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Old 19th October 2009
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Maid for fucking-1
First let me describe her for you. She was about 26 ears of age, married with 2

children. Her husband was employed in another city and was away most of the

time. She had the mature body of a woman who had borne two children. However

due to the hard work she did in four houses every day she had a fit body with

curves in the right places and not a single ounce of extra fat on her body. She

had firm outstanding breasts of just the right size, a flat stomach, small waist and

flaring hips and a cute ass. She had a creamish coloured complexion but she

must have been very fair in her younger days as was evident from the milky white

breasts she hid behind her tight blouse. I spied her boobs every time she bent

over to pick up something. It was also evident from the milky white thighs I got

glimpses of when she swabbed the floor. She was always decently dressed with

the right amount of make up and jewellery and if you met her in the street you

could have mistaken her for a middle class house wife and not a maid servant.
She used to come to our house in the morning and once again in the evening

and I used to wait for her to come eagerly. I would drink up her beauty with my

eyes as I quietly followed her around the house as she did her work. After she left

I would go to my room and masturbate fantasizing about how I would seduce her

even though I knew it was impossible. However destiny smiled on me and my

fantasy became reality one day.
The memory of that day is still vivid in my memory. I had just returned from a

trekking trip into the mountains and was laid up in bed due to aching muscles in

my legs. My parents left for pune and were scheduled to come back only in the

night. I was left all alone in the house when the maid came as usual in the

morning after finishing her work in the other three houses that she worked in. As

she was doing her work as usual, she noticed I was still lying in bed even though

it was almost noon. I told her my legs were aching and she offered to massage

them with warm oil and hot steamed towels. She quickly warmed the oil in a pan

on the gas stove and steamed a couple of towels in the steamer. She then

started applying the warm oil on my legs from my toes to my thighs. I was

wearing a t-shirt and Bermuda shorts in bed. She expertly massaged my legs first

with the oil and then the steamed towels. In the meanwhile I was enjoying her

soft massage as she was touching me for the first time and moreover I could see

her deep cleavage as she bent over my legs to massage them properly. This

gave me a huge erection and as I was not wearing anything under my Bermudas,

it created a tent in front of my shorts. I knew she would notice the erection as she

was massaging my thighs about eight inches below the erection. So to avoid

embarrassment I pretended to fall asleep. What followed was beyond my wildest

expectations. Initially there was no reaction from her. After a few minutes, she

must have noticed the erection and thinking I had fallen asleep curiosity prevailed

over her senses and she took hold of my erect penis from on top of my shorts.

On confirming it was an erection she said to herself “our little master is little no

more”. She then gave my erect penis a couple of light squeezes¸ gauging my

reaction. Her actions had surprised me and rendered me speechless as I could

not believe my luck. Thinking I had fallen deep asleep she then slowly put her

hand inside Bermuda shorts from the open loose leg end, and took possession of

my penis. The situation had now become unbearable for me. I suddenly opened

my eyes, caught her hand which was holding my penis and tried to make her

hand move in an up and down masturbatory motion , simultaneously squeezing

her breasts with my other hand and moaning loudly. Scared by my sudden and

unexpected action she pulled her hand away, got off my bed and stood two steps

away. We both stared at each other for a few seconds and then smiled in a way

as if we were sharing a secret. She then asked me whether I had been with any

female and I said she was the first who had touched me in that way. On coming

to know I was a virgin she muttered “I must taste your taste your cream”.
She then returned to my side on the bed and pulled down my Bermudas

exposing my private parts to her feverish gaze. My fully erect penis was standing

up like a flag pole and giving small jerks showing how excited I was. She took

hold of my stone hard penis and pulled back the fore skin exposing the swollen

head on top of which there was a drop of pre-cum. She then bent forward all the

while staring into my eyes. Her tongue snaked out and first licked the drop of pre

-cum and then proceeded to take the swollen head into her hot mouth using her

tongue to lick all around the head, concentrating specially on the underside of

the head. Her one hand was pulling the skin of the penis in a firm up and down

motion, while her other hand was tenderly caressing my balls. She then caressed

my balls with her tongue taking each of them in her mouth and sucking on them

while still maintaining the up and down motion of her other hand. She then

proceeded to deep throat my penis taking it fully in her mouth, bobbing her head

up and down. While my penis was fucking her mouth my hands were clutching

her breasts on top of her blouse and mercilessly squeezing them as if there was

no tomorrow. I was breathing hard and moaning deeply in my throat. I could not

hold myself for very long and started pushing my ass up from the bed trying to

get more of my penis in her mouth. She understood that I was about to come. So

she then concentrating on sucking my head using one hand in a firm up and

down motion and the other hand to lightly squeeze my balls. This was too much

for me and I started shooting jets of cum inside her mouth. She drank it all down

without spilling a drop and used her hand in the up and down motion to milk out

all the come from my balls. All this while I was still fondling and squeezing her

breasts. She then disengaged my hands and tried to get up from the bed but I

did not let her get up. She said with a promising look in her eyes “ let me finish

my work and then I will come back to you” . I let her go.
I waited in bed still naked for about an hour while she finished the pending work

of that morning. She then came back, removed her saree and joined me in bed

wearing her blouse and petticoat. In the next three hours she educated me on the

mysteries of the female form and the art of pleasuring ones partner. She taught

me that if I paid attention to only my pleasure I might enjoy myself that one time

but if I could ensure the pleasure of my partner, then the ladies would keep

coming back for more and that my journey into the world of pleasure would be

never ending.
She asked me to open her blouse which I gladly did very quickly. She then

turned around and told me to unclip her white cotton bra. I followed her

instructions, removed her bra and threw it aside. She then slowly turned around

and I got my first glimpse of her bare breasts. I lost my senses when I saw her

naked beauty. The tan lines on her breasts and contrast between the parts

exposed to the sun and the parts hidden behind her clothes were startling. The

exposed parts being creamish brown in colour, whereas the hidden parts were

milky white in complexion. I could also see the blue veins below her translucent

milky white skin. She had light brown areola the size of a two rupee coin. Her

nipples were like small erasers sticking out of her breasts and looked deliciously

chewable. Her breasts were exactly the same size as if made out of the same

mould and stood high on her chest without drooping at all. They were firm to the

touch and had the springiness of youth even though she had borne two children.
She took both of hands in hers and showed me how the breasts should be

fondled and squeezed , letting your partner feel only pleasure and not pain. I did

as she directed. I fondled and squeezed her breasts for quite some time. Then

she guided my face to her breasts and made me take one of her nipples in my

mouth. I sucked on her nipples first lightly and then increasing my sucking

pressure. Her nipple expanded in my mouth and grew harder. Some milk also

dribbled out of her breasts which I drank. This was because she had had her

second child a few months back and was still feeding her child herself. I licked,

sucked and lightly bit into her nipples turn by turn using my hand to squeeze her

breast in a firm milking motion. My other hand was rolling her other nipple

between my fingers. Both of us were breathing very hard and moaning deeply in

our throats.
After some time she disengaged herself from me and told me to remove her

petticoat which I proceeded to do immediately exposing her milky white thighs,

hips and floral pattern panties to my eyes. My hands started to caress her thighs

of their own accord .

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Old 19th October 2009
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Maid for fucking-2
She then lifted her ass off the bed and asked me to pull down her panties. I took

hold of the elastic band of her panties and pulled it down to her ankles, removed

them and threw them aside. I was seeing a woman’s pussy for the first time. I

stared at her nakedness and saw a bunch of pubic hair which had been nicely

trimmed. Her pussy lips were swollen and I could see beads of moisure on them.

She then showed me how a woman masturbates using her fingers to caress her

pussy lips. She then inserted first one and then two fingers into her pussy

working them in a in and out motion. After doing this for some time she then

separated her pussy lips with her fingers and exposed the inner pink flesh to my

gaze. She also pulled back the hood and showed me her clit which was swollen

and pink and looked like a little finger. She told me to lick her pussy. I was

skeptical but doing this but since she had sucked my cock, I thought it was only

fair that I should also do the same. I bent down and started licking her pussy lips.

