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Guys this is the complete Story of komal sharma-


hi today am going to confess one truth of my life. i cant share it with anybody as if i say someone all will blame me only.
my name is komal sharma. i am basically from shimla. i have been married since last 3 yrs my age is 25 yrs. my husband is a
bank po is nainital bank. he is basically from up agra. we are staying in nainital since last 2 yrs. nainital is a hill
station like shimla. being from a hill area am redish white very fair and average hight 5'6''. i am getting complements for
my beauty where ever i go. some yrs back i was a not that slim but my sis in law( nanad) is a fitness freak and she took me
zym daily. as a result am just 48 kg and my waist is 26'' only but due to exersice all weight has gone to my boobs and bum.
and nw i am having a figure like 36''26''38'' .my nanad archana commets me that my picks looks heigher than averaste. i am
having a good sexual life with my hubby whenever he come home he will raise me in his arms as am very light and took me to
bed for a good lovemaking.archana is very naughty she always teases me bhabhi "how was your night and why your hills get more
hight when you come out of bedroom." i used to slap with with love. i used to wear salwar kameej and sari sometimes jeans
too. but now a days i ve left wearing jeans as whenever i wear jeans t shirt i have nothing to hide my cleavage and it seems
in full shape i get very valgur comments and guys look at them as they will **** me there only.four months ago one day my
husband vicky came and told me,"darling pantnagar wale verma ji ki beti ki shadi hai friday ko we have to go. din ki shadi
hai koi problm v nahi hai v will go in the mornig and come back in night" i told "ok but you have office at friday." he told"
ya but am taking leave for that day verma ji is our welwisher we have to go." On thirsday night i asked archana to come with
us but she was having practicals at college. i was confused what to wear for marriage. i asked archana" yar kya pahnu shadi
ke liye everyone will be there from vickys office so i must look good na." she replied" my sexy bhabi u r alreay good looking
but i think you must wear sari it will look good." but i have no new sari all of them i have wore at least once and we have
to go in the morning itself." i replied making a sorry face. she told" chh chh chh dont be sad dear bhabi i just bought one
sari for me last week for my college anual function so u can wear mine." "but how can i wear your sari aaah... i mean your
blouse and peticoat will not fit to me" i told looking at her 32'' breasts. she thought for a while and said" its just a
matter of one day what a big deal thosa sa tight hoga aur kaya but its a nice sari wait i will show you.'' she went to came
back with that sari i saw it and cried" tu pagal hai kya hw can i wear net sari am not a teenager like you isme to sab dikh
jayega."that sari was made of a silk net and cream color. "are whn you wear it wont look ugly ok just try it once." "i just
looked at sari and than blouse it was just back open blause having threads to open it from back." i had no options but to try
it i went to corner and opened my bloude and put my hands to new one but i could not tied it my self i told to archana to
tied it. she came to me ans pulled treads to tie it one my one but it was tight like hell i told her to give less pressure
but she told" me kya karu upke parwat a hi nahi rahe isme jo khati ho yahi lagta hai apke sarir me.''it took around 10 mints
just to wear blouse nw it was turn fr the petticoat. i repped one towel around my hips n removed my old one. archana gave me
new peticoat n told to wear it. whn i raised it on my bum i found it like i was wearing tight skirt. it was skined tight to
me. even if i did nt need to tie the nara coz it was fully fixed on my heavy bums. when i turned to archana she looked at my
body as she never seen before. "kya hua ese kya dekh rahi hai. havnt u seen me before'' i asked her. " bhabi jan you see
yourself in the mirror first. kash me ladka hoti to aj to....." she replied smilingly.so i went to mirror and my mouth open
like for wht i saw thre. here i was dressed like i was going to seduce people. my boobs came towards my neckbone n was at
least half exposed and blouse seemed to be blast even if i breath heavily. for more my peticoat was so tight on mybums and
thighs tht my shape was seen clearly. "do u want me to put wrong impression on all and what your bhaiya will think no decent
lady can wear it yar. i cant wear it na baba na." i told her straight." you are right its giving u look of a desparate lady
but you are forgetting you have to wear a sari on it. than your khajana will not be exposed so need not to worry. din din ki
to baat hai bhaiya bhi to sath ja rahe hai." she said to convice me. and gave me sari to try for it. i looked at her and than
i started to wear it. "she its not looking very nice now.'' she told with joy. i saw in the mirror i was showing full of my
figure and giving a slight view of my belly and boobs but it was not looking valgure."are you sure i must wear it." i asked
her." ab kya likh ke du apko wear it my sweet bhabhi kal to bijliyan girne wali hai sab ke dilo me." she replied with smile.i
was still confussed because i never dressed like this. but i made my mind finally.next morning we had to move to pantnagar in
our activa scooter. pantagar is just 60 km fr nainital so it takes only two hours to reach there." whre is my shirt yar. tum
pata nahi cheeje kaha rakhti ho ek bar me to milti hi nahi.'' shouted vicky like always. " its on the bed only look with your
eyes am getting ready too." i told him i was getting dressed with the help of archana."habhi you must apply waterproof make
up cos in marriage it vl be crowed n u vl sweat a lot better you use waterproof one" she advised me."meri shadi nahi ho rahi
nanad rani, fir we do as you wish" i told her giving a deep smile with dimples on my cheecks. "sadi nahi hai to kya pata
suhagrat arrr.... suhagdin ho jaye vaise bhi apko dekhke to koi v ...." she made a very sexy pose to tease me.'' lagta hai
teri shadi karwani padegi saitan jaldi kar am getting late." i told her so make fast.in 15 mints we were readt to go for
bye archana ghar ka dhyan rakhna and take i care your self" i told to her and we strated on the scooter. it was a very
pleasant morning and it was the month of augast so it was not that much cold so i didnt put on sweater. as we move towards
down to pantnagar i told my hubby" it a long time since i have gone to any marriage." " today we are going honey and she the
weather is so pleasant and what are u wearing nw mein tumne archana ke samne nahi bol paya aj to lagta hai tumne kayamat
dhane ki sochi hai lagta hai tumhare ye dono kabootar udd jayenge sambhal ke rakhna" my husband told in a naughty way." you
are very bad they are not kabootar ok and tumhare karan hi to itne bade hue hai hamesa khelte rahte ho becharo se" i said him
inocently" ohoo darling it me that press them so softly warna koi aur hota na to pata chalta"he told." koi aur kyo hota only
you i love you you made my life heaven" i told him softly."love you too darling but today am feeling to sleep with you( we
never use wrong words) you since i have seen you in this dress" he told romantically." tumhara mood to hamesa yahi karne ka
karta hai ab kya yaha road me hi start ho jaoge" i told him but i was feeling a little wet too due to the tight blose was
pressing my nipples and this kind of conversation.just than my hubby has to stop the scooter one group of dog came in fornt
of us. it was the hilly forest roads were zigzag and slopy. and it was through the forest you might have seen it roads in
hill stations. when i saw the dogs i ashamed as they were trying to catch a bitch and she was running. "dogs are so lucky
whenever they see a sexy bitch they can enjoy it kash insano me v esha hota" he told taking a long breath." AMEEN.... " i
told loudly as i was praying god to make his wish fullfill. then we both started to laugh. and he started the scooter. "
today thre is very less vehcles are on the road honey'' i asked him." its the byepass road for pantnagar honey very less
vehcle come to this side so we can reach early to marriage na" he replied. i could see beautiful scenes of hill and rivers
down it was very romantic.at 10 am we reached to pantnagar and my hubby introduced me his frnds and relatives there. but i
felt uncomfortable over thre as most of male thre was looking at me as i was a dish to eat. and whereever we go they keep on
looking at my breast and tell something in ears of the person standing aside." hi vikhash how are you bhai tum to id ka chad
ho gaye kv hame we darsan de diya karo" i saw in the direction frm whre the sound came and saw a person in the age of 50 all
hear white and well built." hi sharma uncle am fine actually i was busy in my work sorry let me introduce with my wife komal"
my hubby told him with a great respect." namste uncle hw r u'' i just went near him to touch his feet but as soon as i bent
he catch my shoulders and raised me his grip my very tight and he looked at my eyes i found lust in his eyes and started to
look down." are beti tumhare jagah pairo me nahi hai. vickas you have got a very beautiful wife. come just have some food
bhai verma ji to kam me busy hai ladki ki shadi jo hai tum dono ka kyal to rakhuga" he told this with a deep smile and looked
at my breast with the corner of his eyes. i was speachless as my hubby was repecting him so much how could i say anything
with any proof so didnt sad anything to vicky. sharmaji took us to the hall where most of the guest was sitting and most of
the men. then one lady came to me and my hubby introduce me with her" komal she is aunty mrs sharma".i said namste to her and
touched her feet she was looking young as compared to sharma uncle she was her second wife i came to knw later." come with me
komal all ladies are in the pandal we will sit there" she told me lightly. vicky noded his head. i followed her and she took
me to pandal where all woman were sitting. i just started talking to some of them. " to komal kaisa lagata hai yaha man lagta
hai na av tak koi mehaman nahi aya kya bat" mrs sharma asked me." av intni jaldi nahi av to bahut time hai" i told her." tav
to itna sexy figure maintain kiya hua hai itna asan thode hi na hai shadi ke bad" lady next to her commented." achcha hua
hamare jaise marad nahi hai jo ki ek mahine me hi sara figure bigad dete hai daba daba ke latka dete hai" mrs sharma
indicated her bulky but loose tits..i blushed i just met with these ladies and they started conversation like this. but i
thought about sharma uncle just then. he caught my shoulder so tightly he was realy very rought person."bechari ko kyo tang
kar rahi ho chalo kuch kam nahi hai kya jara wo kamre me jake dekho ki sab kuch thik se saja hua hai na'' it was a sound of
very decent lady she was mrs verma who was the mother of the bride.'' come with me komal we will check first floor room" told
mrs sharma and i followed her. we just went to first floor just then mrs verma called again" vimlaaaaaaa. .. niche aoo wo
almira ki key kaha rakhi hai i cant find it''."komal these are the rooms you please check it if everything is ok. i am just
coming" she told me i came to know vimla was her name only i told ok aunty andi went to fisrt room and opened the room it was
finely arrenged.then i went to next room it was fine too. but third room was not arrenged bedsheet was not spead on the bed
so i just started to spred it.tav mujhe kuch logo ke bat karne ki awaj sunayi di." yar aj to sala man hi beiman ho gaya hai
sala apni to kismat hi footi hai esi bhais jaisi biwi mili hai ki maja hi nahi ata'' i just peeped from the window to the
next room and foun three males standing there."haan yar life need change itna time ho gaya koi nahi cheej nahi chakhi jab
m.l.a tha tab to roj nahi murjiya hath lagti thi par ab to roj bas..." told the next person i could not see them but i
recognised this sound he was sharma uncle only." yar you know i raped a lot of ladies when i was in police sala kahi bhi jao
aur jhootha case me fasa ke maje looto par isi chakkar me suspend ho gaya ab to retirement bhi najdeek hai par pyass to
bujhti hi nahi" told the third person.i was still and feeling very strange how such persons having good reputation talking
such a way and rape my god i could not belive. then i got the shock of the day as i heared thier conversation ahead." yar us
pari ko dekha cream color ki sari me lagata hai sali ki choochi blouse fadne ko taiyar hai" told the second person i was very
angry on such a valgure comments.'' sali ka pati lagta hai jor se maslta nahi se jor se agar mere pas a jaye to do hafto me
hi latka do daba daba ke. pur sali ki kamar dekhi hai itni patli ki lagta hai khati hi nahi ek jor ka jhata laga to toot
jayegi ha ha ha.." it was the voice of sharma uncle all started to laugh on his joke." aur sari to esi pahni hai ki lagta hai
yaha aj sabko dene ayi hai man to kar raha tha ki chaku leke blouse ke strap kat du piche se aur.....ummmm" third person
said.i ran to the ground floor as i could not listen more valgure talk about me. i thought to tell everything to vicky as
soon as i came down mrs sharma met me." good komal badi jaldi check kar liya hum tumhe hi yad kar rahe the'' she told."and
you hasband is missing me too" i thought angryly."whre is vicky aunty" i asked her'' are he was here only" she told. suddenly
someone shouted"barat aaaa gayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iii...... ".Everyone rushed through the main gate made of banana leaves and
wood. Even I went towards the gate then everyone was shouting .. I saw some beautiful girls standing at the gate taking a pot
on their head for the welcome of baraat. They was just standing at the gate and it was the custom that the baraat had to give
them some money as gift and put it on their pot then only they would allow them to come inside. From there the view of barat
was not clear I saw a lot of woman on the roof so I went towards the stairs to go there. As soon as i reached at the stairs I
saw three man coming down from first floor. He was Sharma uncle with to of his friends I just realize that they were the
three men talking about me so dirtly." are bahu upar kaha ja rahi ho barat has come chalo batat dekhna" Sharma uncle told me
looking at my face with his lust full eyes." actually mmm.. wo.. me upar se dekh lungi aunty is there only na" I relied him I
knew what he was thinking about me bastard old man trying to be so nice in front of me."areee vikhas is on there only you can
be with him he was searching for you" he replied." ohh then we can go there only" I told happily as I thought it is better to
be with my hubby only everyone was looking like a hunter there and started to move back to the gate with them." are komal
beti mene tumhe apne dosto se to milwaya hi nahi, he is mr bheem singh he is a inspector in uttrachal police now a days he is
off duty" he indicate towards the man who was looking like a giant black in color and to tall that I had to raise my neck
fully to say him namste but I knew he was the same man who had rape so many woman bloody hell."and he is mr sachdev Prasad he
is a criminal lawyer now a days he is very respected person in locality" uncle told indicating the next cheap fellow. I told
him namste with a fake smile and I found his green eyes piercing my blouse. He was very fat person must be 90 kg at least and
he too dam black in color just like their heart." namste beta jeeti raho" he told me and touched my chicks with his big palm
like I was a child. I was very angry but could not do anything as he was showing like he had done it with affection but I
knew what they thought about me. Whatever it was the matter of few hours then I will be back to nainital. But I was feeling
very tight in this blouse and petticoat now. But I didn’t had a choice.Then we started to move towards the gate I was walking
ahead of them and I was sure they were looking at my tight and vast ass."whre is Vicky uncle I cant see him here I told him
looking back to him" I saw I was just between a crowed as gate was packed with people and behind me uncle and his friend was

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And behind them lot of people came to see the groom party I realized they had spoken lie to me I was in deep trouble now.
