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Old 26th September 2012
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Doodh Sex Stories

This thread contion breastfeeding sex stories and in roman hindi aur roman urdu or English, exbii member can also post breastfeeding sex stories but it must be in roman hindi aur roman urdu or English

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Guyz all these stories which i am posting are not mine they are taken from another source
I'm Amit live in delhi now . I am back again to share my experiences with you. My mother (Amma as we call her) is a beautiful lady. She is 37 now and I am 18. Girls in the Northern part of Kerala get married at a very young age. My mother is whitish, with good sized boobs and bottom. I get excited by her breasts and plump buttocks. She dresses very casually at home and sometimes doesn't wear any bra underneath her blouse. Once when she wore a cream colored blouse I could make out the outlines of her areolas of her breasts.

My father works in Dubai. At night I sleep with my mother in the bedroom as she is afraid of sleeping alone. I lie close to her often putting my arms over her and she doesn't mind it. Umma removes her sari and wears only her blouse and petticoat while sleeping. While my father comes from Dubai, she sleeps with him. A few months after my father came mother became pregnant. Around this time father took a few months leave from Dubai and we all moved into a new apartment at Cochin. The new apartment had only one bed room. My father and mother slept on one bed and I slept on the mattress in the floor. My younger sister was born in October. While my mother breast fed the baby, I saw the full breasts of my mom. Those milk pots excited me. One night as I was sleeping, the baby woke up and started crying. Mom woke up and unbuttoned the blouse and started feeding the baby. At this time father got up from the bed and went to the bathroom and returned. I lay motionless on the mattress. Father sat on the bed next to mom and watched her feed the baby. Mother teasingly asked father whether he too was hungry.

Mom, then put the baby on the cradle and rocked it till my sister slept. Then she returned to the bed and switched off the bed lamp. In the faint light I saw my father moving towards my mother. He placed his hand on her belly and moved upwards. On reaching the blouse he started to caress the breasts. He started unhooking the blouse buttons and then mom got up and helped father to remove the blouse. Father took one nipple in his mouth and started sucking while he played with the other breast. Mom let out a soft moan. I got very excited. I was only a few feet away from all this action. I could feel the deep breaths of my parents. They must have assumed that I was asleep. I held my breath and waited for more action.

My father then untied the knot of moms petticoat and slid it down her leg. Then he tore off his lungi. He then moved down the bed and put his head between my moms thighs. I was unable to make out what he was doing there. Mom seemed very excited during this period. He started rubbing this place vigorously and mom started making a 'OOOOHHHHH' sound. Father then crept over her body and started kissing mom all over the face, neck and chest. After all this kissing he got up from the bed, pulled mom towards the edge of the bed, spread her legs apart and slowly pushed his penis into her cunt. At the first time mom complained of some pain, father then took some thing from the shelf and applied it on his penis and between moms thighs and said to mom 'Now it will be fine' and slowly inserted his penis into her. Slowly he started it ramming in and out and I heard the 'plop plop' sound along with mothers soft 'AAAHHH AAAAHHH' moans. Mom started moaning wildly as father increased speed. After sometime father stopped pumping and took his thing out of her cunt and mom started to fiddle with it. Later both went to the bathroom and returned after about half an hour.

Next morning mom was very cheerful. I waited for more action in the next couple of days, but I was disappointed. A few weeks later my father left for Dubai. Mother seemed itchy after he left. I continued to sleep with mother in the same bed. One night, after dinner my mom was helping me with my school homework. My baby sister started crying. Mom took the baby, Asked me to hold her for a minute. She then removed the part of the sari over her breast and started opening the blouse buttons. I got an immediate erection. She then took the baby and started feeding her. My mind was away from homework and I wanted to see her nipples. She caught me staring at her breasts and she did'nt seem to mind. She asked me "Finished your homework". I nodded and went to bed and lay down there. After putting the baby in the cradle, mom came to the bed and lay next to me. I put one leg over her body and she came close to me and asked "What is it, Amit? " She then turned towards me. It was then I noticed that her blouse was partially open in the front. I could see a nipple. She caught me again staring at her breast. She smiled and asked me. " Do you too want my milk". I blushed. Slowly she pulled up one side of her blouse and exposed one of her breast completely and said to me" The baby is not taking enough milk these days. My breasts feel very sore" and started squeezing her nipple. A drop of milk emerged

I placed my hand on her breast and asked "Is it painful?" She said " A bit" I couldn't wait for long. I placed my mouth on the nipple and started sucking. OHH MAA. Sweet warm milk filled my mouth. This is not a dream ... I thought. Mom then asked me to wait, while she removed her blouse. Now two full breasts waited in front of me to be sucked. I played with one while I sucked the other. Mom seemed happy. Meanwhile my penis was erect like a baton. It was poking on mom. She said 'Amit, what do you have there in your shorts, Let me see ". she slid down the shorts and was quick to hold on my erect member. She started pushing its skin up and down.

Mom then slid down her petty coat and lay naked on the bed. She spread out her legs and I saw the unshaven pussy. She took my head and place it over her pussy. I inserted my finger into the hole and moved it in and out. Soon juices started flowing out her cunt. Mom got up again, raised her bottom a bit and placed a small pillow below her bottom and lay over it and spread over her legs. She then asked me to climb over her and helped me to insert me prick into her hole. Her hands guided by inexperienced shaft into her hole. It went into the hole easily. I could feel the warm cunt walls. Then she slowly pushed me back and forth. I finally got the rhythm and pushed the penis in and out of the wet hole. Mom was wild with excitement. Meanwhile I played with her full breasts. I couldn't hold out for long and I pumped the entire cum inside her.

