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Bhai behan ko chudai karni padi : A Roleplay

Warning :- this is an incest fantasy based roleplay which could be offending for some readers. if you don't like such things .please don't read it.

This is a roleplay i did few weeks back . my purpose of sharing it with all is to make all incest lovers feel good and also to search for the like minded female partner if after reading this play you find that u can play in the same style and with same degree of participation as the girl in this play has played. DO REPLY BACK ON YAHOO MESSENGER
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Storyline & Backgrounds :- This play is about a bro-sis pair (bro 27 , sis 24 yrs) . Both are modells and living in mumbai away from their native place. When they moved to mumbai 2-3 yrs back they got initial sucesses and they started earning money . they mistook that partial success as a permanant one and their expenses went too high . A very costly flat, two cars, diamond jewellary , etc etc... but slowly the income diminished and after 1 year came the condition when they weree not in the condition to pay EMIs of flat, car and credit cards bills.......... concludingly, they are almost bankrupt, and no work at hand. now bank has given them notice to pay either 40 lakhs in 7 days or vacate the flat. as both moved to mumbai against will of their family they can't expect any help from that side. bhai has admired his sister...... and have had questions like ki wow nishi ka figure kitna mast hai or like .. ki wow lovely thighs etc etc... but always managed to jerk off the thoughts. Both searching work desperately but they don't get any except few very small contracts which are obviously insufficent to meet their immediate requirement of 50 Lakh rupees.
same time, one of the foreigner photographers turned producer who was previously in mumbai and had worked with both bro-sis and who knows both of us is aware of their condition Presently . that photographer named John contacts Bhai and tries to take advantage of i by throwing an offer to both of them seperately
Nishi(behan): and what is the offer
Ankur(Bhai): he wants to make a porn incest movie .....
Nishi(behan): ok
Ankur(Bhai): and offering 50 lakh each
Ankur(Bhai): the film as he promises will be released only in Europe elite class
Ankur(Bhai): so the main thing is confrontation of bro-sis
Ankur(Bhai): and producer ka hamare flat pe aana... screen test lena .... and making us doing the things in his presence
Ankur(Bhai): ( say heavy financial crisis.... which they have incurred upon themselves by there lavish life style and non -provident attitude)
Ankur(Bhai): i have gone out in search of work
Ankur(Bhai): and that director ( let's say he is John) called me again
Ankur(Bhai): i got furious ... and asked him not to call again as i m not interested .... ( he only told me that he tried to talk to you also)
Ankur(Bhai): ( it's just 3 days remaining jab bank ko hamne atleast 25 lakh ki EMI deni hai)
Ankur(Bhai): i comeback.... ting tong
Ankur(Bhai): ( dejected .... and disheartened)
Nishi(behan): i open the door
Ankur(Bhai): hey nishi ..
Ankur(Bhai): kaisi hai .... ( feeki si smile)
Nishi(behan): kya hua bhaiyya.. u sound so down
Ankur(Bhai): ander aate hue ... nishi ... koi kaam nahi mila . koi sun ne ko tayyar nahi .noone is helping ...
Nishi(behan): ohh
Nishi(behan): not even today??
Ankur(Bhai): ...haan behan .. ab to mein thak gaya hu
Ankur(Bhai): lagta hai banglow bank wale le lengey. . police case hoga so alag
Ankur(Bhai): sofe pe aankhein band karke baith jata hu ....
Ankur(Bhai): ( director's words echoing in my mind ..)ghar pe mummy papa ko kya muh dikhayengey nishi
( uska phone tumhare pass bhi aaya hai ) [but we dont know about each other getting it]
Nishi(behan): i think its time we leave the city and go back home
Ankur(Bhai): u can see terror in my eyes....
Ankur(Bhai): lagta to yahi hai ... we r finished nishi
Nishi(behan): hmmm
Nishi(behan): sab kuch accha chal raha tha
Nishi(behan): agar koi ek bhi project mil jaaye
Nishi(behan): that can keep us afloat
Nishi(behan): for a few months
Nishi(behan): to kaam dhoondh sakte hain
Ankur(Bhai): per normal project mein to kuch bhi nahi milega na
Nishi(behan): normal abnormal kuch to mile
Nishi(behan): bigger problem is kahin banks mom dad ke peeche na pad jayein
Ankur(Bhai): abnormal to bahot mil jayengey
Ankur(Bhai): per ...
Nishi(behan): per kya
Ankur(Bhai): ( clearing my throat) .... per sab dekhna to padega na
Nishi(behan): filhal hamari halat hai kuch dekhne ki
Nishi(behan): koi project chota mota bhi mile to karna hi padega
Ankur(Bhai): chote mote se nahi chalega na behan ..... tu samajh kyu nahi rahi
Nishi(behan): its ok
Nishi(behan): kuch na kuch ho jayega i hope
Ankur(Bhai): ( directors words echoing in my mind ..... ' dekho just 3-4 days ki baat hai ... shoot karo and forget it for ur rest of the life . i will pay extra 50 lakhs to u both'
Nishi(behan): bada to hamein koi mil nahin raha
Ankur(Bhai): hmmmm.. ( thinking about that project ..staring your face..)
Ankur(Bhai): ek proposal aaya tha .. but that was not worth considering
Nishi(behan): kaisa proposal
Nishi(behan): i look at u hopeful
Nishi(behan): of someting
Ankur(Bhai): ( my face turning red with the anticipation of discussing such offer with u)
Nishi(behan): kya hua bataoge
Nishi(behan): what is the proposal
Nishi(behan): i ask with a lot of hope
Ankur(Bhai): arey wo John hai ek purana photographer ab wo europe shift ho gaya hai ...
Nishi(behan): hmmm
Nishi(behan): i listen to u
Ankur(Bhai): wo peeche pada hua hai ( talking casually)
Ankur(Bhai): usko pata hai hamari situation ke bare mein ...
Ankur(Bhai): he has thrown an offer ... ( making grounds to tell u the main point )
Nishi(behan): kaisa offer
Nishi(behan): my heart beats go up....as i think it might be the same person who called me
Ankur(Bhai): wo ham dono ko ek movie mein lena chahta hai ...
Nishi(behan): ohh god it seems to be the same guy...i think in my mind
Ankur(Bhai): and keh raha tha ki movie only europe ki elite class ko di jayegi ...
Nishi(behan): but still listening to u
Ankur(Bhai): ( looking for ur reaction .... )
Nishi(behan): i slump in the sofa by u
Nishi(behan): with a sigh
Ankur(Bhai): i turn my face towards u ...
Ankur(Bhai): and ..he wants us to ...... ( stammering )
Nishi(behan): i was so hopeful..that u got something on
Nishi(behan): i say
Nishi(behan): with a giving up tone
Nishi(behan): i know what he wants...................
Nishi(behan): I say with a sigh
Ankur(Bhai): u know ?
Ankur(Bhai): how come ?
Ankur(Bhai): ( surprised)
Ankur(Bhai): keh raha tha ki bank ke sare dues chuka dega and ooper se 1 crore aur dega ...... ( tell it to u very plainly)
Nishi(behan): mujhe bhi phone aaya tha
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): ohh... tune kya kaha fir usko
Nishi(behan): kuch nahin
Nishi(behan): kya bolti
Nishi(behan): what did u say
Nishi(behan): i ask u in return
Ankur(Bhai): c'mon ..meine mana kar diya
Ankur(Bhai): per bastard keh raha tha ki soch lena offer is life saving for u both
Nishi(behan): hmm
Nishi(behan): karna hai?
Nishi(behan): i ask hesitantly
Ankur(Bhai): i get up and walk towards window
Ankur(Bhai): ...tu kya bolti hai
Ankur(Bhai): ( turning towards u and look into ur eyes .)
Nishi(behan): pata nahin
Ankur(Bhai): i don't want to impose anything on u nishi ...
Ankur(Bhai): per aur koi rasta bhi to nahi dikh raha
Nishi(behan): hmmm
Nishi(behan): mushkilein to badhti hi jaa rahi hain
Ankur(Bhai): tabhi tumara cell bajta hai ...
Ankur(Bhai): john ka phone ...
Nishi(behan): usi ka hai
Nishi(behan): i say
Nishi(behan): not picking up
Ankur(Bhai): if he picks someone else .... we wud lose this chance too
Ankur(Bhai): ( i say very seriously)
Nishi(behan): i look at u worried
Nishi(behan): uthaun?
Nishi(behan): i ask u
Ankur(Bhai): can't we take it ( this porn movie ) just like an acting project
Ankur(Bhai): call band ho jati hai ....
Ankur(Bhai): ( i decide something in my mind .... and i reach u ..holding ur hand .. both sitting on sofa)
Ankur(Bhai): 'do u trust me ? '
Nishi(behan): ofcourse I trust u bhaiyya
Ankur(Bhai): it's very very tough for both of us to do it
Ankur(Bhai): per hamara survival ab yahi lagta hai behan
Ankur(Bhai): ( i look into ur eyes.. as if trying to read wat u want ..)
Nishi(behan): i look at u
Nishi(behan): and whisper
Nishi(behan): karna padega?
Ankur(Bhai): i give a small kiss on ur gaal..... .
Ankur(Bhai): tujhe aitraz hai to nahi karengey ...
Nishi(behan): choice kahan hai
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): i try to smile ...
Ankur(Bhai): fir se tumhare cell peJohn ka phone aane lagta hai
Nishi(behan): uthaun?
