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Archana's Ordeal

Dear friends
This is a real incident. Parts of it is fantasized but the overall theme is based on a real life incident. It is true that everyday woman are blackmailed and taken as slaves by men but very few such incidents come out.. The reason women dont want to speak out.. They want to secretly enjoy and at the same time feel guilty less by believing that they are just victims.. but deep inside they do enjoy rape and domination. This is said by many psychologists. I am sure you will enjoy.

Archana Reddy is from Vijayawada, a small city in Andhra Pradesh. She is 24 year old 5.10 height; 60 KG. She was University gold medalist in badminton and also a classical dancer. She has tall, athletic and toned body. She resembles actress Deepika Padukone.

She did MBA and is presently working in Goldman Sachs Group in Bangalore for last 2 years. She earns 18 lakh per annum and she is from a upper middle class family. She is unmarried and is a virgin.

She came home due to some urgent work and she is going back to Bangalore on Saturday evening. Usually she travels in 2 AC train but due to unplanned travel she has to travel today in a bus. Even bus tickets are difficult to get but since her father is well known personality in the city she got a ticket in Kesineni travels Volvo bus with out much difficulty. She got a window seat in 4th row from last. Her next seat is vacant and she sat comfortably as the bus started at 5:30 in the evening. The bus goes on NH5 upto Gudur.. then to Tirupati and Chittoor. from there it takes NH4 till Bangalore the next morning.. In Guntur many people came in but still her next seat is vacant. She was watching the movie, Magadheera, played in the bus. By 7:00 pm bus reached Chilakaluripet and few passengers got in. A middle aged man in his early forties came and occupied her next seat. He is a muslim man 5.10 height and heavily built. He applied dark kajal to his eyes and he seemed rude and harsh. He had an argument with the conductor, gave slangs, and easily irritable kind of person. He even had argument with the passengers regarding the place to keep his luggage. He seemed to have rushed from somewhere and is sweating when he took his seat. Archana felt uncomfortable with this man.. he is rude and impolite.. the smell, a mixture of sweat and heavy scent, all made her uncomfortable.. she went to the conductor and requested for change in seat but since the bus is full the conductor was helpless.. this happens with the private travels.. they dont have ethics and give mixed seats to men and women.. she doesn't have much experience in travelling by bus and being educated she thought that its OK.. after all everyone has paid for their seat and they can sit in their seat.. she adjusted in her seat and started to watch the movie again.. the muslim man, named Arif, next to her made some phone calls and is talking loud making her uncomfortable.. but he is not the kind of man who bothers for other's feelings.. so she just tried to concentrate on movie..

from the phone conversation of his it is known that he is a petty business man and a part time contractor based in and around Bangalore.. his family is in Chilakalurpet and he stays there alone in Hosur near Bangalore.. when he got a phone from his wife he just abused her the talk was brief.. By 8:30 the bus reached Ongole and everything settled down.. lights are off, phone calls over and everybody is watching the movie intently.. Arif, being heavy, is occupying more than his seat and encroached into Archana's seat.. the shared hand rest between them is also now Arif's own.. all the time there are minor touchings of knees and hands between Arif and Archana and both behaved as if they ignored.. but Arif started to spread out his legs and hands more often and at each opportunity the the bus takes a minor turn he would gyrate and fall toward Archana. He can even smell the shampoo on her hairs occasionally.. Arif travels a lot in buses and knowns the ways of his prey very well.. the initial one hour was cake walk for him and he almost came to a conclusion in his mind about Archana.. we dont know his plans for Archana yet but certainly he is working out an elaborate one for her.. surely she is a very easy prey.. she is inexperienced and innocent of the ways of men like Arif.. her polite manners and trust in others are assets at her work but tonight she is going to pay for that.. She is completely unaware of all this..

