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Old 21st September 2012
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Old 21st September 2012
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Now this is really a strange, most unbelievable experience I ever had. I would say, Truth is stranger than the imagination. I still could not believe I had undergone myself in that situation. But today I must say, it was most strange, but most erotic and exciting of all.

My heart was almost about to stop when I was actually undergoing in that incident. This incident too, doesn’t involve any sex, but breast squeezing was ample.

It was raining outside heavily, and I was breast feeding my 6 months old girl. She was my first bay, after 5 long years of marriage. I was stuck in the home but anyway I had nothing to do outside. WE didn’t have any maid, that time, but since I was pregnant, we had hired a maid, who was working full time in neighboring house.

She was around 40, and short, dark, but very active. She used to live mostly in the neighboring house, but she did had her won house some 1 km away. We had hired just to do some heavy work, as I was OK with some light work during pregnancy and after pregnancy. She was very nice and I trusted her.

Once, I was breastfeeding my baby girl and I observed that she had one erupting tooth. I continued with breast feeding, but suddenly bay bite my nipple in her mouth, and little blood came. I just stopped feeding slowly, and checked myself, there was a cut below my right nipple. It was paining a lot. I removed my blouse and bra totally.

I could not have bra now, it would have given me pain, now only option was to have blouse. When I was just inserting my hand in the blouse arms, this maid, Radha came inside, and she saw me topless. I was bit embarrassed although she was a woman. She was too had some shine in her eyes, looking at my big round breast.

“ Kya hua madam ? “ She asked.

I explained her everything. She came closer and was now touching my bare breast and looked at the cut that was beneath the nipple. I was really holding my breath when she touched my breast, although she was a woman. She advised me to go to doctor. I said, its small thing, why to go to doctor? I asked, now it’s raining heavily, we presently don’t have a doctor in our town. Let it be.

She thought for sometime and said, she knew one doctor who was staying near her place. I said, I never heard of any doctor. I asked if he is allopathic doctor. She laughed, she said she doesn’t know, but he has cured many poor people from her community.

I was confused, I was sure, he wasn’t a doctor, Radha was talking about. Radha said, he will just ask question and will give medicine. Nothing else. I wasn’t sure whether to allow such a bogus doctor to treat me. But Radha forced me as such and I agreed to come with her.

It was same evening. Radha called her young daughter of 15 to take care of my daughter for some time.
I took my car and went with Radha, to so called doctor. It was narrow road, and now the rain was light. We reached in 20 minutes, where Radha pointed me to stop. I wasn’t sure if it was a shop or house. There were few shop in the area, I wondered how poor the doctor himself would be, to practice in such a locality..

I was wearing a black saree and black blouse, petticoat and panty. Bra was not possible because of the cut.

I entered to see a middle aged man, dark and unshaven, worst than a compounder of a descent doctor. But surprisingly he had an assistant boy, may around 15 years of age.

I sat in the chair infront of him, along with Radha. I was now sure this one not only a bogus doctor, but he is a crap. He asked me what happened. I was hesitating to tell what has happened. But Radha didn’t wait. This man knew Radha, as they smiled at each other. Radha explained everything to him, for me. As she said about the cut below the nipple, this man suddenly turned into a lust, his eyesight changed into a devil, and he was now staring at my chest. I was embarrassed as Radha mentioned breast and nipples in the local language.

Radha asked to give tablet and some ointment. Again in local language. But this man had some different plan in his brain. Sure, now I understood, I came to wrong place, not a doctor, but a quack who is also lusting for woman. It was clear that such uneducated women like Radha won’t be aware of such quacks, as they want to save money and just want relief from the illness. They won’t even know, if they have been molested and used, by this man, under the pretext of examining.

He said, he can’t just give me tablet and medicine, he need to look at it first. Now he dared and directly looked on my face, and told me to remove my clothes and sit on the chair inside, in the room.

I looked at Radha with the fear, but Radha was sure, she was respecting this man as doctor, and she said, its OK, he is doctor, he wont harm you, I should not be ashamed to show myself to doctor. She took me inside and now I was really afraid, my heart was racing. I wanted to stop this non sense, and just wanted to run. But now it seems to be difficult. And something embarrassing was sure to happen with me.

How the hell this is going to happen? Few minutes before I didn’t imagine that I would be exposing my milky breast to a stranger, not even a doctor, infact a dirty man pretending to be a doctor and molesting innocent women?

I could not believe what will be coming my way. This man came from behind and said, madam please jaldi kijiye mujhe dekhna hai, uske bina mai kuch dawai nahi de sakta.

I was trembling, but Radha came to me and said firmly, madam don’t be afraid. That man told Radha to unhook my blouse and Radha did it within seconds. I could not believe this, it was total shock, this maid servant was exposing her owner, removing her blouse to expose her breast infront of this strange man, whom she blindly believed as doctor.

But this time there was no time to think further, my all hooks were done, and Radha removed the cover of my blouse cups to expose my breast to this strange man. I wanted to die on the spot looking at the facial expressions that man did. He was just seeing the ripe breast of the lactating mother. My breast were now open, cold air brushing my nipples made them harder. Can’t mention in words how much I was embarrassed, women readers please try to understand, they will, how it feels.

I could not look up at any one of them, just looking down. My chest was moving in and out because of forced breaths, making my breast look even sexier.

The doctor and Radha were staring at my breast endlessly without blinking their eyes. The doctor already had an erection in his pants, and it was pushing his pant very much forward. I was ashamed to be there, standing with blouse totally opened and exposing my breast.

The doctor came near to me and without waiting for anyone, placed his hands on my breast. I could not do anything but close my eyes in ecstasy of the shame and touch to my breast. Now the doctor was slowly squeezing my breasts, without any reason, again infront of Radha, it was so embarrassing, to get man handled infront of my own maid.

Doctor was in his own world, he pinched my nipples between his thumb and first finger, and pinched them slowly, and naturally milk oozed out of my nipples and started flowing down. Not to mention the embarrassment I was suffering from. Doctor now brought his mouth close to my right nipple, stared at them and looked at Radha and said, she has a cut below her right nipple.

Radha nodded. Doctor then looked at me, and said to lie down on my back on the long narrow table, it also had pillow. But before I could walk, he told me to remove my blouse completely. With no option as I had been already trapped, I removed it and gave it to Radha. Now I was in petticoat and panty only. I did as he said, kept my head on the pillow and lied down. Now my breast was up in the air, above my chest, and the nipple as the peak of the soft mountains.

The table or narrow bed was at the level of waist of the doctor. He again continued to molest me infront of Radha. He squeezed my breast for a while and then started inspecting my nipples. Inspection included, pinching, tweaking with fingers, and making my milk ooze out of the milk. He did it for more time, and there was now milk dropping along my sides and it got accumulated in the deep navel. He then pinched my right nipple in pretext of examining the cut below it. And he went down to my navel and slowly pressed down my stomach.

What he did next really shook me from inside. He untied my petticoat, and tried to slide it down, and my top portion of white panty got exposed.

I asked straight away “I got cut here, why need of removing petticoat? “

Doctor said “I cannot explain it to you, I want to find something related to this. “

I resisted strongly “but there is only one cut here, nothing else. I don’t have to remove the petticoat. “

Now I was replied by Radha instead of doctor. “ memsaab, yeh doctor bahut acche hai, yeh kuch nahi karenge, inhe humse jyada malloom hai dawai ke bare me. Inhe mana karne ki galati nahi karna. “

I was getting forced by all of them. And then that doctor the quack, tried to slide down the petticoat, and I just raised my hips against my mind, to allow him. And he sided down my petticoat till my toes and the handed it over to Radha. Nothing was left to resist, I was almost naked there infront of strange man, he was obviously not a doctor. He stared at my panty, my hips, waist, and my muscular thighs to his hearts content.

He then said me to lie down on my stomach, and I did it, got turned upside down, and exposed my naked back to him except the panty.

He placed his dirty hands on my fair back for a while and slide them till my ass. Then he put his one hand below my stomach and forced it below my navel, and tried to raise it and at the same time he tweaked my navel slowly, as a reflex I unawared, raised my waist and hips for him up, and the same moment, he took a chance and pulled down my panty down up to the thighs and then it wasn’t difficult for him to separate it from my body. Now I was total naked, he was now looking at my buttocks… must be, and he kept his hands on them and a great shiver has passed thru my body. But now something else was building in my body, out of too much of embarrassment and shame, some strange kind of energy and excitement. It was not allowing me to resist and allowing me to speak and protest against illegal stripping of a woman.