I liked the taste of her nectar which she was emitting profusely. After some time I

inserted my tongue into her pussy and licked around inside her pussy in a

continuous in and out motion using my tongue like a cock. I also used my fingers

to caress and lightly squeeze her clit . Initially she lay down quietly when I was

doing this but as she got more and more excited she started muttering

obscenities and bucking her ass up and down. I had a tough time holding on to

her and doing what I was doing. She had a huge orgasm, and she was

screaming when she came, emitting a tremendous amount of honey which I

drank down.
She lay quietly for a few minutes with her eyes closed. When she opened her

eyes she smiled at me and said that I was a fast learner and that I had done it

better than her husband. She then saw my cock which was still hard and said

“lets do something about him”. She started sucking and caressing my penis

resulting in a rock hard erection again. She then lay down separating her legs

and bending them at the knees towards her chest. She then caught my penis

and guided it into her love hole. The in and out action came naturally to me and I

got into rhythm at a very fast pace. She told me to slow down as it was important

to prolong the moment to increase the pleasure. After about fifteen minutes I felt

that I was about to come, I increased the speed of my strokes. She was also

nearing the end of her journey and was bucking her ass in reply to each of my

strokes. Both of us came simultaneously. We both fell asleep in each others

That afternoon she did not go home. We fucked two more times in bed, once with

her on top and once in doggy fashion. Finally we had a bath together and fucked

one more time under the hot shower. That day she initiated my journey into the

world of sex.
We continued our affair for about three years, fucking about twice or thrice a

week as the opportunity presented itself to us. Then her husband got a good job

in another city and she left. But not before one more marathon fucking session. I

never saw her again in my life.
Before leaving however she set up her niece as the maid servant in our house.

But that is another story…

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Old 19th October 2009
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Ravi or simmi
Iam Ravi, 24 years old guy from Delhi. This all happened three years ago during

my MBA. When I was 20 I joined an MBA college. Since my college was also in

Delhi I went there by car. Soon after the college started I formed a carpool with

two of my class mates. One was my best friend Ankit and the other was a girl

from our class named Simi. Simi was an absolute stunner with an amazing figure.

Her boobs were completely knock out and everyone used to admire them. Within

15 days from start of college Ankit got admission in a better college and he left

our college and so only the two of us were left in the carpool. Then only I came to

know about Simi’s boyfriend Rakesh. When I met him I envied him and thought

how a guy like him can end up with a girl like Simi. But I could do nothing about

it. As days passed my friendship with Simi improved and we became close

friends. One day after I picked up Simi, I noted a marked difference in her. She

looked very upset. When I asked her about it she changed the topic. I closed the

matter. While returning I noticed she was still very upset so I asked her again.

After some convincing she told me that she had broken up with her boyfriend and

she was upset about that. Just when we were about to reach her home she told

me that she was not in a mood to go home yet as she didnt want to be alone. So

we went to a nearby pub. After some drinks she started feeling better. We then

left but Simi was not in a position to go home as she was too drunk. So I took her

to my friend’s home who used to live alone. My friend had some work so he left

the two of us alone. Then suddenly Simi asked me that why are all the guys such

inconsiderate and things like that. I told her that its not that and not all guys are

alike. This cheered her up a little bit and she told me that she really likes me and

that I am a very gud person. Then she planted a kiss on my cheek. I told her that

its all ok and then she went to wash her face. When she came back she asked

me that if I had been her boyfriend would I had left her. I told her that I would

never leave such a good girl. Suddenly I dont know wat got into me I kissed her

on the lips. She was shocked but soon returned the favour. I dont know how long

we kissed each other but it felt like heaven. My tongue was exploring her mouth

and her tongue was exploring mine. I slowly moved my hand down and caressed

her boobs from above the t-shirt. When she didnt try to stop me I got more

courage and removed her t-shirt. She looked awesome in her pink bra. I kissed

her boobs from above her bra and gave them a slight nibble. I then removed her

bra and pressed her boobs. Due to all this my dick got erect and I started feeling

uneasy in my jeans. So I removed my t-shirt and loosened the button & zip of the

jeans. Her boobs were so beautiful that I kept pressing them. It was only after

Simi inserted her hand into my zip that I realised that I should move further. So I

laid her over the bed and removed her jeans. Then I removed my jeans and

climbed over the bed. I then felt her pussy from above her panties and she

moaned a little. I removed her pussy and started rubbing it. upon this she started

moaning a bit louder which aroused me even more. Then I moved to her toes and

took them in my mouth. Then I slowly began licking upwards from her feet to her

legs and then to her thighs. As I was nearing her pussy she started moaning

loudly. Then I licked her pussy and rubbed her clitoris with my tongue. This

caused a sensation in her and she started moving. Then I inserted my tongue

into her pussy and started moving it. Then we shifted into 69 position and she

took my erect penis into her mouth. She was sucking like pro, moving her tongue

on the tip of my tool. All this make me feel toooo good and I was getting very

excited. Then she started moving her mouth over my penis and I was playing with

her pussy. her pussy was completely wet and juices were flowing from it.
She told me that she cannot wait any longer and she wanted me to fuck her now.

So I changed position and climbed on top of her. I tried to insert my penis into her

but was not able to as her pussy was way too tight. I tried again and managed to

insert the tip of my penis on the second attempt. Then I gave another push to

insert it further and as half of my penis moved into her pussy, she screamed

loudly due to pain. Then again after a few thrusts I managed to insert my whole

penis into her. I was feeling soo good. Soon I was pushing my dick in and out of

her pussy. All this while I kept kissing her and fondled with her boobs. She was

also moving her hips up and down to help me. Her moans were soo exciting. she

also made nail marks on my chest. Soon I was about to cum and I told her. She

told me that she was also about to cum and told me to cum inside her. Soon I

came inside her and then I kept laid on top of her for five minutes. Due to our

session we were both sweating and decided to take a bath together. So we went

to the bathroom and stood under the shower. Watching her under the shower

was enough to excite me and I got an hardon. She was also excited upon seeing

this and we both started playing with each other. I stood against the wall and

made her climb over my dick. My dick went into her pussy and I started pushing.

We both were kissing each other and the water was flowing over us. Soon she

came again. Then I put her down and she started sucking my dick. I told her that

I was about to cum so she took my dick out of her mouth but that was too late.

Just as she removed my dick from her pussy I came and my cum was spread all

over her face. Soon the running waters washed it over her face and we both got

dressed. I looked at the watch and saw that it was almost 1 A.M. She checked

her cellphone and realised that she had nearly 10 missed calls from her parents.

She called up her parents and told them that she was working on an assignment

and would reach home in 20 mins. Then we both left my friends place and I

dropped her at her home. Next morning when I she came into the car she greeted

me with a kiss. When I met my friend he asked me what happened in the night. I

told him that nothing happened and we left soon after him. He told me that he is

not a fool and the condition we left the room in would make anyone realize what

must have happened in the room. Then I winked at him and left. Since then I and

Simi have had sex countless number of times. And everytime its better than the

previous time.

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Anjali ki mast chudai.
Her name is Anjali. She is an attractive woman with wheatish complexion,

longhairs and sexy tall figure. When ever I saw her my cock got erection and I

masturbated thinking about her for several times. She was married with a kid.

One day my mum said “Anjali has some problem in her computer and she needs

your help, please help her” I was waiting for this type of moment. I immediately

replied “Tell her to bring her computer to our house I will solve the problem” Next

evening Anjali brought her computer. I examined it and found some bad sectors

on hard disk. I told her about the problem and asked for permission to format the

hard disk. She agreed for that. I asked her about any useful data which had to be

recovered. She told me about some word files in ‘my document’ folder. Then she

went to TV lounge with my mum for chatting and I started my job. Firstly I

attached her hard disk with my computer and transferred her required files in my

computer. Then for curiosity I searched her hard disk for any sex material and I

was surprised to see a hidden folder ‘pics’ on her hard disk. There were some xxx

jpg pictures in it along with about 20 Human Digest stories.
I copied that folder on my hard disk. Then I formatted her hard disk, Installed

windows, configured all peripherals and installed required software.After that I

copied her word files and porn material on her hard disk along with some of my

porn collection. This took about 2 hours; meantime she remained with my mum.

