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Old 12th February 2018
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Terms and Conditions applies - A short story of NRI couples Valentine day

This is a story of loving wife make husband happy and husband always obeys her rules.
Terms and Conditions strictly apply

February month on almost spring. Love and lust in the air. Bitter cold in Scottish outside. Reading FT paper and looking at outside snowflake covered garden. Thinking what should we do this year? She just finished Yoga and gym lessons came home. Panting took a glass water and drinking. Even she is mother out two lovely children she is always head turner. Carrying a good jeans from their parents always petite figure, ample soft 34d breasts, workout abs and firm butt. Light brown complexion and height of 5”5’. She sat in front grabbed a magazine, flipping pages, Sweat coming from neck going valley between breasts. We married 9 years ago, she was untouched flower from India, came to Scotland with me. On lustful first night her girly tight vagina made my cock hurt and covered in red. I was freaked out first, when i saw blood then realized she is virgin. Ever since I have never ever think of any other woman. She offered nourishment, affection or fulfill my lust desires all these years. All around couples our age, their wife's put extra few pounds and not looking after themselves, she is always take care body. Despite wet Scottish weather she was never lazy, a minimum 5 mile walk and now this gym sessions. She aging like nice single malt scotch whisky. Any local Indian gatherings, all my friends horny looks on her body and her looks, while their chubby wife's whispering in other chubby wife’s ears. Not sure what those lazy chubby ladies talking.
So Sudha can we go somewhere warm for mid-term march holidays?” i asked, “What’s in your mind?” she replied. “Nothing yet” i responded. “Hmm… do you want me check local mall for deals or internet” she said. As my business doing so well we have enough money 2 holidays a year. She also tops of with her part-time work money. We are blessed and happy. “How about beach holiday my beach abs can be ready after 15 days?” She looked around make sure my kids are not around she left her sweaty shirt… just slight curves but looks firm and can see tight bra. A hint of supple breasts. “The way you are going one day with a young man you will walk away from me, leave me with two kids marry chubby woman from India” i said jokingly. “Never!!!I love you from my first sight, how could you say that to me? If you want to stop going gym i will stop now” she really took my comment very angrily. I felt guilty and silly. “Hey! I am really sorry, it was joke” said apologetically. Silence between us. I came up “Sorry Sudha! Btw I never tested those abs in bed” with winking. “Aaah the kids you need to be careful,they are not toddlers anymore. ”I went to lobby. “Lads! Go out to Cian’s house with ball and cycles”. Kids are delighted and left the house. Sent message to Cian’s mom saying my kids are coming to your house.
I turned back to kitchen “now” i said she blushed “Now a days you are getting younger and naughty”, “I am sweaty and dirty need shower” she said. “I like your sweat” i said. “Youuuoww gross” she put awkward face. We went upstairs, quickly unwrapped nude that 5”5 body and myself. The sweat womany smell gushing from her body touched my nostrils. As we are naked, my hard on touching her belly. “Oh please let me do shower”, just holding in hand. That’s the sign I know she want make love. Turn her back, holding those supple soft breast in my hands from behind, my erect meat touching top of her firm bums... move her sweaty