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Old 16th June 2012
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1: pachtawa@INCEST story writer: uzma waheed
2: Anjaan rasta story writer: zaibi ji

sexiest story of the planet story writer: sexy shalini

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Old 18th June 2012
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Remember that night so well and my parents where gone for the weekend and my oldest sister was watching me and my other sister. She was 21 year old and she had a body to die for and she was 6' tall weighting about 135 lbs. She had shoulder length black silky hair which she used to oil daily. Her breasts were perfect 34b and a perfect shaped ass to match. We were best friend until she turn 18 and then me and her fought like cats and dogs.

We fought all the time, but sometime I would just piss her off for fun. See when we fought it would always end up turning into a wrestling match, which allowed me to fondle her as much as possible and see I have always fanaticized about have sex with each of my sisters, which I know I should not do. I have tried wrestling with my other sister. Who is 18 and had a body that is developing nicely, but she will not wrestle around.

Let me get back to the story of what happen that day. It start like a normal Saturday with my 18 year old sister get up and going to work, which left just me and my oldest sister in the house. My oldest sister had gotten up and started the shower and head back into her room. I quick got up and look to make sure that she was not in the bathroom. See I had plan to tape my sister in the shower without her know, so I had to plant the camera. I move quickly into the bathroom to hide the camera before she came back in.

I run out of the bathroom has she was open her door to the bathroom, see she has her own door into the bathroom from her room. I sat and wait for her to finish praying that she would not find the camera. She finished and went back into her room, so I run and grabbed the camera which was still where I had left it. I ran to my room, so I could see what I had taped. I plug the camera into my TV and start to rewind the tape. I could not wait any longer I press play and there she was on tape naked.

God she looked better than I had ever dreamt about. My cock started to get hard and I started stoking it as I watch her getting into the shower. I press the forward button, because I could not see her in the shower. Then quick I press play as I saw her stepping out of the shower. It was unbelievable watch her rubbing herself with the towel. I couldn’t stop staring at the screen as I was jacking off to her, which is probably the reason I did not see her opening my door.

What are you doing in here She said with a shocked look on her face. I tried to hide what I was doing, but it was too late. She saw that I was whacking off to a video of her naked in the bathroom. She could not say a word as her mouth hung wide open. I did not know what to do as I stood there with my hand still stoke my cock. She moved in front of the TV trying to get it to turn off, but as she bent over it happened.

My cock hardens and I unloaded like a hose onto my sister. She tried to move, but as she did a large load of cum splattered along her face. It was a beautiful site to seeing my cum running down my sisters face. She ran from my room and into the bathroom crying as she ran. I knew I was in trouble, but I did not care. My sister returned to my room and grabbed the tape from the camera. You are sick and she said as she wiped her face.

I am your sister, how could you She said look right at me get out, I can’t look at you She said look away “Fine I replied with a smile on my face I ran out the door as fast as I could hoping my sister would just be mad and get over it. I headed to my friends house for the afternoon, and then to a party just a few blocks from my house. I left the party around midnight, because I was wasted and wanted my bed. I walked back to my house, just in time to see my sister’s boyfriend leave drunk off his ass.

I walk into the house and there were empty beer can all over the house, plus I found a joint on the back patio. I knew I could get my sister in so much trouble, but I knew she could get me into more. I went to find my sister; she was in her room with the door closed. I slowly open her door and it was pitch black in there. I could not see her at all, but I heard her snoring. I walk slowly up to her to see if she was real asleep are you awake I asked No answer sis are you awake I said shaking her shoulder.

She did not stir at all I slow start out of her room when I kick something with my foot. I reach down to see what it was, it was the tape. I pick it up and slow moved towards the door, but as I did I hear my sister stir. "I thought you were going home" she said "I am home" I replied without even think "Khalid, you’re funny" she said with a soft chuckle I realized it was so dark she could see that it was me and not her boy friend Khalid.

I thought this could be fun, so I closed the door behind me to make it darker. I moved slowly towards her with my arms out, I could not see anything now with the door closed. I found the end of her bed and sat down. "Are you there, I can see you", she replied I didn't say a word, I just grabbed her foot. "Come lay with me" she said as she padded the bed with her hand I just sat there, thinking she is going to know it me not Khalid if I move any closer.

Come I want you to lay next to me" she said with a sexy tone in her voice I knew I had to do something, so I slowly slide up behind her and when I got up against her, I could smell was beer and weed on her breath. I tried to move away, but she reached around and grabbed me. "Where are you going" she said I did not know what to do, so I reach out with my hand and place on her back. She was not wearing anything, so I pull back quick and then stopped.

I move my hand back on to her body; it was so warm and smooth. I then slowly slid backup against her and started rubbing her shoulder. I then move my hand slowly down and wrapped it around her left breast. Her nipples started to harden as I caressed it between my fingers. I could feel my cock also hardening inside my sweat pants and pushing between her ass cheeks and I see you’re ready for more and she whispered softly and she moved her hand down toward my cock and started to rub her hand along my sweats, up and down, up and down.

Her hand then wrapped around my cock thought my pants. I almost came right there as she squeezed around my harden shaft again she started moving her hand up and down, up and down. My hand still squeezing on her firm breast, she grabbed my hand and pulled it between her warm thighs. She was as wet as I slid two fingers between my sister’s pussy lips. She moaned softly as I rubbed deep inside her. God she felt so good, I wished it my cock inside her and not my fingers.

Then I could feel her legs tighten together as she moaned loudly. Her back started to arched and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. Then my sister let out with a deep moan right as her warm juice began to flow. I could feel my sister juice run past my finger which were still inside her. “Oh God Yes she screamed her hand started squeezing tightly around my cock as she was Cumming. I could not hold it any longer.

I exploded in my sweat pants. She slowly released my cock and moved her hand under my pants. I just laid there as she started rubbing the cum along my shaft. No, No" she replied sadly "You are not done are you" she asked holding my cock tightly in her hand. No, I replied in a soft voice she said her hand out of my sweats and moved it to her lips. I could hear her sucking on her fingers trying to get every drop of my cum off them God you taste so good.

She said licking each finger after hearing those words coming out of her mouth my cock started to harden again. I could tell she had not realized it was me, because she reach around and started pull my pant down. I knew it was wrong, but at that moment I did not care my dream was coming true. I was going to fuck my sister and nothing was going to stop me. I quick help her get my pants down enough so that my cock was free. I moved myself tightly against her and slid my cock between her thighs.

She started to roll too face me, but I quick grabbed her and rolled her on to her stomach. I did not want her to see it was me. "Oh you want to take me from behind" she said I did not answer her I just moved on top of her, and I grabbed my cock it was still cover with my cum. I slide my cock between her ass cheeks until I found a hole. Then I spread her open as I just force the tip of my cock inside her tight hole.

She took a deep breath as my cock inched it way deeper inside her. I then slowly pulled back about an inch or two before slamming all eight inches deep inside. Oh my God" she said gasp for a breath her body stiffened, as she felt it slipping deep inside. I slowly pulled out again before pushing it always in again. My sister just moaned loudly as she felt all of my cock inside her.

Then she took a deep breath as I slid it slow back out leaving just the tip inside her. Her body started to relax right before I push as hard as I could, slamming it back inside her. She screamed like I have just stabbed her with a knife stop and she repeated in pain I did not stop I kept pushing my cock in and out of her as hard as I could. She keep screaming and screaming as I hammered my sister from behind.

Stop you in my ass she yelled I quick pull out as I heard those words coming from her mouth. I did not know that I was fucking my sister’s asshole. She was just laid there gasping for air and crying in pain from having my cock driven deep inside her ass and I told you I am not into anal my sister said as she gasped for a breath I quick shifted my cock down into my sister’s pussy before she said another word.

Her pussy felt soaking wet as I slid my cock inside her. I started off slow moving in and out. Her breathing started to get heavier as I push harder inside her. I then started to speed up and pumping her like a jack hammer. Her moaning started to get louder and louder until again her back began to arch. She began to breath heavy every time I push my cock inside. “Yes don’t stop, don’t stop She said between breaths.

I cuming yes and she screamed I could feel her juices flow out of her as I continue to hammer her from behind. She moaned and her body shook every time my cock bottom out inside her. “You want it don’t you I said whispering in her ear “Yes, Yes give it to me she replied begging for it “You want it all deep inside you I whispered in ear “Yes fill me with it She said pushing back onto my cock.

I knew I should pull out of her, but knew I would never get another chance like this. I kept driving my cock hard into want to unload my brotherly love inside her. Then I felt my cock starting to harden even more as I got closer to reaching my climax. I could feel my balls swelling up from my load that was building deep inside. Then it just release as I slammed all 8" inside her.

She screamed like I had just ripped her in half, as I fired my load inside her. My Cock just pulsed inside her as it filled her with my brotherly load. I did not know what I was going to do as the last of my hot load emptied inside her. I could feel cum oozing out of her as I slowly slid my cock in and out then I just laid there on top of her with my cock still deep inside her wishing I could do it all again.

A few minutes had now past and my cock had started to soften and slid out with a load of brotherly cum. She started to cry, so I ran out of her room not know what was wrong. "Why" she cried out “Why did you do this she cried out just as I closed the door I just ran to my room and closed the door wait for her to come in. There I was half naked in my room staring at myself in the mirror.

That when I notice that my cock was not just covered with cum but with a little bit blood. What the hell did I do, I quick run to the bathroom. Without even think I push open the door and there was my naked sister. She was sitting on the counter trying to clean my cum from her pussy. She quick looked up at me and stared without a saying word. Her eyes moved downward towards my cock. "You did this" she said with a surprise look.

Why would you do this, I am your Sister" She said as tears started to roll down from her eyes I look down to see my load dripping from my sister’s pussy and some blood coming from her red swollen ass. That was the first time I just realize I had just raped my sister. I did not know what to say to her, because I knew what I had done was wrong. Plus I could go to jail for what I did, but with all that going on all I could think about was being inside her again.

There she was sitting on the counter with her legs spread wide crying and I was starting to get a hard on. I walk over to her and gave her a big hug. She grabbed me and started crying on my shoulder. I was now right where I need to be between her legs, so I made my move grabbing her hips. I pulled her up to me and with her cum fill pussy my cock just slid right in.

She fought and fought trying to get away, but I had nothing else to lose I was going to have her again. Stop please Stop she cried pushing me away “Why I screwed anyways I replied “Stop Please I won’t tell anyone she cried out in a begging tone I didn’t stop my body was craving her, so I pulled her to the floor again she tried to fight me off, but I force her legs apart allowing me to penetrate my sister’s pussy.

She just quit fight after at and laid there allow me to have my way with her. I don’t know if she had given up or that she was wanting it, but again I did not care. I started moving slow and deep at first and she started to moan softly then I started to hit it long and hard and she moaned louder as I push it inside her. I started to quicken my pace, but as soon as I did she started moaning louder and her body started to shake.

Yes right there she said starting to gasp for air her eyes started to roll in the back of her head and her back arched from the floor. I keep moving in and out of her as fast and as hard as I could. I could tell she was reaching her point of climax as her pussy swelled up around my cock. She reached up and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down between her breasts. I started to suck on her tits like a starving baby trying to get milk.

