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Old 4th November 2010
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adujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparazi
In these years many things had happened. My father had built a house. My parents with my sister Meena lived on the ground floor. I lived on the first floor with my family. Yes folks I had married and was a father of a four-year boy Sachin and a sweet daughter Madhuri, just two weeks old. On the second floor there was a barsati (a small room) in which excess furniture and other stuff was stored. The girls i.e. Madhu, Sudha and Lata were also married. My sister Meena was getting married.

You know how much work and arrangements are required in a girl's marriage in our society. As my wife had just had a delivery she was in no shape to do much work. Her hands were full with looking after Madhuri. So it was decided to call Madhu and Sudha to help. Lata, who was also a good friend of my sister, also volunteered to come. All three arrived on the same day, about ten days before the wedding date, though by different trains and directions. They chose to stay with my sister in her room.

Seeing all my three beauties of yesteryears together a desire to fuck them again arose in my mind. My cock was with me on this. I had not fucked for a long time due to my wife's delivery and chances were that I would not do so for at least another four weeks or so. My balls were full and urged me to think of a way to unload them. As first step I decided to try and get at them one by one.

Next morning when I caught Madhu alone I told her to come to the roof, as I had something to show her. "What?" she asked. I told her I would tell you when we meet. I went to the roof and unlocked the barsati. I must mention here that as many guests were expected to stay with us I had rented a number of mattresses and other stuff like utensils etc. required for the wedding. These things were all stored in the barsati and I was in-charge. Being summers the weather was hot and the roof was deserted during the daytime.

After ten minutes or so when Madhu came I took her inside the barsati. "What do you want to show me?" she wanted to know. I opened my zipper and said this, producing my cock in full erection. "Now Ramu none of this you know that I am married now" she said. Forcing her hand on my erection I said, "Yes I know but I am longing to fuck you again". I could see lust rising in her eyes and with a little more persuasion she agreed. I laid her on the piled up mattresses and we had a glorious fuck. I must have come in litres. Madhu commented on it and I told her that I had not fucked in months and then seeing you three here together reminded me of our old days. I wanted to fuck her again. She said, "Not now dear Ramu may be later. I must go now. I don't want to be missed". I made her promise to come on the roof again the next day at three in the afternoon. Everyone will be resting and we won't be missed. After promising she left.

I thought one down two more to go. Later in the morning I cornered Sudha and asked to meet me on the roof. When she came I made the same request. With only slight hesitation she agreed and we fucked. I made her also promise to meet me again the next day at three in the afternoon. She said, "Yes" and left. After lunch I asked Lata to come to the roof. She came and I repeated my request. She said, "Why not it would fun doing it again with you". We had a satisfying fuck. After promising to meet me again the next day at three like the others she left.

Next afternoon I was waiting for them. Lata came first. I sent her inside the barsati and told her I will join her soon. Sudha followed her. I dealt with her in the same way. As I waited for Madhu I could hear Lata and Sudha speculating about what was going to happen. After ten minutes or so Madhu arrived. I entered the barsati with Madhu. Seeing her both Lata and Sudha said, "It seems that all the actors are here now". I said, "Yes". I told them that after seeing them together again I had the desire to repeat what we did when we were last together that Diwali night. I also told them that I had fucked them individually yesterday and today we will do it together. Sudha and Lata were game but Madhu demurred. Sudha and Lata soon dealt with her objections.

Lata said, "Ramu whom will you fuck first? Please fuck me first". Sudha said, "No. Me". Madhu kept silent. As this question would be raised I had already given thought to it. I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings by choosing one and not the other. I said to be fair I will fuck you in the same order as I had taken your virginity but in the manner you would like. Lata looked a little disgruntled and said, "This means my turn comes last". "This is how the cookie crumbles, my dear. But you will agree it is fair" I told them.

Madhu said, "All this would take time. What if some body comes?" "Don't worry, firstly no one will come and even if somebody does come, seeing all four of us together will not suspect anything, as long as we are not caught with our hand in the cookie jar. You understand what I mean don't you? So those of you awaiting your turn should keep a sharp lookout". I said. Seeing the situation it was not prudent for us to undress completely and it was therefore decided to proceed with minimum of undressing. The girls were wearing saris but I had to take my pants off in order to give full freedom to my cock.

I asked Madhu as to how would she like me to fuck her. She raised her sari and pulled off her panty. After tucking it under the mattress she lay down on it pulled up her sari. Spreading her legs to display her cunt said, "Ramu fuck me like this but fuck me hard". "This way I won't last too long" I told her. "Does not matter that is the way I like it but make me come". "No problem" I said and started to her bidding. In few minutes we were both about to come. "Ramu I am about to COM mfh mfg". "Not so loud didi" Sudha said placing her hand on her mouth. "I am commmminnngggg" Madhu whispered and came. I also came at the same moment. "Ramu it was very good" Madhu said.

It was Sudha's turn now. "Ramu fuck me from the rear" was her preference. "You mean..." I started to say. "No stupid, not in the ass hole. Enter my choot from the rear" Sudha interrupted. I entered her as directed placing one hand on her clit and with the other I pressed her tits. As it was my second time it took much longer before my seed rose and I unloaded my-cum in her choot. In the mean while Sudha had come three times. "Oh Ramu I say you are very good" she said.

Lata said, "Now it is my turn. Ramu you lie down and I will ride you". "Yes but give me some time to recover" I said. "I will suck your cock and make it ready" Lata said. "No sucking today we keep it for some other day" I replied. Turn by turn they took my cock in their hands and tried to revive it. As soon as I was ready again I lay down and Lata mounted me and with a smooth stroke took my cock inside her cunt and started to move up and down. After about three minutes she came with a loud sigh and lay on my chest. After a minute or two she started again. As soon as she came for the second time she lay down on my chest again. Again and again she did the same.