After finishing the job I called her. She came in my room with my mum. I asked to

check her computer. She said “It’s ok, if you are satisfied” I said, “yes I am

satisfied and assure you that now it won’t give you problem”. Then I asked my

mum to bring her hair dryer for cleaning dust in her computer.As my mum went

from the room I said “Your word files are in the same folder, I have found some

pictures in your hard disk which I have copied again on your disk” with this I

opened the folder containing porn material. She became surprised and confused

after seeing that folder. I said “You have very good collection especially stories

seem good. I have copied these in to my computer. I think you will not mind it”

Her condition was miserable, she was very confused and avoiding to see towards

me due to shy. She said “please don’t tell this to any body” Her voice was

shivering. I said, “Ok, don’t worry, I have a huge collection of porn pictures too

and I have copied some of these in your computer in the same folder” I asked her

to see on the screen. But she said, “She (my mum) is coming, close it” I changed

the folder. Then I clean her computer from inside with hair dryer to remove dust.

Then she carried her computer and went away. But before leaving our house I

managed to say, “can we exchange our collection in future.
I need stories and I will give you pictures” She did not replied. After that she did

not visit our house for about a week. After a week she came. I opened the door

but she did not make eye contact with me. My mum took her to TV lounge and I

went to my room. After few minutes my mum came in the room and said, “Anjali is

asking for the ‘VGA’ driver which you have missed on that day. She has given this

floppy for copying that software” and handed over to me a floppy disk. I

immediately understand the situation and said “tell her to wait, I am copying that

software” As my mum left the room I inserted the disk into my computer and

explore it. There were five new HumanDigest stories on it. I copied these stories

on my hard disk and copied few pictures on her disk.After that I write a text file on

her floppy with a massage “Thank you! I have read your stories and I like them

very interesting and sexy, how do you find my pictures, please comment” Then I

went to her and handed over the floppy. She did not see towards me but there

was a smile on her face. After that she did not contacted me for many days. My

mum told me that Anjali was suffering from fiver and she was on leave. One day

in early morning we received a death message in my relatives in banglore.
Due to my official works I was unable to go so my mum decided to go alone. I

dropped her at airport and after her departure I came back to home. When we left

for airport, Anjali saw us going together so early. After my arrival at home as she

saw my car she came to our apartment for inquiry about emergency. I opened the

door and seeing me she blushed and put her dopatta on her head. Hello” I said

and let her in. My lund got erection seeing her alone in my house. She asked

about my mum, I told her the story. She became nervous after knowing that my

mum was not at home and said, “I will come later” with this she handed over a

floppy to me and stepped towards the door. “Listen, let me copy these and take

some of my collections on it” I said. “I will take it later” She said. I did not want to

let this chance un-availed. “Are you afraid of me”, I said. “Nnn no, actually I have

to do some work at home” By that time it was 9’O clock. I knew that her husband

and kid have gone to office and school respectively. “I know there no urgent

work,you are afraid of me,” I said but she did not reply and turned her face to

avoid eye contact.
“Before you came I was making tea, let’s have a cup of tea with me meantime I

will transfer data from floppy” saying this and without waiting for her reply I shut

the door and asked her to follow me. Meantime I sensed that she was also

interested to stay with me. I brought her to my room and switched on the

computer. I inserted her floppy and started copying her stories on my hard disk. I

offered her a chair. She sat on it. I opened the folder of my XXX collection in

ACDsee. “I am going to bring tea meantime you select pictures of your own

choice and copy them on to your floppy” She nodded her head in yes with shy. I

left the room and went to kitchen and prepared 2 cups of tea. When I came back,

copying of pictures was in progress and a XXX picture was opened on the

screen. As she saw me she immediately tried to close that window. Since the

process of copy was on therefore the window did not responded with her mouse

click on close. In this situation she became confused and immediately covered

her face with her both hands and hide her face in her knees with shy. I stepped

forward put the cups on table, held her from her shoulders and lift her up.
She resisted but I apply some force and lifted her up. She stood up without

removing her hands from face. I brought her closer and embraced her. I wrapped

my arms around her and tightened my grip. Her body was shivering and she

started heavy breaths. I kissed on her neck and whispered in her ears “Anjali you

are looking very beautiful. You know I always think about you, you are girl of my

dreams and I love you” With this I licked her ears and she started shivering more.

I held her chin with my hand and lifted her face then I removed her one hand

from her face. She was blushed, her eyes were closed and her lips were half

opened. I place my lips on hers and inserted my tongue in her mouth meantime I

wrapped my hands again around her and hugged her tightly. She removed her

hand from her face and wrapped around me and let my tongue in her mouth. I

moved my right hand on her back and held her hips and brought her more

My cock was fully erected and was trying to insert in her thighs. She bit on my

tongue and removed her lips and bit on my neck and with shivering voice she

said, ”If your wife come to know about this” while kissing on her cheeks I said “we

will not let anybody know about this.Faiza I really love you!” With this I again

started kissing and she started sucking my lips and hugged me tightly. After a

long kiss she buried her face in my chest and said, “I love you too” “Why are you

afraid of me?” I asked her. “I don’t know” She replied. I put my right hand on her

boobs and said, “Let me tell you, you are afraid that I will fuck you” I wait for a

while and said, “Am I right?” She took a sigh and nodded her head in yes. “Can I

fuck you?” I said and squeezed her boob with force. She moaned and hugged

me tightly and said, ”No you can’t” I squeezed her boob more tightly and said

“Why?” She bit on my ear and said “Press it softly you are hurting me”. “Why

can’t I fuck you?” I inquired again. “Because you are not my husband, only a

husband can fuck his wife” she replied in a sexy voice. I moved my hand under

her kameez and squeezed her boob from under the bra. It was hard and her

nipple was erected. “Anjali!, lovers can fuck with out marriage” I said. “But it’s a

sin” She replied. I pressed hard her erected nipple between my thumb and finger

and said, “there is a great pleasure in this sin, Anjali, let me fuck you, let me” I

kissed on her lips madly and squeezed her boobs tightly. She replied in inserting

her tongue in my mouth. I sucked it for few minutes and said “Anjali hold my cock

in your hand and see how is it mad for you and for your love hole”. Saying this I

untied my shalwar, Firstly she hesitated but after few seconds she gripped my

cock. As she held my cock she shivered and hugged me with her other hand and

said “It’s very large and thick, I have never seen such a big cock. its so massive I

love to get fucked by this amssive 8″ tool” She pressed my cock hard and moved

her hand on it and said “I am also mad for it, let me fuck immediately” with this

she left my cock and unbuttoned my shirt and lifted it up. I helped her and

removed it.
Now I was fully naked. I lifted her kameez and removed it then I unhooked her

bra and throw it away then I untie her shalwar and removed it. Now she was full

naked too.

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Anjali ki (final part)
She again held my cock in her hand and pointed it towards her love hole

(vegina). I moved my hand and gripped her cunt with my palm. She moaned and

pressed my cock hard and said in my ears “Let my vegina fill with your cock, fuck

me” I wrapped my hands under her hips and lifted her up and brought her on

bed. I sat on her legs and started sucking her boobs. Sheheld my head and

pressed it down in her boobs. I sucked her boobs for aboutfifteen minutes and

she begged for several times to fuck her. Then I licked her belly.After that she

suked my cock and made it more hard. She was sucking my cock like a bitch. We

remained in this position for next ten minutes after which I was about to cum. I

told her that I was about to cum but she held my hips and started biting softly on

my cock with her teeth. It made me more excited and when my cock was full

inside her mouth I
exploded and her mouth filled with my cum. She spit all my cum on my cock. I

ejaculated again this time my cum fall on her face. Then I didn’t know what

happened to her she took my cock in her mouth and started drinking my cum.