Nishi(behan): i ask hesitating
Ankur(Bhai): i nod in yes...
Ankur(Bhai): whisper .. .be demanding for money
Nishi(behan): i pick it..
Nishi(behan): hello
Nishi(behan): i say
John: hello Ms. kapoor ..mein john, to apne kya socha ...??
Nishi(behan): lets discuss it
Nishi(behan): i say..himmat karke
( john gets happy hearing it ... )
John: deal is very clear ms kapoor, u n ur bro will do an incest xxx movie and i will pay ur all debts and 1 crore in additon too
Nishi(behan): still ..we have concerns
Ankur(Bhai): ( i m trying to listen your talks ... speculating) ...
John: concerns ..wat kind ?
Nishi(behan): privacy
Nishi(behan): money
Nishi(behan): everything
Nishi(behan): and how it will work
John: be sure for privacy.. movie will have only 100 dvds which can't be copied and wud be supplied to only elite class in europe. money ka to meine bataya hi ... and moreover u don't have much choice ms. kapoor
Nishi(behan): hmm
Nishi(behan): what if u cheat
Nishi(behan): i ask
John: so shall i understand ki tum dono ready ho? hello ms. kapoor?u listening?
Ankur(Bhai): ???
Nishi(behan): yes i am
Nishi(behan): but we need to finalize things when we meet
Nishi(behan): i say
John: ya sure ... to kal milte hain
Nishi(behan): ok
John: mere friend ka fram house hai outskirts pe ... aap kal wahin aa jao.we will talk and take ur screen test too
Nishi(behan): ok
Nishi(behan): kitne baje
Ankur(Bhai): ( its a garden inside a farm house... wahan pe director hoga ... we will be sitting on chairs in the middle of the garden ..wahin sab kuch hoga)
John: tomorrow at 10 in the morning . me , and money will wait
Nishi(behan): ok
John: and come prepared for screen test ... paisa itni asani se nahi milta
Nishi(behan): alright
Nishi(behan): we will come
John: okay gud bye ms. kapoor take care.....so apke bro se baat karne ki to jarurat nahi hai na .. i m sure aap dono ki consent hai
Ankur(Bhai): nudging u ..... whispering ( kya keh raha hai)
Nishi(behan): yes
Nishi(behan): we talked
Nishi(behan): i say
Nishi(behan): i whisper with my hand on speaker
Nishi(behan): kal bulaya hai for screen test
Ankur(Bhai): i nod ...yes
Ankur(Bhai): call disconnects
Nishi(behan): i put the phone on the coffee table in front
Nishi(behan): and take a sigh
Ankur(Bhai): i smile .... so deal final ?
Ankur(Bhai): ( excited at the thought of finally getting a solution)
Nishi(behan): kal screen test hai
Nishi(behan): fir final karega
Ankur(Bhai): ohhh... ( holding ur hand now)
Ankur(Bhai): bas ye ho gaya ... then hamari problems hamesha ke liye gone ....
Nishi(behan): mujhe darr lag raha hai ..but we dont have a choice
Nishi(behan): chalo lets go to sleep kal jaldi uthna hai ..we have to reach by 10
Ankur(Bhai): ab darr mat behan .... sab theek hoga
Ankur(Bhai): by 10 ... kahan jana hai ... ( tabhi u get sms of a address of a farm house)
Nishi(behan): he has sent addrss
Nishi(behan): some farmhouse
Nishi(behan): door hai city ke kahin
Ankur(Bhai): hmmm dikha to ... i see the address and realises its location
Nishi(behan): we will have to leave by 8
Ankur(Bhai): yaa... chalo then let's sleep
Nishi(behan): [dont skip things]
Nishi(behan): yeah lets sleep
Nishi(behan): i get up and walk to my room
Ankur(Bhai): and i retire to mine
Ankur(Bhai): ( carrying mixed feelings, stress, irritation, relief and some unknown excitment)
Nishi(behan): next mornign we get up
Nishi(behan): and get ready
Ankur(Bhai): chalo nishi ... late ho raha hai
Nishi(behan): bas 2 min..ready ho rahi hoon
Nishi(behan): i come downstairs wearing a mini skirt n top
Nishi(behan): with matching heels with straps running over to my ankles
Nishi(behan): phone in hand
Nishi(behan): chalo bhaiyya
Ankur(Bhai): i look u for a moment .... ( niharte hue)
Ankur(Bhai): looking stunning .... (smile)
Nishi(behan): thanks
Nishi(behan): lets go
Nishi(behan): late ho gaye to he might leave
Ankur(Bhai): chal jaldi chalein ....
Nishi(behan): chalo
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): we get into the car ... and i start driving the car
Ankur(Bhai): ( bro is trying to lighten the env. and these kind of jokes are normal for us)
Nishi(behan): [ok]
Nishi(behan): i look nervous aur raaste mein koi baat nahin hoti
Nishi(behan): we drive to the outskirts..then take a somewhat unmade road
Ankur(Bhai): ( mera dimag bhi bas money pe laga hai ..beech beech mein screen test ka khayal aata hai to ajeeb si feelings aati hai)
Ankur(Bhai): and we finally reach to the farm house ..

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Ankur(Bhai): ( mera dimag bhi bas money pe laga hai ..beech beech mein screen test ka khayal aata hai to ajeeb si feelings aati hai)
Ankur(Bhai): and we finally reach to the farm house ..
Ankur(Bhai): guard knows we r coming he opens the gate up ..and we drive in ....
Ankur(Bhai): i ask ..'' u okay nishi ? '
Nishi(behan): yeah i am fine
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): and we find John standing there ..waiting for us
Ankur(Bhai): i park the car and we both come out
Nishi(behan): i get out
Nishi(behan): and walk with u
Ankur(Bhai): john kind of stare and notice our pair as we walk towards him
Ankur(Bhai): ( me in a jean and collar neck skyblue t-shirt with white strips... )
john: u do look like bro-sis
John: he comments as we reach . shaklein kaafi milti hain tumhari
Ankur(Bhai): i try to smile on his comment... 'of course we are ' ( watching u )
John: chalo lets go in.. that is why u are getting such a big offer...
Ankur(Bhai): ya sure..
Ankur(Bhai): and we follow him
Ankur(Bhai): 'apka offer hi itna attractive hai ki mana nahi kar paye ''
John- and apki financial condition bhi to aisi hai ki mana nahi kar paogi ..he giggles...
John: tum dono ko screen par dekhte hi koi bhi kah sakta hai ki bro-sis hain. isi baat ka premium hai
Nishi(behan): he leads us in
Ankur(Bhai): we listen silently
Nishi(behan): warna to kisi bhi couple ko utha ke movie bana do.....kise pata bhai behen hain ki nahin
John : yaa u r right john
Ankur(Bhai): ( not in a mood to annoy or irritate him .... this offer is a life saving for us)
Ankur(Bhai): we reach an enclosed grassy lawn .. enclosed with old big trees ...
Ankur(Bhai): and at the centre there are many chairs and a central table
Nishi(behan): hmm
john - plz have a seat u both ... and be sure for the privacy... iss door ( showing the entry door for the lawn ) ke ander koi nahi aayega .
Ankur(Bhai): ( we find lots of snacks and dry fruits etc on table ... water jug and glasses
Nishi(behan): thanks
Nishi(behan): we say and take our seats
Ankur(Bhai): (and an electric chordless cattle for tea )
Ankur(Bhai): john analysing .....
John: dekho it's okay ki apke faces bahot milte hain and people can find out that u r real bro sis but that's not enough . i need performance too ...
Nishi(behan): we listen carefully
John: can u ensure me it nishi .. .( looking directly into ur eyes)
Nishi(behan): i nod in yes
Ankur(Bhai): hmmm....
John : in that case i would prefer ki aap dono ek hi seat share karein ...
Ankur(Bhai): ( the only way we both can share that chair is that u sit on my lap..)
Ankur(Bhai): john looking at us from the behind of his specs
Nishi(behan): main thora hesitate karti hoon
Nishi(behan): but fir uth kar aati hoon
Nishi(behan): and sit in ur lap
Ankur(Bhai): i accomodate u ... ( trying to be normal)
Ankur(Bhai): ( feeling ur aroma and find it really erotic...still controlling )
Ankur(Bhai): john uth jata hai and bilkul pass wali chair pe baith jata hai ..
john : i m sure aap dono jante hain ... wat incest means ?
Nishi(behan): we both nod
Ankur(Bhai): so ... ankur
Ankur(Bhai): tell me wat incest is
Ankur(Bhai): i feel angry inside .. .still trying to be calm ...
Ankur(Bhai): sir , it's sexual relationship between two members of a family
Ankur(Bhai): i mean blood relation mein hi karna is called incest
John: hmmm... yaa... exactly.. per utna hi kafi nahi hoga hamari movie ke liye
Nishi(behan): matlab
Nishi(behan): we both ask
John: we need true dialogues.... hindi dialogues... .real one .. .infact real dirty raw one .... ( squirming)
Nishi(behan): hmm
Nishi(behan): we agree
Nishi(behan): nodding to him
Nishi(behan): as he explains
John: so wat screen test u can give me nishi .....
Ankur(Bhai): ( john wants to figure out ..how it wud look on screen btwn us)
John: hmm so ankur ... any restrictions from ur side as far as things done while doing sex are concerned. let me know and same to you ms nishi
Nishi(behan): we will do as u direct
Nishi(behan): I reply
Ankur(Bhai): mein tumhare hair ko sanwarta hu as they are obstructing my vision ...