Sudha said, "Lata you crafty bitch you are very clever. Ramu if you let her go on like this then she will fuck you all night and morning and we won't get another chance". I also saw through her ruse and said "Lata one more time then I will fuck you". She laughed and agreed. When Lata came the next time I turned her over and fucked hard and fast till we both came together. Lata said, "Ramu you are the very best man I know". Her manner was such that it gave all of us the feeling that she was also fucking other men than her husband. Madhu and Sudha simultaneously asked " Whom all have you been giving the taste of your choot" Lata tried to deny it but it was quite obvious that she was fucking every cock in sight in her in-laws house. Then I fucked all the three girls by turns. It was getting late and we called it a day. After agreeing to meet again the next day at the same time we dispersed.

Next day when we all were present I said, "Today I will fuck your ass holes in the same order as I took their cherry". Lata said, "This is not fair. My turn will again come last". "Don't fret my dear you are wrong. Today you come first" I told her. "What? I thought you had already fucked their ass holes before mine otherwise I would never have let you near it" she said. "No my dear your ass hole was the first and because of you they agreed to let me take their ass hole cherry" I said. "But I thought you had already fucked their ass holes" she said. "Well you were wrong. First you, then Madhu and then Sudha. Now let us have less talk and more action. "Jaldi se apni gaand pesh karo (Quickly present your ass hole) " I commanded.

Lata got on to the mattress and offered her ass hole. When I got behind her she asked meekly " Kya meri gaand sukhi hee maroge? (You will fuck my ass hole without any lubrication)". Madhu said " If you had already decided to fuck us in the ass hole then why did you not bring some cream or vaseline with you? I grinned and said "Sorry I forgot". "No you have a choice. Either I wet your ass hole with my spit but the cock is dry or I wet my cock in your cunt and your ass hole is dry. Which way do want it? I asked. "In my cunt first" she replied. I entered her cunt from the rear and after a few strokes I placed my cock on her ass hole and pushed. "Oh my God it is hurting like the devil" she complained. "It will soon ease" I said and started to fuck her ass hole.

After having fucked her it was Madhu's turn. She wanted me to use spit. She also experienced considerable pain as I entered. After I asked Sudha to get ready. Seeing the pain the others had felt Sudha was not keen. But Lata and Madhu said "Hamane apni gaand marwayi hai, tujhe bhi marwani pardegi (We have had our ass hole fucked and you will also have to do the same)" and soon got her in the right position. I used both my spit and wetted my cock in her cunt. Despite this she said, "Ramu your cock is killing me". I fucked their backside once again and promising to meet the next day, we left.

After that day we met regularly and enjoyed ourselves in all sorts of manner. I started spending most of my time on the roof. Even if any one or two of them could not come to the roof at the appointed time they came up before or after for a quickie. As the marriage date of Meena came nearer more guests arrived and our meetings became more and more difficult. Their husbands also arrived. We did however manage to fuck but not so regularly as earlier. After the wedding they all left for their homes. We agreed that we should try to do this again sometime.

I am nearly six-foot tall, slim, muscular. By profession I am a teacher. I got some lucky breaks and I am at present the principal of a government school. I am married and my wife is also a teacher, employed in a prestigious private school. We have two children Sachin a five years old boy and Madhuri, a girl just about a year old. We live in the house built by my father. My parents live on the ground floor and my family and I on the first floor.

We have a cook cum maid Maya. Maya is in her late twenties, married but separated from her husband. She is not very tall, slim, dark with real big boobs which swing when she walks. Their movement alone is sufficient to give anyone a hard on. We also have Kanchi, a young girl from Nepal to look after Madhuri. Kanchi was short, fair and very pretty. She has beautifully shaped small boobs. She looks so pretty and fresh that I want to pull her to me and shove my cock up her virgin cunt. Both the maids live on the second floor in the barsati (a small room on the roof).

During the summer vacations my wife along with the children and Kanchi went to spend a month or so with her parents. Maya and I were left alone in the flat. My parents wanted me to stay with them during this period. I told them that as I had very irregular timings etc. I would not like to disturb them and would prefer to stay in my own flat.

The real reason was that I wanted to enjoy Maya's choot (cunt). Though she had been married and probably well fucked by her husband my readers would agree with me that a new choot is a new choot. From the very first day, I started to plan as to how to get her in my bed.

Few days later one night while eating dinner I asked her, 'Maya where is your husband and why did you leave him?' My wife had told me all about her marital history. My purpose was to remind her of her husband and make her think about the nights she was spending alone without the benefit of his cock to pacify her young choot, in other words to make her wet and horny.

She said, 'I did not leave my husband but he threw me out. I asked, 'But why you are young, sexy, pretty and a good cook?' She said, 'I got married when I was only eighteen. Even after five years of marriage I did not have children. My husband took me to different doctors and to hospitals for check ups me. After a year or so they established that due to some internal deformities I could never become a mother. My in-laws then pressed my husband to marry again'.

'At first he resisted but in the end gave in to them and married again. My husband was a fair man and after the initial few months, in which I let him enjoy his new and young bride without complaining, he distributed his favours evenly between us both. The new wife treated me like her elder sister. Every thing was going well till the new wife got pregnant and her brother came to visit us'.

'After he left the attitude of the new wife changed completely. She started instigating my husband against me by telling him small lies about me. There were fights and quarrels nearly every day. One day she told our husband that he had to choose between the two of us'.

'As she was giving him the long desired child he kept her and threw me out. Since then I have worked as cook and maid in different households and since three months I am working for you sir'.

After dinner I went for my daily walk. On my return I did not see Maya anywhere. It was the month of June. The day had been a scorcher. The night was also very hot. There was no relief under the fan so I decided to go to my bedroom straight away. An air conditioner was working in the room and the temperature was very pleasant.

I was reading in bed when Maya knocked and came in with my nightly glass of milk. 'Yahan kitna achha hai. Bahar tua bhatti ki terah garam hai. Pata nahin mujhe iss garmi main neend aayegi ya nahin? (It is so nice in here. Outside it is hot like a furnace. I don't know whether I will be able to sleep in this heat?)'.