wet hair on my way kissing her neck... this really makes her submit to me and turn her on so wildly. She is really aroused need bit more to work from me. . . more kisses and pushing my private on her back. . a slight moan “mmm sss” now I know she is almost there. Soft teeth mark left already on her left side of neck. My pre-cum oozing out now. Those soft breasts getting squeezed in hands. I whispered “do it down baby”. I must admit she is an obedient wife to my lustful needs. She obeyed, she sat on her knees looking at me took control, kissed all over that erect meat and took inside slowly wrapping in her lips around. Untold rule between us, she will control every movement when she on her knees. I never disobey that rule. I almost touching her tonsils and I can tell her lips made for this job. After she moving head slowly holding mine between tightly in her lips. Made me cum on her supple boobs. She left to bathroom. I am in the bed waiting for a real deal. She did shower for a while, she her neck out from my bathroom whispered “Kids in home yet”,“Nope” i said. She about put her clothes again i came from behind, hug her tight “Again?” she exclaimed “Yes”, “offo. . you are so naughty”. Push her in bed and drop my boxers. Exposed my erection to her. She chuckled. Hold those boobs so tightly in my hand played with my tongue all around. It like first time squeezing them put one in my mouth as much as i could. I made “Ummm” making sounds. She was arched back, my penis can feel her wetness. I hold her hands back, still licking those dark brown nipples. Biting with my lips. Volume of her moan went up now. Leave her hands, hold my penis with one hand rubbed on those pussy lips, with my pre-cum making lube around. Slide it slowly. “Aaaaahhhhh” Sudha shivering now. She hug me so tightly on top. Her two 34d boobs squished under my chest and weight. They can’t breath. Kissed her passionately, whispered “Love you”. “Love you too” got little up i can see her beautiful face under me. Her hands on my buttocks holding me, i picked up speed. Her eyes rolled back as i picked up speed. Pushing 7” meat continued assault in her pussy. “Yeaaah yeah” she reached climax. This part where Sudha kicks out her prudishness. With three more pushes one big grunt i cummed inside and lied on those soft boobs like gas less ballon… we are breathing heavily for 5 minutes. I was lay next her. “Can i get some special for valentine day? Like 2015” i asked “God no! that’s painful” she replied immediately bit angry tone. I remember that episode, slight bit of force i had had assaulted her anal with 7" in that year valentine day 2015. “Then what should we do then?” i teased, “well if you insist i will arrange with third party”. “What ?” i exclaimed, sounds funny to me. “Do you want it?” she asked again, “Yes i want it!?” replied to see where it goes in teasing way. “I will arrange good memory for you as your birthday near valentine’s day” she said. I chuckled “Really you gonna do that”. “Yes” she replied firmly.
Days pass by we were busy. I bought her nice sexy lingerie for my Sudha from Ann summers shop. 4 days before Valentine’s day, out of the blue. I got whatsup message from Sudha it says “So which flavored woman you like 1 Black2 White 3 Asian[Chinese/Japanese] you can choose only one]” I laughed seeing this message. Probably she must be joking i said “2 White”. After 40 minutes later i got another message from Sudha, “1 Blonde 2 Brunette 3 Red Hair Choose one only”. This time this joke is really funny, so replied. “1 Blonde”. After 30 minutes, “What of figure 1 Petite 2 Chubby” i replied jokingly “Just like you”.
Next day i got message with picture posted. Picture is print out from Sudha. It says