John: no ms. nishi... mein jo direct karunga wo baad ki baat hai .. i don't want last moment hiccups... abhi batao kya kar sakte ho ..kya nahi kar sakte
Nishi(behan): well kya kya karna hoga...
Nishi(behan): [screen test ka kya hua?]
Ankur(Bhai): ( abhi dega ... )
john smiles... nothing much ... jo jo sex mein hota hai wo hi karna hoga
suddenly john becomes serious. taking his chair
Nishi(behan): hmm
John: before we finalize it ... kuch screen tests ho jayen
Nishi(behan): ok
John: i expect from both of u to remember ki aap kaunsi movie kar rahe ho ... so shyness is not at all welcome. and hesitation is not sought ...
Nishi(behan): we nod as he keeps telling us
John: nishi .... lovely top . what's ur height ,weight and figure
Nishi(behan): well u can see
Nishi(behan): cant u
Nishi(behan): i say
John smiles..... want to hear from ur mouth
Nishi(behan): 5'3"
Nishi(behan): 32-28-34
John: okay.. and how much is she weighing ankur
Ankur(Bhai): i smile ... i guess .. 50 kgs
Nishi(behan): i nod in yes
john says...nishi a task for u first ...
Ankur(Bhai): rubbing his both hands..
John: u will come from there..walking sexily.. and sit on his lap ... and say ... ( taking out a paper jahan usne kuch likha hua hai ) '' plz fuck me na bhaiya, fuck me like a bitch ... plz na bhaiya ..fuck me na ..fuck me na '' and same time u will rub your boobs onto his chest ... and small small kisses on his lips....
Nishi(behan): hmm ok
Nishi(behan): i say
John : if u want a copy of the dialogue.. u can take it ...( giving u a small piece of paper ..)
Nishi(behan): and take the paper
Nishi(behan): reading it

( here onwards readers have to make out which dialogue is of Ankur and which one is of John ..i m not in the condition to edit it . )
(iske baad se reader khud hi samajh ke padhein ki kaunsa dialogue ankur bol raha hai and kaun sa john)

Ankur(Bhai): u can go there ..and when ready .. u can tell us
Nishi(behan): i get up and go to the spot he asks
Nishi(behan): and face u and nod that i am ready
Ankur(Bhai): ( hearing john's words meri heart beat badh gayi hai ... gulping down my saliva)
Ankur(Bhai): john asks me .... ready ankur ... ?
Ankur(Bhai): yaa sir ..i am
Ankur(Bhai): and he signalls u to start
Nishi(behan): i look at u
Ankur(Bhai): and he is sitting on the chair
Nishi(behan): and walk towards u like a model
Ankur(Bhai): i watch u walking towards me with ada
Nishi(behan): swaying my hips a little
Nishi(behan): and come close
Nishi(behan): and bend over ur face
Nishi(behan): and say
Ankur(Bhai): our eyes meet
Nishi(behan): plz fuck me na bhaiyya....
Nishi(behan): and rub my face on ur neck and face
Ankur(Bhai): ( i feel a sensation deep inside from ur words)
Nishi(behan): fuck me like a bitch....i say as i proceed to rub my boobs on ur ches
Ankur(Bhai): mmmmm.. feeling ur warm breaths
Nishi(behan): please na bhaiyya...fuck me na...fuck me na
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): ( my hands reach onto rub ur arms)
Nishi(behan): kissing u softly
Nishi(behan): here and there
Nishi(behan): while i do that
Ankur(Bhai): mmm.. ( feeling . ur lips ..)
Ankur(Bhai): as u forget to sit on my lap..... i pull u onto my lap
Nishi(behan): u try to act but theek se feeling nahin aati
Nishi(behan): as i sit on ur lap
Nishi(behan): ye kya hai ankur
Nishi(behan): john says
Nishi(behan): cut
Ankur(Bhai): ..kya hua sir
Nishi(behan): i get up from ur lap
Nishi(behan): ye aise lag raha tha jaise koi emotion hi nahin
Nishi(behan): nishi udhar jaao wapas starting spot par
Ankur(Bhai): surprised.... sir aapne nishi ko to bataya ki kya karna hai ..mera part to brief nahi kiya ...
Nishi(behan): isme batana kya hai
Ankur(Bhai): and mera koi dialogue bhi nahi tha
Nishi(behan): hot ladki aise request karegi to ladka kaise react karega
Nishi(behan): [u are obviously having trouble as i am ur sis..]
Nishi(behan): he comes near u
Ankur(Bhai): per sir ... wo bhai se request kar rahi hai na
Nishi(behan): and behnd u
Nishi(behan): while i am back to my starting spot
Nishi(behan): theek se dekho
Nishi(behan): behen hai
Nishi(behan): par maal bhi hai
Ankur(Bhai): john says.. u can use ur own dialogues
Nishi(behan): he says while standing behind u..leaing on char and looking at me
Nishi(behan): from ur angle of view
Ankur(Bhai): and he reaches u to the spot
Ankur(Bhai): talking something to u
Nishi(behan): i listen to him
Ankur(Bhai): which i can't hear
Nishi(behan): as he instructs me
Ankur(Bhai): he calls me there.. ankur come
Ankur(Bhai): i get up and walk to that point
Ankur(Bhai): let me make u both more comfortable .....i want both of u to have a smooch... i want to see passion
Ankur(Bhai): and lust
Ankur(Bhai): and suddenly wo nishi ko meri aur dhakka de deta hai ...
Nishi(behan): and i fall into ur arms
Ankur(Bhai): holding u .....
Ankur(Bhai): bending a little to give a kiss on ur chin
Ankur(Bhai): ummm
Nishi(behan): i melt in ur hug
Ankur(Bhai): and as u stand back again ... i give a small peck on ur lips
Ankur(Bhai): as if jaga raha hu tumko ..... ki aao let's do a smooch
Nishi(behan): i come forward
Nishi(behan): and put my lips on ur lips
Nishi(behan): to smooch
Ankur(Bhai): my eyes noticing each minute details of ur face... ur nose shape.. eyes ...
Ankur(Bhai): i grab u from ur waist ....... and give a deep stroke of sucking
Nishi(behan): i suck ur lips back
Nishi(behan): smooching u
Ankur(Bhai): feeling ur both lips ....
Nishi(behan): [i was thinking director wud make u lust so that u can get feelings..by making u feel i am a hot girl...talking sexy about me and all]
Ankur(Bhai): ( he will after this smooch .... as i m already lusty for u)
Nishi(behan): [to get u over the issues of me being ur sis]
Nishi(behan): [hmm ]
Ankur(Bhai): sucking ur lips in passion ........
Ankur(Bhai): turning head sideways .. so that to enable a smooth and deep smooch
Nishi(behan): our lips fully get inside each other
Ankur(Bhai): now sucking ur upper lips ..passionately ..... while my lover lips is sucked by you ....... aummm... not showing any kind of hesitation ...
Nishi(behan): as u turn head sideways
Nishi(behan): as we suck each others mouths
Ankur(Bhai): and during this smooch .... as u open ur mouth little...i insert my tongue into ur mouth... exploring the areas of your mouth..
Nishi(behan): i continue to cooperate and kiss
Nishi(behan): acting professional
Ankur(Bhai): aummm..... and john says.... alright ... ye kafi hai abhi ke liye
Ankur(Bhai): hope u r now more comfortable with her ...
Ankur(Bhai): me wiping my lips .... with my hand ...wiping off ur saliva.... yes sir
Ankur(Bhai): talking to him and seeing u .......
Nishi(behan): i stand there
Nishi(behan): near u
Ankur(Bhai): so did it feel gud nishi .... ( shararat se puchta hai john)
Nishi(behan): doesnt matter...i can act well
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): gud... i like it
Ankur(Bhai): okay ...so naye dialogues yaad hai na nishi .... as he takes me back to the chair ...
( he gave u new dialogues .. this time u walk to your brother . and say '' bhaiya kya mein apko maal nahi lagti... apni maal behan ko chodo na....plz bhaiya ache se chudwaungi ... apna lund de do na bhaiya '' ]
Ankur(Bhai): and as i sit on chair ... john from my behind lean over tome
Nishi(behan): [ok]
Nishi(behan): main apne spot par khare hoke apni chit se dialogue yaad karne ki koshih kar rahi hoon
Ankur(Bhai): kaan mein fusfusata hai ...'' dekh ankur .. she is coming to u like a raand . aisa hot maal khud chalke tujhse chudwane aa rahi hai ... be a man.. don't be a brother .. uska badan to dekh.. gora malai sa hai . who would spare her if given chance.;;
Ankur(Bhai): 'yes sir.. iss baar i will perform the way u want ''
Ankur(Bhai): and u can use any dialogue and word.....
Nishi(behan): he continue to talk about me
Ankur(Bhai): bhul jao ki mein yahan pe hun.....