She sucked and cleaned my cock so madly with her lips and tongue that after

few minutes there was no sign of cum.
With this situation I was so excited that my cock was still hard. Then she asked

me to get up and I did so. She held my cock and said “Now I can’t wait more, fuck

me immediately” I lifted her legs and placed on my shoulders and put my dick in

her pussy. It was very wet and hot. Keeping my cock on her vegina I laid on her

and held her one boob and put my tongue in her mouth. She hugged me tightly

and gave a jerk to her hips. I pushed my cock in her vegina and inserted it full in

one jerk. “Oh Sanjay! I love it, your cock is very sexy, I have never got this much

pleasure before, now fuck me faster” I obeyed her and I fucked her like a mad

dog. During my fast strokes she was moving her hips up and down. After about

ten minutes I stopped and told her that I would cum on her belly. She wrapped

her legs around my waist to stop me withdrawing my cock. “Cum deep inside my

vegina I am on pills fill my love hole with your cum” Hearing this I increased my

speed and exploded deep inside her pussy. She also came at the same time.

She pressed my cock with her pussy to squeeze my cum in it. During this we

kissed passionately each other. I did not withdraw my cock from her pussy and

kept on kissing her lying on her. After about ten minutes she again hugged me

tightly and started biting on my ears. During this she said, “Sanjay! I have never

been satisfied like this before. I like your way of fucking and the most I like is your

filthy language. During fucking I like filthy talks but my husband never did this”.
I squeezed her boob and said, “You also talk filthy so good. I like it” She insert

her tongue in my mouth. With this my cock again got erection and I started

movements of my cock in her love hole. She said in a sexy voice “ Do you want

me to be more filthy” I squeezed her boobs more tightly and said, “Oh, sure”. The

burying her face in my chest she said “fuck me in my gand. I want your big cock

in my virgin gand”. Hearing this my cock got its maximum erection in her pussy. I

kissed on her lips and said “I also like ass fucking and your huge sexy ass will be

the best for my cock”. She told me that she has tried this for many times from her

husband but he did not agreed on it. She further told me that many of her friends

liked ass fucking but their husband didn’t fulfill their desires. Then I withdrew my

cock and she immediately took doggy position. She held my fully lubricated cock

from my cum and her pussy juices with her hand and pulled me towards her.

Then she put some love love juice on my lund and spread her love juice on my

cock with her hand. This action made me more excited and I took my position

behind her.
She buried her face in pillow and apart her ass with her hands to make her hole

wide. I took some oil on her ass and rubbed with my cock on her asshole. After

about five minutes rubbing I tried to enter her but she tightened her ass and

made the entry for me very difficult. I held my cock in right hand and put it on her

asshole and with left hand I pinched on her one nipple. With pain she shout

“ooee” and meantime she relaxed her ass. I thrust my cock with a great force into

her tight asshole. She tried to tighten her ass again but this time she was late.

The head of my cock made way in her hole and I gripped her boobs tightly and

with a forceful jerk I inserted my complete cock in to her tight ass. She shouted

with pain “ooee ooee uff ! Sanjay! main mer gayee. Please bahar nikal lo.” And

she collapsed on the bed. I also fall on her with my full cock in her ass. I found

her ass more tight. As I tried to move my cock in her ass she requested to wait for

some time. I obeyed her and we started filthy talks. I said “Anjali! you have a very

tight ass”. She brought her hands on my butts and pressed me closer to her and

said “Sanjay! meri jan! What is our relation” I press her boobs and said “You are

my girl friend and your husband is my friend in this connection you are my

bhabbi too” She turned her face and while licking on my lips she said “then call

me bhabbi, I love your fucking being your bhabbi.
Please call me bhabbi and fuck me”. Hearing this I squeezed her boobs with my

full force and bit on her ears saying, “bhabbi you are very sexy, you have a very

hot and tight ass, my cock is boiling in it. I love you bhabbi”. Hearing this she

raised her hips up and placed a pillow under her belly. This brought her ass in a

more fuckable position. I held her boobs tightly and started moving my cock.

Firstly it was difficult but after few strokes it was comfortable. Firstly she cried to

stop but after about twenty strokes she relaxed and raised her ass more up and

started moving her hip with my strokes. With this I increased my speed and

fucked her wildly. After about ten minutes of wild fucking I became about to cum

and I told her. She raised her hips more up and became in proper doggy style

and said “Oh Yes, cum deep inside my asshole, I will suck your cock with my

ass”.“Oh bhabbi, you are great, I love you, suck my cock with your ass”.
I brought my hand down below her belly and gripped her vegina with my palm

and started queezing it. She tightened her ass and squeezed my cock. With this I

exploded deep inside her and at the same time she also got her orgasm and my

palm became wet with her love juices. We lay in this position for about ten

minutes. Then we got up and went to bathroom and washed ourselves. That day

she remained with me till 2’O clock and I fucked her two times more in her pussy.

This incident happened two months back. After that whenever we got a chance

we made love. She is pregnant now and making me responsible for that.

Hi young girls and nieces this is Huda Faiza. I am going to tell u my true story

how my Irshad uncle my mom shameems bhaijan Irshad uncle fucked me during

our visit to marriage in his town.
My sexy Irshad uncle was in charge of marriage arrangements and he was having

a medium size room all for himself where all the materials of marriage was stored

and he has a bed there where he used to sleep during night. I asked him whether

I could sleep in his room for that night cuz I had fight with my cousin Wafa and I

dont want to sleep with here in his room so ask Irshad uncle and he agreed for

that. I slept in his bed and immediately went to sleep. I suddenly wakeup during

the night and realised that someone is pressing hard along with my body and

kissing me. Shirt of my night-dress was opened and he was playing with my tits

through bra. I was about to shout, realising that I had woken he muffed my voice

with his lips and started passionately kissing me. Then I realised it was my Irshad

uncle. I was shocked to realise what he was doing. Although the cases of incest

are on increase it is still considered bad in Indian society. I was struggling hard to

free myself from him. He stopped kissing me and immediately closed my mouth

with his palm and said he will remove it only if I listen to him and will not shout.

He left me only when I agreed for that. I was still shocked and started abusing

him what he was doing with me. I am younger to his son and he should not do

this with me.
He told me that till few hours back he also considered me as his daughter. I

asked him what happen in last few hours. He told you know that my wife and me

always problem for sex and iam hungry since one week as suppressed his desire

for sex. But when I slept with him in same bed the heat of my body made him

mad and he cannot control himself. He begged me pls faiza jan to allow him to

kiss me and play with me for 15 minutes and if I don’t like that he will not do it

again. I immediately refused him and said this is not possible, but he kept on

persuading me by saying it is similar as getting orgasm by your self only

difference is instead of my own he is going to make me cum. I really loved my

IrIrshad uncle very much beforeso many time he use put me between her legs

and and use to massage me and make me hot ,I said I can allow him only for

today and he should not ask for it again. He was very happy and told me how

good I am.
He started passionately kissing me and told me to open my mouth and let his

tongue explore my mouth and asked me to do the same thing with him. He

moved his right hand on my back and opened my bra and my virgin tits are in

front of him. I feel ashamed as no one has seen my tits till now. He started

massaging my left tit with his right hand and started pinching my nipple. It was

hurting, he said relax and I will love it soon. He then stopped kissing me and

moved his mouth on my left tit and started kissing it and with his left hand started

playing with my right tit. After few minutes of playing and sucking my tits he

aroused me to a level that I too started enjoying it. I have heard from my

classmates how their brothers and uncles did it with them and they loved it. I was

totally against it till now and when he sucked my tits hard I experienced a tingling

sensation going through my body. I told uncle I am enjoying it please suck me

harder and don’t stop. He told me don’t say uncle, say Irshadji (his

name). Within 10 minutes of sucking and playing with my tits, I was on heaven

and considering my self-lucky that this has happened to me. He then asked me

whether I liked it or not, I kept silent he again asked whether I want him to

continue. I said don’t say anything just do it Irshadji, oh my dear it feels so

Listening this he stopped sucking my tits and said if I like it that much then I have

to do my share in this act. I was ready to do any thing at this moment, because

the pleasure I was getting by it was immense nothing comparable to occasionally

playing with my self. He asked me to take out his cock from his pant and play

with it. I took out his cock. It was not an average cock (which I realised later),

around 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. I asked him what to do with it. He said

right now I can massage it with my hand but later on I have to suck it. I refused to

