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Old 31st October 2014
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The Unmarried Couple

The Unmarried Couple

When I left college after completing my bachelor degree there was not a lot of jobs available. A number of industries had closed down or relocated elsewhere in the country. Some of my friends had found employment in small factories while some started to prepare for government jobs but I decided to pursue Masters.

During the second year of my Masters I was placed in a nice company. They offered me a package of about 4.5 lakhs per annum so I joined them after completing my course. I was posted at Noida. Whilst working there I met Gunjan. She was slim, good looking, smart girl of average height. She was about 25 years old. She joined the company as Assistant Sales Executive just two months before I joined there. I met her in our office party for the first time.

We both were new in the city so we struck up an immediate friendship and it continued to blossom with time. As our friendship grew I felt that I was falling in love with Gunjan. I dare not propose her or make any quick advancement should she feel shocked or repulsed. Later it emerged she felt exactly the same.

In the coming months we became closer, talked more frankly and started sharing the same flat. We had meals together, in fact everything a normal couple would do, but we weren't a couple. We became quite intimate. One day a colleague told us that we acted like an old married couple. In the evening after we returned home Gunjan broached the subject about addressing us as ‘an old married couple’. I feared that she is going to back off but it turned out something different. The night that followed I will remember for the rest of my life.

It was a Saturday night so we were not in the hurry to go to bed. During dinner Gunjan sat next to me and raised the topic. She asked if perhaps we should think about being a couple. I was dumbed and was thinking what to say. She spoke out her feelings towards me. It seemed she couldn't stop and she wanted to tell me everything. Once she finished she looked up at me and kissed me passionately. I responded to her kiss. Then everything was silent till we finished the dinner.

After dinner I was preparing to sleep. I was a bit nervous for the incident that just took place. Suddenly Gunjan entered my room dressed in a pink sleeveless lacy nighty. She was looking like an angel in that dress with her milky white smooth skin. Before I could say anything she hugged me with her soft arms & kissed me on my lips. I could feel the warmth of her body & the softness of her breast. My body was not within my control. I grabbed her luscious body in my arms with intense passion and we started to smooch wildly but passionately. Her lips were as soft & smooth as newly blossomed rose petals. I sucked her juicy lips and tried to get into her mouth.
In the meantime she pushed me on the bed and she was on top of me. We paused for a while. With trembling hands I touched her breast. I could feel her hard erect nipples over the clothes. Some mischievous thought came to my mind and I lightly pinched them. She moaned softly & closed her eyes. I tried to pinch it a bit harder but she held my hand and said, “Open your T-shirt.” I opened it as if I was spelled by her magical words. Gunjan lied on me and started kissing my naked chest and was pinching my nipples. She was murmuring, “I love you Rajesh.” I was hard and somewhat desperate to see her lying under me.

As she was busy kissing me I lifted her nighty till her thighs and was rubbing her thigh hard. After she was satisfied kissing me she raised her body and gave me a naughty look and raised both her hands. The sight of her well shaved smooth armpits and that very pose made me harder and my whole body urged me to fuck her as hard as I could. I slowly started to open her nighty and soon she was only in red bra and panty. I helped Gunjan to open my boxer and my dick jump out as if it was starving for days for such a moment. She timidly touched my tool and I felt a shock ran though out my body. I asked her “Is it your first time?” She replied in a low voice, “Yes. I have only kissed my last two boyfriends but this is the first time I’m seeing someone naked like this.” I rolled over Gunjan and took her under my body and kissed her, nicely. She lay with both her hands raised as if she had completely surrendered to me. There was a wicked smile in Gunjan’s face and was looking into my eyes like a magician, hypnotising me for a fuck.

I bent down and spoke “Gunjan I love you” into her ears and started brushing my lips over her neck and ears. She started moaning and grabbed me hard. I moved down and started licking her deep cleavage. I slowly pulled her bra’s straps down from her shoulders and unclipped it. She felt a bit shy and held both her hands over her breast. I removed her hands gently from her breast and removed the bra completely. She was now totally topless lying in front of me. She felt shy and turned her head. Her breast was 32 C. I kissed her milky white tender boobs and took them in my hand, fondled them gently and started sucking her brownish pink nipples. I felt her nipples stiffened and became longer in my mouth. She was on seventh planet and was moaning in pleasure. She held my head and was pressing it hard on her boobs. Her moans and gasps were driving me crazy. I continued sucking her long erect nipples and fondling her spongy boobs till she pulled my head and gave me a long loving kiss on my lips.

I raised and started to pull down her soft cotton panty. I could feel that her panty was already wet. Gunjan got naked inch by inch. Her fleshy milky thighs and fuck hole were wholly exposed to me. She was all pink in shame and was trying to hide her pussy between her meaty thighs. Her body had a beautiful shape, curves at all the right places. There was no extra weight anywhere. In my opinion her figure was much better than most of those struggling models. She shivered in pleasure as I ran my hand all over her tender body and kissed and licked her sensitive parts. She was delicious all over.

I slowly tried to part her thighs for a view of her love hole. Initially she gave a feeble resistance but it did not last long. In no time she drifted her legs apart and I got a clear access of her fuck hole. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed She was all wet in her own love juice. I could feel its warmth and the whole room was filled with the aroma of her juice. She was lying with both her hands raised as if she had renounced her body and soul completely at my will. Her wet panty was still in my hand I smelled it hard. Its scent increased the level of testosterone in my body. I threw the panty on the floor and buried my head between her fleshy thighs and gave a kiss on her pussy lips without wasting time. She trembled at my first touch and held my hairs firmly. I started to lick her pussy like a hungry slave cleaning the last traces of food from the bowl. She had goose bumps all round her vagina which I could feel over my tongue.

I increased the intensity of my licking. I started to part her vaginal lips with my tongue and inserted my tongue into her love hole as deep as I could. I even started to lick and suck her clitoris. Gunjan was in intense pleasure. She started to moan loudly and her body started moving randomly. She was enjoying getting licked and sucked by me and I was also enjoying her erotic state. After sometime she started to moan louder and she stiffened her body and a fresh stream of her love juice oozed out of her pussy. My mouth was covered by her juice. The fresh warm juice made me crazier. I sucked the region hard to enjoy every drop of the nectar.

Gunjan did not make any movement for a few seconds then got up and stopped me. She felt shy for what she did and immediately looked down as I looked into her eyes. Her heavy breath was the sign that she wanted to have something more. I held her head and kissed on her forehead and lips passionately. Again I slowly lay her down as I wanted to make love to Gunjan. She welcomed me by adjusting herself and took me in her arms. My pelvis was resting on her abdomen. I felt a bit nervous and was hesitating a bit to proceed further as we had no protection. It was all unplanned. Gunjan sensed my hesitation and requested “please don’t stop now. I’m healthy and just don’t cum inside me.” I felt her hunger for sex and I was also desperate not to miss the golden chance. I prepare myself and hold my rod to insert it in Gunjan’s fuckhole. Gunjan was not experienced so she laid in normal posture and I could not make much advancement. I asked her to lift and fold her legs. She folded her legs and made a big W to give me a better access to her love tunnel. I placed my full erect cock on the love hole and it just slipped in a fraction.

Her cunt was an over flowing lake of her love juices. For me it was a weird and wonderful feeling. I was completely inside Gunjan. Once again I made an eye contact with her, keeping my rod deep inside her tunnel. She looked at me with affection and we got busy in wild kisses again.

I took the support of my hands and knees and slowly started my movement. She was lying under me, looking so beautiful. The sight of her jiggling milky boobs and expressions were driving me crazy. Gunjan closed her eyes to feel the pleasure and was making a faint moaning sound.
I was rubbing my cock inside her cunt and some kind of waves was driving me faster. My speed increased like a piston of a racing car whose driver has applied full strength on the accelerator to win the race. Here I was racing with myself to reach the deepest point of Gunjan’s love tunnel. The faster I went, ramming and reaming my cock deep and hard into her, she lifted her hips in pleasure and held my arms tightly. I was leaning over her and fucking her in good strokes. Apart from our moans there was sound of collisions our bodies. We both were in seventh heaven.

Suddenly Gunjan started to moan louder and stiffened the body. I felt how the muscles of her love hole griped my dick. She pulled and embraced me; her soft boobs were getting pressed against my chest. She wrapped her big fleshy thighs around me and rammed my hips with force using her legs. She made a faint sound and paused. She loosened her grip but her legs were still raised in the air. I could sense the demand of her body and I again started pumping her love hole. Slowly my strokes gained speed and she started trembling. Gunjan screamed and I found we both were reaching to the verge of a blast. I started fucking her with slow but deep strokes, burying my dick till its root in her tunnel. After four to five deep strokes I felt that I was losing the strength of my limbs and I lay on her. I moaned and emptied my balls inside her. Gunjan gripped me hard clenching her nails into my back and started shivering in orgasm.

We had no strength to move and we lay still for about fifteen minutes hugging each other. I slowly tried to move and lay beside Gunjan. I said, “Sorry I lost my control and cummed inside you.” Gunjan did not replied and lay still. I felt she had slept. I covered us with a bed sheet and planted a long kiss on her lips. Next morning when I got up I found that she had prepared the breakfast and waiting for me to wake up. I thought that she might create some scene for what I did last night but she wished me “Good Morning” with a smile.
N.B.All the pics posted by me have been downloaded from the internet.Credit goes to the original uploaders.Anyone having any complaint against any pics please don't request me to remove them unless & until they violate the rules of Xossip.Once its on the net, its everywhere.Just like virginity;once lost, its lost forever.

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Old 31st October 2014
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Ghar me pura sannata fela hua tha.... Maa ro ro farsh pe so gai thi..... Aur Q Na ho jiska pati bharI jawani me Mar gaya ho uspe kya biyegi ye wahi jaanti he......

Mera naam Ravi he me 18 saal ka hu aur 11th me padta hu mere papa ki maut car accident me ho gai jo sirf 40 saal k the. Meri maa Namitha 38 Sal ki he aur ek teacher bhi he...

Papa ki maut ko 4 din ho haye fir bhi maa ko koi hosh nahi tha sabhi vidhiya purn ho gai thi sitf papa ki astiyo ko Ganga me bahana tha aur pandit ji ne kaha tha. Ke shigra hi inki astiya baha Dena chahiye hum Delhi. Me rahte he isliye astiya bahane ke liye hame varanasi Jana padega par maa ko dekhte hue muje nahi lagta tha ke wo aapayegi par ye bhi zaroori tha.....

Agli subah hum travel me Beth ke nikal pad.pure safar me maa ne mujse koi baat nahi ki unhe kafi sadma laga tha.....
Hum raat ke 8 baje ek gaon me utare jisase hame waha ek aur local bas karke varansi Jana tha....

Maa ne subah se kuch khaya nahi tha Hamne ek hotel me Jake thoda kha liya tab tak bus aa chuki thi....

Aur hum dono maa bete waha Beth Gaye. Par ywe kya bud puri Tarah bhari hui thi AAGE se lekar piche tak bhid hi bhid thi... Me aur maa jese tese andar aa Gaye par bus k andar to khade hone layak bhi jagah nahi thi aur upar se ek gandi badbu aa rahi thi tab Mene bus ke conductor se baat ki ke meri maa subah se traveling kar rahi he aur unaki tabiyat bhi kharb he kya aap unke liyre thodi jagah bana denge....
Conductor--- koi baat nahi beta tumari maa ko is seat pe betha do..

Aur conductor ne ek aadmi ko utha kar maa ko seat de di aur me maa ke paas khada ho ho gaya....

Mene aaspass dekha to sabhi pog muje aur maa ko ghur rahe the Q ki waha hum hi sabse alag lag rahe the...

Muje ajib sa laga... . Par Mene socha chalo Maa ko to jagah mil gai...meto khada bhi nahi ho pa raha tha ek aadmi muje AAGE thakka lagta to dusra piche... Me to pareshan ho gaya....
Muje bhi din bhar ki thakan ki karan nind aane lagi aur mera sar agle shakhs ke kande par lag raha tha...

Par thabhi muje ek jhataka laga....
Muje apne nitham par kuch mahsus hua aur muje samjne me zada Der nhi lagi ke wo kisi ka Lund he....me thoda saham gaya aur apne kamar ko AAGE kar diya par agli hi pal muje fir se Lund mahsus hone laga muje samaj nahi aaya ke kya karu... Ab to AAGE khisak bhi nahi sakta.. . Par socha shayad mere nitham lagne se uska Lund khada ho gaya hoga ab uski bhi bhool nahi he ye human nature hi he to Mene ab zada koi avrod nahi kya aur nahi kar sakta tha par jese 2 waqt gujar raha tha us shaks ab zada hi zor se mere nitham me apna Lund ghusa raha tha Par mene soch iska Lund itna tite Q ho gaya jese koi blue film dekh ke khada ho gaya ho...

Mene tirchi nazar se us shaks ko dekhna chaha k ye kaun he par jab Mene usko dekha to uska dyan kahi aur tha Mene uske nazaro ka picha kiya to mere to hosh hi ud Gaye.....

Hey bhagwan o to maa ki aur dekh raha tha aur muje samj bhi aagaya k. Uska Lund Q khada ho gaya Q ki maa ka anchal uske sharir se gir gaya tha aur maa ke sthan puri tarah ujagar ho Gaye the.... Maa puri nind me thi jisase usko koi hosh nahi tha....

Maa ne black color ka blouse pahna tha. Jo kafi chhota tha maa city me rahne ke karan hamesha. Kafi stylish kapade pahnti thi chahe o jeans t shirt ho ya fir Saree blouse aur ye blouse bhi kaffi deep tha jisase maa ke bhari bharkam sthan sama nahi paa rahe the... Lagbhag 70% sthan bahar the... Maa bohot adik gori hone ke kaaran. Kale blouse me. Unke sthan chhup nahi paa rahe the...

Mene aaspas nazar daudai to sirf wo vyakti hi nahi par bus ke lagbhag Adhe log maa ko ghure jaa rahe the.... Aur mere agle wala shaks to apne Lund par lagayar haat ghuma raha tha....

Aar mere pichewala ab bhi lagatar. Mere nitam me apna auzar gada raha tha...
Me ne chaha ke me jaake maa ko utha du par pata nahi andar se Mann hi nahi man raha tha....Mene bhi maa ke sthan ko itna gaur se. Nahi dekha tha vo sach me kafi bade the lagbhag 38 ke tho honge ye drush dekh ke me bhi khoya ja ra ha tha aur Maa ke sthan hi nahi balki maa ki nabhi bhi saaf naifh rahi thi... Maa ki navel bohot hi deep aur badi thi wo itni badi thi ke ek chhote bachhe ka Lund aaram se uske andar aa jaye....

Maa ke saans lene ke sath sath sthan se leke maa ki nabhi upar niche hoti wo drush wakai bohot sexy tha....me bhi ab logo ke sath maa ke badan ko ghurne laga aur iska asar mere Lund par hone laga.... Ab mera auzar bhi sawdhan mudra me khada tha.... Jiske mera Lund ab mere AAGE khade shaks ko lagne laga... Me thoda piche hua par piche hote hi pichhle wale ka Lund mere nitham me chubhane laga aur usne fir jor se ek dhakka Mara jiske sath hi meri kamar AAGE ki aur ho gai aur mera Lund sidha AAGE wale vyakti ke nitamb me jaa laga... Me thoda Dar gaya Q ki mere Lund ka agla supada uske nitamb me tha....

Us shakhs ne pichhe mudakar meri aur dekha me thoda Dar gaya.... Par usne. Muje dekh ke halki smile di shayad wo bhi samaj gaya tha ke mera Lund kyun khada hai...

Mera Lund jo uske nitamb me fasa hua tha usne AAGE se aur mere Lund par thakka maara....wo bhi maa ki jawani se garam tha...ab me dono ke bich sandwich ban gaya tha ek meri gaand Mar raha tha aur dusra mere Lund pe apni gaand ragde hue muje aur garam karne laga upar se maa ke badan bhi muje garam karne laga. Muje to esa laga jese me hawa me ud raha hu..... Ye silsila lagbhag 1 ghante tak chalta raha aur dhire2 bhid kam hone lagi aur bus lagbhag khali ho gai ab bus me wo do shakhs me aur maa aur conductor- driver the.....

Wo dono mere dhaye aur baye Beth Gaye maa samne bethi thi jo ab bhi nind me hi thi
Aur conductor pahli seat pe AAGE ki aur mu karke betha tha.....

Me aur wo dono pog maa ko ab bhi ghure jaa rahe tge ke Tabhi mere daye bethe shakhs ne mere jaang par hath ferte hue kaha ye kon he beta???

Mene lagdkhadate hue jawab diya maa hai....

Hmmmm... Bohot garam maal he.... Aur usne muje aankh Mari...
Me kuch nahi boo paya... Agli hi pal usne mera Lund pant ke upar se pakad liya. Aur dabana shuru kar diya... Muje bohot achha lag raha tha aur Mene apni ankhe band kar li....
Tab wo bola Teri maa ko kabhi nangi dekha he babuwa???

Mene ankhe band rahte hi naa bola....
Are bade babchak ho esi maal ko nanga nahi dekha... Chalo koi baat nahi hum aaj tohar ye hasrat bhi puri kar denge....

