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Old 11th May 2008
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Computers and technology is a burgeoning forum and has its own unique identity as all other subforums. Etiquette rules differ subtly and please go through these to make this section enjoyable to you and others.

Post in the appropriate section

We have four sections:

Computers, Gadgets & Gizmos - All tech articles, tips, threads regarding mobiles, gadgets go here.

Gaming - For threads regarding PC, PSP, Xbox and other games.

Ebooks - Requests and posting of non-copyright ebooks.

Tutorials and technical help - All threads requesting help with technical matters and posting of tutorials.

DO NOT post anything against the rules

Do not post/discuss/link to anything related to hacking / warez / cracks, etc. Posting of pirated software and games is strictly forbidden.

Use The Search Feature

Before posting a new topic or asking for help on anything, search the forum to see if the topic already exists.

Use appropriate thread titles

For quick responses to your queries, please use a descriptive thread title. Titles such as "Help me" and "Urgent Help required" are not meaningful and will not recieve either visits or adequate responses from other members.

We hope you have a pleasant experience in our forums.


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Old 23rd August 2008
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Reminder regarding Copyright Rules.

We at eXBii strictly forbid piracy in any form. Posting of copyright material in any form by members is not acceptable and is a violation of our usage policy and the signup agreement for usage of this site.

The recent suspension of posting rights universally for all was due to intractable offenders of this rule and the numerous copyright complaints we have received. Please note that this is an indicator of things to come should copyright infringer's not amend their affairs. eXBii is not a place to share copyright ebooks.

All sub-forums of eXBii have the same rules against copyright infringement but unfortunately ebooks comes across the worst offenders especially in terms or requesting and posting copyright books, in the fiction genre. Once again, as a member you are NOT allowed to request or post copyright material. Future offenders are warned that they may not receive a warning or a second chance anymore. Deletion of posted material, infractions, and restricting or denying access to the forums is part of the action we take against such offenders and no hesitation will be shown hereafter.

Due to the sheer physical impossibility of policing every post in a large community based forum of this size, we request members to be vigilant and report copyright violations in the interest of maintaining this community.

We respect the author's rights and encourage them to contact us regarding offenses against their intellectual property by private messaging one of the moderators of this section ( shapey and dukhiatma) or using the contact form for speedy resolution.

While we do not wish to bar anyone from using this forum, egregious and blatant violation leave us no choice. We hope you will all work with us in helping this forum abide by rules.

eXBii Admin Team.

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