Nishi(behan): to get u to see me as a hot maal
Nishi(behan): nishi turn around jara
Nishi(behan): he says
Nishi(behan): and i turn around now my back towards u both
Ankur(Bhai): 'see her breasts man ... any man would lust to suck those lovely milkpots.... '
Ankur(Bhai): and i find ur lovely inviting gaand
Ankur(Bhai): 'wow.. wat an ass.... inviting hundred of dicks...you are not seeing your sister ..u r seeing a slut ... ''
Ankur(Bhai): ''and i m sure ... the man inside u also wants to win her .. by feeling and fucking her ''
Ankur(Bhai): my heart starts racing faster ..as john talking dirty for u and u showing ur gaand to me
Ankur(Bhai): john claps... okay nishi turn around.... and he shouts '' nishi remove your panty and then come for the dialogue ''
Nishi(behan): i turn back now facing u
Nishi(behan): sir...why panty
Nishi(behan): i ask as u had not said that earlier
Ankur(Bhai): john reaches you ....... whisper ..' panty hath mein leke aana and put it on his face ''
Nishi(behan): i nod
Ankur(Bhai): and while he start coming towards ankur .. i say ' wahi to ..why panty..just remove it ..iska kya kaam' wink
Nishi(behan): and reach down under my skirt
Nishi(behan): n drop my panty....
Nishi(behan): and start walking towards u with panty in my hand
Ankur(Bhai): me watching you doing it .... and feeling kinda good ...as seeing a slut in u
Ankur(Bhai): no no nishi ..no ..stop
Ankur(Bhai): john stops u
Ankur(Bhai): yahan se nahi ..... aur peeche se aao .... wahan se ( little farther )
Ankur(Bhai): whisper to ankur's ear '' ankur dekhe to raand kaise balkhati aa rahi hai chudwane ko ''
Nishi(behan): main aur peeche chali jaati hoon
Ankur(Bhai): i turn my head and see into john's eyes..... ( excited at his words ) .... he just winks...
Nishi(behan): i start walking from there
Ankur(Bhai): matakte hue kulhe...
Ankur(Bhai): hilti hui breasts
Nishi(behan): panty haath mein liye hue i walk swaying my hips
Ankur(Bhai): john says..'get into scene ankur .... a bitch is coming towards you '
Ankur(Bhai): and saying it he goes towards side ..for a better view
Nishi(behan): i contiue to come near
Nishi(behan): and reach u
Ankur(Bhai): ( my lund has become hard in my jean .... but bulge not visible due to the thick denim)
Nishi(behan): i put my panty on ur face..sensually grazing ur face with it
Ankur(Bhai): i m smiling this time ....
Nishi(behan): bhaiyya..kya main aapko maal nahin lagti
Ankur(Bhai): as u throw it from a distance.... i smell it this time ... .making it known
Ankur(Bhai): maal... tu to bahot hot maal hai behan ...
Ankur(Bhai): ( admiring u from top to bottom)
Ankur(Bhai): taking ur panty in my hand and kissing it ....... wow kya aroma hai ....mmmmm
Nishi(behan): to apni maal behen ko chodo na bhaiyya
Nishi(behan): plz bhaiyya acche se chudwaungi
Nishi(behan): i say showering short kisses on ur face
Ankur(Bhai): this time i grab u .. to aa ja na meri ladli ......
Ankur(Bhai): and my hand reaches your breast
Ankur(Bhai): squeezing it hard for the first time
Nishi(behan): uhmmmm mere munh se halki si karah nikal jaati hai
Ankur(Bhai): 'bhaiya se chudwana hai tujhe '? making u sit into my lap ....
Nishi(behan): i sit in ur lap
Nishi(behan): haan bhaiyya to dedo na apna lund mujhe
Nishi(behan): john claps
Nishi(behan): as the last dialogue ends
Nishi(behan): and the scene goes so well
Ankur(Bhai): i take a sigh of relief
Ankur(Bhai): ...wow ... gud work ankur and nishi u were splendid
Nishi(behan): i get up from ur lap
Ankur(Bhai): bas ek chota sa test aur hai

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Ankur(Bhai): ...wow ... gud work ankur and nishi u were splendid
Nishi(behan): i get up from ur lap
Ankur(Bhai): bas ek chota sa test aur hai
Ankur(Bhai): ( ankur is thinking ..ki nishi ke muh se lund, chudwana , chodna kitna acha laga tha ... sunte hi khada ho gaya yaar ... sach nishi is such a Bitch ... )
Ankur(Bhai): john - plz have some tea .... nishi ... bhaiya ko chai do .snack do ..can u please ( while he is trying to find some paper into a bag)
Nishi(behan): main apni panty wapas pahen leti hoon tab tak
Nishi(behan): and offer u tea and snacks
Ankur(Bhai): i take it ..thanks .... sir ko bhi do na
Nishi(behan): i offer one more to him
Ankur(Bhai): u know hamara shoot bhi isi lawn mein hoga ..and ander rooms mein ... ( john informs us)
Ankur(Bhai): sir .. kitne din ka shoot hoga .. ( i ask to john)
Nishi(behan): i also start to sip my tea and snacks
Ankur(Bhai): john - let's see how fastly u both finish it ... may be 2 days or may be 4 days...
Ankur(Bhai): john - so nishi .. .i hope u r not virgin ... asking as we will have to prepare accordingly ..grinning
Nishi(behan): no i am not
Nishi(behan): i say as a matter of fact tone
Ankur(Bhai): yaa. i can guess vvery well ( hinting the way u acted in task)
Ankur(Bhai): me- to sir contract sign kar lete hain ..
Ankur(Bhai): john - arey itni jaldi .... abhi meine finalize nahi kiya hai ... ( sipping his tea)
Ankur(Bhai): john says ..i need to see both of u without clothes... so that i know that without clothes also u both are as worthy as with clothes ...
Ankur(Bhai): and he gets up ... walking towards the exit of lawn and heading a big hall...
Nishi(behan): we follow him
Ankur(Bhai): tabhi bank wale ka phone aata hai mere pass
Ankur(Bhai): i pick up ...
Ankur(Bhai): hello
Ankur(Bhai): yes ..boliye ....
Ankur(Bhai): haan haan i know one week nahi us se pehle hi kara dengey .. and stop calling ...
Ankur(Bhai): tum log samajhte kya ho khud ko .... disconnecting ...
Ankur(Bhai): harami sale ( hindi dirty words comes out at its own ..... i m surprised... )
Nishi(behan): main samajh jaati hoon
Nishi(behan): wahi creditors ka tha
Nishi(behan): its ok bhaiyya
Nishi(behan): i say
Nishi(behan): pressing ur hand
Nishi(behan): we will be fine in few days
Ankur(Bhai): i smile... and we walk hand in hand behind john
Ankur(Bhai): i know .. mein apni behan ko ki pareshani nahi hone dunga .... ( siwayi usko kas kas ke chodne ke )
Nishi(behan): i know bhaiyya
Ankur(Bhai): ( as u call me bhaiyya ... i remember ur panty's smell ...ummmmmm )
Ankur(Bhai): we enter the room
Ankur(Bhai): john says..... without any hesitation .... plz both of u remove your clothes .... every single piece
Nishi(behan): but why
Nishi(behan): i ask wondering
Ankur(Bhai): caz i need to see...
Ankur(Bhai): aur sharmana kya ... kal bhi to rahoge dono nange ..3-4 dino tak.. c'mon
Ankur(Bhai): me- nishi , he is right . unko right hai ki wo dekhein .
Ankur(Bhai): john- very smart and wise of u ankur
Ankur(Bhai): c'mon hurry up .mujhe aur bhi kaam hain .... sab arrange karna hai shoot ke liye
Nishi(behan): i start dropping my clothes
Ankur(Bhai): same moment his cell rings.....
Nishi(behan): hesitantly
Nishi(behan): i stop as the cell rings
Ankur(Bhai): 'hii sir.... yaa my pleasure sir''
Ankur(Bhai): ''ya i have arranged it sir ... ya real siblings.'
Nishi(behan): we listen as he talks
Ankur(Bhai): 'yup girl is a beauty sir.. .and i can sense a perfect bitchy slut in her . u don't worry watever u demanded wud be there in the movie. of course u r paying such a huge amount for a small work'
Ankur(Bhai): ' ya sir they are just worried for the privacy ..so we must be very strict on it .'
Ankur(Bhai): ' ya thank u sir ... '
Ankur(Bhai): ' sir plz don't worry .... dialogues hindi mein hongey ..and u can send me wat all u want to hear ... ''
Ankur(Bhai): 'ya no issues sir.. as dirty as u want .. yup both are comfortable with hindi slangs.''
Ankur(Bhai): ( john ishare se clothes remove karne ko bolta hai)
Ankur(Bhai): as he is talking i whisper in ur ear...' utaro na .. let's finalize it ''
Nishi(behan): i start again
Nishi(behan): and drop my skirt
Nishi(behan): stepping out from it
Nishi(behan): while john continues to talk on phone while looking at us
Nishi(behan): then i open the button of my top and pull it over my head
Nishi(behan): coming in my inners
Ankur(Bhai): same time i remove my T in a go....... and then undoing the belt
Nishi(behan): being a model i am fairly comfortable with doing this
Ankur(Bhai): ( have seen u in panty and bra .. but circumstances were different.... )
Ankur(Bhai): ( and now fully aware ki kal apni hi behan ko chod raha hounga .... in many ways ... infact in every possible way ...taking a deep sigh)
Nishi(behan): then i remove my bra
Nishi(behan): and upto there it is normal
Nishi(behan): but panty ki baari aane par main ruk jaati hoon
Ankur(Bhai): and i slide my jean down .... now standing only in frenchie ( with a bulge and a big wet spot on it)
Ankur(Bhai): ( as u stand there only in panty..... i find u so yummy .. .john's words again start echoing ....'
