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Hello and Welcome to Samosa Wid Hamesha

Today we have with us in our studious, the charming, the beautiful, the sexy, the sassy, the bubbly , the adorable the one & only esteemed married lady of XB Ms. Juhi Arora

Q1. How did u come to eXBii ?

Ans : Thanks Hamesha ji for this Samosa Time !!

As far as my joining is concerned, it was the time when i was in the college and living in a Girls P.G. at Noida. To release mental pressure and to have some internet "Gyan" we girls used to visit some interesting sites and once I came through (previous name of exbii) and joined it on
18th November 2008.

Q2. Are any of those girls active on XB too ? and cud u be more specific about the "gyan" u were looking for ?

Ans : No, they are not!

because for watching on XB, registration was not required and they were silent watchers of XB (some of them still are).

Regarding specific about the "gyan", it was actually xx and xxx movies torrent/downloads, as we came to know tht boys also watch them so we were also trying on internet, as that time we were not able to get these types of movies/clips/pictures easily on the internet or around.

Q3. Glad to know we are not just helping in stiffing up some muscles, but also helping in wetting some muscles as well

Moving on, u have written some stories too, are these ur true experiences or fantasy or both ?

Ans : yaa...XB is doing gr8 job for muscles and nerves !!

Regarding My stories, its a combination of fantasy and the experiences, from which me and my friends gone through in our adultery. Every girl experience so many things and events in her life, but very less of them shared it with anybody, because of the social restrictions and male dominating society they frightened to share that.

by sharing fantasy and experiences doesn't mean that the Girl is a character-less. She is just trying to share her feelings and thoughts at the moment while thinking or doing something hot and erotic.

Q4. Oh, ofcourse not, the very word character less is so discriminative and sexist.

How did u think of starting a thread of ur nude pictures ? Are u an exhibitionist ?

Ans : No, I m not pure exhibitionist, But have soft corner for the same ! I 'hv visited some of Nude beaches & Nude Clubs, but really its very hard for an Indian female to be exhibitionist completely...

I took so long time to think about posting my pictures on XB. I already watching so many posting on XB but was not in the state to decide something, as the language used by some of the XB members was also so disturbing and cheap.

But then, 2 of my closest help me and guide me regarding the internet safety and cautions before posting pictures on the internet. Then I started my blogger to post some of my pictures and invite some of the special Followers (around 20) of my thread in XB. It continues for 3-4 months and found good response from them. Then I started my forum so that my followers can also post their thoughts and create their threads, here too, i allowed 140 followers to join my forum. and after full 6 month exercise and analysis of response of the visitors me and my hubby decided to come back to XB for starting my own thread for the same!

so, on 29th October 2011 i hv created
My (Sensual Juhi) Personal and Exclusive Pics First Time Ever, for the XB visitors. Due to this, some of non-XB visitors also joined XB.

Q5. Oh thats great, wish u all the best for ur thread. Have u ever tried swapping/threesome/orgy etc. ?

Ans : No comments plz !!

Q6. Thats disappointing, i was expecting u to be honest n straight ! That pops another question, are u straight or bi-sexual ?

Ans : Ohh...sorry for disappointment!

Ok this time, I will be honest.... I m Bi-sexual !

Q7. That calls for another obvious question, what do u like more , a cock or a pussy ?

Ans : I like always pussy, as it's safest way for me !!

Q9. Wud u like to tell us which are ur fav pussies on eXBii ? we have a lot of them in Xclusive !

Ans : Sure, Why not?
My fav pussies from the exbii are as follows;

Pyari sania of the jodi: HQ photos

Rani's exposure

My lovely gujju wife for you

Q9. In the end, wud u like to say anything or give a msg to ur frnds, fans n followers on eXBii ?

Ans : First of all i would like to thanks to all the Moderators of XB, who help me, guide me and support me time to time, whenever I requested them.

I don't know what is my count as female member of XB, but it's very hard for a female to share things and experiences like this on a public forum, so people must understand this and respect the feelings of female members too.

We all are here for entertain, fun and enjoy the secrets of the sexual world, but that doesn't mean we all are characterless!

So, I suggest to all members of XB, have respect for each other and enjoy the feelings together.

In last, I am very thankful to all my Friends, Fans and Followers, to visit, read and comment on my threads and make them hit on XB.

Keep visiting !!


Hamesha ji for nice Samosas!

Thnx a lot Juhi Ji for being here on the show, it was a pleasure talking to you and we hope to see u again to know more about ur anchuye sexual anubhav.

As a token of our love and appreciation for u, we offer u a Samosa Hamper with Chutney thats just as spicy as u

The Story of The Story Section

Its the author who makes a story great and the reader reads it for pleasure. This is the summary of the story section of eXBii which has evolved from non-existence to the third most visited section of The beginning saw all sections containing adult rated material grouped into a larger section which was known as PNV. Our co-administrator 2rolljack2 was the first to introduce the idea of a new story section promising to post 500 super erotic stories there way back in June, '06. Not only did he accomplish this task, he created a child which was to never turn back on its knees until it grew up to become a haven for original story writers while the posted stories just filled the gaps and no more. Not taking away the credit from story posters like 2rolljack2 himself, taxindia, v2356pogi and the_black as it was because of them that leechers were enticed into posting and writers were attracted to this great platform for contributing their priceless original work.