For surprise night, terms and conditions are as follows
  1. You can not kiss the third party woman
  2. You can’t meet her again
  3. I will be monitor all the activities
If you accept, send Accept or otherwise send Decline”

I was really laughing out loud at my desk, I know she Qualified Financial Advisor but terms and conditions for surprise night is really funny. I replied “Accept”.

That Friday evening she said “Right I packed our bags lightly, kids are staying at my friends house, we are going to NewCastle tonight for your surprise night” i was laughing. But it is serious. She did all of it. I was like ok, probably will spend night in hotel and breakfast in the morning. When driving she reminded all terms and conditions again. I laughed inside and said i will follow. We went to room. Freshened up.
She blindfolded me. This is really exciting. After that room bell rang. She opened. I heard footsteps. I was stunned talking to myself “really thought is she really doing this?” She opened my blindfold. I saw 5”6’ blonde girl in front me. “How is your surprise? She goes by Sarah” she said “. . . ”I was speechless, until now i thought it’s joke. She is not joking. I just nodded I am shell shocked. This prudish Sudha really made surprise of lifetime. We all sat in sofa talked a little. Sudha interrupted “let’s get to business”. “Sure! Let me change. ” said Sarah. “I am also” said Sudha. They both went to bathroom and giggling inside. I am over the moon.
They came back at same time from bathroom. My god both looking stunning in their lingerie. Sudha wore Cordila Red lingerie with white stockings which i bought. Sarah is some other lingerie Black bra, knickers no stockings just left suspender clips. Both came to me, Sudha is kissing me Sarah removing my clothes. I didn’t prepared for this but double excited. Sarah removed my boxer shorts i was naked and mine erected. Sudha pushed me to bed. I was sitting on edge my heart thumping out. Sarah smiled at Sudha. Sudha winked at Sarah. Sarah hold my erect cock and started kissing it. Sudha removed her bra exposed those familiar soft breasts to me she given one to mouth. My mouth hold it tightly started licking it. Sarah also took off bra. We both are watching a professional at work on my cock. Sarah took completely moving in n out… I was moanining aaaa aaa…. Sudha also curiously looking at Sarah’s work. She also kneel down. Now both are kissing and using their tongues… two tongues of two beautiful woman are down Sudha fulfilled all desires. I am tight and ready to explode, Sudha knows what is that means… She stopped kissing moved away with a grunt i cummed all over Sarah’s face and boobs.
After clean, then we had few refreshing drinks and bit chat with two beautiful nude woman in front of me. Sarah is blonde, 5”6 nice looking British broad shoulders, 32-30-34 and 25 yr old professional escort girl with palish skin. Sudha did her research about escort agencies and she found Sarah for me. Now i am hard down there. Sudha saw it and whispered something in Sarah’s ear. Sarah came down kissed on my cock used her saliva over. Sarah stopped, bend over and looked at me. She given herself *phat* slap on her bum. I am looking at what’s that means. Sudha came and whispered in my ears, “she want your cock and in anal, fuck her hard i will watch” she very very rarely uses word “Fuck”. I was like obedient husband followed her orders. I given one slap white bum on Sarah *phat* our both eyes are wide open at her curves and white body. Sudha put a condom on mine. Hold Sarah white pale waist and Sudha helped my cock into her anus…. God’s given wider girth over my cock, Sarah make and groan as i am pushing into her tight anus… Sudha whispered “fuck this whore hard” in my ears, Now hold Sarah waist dragged towards with bit force as pushed hard… “Oh god..Plz plz stop”. Animal in me, didn’t listen to Sarah. I pushed hard. . Sarah with pain moaning “oh god it hurts”. . Sudha whispered again “she is pro, she is acting do her hard” Sudha stood behind with hug as boobs on my back. I hold Sarah’s waist again do one more push “ooooooohoooouuu aahplz plz plz stop”. Sudha came to Sarah bums given tight slap “fuck her hard”. With that motivation i pushed hard hard like an animal after 3 minutes. Thrusting her anal with Sudha’s help. Every thrust and pounding Sarah is screaming. I pulled it out … Sudha knows again what’s that means. “Sarah” ordered Sudha, Sarah kneel down and opened mouth. Sudha took out my hand and given two hand strokes, i poured warm cum in mouth and face of Sarah. Sarah went to bathroom we both can see her butt cheeks are red from our slaps and walking awkwardly , i don’t know is that acting or real pain.
Now i whispered to Sudha let her lick you, Sudha prudishly said “No No!”. “I insist” I ordered. “Will see” said Sudha. 10 more minutes of break and few drinks. I asked Sudha to join bed with me. She lay down. I given my cock not sitting on boobs, into her mouth. “ummmmmm” she is taking in. “Sarah what are you looking? Lick her off and make her”. . .Sudha eyes wide open with mouthful mine. Sarah being pro, comfortably lay on between Sudha’s legs started working on Sudha’s pussy, Sarah opened her legs wide open while Sarah nose pushing Sudha’s clit hood. Sarah pink tongue working on Sudha’s g-spot vigorously. Sarah’s licking sound even i can hear. She is a pro. As she mouthful she can’t breath. I got up and sat looking at Sarah. Sudha took my cock with hand, moving it gently. But Sarah’s work down making her moan… stop stroking me squeeze my cock hard. ... ”there yes yes” Sudha moaning louder shaking…. “Please don’t don’t stop” Sudha reached climax and Sarah make sure Sudha is finished with her finger work… We chuckled. We given little extra for Sarah professional services to both of us.
From there on wards, now and then my loving wife arranges some surprise night twice yearly with different flavors with same terms and conditions. I never disobeyed them.


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nice start
నేను మనిషీ ని ఎదుటి వాళ్ళ లో ఈశ్వరుడు ను చూస్తాను. నేను దెయ్యం కావచ్చు ఎదుటి వాళ్ళు దేవుళ్లు.

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Originally Posted by luckykrish View Post
nice start
Thank you. I will update soon