Ankur(Bhai): '' dekh ankur .. she is coming to u like a raand . aisa hot maal khud chalke tujhse chudwane aa rahi hai ... be a man.. don't be a brother .. uska badan to dekh.. gora malai sa hai . who would spare her if given chance.;;
Ankur(Bhai): ( i try to jerk off this notion ..but my lund doesn't hear it and it starts reacting )
Ankur(Bhai): john is still talking ...
Ankur(Bhai): and he finishes... .
Ankur(Bhai): hmmm well.... ( i can see a bulge in his pant too )
Nishi(behan): he looks at both of us
Nishi(behan): as we stand just in our underwears
Ankur(Bhai): c'mon ..finish the job. remove ur undies
Nishi(behan): i look at u
Nishi(behan): as i hesitate
Ankur(Bhai): i say .. nishi do it and slide my frenchie down ....
Nishi(behan): seeing u go full nude
Nishi(behan): i also gather courage
Nishi(behan): and push my panty down
Nishi(behan): dropping it on floor
Nishi(behan): my clean waxed slit becomes visible to him
Ankur(Bhai): john smiles watching my hard on .... ..
Ankur(Bhai): well..i m impressed with the thickness and the size .... for indians it's rare one
Ankur(Bhai): thank u sir ....
Ankur(Bhai): ( i find that u r watching my lund with tirchi nigaah)
Nishi(behan): i notice ur rod being spotless clean and hard
Nishi(behan): and think..at least he is not dirty
Ankur(Bhai): john says.. turn around both of u
Ankur(Bhai): and we obey him....
Nishi(behan): we turn and now our backs towards him
Nishi(behan): as he checks us out
Ankur(Bhai): fine ... ...
Ankur(Bhai): okay nishi .... is chair pe baith ke legs failao .. need to see how u look in that pose
Nishi(behan): i sit on the chair
Nishi(behan): with my legs open
Ankur(Bhai): hmmm good
Ankur(Bhai): and doggie mein hoke dikhao
Ankur(Bhai): ( i m finding it difficult .... uff nishi is so sexy .. seeing ur hairless choot slit... i kind of become restless)
Nishi(behan): i pose for him
Nishi(behan): now in doggy position
Nishi(behan): as he watches from behind
Ankur(Bhai): hmmm ankur can u help us
Ankur(Bhai): just spread her hips... so as i get a clear view of it from behind ...
Ankur(Bhai): me being nude myself.. goes towards u and without even asking ..i while standing at a side... spread your ass
Nishi(behan): i feel odd
Nishi(behan): as u do that
Ankur(Bhai): getting and giving full view of your ass hole and wet choot to john
Ankur(Bhai): alright.. fine ... plz dress up and come to lawn
Ankur(Bhai): john leaves the room
Nishi(behan): main wapas kapde pahan ne lagti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): (i see him going while rubbing his dick over the pant)
Ankur(Bhai): mein bhi ek ek karke .. kapde pehan ne lagta hu ( but find it difficult to adjust my lund in my jean..... despite my efforts lund ka bulge dikh raha hai )
Nishi(behan): main saare kapde pahan leti hoon
Nishi(behan): jaldi se
Ankur(Bhai): you okay na nishi
Nishi(behan): yeah its fine
Nishi(behan): lets go out
Ankur(Bhai): i don't try to hide my bulge ..and we walk out ...
Ankur(Bhai): as we reach into the lawn
Ankur(Bhai): john gives us two thick booklets ....
Ankur(Bhai): john- read well and sign the contract ... and here is the advance cheque of 70 lakhs... for both of u ..
Nishi(behan): thank u so much
Nishi(behan): we look at each other and the cheque
Ankur(Bhai): i smile ....
Ankur(Bhai): we finish up the signing without reading ..and accept the cheque
Ankur(Bhai): so tomorrow 9 am we r meeting ...
Nishi(behan): ok
Ankur(Bhai): alright ..good bye .
Ankur(Bhai): and he leads us towards the exit...
Ankur(Bhai): drive slowly
Ankur(Bhai): and we start heading home
Ankur(Bhai): happy inside...
Ankur(Bhai): 'i just can't believe we have 70 lakhs in our hands'
Ankur(Bhai): driving and smiling
Nishi(behan): yes
Nishi(behan): at least we can shut those creditors
Nishi(behan): now
Ankur(Bhai): yaa... and pyar se tere gaal pe marta hu
Ankur(Bhai): yes yes yes..
Nishi(behan): lets deposit it on the way
Nishi(behan): and then go home
Ankur(Bhai): haan .. nice idea.... very smart haan ..( smile) .. .my nishi is so sharp
Ankur(Bhai): ( and a sexy maal too ..that i think )
Nishi(behan): we stop by at the bank
Nishi(behan): and deposit the cheque
Nishi(behan): and give a sigh of relief
Ankur(Bhai): hmm
Ankur(Bhai): and we head home
Ankur(Bhai): kal time se pahonchna hai
Ankur(Bhai): 9 baje bulaya hai na ( chudai ke liye ) .. i see into ur eyes.
Nishi(behan): haan
Nishi(behan): aur bhi jaldi nikalna hoga kal
Ankur(Bhai): haan ..
Ankur(Bhai): and we reach home while talking frivoluos things
Ankur(Bhai): despite all the pretences to be normal..... i can't forget wat we both experienced today... and your touch your feel ur aroma, dirty words uttered by you
Ankur(Bhai): ( alright.. so night ko jayada baat nahi hoti .. we have dinner and sleep)
Nishi(behan): [ok]
Ankur(Bhai): so morning mein breakfast karte hain dono .... ( i m finding u extra hot this morning )
Ankur(Bhai): ( we r having bread toasts and milk)
Ankur(Bhai): while having bf.. i say ' wow hot dress nishi '
Nishi(behan): thanks
Ankur(Bhai): so all set ? ... i ask u
Ankur(Bhai): ( as if asking ki chudai ko tayyar ho )
Nishi(behan): yeah..
Nishi(behan): chalein
Nishi(behan): i ask
Nishi(behan): [thinking ki kaise jayega...]
Ankur(Bhai): hmm
Ankur(Bhai): sure ..
Nishi(behan): [kya kya karna padega...how wud it feel do be done by bhaiyya himself]
Ankur(Bhai): ( kal se jayada hot maal lag rahi hai )
Ankur(Bhai): ( off.. why i m thinking that way ..she is my behan )
Ankur(Bhai): as we start our journey
Ankur(Bhai): ' nishi... shoot mein kabhi bhi kuch problem ho to bol dena mujhe ''
Ankur(Bhai): ( as i say and turn my head towards u ... my gaze apne aap hi goes towards ur lips and chuchis..)
Nishi(behan): sure bhaiyya
Nishi(behan): bol doongi
Nishi(behan): main bolti hoon
Nishi(behan): [bol to aise rahe hain jaise ki choice hai]
Nishi(behan): [kuch problem hone par]
Ankur(Bhai): ( soch raha hu ..kya kya hoga ...they will give dirty dialogues.... nishi ki chuchiyan chusni hongi ..... pussy lick karni hogi ... fuck bhi karna hoga ... )
Ankur(Bhai): ( ohhh .. fir to nishi se bhi mera chuswayengey ..... )
Nishi(behan): kya hua bhaiyya
Nishi(behan): i ask as I hear u almost moan softly
Ankur(Bhai): ( apne mein hi khoye hue driving ) ..huhhh... kuch nahi
Nishi(behan): are u ok
Ankur(Bhai): ( my effort of controlling my gaze goes in vain and i stare at ur chuchis)
Ankur(Bhai): haan haan behan ..i m fine
Nishi(behan): come on bhaiyya..dont think so much about it
Nishi(behan): i knwo u are feeling bad about it...but its not like u are doing it on ur own
Ankur(Bhai): ( oh nishi sorry.. but bad nahi i m feeling rather hot and excited for it ... )
Ankur(Bhai): huhhh.. sir hilata hu
Nishi(behan): i wont blame u for doing it ok
Nishi(behan): i say putting my hand on urs
Ankur(Bhai): i feel soft touch of urs ...
Ankur(Bhai): so sweet of u my sis...
Ankur(Bhai): and i take ur hand and kiss it
Nishi(behan): as u do that i feel u are still feeling guilty
Nishi(behan): and to lighten it up say...chalo kal se koi tumhe behenchod bolega to bura nahin lagega
Ankur(Bhai): hey ..naughty
Ankur(Bhai): shows fake anger
Ankur(Bhai): ... and then suddenly say ' tere muh se aise words bahot ache lagtehain '
Ankur(Bhai): hehehe....
Nishi(behan): i giggle
Nishi(behan): as the mood lightens up
Ankur(Bhai): and we reach the farm house
Ankur(Bhai): wahan 3-4 logo ka crew
Ankur(Bhai): 2 camera man ... john and uska assistant
Ankur(Bhai): 1-2 servents jo ki shoot area mein nahi rahengey
Ankur(Bhai): so we reach and john says
Ankur(Bhai): nishi ek traditional oufit mein hai pehla scene
Ankur(Bhai): ye rahi script
Ankur(Bhai): he hands it over to us
Ankur(Bhai): i take it and find ki first scene mein raksha bandhan hai
Ankur(Bhai): john says.. u have 20 mins to discuss or rehearse
Ankur(Bhai): ander hall mein set ready hai
Ankur(Bhai): and iss scene mein u will hug her nicely...