suck it, but he said this is my first time so he will not force it but he confidently

said that afterwards I would love to suck it. He asked me to hold his cock lightly in

my right hand and move my hand up and down on it. I started doing it and within

two minutes he started trembling and some white glue came out of his cock and

fell on my hand, my breasts and on his chest also. He asked me to lick it, but I

refused, then he licked his cum from my hand, breasts and his chest. He caught

hold of me and kissed me and moved his cum from his mouth to my mouth. I had

no other option but to taste it. He warned me not to spill it out and kept kissing

me so I have to swallow it. It was my first chance of tasting semen and it tasted

strange. He told me that next time I have to have it directly from his cock. He then

asked me to lye on bed with my legs spread apart and moved my pyjama and

started kissing me from toe to right up to end of my thighs. His kissing send

another wave of excitement in my body and I reached a heavy orgasm. It was the

best orgasm, which I got till that time. I felt very weak after that. Irshad uncle

started massaging my cunt through my panty, which was wet because of my

cum. I was on heaven and was enjoying what all Irshadji was doing to me. It was

my first experience. He slowly removed my panty and inserted his middle finger in

my cunt. Although it was wet because of lubrication but it hurt. I told do it slowly

you are hurting me, he told me to relax and enjoy. He slowly moving his finger in

and out of my cunt, after a couple of minutes I started enjoying and pain also

subsided. He then inserted two of his fingers and finger fucked me and I received

another thunderous orgasm, which lasted for around two minutes and with

passage of time I was enjoying it more and more. Irshad uncle then moved

between my legs and buried his face on my cunt and started licking it. His licking

again made me cum. He kept on licking my cunt for around 30 minutes and he

was shouting ufffffff baji shahanaz ufff wafa ufff f shameem he was taking all my

autns my mom and my cousin and while suckingmy cunt iwas stunned , and in

this time I reached orgasm three more times. I was feeling very weak after all this

and Irshad asked me to sleep nude in his arms and told me we will do same

thing again next day.
Next day I woke very late and saw that Irshad uncle has put back my night-dress

on but I was without my bra and panty. Irshad uncle later told me that he has

kept it as a souvenir, like I keep ur moms bra ur aunty shahanaz panty , irealised

he is a family fucker he fuked eone in my family , but I was happy. I was

anxiously waiting for night to come. During night as soon as I reached in his room

to sleep, Irshad ji caught hold of me and started kissing me, unlike yesterday I

also kissed him back by inserting my tongue in his mouth and tasting his salvia.

While kissing Irshadji, opened my shirt and through it away and unhooked my

bra and started playing with my tits. Within five minutes I was on fire. He sucked

my tits so hard that I was about to shout. Irshad uncle then asked me to suck his

cock and told if I don’t suck him, he is not going to give me pleasure of last

night. Reluctantly, I pulled out his cock from his pant. There was a drop of pre

cum on his cock, I licked it and took tip of his cock in my mouth and started

moving in and out. Irshad uncle took me by my hair and inserted whole of his

cock in my mouth and asked me to suck it bitch. I was shocked to hear these

worlds from his mouth but these words gave more excitement to me. I said yes I

am a bitch and want to suck uncle’s cock. It was difficult for me to have whole

of his cock in my mouth it was choking my throat. After sucking of five minutes,

Irshad uncle announced that he is cuming and wants me to have all of his cum

and not to drop a single drop. So I have to swallow all of his cum like my mom

shameem suck his cock I know dad waas out long time and Irshad uncle fucking

my mom shameem his sali e night (now cock sucking is my favourite, I can suck

any size cock), today there was some smell in his cum, when I asked Irshi he told

me that he had drinks couple of hours ago, it is because of that. Irshii uncle then

laid me on bed and sucked my cunt and made me cum twice. He then pull out

his shaving kit and told me that he like shaven cunt and he is going to shave my

cunt. After shaving my cunt Irshai said that we would do it in 69 position, we did it

in that position and then slept nude in each other’s arms. It continued like

this for another two days. The day before marriage he told me that he is going to

fuck me when marriage ceremony will be going on and everybody will be busy

there and we can enjoy at that time.

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Next & final part
He then pull out his shaving kit and told me that he like shaven cunt and he is

going to shave my cunt. After shaving my cunt Irshai said that we would do it in

69 position, we did it in that position and then slept nude in each other’s

arms. It continued like this for another two days. The day before marriage he told

me that he is going to fuck me when marriage ceremony will be going on and

everybody will be busy there and we can enjoy at that time.
I was very happy that day because of two things. First marriage of my cousin and

second I was going to get my first sexual experience tonight. The day passed on

with marriage ceremonies. At night it was around 11.30 PM when real marriage

ceremonies started. I was wearing a crimson red colour saree with a matching

blouse, everyone in the marriage was complementing me that I am looking

beautiful. In fact couple of guys from groom’s party was trying to impress me,

but I was not interested in all these attention. Had it been any other day I would

have felt happy and enjoyed it. At around 12 midnight, Irshad uncle signalled me

to come to his room as his work was done and he declared that he is very tired

and going to sleep. I also planned it and told my mother at evening that I am not

feeling well and may not sit whole night during the ceremony and take rest. After

seeing Ravi’s signal, I went to my mother and told her that I am not feeling

well and going to take some rest and come back after half an hour. She wanted

to come with me but I forced her to stay there and told if I need her help I will call

her. She asked fahmina (my younger sister) to go along with me and take care of

me, fahmina was interested to attend function but reluctantly came with me. I was

thinking how to get rid of fahmi. When we were moving to room, I saw Irshad

uncle coming, he was also surprised to see fahmina along with me. He asked us

what is the problem and why I am looking down. fahmina told him that I am not

feeling well so she is going to take care of me. Irshad uncle took both of us in his

room, I immediately fell on bed pretending that I am sleeping. After chatting for

five minutes with fahmina, he said she should go and tell my mother that I am

sleeping. fahmina was very happy to join marriage function.
As soon as fahmi left, he bolted room from inside and I was up from bed. We

started kissing each other passionately and hungrily as if there is no tomorrow.

Irshad s lips were all over on my face, on my lips, nose, eyes, forehead, ears on

my neck. He started with my earlobes and then my eyes, nose and finally settled

down on my lips. We french kissed for 5 minutes both of us were breathing

heavily. Irshad uncle slowly moved his hands over my tits through my saree and

started massaging my tits through it. My hands were caressing his back. uncle

removed my saree and petticoat and I was standing there in my bra and panty. I

removed his shirt, under shirt and trousers and he was only in his undies. We

again kissed each other. This kiss lasted for around five minutes and after we

broke our kiss, he opened one drawer ad took out a pack of condom. He asked

me whether I am in my safe period or not, I told him, yes I am, he said he is not

going to take his chance and so he is going to use a condom. Hurriedly we

removed each others remaining cloths and he started kissing my tits and I started

playing with his cock. Irshadji then spread my legs and started licking my cunt.

When my cunt was wet, he put on condom on his cock and said now he is going

to fuck me. uncle said it is going hurt in the beginning and I might bleed also so

there is nothing to worry and if it hurt, I should tell him. He pointed his cock on

my cunt and gave it a push and I was about to shout, it was hurting me. Seeing

this he started kissing me and said relax. He applied some more force and tip of

his cock was inside me, I was in tremendous pain. uncle keeps on kissing me and

did not applied more force and let his cock remain there in two minute or so when

I got used to his cock and pain also subsided he applied some more force and

inch by inch he entered his cock in my cunt. He keeps on inserting some of his

cock in me and let me feel and get used to it. In ten minutes or so most of his

cock was inside me and pain also subsided. Then all of a sudden with a big force

he pushed rest of his cock and all of his cock was buried inside me. His last push

hurts me a lot and I was in tremendous pain and was in tears. The only thing

stopping me from crying was his continuous kissing. During this process of

around fifteen minutes I must have came around four times.
Once his cock was buried totally in me, he kept still for two minutes and my cunt

also got used to it. He started pumping his cock in and out of my cunt slowly. At

times he used to withdraw all of his cock except his head and then insert it again.

