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Our Cultural Trip to the Amazon
It was our first visit ever to this small village in the Amazon. Priya, my wife, and I, visited as a Cultural Exchange Program between India and Brazil. The day was bright and everything looked great. Upon landing at the Rio Airport, we booked a taxi to the small village where we were supposed to spend the rest of the week. After a two hour drive, we reached our destination and a crowd of tribal men and women greeted us. To our surprise, the people had little clothes to cover their bodies. Women were topless and so were the men. I couldn't help from staring at big voluptuous bosoms.

The sun was setting down and our tribal host showed us the thatched straw hut we were to sleep in. We were presented with straw skirts and were supposed to wear them the next morning. Priya and I were both tired because of travelling, so we slept without much talking unaware of what’s going to proceed the next day. At about 7 AM, I heard people talking outside our hut and I saw a group of village girls waiting to take us to the common breakfast they arranged for us. We had to adapt to their culture and ways of life for the next 2 weeks, meaning to dress like them, eat what they eat and so on. After all, it was about their culture.

I took my shirt and pants off and wore the grass-woven skirt, and so did Priya. It was a new experience for both of us to be dressed that way, especially for Priya, and to be topless in public. After some initial shyness and reluctance, we went out of our hut. The girls waiting outside started to smile when they saw us in their traditional costume. One of them had a bowl of paint. She made some colored marks on Priya's body as per the tribal traditions. Priya couldn't hide her emotions and I saw her face blush. Just outside the tribal chief's hut, breakfast was arranged for us…wooden tables with fruits and honey. There were about 50-75 people sitting next to each other, and we were seated next to the chief and his wife. The breakfast started. We ate tropical fruits which we have never seen before. Then I noticed something strange. Some of the men were breastfeeding from the women next to them and suckled, while the women continued to eat fruits. Mia, our translator, and the tribal girl from the village realized my curiosity and whispered that it was normal for husbands and relatives to nurse from lactating mothers. Breast milk was consumed as food in the tribe.

We were told that it was considered to be highly prestigious if a guest was offered breast milk. The guest must never say “No” or else it’s considered to be an insult towards the hospitability of the host. When the breakfast was over, we started doing the days task as everybody else was doing, like collecting fruit and bringing woods for fuel. I noticed that most women of the village had very developed breasts and long pointy nipples. It was due to extended nursing. It seemed that in the absence of any cattle, women were the only source of milk for the villagers.

The day was moving forward and we started to feel hungry, nevertheless we kept on working like other villagers. Priya made a scream catching my sudden attention. She was stung by a wasp on her breast and it started to swell. The people around us also came to help and took us to their only doctor, a traditional herbal doc. Our guide told us that the wasp that stung Priya was common there and the cure is an herbal paste. Sometimes, the point of sting had to be sucked by the herbal doctor to make sure that the sting venom is extracted out. The herbal doctor was on old man in his 70's and had lots of tattoos on his bare chest. Priya shivered with shock as he took her breast in his hand and applied the herbal paste. While he held her breast firmly applying the medicine, a tiny drop of milk came out from Priya's nipple. Priya had always maintained a supply of milk even after she stopped breastfeeding our son. Drops often came out whenever we had foreplay, but this was obviously an embarrassing moment for her, and she started to look at me with a mix of complain and shyness. I told her that she was going to be okay. I also noticed that the girls who accompanied us to the doctor started chanting " mimo, mimo, mimo," when they saw the drop of milk come out from Priya’s nipple. Our guide told us that “mimo” meant milk in their language.

The next day, four mature tribal women came to us with a bowl containing blue dye. They made some tribal color designs on Priya's back and on her belly. We had no idea what this coloring was all about, until an hour later when our guide told Priya, that the design made on her was an indication to others that she was a lactating woman, and lactating women are treated with special favors and respect in their tribe. Then to our complete surprise, I was told that today, I would go alone for fruit picking and collecting woods, and that Priya would be assigned new tasks. I accompanied Priya, along with the guide and other women to a hut that looked more like a tribal kindergarten with 10-15 kids, ranging from 6 months to 5 years of age. This was the new environment where Priya would be working, separated from me.