Now I was total naked both infront of man and Radha. Then the doctor told me to lie down on my back again, and now it was turn to show him my pussy, surprisingly without saying anything, my body responded him and showed him my total naked front view with sparse hairs above my pussy. I was totally naked now exposing my whole sexy body to this man and my maid.

It was really a strange situation. I was a wife and daughter in law of high class rich and respected family. I was a part of a great family and now was a mother of a daughter that made my husband a father. But this daughter in law of rich family was now totally naked infront of this low class, dirty self declared doctor, I had a fair body, sexy figure and milking breast, now totally at the mercy of this dark poor man. He might have never imagined this, to strip a high class rich woman and make her totally naked and see her assets and fondle her breasts.

My embarrassment was now slowly was getting replaced with the excitation and was making me hot.

He again squeezed my breast and then followed the tweaking and pinching of my nipples. I could not control myself but I moaned in low voice, and my moan made a sarcastic smile on the face of doctor.

The he announced “ now he will massage the right nipple with medicinal oil for 10 minutes and I would have to remain in this position for another half an hour, till the oil gets penetrated in my body. “

Now it’s out of my control and vocabulary to explain how it happened, but it happened. His teenager assistant brought an oil for him and then he too saw my total naked body standing near to him, pouring oil on his hands everytime, the doctor rubbed the oil on my right breast. It actually lasted for 15 minutes and I was made to sleep in that position for half an hour.

Surprising thing was that, when the massage got over after 15 minutes, my pussy was wet with juices and now was ready…. And was slippery.

After half an hour, the doctor told me to get up and dress up. He told me to have panty, petticoat and saree only and nothing to wear on the breast for 4 days. I could not have blouse that time infront of him, was topless inside the saree, and for my unfortunate the saree was bit transparent ( actually saree is never totally opaque ) showing my nipples faintly thru it.

He gave me a tube of medicine, which was an allopathic medicine, I could recognize, it was common tube we used to apply on cuts.

Finally the doctor charged me Rs 400 for getting molested by him. But this wasn’t finish yet, as I dressed up without anything on breast, I had to pass thru main reception room. There were 4 new patients waiting for this doctor, one being young woman. And 1 teenager boy, and 2 adult men. They took good look of my nipples and my half covered round breast thru saree.

I was pushed beyond the limits of my shame ness ( or shamelessness ? ) and embarrassment for exposing myself to many people in that evening. I started the car, Radha sat on the adjacent seat with my blouse in the hand, and I accelerated to the direction of my home.

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Old 21st September 2012
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Originally I got this idea from someone else on orkut. It was really thrilling one, safe and exciting. I haven‚€™t done this type of exhibitionism so decided to give a try. This actually happened in November 2008.

I was looking for a shop, a ladies footwear shop where there would be suitable space, room, and male salesman, and enough privacy for me. After trying for 4 days, I got to see such a shop nearly 12 Km away from my house, I was really happy.

The shop was small, situated in long but narrow room, and had 2 rooms one after another and small counter table at the entry door, where owner was sitting. He had one young man as his salesman or assistant. I noted that owner goes to home for lunch and salesman closed the shop for 1 hour.

It was Sunday, and I was ready for this adventure. I selected tight black blouse with deep neck, squarish cut and large open back. I didn‚€™t had any bra inside. The blouse was not transparent, but it was tight enough to show my shape of assets properly. It had 5 hooks in front.. I was wearing black transparent saree.

I took our car out and adjusted the time so that I will reach there at the time when owner will get out for lunch. My target was that salesman. He was of average height, thin or of average muscles, bit darker and looked poor.

I knew I was safe, and he most probably won‚€™t be offending. He may try something in return but I was ready for that.

I reached there, and took my car opposite to that shop, the owner was still there, but now was preparing to go away. I took my time and took a U turn and was waiting for that owner to come out. I stopped my car in front of that shop, that time he was almost leaving the shop. He went out and I entered the shop. Looking at the face of salesman I felt like owner has shouted a lot on him just before minutes.

He said to me. ‚€œMadam shop is about to get closed ‚€œ ( all dialogues in Hindi )

I said, ‚€œI am sorry, but I have came from far and I will have to go now. Just wanted to buy some sandals very fast. ‚€œ

There was a special chair or say stool was there where they measure the length of foot in unit, a small short stool, and one medium height stool.

He made me sit on that measuring chair, and I kept my right leg on it slanting on it, and he measured my foot size. But this was actually unnecessary. Luckily there was no crowd outside and I was facing inside the room.

He went inside the inner room and I did 2 things. First I had shoulder pin to keep the saree pallu intact at the place. I hold it and freed some saree pallu, and stretched some more pallu on front side, so that now saree pallu was not tight in front and it became loose and started hanging bit down. Next thing I did was unhooked my first blouse hook. I looked at my chest; it was fair, wide area was open from almost this right armpit to left armpit. The neck cut was very wide till armpits, then it bent down for some inches, and was coming closer towards each other and downwards. Part of my breasts was exposed a bit, and I guess 1 inches of cleavage was open and uncovered.

He came with some boxes and sandals in his hand and sat near my feet. And he opened those boxes and put out some good ladies sandals to show me. I nodded and he took one pair, and tried to slide that in my right feet first. I took a chance and bended so that already loose saree pallu will hang down a bit exposing my chest.

I was now bit excited, my heart was racing and because of this my breathing became bit faster. I was bent now and my saree pallu was hanging down but yet tied to shoulder pin. But I was able to expose my cleavage now to him on his face.

But he was looking down at my feet trying to slide it inside, now I moved my feet such way that it now went inside, and the sandal fit perfectly in my feet.
But without looking up, he now was trying for second left sandal, and I was bit laughing inside my mind, that this man haven‚€™t yet seen what is there in front of him, 2 breasts were popping out of blouse and good 1 inch cleavage was waiting for his eyesight.

Then he did with left sandal and finally looked up for his surprise which was just in front of him. I was bit shy while in that position, showing my cleavage to him in that position.

He was looking at those fair organs, hidden behind blouse but some part of them were popping out, and one black line which joined them together which was becoming deeper from top to bottom and disappeared inside the blouse‚€¶‚€¶.

I acted like I was unaware, but it was difficult for me, so I tried to look down at the sandals, and after few seconds, said

‚€œThis is good, now bring few more ‚€œ

He showed me the sandals he had brought with him, but I acted like I didn‚€™t like them, actually I wanted to send him inside that room again.

So he went inside for more samples, and I unhooked one more blouse button, this time I tucked the free ends of 2 hooks inside the blouse to make it appear normal and hide the blouse hooks. This made cleavage look deeper and exposed more of my breasts. Now this was unusual, no woman would have such kind of blouse that will show this much cleavage and this much amount of breasts. The cleavage had become bigger, and more breasts were exposed. He would have noticed it very easily.

Before he came I again adjusted my pallu and covered everything and became straight and erect again.

He had brought another 2 sets of it and now opened one and now again started with right one first.

This time I waited for him to put first sandal inside, and then knowingly bent down and said ‚€œlet me try ‚€œ

He looked up and was really shocked to see that scene repeated, but this time more exposure of it. I was becoming hotter from inside from this exhibitionism to stanger. I got a strange excitation by his eyes looking at my breasts, my private organs. I felt ecstatic by that exposure in front of him, I felt like I was almost topless in front of him.

This time he was really surprised by that cleavage, but I was looking down again, and now started wearing second sandal by myself. I took my time, and exposed him my assets for that much time and I experienced this new event of exhibitionism.

I did with the second one and then became straight again, and ended this part of small session.

Then I decided to blow up this, and my mind was prepared for some real nudity in front of him. Till now he was just staring, and didn‚€™t do anything offensive, that provoked me very much and I decided to show him some real assets that I was gifted with, show him my nudity, my beautiful body and my wonderful breasts. I was prepared now to become almost topless for this guy, I wanted to enjoy my exhibitionism and show him some real piece of sexy body I had.

I just told him to bring some costliest samples and not to worry for money, and told him to bring few good samples.

As he ran away, I observed there was no crowd on road, actually at behind, and even then the counter table blocked the road view.