Nishi(behan): we listen to it as he directs us
Ankur(Bhai): and nishi ... remember u hv incestuous feelings for him ... to which he is unaware .. u both are very frank
Nishi(behan): hmm ok
Ankur(Bhai): so u don't leave any chance of touching or making him touch u ..or feel u
Ankur(Bhai): got the point
Ankur(Bhai): u go and change nishi .. ander make man hai
Ankur(Bhai): u too go and put on ur dress...
Ankur(Bhai): and i want it to look natural .... samjhe tum dono
Nishi(behan): yes
Nishi(behan): i say
Nishi(behan): and walk to the make up room
Ankur(Bhai): ( i read the dialogues and script.. and come to know ki full story kya hai ... behan bhai pe lattu hai ..chudwana chahti hai .. and baaton baaton mein bhai ko line deti hai....... dono open hain .. .ek din jab akele hain to lawn mein baatein karte hain and behan bhai ko indirectly full chudai ka offer de deti hai ..which he also finds worthy ..)
Nishi(behan): main wahan lehnga choli pahanti hoon
Nishi(behan): i realize mera dupatta is full transparent
Nishi(behan): and the choli is barely covering my boobs
Ankur(Bhai): ( first scene hai ki behan tayyar hote hue khud se hi baat karegi .... and would express her incest desires for brother .. )
Ankur(Bhai): john says.. . so nishi ... come for first shoot
Ankur(Bhai): ( dialogues bade bade flanks pe likhwa ke camera ke peeche hain .. which u can read while acting ..)
Ankur(Bhai): ( mein chair pe bhai banke sherwani mein baitha hu .. and watching u )
Nishi(behan): main aati hoon ready hone ke baad
Nishi(behan): haath mein raakhi ki thaali liye
Ankur(Bhai): ( in front of mirror u r watching urself with a comb in ur hand)
Ankur(Bhai): rakhi ki thali side mein rakhi hui hai ..
Nishi(behan): main taiyyar hote hue budbuda rahi hoon
Nishi(behan): dialogues
Ankur(Bhai): so nishi ... ready ?
Nishi(behan): yes sir
Ankur(Bhai): ( me thinking ki kya sach mein bhi nishi ko aisi koi feeling hogi .... ande se awaz aati hai ..kaash ho jaye ... and mein wo sochke hi sharma sa jaa hu )
Ankur(Bhai): john says... okay get set .... ligh, sound, camera....action
Ankur(Bhai): and camera starts rolling
Nishi(behan): main baalon mein kanghi karne lagti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): ( we won't do retakes .. unless something is really worthy of doing ... wat say /? )
Nishi(behan): main kanghi karte hue sheeshe mein dekhti hoon
Nishi(behan): choli to theek hai..kaafi acchi jhalak dikh rahi hai
Nishi(behan): rakhi bandhte wakt saaf dikhega
Nishi(behan): dekhti hoon bhaiyya kab tak najar churate hain...
Ankur(Bhai): john is watching u doing the role
(John has briefed u to express ur desire to be fucked ... ye koi classical movie nahi hai ... ye ek porn movie hai ... bhai behan ki chudai wali )
Nishi(behan): ghar par maal hai aur bhaiyya
Nishi(behan): idhar udhar najar marte hain
( tabhi background se ek sound aati hai)
ye hai ek jawan behan jo ki apne bhaiya ko apni jawani sonpna chahti hai ... aaj rakhi ka din hai ... bhai ka intezaar kar rahi hai
Nishi(behan): hai kaash rakhi ki gift mein bhaiyya mujhe apna lund de dete
Nishi(behan): main khushi khushi chud jaati
Nishi(behan): par unko kaun dimaag de ki kab se line de rahi hoon
Ankur(Bhai): john smiles as u say this dialogue..... ( me feel a shiver down my spine ..)
Nishi(behan): ab behen hoon saaf saaf to nahi bol sakti
Nishi(behan): ki bhaiyya aao mujhe chodo
Nishi(behan): i pick up my thaal
Nishi(behan): chalo dekhti hoon..shayad ye choli kaam de jaaye aaj
Nishi(behan): and walk out
Ankur(Bhai): and john says............cut
Ankur(Bhai): well ..good shot nishi
Ankur(Bhai): john reaches u ....
Ankur(Bhai): acha tha ...
Ankur(Bhai): nice start
Ankur(Bhai): and then he call me
Ankur(Bhai): ( scene is ki i come home and tum rakhi bandhti ho and line bhi deti ho )
Nishi(behan): [ok but pls take some lead]
Ankur(Bhai): ( iss scene mein tum logi lead..... agle scene se bhai samajh jayega aur fir wo khul ke line maarega ...)
Nishi(behan): [ok]
Nishi(behan): [agle scene mein just help me with dialogues lead ki utni problem nahin hai]
Nishi(behan): main shot ke liye thaali le ke taiyyar khadi hoon
Ankur(Bhai): ( okay i will )
Ankur(Bhai): camera rolls........ john says ...action
Ankur(Bhai): and i come..... arey behan ... sorry mein late ho gaya ( hath mein bada sa gift packet hai)
Nishi(behan): late to aap kabse ho...main man mein sochti hoon....shayad aaj der se sahi par line par aa jaao
Nishi(behan): koi baat nahin bhaiyya
Nishi(behan): kahin baitho to main rakhi baandhun
Ankur(Bhai): ( jo bhi mann wali baatein hain ..wo tum camera ke pass jake bolti ho .... indicating ki tum apne munn ki baat bol rahi ho)
Ankur(Bhai): shaitan .. bahot shararati ho gayi hai
Ankur(Bhai): and i sit on a chair ..... ( camera tumhare boobs pe zoom hota hai)
Nishi(behan): mian chair ke saamne jameen par baith jaati hoon
Nishi(behan): come on bhaiyya neeche dekho...i say man mein.....
Nishi(behan): as i take the tika material from the thali
Ankur(Bhai): and i look down and find ur yummy boobs ... trying to ooze out of ur choli
Nishi(behan): i notice ur eye sare in right direction
Ankur(Bhai): ' aaj to bahot saji hai tu '
Nishi(behan): and lean forward getting up
Nishi(behan): to put teeka on ur forehead
Ankur(Bhai): almost giving full looks of behan's chuchi .....
Nishi(behan): making sure my boobs are right in front of u
Nishi(behan): while i do it
Nishi(behan): kaise lag rahe hain bhaiyya...main man mein kahti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): i m enjoying ...... tabhi i say to camera ...( wow kitne mast chuchiyan hain behan ki ...)
Nishi(behan): is it ok bhaiyya

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Ankur(Bhai): i m enjoying ...... tabhi i say to camera ...( wow kitne mast chuchiyan hain behan ki ...)
Nishi(behan): is it ok bhaiyya
Nishi(behan): i ask
Ankur(Bhai): yaa... bahot hi mast ( tumhari chuchiyon mein khoya hua )
Nishi(behan): teeke mein mast kya hai..
Nishi(behan): i ask
Nishi(behan): giggling
Nishi(behan): chalo ab haath (lund ) do rakhi bandhne ko
Ankur(Bhai): mein jhenp jata hu ... and camera ki aur dekh ke dialogue ( ye to puri line de rahi hai ....mano mein bhaiya nahi sainya hu iska... kabtak control karu.. nahi naahi ... ye behan hai meri .. )
Ankur(Bhai): and i extend my hand .... for rakhi
Nishi(behan): main haath par pyaar se rakhi bandhti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): le baandh de.......
Nishi(behan): (are lund dete bandhne ko to baat bhi hoti]
Nishi(behan): aur rakhi bandhne ke baad aage jhuk ke pyaar se aapko gaal par kiss deti hoon
Nishi(behan): love u bhaiyya
Ankur(Bhai): umm.. i feel your lips on me .. .. kandhe pe hath rakh ke ... meinbhi wapas kiss karta hu ...
Ankur(Bhai): gaal pe .... love u my sweet behna
Nishi(behan): i pick mithai ka dabba..
Nishi(behan): to kya khaoge
Nishi(behan): (mujhe khaao na)
Ankur(Bhai): i smile .... keh to aise rahi hai jaise ki tujhe hi kha jaun ....giggle
Nishi(behan): to khaa lo..main bhi mithi hi hoon
Nishi(behan): ya shayad thori teekhi
Nishi(behan): i say
Nishi(behan): giggling back
Ankur(Bhai): acha.... kehke ek mithai ka piece utha ke tujhe muh mein offer krta hu
Nishi(behan): main use aadha bite kar leti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): happy raksha bandhan .... i say with smile.....
Nishi(behan): u too bhaiyya
Ankur(Bhai): and ek dam se godi mein khinch leta hu ...shaitan ho gayi hai bahot .....
Nishi(behan): uhmmm
Nishi(behan): main man mein sochti hoon...wow bhaiyya
Ankur(Bhai): aur thoda sa tukda kha ke fir tumko usi tukde se offer karta hu
Nishi(behan): he he wo to main hamesha se thi
Nishi(behan): main aapka jhootha tukda khushi khushi khaa leti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): us tukde se bhi thoda bachta hai jo mein khata hu
Ankur(Bhai): and i say to camera ...( puri harami behan hai .. chudne ko dekho kaisi tayyar hai ..)
Ankur(Bhai): tu to bas bolti hi rehti hai ..ye nahi ki bhaiya ko kuch chakha de .. ( handing over gift to u ..)