I departed and started to work with the other men. It was a very bright sunny day and the moisture in the air was too much to endure, but the locals looked quite comfortable with it. Time passed very slowly that day and I missed being with Priya. That afternoon when I returned to the village from work, I started to search for Priya and found her in the same hut. “Oh my gosh” I said! Priya, what are you doing?" She just smiled holding two babies in her lap latched on to her nipples. “This is my new job Priya replied”. I was stunned and confused on our way back to our hut. Priya told me that its customary for women having milk to nurse village children, and that she did not mind it, as she found it easier than working in the jungle and getting stung by wasps or bees. Finding Priya happy about it, I didn’t complain.

Priya was getting molded more and more into their tribal culture. In just 4 days, Priya's breasts transformed and looked heavier and milk laden. Getting continuously suckled by kids was impacting her breast and nipple form. In quite a few days, she started looking the same as other tribal ladies with bare breasts and pointed nipples. Mia, the tribal guide girl, was very frank with both of us. She told Priya that the tribal ladies were very happy with Priya for feeding the village babies, and also spoke highly of Priya's milk. Some of the older kids in age ranges of 4-5 years, told their families that they liked Priya's milk more than that of other lactating mothers, providing this service to the village. In my opinion, it was because we were of a different ethnic background and obviously that made her milk taste different from others. So perhaps the children of the village find her milk to taste differently. The fame of Priya's milk spread rapidly and often women and girls came to Priya with small earthen pots, requesting her to squirt some for them. All that started to make Priya a little proud about herself and she started to boast about her milk to me.
It was Friday, the last day of our first week there, and as per tribal traditions, Friday was the day of a big feast. At noon, everybody would gather with their fruits and other foods to the central eating place. The tribal people seemed to like us, and we saw many happy and smiling faces. Once again to honor us, we were to sit with the most respected of the tribe. Everything was going normal, and then all of a sudden Priya pulled my arm to get my attention. I saw the most unbelievable scene. The guy sitting next to Priya started to suckle from her breast. Priya held me tight, shivering and shocked but didn't make any sound.
It was a common norm of the tribe and we had to be like them and act like them. After a minute of suckling, he let it go and started to speak to others in their tribal language. It seemed they were discussing something and most were staring at Priya intermittently. Then they started getting busy with eating food. Our guide told us, that the man told other's that Priya's milk was as sweet as honey, and is different from milk of their own women. His praise of Priya's milk created an awkward situation for us. Almost every second person was interested to suckle from her. Priya just closed her eyes and let them suckle. She was blushing, as this was something very unexpected and new to us. I got jealous, but I controlled my feelings. The following night, I talked to Priya about it. She kissed me and told me that I should not worry much about it, as this was only a temporary thing, and was not sexual for the tribal culture.
For the next couple of days, the same routine followed. Priya was getting suckled by men and women, but now Priya was getting used to it and more confident…no more closed eyes and face blushes. It seemed that her milk casted a spell on the villagers. She was very much respected and everybody bought gifts in form of garlands and fruits for her. In just 12 days, her breasts grew in size, became very pendulous with very developed nipples. She looked very comfortable in her new role as milkmaid. Often she would leak milk, even when she was not breastfeeding. She became a supply house of milk.

During the last day of our stay, the villagers gave a big party in our honor. Priya was bathed with jungle scents and flower extracts, and was treated like a princess. Her nipples were painted red with a special herbal extract. All sorts of food were served, followed by a traditional tribal dance. Priya and I joined the dance. It was a very special environment, jolly and cozy. Then all of a sudden, a baby started to cry and caused a let-down effect in Priya… her milk started to leak as she danced. People started to notice it and came in groups to suckle from her, appreciating her after suckling. The mode of the party had a strange effect on all of us...everybody was lost in merriments and joys. Priya was out of control, squeezing her milk with her own hands in the mouths of all the people, and looking towards me with pride and honor in her eyes. She was totally transformed and had become one like them.