I made up my mind, unhooked 2 more blouse hooks, and folded the free ends again inside the blouse itself. Now this much unhooking made my breasts totally open, and the borders of blouse has came very close to my nipples. Cleavage was huge almost 3 inches, or length of finger. I was almost topless with only nipples were hidden and all the above breasts parts and some of below nipple level breasts part close to each other were open for front viewver..

Then I decided to be bold again and slowly took my shoulder pin out, and put it in purse. Now my pallu became free end, and I adjusted it neatly.

He came and he again sat near my feet. This time he was smiling at me, but he could not hide his lust for me after looking at my breasts just minutes back. But the most shocking surprise was yet to come in his way.

He took out one excellent pair of sandals shoes and showed it to me. Took out the first one, right one and started adjusting in my feet.

I bent a bit taking care not to drop my pallu, and then started assisting him fitting that sandal. Our hands touched each other and he was bit surprised, but I behaved normal.

Then I allowed free touching of our each others hand with each other and then looking at him when he was looking down, I just bent a bit and then allowed the pallu to drop totally from my shoulder, and now chest and those big breasts were almost naked in front of him.

As I was not wearing bra, the breasts were stretching the blouse down and there was obstruction for view of total black line that joined my twin breasts. In the middle, the level of cleavage was below the positions of nipples and my exposed breasts looked like ‚€œhalf moons ‚€œwhen the popped out more because of gravitation.

I was bit shocked, am I exposing too much to him, if he sees now he will surely come to know that I have manipulated my blouse to show more breast portion. And on top of this, my breathing became heavy, and that made my chest movement more pronounced.

When I looked at my own cleavage show, I just closed my own eyes for this much exhibitionism, and nudity, I was having the feeling that my breasts are naked now, in fact my whole chest is open now. This feeling made me horny, excited and my nipples because erect and started poking the smooth thin black blouse cloth.

That salesman was looking downward and hasn‚€™t yet still saw my milk producing organs. He was busy in making more contacts with my hand. Then I juts spoke,

‚€œThese are good quality sandals ‚€œ

And at this moment, I jest looked own at my feet in pretext of unaware of my pallu drop, and started adjusting the sandals. But I realized that he saw my big boobs half open just 1 or 2 feet in front of him. The big, round, fair skinned breasts of woman from rich Hin-du family, he was just staring at my mammaries without blinking an eye.

And it didn‚€™t took me long to notice a tent in his trousers, very swollen, trousers front part has became tent. I was surprised how long tool he would be having inside his trousers that made so tall tent?

I was experiencing the exotic pleasure by showing him my breasts, maximum that I could show in deep cut blouse. It was strange pleasure of showing my secret round organs to someone I never met before in lonely place, pretending to be an accident. His eyes were fixed on my black cleavage line, right and left half open breast. I felt strange satisfaction in uncovering my sexy assets for the display of man, and the feeling that he is watching them to the fullest very closely. That moment I thought that I am lucky to be in this position and lucky to enjoy this fun, I have made that man lust for me and showed him the trailer of my sexy body by showing my cleavage and breasts.

I didn‚€™t wanted to move on, I felt like to be in this position for eternity, but nothing was happening. Sandals were good and had good fit, the design was best. There was nothing more left to do anything, there was problem now how to pretend that I am unaware of this and busy in something?

But my excitation forced me to stay in that position for whatever time passed out. I didn‚€™t wanted to move on, but I wanted to see his reaction, I wanted him to make some action now, otherwise I wasn‚€™t ready to loose this position, I would have stayed there in that position for long till he does something to me.

And I was in fact ready now for some ‚€œtouches ‚€œ by him if he intended to do something. I was excited enough to let him do whatever he want to my breasts in that position. I had made every plan on how to behave next if he does something to me, taking into account the every possibility. I was even ready to face a situation if he would have ripped apart my blouse.

I didn‚€™t know how much time passed out; every second was so long like 1 hour in that position, a thrill of exhibitionism. May be some minutes have passed but the salesman was now almost storing this image permanently in his brain, sure I stayed there for so long.

And as I decided I didn‚€™t move till he did something. And somewhere in my mind, as I was expecting a ‚€œtouch ‚€œ by him, I got that first touch.

He was holding my both arms just above the wrists. Now I was unable to move. But all this time I didn‚€™t face him eye to eye, I could not dare to do that.

And finally when I have boiled him too much by my hot exposure, he just took his second finger and pushed it inside my cleavage line very deep, as deep as possible and his whole finger was engulfed by my brave breasts.

A moan escaped from my mouth by that man‚€™s finger intruding in my blouse. For next instance that finger came out and cupped my left breasts half naked and half hand on blouse. I experienced the sudden surge of sexual feelings in my brains when he did all that in 4 seconds short time.

But my strong brain took control over my body excitation this time, and didnot allowed me to flow in hotness, and I came back on my plan.

‚€œ Kya kar rahe ho ‚€œ I caught his hand from my breasts and thrown it aside. And stood up. But the pallu was still down. I took my saree pallu and placed it neatly on my shoulder.

Then to put some sexy conversion on, I put my right hand on my chest, over the saree like covering my breasts, and gave a shy smile to him, telling his that I have understood, he has seen my breasts when I was bending.

I didn‚€™t said any word, but this simple shy smile made him realized that I was exhibitionist kind of woman and enjoyed this, and was not angry on him, but shyness of woman that man has seen her naked and she could not hide it on time.

I could not face him much, moved my shy face away from him and stood at the counter table. He then too came back to normal and asked while smiling, how many sandals I wanted him to tie.

I told him those 3 sandals with their colors, and then he put them in box, and brought all 3 on table.

The bill came to around 1000. When all the formalities got over he said in naughty smile

‚€œPlease come back again madam for more sandals‚€

Then I lowered my face smiling shyly and asking him slowly in low vice

‚€œWhat did you saw ‚€œ

‚€œThe same thing you showed to me ‚€œ

Then as again as he actually saw it again, I put my hands on chest like I was hiding it, then I smiled again shyly.

‚€œOk if I get time, I will come back again ‚€œ

‚€œMadam Can I ask you one thing? ‚€œ

‚€œYes ‚€œ

‚€œ Aapne blouse ke under bra nahi pehani thi, agali baar main aapka blouse pura nikal dunga aur aapki chuchiya choos loonga, agar aap mujhe dede to ‚€œ

That was one really embarrassing question but I answered it by another sexy smile, took my sandals and started walking fast to my car.

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Nice storiesb and pictures


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My Exhibitionism turned into milking by boy

My exhibitionism got turned into nightmare and a teenage boy milked me to the core.

I am Sushmita, married woman, age 34, I am mother of 2 kids, my figure is 38C 27 37. This real life incident happened 4 years back.

That time I didnt had net at home, I used to go to cybercafe. Now this one was unique cyber cafe... almost empty in the afternoon, and had private cabins.

I used to choose for private cabins always. There was one boy kept as shop runner ( my english is poor dont know what to call it ) He was ******, agaed about 16, name Shoukat.

I used to chat on yahoo that time, although I was new to net, I got many friends request on yahoo, and I used to have sexy erotic chat with them. In the chat, almost everytime i used to remove my blouse and bra and be topless inside the cabin. It gave immense pleasure to me as well as my yahoo friends.

Once i told Shoukat to tell me about the timing, exactly one hour, as that day i had some extra wrok at home. There was only me and him in the cybercafe. But as i started with chating on yahoo, i removed my blouse and bra, and became topless. i ddint know how time went by...

After 1 hour, I heard the knock on the door, I had actaully forgot that i told Shokat about it. But I was aware that i was topless. I just hurriedly put my saree on shoulder, and just opened the door, just to peep who was it... Shoukat said it was 1 hour.

I realised it, but the door was opened bit more and Shoukat saw that I was topless but hidden behind the saree. i felt embarressed. I latched the door. When i came out, i could not gaze his eyes, he had lust in his eyes.

I went agaijn in 2 days.. to find again total empty. Shoukat was pleased to see me, this time he was staring at my breast. It was different look than normal. But i didnt care.

I enetred inside cabin and started with as usual. Soon I was topless. This time I had transperent saree. Soon I was lost in erotic wrold squeezing my own breast.
Suddenly I heard the knock, i was surprised, but there was no time to have bra and blouse. The knock was getting repeated and was faster now. I just wanted to check what was happeneing.

I opened the door a little, to find a Shoukat. I asked him what happened, but instead of answer he forced the door and came inside.