in the outskirts of Ongole they stopped for dinner and during dinner Arif started talking to her.. although she is not comfortable with him she just replied dryly to him and with a fake smile... by 9:30 bus is on the road and everybody settled in their seats with blankets and ready to sleep.. there is still 30 mins of the movie.. Arif started to get bold and the accidental touches became more frequent and he continued to keep the touch for longer times.. since archana is already cramped of space, caught between the bulky Arif and window.. she cant escape any further.. suddenly Arif held her palm in his palm and pressed and left it.. archana was shocked but still tried to behave as if nothing happened and just kept watching the TV screen.. but the shock is visible on her face and she is not watching the movie anymore.. she is just trying to avoid to look in Arif's direction.. but Arif was never watching the move and is observing the reactions or archana and assessing her.. by now he is damn sure that she is harmless and wont raise any alarm.. he again took her palm and placed in his palm.. but this time he is not going to leave it.. archana tried to pull away but he is not going to leave.. he slowly started to keep the palms in alignment like in namasthe position and slowly placed his fingers in between her fingers.. now the two hands are interlinked.. there is no movement in archanas hands except for some feeble attempt to pull away her arm but Arif was pressing her hard like a pulse.. since all this is covered under the blankets nothing is visible to outside.. he slowly used his left hand to feel the hand of archana.. he felt her pulse, which is rapidly beating,.. felt her skin, soft and cold like rice flour.. after 5 mins of this he started to go up the arm.. he is pressing her biceps part and slowly touching the wet armpits of her.. but this time her hand is completely loose and no resistance whatsoever in the hand.. he can position it as he wants.. even her fingers.. he can place in any position, bent or straight, and they stay the same.. its just like a toy in the hands of Arif.. he slid two fingers between her armpit and rubbed.. he smelt his fingers and he can smell the mild smell of Dove soap.. he also felt little hair in her armpit.. all the time she is just watching the TV screen with out any change in the facial expression.. climax is over and a blue screen appeared but she is watching the screen with the same intensity.. the boy has switched off the TV and then some movement came into her body.. she suddenly pulled away her hand and adjusted her blanket to cover her completely tightly.. Arif also adjusted a bit.. he was also very excited that everything worked out and was almost in inebriated state.. he came to senses and observed around.. for the first time Archana looked in the direction of arif very briefly.. she went back to her sleeping position..

Time is 11:00 pm and the bus is nearing Nellore.. Arif realized that time is running out. Since he already crossed the first barrier.. he just turned towards her and pulled her blanket off.. she tried to hold the blanket but he is too strong for her.. he came closer to her and pulled her by her shoulder towards his seat and covered the blanket on both of them.. he put his right hand over her shoulder and pulled her closer.. she has to bend little forward due to the weight of the hand.. all this happening too fast and Archana is completely shocked.. frightened.. and mixture of all feelings.. she was almost at the verge of loosing consciousness.. such is the intensity of all the feelings.. The bus entered Nellore and some light came into bus from the streets.. bit relief for Archana.. Arif stopped al action but still kept archana in her arms.. he is just looking around to make sure none of the passengers are moving.. he covered archana completely with blanket.. her head almost resting in his armpit.. she is pulling back but cant get away from his grip.. using her hands she tried to remove his hand from her shoulder but he wont let it go.. he kept a vigil outside and under blanket he started exploring the assets of Archana.. pressing her shoulders.. and slowly reaching boobs and pressing like air horn... archana was totally confused but some strange sensations happening inside her.. being a virgin till 24 years old is quite a difficult thing.. and since it is completely dark.. she slowly stopped resisting.. it was past 12 in the midnight and the bus is aroung Gudur.. he also went inside blanket and and started kissing her.. the heavy smell from his body and the smell of khaini from his mouth made archana almost to puke.. she can hardly bear the smell.. inside the closed blanket she was loing her breath.. but after few moments she has to bear the smell and she started liking the pungent smell.. she was losing her control and getting aroused.. Arif is master in foreplay and he knows how to handle women.. his mantra.. 'just force your way and rape them.. ladies love being raped and dominated.. the more dominating you get the more control you gain' so he just ignored all her feeble attempts at resisting and finally got her under his control..