The time passed quickly and we had to depart from our host. In the evening, an old van came to the village to pick us up. We said good bye to our friends and left for the city. It was all like an unbelievable dream. We flew back to our country the next day with pleasant memories of it

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ha ha ha ha, great fun

& u didn't drink even 1 drop

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Old 12th September 2009
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Pls check my stories in breastfeeding,lactating and incest...you will like it... Thanks....

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Old 17th January 2010
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this is very nice...i liked it.is it any video available

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this story is took a theme with my fictional idea -Hello friends I am sharing my personal experience with you I am sheela 28 years old my husband is working in Singapore .I am a home maker I had a kid with 6 months .yes I am a nursing mother .we both lived alone in a beach side house since it is old house .my husband arranged for the renovation work of house .so through my husband a engineer contacted me and set a team for the renovation due to renovation I and my kid stayed in outbuilding near to servant accommodation but it is vacant. The team was with 4 men and to women with a head of supervisor .in that team bhasu a man around 45 with lean structure with dark complexion worked along with them all are good and the work went promptly

After a week bhasu asked me accommodation stay with his wife and newly born child since he has new born to need of morale support from him all the mansion are from local and bhasu is from interior village that with no frequent transport .I accepted to bhasu next day he came with his wife devi and newly born child they stayed in servant accommodation. his wife was round thirty five like him lean and dark complexion .I welcomed them they are only family going to stay in that home I enquired about them with devi she is widow and got married as a second wife of bhasu and told that already he his having a family in home town and I let her to settle.

Next day I asked for comfort ability about house to bhasu he told convenient for them .I started my chores at home all the works went smooth on that night nearly 12.30 I heard the voice of bhasu .I woke from bed and went out and peeped thought the window I saw bhasu standing there .I opened and asked what happened he told that his baby was crying for long due to huger mothers milk also dried .so he asked milk for the baby I went to refrigerator and checked there is no milk in stock .I suddenly intended to breast feed the baby .I went to his home I asked baby from devi requested bhasu to stand outside I removed my night gown since where only panty inside I took the baby to my lap and latched my nipples to mouth of the baby it started to suckle after a minute I felt milk flowing slowly the went to sleep I put her in cradle .while feeding I discussed with devi about her she told that milk dried problem I wore my gown and went back to bed next morning I heard the sound of knocking door while I was in sleep I woke up and opened the bhasu was standing there I asked bhasu what happened he replied that you have did a in comparable that saved the baby with your milk he replied. I told it is basic mother humanism to no mothers will leave any baby in hunger I told and I asked him that to feed his baby regularly .he replied if you have no objection he told from that day I start nurse to the poor kid where else I continued to my baby also

Two days later at afternoon I went to bhasu home to feed the baby .I worn nursing gown I got baby from devi and unzipped the gown and took my breast out and to free flow I completely took out and devi sat near and commended that my breast grown to larger size I know that because of more feeding it changed to 36dd to 36 f .we started to chat about bhasu and I asked when he will come she told it is time to come she replied while feeding bhasu entered inside it shocked due to exposure of my breast devi told that just we discussed about you she told but stood there reluctantly but I welcome him as humanly due heavy work he seem to fatigue he sat and asked for water .I relaxed my self that’s no wrong . He started to have lunch while I noted him that frequently his eyes glimpse on my breast while baby got sleep I covered in rapidly .then I went for nap
At evening I and Devi started to chat in my home .she told that bhasu is keep on taking about you nature and told that my husband was unlucky. while bhasu came and sit with us .while we are in chat his eyes ogling my breast I hide by my hands by covered slowly bhasu asked me to requested to come to their village by time of festival in next week along with that devi also requested to come . I accepted to go