Next time I was able to hold out for more time. Over the next few days mom gave me lots of new experiences. She took my organ in her mouth and licked me to ecstacy. I licked her cunt until she was satisfied on another night. I showed her a picture of a girl being fucked through her anus. Mom agreed to try out this one also. Initially it was very painful. But she mastered the act in no time and took me into new heights of ecstacy.

She says that she won't get pregnant anymore since she is taking pills. I like to satisfy my mother's needs.

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Coming soon

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Parmesh Aur Uska Pariwar - Part 1

Title: Parmesh Aur Uska Pariwar - Part 1
Auther: rahultyson
Genre: Incest/Taboo

Guyz this is only a fantasy not a true story.

Mera name Parmesh hai aur mai India kay aik gareeb gaon sy talauq rakta hun, Meray gaon mai Maa jis ka name Swathi hai uski do choti bhenay yani meri Mausi Sona (Bari Mausi) and Shaleni (Choti Mausi) hai, Bari Mausi Maa sy 5 saal choti thi aur Choti Mausi 7 saal choti thi. Choti Mausi kay janam ky 10 saal baad meri Maa ky Mata Pita yani meray Nana Nani aik hadsay mai mar gaye thy, Nana Nani jo jayejad thi wo zahir hai Meri Maa aur Mausiyun ko mili, Nana Nani ky jayejad mai aik ghar uska saman aur aik khet tha jis sy poray ghar ka kharcha chalta tha, Nana Nani ky iteqal ky baad meri Mausiyun ki zemaydari meri Maa ky sar agai thi. Jab Nana Nani ka iteqal hua tou us waqt meri Maa ki umer 17 saal thi, kyun meri Maa aik chotay sy gaon main rehti thi jaha koi kanoon nhi tha isliye aik 25 saala admi ny meri Maa ka rape krdia tha jis ky natejay main meri Bari Didi (Padma) ka janam hua, jab Padma Didi ka janam hua tou Maa 18 Saal ki thi. Bari Didi ky janam ky kuch saal baad wo admi dubara aya aur meri Maa sy mafi mangi aur Maa ny usy maaf krdia aur usy shadi krli, shadi ky do saal baad Maa ko aik aur beti hui yani meri aik aur Didi (Choti Didi) jis ka name Priya rakha gaya, wo admi 6, 7 saal tak theek raha lekin phr wo sharabi ban gaya aur chodkar ban gaya aur meri Maa aur Mausiyun ko buray tarikay sy chodta jis ky natijay mai Maa 27 saal ki umer mai aik aur bacha hua is baar beta hua yani main Parmesh. Meray peda honay ky baad meri Mausiyun ko bhi bacha hua dono Mausiyun ko betay hue. Kyun ky gaon mai larkon ko bhut ehmiyat hasil hoti hai isliye wo admi Mujhy aur Mausiyun ky bacho ko cheen ky ly janay laga, Maa aur Mausiyun ny roknay ki bhut koshish ki lekin sirf mujhy rok saki aur meri wo admi meri Mausiyun ky bachay ly gaya. Hamara pariwar bhut dhuki hogay lekin zindagi kuch mahino baad apni rutine pe agai. Wo admi jo ky mera baap hai meri Maa aur Mausiyun ky sath bhut bura bartao krta tha unhy ghar mai nanga rakhta tha, isi karan meri Maa aur Mausiyan bhut khul gaye thy aur ghar mai kam kam kapre phenty thy, is ka asar meri Didiyun per bhi parha tha. Us admi yani meray baap ki waja sy meri Mausiyun sy kabhi shadi na krnay ka faisla kia. Kyun ky ghar mai mai he akela larka tha isliye mujhy sab sy bhut pyar milta tha. Mai 8 saal ki umer tak apni Maa aur Mausiyun ka doodh pita tha aur unky doodoo sy khelta hai, jab meri jee chahta main kabhi Choti Mausiyun ky ya Maa ky blouse mai hath daal kr doodoo sy khelta, Maa aur Mausiyan mujhy bhut pyar karty thy aur mujhy aram sy khelny detay thy lekin Maa aur Mausi meray samanya kabhi nangi nhi hui bus mujhy doodh pilatay waqt aur doodoo chuswaty waqt apnay blouse ky hook ko khol detay thy aur bra sy nipple nikal kr pilaty aur chuswaty. Maa aur Mausiyan lowcut ghar mai lowcut bluse aur peticoat he mai rehty, main aksar Mausiyun aur Maa ky cleavage sy khelta unhy chaat ta aur cleavage ki lakeer main haat dalta aur doodoo dabba dabba ky khelta. Main ghr mai aksar nanga rehta ya phr chadda baniyan phenta, meri Didiyan ghar mai shalwar shalwar kameez phenti thi, mujhy su bhut pyar krtien thi aur meray sath mazak bhi krtein aur kheltien bhi. Mujhy ghar mai takreeban saab he nehalaty thy meri Didyan, Mausiyan aur Maa. Main 8 saal tak Mausiyun aur Maa ky doodoo ka maza leta raha aur unky hathon nahata raha lekin phr Maa aur Mausiyun ny ahista ahista 10 saal ki umer tak mera doodoo ky sath khelna band krwadia aur main khud he nahanay laga aur ghar mai chadday aur baniyan mai rehny laga. Hamaray gaon ka mohal din br din karab honay laga tha mard log jab jee chaye kisi bhi larki ya aurat ko chod detay thy. Maa ny Didiyun ki chudai ky dar sy ghar aur khet bhej kr gaon sy dur aik chotay sy gaon mai naya ghar aur khet ly lia, yeh khet phelay walay khet sy bara tha lekin ghar chota tha. Is ghar mai sirf 3 kamray thy aik ghar mai ghusty he, aik seedhy hath pe aur aik ulty hath pe. Seedhy hath ky kamray mai Mausiyan sootein thi, beach walay kamray mai main aur Maa aur ulty hath ky kamry mai Didiyan. Beach walay kamray mai he aik washroom tha jaha sab nahaty aur aik rasoi ghar tha, washroom aik tha aur hum 6 log thy isliye aksar Maa aur Mausiyan, Maa aur Didiyan aur Mausiyan aur Didyan sath nahalety thy lekin main khud he akelay naha leta, kabhi kabhi Maa ya Mausiyan nehala deti lekin mujhy nanga nhi krti. Hamara ghar shehar aur gaon ki abadi sy dur tha yaha takreeban 70 log rahty thy sab pariwar ky apnay apnay ghar aur khet thy. Hamaray ghar ky phecahy he hamara khet tha jo hamri kamai ka wahid zariya tha har 6 month baad aik admi ata aur khet ky sari sabziya aur phal humain paisay de kr khareed leta tha aur hum aram sy pora saal paisay kharach krty, humain phal aur sabziyan khet sy he mil jaty aur doodh ky liye hamray khet mai 2 bhains thi jin sy Maa aur Mausiyan doodh nikal kr humain pilati aur agar bhains doodh na deti tou Maa aur Mausiyan humain apna doodh pilati, meri Didiyan Maa aur Mausiyun ky doodoo sy chus kr doodh pelaytien magar mujhy glass main milta. Hamaray pariwar ab sukhi sukhi rehy raha hai humain naya ghar khareday hoe 4 saal hogaye hain aur mai 14 saal ka hogaya hun auer is waqt mera pariwar kuch is tarha hai:

Swathi (Maa), Age 45, Figure 40-36-38, Height: 5.3

Sona (Bari Mausi), Age 40, Figure 38-34-36, Height: 5.2

Shaleni (Choti Mausi), Age 38, Figure: 36-34-34, Height 5.2

Padma (Bari Didi), Age 26, Figure: 34-28-30, Height: 5.0

Priya (Choti Didi), Age 24, Figure: 34-30-30, Height: 4.11

Parmesh (Yani main), Age 14, Height: 4.6

Mausiyan aur Maa ghar mai sirf lowcut blouse aur peticaot mai rehti sirf khet mai jatay waqt saree bandlytein. Didiyan baghair dupaty ky fit shalwar kameez phenti jis mai unki body ka figure aram s pata chalta aur doodoo ki lakeer yani cleavage dekhai deta, sirf bhar jatay waqt he apna dupta urtein.

Kyun meray ghar mai meray elawa koi larka nhi hai isliye main bonga bhudu aur sharmila hun, mujhy Didiyan munna bol kr chertein hain kabhi kabhi tou mai ronay lagta hun lekin koi na koi mujhy mana leta hai, main rozana kabhi Maa aur kabhi Mausiyun ky sath bhains ka doodh nikalnay jata hun, hamaray ghar ky brabar mai aik ghar hai jis mai aik Aunty (Shakeela Aunty, Age: 50, Figure: 38-34-36, Height: 5.0) apni beti (Aanandi Aunty, Age:30, Figure: 36-34-36, Height: 4.11) ky sath rehtein hai Aanandi Aunty ky pati gaon sy bhar job krty hai aur unka aik 2 saal ka beta hai Suraj jo unka roz doodh pita hai. Main roz unky ghar jata hun aur Suraj k sath sy khelta hun. Aanandi Aunty jab Suraj ko apna doodh pilati mai unky samanay ja ky beth jata wo bra nhi phenti thi aur apna blouse ky saray hook khol ky doodh pilati, wo itnay baray galay ky blouse phenti ky un mai sy kabhi kabhi unky nipple bhar ajatay. Aik din mai aunty ky ghar Suraj ky sath khel raha tha ky Suraj ronay laga phr mainay Aanandi Aunty ko bolya.
ME: Aanandi Aunty Suraj roo raha hai.
AANANDI AUNTY: Bus ai abhi, isy bhook lagi hai.
Yeh kej Aanandi Aunty ai apnay blouse ky hook kholay aur apna doodoo Suraj ky mouh sy laga diye aur woh doodh pinay laga aur sath hi sath sabzi katnay lagi, Mai Aanandi Aunty ky doodoo ko ghur ghur ky dekhny laga, mujhy unky doodoo dekhny mai bhout maza araha tha, mujhy achanak laga ky meray chadday mai kuch horaha hai mainay dekha tou meri nunni wali jaga bari hui thi main dar gaya ky yeh kia hogaya mujhy laga mujhy susu anay wali hai isliye main waha sy uth gaya hai ghar chalay gaya lekin ghar jatay jatay nunni wali jaga khud thek hoga. Main ghar ja gy washroom gaya lekin kuch na hua apni nunni ko bhi dekha wo bhi aik dam theek thi phr mai wapis Aanandi Aunty ky ghar chalay gaya wo abhi bhi doodh pila rahi thi main phr sy unky doodoo ko dekhny laga, thori dair main meri nunni wali jaga dubara bari hogai main dubara ghar gaya lekin wo phr thek hogai, main dubara Aanandi Aunty ky ghar gaya aur unky doodoo dekhny laga wo jaga phr bari hogai mai dubara uth ky janay laga tou Aanandi Aunty boli.
AANANDI AUNTY: Kia hua Permesh? Bar bar kaha arahy jarahy ho.
ME: Nhi aunty wo bus esahi.
Phr Aanandi Aunty ki nazar meri nunni wali jaga par parhi aur wo halka sa muskranay lgi, mai ny dar kr nunni wali jaga per hath rakh lia, is pe Aanandi Aunty boli.
AANANDI AUNTY: Koi masla nhi Permesh main tmhari Aunty hun, mujhy pata hai tmhy kia horha hai, tmhari umer kia hai?
Yeh suntay he mai ghabragaya aur ghar bhag gaya, ghar phucha tou Maa ny mujhy dekh kr phucha.
MAA: Kia hua meray bachay ko?