he lifted her kameez and slowly started to feel her soft and folded belly.. he put his finger in her belly button whch was inside the fold and felt very wet.. he kept two fingers in her mouth and started to rub her teeth and feel her tongue... his fingers tasted greasy and sour.. and felt like dry leafs on her soft moist lips.. then is sudden moment he held her head from behind and pushed forward and kissed her.. his tongue deep inside her mouth.. it tasted bitter and some sweet in her mouth.. he than listed her kameez fully and slid her bra to the top of her boobs.. he felt her nipples which are very soft and cold.. he pinched each nipple and started to nibble the tips of the nipples slowly.. within no time both the nipples are erect and solid.. she moaned and made 'shhh' sound.. in her mind its total confusion, helplessness, excitement.. all mied.. she just gave up for the moment and lied back on her seat.. her eyes closed.. he got into comfortable position to work on her breasts.. he lifted her left arm and out it across his shoulder.. he held chest part with both hands on each side.. for some time he kept munching on the nipples.. he is salivating a lot and she can feel threads of saliva dripping on her belly.. occasionally he bit the nipples very hard using his canine teeth and she jerked in her seat.. and push his head away from her.. but he wont relent..

at 12:30 midnight the bus passed through Nayudupeta. Less than one hour to reach Tirupati. after having enough of her upper body Arif slowly adjusted archana and tired to untie the knot of the salwar.. archana was shocked and she resisted.. she whispered 'plz dont do it' he just ignored her appeal.. pinched her folded waist hard.. pain was unbearable for archana.. Arif's mantra is always right.. you just have to get harsher to subdue them.. at this stage no woman can do anything.. its too late for archana.. she is already under his influence unknowingly.. he slowly untied the salwar and loosened the waist thread.. he spread it loose and pulled it little down.. he put a hand on her back and slightly lifted her bottom.. she also obliged and slightly lifted her ass for a moment.. he pulled the salwar little down and felt her groin part and the inner thighs.. archana was totally in a state of excitement and shock.. each breath she took she felt as if her torso is hallow inside and she can feel the air in her throat and down upto her belly.. she can hardly breath.. she tilted her head to the other direction rested her forehead on the window glass and was having a blank look on her face.. Arif is hungrily feeling her groin region.. Archana is wearing a rose colored panty. Here is the pic of her innerwear.

he can feel the pubic hair coming out along the edges of the panty and the whole area is wet.. she is seating.. he cupped the pussy from the top and felt the size.. it was big.. she could not bear the sensations and with her left hand she tied to push away his hand and with her right hand on her face.. she is trying muffle the moans and shh sounds which she cant control.. she held arif's wrist in her hand while he is going on exploring her treasures.. he just didn't care for her feeble attempts to resist.. he can feel her sensations by the change in the grip of her hand on his wrist.. slowly he started to slip in his fingers into her panty.. archana knew that she cant do anything to stop him.. she just wanted to make sure that there is no movement in the bus.. she adjusted the blanket properly over her and also on Arif hesitantly.. arif made sure he is in comfortable position.. she spread her legs and pulled her left leg towards him and placed his right leg on it.. he held he knee locked under his leg by twisting his leg around it.. she cant move now.. he felt the month old stubble of her pubis hair which is wet due to sweat.. he slowly felt the outer lips of her pussy.. he slowly rubbed the tip of her pussy in round motions and slid it down the slit.. he can feel the wetness.. archana is shuddering and getting intoxicated with sweet sensation.. she let go off the grip on his wrist.. after feeling her pussy and inserting a finger inside it he realized that she is virgin.. WOW.. what a luck today for Arif...