Ohhhh she moaned force me more down against her breasts “Oh God, Oh God She said under her breath yes Oh Yes she screamed out Her body just release and my sister start gushing from her pussy. Her eye just rolled back as her juice kept flowing onto me and the floor. My sister was Cumming hard and she knew I was the one who did it to her. I pull out so I could watch my sister flow spray out of her and then I move back between her legs.

Her body was like jello, so I could do anything I want real wanted and I want her ass. I lifted her leg up on my shoulders and lend her back so I had a clear shot at her reddish brown eye. I grab my cock and slow push the tip against her asshole. It started to spread open and swallow the tip of my cock. She tried to tighten up to stop me, but here ass was going to be mine. “No stop, don’t please she begged “Why I asked slowly sliding deeper “I don’t like it, it hurts

She cried I could tell it hurt more and more as I slid all the way inside her. She again tightened up trying to push me out, but I was not giving in that easy. I push down hard force my cock to stay inside her. She squeezed even hard and then I felt it happening. I was going to cum and I could not stop it. My cock throbbed and then my load began to inject deep in her ass.

I knew she feel it fill in her ass, because she had started to cry. I could not move as it just pumped and pumped like it was never going to end. Then I clasped and my cock slid out of her swollen ass. I sat back and watched as she pushed a large load of cum from her ass, it was beautiful. I wish I had my camera here for this beautiful moment. I slowly got up from the floor and offered to help her up. She swatted my hand away, so I stood there waiting for her to get up.

The bathroom was cover in are sexual juice and you could spell it in the air. She finally got up off the floor and slapped me across the face. Then she turned and got into the shower and I walk out of the bathroom. There I stood, still not believing what had happen with me and my sister. I heard my other sister coming into the house and I quickly ran to my room and closed my door.

I quick threw on some clothes just as I hear a knock at the door and I open the door and there was my oldest sister standing there. I thought here it comes I am screwed, but she just shook her head and walk to her room. Mom and Dad came home later that afternoon and I was sure I was a dead man. We all welcome them home and then my oldest sister asked them if she could talk to them. They went into the other room and I want to listen in, but I was too scared.

I ran to my room and waited for the worst. I sat there for a good half hour before I saw my oldest sister walk past my room. She looked at me and smiled and I own you she said my parent came into my room shortly after with a look of disappointment. I thought I was done for, but then they pull out the joint that I had seen last night. We are not going to have this in ware house, young man my parents said but It’s I said before they cut me off.

Your sister saw you smoking Dad said holding it up yes, I’m sorry I replied looking down in shame “You are grounded for a month and I don’t want to see this ever again Dad said with a firm tone They got up and left my room. What heel was that all about I said to myself? She had never said a word to my parents about what really happened that night, but she was right she owned me.

I was now her slave and she could make me do anything she wanted. It was not always bad being her slave, because we became a lot closer than a brother and sister should be. I miss her sometime and wonder if she still thinks about us, because I still dream to this day of being inside her again.

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aku4incest is a pillar of our communityaku4incest is a pillar of our communityaku4incest is a pillar of our communityaku4incest is a pillar of our communityaku4incest is a pillar of our communityaku4incest is a pillar of our communityaku4incest is a pillar of our community

meri behan ka naam POONAM hai Uski ki hight 5.4'' hai aur 22 saal ki hai wo dikhne main utni gori nahi hai par hai bhut sexy. Who bahut sundar hai jise dekhkar koi bhi mard use chod ne ko razi ho jaye. Uska Figure 36*26*37 hai. Uske boobs kafi bade hai or gand to itni mazedaar hai ki jab who chalti hai to lund khada ho jata hai kisi ka bhi. Aap ka bhi khada ho gaya hoga dosto.

Baat un dino ki hai Jab Me College me padhta tha. Aur me Behan Mere hi college ke baju wale ladies college me padhti thi. Mera Ek sabse khas dost tha jiska naam Mahesh tha. who mere sath hi ek hi class me tha or mere ghar bhi ata-jata tha. meri us se kafi achi dosti thi. Mahesh ki 1 Behan thi jiska naam SHALU tha. who meri behan ki umar ki hi thi or meri behan ki college me hi padhti thi. Haa who do no ek dusre ki dost nahi the sirf jaan te the ek dusre ko.

MAHESH kafi aamir tha but me mudiem class family se tha.mahesh ke papa ka ek farm house tha city se thoda hi dur hum aksar me aur mahesh class bunk karke waha jaya karte the. wha koi nahi rahta tha.EK khas baat aap logo ko bata du ke ME or Mahesh Ki behan SHALU ek dusre ko kafi pasand karte the. or hamre bech me kafi sara sex bhi tha. me jab bhi MAHESH college me rahta to uski Behan Ko Le kar Uske Farm House chala jata tha or dopahar tak hum dono mil kar Khub Chudai Karte the.

Ek Din MAHESH Ka Raat Ko Muje Phone Aya. usne pucha ki kal kya kar rahe ho to mene use bataya ki me kal college si bunk karke cricket khalne jaunga. me ne us se pucha ke koi kam hai kya to usne tal diya ki nahi ese hi puch raha hu. or phone rakh diya. Agle din me subha jab cricket khelne ja raha tha to jaldi utha gaya or taiyar bhi ho gaya. mene apni behan POONAM ke kamre me jank kar dekha to who aaj kuch achi tayyar ho rahi thi usne Red Colour ki Top Or Uske Niche Black Colour Ki Skirt Pehan Rakhi thi. uske top se uske bade-bade boos kya kamal dikh rahe the or uske skirt uski gand se ek dam fit thi jis se uski gand ke ubhar saaf dikhaye de rahe the. us ne apne baal kule rakhe the or mack up bhi bahut acha kiya huaa tha.

Achanak uske mobile par kisi ka phone aya bo baat kaar rahi thi ki college ke bahar milegi. Bad me who apne scooty par nikal gaye or me uske piche gaya. who college compound me apni scooty park kar ke bahar aa gayi or wait kar rahi thi achanak ek kar ayi or who usme bath gayi. me uska picha karne laga to car MAHESH ke farm house par aake ruk gayi. Thabi muje Achanak yaad aaya ke who car to MAHESH ke papa ki hai. Or maan me hulchul much gayi KI POONAM us car me kya kar rahi thi .Car andar chali gayi. me bhi andar chala gaya tab tak car me se who log under chale gaye the. mere pas bhi MAHESH ke farm house ki chabhi thi or me har ek darvaja or khidki se wakef tha to me bhi dusri chabi se andar chala gya. wha par pehle hall me koi nahi tha andar bed room se kisi ki Aawaz sunai de rahi thi to mene dusre kamre me ja kar ke TV on kar diya or MAHESH ke farm house ke har hise me cctv camera lagaya tha to mene camera on kar diya.

Camera on hote hi mera to dimag kam karna band kar diya. Wha par mene dekha ke Meri Behan POONAM or MAHESH the Who log bate kar rahe the.
MAHESH :- Poonam aaj bahut achi lag rahi ho kya baat hai?
POONAM :- Baat kuch nahi mai to har pal achi hi dikti hu tumari nazar aaj kuch badal gayi lagti hai.
MAHESH :- Muje to tum Aaj kuch jada hi sexy dikh rahi ho poonam.
POONAM :- kuch thanda to pilao much bahut pyas lagi hai.
MAHESH :- kya logi garam nahi chalega kya? tumhari to pyas garam se hi buje gi kyu?
POOMAN :- Please yaar sach me pyas lagi hai do na kuch.

MAHESH :- ok Coke chale gi kya.
POONAM :- Ha chale gi.
Bad me who do no coke pine lag gaye or bate karte jate the.
MAHESH :- Mera gift pehna hai na darling. Kesa laga who.
POONAM :- Aaccha tha or pehna bhi hai tumhare liye.
MAHESH :- To chalo dika do muje me kab se dikne ke liye tadap raha hu darling.
POONAM :- Me nahi Dikhane wali ha ha ha.... Tumko dekna hai to khud hi dekh lo.
MAHESH :- Ha Who to me dekh hi lunga tumse puchuga nahi janeman.

Ye keh ke Mahesh ne Poonam ko pakad liya or usko baho me bhar liya. Usne uske gale ko kiss karna chalu kar diya or ek lipp kiss kar di 5 min tak kiss karne ke bad usne uske RED top me hath dal diya or uske boobs ko dabane laga. Poonam bhi use kiss kar rahi thi. Mahesh ne uske top ko utarna chaha par Poonam ne rok liya or bola.

POONAM :- Gift aise nahi Dikhungi tum wait karo me abi aati hu keh ke bathroom me chali gai.

Or Wapas aaye to to me to dekh ke hairan reh gaya. BRA Or Panty Me Who bhi Yellow Colour Ki ek dam sexy thi who or uske bra or panty. lagta tha kafi mehgi hogi or MAHESH ne ledi hogi. uske cream body per yellow colour ki who bra or panty kya kamal ki dikh rahi thi mera to lund khada hogaya.

MAHESH :- Wha POONAM kya sexy dikh rahi hai aaja mere pas aaj tuje lagta hai bahut der tak pyar milne wala hai.

Poonam Latka ke chalti hu hi Mahesh ke pas jake uske gale me apne bahe faila ke.
POONAM :- Me to tumse jayada se jayada pyar lungi aaj mahesh. ghar dopar ke baad hi jaungi. gar par bol ke ayi hu ke exta class hai.
Mahesh apne kapde utar ta huaa poonam se bola
MAHESH :- Poonam Dekh mera lund bhi kitna bada ho gaya hai tuje dekh ke jameman.
Or dono ek duje ko lipat gaye or kissing chalu kar di. mahesh bhi aab sirf underwear me tha or meri behan poonam use upar se sehla rahi thi. or mahesh uske boobs ko daba raha tha. Mahesh ne Poonam ke ek boobs ko Bra se bahar nikal liya or use chus ne laga.
POONAM :- Aaa Aaa or chuso mahesh apni poonam ke boobs or chuso.

Mahesh bhi pooname ke boobs jor jor se chus raha tha or usne ab uski bra ko bhi khol diya tha. poonam ke dono boobs bilkul azad ho gaye the mera to hal aap pucho hi mat mera lund to is se phela itna tit kabhi nahi huaa hoga. Ab Mahesh ne Poonam ko diwal ke pas ulta khada kar diya tha or piche se uske boobs daba raha tha or sath sath uski jango ko bhi sahla raha tha. Or Uski Panty me ek hath dal kar us ki gand ko daba raha tha. Poonam bhi mast ho kar apne boobs or gand dabva rahi thi. Phir usne use sidha kar diya or bed par betha diya Ab Poonam ke muh ke pas uska underwear me se bahar aane ke liye lund tayaar tha. Poonam Ne bade pyar se uske lund ko uper se hi sehla diya or pyar bhari muskar di mahesh ko to mahesh bola.