After the era of posters came the era of writers and this era still continues in supple fashion. One of the earliest writers on eXBii was manwarus. Although he left for certain reasons, he can be termed as the Old Man of Story Section who attracted many a great writers this forum has seen since. Other notable writers have since buoyed the section increasing its views, replies and visitor day by day.

We at XiNG contacted certain personalities from the admin team who chipped in with their thoughts regarding this section and so I shall quote a few without naming them as naming them would create prejudice.

Shakespeare002 i think everyone agrees is the one who considers as father of story section who gave it the actual recognition and started the trend for writing own stories rather than CNP. Before him guys like Semi Barbarian and tuntun were appreciating the other guys but never encouraged them to write their own stories, tuntun posted so many stories but only CNP.

Another guy which comes to my mind is Vampire a no doubt an excellent writer but a little dumb headed. Jatin is known as the Magician of Words who also took the stories section to new heights, i guess his 3 stories are landmark stories. Casinar is also a good writer but he don't come close to the above mention writers in creativity

If you ask me about creative writers Shakspear, Vampire, Jatin are the one's who set the trends and made the story section what it is now.

Coming to the new writers Mr.India.only is another fantastic writer wrote on various genres and coming out the winner every time. 007phoneix and Rohithot4u both are one story wonders, i read the short story of rohithot4u but not much impressive. Rohan4her is also one writer that promised a lot but disappear somewhere.

Now to the original show stopper of today is Meriaiza, another guy who is a tread setter in the stories section in the league of Jatin, Vampire and Shakspear. Raaka is also a good writer but he just erotic which limits him to that genre.

friend just buddy wrote a masterpiece thriller but didn't write another story which is very sad < image >, i think he has great potential to become the next Vampire of stories section.
Well first of all we'll have to define what makes a great writer? For me it's both the quality and quantity of stories. There have been many who were good but didn't gave us more than 2-3 stories before becoming inactive. So for me up till now exbii had/have no more than 5-6 great writers at most. What's encouraging to see though is that right now we have many good writers who if they will stay active then will soon join the list of great writers.

As for story section, it has come leap and bounds from where it once was. The readers really are the unsung heroes of story section. It's their encouragement which keeps a writer going and motivate them to write as good as they can. Raaka is widely considered as the reader who encourages writers the most. At the same time it's impossible to not mention the names of writers which really took story section to the next level. I'm talking about writers like v2356pogo, Mai Hu Na, Casinar, Meriaiza(< image >), Me.Screwdriver and above all Shakespeare002.< image > Story section already expanded to the point where we have to divide it in 3 sub sections and at the rate it's expending, I can only see it reach greater heights with time. I just want to thank all the writers and readers who made story section such a resounding success.< image >
well! Story section is always my dearest place on/at exbii. I have joined this site just to comment on some story.
This section forced many members of today to join here just to comment for their beloved writers, infact almost 60% of Mods are from the same categoery. Initialy we have very few writers who posted their original thoughts here but later(these days) we have a bunch of original writers who write exclusively for exbii< image >

as far as great writers in my opinion, there are many, even i may forget some of them to mention< image >

but the very first name who caught my attentio was none other than our very own was JATIN1212 who become my all time favourite. I read MERIAIZA quite later, he can impress anybody with his writing. Rohithot4u is another name who can drag anyone's attention by his flawless writing. The_vampire and Batmanforever was my constant favorite too. I have to say One more thing for all the above names i have mentioned that all of them are genuinely great when it comes to write something n that something means anything< image >

in recent days we have SIKENDER popularily known for his alltime famous bakchodi, super84 who dared to write a complete non-erotica very first time on exbii(as far as my memory concern) and still he dares. Cool_guy1 also provided some good stories. Mr.INDIA is a name who delivered absolutely great stories till the time. Drift_king is a new name in this section but he has tremendous ideas for any one who love to read mature stories.
I personaly don't read INCEST but there are very popular names in that segment too. Sexyshre49 was the name who came immidieatly in my mind after a name who has the maximum number of hit thread in incest segment, though he just hate it to be called just an incest writer but the fact is he become popular only after delivered some superhit incest story thread. Do I need to take his name? < image >

in recent days, we found that number of non-erotic reader also increasing at a good pace. Which is a very good sign infact that we can have mental satisfaction too rather than physical only< image >
Today, the section and its members have been granted their long-wanting wish of getting the section divided to make browsing easier. The section has thus been divided into three sections which are based on languages and the stories are further categorized according to genre through prefixes. This has taken place after a lot of deliberation and intense discussion by the admin team and has been a collective effort of not only the admin but also of all our members dedicated to the section.

We at XiNG heartily thank the writers for doing such a great job of attracting the third of exbii traffic and being a vital force to the success of eXBii.


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