After a week bhasu and devi told that they are going to festival .they asked me about my arrivals I asked can we three go by my car at today afternoon .I handover the all details to supervisor and informed that we I,bhasu and devi are going to village festival and back in two days.i took drive car I worn sari and bhasu sat front to show path devi and babies were I back while they told nearly one and half hour travel after a travel of two hour we reached the destination it is the village on sea shore all are huts where ever fish smell .we went there by evening I saw lots ladies worn only sari without blouse . mens were a simple dhoti I noticed that there are all parallel and right angles with streets and huts overall I liked the village . we reached hut by 6o clock .the hut was a wall with adjacent kitchen .uncertainly I felt how I am being there for two days. Bhasu spread the at on floor and asked me to sit an he informed that kindly to adjust and he told that he will do his good best .due to travel I wanted to take bath and to change the dress. before that I wanted to feed babies . bhasu went out and he told he will come late to home .after he left I undressed and fed the babies .devi took out her blouse and wear only sari .she told most women in the village it is usual and she told they accept as if like them I also want to dress like her and to go round the village .i took bath and got a sari from devi and wore like her .i felt so easy like no clothes in my body and body is exposing. Devi told that you are really attractive .suddenly I tried to change my cloths suddenly devi you will become normal in morning she told. I accepted, Devi took her neighbors house all of them invited me to the temple function at 9.00 pm. It is already 8.00 .so we went back to the hut and had the dinner I fed the baby and make them sleep bhasu entered the hut and told as to start to the temple and he turned his attention towards me and told that I am very beautiful .

devi told that she is take care of babies and told me to go with bhasu .we both started to temple he told that it is function in the temple where people asked about to their query to priest he will answer and give the prosperous to village we both walked through the sea shore .it is a full moon day the tides are in the pin drop silence I heard the tides roaring sound the wind blown swiftness in the wind it deflect my cloths I felt my nipples felt the airy feel .bhasu eyes often gives a glimpse on my breast .he asked that are you happy in your life he asked I that told not wholly .he asked my marriage life and I replied we leaded normal life and my husband is money ambitious he always dominant me .no freely or I cant free spoken even he is not showed interest on the kid also. I asked him about his leading two families. he told that it is normal in our society even women also can live with other also. Due to the sufferance of devi I married her. at initially she rejected marriage for 8 years with permission of my fist wife I married her .my first wife also leading her life individually along with her two boys .I asked him why do you called me to the village ? He said want to talk with me.

I know that I replied .he asked me about my sexual life .at initially this question thrust me. But slowly I replied it is ok. he told that he loves me. I told I know that but we can’t live together .he suddenly asked that why not to have sex? I told that I can’t response for this now I replied that I will tell reply in some day? Whatever the answer may you should accept I replied he agreed .and we walked towards his while his face turned to fluctuate but we reached the hut we all had dinner and went to sleep. In late night I open my eyes that time I saw bhasu not in sleep and staring me I asked him you didn’t sleep I am not getting sleep he replied that you refused my love at least let me enjoying you. again I unable to sleep .i cant blame even my body need pleasure and I am loving him. Due not to pervert I controlled my feeling.

Next morning I devi and kids where started to my home we reached and started to doing chores while devi told that bhasu is in nervous. Yes I told that I should speak with you she told that, tell me I told he wanted sexual affair with me. devi told madam I expect this and told that he was keep on talk about you and she told that he is good in all activities and he is loyal to me it is normal to have sex with other women in their and even she had sex with other men also and that night I thought about bhasu .that night bhasu induced my sexual desires and my mind started to accept bhasu and why I should waste my jejuneness of life that I felt .next morning I decided to go bhasu home to check his arrival and to feed his baby .when I came out I saw bhasu outside in a minute my heartbeat raised some unusal pleasure the words twisted and asked when do you come ?he replied at late night and asked that can I feed the baby he told ok .i went in and took the kid and open my blouse and started to feed .meanwhile devi told that she going to shop to get some commodities and she went .that time came inside and sat in the rope cot and asked that if there is any change in the attitude? I told give me two days. And he ogled breast and release your breast for free flow of milk as his instruction I unbuttoned took my breast out and continued .bhasu smiled and told now only you understand me .and he went out joyfully.

