I am coming Sam – and went into a very violent orgasm – just like her daughter she was a squirted too – it almost seemed like she was coming for a good minute – she kept dripping her juices all over my pants down my legs. She lifted her hands to stop and pulled away.
I stood there with the dick in my hand while she put on her panties.
I said – how did that feel ?
She said – I’ve never felt this good ever!!
And looked at me ., oh shit – i thought you were done too dear.
If said it was Ok she said – wait a minute, let me get you off and got back down on her knees and started to suck me. I held her head in my hands and slowly started to face fuck her.
I asked her, Maria – do you mind if I came on your mouth?
She shook her head in agreement and as I was getting close again, I told her I was coming. She stopped sucking me and pointed the dick into her mouth and started to jerk me. I shot hot loads of cum straight into her mouth, a big gleaming drop was sticking on her left cheek she sucked down all of it and said – damn, that’s a lot! we both quickly got dressed up and she left first, I waited – smoked a cigarette and left a few minutes after.
My crotch area on my pants was soaking wet, I stayed away from the lights and did a little socializing. I noticed Maria was limping a little. I went into the house and dried myself with my wife’s hair dryer. That was not the end of me fucking my mother in law, I did it a few times when we came down to Bangalore and when she visited us here in the Gulf. But this one time was very special to me, ,my most favorite fantasy fulfilled!!

Caught Mommy

Before I explain my story, let me please tell you about my mom. She is a typical Sri Lankan housewife. Like many Sri Lankan wives, she is a little fat on her. But, do not get me wrong, when I say she is fat, I mean she is fat in all the right places. Sure, she has a little belly fat, but most of it went straight to her butt. She got a big, round fat ass as well as huge tits with perfect sized brown nipples complimenting them.
Now I cannot tell you her bra size or anything like that simply because I’ve never looked, but I can tell you that she has medium length, dark black hair with a pretty good looking face. I know for a fact that many of my uncles think she is attractive, I’ve noticed ever since I started viewing my mom sexually, and that many of my uncles have checked her out let alone random strangers we pass by in our neighborhood. She sure as hell is one of the better looking moms in my group of relatives.
She lives with my dad, brother and I. She is 45 years old now, the story took place a year ago, when she was 44. With that being said, let’s get on with the story! Ever since my uncle (48 years old) got into a divorce with his wife, my family had gotten closer to him. His divorce happened around 4-5 years prior to this date. Since then we’ve gotten closer and closer to him. More then anyone else, it had become my mom. It got to the point where my mom would call him after work and he would do likewise. They were like best friends.
After a while, my father started to get annoyed. “Why do you need to talk to him all the time?” he asked on several occasions. “We’re like best friends” she would always reply. She continued to talk to him more and more as the years past, and even would sit with him as opposed to my father at family gatherings. I remember one time when we went on a family road trip with many of my relatives, my mom and uncle wondered off together at a winery we attended. One of the workers there offered my mom some wine, he was an older gentlemen. ”
What a beautiful wife you’ve got here” he said, looking towards my uncle. Instead of correcting him, my uncle replied, “Thank you, she is very beautiful” to which the winery worker replied, “Why don’t you buy some of this wine for her, maybe you’ll end up getting something back in return” adding a wink along with laugh afterwards.”Oh I hope so” My uncle said, before my mom hit him on his shoulder, laughing along with my uncle and the worker. My uncle ended up buying that wine. 90$ worth. That was the day I started to think “is their relationship more than just ‘best friends?’”
The day I confirmed that they had been doing more than just talking on the phone was a couple of days after my mom’s birthday in 2008. My uncle at this time was very close to us and visited my house very often. I had gotten used to the fact that he was just always at my house. He was here even days my dad had gone to work just spending time with my mom. 2 days after my mom’s birthday, my dad was at work while my mom was on vacation from work relaxing at home.
It was in the summer, so I was sleeping in as usual. It was about 10 o clock when I had the urgency to go to the bathroom. Once I had finished going to the washroom, I decided I would go downstairs and get a glass of water. Before I could, I saw something that stunned me. From where I was, I could see directly into the kitchen. There was my mom, sitting on the kitchen table kissing my uncle on the lips. He had his hands on her legs rubbing on them. I was nervous and didn’t want to interrupt so
I never did go downstairs. Instead, I watched. They were kissing each other for a long time. That’s all they did that day, or at least to my knowledge. I went back to sleep and when I awoke, my uncle had already left. As the year went on, I caught them kissing many more times on many more occasions. A couple of times at my house, every time I saw them, my dad wasn’t home. Next was at the beach, when my family along with a few others went. And finally was at my cousins birthday party.