Arif is a sex maniac and a very perverted kind.. he sleeps with cheap prostitutes, hijras (kojjas) and also fucked men.. since he cant afford costly girls he mostly sleeps with road side cheap hijras for a 50 to 100 per shot and usually in cheap lodges and some times on the road corners behind the large dustbins.. today he was so lucky to find such a high class girl like archana.. although he is such a sex pervert and fucking all kinds of people for last 25 years.. he never fucked a virgin.. even his wife is not a virgin.. today he got a chance of his life to taste the virgin.. and that too archana.. a well educated high class woman with such a heavenly body.. he was just going mad.. this is not enough for him.. he wanted to do more with her.. by this time tirupati came and the bus stopped.. great relief for archana.. the bus stopped near a bunk for refuelling and night lights are on.. he has to back off.. he came out of blanket and adjusted.. looking at archana he licked his fingers which are dipped inside her pussy.. although she is not looking at him directly.. she realized what he is doing and felt shy.. the time is past 1 in the midninght.. archana was just recovering and she slowly started to dress up inside the blanket.. by 1:30 bus started from tirupati.. in one hour time Chittor will come.. chittoor is a town in Andhra pradesh and is near to the borders of Tamilnadu and Karnataka.. Arif is regular visitor to this town.. once the bus started Archana settled into her seat and Arif also sat comfortably.. by now he took archana for granted and he can touch her with out any hesitation.. she meekly surrendered by now.. he put his right hand on her shoulders and pulled her towards him.. he told her 'we are getting down in Chittoor.. get ready' she was shocked.. she looked at him and turned away as if she doesn't care who he was.. he pulled her by hair and told the same thing again in a much harsher tone as if threatening.. he pulled her large hand bag from her.. she tried to get it but he has it in his hands.. she did not want to create a commotion.. he tried to convince her next 30 mins but she just ignored him.. Chittoor came and the bus went straight to kesineni travel office and stopped for a while.. he got up with her hand bag and his luggage (a old suitcase..) he pulled her by hand and signaled her to follow him.. archana was in state of big confusion whether to raise alarm or get down.. she did not want to create a commotion here as everyone is sleeping.. she thought she will get down and speak to him.. he also took her luggage bag and got down.. as soon as they got down the bus started.. the conductor asked them to get in but arif told that they are staying in chittoor.. before archana can say anything arif pulled her to a side.. the conductor sensed some thing wrong but he got in and the bus started.. finally Arif's wicked plan worked out.. there she is.. a heavenly beauty.. a high class educated virgin standing on road before him in the middle of night... she is completely at his mercy now

its 2:45 in the early morning.. Archana was standing in the cold.. under street light before Arif.. her mind is tired and blank.. the road is empty and only few beggars who are sleeping on the pavement are visible.. Arif light up a cigarette and was just looked at archana and both sides of the road casually.. he knew he got her.. there is nothing she can do.. chittoor is perfect place plan things from.. its a murky town where law and order is completely in shambles and it is one of the least developed regions in Andhra Pradesh.. moreover it is near to state borders.. he can take her to tamilnadu or karnataka to excape from police.. he knew archana's missing will be a big issue by evening.. and since the conductor last saw her with arif the police will be searching for him.. he hardly has 10-12 hours to plan..