MAHESH :- Poonam Rani Apne Lund ko pyar nahi karogi kya?
POONAM :- karugi na mera raja hai ye to meri jaan hai re kita pyara hai re.
Ye kehke Poonam ne uske underwear ko niche sarka ke lund ko sehla ne lagi thodi hi der me usne lund ke top ko apne muh me le liya or chus ne lagi. Poonam aise lund chus rahi thi mane usko Kai Lund ki Practice ho. Mahesh Uske sar me hath fer raha tha khada ho kar or us ke bal ko pakad ke use ke sar ko age-piche kar raha tha or Aaaaaaa...... Aaaaa...... Kar raha tha.

MAHESH :- Meri Jaan ab bas bhi karo varna sara ka sara maal nikal jayega or teri chut ke liye tuje intajar karna pade ga.

Poonam ne ab mahesh ka lund apne muh se nikal liya tha or bed par ja ke let gai Mahesh ne bed par chad kar uske pairo ko chatna suru kar diya or chum ne chate hue uske panty par pahoch gaya. Mahesh ne uski Panty Ko dire se niche sarkaya or nikal di ab eri behan Poonam Bilkul Nangi Bed Par thi Or apne pairo ko ek-dusre ke sath satha diya tha uski chut dikhai nahi de rahi thi. Mahesh ne uski jango ko bade pyar se sehla ke faila diya tab ja ke us ki chut ke darshan ho paye. uski chut ek dam se clean ki hui thi mano aaj hi saf ki ho. mahesh ne uski chut ko ek pyar bhara chuma diya aur bola.

MAHESH :- Lagta hai Aaj hi Meri Jaan Ko Saaf Ki hui hai. Aaj to ise kha hi jaunga Poonam.
POONAM :- Ha Aaj Hi saf ki hai Mahesh Tere liye. Jita marji ho Kaa Jaa Ye Chut Teri Hi Hai.
Mahesh ne uski chut ko faila kar chatna suru kar diya or poonam ki siskiya nikal ne lagi.
OHH Mahesh Or Chuso Ohhh Bada Acha chus te ho tum mere raja or chusu kha jao aaj ye chut ko tum AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........

15 min ke bad Mahesh ne chut ko chod diya or Poonam ki chut se pani behne laga tha. Mahesh ne Ab Apne lund ko taiyar kar liya tha. Aaj mere Behan poonam mere samne chud rahi thi or who bhi mere sabse ache dost ke sath. Mahesh ab poonam ke uppar aa gaya or Poonam ne bhi miche se apni tange khol kar apni chut ka darwaja khula chod diya tha. Mahesh ne Ab Apne Lund Ke top ko uske chut ke hole par laa kar lund se ragda uski chut par to Poonam ne....
POONAM :- Mahesh Jaldi Karo na Ab Nahi Ruka Jata Jaan Nikili ja rahi Ha.

MAHESH :- Haa Haa Me to Dekh Raha tha ki tu kiti badi chudakad ban gaayi hai re Poonam Mujse Chudwa Chudwa ke. Ye Le Apne Lund Ko.
Kehke Mahesh ne Apne Lund Ka top Poonam ki chut me dal diya Poonam ki todi Chek Nikal Gayi. Uyi Maaaaaaaa..... Mar Gai........Phir thoda ruck ke Mahesh Ne Apna Pura Lund Ek hi Jatke me Dal Diya Or Poonam to .. aaaaahh huuuuuuu dheeeeeereeeeee .. mar gayiiiiiii jaaanuu ….. bas karooo .. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh .. uiiiiiiiiiii .. kiye jaa rahi thi .. Phir Mahesh Thoda ruka or 2 min Ke Bad Phir Age-Piche Karne Laga Or Usne thodi speed Bada di ab aur zordaaar strokes ke lagte hi … uiiiiiiiiiii .. Haaaaaaaaaaa aur Aaaaaaaaaaahh … hmmmmmmmm me convert ho gaya tha .. ab Poonam bolne lagi .. faaad daaalo jaaaanu aaj to … haaaaaaaaaaaaa poooraaaa daaaaalo andarrrrrrrrrrr ..aiseeeee .. haaaaa aiseeeeeeeeeeeee … hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ab Poonam Apne Boobs Daba rahi thi Or Mahesh Ke sine ko Sehla Rahi thi. Mahesh Ne Ab Poonam Ke boobs Pakad Liya Aur Teji Se Jatke Marne Laga Tha. Poonam Bhi Maje Se Niche se Apne Chut ko upper utha utha ke Lund Ko Apni chut me leni lagi thi.Mahesh ne lund uski choot main pura bahar karke phir pura andar dal raha tha or wo chilane lagi wo pagal ho rahi thi aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh mai mar jaungiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...aaj chod do mujhe or jor se choda mahesh fad dalo apni poonam ki chut ko Or jor se chodo Aaaa......Mahesh.......Aaaaaaaa.....

Phir Mahesh ne Apna Lund Bahar nikal or poonam ko bola " chal Kutiya ki tara ho ja me Piche se Marta Hu teri chut ko" Poonam " Jaise Chahe maro Aaj muje sirf Lund Chahiye" Mahesh Ne Poonam ke piche ja ke Uski Gand ko Apni or kich liya or lund chut ke upper sata ke lund ko chud ke under dal diya or poonam ke boobs ko pakad ke chod ne laga. or bol raha tha.
MAHESH :- Le mera lund le le randi rani meri le mere lund ko Pura Ka pura le le tere liye hi mera lund bana hai re Poonam.

POONAM :- De De Pura ka Pura De de lund Aaj me nahi kahugi rukne ko jitna marji ho chodo Apni is Radi Poonam Ko.

15min ke Bad Mahesh Ne Poonam Ko Bed Se Utha ke Baju me Pade Sofe Pe Le Gaya or Khud Sofe Pe baith Gaya or Poonam Se bola " Chal Aaja Meri Poonam Rani Beth Ja Apne Pyare Lund Pe" Poonambhi Muskura ke apni gand hilati hui ayi or Mahesh ke samne khadi ho gai. Mahesh ka lund 8"inch lamba or 1.5"inch pohda hoga aur ek dum tight khada tha poonam ki chut me jane ke liye.

Poonam apni tange failati huye chut ko lund pe rakh diya aur mahesh ne niche se ek jatka mara to poonam ki chut me uska adha lund chala gaya. Aur ab poonam bhi upper se uchal-uchal ke apni chut chudwa rahi thi aur mahesh apne hatho se uske boobs or gand daba raha tha.Un dono ke muh se siskariya nikl rahi thi ahaaahhhhh sssssssssss .

Mahesh puri teji se poonam ko chod raha tha ahhhhahahh poonam bole ja rahi thi "aur jor se chodo mahesh aahhh". Uski awaj sunkar mahesh ke ander bhi josh aa raha tha or who use teji se chod raha tha jab uska pani nikale wala tha to wo boli "or jor se or ahhhhhhaaaah" ki awaj ke sath pani chod diya ab mahesh ka lund uski chut ke rus se puri trh bheeg chuka tha or asani se ander bahar ho raha tha jab mahesh ka pani chutne wala tha to usne apni speed badha di or apna lund poonam ki chut me andar-bahar karne laga aur sath hi uske boobs dabane laga.

Jese hi mahesh ka virya uski chut me gira bo chilla uti ahhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhh kitnaaaaaaaaaa garam he tumharaaaaaaaaaa viryaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaahhhhhh. Aur dono ne ek dusre ko kas ke pakad liya Aur Mahesh Akhri bund nikalne tak jhatke mar raha tha.Fir jab mahesh ka sara virya nikal gaya to usne lund chut se nikaldiya. Lund ke sath chut se dher sara pani nikalne laga tha. Poonam wahi sofe pe baith gayi or mahesh ka lund hath me le ke sahlane lagi or boli.

POONAM :- itna maza mujhe kabhi nahi mila mahesh aaj to maza aa gaya.
MAHESH :- Me to Tuze roz itne hi maze dena chahta hu par kya karu tera bhai mere sath hi rehta hai.
POONAM :- tum to bahat sare position me chod te ho ho mahesh tum to mahir ho chodne me.
MAHESH :- Tu hai hi itni chudakad meri poonam rani ki teri javani dekh kar to koi bhi tuje puri rat chod ta rahe.
POONAM :- Mahesh tum please muje ek sari raat apne pass nahi rakh sakte me tumse puri raat chudwana chati hum.
MAHESH :- meri Randi kuch plan banate koi din. par tere bhai ka kya karu?
POONAM :- Chodo usko or kuch soch ke bad me batana ki me bhi puri raat ghar se bahar ruk saku.

Bad me dono uthe or bathroom me chale gaye. mera to pani vahi nikal gaya tha. bathroom me jate hi mahesh ne apna lund saaf kiya aur Wahi bane huye pool me Pani me uthar gaya or poonam ander chali gaye washroom me. Me aap ko bata du ki Mahesh ke bathroom me ek chota sa swimming pool bana huva hai or bathroom kafi bada hai par bathroom ek hi hai dono kamre me jo bhi use karna chahe use kar sak ta hai. Mahesh ke farmhouse par 2 rooms, 1 hall, 1 hi bathroom hai jo dono rooms me attach hai.

Mahesh pool me baitha tha aur naha raha tha itne me hi Poonam bahar aa gayi Who nangi hi bahar chali ayi thi. Aur kya lagti thi who kamal uske badan puri tara bhiga tha shayad shower leke aayi thi. Bahar aa ke usne Mahesh ko ek smile di or Mahesh ne usko ishara karke pool me ane ke liye kaha or hath age kiya. Poonam bhi uska ishara samaj ke pool me uter gayi or mahesh ne use apne pass kich liya aur apni godi me bith liya or who dono ek dusre ko kissing karne lage. Mahesh uske piche se hath dal ke uske boobs or nipple ko dabane laga or puch ne laga.

MAHESH :- Poonam tumhare boobs itne bade kaise ho gaye hai?
POONAM :- Kya tume pasand nahi mere bade boobs?
MAHESH :- Muje to bahot pasand hai meri jaan me to aise hi puch raha tha.
POONAM :- Tume daba-daba ke bade kar diye hai Ha ha ha ha ha............hasne lagi
MAHESH :- Me to bas 1 mahine se hi daba raha hu pehle kon dabata ta tha isko?
POONAM :- Guse se Me koi aise-vaise ladki nahi hu tum kya samjte ho mujko ek randi. keh ke uthne lagi.
Mahesh :- Use wapas kichte hue Are Meri Poonam Rani Tu To Bura Man Gayi Me To aise hi Puch Raha tha.

Poonam Wapas uski goodi me baith gayi or kuch nahi boli to mahesh ne use wapis kissing karne laga or garam karne laga thodi der me hi poonam fhir se normal ho gayi. aur mahesh ko sahlani lagi to mahesh ne use bola " Lund Fhir se Khada Ho Gaya Hai Meri Jaan Ab ki bar Kya irada hai" Poonam Boli " Irada Tera Kya Mere Raja" Mahesh bola " Poonam Ki Gand pe Hath Fher kar Isko abki bar Chod ta hu kyu kya kehti ho?". Poonam bhi ab garam ho gayi thi or bol padi " ye chut bhi tumhari hai or ye gand bhi tumhari hai mere yaar jaha chate dalo par muje ye lund de do"

Mahesh ne ab poonam ko pool ki diwal si ulta khada kar diya aur khud piche chala gaya or ek gel ki bottle le ke usne gel apne lund pe lagaya or thoda poonam ki gand pe lagaya. Aur ek jatke me lund ka top Poonam ki gand me chala gaya to poonam ki thodi si chik nikal gayi or who bol Padi " Aram Se Mahesh Aram se me kahi bhagi nahi ja rahi hu mere raja" Mahesh thoda ruka aur phir ek jatka mara or phir tisra jatka mara or pura ka pura lund poonam ki gand me dal diya.