ME: Kuch nhi Maa.
MAA: Phr apni nunni ko kyun pakra hua hai mar lagi hai kiya?
Main dar gaya aur bola.
ME: Maa woh..woh..woh.
MAA: Kis woh..woh idhar aa mai dekhti hun.
ME: Nhi Maa mai theek hun.
MAA: Agr theek hai tou nunni ko kyun pakra huawa hai, idhar a dekha mujhy.
ME: Nhi Maa mujhy sharam ati hai.
MAA: Hum sy kesi sharam tu bachapan tou aksar nanga rehta tha.
ME: Nhi Maa.
MAA: Acha washroom mai chal waha koi bhi nhi hai wha dekha mujhy teri nunni ko kia hua hai.
Phr Maa mujhy Godh mai utha ky washrooom ly gai aur mera chadda utar dia, lekin meri nunni wali jaga dubar thek ho chuki thi Maa ny meri nunni utha ky dekha usy meri nunni ki goliyun ko bhi pakra lekin sab thek tha.
MAA: Sab tou thek hai phr kyun pakra hua tha apni nunni.
ME: (darty hoe) Maa woh..woh.woh khujli horahi thi.
Yeh sun kr Maa ny pani sy meri nunni saaf kari aur bola.
MAA: Ja ab nhi hogi khuji.
ME: Thek hai Maa.
Yeh keh kr main main mausi ky kamray main chala gaya aur gaind sy khlenay laga k achanak gate baja tou dekha Aanandi Aunty ai thi main aunty ko dekh ky dar gaya aur chup gaya Aanandi Aunty apnay betay Suraj ky sath ai thi jo unki godh mai so raha thaSuraj aik dam nanga tha aur Aanandi Aunty ny saree nhi pheni thi wo sirf peticoat aur aik baray galay walay blouse mai thi jis unkay uper sy adhay nangy doodoo dikh rahy thy, meri oinnu wali jagga ohr bari hogai thi, main yeh sab chup ky dekh raha tha ky achanak Padma Didi ny mujhy godh utha liya aur mujhy cherty hue bola.
PADMA DIDI: Kia dekh rahy ho munna? Aur yeh kia tumhari nunni itni bari kyun horahi hai.
ME: Padma Didi woh.. main woh.....
PADMA DIDI: Kia woh .. main main, koi mar tou nhi lagi chalo dikhao mujhy.
ME: Nhi Padma Didi kuch hi hua bus eshai ap mujhy choro mujhy khelnay jana hai.
PADMA DIDI: Phelay dikhao kia hua hai tumhari nunni ko abhi thori dair phelay bhi tum ny isy pakra hua tha.
ME: Nhi Padma Didi kuch nhi hua Maa ny dekh lia hai.
PADMA DIDI: Lekin jab yeh bari nhi thi abhi bari hai chalo dikhao mujhy, acha mai darwaza band krdeti hun mujhy pata hai tmhay sharam arahi hai.
ME: Nhi Padma Didi mujhy choro mujhy jana hai.
PADMA DIDI: Chup aik dam ab kuch bola tou sab ky samany nanga kr k dekhun gi, chalo jaldi sy apna chadda utaro mai darwaza band krti hun.
Yeh keh kr Padma Didi ny mujhy godh sy utara aur darwaza band krny lagi aur main dar kr wahi apni nunni pakray khara rha.
PADMA DIDI: Ary tum ny abhi tak utara nhi, aao main utarun.
ME: Nhi mujhy sharam arahi hai main Maa ko baad mai dubara dekha dun ga ap jao.
PADMA DIDI: Ary main tmhari bari behan hun mujh sy kesi sharam aao main utarun aur dekhun mera pyare sy munnay ky nunni ko kia hua hai.
ME: Padma Didi main munna nhi hun mai nhi dikhaun ga.
PADMA DIDI: Acha pyare sy bhai ki pyare si nunni bus, ab aao yaha mai chadda utarun.
Yeh sun kr main darty hue aur sharmaty hue ahista ahista Didi ky pass janay laga, phr Didi ny mujhy palang bethaya aur mera chadda nikal dia aur meri donno tangay khol kr dekhny lagi, meri nunni halki sy khari hui thi takreeban 3.5 inch ki, Didi meri nunni dekh kr halka sy hasnay lagi aur main apni nunni dekh kr dar gaya aur bola.
ME: Didi yeh meri nunni ko kia hua hai yeh itni bari kesay hogai.
PADMA DIDI: Tum ab baray horahy ho isliye yeh bhi bari horahi hai.