They weren’t in the house, they were actually outside while everyone was partying in the basement. They were standing beside his car in the parking lot, kissing, and uncle even was touching her pussy area. It was a very bad look because my cousins and I were in his room upstairs, I looked outside the window and could see them. If any of my cousins looked, they would’ve noticed the embarrassing situation almost instantly. I however, made sure no one did as I distracted them with every possible thing I could.
Things go worse and they got more daring as the next year approached. They were horrible at being secretive as I knew what was going on the entire time. For the sake of of dad’s happiness, I never told him. I don’t know what possessed them to do this, but at my very own house, they decided they were going to do “it” and by that, I mean fuck each other. It was last summer, and like I said I was sleeping in.
Both my brother and father were at work. I awoke to strange noise, it was like a slapping sound in the distance. I got up and looked at the time, it was exactly 10:00. An hour after my dad usually went to work. Once I opened my door, the sound was much more clear and was coming from behind the closed master bedroom door. I went up to the door and put my ear against it. Accompanying the now louder “slaps” were slight “oh” moans. Later, the slaps stopped. I heard some movement which made me move back away from the door.
Then I heard some discussion. I couldn’t make out the words so I moved in closer once again. I was now hearing, what I believed to be the sound of my mom giving head. I could hear “mmmm” moans, like something was in her mouth. Then a slapping sound, not like the previous one, more like her slapping his dick against her mouth or face. He was letting out some soft moans at this time before I heard the “mmmm” moans once again.
After about 10 more minutes, they were whispering some stuff to each other. I couldn’t make out the words even though I was right against the door. Then there was silence. After 20 minutes of waiting around, listening to nothing, I heard snoring! “What the fuck” I remember thinking. Finally decided enough was enough and decided to slowly open the door. When I did, I peeked through and saw my mom, completely naked sleeping on the bed.
She had the sheets around her waist so I only saw her breasts. Behind her was my uncle, who also had no shirt embracing her waist era. They were both sleeping and it was quite evident they worked up a sweat. The room smelled like cum and was disgusting. I haven’t talked about it to anyone and this is the very first time I’m telling.

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Finding Relief For My Exibitionist Mom

My Mom Rasiya, 43 is a hardcore exhibitionist and a seasoned voyeur too. she loves to show off as possible as she can according to the occasion. And she is rejoiced where she can peep in and finger herself when I take bath or masturbate or watch a porn flick or so. ditching dad before seven years he is horny as hell too. Then she found me worth using for her pleasure.
She always wears low cut blouses and transparent sarees like chiffon, nylon etc…when she is back home she wore nighty show most of her 42 D boobs. most of her nighty are made out of worn out sarees and a few of them are bought from stores made of linen and thin cotton etc… so no need to tell how transparent those were.
One day after watching a porn flick I was shagging as usual in my bed. I noticed through the corner of my eyes that my door is opening very slightly and a pair of eyes are peeping in. since i was in no point of return, I proceeded further and jacked the final laps. And I shot. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I knew it was mom. Who else will it be where only I and my mom live. I had a few experience with her when I take bath and so, I have been made sure by this time that she is a voyeur.
She always bends more than necessary when serve me tea, or wake me up in the
morning. And always used to call me when she dresses after a bath for hooking up the bra etc. so I knew the fact that she enjoys to exhibit too. Anyway as an incest wannabe I was enjoying these too. We have a common bathroom and toilet. She always kept the door unbolted when she take a bath expecting my unknown entry. And comes out only clad in the bath towel which neither cover her boobs nor her thighs completely.
She always makes sure that I am around watching her. She jog on the treadmill everyday for an hour. So she got a perfect belly at this age which projected her naturally huge melons more one day I was lying on the couch in our living area. mom was about to take a bath. The bath room is inside the living area. She came crossed the couch I was lying. Wearing a bath robe which was loosely tied across the midriff, she enters the bath room.