Ye bolte hi Mene apni ankh khol di jese hi Mene ankh kholi me heran rah gaya kyun ki we Dona ab apni dhoti utar chuke the Aur ek haath se apna musal jesa Lund hila rahe the.... Itne bade Lund Mene aaj tak nahi dekhe the we lagbhag9/10 inch honge...

Ek ne kaha kya tukur- tukur dekh rahe ho babuwa....kabhi dekhe nahi ho ka....

Mene Mann me kaha inke saamne to mera Lund ek chuse jesa he. Tabhi dusre shakhs ne meri pant ko jor se khicha jiske sath meri underwear bhi nikal gai..... Aur mera Lund bhi azad ho gaya jo ab puri tarah hawa me khada tha.....

Mera Lund dekh wo dono hasne lage are yeto abhi bachaa he.... Kitna chhota he....

Mera Lund bhi 7 inch ka tha par UN logo ke samne chhota hi tha....par unase zada gora tha....

Dusre ne kaha ke. Wese bhi shahri logo ke lode chhte hi hote hai....ab iska baap ka bhi itna bada hoga aur yesi maal ko chodne ke liye hamare jesa hi loda chahiye Na....
Kya chodna maa ko???

Mene unse kaha nahi tum yesa nahi kar sakte....
Tabhi dusre ne mera Lund pakad liya aur use hilana shuru kar diya me firse Josh me aane laga....
Aur usne bola kyun babuwa tum apni maa ko nahi chodna CHAHTE ka?? Kya tum apni maa ko nangi nahi dekhna CHAHTE ho ka??? Tum nahi dekhoge ke tum jaha se peda hue ho wo chut kesi dikhti he???
Uski baate muje pagal kar rahi thi aur me bhi Josh me aakebolne laga haa..... Haa.....
Ab wo khada ho ke mere piche aagaya aur apne Lund ko mere gaand par ragdne laga me iske Lund ki kathorta mehsus. Kar paa raha tha aur uska dusra haath ab bhi mere Lund par hi ghum raha tha.... Uska yesa karna muje pagal bana raha tha....

Tabhi dusra sidha maa ke pass Jane laga aur maa ke muke paas khada ho agaya aur apna Lind maa ke mumu Ghusane ki koshshi karne laga agle hi pal uske Lind ka supada maa ke surkh hote ke andar tha.... Usne fir se zor lagaya jisase pura Lund maa ke muse ho kar Gale tak pohocha diiya aese karte hi maa ko zordar khasi aai aur iska Lind sidhe maa je mu ke bahar aagaya....
Ab maa jaag chuki thI maa ki pahli nazar jo gai. Wo mere upar thi Ab scene ye tha ke. Me maa ke samne nanga khada hu ek shaks mere lund ko hila raha he aur sath hi meri gaand me apna Lund ragad raha tha wahi dusra shaks maa ke saamne apna Lund pakde hue khada he....

Ye scene dekh kar maa ka chehra bohochakka rah gaya yesa laga jese maa ko 440 watt ka current laga ho.....
Tabhi maa ke mu se jordar awaz aai

Maa ki awaz itni. Zordar thi ke driver ne sunte hi Durant break daba diya.....
Aese karne se me sidha maa ke upar gir gaya aur mera Lund maa ke nabhi me ghus gaya muje yesa laga jese ki kuwari chut me mera Lund fas gaya ho..... Aur sath hi mere mu se bhi ek dard bhari chikh nikali..... Ye chikh isliye nahi nikli ke mera Lund maa ke nabhi me fas gaya balki isliye nikali ke jab me gira mere sath wo shakhs bhi gira jo mere piche khada tha aue jo abhi tak meri gaand me apna Lund ragad raha tha wo sidha ek hi jhatke me mere gaand ko. Chirte hue aadha Lund ghus gaya tha.......

Tabhi driver - conductor daudte hue piche aa Gaye....
Jab UN logo ne pichhe aa kar Ye scene dekha. To wo pog jag par hi jam Gaye.... Driver ne chillate hue kaha --- tum log kya kar raheho ye???

Conductor--- lagta je ye saale aadivashi is aurat ki izzat lootna. CHAHTE he???

Conductor-- par ye ladka to iska beta he ye KYUN NANGA. Hai??

Driver-- dekhte kya ho lagao police ko phone jab police ki maar padegi naa tab sudhrenge ye aadivashi sala inke vajah se UP ka. naam kharab hota he. Kutte sale....

Conductor ne apna mobile nikal kar phone lagane laga ke Tabhi unmese ek shakhs chiilaya "are hariya dekhta kya hai pakad is conductor ko"
Aur hariya naam ke us admi ne conductor ko zordar mukka Mara aur ek hi mikke me use niche gira diya wo sach me bohot hattkatta aadmi tha

Hariya-- Raju Bhaiya andar se katta nikalo...

Yani dusre ka naam Raju tha... Raju ne apni bag se ek desi gun nikali aur sidhe. Driver ke sar pe laga di...

Raju-- dekho babu chupchap khade raho warna tum dono ko yahi maar ke fenk denge samje Na....
Ab unki bato se sirf driver- conductor hi nahi balki me bhi Dar gaya wo pog ab bohot kharnak lag rahe the....
Unhone driver - conductor ko ek rassi se bandh diya....

Hariya-- ab chupchap yahi pade raho zada hoshiyari mat karna aur hame apna kaam karne dijiye samaj rahe he Na......

Mera to ye dekh ke hi Lund murja gaya tha aur Dar se kanpne laga....
Ab ve dono maa ki aur aane lage.... Maa Dar ke maare piche kisak rahi thi.....

Maa--- dekho yesa mat karo me tumare per padti hu....

Ye sunte hi dono has pade haa.....ha....
Meri rani tujh jesi gadrai jawani ko kese chhod de. Aaj to tuje pike rahenge meri nasheli sharab......
Hariya-- are Raju dekhta kya he kar de sali ko nangi....

Maa-- please mat karo mera beta bhi yaha he kuch to sharam karo ek maa ko uske bete ke samne nangi. Karoge???

Maa ka itna boona tha ke we log hasne lage haa....haa....
Raju-- are meri rani Teri jawani dekh kar to tera beta. Garam ho gaya tha aur kuch samay pahle he tere naam ki muth maar raha tha dekh kese nanga betha he aur tu chahti he ke hum tuje nanga Na kare jab ki tera saga betha hi tuje nanga dekhne ke liye mara. Ja raha tha.....

Wo log pichle ghante jo kuch hua sab maa ke samne ugalne lage maa meri aur dekhe jaa rahi thi aur me sar jhukaye betha tha.....

Hariya-- are dekho kese betha he nikal sale ko....

Rajune muje kich kar maa ke sane le aaya mera Lund murjha chuka tha....

Raju -- are iska Lund to murza gaya koi bat nahi abhi khada kar dete he....

Raju ka ye bolte hi Hariya ne maa ka blouse jor se khinch liya aur blouse ke sath maa ka dono sthan uchhalkar bahar aaGaye he bhagwan kitne bade he maa ke sthan.....
Hariya ne ek haath se maa ke sthan ko dabane laga aur mujse kaha -"dekh babuva tohar maa ki chichi kitni badi2. Daba ke to dekh.... Ye kahte hue isne jabardasti mere hatho ko pakad ke maa ke sthan par rakh diya.... Ohh.... Maa ke sthan wakai bohot mulayam the....Aur kafi tit lag rahe the....

Hariya -- lagta he Sharma raha he abhi iski sharm dur kar dete he..... Chal be ab apne maa ke chuchi ko jara chus ke to dikha....

Maa-- dekho aesa mat karo please...

Raju-- ye pleaz- viz jesa hum kahte he wesa karo samji naa ye tere aur tere chuse ke liye sahi hoga.....

Raju ne mera Baal pakad ke sidha maa ke sthan par laga diya....
Mere hoth sidha maa ke nipple. Ko chhu rahe the Aur agle hi pal me maa ke sthano ko chusne laga...... Maa ne apni ankhe band kar aur me dhire - dhire maa ke sthano ko chusne laga...... me fir se garam hone laga tha aur maa ke sthano me garmi mehsus kar pa raha tha..... Muje maa ke mu se bhi aaaaa.....ki awaz ane lagi..... Shayad maa bhi garam ho ne lagi thi.... Tabhi Mene bina kuch kahe dusre sthan ko chusne laga aur ek hath maa ki kamar par le gaya.... Mera ound bhi apni aukat me aa gaya jo maa ki peticoat pe chu raha tha maa ke mukh se bhi awaz tez hone lagi aur maa ne ek hath mere sar me ghumane lagI. Tabhi Hariya ne maa ka petticoat pe laga nada kinch liya. Jo sidha zamin pe ja gira par iska hosh Na muje tha aur Na maa ko hum to ek dusre me khoye the.....

Hariya-- are dekho aag to dono taraf lagi he barabar ....

Raju ne mere Baal pakd ke muje piche kinch liya....
Raju-- dekho sali natak kar rahi th. Chal ab gutno pe Beth ja aur apne bete ka Lund chus jo kab ka tuje dekh ke khada ho raha he....

Maa ne bina kuch bole mere Lund ko sidha apne mume le liya....aur chusna shuru kar diya......
Me to jese swarg me tha maa mere Lund ko jor - jor se chusne lagi.... Me itna garam ho gaya ke Mene maa ke sar ko pakde hue sar ko hi chodne laga..... Muje laga ke ab me apna paani chhod dunga ke Tabhi Hariya ne maa ko khicha....

Hariya -- are bas kar randi apne bete ka hi legi ya. Hame bhi khush karegi..... Chal ab apni. Chaddi nikal maa rote hue apni panty utarne lagi.....
Maa ne panty utartehi mera Lund fir se jhatke marne laga.... Ohh..... Sss.... Maa ki chut saaf dikh rahi thi kyunki maa ke chut par ek bhi Baal nahi tha..... Puri clean....

Raju --- hay!!!hay!!! Are hariya kabhi yesi chut dekhi he sali pura saaf kar ke aai he lagta he chudwane ka hi plan tha salle ka..... Ye lagta he abhi kha jao ise..... Kutiya aaj to Teri chut faad hi dunga chhinnal.....

Wo log maa ko jis tarh galiya de rahe the muje aur bhi maza aa raha tha me cha raha tha wo log maa ko kisi randi ki tarah treat kare....

Raju ne kaha chal mere upar gand rakh kar Beth ja.... Raju ka kala Lund hawa me lahra raha tha aur maa ki Surat dekh ke laga ke use bhi ek baar Dar laga gaya tha.... Maa apmi gaand madkate hue Lund par bethne lagi....
Maa ki Surat meri aur thi. Aur Raju ki tarf pith thi....Maa apne per failaye hue Beth gai..... Maa ki chut muje saaf dikhne lagi thi..... Muje yesa laga ke me jaake apna Lund ghusadu....
Raju ne apna Lund maa ki chut me nahi balki gamd me ghusane laga jisase maa ki chikkh nikal padi aaa!!!!!!huhh!!!!!!!ooooohhhhh!!!! Please yaha dalo dard hota he please!!!

Raju-- chup kar randi Teri gaand ne to paagl kiya he muje haa!!!!! Kitni kasi hui he re Teri gaand..... Maja aayega bahut..... Aaja Hariya!!!!

Ab Hariya apna Lund hilate hue maa ki aur badh gaya aur maa ki chut ko maslne laga.....

Hariya -- are bahut sukhi he chut. Sali ki chut paniya nahi rahi he ka kare Raju Bhaiya???
Raju -- are abhi paniyate he...

Rajune muje bulaya - ye beta tujhe bhi chodna he Na apni randi maa ko??

Me kuch nahi bola
Raju-- are bolne ki jaroorat nahi he tera Lund ko dekhte hi pata chal gaya....
Maa bhi mere Lund ko ghure ja rahi thi pata nahi kya soch rahi hogi par asal me to me bhi maa ko aaj chodna chaht. tha.
Hariya -- chal apna Lund le aur apne maa ke chu par ghis samja Na chodna nahi he sirf khisna he agar tune apna Lund andar ghusaya Na to sala yahi kaat dalenge samja ke nahi.....

Raju-- khisna Q Hariya???
Hariya-- are tu kahta he Na ke iski chut sukhi he ab dekh jab iske jawan bete ka Lund iski chut ko chuyega to saali puri paniya jayegI.... Ha....Ha.....

Me ab apna Lund leke maa ke chut ke paas aagaya ohh!!!! Paas se to maa ki chut surkh laal thi aur kisi paav roti jese dikh rahoi thi...
Maa mere tarf dekhte hue boli beta yesa mat karo.... Par me bhi kaha mannewala tha Mene turant apna supada maa ke chut ko touch kar diya ohh!!!! Chut puri garam thi.... Mene puri chut par apna suata gumane lage maa bhi garam ho gai ab jab bhi me apna Lind maa ke chut ke daane par ragdata maa ke mukh se jor se karhane ki awaz aati aahhh!!!!!ohhh!!!!! Beta!!!!!ssssss!!!!! Muje bohot maza aa raha tha ab me zada se zada wahi apna Lund ragde laga paanch minit me hi maa ki chut se gadha paani risna shuru ho gaya aur mere Lund pura us pani se bhig gaya ab maa khul kar awaze karne lagi aur apne haatho se apne sthano ko dabane lagi thi..... Kabhi kabhi apni chut uchalkar mere Lund par maarti jisase ke mera Lund chut me ghus ajye ab maa Lund lene ke liye mare jaa rahi thi aur iska parinam Raju ko Mila jiska Lund maa ke gaand me tha maa uchhal uchhalkar apni gaand hawa me uthati....make sath Rahu ki bhi awaze aane lagi ab Hariya ne mujje dhakk de ke alag kar diya aur apna kala Lund maa ke chut me ghusa diya usne itne jor se dhakka Mara ke ek hi baar me Lund andar chala gaya....

Ab dono maa ko AAGE aur piche se chodne lage maa ke chut aur gaand me Lund ki awazw aa rahi thi kkchhhkhch!!!!!!aue puri bas me tino paglo ki tarah. Chilla rahe the.....
Usme to maa kisi randi ki tarah awaze karti.....oooh!!!!!!aaaahhh!!!!!!!zor se!!!!!!!

Ye dekh kar muje laga mera pani ab nikal ne wala he.....
Takriban 10min uahi chudai. Chali....tab Hariya ne maa ki chut se apna Lund nikala aur muje kaha chal tu bhi maza lele apni randi maa ka.... uska Lund ab bhi khada tha yani wo abhi tak jhada nahi tha me bhi sidha maa ki aur muda maa ki chut me bada gadha dikh raha tha Q ki Hariya ne use chauda kar diya tha..... Mene maa ki Surat dekhi maa ki ankho me pura sex ka nasha chadha hua tha uske dono haath apne sthano ko daba rahe the Aur uske hoth ko danto se Kant rahi thi maa ka esa sexy avatar dekh ke me pagal ho gaya. Aur Lund pakde hue maa ki chut me puri takat ke sath gusa diya mera Lund andar jate hi yesa laga jese kisi bhatti me chala gaya ho maa ki chut puri jal rahi thi.... Mene bhi ab maa ko chodna shuru kar diya sath hi inke sthano ko danto se katne laga aur puri takat ke sath daba raha tha to kabhi maa ke hoto ko kiss karta maa itni pagal ho gai thi ki mere jibh ko maa ne chusna shuru kar diya me bhi maa ka pura sath de raha tha aur puri takat se maa ke nipple ke sath sthano ko dabaye jaa raha tha. Mera Lund maa ki chut me itni speed se chal raha tha jese pistol me pistan chalti ho...... 15 min yuhi chudai karne ke baad Raju bhi khada ho gayaaur sath me bhi..... Me apni charam sima par pohochne ke bohot karib tha.... Par pohoch nahi paya....
Maa nangi ho kar pure nashe thi aur hum teeno maa ke samne nange khade the maa ab bhi paglo ki tarah pani chut me ungliya chala rahi thi.....

Hariya --- dekha babuwa bohokismat wale ho tum jo aise maa mili he tume..... Kitni pyasi he bichari...chalo abiski pyas bujate he.....
Ye bolkar hariyane maa mume apna Lund ghusa diya aur maa use chusna shuru kar diya agle hi minit Hariya ne apna Sara virya maa ke mu me udhel diya.....
Iske baad Raju ne apna Lund hilate hue virya ki dhar sidhe maa ke mume chhod di ab maa ke mume pura virya bhara tha..... Jo usne piya nahi.....
Ab meri bari thi me to kab ka virya bahar nikalne ke liye ubal raha tga aur Mene full speed me apna hilate hue maa ke mukh me jhadne laga me takriban 1 min jhada.....

Maa ke mume itna virya jama tha ke uske mu se udalne laga tha par agle jlhi pal maa ne Sara virya andar ki aur gatak liya hoto pe lagi akhri boondh bhi maa ne saaf kar li aur wahi so gai me bhi thak kar wahi gir gaya.... ..

