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6.3.a - The First Rapid Fire Question

6.3a The First Rapid Fire Question

The break was long this time. People were exhausted unable to bear the temptation which Aishu gave. Cum splashes and moans everywhere. The cleaners has to mop the floor at many places to restore the hall’s hygiene. Many men sat stretching their legs while their toys still vibrated. It was a rare event in history of Kamapuram. Aishu swayed the crowd like a queen. She brought life to a lifeless dick who has been rejected by many clinics across the state. This is amazing!

Anjali and Jayalakshmi rushed into the stage instructing the crowd to take their seats

“Bitch, she brought out my five year stocks out!”, yelled an old man who has not used his dick for 5 years.

“Isn’t it something fascinating. Look at her! She is still in my mind. Those thick arms and curvy buttock. Holy shit!”, another doctor was comparing Aish with his wife and getting disappointed.

Aish came out to the stage as if nothing happened in a traditional dark red silk saree. Crimpson red lip stick with a hand full of jasmine flower adorning her scalp. Whitened face on which a light red broad bindi embellished her smooth face. The lip gloss shined in the focus light making it look as if she licked cum. For some reasons, she kept opening her mouth and her lips kept running in between increasing the erotica. The dark red silk saree ran tight over body with a short handed blouse which revealed most of her fleshy but tight fair skinned arms. It also shined in the light. The valley below her neck was broad and the saree started just at the right place above her tits. The valley fold was light but it was enough for the crowd to imagine the rest. She sat with one leg over the other, revealing the heavy bottom mounts draped in the saree. A pure Indian MILF!

“Guys, we will not take longer questions. I prefer it to be rapid fire”, told he miracle doctor Aishu.

“Yes dear. My dick fired rapidly”, thought the chief doctor to himself.

The crowd fought each other to grab the mic to get the dream opportunity. But now the crowd got naughty. Most of the requests are rejected, as Anjali dismissed their questions claiming it was baseless One lady stood up almost crying to get a chance somehow. Her face told her feeling and Aishu got attracted by her. Raising her hands, she instructed Jaya to bring her to stage. As the woman approached Aish, she hugged her and started crying. For a moment, it looked like a stupid reality show.

“Madam you are my only inspiration now. Please help me”, the fat chubby round and dark lady cried out desperately.

“I will try Madam. Please console yourself and get to the issue”, Aish was a bit impatient to which Anjali took control and brought the lady back to reality.

“Just tell the issue directly”, commanded Anjali.

“Madam, no matter how hard my husband tries. I do not get the desire for sex. I don’t know how to please him. Highlighting this as the concern, he is having affairs with many other women. I feel guilty. I feel ashamed.”, she started sobbing.

“The problem is basically seeing it as a turn on”, Aish response was instantaneous and as she waved her hands, Jayalakshmi took the lady’s hand and dragged her to the center of the stage.

“Madam, I would like to offer you some treatment. Will you co-operate?”, as Aish asked the lady shook her head in desperation. The crowd’s anxiety increased.

In a split second, Anjali took a big scissor and started cutting the chubby’s saree. While she was taken aback in shock, the queen came near and stood face to face. The camera zoomed right between their faces. The queen’s face on one end and the dark ebony like chubby round face on the other end. As Anjali kept cutting her dress vertically, the chubby’s mounds came into view. The crowd gasped. It would have been around 42” in size. Massive with a grey wide aureola with a bullet nipple jutting out at the center. Heavily bitten and dragged is the first impression. Yet this lady has a problem!

Aish’s lips glittered with her dark red lipstick. For some reasons it looked so wet. Her gaze was fixed on the woman’s eyes. After a long pause, she came near her fat lips. The camera zoomed further in. Aish stood clasping her red saree fully covered. With jasmine flower on her scalp, there is nothing to expose. But, all of a sudden….

The camera zoomed to Aish’s lips. A fair baby pink sticky tongue jutted out. The tip was so wet with strands of saliva and then the full length came out. It was so wet and sticky. It danced in the air in a rolling movement. The sticky tongue out of a dark red lips with a traditional goddess in saree made the crowd feel different. Unexplained feeling. Aish kept her tongue sticking out, and waved her hand. Anjali whispered something to the lady. She nodded and came near her tongue. Now, opening her mouth wide and sticking her tongue, her dark pink wet tongue touched Aish’s tip. Both curled round and round like a dancing snake. Then with a little pressure, the lady’s mouth took Aish’s full tongue length into her mouth. It seemed as if they both were chewing each other’s tongue.

Now, this is the moment of horror. As they kept kissing, Anjali started to cut Aish’s satin saree as well. The crowd went mad. As the saree kept falling from her top, Aish was wearing a thin black strap bikini bra. Her sweaty white fair skin with a thin pencil strap black bra back was tempting. With jasmine flower and a bunned hair she is nothing short of a housewife whore. Anjali kept cutting further down to reveal her shapely perfectly dented belly sides and then further down to her buttocks. A cherry bed spring thong whose strap was also transparent. There was only a thin strap covering in between her buttocks. The rest of her garment, fell on the floor once she cut it all along the length. There was the queen in a bikini kissing the lady. There was once again a loud sound of sex toys.
Aish pushed the women slightly to the back and turned. Wow! Words are not enough. A cherry red bra cupping on the front. Perfect jugs, a firm navel hole and a slender side curves. Her arm pits were wet shining in sweat looking like a second pussy. She asked the lady to come to her front. Without wasting a second, Aish grabbed both the woman’s tits from her back. Crushed by the nipple and dashed the lady’s back against hers. Jayalakshmi came rushing in with a toy dick. She wrapped the strap around aish’s belly while unknowingly she bite Aish’s butt cheeks to boost her up. As the toy dick stood straight, Aish started kissing the lady’s neck forcing her toy dick to penetrate in between the chubby’s buttocks. With sheer force, Aish held the lady’s neck straight kissing all the way down her neck while her tender hands played with her titties. Aish rode like a pro! The crowd was astonished!

Bending her hips, by planting her feet firmly on the ground the 11 inch toy went straight in and smashed per pussy like a iron hammer. The chubby could not handle this erotica. She held Aish’s belly by crossing her arms backwards.

“Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Deeper! Deeper!”, she kept shouting, while Aish drover her ass like a champion. A whore wife with jasmine flower, a homely bindi, bunned up hair with a black-cherry red thong bikini. What a combination !

Grabbing the mike she said,”You see! All this woman needed is the right timing. Not a turn on. She is the kind of women, who likes to be faster. Not all will love to be slow. And see her! Every woman has a hidden beauty. Look at her sweaty ass. See her meaty arms. Absolute beauty”, as Aish narrated the beauty of the lady, the camera kept zooming wherever Aish told.

For the first time, the chubby felt complimented. Tears ran down her cheeks. Grabbing Aish’s belly hard and feeling her firm navel with her fingers, she got more diggings from the queen. And one final deep hit, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”, a crisp moaning made the chubby land on the ground by her knees.

Cum dripped from her pussy which the camera captured deftly. Aish stood there with a smile, with a cum filled toy dick round her waist. She shook it side by side raising both her hands and clasping it behind her head. It was a bitchy move!

The chubby jumped and smelled Aish’s wet pits. She took some cum and applied it there. Then with a biting kiss, she turned to the crowd and waved her meaty hands.

Aish ran to the back stage to dress up while Anjali announced, “So, we will take the next rapid fire question in 2 minutes”.

The crowd cheered with utmost satisfaction.
Hell of a show !

The next question shortly... Comment and Rate 5 Stars

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