Our bath room door has a defect. If you don’t shut it a little hard. it will go back open again. Mom did what I expected. she closed the door. And went to the shower area. the door started its way back. Very slowly it went open. Mom, “not knowing” about this untied the robe and hung it in the wall hook. Entered the shower. The door has a mirror on the outside. The position I lie is more than enough to have a clear view of inside.
She opened shower rub all over her body. Ran her hands under her boobs seductively. one hand went into the crotch and started rubbing there. She started finger herself pretending she didn’t know the door was open. I got a paining hard on under my boxer shorts (which I used to wear home). I am sure she can see me as well through the mirror on the corner of her quarterly opened eyes. I decided to give her a show too. I took my dick out through the fly hole of my boxer and started shagging.
After a few seconds I heard my mom started her moans loudly. suddenly Mom called my from inside Nasoo”(Nasu is my pet name Mom calls me). get me the towel Monoo, I forgot it. Oh shit, I was on the brim of shooting my wad. I somehow pushed in my dick and get to her room, grabbed the towel and came back, the door is still open somewhat halfway. I knocked the door.
Come in Money”(Come in son). I went in , only then, Mom took the robe from the hook in a way making sure I saw all her assets thoroughly. she held it across her chest. a half of the Jugs were covered and an end hem of the robe hung before her crotch. I handed her the towel. and she stared at the tent in front of my boxer. my still hard cock was attracting her eyes.
She told me ,”Monoo, if you want to pee , finish it and go. mom will wait.
I said
“No mom its okay. I will do later”.
She insisted . “no no resisting the urge to pee is harmful to your body come On”
I hesitantly went near the WC and pulled my still hard dick out. I heard a gasp
from her. Seeing my enormous dick. How a man can piss when his dick is raging hard? I couldn’t. then mom came near me holding the robe same like she held. she patted on my under belly and said,
“Why this is so stiff? that’s why you can’t pee. let mommy make it relaxed”.
Saying this she hold my dick and started rubbing it. a slow jack. I closed my eyes in ecstasy. my mom is wagging me. Wow… after a few moments I felt something strange hot moist thing encircling my dick.
I opened my eyes. holy shit! She mouthed the entire length of my cock. and started pumping with her mouth now there is no bath robe covering her boobs. Her jugs are jumping according to the blowing motion with one hand she is rubbing her clit. .
I moaned oh mom’, she groaned ‘ummm’. and she released the hand on the pussy and held my arm. and placed it on her boob. wow….. I need those milk tanks. I was on the heck of shooting my load. I said ‘mom .. I am coming’. She signaled me with her eyes and hand to come n her mouth. She started to suck violently.
1…2….3….4….5….. eeggraahhh!
I came loads and loads. She drunk without wasting a drop. she licked my dick clean and told me,
‘now try to pee.mom will take a shower’.
She went back to the shower and started to bath. nude! having me beside watching she started fingering herself. in the middle she stooped the shower and asked do you want to join mama in the shower?”.
I jumped in. and she held me tight. I squeezed her milk pots. and she placed her hands on my head and pushed down. I sensed her intention and went to her boobs sucked them vigorously. after some minutes she pushed me even further down. and placed my head on her pussy. I started licking her. she ground her puss on my face. after a few minutes she came in my mouth. we finished bath and went out nude. she held me close and led me to her room.
Reaching her bed she pushed me on the bed and sat before me and started sucking my dick again. after a few minutes my dick started again and got stiffened like an iron rod she left it and stood. placed her each legs each of my side lowered herself to my crotch and sat on my crotch. slowly she made my dick fully inside her. and started riding me. that was our first fuck.
From that day we are fucking every possible day like married couple. now it’s been four years we are having the sweet incest affair nowadays I feel my mom lacks something. she is not so hot in bed all the time even though we try everything to make variety in our fucks, I feel she is not 100% hot. so I decided to add something in our sex to spice up our lives. thus I decided to satisfy my mother’s exhibitionist thirst.
I started inviting my friends, colleagues and anyone whom I make an acquaintance, to my house. so that mom can have some exhibition fun. I inform mom prior to their visit and mom will dress in all her glory to have the fun. they will most probably return from my home having a great raging hard on and me and mom will have a great fuck at night. mom was so eager to have a visitor every day.