After some times he increased pace of his strokes and he kept on pounding me

for another five minutes. Now I also got used to it and started enjoying it and was

fully co-operating with him stroke by stroke. Suddenly uncle’s body stiffened

and he emptied his load in condom and fall exhausted on top of me. We

remained in that position for around 15 minutes and then again we kissed each

other. After some time Irshad again started playing with my tits and started

massaging my cunt. When I looked down I saw his cock was hard again, he

asked me if I want we can do it once more that night before sleeping. I agreed to

it and then he spread my legs and inserted tip of his cock in my cunt, which was

now bit used to of having a cock inside it. It didn’t pain as it pained earlier. He

now increased his pace and started pumping it in and out and at times reduced

his speed. I asked him why he is slowing his speed as I was near an orgasm, he

told that way he will last for a longer time. He kept on pounding me for 20

minutes and in this time I came at least three times before he came.
We both were very exhausted and slept in each other’s arm. Irshad uncle

woke me up at around 4.00 in the morning saying that it is time of departure of

barat and we should freshen up and join other family members. Somehow I got

up took bath and then joined other family members. I was very happy with what

happened last night and was looking more such incidences. We came out and

everybody was asking how I am feeling now, so I told them it is better than

yesterday. After that we he fuck me wen ever we get chance wen my moms in

periods Irshad uncle fuck me.

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Tara or taringini
I was staying with my maternal uncle and my friend Balaji at the local Brahmin’s

hostel. Both of us are studious and used to study together late into the nights.

Balaji was inclined to anything related to the field of arts and abhorred anything

physical, very unlike me who was very athletic, played all games and had a big

stamina. Like most boys of college age, I was thin like a wicket, but possessed an

unusually thick black and ugly dick with a large purple mushroom head. My dick

was totally out of proportion to my lean and flat body, and embarrassingly used

to jut out of my trousers, and I have noticed more than one women staring at it in


One day in my third semester, Balaji did not turn up for our usual studies and

worried I immediately left for the hostel on my cycle to enquire on his

whereabouts. To my horror, I found that he had been taken seriously ill and

admitted to the local hospital. I immediately informed his parents who lived in

Mysore, who rushed to his side early next day. The frail and thin Balaji was

diagnosed with jaundice and was on the verge of a major health breakdown.

Taking stock of the situation his parents visited one of their old acquaintances, a

professor or somebody in our college and convinced them to take on Balaji, as a

paying guest.

A month later Balaji rejoined classes and he was eager to catch up with the rest

of the us and asked me to join him at his new place of stay, as he was still

recuperating from his illness. That evening I went to his new house and had a lot

of difficulty in locating his place, as there was a row of white walled tiled houses

on both sides with identical small compounds. Since it was evening, there were

many children playing on the narrow street and many of the houses had ladies

chatting outside. I have never seen so many lovely ladies in one place, but was

more preoccupied on locating Balaji’s house. Finally I stopped in front of a group

of ladies who were staring at me in unabashed curiosity and I enquired, “Do you

know where an engineering student, Balaji is staying. He moved in recently” I


One lady nodded and pointed to a very secluded compound with many trees,

diagonally opposite, at the very end of the street. I thanked them and as I turned,

some of the younger girls started giggling and in the background of their

laughter, I could hear “handicapped” home many times. I moved away from them

and entered the compound of a big tiled house that had an eerie atmosphere,

probably caused by the wind in the eucalyptus trees of the adjourning grove. The

gate to the compound squeaked on metal so badly that I thought the occupant of

the house would come out running. However it was only after many repeated

knocks on a wooden door that had a broken calling bell that an old lady

appeared. The loud blast of sound from a TV inside, which was deafening, almost

threw me off the doorstep and I realized why nobody answered, despite the

creaking gate.

I enquired about Balaji and she said pointed to her ear and asked me to talk

louder and I realized that she had a serious hearing problem and now could

understood the reason why the ladies had giggled, “handicapped” house. I

repeated my question loudly and she nodded in comprehension and told me that

he was washing his clothes inside and I could wait in his room, which adjourned

a small lobby. As I entered, she hurried back to her all consuming TV serial.

After waiting impatiently for about ten minutes, I ventured out and peeped into

their living room through a window grill and saw a very beautiful girl watching the

same programme, lying on a sofa cum bed. Her name was Tara and she was part

of a group of girls, who my friends and I, always teased on the road; she studied

at a nearby women’s college. She was about eighteen, thin like me and wearing a

very short and faded skirt, the skirt was riding so high that I could see her milky

white thighs and her tight shirt, missing a few buttons was fighting a losing battle

to hold her small and pointed breasts, tantalizingly exposing her chest and

stomach in many places. I was aroused at seeing such an erotic picture and was

feasting my eyes in admiration at her exposed cleavage so hard that I did not see

her eyes glance up, towards me.

She gently pulled her skirt down and jumped up, as I was jolted back to reality. I

looked at her sheepishly expecting animosity, but to my surprise I found

recognition her eyes filled with open desire and she came round the wall and

stood next to me.

I stammered in confusion, “Balaji…”

She again involuntarily pulled her shirt down, and I noticed her breasts flattening

and etch her nipples against the thin material; she was not wearing any bra

inside. I again stared at her chest in fascination.

She replied, “Yes he is here, but you’ll not find him in the place you were

looking”. I was taken aback by her reply and scooted back in shame to Balaji’s

room, and I felt my ears go hot with a rush of blood.

Balaji came in wearing a wet lungi and banyan and before I sighed in relief he

said, “Buddy I need a bath, please wait a few minutes more” and so saying he

went out again. As soon as he was out, Tara who was waiting at the doorstep,

slipped into the room with familiarity, folded one of her smooth leg onto Balaji’s

bed, sat down. She looking at my crouch said, “I know you, all my friends in my

college say you are cute, but I will have to tell them that you are also very horny”.

I looked down in disbelief and there, unmistakably, my hard on stood out like a

lone tree on a barren mountain!

2nd part
I had never met such a frank female before in life and I did not know what to do! I

pulled a pillow over my trouser front and pleaded with Tara to forgive and forget

and after a few minutes, playfully with a twinkle in her eyes, she agreed to keep a

secret, if I treated all her friends to an ice cream at busyday. Even though I did

not have that kind of money, I reluctantly agreed and she returned to her TV, not

before deliberately brushing her skirt on my legs. I was so excited by all this that

my copious percum had wet my pants and in dismay I looked down at a small wet

patch spreading on my trouser. I pulled my shirt out but was still uncomfortable

sitting there and very reluctantly decided to leave.

I walked into the window and seeing me, she put both her legs up exposing her

brilliantly white thighs again and enquired, “What do you want to look at now? I

had a distinct feeling that she was really enjoying this conversation and my

obvious discomfort.

I smiled, not at all surprised at her reply, looked at her grandmother who was

oblivious to all the happenings around and reassured replied by looking directly

into the V of her skirt that I have something important and I had to leave and

rushed out before she could reply, but her smiling and brilliantly blushed face

stayed with me, as I reluctantly left for home.

Balaji confronted me the next day on my disappearing act and being his good

friend I confessed everything and he replied enviously, “Buddy, yes that girl is

very horny and the kind of provocative poses she gives is too much even for a

sick man like me, but obviously she has the “hots” for you”

He then went on to explain that it was a family of three, the deaf grandmother

and two daughters, their parents died in a bus accident and it was their

grandmother who brought them up. The elder sister, Tarangani was a professor

in our own college, aged about 28 but unmarried because she had a slight limp

she got in the same accident, her parents were in. He was of the opinion that

both sisters were very close to each other, and added that Tara was always

enquiring about me. He said, “Now I know” with a smile.

I could not forget horny Tara however much I tried and that weekend, knowing

that Balaji was going to Tumkur, I deliberately loaned him a book, saying it was

important for his preparation.

The next day at around 6:00 PM, I went to his house and knocked the door,

praying that Tara opened the door. To my horror, Tarangani opened the door.

She was beautiful, about 5’ 4” tall and had a dupatta to cover her modesty but it

was raised very high and I imagined a pair huge of juicy knockers inside. Once I

introduced myself, with a wide smile of recognition that showed a set of perfectly

white teeth, she nodded and invited me in.