Need Comments For Next Part
Doodh Sex Stories

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Parmesh Aur Uska Pariwar - Part 2

Title: Parmesh Aur Uska Pariwar - Part 2
Auther: rahultyson
Genre: Incest/Taboo

Yeh keh kr Didi ny mujhy wapis chadda phenaya aur bhir bhej dia, phr mai khet main chala gaya lekin woh phr thek hogai mai ny chupky sy chadday mai jhak ky dekha tou wo wapis choti hogai thi takreeban 2.0 inch ki, main Didi ky pass dubara gaya aur bola.
ME: Didi kia main dubara chota hoagya meri non dubara choti hogai.
PADMA DIDI: Nhi bhudu tum dubara choaty kesay ho sakty ho, yeh kabhi kabhi khud bari hojae aur kabhi khud choti hojae gi.
ME: Thek hai Didi.
Yeh keh kr main dubara khet ki taraf khelny ky liye bhaga achanak mera pair pisla aur main gir gaya, girnay ki waja sy main ronay laga, meri chadda phat gaya tha aur nunni pe mar bhi lagi thi. Sab meray ronay ki awaz sun kr mujhy uthany aye, main apni nunni chadday ky uper sy pakray hue tha us mai dard horaha tha, Maa ny mujhy godh main uthaya aur bola.
MAA: Haye! kia hua meray bachay ko, nunni pe chot lagi hai koi baat nhi teri Maa abhi thek krday gi ja priya tel ly kr aa jaldi sy.
Yeh keh kr Maa mera chadda utarnay lagi lekin mainy nhi utarny dia waha sab thy Aanandi Aunty bhi thi isliye, Maa samjh gai ky main sharma raha hun.
MAA: Acha meray bacha nhi kr rahi tujhy nanga mausi ky kamray mai utarun gi sahi mera bacha.
yeh keh kr Maa Priya ky hat sy tel ly kr mujhy Mausi ky kamray mai ly gai aur darwaza band krdia aur mera chadda aur baniyan dono utar kr aik dam nanga krdia aur mujhy palag pe lita dia, phr Maa ny meri nunni ko pakra aur dekha tou halki sy sujan agai thi, Maa ny thora sa tek meri nunni pe giraya aur ahista sy malish shuru krdi, Maa meri nunni ko apni muthi main band kr ky apni muthi uoer nichay krny lagi mujhy maza anay laga aur meri nunni phelay ki tarha bari hona shuru hogai lekin Maa bus malish krti rahi meri nunni aik dam khari hogai thi takreeban 4.0 inch ki hogai thi lekin Maa na ruki aur tezi sy malish krnay lagi, malish krty waqt Maa ky doodoo saaf dihai de rahy thy kyun ky Maa jhuk kr meri malish kr rahi thi isliye mujhy unky aur ziada doodoo dikh rahy thy, mujhy Maa ky doodoo ky sath khelna dil chaha raha tha lekin darnay ki waja sy bol nhi pa rha tha takreeban 20 min tak malish krnay ky bad Maa rukh gai aur boli.
MAA: Bus mera bacha hogaya, ab tou dubara chadda phen ly na main dusra mangwa deti hun deti hun.
ME: Thek hain Maa.
Yeh keh kr Maa ny Padma Didi ko awaz dy kr dosra chadda lanay ko kaha, Padma Didi ny Maa ko darwazay sy he chadda dia phr Maa mujhy chadda dy kr kaha.
MAA: Ly jab nunni choti hojae tou phen k ajana, hum khet mai ja rahy hai.
ME: Thek hai Maa.
Yeh keh kr Maa chalay gai, mai thori dair esa he nanga leta raha aur apni nunni dekta raha phr thori dair baad wo dubara choti hona shuru hogai aur kuch he minute mai normal hogai lekin wo thori suji hui thi, me ny phr chadda aur baniyan phena aur khet mai chala gaya, waha meri Maa bhains sy doodh nikal rahi thi, Didiyan aur Mausiyan jangli poday kat rahi thein, main Maa ki madad krnay gaya lekin bhains doodh nhi dy rahi thi, Maa kafi dair tak agye ky doodoo ko masalti rahi lekin doodh nhi nikla is pe Maa boli.
MAA: Lagta hai bhains bemar hai 2 din dy doodh nhi dy rahi aj phr tum logon apna doodh pila pary ga.
Yeh keh kr Maa ny mujhy jis main doodh nikalty hai wo balti dy kr bola.
MAA: Ja Parmesh isy ghar pe rakh dy.
ME: Thek hai Maa mai rakh deta hun aur Maa kia mai Aanandi Aunty ky ghar jaon.
MAA: Han jaa lekin phelay balti rakh dy.
Phr main ny blati ghar pe rakhi aur Aanandi Aunty ky ghar ki taraf gaya, patanhi kyun mujhy bar bar Aanandi Aunty ky ghar janay ka dil kr raha tha aur us sy ziada unky doodoo sy doodh pinay ka dil kr raha tha, lekin main v ky ghar janay mai sharma bhi raha tha kyun ky meri pinnu pe chot unky samany he lagi thi, mainy janay ki himmat ki lekin na ja saka aur wapis ghar ko chala gaya aur gaind sy khelnay laga, khelty kehlty sham hogai Suraj dubanay wala tha isliye sab ghar pe agaye usky baad Maa aur Mausiyan Sat nahany chaly gai phe Didiyan sath nahali. Sab naha doh kr farigh hogae phr Maa ny mujhy bola.
MAA: Ja Paremsh jaldi sy tu bhi naha ly jab tak mai khana bana det hun.
ME: Thek hai Maa.
Yeh keh kr main nahanay chala gaya aur Maa aur Mausiyan khana banany lagi, main naha doh kr bahir aya thori dair baad khana khaya, khana khanay ky baad maa boli.