One day I invited my senior manager to my house and to my surprise and a little disappointment he came with his wife. She was in her mid thirties and a gorgeous women. I was afraid my mom will lose her confidence in front of her even though she is a lot ahead of this women according to me but to my amazement mom seemed to be more enthusiastic having a female company too.
That night she was dressed in a dark light grayish pink chiffon saree and a dark Brown ultra short sleeve blouse tailored in the same fabric having a very deep and wide neckline. she wore a dark Grey metallic color silk lacy bra inside and dark red panties. she wore no petticoat. instead she tied and safety pinned the saree into her gold ‘waist chain’ (the ornament Indian women wear around their hip it was so strong and thick crafted resembling a rope. so, it can easily hold any moderate weight. so there is no fear of break out of the ornament).
So… it was only thin chiffon of the saree and the silk bikini type panty she
wore..one can faintly see her beautiful legs through the saree. if she stand
against a light source anyone can clearly make out the silhouette of her legs. it was a sight ,I was already having a raging bull under my boxers. I wore blue worn out jeans and a jet black semi casual angular cut shirt. they came and me and mom welcomed them.
I noticed my manager’s eye popped up seeing my mom. his wife was also not different..she was also dressed sexily . she never reached anywhere near my mom. mom’s tits where like popping out of the blouse due to the ultra deep and wide cut of the neck. the blouse had only two clasps. so, you can imagine how deep was the neckline. one third of her areolas were visible out of the blouse. and she wore the saree very deep at waist.. at the point where her pubic hair line begin. and her naval was decorated with a glitter stick-on jeweler stud.
My manager’s name was Ramesh and his wife was Deepthi. Ramesh was a little disturbed to enjoy my mom’s beauty in his wife’s presence. we welcomed them to our living room. and they sat in the couch. mom served them drinks. she had made vodka martini. after a couple of drinks everybody was at ease a little bit when serving them the drinks mom was very carefully careless to let her pallu drop down to her left elbow. since she held the tray she had to wait until they pick up the drinks to straighten her pallu. it gave Ramesh enough time to have a clear view of my mom’s melons.
She stood straight and put her pallu back to the shoulder. but this time
she made it a single sheet instead of draping the fabric put altogether to the
shoulder. now it is only the thin transparent chiffon which is ‘hiding showing’ her bosoms. even Deepthi seemed to be aroused a little. Ramesh’s bulge was clear through his pants. after a few drinks mom asked me to show them our apartment.
While she take the dinner to the dining table. I led them to the rest of the area of our home. and when we came back dinner was ready on the table. while dinner, mom intentionally took the seat next to Ramesh and Deepthi was on the other side ours was a six chair round dining table mom took advantage of all opportunity to show her assets to Ramesh. when she walk to the kitchen she swayed her ass globes more than usual.
And when she served each dish to him her pallu dropped. after a couple of times she abandoned the attempt to put it back. so until the service was over her pallu remained on her left elbow. both Ramesh and Deepthi were staring right at the Jugs when the dinner was over we declined to our Guest room. Deepthi excused us for the toilet. Mom ordered me to show her the toilet. I escorted her to the toilet.
When she was in I came to the door and peeped mom and Ramesh. mom was showing Ramesh our photo albums sitting on the armrest of the couch. bent more than necessary, she made sure her melons brush his shoulders. her pallu was at the heck of the shoulder. even a normal blow of ones exhalation could make it fall down. mom leaned her left shoulder a little bit forward …ah..its gone. now she is only clad in the low-wide cut thin transparent blouse on the top. her lacy bra is clearly visible.
One third of her areolas are visible. Now Ramesh is brushing his cheek on her left boob without letting her think he is doing it deliberately. I could see her nipples were erect then. then I heard
Deepthi coming out of the toilet. mom also heard that. she stood from the armrest as if she was doing that naturally finishing the album. she put her pallu back through the edge of her shoulder and took the end of the pallu around her waist and draped it in the front still showing her ample bosom. This caused her saree knot move further down. it revealed the upper line of her closely trimmed pubic hair.

Deepthi came and sat on the opposite couch of which Ramesh sat. This gave mom an opportunity to sit near Ramesh. The air was of sensual arousal for all of us. We cracked jokes and mom laughed on each joke swaying and wriggling her all body. Sometimes in between she patted Ramesh thighs as if in the laughter and joy. Slowly she got closer to Ramesh.
