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Originally Posted by laura ka ball View Post
RAM is important I am going to use it as Exsi server with 6-7 Vm's running simultaneously. Ab tell all set hai? 2100Mhz wali ram lu? CPU,MOBO,RAM these 3 are of importance to me.

55k tak ke HP, IBM ke servers dekha but fuddu hai sab ke sab. Xeon E5 16 core gift kar mujhe
Then why didn't you write your requirements in the first place

Don't get a K series processor if you don't plan to overclock it. You can also go for an AMD FX 8350 and cut the cost significantly.

When coming to running multiple VM's, RAM size is more important. 32GB is enough RAM speed doesn't matter much as 99% of cases, your CPU will be the bottleneck.

Use SSD, but as a cache backing up your HDD(your choice). Samsung SSD's are good

You can use any cabinet, as you aren't going to add GPU. I'd recommend Cooler Master HAF XB EVO(I use this cabinet as it is compartmentalised and is very spacious)

(Ignore below if VM's are headless aka no GUI)
I'd still suggest adding a low power GPU to your system as the inbuilt iGPU(Intel HD Graphics) could struggle under load

Also, I'd recommend that you add a UPS to your setup, as power failures can corrupt VM disks.

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