Because I could go back and I have to be infront of these three hungry old men."are av to yahi tha pata nahi kaha chala gaya.
Are shayad yahi kahi ho ab itni bheed me to pata chalega nahi na, kuch der me jab barat andar a jayegi to mil jayegi av yahi
se dekh lo" he told me smilingly.Anyhow I didn’t had any option but to stand there I started to look at the gate where four
beautiful and unmarried grils was standing with pot on there head. Its was a great noise of band and people.then I saw that
some young boys was standing behind the girls and pushing them whenever they were getting the oportunity I felt all men are
dogs whenever they get a chance they will try to do something. Just then I got a jerk from behind and I fell on the guy
infront of me my pointing boobs just touched on his back he looked back at me and smile very shamelessly.I told him sorry and
looked back it was sharma uncle."sorry beta wo log pichche se dhakka de rahe hai isliye tumhe dhakka lag gaya" he told me
with very inocent face I thought he may be right as people was pushing each other.Then I realise something is touching on my
waist I thought I is the hand of sharma uncle. And started to looked ahead now those girls were in strenge condition baraties
was pushing them in and telling to take 500 rps but they were asking for 1500 rs." bina liye mat ghusne dena" told a gay frm
the back of the girl all strated laughing on his dual meaning word."are av itne hi lelo bad me pure de denge" told the people
from barat. Even I smile a little and looked down so that noone could she me laughing. Then I saw some one was passing a
bucket of flowers to throw them on baraties when it came to uncle he raised his both hands but to my surprise I could still
feel his hand on my waist how it is possible and when it came to my mind my heartbeat raised to danger level as it was the
same thing used for lovemaking mean peni.. shit. So disgusting I thought I just wanted to move further but I could not. I
realized his organ was very hard and I felt like it wana make a hole on my waist thanks god he was too tall else his hathiyar
would have been at the center of my bum. But still I was feeling very strange. My hubby used to hold be from behind but his
tool was not this much hard that of uncle.I felt a little wetness down It was very strange for me to getting wet in such a
strange situation. Still I was thinking about my husband and though this harassment will be over in some minutes. Then I saw
some near to prasad uncle was calling to sharma uncle Just went to that person and I took a breath of relief god you saved
me.When sharma uncle went to that guy prasad uncle came behind me. I was looking on the gate as things were going very funny
there. Those girls was in a bad condition as they had to hold the pot with both hands and boys were free to touch anywhere
they want but grils was enjoying it as they were smiling."ouch…" I cried at I I was pushed by prasad uncle."sorry komal" he
told holding my shoulder.Wht the hell now it was more bad condition for me as prasad uncle was of my height only and his tool
was poking just at the center of my round and tight ass. He was tight like sharma ji too. I was breathless and very ashamed.
Prasad uncle I must say him bastard was just trying to feel full of my ass with his big tool.I was feeling very uneasy and I
was feeling very uncomfortable over there how can a decent lady could tolerate this kind of behavior I will tell everything
to my husband I told to myself. "singh sahab dekhiye aj kal ke bache kitne saitan hai bechari lakiyon ko kitna tang kar rahe
hein" prasad uncle told to bheem singh uncle." are bhai ye to umar hi hoti hai ab abhi majak nahi karenge to kab karenge"
singh uncle replied."aree majak to thik hai par dekhiye to wo ladke un ladkiyo ko kaisi jagah touch kar rahe hein" told
prasad uncle showing anger like he was the saint, bastard.."are wo to galti se hath chala ja raha hoga kyo komal beti me sahi
kah raha hun na" asked Singh uncle."wo mmm… mee… I don’t know arr.." I didn’t know what to reply I was very shy now how could
I comment such a issue before elder person like them."kyo agar tum un ladkiyo ki jagah tum hoti to kya tumhe bura nahi lagta
tum hi batao" asked prasad uncle to me I was now becoming the judge of the debate between the two but I didn’t know how to
avoid it I never been in such a situation."wo I think galti se ho ja raha hoga" I replied very fast to end this conversation
which was giving me a shivering."are jara dekho to sahi ek bar kya ye bhi galti se ho raha hai" he indicated me towards one
girl among them. I was shocked very badly to what I saw oh my god… what a shame on their part one boy had inserted his palm
inside that gril sari from back. And that girl was not saying anything. I didn’t replied anything and started to look down
with shame now I could feel a rod on my hips trying to tear my sari and getting in I was more wet now I was very angry on
myself too. Why I was feeling wet even when my hubby was not there i was feeling same as when I has drink wine vicky forced
me to drink it. They were very clever they included me to in such a conversation and I didn’t know how to escape from
there."tum hi batao koamal beta us bechari ladki ko kaisa lag raha hoga she must be feeling very bad na " Prasad uncle again
asked me."jee….. lag raha hoga" I told lookin down only."are kya bura lag raha hoga yar agar bura lagta to to wo use dat
sakti hai na wo to kuch kah nahi rahi iska matlab wo log majak kar rahe hai, hai na komal me thik kah raha hun na" singh
uncle asked me looking at my breast he was very tall and he must be getting deep view of my breast which was only half
covered by that short blouse."shayad majak hi kar rahe honge me kya kahu …." I told in very slow voice I wanted to end this
topic as soon as possible. But very soon I realized what a great mistake I had done. Because I felt palm of Prasad uncle on
my hips I wanted to oppose but he told me " oh to sab majak hai chalo komal kah rahi hai to majak hi hoga and started to move
his hand on my tight ass. I couldn’t say anything as only I told what was going ahead was just majak and now he was doing
that majak with me. I felt a wave of excitement on my body. I was very scared and exited at the same time first time in my
life I felt like this.. But just then as god listen my prayer groom side gave 1000 rs to girls and started to enter the gate
and people started to go back to the marriage hall.I could see frustration on the faces of all three old fellows. I was
thinking what a joke my hubby respects them so much and they are such animal bloody dogs.When I came to the hall I saw my
hubby standing at corner with some friends went to him and said "kaha the av tak I was searching for you so long""are I was
here only and you forgot me you went with aunty and having fun with ladies" he told smilingly. Who was enjoying with whom I
thought in mind and felt very bad."excuse me" I told to his friends and took him away to tell about Sharma uncle and
company."haan bolo kya bat hai tell me" he asked me." wo… woo.. hum ghar kab jayenge am not feeling good here" I told him as
I was not able to tell what they did." are av to aye hai yar there are so many old friends here am meeting them after a long
time" you meet ladies we don’t meet them everyday. I was not able to say him the reason." are tum dono ye kone me kya bat kar
rahe to vikash aj to komal ko hamare sath chhod do" mrs Sharma told in a loud voice." ok aunty coming" I told her I thought I
don’t have a better option than being with aunty."aur haan aj tumhe yahi rukhna hai itne dino ke bad aye ho koi bahana nahi
chalega" she told in a commanding voice to Vicky."par wo aunty I have my office tomorrow na we have to go" he told very
politely."sare bank 10 am se pahle nahi khule do ghante ka to rasta hai subah chaloge to bhi pahuch jaoge" she gave a solid
argument and my hubby looked at me and I know it mean we had to say there for night. My sixth sense was telling me something
is going to be wrong today orrrrrrr tonight."are sari auraten waha mahila sangeet me hein aur tum yaha khadi ho chalo mere
sath" she told me. I followed her to a separate hall in which so many women were sitting and some ladies were dancing. I used
to participate in dance program in my college so I love dancing. i sat with aunty and started to clap on the dance of ladies
dancing in the center of the room. One girl was dancing on the song nimora nimora of ashvraya in hum dil de… movie she was
dancing well. Now I became normal and started to enjoy the marriage." wo ladki kitna achha dance kar rahi hai na wo hamari
colony me sabse achha dance karti hai" aunty told me."haan dance to achha kar rahi har expression achche nahi hai" I told
with anger feeling some how jealous. " areee haan mene suna hai tum bhi bahut achcha dance karti ho chalo aj tumhara hi dance
dekhte hai" she told me with smile."no no I wont dance mujhe bahut time ho gaya hai" I told her actually I wanted to dance
too but the my dress was too tight and revealing that it would look very vulgar." ab koi bahana nahi chalega, aree suno aj
komal yaha pahli bar ayi hai ye bahut achcha dance karti hai, ab ye dance karegi" she shouted and told to everyone all
started to look at me." wo meeein.. no noo wo mee… nahi nahi…" I told in very slow voice.But know was listening me two ladies
came to me and catch my both hands and took me to center I had no option left even I wanted to dance. I looked around all
women and girls were there there was some boys to who was proving snacks tea and all but no mature man was there. I thought
all are women so I decided to dance. One girl went to music system and played the same song nimora nimora.I took the pallu of
my sari and inserted it into the waist line of my sari below my naval. Because I could not dance while pallu flying in air.