She said, “Oh, so you were the guy, Tara was gushing about” and seeing my

face going red, she laughed out aloud.

I innocently enquired about Balaji’s whereabouts and told her I needed the book I

had loaned to him badly but I had not anticipated Balaji’s room to be locked, and

when I also realized that Tara and her grandmother were not around, I tried to

escape out. Tarangani was determined that I stay on for some more time and she

probed further as to what subject and problem that I was after. I told her a

problem in circuit design that I had learnt recently and to my utter chagrin, she

said that she would explain it to me and pulled me in with her hand. I was

trembling like a leaf, on feeling her soft cool hands and not knowing how to

excuse myself, I joined her reluctantly in their dining room. She told me that the

silence at home was getting to her when I happened and she would explain my

problem to alleviate her boredom.

I sat opposite her, but she moved and sat right next to me and I could smell the

fresh jasmine flowers on her hair and the unmistakable smell of cinthol soap. She

looked very similar to Tara but was filled out better, and her simple housedress

outlined her breasts and I could easily decipher her hourglass figure with a heavy

bottom. She then removed her dupatta and came very close to me and her

swelling breasts which rested on the table, made me rock hard inside. She had

on a simple gold lace with a small locket on her neck and her neck less top,

exposed her deep cleavage, exuding an urgency for sex.

She started the ball rolling by accidentally touching me and then to emphasize a

point and was soon liberally touching me and caressing me with her finger tips,

explaining the problem in absolute earnest, but nothing was going into my head,

her proximity and her constant touch made me a jumble of nerves, and I was

tingling all over with excitement. Suddenly she turned accusingly at me and said,

“So you came to seduce Tara… umh? Do you think she would have let you have

sex with her?”

I looked at her face in dismay, when I felt a probing foot on my leg. She was

slowly sliding it up and down, and her eyes filled with lust, inviting me into a

vortex of no return. As I sat transfixed, she placed her hand gently on my fully

erect member and squeezed and said, “Ah…Tara was right, you are big, really

big in the department.

Before I could do anything, she lifted my trembling hands and placed it on her

breasts and said,” have what you were salivating all this while”. I involuntarily

squeezed it and felt her nipples harden in my hands. She moaned loudly and

smiled, “so you are a fast learner, problem solved” and so saying she came into

my arms and kissed me full on the lips, pushing her warm and wet tongue into

my mouth, which moved inside like a slithering eel. I had lost my fear completely

and was kneading her breasts hard and she was moaning away loudly in my

mouth, like I was already inside her, as our tongues entwined into a ritual of sex. I

kissed her face and neck, as she ground her protruding venus mound onto my

hard on.

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3Rd part
She broke the kiss suddenly and told me, “Excuse me for a few minutes, let me

put some rice for boiling” and with that she went into the kitchen. She turned to

me at the kitchen door and said happily, “it is a long time since I have been with a

man and never with one as strong and virile as you”.

I asked why she did not get married and she answered from inside the kitchen,

nobody wants to marry me as I have this limp, although I can make any man

happy both on and off the bed. After touching her beautiful body, I was very

reluctant to stay passive and I followed her into the kitchen, like a moth to a


She was washing and cleaning rice at the sink; I went behind her and pushed my

full hard on into her unbelievably soft arse and she pushed back hard, as I

hugged her from behind and lifted her heavy melons and started grinding my

crouch into her back. She leaned back and licked my cheek with her pink tongue

as I gently pulled her gown up and placed my hand on her rounded arse cheeks.

It was jelly soft and fleshy and as she bit into my ear, I slid my hand through the

elastic of her panties, through her arse cheeks and into her crack of pleasure. I

gently lowered my hand and with some difficulty reached her pouting cunt lips,

which were already wet and yielding. I pushed my fingers between them and

massaged in circular motion and she spread her legs a little wider for giving me

better access. I alternatively plunged my finger in and out of her cunt as she

buckled her arse back and forth, holding on to the ledge, moaning rhythmically.

Soon my fingers were soaping with her cunt juices and when I accidentally

touched her hard clitoris, she shuddered and drenched my fingers in her come.

She turned back and squeezed my hard trouser front and said hoarsely, “I don’t

care… I want you in me now…”

I lifted her on to the kitchen ledge and her full arse came up to my hips and I

pulled her panties down in one motion, and pushed my face into her projecting

cunt. As my tongue split through her cunt lips, she struggled to break free telling,

“No, No”, I then realized that nobody had done this to her before and she found it

dirty. I held her firmly by her waist and licked in long strokes and she paused in

wonder, at a new sensual feeling she had never experienced overcame her.

Taking full advantage of her hesitance, I pushed my tongue in as far as it could

go while she again twitched and turned but her awaked position pinned her down

on the ledge. She soon settled down, willing to my ministrations like a bitch in

heat and even helped me go deeper by spreading her arse cheeks with her

hands. I quickly dropped my pants and my hard dick came springing out. Lifting

my face, I tried to bring my dick near her cunt, but my huge erection was so

strong that I could not bend it forward, for entry. The size of my mushroom head

was visibly bigger than her cunt and I hesitated, in doubt.

Tarangani realizing my traditional intention, slithered a little down, egging me on

for the fuck and I applied some of her cunt juices on my member by rubbing it

against her wet cunt and gently pushed it into her crevice. Her thick cunt lips

parted grotesquely and in spite of her copious lubrication, I still found it difficult to

enter her tight canal in that position. Tarangani turned back and said, “My god,

your penis is bigger than a horse’s dick, do it na… enter me please NOW”. On

hearing these magic words, I stood on tip toe and pushed with all my might and

she screamed loudly in pleasure, “Amma…” and I felt my burning penis gain an

inch as my foreskin ripped backwards. She was weeping and I paused in

confusion for a second, but I felt her utter submission as my go ahead and I

pushed hard again.

She whimpered with each thrust and I steadily disappeared into her inch by inch,

until my pubic hair was touching her arse and I still had a couple of inches to go

in. Sweat was running through her crack as I pulled her down a little more from

the ledge, pushed her body down while pulling and spreading her arse cheeks

wide and knotting all my strength I rammed hard with all my might and I lodged

myself to the hilt, as she threw her head back and screamed. Her cunt held me

tightly in a grip of steel, as if it did not want to leave me and I shifted my grip to

her slim waist for a better grip and I felt her entire body trembling as I gently

moved in and out by just withdrawing an inch. Her white arse cheeks were red in

color with my constant kneading and stood out in stark contrast to my thick black

member. The connection was exquisite for both of us and I watched in fascination

as my penis stretched her liquid cunt lips to the limit as it plunged in and out.

Soon her entire love canal was lubricated enough to let me slide the entire length

with ease.

She was a screamer and was screaming loudly, as I gathered momentum and my

deep and long strokes sometimes brought me completely out, only to plunge into

her cunt as it physically squeaked its pleasure with every stroke. Within minutes

she gasped a huge orgasm that shuddered through her soft body, but I held her

down firmly and increased my speed to a crescendo as I felt my own balls stirring

for a volcanic release. I exploded my thick and hot lava into her in such quantities

that it filled her and overflowed onto her dress and the kitchen ledge. Slowly she

wriggled back to regain her footing and I felt my cock plop out, soft but still erect.

Her demure face was drenched in tears, but showed a radiance of utter

satisfaction only a good fuck can give a girl.

She splashed water on me suddenly and laughed at my surprise and kissed and

wiped my face with her hand and said,” You are so wild and kinky! Nobody has

licked me there, it is soooo good.” Then looking down at my subdued monster,

she said, “Wow that was my best ever!” She gently squeezed my sticky dick and

kneeling down took me in her mouth and sucked me clean. I felt myself harden

again at the blow job but she got up in alarm and said longingly, “Ohhhh… not

again tonight darling, I’m expecting Tara any moment” and I reluctantly went back

to the dining room, leaving her to clean up the kitchen. In that one act of sex we

became close to each other as if we had known each other for an eternity.