Thodi de me who uski gand ko aaram se chod raha tha aur dono bade maze se jul rahe the Poonam bol rahi thi..“Mahesh darling chodo mujhe ………..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.chodo na…………………..apna lauda mere gand mein dale raho……fad do meri gand ko…………saale itna tadpata tha………………itna mota lund hai tera……………………mmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….”
Poonam ko Mahesh ka chodna itna acha lag raha tha ki jab Mahesh uske andar dhakke marta tha toh who apni gand utha utha k uske dhakke ka jawab dene lag gayi. Mahesh ne use kass k apni baho mai bhar ke kiss karne laga aur saath hi saath uski chuut mai ungli dale jaa raha tha. Dhakke marte marte usne ek jor ka dhakka mara aur poonam jamin se upper ho gayi.

Bahut sexy scene tha wo.

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Thap………………… thap ……………….thap……………. thap ……………………thap………….. thap
Mahaul pura chudai se bhara tha. Mahesh bhi bolne laga, “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh kitna maza aa raha hai gand chodne mein………..aaaaaaaaaaah…………mast chuchi hai teri aur mast chut bhi. Poonam maze se chudwa rahi thi…….aaaaaaaaaaah…….aaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm…..poonam akad gayi…….. uska paani niaklne wala tha. Poonam ne Mahesh ko jor se pakad liya aur paani chhod diya. Poonam chillai padi, “Mahesh main gayi………………..”Aur Uski chut ka fuwwara nikal gaya. sara ka sara pani pairo se nikal pada kuch mahesh ke lund pe tha or Mahesh to uski gand me aur teji se jatke mar raha tha.Aur uske dhakke aur jor aur tej hote jaa rahe the. Par kuch time mai hi uska badan bhi akadne laga. Aur is bar usne lund poonam ki gand se nikal liya aur usko Niche jamin pe baitha diya or khud lund hila ne lag gaya or bol raha tha " Meri Poonam Rani Kaha Legi mere virya ko bolo jaldi meri chudakad randi bolo" Poonam bhi niche apne boobs daba kar bol padi " jaha dena ho de do kahi bhi le lungi is virya ko to me" aur mahesh ne apna sara pani Poonam ke boobs or pet par chod diya.

Poonam bahut khush thi apna chut or gand ko chudwa ke……………

Bad me undo ne naha ke apne apne kapde badal liye or kuch snack or drinks lene lage or bad me chal ne ki taiyyari karne lage to me bhi hole se bahar chala gaya or apni bike se chala gaya.

Me ghar chala gaya or apne room me computer chalu kar ke movie dekh ne laga. thodi der bad Poonam ghar par aa gayi to me apne kamre si niklte hi use mila aur use pucha.

AMIT :- Poonam khaha gayi thi aaj der kyu ho gayi.
Poonam :- Bhaiya aaj extra class thi to der lag gayi.
Amit :- (me man me bol pada teri exta class to me dekh li hai) Aaj kya collage me party thi kya jo tu itni saj-savar ke gayi thi.
POONAM :- Ha Baiya who meri ek friend ka birthday tha to....
AMIT :- Waise tu lag bahut khubsurat rahi hai.....
POONAM :- Thoda Sarma ke Thanks Baiya. me apne room me jati hu me bahut thak gayi hu na to ok.....
AMIT :- Me Man Me ( ha thak to yaegi hi itni chudai jo hai uchal-uchal ke) Ha koi bat nahi tu room me aram kar me bhi bahar ja raha hu Mahesh se mil ne.
Aur fir me bahar chala gaya or mahesh ko phone kiya to usne kaha raat ko milte he me abhi sone ja raha hu. to Me ne bad me SHALU ko phone kiya or pucha kya who free hai to usne kaha ha to mene use ek ice-cream parlour me bula liya. thodi der me me or shalu dono ice-cream parlour pohac gaye.
SHALU :- Hi Amit How Are U ?

Me: Hi I am fine & U My Dear?
Shalu :- Kyu aaj kya baat he itni jaldi muje kyu milne bulaya hai?
Me :- Batata hu meri jaan toda baitho to sahi.
Aur hamne kuch ice-cream mangvaya or bad me mene Shalu ko Aaj jo bhi huva far house par who bataya.
SHALU :- Sach me Mahesh Baiya Aur Tumhari behan ne Chudai ki?
Me :- Ha yaar Sach Me Aur Mera Dimag aaj Kharab Ho Gaya Hai Aur Mahesh pe gussa bhi Aya hai.
SHALU :- Kyu Tum muje chod sakte ho Aur mera bhai Tumhari Behan Ko chode to Usme tume Gussa Aa gaya KYU?
Me :- Thoda socha or bad me Yaar ye achanak ho gaya na is liye. Me thoda nervas ho gaya hu.
SHALU :- ok Chodo Who dono bhi khus hai na?

ME :- Ha who to hai Poonam Mahesh Ke sath hai aur kisi ke sath hoti to thoda tension hota but it was ok. Or ha Shalu ab hum ko farm house par jane me thodi savdani rakhni pade gi kahi waha ham 4 ro mil na jaye.
SHALU :- Ha yaar Waise bhi Hame kaya jana milta hai waha hame bas wahi parlour ki cabin me karna padta hai.
ME :- Shalu tum chaho to ham roj farm house par ja ke maje kar sakte hai.
SHALU :- Who Kaise.
ME :- Me Mahesh se baat karta hu ke mene use or Poonam ko vaha dekh liya hai or bad me apni bhi bat kar lunga ki me bhi Shalu ko pyaar karta hu.
SHALU :- Kahi Baiya bura na man jaye or gar pe na bata de.
ME :- Bura Kyu Mane ga Abi to tum bol rahi thi na ki Tum uski behan ko chodo or who tumhari behan ko chode to hisab barabar na.
SHALU :- Ha who to hai par jo tume thik pade karna ok amit.

Or ham waha se chale gaye or raat ko 8 baje me ne Mahesh ko phone karke use bulaya ja par hame koi disturb karne wala na ho. Thik 8 baje me waha pohach gaya thodi der me Mahesh Bhi aa gaya. Pehle to hamne idhar-udhar ki baate ki bad me cigrete pi or bad me mene use baat satart ki..
Amit (me) :- Aaj subah college kyu nahi aya tha.
Mahesh :- Bahar gaya tha ek dost ke sath.
Amit ( me ) :- To muje bhi le gaya hota to me bhi chalta teri sath.
Mahesh :- Tuje me har jagay nahi leja sakta.
Amit ( me ) :- Kyu Koi Girl friend ko le ke gaya tha kya?
Mahesh :- me baat talta huva who chod na yaar kuch nayi baat kar.
Amit ( me ) :- Acha to su ek nayi baat meri behan Poonam kisi ke sath chalu ho aisa muje sak he Mahesh.
Mahesh :- Kya baat kar raha hai aisa nahi ho sakta who to bahot achi ladki dikti hai.
Amit ( me ) :- Kyu achi ladkiya chalu nahi hoti?
Mahesh :- thoda soch ne laga or gabra gaya....
Amit ( me ) :- Me janta hu who kis ke sath jati hai.

Mahesh :- Kuch Bol nahi pa raha tha or bola ki yaar Amit muje tuje bata dena chahiye tha ki Me Or Poonam Ek-Dusre se Pyaar Karte Hai.
Amit ( me ) :- Mahesh Muje bhi tuje kuch batana hai ki me or Shalu bhi............
Mahesh :- Gusee me Aagaya or bola kya kya tu aur Shalu Kya????
Amit (me):- Me Or Shalu bhi ek dusre se pyaar karte hai....
Mahesh gusee me aa gaya or mujse jagda karne laga or galiya dene laga. mene use kaha ki dekh mahesh muje bhi ata hai ye sab tu thoda samaj kar kam le to dono ka kam asan ho jayega. Who thodi der soch ne laga or bad me mere pas aakar khada reh gaya. mene use samjaya ke dekh mahesh ham dono dost hai or ye to achi bat hai ki hamari behne kisi or ke pass nahi hai balki hamare hi pass hai. Muje koi Problem nahi hai ki Tu Poonam Ke sath kuch bhi kare par tuje bhi to mere or Shalu ke riste se koi problem nahi honi chayie.
thodi der bad Mahesh bola " ye sab kab se chal raha hai" maine bataya 2 mahino se hi. or Tera kabse chal raha hai. to us ne batatya ki "1.5 mahine se hi"
Mahesh :- Tune Shalu ko Kitni Bar bahar Le gaye Ho?

Amit (me) :- Tera matlab ek bar tere farm house par or 4bar parlour ki cabin me. Or Tune Poonam Ko?
Mahesh :- Ham to mere farm house par hi jate hai or 10-11bar hi kiya hai.
Amit (me) :- Hame yaar cabin me bahut hi kam jaga me addjuct karna padta hai.
MAHESH :- Koi baat nahi tu mera farmhouse use kar sakta hai.
Amit (me) :- Yaar Chal Na 1din pura mera matlab ki puri raat ka program banate hai. Kya khayal hai tera.
Mahesh :- Ha khayal to accha hai par kaise banate he ye programm.

Amit (me) :- Dekh Mahesh mene Shalu ko to tere bare me bata diya hai or tu bhi ab Poonam Ko Mere Or Shalu ke bare me bata de. taki unko koi jijak na rahe. or ha hum dono apni apni behno ko leke ek din ka picnic ka programm bana dete hai or Ghar par hum saath hoge to ghar walo ko bhi koi aapati nahi hogi.

MAHESH :- Kya tune Shalu ko Bata diya....Chod koi baat nahi par tera program accha hai hum college ke bad sham ko picnic ka time 6 baje ghar pe keh dege taki hame sham or puri raat mil jaye. thik hai na..

Phir ham sub kuch dicide kar diya or Friday Yani Kal ka Program Pakka Kar diya or ek dusre ok by keh kar apne-apne ghar chale gaye. Ghar phoch kar mene dekha ki Poonam kisi se Phone par baat kar rahe thi.. Sayad Mahesh Ka hi Phone Tha. Mene bhi Shalu ko Phone Karke sab plane Bata diya. Phone khatam karke jaise hi me kamre se bhahar aya to Poonam mili Or Muje dekh Ke Sharma Gai or kuch boli Mahi or chali gai...

Agle din sham ko Mene ghar walo ko bata diya ki meri Picnic hai or Family ke members bhi AAsakte hai to Me Poonam Ko Apne sath Le Jaou agar wo aana chahe to. Maa ne bola me use puch lungi Bad me Maa ne Poonam ko Pucha to who Ready Ho gai. Or Ham Sham Ko Ghar se Nikal Gaye. Me Shalu ko Lene Uske ghar ke pas chala Gaya Or Poonam Mahesh Ka Wait karne lagi thi.