I told her, 'Tu chahati hai tau yahan so ja (If you want you can sleep here)'. She blushed and said, "Sachhi? Main abhi aayi (Really? I will just come)" and disappeared. I knew that tonight I was going to fuck Maya.

After ten minutes or so she was back with a pillow and a sheet and started to spread it on the floor. 'Kya kar rahi hai? (What are you doing?)' I asked. 'Apna bistar bana rahi hoon (I am making my bed)' she replied. I told her that there is no need for her to sleep on the floor and she could sleep on the bed it was broad enough. She blushed again and lay down on the far end of the bed. I continued to read.

I thought she apparently wants fucking and she will surely make the next move. If not the night was still young and I could make my move later. Sure enough after half an hour or so she said, 'Mujhe thand lag rahi hai (I am feeling cold)'. I said, 'Paas aaja main tujhe garam rakhoonga (Come nearer I will keep you warm)'. After initial hesitation and blushing she slid over to me.

I laid down my book and started to press her ample boobs. She said, 'Saabji kya kar rahe ho? (Saabji what are you doing?)'. 'Tujhe garami de raha hoon (I am warming you)' I said. There after she said nothing and let me do what I pleased. I opened her blouse and slid her bra up releasing her large tits. I kissed them and sucked the nipples. She was moaning loudly. I raised her sari and rubbed my finger in her slit and then finger fucked her.

She was panting and said, 'Saabji aur mat tardpao. Jaldi se mujhe chodo (Saabji don't tease me any more. Fuck me quickly)". I told her to undress completely and started too undress myself. She had her clothes off in a trice and lay down for me to 'mount' the nights show. Her cunt had no hair on it. I quickly inserted my cock in her waiting cunt. 'AAAHHhh how lovely it is to feel a man inside me again. I had nearly forgotten the pleasure it gives' she murmured.

After every few strokes she came. Due to lack of fucking her choot was quite tight and in ten minutes or so I was ready to shoot my-cum in her. My strokes became faster and harder. Her bottoms were moving in rhythm of my hips and she was moaning loudly and shouted, 'Faster harder y... hes more Y... HEEEES' then with a loud sigh I shot my-cum into her and at the same moment she also came with a loud 'AAAHHHhh'.

After the fuck she snuggled up to me. She lay with her head on my chest playing with my balls and my limp cock. I asked her if she removed the hair on her cunt every day and smelled so nice too.

She said, 'Actually no. Today all the talk of my husband had made me lewd. I wanted you to fuck me. So after dinner when you went out for a walk I dumped all the dishes in the sink and went up to my room. I removed the hair from my choot and had a bath with the aromatic soap given to me by madam. I thought may be I will get lucky tonight and wanted to be ready. When you asked me to sleep in the room I knew you also wanted to fuck me. I lay waiting for you to make a move but you didn't. So I told you I was feeling cold. Well I did get lucky didn't I?'

Then she said, 'Saabji mujhe ek baar aur chodo (Saabji fuck me one more time)'. I told her sure but first suck my cock and make it hard again. Without any hesitation she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. She was an accomplished cocksucker. Soon my cock was hard again. I fucked her two more times that night. Thereafter we went to sleep naked in each other's arms.

Next morning when I got up Maya was no where insight. A few minutes later she came in with a steaming cup of tea. She was still naked. I asked her sit next to me on the bed. She sat down and started to handle my cock. In no time it was erect again. 'What are you going to do about this?' she asked with a big smile pointing to my hard on. 'I am going to do nothing about it, but you are going to suck it and drink my-cum' I replied. 'Drink your cum? I have never done it before' she said.

'You have to start some day' I said and pressed her mouth on my cock. After initial hesitation she started to suck my cock. As I had said before she was good. What a blowjob she gave me? I quickly finished my tea and held her head, lest she decides to cheat at the last moment. I told her to get ready, as I was about to shoot my load. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all that I had to offer.

'How was it?' I asked. 'Little salty but nice' was her reply. That night after fucking her once I told her to turn over on her stomach. 'Why? What are you going to do?' she asked. 'Main ab teri gaand marunga' I said. She questioned, 'Larkiyon ki bhi koyi gaand marta hai? (Does one fuck girls also in the ass hole?)'. 'Haan. Tunne pahele nahin marwayi tau theek hai. Main teri kori gaand ko phardoonga (Yes. It is okay if you have not done it before. I will take the cherry of your virgin ass hole)' I said.

I turned her over and after greasing her butt hole and my cock I pressed my cock on it. 'It is paining very much' she said. 'Don't worry it will soon be all right' I replied and increased the pressure. Her ass hole opened and I was in. She screamed, 'Saabji bahut dard horagi hai AAAYYYIIIEEE (Saabji it is hurting me a lot AAAYYYIIIEEE)'. Then I fucked her rear entrance while continuing to rib her choot. Afterwards I asked her as to how it was. "It was much better than I thought. I really enjoyed it," she said.

After that day we fucked every night. We fucked on every piece of furniture and in many positions. We fucked during the day also. In other words we fucked as and when we wanted till my wife returned. After her return it was difficult to fuck safely but we did manage to fuck at least two times a week.

All was well. I was happy.

One evening I sat reading the morning papers and Kanchi was sitting on the floor playing with the kids. After some time I started watching the pretty, fresh and youthful face of Kanchi, though pretending to read. My cock came to attention and I started to press it with my hands thinking how lovely it would be to fuck this fresh piece of virgin flesh.

These thoughts were going through my mind when Maya brought the evening tea. She saw me with an erection, watching Kanchi sitting on the floor. 'Saabji bilkul taaza aur kora maal hai (Saabji she is absolutely fresh and a virgin)' she said. 'So tau hai (That is so)' I sighed.

'Isse aap chod kyon nahin dete? (Why don't you fuck her?)' she asked. 'Ek din isse chodunga tau zaroor. Bas mauke ka intezaar hai (I will surely fuck her one day. I am just waiting for an opportunity)' I said. 'Dhyan rakna kahin yeh maa na ban jaye (Just be careful that she doesn't become pregnant)' she warned. "Fikar ki koyi baat nahin hai. Maine nasbandi kara rakkhi hai (There is nothing to worry about. I have under gone vasectomy) I told her. 'Phir der kayeki chod do haraamzadi ko aur mazaa lo (What is then the delay fuck the bitch and enjoy yourself)' she said and left.