Jab aankh kuli to dekh maa wese hi nangi padi he aur sath me bhi.....
Driver - conductor ab bhi bandhe the Mene ghadi ki aur dekha to subah ke 5 am baj rahe the.... Mene turant maa ko uthaya maa ladkhadate hue uthi usne aapne asp ko dekh to turant hi apne kapde pahn liye aur Mene bhi kapde pahan kar driver- conductor ko chhudaya.....
Achanak maa phutphut kar rone lagi.......

Maa-- hey!! Bhagwan mujse ye kya paap ho gaya....... Ab me kisiko kya mu dikhungi....

Driver-- dekho bahan jo hua so hua ye baat sirf aapke bete aur hame pata he aur is baat ko yahi dafan kar denge... Bhul jaiye aap ki kabhi aapki jindgi me ye raat aai bhi thi bas aspse yahi kahta hu ke aap ab vapas apne ghar chale jaiye aur laut ke kabhi mat aana ki raste pe.......

Driver sahi kah raha tha aur maa bhi shayad samaj chuki thi ke jo hua use ab badal to nahi sakte....

Maa-- aap thik kah rahe he bhaisahab muje ab bas ghar Jana he.....

Driver--- aap din me apna kkam karke turant nikal jaiye thik he.....

Maa aur Mene papa ki astiya Ganga me baha di aur khana khake raat ko Delhi ki nikalne lage...

Bus raat ke 8 baje ki thi bus aate hi hum andar ghus Gaye bas pahle ki tarah bhari hui thi.... Mene maaa ke liye jagah bana di aur khud unke paas khafa ho gaya.... 2/3 ghante me nind aana shuru ho gaya aur Tabhi muje pichese kisike Lund mere nitamb par mehsus hua.....kya???? Fir se??? Par kyun???
Mene uski tarf dekha to uski nazar dusri tarf thi mene uske nazar ka picha kiya to wo to maa ki aur dekh raha hey!! Bhagwan maa ka pallu fir se niche gir gaya aur maa to puri nind me. Yaar ab firse.....
Ye maa baar - baar apna pallu Kyun gira deti he.....??

**********************THE END**************

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Ravi verma ne murkar dekha ki uski patni uske pichhe aa rahi hai ya nahi, kajal ko apne pichhe aate dekhkar use sakun mehsus hua….aksar aisa hi ehsaas har pati ko hota hai.
Kajal ek chhota sa bag apne hath me uthaye huye uske pichhe pichhe chal rahi thi aur Ravi aage aage suitcase aur ek air bag uthaye huye .
Ye jagah thi……kareempur railway station. Kajal ko official duty pe dusre district me jana tha, aur bina train ke wahan jana bahut muskil tha.
Ravi ko jitna dukh tha apni patni ko akele bhejte huye utna hi dukh kajal ko bhi ho raha tha……ravi ke bina itni dur jane me,lekin government duty ki wajah se use jana par raha tha…waise uski halat aisi nahi thi ki wo kahi dur ja sake, ravi ne use rokne ki bahut koshish ki lekin uske nahi jane pe naukari ja sakti thi.
Ravi ne ticket pehle se hi le rakha tha, kajal apne birth pe jake settle ho gayi kyoki train khulne hi wali thi. Ravi khirki ke bahar khara hua use dilasha de raha tha ki wo kisi tarah ki chinta na kare yahan wo apna khayal rakhega….aur wo apna dhyan rakhe, aur bas pahuchte hi phone kar de.
“ beta daro mat …malik sab sahi karega. Yahan main ammi ka khayal rakhunga, tum bas apne kaam pe dhyan dena.darna mat , koi dikkat aaye to liyakat bhai hai wahan sehar me …unse mil lena”
“ ha abbu…main apna khyal jaroor rakhungi….aap pareshan na ho”
Ravi ne dekha ki uske bagal ki khirki pe ek budha aadmi apni beti to dilasa de raha tha. Us ladki ka reservation bhi usi sleeper cupa me tha jisme kajal ja rahi thi, us cupa me aur koi nahi chada tha us bakt tak. Shayad aage station pe unka reservation tha.
Ravi us aadmi ki or murkar bola “kaka …ek na ek din to ise jana hi padega…aap bekar me padeshan ho rahe ho”
“kya karu beta…ek hi beti hai meri, agar koi beta hota to koi padeshani nahi thi…beti hai isliye ghar ke bahar bhejte huye dar lagta hai” usne bahut hi bhabuk hokar jabab diya.
“ are kaka..ladkiyan ladko se bahut aage nikal gayi hai…..darne ki jaroorat nahai hai ab” Ravi ne use samjhane ki koshish ki.
“ main bhi inse yehi kahne ki koshish kar rahi hu itni der se lekin …ye hai kamkhah preshan ho rahe hai” us ladki ne bhi ravi ki baton ka samarthan kiya.
Andar baithe huye kajal me bhi us kaka ko samjhane ki koshish ki..
“ main sath me hu aap chinta na Karen..”
Ravi aur kajal ke samjhane pe vo budha aadmi aswasth hua aur apni ankho me aa gaye aanshu ko pochh liya usne….
Train ko signal mila aur train wahan se nikal gayi….ravi wahi…khare kuchh der tak train ko jate dekhta raha….phir jab train uske aankho se ojhal ho gaya to usne us budhe aadmi ki taraf dekha to vo ja chukka tha…..
Train apne raftaar me aage badh rahi thi…kajal aur vo ladki kebal thi us coupe me….chupchap baithi thi thodi si dari huyi..pehli baar jo bahar ja rahi thi..kajal ne hi us se poochh liya,
“ kya job mila hai”
“ wahan pe ek call centre ki naukari mili hai”
“ are wahh…chalo all the best”
Ve dono baten kar rahen the ki tabhi….coupe ka darbaja khula aur do log anadar aa gaye…dikhne me dono aadmi gunde type hi lag rahe the…
Vo ladki unlogon ko dekh ke aur dar gayi…usne apne chunni ko thoda theek kiya…koshish ki apne bade bade mummo ko chhupane ki..lekin nakam rahi kyoki aane wale un dono kin ajar uski ubhar pe hi thi….
Kajal ne bhi ye notice kiya vo khud bhi uncomfortable mahsus kar rahi thi…unme se ek …aadmi jake us ladki ke bagal me baith gaya aur dusra kajal ke bagal me…
Kajal ko koi padeshani nahi thi…lekin bas kuchh hi pal beete the ki kajal ke samne baithe aadmi ne apna hath us ladki ki jangho ke upar rakh diya….kajal ko bhi is baat ka ehsaas nahi tha…vo ladki jhat se khari ho gayi..aur uske upar cheekhi…
Ye hua ki kajal ke bagal me baitha aadmi bhi…uth khara hua aur usne us ladki ko pakad liya aur uska ek hath us ladki ki badi badi chuchiyon ke upar jam gayi…aur use kapde ke upar se dabane laga…
Kajal ko samajh me nahi aa raha thi ki vo kya kare..uske samne me ye sab ho raha tha lekin vo bas bebas thi….kyoki vo garbhbati thi.
Un dono ne us ladki ko berth pe lita diya aur uske kapde utha diye aur uske ango ke saath khelne lage.
Kajal se raha nahi gaya aur vo apne berth se uth ke ladki ke upar chadhe huye us aadmi ko pakad li aur dur karne ki koshish karne lagi…jaise hi us aadmi ne kajal ko dekha us ne use jor ka dhakka diya aur kajal jake sidhe samne ke berth se takrayi aur uske sar se khoon bahne laga….us dusre aadmi ne ladki ko chhod ke kajal ki taraf hi apna kadam badaya aur phir us coupe me kajal aur us ladki ki cheekh goonjane lagi…
“ ravi ..utho ..subah ho gayi hai”
Ravi ne aankhe kholi aur dekha ki uske samne kajal khari thi…aur usko apne samne dekhakar uske chehre pe khusi ki lahar daud gayi….
“ aaj tumhe jana tha na” ravi ne kajal ko bataya…
“ nahi ab nahi ja rahi…meri chhuti manjoor ho gayi” kajal ne jabab diya aur room se nikal gayi kichen ki aur….
Bed pe rakhi adhkhuli ek novel pe ravi kin ajar padi aur usne uske cover ko dekha…to likha tha “ Balatkari”.
Us novel ko dekh ravi ko yaad aaya ki vo raat ko novel padhte huye so gaya tha..jisme train me do rapist ek doctor lady jo train me ek anjani ladki ke sath dur sehar ja rahi hai, jiska raste me do gunde train me rape karte hai..aur unka rape karne ke baad unhe maar ke train ke niche phenk dete hai…

The end

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Kripal: Do you exactly know out what are you doing?
Rij: Actually I do know and even not 0.1% interested to know that what I am doing from your mouth.
Kripal; Do you know consequences of you act. It could all turn up into dead end by the time we time we react and it’s known of our business.
Rij: I am not businessmen dear neither do I think you are. Risks are needed to be taken and time doesn’t differentiate between me you and them, its same for all. I even don’t want you in act it cause division. You know divisions….its irritating.
Rij knew he have the clue and probably he would even get the proof. He doesn’t want to leave the case because of fears even though they made sense. He now even in eyes of his teammate he was becoming a fool and clearly no one wanted to dare to go an island 2300 miles from Kurikal (Pondicherry) named Driisat and 1100 miles form Irakam (Andhra Pradesh).

Driisat was muddy island and had too many moor (daldal in Hindi ) in it though was considered a part of India but it was just nominal considered part of Pondicherry but was too far from it neither it had any police station nor any other utility to be provided. It was said to be home of poisonous insects. So practically it was impossible to hunt Ronit Pasha there.

Ronit Pasha according to documentation of investigation of Rij was a durglord and Driisat was turning out to be safehouse to him. He could easily transport his goods from Driisat to Shrilanka, Singapore, Philippines or any where in South China Sea. The deal was of billions and Rij was in no mood to leave it even if it was a certain death. Rij was a man of intelligence department had done more 10 such task but he had a team with him but this time there was no to respond his call and he was all alone in this.

Rij hide himself in a ship near Irakam which was moving to Driisat in between bags loaded from driisat as
Irakam was not a port so no checking by coastguards Pasha’s men used this technique. Within 3 hours ship reached driisat. Though had to be careful during unloading of ship but he managed it. He was aching in pain but it was nothing what he has to go through. Any how he got on island and was getting fresh air.

Pasha’s men were quite lazy as they knew island itself was death to strangers. A wrong step was certain death moors were almost unrepeatable from land as dry vegetation was grown up all around. Island wasn’t inhibited at all. There were only Pasha’s men and a mansion that belonged to Pasha where offcource
Pasha used to live. Rij’s target was to reach in the mansion and hope that pasha was there. It was not easy task to get in mansion without being caught and neither was easy to survive in wild but getting caught here was end to all hopes? So he decided to survive the wild and keep a watch on activity happening around.

He struggled to survived 3 days on the island feeding upon the vegetation not grounding moor not bit by insect and moreover not even hinting his presence to guards. He started tracing down the activity on the island. His 3 day struggle earned him knowledge about moors and safe routes to travel on time of loading unloading of ships and most importantly the safest time to hunt. Island was tropical and so heat and humidity were so high that it has forced Pasha to stay in mansion and his most of men would be on ship resting snoozing. Though weather was though but it was best time to get in mansion.
Rij got till mansion gate very easily but there a men patrolling at there. Although he could have dodged him and entered but it was risky when he has to come out. So has to kill him to enter Rij cam from behind and cut his throat with him with his 1 hand on his moth so that cry won’t come out. It was a clean kill. He took guards body and along with him to near by moor and put his body in it. He quietly entered in the mansion and stared killing and hiding the patrol guards one by one till he reached till a safe point. Now he was into it his next step was to dead communication link in the mansion so he could easily take control of situation as he wanted because every can’t be kill so easily and things should also look normal. He discontented all wire and stuff hack transmission signals so that there is no use of transmitter or waki-toki.
Now Rij entered core of mansion where he would get all the proof and documents plus Pasha. There was tall man welcoming him with his strong muscle. Rij knew he got in big trouble, killing with gun was easier but this could led to shootout in he would

Rij: Hi bro! What’s up? And kick his chest with strong brogue kick, he tried to respond but he was down due to impact of kick. Rij quickly gripped his neck and chocked down his breath.

Now there were just 4 men left in the mansion. Pasha smelled the rat but things give smell when they are rotten. He could not leave mansion now nor he can summon anyone from outside for help but he was still strong situation as just 2 hours were left for change of shift and again he was still safe on island just unsafe in mansion till 2 hours.

Rij till now pocketed all the documents and proofs enough to prove Pasha guilty. He opened next door and found Pasha waiting there for him.
Pasha: Well, you will always find me front of you. You did quiet a big damage to me, I am impressed. Please have seat.
Rij sits on a chair.
Rij: So I think I should do more damages to make you pleased.
Pasha: Yah, for sure you can do any thing you want, but you can’t flee your graveyard, I mean this island.
Rij: It can be yours graveyard too.
Pasha: Well, you are brave enough to say that. But what my death will give you; this couldn’t be your last wish. Things would be same just with different name.
Rij: No one knows what can happen, don’t predict anything.
(Rij secretly clicks button back of his bag on his back.)
Pasha: Well nice talking you Mr., we must know whom we killed. What’s your name?
Rij: Rij...and guard open fire on Rij but due to but he clicked, on moment by guards they blow up. Rij simply just duck to shot aimed at him and move back.
Pasha is surprised not finding Rij anywhere. He looks for Rij every where around but doesn’t find him anywhere. He just goes out mad in anger and yells” Rij…”
Rij put gun on Pasha’s back
Rij: Please don’t move dear, do you know I am always behind you to make you front of me.
Pasha: Your death will be within an hour after whether you kill me or not.
Rij: Why you don’t understand, there could have been 3 bombs, not 2; but they were 2.
Pasha: I thought you got brain but I was wrong.
Rij: No, I am not like you. I have planted landmines all around, so no one can come here nor you can step out baring me as I know the way.
Pasha: you got to be kidding.
Rij: I am adult, can’t you see.
Pasha: You are quite a class but sadly on wrong side.
Rij: Actually I am on my side, time for shift is up.
Pasha: What would you get from this? I can give you anything you want just name a price?
Rij: Actually I don’t like any share, I take it whole and don’t worry I would take it. No further question just move as I direct.

Pasha moves as Rij directs, he knows baton is in Rij’s hand and he can only wait for a chance. During time of change shift Rij takes Pasha out and reach till shipwreck as it was time of change of shift there were not many on board and could be easily managed on and he already has killed everyone wreck so there was no danger. Pasha’s men were stuck in the wild so they not of any use and chasing were not on.

Rij took a motorboat and tied Pasha with it and ride toward the Kurikal. He reached Kurikal in 5hours he got him arrested at Kurikal port authorities. Rij though was successful in getting Pasha arrested but proving him guilty was more important than this quest. It would be all in vain if he not found guilty.

Rij knew it was essential to bring pasha here and get him arrested to prove he got hold of him because if he had killed him on that island no one would have believed that and thought it was forgery and he is trapping them to step that island. 2nd step was to prove his doing, though Rij had document but he knew such business can’t be done without link and it’s a fact in India that links are stronger than any proofs.
So Rij knew that he has to kill him but by Pasha‘s hand.

Pasha appeared before court and was remanded into 8 days judicial custody. After 2 days in remand room Rij enters put his pistol on table and starts questioning Pasha. He knew he won’t get any result. 30 minutes later Rij makes frustrated expression and stand up from his chair and starts moving back leaving behind his pistol. Pasha thinks it’s the opportunity he wanted and shoots Rij saying” Now I am behind you.” But gun backfires and Pasha is dead.
Rij: “I told you I will be behind to make you front of me.”
With Pasha dead trying to kill Rij case is ruled out in favors of Rij and Rij gets promotion.

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Ramesh Rokade 62 saal ke retired professor the jo salon se Girgaon ki chawl mein rehte hue Malad mein Bete ke yahan flat mein shift hue the. Chawl mein rehne ke baad unhen Hi-society mein adjust hote dikkat ho rahi thi. Lekin biwi ke maut ke baad budhaape mein unke pas aur koi chara nahi tha.

Yahan unke hamumra buzurg log kam hi dikhte the. Unke pados mein rehne wale unhi ke ham umar aur retired clerk Anant Sharma aaj apni beti damaad ke sath Pune ja rahe the.

Rokde ji ka man aaj udas tha , ek akele Sharma jee hi the jinse wah bat karte the , is anjan shahar mein bana naya dost

bhi ab unse dur ho raha tha. Balcony mein khade hue wah truck mein laade ja rahe saman ki or udas man se dekh rahe the ki

itni mein darwaze ki bell baji.

Unki bahu Jahnvi Rokde ne unko awaz lagayi "Papa , Sharma Uncle aapse milne aaye hain".

Rokde ji bhari kadmon se drwaing room ki taref badhe aur apne dost ko samne khade muskurate hue dekha. Unhe sofe pe

baithne ka ishara kiya aur bole

"To aapne apni beti ke yahan jaane ka faisla le hi liye Sharma jee? Chalo Achcha hai apki beti ko bhi ab apne budhe pita

ki dekhbhal ke liye bar bar pune se travel nahi karna padega" Rokde ji apne dost se pyar bhari shikayat karte hue bole.

