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Old 21st October 2006
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I am Sudhakar (name changed) from Coimbatore. I am 22 now. I would like to share with you my first sex experience with my aunty. Her name is Malathy Aunty. This has happened four years back when I was enjoying the Christmas vacation of my final year of engineering. I am 5.6 inches well built and fair.

Let me say few words about my aunty. She is 38. Her husband had left her some years back due to some family problem. Aunty does not have any child. Aunty used to stay in Chennai alone. She frequently comes to our place as she is more fond of our family. We freely move, chat with her and she is more friendly with our family members. Though she is 38, she still looks very charm. She has two beautiful tits, strong and straight and in the size of two big apples. She is very fair in colour too. I was wondering with this charming beauty, how she manages without being with her husband. Though she looks smart and charm, there is a shadow of sorrow ness on her face. We could not understand the reasons earlier, but now we feel this is due to separation from her husband and not being able to have normal sex like other women of her age.

As usual my aunty has come to our place during my chirstmas holidays. We had nice time with all. My parents had to go for some wedding in Madurai. They had wanted me and my aunt to accompany them also. But I said I was not interested in attending. My aunt also told that she would prefer to stay back in Coimbatore till they come back from Madurai after attending the wedding. They had left for the wedding.

Since it was holiday time, I used to get up late. I used to help my aunt in the house hold work and things were going smoothly in the first two days. My friend had given me a pornographic book which contained erotic sex photos of both Indians and non Indians. I was looking those photos during the night after my aunt had slept. She used to sleep in the hall and me in my bedroom. I was enjoying these sexy photos and due to that I was stroking my penis and finally I had masturbated and slept. Next day, I had some work and I went out. I came back in the afternoon and took lunch. I went to my bedroom and wanted to see the photos again. But I found the book was not in the place where I had kept last night. I was wondering where it has gone. At last I could find out in some other place in my room. I was thinking who has taken the book and kept. Normally my servant maid will not do all these things. I had some doubt that my aunt might have seen and kept it there. I was afraid of asking her.

It was slightly drizzling and we had early dinner. I helped my aunt in the kitchen work and we came back to the hall and started seeing some Tamil Movies on the TV. My aunt has straightaway asked me where did you get the phonographic book. I was shocked. I pleaded with my aunt not to disclose this to my parents since they are very strict. Aunt smiled and told me that she would not tell anything to them but with one condition that she wanted to see the photos again. I went to my room and brought the book. Aunt took the book and started seeing the photos in my presence. I was perplexed what to do next. She was smiling and seeing and enjoying those photos. She has just forgotten she was talking to me. She felt she was talking to her own age group friend. She was commenting on the long size penis of a black man taking a white girl. She was seeing the photos, smiling and seeing me also simultaneously. After few minutes, she has come still closer to me touching my thighs. She told me how the big size penis of that black man goes freely in the small and tiny hole of a girl. She has just put her left hand on my thigh and pressing. She has been enjoying the photos and pressing my thigh also. This continued for sometime. Then she has kept her left hand on my penis and started feeling it from outside my shorts. By the time, my penis had become hard and trying to come out of the shorts. She has just kept the book down and pressed my cock with her both hands. She had taken my right hand and placed it on her left boob and indicated me to press it. This is the first time I am touching the tits of a woman. I had pressed it hard from outside her blouse. She told me that it looks my penis would also be as big as the black man.

She had then removed my t shirt and the shorts. I was sitting naked before my aunty. She was holding my penis and surprised to see the thickness and the length. She told me for my age, the penis is quite bigger. She then told me that her husbandís cock would be half of mine. All these hot words made me mad and my cock started growing big and big and stood like a rock hard pole. She had indicated to me to remove her blouse. I have taken her blouse out . I have just removed her saree also. My aunty was sitting before me with her petticoat and black bra. I have then unhooked the bra and I was seeing the live breasts of a woman for the first time. She told me to suck her left boob and press the right one. I have just followed her advice. It gave me immense pleasure to suck my auntyís boobs. They are like a full grown apples with a small black circle around and with two grapes like nipples. The boobs stood hard and straight and the nipples were erecting very hard and straight. After sucking her left boob for sometime, I have changed to her right boob and pressed her left one. Both were hard and swelling. All these things made my cock big and big.

Aunty then ordered me to remove her petticoat. I have untied the petticoat nada and it fell on the ground.My aunty was standing before me full naked. She is very fair in colour. Her red pussy was covered with full of curling thick pubic hairs. Again I was seeing a live pussy for the first time in my life. My aunty sat on the sofa and kept her legs wide open and signaled me to lick her pussy. I was kneeling on the ground and hold her waist and started licking her pussy. I could find that her pussy is fully wet and the pubic hairs were glittering with the wetness. She has helped me in separating her pussy lips with her hands and I could send my tongue deep inside her pussy. The inside pussy was full of pink. The more I lick, my aunty has started moaning and pressed my head hard on her pussy. In the meantime, I have been pressing her two boobs also. I was licking and then I had pressed her clit with my tongue which my aunty enjoyed more. I have been licking her pussy for about 10 mts and I could find her pussy was as soft as sponge and it looked like a full size Bakery bun. After sometime she had started moaning heavily and I could find her body stiffened and she shouted Sudha I am cumming. I could not make out what she said. Then I find her pussy was releasing heavy quantity of cum which I have completely drunk and wiped her pussy dry. Then the pussy had shrunk. Aunty indicated me to sit on the sofa near to her.