Next morning my bathrooms stagnate with water due to choke in pipe. Because of this I decided to take bath in servant’s bathroom but it is an open terrace. I thought no one is here I should finish the bath before the mansions arrival. So I took my dress and went to bathroom I checked bhasu was not there .I went in and locked and started to strip my gown and bra while removing my panty I felt someone is peeping through the hole suddenly I wrapped my self with towel and to see who is that I unlocked and came out look in to anyone presents It was bhasu rushed from back and told I only smiled and came closer and tap in my back and you are very beautiful in naked he exclaimed and went I back to bathroom and started to bath .

I don’t know how to start with devi regarding this matter .i called devi to my home and asked as a help to complete my chores. While I told about the behavior of bhasu on me. devi told me if you don’t like him throw him from the job .i told that I like him but I don’t want to violation to you. She replied if you don’t feel wrong to have sexual contact with bhasu I don’t bother and I never interfere I want sexual pleasure with hard man like bhasu. on that day rained heavily so workers stopped their work earlier and they left home .due to rain servant accommodation was in leakage of water so I called devi, bhasu in my accommodation we had dinner and we watched movie and devi went to kitchen to finish chores .i went to bath and came out with small towel covered from half my breast and to my thigh my mind blown to seduce bhasu so walked slowly from bathroom to my room where bhasu was sitting adjacent to my room in the hall .his sharp eyes waved my body I gave a twisting smile to prick his feels when I enter the room I didn’t close the door . I know bhasu will peep I took my towel off and wore shorts and give a look on the out
I saw that bhasu peeping me I smiled to him and put-on the bra. further more I don’t want wear anything I went to kitchen and check devi .i found she was sleeping .i sat at sofa while bhasu at floor so I started to watch television bhasu moved towards me and took my feet he kissed my ankle heat aroused on me vagina stated to itching uncontrollable pleasure started I felt sweaty smell but I liked it he kissed my belly and licked with his tongue in belly button .i felt breast is growing heavy .he put the hands on the breast and kissed in my lips and overall the face .he make me bow and unbuttoned the bra .i felt relaxed while he hold my breast and bit my nipple gently flapped his tongue on the nipple and next to other side of breast milk started to flow he licked the milk flowing around breast and told my was milk like sweet and sour while his got hardy erect and we moved to our room .i handled his erect penis by giving blowjob his cock is average size around 6inch. While in peak erection he thrust his penis inside the vagina and started pumping .while pinching the area behind the nipple between the fingers of his hand while milk jetted from it. I was groaning in pleasure. he penetrated that whole all the way until I felt his balls slam against my butt checks I tightened my grip on it and he squeezed it until a sigh of pain escaped my lips. My pussy was so warm that it felt hot on. He moved in and out with pressure .after some minutes I felt his liquid is thrusting inner. And he lean on me .we both crawled on bed .I joyfully kissed him. He worn dhoti and I slept nude with him

Next morning devi woke bhasu but I closed my eyes and listened the conversation devi asked him leave from this before others arrival after 5 mins I got up from bed .i checked both of them gone to their home. my heart filled with pleasure never attend orgasm like this before .devi came to me, smiled and asked how was the night .i un able to explain in words but I thanked her for sharing his husband. And I told that bhasu is rough he made some scratches on my body still I felt sore on nipple due to hard bite and time passed at night bhasu came to home he asked what happened he asked ? I told my problem he asked to come to his home.i entered his home and sat in the cot. I asked devi to bhasu he replied that she went to her mother’s home her return will be after two days I asked about the kids to feed he replied that his cousin will do that and he told you to feed me. The response made me timid little bit. He came and sit very close to me and told me put of my cloths and he asked me wear devi sari without blouse and bra though my mind blown in thoughts the body shivered suddenly he started to un zip my gown .i didn’t shown any objection he took out my top I tried to close breast he hold my hands and he removed bottom and panty too .i body felt hot in that open house .he took devi sari and give it to wear like the peoples wearing in their community I told that I don’t know to wear like them he smiled rounded the sari on my waist and while kissed in nipples and started to suck my breast vigorously and emptied the breast. I made food and we had our dinner