"Are kahan Sharma sahab, yahan ap jaise padosiyon ke bech dil laga rahta , wah to Smita Beti ki jid aur Daamad ji ne itni

request kari ki mujhse 'na' nahi bola gaya" Sharma ji Chai ka cup pakadte hue bole.

"Waqt- Waqt ki baat hai sahab , waise aap hame bahot yaad ayenge" Rokde ji Chai ki chuskiyan lete hue bole.

"waise ap ke flat mein kaun sahab rehne aane wale hain?" Rokde jee ne pucha.

"Nahee sahab maine apna flat kiraaye par nahi dena" Sharma jee gambhirta se bole.

"Majak karte hain Sharma jee? Are apke flat ka kam se kam 40000/- bhada ayega , aap zindagi bhar abhaavon mein jeete rahe

,badi mehnat kar aapne apni beti ko padhaya aur ab dhalti umra mein beti damad ke sath rehne jayenge to dava pani mein

kharch to hoga hi tab kya beti se paise mangenge? " Rokade samjhate hue bole.

"Ji paison ki baat nahi , lekin is ghar ko main kiraye par nahi chadhana chahta" Sharma jee ke awaz yah kahte kahte laraj

gayi "Is ghar mein meri patni ki yaaden basi hain" kuch pal yun hi chuppi mein beete

Rokade ji ne mahaul ko halka banate hue kaha "To fir aap hi mahine do mahine mein yahan aya kijiye , Aur yun bhi sahab

Mumbai se Pune hai hi kitna dur ? touch mein rahiyega , yun hi milte rahenge"

"Jarur Sahab " Sharmajee bole "Achcha Rokde sahab ab apki ijazat chahunga , niche Beti Daamad raah dekh rahe hain"
"Chaliye uncle ham bhi niche chalte hain , isi bahane mein Smita se bhi mil lungi" Jahnvi ne kaha

Is wakaye ko 6 mahine se upar ho gaye , ek din savere 7 baje hi Rokde ji ke yahan darwaze par bell baji.
"Itni subeh kaun aa gaya?" Rokde sochte hue bole , aaj wah morning walk par nahi ja sake , balony mein baithe wah paper

padh rahe the. Uth kar wah darwze ki or badhe , kitchen mein unki bahu chai bana rahi thi.
unhone darwaza khola.. samne unke dost Sharma ji khade the.

"Namashkaar Rokde sahab" Muskurate hue Sharma jee bole.
"Arey Sharma jee aaiye aaiye" Rokde sahab khush hote hue bole.
baithak mein baithte hue Sharma jee bole "Aaj tadke hi mumbai aana hua , socha chai apke yahan pi jaye isi bahane hal chal

bhi jaan lenge"

"Are yah to bahut achcha kiya apne Sharma jee" fir apni bahu ki or mukhatib hote bole "Bete ek cup chai aur banana ,

Sharma jee aaye hain"

Chai ki chuskiyon ke beech unki baaten hui

"Aur bataiye Sharma ji kaise hain?"
"Bas duaa hai aapki"
" Ghar par sab khariyat?"
"Jee haan aaj Maagh ki teras hai aur parso Poornima, Mere Guruji ka janmdin , usi function mein shamil hone aaya tha"
"Wah sahab aapne bataya nahi apne kin Guru ji ka mantra liya hua hai?"
"Are ye to bahut purani baat hai , waise bhi Guru ji ko gujre kayi saal ho gaye hain ab unki gaddi unke shishya hi chalate

"Kabhi hame bhi le chaliyega unke ashram"
"Jarur sahab"

Aisi hi mahine par mahine beete gaye , Rokde ji ne notice kiya ki Sharma ji har dure mahine apne flat par poornima se thik

3 din pehle aate saf safayi karate aur poornima ke agle din Pune chale jate. Is dauran Sharma jee akele ghar mein qaid

rehte aur kisi se na milte. Lekin jaate waqt unka chehra khushi se damakta rehta

Rokde ji ko apne dost se iska raaz janane ki ichcha hui lekin sankoch wash chup rahte kyunki sharma jee aajkal kam bola


Ek din Sharma jee ke upar rehne wali family walon ne watchman ke sath Rokde jee ka darwaza khatkhataya

"Sharma ji ke yahan se cable tv ki wire jaati hai , hame cable katwana hai , kya wah chabi apke pas rakh gaye hain?"

"Jee Sharma ji ne apne flat ki duplicate chabhiyon ka guchcha watchman ko de rakha tha , aap usi se mang lijiye"

Kaam hone par watchman chabhiyon ka Guccha Rokde ji ko pakdate bola "Sahab ham apne muluq ja rahe hain , jab Sharma jee

aayen to ap ye chabhiyan unhe de dijiyega"

Is tarah flat ki chabiyan unke pas aa gayi.

Agle mahine Teras ko Sharma ji aaye aur hamesha ki tarah kuch din rehne aaye , ek din raat ke samay Rokde ji ko yad aya ki

unhe Sharma jee ki chabhiyan deni hain to unhone unke ghar ke darwaze par dastak di lekin darwaza na khula

"Sharma sahab , ghar pe hain kya?" Rokde ji joron se darwaza khatkhatae bole lekin koi jawab nahin mila.

ROkde ji pareshan ho uthe ki tabhi unhe kisi mahila ki karahne ki awaz sunayi di , tithak kar vahin rokde andar se aati

awazon ko sunne lage.

"Ye sharma sahab bhi chupe rustam nikale , khali pade flat mein rang railiyan manate hain" Rokade ji ne socha
kuch der wahan teher kar wah ghar aa gaye.

Agle din vah jaldi hi uthe , baramde mein pada news paper uthane gaye wahan sharma jee se mulaqat hui. Sharma ji ne unhe

Namaste ki .

"Suprabhat Rokde ji"
"Suprabhat , Sharma sahab" Rokde bola "Kal kahan the aap sharma sahab , raat mein maine apka darwaza khatkhataya tha"
yah sunkar Sharma jee ke chehre ka rang udd gaya , haklate hue bole

"Kal..? Kis waqt?"
"Yahi koi 10:30 ke karib.." Rokde ne jawab diya.
"Koi kaam tha kya..?" Sharma ne poocha
"Nahi wo apke flat se kuch awaazen aa rahin thi to socha aap kisi musibat mein na hon isliye bell bajaye" ROkde ne kaha
"Dekhiye , Rokde sahab raat mein main jaldi so jata hun isliye shayad apki bajaye bell nahi sun saka" Sharma ne talkh

leheze mein kaha.
"Lekin wo aurat ki awaz" Rokde ne kehna chaha
"Wo mein kal tv par film dekh raha tha dekhte dekhte wahin hall mein so gaya , shayad apne wah awaz suni thi"
"Lekin Sharma sahab , mere kan dhokha nahi kha sakte , wo TV ki awaz nahi thi koi aurat thi wahan par"
"Bas bahut ho chuka Rokde ji , aap kehna kya chahte ho ? logon ke gharon ki ghatnayen kaan laga kar sunte ho?" sharma

sahab upset hote hue bole.
"Nahi Sharma sahab mujhe to aapki fikra ho rahi thi" Rokde samjhate bole
lekin Sharma ji naraj ho kar wahan se chale gaye.

"Ye sharma achanak itna bhadak kyon gaya?" Rokde ne socha " Daal mein kuch kala hai , Sharma ne isse pehle mujhse talk

leheze mein yun baat nahin ki "

Rokde ji fir unhe chabhiyan nahin dee paye unhone socha agli bar jab sharma ji ayenge to de denge . Agle din jab Rokade

jee morning walk ke liye nikal rahe the to saamne Sharma jee se takra gaye , jo aj bahut khushi mein the .

"Suprabhat Sharma jee"

"Suprabhat Rokde sahab" Sharma jee muskura kar bole , shayad wah kal vali ghatna bhula chukhe the "Bahar halki barish ho

rahi hai chhata lete jaiyega"

Rokde unki or dekhte reh gaye "Kal hi to yah aadmi kathorta se pesh aya tha aur aaj aisa bartav kar raha hai mano kal kuch

hua hi na ho"
Rokde jab ghar laute to Sharma ji hans hans ke kisi se phone par baat kar rahe the , jab Sharma ne Rokde ko aate dekha to

hanste hue unke munh par darwaza band kar liya .

Rokade ko samajh nahi aya ki Sharma jee aisi behki harkaten kyun kar rahe hain. Unhone socha dopaher mein unke yahan

jhayenge. Dopaher mein jab unhone bell bajaye to fir kisi ne darwaza nahin khola lekin mahila ki awaz aayi , unhone socha

raat mein aa kar dekhenge.

Rokde Sharma jee ke ghar se us mahila ki awaz se baichen ho uthe raat hote hi unhone faisla kiya ki wo dabe paanv Sharma

ke ghar ja kar chanbeen karenge.

Passage ka bulb unhone usi sham nikal diya tha jisse andhere mein unko chori chupe Sharma ke yahan jane mein asaani hoti.

Chupchap unhone Sharma jee ke ghar ka tala khola aur andar aaye. Ghar ek madhosh kar dene wali sugandh se mahak raha tha

Wah dining table ki or badhe , aur kursi par torch ki roshni maari unhone dekha mor pankhi rang ka reshami dupatta pada

hua tha , unhone dupatte ko hath mein liya aisa narm , mulayam mahin reshmi kapda unhone dekha nahi tha .

Us kapde se khushbu aa rahi thi , unhone dheere dheere bedroom ki taraf kadam badhaye , samne ek lakdi ki murti thi

jiske pas kele ke patte par laal rang ki syahi se kuch likha hua tha , unhone gaur se dekha koi sanskrit mantra likha hua

tha "apsaryati aavhanam karishye , aghach agachh mam hridayi vasayati" .

"Sharma paagal ho gaya hai , ye shayad koi jaadu tona karta hai" unhone ghar ke kamre chhan mare lekin sharma kahin nahi

mila unhone ghadi dekhi subah ke 5 baj rahe the , haar kar wah ghar laut gaye.

Usi subah jab vah akbaar padh rahe the to unki bahu ne pucha "Papa aap aaj subah subah kahan nikal gaye the ?"
"Kuch nahi beta , morning walk par chala gaya tha" unhone jhijhakte hue jawab diya.
unki bahu ne unse aur kuch nahi poocha , sahyad wah jan gayi ki uske sasur ji use batana nahi chahte.

Is ghatna ke kuch din baad , Sharma ji mithai ka box le kar Rokde ji ke ghar aaye
"Lijiye sahab munh meeta kijiye"
"Kis khushi mein sahab?"
"Beti ne nayi Gadi li hai"
"Achcha kaun si"

Rokde ke chhati par sanp lot gaye , unhone socha "iski beti aur damad itne amir ho gaye ki itni mehengi gaadi kharid li ,

ho na ho ye Sharma jarur koi jadu tona karta hai , warna kuch mahino pehle inki maali haalat kharab thi aur ye Sharma

hamesha tension mein rehta tha aaj kal bada Khush dikhta hai"

"Kya soch rahe hain sahab , Mithai khaiye na"
"Jarur Jarur"
Baat wahin aayi gayi ho gayi lekin Rokde ne than liya ke wah is bat ka pata laga kar rahenge ki Sharma ki khushaali aur us

rahasyamayi mahila ka raaz kya hai , Sharma jee se sidhe munh unhone poochna theek nahi samjha , Sharma hamesha ki tarah

baat ko dusri taraf ghuma deta.

Rokde Sharma jee ki khush hali ka raj janne ke liye baichen ho utha aur TV dekhne laga.

Itne mein unki bahu jahnavi aur beta Sameer hall mein aa baithe , Sameer ne News channel lagaya , kisi neta ka sting

dikhaya ja raha tha.

"Aajkal kya kya dikhate hain TV par" Jahnavi remote hath mein lete boli "Main apni TV serial laga rahi hun"

Rokde ke dimag mein achanak ek tarqib aayee ," kyon na is Sharma ka sting kiya jaaye , akhir uska raaz pata chal hi jayega

, chabhi to hai hi kisi ko shaq bhi nahi hoga aur pichli baar pakde jane ka dar bhi nahi hoga" halanki isme khatra bahot

tha lekin Rokde ne risk lene ki sochi

Rokde bazar se umda high resolution wala spy cam kharid kar laaye aur ek din dopaher mein ja kar ghar ke alag alag hisson

mein unhone spy cams lagaye aur besabri se agli purnima ka wait karne lage.

teras ka din aya , sharma jee aaj subah hi pune se aaye the unhone makan ki safai karwayee aur rokde ji se normal baaten

ki. ek do din beete aur aaj purnima thi. Rokde ke ghar mein aaj koi nahi tha , beta apni sasural mein kisi ki shadi attend

karne gaya tha .Rokade ne mauke ka fayda uthaya aur apne kamre mein rakhi TV par spy cam ka output configure kiya.

Aj unhe pata chalne wala tha ki Sharma ke kamre mein kaun aata hai. Raat gehra gayi unhone TV par dekha Sharma jee snan

kar ke ek makhmali asan bicha kar padmasan mein aankhen munde baithe hue kisi mantra ka jaap kar rahe the. Kuch samay

beeta aur kamre mein roshni fail gayi , sharma jee ka mantrochcharan tej hota gaya. Rokde ne socha unka andaza sahi tha

sharma jarur koi jaadu tona karta hai. kuch der baad kamre mein ek tej roshni ka dhamaka huaa , aur usme se sundar stree

prakat hui aur usne muskurate hue Sharma jee ki chhati par haath rakaha. Sharma jee ne aankhen kholi aur us stree ka hath

pakad kar apne bedroom ki taraf jaane lage.

Rokde ji ki dil ki dhadkane tej ho gayi unhone dusre camera ka switch on kiya aur us camera ka video unki screen apr aane


Unhone dekha us rahasyamayi sundar stree se sharma jee sambhograt the , dono pure nagna the , sharma jee bar bar us stree

ke vaksh apne munh mein lete aur vah stree unka ling apne hathon dabaati.

Rokde jee yah dekh kar sann rah gaye the " to yah asli rup hai sharma jee ka aur yah stree kitni sundar hai kam se kam

insan to nahi lagti koi devi hi hai " unhone dekha sahvas khatm hone ke baad us stree ne muskurate hue unhe ek hira

pakdaya aur gayab ho gayi. Rokde ke jal gayi "To yahi aurat ise yeh heera bhi deti hai.. isiliye iske pas itna paisa aya"

Rokde jee ne saree rat sochte hue kati aur tadake unki aankh lagi.

Subah Sharma jee ke ghar ki bell baji , Sharma ji ne chai peete hue darwaza khola to samne Rokde jee khade the.

"Are Rokde jee ? aayie aayie" Sharma jee ne unka swagat kiya.
Rokde kuch na bolte hue andar aaye.
"Baithiye sahab Chai pijiye" Sharma ne hanste hue kaha.
"Ek minute Anant Sharma , mein yahan tumse jaruri baat karne aya hun" Rokde ne achanak Sharma ki baat katte hue kaha
Sharma ko is badle vyavhar par hairani hui lekin fir bhi normal hote hue unhone pucha "Kahiye sahab kya jaruri baat karni

hai aapko?"
"Wo jaruri baat yah hai Sharma ki mujhe tumhare bare mein sab pata chal gaya"
"Kya pata laga?"
"Yahi ki tumne yah ghar mujhe kyon nahi becha aur kyon ise kiraye par chadhaya aur har purnima ko tum yaha kyon aate ho"
Sharma jee ka chehra hairani aur gusse se bhar gaya "To tumne apni tank jhank ki aadat band nahi ki"
"Nahi kyonki tum jadu tona karte ho"
"Main meri bas sadhna karta hun" Sharma gusse se cheekha
"Maine kab kaha ki tum rangrailiya manate ho?" Rokade hanste hue bola "Maine sab dekh liya hai Anant , mujhse kuch bhi

chupa nahi hai , wo aurat aur tum dono ki paranay lila aur uska tumhe heera dena"
Sharma jee toot gaye the unka raaz aj unke padosi ke samne khul gaya tha wah mayus ho gaye.
"Na.. Naa.. Anant Sharma jee mujhe is bat se koi farak nahi padta ki tum kya jadu tona karte ho , kis ke sath hambistar

hote ho" Rokde hanste hue bole "Mujhe to vah tumhara kimti heera chahiye jo tumhe har purnima ko vah ladki deti hai"
"Wah meri saadna ka fal hai , main use kisi ko nahi dunga" Sharma gurrate hue bola
"Wah tumhare raaz ko raaz rakhne ki meri mamuli se fees hai" Rokde hanste hue bola , "aur waise bhi agar tumne inkar kiya

to main society walon ko bata dunga ki tum yahan kya jadu tona karte ho."
"Jao shauk se jao tumhari bat kaun seungea or kise yaqeen hoga tumhari baaton par " Sharma ne kaha.
"Theek hai log yakin kare na kare , income tax department to karega na.." Rokde bole "Unhe kaise samjhaoge ki yah daulat

tumhare pas kaise aye?" Rokde kantili hansi hansa "Aur Anant tumhari beti par kya beetegi jab usko yah pata chalega ki

uska baap apne flat mein kiske sath hambistar hota hai?"