She told me that she was more interested in sex and her husband was giving her maximum satisfaction every night but unfortunately they had to get separated. Aunty told me that she could not withstand the separation mainly because she was deprived of her sex. Since she was from conservative family, she could not think of getting remarried and also not trying somebody to please her physically. She told me that she used to have sex with her husband daily and in the initial years of their marriage, they were having sex both in day and night. After leaving her husband, she found it very very difficult to pass nights since her pussy had been demanding. She told me that she used to finger her pussy heavily and this had reduced her heat to some extent and told me that nothing other than the fuck would completely satisfy her pussy. She told me that she had been eying me for quite sometime and the opportunity came now only. While saying all these things, she has been keeping my cock in her hands and stroking it.

She told me that she could not wait further more and she wanted me to fuck her immediately. She had lead me to my bed room and she had laid on her back with her legs wide open. She told me to come in between her legs and to press my long prick in her love hole. I was finding it difficult to locate the hole with my cock.
She had helped me in holding my cock with her hand and keeping it at the entrance of her pussy lips.
I had slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy;. My cock was going very slowly since her pussy was too tight. She told me that since she has not been fucked for quite long time, her pussy was very tight and after sometime, it will get expanded. I had very slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy. The cock was getting inside her pussy with every push I was making. After few minutes, I could find that my entire 8 inches penis was inside her wet cunt. My aunty was enjoying my big cock inside her pussy. She told me keep pushing my cock inside her pussy and to slightly take it out and then re push with more strength. I have been doing what she has directed me. After few pushes, I could find my cock was going smoothly inside her pussy. I had no difficulty in getting it out and pushing it again. This continued for sometime. Aunty told me to increase the speed. I have started pumping it hard and fast. I could her hear aunty started moaning heavily saying O Sudha fuck me harrrrrrrrrddddddddddd, fuck me fassssssssssssssttttttttt, do not leave my pussy as it is, tear my pussy or fuck me harrrrrddddddddddddddd an fast. And said you are too good in fucking.
Keep fucking harddddddddd. These hot words made me more hot and I was fucking like a mad bull.
After sometime, I told aunty that I am cumming and she had told me to prolong for some more time. I had pumped her hard for sometime and told Aunty I could not withstand more and I am cumming. She advised me to take my penis out of her pussy and spray my cum on her boobs and on her pussy area. After few strokes, I had taken out my penis, and stroked with my hand for few times and I had sprayed my cum on her breasts, belly and outside the pussy mound. She told me that she was enjoying the fuck after few years and she could not forget my fucking. She told me to lay on her and to lick her boobs and taste my own cum.I had just followed her advice and she then told me to kiss her lips and the cum in my mouth has been transferred to her mouth. She told me that she was tasting her pussy cum mixed with my cum. She told me that her husband used to fuck her hard but she did not do all these things. He was more interested in fucking and dropping the cum inside. She told me that she had requested many times to drop his cum atleast once on her boobs which he did not do at all. She was more happy to have my cum sprayed on her boobs. I was bit tired. I had come down from her and laid on my back next to her. My penis had shrunk and it looked a small boys cock.

Then aunty went inside the kitchen nude. While she was walking, I could find her butts swing both ways and it was a great sight to watch. She had brought some fruits and snacks from the fridge and offered to me.
Both were taking snacks. She was telling her sex experience with her husband. She told me with pride that her husband had fucked her the whole night on her wedding night and when he was tired only he had stopped. But aunty said she was capable of getting fucked throughout the night. She told me that she had strong stamina to get fucked.

While saying so she has stroked my penis and in no time this has become hard and big again. Aunty told me that since this is the first time for me, she said she will ride on my cock. I could not understand. She told me to lay on my back. She came in bet my thighs and spread her legs across my body. She had taken my cock in her hands and pushed it slowly in her wet pussy. She was adjusting her position and in quick time my full cock was inside her pussy. My aunty was sitting on my stomach with my penis inside her pussy. She has started pushing and she had gradually gained speed. She told me to keep my hands on her swinging boobs. She was pumping more speed than I have fucked, may be due to her experience. She was enjoying the fuck and moaning and keep on riding like a horse. I have told aunty that I am cumming. She told me to withhold for some more time and she had gradually stopped fucking and she just sat on my belly. I asked why you had stopped. She told me if she pumped, I would cum quickly. Then she had started pumping hard and fast. After few minutes, I told I am cumming. Aunty told me to cum inside my pussy only since she was having safe time. After few strokes, I had just released my cum deep inside her pussy and after my releasing my cum she had leaned on me and laid for more time with my cock inside her fully wet pussy.

After this we had fucked for two more times that night. We continued fucking in various positions till my parents came back. I had continued this even after their arrival. Hope you had enjoyed my first fucking.

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Old 4th July 2010
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Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri

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Old 5th July 2010
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Definitely, it's a very enjoyable story. Thanks and post more like this

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Old 5th July 2010
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awesome story
Sunny leone Sexy pic

Hot Pic

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