But now my whole figure was looking like a bottle as whole sari was rapped around my toned and maintained body.But I was more
cautious about my dance now because I was going to dance after a long time. As the song started I started to move my hips
fore thumka and my ass was now moving in a rhythm. In the song in most of the step I had to jump and whenever I jumped my
breast was coming toward my neck and every one could see nearly half of my nude boobs but all were women so who cares. I
dance with full effort and expression. When the song ended everyone was clapping and hooting. I was sweating like hell and my
sari and blouse was wet. As it was a net sari with cream color to it was looking like my skin. i wanted to sit down there
but." once more once more" everyone shouted.I was very happy that everyone liked my dance." iske to hema ki bhi ****ti kar
di" one lady told."aree hema bhi to acha dance karti hai yar both are good dancer" another lady said." is bar hema aur komal
ek sath dance karengi dekhte hai kaun acha dance karta hai" aunty told and it was going to be a unsaid competition now. "
haan haan kyo nahi me to bhabhi ke sath dance karungi" hema told very confidently." we will dance on the song dola re dola re
from movie devdas" she told me.I knew she must have dance in this song so many times that why she wanted to dance in this
song but I said ok.We both came into center and just then all shouted in a voice " light chali gayieeeeeeee…."Fan and music
system stoped and now I was feeling very hot and sweating more and more now even hema was sweating I looked at her she was a
beautiful girl. Her face was just like preity zinta. She was a little shorter then me very fair and well developed figure.
She was wearing green shalwar kameej with tight chudidar paijama. She was wearing a deep neck kameej. As she was going to
dance she tied her chunni on her waist so one deep line of between two tight balls was clearly visible I thought its good
that males were not there. I was just thinking. " aree kisi ko bula sab jagah to light a rahi hai sirf yaha ki kaise chali
gayi" one lady told to another."areee kalu ko bulao use ata hai ye electricity ka kam" anther lady told to one girl.And very
soon one boy in his teenage came in the room he was very dark and muscular and short heighted. And one more man came in the
room following him he was looking at his late thirties and very slim and very fair. I was feeling very same standing in such
a condition. As soon as they came in the room they started to at us with a hungry eyes. "lagta hai andar se tar hil gaya hai
check karne dijiye" the boy said. They was talking to each other and trying to open switch board but their eyes was fixed on
our wet bodies.I was feeling very shy and looked at hema to my surprise she was laughing looking at that boy when she saw me
she just started to look down as she was caught. " shirf ek phase hi gaya hai hum ek kam karte hai ye music box ka connection
bahar ke swich board se kar dete hai" told the fair man and took the plug of the music system and in a minute the music
system was ready to play a song but what about the fan." aree tum dance karte raho thodi der me thik ho jayegi light chalo
song on karo chalo chalo" told Sharma aunty." huooooeeeoooo" all started hooting. I was feeling very shy dancing in front of
two males and in such a tight and transparent dress and for worse wet with sweat. I was just thinking the song started. Hema
started dancing and I was looking at her she was making very nice pose and gestures both man and boy were looking at us they
forgot for what they had been called. Now it was my turn of dancing as soon as I started to dancing I started to sweat more
heavily as now even fan was not their. I was dancing on the steps of madhuri and hema on ash. I was not able to concentrate
on my steps as I was not feeling comfortable. It was hema s turn again. Her hips was moving in very rhythmic motion. And
whenever she jumped her solid boobs were trying to peep out fully from her kurta but I was surprise to see she was not
feeling shy dancing without a duptta in front of two males. Then I heard some woman to say" heam is such a good dancer look
at the steps and expression she is very talented poor komal she is now married how can she compete with a young girl" I was
on fire hearing such words what she mean am old now. I was a better dancer I was dancing even wearing such a tight sari and
petticoat. I will show what is komal I just made my mind now I was ready for the competition. Then I saw a handy cam at the
hand of Sharma aunty she was shooting everyone in the hall I just ignored it. Then I started to wait for my turn and it came
in some second only I started to dance in full masti and forgot about what am wearing and how I was looking I moved my body
like anything and all curves my body was showing their full shape to everyone. Even hema was surprise looking at me. Now in
song both of us have to dance together and I danced really well. I looked at hema she was tired and her bra was clearly
visible and I could see she was wearing a red color bra. When the song ended all were shouting and whistling." komal komal"
all were shouting to greet me. I was very happy." ap bahut achcha nachti hi mujhe bhi sikhiye na apne shikha hai kya kahi"
hema asked me." haan me pahle sikhti thi you dance very well work hard you will become very good dancer" I was telling with
pride I could see sign of jealousy on her face poor girl lost to a married woman." ye lo light bhi a gayi" told one lady."
all ladies please attention come for lunch" it was a announcement from reception hall all started to exit for lunch. I looked
at hema again she was sad but she was still looking to that black boy kalu. I was suspicious about her now she must be having
a affair with that boy. But such a beautiful girl and such a ugly boy not possible I thought in my mind. I just started
toward the dining hall then I saw my hubby with one baby in his lap I was surprise to see he was looking so cute holding a
baby. vikas will be very good father am very lucky to get a hubby like him I thought in my mind." helllooooo mr kiska bachcha
utha rakha hai itna shauk hai to why don’t you get one your own" I told in his ears." wo bhi ho jayega I need you full
support he told me" and we both started to laugh." you go and have lunch with aunty am coming returning this baby to his
mother" he told me. I went towards the dining hall I saw most of the people had gone to dining hall, then I saw kalu going
upstairs he was going looking here and there I feel very strange and I hide myself behind pillar when he went I thought to
follow him.. No no what I have to do why should I follow him. But I am woman too once I get curiosity am unable to stop
myself I wanted to see whether he went first floor to meet hema or it was just coincident. I started to walk towards stairs
with very light steps. I went on first floor but I was not able to find kalu. Just then I heard sound of feet, someone was
coming up I hide myself behind the big cupboard and I was socked to see it was hema my idea was right she is having an affair
with kalu. She went towards the second floor where only old furniture and waste items were thrown. Know one could see at once
who was there as there were very big cupboard and bed and all articles were spread there. They are very clever I though
myself. I wanted to go back now as it was confirm that they were having affair. Then I though what are they doing there they
could talk in first floor too I went towards the second floor.I was not able to see anyone all I could see was wooden
articles only then I heard a sound from far corner I was feeling very adventurous I just set down and started to move towards
the corner that they could not see me. I was now just behind the cupboard from where sound was coming. Now I could hear the
voices clearly."ouuieee maaaaaaa dheere daba na nichod dega kaya aram se karo" hema was telling in very low voice." are
janeman puch…kab se inhe hila hila ke nach rahi thi niche. Aur mere hatho me khujli ho rahi thi inhe dabane ko" kalu said in
very vulgar style I could hear sound of kisses." ab me kya karu to nachne me hilte hai to komal bhabhi ke bhi to hil rahe
the" she told as she was giving an excuse." haan wo khadi chuchiyo or moti si tight gaand wali Sali khud ko madhuri hi samajh
rahi thi Sali ekdum chikni hai" he told with anger." to ja na uske pas mujhe kyo bulaya hai" hema replied with anger. I was
feeling very strange a boy in his teenage speaking such a dirty words for me in front of his girlfriend." are meri jaan tu
kyo bura man rahe hai aj to dede na kab se tadpa rahi hai" kalu told her. I was breathless I could understand what he wanted
from her.

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Now I was feeling a itching between my thighs I knew whatever was happening was not good but I was getting some excitement
from it. "pagal hai kya me nahi karungi wo sab upar upar se jo karna hai kar le bahut dard hota hai suman bata rahi thi uski
suhagrat me uski jaan nikal gayi thi na baba na me ni karungi" hema told with fear."aur suman ne ye nahi bataya ki uske bad
kitna maja ata hai wo mari to nahi na" he tried to convince her."uske bad wo bol rahi thi bahut maja aya lekin ….wo… kahi
jayada dard hua too…., tu anguli dalne ki kosis karta hai to itna dard hota hai ye danda jayega to kya hoga aur isse figure
bhi kharab ho jata hai’ she argued."are ek bar thoda sa dard hoga jitna injection lene me hota hai... aur figure kaise kharab
ho jayega wo teri komal bhabhi ka figure dekha hai kya mast hai uski to shadi ho gayi hai pata ni kitni bar aur kis kis ka
lund liya hoga. He told her.Kis kiss ka lund how disgusting he was blaming on my character. But I was just listening like I
was just hearing the movie. Now I wanted to see the scene too so I decided to go to the adjacent cupboard to watch them I
went from behind and hide myself with curtain hanging there now I just tried to look through it.My god what a sexy scene was
there. Kalu was pressing hema’s boobs and her kurta was hanging on the chair she was in bra and that was on her arms. Her
pajama was on her thighs as it was untied. I could she her very fair thighs. And then I saw the most special thing of my life
when my eyes went between the legs of kalu my god one big snack was moving up and down. Can a penis be so long and thick??? I
was hypnotized looking at it. The tip of his penis was so black but it was shining like a black iron ball. It was having all
veins and it was really very thick. Can a girl bear it I thought in mind. I was feeling my nipple erect and my blouse could
burst any moment now.I was in a mess now I was having two thoughts in mind my one to away from there and second to see what
was going to happen there. My blood was striking to my mind and I was sweating a lot. "ab kya soch rahi hai aj maje le le na
maja a jayega" kalu tried to convince again."dekh tu jor se mat karna warna me kv tujhse bat nahi karungi bas thoda sa dalna"
hema told breathing heavily. I thought in mind what the hell is this girl is mad, how can she permit such a ugly guy to enjoy
her and how she will tolerate it. "tu chinta mat kar meri jaan ghabrati kyo hai me apne lund ko chikna karke dalunga to jhat
se chala jayega andar samjhi, aur fir tu khud hi mere pas ayegi" kalu told confidently."yaha tel hai kya jo chikna karke
dalega kuch v to nahi hai aur tera kela bahut bada hai" hema told holding his penis." are mera to bahut chhota hai sabka isse
bada hota hai, tu chinta mat kar me thook laga ke dalunga" kalu replied and pressed her boobs tightly.Bloody liar was telling
he has a small penis even such a young age he was having bigger than my hubby poor hema. but I was very wet now I wanted to
go to my hubby and tell him to give me his manhood up to I ask for water. But I had to wait because we had to stay there
tonight and it was not possible for me to sleep with my hubby. And the scene there was becoming more and more sexy. Kalu took
hema to the sofa and told her to lay there and he was rubbing his black penis i just wanted to touch it once but then I
scolded myself I was a married woman I must not think such dirty thing.But my one hand was now pressing my left boob as I was
not able to control myself. Now kalu spited on her palm and applied it on his black shaft. Now it was shining like a iron
road very strong and straight, hema was pressing her boobs and looking at his dick continuously. Even I was looking at
kalu.Then kalu bend forward and kissed on the lips of hema. He started to suck her tongue and hema was now just in heaven.