I was now in shame to see him watching by breast covered in transperent saree. I could see evil and lust in his eyes. he also had erection in his pant. he looked at my white bra and black blouse on the PC and I was totally embarressed.

I was scared now, i lost my mind and brain with this embarressement. But Shoukat hasnt. He made me sit on the table, and then slowely kept his hand on my bare naked right shoulder. I was shocked and ashamed, but could not resist, i had lost my power.

He now took hold my saree and forcible pulled it out of my chest and dropped it on ground to expose my naked body from my hairs to my navel. But I did had my mangalsutra in between my 38 C breast.

Which man will wait watching this scene ? Shoukat used his force on me, and took hold of my both lovely round breast and squeezed them. I could not resist as I was in trance, I was actaully was excited just before minutes by thw erotic chats.

Seeing no inhibitions from me, he just bent down on his knees, and now his head was right infront of my chest.

For next 20 minutes, my breasts were squeezed to the limit by his hands... in every possible way... and not to mention my dark brown nipples saw the interiors of his mouth. There was no milk. My whole chest was now wet with his saliva...

I was moaning and moaning, it was real erotic scene a 16 year old boy kneeled down infront of the topless housewife of 30. He was squeezing the both breasts with his both hands and making room for either of the nipple to go in his mouth for sucking, alternatively. while my mangalsutra was watching everything resting in between my breast, in cleavage.

His head was just infront of my breasts, his rough hand was squeezing my breasts, cupping them pressing them, both at a time, and sucking my nipple in his mouth, licking it with his tongue, and few kises on my lips in between. While he was sucking my nipples, his hands also went on my naked back, were roaming all over it.

I never imagined in my life this boy would be watching my breasts and nipples very closely, put his hands on them and then suck my nipples. This was really a strange situation. All of you know I am from rich respected family background. the bahu of a respected family and this boy was poor and layman. it was really strange to see a high class fair sexy woman, a mother of 2 kids sitting topless infront of poor teenager but will dirty mind, and let him fondle my womanhood, my breasts as he want and make them his toys.

But I have to say, I have fantacies about teen boys, and this time here it was. it was great pleasure in showing by breasts to a strange boy and get them sucked. I felt heaven when he squeezed my breasts and took my nipples in his mouth. I wished this moment will come in my life 5 times a day all my life.

I really wished I could show him my total naked sexy female body.

He next tried to undress my saree and squeezed my butts, but we heard the a voice saying " anybody here " outside...

For my good luck, the door was latched and nobody saw us... Shoukat was almost ready to kill that man.. but had to leave this..

But before leabing the cabin, he took my bra and put it in his pocket.

After that incident I slowly reduced my visits to the cybercafe, and never allowed him to take a chance...

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reps added

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I joined Engineering College after finishing my class XII at the age of 19. When I came home for the first time after the semester examination, I was pretty exhausted. I had to study very hard after long hours of class and for about a month I slept very little. I wanted to sleep for at least a week, before I did anything else. But that was not to be.

The first thing mom told me was that my first cousin Piyu was getting married. She is the daughter of my mom's only brother and he wanted me to help him out in making all arrangements. In normal course, I would have been very happy. But this time, I didn't feel happy about running errands for a couple of weeks. Anyway, I had a good night's sleep, woke up at nine next morning and pushed off to my uncle's place.

Having reached there, I realised that I was unduly scared. Uncle was a very organised person and he had already made most of the arrangements. It was just a bright idea of Piyu and her mom to call me over and ask me to stay at their place on the pretext of having a helping hand for uncle. They actually wanted some guests to stay with them, so that they don't feel lonely before the wedding ceremony. I was very much relieved that there would be no dearth of rest during this time.

Piyu, who was 3-4 years older than me, was a very good friend of mine. I also like the company of her mother Meena, whom I called Mum. She was a gorgeous woman. She was in her mid forties, a little older than my mom was. But she looked much younger. Many people mistook Mum as Piyu's elder sister. She was not exactly slim and was heavy in right places. Her boobs were in excellent shape and her hips were quite heavy. But she maintained a trim waistline. Her skin was very fair golden colour and silky smooth. I always nursed a desire to see her in the nude.

Couple of years ago, my parents & I had a holiday with uncle, mum and Piyu. We stayed in a bungalow on the seaside. During those days, I saw a bit of mum's body. She bathed in the sea in a two piece swimsuit, while my mom had a one piece swim suit. That's the time I saw her narrow waist and lovely thighs. Her belly button was very sexy. One day inside the bungalow, I saw her sleeping with only a robe on and could have a view of the side of her one boob.

She really turned me mad. But that was only in my mind and I never had the courage to go any further. In any case, I liked mum a lot for her sweet nature. She was very friendly with me and we talked about lot of things, which I would have never discussed with my mom. She had a very smiling face and giggled all the time. This time I met her after a very long time and she looked more attractive to me.

Meena's thoughts ‚€“ I always liked my nephew Babu a lot. This time, when I saw him after a long time, I found a new charm in him. He was now a very handsome young guy and created a different kind of stir in my mind. I felt a little shocked to realise that I physically desired him. My husband is not very sexually active anymore. But my physical desires are still alive & strong and I felt somewhat starved. That generated lust for men in me. Having said this, I must say, my attraction for Babu was not one of those stray bouts of lust. In 25 years of married life, I never desired any man so strongly. I tried to brush off the thoughts.

Next one week was very pleasant. I slept late every morning. After I got up, mum served me sumptuous breakfast. During morning hours, Piyu was tied up with beautician, masseuse, etc. Mum was busy in organising things for the wedding and I helped her. During that time, Mum and I chatted a lot and our friendship grew. In the afternoon, three of us went out for shopping or to invite relatives & friends. The evenings were usually relaxed, when uncle & mum had drinks. Piyu & I gave them company and on some days we were also offered drinks by uncle.

Mum gave me a lot of attention and took special care of me despite her busy schedule. Such care & attention, which I never got even from my mom, made my fondness for mum grow stronger.

The wedding was in the week after and for 3-4 days all of us had a very busy time.

Meena's thoughts - Despite my extreme business, I took care of Babu as much as possible. He and I chatted a lot in the morning. His lively and intelligent talks made my heart grow fonder. As I watched him more closely, the fire of desire burnt more strongly. I didn't know what to do.

After everything was over, Piyu and her hubby left for honeymoon. Uncle also got busy with his office and left for a weeklong tour, which he had kept pending for a long time. As mum was totally alone, she requested my mom to let me stay back for a week more. Mom had no objection, nor did I. The day uncle left for tour, they had a wedding invitation. Before leaving uncle told mum that she must attend the wedding and take me along.

Meena's thoughts - When the wedding was over, I felt that I would miss Babu more than my daughter. I somehow wanted to keep him a little longer. On the pretext of my hubby going on tour I requested Babu's mom to let him stay a week longer. I was totally delighted that she agreed. I was excited at the thoughts of having him all alone for a week and worked out my plans. I wanted to check if he felt physically attracted to me. Though I was older than his mom was, I still maintained my figure and I sincerely hoped I held enough attraction for this young guy.

After lunch, we both felt sleepy. Mum asked me to sleep with her in her bedroom, as she was feeling lonely. "Amar eka shute ekdom bhalo lagchhena, tui amar bichhanay ese ghumona," she said in a pleading voice. I went to her bedroom and lied down in the large bed. Mum came in a little later.

She was wearing a sari. But took it off. She took off her blouse also. As she was in her petticoat & bra, I could see her deep cleavage and her bare back. I saw her armpit too. I had earlier seen her armpit and it used to be shaved smooth. But now thick hair had grown there. She possibly didn't shave for a week or so. Now she put on a silk robe over her bra and petticoat. Then turning her back to me, she dropped her petticoat and took off her bra. As she turned around tying the belt of her robe, I had butterflies in my stomach.

She said she couldn't sleep with her sari on. " Ami sari pore motei ghumote parina."

Then she lied down by my side, and placed one arm over me. I was feeling very uneasy and didn't know what to do. But she apparently didn't care. Her knee length robe had moved up and more than half of her thighs was uncovered. But she was totally carefree and was fast asleep within minutes. I also fell off to sleep.

I woke up very late at mum's soft push. She was standing beside the bed with a cup of tea in her hand, now wearing her sari again.

As she gave me the cup, she said, "I couldn't sleep for long as the maid rang the doorbell. I was so long sitting in the balcony, waiting for you to get up. As it was getting late and I was thoroughly bored, I decided to wake you up."