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Old 9th November 2010
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adujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparazi
Sarjoo ki incest story
Dosto iss kahani ko main chota chota update mein likhunga. Do stories abhi chalu hai mera iss liye ziada lamba update mat expect karein aap log please.

To kahani start karte hein.

Sarjoo ki maa ki shadi 16 saal ki umar mein hogayi thi. Woh iss liye ke Sarjoo ka baap ne usski maa se sexual relations kar liya tha ussi umar mein. Parivaar walon ne jaldi se unn donon ki shadi karwadi.
Woh log ek joint family mein rehte the. Sarjoo ke dada, dadi, do chacha aur do chachiyan the ussi ghar mein. Donon chacha ke chote chote bache the.

Sarjoo ki maa bahot hi khub surat thi. ek dum heroine ke maafik. bahot gora rang, ghane lambe baal, badan to bilkool tarasha huwa......

shadi ek thik 9 mahine baad Sarjoo ka janam huwa...... dhirey dhirey Sarjoo bada honey laga aur parivaar ka chaheta bacha ban gaya iss liye ke sab se chota tha. dusrey chacha ke bache Sarjoo ko hamesha apne paas rakha karte the. kahin bhi khelne jate to Sarjoo ko saath lejate.

Sarjoo jab 6 saal ka huwa to Sarjoo ke papa ka serious accident ho gaya highway par jab woh motorcycle par kaam se wapas arahe the......

Accident ke baad woh invalid hogaya aur wheel chair par rehna para ussko zindagi bhar ke liye......

to Sarjoo ka posan paalan dada dadi aur chachawon ne karna chalu rakha......

to be continued................

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adujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparazi
Ek din Sarjoo jab school se wapas ghar aya to usska ek bada chacha uss ke maa ke kamre se nikal raha tha. Sarjoo ne maa se poocha ke chacha kiss liye aya tha to maa ne jawab diya ke 'tere papa ko dekhney aye the.' to Sarjoo ne poocha ke papa kidhar hai? to mummy ne kaha ke ussko dusrey chacha hospital legaye hein therapy ke liye.
Sarjoo khamosh hogaya. magar woh sochta raha ke maa to akeli thhi to chacha kabhi bhi nahin ata weise, to aaj kyun aya tha.....

Shaam ko jab usska papa wapas aya to Sarjoo baton baton mein papa se kehney hi wala tha ke ke Ramesh chacha aya tha ussko dekhney lekin maa ne sarjoo ke munh par apna haath rakh kar bandh kar diya aur baat ko badal diya aur Sarjoo baad mein bhool gaya uss baat ko.......

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adujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparazi
Sarjoo ki maa ka naam tha, Paayal. baap ka naam tha Rajen.

Inn donon ki prem kahani bachpan mein hi shuru huwi thi aur Paayal ek dum hot thi ke Rajen ne shadi se pehle hi kaam tamaam kar dala....

Magar ab Rajen ke iss accident ke baad to Rajen kuch bhi nahin kar pa raha tha, uss ka uth hi nahin raha tha accident ki wajah se aur spinal bleeding bhi hota tha to nervous probelm bhi the aur sar ke har nerve se jure nassein thik se kaam nahin karta tha to sex karna naamumkin ho gaya tha...

ab Paayal to sirf 22 years ki thi. To keise bhala hot hotey huwe woh sex ke bina rehti?? kuch na kuch to hona hi tha...so huwa.....

Ek din aur Sarjoo school se wapas aya to iss baar dusra chacha uss ke maa ke kamre se nikal raha tha..Sarjoo khada hokar heyrani se dekhta raha...jaldi se andar gaya dekhne ke papa kidhar hai to pata chala ke papa ko usska dada hospital legaya hai therapy ke liye.....

Sarjoo apna dimaagh ko garam karne laga..... woh ab kaafi kuch samajhta bhi tha..... jab tak uss ka papa thik tha aur raat ko jab usski maa se woh sex karta tha to Sarjoo ko pata hota tha...woh neendh mein honey ka bahana karta tha magar chup chup kar dekha karta tha chota hi se.....

to be continued.............

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adujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparazi
Tab se Sarjoo spy karne laga apni maa ko ke kahin donon chacha usski maa ke saath kuch karte to nahin…. Par woh to school mein hota tha jab bhi usska papa ko hospital lejaya jata tha to woh keise maaloom karta ke kahin kuch hai to nahin uss ke khubsurat, jawaan mummy ke saath chachawon se? Ab school mein who apni maa ke bare mein sochta rehta din bhar ke kahin chacha mummy ke paas to nahin aya ho…..

Kam umar se hi Sarjoo excited hota tha aur uss ka mann weise khayaalon ke aur jata tha aksar…. Bachpan se ussne mummy papa ko sex karte jo dekha tha aur enjoy karta tha har unn donon ke harkaton ko dekh dekh kar…..

Magar jab se uss ka papa ne accident kiya tab se ussko kuch dekhne ko nahin milta tha aur woh weise relations ko miss karta tha….