MAA: Chalo Padma aur Priya tum dono Bari Mausi aur Choti Mausi sy doodh pilo main Parmesh ky liye doodh nikal kr lati hun.
Yeh keh kr Maa rasoi ghar mai chaly gai aur Didyan Mausiyun ky sath unky kamray main chaly gai, mujhy phr ajeebsa honay laga mera dil kr aha tha ky main bhi Maa ky doodoo chus kr doodh piyun lekin meray andar bolnay ki himmat nhi thi, yeh soch kr meri nunni khari hona shuru hogai thi aur chadday ky uper sy pata chal rha tha k meri nunni khari hui hai, 5 min baad Maa aik glass mai doodh lai, main Maa ko dekh kr aik dam darr gaya aur apni nunni pe hath rakh kr chuppanany ki koshish krnay laga, phr Maa merai taraf doodh ly kr ai aur meri nunni ki karaf dekha jisay mainay haton sy chupaya hua tha yeh dekh Maa boli.
MAA: Kia hua Parmesh dubara dard horaha hai kia tumhari nunni mai?
ME: (dartay hoe) Maa woh..wohh.woh
MAA: Itna darr kyun rahay ho koi masla hai, mujhy bataon?
ME: (dartay hor) Nhi Maa.....b.. bus easahi..... halka halka dard horaha tha.
MAA: Meary bachay ko dard horaha hai koi masla nhi abhi main malish krdeti hun tum jaldi sy yeh doodh pio main jab tak tel ly kr ati hun.
ME: Nhi Maa. .. . Main thek.....
MAA: Ary itna kyun sharma rahy ho main tmhari Maa hun aur abhi tou dupher mai tumhari malish kri thi, tum jaldi doodh pio mai tel lati hun.
Yeh keh kr Maa rasoi ghar ki taraf gai aur Didiyan Mausiyun ky kamray sy nikal ky apnay kamray mai chalay gain, main khush hua ky Maa dubara phelay jesi malish kry gi aur jaldi sy apni Maa ka doodh jo wo glass mai lai thi pi lia, thori dair baad Maa tel le kr ai aur boli.
MAA: Aja main apny bachy ki nunni ki malish krn, chal palang pe lait ja aur chadda utar dy.
Yeh sun kr main palang pe beth gaya aur baniyan utar di, is pe Maa boli.
MAA: Ary baniyan kyun utar di mainy chadda utarnay ko bola.
Main dar gaya lekin Maa boli.
MAA: chal koi masla nhi la main tera chadda utarun.
Yeh keh kr Maa ny mera chadda utar dia aur letnay ko kaha main let gaya phr Maa Palang pe tangay fold kr keh bethi aur meri dono tangay khol kr apnay pass khecha, is tarh meray chutar Maa ki godh mai thy aur dono tangy khuli hui thi. Maa ny phr tel hath mai dala aur meri nunni per laga dia aur phr meri nunnin ko apniay mulayam muthi mai band kr ky malish krny lagi, malish krty hoe Maa ky doodoo saaf dekh rahy thy jo malish ky sath hil rhy thy yeh dekh kr meri nunni khari honay lagi hai lekin Maa ny malish jari rakhi aur kuch dair baad meri nunni aik dam khari hogai takreeban 4 inch ki hogai lekin Maa nhi rukhi aur tezi sy meri nunni ki malish krt rhi, meri nunni ko muthi mai dabba kr apni muthi tezi sy uper nichay krny lagi, mujhy bhout maza anay laga mai pagal sa honay laga lekin Maa nhi ruki wo aur tezi sy malish krnay lagi aur apna anghuta (Thumb) meri nunni ki topi pe ghumanay lagi mujhy bhout maza araha tha Maa ko malish krty hoe takreeban 30 min ho chukay thy, thori dair aur Malish ky baad mujhy laga ky mera susu nikalanay wala hai isliye mainy Maa sy bola.
ME: Maa meri susu niklany wali hai.
MAA: Bus mera bacha hogaya thori dair bardasht krly phr susu krlene.
Yeh sun kr main kuch na bola aur bardasht krny laga 5 min tak susu roknay ki koshish krty raha aur Maa tezi sy meri nunni apni muthi mai daba kr uper nichay krti rahi aur apna anghuta meri topi me ghumati rahi ky mujhy achanak laga ky main aur nhu rok sakta islye maray moun sy nikla.
ME: Maaaaaaaa........
Yeh sunty he Maa ny malish rok di aur mera susu nikalty nikalty eh gaya, mera susu aik dam nukar pe tha lekin nikla nhi, meri nunni aik dam karak hogai thi thi aur khari hui thi phr Maa uthi aur apnay hath saaf krny chaly gai, mujhy bhut bechani ho rahi hi mujhy esa lag raha tha ky meri nunni mai susu hai mager nikal nhi raha, Maa hath doh kr ai aur boli.
MAA: Chal ab soja aur jab nunni dubara choti hojae tou chadda phen lyna.
ME: Thek hai Maa.
Yeh keh kr Maa meray sath palang pe let gai aur chadar urli, Main aur Maa aik he palang per sotay thy aur aik he chaddar urty thy. Mujhy bhut ajeeb lag raha tha dil kr raha tha k Maa ko chupak jao aur unky doodoo sy khelun lekin dar ky maray na bol saka aur na kuch kr saka bus seedha leta raha thor dair baad meri ankh lagai aur main nanga he Maa ky sath chaddar mai soo gaya. Subha Maa uthi nashta banaya aur saab ko uthaya phr meray pass ai tou dekha mera chadda nechay gira hua Maa smjhi ganda hai isliye utha kr gandy kapro mai dal dia aur meri Bari Mausi ko bol.
MAA: Sona Parmesh ko utha aur Shaleni ko bol nashta laga dy.