After I finished tea, mum asked me to dress up. I went to the bathroom to have a wash and went to my room for changing. While looking for my dress I realised that all my formal clothes are in the wardrobe in mum's room. I went back to mum's room and found her kneeling down in front of the wardrobe selecting her dress.

She had taken off her blouse and sari. Her petticoat was untied and slipped down well below her waist. Her bra was also unhooked. I silently watched her for a few minutes and could see part of her hips and her one boob from the side. I was getting a strong erection and didn't know what to do. She suddenly turned her head and smiled at me.

She casually told me not to feel shy and to come in. "Kire lojja pachchhis naki? Chole ay bhetore."

As I entered, she handed over my dress to me. Apparently she had already selected the dress for me. As I was going out with my dress, she asked me not to and to change dress in her room itself. I was feeling damn embarrassed but she was very cool. As I was pulling out my shirt, mum got up. I noticed that her petticoat was not tied. She held the waistband in her hand. She then loosely tied the string, but before she did that the petticoat slipped to her thighs. Before she pulled it back in place I saw for a split second her belly and hint of a dark patch between her legs.Though I was dumbfound, she started giggling and asked me what I saw.

As I shook my head in embarrassment, she continued giggling and said I must have seen her privates. "Kire ki dekhte peli? Jotoi matha narish na keno, ami jani tui amar sob kichhu dekhe phelechhis."

Initially I felt very embarrassed, but as she laughed her head off, I also started laughing.

After a while, mum said she had a problem. She wanted to wear a particular sari, but the matching blouse was sleeveless and her armpit was not clean. She normally uses uncle's razor, but now he was gone.
She asked me if I could lend her my razor. "Bhison muskile porechhi re. Je sarita porbo tar matching blouse tar hat kata. Kintu amar bogol poriskar noy. Ami tor mamar razor use kori, kintu se to chole gechhe tour e. Tui tor razor amake dhar dibi re?"

After I brought my razor and shaving cream, she came up with another problem. She said she is not good at shaving her own armpit. Piyu helped her in shaving her armpit, but now she was gone.

"Aro ekta muskil achhe. Ami na nijer bogol bhalo kore kamate parina. Piyu thakte o kamiye dito."

I asked her if I could help. "Ami kamiye debo?"

She was delighted at my suggestion.

So, she and I went into the attached bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and raised her arms, all ready for a shave. At this point, her unhooked bra started falling off. In stead of being embarrassed, she started giggling again. But this time, she saved the situation by holding back the bra.

She continued giggling and told me that she stopped another free show at the last minute. "Jak baba, sesh muhurte arekta free show atkechhi." Somehow, she left her bra unhooked.

I made her armpit hair wet with water and put shaving cream on it. Supporting my left hand at the outer side of her right armpit, I carefully shaved her thick growth of hair away with my right hand. After finishing the right armpit, I moved on to her left armpit. This time my left hand was on the inner side of the left armpit. In the process, my hands almost touched her breasts, half exposed through her unhooked bra. After I cleaned the place, I ran my finger over it to see if all the hair had gone. The skin felt very soft & smooth. Her smooth and soft armpits had thin lines of crease on them and that looked very sexy. Touching her body gave me an exciting sensation and I could feel my cock getting hard. Mum now rubbed her armpit with some cream and then said that we should now dress up.

I was not very keen to take off my shirt & shorts and to be seen in my vest & brief in her presence. I felt too awkward. She made things worse by handing over a pair of new vest & brief, which she bought for me and asked me to wear those with my formal dress. I was totally awed to think that I had to undress completely in her presence. As I was thinking of a way out of this embarrassing situation, she switched off the light to my great relief.

I heard her saying that she can't dress up properly without taking off all her clothes. "Ami na dress korar somoy sob kuchhu khule pheli."

In the darkness, I could make out that she threw away her bra and dropped her petticoat. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I could see her naked profile. She moved over to the dressing table and sprinkled talc on her body.

By this time, I had stripped completely. At this stage she moved towards me and handed me the talc and asked me to put it on her back. In that naked state, she was standing very close to me and I was scared that my erect dick could touch her body. As I put talc on her naked back, I felt totally excited. Her naked smooth skin felt so nice under my palm. As I had finished her back and handing back the talc, she asked me to go down further. As I was hesitantly powdering the area between her waist and the upper curve of the bum, she took back the talc and applied it generously on her bum.

Now she told me that I need to put some talc on my body and coming close to me, started putting the talc on my chest. I was having a very complex feeling, as a naked woman was touching my naked body with her hand. While I was sensually charged up, I was also scared of being touched at my private parts. I was sure she could also see my naked profile in the darkness and knew that I was stark naked. As her hands were on my belly, I was wondering if she would touch my cock. But she went down up to a point in the lower part of the belly. As her hand grazed the fringe of my pubic hair, she stopped and went down to my thigh. She asked me to turn around and her hands were on my back. She, unlike me, didn't stop at the waist and powdered my bums.

When she finished and asked me to dress up, I wasn't sure if I was feeling disappointed or relieved that her hands didn't touch my cock, which had a very strong hard on. After putting talc on me, she moved to the dressing table and sprayed perfume on her naked body. In the darkness, I could see that she sprayed perfume in her breast, armpits, and even on her belly and in between her thighs. Now she was pulling up a petticoat and putting on a bra.

By the time I pulled up my brief and was about to put on the vest, she switched on the light. She was wearing a black satin petticoat and a lacy black bra. Wow, her fair skin dazzled against the black. Before I put on my shirt, she took a bottle of cologne and sprayed it on me. She made me raise my arms and sprayed cologne in my bushy armpit.

She ran her fingers through my armpit hair and commented that it's a great advantage for men that they don't have to shave their armpits. "Chheleder besh moja, bogoler chul kamate hoyna." I replied that men have to shave their beard everyday. "Chheleder je roj dari kamate hoy."

With these small talks, my erection had subsided a bit. Soon we were ready to go. Mum was wearing a black Benarasi sari, with golden thread woven on black silk base and a deep cut black blouse. She was looking simply gorgeous and I felt quite proud that I was accompanying her.

Meena's thoughts - Things were going better than the plan. The huge bulge in his crotch confirmed that the guy has a strong physical desire for him. Touching his naked body was a great excitement. I was desperate to possess his huge manhood, outline of which I could visualise. I could touch it today. But I decided not to move too fast. He must not think I am a slut. I have to wait for him to react stronger.

Usually I get very bored at weddings. The older women get busy or chat among themselves. The younger ones, with whom I would like to mix, are busy showing off their dress. Older men treat our age group as kids. Young guys like me are left alone. But in this wedding, where I knew no one, mum made it very different for me. She kept me by her side all through and paid a lot of attention to me. She introduced me to a lot of people and didn't leave me for a minute. We were there for a couple of hours and I enjoyed every minute.

On our way back, I was in a very happy frame of mind. One thing bothered me though ‚€“ mum's attitude towards me. She was so very different from other older women in the family. She made me feel so good with her friendly & caring nature. But the day's incidents Or, accidents? made me uneasy.

I was all along a great admirer of her beauty and felt sexually attracted to her. I did have some curiosity about the nude body of other women in the family, but I nursed a strong desire for her. This time, when I was meeting her after a long time, the attraction grew a lot more.

And things dramatically changed today, as I saw her in semi-nude condition a number of times. Ever since I attained puberty, women carefully avoided any kind of exposure of their body to me. Only exception was my mom. But even she was also never so carefree in my presence. I at best saw mom without her blouse taken off, but with sari carefully wrapped around her upper part. I hardly saw my mom's boobs, except when I wanted to sneak around. But mum exposed her body so much and so many times.

I wondered why did she do so. Did she just want to tease me? Given her friendly & affectionate nature that was almost impossible. Did she want to show off her physical assets? But why? I suspected, but couldn't believe, that she wanted to attract me. I felt very puzzled. At the same time I realised, with a lot of shame & guilt, that I wanted to 'make love' to this woman.Even in my silent thoughts, I couldn't use the words, 'Sex or Fuck'.

As I was lost in my thoughts I was completely silent. Surprisingly, chatterbox mum also kept silent. She possibly guessed my mood. Suddenly I came back from my thoughts and found that mum was holding my hand and had placed it on her lap. I felt her closeness to me and immensely enjoyed the wonderful aroma of her perfume.