"Nahi Ramesh , meri beti ko kuch nahi batana , tum jo kahoge main wah karunga"
"ye hui na samajhdari ki bat" Rokde ne kaha "Chalo chai peete hue kam ki baat karte hain"
Sharma ne than liya tha ki Rokde ko vah sabak sikha kar rahega "Ek baat batao Ramesh kya tumhe nahin lagta ki meri daulat

pane ke bajaye tumhe yah sochna chahiye ki wah daulat maine kaise hasil ki?"
"Wo jadu Tona na? uska mujhe kya karna hai?" Rokde laparwahi se bola
"Jadu Tona na sahi , lekin vah mohini kanya.."
"Achcha to us ladki ka nam Mohini hai?"
"Wah koi aam ladki nahi hai , vah insan nahi ek yakshini hai"
"Yakshini?" Rokde uchchal pada
"Haan" Sharma jee bole "Maine uski saadhna ki aur use paya , ek patni ki tarah vah mera khayal rakhti hai"
Sharma ne Rokde ki or dekhte hue kaha "Kya tum nahi chahoge ki tum bhi aisi Yakshini ko saadh lo aur us se aisi daulat aur

sukh pao "
"Haan Ramesh...yah mat kahna ki tumhe isme koi dilchaspi nahi"
"Nahi aisi bat nahi lekin mujhe sadhna kaun sikhayega?"
"Main sikhaoonga Ramesh"
"Haan , main"
"Fir nek kaam mein deri kaisi? sikhao bhai jald se jald"
Anant Sharma ne use saadhna ki vidhi batayi lekin kuch baat jan bujh kar chupa li aur agle din use heera thama kar wapas

chala gaya. Use Rokde se badla lena tha.

Usi din sse hi Rokde sadhna ki taiyari mein lag gaya. Bazar ja kar sari cheezen le aya , uske badle rang dhang dekh kar

uski bahu bhi chinta mein pad gayi usne apne pati ko kaha "sunte ho papa kuch badle badle nazar aa rahe hain. din bhar

kamre band rah kar puja path karte hain , aadhi raat ko nahate hain aur puri rat mantra jap karte hain"

"Budhape mein puja path hi karenge na? Tum bhi Jahnavi kya kya sochti ho , agle hafte mere dost ki shadi hai hame Pune

jana hai" Sameer ne uski baton mein koi dilchaspi nahi lee .

Agle hafte hi purnima the , na dho kar aadhi raat ko Rokde asan laga kar baith gaya kuch waqt guzra uska mantrochcharan

tej hota gaya aur kamre mein wahi chir parichit roshni ka bhabka foota , usne aankhen kholi usne dekha waisi hi ek sundar

stree uske saamne khadi ho gayi , hanste hue us sundari ne apna hath aage badhaya , Rokde ne uska haath tham liya aur

utawlepan mein use apne bedroom mein le gaya.

Wah stree to mano swarg se utari apsara hi lag rahi thi usne use choomne ke liye munh aage kiya aur ek prakahar prakash us

kamre mein fail gaya , usne dekha wah sundari ke bagal mein dekhte hi dekhte badsoorat aurat prakat ho ho gayi uske

daant ek dam se bahar nikal aaye aur khoon jama dene wali hansi hanste hue boli.

"Saadhak aaj ratri tumhara bhakshan hoga , tum apni saadhna mein safalta nahee pa sake" Sundari Boli
"Lekin kaise , maine to aapki puri manoyog se saadhna ki thi"
"Tumne veerakshini se baachav hetu raksha kavach dharan nahi kiya"Dekhte hi dekhte vah veerakshini Rokde par jhapti aur
Rokde ki cheekhen raat mein goonj uthi.

Agle din jab Rokde ka beta Sameer aur bahu Janhvi aaye to unhone dekha Rokde sofe par nidhal pada tha. Doctors ki koshish

ke bavjud use baachaya nahi ja saka.

Idhar Sharma jee yah jankar khush hue ki Rokde itni bhayavah maut mara gaya , unka badla pura ho gaya tha ... sharma jee

ne jan bujh kar unhe saadhna ki sahi vidhi nahi batayi..


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Mera Dost Kaisa Bana Mera Bhai...

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Mujhe kuch saal pehle paata chata mere ek dost se ke saab log mere maa ke baare mein ghandi ghandi sochti thi, even ke uncle log bhi! Pehle to mujhe bohot ghusa huya tha, but phir din ke din baat mujhe bhi mere maa ke upor ek sex ki jadoo pahal gaye. Har vaqt main aur mere dost, jiska naam tha Narayan, sochte rehte the kab aur kaise mere maa ko ek bed pe lekar hum assh kar sake.
Ek din mere to kismat khul gaye thi. Maa ko ek choti si accident ho gaye thi. Kuch bara sa nahi huya, lekin hum doctor ke paas gaye. Paisa itna humari paas nahi thi so hum koi bari doctor ke paas nahi gaya. Ek choti si tuta huya dukan ki jaisa ek clinic hai humari colony ke paas. Doctor maa ko check karke ke bolla je koi problem nahi hai aur kuch davai ka prescription diya the. Maine maa ko ghar par chor ke Naryan ke saath gaya davai lee ani, udhar par jaa ke ek shock mila. Doctor ne vhul kar ke pain ke nahi sex ki dabaye diye hai. Main kuch kehne vala tha lekin Narayan ne mujhe chup karwaya aur phir hum wo davaiye kharid kar ghar aa agaye. Main samajh gaya ke Nayaran ka kya idea chaal rahi thi dimag pe, aur wohi same cheez mai bhi chata tha.
Maa ko maine wo davai dene ki ek havta ho gaye. Ma is havte mein bohot change ho gaye thi. Sab se bara change change Wo kya kapre pehnti thi uspe dehand nahi deta thi. Mere samne sirf ek blouse choti si aur ek petticoat pe aajete the, bina kuch sharam ke. Ek din Narayan aaye thi, aur uski samne bhi maa aise kapre pe aagaye thi. Lekin us din maa ek white color ki blouse pehne hui thi, aur black petticoat, us blouse se pata chala ke wo bina bra ke hai. Narayan to aak meri maa ke chuchi se hata hi nahi pa rahi thi. Wo dhekte he reh gayi. Maa ne hum ko dudh or biscuit diya, dudh pite vaqt naryan ne kaha,
“yaar raaj, tu kitna lucky hai yaar.
Mai – “Kyo?”
Narayan “Tujhe to apni maa ka dudh mila, aur mai badkismat mere maa mujhe peda kar ke hi chal basa”
Maine kuch nahi kaha, kyo ki is haramzada ka maa to abhi zinda hai! Chootia sala
Maa “Aise kyo keh rahi wo beta, main ho na tumhari maa jese hu main, aur tum to mere beta raj ki umar ki ho, uski dost ho matlab mera beta”
Narayan “Kaise aunty, jo cheez raaj ko mile wo kaha muje mila.”
Main samaj gaye Narayan kya kar rahi, aur phir maa ka viagra pills kha kha kar bhi bahot horny hai aab. Chal main bhi iska fayda utha thi who.
Main – “Maa Naryan sach bol rahi, dheko jab hum choto the tab tumne humko apne se dudh pilaye karti thi, lekin Naryan ko to nahi. To kaise huye Narayan aap ke bete jaisa?”
Maa “Magar tum to bohot chote the na? Aab to tum aur Naryan bare ho gaye ho. Kaise pilaye, aur dudh bhi nahi hai mere mai pe” Apne duno haat apne he mai pe rakh kar dabaye aur humse ye kaha, jaise he dabaye ke adhi se jaide chuchi blouse ke bahar a gaye.
Narayan “To phir kya huya “Maa”, aapke mai se dudh nahi ate hai to thik hai, dudh ke glass hai humare paas, dudh to pe rahi hu, leken agar aap sach main humari Maa jaise haito phir jo aap Raj ko diya tha to hume bhi de sakti hai.”
Maa to Narayan ke muuh se “Maa” sun kar hi pat gaye thi, lekin phir bhi ek sadi savitry ban kar mere ko dekh raha tha ke agar main kuch bolo to. Meine iska faida uthaya aur maa ke paas jaa kar maa ke sir mere sine pe lagaye. Aur phir maa ke ek chuch ko dabana shuru kya aur phir dabate dabte Nayran ko bolla
“Are Naryan, tum to mere bhai jaisa ho, aayo mere maa ka, sorry, humari maa dudh pilo”
Narayan ye sunte he paa ke paas beth gaye, ab Maa mere aur raj ke beej mein betha tha. Maine piche se maa ke blouse ke hook khulne chala, Maa ne kuch nahi kaha, lagta hai kuch keha bhi nahi, 5 dino se jo viagra jaise dabaye kha rahi hai. Blouse khulne se Maa ki bari bari chuchi bahar aa gaye. Main or Narayan dhek kar to humare muh par pani aagaye. Maine Ek chuchi lekar muh mein le liya, aur udhar Naryan bhi same kiya, Maa ne matha ke upor haath rakhe ke keh sela rahi thi jaise apni do nane mune se bacha ko dudh pila rahi ho. Maine maa ki nipple ko mere daath ke bich me lekar halka se chabana laga jaise koi angur kha rahu hu, Maa ke mu se Ahhh Wuuoo Maa, sunai de rahi thi. Main dekha ke Naryan ek kutte ki tarah apni jeev ko nikal ke mere maa ki chuchi chaat rahi thi. Him keval 10 minute tak mere maa ka chuchio ko kiss kar ke, chaat ke, bite kar ke, daba daba ke, lal kar ke chora.
Dheka ke maa bohot horny ho gaya hai, pehli baar maa ko dhekha maa ka chuchi dhekne ke baad. Maa aab hosh mein nahi madosh ho gaya tha. Mere maa, apni chuchi ko bahar kar ke do jaavan ladke ke sanme sirf ek petticoat mein bethi thi. Maine dheka ke Naryan dhere dhere se maa ki petticoat utha rahi thi. Maine bhi mere dost ka help karne suru kya, akhir wo mere bhai ha aab! Maa ko sofa per maine sula diya, wo sirf ek nashe mein mere aakh mein kho gaye thi, maine ek chuchi ko haath me lekhar mere maa ke toth o ko chumne laga, aur waha mere dost mere maa ke petticoat mere maa ke kamar par le aye. Mere Maa ka pink color ke panty dekh rahi thi. Usne mere maa ka tango ko sehlate huy panty ke upor mere maa ki pussy ko kiss karne laga. Mujhe uski jawab mile jab maa ne mere toth ko daath se khani ki koshish kar raha tha. Main jaldi apni toth ko chota liya. Udhar mere dost mere maa ke panty khul diye aur maa ki shaven pussy pehli baar dekhne ko aye. Main ne idhar pere pant khol diya aur maa ne taurant mere dick pakar ke muh me le liya. Uff kya kaho main dosto itna mazaa zindigi me khabhi bhi nahi aye!!
Naryan mere maa ka pussy ko chat chat ke pani se vhar diya, idhar main ne apnea dick nikala maa ke muh se or naryan ke jaga par gaya, aur Naryan ne apni pant khul kar ke apni kali dick mere maa ke muh par de di. Maa ne khub chusna shuru kar diya ar mein idhar ek dhakhe mein pehli baar kisi aurut ki choot ke ander mere dick ghusa di. Mera virginiti mera maa ne le lee. Main yaha dhake par dhaka mar jar raha tha aur udhar Naryan ne uski dick ko shant de rahi thi mere maa ke muh se. Main ne apni virya gira diya maa ke ander, aur Naryan ne mere jagah pe agaye. Maine dhekta raha ke kaise Narayan mere maa ko chood rahi. Aur phir wo bhi apni pani gira diya mere maa ke ander. Maa ne kitne baar giyra tha us din humko nahi pata.

Lekin aab mere maa mere biwi jaisa hai. Agar khabhi bhi unka maan kare ke jo wo kar rahi wo galat hai, mein ya Narayan sidha doctor ke paas ja kar wo same dabaye le ati hai. Lekin uski jarorat itne nahi parti humko. Akhir Maa ko bhi to mazaa aah rahi hai. Maa sab samaye ab ek choti se blouse jo adha chuchi bahar aa jaye bina bra ke, aur ek petticoat thong ke upor pehnti thi ghar pe. Bahar bhi same kapre leken ek see thru saree pehen leti thi. Aab tho jab hum chahe ek sex ki devi humari paas hai humari bhook mitane ke liye, aur phir muje to ek dost se ek bhai bhi mila jiske saath maa ko share kar saake.
Ya hai mere maa ki kahani.
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"We all know the type. Mom complains constantly but she always lets Junior get what he wants in the end and continues to protect him no matter what he makes her go through. As nasty as it gets, she remains a mom first..."

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Maa Theke Magi
Shumi - Amar Maa er Kahani (My Story)

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So far in Europe Safari

videshi airline ke first class coupe main apne hi shehar ke bande ko dekh aaliya ko khushi hone ke bajaay jalan hone lagi. hoti bhi kyun nahi, after all wo us sophisticated & capitalist family se belong jo karti thi jahaan Haisiiyat aur jhooti shaan ke paimane ki aadh main log insaniyat ka khula mazaak udaana apna janm sidhh adhikaar samajhte the.

jaise ki har bakre ka din aata hai, waise hi aaj tabaahi ki ye bijli karan deep ki zindgi ki raah badalne waali thi. technical malfunction ne us ki flight ko frankfurt main utarne par majboor kar diya, jahaan uski mulaqaat aaliya se hui.

" sat shree akal, tum wahi ho na jo apne hotel main subziyan supply karte ho? " pehchaanne ka naatak karte hue aaliya ne karan deep ko uski aukaat dikhaayi.

" jee " karan deep ne jawaab diya.

" kahaan le gaye the tumhe ye log ( security officers at airport ) " curiosity daba kar aaliya ne use kureda. dar-asal plane ki ek cabin wall crack hone ki wajah se emergency landing hui thi, aur jab security officer karandeep ko lekar gaye to aaliya us par doubt karne lagi.

" immigration waale the. mujhe hotel nahi tha to aise hi inquiry karne le gaye "

" matlab?? hotel kyun nahi ja rahe? agli flight tak kya lounge main ghoomte rahoge " aaliya ko bharosa nahi hua to wo dheere-dheere use DETAIN karne lagi.

" agli flight 8 ghante baad hai, us se pehle to main apne GHAR pahunch jaounga. waise aap ke paas kaun sa visa hai? "

aaliya par to jaise bomb gira " kya?? kya tum indian nahi ho?? "

aaliya ke sawaal par karandeep muskuraane laga " hahaha...are main indian hi hoon bhai rehta hai mera yahaan "

" fine main brussels jaa rahi hoon. actually multiple visa to hai mere paas par idea nahi ye kaise kaam karta hai " aaliya ki tone ab ek saath change ho gayi.

" brussels!! to ITC pakdo n....fine, mere saath chalo " haath pakad kar karan deep ne aaliya ko uthaaya aur apne saath le jaane laga.

agle ek ghante baad wo dono train main apna break - fast kar rahe the. aaliya ki nazar main karan deep ki haisiyat ab poori tarah se badal gayi. koln aane par un dono ke raste alag alag hue to wo achche dost ban chuke the.

aaliya yahan apne mangetar(fiance) se milne aayi thi. jo uske door ke ristedaar ka beta tha aur apne parents(real father and step mother) ke saath brussels main, uski hi tarah ek jaane maane hotel main kaam karta tha.

" KD.. its me, aaliya. will you please meet me at koln?? its urgent " phone par karan deep ki aawaaz sun kar aaliya rone lagi.

" par hua kya hai aur aapko agar milna hai to seedhe ede-wageningen aa jao na. koln main milne ki kya zarurat hai?? "

" wo.....mai... yaar paise nahi hain mere paas, tum hi aa jao na plz " hich'kichaate hue aaliya ne loudly bola aur jor jor se sisakne lagi. apne mangetar k dar se jyada use uski bewafaai ka dard kamzor kar raha tha.

" wahe guru ..... fine, pareshan hone ki zarurat nahi hai. jaisa main bolu waisa karo ok "

KD ke samjhaane par aaliya ko thodi himmat mili to usne sisakna band kar diya aur dhyan se uski baaten sun ne lagi.

" to ab rona band karo aur jitna jaldi ho sake ghar se baahar nikal jaao " dusri taraf se KD ki aawaz aayi.

" kar diya pakka aa jaoge na?? " bachche ki tarah masoomiyat se aaliya ne confirm kiya.
" pakka, nikal raha hoon main yahaan se, bag wag ki liye pareshaan nahi hona nahi to bahut mushkil ho jaayega wahaan se nikalna aapke liye "

" thank you, intzaar karungi main " itna bolne par aaliya ki aankhen fir se bhar aayi. call ko disconnect kar usne rab ka shukriya ada kiya aur us jagah pahunchi jahaan KD ka dost use milne waala tha.

achchi khaasi europe sair (touring) ho rahi thi aaliya ki, farq sirf itna tha ki pehle use masti ke liye apne mangetar ke saath ghoomna tha aur ab apni izzat bachane ki khatir. aur option bhi nahi tha uske paas, khud ko uski pahunch se door karne ke liye. khair, mangetar na sahi par ab wo apne samaan ke saath salaamat to thi.