Suddenly he asked that shall we move to his home town .i accepted and stated in car he directed me to go to sea shore. Again he asked to dress like the villagers I changed and went before him .he hugged me tightly and kissed in a vigorous manner .it stimulated my desires. But something kept me behind .so I pushed him he also came to normal and asked what happened .nothing I replied .i asked him to talk for some time .we sat near a boat side he started to speak about his past life while he asked about my any sex affairs other than your husband and me .i replied only you both and I told I like you .he smiled and lied on my laps with close to bellies. It is late mid night no one in the shore except we both .that time I started relish sea breeze in moonlight .bhasu told that you are my twenty-fifth person having sexual contact and he told I like to have open air sex .this information didn’t hurt me more because of sex desires on him. He gradually unwrapped my sari at first I hold it tightly he pulled it out roughly. I was made topless only worn panty .i cupped my breast with my hands .he removes his shirt and his dhoti he worn only breechcloth .he asked me that shall we go round a walk in nude. Instantly I felt shy covered my body he told that you’re my angle and he is in extreme happiness I convinced myself and started to walk because of sea breeze and exposure my body excited with unknown pleasure and felt my breast also heavy because of milk secretion we walked a some distance after that I didn’t felt shy after meant time .he described that my breast are like papayas hanging in the tree and said ready to ripe yes I said. he lifted me with jubilant and he pulled my underclothes he put me in the sand and groped my tits hardly squeezed milk flown like waterfall and he latched his mouth to my nipple and suckled for a minute he went don to my pussy and opened my vagina and he put his tongue deeply licked in a rhythmic move my feel shoot up due to his experience with various women after that he inserted his finger upto some inch and start stimulating g-spot .it is first time attending this in my life .i also want to do oral sex for him I took His cock to my mouth and started giving blow-job his cock raise up to some inches and I took out and cock was against my buttocks and I made myself available by spreading my legs. He was at the entrance to my vagina and before I could do anything was inside me right up to the hilt. I screamed out, not in pain but with shear pleasure.
His hands again made their way to my full tits and nipples and he started to 'milk me', his cock remained deep inside me. As the milk squirted from my tits, over his hands and onto my naked body I couldn't hold back any longer. I shuddered to an almighty orgasm. As I did so he started to move his cock in and out of my slippery cunt. "Don't cum inside me," I was able to say, though my body wanted to be fucked hard and long. His thrusting penis was now pounding into me. He was giving me his full length over and over.

Suddenly he ordered, "On your back quickly".

I turned round as best I could and he was sitting astride my waist, his hand pumping his cock. It looked enormous, the head red and shinning with my juices. His face screwed up and he exploded his cum over my tits, the spunk was mixing with the white of my milk. His ejaculations spurted over my nipples and some reached my face. Finally he was done and he squeezed the last few drops from his cock.

I lay there breathless and with disbelief at what I had allowed to happen.

He stood up leaving me on the floor, naked and dripping with sperm and milk.

"You'd better go," I said quietly, and he did.

I struggled to my feet and made my way to the bathroom. I poured hot water into the sink and began to wash my tits, the foam of the soap taking away the remains of my sexual encounter. The trouble was that the massaging and sensation of the water was making me sexy again. As I wiped away the soap I could see my nipples were swollen and needed attention. I pulled them hard looking at the length to which they stretched. I'd never seen them so large and wanting.

God, I was like a sex machine, My hand was soon down to my pussy and pushing inside as far as I could. I wanted it all inside me. I needed to be fucked again. My hand was moving faster until I felt my cunt spasm hard as I came, my juices shooting out of me and onto my thighs

We continued our sex up to my home renovation time with in that I came to know I am carrying his child I want to carry child any how my husband will come after a year .part -2 will cont


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nice collection of srotues.......

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u let ur wife breast gets suckle by other men and tasting her milk which should be tasted only by our child wat ur child feels when he hears this story he would be jealous that her mpther milk sucked by whole villagers and became a public property

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