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Tady_Bear is one with the universeTady_Bear is one with the universeTady_Bear is one with the universeTady_Bear is one with the universeTady_Bear is one with the universeTady_Bear is one with the universeTady_Bear is one with the universeTady_Bear is one with the universe
Sunny leone Sexy pic

Hot Pic

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Another great loving stuff. Thanks

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adujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparazi
Originally Posted by Tady_Bear View Post
Originally Posted by KBR1970 View Post
Another great loving stuff. Thanks
thanks for your comments

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adujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparaziadujee is hunted by the papparazi
Meri Padhai Ke Liye Bhabhi Ki Kurbani

Mera nam Raj hai aur mai engineering me first year me hu.mai mere bhaiya aur bhabhi ke sath bombay me rehta hu.hamare parents chote se gaw me rehte hai.bhiya ek mnc company me production manager hai.mai padhne me kamzor tha.bhaiya meri padhai ke bare me bahot chinta karte the kyuki mai uska ladla bhai tha aur wo har bar mare padhai ke bare me puchhte rehte the.mera 10 standard ka relust bahot kam aya to mere bhaiya bahot gussa huwe aur bole agar thikse padahi na karoge to mazuri karni padegi.
Lekin mai uski bat pe dhyan nahi deta tha bus harwaqt mai cricket khela rehta tha. waise hi meri bhabhi bahot sundar thi uske boobs bade the uska figure 32 30 34 tha aur wo bhi hamesha mujse padhai ke liye kaha karti thi meri bhabhi bhi padhi likhi thi to kabhi kabhi wo muje meri padhai me help kiya karti thi. mai 11 standard me padh raha tha jab mera 11 standard ka mera school ka final exam ka result aya to mere bhiya aur bhabhi bahot nirash huwe kyuki muje bahot kum
Marks mile the aur wo din bhi bhaiya ne bahot buri taraha danta aur khana bhi nahi khaya lekin
mai bindash tha.muje kuch fikar nahi thi aur rat ko jab mai pisab karne ke liye utha aur bhaiya ke bedroom ke pas se gujra to maine suna ki bhaiya mere bhabhi ko kah rahe the ki asmita muje ye raj ki bahot chinta ho rahi hai agar raj thik se padhai nahi karega to use acha job bhi nahi milega aur na to uske sath koi sadi karega aur use mai danta hu to bhi wo meri sunta nahi aur hamesha khelta raheta he.tab bhabhi boli ab sabkuch muj par chhod dijiye ab raj
Ki padhai ki jimeedari meri.aap chinta mat karo muj par vishvash rakho.to bhaiya bole muje tuj par pura bharosha hai isliye to mai tuje kahraha hu bhabhi boli aap raj ki chinta mat karo aur meri baho me aa jao.bhaiya bole lo to mai teri bhao me aagaya.badme kuch tej sanse chalne ki awaz ayi aur mai sone chala gaya. mera school morning hai to muje bhabhi roj jagati hai aur school bhej deti hai aaj mai school se aya to bhabhi ne mera favorite khana banaya aur khilaya aur wo boli tere bhiya teri padhai se bahot chintin hai tum plz padhai pe dhyan do aur mai bhi
Tumhe tumhari padhai me help karingi to maine kaha ha bhabhi mai padhai me dhyan doonga aur home work karne ke liye beth gaya aur bhabhi so gayi to mai chupchap cricket khelne chala gaya. jab mai 6 baje wapis cricket khelke aya to wo mera intjar kar rahi thi aur muje datne lagi aur boli tum kuchh bhi kehna bekar hai to mai kuch bola nahi aur tv dekhne laga.ab bhabhi ko pata chalgaya tha ki muje chahe kuch bhi kahe lekin mai padahi me dhyan nahi doonga. dusre din bhi mai school se wapish aya to dekha ki bhabhi ajj nighty pahne huwe thi wo roj saree
Pahenti thi.to manine pucha kyu bhabhi aaj nighty paheni huwi hai to bhabhi boli raju aaj bahot
garmi ho rahi hai isliye.mai home work karne laga lekin aaj bhabhi sone nahi gai aur sofe pe beth gayi to maine pucha kyu bhabhi ajj sona nahi hai to wo boli nahi agar mai so gayi to tum khelne chale jaoge aur wo sofe pe bethe bethe hi so gayi lekin aaj mai khelne na jaka kyuki agar aaj bhi khelne gaya to bhabhi naraz ho jayegi aur muje khoob dantegi.to mai niche bethke home work karne laga tabhi meri nazar bhabhi ke pair pe padi to bhabhi ki nighty ek pair
Pe gutne tak uppar ho gayi thi aur mai uske pairo ko dekhta hai raha . bhabhi ke pair bahout sundar the.aur pata nahi aaj muje kya hone laga bas mai bhabhi ke pair ko hi ghur raha tha.jaldi jaldi maine mera home work finish kiya aur bhabhi ke pair ko ghurta raha 4 baj chuke the to bhabhi jag gayi aur usne meri taraf dhekha to meri nazar bhabhi ke pair pe thi to usne uski nighty turant thik ki aur muje pucha ki kya tumhara home work finish ho gaya maine kaha ha bhabhi .to wo boli good boy .ab khelna hai to jao lekin 1 ghante me wapish aa jana .to maine bola thik hai
Bhabhi aur mai khelne chala gaya.pata nahi aaj kyu muje khelne me maja nahi aa rahatha muje sirf aaj bhabhi ke pair hi dikh rahe the.mai 1 ghante me wapis aa gaya tab bhabhi boli raj aa gaye to maine kaha ha bhabhi to bhabhi boli ok ab padhai karo to mai padne laga lekin muje padhane ki adat nahi thi.to mai bore hone laga aur t v chalu karke dekhne laga tabhi bhabhi ayi au r boli kya raj tum padai nahi kar rahe ho to mai bola bhabhai mai bor ho raha hu to bhabhi ne meri baju me bethke mere sarke balo ko sahlane lagi aur muje samajane lagi ki agar mai padhai achi tarah