Nishi(behan): kya hai
Nishi(behan): i ask
Nishi(behan): looking at the box
Nishi(behan): abhi bhi aram se godi mein baithe hue
Ankur(Bhai): khol ke dekh le ( it has nice pair of bra and panty .... bhai bhi pehle se chahta tha per hesitant tha)
Nishi(behan): main dabba kholti hoon
Nishi(behan): ye kya hai bhaiyya.....
Nishi(behan): i say
Nishi(behan): apni gf ke liye laaye the ya mere liye
Nishi(behan): i giggle
Ankur(Bhai): achi lagi to le aaya ..... pasand nahi tujhe ...
Nishi(behan): well achi to hai
Nishi(behan): par koi bhai apni behen ko lingeri gift kare..aisa to nahin dekha
Nishi(behan): i giggle
Nishi(behan): jhooth ke nakhre karte hue
Ankur(Bhai): hansta hu ..arey ham modern bhai behan hain ... and i know meri behan kya kya munn mein dabaye rehti hai ....
Nishi(behan): aachha
Nishi(behan): kya dabaye rahti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): tabhi mera phone bajta hai .... and i pick it up...haan mummy ... kahan ho aap ..acha ghar ke gate pe .. .. and we both say ..shit .. and scene finishes....
Ankur(Bhai): cut...........
Ankur(Bhai): well done ankur n nishi ..
Nishi(behan): i get up from ur lap
Nishi(behan): as the scene ends
Ankur(Bhai): i also get up.. ( baaton se hard on ho gaya hai )
Ankur(Bhai): john comes. .... .. gud going ...
Ankur(Bhai): how is it going nishi ?
Ankur(Bhai): john arrives...... so nishi how is it going
Ankur(Bhai): i say ..sir aap batao ..we r trying our best
Ankur(Bhai): he sees towards my bulge ...... 'yes that i can see u r trying ' giggle
Ankur(Bhai): nishi .. be more dirty ... i want more n more dirty words... and u too ankur
Ankur(Bhai): smiles
Nishi(behan): isse jyada mujhse nahin hoga John
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): get ready for next shot in an hour ... have something.. wo lamba shot hoga
Nishi(behan): ankur se hi bolo
Nishi(behan): ok
Ankur(Bhai): hoga kyu nahi ..hoga ... jarur hoga nishi
Ankur(Bhai): and he goes
Ankur(Bhai): i say ... c'mon.... koshish to kar
Ankur(Bhai): and we have light meal
Nishi(behan): i am trying
Nishi(behan): meal khatam hone par John comes
Nishi(behan): to explain the next scene
Ankur(Bhai): he says.. dekho ab dono bhai behan almost ready hain
Ankur(Bhai): lawn mein dono akele...... double meaning baatein
Nishi(behan): main sunti hoon as he explains
Ankur(Bhai): and lots of smooching .. groping .... talks ... sucking
Ankur(Bhai): and i want it to be really fine
Ankur(Bhai): dono ne dialogues padh liye na ?
Nishi(behan): par abhi dono clear nahin hai na
Nishi(behan): ki other is ready
Nishi(behan): main question raise karti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): hmmm lagta hai dhang se nahi padha tumne nishi
Ankur(Bhai): ab bhai lead lega
Ankur(Bhai): aur behan to tayyar hai hi
Ankur(Bhai): he has made up his mind
Ankur(Bhai): to fuck his sister ... to make her his Raand.... giggles
Nishi(behan): hmm accha
Ankur(Bhai): nishi ki derss kya hai is scene mein sir
Ankur(Bhai): i ask him
Ankur(Bhai): he asks back... bolo kis dress mein chodogey behan ko .... ( shararat)
Ankur(Bhai): i look at u ...
Nishi(behan): main sharma jaati hoon is par
Nishi(behan): as i realise u are imagining me
Nishi(behan): in various dresses
Ankur(Bhai): i say.. jo subha pehan ke aayi thi usi mein ?
Ankur(Bhai): yaa. fine for me ...
Ankur(Bhai): nishi u okay ?
Nishi(behan): yeah doesnt matter to me
Ankur(Bhai): fine ..then change into that
Ankur(Bhai): meet u at lawn after 30 mins
Nishi(behan): i go back to the changing room
Ankur(Bhai): i also change into a short and round neck t-shirt
Ankur(Bhai): i find ki lawn mein ek side pe lambi lambi 2 benches laga di hain
Ankur(Bhai): saath hi ek badasofa hai
Nishi(behan): main abhi bhi apne room mein change kar rahi hoon
Nishi(behan): ready ho rahi hoon
Nishi(behan): while u and john discuss the scene further
Ankur(Bhai): dekho ankur .. yahi pataogey... .aur yahi chodogey
Ankur(Bhai): now ye tum dono decide karo ki kahan pe chudai karoge
Ankur(Bhai): i nod.... right sir nishi ko aane dijiye
Nishi(behan): main tab tak ready hoke make up man se make up karwa rahi hoon
Ankur(Bhai): i m awaiting u in the lawn
Ankur(Bhai): john checking angles and cameras...
Ankur(Bhai): i m reading dialogues .while u take time to come out
Ankur(Bhai): and thodi der mein u come out of the make up room
Ankur(Bhai): ur well shaped boobs and creamy thighs stealing the show ...
Nishi(behan): my lips glistening with the light make up
Nishi(behan): as i walk to the lawn
Ankur(Bhai): john comes to me and whispers.... aaj ache se chodna ..don't spare her
Ankur(Bhai): ( i see him with shocking eyes .. )
Nishi(behan): [hmm]
Nishi(behan): main aa ke khadi ho jaati hoon
Nishi(behan): lawn mein
Ankur(Bhai): john comes...
Ankur(Bhai): dono scene samajh gaye ?
Nishi(behan): we ask john to explain a bit
Nishi(behan): how the scene wud start
Ankur(Bhai): so scene shuru hoga while bhai reads a newspaper
Ankur(Bhai): u wud come and tum bhai ko tang karogi ..
Nishi(behan): ok
Ankur(Bhai): and then he wud take lead
Nishi(behan): ok
Ankur(Bhai): suno ankur .... i want u to be dirty and cunning in this scene
Ankur(Bhai): don't spare her .... ( seeing u )
Ankur(Bhai): and nishi ... i want u both to drink each others' spit ...... ( he says it seriously)
Nishi(behan): what!!
Ankur(Bhai): ( hearing it i get a wave down my spine)
Nishi(behan): why wud we do that...
Ankur(Bhai): john- ... i mean while smooching ...
Nishi(behan): hmm
Nishi(behan): ok
Ankur(Bhai): c'mon nishi ..ab de hi rahi ho to ache se do na apne bhai ko ..with full conviction
Ankur(Bhai): feel it as if u want him to fuck u in real
Ankur(Bhai): ( i think..haan nishi ... i want to fuck u ..)
Nishi(behan): i will try
Ankur(Bhai): so .. both ready
Nishi(behan): 2 min sir
Ankur(Bhai): and nishi ... jab tum ankur ka chusogi to do it with lust and passion....
Ankur(Bhai): john clarifying the things...
Nishi(behan): i am listening
Nishi(behan): ok i am ready now
Nishi(behan): i say
Ankur(Bhai): and both of u ..don't be too decent
Ankur(Bhai): i nod ( nishi mera lund chusegi ..wow... ufff.... )
Ankur(Bhai): ( no ankur she is your sis... oh c'mon... hot kitni hai and bitchy bhi ... usko bhi maza aane lagega to wo bhi khushi khushi karegi )
Ankur(Bhai): and i walk to the bench and sit on it with a newspaper
Ankur(Bhai): john now at a distance.....
Nishi(behan): main ithlaate hue bench ki taraf badhti hon
Nishi(behan): dabe paaon
Nishi(behan): aur achanak se new paper cheen leti hoon
Nishi(behan): aur bhaagti hoon
Nishi(behan): khilkhilate hue
Ankur(Bhai): arey .. shaitan... paper to de
Ankur(Bhai): kya kar rahi hai
Nishi(behan): nahin doongi..
Ankur(Bhai): ( cam ki aur dekh ke) puri raand hai sali...
Ankur(Bhai): and i immeditely chase u
Ankur(Bhai): running after u
Nishi(behan): and main hanste hue bachte hue bhag rahi hoon
Nishi(behan): lawn mein
Ankur(Bhai): and finally mein tumko daboch leta hu
Ankur(Bhai): peeche se
Ankur(Bhai): bahot bigad gayi hai ...huh.... .kya chahiye tujhe huh.. bol to
Ankur(Bhai): ( gand se chipke hue )
Nishi(behan): kya bhaiyya jab dekho akhbar padhte rahte ho
Nishi(behan): ghar par behen akeli hai uska to khayal karo
Ankur(Bhai): acha.. kya khayal karun apni lado ka
Ankur(Bhai): ( sali puri harami choot hai .. .dekho kaise bhai ko bhadka rahi hai)
Ankur(Bhai): and keh ke tere gaal pe kiss.....
Nishi(behan): kuch bhi karo..bore ho rahi hoon
Ankur(Bhai): ab aisi roopmati saamne hogi to kaun akhbar padega ...