" swaagat hai ji, aapka fiance aapko brussels main dhund raha hoga aur aap yahaan dutch territory main roam kar rahi hain "

mazaak mazaak main KD ne bola to aaliya ka chehra fir se glow karne laga " thank you very very much truly agar tum nahi hote to pata nahi kya hota mera "

" achcha hi to hua, na aapki flight late hoti aur na hi aap use uski step - mom ke saath range haath pakad paati. by the way bhaag kahaan gaya tha wo? " drive karte hue KD ne poocha.

KD ke is sawaal par aaliya ka shareer sookhe patte ki tarah kaanp (shiver) utha. ek baar fir uski aankhon se aansu nikalne ka daur chala, jo uske dad se phone par baat karne ke baad aur badh gaya. bina tasdeek kiye use khud hi apni halaat ka jimmedaar thehraaya gaya aur waapas brussels pahunchne ka farmaan suna kar call disconnect ho gayi.

" gaadi nahi roki hai maine aur na hi ab aap brussels jaaogi "

" apne ghar le jaaoge mujhe? " apne halaat se samjhuata nahi karne ki majboori main aaliya ki juban se ye alfaaz nikal to gaye magar agle hi pal, jab use ahsaas hua ki iska matlab kuch aur bhi hota hai to uski saansen tez hone lagi.

abhi wo uske baare main soch rahi thi ki apni jaanghon(knee) aur kandhe(shoulder) par use KD ka haath feel hua. aur jaise hi usne KD ko sabak(THAPPAD) sikhaane ke liye apna haath uthaaya to upper waale ne use wahin par rok diya.

" plz KD...... I'm not feeling well " water bottle chheente(snatching) hue aaliya ne kaha.

KD - to itna soch kyun rahi hain? yes, jo hua wo unfortunate tha par tumhe to khush hona chaahiye na.

" kaash ye itna aasaan hota " ek gehri saans lekar aaliya ne jawaab diya aur dhyaan divert karne ke liye KD se poochne lagi " didn't you ever fall in love? "

KD - hahahaha.... hindi nahi aati aapko?

Aaliya - hmmmm, tumhe mazaak lag raha hai na. kabhi pyaar kar ke dekho, pata lagega dil tootne par kya guzarti hai.

KD - sorry if you think that made fun of your feelings. see, consider the HINDI formation of words like ISHQ, PYAAR, MUHABBAT. dont you think they got pierced or screwed hard in the middle??

" hahaha, love your illustrative explanation but i've not get the answer yet " aaliya bola aur fir dubaara serious ho gayi.

KD ke request karne par aaliya drive seat par par aa kar uski prem kahaani sun ne lagi. KD ki kahaani ' badhaayi ho badhaayi ' movie ke anil kapoor jaisi thi, farq itna tha ki supportive heroin ki ek baar shaadi hui aur KD k GF ne ab tak 3 husband badal diye.

" aaaaaaw actually gori ladkiyan hoti hi aisi hain fine, koi indian ladki nahi mili? " aaliya ne use aur kureda.

" tab bhi yahi hoga. jaise koi dutch ladki india main rehna nahi chaahti, waise hi indian ladki nri se shaadi kar ke Abroad main rehna prefer karti hain. aur meri aamdani to NGO chalaane par kharch hogi to fir wo kyun rehna chaahegi mere saath "

Aaliya - to fir samaaj seva ka keeda nikaal do na. naukri karo, shaayad tum aur jyada logon ki help kar paao.

" fine, aisa kya milta hai shaadi karne se jo aap bina shaadi ke nahi mil sakta?? galat mat sochna par ye sach hai human social structure ab Open Market ban gaya hai to zarurat kya h ai mujhe load lene ki "

jis andaaz main KD ne CUSTOM BUILT SOCIAL STRUCTURE ki asliyat dikhayi to aalia hanste hanste itni paagal ho gayi ki use KD ke saath first AID leni padi.

" bataaoge, meri keemat kya hogi tumhaare open market main?? " highway petrol police ki custody main aaliya ne KD ko flying kiss karte hue poocha.

" waise to prisoners ki value ZERO hoti hai fir bhi, papa aa rahe hain na apni indian bahu ki bail karaane "

" i love you " arm cross kar aaliya ne apni taraf se green signal diya aur salaakhon ke peeche chali gayi.



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Rajani Das, a married middle-age Bengali woman at 35 is a sex-goddess. She always knew the sheer magic of exploding orgasms. She has a voluptuous body, milky white butter soft skin & mind boggling curvatures. With her husband most of the time, Rajani couldn't reach climax as her husband .

Rajani have a very handsome son, Jai. Jai too was driven crazy by her Mom's feminine assets. Her milky white skin with chunks of fats on her lower back used to force out of her tight blouses. Her flat but little fluffy silky tummy with exposed deep naval sighted through her sari would make him horny. And the day she would wear low-cut blouse and that too sleeve-less, oh my god, she would look like a goddess with her silky smooth nicely shaped hands & shiny cuts between her large boobs. Her boobs would make a huge elevated structure on her chest which most of the passer-bys on road would not help their eyes-off on it.

One day, Rajani called Jai from her room "Jai, son, come here please".

"Yes mom" replied Jai.

He went to her room. What he saw was she had dropped her Pallu on her lap and just wearing a Bra and sitting on her Bed. The enormous boobs were pressed tight in the white bra she wore. "Wow what a view" thought in his mind.

"Son, Can you please rub some powder on my back. I am getting itch feeling due to prickly heat"

"Ok mom"

Rajani gave the Talc Powder to him and asked to sit behind her. What an opportunity he thought, to touch her Moms smooth milky back by massaging her with powder. He couldn't control his erection. He went back on bed behind her Mom with her back facing him. Wow what a view of flesh that was for him. With his trembling hands, he sprinkled the powder on her back and started massaging. He felt himself in heaven as her skin was sexier than he thought. He kept on massaging slowly moving his hands from her neck to lower back and side ways. Whenever he used to drag his palms from neck to lower-back, he could flip-over the bra-strap which obstructed his smooth movements.

"Jai, you may open my bra strap" Rajani said. "that shall help you rub smoothly"

Jai went mad, as he just couldn't believe this and wanted to do it fast by unfastening her strap. Now he had all his Mom's lovely fleshy back for him. He kept rubbing and also did sideways almost touching her boobs. Even the touch of her Boobs corners was magic feeling as they were spotlessly white and very soft.

"Ok son, that's it. Thank you, you may go on with your work"

She fastened the Bra strap, wore blouse and went to the kitchen. Jai in his erotic sensation went to his room and kept thinking about that event the whole night.

The same night, Rajani came and knocked Jai's door. "Jai, please open the door"

"Yes Mom" and Jai opened the door and saw Rajani in her Short 2-Piece Nighty which exposed her beautiful bare silky legs.

'Jai, I just got a cramp on my Knees and my back is paining too. I am not able to bend to apply the medicated pain lotion on it. Can you please apply the Pain lotion on my Knees?"

"sure Mom" replied Jai. Now what's happening today. Is my mom really having genuine reasons or just want to get a feel of touch from me? Is she really horny or not? Jai kept thinking but was very much excited. He is all alone with his mom tonight and she have just asked to take care of her sexy legs.

Rajani went inside Jai's room and laid on his bed. He gave the Lotion to Jai and asked him to rub the lotion on her knees. She posed on the bed like a Super Model and looked like a Super Model. She was in her nighty with her legs exposed to her thighs. Her legs are very nicely shaped. They are sleek & slim. She have wide thighs with the most sensational fleshy milky skin. Jai took the lotion in his palms and started applying over her knees. He then started rubbing slowly. Just then, Rajani moved her legs a bit. Every time Jai would touch her, apply her and rub her, she would move her legs in slow motion like a moaning body movements. She indeed was enjoying.

"Jai, can you please move your hands up towards my thighs, I have a muscular pain there too"

"Ok mom" Jai slowly placed his hands right on her thighs. At this point she moved her legs upwards and turned her face sidewise as if a slow current passed her body.

"Take more lotion, son and apply all over the thighs please"

"ok mom" He just couldn't handle this. His erection was full to 100%. He pressed & massaged Rajani's thighs with both hands. He applied more lotion and gave a very lubricating feel. Her thighs were shining with lotion and gave a very erotic look.

Suddenly she gave moaning sound. "That feels good,..ooohhh, that feels very good..... keep rubbing son... the pain is going...keep rubbing"

Jai, knew that her mom was turned on, so he touched her pussy on every upward movements he would do over her thighs. This would give minor strokes to Rajani over her hot pussy and she seemed to enjoy it. Just then Jai asked "Mom, do have pain elsewhere?"

"Oh... yess but I feel shy in telling you"

"No Mom tell me, where else you want to apply the lotion on your body?"

"Well, son if you can apply on my breast, it would be grateful"

Jai went mad again and came closer on top of her with the Lotion bottle in his hand.

"You may open the blouse son" asked Rajani.

"Ok Mom". Jai unfastened the Blouse buttons and he found there was no bra underneath. He opened the Blouse and removed over her. There laid her huge large Beautiful Breasts Totally naked in front of him. To him, it was a fantastic sight of life time. The Huge pair of breast were spotless and milky white. They had dark & large nipples which were erect begging badly to be sucked. This voluptuous body now covered only with the Nighty skirt with greasy legs & firm huge breasts was being mistreated so badly till now by his own dad and her Mom could never allow to touch these assets to anyone else in her own life.

Jai placed his hands over her breasts which could not even cover half of her tits by his palms. She couldn't control and then came moaning sound "Oooooff, oooohhhh, wowwwww" Jai stared at her straight into her eyes and Rajani too stared him. They both came closer and placed their lips to each other. The world for them was now turned to heaven filled with mind-blowing horny pleasures.

"Jai, do you love me baby?"

"yes mom I do, you are very beautiful, I cannot control myself mom, I love you, I love you, I love you very much" and Jai placed numerous kisses all over her Mom's face which drew her wild & crazy.

"Do you want to suck my breast baby? Do you?"

'yes Mom" Jai placed his mouth and filled in as much as of her sexy boobs.

Rajani now could scream with pleasure. "Ooooh Jai, I cannot wait, please remove my skirt & Panties"

Jai did it fast and placed his hands right on her pussy and pressed harder.

"ooooh, wow wow son, I am going mad son, I am going mad" Rajani quickly bent over and removed Jai's shirt, trousers & brief and was just happy to see a large Cock. "Please come inside me baby, please come inside and fuck your mom, I beg you my son. I want you to fuck me," she growled out, rolling over onto her back and looking up at him.

As he gawked down at her, she spread her legs apart revealing the drooling wetness that awaited him between her outstretched legs.

"Bring that big cock up here," she muttered, reaching up and grabbing hold of the bed frame.

Jai stumbled onto the bed and clambered up between her outstretched legs.

"Now what?" he asked looking down at her.

"What do you think? Stick your cock in my fucking cunt, you silly twit," she giggled. Grabbing his cock, she quickly guided it down to the seeping gash of pink flesh as he leaned down over her.

God, how desperate can I be for some cock? I don't care whose cock it is; any cock'll do, even my son's cock, she thought, as she fitted the big, round head of his cock into the slippery opening of her vagina.

"Oooohh, baby," Rajani moaned. "Shove that gorgeous cock of yours into my cunt."

With a grunt, Jai pushed his cock down into the hot, wet slit between his mother's quivering thighs.

"Oh, Jai, Baby," she gurgled, feeling his man-sized prick penetrating the moist constriction of her pussy.

"Fuck me, Jai, fuck me. I need your cock, so bad." Rajani wheezed, as she felt his belly slap down against hers. "Give it to me hard and deep, Baby."

"Jeez, Mom, you're so tight. It feels so good," he groaned, as Rajani jerked her hips upwards, letting him slide the entire length of his eager cock into her cunt.

Jai ecstatically stared down into her steamy eyes as he held his cock buried in the tight, clutching depths of her cunt. Finally, resting his weight on his elbows, he began to move his hips up and down, slowly at first, and then much faster as he got the rhythm. In moments, he was stroking his cock in and out of her like a pro as Rajani hunched herself back up at him.

It was even better than she imagined it would be, she feverishly thought, as she began to fuck him back. Not only had she found the answer to her dilemma, the answer was even bigger and better than she had a right to hope for.

She wasn't sure she was crying from shame or happiness as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Whichever, she was joyous that she had found the answer to her nymphomania. She knew that she could have all the cock she would ever want now. Her son's big, hard cock.

Clawing at the bedspread, twisting her head from side to side, she jerked her hips up and down, fucking back at her son's thrusting cock. The friction of his thick cock-shaft sliding in and out of her tingling cunt felt wonderful. And as his cock was bigger than Gupta's cock, it filled her to the brim with its hardness. Big enough to fill her pussy and stroke her toward an orgasm as the sensitive lips of her cunt clutched and pulled at his invading peter.

"Fuck me, Jai. Fuck my cunt with your big cock!" she groaned through gritted teeth.

She saw that Jai was looking down between them at her splayed thighs, watching his glistening, juice-drenched cock slide in and out of her cunt. Looking down at herself, she saw her pink cunt lips cling to the shaft of his pistoning prick as he withdrew, and then it disappeared back inside as he plunged it back into her.

Grunting and moaning with lust, Rajani lifted her legs, drawing her knees back and shoving her hot, clinging cunt up at her son's lunging cock. Gupta liked to fuck her like this, with her legs bent and pulled back against her breasts. It offered him the deepest penetration, and made her clit rub hard up against his hammering pubic bone. Looking up into his face, she could see that he was surprised that she was enjoying it so much.

"Oh God, I love the way you fuck me, Jai! Fuck me real hard! Ram your big cock into my hot, juicy cunt, Baby. Fuck me hard. Hard. Hard!"

"I'm fucking, fucking, you, fucking you, hard, hard, hard," Jai grunted out between thrusts as he pounded his cock in and out of her drooling cunt. "Talk, talk, dirty, to, me, Mother. Talk, dirty."

"Oooooooh! Yessss, Jai, Baby. Fuck me hard and come in my cunt. I want to feel your hot cum squirt out into my pussy. Do it. Do it and make me come," she blabbered out, furiously humping herself up at him as he slammed his cock in and out of her at a frantic pace.

Rajani was on fire, her whole body burning up with the passion of the moment. Since this was their first time, she thought that Jai would have been so excited, he wouldn't last more than a few seconds. But now, five minutes later, he was still going strong, pounding his cock into her like a madman. She loved it, as her cunt clasped his cock each time he pulled back and then expanded to take every inch of it when he plunged it back inside her juicy cunt.

Throwing her legs wider apart, she unselfishly offered up her pussy to him, accepting every frenzied thrust of his fevered attack on her cunt.

Suddenly, a whimper escaped her lips as she felt the spreading heat of an orgasm fill her clutching cunt and unfold itself out over her body. Writhing in ecstasy, her eyes fluttered as she looked up at Jai. As she did, she could see him grimacing as he tried to hold back his eruption while she furiously milked his pistoning prick.

Her eyes glazed over as she stared up at him in an ecstatic daze. There was a look of exultation and conquest on his young face. She could only imagine what must be swirling through his mind as he drew closer and closer to his own climax. A climax that would finish with him filling her cunt with his hot cream for the first time.

"Oh, fuck, coming, coming, coming, coming," she gasped as waves of pleasure surged outwards from the fiery core of her cunt.

Jai fucked her even harder as he heard her cry out, his hips pumping up and down at a frantic pace. As his cock rocketed in and out of her accommodating cunt, it filled her clinging pussy with its hot, throbbing hardness.

It was just what she needed, she deliriously thought as she felt her cunt melt down around his thrusting hardness. Suddenly, everything became a blur as her eyes went out of focus. But her son's prick continued to slam in and out of her fuck-hole with jackhammer force. Straining, she thrust herself back up at him, grinding her clit against her son's pubis as she came and came and came in a surge of mindless ecstasy.

"Jai, Ohhhhh, Jai," she moaned. "Yeah, Baby, fuck Mommy some more," Rajani panted. "Fuck Mommy good and hard again. Fuck Mommy and make me come again. You fuck so good."

"So do you, Mom," he groaned out, working his hips back and forth even faster.

As Jai fucked her, he wriggled his hips around, twirling his cock round and round in the gooey, warm tightness of her hot pussy. Then he stopped and began thrusting into her, steadily fucking his rock-hard cock deeper and deeper into her cunt with every stroke. Rajani writhed in pleasure as her son gave her the fucking she had been wanting for so long.

As he fucked her, her hot clutching cunt contracted wetly, rhythmically sucking at his pistoning cock and making loud, slurping sounds.

"Yeah, Honey, yeah! Fuck me hard," she groaned, lifting her legs as high as she could and draping her ankles over his shoulders.

Jai was soon fucking her with powerful, hard strokes, driving his cock into her hot, slippery cunt all the way to the hilt with every stroke, driving his cock into her with a ferocity she had never known. She could feel the big, rubbery head of his cock plumbing virgin depths in her cunt. He was going where no man had gone before him, filling her with his big cock as she had never been filled before.