A little later as I collected the papers we had worked on earlier, I heard the gate

creak and Tara came in with her friend. She was surprised to see me in the

dining room and was visibly upset to see me sitting there with a dumb grin and

when full realization dawned on her, she rushed into the kitchen giving me a

glare. A little later, Tarangani returned to me. She sat down and told that I need

to go home, immediately as Tara was very upset. As I got up, she whispered,

“Thanks, my darling stud… don’t worry I’ll make it up to Tara”

I returned happily and the following Monday when I met Balaji he did not give any

indication of what had happened, and relived, I did not share my secrets with him

for the first time in our friendship. A week later all of us were busy in the annual

cultural programme and I was a leading star in our department’s programme as

the compare. As soon as I finished my part and joined the crowd, for the rock

concert which followed, Tarangani joined our group dressed in a sari that hardly

covered her assets, especially the tight blouse which suggestively exposed her

cleavage and started chatting up with all of us, mostly pulling my speeches on

the dais and said she wanted to join me on the way back home. In the dark she

pinched and scratched me frequently but I dared not reciprocate with all my

friends and classmates around, but was sensually aroused to the maximum.

After a while Tarangani asked Balaji to get some pop corn from the nearby food

fest and as soon as he left, she innocently asked me to chaperone her to meet

another lecturer on the other side of the swelling crowd. I reluctantly followed her

on this needless task; when she suddenly curved out of the crowd, telling me

that she needed her collect her purse before she left for home. I followed her like

a happy puppy and schemed a small kissing and fondling session, as soon as I

got her alone.

The electronic department on the first floor was dark and empty and as soon as

we started up the stairs, I pulled her into me and kissed her hard, she smelled of

mint and her mouth was very cool. She broke away and said, “No not here, we

can’t do much here come up”. We ran up the flight of stairs and she unlocked the

lab door but did not switch on the light and turned towards me. We smooched

hard and I felt her heaving breasts under her sari when she said, “I always had

this fantasy of fucking on my work desk, we’ll do it today”.

She was breathing heavily with the physical exertion of climbing the stairs and I

felt her heaving breasts and wanting to feel them pulled her sari front down. Even

in the dark I could make out her big melons and I lost all control, squeezing and

kissing them. I pushed my tongue between her cleavages and tasted her sweat

and somehow it made me very randy, but she had other plans. She dropped to

her knees, pulled at my belt and I helped her remove it and she impatiently

yanked my trousers down to expose my grotesquely distended underwear.

“Ummm…it’s big”. She kissed me lovingly over my underwear and pushed her

hand through the side opening to hold my rod and I heard her gasp, she looked

up at me in wonder and said, “My god, I have never held such a thick rod, just

feel the veins standing out…” she yanked my underwear down and my penis

jumped out into her face. I was so hard that she had difficulty pulling it back with

her small fingers and she ran her finger tip down its length in appreciation.

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She took my fullness into her mouth slowly and deliberately and her mint laced

mouth made my member tingle all over. She sucked me nosily and hard, always

maintaining a hard vacuum that literally sucked my whole self as I moved to and

fro between her small and wide open lips. She was very good at a blow job and

tickled and rubbed my penis all over holding the base of my penis for support

and massaging my testis sac gently. She bobbed her head in fast and long

strokes and I could feel her taking me deep inside her throat expertly, without

gagging and before long I shuddered in my orgasm and spat my life force deep

inside her throat and she greedily lapped up the entire offering.
We had only started. I pulled her up and lifted her onto her desk and pushed her

sari up and she parted her legs in anticipation. I held her wet panties by the

middle and yanked it to the side and placed my penis against her humid cunt

lips. With one push I was half inside her liquid wetness and she screamed, but I

was beyond any control and relapsed into a well settled rhythm of hard and deep

pumping. Her sari rustled and the wooden table creaked as I moved in and out

and she was biting into her hand to prevent any further noise escaping, as I

humped her with panache. After some time I slid my arms to hold her thin waist

and pulling and pushing her body I drove in deep and deliberate strokes. She

was murmuring and beating her head side to side as I filled her cunt with my

meat again and again. I loved to see her white legs still wearing her slippers

flapping in the air as I chugged along. I was sweating in spite of the cool night

but neither of us was in a hurry and thankfully I noted that the night reverberated

with the cacophony of the rock music, which effectively covered our amorous

Plunging deep inside her, I stopped and she looked at me enquiringly and

pleaded, go on man, I am about to come”. I told her, “I want your breasts” and

she hoarsely laughed out loud and started to open her blouse buttons in haste. I

am sure she mush have broken off a few buttons but neither of us cared except

for satisfying our lust and I lifted her us as she slipped her straps off her

shoulder. Her round and firm melons slipped out and I could make out her small

nipples in a brown settings and I fell on them like a man who has not eaten for a

week. I sucked on her nipples and I also felt her hands probing my exposed shaft

base and my testicle sack. Her massage did it, I was fully charged and I pulled

back and holding her soft thighs wide apart, I plunged inside her again and I was

rewarded by seeing her big breasts juggling before my eyes and hitting against

each other as if clapping me on to glory.
Remembering my earlier experience with her I expertly slid one of my hands over

her exposed mount and placing my fingers in her thick and curly pubic hair, I

massaged her clitoris with the palm of my hand and she groaned Ammaaaa…

and exploded into an earth shattering orgasm and her legs flopped on to the

sides. I felt her come cascading around my slithering penis, lubricating it beyond

any further need and with a squelching sound I continued to grind into her pelvis.

The copious lubrication delayed my ejaculation further and I now was

experiencing a feeling of plunging into pure silk, but I was driving into her in


Final part
She gently propped herself on her elbows and holding my face in her hands

squeezed her cunt muscles hard and I could literally feel my foreskin ripping on

and off my member head. She then wrapped her thick thighs around me let her

hands free and it was a sight of absolute erotic pleasure to see her body

rhythmically swaying with my thrusts and her long hair strewn on the desk

untidily. I pushed her further up on the long desk, dropping records and material

all around and holding onto her shoulders under her arms, I moved onto the

table and in the missionary position, I fucked her hard in fast and deep strokes

that rocked her body as if hit by a sledge hammer. She moaned her pleasure with

each stroke and bit my lips, as she again hit her zenith and scratched my back

with her long finger nails. It was so painful that I had to lock her wrists with my

hands before I could continue. Her cunt was so slippery that I had trouble in

imagining that I was plunging into flesh and not liquid but the feeling was simply

fantastic! She then broke my grip on her hands, lifted her body on one of her

elbows and pushing her other hand behind my back, expertly massaged my anus

and unable to prolong such pleasure, I plunged into her for the last time to the

hilt and exploded my jism, spilling my seed deep inside her.
After a short recapitulation and a hell of a lot of kissing and fondling, we quickly

cleaned up the place. She had a tough time cleaning my copious come, which

had drenched her underskirt fully and cursed my virility in jest comparing me to a

fire hose but not before she kissed and sucked me. I helped her dress up, while

kissing her liberally and we had a fun time getting intimate with each other, joking

on our assets and I let her button her blouse last, all the while sucking on those

fantastic melons. Finally she managed to push me back enough to complete her

dressing and we ran down to join the others as if nothing had happened. Balaji

was looking for us anxiously but Tarangani managed the situation effectively by

saying that we had gone to fetch her bag and met a friend and this and that and

she expertly changed the subject.
Tarangani insisted that I personally drop her home and she sat on my cycle

handle bar and since the time then was 11:30 PM the roads were dark and

empty. I massaged her back with my full erection and she rubbed her body on

mine and I fondled her breasts liberally and had a wet trouser front by the time

we reached her home. Accompanying us, Balaji was strangely silent on his bike

that eventful day.
Next day Balaji surprised me with a question, “so how was it, I mean… fucking

her head off?”
I started to vehemently protest my denial with a big no, but he said that he had

followed us and even watched our erotic romp. I admitted to it and he simply said,

“I want to do it too, but am too scared of Tarangani, I want to do it with Tara”. I

sighed in relief as I wanted Tarangani all to myself and agreed to help him

provided Tara agreed. We planned for the next weekend to approach the


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enjoy my new thread


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