Me Aap logo ko bata na hi bhul gaya ke Poonam ne Aaj Ek Mast Dress Pehni Thi Or Who Usme Khafi Sexy Lag Rahi Thi. Me Shalu Ka wait kar raha tha ki Itne me Shalu Waha Aa gayi Kya Kamal Lag Rahi thi Who White Top Or Blue Jeans Me Ek Dam Fataka Lag rahi thi. Me shalu ko le kar farm house phoch gaya waha Mahesh Aachuka tha mene uski gadi dekhi. Me Plan ke mutabik Shalu ko le kar Dusre Kamre me Phoch Gaya.

Andar ja kar me ne Mahesh ko Phone Kiya Or usne bataya ki who or Poonam Kamre me Hai Mene bhi use bataya ki me or shalu bhi aa gaye he.karib 6.30 baje ham vaha pohche the or Mahesh ne bataya ki 8.00 baje who bahar drawing room me mera wait kare ga tab tak ke liye koi ek dusre ko phone nahi kare ga.
Me:- Shalu Chalo Plan to Kamyab ho gaya na. Apni bhi problem khatam or unko bhi Koi tension nahi.

Shalu:- Ha Amit muje waha cabin parlour me nahi maja ata tha par kya karu. Haa par ab thik ho gaya.
Me :- Chalo To phir Apne Husn ke jalwe de do muje meri jaan.
Shalu :- Lelo Tume jo chahiye?

zye sun kar me to use kich liya or use kissing karna start kar diya bad me me ne uske boob top ke upper se hi daba ne laga or ek hath se uski paint ka butten or zip khol diya. or uski jeans niche sarak gayi. Badme mene uske top ko bhi nikal diya or uske jeans ko bhi sarir se alag kar diya. Ab Shalu mere samne Sirf White Bra Or White Panty Me Thi. Ye dekh kar main tut padaShalu ki bra ke uper se hi uski uske boobs ko dabne aur chusne laga wo bhi aanhe bharne lagi oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aur jor se dabo kha jao mere doodh ko mai pagal ki tarah doodh ko chus raha tha. maine bra ko doodh ke uper se hata diya per khola nahi kyunki mujhe larki kuch kapro mai achhi lagti hai phir maine uski chut per hath lagaya wo gili thi.

Main to Panty Sehi choot ka anubhav kar diwana ho gaya uski panty ke upper se hi choot ko chum ne laga tha. Bad me Mene uski Panty Khol di Aur uski chut ka ras pine laga use chatne laga or who chilane lagi wo pagal ho rahi thi aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh mai mar jaungiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaj chod do mujhe larki se randi bana do. Mai lagbhag 15 min uski chut chuse ke bad apne pent utara or Apna Lund Use Ke hath me de diya or Shalu use bade pyar se sahlane lagi or thodi der me usne mere lund ko apne muh me le liya or chus ne lagi. Or mene uski Bra ko Khol Diya Or uske Boobs Daba ne Laga Tha Hum 69pos me the. 15 min ke bad mene Shalu ko bed pe lita diya or uske pair faila ke Lund Uski Chut pe Rakh Diya Or ek Jatke me thoda andar kar diya.

Fir me thoda niche aa gaya aur unka ek breast muh me le liya aur nipple chuss ne laga dusre haath me dusra breast tha jo me jorr jorr se daba rha tha aur wo seeskiya le rhi thi aaahhhhhhh.....ufffff...aahhmmmmm...thodi der tak Shalu ke boobs ko chuste rahe ne ke bad mene fir ek hath se apne lund ko pakad kar Shalu ke bur par ragdne laga. Shalu apne lips ko apne danto se dabaye hue thi aur siskariya le rahi thi mene apne lund ko pakadte hue ek dhakka diya Shalu thodi piche ki taraf ho gayi mene ek aur jhatka diya Shalu thoda aur piche ho gayi aur Shalu ke muh se chikh Nikal padi mai thoda ruk gaye aur Shalu ke galo ko pakad liya aur dhire dhire kiss karne lage jub maine niche ke taraf dekha toh mera pura lund Shalu ke bur me sama gaya tha.

Shalu ke boobs aage piche hil rahe theor who aaaaaa offff ouhhhh maaaa maa sssseee naaaaaa maaa kar rahi thi mene apne ek hath niche ke taraf le jate hue Shalu ke bur ke uppar vale hisse ko ragada aur shalu ko dhire dhire chod raha the who buri tarah se sisikariya le rahi thi pure room me shalu ki siskariya aur bed ke hilne ki awaz aa rahi thi.
Shalu boli ki aahhh chod do muje fad do meri choot ko! Aur jyada pura ka pura do muje! Aahhh aoohh yeee! mene apni speed bada di thodi der me hi who jad gayi me abhi nahi jada tha to mene apni speed per strock chalu rakhe. me Use jor se chodne laga mai apne end pe ponch ne wala tha kafi jhatko k bad mera virya nikal or mene sara ka sara SHALU ki Chut Me Bhar Diya.

Thodi Der hum yuhi pade rahe or Me utha or time dekha to 7.50 baje the to me bathroom me jaa kar vapis aya or night dress pahan liya tha or Shalu Ko bata ke bahar jaa raha tha " SHALU ha ek baat or bathroom ek hi hai farm house ke dono kamre me to tumhe jab jana hoga to jara dhyan rakhna kahi koi andar na ho Mahesh Ke room me bhi Hai is Bathroom ka Darvaja"

Shalu :- Tum Jao me thodi der bad aaram karke bahar aaoungi thik hai ok.

Me Bahar aa gaya or ek cigrate jala li or Mahesh Ka Wait kar ne laga karib 5 min ke bad Mahesh Aa gaya or bola "La de 1 Cig muje bhi" Teri Behan Ne thaka diya muje . Me ne bhi Kaha ki "Ha yaar Shalu ni bhi Thaka diya Muje. Sali Ladkiya Nahi Thakti Chahe kitna bhi choda unko." Ye Sun Kar Mahesh bola "Tu Dekh Aaj Me Poonam Ko Raat bar me Thaka Dunga" Or Haa Mene Poonam Ko Do-Tin Nighty Di Hai To tu Shalu ko Bol dena ki who use jo pasand aye le le or Nighty Pehan Kar Hi wapis Drawwing room me aye.
Mahesh :- Tu use bol kar aa or haa darwaja uper se band kar dena taki who bahar na aa paye.

Me :- Thik He abhi ata hu.
Mahesh :- Aaa gaya bol diya na sab kuch samja diya na.
Me :- Thodi der bad hum tv Dekh Rahe The To Mene Mahesh Ko kaha ki CCTV Camera Hai idhar to usme record nahi hota na.
Mahesh :- Nahi Sirf Dikay deta hai. Abe Tu dekh to nahi raha tha na?
Me :- Nahi Nahi Yaar. Par Pichli Baar Jab Tu Or Poonam Aye the yaha tab mene Sab Dekha Tha.
Mahesh :- Juth Mat Bol Chal Ja ja .....

Me :- Sach Me Dekha tha Poonam Ko Tune Who Yellow Colour ki..............
Mahesh :- Are Lode Apni Behan Ko Dekh Liya Tune.
Me :- Ha Usme Kya baat Hai Chalta hai yaar... Tuje Koi Problem hoga to nahi me abhi meri Shalu Ko Camera Ma dekhu to?
Mahesh :- Muje Koi problem to nahi hai par mai kaha jao yaar.....

Me :- Jana Khaha ye tu bhi yahi beth muje koi problem nahi hai. Ye Keh ke mene Tv par Mere Room Ka Camera on Kar diya. Shalu Sirf Bra OR Panty Me thi or Aram se bed per leti hui thi.

Mahesh :- Mere room ka bhi chalu kar me bhi to dekhu yaar Poonam Kya Kar rahi Hai.

Mene uske kamre ka bhi chalu kar diya Poonam bhi Bra Or Panty me Thi or kuch kar rahi thi ki acahanak who bathroom me chali gai Or Shalu Bhi Uth Ke bath room me jane lagi Tabhi Mahesh Bola " Yaar Jaldi Bathroom Ka Camera ON Kar dekhe to sahi who dono kya karti hai" Mene bathroom ka camera ON kar diya Or dikha ke Shalu Bathroom Me ate hi Poonam Ko dekh Kar Sarma Gai Or who Bhi Shalu Ko dekh Kar sharma gai Bad me un dono ko ehsas Huva ki undono ko sab pata hai. Shalu Poonam Se Boli

Shalu :- Poonam Sarmav mat muje sab pata hai muje bhi tume dekh ke pehle aisa laga tha.
Poonam :- Ha tum Sach Keh Rahi Ho Sarmana kya. waise tum ho bahut sexy mere bhaiya ki to aish ha tere sath.
Shalu :- Thanks par tu bhi bahut fataka lagti ho mere bhaiya ko bhi maje karvati hogi lagta hai..
Poonam :- Haa Maje to karvati hu aur khud bhi karti hu tere bhai ka lund 8inch lamba or 1.5inch Choda hai So muje bhi maje milte hai. Mahesh Muje Bahut Pyar Deta hai Or Khub Chod Ta bhi Hai.

Shalu :- Tere Bhai Ka Lund bhi 9inch lamba or 1inch Choda hai or Muje Khub Acche se chod ta hai who.
Yeh Sun Kar Hum Dono Bahut Khus Ho Gaye ki Hamari Raniya hum se Khus to hai. Aur ek-dusre ko dekh ke muskura uthe. Or dekh Rahe the kya karti He Who dono Age Unhone Apne Apne Kapde Utare or bilkul Nangi Ho Gai. Aur Pool Me Chali Gai Mahesh Bola "Ke Yaar Shalu Ke Boobs Thode Chote hai Par uski chut bahut chikni lagti hai. Aur Who Poonam Se Thodi Gori Bhi Hai.Poonam Se Thodi Patli Bhi Hai. Muje Aise Ladikiya Chod Ne Me Bahut Maza Ata Hai."
Me :- " Kya tune Kitni Ladkyo ko choda hai Mahesh"

Mahesh :- " Sirf Poonam Ko Hi Choda hai Aur Koi Pati Hi nahi Muje Shalu Jaise Koi Ladki Ko Chodna Hai Amit" Tune Kitni Ladkiyo Ko choda Hai?
Me:- " Sirf SHALU ko Hi Muje Bhi Poonam Jaise Koi Bade-bade Boobs Wali Or Badi-Badi Gand Wali Or ha muje yaar thodi kali ladkiya pasand hai kyu ki who thodi sexy lagti hai muje gori se or ha jange bhi Moti Honi Chahiye Poonam Ki Jaise."

unseen , exclusive
all new bollywood fakes

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Mahesh :- Kamal Hai Yaar Dono Ko Ek-Dusre Ki Pasand Hai Par Kya Kare Behane hai varna aaj hi chod dalte kya kehta hai.....