Then he began humping her as her ankles bounced on his shoulders. Panting and gasping for air, Jai was feverishly fucking her as she pumped her throbbing pussy up against the base of his cock every time he drove it into her.

"Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me," she chanted vulgarly.

My God, she groaned to herself, I've created a monster. They had already been fucking for more than thirty minutes and the sex-crazed boy showed no indication of stopping any time soon. She loved the way he eagerly pistoned his lovely cock in and out of her cunt as the swollen lips of her cunt hungrily nipped at it. The bedsprings were creaking and groaning in protest as Jai hammered his cock into her, making the whole bed shake and shudder.

"Yeah, harder," she muttered, reaching down and digging her fingers into his bounding ass once again.

The slap of their sweaty bellies smashing together filled Rajani's ears with its sick harmony as Jai fucked her as hard as he could. She could feel her hot, sticky juices pouring out of her clutching cunt as Jai's cock loudly slurped in and out of her sloppy puss.

Rajani knew that the hot juices in her cunt were being churned into a slushy mess by her son's pistoning prick as it tirelessly sloshed in and out of her. Jai kept fucking her as hard as he could, panting into her sweaty face as he wildly drilled his dick in and out of her juice-filled pussy. Rajani humped up to meet his strokes, her cunt getting wetter and hotter as her pussy-lips contracted down around the barrel of his pistoning prick.

Mother and son fucked in rhythmic unison, mindlessly oblivious to everything except the torrid pleasure of their coupling. As the demonic, two-headed monster writhed and thrashed about on the bed, Rajani's gigantic breasts wetly sloshed back and forth in rhythm with the hammering her pussy was taking. Jai seemed unstoppable as he doggedly slammed his peter in and out of the gushing gash between her legs.

Wanting even more, she threw her hands down and dug her fingers into his bounding ass. Clawing at his bouncing ass, she urged him to fuck her even harder as she kept on coming and coming around his pistoning prick.

With the full fury of her orgasm crashing down on her, she shook and shuddered her way through the devastating upheaval. Her gigantic breasts slashed back and forth slapping up against her chin as they sloshed back and forth in rhythm with his frenetic assault on her pussy. Wave after wave of mind-blowing ecstasy poured over her as she bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming out her delight. She couldn't believe how wonderful it was.

Rajani's wild, orgasmic gyrations were finally enough to push Jai over the edge. With a loud, grunting pant, he threw back his head and slammed his prick into her as hard and deep as he could.

She could feel the heat of the thick river of rich cum pouring into her cunt, coating its sensitive lining with its sticky potency as his cock lurched and jerked, sending out jet after jet of his toxic jism into her. While it did, she felt herself slipping deeper and deeper into the mindless ecstasy of her own orgasm. Gobs and gobs of his hot semen spurted out of his jerking cock, filling her cunt with its venomous evil as she groveled in the sheer wickedness of their incestuous union

Rajani cried out in shame and ecstasy. Her son was coming inside her. She had let her own son fuck her. Fuck her! And now he was flooding her throbbing cunt with his hot, sticky jism. Flooding her clutching cunt with what felt like cups of his hot, creamy sap. As she felt his penis spewing out its noxious payload of foamy cum, Rajani milked him harder and harder. Straining as she did, she was desperate to suck out every single drop of his young, sperm-filled essence.

"Come in me, baby. Come in me," she cried, digging her heels into his ass and urging him on with her whole body. "Come in my hot cunt and fill it up with your hot cum. Fill my cunt up with your nasty stuff."

Jai groaned and hunched into her harder as he emptied his balls into her goo-filled fuck-hole. Pulling him deeper into her, Rajani squeezed his ass cheeks with both hands, digging her fingers in and pulling his cock deeper and deeper inside her insatiable snatch.

"Thank you. That was wonderful. You were so good," she praised him.

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Vengeance is Mine

Vengeance is Mine

There was tremendous pressure from home to get married. My parents were desperately looking for a suitable boy. None of the potential grooms were unsuitable, but I was looking for a happy-go-lucky, cheerful man with passion for life. Although I was a good student and had completed my post-graduation, I had not landed my dream job. I had thus picked up an office-assistant post in a small company. The salary was miserly and daily commute was hectic. Rushing back home to complete the domestic chores and looking after my aged parents, were adding to the pressure in life. This was the time when Amit came in my life.

Amit used to work for another company that supplied goods to our company and would frequently visit our office. Amit wasn’t impressive nor outgoing, almost shy; he always had an expression of one who had just committed a crime. Amit’s only redeeming characteristic was his bright smile. When he smiled his face lit up like a 1000 watt bulb - the only positive side to the man.
Very soon we started chatting as his work brought him to my desk and in a few days we struck up a friendship. In normal course we would probably not have become friends but my office was boring and my life was stagnating, this chats were my only window of entertainment. Amit would unburden his life’s woes to me. I too in turn found a friend in whom I could confide my problems. He would come to our office and finish his work, chat with me and when it was time to go he would flash his characteristic smile, which was the highlight of the day.
Days were passing by aimlessly and quickly. The interactions with Amit were highpoint in an otherwise stagnant and dull life. But when alone, I would laugh both and at myself for giving this bumbling and self-important man so much attention. But there was also a tremendous feel-good factor in the fact, that he was enamoured by me - almost worshipped me. His common refrain in all discussion was how he is in need of a companion. I listened to him without opposing to bolster his confidence.

Then, on my birthday, he asked me out for a date. When I reached the restaurant I found it to be a dark place with tall booths. The ambience of the place instantly turned me off and I was surprised to be called to such a place by such a seemingly innocent chap. Amit was waiting for me at the most secluded table in the darkest corner. As I sat down, Amit ordered for some noodles and chicken, without the courtesy of asking me for a choice. By this time I was already irritated, but maintained calmness as I gave him the benefit of doubt. There was silence when we waited for the food, I was relieved when the waiter came with the food; just as the food was being served on the plate Amit whispered something. Unable to catch it I said “Did you say something?” He said in a louder voice “I love you “, the next moment his feet was crushing my feet, without any warning it travelled upwards on my leg, towards my crotch. I was dumbfounded and taken aback for a split second and then I moved my chair forcefully behind to avoid his leg. Amit looked like a thief and he repeated sheepishly “ … but, I love you”. I was burning with anger for being humiliated in front of the waiter. Surprised that, a guy who always played the innocent lost-puppy card, would behave so crassly. We continued eating in silence, sensing my anger, Amit started apologising and again playing the ‘nobody loves me and I need a companion’ routine.

That evening watching and listening to this guy, my mind was made up that Amit will have to pay for this transgression, but somewhere in the corner of my heart I felt he may have been just foolish due to nervousness, with no real intention to insult. Moreover, I needed to be told I was desirable and pretty and I wanted a guy who appreciated me sincerely. I managed to somehow compose myself and make small talks with him, in one instance I even touched his arm lightly and he turned beet-root red out of shame. When I enquired “What is wrong with you, are you feeling all right?” he managed to blubber “No girl has ever touched me, that’s why …” I was perplexed and vexed, at the duality of character of this man. Here was a man who could blush at a light touch on his hand but he had no qualm about trying to touch a girl’s vagina in a public place. All this left a bad feeling in my heart. But, just the next day onwards it was back to normal again, as Amit behaved normally and was back to his old bumbling and worshipping self. Slowly as the weeks passed I was again regaining some amount of liking for him. One day he brought me some chocolates and I was lulled into a comfort-zone. Anyways my life was not moving anywhere, he was a welcome distraction.

Then, one day Amit came to office towards closing time and said “I have some work in your area, so will travel with you once you finish office”. I saw no harm and said ‘OK’. It was evening and busses were crowded as usual, I wanted to get to the ladies section as I normally do but Amit requested me to stand with him so we could chat through the way. As there was comfortable standing space I agreed. Moreover, I thought, being with a male companion other men would not try acting fresh and if Amit acted funny I could always stop him and set him straight. I was comfortably standing beside a seat facing the travelling direction with Amit behind me, close but not touching. There was a man standing in front of me and I had kept a decent gap, suddenly there was a push from Amit and was pushed forward, my breasts lightly touched the back of the man in front. I looked back to check and he said “sorry, I was pushed from behind”; I did not give it a further thought until it happened again a few minutes later. Amit was not trying to push into my bottom, his touch was apparently non-sexual but it did push my breasts into the man in front. I have always been conscious of my breasts – they are too heavy and large for my frame and people stare a lot.
The man in front turned back to look at me, looked at my breast and gave a lewd smile. The shoves from Amit continued and the man in front was emboldened as he thought I was giving him some kind of signal, he took full liberty with his elbows on my breast and kept turning back once in a while to give me that lewd grin. I was furious as I knew this was purposefully done by Amit, the proof came when all the pushing stopped after the man in front got down and was replaced by a lady. I was seething with anger by the time we reached my stop; he tried to start a conversation now which got me mad as all throughout the journey he was silent and having his perverted fun of seeing me getting molested by another man. When he saw that any conversation or an invitation to come home was not forthcoming he asked me out for coffee. “I have had enough high for one evening, any further caffeine will be wasted!” I left Amit gaping in wonderment.

If Amit had behaved better and had some integrity, I would have had sex with him. Not because he was hot or charming but because he was pitiable. At 27 years age being a virgin was painful and in my opinion some sex and romance would have given my life a push. But Amit had proved to be slime-ball and nauseatingly perverted guy. From then on my desire to humiliate him had surfaced. I started leading him on to make him believe that I was ok with him. Whenever he was around my dupatta would be a little off, sometimes I would accentuate my cleavage by lightly pushing my breasts inwards with my arm. I made it a point to locate some file or paper wherever he was standing and each time lightly brushed him either with my shoulders or breasts or my ample bottom. I would always call him to my computer to show him something and lightly lean into him, from way his face displayed the emotions of a mad hyena, I knew I had him – hook, line and sinker!
The fact that Amit was an extremely perverted wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing was clear when I had to go to his office on some work. I found him in the meeting room talking to a girl. Amit was giving a tongue lashing to this girl. The girl was looking down at the floor; she was obviously nervous and was unmindful of her dupatta, which had fallen off from one shoulder. Although Amit was speaking but the noticeable thing was the expression on his face. The face showed extreme lust, greed, cunningness, subterfuge and as if he was stealing something. The eyes were focussed on the girls cleavage ready to pop out of the socket and he was salivating at the mouth. He was insinuating taking her to bed in return to forget the issue. The whole scene was revolting and there was one word in my mind to describe his looks at that point of time, it was the face of a – Rapist! Standing in the corridor I felt extremely revolted and sick in my stomach. All the memories of disrespect and vulgarity he had heaped on me came rushing back to me and I stood their dazed with the real character of Amit crystal clear to me. At that point my mind was made up; Amit had to pay for all his transgressions.

A few days later Amit was at my office again “I am very angry with you” he said pouting up a girlie expression of false anger “you came to our office, but never met me!”
‘Don’t be angry Amit, you were busy and I did not want to disturb you at work” I said, a picture of coyness. “You will have to make up for this” Amit said, now confident.
“What do I have to do?” I said deliberately giving it a free-to-ask-anything feeling.
“You will have to see a film with me: said Amit. I like an obedient girl moved my head to one side in agreement. Amit looked happy that things were going his way and there was that hint of a rapist again on his face.

At the movies a very sexy female in short skirt sat next to me. Sensing opportunity I exchanged my seat with Amit on one pretext. His joy on sitting next to short-skirt was ugly. After some time I pushed him playfully with my shoulders. Amit could not absorb the push and fell on the girl next to him. The girl turned and looked at him with flaming eyes, Amit had to apologise furiously to wriggle out of the situation. “Sorry Amit, I was just playing and did not mean this to happen” I whispered putting up an innocent face, Amit smiled sheepishly. During interval the girl got up to go out, I tripped short-skirt in such a way as if it was Amit’s doing. “Can’t you behave, you bastard” said the girl. Amit was horrified and dumbstruck. “These kind of people, need to be caned in public” said one of the other girls from the group. Amit was just stammering some excuse when the first girl said “You want to be slapped or you want my sandals to be printed on your face?” before she walked away. I too sat quietly acting embarrassed by Amit’s behaviour.

Coming out of the hall, I spied short-skirt a few feet in front of us and saw that even after so much humiliation my date-for-the-evening was focussing on her ass! His face was like a hyena again – not honest guts but unlimited greed. I fell a couple of steps behind and shoved Amit forward with all my might. Amit fell on short-skirt; she turned back instantly, furious and mad and planted a resounding slap. He actually shuddered with the energy of the slap. Amit stood transfixed, eyes red and watery from the sting of the slap and public humiliation. “let’s go” I hissed in his ears “let us not make a public scene of ourselves” I said with an expression that said ‘How did this happen?’. Amit walked away in an idiotic stupor from there. I smiled in my heart.

After this incident Amit did not turn up or call for a long time. Then suddenly, he called up one day and asked to meet at Nature Park, saying that he had something to discuss in person. Amit sounded worried, so unable to gauge the situation I went to the park. He acted worried and said his parents were pressurising him to marry “You have not told me a clear yes or no, so I am confused about what to do” At that very instant I understood Amit’s ploy, but without letting him know I looked down at my feet demurely and said “but, I haven’t said no also ….”. The greedy hyena look was back on Amit’s face. We went to a corner of the park and sat down on a bench and he held my hand. I was uncomfortable but did not object. Amit was speaking gibberish and slowly kept his hands on my shoulder and started moving it down my arms, then he brought his arms on my back and used his palm to feel all over my back over my churidar, he felt my bra straps and went to the farthest of the small of my back as much as my sitting position would allow.

It was like a poisonous centipede walking all over my back, but I managed to keep a neutral face and did not flinch. Amit was gaining confident by the minute; he held my hand and started lifting it toward his lips to kiss. Just as he was about to make contact, “Is this what you were doing to the girl at the cinema hall” I said, smiling mischievously. It was like ice-cold water on burning fire. Amit immediately left my hand, his face red with shame and humiliation. Hiding my happiness, I Innocently asked “what happened? Did you get angry?” as if regretting the loss of that kiss on my hand. “Are you insulting me?” Amit asked “No dear I had no intention of insulting you, I am sorry if I offended you” I said demurely. This answer seemed to appeal to him and he became a little normal. But never the less, did not try anything that evening. Another round won.

After this, Amit frequently called during evening. He would try to romantically seduce me with his chat. I led him on with word-play. There were many more interactions and I brought him to a stage where he was dying to fuck me. I will skip those interactions although they were all series of wins in the saga of extracting revenge on Amit. I led him to believe that I was enamoured and smitten by him and he had to try, just that little harder to have me on his bed – naked.

One day he invited me to meet his family. Although he had told me long back that his parents and sister would be away on some family function, he had obviously forgotten this. I understood his plan that instant but very coyly agreed to visit. That day I wore a sari and blouse with a deep-cut neckline. He brought me home and made a pathetic job of feigning surprise on finding the house empty. Without any apologies he took me directly to the bedroom and made me sit on the bed. I was very afraid but the desire for revenge was very high.

Without wasting any time or any consideration for me he started caressing me, as if his touch would fire up a volcano of sexual desire in me, the feeling of being violated was nauseating but I kept on an interested expression. He caressed me on all the open parts of my body that were not covered by sari - face, arms, midriff, neck, back that was not covered by the blouse. Than with one gigantic pull he yanked away my pallu. The force made me grimace in pain as the sari was pinned to the blouse; but that did not matter to Amit. With my pallu out of the way the deep cleavage made by my heavy breasts in the low-cut blouse was out in front of him, in all glory. Amit looked like a mad rapist and at this point I took control. I stood up with my pallu still down, fluttering around my feet; upper body covered only by the low-cut blouse and smiled seductively “What’s the hurry? Let’s celebrate, get us something to drink, na” Amit was beside himself with happiness and quickly went to the kitchen and fetched two glasses, water and some alcohol in cheap looking bottle.

I made him sit on the bed and poured a large, neat drink in one glass and bent to hand it over to him “my first offering to you dear, more yet to come”. I must have been the ultimate picture of a slut at that point in time – bending from my hips, pallu bunched around my feet, the deep cut blouse popping out a huge cleavage accentuated by the bent position. But the most slut feature had to be the smile I was offering Amit, he sipped his drink and I lightly tipped the back of the glass to make him drink in one go. The moment he finished I quickly poured a second and third in quick successions. The alcohol was hitting him hard and he feebly resisted the fourth drink, but gulped never the less. “I want to worship you with my body, but first you need to lessen my inhibition” I said as he looked up from the glass, eyes red and watery from the sting of cheap alcohol. “What do you want me to do?” Amit slurred a little. “Dance for me dear, it has been my fantasy to see the most handsome man dance for me- naked” I paused expectantly. Amit stood up a little uncertainly on his feet and looked at me dazed. There was a pause and I was tensed about the situation as it all depended on Amit complying. Then, as if after a decade he started opening his belt! He threw away his clothes like some poisonous snake and put on some nondescript music on his mobile. He immediately started dancing - his legs, hand, penis flaying wildly. Unknown to Amit I had started a video recording the moment he was busy opening his belt. The dance was the most grotesque human movement that I have ever seen and my phone went on recording unhindered. After some time Amit got tired and half sat on the bed holding and calling me with his penis. Me and my camera walked right up to him the frame recording his face and nakedness.