Yeh sun kr Bari Mausi meray pass ai aur mujhy uthanay lagi, main nanga chaddar ury soo raha tha, Bari Mausi ny mujhy uthaya aur bola.
BARI MAUSI: Parmesh uth ja subah hogai hai nashta laga dia hai.
Main yeh sun kr uth gaya mujhy dihan he nhi raha ky main nanga hun aur apnay uper sy chaddar hata ky khara hoga tou achanak dihan gaya ky main nanga hun aur main ny forn apni nunni pe hath rakh lia kamray main sab thy, mujhy Padma Didi ny dekh kr bola.
PADMA DIDI: Ary Parmesh tmhara chadda kaha hai, tum raat ko nanga sooe thy kia, bhut sharati hogaye ho.
Main bhut sharmanay laga aur nunni pakar kr beth gaya is pe Priya Didi ny mujhy chertay hue bola.
PRIYA DIDI: Choti Mausi dekho munnay ki munni si nunni.
Yeh sun kr saab hasnay lagay mujhy bhut sharm any lagi aur main ronay laga, is pe Maa meri pass ai aur bola.
MAA: Chal pagla, hum sab teray apnay hai kyn itna sharmata hai, wesay bhi tu abhi bhut chota hai.
PADMA DIDI: Maa chota nhi hai ab bara ho raha hai.
MAA: (Muskaraty hue) Hn bara tou hogaya hai, acha tu sharma amt main tera chadda lati hun.
Yeh bol kr Maa mera chadda lai aur mujhy phena dia, phr hum saab nashta krnay lagy lekin mai bhut sharma rha tha is pe Choti Mausi boli.
CHOTI MAUSI: Parmesh itna mat sharmao hum sab tumharay apnay hai, bachpan mai hum sab ny tumhy kitni baar nanga dekha hai.
Lekin main kuch na bola aur sharmaty raha aur khana kha kr kamray mai chala gaya, is tarha 6 7 din guzar gaye, Maa ny bhi us raat ky baad koi malish nhi ki, mai na khet gaya na Aanandi Aunty ky ghar gaya phr aik din Aanandi Aunty apni Maa Shakeela Aunty ky sath hamaray ghar mai unhy dekh kr dar gaya aur kamray mai chup gaya, sab aps mai batein kr rahy thy phr achanak Aanandi Aunty ny apnay blouse ky hook khol aur usy aik dam utar dia aur unky 36 inch ky doodoo saaf saaf dikhae denay lagy, unky doodoo dekh kr meri nunni khari honay lagi, main Aanandi Aunty ky doodoo ko dekta raha mera Aanandi Didi ky doodoo sy khelna ka dil krnay laga, meri nunni aik dam khari hogai thi aur mujhy dard bhi honay laga tha isliye main chadda nechay krky apni nunni ko hath mai leky dekhny laga k achanak kamray mai Shakeela Aunty aur Chori Mausi agaen aur mujhy dekh kr aik dam choak gaen, Choti Mausi boli.
CHOTI MAUSI: Ary Paremsh yeh kia kr rahy ho apna chadda kyu utara hua hai aur tumhari nunni itni bari kyun hai.
Mai darr gaya aur apnay hath sy nunni chupanay laga lekin koi faida na hua wo aik dam khari hui thi meray hath mai chup he nhi rahi thi yeh dekh ky Shakeela Aunty Choti Mausi sy boli.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Lagta hai yeh bara ho raha hai iski nunni ki malish kr warna iski sehat pe asar paray ga.
CHOTI MAUSI: Han shakeela Baji Maa ny ki hai iski malish, kuch din phelay iski nunni pe lag bhi gai thi jab.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Haye mai marjawa! kuch hua tou nhi? Parmesh dikha mujhy.
Main kuch na bola aur sharmata raha aur apni nunni chupanay ki koshish krta raha phr Choti Mausi ny bola.
CHOTI MAUSI: Yeh sharmata bhout hai, koi baat nhi Parmesh Aunty hai na tmhari tmhari Maa ky barabar hai dikha do inhy apni nunni.
Lekin main sharmata raha aur nazar nechy kiye hue apni nunni ko aur chupanay ki kosish krny laga, lekin Choti Mausi ny mera hath pakr kr hat dia aur meri khari hui nunni Shakeela Aunty dekhny lagi unho ny meri nunni pakr kr uper nechy deka meri golian bhi dekhi aur boli.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Ay bhagwan! iski nunni ki goliyun mai tou sujan hai aur nunni mai bhi halki si sujan hai, kab chot lagi thi aur kitni bar malish ki?
CHOTI MAUSI: Koi 7 8 din phelay gir gaya tha aru Maa ny shahyad sirf aik bar he malish ki hai.
Is pe main himat kr ky bola.
ME: Nhi do bar ki hai aik usi sin raat ko bhi ki thi sotay waqt.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Heyy Bhagwan, bola apni Maa ko.
Yeh sun kr Choti Mausi ny Maa ko awaz di aur Maa kamray ami agai sath mai Priya Didi bhi agai aur mujhy dekh ky hasnay lagi aur boli.
PRIYA DIDI: Ary meray munnay nunni achanak bari kesay hogai.
MAA: Tu chup kr har waqt apny chotay bhai ko cherti rahti hai.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Swathi tu ny mujhy bataya bhi nhi ky Parmesh ki nunni mai chot lagi hai aur tu kr kai rahi hai bechary ki nunni ab tak suji hui hai tu ny malish bhi sahi sy nhi ki.