Se nahi karunga to kya hoga.aaj ke pehle bhabhi ne kabhi muje touch nahi kiya tha to bhabhi ka sparsh muje bahout hi acha lagne laga aur mai wapish padhai karne beth gaya. agle din mai schoolse wapish aya to dekha ki bhabhi ne aaj pink colour ki saree pahni huwi thi aur uske blouse me se white bra dikh rahi thi aur bhabhi aaj deep cut blouse pehna huwa tha.to maine bhabhi ko kaha bhabhi aaj tum bahout sundar dikh rahi ho to wo boli thank you khana khake
dopahar mai hole me niche home work karne baith gaya aur bhabhi kam niptake ake sofe pe baith gayi .to maine bhabhi ko kha ki aapko
Sona nahi he kya to wo boli nahi agar mai so gayi tum khene chale jate rehte ho isliye ab mai tumha 12 wa standard pura na ho jaye tab tak mai dopahar so soungi nahi.mai bola nahi bhabhi tum so jao mai khelne nahi jaounga to boli nahi re tumhe bhi company hogi aur tumm bor na hoge to mai bola thik hai.aur aaj bhi wo baithe baithe hi so gayi aur bhabhi ka saree ka pallu gir gaya to mai bhabhi ke deep cut blouse me se uske adhhe boobs dikh rahe the to mai to dhekhta hi rah gaya aur mera lund bhi khada hone laga aur mera padhai me man nahi laga to aaj mai sirf bhabhi ke boobs hi dekhta raha jab bhabhi 4 baje uthi to aaj bhi usne muje uske boobs ko ghurte
Pakad liya fauran usne apna sadi ka pallu thik kiya aur bathroom me chali gayi.bathroom me se ake muje pucha raj kya home work ho gaya to maine bola ha bhabhi to bhabhi boli thik hai tum 1 ghante ke liye khelne ja shakte ho to maine bola nahi bhabhi aaj se mai khelne nahi jaunga to wo boli kya ? aaj mere pyare devar ko kya hogaya mai bola bhabhi ab muje samaj me aa gaya hai ki padhai kitni zaroori hai.darasal aaj mai uske pass hi rehana chahta tha.abhi mai sirf padhai ka natak karta tha lekin mai padhai nahi karta tha sirf bhabhi ko dekhta rahta tha.ye bat sayad byhabhi ko bhi maloom hi gayi thi.aaj bhi mera dhyan padai me
Nahi tha sirf bhabhi ke boobs hi book me dikhte the.tabhi meri bhabhi mere liye orange jyush leke aayi aur meri baju me bith ke mere sar ke balo me hath fairne lagi aur mera ek hath ka albo bhabhi ke boobs ko touch kar raha tha to muje bahout soft lagraha tha or jyush pite pite hi padhai karte karte hi mera elbo bhabhi ke boobs pe thoda pressor diya to bhabhi kuch na boli thodi de bethi rahi aur uthne lagi to maine kaha bhaabhi plz thodi der bethona muje acha lagta to bhahi wapis baith gai aur mera albo bhabhi ke boobs ko touch karta
Raha aur muje maja ane laga.thodi der bad wo uth gayi aur khana banane lagi dushre din 12 baje school se mai wapis aya to maine dekha aaj bhabhi ne yellow colour ki saree pehni huwi thi aur blouse bhi jyada transparent tha aur bhabhi ne bra bhi nahi pehni huwi thi uske brown nipple blouse me se saf dikh rahe the.to aaj bhi hole me niche home work karne baith gaya thodi der bad bhabhi ayi aur sof pe baith gayi to maine bola bhabhi plz niche mere baje me betho na to wo boli thik hai yesterday ki taraha aaj bhi wo ekdam mere baju me baith
Gayi aur uske boobs ko mera right hand ka elbo touch hone laga to mai kafi uttejie tha.aur mera laund tan gaya tha aaj mujse raha na gaya aur maine bhabhi ke boobs ko blouse ke uppar se hi ek hath se pakada to bhabhi ne mere hath hata diya aur boli raju agle month tumhara school exam hai aur usexam me tum 70+ percentage laoge to mai tumhe mere boobs ke sath khelne doongi wo bhi sirf 5 minutes.to mai bola nahi bhabhi plz sirf blouse ke uparse hi muje khelne dona to bhabhi boli nahi agle week se mai roj ek subject ka question paper nikalungi agar usme sabhi
Quotation sahi hai to mai tumhe blouse ke upar se hi boobs ke sath khelne doongi agar sirf 1 question galat hai to mai tumhe sirf 1 kiss karne doongi.agar do question galat hai to kuch nahi milega ab tumhe sochna hai tumhe kya chahiye.maine kaha bhabhi plz ekbar sirf plz bhabhi ne na bola aur sofe pe chali gayi.to maine pucha agar bhabhi mere internal exam me 70+ ke uppar aye to tum muje bina blouse ke nange boobs ke sath khelne dogi na to bhabhi boli ha lekin sirf 5 minutes roj .aur agli exam me agar 80 + percentage ayeto warna wo bhi stop ho jayega ab mai sochne laga kya karu.kisi bhi tarha muje bhabhi ke books
Ko chhuna hai.to aaj maine ne reading time table banaya aur ab mai seriously padhai karne laga.roj mai 10 baje so jata tha ab mai der rat tak padai karne laga.akhir wo din aa gaya jab bhabhi ne pehla question paper nikala aur mai question paper likhne beth gaya bhabhi maine bhabhi ko pura question paper likh ke diya aur wo check karne lagi lekin aaj mera 1 answer galat nikla to to bhabhi ne bola raju aaj sirf apko ek kiss hi milegi to mai thoda nurvouse ho gaya aur bhabhi ne muje bahot pyar se kiss ki aur maine mer hath uske boobs
Rakhe to bhabhe hata diya aur bhabhi boli raju nahi agar tum next day sabhi answer sahi likhoge to jarror boobs se khelne ko milega mai bola thik hai aur mai padhai karne laga next day mere sabhianswer sahi nikle to bhabhi boli wah raju kya bat hai aaj tune sabhi sahi answer diye hai.to mai khus hogaya aur dono hatho se bhabhi ke saree ka pallu hatake blouse ke uppar se hi khelne laga aur bhabhi kuch padhne lagi.bhabhi boli bas raju 5 minutes ho gayi to mai bola bhabhi thodi der aur plz bhabhi boli nahi raju rules is rules. aur wo khadi ho gayi aur chali gayi.waise hi 1 month ho gaya kabhi kiss to to kabhi boobs khelne ko milte the.