But kalu was very clever he just placed his tool on the mouth of wet and fresh vagina of hema. Any moment he could give a
jerk to break the membrane of her virginity. Now I was looking then without even closing my eyes for a moment. And then one
tone started to break the silence ting tini ting tin tinni tin it was the airtel tone and set it for incoming call I took two
second to realize I was getting call on my cell and both hema and kalu jumped on their feet knowing there was someone else
too in the hall. I was very confused what too do I just took my cell out of my purse and rejected the call even I didn’t see
who called me. And just got up and tried to make myself comfortable as I was just coming in the hall. Hema was now teeing the
knot of his salwar and kalu just wore his pant. When both of them put on their clothes I came out of cupboard and tell her
trying to make me comfortable" kya kar rahe ho tum log sab niche intzar kar rahe hai…" I could say this much only but still
my voice was trembling."pls bhabhi don’t say to anyone mein badnam ho jaungi" hema started weeping very badly. I was thinking
what to do now I was in a very dramatic condition I just wanted to say I haven’t seen anything but now she herself admitted
what was going on there."wo…. Wo… bhabhi hum bus jara sa sorry dekhiye log mujhe job se bhi nikal denge" kalu told making a
very sorry face the same bastard was saying me sorry who was calling me chikani cheej and all slang. But I saw the condition
of hema she was really innocent girl this son of a bictch kalu only tell her to do it she was still a virgin. "don’t u have
your own mind how can u do such disgusting thing agar what your parents will think when they came to know what you are doing"
I got courage looking them scared of me. Then I got the call again I received it it was my hubby he was asking where I am I
told him I was in the bathroom and coming In five minutes."bhabhi hum bahak gaye the ap bhi to hamari umar se ghujri hai apko
to pata hi hoga ki man kav kav kitana beiman ho jata hai" kalu told looking at the floor he was really a bold guy how easily
he was giving an excuse for his deeds."so what you must control your emotions and you poor girl hema don’t u get a better guy
them him look at you and him you both look like black and white picture. How did you come in contact of such guy?" I scolded
hema. But on my words kalu looked at me with very angry look I came to know I must not say any comment on the look of any
person but bullet was now out of barrel. "Ok whatever don’t worry I wont say anything to anyone but don’t repeat it again ok"
I told to finish the conversation."okkkkkkkkkkkk" both of them told together. I just turned to go to dining hall and meet my
hubby as he was waiting for me."ek minute bhabhi ek bat puchhni thi" kalu said."ab kya puchana hai jaldi pucho" I told in not
interested tone."hame ye sab kyo nahi karna chahiye ise karne se kya nuksan ho jayega duniya me har koi to karta hai na" kalu
told very easily and I was shocked hearing such a question. "What you mean everyone should do this before marriage If hema
got pregnant then and who will marry her." I told angrily."me hema ko pyar karta hun to shadi bhi karunga na. aur rahi bat
pregnant hone ki to hum condom use kar lenge." Kalu gave a strong reply of my question and was looking at me now hema was
speechless and looking down.."Are you a fool or what you don’t understand she in not matured enough and you can do it after
marriage also. She is not ready of all these things now she can have some problem." I told him to prove myself right."aree
bhabhi wo ab 22 saal ki ho gayi hai apki age kya thi jab apki shadi hui thi" he asked me."I was 22 yrs old that time" I
replied."iska matlab ki hema ab shadi ke liye aur wo sab karne ke liye taiyar ho gayi hai he na bhabhi…" he told me
smilingly. "are nahi its not like that she cant do that for me its was different" I told getting angry."kya different bhabhi
jab ap 22 me kar sakti ho to hema kyo nahi… kyo hema" he looked at hema and she nodded her head. I lost my control."aree you
have so big that she cant……mmmm I don’t mean arr…. I have to go.." as soon I replied I came to know what I had said to him
that mean I had seen her penis and even I told indirectly that his tool is bigger than my hubby. I blushed at started to look
down It gave encouragement to kalu and he started his question one by one"to kya ap hame chhup chhup ke dekh rahi thi?""apke
pati ka mere jitna bada nahi hai kya?"I turned around and ran towards the stairs and didn’t gave any answer to him. They came
following me and we all came to the dining hall where everyone was having their lunch I found Vicky he saw me and came to
me."kaha ho yar I was calling you for long time kah rahi thi ki am coming in five minutes and took this much time. So you are
enjoying the marriage.Bhai mujhe bhookh lag rahi thi mene to khana kha liya now you have your lunch too" he told me and we
went to the counter. There was local persons who were serving the food to all. I took one plate and we both Vicky and me came
to counter just then someone called Vicky I saw him he was Sharma uncle he gave me one hungry look that only I could
understand."ok komal you have it me Sharma uncle se mil ke ata hun" Vicky told me and went to him.I went to take food and
started with first counter itself. I took whatever I wanted to have and then I saw kalu on one counter he was serving
dal.When I reached at his counter he asked me " bhabhi dal( insert) du kya"I knew he was saying dual meaning word but I said
him "haan doo""kitna dalu itne se kam chal jayega na jab aur man ho aur a jana fir aur dal dunga" he was really a bastard."I
said him ok to finish this conversation and sit on one chair to start eating.I just had one piece and my mouth was burning it
was full of chilly.I never liked chilly and I put the plate there only I ran for the water but I saw water cooler was very
far and I didn’t had the glass too. I ran to the counter and saw the person who came to rectify power supply with kalu when I
was dancing I just indicated him that I needed water he came to know the situation.

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Just then to my surprise mr bheem singh, prasad, sharma and a 4th person came there. Signs of horror struck my mind. This was
indeed one of the most unlucky day. They introduced me to the 4th person with them. His name was dhanji bhai kalu's father.
Thay all realised my situation. Rakesh took one jag of water but I was not having the glass so he told me to come in the
corner of hall so that I could drink it with my palm all this took just few second and we went to corner he raised the jag to
my mouth and I bend and put one of my palm on my mouth to drink it. Along with him sharma uncle came to help me. But in hurry
my pallu fell down and they could see two third of my bouncing boobs struggling to come out. But I did not know it as mouth
was burning like hell and all I wanted was few drops of water. They were looking at my boobs and rakesh started to put water
on my palm and drank it and now I was relaxed a little as soon as I came into sense I realized my condition. I raised my
pallu and placed it on my shoulder but just then I felt that it was wet fully as it was drenched into water. Oh shit the word
came out of my mouth at once. Even some water drops went into my blouse it was a little wet too. prasad uncle told me "ap
chinta mat karo me table fan on karta hun main aur sachdev aapki sari ke pallu ko dono hatho se pakad ke faila deete hain. do
tin minute me hi sukh jayega." Saying this they came forward to hold my pallu, along with them sharma uncle also joined. The
situation was becoming very embarrassing for me. I had to come forward in order to stop them. As soon as I came near all the
3 got full grip of my saree and with a sudden jerk my saree came out of my petticoat. Though they had done this
unintentionally, I was just standing there for a minute just like a statue. Now I was only in blouse and petticoat in front
of all of them. My boobs were appearing like 2 tall mountains poking inside my blouse. Seeing this their eyes were full of
lust like hungry dogs and all of them had a tent in their pants. I quickly covered my blouse with my hands. I was feeling
very ashamed and my face become red with shame. Sharma uncle told "beti tum chair pe bhaite ke khana khao. table fan on hai,
kalu aur rakesh tumhari sari pakar ke jaldi sukha denge". I thought in my mind, how a woman can even think of eating in this
situation. Finding there was no option, I sat on the chair waiting for my saree to be dried up. As I was seated, sharma
uncle, prasad, sachdev and dhanji bhai sat on the chairs and cornered me from all sides. These dogs were not letting this
golden situation let go easily from their hand. Sharma uncle was holding my plate and spoke to me "beti tum kuch kha nahi
rahi ho. vicky beta bolega uncle app ne hamari komal ka dhyan nahi rakha". Me: "Nahi uncle asia kuch nahi hai...". before I
could say anything prasad uncle suddenly took a piece of sweet and forcefully inserted in my mouth. looking at this
bheemsingh and dhanji bhai told me "beti hume bhi mauka do tumari seva karne ka". After this bheemsingh took a piece of sweet
and directed it towards my mouth. As soon as I bend towards him for eating the sweet two third of my boobs came out of my
blouse bouncing very heavily. All the 4 opened their mouth with lust and were staring at my boobs like hungry animals licking
their lips. Now prasad uncle came forward with a piece of roti and some sabzi in it. He had intentionally put a piece of red
chilly inside. I was un aware of this. As soon as I ate my mouth started burning like hell. I needed water badly. dhanji bhai
offered me a jug of water. He was holding the jug in his hand, I bend to drink water. In this process he intentionally
dropped some water on my my blouse and it was little wet. MY bra straps and some part of the boobs became visible to these
dogs. My face became red in anger and I spoke in a loud tone "Uncleji bus karo. I cannot eat any more". On the other side
Kallu and rakesh were holding my saree and enjoying my aroma coming out of my saree. In few minutes they said "bhabhi aa
jaao, saree sukh gayi". Hearing this I got a big sigh of relief. The next question came to my mind was that how am I going to
wear this saree. Sharma uncle came with an idea "beti tum aisa karo yahaan khari ho jao. Hum 4 log aur kalu and rakesh ek
circle bana lete hain aur tum jaldi se saree pahan lo". I had no words to speak, I thought in my mind that I had only wore my
saree ever in front a man was my husband vicky. I had never imagined that such a situation will arise that I will wear saree
in front of 6 strangers in an open ground. After a minute sharma uncle told me beti jaldi karo agar koi a gaya to. some more
people coming there and looking at me in this situation sounded more horrible to me. I had no choice but to agree with sharma
uncle. Quickly they all formed a circle and started looking at me. I was holding the saree in my hand and standing like a
statue. Just then kalu started teasing me "bhabhi kuch takleef lag rahi ho to main maddad karu". I looked with anger at his
face, he started giving me a wicked smile. Sharma uncle added to kalu's words "beti sharmao mut, hum thodi parraye gain jaldi saree utaro matlab paheno
". Sachdev uncle commented on this "beti hamari pakkad bahut majboot hai, tumhe ache se saree panha dengee". Kalu
now further teased me with a vulgar comment "bhabhi aap bahut sexy lag rahi ho is pose me". All of them started laughing on
this. mein saree pehen lagi aur sare meriboobs k oghoor rahe besharmo ki tara Soon all was over and they left the place. I was now standing with kalu and rakesh. "Bhabhi aap badi himmatwali no,
dukh bade ho ya chote haste hue jhel jati hein" rakesh teased me with a wicked smile.

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I saw kalu and rakesh was standing and laughing loudly I was thinking what they were talking I was sure they was planning
something what only god knows. I saw time in my watch it was 3pm now. And now I was feeling a little tired because I had
danced a lot. But it was not possible for me to sleep there as it was daytime and I could not fine a place to sleep. Then I
saw Sharma aunty and went to her."aree komal tumne khana khaya na…." She asked me."haan I just had it aunty am feeling sleepy
can you find some place for me to sleep am very tired and want to have some rest" I requested her."aree everyone is enjoying
and you are feeling sleepy nahi aaj to bas rat ko sona hai din me nahi, ye nahi chalega chalo kuch der me shadi ke fere hone
wale hai av dulhan ko saja rahe hai tumhe dekhkar lagta hai tum achcha makeup kar sakti ho aj hamari banno ka makeup karne me
sabki help karo chalo" she just hold my wrist and took me to the room where bride was sitting in lahanga choli. I looked at
her and I was really impressed with her beauty she was having a face like ayesha takia. Red color lahanga cholli was giving
her a very sexy look and she was having really very nice figure. While looking at her I thought she don’t need any makeup.