“You bastard” I hissed “now the nakedness of your rapist character is known not only to me but the whole world” I waved my mobile on his face. Amit was dumbstruck for a moment and then tried to get up to assault me and snatch the mobile from my hand, before he could get up I landed a resounding slap on his cheek. So much, that may arms pained. Amit fell down on the bed; all resistance drained from the bully and started crying like a spoilt child. “One wrong move or trying to contact me or if I ever find out that you are running after some girl to make her a victim of your perversion, this video will be all over the internet” I said in one breadth. “Is that understood, you low level creep” I kicked his hanging shin. He immediately curled into foetal position and nodded in agreement.

Walking towards the door I turned back again and said “one false move and I will castrate you, you bastard” Amit continued crying. I walked out of the house to in triumph, to a brighter world, happy with myself for ridding this world of one slimy pervert.

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“Main tumse ye umeed nahi karti ki tum mere jazbaton ko samjo, naa hi maine kabhie kisi cheez ko lekar tumse koi shikayat ki hain. Muje bas akele chod do mere haal par, ye meri khudki pareshani hain aur main khud iss se nipatna chahti hoon. Main kisi bhi prakar ki madat ki umeed kisi se nahi karti. Agar kuch karna hi chahte ho tho muje akela chod do Ramesh, main tang aa gayi hoon sabko samjate samjate ki main kis daur se guzar rahi hoon. Agar tum mujse pyar karte ho aur meri tumhe zara si bhi fikr hain tho mere maayke firse mat aana. Agar muje yahan bhi chain ki rahat nahi mili tho main kahi chali jaungi aur iske zimewar tum hoge. Main jab wapas lautungi tab tumhari duniya fir se khushiyon se barne ki koshish zarur karungi, lekin filhaal main andar se toot chuki hoon aur muje apne aap ko samet ne ke liye waqt chayiye”. Tumhari ardhagini, Asha.

Ramesh ne jaise hi kaqt ko padkar khatm kiya, usne lifafe ko apne haathon me yun mod liya jaise woh apni paristithi ko modna chahta ho. Nami ab uske aankhon ke kinare lag chuki thi aur kisi bhi waqt – mardon ke duniya ke saare maryada ko thod kar, beh ne ka prayas karti. Apne bachpan ke dost ko iss haal me dekh kar, Vinod keh pada

“Yaar! Ramesh, tum ka-ma-ka pareshan ho rahe ho. Tumne puri kaqt pad li aur muje kahi bhi aisa nahi laga ki koi gambhirta waali baat hain. Aisa aksar hota hain aur auraton ko kabhie-kabar gutan si hone lagti hain. Aise waqt me unko akela chod dena hi behtar hain aur Asha ne likha bhi tho hain jab woh wapas aayegi – sab kuch pehle jaise ho jaayega. Tum yaar bekar me pareshani mol le rahe ho, ye pakdon apna drink aur isko khatam karne ke baad hi main tumhari koi bhi baat sunuga.”

Ye kehte hue Vinod ne Ramesh ke haath daru ka peg pakda diya aur Ramesh ne uss peg ki moujhudgi ko zyada dher thak iss duniya me tikne nahi diya aur ek hi ghoonth me uska astitav mita diya. Insan lachari ke waqt har kisi ko apne se zyada hoshyaar aur taqtwar samajne lagta hain. Ramesh nashe ke halat me apne dost Vinod ki baaton ko sach maan na chahta tha lekin uska man usko aisa karne ki ijazat nahi de raha tha. Jitne pal usne Asha ke saath bitaye the, kahi na kahi usne uske man ko pad lena sikh liya tha aur use andar hi andar pata chal gaya tha ki Asha behad pareshan hain aur Ramesh ko ye baat khaye ja rahi thi ki woh uski madat nahi kar pa raha hain.

Ramesh ka janm Muzaffarpur gaon me hua tha jo ki Bihar me padta hain. Padne likhne ke shokin Ramesh Babu Bumbai Sheher me aakar bas gaye aur yahin par unhone apna ghar basane ka faisla kiya. Ramesh ke gharwalon ko sheher aakar basne ki koi icha na hone ke karan Ramesh ne kabhie unpar iss baat ko lekar zor zabardasti nahi ki. Insan bale hi kitna bhi vyasth ho – apne kaam ko lekar, apne sapno ko lekar, apne galat fehemiyon ko lekar, kahi na kahi har koi apne aap ko ek mod par aakar akela pata hain aur issi akele pan ko durr karne ke liye Ramesh Babu ne faisla kiya ki woh shaadi ke layak ho gaye hain. Aur ab unko ek saathi dhund lena chayiye jinke saath woh apni zindagi baanth sake.

Ramesh babu, ek hindi adhyapak the aur unka college me bohat maan-saman tha. Ramesh Babu har kisam ke vyakti ke saath baat kar sakte the aur unki ye koobi ne unki dosti Asha se karvayi, jo ussi college ke back office me kaam kiya karti thi. Asha ne wahi college se apni padai puri ki thi. sheher me pale bade hone ke bawjhood, Asha me ek sadhgi thi jisne Ramesh babu ka man jeet liya tha.

Ramesh babu aur Asha ki shaadi hue 4 saal ho chuke the. Asha 26 saal ki thi aur umar me Ramesh se 8 saal choti.
22 saal ki umar me shaadi karte waqt Asha behad khubsurat aur jawan thi. Uske kaale kaale lambe ganhe baal the aur uska rang bhi gora tha. Kabhie kabhie zor zor se hasne par Asha ke gaal itne laal ho utt the ki dekhne waale dekhte reh jaate. Ramesh humesha mazakiya taur par Asha se kaha karte ki tumhari aankhien itni neeli hain ki, aisa lagta hain inme dher saare raaz chupe hain, aur unko samajna matlab geher samundar me moti ko dhundne ke barabar hain. Kam umar me shaadi karne ke wajah se, Asha – mansik aur sharirik taur se apne umar se pehle hi aurat ban chuki thi. Ramesh aur Asha ne ek flat apne naam le liya tha, jahan wah apna sansar basa sake. Asha ne waqt ke saath apne kamsin husn aur kaam dono ko hi alvida kar diya tha. Ab woh ghar sambhalne me vyasth ho gayi thi. Asha ki khubsurati me ek chamak aa gayi thi, bilkul uss bujte hue diye ki tarah jo bujne se pehle kuch pal ke liye itni roshni kar jaata hain maano woh ek akhiri baar apni pechaan chod jaana chahta ho iss duniya me.

Vinod aur Ramesh lagbag ek hi umar ke the aur dono ne gaon se shehar thak ka safar ek saath hi thay kiya tha. Vinod ko padne likhne ka shok bilkul nahi tha aur shehar aane ke baad bhi usne apni purani aadaton ko nahi choda jiske wajah se usko apne maa- baap, gaon sab kuch chod kar shehar aana pada Ramesh ke saath. Choti moti hera pheri karke woh apna guzara kar leta tha aur zyada tar waqt apne dost Ramesh ke ehsano par hi jeeta tha. Chori chakari aur dusre kaamon ke wajah se usne dost bhi waise hi banaye the aur ab woh corporator ban chuka tha. Ramesh ko kam daam me flat dilwane ka kaam bhi Vinod ne apne pechaan se hi karaya tha. Vinod ko Ramesh ke liye bohat izzat thi aur woh humesha usse apne bhai ki tarah pyar karta tha. Vinod ke harkaton ke wajah se aaj thak usse kisine ladki nahi di aur wah abhi bhi akela rehta hain. Vinod ka Ramesh ke ghar me aksar aana- jaana hua karta tha. Vinod ko Asha ke haath se banaya hue lazedaar khana bohat pasand tha. Ramesh aur Asha – Vinod ke lakh buriyon ko nazar andaz kiya karte the aur usse bilkul ek bacche ki tarah pyar karte the. Ramesh kahin baar Vinod ko samjaya karta tha ki woh gair-kanuni aur bemaani ke kaam aur raste chodkar, imandari ko apna le. Vinod ke dil me Ramesh ke liye jo izzat thi uss karan Vinod kabhie palat kar jawab nahi diya karta tha. Chote bhai ki tarah har baat ko chup chaap sar hilakar pura karne ka vaada karta lekin aakhir kaar apne hi dil ki sunta aur fir se koi naya bakeda khada kar deta.

Vinod ko apni jawani ke waqt se hi sharab peene ki aadat pad chuki thi. Ramesh bhi kabhie kabar apne purane dost ka saath dene ke liye thodi si sharab pee leta. Kabhie woh bahar peete tho kabhie Ramesh ke ghar, Asha ko dono ka peena bilkul pasand nahi tha lekin woh kabhie unko tokti nahi thi. Kahin baar Ramesh ko zyada ho jaati aur Vinod usko sahara dekar bedroom thak pohachta. Vinod jab bhi Asha ki taraf dekhta, Ramesh ke liye Asha ki fikr aur Asha ka pyar dekhta tho usse apni zindagi khokli lagne lagti.

Bohat sochne ke baad Vinod ne ye faisla kiya ki woh iss silsile me Ramesh aur Asha se baat karega. Vinod ne ye baat diwali ke raat karna tik samja aur teeno jab khana khane baite tab Vinod ne apni dil ki baat unke saamne rakh di. Ye sunkar Ramesh aur Asha behad khush hue ki Vinod apni zindagi ek naye sire se shuru karna chahta hain. Vinod ne Ramesh se kaha ki

“Mere paas ab jitne paise hain uss se kuch business karna chahta hoon aur ek ghar dekh rakhi hain maine, shaadi karke tum dono ki tarah khush rehna chahta hoon”

Khushi ki lehar saare ghar me aur muskurahat ki chadar unke chehre par bikar chuki thi aur issi baat me Asha ne mazakiya andaze me puch liya ki

“Barkurdar, shaadi karne ke liye ek ladki ki bhi zarurat hoti hain”.

Mazak ko nazar rakthe hue – Ramesh ne ek halki hassi ke saath ye keh diya

“Bai! Fir hum kyun baite hain yahan! Hum dhundenge”

Vinod ne zyada baat na karte hue keh diya, Muje nahi lagta iski koi zarurat padegi kyunki maine ladki dhund li hain. Main bas chahta hoon ki aap log meri taraf se rishtey ki baat karne jaaye wahan par. Ye sunte hi Ramesh ne kaha

“Arey woh sab tho tik hain, lekin woh hain kaun? Kya karti hain? Tumhe kaha milli?”

Vinod ne Ramesh ke iss sawal ko guma firakar jawab dene se acha saral shabdon me sidhe baat karna zyada sahi samja.

“Woh aur koi nahi – Asha ki choti behen Nandita hain. Aur maine ye baat aaj Diwali ke mauke me isliye kahi kyunki Nandita ghar aanewali hain. Main chahta hoon ki aap log meri ye baat uss se kahe aur uski raay puche mere baare me.”

Apni choti behen ka naam sunte hi Asha ke pairon-tale zameen kisak gayi. Vinod bale hi bohat pyaara aur aziz tha Ramesh aur Asha ke liye, lekin apni behen ki shaadi ek aise insan se karana Asha ko manzoor nahi tha. Apni na-manzuri ko bhyan na karte hue, Asha waha se chup chaap nikal gayi. Ramesh ne baanp liya tha ki ye baat Asha ko kathe hi pasand nahi aayegi par wah Vinod ka dil nahi thodna chahta tha isliye usne haste hue kaha

“Arey kya baat hain! Kyun nahi, aane do usko ghar, main tumhari baat chedunga”

Ye sunte hi Vinod ki khushi ka tikana nahi raha. Ramesh ki izzat Nandita ke saamne bohat thi aur woh unhe bohat maanti bhi thi. Kahi na Kahi Vinod ko ye pakka yakeen tha ki agar Ramesh ne Vinod ki baat ki tho woh zarur maan jaayegi.

Vinod ab bohat khush tha aur bahar angan me durson ke saath patakien jalane me vyast tha. Ramesh ne iss mauke ka fayda uta the hue rasoi ghar me Asha se baat karna tik samja. Asha wahan par akele ek kone me deewar ki taraf nazarien tikayien kuch soch me doobi hui thi. Ramesh ne usse samjaya ki

“Waise bhi Nandita mana kar degi tho tum nirash kyun ho rahi ho aur Vinod ka dil saaf hain isliye usne humse baat karna tik samja, isme bura maane waali koi baat nahi.”

Asha bas Ramesh ki baaton ko sunti rahi aur Asha ki taraf se koi jawab na aane par Ramesh bhi samaj gaye ki ye sanket hain ki wah iss waqt baat nahi karna chahti. Ramesh ne Asha ko akele chod diya aur angan ki taraf chale gaye jahan sab patakien jala rahe the. Ramesh ke angan me aate hi, Nandita aa gayi gate par. Vinod ne Nandita ko andar aate dekh, ek badi muskurat Ramesh ki taraf ishare ke taur par diya ki wah uski baat jald se jald ched de Nandita se.

Andar aate hi, Nandita apne didi ko dhund ne lag, iss par Ramesh ne bahana bana diya ki wah vyast hain aur kuch dher baad hi sabse mil paayegi. Iske pehle ki Nandita kuch aur puchti ya andar rasoi ki taraf tashreef le jaati. Ramesh ne usse kaha
“Tum mere saath andar chalo, muje tumse kuch zaruri baat karni hain.”

Ramesh aur Nandita ko andar dusre kamre me jaate dekh, Vinod bohat bechain ho gaya aur woh bas issi intezar me tha ki kab Ramesh bahar aayenge aur Nandita ka jawab usse batayenge.

Asha ke rasoi me khade hokar behad soch-vichar karne ke baad wah iss natije par pohachi ki kahi na kahi Ramesh ki baat sahi hain aur usse apne pati se iss vishay par ab baat karni chayiye. Asha ko ye khabar nahi thi ki Nandita ghar aayi hain aur andar unke bedroom me Ramesh ke saath baat-chit kar rahi hain. Asha Ramesh ko dhundte-dhundte bedroom ke darwaze thak aayi aur usne dekha ki andar Ramesh aur Nandita hain, woh darwaza kholkar andar jaane hi waali thi ki usne dekha – Nandita zor zor se ro rahi hain aur usne Ramesh ke gireban ko pakad raka hain aur usko chudane ki koshish ke beech Ramesh ek zor daar chaanta Nandita ke mu par laga deta hain. Ye sab dekh kar Asha wahi ke wahi soon ho jaati hain aur usko yakeen nahi aata ki wah kya dekh rahi hain aur usko kya karna chayiye.

“Nandita, tum pagal ho gayi ho? Jo mazak me shuru hua tha usko tum ab ek bhayanak mod dena chahti ho?”

Nandita rote hue –

“Isme burai kya hain? Main Vinod se shaadi karungi tho hum humesha saath reh paayenge, kisiko shaq bhi nahi hoga”

Ramesh gusse me aakar nandita ke dono bazuon ko jakad kar usse zor se hilate hue kehta hain

“Tumhe pata bhi hain tum kya keh rahi ho? Tum apni hi nahi, meri, tumhari didi aur vinod sabke zindagi barbaad kar dogi. Hosh main aau Nandita, tumhari zindagi me bohat kuch hona baaki hain – humare beech jo bhi hua woh sab galat tha”

Nandita ab gusse me aakar Ramesh se kehti hain

“Tumne muje behla fusla kar mere saath sab kuch kiya, tab tumhe meri didi ki yaad nahi aayi. Tum muje apne aap se alag kyun karna chahte ho, main tumare bina nahi reh sakti, muje tumhari zarurat hain, tumhare pyar ki zarurat hain”

Ye kehte kehte woh ro rokar zameen ke ek kone me baith jaati hain. Ramesh uske paas aakar kehta hain

“Meri baat dyaan se suno! Main bahar jaakar Vinod se keh raha hoon ki tumne mana kar diya hain. Agar tumne mera saath nahi diya tho yaad rakhna; tumhari didi aur mere paas khud-khushi karne ke alawa koi aur chara nahi bachega.”

Ramesh ko darwaze ke taraf aate dekh, Asha wahan se chali jaati hain. Ramesh ko aaj thak ye nahi pata ki Asha apne maayke kyun chali gayi aur kya aisi cheez hain jo Asha ko andar hi andar kha rahi hain. Ramesh ko kabhie kabar ye darr bhi satane lagti hain kahi Asha ko Nandita aur uske baare me pata tho nahi chal gaya. Lekin Asha ke kuch na bolne ki wajah se Ramesh ab ek ghutan bari zindagi jee raha hain.

Ramesh ek bura insan nahi hain, Asha ke liye uska pyaar bhi jhoota nahi hain. Bas kabhie kabar insan ki kamzori uspar haanvi ho jaati hain aur woh kuch aisa kar bait tha hain jo usse nahi karna chahiye. Ramesh bale hi duniya ke saamne ek sharif aur izzadar insan tha, uski bhi kuch kamzoriyan thi aur unme se ek thi “vaasna”.


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