As we were entering thorough the gate of her house, she broke the silence, "Are you thinking of your girl friend?" She asked. " Premikar kotha bhabchhis naki Babu?"

I smiled at her and said I had no girlfriend.

"Really? I am very surprised," she said.

Meena's thoughts - It gave me a lot of relief that he had no girlfriend. But he could have lied out of embarrassment. I must check
After entering the house, we went to mum's bedroom to change. Mum went up to the dressing table and started taking off her jewellery. After she finished, she stood there for a long time, apparently doing nothing. Possibly she was admiring her own beauty.

I told her, "Mum, tonight you were the best looking woman."

She immediately protested. "You must be joking. There were so many young beauties around. I am an aged woman now." "Who says, you are aged? Whatever is your actual age, you look so young and gorgeous. None of those younger women was any where near you." I said.

She possibly realised how serious I was and said, "You really think so?"

I could see that she was blushing.

"Yes mum," I said as I went close to her and placed one arm around her. She was too embarrassed to continue the discussion and asked me to change.

I took my shorts and went into the attached bathroom. As I took off my shirt & trousers, I properly noticed the new brief mum gave me. It was a designer brief, like one of those you saw in the ads. It was a perfect fit. That means, she knew my size. A thought struck me. No woman, other than my mom ever bought undergarments for me. Why did mum do so and that too a designer brief? Did she want me to see me wearing that? How did she know what size would fit me? She must have checked my other briefs. She definitely cared a lot for me. Was it just affection? Or, she liked me as a man? I got pretty confused at these thoughts.

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I took off my brief & vest and stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. I felt quite proud, possibly for the first time since my puberty, at my naked body with my well hung dick with a semi hard on.

At this stage, mum knocked at the door. As I opened the door a little and popped out my head, I saw mum standing there with a silk dressing gown and a pyjama in her hand. I took the clothes from her and closed the door. I wondered if she saw any part of my naked body. As I put on the pyjama bottom, I again wondered why was she showering me with so many goodies. I didn't wear the pyjama top and put on the dressing gown on my bare top. I felt nice at the smooth touch of silk on my naked skin.

As I came out, I saw mum was folding her sari and blouse, wearing petticoat and bra only. The bra was unhooked and the petticoat was tied rather low, showing her deep belly button. She was delighted to see me in that dressing gown.

"How nice! You are looking great, young man", she exclaimed.

Coming close to me, she held my face in her hands, pulled down and kissed my both cheeks with her soft and wet lips.

As she was close to me I enjoyed the beautiful aroma of her perfume. I held her in my arms gave her a light hug and told her she smelled very nice. I asked her if I could smell her.

Tomar sorir theke bhari sundor gondho pachhi. Ektu shunke dekhbo?"

She nodded silently, and I bent down to smell her body. I smelled her neck & ears and then put my nose in her cleavage. I didn't know if I did the right thing and was a bit scared about her reaction.

But she didn't move away and instead said, "Do you really liked the smell so much?" mum er gondho tor eto pochhondo?

I said yes and held her close to me for a long time feeling her naked back under my hands and savouring the aroma. I then lifted her arm and put my nose in her armpit.

She now was resistant saying it was a dirty place. "ei Babu ki korchhis, ota bhison nongra jayga"

But that didn't stop me and I smelled her both armpits for a long time revelling in her intoxicating aroma.

I knelt down and smelled her belly. I held her with my arms around her waist and moved my nose around her belly button. Mum now made light moaning sound and tightly held my hair in a strong grip. Sensing that she was liking it I even touched my lips on her belly button.

Now mum stopped me, saying it was enough of smelling an aged woman's body. "Ebar chhar Babu, onek hoyechhe ei buro mum er sorirer gondho shonka"

I knew that I was crossing my limits and withdrew. All along, I had a strong erection, but it was somewhat hidden under the dressing gown.

Now she got busy in tidying up the room. After everything was put in place she made the bed. As she was busy doing things, I fondly looked at her and enjoyed her partial nudity.

At the end, she took out a nightgown from the cupboard. It was baby pink in colour and was made of soft and thin material.

"Do you like it?' she showed it to me and asked.

I thought it was lovely and said so.

She now turned her back to me, pulled the gown over her head and simultaneously took off the bra & dropped the petticoat. As she turned back, I saw the gown properly. It was knee length, very low cut with thin shoulder straps. It had some white lace work, which looked very nice on baby pink. The material was quite thin and it snugly fitted her body. One could easily visualise the naked body under the gown. She was looking very delicate & soft in that pretty gown. Mum asked me if I was sleepy enough for going to bed. As I said no, she said she was also not sleepy at all, as she had a nap in the afternoon. So we went to the living room.

Mum switched off all the lights in the living room and switched on a lamp stand at the corner. It was a low height lamp stand and as she stood against the light I could clearly see the profile of her naked body under the thin material of her nightgown. I could see her conical boobs with largish nipples, sexy curve around her waist, shapely conical thighs and a dark patch between them. I was amazed at her physical beauty and my erection became stronger.

Mum came close to me and we sat down on the sofa, with our bodies touching. She placed one arm behind me and asked me if I really didn't have a girlfriend or was I too embarrassed to tell her. When I seriously told her that I don't even have girls as casual friends, she said that there must be a lot of silent admirers of a handsome guy like me. I said there must be plenty of silent admirers of her too.

While such teasing went on for a while, mum suggested that we see a movie.

While selecting a DVD form her collection, she asked if I ever saw movies meant for grown up people

I couldn't admit that I saw some X-rated movies with friends. I just said I would like to see such movies as I am now grown up.

"I don't have naughty movies but have some decent ones, which are meant for adults", and she picked up a French movie with English sub-titles.

It was a movie involving some extra-marital affair and had plenty of hot & sensual scenes. The heroine was very good looking and was seen in complete nude several times from all corners. They even showed her pussy covered with lot of hair. The hero was also shown completely nude, but from the back only. The two of us held each other and silently watched & enjoyed the movie. By now a strong current of attraction was flowing between us.

As the movie we went on, mum's hands caressed and fondled me. She moved her hands on my thighs and back. She inserted her hand inside my dressing gown and moved it over my hairy chest. During the sensual scenes, she pressed her hands on my thighs. Though my erection was more than visible even through the dressing gown, she ignored it. She didn't cross the barrier and her hands never came close to my crotch. I was not sure how far I could go and only caressed her bare arms and her back. As her hands moved on my thighs, I placed my hand on her waist and slowly moved down to her hips.

After the movie was over, we sat silently for some time and enjoyed each other's proximity. After a while, mum broke the silence and said that we should now go to sleep.

Meena's thoughts - I was now more than sure that his urge for me was very strong. So I also made him feel my affection for him. BUt I held my patience and didn't cross the barrier

As I was moving towards the guestroom, mum said no way she would sleep alone. So I went to her bedroom. Mum went to the dressing table and taking a bottle of night cream applied it on her face. I took off my dressing gown and my bare torso was exposed. And there was a prominent tent on my pajama. Mum silently looked at me and then got busy with applying cream. I lied down in the bed and covered my erection by pulling up a sheet.

I felt a bit nervous as I didn't know what to expect. Mum now switched off the light and switched on a night lamp. She came to the bed, placed her pillow close to mine and lied down very close to me. She turned towards my side and placed one arm on my bare chest. I could feel her soft breast and thigh touching my sides. She softly said good night and apparently fell asleep. Within a few minutes, from her breathing I could make out that she was actually asleep.

I also fell asleep after a while. During the night I woke up once. Mum was asleep and had turned over to the other side. Her nightgown had moved up and her thighs were fully exposed.

In the morning, I woke up at mum's soft push. She was now wearing a full-length dressing gown. She asked me to join her for morning tea.

Meena's thoughts - I was glad that things didn't go out of control during the first night

I kept myself engaged with a book in the morning when mum was busy in household work. As I was reading the book in the guestroom I could feel mum's movement around the house. There were quite a few rings of the doorbell as maids, newspaper man, driver etc. came.

After some time, I felt that there was almost no sound around the house. I wondered what mum was doing and went out of the guestroom to look around. She was nowhere to be seen. Finally I went to her bedroom and found that the curtain was drawn. I peeped from the side and saw mum lying on her belly with a towel covering her hips and a woman was massaging her back. I felt like watching but didn't take a chance to be seen.