he came towards archana.. took her mobile (Apple iphone 4G) from her.. he want to switch it off.. he dont even know how to operate and he is struggling with it.. he just opened the case and removed the battery and kept the pieces in his hand bag.. he also took away her hand bag.. archana has gold on her and nearly 1.5 lakh cash in her account and two credit cards.. but above all she just feared for her life.. not at all worried abt all these.. archana best bet is to obey his orders.. and she does not know anything abt the place.. so staying with arif till she can find a way to escape is her best bet.. Chittoor is well known place to arif.. he visits this for his business matter and has some contacts here.. but now he want to stay discreet.. he dont want to check in into any lodge nor meet his contacts.. if police come searching for him then it would be a problem.. he dont have any idea how to go about from now.. but first thing he wanted to do at any cost is to fuck her.. thats it.. he started to walk down the empty road.. he placed his hand on her shoulder and started to walk along with her.. he is taking her in the roads of Chittoor.. the scene is like a butcher pulling away a fertile cow dragging it with a rope around the neck of the cow.. he occasionally presses her waist waist, feels her ass (each ass cheek of the size of a medium sized watermelon slice.. and he can hardly hold each ass cheek it in his streched palm..)and pinches her on her cheeks.. she just walked with a blank look on her face.. he also spoke to her and tried to gain her confidence and want to make her first experience as pleasant as he can.. he wont try out his pervert fetishes on her tonight.. he knew that archana is subconsciously prepared to come with him.. he excited her to that extent that tonight she became a nymphomaniac kind of person.. one part in her is strongly resisting all this but other part is yielding for gratification.. remember she is 24 year old virgin with a perfectly healthy body.. he tried to assure her about her safety and told her that all will be OK after this night.. he just pleaded her to cooperate.. he said he will take good care of her till she reaches Bangalore the next day.. she just remained silent.. he knew that she is OK with all this except that she is too shy and hesitant to speak out.. she just needed a taste of a good fuck to ignite her passions. he knew she is burning volcano inside yielding for sex.. she did not get a chance till now. he pulled her head towards him and kissed her on her forehead.. there is no resistance from her.. she kept walking as she leaned into him on to his chest.. she has mentally accepted what is going to happen.. there is no point in resisting or fighting with him now at this point.. she just gave up.. but Arif is so low class a person and dirty in his mannerisms she was somehow repelled at the thought of being him.. at the same time his rudeness and domination made her feel helpless.. she is expecting that he will book some hotel or lodge.. but Arif want to maintain complete secrecy about their Chottoor stay..

Arif has few places in his mind to take her.. but time is running out.. its already past 3 in the morning and he has to finish the task before the sunrise.. they walked for 2 km and they reached RTC bus stand.. he took her inside the bus stand. few homeless people are sleeping and there is a tea stall and a shop open. there are also some drug peddlers at one corner exchanging and smoking ganja.. after long walk Arif wanted to rest a bit.. he went and sat on a bench. Archana just stood next to him looking down. people around started to look at Arif and Archana with curiosity. who are these people in the middle of the night? and looking at Archana they knew that she is a high class woman.. Arif felt proud by the looks of the men around on him.. he knew they surely envy him for being in the company of such a beautiful lady. he pulled Archan towards him and made her seat next to her. he placed his arm on her shoulder and looked at the men around. They now got the clue that she is his slave for tonight.. The onlooker curiosity grew and kept looking at the pair.. Archana knew that the looks of the people are scanning her top to bottom.. she knew that if these people wanted to taste her then it is possible.. she is just helpless now.. Arif whispered in Archana's ear "If you want to buy condoms you can buy in that shop" Archana looked towards the shop.. Arif stood up and took archana to the shop. people around moved towards the shop and gathered around.. all are curious abt these two people.. Arif patted on the ass of Archana who just stood there with embarrassment and shame and looking down.. the onlookers has made her very uncomfortable.. he again whispered 'ask for them or we will go with out them' she raised her head and asked the shopkeeper for condoms.. the shopkeeper looked at arif and winked at him and brought out a box of Condoms.. "which brand Madam".. she dont know all these brands.. she just want to end this public humiliation and quickly looked inside the box and took a pack of kohinoor condoms.. "madam there are only four condoms in that pack you want more" the shopkeeper asked and handed her 2 more packs.. people around laughed and were whispering.. some are rapidly clicking photos using their mobile cams.. she just grabbed them and asked how much with some anger and shy ness.. she dont want to look into the eyes of shopkeeper who is smiling at her while all this is happening.. she took out a 500 rupeenote and threw at the shopkeeper and turned towards Arif as if suggesting that we move on from here.. she dont want to be in pubic like this with people gathered around her.. Arif had enough fun watching all this.. he want to get down to the business and winked at the shopkeeper and the people around as if saying goodbye.. the shopkeeper shouted in a playful tone "enjoy sir".. they moved out of the bus stand

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