Jyadatar mai boobs khelne ko mile aisi try karta tha matlab padhi me jyada dhyan deta tha. waise school me 3 internal exam hote the bad me final exam cbse board ka rehta tha.to ab mera 1st internal exam ka result anewala tha aur mera 1 st internal exam ka resut 76 persentage aya to mai bahot khush ho gaya aur bhaiya aur bhabhi bhi bahout khus ho gaye agle din dopahar mai bhabhi ki wait karne laga aur bola bhabhi kab aa rahi ho to wo boli kyu re mere pyare devar ko aaj itni jaldi kya hai.aur wo aa gai mere pass baith gayi to maine jaldi jaldi uske blouse ke button open karne laga aur mine blouse khol diya aur piche che bra ke strip kholke maine uske pure boobs ko
Azzad kiya aur pyarse maslne laga 5 minutes kab khatam ho gayi muje pata hi nahi chala 5 minutes muje 5 second jisi lagi aur muhme lene laga to bhabhi boli nahi raju agle exam me 80 + percentage aye to muhme leneko milega.aur boli raju 5 minutes ho gaye.aur wo khadi ho ke blouse ke button band karne lagi aur mujse raha nagaya aur bathroom me gaya aur muth marne laga.muth marke bahar aya to bhabhi bahar khadi thi aur muje boli jyada mat karna sahed ke liye acha nahi. maich kuch bina bole hi waha se nikal gaya aur padne laga ab roj ek question paper bhabhi nikalti thi aur agar sab sahi
Answer hai to nange boobs ke sath khelne deti thi aur 1 galat to sirf kiss hhi milti thi.
ab mai aur bhi jayada mehnat karne laga taki muje bhabhi ke boobs ko muh me le shaku.mera dusha internal exam huwa usme muje 83 percent mila to mai bahot khush huwa.aur bhiya aur bhabhi bhi bahout khush huwe next day jab dopahar bhabhi ayi to maine aaj uske boobs muhme liya aur chusne laga to bhahi boli raju direse katna mat aur mai chusne laga aaj meri annand ki koi sima nahi thi mai bahout khush tha aur bhabhi ek hath se bhahi ka peticott uthne laga to boli raju abhi nahi mai bola sirf muje dikhna hai to bhabhi boli
Abi nahi next exam me 85 percentage aye to mai tumhe dikhne dungi aur touch bhi karni doongi aur ek aur ek surprise gift doongi mai bahout khus ho gaya aur saree aur paticoot ke uppase hi uski pussy pe hath firane laga to wo muskurai aur khdai ho gayi aur sath me mera 5 minutes bhi khatam ho gaye. ab roj mai bhabhi ne nikala huwa question paper ka sab sahi answer de ke mai uske boobs ko muh me lene laga.aur kabhi kabhi mai saree aur patticott ke upparse hi pussy pe hath firata tha lekin bhabhi waha se mera hath hata deti thi aise hi mera 3rd internal exam aya aur
Maine 90 percentage paya to mai khush ho gaya lekin mai ye soch raha tha ki aaj bhabhi muje kya surprice degi.jab mai resul leke ghar pe aya to bhiya jop pe gaye the bhabhi akeli bed room me thi aur usne aaj bhi pink saree pehni huwi thi usko pata tha ki muje pink saree bahout achhi lagti hai.maine bhabhi ko result dikhaya aur wo bahout khush hui aur boli gift mil raha he to achhi padhai karte ho warna padhai nahi karte the mai shrma gaya aur wo khadi ho ke room lock karke aye
To aaj bhi maine uska blouse khola aur boobs se khelne laga aur bhabhi aaj leti huwi thi to maine dhire se mera ek hatn uske pussy ki taraf legaya aur saree aur pattycot ke uppar se hi pussy ko rab kane laga aur mera lund to bhabhi jab sath me hoti to hamesha tana huwa hi rehta tha.ab mai ulta ho gaya aur mera sar bhabhi ke pair ki taraf legaya aur mera pair bhabhi ke sar taraff kiya aur mai bhabhi ka pattycot uppar karne laga maine bhabhi ka pattycot pura upar kar diya to bhabhi ne pink colour ki hi panty pahni huwi thi to maine panty ke upar se hi
Bhabhi ki pussy ko rab karne laga aur jaldi se mai panty utarne laga muje dar tha ki kahi mere 5 minutes khatam na hojaye.to maine bhabhi ki panty utari aur dono pair maine wide karke uski pink pussy ghor se dekhne laga aur kuch der kuch na kiya to bhabhi boli raju kya dekhraha haito maine kaha bhabhi aapki sundar pussy dikh rahahu mai real mai pehli bar pussy dikh raha hu .wo boli thik hai aur mai bhahi ki pussy ko ragadne laga aur muhme leke dhire se pussy chusne laga aur sochne laga ki bhabhi muje aaj kya surprise gift degi .tabhi bhai ne uska hath pant ke uppar se hi mere lund pe rakha to mai samaj gaya ki bhabhi ki ye surprice gift hai aur mai
Zero se uski pussy chatne laga to bhabhi boli raju dhire se aur usne mere pant ki zip kholke mere lund ko short me se bahar nikala aur dekhne lagi thodi der bad me hi mere lund ko uppar nichi karne lagi aur mai 69 position me ho gaya to wo samaj gayi ki mai usko muh me leneko kahraha hu to bhabhi ne bade pyar se mera lund muhme liya aur chusne lagi.thodi der bad me maine positin change ki aur mai mera lund bhabhi ki pussy me dalne ki koshish karne laga to bhabhi boli nahi raju agar tumhare finnal exam me 90+ persantage aye to mai tumhe andar dalne doongi.mai nirash ho gaya to bhabhi boli la tera wo mere