My other story @ https://xossip.com/showthread.php?t=1519018

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Arrow Chapter 2 - Take Away

Chapter 2 - Take Away

Almost 7 months passed with thrilling experience with English Sarah from Escort Agency. Kids are in birthday party finally we both are alone. She was cleaning the house, she bend over and picking up toys from floor. That arched 32 yr old firm back is really looking at me asking from assault from behind. I decided do it.
I got up slowly hold from behind, “ohh plz let me clean , after…” before she finishes i dragged her to the bed pinned her down forcefully. Pull her house pajamas down unto her ankles. One hand holding her neck firmly. I feel sorry for her. “What ru doing “ with high pitch voice. Didn’t responded as i am busy removing pajamas down to my ankle. *phat* one firm slap on her bum *phat* one more slap. I was rubbing my cock on bums. She is frightened and now shaking leaf almost crying voice, “Please please don’t do that it hurts badly”. I bend over she breathing heavily as i pinned down… with my teeth i made little mark on shoulders. She is trying escape under me. Hold her firmly. “Please don’t rape me …” as she begging i kissed her neck. Her womanly smell coming from armpits aroused me. Tear her t-shirt exposed lovely spine and shiny brownish back.
I whispered “do you think i am really gonna do it?”. Her tension and stiffness is gone. She chuckled and relieved. “I am your man not animal” I whispered. Now she is pushing her bums onto me and said “I thought your like every man, but i am so wrong”. Before she says anything i closed i slide my tongue into her mouth as i bend. She is arousing now i can tell from her moans. “Shall i enter you from behind ?” whispered “as you wish” replied she spread the legs. herself nicely with firm grip on bed.
I like those legs not chubby touching each there is ample space between them. Hold mine slide into her, she looked at me behind with half eyes closed… killer looks killer body i thought to myself. Her tore t-shirt hanging from my behind. Hold her waist and pulling with force, now mine complete disappeared into her. The ripples started from bum reached waist and subsided as pickup speed. Aaaaa aaa there she moaned. With her moans in my ears *phat* one slap. “aaaa mmma amma “ moaning loudly, her hands firmly gripped that duvet on bed.
She is pushing her bums back helping the rhythm. Aaaaaa she become stiff reached climax to her and i paused as this her moment. Her vaginal lips hold mine so tight when is in climax now little relaxed. I pick up again speed she looked from she flapped hair one side and my turn to reach climax i left warm juices into hers.
After two weeks, finishing office packing files. Came out there I saw Sudha ins Parking lot. I kissed in her cheeks. “Shopping?” I asked, she answered “No! we are going to Surprise night with same Terms and Conditions” replied. “Now?” I exclaimed. “Kids, all sorted and paid let’s go” she chuckled. I got in. We went other town. Into hotel and room. Did shower together and she served snacks and chilled light beer. She sipping half glass of wine. Bell rang, “Close your eyes and no peeking” she commanded I obeyed and at same time excited.
“Open your eyes” Sudha said with giggling voice. I opened, in front of me 5 feet Chinese or Japanese girl. “How is it? Her name is Wong Yen” she asked “excellent choice for us” i replied. Sudha is giggled. Sudha is towering over her. I was in middle Sudha and Wong just chit chatting. Wong has broken English, she is 23 yr old chinese and allegedly student in near by university. Wong said “I am ready”. I got up, she is tiny to my height i can really left and do her now. But refrained and I must obey terms and conditions set by Sudha. Sudha undress her. Wong has silky white complexion and 28A cup bra size no match to Sudha D size buzzungas. Very tight slim body as is her Ass.
Sudha undress herself as usual she is in her best silk black lingerie. Sudha put her hand over Wong and winked at me. Sudha whispered something in her ears. Wong came close i have look down on her. She removed my clothes. Looking at down her Eyes wide open. Muttering “It’s big”. Sudha kneel down kissed my hard erect meat Wong watching us with excitement. Sudha got up. Ask Wong to “kneel down and show your skills”. She kissed it slightly reluctantly took into mouth. My wide girth made her to open wide of her mouth. I pushed gently until it touched her end. Sudha n me watching from top. Wong started moving head so tight. Sudha soft breast creasing my hard shoulders. She whispered “this Chinese takeaway is ours for tonight, tear her two holes apart” in my ears. I like the word “ours”. Wong holds palms holding thighs controlling my movement. Her thin tips locked my erect meat.
I stiffen up as her tight mouth did the magic. Sudha ask her stop and stay down. Sudha given few strokes on mine warm juices flying from mine to all over Wong's face hair and body. We all went to bathroom and cleaned.
Sudha served drinks and refreshments to ourselves. After 5 minutes. Sudha took Wong to bed. Sudha throw her Knicker at me. Wong lied down Sudha is kissing her lips and looked at me. The way she kissed her and looked make me hard. I really want to jump on pound her hard Sudha. But I know can’t. Wong slightly hissed. Sudha took Wongs breast into her mouth start licking her pink nipples. I was watching and breathing heavily. Prudish Sudha sucking another woman's boobs. It is lovely sight. Wong also like her gentle touch and hissing and moaning. Sudha lay next her given 34d bazzongs to Wong's mouth. Wong took it sucking it. Sudha is moaning. Sudha now in lesbian mode. I better not involve kept watching two beautiful bodies.
Sudha lay down completely. Whispered something in Wong’s ears. Good Wong got up, kissing all over her body and finally settled head in between Sudha legs. Licking my wife’s pussy. Sudha making loud moaning noises and hold firmly one hand holding beds grip. Sudha’s eyes rolling and biting her bottom lip. I know that means only one thing she is reaching climax. I am so glad she is exploring her inner sexuality in front of me. Big moan from Sudha hold Wong’s head firmly reached her pinnacle.
She asked me come to bed now. Still laying on bed asked me to give kiss. I kissed her. “she all yours” Sudha whispered.

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