Now her boobs are brushing his elbow when he moves his arms. after two three pats she rested her palm on Ramesh’s thighs. Very near to his crotch. Then Deepthi said some joke. it made us laugh again and this time my mom placed her palm right on his crotch. this made Ramesh twitched a little. Mom casually stroked there a few times and withdrew her palm it was 10:30 Pm. they stood up to go.
We insisted them to stay there since the next day is Saturday and thus holiday. but she was worried about the children back home. And they stood up to leave. Mom hugged Deepthi very tightly in the pretext of saying good bye. She crushed her jugs against Deepthi’s. Mom told Ramesh to send Deepthi sometime so she can have a chat with her and Deepthi can have a company also. Ramesh agreed and said good night and they both left. Ramesh was very reluctant to leave mom.
After closing the door on their back. mom literally jumped upon me. She was smooching very passionately. She undid her saree and blouse. Stood clad only in bra and panties. She knelt down and undid my jeans and pull my dick out and started sucking it vigorously. She sucked foe a few minutes and removed her panties and bent forward. Stood holding the armrests of the couch and she asked me”fuck me moan. Fuck mommy like a whore. I am so horny today.. ”
While fucking mom I asked mom do u want to fuck Ramesh?’ For this she giggled and said .. I want to fuck him while you fuck Deepthi”. wow… it made my cock jerk in pleasure and excitement how kinky she is.. And I came after a few minutes. We went to bedroom. Mom was only in her bra and I was nude. In bedroom. She removed her bra. Sucked me and made me stiff once again and rode me we collapsed and slept.
After a couple of weeks.. my manager Ramesh went to Singapore on a business trip for a couple of months. Deepthi was alone home so she used to drive in sometimes. She sent her children to her mother’s place since it was vacation. One day she dropped down to our place. that day I was on my annual leave me and mom were just back after a vacation trip to Goa. when she came it was 12:30 Pm. she was surprised to see me there. we had dinner.
And she went to take a nap to my room(now arranged as a guest room since now I am sleeping with mom).me and mom came to our room. mom was aroused by the presence of someone else. so she straight came to me and started sucking me. the door was open. our room was across the living area in line with the toilet. if Deepthi goes to toilet she needs to cross our door to reach the toilet.
Deepthi felt an urge to pee. she walked towards the toilet. she didn’t notice to our room when she entered toilet. but in return she heard mom’s deliberate moans. she looked in. she got stunned by the scene. mom was sucking my dick.
Deepthi’s eyes glued on my enormous dick. after a couple of minute mom stopped and positioned on me and sat on my pole. she started riding me. after a few slow strokes she was literally jumping up and down on my crotch. her huge tits were jumping along with her. she was groaning like a bitch in heat.
Oh baby..fuck mama.. oh like that..
Tear mamas pussy.. aahhhhh. fuck fuck…fuck…oh
Deepthi had read in the internet about incest and seen a few videos but she never seen it in reality. a mother is riding her son. it caused her pussy honey flood her crotch. she mesmerizingly lifted her gown and started fingering. we knew Deepthi was there and she was watching us. but we continued as if we didn’t see her.. after sometime.
Mom stood up from my crotch and laid side by side and lifted her left leg. I was behind her i need to enter her from behind. now both of us are facing the door. half of Deepthi’s face is visible on the edge of the door frame. mom kept her eyes closed. I was looking at moms boobs and mounding her from behind.
We fucked , fucked and fucked. the fact that someone is watching us excited both of us like hell. we started yelling.. “ohh . motherfucker…fuck your mother…fuck mommy..tear my cunt…
I also started talking like that.. I said..
“Yes bitch… you whore…I am fucking you.. your son is riding your pussy..I will tear you apart… do you love my cock? …tell me you slut…
“Yes you motherfucker..I love your cock…shove it deep…aaahhhh…mommy is going to come…. fuck me harder…don’t ….stop…aahhhh….zzzzzzzzz……..mommy is coming..
She wriggled..jerked and came in loads and loads. I too shot my load in her. After few seconds we looked at the door… she was not there… we were sure she was aroused and must be fingering inside the toilet. when mom went to the toilet and pushed the door, it was bolted from inside. mom winked at me. and kissed me..