Muhme de mai pani nikal deti hu .mai bola bhabhi ek bar plz wo boli nahi aur maine mera lund bhabhi ke muhme diyya aur thodi der bad me mai bhabhi ke muh me hi zzad gaya .aur usne mera pura semen thuk diya to maine pucha aisa kyu to wo boli muje uska test pasand nahi aur mai ye soch ke khush hone laga ki ab roj bhabhi ki chuth chatne ko milegi tabhi bhabhi boli raju aaj tumne 5 minutes ki jagah pura ek ghanta liya to ab jab tumhari finall exam ka result na aye tab tak kuch nahi ab sif revison karo ab sirf 15 din ke bad final exam hai to mai nirash ho gaya leki mai ye soch ke khush tha ki finnal exam ke bad muje bhabhi ko chodne ko milega to
mai khus tha.
Finally mere exam khatam ho gaye aur aur mai result ki wait karne laga aur ab muje khelne me koi pabandi nahi thi lekin ab muje khelne jane ka mann hi nahi karta tha.akhir wo din hi aa gaya jo mai besabri se intzar karta tha.mera result aa gaya aur maine 93 persentage paya aur school me bhi first aya to principal aur mere sare teacher sochne lage ki ye ladka padhai me kamzor tha to usne ek salme itna improvement kaise kiya .mai ye to nahi kah shakta ki ye sab meri bhabhi ka chamatkar hai.aur maine mere bhaiya aur bhabhi ko school se hi phone kar diya ki mai school me
First aya hu wo wo bahout khush huwe.aur meri bhabhi ko mere bhaiya bole ke asmita tune kya jadu kiya ki raju exam me first aya.to bhabhi hasne lagi aur boli maine raju ko pyarse se samjaya to wo samaj gaya. aur sab ristedaro ko sam ki party di.mai kal subah ki rah dekhne laga ki kab bhiya office jaye aur kab mai bhabhi ko fuck karu.next day morning me mai jaga to bhaiya office chale gaye the aur bhabhi nasta bana rahi thi to maine bhabhi kichan me jake piche se pakda to bhahi boli raj abhi nahi muje bahot sara kam hai mai bola ok.aur nahne chala gaya badme mine nasta kiya aur bhabhi ke kamome madad karne laga to wo bhi khush huwi.hum dono ne 12 baje
Lunch leke bhabhi ke bedroom me gaye aur aaj mai itna jaldbajine tha ki turant hi mai bhabhi ke kapdo ko utarne laga to bhabhi boli plz sab kapde mat nikalo koi ayega to takleef hogi to aaj maine uski nahi suni aur bhabhi ko puri nangi kar diya aur maine bhi mere sare kapde utardiye aur bhabhi ke chut ko chatne laga aur boobs ko maslne laga aur ajj mai lund dalne ki jaldi me tha kyuki mai ajj pehli pehli bar chuth me lund dalne ja raha tha.aur ajj maine bhabhi ko bhi pehli bar puri nangi dekhi thi to waise bhi mai bahout hi uttejit tha
Aur mai ne bhabhi ki chooth pe lund rakha aur andar dalne hi wala tha ki bhabhi boli raju plz condom pahen lo mai tumse pregnent nahi hona chahti aur bhabhi ne bed ki nichese condom ka paket nikala aur muje diya to mai bola bhabhi aap hi pehna do na to muskurai aur muje pehna diya aur maine ab mera lund bhabhi ki chut me dala aur meri koi anand ki koi sima nahi lekin bhabhi muje sath nahi de rahi thi lekin maine abhi use puchna munasinb na mana aur maine meri speed badha di aur mera pehli bar tha to mai 5 minutes mi hi zar gaya aur bhabhi ke uppar hi let gaya aur sochne laga ki ab roj muje chooth milegi.
Tabhi thodi der bad bhabhi ne muje kaha ki raju mai tere bhaiya se puri santust hu.aur muje ye nazayaz sabandh me bhi interest nahi hai maine ye sirf tere bhiya ke liye hi sab kuch kiya he.aur mai tere bhaiya ko bahout hi pyar karti hu.mai use mere bagvan manti hu.wo tere bare me bahout hi chinta karte the isliye maine ye sabkuch kiya.muje maloom tha ki tu dat se nahi sudharnewala to maine ye plan banaya aur tum acha result laye.aur tere bhaiya bhi bahot khush hai.maine ye sabkuch mere pati yani ke tere bhaiya ke liye kiya hai.aur mai ye chahti hu ki aaj se
ye hamare sabandh khatam aur aaj se hum dono ek ache bhabhi or devar ki
Tarha es ghar me rahenge aur muje viswash hai ki ab tu muje touch nahi karega.aaj bhi mai ye nahi karna chahti thi lekin maine tuje bola thaki final exam ke bad mai tumhe dalne doongi to maine dalne diya ab muje samaj me aya ki bhabhi muje sex me kyu sath nahi de rahi thi,aur bhabhi ne mere aur bhaiya ki khusi ke liye kitna bada balidan diya.aur na chahte huwe bhi mee sath sex kiya.ab mai bhabhi ki uparse uth gaya aur jaldi kapda pahnke bhabhi ki upar blanket dal diya aur mai bed ke pas khad hoke bhabhi ko bola ki bhabhi apne jo bhi kiya hai wo duniya ki
Koi aurat nahi kar shakti .apne jo mere bhiya ke liya aur mere liye kiya hai uske liye ajjse mai apko vacchan deta hu ki bhabhi apko ab kbhi bhi touch nahi karunga aur na to kabhi bhi apke sath sex ke bare sochunga bhi nahi. ye mera vacchan hai.aur bhabhi aaj se apke prati mera adadr bahout badh gaya hai,aur aap naraz ho aisi mai koi harkat nahi karunga. aur bhabhi mera hath pakda aur muje jukne ko kaha mai juka aur bhabhi ne mere sar pe chuban liya aur boli mere
Pyare devar muje tumse yahi ummed thi.aur maine bhi bhabhi ke sar pe chumban liya aur kamre se bahar nikal gaya.thodi der bad bhabhi bahar ayi aur kam karne lagi to mai uska hath batane laga,pahle mai mere swarth ke liye usko kamme madaad karta lekin ajj muje koi swarth nahi tha aur mai meri bhabhi ko bahout khush rakhna chahta tha.ab hamare dono ke bich ekdam normal reletion the. to aapko ye kahani kaisi lagi muje reply karo mera mail id

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Mera Mommy ko dakh k may mera land hilata hu.......
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