Me :- Ha yaar tu sach kehta hai Behne nahi hoti to me Poonam Ko aaj hi chod dalta. or tujse Shalu ko bhi Chudva deta.

itne me hi Camera me Yani TV me se Poonam ki Awaz Aayi ki Shalu Aaja mere pass me tuje thoda ragad ke saaf kar deti Hu. Aur Shalu Poonam Ke pass pool me chali Ayi Or dono ek-dusre ke jism Se Khel Ne lage. Acanak Poonam chiki UUUUUIiiiiiiiiii MMMMaaaaaaaaa Kya Kar Rahi Ho Shalu. Shalu ne sayad Poonam Ki Chut Me Ungli Dal Di thi Or Ungli Hila Rahi Thi. Shalu ne Poonam Ko Pucha ki

Shalu :- Poonam Kya Mere Bhaiya Ka Hi Lund Liya Hai Ya Phir.....Koi Aur Ne bhi Tumhari Savari Kyi Hai...Sach Sach Batana......
Poonam :- Ha Kyi Hai....Par kisi ko batana nahi.

Yeh Sun Ke Mahesh Bhadka Or Bola " Sali Randi Muje Bol Rahi Thi Ki Tumhara EK ka Lund Liya Hai Aaj Tak kisise nahi chudi Or abhi bata ti hai ki Chudi Hai kisi or se sali randi" Me Mahesh Ko Gali To Mat de Yaar.

Poonam :- Shalu Tune Bhi 1 hi lund ki savari ki he ya fir koi or lund ka swad chaka hai?

Shalu :- Chaka hai Poonam. Hamare College me 2 ladko se chudi hu. par kuch maza nahi ata un dono ka lund tere bhaiya jitna lamba nahi hai Aur who Jaldi Jad Jate the dono so me ab unse nahi chud ti par kabhi kabhi koi lund na mile to un dono mese kisi ko bula leti hu.

Yeh Sun Kar Me bhi Bhadak Gaya or Bola " Randi Bahut sarif banti hai chudte samay to bahut nakhre dikhati hai sali kisi se nahi chudi me" Sach Me Tu Sahi Bol Raha Tha Sali Dono Ki Dono Bilkul Randiya Hai Yaar.

Shalu :- Poonam Tu Kitne Lundo Se chudi Hai?

Poonam :- Ek ladka hai Collage me Usse Chudi thi Pehli Bar Par Usme Kuch Dam Nahi Hai tere Vala jaisa hai Samji Ki nahi. Ha Hamari Colony Me Or Ek Ladka Hai ROHIT us se Chud ti hu Who Kafi Acha Chodta hai Or Uska Lund bhi 10"inch Lamba Or 2"inch Pohda Hai Chut ki andar tak jata hai or thokar mar ta hai andar tak. bada acha chod ta hai rohit me to abi bhi kai bar rohit se chudvati hu. Or Ek Uska Dosk Vijay Se Bhi Chudi Hu Par Who Thik Hal.

Shalu :- Muje Bhi Koi Naya Lund Dilwa dene Pleaseeeeeeee.......

Poonam :- Ha Ha Kyu Nahi Phir Diside Karege Thik Hai.

Mahesh :- Sali Dono Randiya kitne lundo se chudi hai or hum undono ko sarif samaj rahe the Sali Ko aaj dono ko aise chode ge ke chut fad dege kyu?

Me:- Ha Sach Me Muje to Viswas Nahi Ho Raha Hai Ki Meri Behan Us Rohit Se Chudi Hai Or Vijay Se Bhi Chudi Hai. Or Ek Ka to Naam Bhi Bhul Gayi Hai Chud ke. Sali Kutiya.

Who dono Aab Naha ke Apne Apne Kamre Me Chali Gayi thi Or Hamne Camera Bandh Kar Diya Tha Aur Mahesh Mujse Bola " Sale Hum Yaha Ladkiya Dund Rahe He Chod Ne ke liye Or Ye dono kisi Aur Londo Se Chud Rahi Hai Kyu Na Amit Ham Apni Behno Ko Hi Badal Kar Chudai Karte Hai Kya Khayal Hai Tera.

ME:- khayal to accha hai tera muje bhi Apni pasand ki Poonam Jesi Ladki Chod Ne ko Mil Jaye Gi Or Tuje Bhi Shalu Jaise Teri Pasand ki Ladki Chodne Ko Mil Jayegi. Par Kya Who Manegi kya apne bhaiyo se chudwane ko.

Mahesh :- Hum Try To Kar Sakte hai na Man Gai To Lottery Lag Gaye Or Nahi Mani To Apni Apni Ko Chod Ke Kam Chala Lenge. Me kuch Plan Soch Ta Hu Ki Kesi Dono Chuto ko Apne Lund Pe Baithaya jaye.

Me:- Soch Kuch Accha Plan Mera To Lund Khada Ho gaya Poonam Ka Naam Soch Ke Hi...

Mahesh :- Sale Harami Ha ha ha ha Waise Mera bhi Khada Ho gaya Hai Shalu Ko chod Ne ke Vichar se hi.....ha ha ha ha.........

Thodi hi Der Me Dono Rooms Knock Hu e Or Hum Dono Ne Rooms Khol di Aur Vapis Jake Alag Alag Sofe Pe Baith Gaye..... Thodi He Der Me Shalu Bahar Aa gayi Usne Ek Mast Net Ki Red Colour Ki Nighty Gutno Se Nichi Pairo Tak Ki Pahen Ke aa Gayi Uski Uper Nighty Me gala Khula Huva Tha ek Red Rose Chipka Huva tha Bich Me Dono Boobs Ke. Nighty Ek Dam Se Patli thi So Uski Figure Dikai De Rahe The.

Shalu bahar Ate hi Toda sarma rahi thi ku ki uska bhai tha us Room Me. Mene uski thodi Saram bulane ke liye use Khada ho ke aage bad kar lene gaya or uska ek Hath Pakad ker Mere Sofe Per La Aaya or baitha diya. Who Abhi bhi Sar jukaye baithi thi. itne mei Poonam Room se bahar Ayi Kya Maal Lag rahi Thi Me to Shalu ko Chod Ke uski Or Ghur ne Laga tha.
Poonam ne Ek Nighty Pehan rakhi thi Gutno se todi upper, Uske Pair Saaf dikai de rahe the. Or Who Nighty Single Pic ki thi Shalu Ki nighty Sayad Two Pic Me hogi. Poonam ki Nighty Ka colour Yellow tha or Gala Ek Dam Se Khula Huva tha. mera to lund khada ho gaya tha.

Mahesh ne use apne pas bith liya or ab Shalu Bhi thoda kam Sarma Rahi Thi kyuki Poonam Bhi Aa gayi thi na es vaja se. Thodi der bad Mahesh ne Poonam Ko Pucha Ki kya Khyagi Who to Poonam ne bataya ki kuch bhi jo use pasand ho who. Mahesh Ne Pucha Ki bear Me Company Dogi Kya to Poonam Ne Sarmake Apna Sar Haa me Hila Diya.

Me ne bhi Shalu se puch liya to usne bhi Poonam ki tarah keh diya or sar haa me hila diya. Phir Hum Dono Uthe Or Freze Se Do Bottel Bear Or Kuch Snacks Or 4 Glass Le ke Aye. Aur Bottel Mahesh Ne Poonam Ko de Di Aur Snack Mene Shalu ko de di.Shalu Snacks Nikal ne Lagi To uske khule gale vali nighty se uske chote-chote boobs ke ubhar dikh gaye or mahesh use bade pyar se dekhe jaa raha tha. itne me Poonam ne Bottele kholi or Glass Ko bharne lagi to muje uski choti nighty se uski jange dikh ne lagi. mera to lund khada ho gaya. Phir sab ne ek-ek glass uta ke cheers kiya or bear pine lage. Sab pe thoda thoda nasha chane laga tha aur sab apne apne nashe me the.

Mahesh Ne muje Isharara kiya ki me start kar du or who bhi start kar dega badme. Me Uska Ishara samaj gaya aur thodi der me mene Shalu ko Apni Taraf kich liya Usne bhi Bear Khatam Kar di Thi Par Poonam Abhi Bhi Pee Rahi thi to Mene Shalu ko kissing karna chalu kar diya to who mujse dur ho rahi thi sayad sarma rahi thi Mahesh Se. Mene uske kano me Kaha "Sarmao mat meri Jaan Aaj Hum Sab sath hi hai to tum Sarmao mat or co-oprate karo meri rani." Who Mujse Boli "Bhaiya Hai Yaha Nahi" Mene Usko Kaha "Tere bhaiya kya yaha baith ke dekh ne nahi aaye hai" itne me hi Mahesh Ne Poonam Ko Apni Goodi me bitha liya or usko Kissing karna start Kar diya. Shalu ne bhi ab ye dekh ke mujse kissing karna start kar diya tha.

Thodi Der Kissing karne ke bad mene Shalu Ko Uthaya apni good me aur usko leke Mahesh ke kamre me jane laga. tabhi Plan Ki mutabik Light Off Ho gayi or Mahesh Ne muje kaha ke jab tak light nahi ati tab tak ham charo ek hi kamre me rehte hai. taki kisi ko koi problem ho to ek dusre ki madad kar sake.

Mene Shalu ko Mahesh Ke Kamre me le gaya or Waha Jake Bed Per Ek Side Patak diya.Mahesh bhi ab tak Poonam ko leke room me aa gaya tha aur Poonam ko dusri side par sula ker uspe chad gaya or kissing karne lag gaya tha. me bhi Shalu ko kissing kar raha tha or uske boobs daba raha tha. Aur Who Dono Badbadane lage thi ki ahhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh gayiiiiiiii ahhhhhh shhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhh.....ahhhhh weimaaaaa dono ki Awaze room me gunj rahi thi or achanak light on ho gayi par kamre me Mahesh ne janbuj kar night lamp hi on rakha tha to uski dundli roshni me thodi si jalak ek-dusre ki dikhay de rahi thi.

Dono Ek Sath Bol Padi" Chalo Apne Kamre me" Aur Phir kuch nahi boli par dono ko hasi ayi so is ka moka dekh me ne Shalu ko Kaha Aaj yaha sath me hi Maje Karte He Tumhe Koi Problem ho nahi hain na. To usne thoda socha or phir bole ki "Agar Poonam Ko Koi Problem nahi hai to muje bhi koi Problem nahi hoga". Ye Sun Kar Mahesh Ne Poonam Ko Pucha "Tumne Suna Janemaan". Poonam ne replay diya ki "Shalu koi Aapati nahi hai to muje kyu hogi".

Ye Sun Kar Ham Ne dono Ko Phir se Daboch Liya or tut pade unpar. Me Utha or kamre ki light jala di or kaha ki Andere Me Maze Nahi Ayenge utne. Sab ne mera sath diya or vapis sab ek dusre ko lipat gaye. Mahesh Ne Poonam Ki Nighty Ko thoda upper Utha ke uske Jange Sahla na suru kar diya tha. Mene bhi Shalu Ke Boobs Adhe Nange Kar diye the or use upper se hi chus raha tha.

Poonam Ke Or Shalu ke hath ek-dusre se takra gaye or dono ne ek-dusre ka hath pakad liya or Aapas me smile pass ki. ye dekh hume aur khushi hone lagi ki hammara plan kamyab hota chala jata tha.

