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Rules for Participating

(In English)

1. Entries Must be in Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu or Gujarati (Roman fonts are allowed as well).

2. Only 2 stories per ID is allowed. If someone is willing to post more than two entries then it will be Considered as Non-Competing.

3. If any participant gets banned during the contest for any reason, he/she will get disqualified from the contest as well.

4. All stories should have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 4000 words. Use this tool for counting.

5. DO NOT edit your Story after Posting, else it will be Disqualified. If you want to make any changes in fonts, colour etc., then contact any member of Organizer Team. DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF.

6. Any story having Underage Character (below 18 years of age) will not be accepted and they should follow usual xossip policies.

7. All Stories should be Original work of the writer. If we found any story which is copied or has already been posted anywhere including Xossip will not be considered. Translated stories will be considered as copied as well.

8. Entries should be submitted in Entry Thread only. Any story found posted outside the entry thread will not be eligible for judging. Once the Entry is posted, Don't post it anywhere else till the contest is Running.

9. The story should be posted in one post. Posting it in different posts/part is not allowed. If you are Mobile user and facing any sort of problem while posting, Contact any member of Organizing Team before submitting your Story.

10. Entry thread will get open from 15th April 2018 09:AM and will be closed on 13th May 2018 11:59 PM(IST).

11. All Xossip members are eligible to participate except the admin team members, they can submit their entries but it will be considered as Non-competing.

12. To make award/dibba eligible for winning, minimum of 7 entries are required in each category.

13. At the end of the contest, if we found multiple IDs of one person in winner's list, then only the ID which has higher points will be considered for winning prizes.

  • Organizers reserve the right to amend rules at any time of the contest as they seem fit.
  • In order to give Fair Chance to others. The previous Dibba/Award holders will not get the Winner prize. The prize will be given to next best entry.
  • Do NOT Remove your Story once posted. Doing so will not only result in disqualification, but the violator will be infracted and will be barred from the next two story contests as well.
  • Please Read all the Rules carefully Before Submitting the Story.

If you have any doubt, feel free to ask in this thread or Contact any member of Organizing Team.

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