Ankur(Bhai): akhbar ko faink deta hu
Ankur(Bhai): and lift u and bring u to the sofa
Nishi(behan): main khilkhilate hue aa jaati hoon
Nishi(behan): sofe par
Ankur(Bhai): akeli milti kahan hai tu
Ankur(Bhai): tere to yaar bhi kitne hain ..fursat ho bhai ke liye to baat hai
Ankur(Bhai): baalon se khelte hue
Nishi(behan): accha
Nishi(behan): kabhi poocha mujhse
Nishi(behan): time ke liye
Nishi(behan): behen ke pyaar par pahla hak to bhai ka hi hai
Ankur(Bhai): time ke sath sath aur bhi kuch maangne ko dil kare to kya karega bhaiyaa
Ankur(Bhai): acha ... ( bilkul sat jata hu sofe pe tumhare sath baith ke)
Ankur(Bhai): aur arm pe geela sa kiss.... honthon ko chuate hue jeebh se halka sa geela karte hue
Nishi(behan): main use bilkul bhi mind nahin karti
Ankur(Bhai): mauka bhi to dekhna hota hai na .... hot maal ko patane ka
Ankur(Bhai): na jane kab naraz ho jaye ...
Nishi(behan): ye hot maal kise kah rahe ho
Ankur(Bhai): hanste hue ... hai ek bahot hi mast badan wali ...
Nishi(behan): accha
Nishi(behan): kaisi dikhti hai
Ankur(Bhai): right kaan ke pass se balon ko hatate hue ....
Nishi(behan): kya mast hai badan mein
Ankur(Bhai): i find a flap in john's hand ..( BE DIRTY , use dirty words.. )
Ankur(Bhai): hai pucho mat sali ne deewna kar diya hai .. apni ithlati chaal se ... apni uchalti chuchiyon se
Ankur(Bhai): aur jab bhaiya bhaiya karke bolti hai na to machal jata hai mera .....
Ankur(Bhai): ( kaan ke neeche chum raha hu .. .hath mulayam arms ko sehlate hue)
Nishi(behan): accha
Nishi(behan): uska bhai bhi hai
Nishi(behan): main tease karti hoon
Nishi(behan): to fir use kaise pataoge
Ankur(Bhai): haan.... bahot tagda mard hai wo ( and i take my hand and insert into ur top..... opper ki taraf se ..)
Nishi(behan): uska bhai bura nahin maan jayega
Ankur(Bhai): sochta hu khulam khulla keh dun ki lund lele .....
Ankur(Bhai): ( and slowly feeling ur nipple... squeezing gently)
Ankur(Bhai): bhai to uska khud behanchod ban na chahta hai ..... giggle. (seeing into ur eyes)
Nishi(behan): main muskura deti hoon
Nishi(behan): to behen se bolta kyun nahin...
Nishi(behan): kya pata behen bhi wahi chahti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): kya kahe wo behan se ?? tu hi bata
Ankur(Bhai): ( and ab puri chuchi ko mutthi mein bhar liya hai ... and playing nicely ..)
Nishi(behan): ab ye to bhai ko hi sochna hoga
Nishi(behan): main use ignore karte hue bolti hoon jaise kuch ho hi na raha ho
Ankur(Bhai): itni bhi help nahi kar sakti bhai ki ....
Ankur(Bhai): and i try to take out ur top from under the skirt ..pulling it upward ... so asto remove ur top...
Nishi(behan): par mera haath pet par hone ke karan u cant
Nishi(behan): and bas kamar khol ke rah jaate ho
Ankur(Bhai): bhai to raksha bandhan pe hi usko apni raand banana chahta tha .... kissing gaal.... neck.. below ear... here n there
Nishi(behan): well kuch baatein khud hi karni padti hain
Nishi(behan): to rakhi ki gift maang leta..behen mana kar pati kya
Ankur(Bhai): as u say it .. i take ur face in my hands... kya kehta .. behan mujhe teri choot chodni hai
Ankur(Bhai): seeing eye to eye
Nishi(behan): sirf utna hi mangte...poori ki poori behen ko maang sakte the jab
Ankur(Bhai): i giggle....
Ankur(Bhai): wo milti to puri behan hi to milegi na
Ankur(Bhai): and giving a small kiss on ur lips..
Ankur(Bhai): pppp
Nishi(behan): i smile
Nishi(behan): to maang lo...abhi rakhi khatami kahan
Nishi(behan): hui hai
Ankur(Bhai): i don't say anything ... ek hath le jake chuchi ko kas ke masal deta hu
Nishi(behan): aaahhhh
Nishi(behan): main karah uthti hoon
Ankur(Bhai): itne se ye haal hai .... bhaiya ke lund ki sawari karni padegi tab kya hog
Ankur(Bhai): chuchi to badi sakht hai behan ki ... wink at u ...
Nishi(behan): to kya soft pasand hai
Ankur(Bhai): uhuu... .kasi hui tani hui
Ankur(Bhai): and i stand up ..and give u my hand
Nishi(behan): i take ur hand and get up
Ankur(Bhai): and as both standing ...
Ankur(Bhai): mein tumko apni bahon mein khinch leta hu
Ankur(Bhai): pass to aao bhaiya ke
Nishi(behan): main aapki bahon mein aa jaati hoon
Ankur(Bhai): and mere honth tumhare honthon se chipak jatehain
Nishi(behan): main bhi pyaar se aapse chipak ke kiss karwati hoon
Ankur(Bhai): aaummm.... i have started to lick ur lips and nose
Ankur(Bhai): with my tongue
Ankur(Bhai): maaummm
Nishi(behan): to kaisi taste karti hoon..meethi ya teekhi
Ankur(Bhai): giving licking strokes
Nishi(behan): i giggle
Nishi(behan): teasing u as u lick
Ankur(Bhai): abhi ache se chakha kahan ... aur chakhne de ..tab to bataun
Ankur(Bhai): and saying it .... my hands start playing with ur chuttads
Nishi(behan): i smile and offer my lips again
Nishi(behan): feeling ur hands on my bums
Nishi(behan): over the skirt
Ankur(Bhai): and i start kissing ..
Ankur(Bhai): sucking with passion ..... and deep
Nishi(behan): i start to reciprocate
Nishi(behan): kissing and sucking in between
Ankur(Bhai): tasting ur lips ..... feeling its taste.. and also touching ur jeebh with mine
Ankur(Bhai): my hands moving on to ur body...... peeche ..kamar pe ... .arms pe ....
Nishi(behan): feeling ur hands
Nishi(behan): graze all over my curves
Nishi(behan): current running through my tongue as ur tongue touches it in between
Ankur(Bhai): chuchiyon pe .... dono hath jake ab fondle ho rahe hain ..while kiss passionately ho raha hai ... .
Nishi(behan): main dono boobs ke masle jaane ki feeling enjoy karte hue tumhe wapas kiss kar rahi hoon
Ankur(Bhai): and isi beech mein tumhare top ko skirt se nikal leta hu
Nishi(behan): meri kamar se top khul jaata hai
Ankur(Bhai): and i break the kiss
Ankur(Bhai): tabhi mera dhyan jata hai john ke hath mein flap ' Saliva ....'
Nishi(behan): i see it too
Nishi(behan): and wet my lips
Ankur(Bhai): bhaiya ko apna thook pilayegi ?
Nishi(behan): nod in yes......
Ankur(Bhai): and i again put my lips on to ur s
Ankur(Bhai): this time i kind of with my tongue drop my saliva on to ur lips
Nishi(behan): and we kiss wet this time
Nishi(behan): as i suck ur lips and tongue
Nishi(behan): and take ur saliva in
Ankur(Bhai): and suddenly i sit on my knees... and open my mouth .... ' i need ur saliva behan '
Ankur(Bhai): looking into ur eyes...
Nishi(behan): i look at u
Nishi(behan): as u sit there in front of me
Nishi(behan): with open mouth
Nishi(behan): i look a bit confused
Ankur(Bhai): john udhar tumko apni khud ki jeebh bahar nikal ke jeebh se laar tapkate hue dikhata hai
Nishi(behan): as i look down..my saliva trickles from my mouth and forming a line ...to ur open mouth..
Ankur(Bhai): holding ur body by your hips....
Nishi(behan): laar lambi ho kar tumhare munh tak jaati hai
Ankur(Bhai): feeling it on my tongue and throat. .. drinking it.. and making the line shorter by raising '
Nishi(behan): i see u follow the train upwards
Nishi(behan): as u rise slowly
Nishi(behan): towards my lips
Nishi(behan): and i bend forward
Nishi(behan): loweing my lips to meet u midway
Ankur(Bhai): and we start a kiss again
Nishi(behan): i smooch u pyaar se
Nishi(behan): using my tongue on ur lips
Ankur(Bhai): as u bend .... my hands still on your skirt
Ankur(Bhai): and i try to unhook it ....
Nishi(behan): i dont stop u
Nishi(behan): and just play with ur hair
Ankur(Bhai): giving u deep lovely strokes of smooch
Ankur(Bhai): undoing ur skirt and making it fall on the lawn
Nishi(behan): i step out from it
Nishi(behan): my short top not hiding my panty at all

(Hope u enjoyed reading it . but my sincere apology as the play is still not complete and looking for a suitable female partner to play it or other themes. ankur m33 . agar tum khud ko capable and interested maanti ho to plz jaldi se yahoo messenger pe mujhe reply karo . )
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noone felt this imaginative work worthywhich took days to happen? and hours to get edited and then posted .............strange.............. seems ppl with taste for imaginative roleplays have deserted the exbii. .... never mind . long live the fantasies and roleplays ....................

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INCEST.LOVER.M32 has many secret admirers
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people read it and give me your feedbacks/remarks

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