Mene Shalu ki Nighty Nikal Di Or Khud Bhi Underwear me Aa gaya. Shalu aab thodi sarma rahi thi. udhar Mahesh ne bhi Poonam Ki Nighty Nikal Faiki Or Khud Bhi Underwear me Aa gaya. Poonam Ne Ek bahut hi sexy Bra Or Panty light Green Colour ki Pehni Huyi thi. Or Shalu ne Light Blue Colour ki Bra Or Panty Pehni thi. Mahesh to Shalu ko dekta hi reh gaya. or me Poonam ko Dekh Raha tha.

Poonam ne muje use goorte huye dekha or me ne uski ankho me dekha to usne ek sexy smile di muje. Mahesh Or shalu bhi ek dusre ko dekh ke musura rahe the. Phir Mene shalu ke Boobs uski bra ke upper se hi chus na suru kar diya Aur Mahesh Ne Poonam ko ek jor dar lipp kiss kar di. Poonam ki ankhe yahi dekh rahi thi ki me Shalu Ke boobs Kese Chusta Tha. Aur Shalu Bhi Dekh rahi thi ki Mahesh Kesi Poonam ko lipp kiss kar raha hai.

Mahesh Ne Poonam Ko Pucha Ki " Poonam Kya Tum Aaj Kuch Naya Maza Karna Chahti ho Kya".

POONAM :- Ha Maza Aye to Kuch Naya Karege Par Tumahri bat me samji Nahi Mahesh Abi to Muje Maza Aa hi raha he Shalu Ke Sath Ek Hi Bistar Par Tum Se Sex Karne Me. Haa Agar Aur Koi jyada Maza De Sakte ho tum"

Ye Sun Kar Mene( AMIT) apna ek Hath Poonam Ki jango par rakh diya or use Sehlane Laga Poonam ne Iska Virod Nahi Kiya or Smile di muje sirf. Ye Dekh Kar Mahesh Ne Bhi Apna Ek Hath Shalu Ke Pet Par Rak Diya Or Sahla ne Laga. Ye Dekh Shalu Ne bhi Mahesh ko ek smill de di. Yeh Dekh Kar Hamko Laga ke Hamri Behne Hamse Chudva Hi Lengi or Phir Mahesh Ne Apni Aduri Baat Ko Age Bada Diya.

MAHESH :- Poonam Tumhe Kesa Lund Pasand Hai Batao to jara.
Poonam :- Jada Lamba Na ho chale ga par. tagda hona chaiye. taki me meri chut me us lund ko pura mehsus kar saku.
Mahesh :- Shalu Tumhe Kaisa Lund Chaiye Bolo......
Amit (me ) :- Bolo bolo Salu batao na ab sarma na kesa.
Shalu :- Dire se Lamba Hona Chaiye.......

Mahesh :- Ab dekho Muje chote-chote boobs wali, gori or patli ladki pasand hai OR Amit Ko Bade-Bade Boobs Wali, thodi Savli or Moti Gand Wali Ladki Pasand Hai. Aur Ha Mera Lund Amit Ke Lund Se Lamba Bhi Hai OR Amit Ka Lund Mere Lund Se Kafi Tagda Hai tooooooo.......

Koi Kuch Nahi Bola Par Sab Samaj Gaye The Ki Mahesh Kya Kehna Chahta tha. Mene Shalu Se Puch Ke......

Amit ( me ):- Shalu Kya Tumhe Lamba Lund Chayiye Abhi ise Wakt Or Ise Bistar Par?????
Shalu Kuch Nahi Boli Or Poonam Ki Aur Dekh Rahi Thi Tabhi Mahesh Bola
Mahesh :- Poonam Kya Tumhe Tagda Or Mota Lund Chayiye Abhi ise Wakt Or Ise Bistar Par?????
Dono Kuch Bol Nahi Rahi Thi Achanak Shalu ne Dire se bola. "" Agar Poonam Mota Or Tagda Lund Leti Hai To Muje Bhi Koi Pareshani Nahi Hai......

Yeh Sun Kar Poonam Bhi Bol Uthi Ki ""Shalu Agar Lambe Lund Se Maze Kare Gi To Muje Bhi Tagda Lund Chayiye Abi Is Wakt Or Yahi Bistar Par.""

Yeh Sun Kar Ham Dono Ne Apni Apni Chaddi Utar Di Aur Lund To Pehle Se Hi Tane Huye Tha. Hamare tane huye Lund Dekh Kar Un dono Ki Anke Fati Ki Fati Reh Gaye.
Mehash :- Chal Amit Teri Behan Poonam Ko Tagda or Mota Land De De. Aja Chal Bechari Kab Se Tadap Rahi He Mote Lund Ke Liya Buja de Uski Pyas.

Amit ( me ) :- Tu Bhi Aja Aj Buja De Apni Behan Shalu Ki Pyas Apne Lambe Lund Se.

Ye Keh Ke Ham Dono Bed Se Niche Utare Or Apni Apni Side Badla Rahe The Or Poonam Or Shalu Bhi Man Hi Man Khus Ho Rahi Thi Or Ek Dusre ek Hath Pakad rakhe the.
Mene Jate Hi Poonam Muje Dekh Muskura Uthi Or Mere Mote Lund Ko Dekh Ke Man Hi Man Khus Ho Rahi Thi. Mene Use Jate Hi Uske Gal Pe Ek Chuma Diya Or Uske Lipss Ko Chu Liya. Who Tho Thara Uthi Mano Koi Current Laga Ho Use. Phir Mene Use Ek Lipp Kiis Ki. Udhar Mahesh Ne Bhi Shalu Ko kiss karna start kar diya tha.

Mahesh :- Poonam Kya Tum Chahti ho na ki Amit Tumari Chut Me Apna Mota OR Tagda Lund Pele. Tum Khus To Ho Na Meri Jaan.

Amit ( me ) :- Shalu Tum bhi Mahesh Ke Lambe Lund Se Chudwa Na Chati Ho na. Tum Par Koi Jor Jabardasti nahi hai......bolo....

POONAM :- Ha Mahesh Muje Aaj Ek Mota Lund Chayita Who Chahe kisi ka bhi ho. Me Apni Chut Me Dalva lungi. Aur Ha Me to bahut Khus Hu ki Meri Chut Aaj Apne Hi Bhai Se Chudwane jaa rahe hai.

Shalu :- Aaj Muje Koi Bhi Chode Muje Koi Fark Nahi Padta Amit Ya phir Mahesh Muje To bas Apni is Chut Me Lambe Lund Ki Thokre Chayiye.

Yeh Sun Kar Hamare To Lund Fule Nahi Samate Mene Poonam Ko Apni Baho Me bhar Liya Or Uski Chut par mera Lund Aa gaya tha. Muje Uski Chut Ki Garmi Saf Mehsus Ho Rahi Thi. Mene Uski Bra Ko Khol Diya Aur Mere Samne Uske Bade-Bade Boobs Bilkul Nange Jull Rahe The. Mene Use Tham Liya Aur Use Chus Ne laga.

Mahesh Ne Bhi Shalu Ki Bra Ko Khol Diya Tha Or Uske Boobs Chus Raha Tha Or Uski Panty Me Ek Hath Se uski Chut Ko Sehla raha Tha thodi der me Mahesh Ne Shalu ke boobs Chod kar uski panty ke pas chala gaya or uske upper se hi use chum ne laga or dhire dhire Panty ko niche sarka diya. Shalu Ki chut Par Thode Thode Bal The Mano 4-5din Pehle Hi save Ki Ho. Mahesh to Uski Gori Chut Dekh Kar Diwana ban Gaya Or Uski Chut Ko Chat Ne Laga Or Chum Ne Laga Uski Chut Ko.

Me Bhi Ab Poonam Ke Pet Par tha Aur Us Ke Pet Ko chum Raha Tha Or Thoda Niche Utra Par Mene Pehle Uski Jango Ko Chuma or who To Siskiya lene lagi thi Aaaaaaaa.......EEEEeeeeeeeee....,,,,,,......,,,,UUUUUUUIiiiiiii........mmmmmmaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,Kar Rahi Thi. Mene Uski Green Colour Ki Panty Ko Niche Sarka diya Aur Uski Tang Ko Failate Huye Uski Chut Ko Chat Ta raha... Ab Ham Charo Ek Hi Bistar Par Pure Nange The Aur Ek Dusre Me Kho Gaye The.

Mahesh Ne Ab Shalu Ko Chit Leta Ke Uski Chut Par Lund Ragadta Jaa Raha Tha Aur Shalu Bhi Apni chuncheon ko ragad Rahi Thi Apne Hatho Se. Mahesh Bola :- " Shalu Taiyyar Hona Na Mera Lund Apni Garm Chut Me Lene Ke Liye". Shalu Boli :- Haa Dal Do Bhayyiya Meri Chut Bilkul Taiyyar Hai".Aur Mahesh Ne phir apana lund Shalu Ki kulabulati hui chut main lagaya aur ek hi dhakke ke saath apna lund Shalu ki choot ke anadar ghussa diya. Aur Tezi Se Ushe Chod Raha Tha.

Mene Bhi Poonam Ki Chut Pe Lund Rakha Or Bola " Poonam Meri Rani Dal Du Na Teri Chut Me Mere Lund". Poonam :- "Haa Baiyya Jaldi Dalo Na Ab Raha Nahi Jata" Aur Ek Jatka Mara To Adha Lund Uski Chut Me Chala Gaya. Phir Dusre Jatke Me Pura Lund Uski Chut Me Andar Kar Diya. Poonam Ne bhi Apni kamar uchka kar Mera pura ka pura lund apni choot me dalwa liya. Jitna tezee se Me apna Lund Poonam ki Choot me ghuserta Tha Utni hi tezee se Poonam bhi apni kamar uchhal kar kar Mera lund apni chut me le rahi thee. Poonam ek nayaa Lund apani chut me dalwa kar bahut khush thi aur khoob maze se Mera lund apni choot me pilwa rahi thee. Me bhi Poonam ki Moti-Moti chuncheon ko apne dono haathon se masalte Huye Use chod raha tha.

Mai bar bar Mahesh ke Lambe Lund ko Shalu ki choot me jata hua dekh raha tha. Kamare me sirfh humari chudai ki awaz gunj rahi thee. Shalu apni choot me Ranjit ka lund pilwate hue har dhakke ke saath Ohh! Ohh! Ahh! Ahh! Kar rahi thee aur bol rahi thee, "Hai Mahesh Bhaiyya kya mast chod rahe ho, Aur jor jor se chodo mujhe, Bahut dino ke bad Aaj meri kayde se chudai ho rahi hai. Hai kya lund hai tumhara Bhayyiya". "Meri Chut lag raha hai aaj fhat hi jayegee. Tum rukna mat, mujhe aaj khoob chodo. Chod chod kar meri Chut ka Bhosra bana do".

Mahesh bhi Shalu ki Choti-Choti Chunchee dabate hue apni kamar utha-utha kar Jor-Jor Se Shalu ko chod raha tha aur Bol raha tha "Hai meri chuddakar Rani Behna, Aaj tak tune Amit ka lund Liya hai, Aaj tujhe mai apne lund se chod-chod kar teri Chut ka Bend-baja dunga. Aaj teri choot ki khair nahi." "Shalu Tu Abse Sirf Mere Hi Lund Ki Diwani Ho Jayegi, Teri Chut Jab Bhi Lund Mangegi Mera Hi Lund Hoga Usme Me Meri Randi Shalu".