She had a pink face with pointing nose. Her lips were very red and soft. Big black eyes with raised eyebrows.I went to her
and Sharma aunty introduced me to her. "sheetal she is komal, viskas ki mrs hai ye…. Bahut achcha dance karti hai aur komal
ye hai hamari sheetal hamari banno rani bahut hi avval hai padai likhai me. economics me gold mila hai ise iss bar" aunty
told me.There was so many women in the room and all were in very jolly mood. They were teasing sheetal." kal rat to sheetal
apne piya se milegi dekho kitni sundar lag rahi hai bechara dulha to pagal hi ho jayega" one lady told all started laughing
and sheetal was blushing and her cheeks became red."dekho to kaise Sharma rahi hai kal to khub kusti hogi sheetal dhayan
rakhna kahi bed hi na toot jaye" another lady commented and every one laughed again including me."kyo tang kar rahi hein ap
log please" sheetal told first time she was having really sweet voice she must be a good singer."oho banno rani ko Sharm a
rahi hai par man me to laddo foot rahe hai" one more comment for sheetal."Chalo bahut ho gayi masti jaldi se dulhan ko taiyar
karo kuch hi der me fere hone wale hai chalo komal tum make up shuru karo" shrama aunty told me. I used to do make up but I
never did it for a bride. But I found it was interesting to do make up for a bride.I took foundation first and applied on her
cheeks she was having very smooth cheeks her husband would make them red of course. Then I applied all cosmetics items but I
saw she was having some very brown hairs on her arms."sheetal you are having some hair on her arms I have to wax it" I told
sheetal in very low voice so that no one could listen."ok bhabhi kar do par mere pairo me bhi thode hairs hai bhi kar dijiye"
she told me very politely."But for that you will have to remove your lahanga else it will be spoiled" I told her."haan ap
thik kah rahi hein hum pass wale room me chalte hai inhe bol dete hai thodi der me ate hein" she gave me a suggestion."ok you
tell aunty we will come in 15 minutes" I told her. She went to aunty and told her the matter she told her to come fast and we
both went to next room, which was very small, and only one bed was there and it was so small that only one person could sleep
on it.I told sheetal to sit on the bed and I closed the door from inside."Sheetal just raise your hands fully" I told
her."Bhabhi ap apne hatho aur pairo ki waxing khud hi karti hai ya parlor jati hein" she raised her hand and asked me."I
don’t have hairs on my arms and legs so I need not to do waxing" I told proudly.."Oh ap kitni sundar hai ap ek dum heroine
jaisi dikhti ho" she told further."Oh really thanks but you are very beautiful too your hubby will be very lucky man" I
replied her in the same manner."You must go to parlor regularly you are in college so must be cautious about your looks" I
advised her."Are bhabhi wo padne se hi fursat kaha milti thi jo parlor jati" she replied me."oh I see but now your husband
will teach you everything" I was becoming mischievous now."Oh bhabhi ap bhi bas…." She blushed again."achcha bhabhi kya apke
waha bhi hairs nahi hai kya" she asked me indicating place between my legs. " are you mad every woman has hairs there" I
replied her."so do you wax them too?" she asked me."are I use veet yar usse easily nikal jate hein" I told her normally. Now
we both were very comfortable with each other."achcha bhabhi kya unke bhi waha itne jyada bal hote hein" she asked me very
curiously. "my god you even don’t know these small things ya my dear they (men) have a lot of hair there with one big snake"
I told her giving a wicked smile. " ap bhi bhabhi kya sach me unka wo itna bada hota hai" she asked me."are tum mujhe bato me
hi laga dogi chalo tumhare hatho ki waxing to ho gayi apna lahanga utharo" I told her."haan utarati hun ap batao na" she
asked me again removing her lahanga. She was really very soft and smooth she had removed her lahanga now and I could see her
very fair and toned thighs. I was thinking how lucky is she. She had got a figure to die. But she had little hairs below her
knee I just applied cream there very softly and even I was enjoying to touch her untouched parts."haan hota to hai banno rani
par darne ki koi bat nahi bahut maja ata hai" I was very open to her."kitne inch ka hota hai" she asked again?"you need to
worry its only 5 to 6 inch and you will get pain only first time so you need not to worry ok am like your elder sister" I
told her in very lovely way."lekin sharma aunty to kah rahi thi ki 9 inch ka hota hai matlab meri kohni se kalai tak lamba
aur kalai se jayada mota" she told me in one breath."are she might have joked you" I tried to convince her."no no she was
telling me seriously may be vikhas jiju’s may not be that big so you are not aware" she replied me. I was speechless now
means Sharma uncle have that big tool. There were so many questions in my mind now. Is Sharma uncle really have that big
tool.Is it bigger than kalus too.Is it possible to tolerate such a huge tool."kya soch rahi hai bhabhi late ho rahi hai" she
told me."ok ok" I told her and completed waxing of her thighs. And we came out of that room to the main room.."are kaha the
tum log itni der tak chalo mandap me sab log tumhara intjar kar rahe hai" verma aunty told her daughter and we all took the
bride to the mandap.As we reached there I saw mandap was full of people and everyone was decorated very nicely. It was
evening time and lights were switched on. Most of the lighting was done at the centre where one stage was made for jaymala
ceremony. Two friends of bride took her to the stage and groom was already waiting there. Now they was infront of each other.
But my mind was not able to think anything other then the thing told by sheetal before some time I wanted the answer of my
doubts. I looked around me but I could not find Sharma uncle. I knew he was not a good person but I just wanted to know once
that what Sharma aunty had told to sheetal was true or false. i looked again and saw Sharma uncle was there in the middle of
the crowed. My mind started working now I was thinking how to know what size he has under his pants. But I didn’t had any
dirty thoughts for him as I loved my hubby a lot and I didn’t wanted to betray him.I decided to go to Sharma uncle but he was
in the middle of the hall. Then I saw hema just near to him I got a chance to go there so I waited for the time that hema see
me because it was not possible for me call her in this much noice. Just after few minuted hema saw me and I waved my hands
towards her and she gave me response. Now I got the chance and indicated her that I wanted to come to her she just noded from
there. I started to make a way of the people to reach there. my heart was now striking very fastI was very scared now because
I knew that if went between the crowed people will try to molest me but I don’t have any other option left to find out the
reality of the words of sheetal. After a little struggle I reached near hema."hi hema kya tum itni bheed me kyo khadi ho me
tumhe hi dudh rahi thi baki to koi mil nahi raha" I tried to give my reason for coming there."oh achcha kiya bhabhi ap yaha a
gayi dekho sheetal kitni pyari lag rahi hai" hema replied. Then I saw Sharma uncle who was just few foots away from me. And
just behind me was kalu who was trying to be always with hema. i could not go away from her but I came here for some other
reason. So one idea came in my mind. I looked behind and started a communication with Sharma uncle who was looking at me but
thinking something."uncle see sheetal is looking so beautiful you know I have done her makeup" I just made the first move."oh
ye bat hai tav me kahu hamari sheetal beti itni sunder kyo lag rahi hai" he replied.."pardon me uncle I cant hear you it’s a
lot of noise here" I told him loudly even I had listened but it was my trick."aree I told you ki tumne bahut achcha make up
kiya hai" he told in a louder voice."sorry uncle cant hear you" I told loudly, it was a golden chance for him and he was
mature enough to grab this opportunity. He replaced kalu and came just close to me and within no second did what I expected,
he just touched my back with his tool.

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He was very tall so he bend himself and came near my ears and told"haan to me kah raha tha ki tumne sheetal ko bhi apne jaisa
hi khubsurat bana diya" now this man in his old age was trying to flirt me and every woman in this world like to be praised
for her beauty. "don’t tell a lie to me" I told him to get more words in my praise."are itni sundar to ho wo kaun si heroin
hai meine pyar kyo kiya me?" he told very slowly in my ears."Katrina kaif hai usme to" I replied."haan ekdam uski tarah hi
lagti ho vikas ne to heera dhunda hai" he told me and I was in seventh heaven now. Just then he gave a slight jerk to his
groin and his tool tried to burry in lower portion of my back. I was getting exited again this day was really different from
other days. I was behaving very abnormally."komal kya tumko dulha dulhan dikhayi de rahe hai" he asked me given one more jerk
to me."no am just trying to peep but you see the person in front of me is very tall so I cant see it properly" I told him."oh
to ye bat hai achcha ek kam karo tum apne toes pe khade hoke dekh lo usse height bad jayegi aur tum dekh paogi" he gave me
very good suggestion I impressed by her presence of mind. I just put all my weight to both of my toes and raised my body up
now I could see both groom and bride but just that second I realize the trick used by that old man. When my body raise up my
hips was just in front of his man hood and he didn’t took a single second to give me a very solid jerk just between my ass
crack and sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeee was the sound came out of my mouth. And in no second I came to my normal position
again."kya hua bahu pairo me dard ho gaya kya" he asked very innocently. I didn’t expected he will do this but now I thought
that this is the way I can feel if his tool is as big as explained by sheetal."yaa actually am not habitual of this na so
cant stand in that position for long period" I replied making a very cute face."ok ek kam karo thodi der toes me rahne ke bad
kuch der aram karo fir toed pe khadi ho jao issme tum thakogi nahi" he was again with a suggestion."Ok uncle" I said as even
I wanted to feel some thing now. I just raised my body again and my bums caressed his thighs and halted at the middle of his
gun. And as I knew already he did the same just buried his tool into my bums. I came to normal position again and now it was
happening in very rethemic motion I was giving him blow jobs but virtually.. My vegina was wet like never before and I was
sure he was having very big banana under his pants how big that was the question I my mind only. This time when I raised my
body i didn’t get stroke I looked back strangely he had gone some inches away from me and searching for something in his
pocket it was dark so I cant see properly. I was very disappointed and came to my normal position again. I saw uncle came
close to me again and bent as he wanted to say something to me I gave my ear to him as he almost touched my pink ear with his
black lips."lagta hai tum thak gayi me help karu kya tumhe uthne me" he murmured.I was really feeling a little tired of this
raising and coming down so I asked him how he was going to help me."are me tumhari kamar ko pakad kar toda sa help karunga
uthne me isse tumhe kam paresani hogi" he told me. "haan ye thik rahega" I agreed. Now he hold my waist from his both big
rough palms. I was wearing my sari below neval so his palms were resting on the nude area between my blouse and sari. My body
was shivering now. Sharma uncle: chalo ab me tumhari madad karta hun jaru uthne ki kaosis karo.My mind was fully consentrated
on the place where he touched me. Me: jee……. I tried to raise my body up and he helped me giving a thrust to my waist his was
holding my waist form left and right palm. I closed my eyes and was ready to get one hard stroke on my bums. But at very next
second what I felt took my breath away.When he came more close to me instead of his pants something else touched at my nude
back between sari and blouse… something very hot and hard.. And it was trying to go inside my back like a arrow. I was mature
enough to understand what it was. How someone can be so shameless. It was the limit I am a married lady I can’t allow some to
molest me like this. These al thought came to mind and I decided to appose him now.But up to this moment my bums came to the
target and he gave direct shot to it as his tool was free it went few inch inside my ass crack taking every my tightly ripped
sari inside too. Me: oohhhhhhhhhhhhhha…….. I tried to control my moan my panty was fully wet now. And I had to appose him if
I wanted to save my dignity now.Me: uncle am having problem standing like this I must change the place now I will go front
side..Sharma uncle: oh tum kitni najuk ho tav tumhara nam komal pada hai.. Me: aree ese khade hoke to koi bhi thak jayega I
will go now.Sharma uncle: oh ek idea hai jisse tumhe bar bar upar niche nahi karna padega. He gave special pressure to upar
niche I understood what he meant but I was only responsible to give him encouragement.Me: what idea? Sharma uncle: are very
simple idea tum mere shoes pe khade ho jao aur aram se shadi ka maja lo.Shadi ka maja ya kisi aur cheej ka I thought in my
mind. Me: are how can I stand on your shoes apko dard nahi hoga kya?Sharma uncle: are tumhara weight hi kitna hoga aur waise
bhi bheed dekho koi option nahi hai wapas jane ka. Ab apni payari bahu ke liye me kya thoda dard nahi jhel sakta kya.Me: wo
par me…. I mean …… I cant ….. how can i…..Sharma uncle: ab jayda socho mat chalo dekho wo log ek dusre ko jaimala dalne wale
hein.I didn’t had any option I just stepped back and place my one feet on his shoes and then another too. Now I could see
mandap very clearly but now his gun was fixed at my bums.Sharma uncle: ab dikhayi de raha hai na.Me: haan dikhyai to de raha
hai.Sharma uncle: maja a raha hai na ………………………shadi me…he told shadi me very lateme: haan a raha hai. Now he gave me again
started his work and gave one gentle jerk to me. But as I was standing on his shoes my body moved ahead and I was near to
fall and he placed very cunningly his both his hand just above my belly and neval and pulled me toward him very strongly and
this gave double impact my bums stroked his tool very hard and uuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa sound came out
of my mouth I was not able to control myself.Me: Uncles please leave me I can’t stand like this.Sharma uncle: kyo kya hua
kuch problem hai kya?Me: you please don’t hold me am not comfortable.Sharma uncle: aree tum gir rahi thi to mene pakad
liya.Me: ab nahi girungi chhod dijiye.Sharma uncle: achcha jo tum kaho par agar giri to.Me: tab pakad lena par me nahi
girungi.I told in very rigid voice now few minutes were left in jaimala so I was relived to think that I will be free very
soon.For some time everything was normal and I left my body free and uncle gave a very strong jerk and I loose my control and
slept from his shoes. For giving me support he tried to hold me at my belly but as I was sleeping down his both palms slipped
automatically on my big and round boobs he pressed them very hard and pulled me up to his shoes again. I became red with
shame and anger too.