Ohhhhh monooo, it was the nicest fuck I ever had…”we didn’t bother to dress up. we lay naked and slept.
In the evening we woke up and mom went to the kitchen . she made tea. and asked me to wake deepthi too. i went to her room. she was sleeping like a baby. I woke her by shaking her shoulders. she opened her eyes and looked at me as if in an amazement. I asked “what happened? why are you looking like this?” she didn’t know that we were performing for her.. so she shrugged her shoulder and said
“Nothing..I was just looking”.
“Okay, come out.. mom made tea..
We went out and sat together and sipped our tea. Deepthi was totally silent all the time. mom noticed and asked “why Deepthi .. why you are silent.. what happened? she sat closer to Deepthi and patted her back and asked
What happened Deepthi?are you alright?”
She said “I feel a mild pain on my chest”.
Mom suddenly placed her palm on her chest and rubbed the valley.”want to see a doctor o something? ” she asked. Deepthi said “no its okay, it feels good when you rub”.
Mom continued to rub. and she now started slowly cupping her boobs from beneath. Deepthi and mom were wearing night gowns. both are low cut and semi see through. mom wore nothing underneath since we were naked in the room and she just put the panties and night gown on.
Deepthi had a blood red bikini panty and same color laced bra. the night gown had a elastic seam under the bosoms. so it made the bosoms project forwards and made it clear. mom is now rubbing Deepthi’s nipple and Deepthi is leaned on mom with closed eyes. she is moaning in a very low voice.
Mom said “come on Deepthi you lay down sometimes. I will rub your chest. then you will be alright”. she winked at me and led Deepthi to the guest room. I sat there. after a few
minutes I started hearing loud moans. I went to the room and peeped in. Mom is
rubbing Deepthi’s pussy now. Deepthi is sucking mom’s boobs. “oh God ! my mom was a lesbian too”. Deepthi is topless and mom is nude.
Mom saw me and bid me to come in . I went in. I asked Deepthi, you sucked her dry or left something for me too”? hearing this Deepthi looked up and saw me. but she didn’t show any sign of shyness or hesitation. she smiled at me.
“You already finished this now nothing left in these”. she said laughingly.
I smiled back and sat between her thighs. and started licking her pussy. I positioned myself in a way Deepthi and mom can suck my dick if any of them wish to. I continued licking Deepthi’s cunt then I felt a mouth encircled my cock. I looked down to see Deepthi sucking my dick. mom was now sucking Deepthi’s boobs.this went on for a few minutes.
Deepthi now became wet all over down. I stood and withdrew my dick from her mouth. I asked mom with my eyes whether I can proceed or not. mom signaled me to go ahead. I inserted my rod into Deepthi’s pussy.
I started with slow strokes. after a few strokes I withdrew my dick and mom sucked it. then again I rammed her. this went on for a few minutes. then I stood upand mom made Deepthi standing in doggy style. i rammed her from behind. she was shouting all sort of things to me and mom. after a few minutes she came in floods.
And she requested me not to cum in her cunt. because she can be pregnant. so I asked her then what I do. she asked to fuck her ass. I licked her ass for which she shouted in pleasure. and after a few minutes I lubricated her ass with my saliva and entered her ass slowly. it was not so tight as I expected. I asked her the reason.
she told me her husband is an ardent ass lover. he always prefer ass than pussy. that’s why her pussy was thirsty for a longtime. I rammed her ass, in the meantime mom positioned her cunt on Deepthi’s mouth, Deepthi started lick her vigorously. I rubbed her clit and fucked her ass. in a few minutes I came in her ass. And she came with me too. Mom also came in Deepthi’s mouth. we all laid there for some time.
Then we sat there and talk. Deepthi told us the night after the party her hubby was so hot in bed. From that day he had a secret wish to fuck mom. mom told mom also want to fuck him and Deepthi can fuck me anytime. we can arrange a swap party when Ramesh comes back. we enjoyed all days when Ramesh was away. And after Ramesh came back. Deepthi told him she had sex with me and my mom. he laughed saying
You overtook me and the next night we arranged a swap party where we fucked both ladies. me and Ramesh fucked mom from pussy and ass at the same time as well as Deepthi. Now we all enjoys all possible opportunity. Ramesh and family is very close to us

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