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Originally Posted by Just a Salesman View Post
Positives are Outsider successful in a profession well known for only Khannas Chopras Kapoors and Khans, this is a great achievement. Secondly too outspoken and motormouth for Bollywood fake, put on ass lickers to handle. Thirdly is a reasonably good actress and successful at the box office.

Negatives are yapping too much for publicity and desperately wanting to be invited to Hollywood like Priyanka and Deepika. Must be XL by now or even XLL. Possibly lying about a few things about her past life and maybe Hrithik also for publicity or maybe she is delusional and needs psychiatric care. Finally baby age is catching up. If she does not settle down with some Mr Moneybags in a year or two then we have Rekha Version 2.0.
Yes. But Bollywood is also an arena just like IT, Civil, Mechanical etc where nepotism exists and will always do. Ive seen as much nepotism, uncle approach, friends reference, mithai khao sir approach etc happening at my workplace.

The problem with bolly is that unlike in the west (which also has some nepotism) there are no screen tests happening. So they dont even try to find the right person.

Kangana Ranaut isnt the most beautiful woman ever. Many women who have connections are equally good looking. She isnt the best actress ever... frankly most of her roles are of a badtameez, disrespectful, cranky, empowered woman, feminazi type. The kind of women who think empowerment is sleeping with 50 guys, smoke and drink. Check it out... all her characters are like that.
Her track record is also not that great... most of her movies are flops. She calls herself a superstar... the box office doesnt. Before Queen she had many flops. After Queen she had 3 flops. After Tanu weds Manu returns she had 3-4 flops... and from the looks of it Simran will be a flop too.

When an actor starts getting noticed and remains in public eye because of what they say or do offscreen... then its all over. They become 'celebrity' and not actors. She will be worse than Rekha. She says marriage sucks openly. Goes after/pursues relationships with married men.

Most 'empowered' women in Bollywood dont care about marriage. They always get married once their chances to get work are almost zero. Hardly any actress got married while they were getting work or were successful. Only a few exceptions. Madhuri, Bipasha, Celina, Preity Zinta, Urmila, Sridevi etc... all actress big n small... they get married to a moti money making party (hopefully foreigner or a producer) and only after their career is almost zero.
That's What She Said...

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