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Old 19th January 2008
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I watch my mom

Hi Friends . i gpt this story through my friend.... i enjoyed when i reed this. i hope u also.....

dear readers i am sunny ,i want share with u my story , but i am not a writer or any thing , i just move on this site and here read many stories and horny feel , when i horny feel , my mind go back 12 or 18 years back , so i want to tell u my story , first as i say i am not writer so i just want ure comments on lunforchoot@hotmail.com and then i will write more stories who come in my life , and 2th my english so mush poor plz try to understand ,

dear reader,s where to start so i start to my old days , okay ,i have 2 sister,s and one me and my parents , older sister name sheena and my name sunny and younger sister name meena ,my age was 18 year old and my older sister age 20 ,yes 20 year old , she going grow up as like woman as our asian girls grow up erly ages .her colour was fair black shoulder cut hairs thin body and breasts going grow 32 breasts u know readers that breasts was virgin no any guy touch my sweet sister breasts white its like arounded pink nipples as apple size every one older guys or mens crazy about that breasts , her thin wast and hips so beautiful and sexy when she walk her gaand vibrat and so sexy feel , her swet choot about no idea hows that was .. just idea must sweet little choot , if u see bychance ure virgin sister naked then u feel hows feel virgin sister choot , and dear don,t know what our sister,s think about others guys ..and what she feels about other guys lund,s becuse if we think about her then peoples says its sin , so don,t no what she want or want to take ..u know ,no any guy have bad sisters or mom , but think in ure cool mind only one time ,what u think ?when our Didi , appi , bajje going out to home and walk on road or in car , then differents animals move on road as we guys see them ...so any one horse stand there and his black colour lumba motta lund full hard stand under his legs ..so that time if our virgin choot owner sisters see and u know what she feel ..oh god ... and their all body in electercity move ,,so as we see dog on road and some times dog read lund out of his sheat and we guys so strange feel to see , so if our sisters see that what she feel , her choot will wets and breasts going hard , i tell u if u feel i am lie or any then u have my think in ure mind , when ure sister i mean who not married , who is virgin , if she go market or anywhere and come home and if she still sitting in tv lonch and talking with mom and all then she don,t see at all , and if she come home and goto own room and saying she is tired then feel , she must see horse or dog lund by chance , if any body was not near her that time .. she must save that lund in her mind and horny feel in body ... and want if her parents get marry her , then she will take husband lund , so its out mistak ..or parents ... but its true ... i am sorry dear i was want to write my story and i talking with u , but its true ...

so i tell u about my sister and my age was 18 as thin guy and small cock owner , don,t no why guys write they have big cocks and they brust holes , its not true for all .. so dear i was 18 and u better know how big 18 year old guy lund , just small and thin not as like older guys lund ,ans younger sister is younger so she have nothing in that age ..

well dear as all childs we love to our parents , my father factory owner and mush older to my sweet mom .. here i miss some think , my real father was die and my mom get marry with this factory owner , and later i hear , they was love to each others long time to ..so my mom get marry with him , becuse she was poor and not good home , so aslam is my father now , she don,t like me but when mom near then he give money and show love to our,s , so dear readers i tell u only true story not make u mad or mush horny becuse i am true person as u feel in my talking , my mom age was 36 year old her colour is so white and so beautiful ,her body also smart , her name is Ruksana and she is mush sexy figers my all friends tell me about my mom she is so beautiful as that ages guys saying about parents .. so that ..so i start my story

my mom was not good lady , becuse she always busy on phone and talking with guys or mens i don,t no becuse i just hear voices and that mens say to me about mom and i give phone to mom ..that calls come that time,s when my step dad was not home becuse he have also another wife and kids so he live another city .. he come 1 month in or 2 weeks later as that ..my older sister mostly live with my grand father and mom with me and my younger sister live with mom .. dear readers i slowly slowly grow up and feel strange feelings when was i come to school any one man sit in our tv room and then i say him hi or hello uncle and goto own room .. and that uncle go back .so one day i goto school as i go daily ... when i reched school , school was close and there banner on write our teacher death so school close today . me and my friends so happy and playing there and then we goto our one friend home and playing there , near about 3 hour,s we play and i feel home will alone so i will go home and help to mom ... so i come back home , i try to ring bell but feel our main gate open so i open main gate and enterd in home kinda upset mom never allow our gate open then why now open and then think maybe by mistak so i enterd in home ,come in tv lonch but there no any one i was affried ,but later mom room in some voices so i slowly slowly go there and dear was kinda open not complittly close and i stand there , and i see .