I came back to my room and went back to the book. After a while, I heard mum's voice and the sound of the main door opening & closing. That meant the massage was over and the masseuse was gone. Mum came to my room. She was wearing a large towel and skin looked smoother with oil shining on her body. She said she was going for her bath and then she would go to the club for a swim. She asked me if I wanted to have a swim too. I gladly agreed. She asked me to take my bath.

I went to her room to collect my clothes. As I entered I found mum had three swimsuits spread out on the bed. She asked me which one I liked. One was red and one piece. Another was dark blue and two piece. The third one was a bikini and it was dark green with white flowery print. I chose the green one. Mum giggled and said it was actually Piyu's. She said she would try it out.

She went into the bathroom with the bikini. I collected my clothes, went to the other bathroom and had my bath. I felt an urge to jerk off, but for some unknown reason didn't. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard mum calling me.

In her bedroom, mum was standing with the bikini on. Though she looked gorgeous I felt it was a bit too tight. And I noticed that some hair was being seen along the sides of the bikini. The bikini top was well below her belly button and there was a hint of some hair along the top of the bikini bottom. That made me imagine her pussy hair and I felt very horny. At the same time, I realised that it exposed too much and was not suitable in a conservative city like ours.

Mum also felt the same and said, "It's too small. Don't you think so?"

I said yes and she went to the bathroom with the blue two piece suit. In this one, the bottom part covered the top of her thighs and was just a little below her belly button. This was, we both agreed, more suitable. One thing I noticed was that even in this, her crotch looked a bit swollen, possibly because of the thick cushion of hair below. This again created a stir in my mind and in my groin. Mum now dressed up in black pants and a lemon yellow shirt. I couldn't help admiring her looks and she blushed.

At the club we swam for quite sometime. The pool was deserted and in between laps of swim, we rested at the shallow side and chatted. After the swim, we had lunch at the club. Mum took a bottle of beer and shared it with me. As I finished my glass quite fast, she ordered one more bottle.

After lunch we came back home. We were both very sleepy as a result of beer and heavy lunch. Mum took off her shirt and after putting on her robe, dropped her pants & bra. I realised that she had no panty under her pants. I was more sleepy than horny and fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

In the evening, we went out as mum wanted to do some shopping. I usually got very bored if I have to accompany my mom for shopping. But with mum, I wasn't bored at all. She bought dresses for her and me and for every purchase she took my opinion.

Only items she didn't consult me were her undergarments. At the counter, I watched her picking up lovely bras & panties. Mentally I imagined her wearing those. I noted her bra size. It was 34c. My mom's size was 38b. I knew that much that the number meant the overall size and the alphabet meant the size of the breast itself. So, I worked out that mum had a thinner chest than my mom's but her breasts were bigger. Visually imagining both of them, I knew I was right.

After shopping we came back home. Mum had dressed in salwar. Now she changed into a pale blue cotton sari and a white blouse. She looked very nice. I noticed that she had a printed bra under her blouse. As usual, her sari was tied well below her belly button. I avoided the dressing gown and wore my usual shorts & sleeveless vest.

Meena's thoughts - I was now sure that it was time to break the barrier. I thought alcohol will help a lot, not only as a fuel to the fire of lust but also to remove the guilt feeling
Mum asked me if I would like to join her for a drink. As I said yes, she asked me what I would like. I told her I never had anything other than Beer and Wine. Uncle used to offer Piyu & me wine, but mum said there was no wine in uncle's cellar and suggested whisky. She said, since I liked the taste of beer, I would be able to enjoy whisky. She took out a bottle of Scotch from the cellar and poured two drinks - a large one in her glass and a small one in mine. She poured soda, added ice and handed over a glass to me.

She said "Cheers to my grown up nephew" and we clicked our glasses.

She, like last night, switched off all the lights and switched on the lamp stand. She sat on the sofa with her legs folded and I sat on the carpet in front of her.

We sipped our drinks and had usual small talks. Mum giggled from time to time and I felt cheerful. Mum finished her first drink and asked me to pour another one for her.

As I gave her glass, she asked me to check the drawer under the cellar to see if there was some packets of cigarettes left by uncle. There were a few packs and she asked me to bring one and the lighter, which was in the drawer. Now she asked me if I smoked. I told her I smoked occasionally. She asked me to light one for her and one for me. She told me that many years ago, when she was in college hostel in Shillong a tribal roommate of hers taught her smoking. She later gave it up, but now with drinks she feels like having one or two.

I enjoyed my smoke very much in her company and felt light headed. I asked her if she had a boyfriend in college. She said she had a boyfriend but broke off later. I asked her how close they become.

She understood what I meant and said, "If you meant if I had physical relationship with him, the answer is no. Our time was very different. It's not like today, when young people easily have physical relationship before marriage. But I must admit that the guy kissed me once or twice. To put your mind at rest, let me tell you I was a virgin before marriage."

I asked her how did she know that the present young generation has physical relationship before marriage.

She gave a meaningful smile and winked at me, but didn't answer my question. She asked me to pour a fresh drink for her. As my glass was also empty, she asked me to pour one for me. She asked me if I liked the taste. As I said yes she suggested that I take a large one now. So I poured large for both of us.

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After taking a sip she said, "I am very friendly with Piyu's friends. With some of them I am quite close and they tell me all about their love and sex life. So I know that this generation is quite easy about sex before marriage."

Then she proceeded further and said, "If you have told me the truth, you are still a virgin. Have you at least kissed any girl? Tell me the truth."

I said, "I never experienced a kiss on my lips. Only once an elder cousin of mine hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks. That could have gone further, but we heard some footsteps outside the closed door and we discontinued."

Hearing this, she giggled and said, "You badly need some training young man".

I nodded my head. I felt quite bold and said, "Yes, I do. Will you train me mum?"

I expectantly waited for a positive note from her, but she somehow avoided my question and my heart sank.

Meena's thoughts - Now that he made the first move, I decided to take a little longer to think how to proceed maintaining the dignity of an aunt

As she finished her third drink, mum asked me if I was hungry and went up to get some sandwiches out of the fridge. She heated the stuff in the microwave and came back with two plates. As I ate the tasty grilled sandwiches, she poured another drink for herself. She put back the whisky bottle in the cellar and removed the soda bottles and ice pail. She settled back on the sofa and silently sipped the drink. She munched the sandwiches too.

As she was having her last few sips, she came own from the sofa and knelt down in front of me.

Looking straight in my eyes she asked, "When you asked me to give you 'training', did you realise what it meant? I am your aunt and any relationship between us is just not acceptable to the world at large."

I told her, "I know it's wrong, but I don't care. I badly need and want your physical love."

She held my face in her hands and asked, " I understand your feelings, but at the same time it's wrong. Will you promise that this will remain an exclusive secret between us?"

" I promise, mum" I said.

"I hope you won't feel too guilty later." She said.

"No mum, I won't feel guilty. You are very different from any other relative of your age. You were so long my friend and now you mean a lot more to me. If you do take me through the gateway to adulthood, I shall be grateful to you all my life. I did have a feeling of guilt when I secretly desired you. But now that I know you understand & appreciate my desires, I am completely free of guilt feeling. I know that the outer world would never understand our feelings. Even if you didn't tell me I would closely guard this as a very treasured secret."

Meena's thoughts ‚Äď I was touched at what he said. I now knew I ran no risk with this very sensible young guy

She kept silent for a while and then asked, "If I give you fell liberty, what is it that you like do to me?"

"I want to smell you" I said.

She finished the last part of the drink in a large gulp, and lied down on the sofa, with her hands under her head.

"Ok, go ahead," she said and closed her eyes.

I knelt down very close to her and holding her face in my hands smelled her ears and the throat. Her aroma excited me beyond limits and I gradually came down to her cleavage. Removing the top part of her sari I put my nose into her deep cleavage. As I was getting intoxicated with her aroma, unknowingly I started kissing her from throat down to the cleavage. I could hear her light moans and attempted to unbutton her blouse.

"Hold on, dear" she said softly.

She lifted herself up and peeled off her blouse. Now I had more access and moved my face under her silky armpits. The aroma was stronger and out of excitement, I started licking her armpits like mad. Unlike last night, she didn't resist. She moaned stronger now.