Phr Shakeela Aunty ny apnay aik hath sy meri nunni apni pakri aur aik hath ki hatyli mai meri goliyain pakr kr boli.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Dekh kesy iski goli suji hui hai dono ko aik jesa hona chaiye iski nunni bhi side sy halki si phuli hui hai, tm sab logon ko iska khayal rakhna chaiye tumhary ghar mai koi marad nhi iska khayal rakha kro, iski nunni ki malish kro rozana.
MAA: Mujhy nhi pata itna kuch in mardon ky baray mai.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Haye kesi hai tu, kisi din tum log meray ghar aao mai sab baton gi.
Yeh keh kr shakeela Aunty ny mujhy galon pe chuma diya ur Maa, Choti Mausi aur Priya Didi ky sath beach walay kamray mai chaly gai jaha Aanandi Aunty uper sy nangi bethi apny doodoo Bari Mausi ko dikha rhi thi, mai unhy chup chup kr dekta rha mera chadda abhi bhi nechay tha aur nunni aik damkhari thi, kuch dair batoun ky baad Aanandi Aunty ny blouse phen lia phr Maa aur Padma Didi khana lagany lagy aur meri nunni bhi normal honay lagi isliye mainay apna chadda phen lia, thori dair Maa ny mujhy awaz de, main dar gaya ky Aanandi Aunty ky samany kesy jaon unhy he sab sy phelay meri nunni wali jaga bari hui dekhi thi, 3 4 awazein denay ky baad Maa khud ai aur mujhy godh mai utha ky ly gai aur bola.
MAA: Tum inta sharma kyun rahy hon abhi tum chotay ho aur larky nhi sharmaty.
Main kuch na bola phr hum khana khany lagy, main kisi sy nazray nhi mila raha tha bus khana kha raha tha, yeh dekh kr Aanandi aunty boli.
AANANDI AUNTY: Kia hua Parmesh tm haray ghar nhi arahy kuch dinno dy naraz ho kia aur mujhy Maa ny bataya ky tumhri nunni mai chot lagi hai.
Main kuch na bola aur sharmany laga is pe Bari Mausi boli
BARI MAUSI: Parmesh itna mat sharmao larky bilkul nhi sharmaty.
AANANDI AUNTY: Hn tum kyun itna sharmaty ho.
is pe mai ny himmat kr ky bola.
ME: Nhi Aanandi Aunty mai naraz nhi hun.
AANANDI AUNTY: Tou jab tmhari nunni pr chot lagi tou mujhy kyun nhi bataya
ME: Bus esahi.
AANANDI AUNTY: Acha chalo tum khana kha lo mai tum sy ghar pe baat krun gi ana mery ghr Suraj sy khelny roz tumhy dhunta hai.
ME: Theek hai.
Yeh keh kr saab khanay mai masrrof hogae aur phr Aanandi Aunty aur Shakeela Aunty apnay ghar chalay gae, Maa, Mausiyan anr Didiyan khet chalien gaen aur main khelnay lagaya ur istarha sham hogai sham ko saab wapis aky nahay main bhi nahaya phr khana khaya usky baad Maa doodh lai sab ky jo bhains ka tha aur phr saab sonay chalay gae aglay din subha hum uthy nashta kia usky baad hum saab Shakeela Aunty ky ghar chaly gae, waha ja ky mai Suraj ky sath khelnay laga aur baki sab baton mai lagay rahy usky baad khanay ka time hogaya phr hum saab ny wahi dupher ka khana khaya aur mai dubara Suraj ky stah khelnay laga ur saab batein krny lagay phr achanak mujhy Maa ny awaz dy k bulaya, main gaya tou Maa boli.
MAA: Parmesh beta apna chadda uatr aur Shakeela Aunty ko apni nunni dikha.
Yeh sun kr main sharmanay laga kyun ky waha sab thy, lekin phr achanak Padma Didi ny meri chadda nechay krdia aur main sab ky samany nanga hogaya, main aik dam darr gaya aur sharam ky maray mera bura haal honay laga main apni nunni hathon mai chupa li, lekin Maa ny zarbardasti mera hath aur ghusay main boli.
MAA: Parmesh tujhy kitni bar bola hai itna mat sharmaya kr tu larka hai hath hata aur dikha hum sab ko apni nunni ab hat rakha tou mar paray gi.
Maa ki dant suntay he main ronay lag gaya yeh dekh kr Shakeela Aunty ny Maa ko danta aur mujhy apnay pass khech kr nanga he godh mai brtha lia aur mera gal pe chumi dy kr chup kranay lagi thori dair baad mai chup hogaya, Shakeela Aunty ny meray hath pakry raky thy aur mai nanga unki godh mai betha sharma raha tha, thori dair tak Shakeela Aunty baton mai masroof rahi lekin mai sharmata raha ahista ahista mera sharmana khatam hogaya, phr thori dair baad Shakeela Aunty ny mujhy bola.
SHAKEELA AUNTY: Beta Parmesh ab tum chadda mat phena kyun tmhari nunni mai chot lagi hai isy hawa lagny ki zarorat hai.
Main yeh sun kr pareshan hogaya ky mai bhar kesay niklun ga isliye me ny himmat kr ky bola.
ME: Aunty main bhar kesay jaon ga nanga?

Need Comments For Next Part
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hiii rahul wt a awesome story u have .very nice story keep writing ur fantasy. i think its ur first thread so best of luck.
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Parmesh aur uska pariwar

hiii rahul wht a awesome story u have .very nice story keep writing ur fantasy.
But where is next part.
Where is part 3..?

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