mom naked laying on bed , oh god .. she is tottly naked her 38c breasts was white big and brown nipples her tommy was flat and nice beautiful arounded thighs who was close so her sweet fat choot so tight press between her thighs and i feel next side one guy sit on sofa and he also naked , i just see her legs .. and my mom was saying him .. no no dear , she is only young girl not ready now ..and she is my daughter how i say her about u .. oh my god .. she she is saying about my older sister .. is she my mom ...oh god ..

and that man saying , oh com on Ruksana ,u r woman u don,t know about her body , plz tell me about her ...and she saying .. baby , she is oung girl i know her breasts grow up her body growing now but dear her choot is still young , and ure lund so big u will kill her sweet choot i see her choot , u know its still very tight and virgin her choot lips so tight in line , when she pass more 2 years her choot will grow more and go more fat choot lips ..he says to her , what u think ?is she take my lund in this age ? she says well it will try but one time in only ure big long fat lund only 2 inches ..and nothing more , then that man stand up and jump on bed oh god .. he is near 35 or 36 year old but his cock so mush big yes i never ever seen .. and he hurry up open my mom thighs and sit between her legs .. and her thighs wide open around his thighs , he rub his lund head on mom choot and her eyes going close and saying ..ohhh so nice ... its big feel how will he come inside choot .then my mom open mouth and put some lub and rub on lund cap and choot hole , he fix his lund head on mom choot and push hard , when he push hard mom move back and say ..heyyy its big plz slow , so that man slowly slowly push his cock inside choot , her choot was not as girls .. that was big and fat choot but that man have also large lund so i see clear her choot so tight catch that lund and mush lund was out and near half inside ..but as feel if i want to put hair inside her choot maybe don,t go becuse so mush fat lund fit inside and her mouth was open and head move side beside .. oh god ... plz put out mare choot brusting its like horse .. ohhhh mare maaa.... its so big and he basted push in and out .. and my mom want to run but he so tight hold her on shoulder , and then then he catch her on her breasts who was so white and hard nipples but she was hurting feel in choot as i told u her choot was not little it was big fat lips owner but so tight fit his lund inside ..

maybe her first fucking with big lund man ..and just she was enjoing on phone sex with him .. some time later he more faster push his lund in and out in and out and her head also so fast move side beside for pain and crying ..ohhh maaa . ohhh its so big i burning feel in choot plz for some time put out my choot water end it but he don,t agree and still push lund , even he push all , i see mom mom gaand hole was brown and kinda open feel .. so later his speed end and he lay on her ... but she pull out him .. and crying her hands own face and i see her choot lips was still open wide oh yes that open wide as any thing waiting for ... maybe his big lund loose her choot grip and choot mouth was open and his cum out come out .. some time she clean own tears and some time rub her stomich and tommy maybe becuse his lund so big nd go deep to touch her inside ..

so i was so mush horny to see real things and mush upset one think come in my mind i kill him but who with , so i come back to door and ring bell .. later that man come out and he say me hello young guy and go away when i enterd room , my was wear clothes and come to bathroom , but i clearly feel her walking style so change feel ..her walking style kinda wide and her face upset feel .. and later she sit on sofa some times rub own thighs and move hand between thighs or some time rub on belly .. but i don,t understand why that , if u know readers then must send me mail i will wait ure one lunforchoot@yahoo.com ..so i say to mom , what happen r u okay , and who was that , she saying dear he was doctor i invite him becuse i so mush hurting feel in my tommy and legs .. but dear readers i really don,t understand hows ? becuse he fuck her choot then why she feel in tommy and in thighs , so i say can we go doctor she says , she will reast some time if no good feel then go there .. so dear readers i have a this story who i write u now i hope u like and feel it is true story becuse u read many , i will write u many stories but just waiting ure comments becuse its my first story , if any girl , woman , aunti , sister or brother like to phone talking we will also share our feeling , just witing ure ,,bye bye

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Old 25th January 2008
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Good keep posting

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