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But he was quite reluctant to remove his hands from my boobs, I tried to remove his hands from my boobs but before he removed
his hands he gave 3-4 quick squeeze on my boobs. Sharma Uncle : dekho meine kahaa thaa naa tum gir jaaogi. Ab thodi der ki
baat hai beti mein tumhe pakad letaa hu nahi toh waapis gir jaaogi aur muje tumhe fir se sambhaalnaa padega.I thought it is
better he holds me by my waist rather muje sambhalne ke bahaane mere boob dabaaye.Me: thik hai uncle jaisaa aap kahe.I had
not even finished the statement and he grabed my navel tightly with both hands, he was virtually hugging me from behind. And
his tool was back on work between my ass crack, to and fro in slow motion.After sometime he started to caress my navel very
slowly. Muje halki halki gudgudi hone lagi. And by now his tool was half inside my ass crack due to his constant jerks.I
thought now it is the high time for me to move away otherwise things may go wrong, but I was not getting the words to tell
him that I want to go.Me : uuu nnn cccc lllll eeee ……… aahhaaaaa I .Uncle : kya baat hai beti, kyaa huaa. Me ; kkkk
uuuuuucccccccchh naa ….hii ………..meeeeeinnnnn soch ……Uncle : kya soch rahi thi tum, bataaaoo.Than I was silent actually I was
struggling to find words and some idea to free myself from Sharma Uncle.Meantime uncle and his hands & tool got back to the
work. This time the rythem of his jerks seemed to have increased. I think he must have got the hint of the thoughts running
in my mind. Just then I felt that his hands were parting each other. Slowly and gradually one hand started traveling
downwards and the other upwards. His right hand was not on the abdo just a couple of centimeter away from my pussy. And the
left one has reached just at the bottom most hook of my blouse while his dick was bussy with its motion. I was really feeling
shy and had just turned my eyes to check if anybody was watching us or not. But every body was busy looking at the bride and
the groom in the mandap. Now the only thought in my mind was if somehow I could get free from this but was not getting the
idea how. Than the second thought ran in my mind that its too late now. Lets enjoy. The third thought this will not be for
long as the jaimala ceremony is going to end very soon. Just than both the hands reached their destination. The left hand on
my right boob. I was really scared and looked down wards. I was bit relaxed to see his left hand underneath my pallu hence,
nobody could see what it was upto. His right hand was resting on my tummy just above my belly. Suddenly I got the hard
squeeze on boob and ooooooouuuuuuuchhhh hhhhhhh…… was words came out of my mouth.Uncle : beti kyaa huaa Me : kaa
kkkkkkuuuuuuu uch naaaaaaaa hiiiiiiiiiiiiii unnnnnnnnnclejiiiii iiiiiUncle : mazaa aa rahaa hai naa.I was waiting for the
words shadi mein as he did last time, but was surprise not to hear them this time. I was silent and red in shame. Uncle :
beti tumne jawaab nahi diyaa.Me : kkkkkkkk iiiiiiiiiiiiiii sssssssssss baattttttttttt kkkkkkkaaUncle : meine puchaa mazaa
aarahaa hai yaa nahi.His voice seemed more firm this time.Me. : ooohhhhhh haaa aaa rahaaa haaaaaai. Paaaaaaar unnnnnccccle
eeeee koooiiiiii deekh legaa toh (I wishpered)Uncle : oh haa yeh toh meine sochaa hi nahi. Saying that he squeezed my boob
more hardly. Uncle : mein ek kaam kartaa hu. Upar kaa haath toh tumhare pallu ke niche hai dusaraa bhi ander daal detaa hu.He
did not even waited for my response and straight away inserted his right hand inside my saari.
To my horror his hand slid inside my panty and was slightly above my pussy area. This happened all of a sudden that I could
not do anything. I was dying out of shame. quickly I covered my tummy area with my palu so that no one can see his hand
inside my petticoat. I started shaking my body trying to prevent his hand from going more inside. But in a process his hand
slid more towards my pussy area. Now his hands were inside my panty covering my pussy. I started breathing heavily not
knowing what to do. Now he was feeling my pussy inside my panty, he started rubbing my pussy and inserted his middle finger
in my pussy hole. Uncle: "beti aab tumhe aisa pakkad liya hai ke tum girogi nahi. Main tumhe mazee deeta hoon aur tum jee
bhar ke mazee lo". He started moving his middle finger inside out of my hole and his rest of the hand squeezing my pussy
tightly. Me : Oooooojjjhhhhhhhhhh h nnnnnnnaaaaaaahiaa uaaaaaaannnnnnnnncc cccccclllllllee. Waaaiiiiiiiit. By the time I
finished he gave a nice hard squeeze to my boob and my pussy with his hand and againOoooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuucccccccccccc
hhhhhhhhhh was the words from my mouth. All this time his dick was bussy ****ing my ass over my sari.After 5-6 simultaneous
and consequence squeezes my boobs and his finger going inside and coming out of my pussy hole I completely surrendered to
Sharma Uncle. Now I was putting all my weight on Sharma uncle. He straight away got the signal of my surrender. His rythem of
squeezing and jerking increased. My middle portion of my body was sandwitched between his tool poking on my back and his hand
coverd my pussy with one finger inside my hole and with no time he ejaculated his load and I sware it was too much. I mean I
have never seen so much of sperm coming out of my husband even his pants were wet and so was my sari, my peticote and even my

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He released me and straight away remove his inshirt to cover the wetness of his pants. But poor me. How should I cover my wet
sari as it was the ass portion. I looked with the struggle eyes towards uncle and he just gave a cunning smile back to me.I
some how tried to manage with my pallu and somewhat was covered but I was feeling very sticky inside.I said to my self that I
sould go to bathroom and wash it all, as every body was busy looking at the mandap, I slowly struggled my way out of the
crowed.per meri kismat kharab thi ki vicky mere samne aa gaya aur bola darling kya hua mein boli kuch naahien to ,to phir tum itne ghabrai hue kyun ho aur yeh tumari saree se kya gir raha hai he pointed to cum flowing on my saree ,mein boli woh vikcy woh mein vicky bola kya kisne kuch ghira diya tumari upar mujhe idea aa gaye aur boli hain galti se sharma ji ne kheer geera di sari par dekho pure gile ho gayi hai saree mein bathroom ga kar change kar lete huin woh bola theek hai aur man he man sochi woh sharmaji ka lund ka kheer tha buddhu pati ,and rushed to the upstairs in the ladies room. I quicly went in the bathroom removed all my cloths and took a shower.
Also tried to wash his cum of my sari with a wet / soaked cloth and hanged it to the exhaust, the only thing awailable in
the bathroom
Suddenly I heard someone knocking the bathroom door. Its when I realized that I have forgotten to lock the door of the
room.Me : kaun hai..Its me beti – sharma Uncle.I was stunned and scared hearing this. Why he must have come, what he wants
now, what is he going do now, etc etc. all such thoughts ran in my mind within seconds. Uncle : beti darwaajaa kholo.Me ;
uncleji kyaa kaam hai.Uncle ; are beti sab tumhaare bare mein puch rahe hai.Me.: uncleji unhe boldo naa mein thodi der mein
aa rahi hu.Uncle : beti jaldi karma.After that there was silence in the room.I thought uncle must have gone. I thought before
anybody else comes I will go and close the door of the room. I came out of the bathroom and went to the door slowly and
hiding my self behind my peticote as there was not towel in the bathroom locked the door and turn towards the bathroom with
the sign of relief. And I stood there in utter shock. I saw Sharma Uncle sitting on the chair and giving me a cunning smile.
Me : (in a firm voice) Uncleji aap - aap gaye nahi.Uncle : beti meine sochaa ki mein thodi der yahaa baith kar jaataa hu.
Tumhe apne saath hi le jaaunga.Me : kyaaaaaaa!Uncle : cholo beti ab kapde pahen kar chalo.Me : uncleji meri saadi sukh rahi
hai, woh sukh jaaye fir mein aati hu. Aap jaoo.Uncle : (looking with lusty eye – xraying my body in only peticote) kyu sukh
rahi hai gili ho gayi kya. Saying that he gave a lust full smile on me and i looked downwards due to shame.Uncle was still
staring at me from top to bottom. My peticote was covering my half boobs and half thighs. It was really a good scene for
him.Uncle : beti tumne jawaab nahi diya.Me. : (colleting my guts) jaise aap ko pataa nahi ki saari kyun gili karni padi, aap
ko sharam nahi aayi mere saath aisa karte hue. Mein aapki beti ki umar ki hu.Uncle : beti shuruaat to tumne hi ki and fir
tumne rokaa nahi – kya tumhe sharam nahi aayi. Jaise tumhe maalum nahi thaa ki tumhaare saath kyaa ho rahaa thaa. Chalo ab
jaldi karo na .Me : kya jaldi karu.Uncles : jaldi se yeh peticote bhi utaar do.Me. ; kyaaaa!Uncle : (massaging his dick) chalo
bhi.Me : nahi nahi – yeh kaise – matlab kyu.Uncle : don’t waste time.Me : par – koi – matlab aajaayega – matlab toh mein kyaa
.Uncle : don’t worry koi nahi aayega. Sab log shadi mein busy hai.Me : nahi. Mein yeh nahi kar sakti (collecting my guts I
opposed him)By the time I completed my statement uncle came close to me and without wasting time holded me and hugged me
tightly.Me. : chchodo muje varnaa mein chillaaungi – aap yeh kyaa kar rahe ho.Uncle : daro mat – muje maalum hai – tum nahi
chillaogi. Me : kyu.Uncle : Tum jab Hema se baat kar rahi thi mere lund ke bare mein tab meine sunliyaa tha.Me : kyaa a!Uncle
: chalo ab mein tumhe apnaa lund dikhaa hi detaa hu.Saying that he instantly opened his zip and removed his rock hard dick
and holding it he said.Uncle ; dekho itnaa badaa aur motaa kabhi dekaa hai. Tere pati kaa bhi itnaa nahi hoga.I was shocked
seeing his really big fat rock hard dick and hearing those words from his mouth. But honestly I had never seen such a hudge
dick so far in my life.Uncle : lo chuoo isse aur bataao muje – kya tumne kabhi itnaa badaa dekhaa hai.
was still standing like a statue in shock. I was not able to collect words to reply or to get out of the situation. Uncle was
shagging his dick and looking at me with lusty eyes and waiting for me to make a move.Uncle : kyaa huaa – jaldi karo.Me : ji
un-cl-e mmmmmmmmmein kyaaaa – mat-lab Sundly there was another knock on the door.I shouted in a scary voiceMe : (shocked and
scared) kaauun … haai.The voice replied – bahu mein hu. Sharma aunty. Andar kyaa kar rahi ho.Me : aunty meri saadi mae daa-ag
la-g ga-yaa thaa – toh mein – matlab – voh – sa-af kar rahi thi.Aunty : tum thik toh honaa. Tumaari aawaaz kyu dari huee si
lag rahi hai.Me : k-k-kuch nahi aunty uhi.Aunty : thik hai – jaldi se aa jaao.Me : aa-abhi aayee aunty.Uncle : (wishpered in
my ears) jaldi karo, warna koi aur bhi aa jaayegaa.As soon as uncle completed his statement my hand went on his dick as I was
afraid and did not know what to do. Suddenly I realized that I m holding his hard dick. And removed my hands of it quickly
and ran in the bathroom and closed the door. Uncle : kyaa huaa, lagtaa hai sharmaa gayee. Me. : (regaining my conscious in a
firm voice) ab bahut ho gayaa uncleji, ab aap baahar jaao.Uncle : (in a cunning voice) beti mein kaise baahar jaau, agar kisi
ne muje dekh liyaa toh. Tum ek kaam karo, pahele tum darwaajaa khol kar dekho ki koi baahar, aas paas mae nahi hai!, Me :
kyou?Uncle : beti sab ko malum hai ki tum is kamare mae ho. Mein andar hu yeh koi nahi jaantaa. Socho agar kisi ne muje
baahar jaate hue dekh liyaa toh voh tumhaare bare mae kyaa kyaa sochenge.I, don’t know, why, but I thought that he was right.