As my nose was back on her cleavage, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra hooks. I didn't wait for a moment and removed her bra revealing her wonderful breasts. I was amazed to see her shapely breasts. This is the first time I saw a fully exposed female breast in real life. She now sat up and the breasts looked really full. The two mounds were conical in shape and were well settled on her body with a little downward tilt. She had golden brown aureole, which looked gorgeous on the golden skin of her breasts. Her brownish pink nipples matched the diameter of my index finger. They stood erect, about half an inch long. She held my head in her arms and pressed it on her breasts. Without any prompting I sucked the nipple hard. As I sucked one nipple, my other hand fondled the other breast enjoying the smoothness & softness of the mound.

She very softly said "Jore jore bukta tep Babu" Press my breasts hard

I immediately responded with full strength and her moaning become louder.

"Aro jore, aro jore" she almost screamed.

I don't know how long I was on her breasts. I got disengaged as mum held my face in her hands and raised it up close to her face. She looked straight in my eyes and slowly planted her wet & soft lips on mine. She pressed my lips and pushed it with her tongue. I opened my mouth and her tongue went in. Momentarily I was caught unaware as her tongue played in my mouth. But it excited me to the hilt and I started moving my tongue. Our tongues now played with each other in perfect harmony and it continued endlessly.

As the kiss continued, mum pulled at my vest. I lifted it up completely exposing my chest. Her hand moved over my hairy chest and she tickled my tiny nipples with her fingernails. It was great sensation and I urged her to do it faster. My hands were on her breasts and played with her large erect nipples.

Finally mum ended the kiss and both of us felt a bit breathless. Taking a short pause, she pulled at my vest and I and I took it off. Mum now placed her lips on my chest and played all over with her tongue and lips. She finally attacked my nipples and played havoc with her lips, tongue and teeth.

After raising her head from my chest, she gave me a loving smile and said, "Now let me see you" "toke ebar ektu dekhi".

She stood up showing off her naked torso and unbuttoned my shorts. Pulling it down, she exposed the bulge in my crotch under the sexy designer brief. Sitting down at my feet she pulled the brief down. As my cock jumped out, she gasped. She grabbed my cock with both hands and lovingly fondled it. She moved her fingers all around it. She opened the skin and looked at it as if she was worshipping it. She ran her finger along the vein on it and kissed it from time to time. She held it in her hand and felt its thickness. She held it on her face and brushed her cheek along it.

"That's a great asset you have. Any woman would love to possess it" she said in an admiring voice.

She made me lie down on the sofa and brought her face very close to it. She very slowly licked it and I felt heavenly pleasure. She moved her fingers around it, through the pubic hair, over the balls and between the thighs going up to the crack. After playing with it for quite some time, she stood up again. She exposed the lower part of her body ‚Äď she peeled off the sari, untied her petticoat string and as it dropped it on the floor, stepped out of it.

I just couldn't believe that mum was standing in front of me stark naked. She looked so different compared to when she was fully dressed or even when she was partly clothed. I was awed at the gorgeous patch of dense black between her thighs and couldn't help touching it. She came closer and spread her legs. Encouraged at this, I pushed my fingers in and could feel her pussy lips. I inserted my finger through the lips and found it totally moist. She stood like that for a while allowing me to feel her moist tunnel and then moved.

Now she straddled on my legs and bending down took my cock in her mouth. As she moved her lips and tongue over my cock my excitement hit the roof. As the movement became faster I was on the verge of throwing off my fluid.

I didn't want to discharge in her mouth and screamed "No more mum, no more. I can't bear it any longer. I will explode any minute" "Ar na mum, ar na, ami ar thakte parchhina. Amar ekhuni pore jabe"

I held her at her arms and almost pushed her. Now she slowly withdrew.

"Hold on for a while, I will show you where to release." " Ektu hold kor Babu. Ami toke dekhachhi kothay phelte hobe"

She now pulled me up and lovingly held me. I felt wonderful at the softness of her body. Holding me in her arms, she took me to the bedroom. She now lied down on the bed and opened her arms wide inviting me to her. As I got up to the bed, she folded and spread her legs wide and pulled me between her legs.

"Release yourself here" she said showing her dark patch. "Er modhye phyal, Babu"

She opened her pussy lips with her fingers and said, "Insert it here." "Ekhane dhukiye de"

I pushed my cock between the lips but the gap looked too small.

As I fumbled, she said, "Push, push hard."

As I exerted myself, she placed her hands at my bum and puled towards her. Finally my thick shaft went in through the gap. Wow, it felt great inside the moist tunnel, which didn't feel all that narrow.

"Now, push in & out" she said.

I started stroking and she soon started screaming, "Faster, faster!"

By then I was in frenzy and stroked hard. She held me very tightly and clasped me around my hips with her legs. With each stroke she moaned and urged me to push harder. Soon I was out of my senses and was stroking her like mad.

"Harder, harder, Babu. Kill me with your strokes" she screamed. "Joto jore paris kor Babu. Amake mere phyal"

Now her moaning became stronger and she screamed and screamed. By that time, I also started discharging warm liquid, which gushed out to fill the tunnel. I never felt such pleasure earlier and I collapsed on her.

After a while, mum softly pushed me. We got up from bed and went to the bathroom. I noticed that mum's bush & thighs were full of drops of white liquid. Mum turned on the shower and both of us stood under the cool spray of water. Mum held me in her arms and placed her head on my chest. After quite a few minutes, Mum turned the shower off and gave me a piece of soap.

"Soap me nicely" she said.

I soaped her all over. I felt so nice to touch her silky soft skin. I fondled her lovely soft breasts and played with her erect nipples. Soaping her bush was great. Moving through her dense & curly hair gave me an exciting sensation. She now turned around and I soaped her back.

"Soap my bum" she ordered. "Amar pachhay saban makhiye de"

I obeyed her order and explored her large bum and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the silky smooth skin. It was so soft. With slightest push my finger dipped in her flesh.

"Now soap inside" she said, showing her crack.

I parted the cheeks of her bum and soaped inside. The crack was not all that tight and I could easily move my fingers there. I could feel some hair inside the crack. I felt nice as my fingers moved along the smooth track and felt the row of hair alongside.

"Ok, enough," she said. "Give me a minute and I will come back and soap you," she said.
She moved away and sat on the toilet. I could now hear the sound of a stream coming out, which was like a whistle. This sound excited me a lot and I went close to her and bent my head down to have a look between her legs. I was thrilled to see a clear stream of water coming out of her bush.

She frowned and at the same time gave me an indulgent smile. As I stood there and excitedly watched the continuous stream, she said, "Naughty!"

After a while the flow of the stream slowed down and finally only small drops trickled. As it stopped, mum splashed some water in the bush, got up and flushed the toilet.

Now she started soaping me. After my chest and back she put her hand between my thighs and soaped my balls, the stretch behind the balls and my crack. She soaped my cock, which by now was hardening again. At her slow & soft touch it got back its full erection. She opened the skin fully and exposed the pink head. She carefully moved her finger in the folds of the skin. Now she rinsed all the soap from my crotch, crack and the surrounding area with the hand shower. While I was waiting for her to take my cock in her mouth, she asked me to turn around, bend down and spread my legs. I obeyed her but didn't understand why she asked me to do so.

Suddenly I felt her tongue in my ass hole. Wow! What a great sensation it was. She ran her tongue up & down and pressed my balls. I felt heavenly pleasure and moaned. A little later, she took her tongue away and holding me by the bum turned me around. She took my cock in her mouth and played her tongue on it. Again, I felt ecstatic and almost screamed in joy.

After a few minutes she withdrew her mouth and got up. She hugged me close and moved her body over mine. The touch of her soft breasts and the brushing of her bush on my body were simply wonderful. She slowly pushed my body down and made me lie on the floor. She straddled over me and brought her pussy over my towering cock. She slowly pushed her pussy down and my cock was inside her. The inside of her pussy felt so very different now. The slippery tunnel snugly fitted my shaft. She hardened the grip of her tunnel on my shaft and slowly released it. This was a very new & different sensation.

"Are you feeling nice Babu?" she whispered.

"Yes, very nice" my voice was very weak.

She started pushing up & down, initially very slowly and later with a lots of gusto. As she moved, her tunnel was getting more and more slippery. It became so slippery that my cock tended to slip out. To keep it in place I started pushing up. Soon we were in total frenzy. Within minutes my cock started throwing up strong streams of liquid and she started screaming. After a while she collapsed on me.

After a few minutes, we regained our senses and got up. We stood under the shower for a few minutes and then dried each other. We came back to the bedroom and fell on the bed. Within seconds, we were fast asleep

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