Idhar Me Bhi Poonam Ko chodte chodte hue bol raha tha, ""Hai meri Poonam, Tum Itne din kyon nahi mujhse chudi. Aaj teri chut dekh mai kaise chodta hoon. Teri chut mere lund ke liye bani hui hai. Aaj ke bad tu sirf mujhse chudwagee Samji Meri Chudakad Behna"". Le Le mere Lund Meri Poonam Rani le mere Lund ki Thokar kha apni Chut ke andar. Maza aa Gaya ki nahi Tuje Mujse Chudwa Ke Meri Jaan, Bol na Bol, kuchh to Bol.........

Poonam :- Ha Mere Raja Bhaiyya Bahut Maza Aa raha Hai Tumse Chudwane Me. Bahut Mast Chodte Ho Tum Apni Behan Ko, Muje Pehle Pata Hota To Me Kab Ki Tumse Chudwa Leti, Haaaaaiiiiiii Kya Lund Hai Tumahara. Bahut anand dete Ho Tum meri Chut ko Haaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aur Jor-Jor Se Choda Na Bhaiyya.. Aahhhhh Aaaahhhhhh UUUUiiiiiii MMMMaaaaaaaaaa OOOOOhhhhhhhh Kya Lund Haiiiiiiiiii.Pure Kamre Me Bas Hamari Aawaje Gunj Rahi Thi Thap-Thap-Thap-Thap-Thap. Aaaahhhhhh-Aaahhhhhhhhhhh- UUUiiiiiiiiii-UUUUiiiiiiiii. Sab Madhosh The Apni Apni Chudai Me.

Mene Poonam Ko Chodna band kar diya aur Apna Lund Uski Chut se Nikal kar ke Use Bed par se Uthne ke liye bola. Jaise hi Poonam Bed par se uthee to Mene Poonam Ki Jagah par let gaya aur Use Apne ooper kheench Liya Aur Usko Mere Upper Chad Kar Chodne ke liye bola. Poonam to Bahut HOT thee To Usne Apni Tange Failayi Or Mere Uper Chali Ayi.Aur Mene Uski kamar ke dono taraf apne haathon ko rakh Diya.To Usne Mere Lund ko apne haatho se Pakad karke uske Supare par ek chumma diya aur Mere Upper char gayee aur Apne haathon se Lund pakar ke apni Chut ke Ched Pe Bhira Diyaa.. Mene bhi Neeche Se Poonam Ki Dono Chuncheon ko apne haathon se pakar kar usko dabate hue Neeche Se apni kamar utha kar ke Apna Lund Uski Chut ke andar dal diya.

Mene Poonam ke Niche Se Apna Lund ko Uski Chut me Dalte huee Dekhee ki Mahesh ne bhi Shalu ki Chut Marne ka Aasan Badal Diya hai. Aur wo ab Shalu ko Ghori bana Ne ke liye keh raha hai. Uske bad Mahesh Ne Shalu ke Chote-Chote Chuncheon ko pakada Aur use pichhe se chodna shuru kar diya. Shalu bhi Ghori ban kar Mahesh ke dhakkon ka jawab dene lagi thi. Aur Badbada ne Lagi Thi AAhhhhhhhh Mahesh Baiyya Aaaaaaa Chodo Muje AaaUUUUUUUiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Aaaaaaaaa Or Jor SeeeeeeeeeeUUUiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii............Kar Rahi Thi.

Thodi Hi Der Me Jadne Wala Tha To Mene Poonam Ko Kas Kar Pakad Liya Or Usko Jordar Dhako Ke Sath Chodne Laga. Poonam Bhi Mere Upper Baithe Bade Maze Se Thap-Thap Ke Ucchal Rahi The.Aur Mene Ek Jordar Shot Mara Aur Lund Poonam Ki Chut Ki Gahraiyo Me Chala Gaya Or Virya Uski Chut Me Bhar Gaya. Poonam Ki Chut Ne Bhi Apna Pani Chod Diya Tha. Aur Who Mere Sine Par Gir Gayee.

Mahesh Ne Bhi Jhad te samay Shalu Ko apne se chipka liya aur Apna Lund jar tak uski Chut me ghusa kar apna pura ka pura mall Shalu ki choot ki Gharai me chod diya. Shalu Ki Chut Ne Bhi Apna Pani Nikal Diya.

Apni Is Chudai Se Hum Sab Log Thoda Thak Chuke The To Thodi Der Yuhi Bed Par Lete Rahe. Or Apni-Apni Behno Ke Nange Jism Ko Sahlate Rahe. Ye Story yahi Khatam Nahi Hoti But Me Age Ki story Next Part Me Sunauga Dosto. CONT............................................

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Mast Kahani Bhai bahan ka pyaar
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HELLO everyone and my name is Sameer Chatwal

It is the very private affair between me and my elder sister Prerna Chatwal now Prerna Singh. First of all I want to say one thing that I believe as an Indian we can express our feeling better in our national language Hindi rather than in English. So, my story will continue in Hindi sorry for English lover guys and gals.

Yeh baat hai ab se exact 2 saal pehle ki jab main apni B tech finish karke lauta tha mysore se mere parivaar mein meri chhoti behen Swati aur meri maa ke alawa meri badi behen Prerna hi thi, jiski shaadi 6 saal pehle delhi ke ek businessman ke saath ho gayi thi. Mere pitaji ne ladke ka achha business dekh kar meri behen Prerna 21 ki shaadi usse 18 saal bade divorcee businessman 36 se kara di waise to didi bhi bahut khush thi.

Aur sab sahi chal raha tha tabhi mere pitaji ki tabiyat kharaab rehne lagi aur unka dehaant ho gaya uske baad mera aur mere parivaar ka pura khayaal didi-jiju rakhte the. Mere didi-jiju ne hi mujhe b.tech karayi aur campus se placement na hone ke baad unhone mujhe apne paas hi bula liya Delhi mein job search karne ke liye aur upar wale ki meharbaani se meri delhi mein hi job lag gayi, aur waha ka expense dekhte huye main didi ke

Paas hi rehne laga aur wo bhi mujhe bada pyar karte the unhe bhi aaram ho gaya meri wajah se didi ke 2 bachche the jo abhi abhi school jaane lage the. Dheere dheere time beet raha tha..maine notice karna start kiya ki aur to sab sahi hai par didi ki sex life sahi nahi chal rahi wo dono daily sex karte the par 5 minutes se jyada jiju nahi kar paate unki badhti umar ki wajah se didi to abhi 30s mein enter hi huyi thi aur maine suna hai ki aadmi aur aurat

Ko sabse jyada sex ki jarurat isi umar mein hoti hai waise to sab first class tha par is department mein jiju didi ka saath nahi de pa rahe the jiju ab 50s pakadne wale the lekin main kar bhi kya sakta tha. Lekin kuchh dino baad maine apne andar ek change dekha ki mere andar yeh bhavna aa rahi thi ki main didi ki sex life sahi kar du waise to main apne aap ko har baar daant kar is bhavna ko bhaga deta par kya karu baar baar wahi ichha aa rahi thi

Andar fir maine socha chalo try karte hai ki didi ke andar bhi aisi koi bhavna hai kya fir kya tha maine ek full proof plan banaya jiyaji subah school chale jaate the aur bachche school maine office se 2 din ki chhutti le li tabiyat kharaab ka bahana bana kar aur jiju aur bachcho ke jaane ke baad didi se kaha ki meri kamar aur lega dono bahut dard kar rahi hai to agar aap kisi maalis karne wale ko bula sake to bula de par didi ne wahi bola jo main

Chah raha tha ki yaha to koi aisa nahi milega jaldi si kal bula sakti hun maine kaha kal tak to main dard se mar jaunga aur apna teer chala diya ki aap hi kar dijiye na. Didi boli mere ko to aati nahi maalis maine kaha ki main bata deta hun kaise karte hai, pehle main aap ke kar deta hun fir aap waise hi mere kar dena. Didi boli thik hai waise bhi mujhe karani hi thi bahut dino se soch rahi thi aur fatafat kaam nipta kar hum maalis ke liye

Taiyaar ho gaye maine didi ko bed par letne ko kaha didi ne suit pehne tha wo bhi tight maine kaha ki aise kaise maalis hogi aap towel lapet lijiye aur suit utar dijiye didi maan gayi aur fatafat suit utar kar towel lapet aayi fir kya tha mere saamne jaise apsara aa gayi ho didi ki figure to waise bhi masaallah thi towel main to wo kisi porn star se kam nahi lag rahi thi maine unhe ulta letne ko kaha aur kamar par maalis karne laga didi ki

Bare back dekh kar main waise hi madhosh ho raha tha maine tabhi apna dusra teer chala diya aur bola ki didi kewal kamar ki maalis karne se fayda nahi hoga puri body ki maalis ho tabhi fayda hai didi mera ishara samajh gayi aur salwaar bhi utar di ab sirf panty mein mere saamne apsara leti thi maine jhaango se maalis shuru kar di aur dheere dheere panty ke andar haath se maalis karne laga main tabhi bola ki isey bhi kyon pehen rakha


hai mujhse koi sharm hai kya to unhone jhat se panty bhi utar di aur main to dekhte hi madhosh ho gaya meri badi behen puri tarah se naked mere saamne padi thi main apna kaam karta raha aur maalis jaari rakhi didi ko bhi majaa aa raha tha maine unki gaand ke andar bhi maalis start kar di pehle to didi hichkichayi fir mere force karne par maan gayi aur wo bhi jaise madhosh ho chuki thi.

Maine tabhi didi se baato baato mein poocha ki kya wo apni sex life se khush hai aur jawaab wahi aaya jo main soch raha tha nahi maine kaha ki aap chahti hai ki aapki bhi sex life acchi ho unhone bhi jhat se bola haan par wo boli ki aisa kaise ho sakta hai main tumhare jiju ko dokha nahi dena chahti maine kaha dokha dene ko kaun keh raha hai kisi gair mard se rishta banane ki kya jarurat jab ghar mein jawaan mard

Ho aur wo mera ishara samajh gayi par aana kaani karne lagi par maine bhi kuchh na dekha aur didi ke makhmali hothon par apne hoth rakh diye bas fir kya tha didi ne bhi saath dena shuru kar diya didi ne to pehle hi kapde nahi pehne thi aur maine utarne mein der na lagayi didi bhi mera big dick dekh kar hairaan ho gayi par us din to jaise didi pure rang mein thi unhone jam kar maje diye mera lund jam kar chusa fir humne din

Bhar sex kiya kam se kam bhi 4-5 baar didi jiju ke aane par sehmi sehmi si lagi par agle din maine unhe samajhaya ki isme kuchh galat nahi ghar ki baat ghar mein hi hai aur agle din humne fir jam kar nahate huye, kitchen mein alag alag positions mein sex kiya,.maine didi ko khub porn dikhaya aur didi aaj tak mere saath sex life ka pura anand le rahi hai uske baad sab sahi ho gaya sab khush rehne lage.

unseen , exclusive
all new bollywood fakes

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