And that was the right thing to do. So I again covered my self with peticote and came out of the bathroom. I saw uncle was
still holding and shagging his dick.Me. : unc-le aap pa-he-le is-sse ma-ta-lab and-ar toh da-aa-lo.Uncle : beti tum darwaaje
pe jaaoo tab tak mein ise andar daal dungaa.I trusted him and started moving towards the door, while I was opening the
stopper of the door, uncle came from behind and hugged me from behind. I screamed aoaaaaouuuuuuch. Uncle : beti dhire
chillaaoo koi sun legaa.Me : par aap – mu-je ch-hoo—doo.Uncle’s hard rod dick was still out of his pants and was thrusting in
my ass over the peticote. Uncle was holding me very tightly.Me: cho—hoo –doo mu-je.Uncle : beti bas thodi der tum chup raho.
Tab tak tumhaari saadi sukh jaayegi. Bas tab tak Me : (trying to get out of his grip) na-hi aa-ap mu-je cho-choodo.Uncle :
dekho, naatak mat karo. Chup chaap jo mein kahetaa hu voh karo varnaa muje aur bhi tarike aate hai.I was stunned and scared,
hearing his firm and loud voice. Now I was the one who was in a vulnerable condition, I did not wanted anybody to get any
idea what was goin in here and also I wanted to get out of this situation as fast as I could

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But I was not getting any clue / idea of how could i. In the meantime he was
busy rubbing his huge rock hard dick between my hips and his one hand reached my boobs and was caressing and cupping them as
well. I also started responding to his action now and was getting slowly arouse (to be honest) but there was surely a
conflict between my mind and body. The body wanted to be in his arms and the mind was stopping me. There it gone. I felt my
peticote slipping down my boobs. It was uncle who was now feeling my naked boobs. My nipple were erect and am sure were
giving immense pleasure to him. His dick was between my hips in my ass crack over my peticote. His one hand was busy playing
with my boobs and his other was slowly and gradually dragging down my peticote further and further. My peticote was now below
my neval and was still on its journey downwards. Its then when my mind got victory over my body and I regain my conscious. I
gave a strong push with my hips his hard dick collided with my ass andhe left me and simultaneously i got his hands apart from my body and ran towards the bathroom. While I was
running my peticote fell down completely. I tried to grab it from front but my naked ass was displayed to him. I did not care
much about it and went inside the bathroom and closed the door. Am sure uncle was taken aback with my move as he was not
aware that I could do this, since my body was responding to his touches but he must have got the ample view of my naked ass
for a while.Unlcle : (knocking the bathroom door) kyaa huaa beti – kyo bhaag gayi.Me : (in a firm voice) uncleji bas bahut ho
gayaa – ab aap baahar jao.Uncle : beti tumhaari saadi sukh gayi kyaa?Me : (again in a firm voice) haa sukh gayi.i put on my
cloths on and came out of the bathroom. I saw uncle was still standing there with his dick in his hands. I rushed towards the
door of the room and placed my hands on the stopper of the room and in firm voice …me : uncle ji , I m opening the door – its
your wish to stand with your organ like that or to put it in.uncleji : (in a surprised tone) kyaa huaa beti achaanak tumko.
Kitnaa mazaa aa rahaa thaa.Me : bahut ho gayaa uncleji, ab aap yeh sab bhul jaao aur mein bhi bhul jaati hu. .Saying that I
opened the stopper and rushed out of the door and slammed the door behind me.I was breathing heavily. To my surprise, I saw
kalu standing right in front of me. I was shocked. i was feeling so shy in front him that I could not even look into his eyes
and slowly moved downstairs with my head down.I went and joined other ladies. Sharma aunty: kyaa huaa. Tum itni sahami sahami
si kyo lag rahi ho.Me : kuch nahi aunty bas yuhi.Sharma aunty : sab thik toh hai naa.Me : ji ---- ji haa Sharma aunty : hum
log tumhaari hi baate kar rahe thae.Me : k---- ky---- kyaa Aunty : yehi ki tumhaari saadi gili hogayi thi aur tum ussae
sukhaa rahi ho.Me : ach----achaa My eyes went on to kalu – he was standing with his friends and was giggeling something to
them pointing towards me. I got afraid that he must have seen uncle in the room and is not telling it all to his friends. My
eyes were filled with shyness and could not concentrate on the ladies talking to me. Baar baar meri nazarein kalu ki taraf
jaati aur voh meri taraf hi dekh rahaa hotaa. Every time i looked at him, he used to give me a wishfull & lusty smile.After
sometime I saw that hema is standing besides him and they are looking at me and giggeling and smiling. Now I thought that I
should go and talk to kalu otherwise he spread it all.
But I could not go as he was surrounded with his friends. I thought I better do something and speak to him. So I got up from
there.Aunty : ari komal kahaa jaa rahi ho. Me : a- aunty—ka- hi na-hi - pani pi kar aati hu.Aunty : achchaa ! kalu ko bolnaa
– yahaa sabke liye pani le kar aayee.Me : ji achchaa.I thought this is the golden opportunity for me. I went to kaluKalu :
(in mischievous tone) aaiyee bhabhi jaan – hum aapki hi baat kar rahe thae.Me : (pretending) chchodo bhi mazaak – aunty sab
ke liye pani mangwaa rahi hai. Chalo tum zaraa meri madad kar do sab ke liye pani le jaane mae.Saying that I started walking
towards the corner where water was kept. Kalu followed me. As soon as kalu came there I looked around and made sure that
there was no one.Me : kalu, muje tumse akele mae baat karni hai. Kalu : (again in mischievous tone) bhabhi jaan! Akele mae
kyaa baat karni hai?Me. : yahaa nahi yahaa koi aa jaayegaa.Kalu : bhabhi jaan\ ! oh o ! toh kuch secret baat karne hai
aapko.Me : haKalu : toh thik hai , aunty log ko pani pilaakar aataa hu. Tab tak aap yeh hall ke pichche ke garden mae mera
wait karo.Me : abhi ? nahi nahi abhi nahi – aunty puchchegi toh kya kahungi.Kalu : bhabhi jaan chintaa mat karo aunty ko mein
bol dunga ki aap bhai jaan ke saath khadi ho.Me : ok.Kalu : toh aap jaao mein pani dekar aataa hu.Saying that kalu went
towards aunty and me slowly and hindingly left the hall and went behind the hall into the garden.It was a huge lawn and
surrounded by bushes and trees. The birds were making sweet noice and the sun was proceeding towards his bed. The sky was
orange with some blue and white clouds. I was thinking ari pura din khatam ho gaya. Tab muje mere pati ki baat yaad aayi.
That we have to return before night. Various thought started running my mind, I thought he must be looking for me. But where
is he. I could not see him in the hall. Its then I remembered that he has also came with me in the wedding. Suddenly a hand
came on my shoulder, I was frightened and turned back and saw kalu.Kalu : kya huaa bhabhi jaan – jyaadaa wait toh nahi
karwaayaanaa meine aapko.Me : oh kalu, tumne toh muje daraa hi diyaa. Achchaa yeh bataao vickey kahaa hai? Tumne us kahi
dekhaa hai kyaa ?Kalu : kyaa baat hai bhabhi jaan achaanak vikey bhaiyaa ki yaad kyu aa gayi ? Me : nahi voh bas aise hi.Kalu
: chintaa mat karo vickey bhaiyaa, sharma uncle aur unke dosto ke saath baith kar schotch ke maze le rahe hai.Me :
achchaa.And I started thinking. Toh voh pine mae lage hua hai. Aur yahaa mere saath kyaa kyaa ho rahaa hai. Kalu : bhabhi
jaan! Kyaa huaa kis soch mae pad gayi aap ?Me : oh kuch nahi. Kalu : achchaa yeh bataao – aapko muje se kyaa baat karni
hai.Me : oh haa – kalu tumne – mera matlab ki – mein jab upar waale room se bahar aarahi thi – matlab tum vahaa khade thae –
matlab ki tumneKalu : (interrupted in between) bhabhi jaan mein samaj gayaa aap kya puchchnaa chaahati ho. Chalo ab aap se
kyaa chchupau. Meine sab kuch dekha – apke kamre se baahar aanaa – uncle ka oos kamare mae hona – unkaa voh badaa badaa dhoti
se baahar. Aur toh aur jab shaadi mae aap uncle ke aage jab khadi thi aur voh aapke maze le rahe thae – voh sab meine dekhaa
aur shoot bhi kiyaa.Me : (in an shocking voice) kyaa !?@# matlab – tumne shoot kiyaa.Kalu without wasting any time took out
his mobile and showed me the clip. Where uncle was rubbing his dick in my ass in public. I hurriedly deleted the video of his
mobile. Kalu : bhaabhi jaan – aap kis kis mobile se delete karogi. Yeh clip mere dosto ke paas bhi hai. Aur yeh dekho mere dusre mobile mae bhi hai. Saying that he took out his another mobile and showed me the clip from
far.I was horrified hearing his voice and seeing the clip again.Me : kalu – tum yeh kyu------ k-aa—rr rahe ho.Kalu : toh mein
kyaa karu bhabhi jaan. Aap hi bataao.I was complete is wordless and standing there. Thoughts started running my mind. That
now this bastard will definitely take advantage of me, etc etc.Kalu : kahaa kho gayi aap bhabhi jaan.Me : ka----- hi
na—hi..Kalu : toh kyaa sochaa bhabhi jaan aapne. ?Me : what!?Kalu : ab aap bholi mat bano – jaise aapko malum nahi ki ab
aapko kyaa karnaa hai.Me : ky----aa ka--- ka --- rna --- hai.Kalu : kuch mat karo – bas chup chap khadi raho – jo karnaa hai
voh toh mein karunga. I was terrified hearing those words from kalu – and was totally blank in my mind this time. Standing
still without and movement. Kalu : toh mein shuru karu bhabhi jaan ?Me : par --- -ko—I aa ---- jaa---- yegaa toh.Kalu : koi
nahi aayegaa jaan, aap ghabraao mat.Suddenly bhabhi word disappeared from kalu’s mouth. Now I was jaan for kalu and not
bhabhi.Kalu : chalo aap kuch jawaab nahi de rahi ho toh mein jaataa hu aur yeh clip baki sab ko bhi dikhaataa hu..Me : nahi -
na--- hi kaa- lu – tum aisaa nahi karsakte.Kalu : mein aisaa hi karungaa.Me : toh tum kyaa chaahate ho.Kalu : mein toh itnaa
hi chaahataa hu ki aap choop chaap khade rahkar muje jo karnaa hai voh karne do.Me : tu---um ky--aa kar---matlab –
karr--oge.Kalu: voh mein karungaa bataaungaa nahi. Bas aap ek baar haa kah do. Aur haa kahene ke baad koi sabd mat bolnaa .
jab tak mein naa kahu tab tak.Me : thi---- k haaaaiKalu : kyaa thik hai jaan – aap ko bolnaa hai – haa! Kalu tum mere saath
jo karnaa chaaho kar sakte ho. Mein kuch nahi bolungi.Me : (feelling very embarrassed) haa! Kalu tum mere saath jo karnaa
chaaho kar sakte ho. Mein kuch nahi bolungi.Kalu came closer to me and slowly he moved around me looking at me from top to
bottom. Measuring my 36-26-38 vital stats by his eyes. Than he stopped behind me and straight away placed his both hands on
my both hips. Kalu : jaan – teri gaand toh mast hai re.I did not responded to him as I was told to stand quietly. But I was
feeling very shameful as standing like a wore there and a guy whome I met just today only is inturn feeling my body.Now kalu
was moving his hands on my hips and feeling every curve and part of it. He was pressing them, cupping them, spanking them, he
was doing every thing possible which could be done with them. He was also forcing his hands in my ass crack at times.I was
standing still after sometime it became darker. The sun went to his bed and the moon was on his duty.

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He than slowly moved downwards and reached upto my ankle. He now was sitting on his knees and moving his hands on my ankles.
I was thinking why he is playing with my ankles and no male is interested in that part of the body and even my hubby also
never did that. Aftersome time I felt his face in my ass crack. Now I understood that why he was playing with my ankles he
was literally burying his face in my ass crack and was moving his nose deeper and deeper.Now his hands were again on the
upward journey. But this time my saree and peticote both were accompanying them. While his face continued digging my ass
crack his hands reached their destination and that was upto my waist along with the saree and the the peticote. Now my ass
was exposed to his face. The only thing covering my ass was my panty. He now started licking my ass over my panty. He was
licking every bit of it. He was moving his tongue on each and every curve of my hips while his hands were holding my saree at
my waist. I was really feeling horney and was enjoying the situation as well I was afraid that if any body comes and finds us
in this position its going to ruin my image. But now I had completely surrendered to kalu. There was complete silence in the
atmosphere the only noise I could here was pach pach that too coming from my ass as kalu was licking and sucking it over my
panty. My panty was completely drenched with his saliva. And I was just thinking is he going to **** me or not. Because I was
complete aroused and was ready to be ****ed. Though kalu has not explored my boobs and my virgina yet. But what ever he did
with my hips / ass was really erotic and I had never imagined that any male would be so much fond of that – it has been more
than an hour since he started with my ass.Suddenly the silence broke.Kalu : jaan jaraa apni saree ko pakdo toh mere haath
free ho aur mein kuch aur bhi kar saku.Me : oh ! haa! And I grabbed my saree with both my hands and let kalu’s hands
free.Kalu : jaan, aaj tak meine aisi gaand aur thighs nahi dekhe. Kyaa sexy gaand aur thighs hai tumhaare ki meraa dil
bhartaa hi nahi. Ki kuch aur karu. Bas dil yehi chaahataa hai ki mein teri gaand ke saath kheltaa rahu.Saying that he buried
his face again in my ass and his hands now started moving on my thighs. He was so gently moving his hands that my excitement
raised like anything.His one hand reached my virgina and started caressing it. Me : kalu aa- aaa kalu - pl—ea---se thodaa -
aa – ohh kalu.Hearing my voice he got more enthu and his rhythm increased a bit. He now decided to remove my panty and down
it went at one jerk. And again buried his face in my ass and got back to his work. His one had was exploring my thighs and
other hand on my virgina. He slowly inserted his middle finger in my virgina and started stroking it. He now moved his face
on my hips making way for his thumb to enter my ass hole. He was now stroking both i.e my virgina with his middle finger and
ass hole with his thumb. I cant resist this and started moaning heavily and loudly. Hearing my moans his strokes became
faster and harder and so did my moaning. What was giving me more excitement was that while he was stroking my ass hole and
virgina he was licking, sucking and biting my hips.I was shamelessly moaning heavily like a slut standing half naked in front
of kalu. And kalu was enjoying my bottom part with all the pleasures.After sometime it became difficult for me to hold and I
released my cum with the loudest moan (as good as scream). His hands were full of my cum. he was still stroking my virgina
and ass hole. Now it was impossible for me to let his finger in my virgina.Me : k- aa-ll—uu ……. Pl—eas—e ab - na- --- hi
.Kalu : kyaa huaa jaan. Bas thak gayi.Me : ha—aaaa.(I nearly screamed.)Kalu understood my situation and removed his hands. As
soon as he did that I let gone my saree down. And was took support of the tree and leaned to it. I forgot that my panty is
still down and I need to pull it up. Kalu was giving a lusty smile to me and while doing that he licked his fingers full of
my cum. He than came close to me and hugged me tightly and said Kalu : jaan-e-jaanaa. Abhi toh shuruaat hai. Tum abhi se hi
thak jaaogi toh kaise chalegaa.I kept quite.Kalu : jaan kyaa hua. Lagtaa hai tumhe aaraam ki jaroot hai. Ees haalat toh tum
andar nahi jaa paayogi. Ek kaam karo thodi der yahi grass ke upar ulti let jaao aur thodaa aaraam karlo. Mein tab tak tumhari
gaand ke maze letaa hu. Saying that kalu pulled my saree and peticote with the jerk and they both fell down. I was again half
naked. He than pulled my hands and made to lye down on the ground. Soon I was on ground with my ass facing the sky. I just
responded to all his action as I had no energy left, since I was standing for about almost 2 hours. And was completely
exhausted as kalu was finger ****ing my virgina and ass.Kalu grabbed both my hips with his hands and started caressing. He
was moving his hands very gently on my hips. After 5-10 minutes of caressing my hips he moved downwards caressing my thighs
and till my ankles again. I knew he is upto something as last time when he did that he finger ****ed me. But now what. Will
he again finger **** me or what? Several thoughts were running in my mind. Suddenly I could feel his lips on my ankle. He was
kissing my foots gradually and slowly moving upwards and while he was kissing his hands were playing with my hips, he was
caressing, cupping, pressing, pinching, doing whatever they could do with my hips. His face has now reached my knees and
slowly my thighs. He stayed there for sometime. But this was again exciting me. I had again getting aroused by his moves and
kisses. He now started kissing my hips as well. This was really very arousing. His hands and face both were on my hips
simultaneously doing their work. My hips were again wet with his saliva. He also lied beside me in such a way that his penis
was very close to my mouth while he was busy with my hips.Kalu : jaan, sirf maze hi logi yaa muje bhi thoda mazaa dogi.Me. :
kyaa---- kyaa matlab.Kalu : are yaar ab yeh bhi muje hi bataanaa padegaa.Me : mein samji nahi..Kalu : achchaa chalo ab meri
jeans ka button aur chain kholo. Aur merin jean niche utaaro.I did what he said. Kalu : are yaar meri chaddi bhi to utaaro.Me
: oh! Haa!Kalu : ab mere lund se khelo aur chusso. Kyaa kabhi kiyaa nahi hai kyaa. Yeh bhi bataanaa padegaa.I holded his rock
hard penis in my hand and started caressing it. After sometime I took his in my mouth. Now it was the ultimate situation. He
was kissing, licking, caressing my ass and I was sucking his dick and playing with is testis.
I was experiencing the joy of like. I had never been in such a position. I was now getting to know what is sex could be.
Honestly, speaking my hubby never did any of such things with me on bed. Believe me this was the first hand experience of
such a wonderful excitement that too from a stranger whom I have met just today. I was never into a relationship with anybody
else prior to my marriage and vicky (my hubby) never gave me such a pleasure, though we use do a long & prolonged foreplay
before intercourse but was limited to kissing & fondling.I was completely lost in joy and pleasure with kalu. I wished that
he should have been my husband. Suddenly he stopped his moves and I could feel that his body tightened. He was pressing my
hips very tightly. His fingers were holding my hips as if he wants to snatch them apart from my body. And the silence broke
once again.Kalu : aahh - aahhh – haa - aur zor se chusooooooo.And then my mouth got filled with his cum. he released a loads
and loads of cum in my mouth. Half of it I swallowed and half I spitted out. He than loosened his grip on my hips and placed
his head on them.. We lied down there for about 10 minutes in that position. I still had is dick in my mouth but now it was
loosening gradually. It was becoming softer and smaller gradually. But it was still there in my moth.After 10 – 15 minutes he
stood up and said.Kalu : aaaahh haaaaaaaaaaaaa - mazzaaa aagayaa jaanu. Teri gaand jaisi gaan abhi tak meine toh nahi dekhi.
Ji kartaa hai abhi issi waqt khaa jaau. Kaash tu roz muje milpaati.Toh mazaa aa jaataa. Ji toh kartaa hai abhi ke abhi teri
gaand maarlu, lekin tune itnaa chusa hai ki lund abhi khadaa hone mae time lag jaayege.Me : isssshhhh, kitne gande sabd bol
rahe ho. Kuch toh.He interrupted.Kalu : jaane jaanaaa – pahele tum bhabhi thi ab nahi ho. I kept quite and was also feeling
shy. I suddenly got my conscious back. And was really cursing my self for allowing kalu to do all these with me. I thought
that I have cheated Vicky. Suddenly the patiwrataa naari inside be woke up. Now there was the conflict in my mind. I pushed
kalu away and got up and started looking for my dress. I picked up and wore them and said to kalu.Me : kalu, jo hua bhul
jaao, aur kisi ko mat bataanaa ke apne bich kyaa huaa thaa. Ab iske baad aise behave karnaa jaise kuch huaa nahi thaa aur naa
hi mere paas aane ki koshish karnaa..But kalu had different plans.Kalu : jaannaa! Bilkul tum jaisaa kahogi mein waisaa hi
karungaa, lekinHe paused a bit.Me : lekin kyaa? Kalu : muje teri gaand maarni hai.Mr : kyaa?Kalu : muje teri gaand maarni
hai.Me ; (shocked) kyaa matlab.Kalu : muje teri gaand maarni hai, matlab, muje teri gaand marni hai.Me : (angrily) toh ab tak
kyaa kar rahe thae.Kalu : ab tak ! ab tak toh mein sirf teri gaand ke maze le rahaa thaa.Me.; voh mein nahi jaanti – ab isse
aage kuch nahi karenge. Mein ab tumhe milnaa bhi nahi chaahati.Kalu : thik hai ! toh fir mein sab ko bataa dungaa.Me : kyaa
bataaoge? Koi tumhaari baat kaa vishwaas kyu karegaa. Koi nahi maanegaa ki mein tumhaare saath thi.Kalu : (laughing like
gabbar sing) mein tumhaaraa video dikhaaungaa. Tum bhool gayi ki mere paas tumhaaraa video hai. I suddenly realized that kalu
has shot me with uncle in the marriage when I was measuring the size of uncle’s dick.Me ; (in a loud voice) nahi - tum aisaa
nahi karoge – tumne promise kiyaa thaa. Isliye toh meine yeh sab tumhe karne diyaa..Kalu : ha ha ha ha, meine promise to
kiyaa thaa aur mein oose nibhaaungaa lekin tumhaari gaand marne ke baad hi mein voh video delete karungaa oos se pehele
nahi.I was now cursing myself, why did I do all that with uncle, in the marriage, and so on. I was wordless.
Suddenly I heard some noise in the bushes, I felt that some one was coming. I was standing there not knowing what to do.
Adding to my embarrassment rakesh appeared over there, he found me and kalu . kalu had his hands on my puppies seeing him kalu immediately too khis hands off my boobs .rakesh was holding 2 bottles in his hand one was water and another was of

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